Thursday, December 31, 2020



"Hey now, all you sinners

Put your lights on, put your lights on

Hey now, all you lovers

Put your lights on, put your lights on


Hey now, all you killers

Put your lights on, put your lights on

Hey now, all you children

Leave your lights on, better leave your lights on


'Cause there's a monster living under my bed

Whispering in my ear

There's an angel, with a hand on my head

She says I've got nothing to fear


There's a darkness living deep in my soul

.. still got a purpose to serve

So let your light shine, deep into my home

God, don't let me lose my nerve

Don't let me lose my nerve…”


Shots across the bow my friends; they’re heavy, they’re nuke-tipped, and they’re currently flying from all directions in this biblical war. Half the combatants are now charging the bunkers while the other half are running like hell. Welcome to the greatest show on earth this New Year’s Eve.

First let’s unpack what just went down in Nashville – a data dump laid out with all the attendant occult trappings as a backdrop. This rabbit hole goes deep so let’s get started with just the facts, ma’am:

AT&T got a contract to do forensic audit on Dominion voting machines and those machines were being moved to Nashville.

The former owner of the ATT building in Nashville was Cerberus Capital Management.

Dominion Voting is owned by Cerberus. Cerberus is run by Staple Street Execs.

Joe Biden’s Brother in Law is the cofounder of Staple Street

Staple Street is run by former Cerberus Execs but also former Carlyle Group execs.

Cerberus and Carlyle need no intro here, the latter tentacles digging as deep as it gets into the 9/11 programming.

Remember who benefited from the Flight MH370 disappearance? Freescale Semiconductor got the patent as a result of the 4 Chinese execs dying. Freescale is owned by Cerberus.

This is going international. Buckle up.

Freescale’s shareholders include the Carlyle Group of private equity investors whose past advisers have included ex-US President George Bush Sr. and former British Prime Minister John Major.

Carlyle’s previous heavyweight clients include the Saudi Binladin Group, the construction firm owned by the family of Osama bin Laden.


Four days after Flight MH370 disappeared, the semiconductor patent was approved by the U.S. patent office patent is divided in parts of 20% between five starters. One of the owners is the company itself, Freescale Semiconductor, Austin, Texas (USA), and the other four Chinese employees of the company: Peidong Wang, Zhijun Chen, Cheng and Li Ying Zhijong, all the Suzhou City. And they were all passengers on the Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared on March 8, 2014 – and whose ultimate whereabouts, by the way, are still unknown.

On July 13, 2018, Dominion Voting was acquired by US Dominion, Inc. US Dominion, Inc.’s ownership is comprised of Staple Street Capital Management L.P. (“SSC”), which owns a controlling interest, as well as the Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. management team.

Staple Street Capital has ties with Carlyle Group, which is also known for recruiting ex-politicians such as George Bush and James Baker, John Major, one-time World Bank treasurer Afsaneh Masheyekhi, and several south-east Asian powerbrokers. The company holds a number of different entities.

Benjamin Humphreys is listed as former Operating Partner of Staple Street Capital. He has experienced in Canary Wharf as a Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director of BlackRock Group Ltd and Managing Director/Partner Cerberus Capital Management. BlackRock has an extremely deep black background:,people's%20money%20under%20its%20control.   

Meet the new BCCI on steroids.

Creepy connections…

FORMER AG Bill Barr's ..."group", was....Cerberus.

Remember the ATT- Barr connection.

He recused himself because he owned 1.2mil shares in ATT. He was just fired by Trump. Coincidentally. he was on the board for Time Warner which ATT bought.

Dan Quayle:

Chairman, Cerberus Global Investments, LLC

Vice President Quayle is Chairman of Cerberus Global Investments and a member of the Firm’s senior leadership team.

Prior to joining Cerberus in 1999, he served as the Vice President of the United States of America to President George H. W. Bush from 1989 through 1993.


At the time of the downing of the Malaysian plane, I read that it was Rothschild, not Freescale, which stood to inherent absolute control of the highly prized Freescale patent that would change everything. Perhaps Rothschild was/is controlling partner of Freescale, while Carlyle is a junior partner; both having unknowable victims in their wake.


It is also worth mentioning that Bush Sr, nefarious former Director of the CIA, Carlyle investor, rumored ally in the Dulles- CIA and Mob hit / assassination of JFK, and sponsor of failed attempted assassination of President Reagan, while Bush Sr. was VP during Reagan’s 8-years in office, and also sponsor and puppet master of Bill Clinton, husband of wicked Hillary, who stood to gain unknowable and near unlimited power and fortune from the U.S. president ascendency; if only Trump hadn’t gotten in her way, and ultimate sponsor of Ford Foundation (mother worked there) and Bill Clinton tutelage, the preeminent Manchurian Candidate Barrack Hussein Obama, the key facilitator of the seamless transition of presidential power from Obama to Hillary, the long awaited female president.

Nashville Damage:

- Moderate to severe damage.

- The attack did not go unnoticed.

- The attack was successful, as intended.

- Data centers, phone system, broadband, internet etc. were affected.


Defense and civil defense implications:

- Communication networks, phone networks, broadband, and internet are vulnerable now.

- Public disorder

- Blackout, communications, communication restoration.


Why AT&T ?

- AT&T building has been used for communication.

- AT&T has stored some records regarding emergency or crisis management.

- Attacking AT&T was a test.


US intelligence has indicated that the attack was not directed just at the USA but also targeted at international communications.

Indirect, inconclusive and circumstantial indications of foreign involvement.

All forces in USA and related to USA (Pentagon, United States Army, United States Air Force, Navy, the Marines) are on alert.


Assets have already been mobilized.

Local authorities are formulating plans and some are at work already.


Heavy assets are on standby.


The terrorist attack on AT&T building was a test. If the test was successful, the enemy wants to cause an escalation of the crisis.


AT&T got a contract to do forensic audit on Dominion voting machines and those machines were being moved to Nashville.


The former owner of the ATT building in Nashville was Cerberus Capital Management.  


After completion in 1994, the AT&T Building was purchased by Prefco XIV L.P., a limited partnership of the Pitney Bowes Real Estate Financing Corp, for US$100.8 million. Ownership of the building was transferred to Cerberus Capital Management subsidiary EntreCap Financial in July 2006 after Cerberus acquired Prefco. The building was immediately placed back on the market for resell, and in mid-2007 was sold to MTL Leasing LLC for an undisclosed sum.


Dominion voting is owned by Cerberus. Cerberus is run by Staple Street Execs.


Staple Street owns Dominion and is a relatively small private equity company, who has not raised capital or had substantial new investors since 2014/2015 of about $200 million. But now after a rushed Delaware Corp., filing October 5, 2020, Staple notified U.S. SEC 10/08/20 they’re expecting $800 million minimum. Yet Staple Street’s website is suddenly shut down, except for the base page.


Staple Street’s William Kennard, Obama former Ambassador to EU and Ian MacVicar position with Dominion…


According to the report, Georgia has eight registered lobbyists for Dominion, including Lewis Abit Massey, a former Democratic Georgia Secretary of State, and Jared Thomas, former chief of staff for Republican Governor Brian Kemp.


In July of 2019, Li Qiangmin, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China, met with Kemp in Atlanta to discuss trade and tourism issues, according to U.S. China News.

On behalf of the state government, Governor Brian Kemp thanked Consul General Li Qiangmin for his contribution to the development of Trade and Tourism between China and Georgia over the past five years. Consul General Li stressed the importance of the development of friendly relations between China and the United States and welcomed Governor Brian Kemp’s early visit to China.

After the meeting, Gov. Brian Kemp personally presented “Inspired Georgia” to Consul General Li Qiangmin on the title page of the book. Consul General Li also returned fine Chinese crafts to the governor.

Also attending the meeting were the Executive Director of China Affairs of the Georgia Economic Development Agency, China Chief Representative (Global Business) Xu Siwei and Jassy, China Manager of the Jozhou Tourism Bureau, and Liu Bo and Ge Mingdong, Head of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston.


The Nashville bomb blast took out the Sunguard generators and they are 200 Commerce Street. Silver Lake, owner of Sunguard, recently bought SolarWinds:

I’m still going thru and collating all of this above data that I’m laying on you here to get a firm fix on WHAT exactly happened in Nashville – at this point there are pros and cons for both white and black hat involvement, but this late posting by none other than Lin Wood argues for this being a white hat op: there were numerous reports of gunfire before the bombing which is inconsistent with being the work of a lone bomber, and might reasonable indicate that the white hats killed the bomber before he was able to position the bomb appropriately, which is why he/they failed to destroy the evidence they were trying for.

There is also ample evidence that the majority of the destruction took place underground, which would for my money indicate that this was a white hat operation aimed at taking out some black comms, while still securing evidence. At this point there is just no way to know one way or another with 100% certainty. Google maps is still obfuscating the exact building address as shown above…


What IS able to be ascertained, and quite easily, is the terrain in which this attack took place, and the markers are all there.

Nashville is home to the Pinson Mounds,

A Native American (or earlier) series of geometric enclosures dotting the landscape and dating back to somewhere around 1000 BC-1000 AD in the Woodland Period of North American prehistory. The functions of all were believed to be ceremonial. It’s believed they also served as burial chambers.

The largest and tallest is numbered Mound 9 and called Saul’s Mound, standing 72 feet high, making it the 2nd highest ceremonial prehistoric structure in the US.

The Saul’s mound’s 4 corners are precisely aligned with the 4 cardinal directions.



Where have those coordinate features come up before? And why?

We are dealing with traditions, with rites, that travel far back in time and still leave their imprint on the present day. As we have noticed and examined before, these could be very well sketched out rituals that serve as a method of summoning – Nashville being just one of their hubs and/or comms nodes in the network. By which I mean communications between themselves and earthly coordinates, as well as comms between this sphere and parts unknown…

Leave something witchy. And speaking of witchy, look who called out Nashville before it happened (hey, witches just know...)



Miss Taylor has been leaving her own personal cloven pawprints in lots of places lately:

Cute, but down to brass tacks, signaling is signaling. And they’re not shy about it anymore.

Is this the same “Coven” that Hillary calls home? Because we know the way HRC rolls, & if TSwift is down with that mess, well, it might explain a lot of other circles with info she might be privy to…


And speaking of not shy, here’s the original Mr. Not Shy, Lin Wood, who seems determined to see out 2020 in a historic blaze of bombing runs:



Yes, my friends, forces are aligning at a rapid pace in the race til January 6th, when all of this might come to a head. Why exactly would a Tier-1 attorney, helping represent the President’s case for widespread voter fraud and himself an expert in both slander and defamation litigation, say such things about a sitting Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court?

Would he do so without ample evidence to back him up?

Is this a message? A threat? A promise for ultimate justice?

Just WHAT is going on here?

As has been noted before, it makes for the largest and widest scale true-to-life James Bond film in living memory. And we’re all playing pivotal roles as 2020 careens to a close. To say these times are exciting would be an understatement. Just by reviewing all of the above against what’s been unveiled in the headlines regarding the number of outages, info-disappearing actions, offensive strikes and internet downings in recent days, it is quite apparent that a historic scale of information-processing and changeover is occurring, a mad scramble to either burn it all on one side, or save as much as is possible on the other for prosecutorial purposes. We are quite literally in the middle of a raging INFOwar taking place – Information itself is the new gold standard and the lever by which a new world order will be either forged or disassembled.

The junction we’re inhabiting now will determine the course of the world. The next 3 weeks could very well determine the next 3 decades, if not far longer. The time for frantic panicking and coolly pulling the trigger is here – so what’s it gonna be? Do ya feel lucky, punk? 


I’ll have much more to say soon (working on something else even as I’m finishing this) – but as for now, adios 2020, it’s been nice knowin’ ya. But you did teach me one, all-important, lovely note of grace and beauty: you may forget who you laugh with, but who you cry with you’ll remember forever. And you know who you are…

And as for you lot, I’ll see you next year. When we get to do it allllll over again. Catch all you cats and kittens on the flip side!!



  1. A few points:

    -Your first pic at the top, "In the Mouth of Madness", John Carpenter's love letter to H.P. Lovecraft, perfect.

    -Where these sick people belong:

    -LET US NOT FORGET, however, that Lin Wood defended JonBenet Ramsay's "family" in the defamation suit. EVERYONE has shared loyalty, has shook hands with the Devil.

    -The island of La Palma (Canary Islands) has very recently suffered over 600 earthquakes. This is the island that scientists have predicted WILL collapse into the Atlantic Ocean one day and send a massive tsunami to wipe out the East Coast of the US. Prophets have predicted this as well.

    WHAT IF... the Globalist Elite is willing to go that far? Trump wins, they say "f**k it", and somehow send La Palma into the sea, if they can't win no one will.

    -Something to bring AWE instead of angst or terror, the Ancient Sumerians couldn't have put it better:

    In the beginning, before either the physical world or spiritual underworld existed, there was only the ABZU, the primordial cosmic ocean. And from the Abzu emerged the first archetypal god-form, LAHMU. Lahmu was the personnification of eternity itself, very hairy, very masculine, with six horns of power, but he looked as if he was made of all the stars and constellations in the night sky. Lahmu from the Abzu became known as the ultimate gatekeeper between worlds, the Sumerians-Akkadians even symbolically placed a small figure of him besides every important doorway, such as the entrances of temples, as a blessing. He was considered the grandfather or great-grandfather of all the gods, but he never judged or interfered, he simply existed.

    The descendants of the Sumerians, the Hebrew people, incorporated the concept of Lahmu in Jewish mysticism as the Adam Kadmon, the gigantic, cosmic Primordial Man, through which the Creator makes all things come into existence.

    In modern popular culture, Adam Kadmon has been recycled by Marvel as the character of Eternity in the Doctor Strange comic books.

    The Great God Pan never died.

    1. JB!!

      Have recently seen the quake train along that chain & it does inspire a host of 'what ifs' -- in way more ways than one we're doing the borrowed time thing to the limit...Defense Sec William Cohen when Bill C was still Prez was talking about the capacity to use "weather weapons"...funny he never mentioned whether he was talking about 'Us' or 'Them...' We've all seen & wondered about whether or not things like Fukushima were Nature or a targeted strike. We've taken "playing God" to the far extremes -- CERN & everything. It'll end in tears...

      & NAIL ON THE HEAD again w/ your Lin Wood observation; it's so funny, I was actually thinking about opening that can o worms in this very post, but was pressed for time.

      & unfortunately it's not only him that gets forgotten in the sad, benefit-of-the-doubt sweepstakes...we ALL want to be optimistic & think the best of people as far as motives go, but some things you just can't forget. Then again, representing Ramsey & Co imagine what knowledge he might be privy to -- maybe he just got SICK of the whole thing -- literally saw the light? Who knows.

      But as I said, he's not the only one -- has everyone forgotten the track record of Giuliani??!!
      I did this one back in Jan. of 2013:

      Rudy's backstory is about as sordid as it gets -- & what he did likely got him mayorship of the Big Apple.

      No one, & I mean NO ONE, in this entire tale is untouched.

      But I like what Dylan said at the 91 Grammys:
      "Well, my daddy, he didn't leave me much, you know he was a very simple man,
      but what he did tell me was this, he did say, son, he said...
      you know it's possible to become so defiled in this world
      that your own father and mother will abandon you and if that happens,
      God will always believe in your ability to mend your ways."

    2. JB - for some tech info on how a geological disaster could be initiated see Glimpses of America's Man-Made Disasters by Trowbridge H. Ford.

    Don't sleep in the subway, hatch,etc.
    Young girls just happen to be doing this for some strange reason...
    Just blatantly out there.

  3. The full version of the match commercial 2020 says the road less traveled by Shakespeare but it's "the road less taken" by Robert Frost. The road less traveled is the name of a movie about a country singer going to TN and the name of a song that sounds like Taylor Swift that I gather was made for the movie. Road to Mandalay comes to mind.
    The road less traveled is also a book by M. Scott Peck who also writes: Denial of the Soul : Spiritual and Medical Perspectives on Euthanasia and Mortality, and Glimpses of the Devil; a Psychiatrists experiences with possession.

    Tennessee Whiskey is by Chris STAPLETON.

    1. The Patsy cline museum and johnny Cash museum are one street over. I couldn't help myself I love them so much I'd have been there checking that out if I ever went to Nashville.

  4. And the facts about the patsy need to be added. Ex-girlfriend called cops in 2019 claiming he was building a bomb in his rv (cops knocked on his door, no answer, nice try). Gave up his home in a November quit claim deed to a random woman from LA who claims they never met or spoke, claim he's a 5G dissident but every witness they asked claims they never spoke about 5G, whispers that he had terminal cancer (hey, Jack Ruby). I am boggled by the amount of people buying this!!
    Oh and yes that bomb came from underground, just look at the basement access panels and the direction of the broken trees!!

    1. Oh on the access panels, what if they were already there not to made for the SHOW. Some old buildings had trap doors with elevators made into the sidewalk especially during prohibition era.

    2. to follow up Dginn's reply - I had on a long live stream talking about the news as it was coming out. I think this one - (??).

      Someone had said what those sidewalk access panels were and that they were common around electrical plants etc. to access underground cables etc. coming out of the building.
      Cites have lots of underground infrastructure beside sewers.

  5. They probably killed Seth Rich, not (just) because of what he gave Wikileaks, not (just) because he knew Hillary stole the nomination from Bernie, but first and foremost because he knew HOW they stole his nomination: Dominion.

  6. 12/16

  7. In 2018, a documentary titled "DOMINION" was released, about the mistreatment of animals by human beings. It was called "a new Earthlings". Earthlings was a similar documentary, also narrated by Joaquim Phoenix, who garnered international attention due to a hostage crisis on July 21 2020, when a terrorist threatened to blow up 13 people aboard a bus unless the Ukrainian president recommended that everyone watch "Earthlings".

    Dominion. Farm animals/cattle being abused. New Earthlings. There's something here...

  8. The one and only question posed by Petula Clark in ‘Downtown’ is ‘How Can You Lose?’ And adding another layer to the intrigue is that Downtown might also be referencing ‘Downtown Abbey’ the British show about the Aristocratic Elites / Royals etc...that show ended on Xmas Day 2015.

    A message from Mi6 (in conjunction with other Nefarious deep state players) perhaps or is it message to the British Elites? The Brexit deal finally happened and the City of London (Rothschild who happens to also be the Vatican’s banker of choice, and married into the Orsini family) will be the central pillar of our New Normal World.

    The new world is inevitable, it’s now about who has controlling influence of it.

    Also to add another layer to the murky mix, Anthony Quinn won best supporting actor in 1952 for Viva Zapata. The same year ex Nazi and NASA scientist Werner Von Braun and pro-disclosure advocate moved to Huntsville (Hunter?) ... interesting how unexpectedly the stimulus bill includes a 180 day UFO disclosure element to it.

    Interesting how timelines converge. That’s what happens when rituals aren’t properly closed, this Nashville ritual hasn’t been closed...

    1. Lin Wood stated that a "Deus Ex Machina" is coming, by Jan 6th. Aliens?

  9. HOLY. S**T. *Everyone* NEEDS to watch this (only 2 minutes, will blow your mind):

  10. Anyone see the latest from time magazine?

    Apocalypto anyone?

  11. Sorry what I wanted to show was on the cover, you would have to scroll down to see it, and I didn’t want to infect anyone with any of that garbage

    Here is a clearer shot in this vid; happened to see it as I was strolling through the checkout lane at the grocery store

    1. Apocalypto? You mean Prometheus. George Floyd's giant head, right? Looks like the giant alien head statue in Prometheus (also Easter Island).

    2. And Cerberus is the giant three headed dog that guarding the underworld from Greek mythology. And the heads represent past present and future like the ghosts from A Christmas Carol.

      And some added links to back up what wordman wrote.

      Linwood means a stream through the woods like the picture wordman posted that I was wondering about but it's also the name of the mosque where the shooting in Christchurch was:

      But his full name is Lucian Lincoln Wood Jr. Combined meanings of light, lamb,Roman city, water, wood.

    3. Congrats to all once again for blowing up (ouch) this comments section into something greater than the sum of its parts -- that's what we do best!!

      Re the George Floyd head....that's MY city btw & time to cue up a little Pretenders' My City Was Gone to that rubbish. That's right you cancel culture morons, let's forget ALL of our history, even red flag, every mistake, so a generation or so from now we can do it allllllll again. Absolute IDIOCRACY. Not to mention you're lionizing a meth-sucking crankhead that so was deep state compromised both he AND his killer worked security for the same deep-connected nightclub & had known each other for years....we're being played like fiddles. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

      And that giant head is like nothing so much as the huge Olmec heads, which def DOES bring to mind Prometheus.

      RIP Richmond, I was deep in your downtown when you were cooler than cool, 1979 into the 80s & 90s when the prettiest girls in the world were out there on the streets every single lunchtime. It was THE place to be. Even a Playboy Poll cited the corner of 9th & Main Streets as spot #1 to see & be seen in the country.
      Did it. Lived it. Wouldn't change it for a thing. The ambiance, the tone, the scene was like something out of Swinging Mod London in the heyday. Righteous my brothers and sisters!!! Its time will not come again, but each one of us carries it with us and will live always in all of us. Several armies worth of modern day idiots can never take that away.

    4. Dginn (9:55), I never understood why people would imagine Jesus coming back as anyone other than himself. He NEVER said he'd be born again and live a new life, he said he'd come down from Heaven as he once was.

      Wordman! Yeah, cancel culture is some serious 1984 bulls**t. In the novel 1984, they didn't even know what the real year was, since they kept erasing the past; it was ALWAYS 1984.

    5. 90's that was my time there, we might have been neighbors and never knew it, though we lived on the edge of the ghetto so probably not... We had someone trying to pick the lock on the door while we were home, needless to say he ran when my dad opened the door with a gun. Though I remember it less fondly with the Rodney King riots. Another time I remember my mother keeping us in a fort of mattresses with gunshots all around and my dad out being a hero.

    6. JB some people were saying that he was misquoted and meant christ consciousness as in Christ manifesting himself in different vessels to prepare for his ultimate return. But who knows with a name like lucian he might be the antichrist though the Muslim view of Jesus defeating the antichrist by looking in the mirror goes along with what you've been talking about with the duality of deities.

    7. Dginn!! Hey neighbor!! Haha -- that's great. One a Richmonder always a Richmonder. And I was always on the outskirts of the city too...

      & hey JB, thanks for picking up on that Mnuchin news. Treasury head is pretty amazing. Will have to look but I'm reminded of the
      Lookout Mtn Labs in Laurel Canyon, Disney, & God only knows what else.....

    8. Re the George Floyd I was reading your post on the Ebola dot connecting from a number of years back (must admit got me a tad para seeing how it pertains to NOW-hence the tangent about the poison wells) but you have a picture on it that is eerily reminiscent of him.

    9. Considering Virginia means Old Dominion and pure I imagine all sides would want anything linked with that right now for their ritual working between that and sic semper tyrannis I imagine it will become a hotbed for news.

  12. Important additional evidence on the chain of election fraud:

    Q: when multiple states shut down the vote simultaneously, then saw a swing for sneaky joe by exactly the same percentage, who changed the algos?

    “US election data was forwarded from Frankfurt, Germany to Rome, Italy where the man pictured below partnered with members of MI6, the CIA, & the Italian defense-contractor, Leonardo, led the operation & built the algorithms that were used to manipulate US election data”

    The ccp is a big part of the fraud, but once again the crown corp uses multiple agents to shield its involvement, just like with the original russiagate dossier. What’s the us connection?

    “ William J. Lynn III is the CEO of Leonardo DRS, a U.S. subsidiary of Leonardo with approximately $2 billion in revenue. He previously served under the Obama/Biden administration as Deputy Secretary of Defense & led the Department's efforts in cyber security & space strategy.”

    Video from the head of detailing the operation:

    p.s. i see exactly what you guys are saying about the Olmec heads and Prometheus, but in the moment my gut level response on seeing that cover and my immediate impulse to post was apocalypto... from the opening title:

    "A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within." W. Durant

    1. As CK as SS basically said this is the cheesiest apocalypse anyone could imagine. Thank God though... So a BLUE line and a RED line went up among the STARS and came back with switched places. Ring any bells? Blue katchina red katchina:

    2. "You will never have a greater or lesser dominion than that over yourself...the height of a man's success is gauged by his self-mastery; the depth of his failure by his self-abandonment. ...And this law is the expression of eternal justice. He who cannot establish dominion over himself will have no dominion over others.” Leonardo Day Vinci

  13. Some stomach churning news: 24 week abortion and at 16 since when is vitamin D a hormone that changes your DNA? I knew there was something up with free vitamin D and fortified food. They plan to get us one way per another. do you see what I see? A good antidote after looking into this latest poison.

    1. 2016 wag the dog anyone?
      Leonardo, BLM, etc., etc.

      The antithesis of 2020

    3. Whoop there it is I think this needs no explanation here:
      You didn't think that I was done.. Or someone is having a fieldday mindf***k with me. You guys are getting this too right?
      "psychological warfare with"
      The slogan reads ‘be young and shut up’, in Paris, France. (
      Beginning to look like they are

    4. Tad shook dealt with worse though, so I was going to look through older posts and came to your 11-11 update and decided to close the tab on the pow when I realized the picture could mean nothing could mean everything.

  14. Hey, this transmission goes out to Cappy1:

    Was looking over your comments that I hadn't gotten to in the last posting & it struck me that when you brought up the Ogham script and the persistence of the Y symbol....was recently re-watching Mothman Prophecies all over again and was struck with the repeated (eerily so) usage of the "Y" shape and symbol over & over again in the film, in cat scans, X-rays, viewed from aerial shots as where rivers and roads met & converged, all of it.

    Rivers & roads meeting in a "Y" pattern has been repeatedly handed down in folklore as a liminal place of accrued power and summoning possibility. The crossroads if you will. Where Robert Johnson met the devil. Where magnetic vortices come together and cause things to happen. The three roads meeting are also symbolic of Hecate the goddess. She rules where these junctions amass power.

    So Mark Pellington using that particular shape in the film so blatantly really struck me, right down to the moth's wings unfolding into it.
    Can't remember if Keel cited anything in the book about it, but I don't think so from what I remember, so that makes Pellington using it in his film even more out there.

    Really weird. Will ponder this & likely have more to say, maybe even in the next posting -- strikes me as important at this (heh heh) junction.

    1. In the book, Keel only mentions the importance of crossroads to time-space phenomena, and one of the characters meets his otherworldly visitor (more than once) at the end of an unfinished bridge; it truly was a bridge to "nowhere".

      All this reminds me of how historically/mythologically people tend to beware the "mist", as if a mere mist could act as transition between worlds, and how certain "crossroads" times of year could also act as gateway (for rituals, etc.).

      I was watching "Hellbound: Hellraiser II" last night, and when the strange geometrical configuration is solved, a Fourth Dimension comes in to play, the walls opening up to reveal corridors leading to an infinite Labyrinth ruled over by an impossible Lovecraftian entity. Just like real life!

    2. Wordman,
      My take on the Y's is a top and bottom of a votex tube.There are three aspects of this tube, three dots are assigned to each aspect of the tube. Ogham script should be viewed in a 3D perspective (North to south). Line's/dash's/marks would point in many directions (sw,se,nw,ne) while traveling down the tube. (Round curling hair brush)

      Or you could study DNA, it's kinda the same thing. Write on a piece of paper.



      Fold the paper in a U shape. The sentence ends with Y.

    3. Look what Spacex posted this morning.The

    4. On CK's heaven or las Vegas posts about the shooter he emphasizes the Y building there.

    5. Look what was posted on SS last night.

      QQQ 1/3 0f 9

    6. Example:

      QQQ 1/3 of the angels.


    8. What is book-matching?

      You can book-match anything, just need to find your orientation. don't forget the face and the feet.

      Eleven's black jack.

    9. Can you count the ways? 1/3rd

    10. Yeah I was going to point that out to You. You keep leaving me somewhere far behind with half this stuff though.

    11. The one with the dots rolled into a circle makes me think of a player piano roll.

    12. Dginn, I think I lost you. When Lin Wood started posting on twitter, many Q twitter accounts started posting giffs and pics of waterfalls.

      Scottish word for Linn is waterfall.

      Definition of linn

      1 chiefly Scotland : waterfall
      2 chiefly Scotland : a steep ravine

      Steep ravine is vertical water.

      Vertical water is center of milky way in Celtic and Native American folkor. (The great river)

      His last name is Wood, and because his first name is linn (waterfall), it denotes the heather (Ur) tree. Ogham letter U.

      So his name literly means vertical (center) waterfall.

      Also, Ogham script is read from the bottom up and to the left.
      It's almost like it's bookmatched to the English language.

  15. On Nashville bombing ... perhaps it is all true what they they say on tv ... but ....
    I am reminded of those mail bomb packages sent to CNN and other places in 2018.
    And the guy they pin it on is an outsider nut who loves Trump.

    In both cases the person accused cannot speak to defend themselves or counter any evidence, 1 was whisked away and the other is presumably dead.

    The so-called CNN bomber got a long sentence and hasn't been heard from.
    It is possible he doesn't recall making the letter-bombs.

    "Though he referred to enduring a sexual assault at a Catholic boarding school and having dyslexia, phobias and PTSD, he also said he "fully" accepted responsibility for his actions."

    Given US history could these men be patsies?
    The motive, letters and such could have very easily been created by intel agents in order to manipulate public opinion. Almost all of the info the public has as to motive in both cases came out after the deed was done and could easily have been planted.
    I don't know that these were staged events to push public opinion but they sure fit a pattern.
    Think of how many thousands and thousands of traumatized children created by the Catholic church and the Boy Scouts etc. they can choose from later to 'pin things on'.

    Maybe part of the reason prosecutors nationwide looked the other way all those decades was so US Inc. could have a pool of outsiders to choose from to stage these things.

    1. The ones that got the anthrax letters in '01 were the ones involved in Dark winter and part of it dealt with athrax I wouldn't be surprised if it was the top having ones from their own mail it.

  16. 2020 says she has the road less traveled tattooed on her in the Match commercial
    The Road Less Traveled Ashes to ashes produced by Warner records

    1. So I was digging some digging on that line and It is an actual poem:
      But found some interesting things:

      Steady the buffs

    2. Trump, Swift Boat(ship) project

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