Tuesday, December 15, 2020


 Late night greetings guys --

No, this is not the Friday night dispatch early, and it may just be that our own JB from Meta-Logic Cafe has got me a little spooked (pardon the pun, & thanks JB!!), but am all of a sudden hearing a TON of stuff coming thru channels right now...

"May I suggest you seek out the amount and unprecedented military activity taking place. When was the last time the United States had 5 carrier groups [40,000 +strong 3,300 aircraft ] stationed off our coastlines ? When was the last time you saw this many military flights (domestic ) in the air ? When was the last time you saw heavy armor headed to our northern border. When was the last time we had this many subs patrolling OUR borders with international water? When was the last time we had this many soldiers on American soil at ANY given time ? 

 Answer? N E V E R 

 Time to pay attention."

Add things like this to the fact that none other than Lin Wood just tweeted a day ago: "Ron@CodeMonkeyZ is a truth-giver. When he speaks, listen carefully", & HE (Ron) just put THIS up:


Not sure if this is pertaining to Election, high profile people getting rounded up, or both...but this is weird.

Batsignal back up Friday night midnight -- til then, keep eyes peeled and all ears to the street. Which, evidently, we soon might be taking back. 


  1. Tell me you don't spook easy before I start shaking in my boots.

    1. Hey Dginn!!

      You know we're cookin with gas when I'm conversing with you over 2 comments sections!! Haha!! Welcome to the Big Time!

      No, I don't spook easy at all, but something is definitely building...not sure when it's gonna break, but it's coming. All the spidey senses of not just me but a whole lotta people are tingling.
      Check the Schumann Resonance lately -- off the charts like it hasn't been since just a bit before 9/11. The herd is restless & knows something's barreling down...

      To crossover from my comment just literally a second ago over at the last post -- it was Gibran's The Prophet to answer your question. Given to my fam by that same great lady neighbor (shoutout to Linda Brown!! wherever you are!!) that gifted me Yellow Submarine -- bless her heart.

      She was a 70s smokin' housewife too. Liberated, progressive & hot. Put up with me banging on my tennis backboard in the backyard that abutted theirs for -- good Lord -- years too. Poor people. Must have been like Chinese water torture! But they were very sweet to me -- leaping over their fence to get errant tennis balls for half my young life!!

  2. Technical issues. We're just the night watch always have been. I feel better with the military on the edges pointed outward than among us pointing every which way. If you study up on the destabilizing countries playbook I think the stages we are in will become clear. I'm beginning to feel like we are being set up as proxy cold war turf between Russia and China-cannon fodder.
    That's sweet about your neighbors most of mine were the not so nice occult types growing up rampant pedo, and incest and openly talking about calling curses down on us. Needless to say in a weird way in grateful because it very much reinforces good family relationships when you see the depths of depravity around you, though some of us were so sheltered that they actually voted for Biden because they think paedophilia itself is a conspiracy theory and doesn't actually happen and SRA has been debunked.

  3. It's funny I just read your March post and a little voice told me to tell you to head your own advice. "Just a couple of givens: Humans are herd animals. Only 3 or 4 running will cause a stampede amoung all the others, even without a scintilla of exact knowledge of what they’re running from. And our overlords know this all too well." It's not easy being in either my position or yours in the sea of chaos.

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  5. Speaking of military action, now that bill barr has finally been dumped like a bad habit, the new acting deputy attorney general is Richard Donoghue... who is this?

    “ Donoghue served in the Judge Advocate General's Corps, United States Army, where he was a Military Magistrate Judge, Prosecutor, Defense Counsel, and Contract Litigator. He also served in the 82nd Airborne Division. Donogue worked at the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York before leaving to serve as Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General and Counselor to the U.S. Attorney General. Donogue was selected to serve as United States Attorney in January 2018. In 2020, it was announced that Donoghue would leave the Eastern District to serve as Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General at the United States Department of Justice.”


    Military tribunals in the near future? Speculation on my part, but this guy is an interesting choice nevertheless

  6. https://gyazo.com/9f69fa77f9d485ad8faa44ea7c528465