Wednesday, March 24, 2021



“Miss Myers, my name is Dr. Hynek. We’re from Washington. We understand that you saw a – an entity of some sort a few days ago…that you reported to the authorities? Is this what you saw?”

“Yes, that was it. And when I looked into its eyes, it showed me the end of all things…the others that came to see me before you believed me.”

“What others?”

“The men in hats. They were scared. So should you be.”

The Flatwoods Monster, sea1 ep2, Project Blue Book


“Take off your topcoats

Put on your raincoats

And now give up your birthright

And don't you cry

'Cause in 23 verses now

A storm is a-comin'

And you'll be too surprised

To wonder why


And it will

Rain rain

Go away, go away

Rain rain

Come back again another day


Step out your cool suit

Snap on your wet boots

And now eat all you mushrooms

Until you see

That in 22 verses now

A storm is a-brewin'

And you'll be too annoyed

For victory


China glass & a chocolate bar

I'm leaving behind

So my children's children

Children's children

Will see what's left of me


Cue up the James Brown

And jack up the funky sound now

Say it won't be the last time

You hear a scream

'Cause in 21 verses now

A storm is a-ragin'

And you will satisfy your destiny…”


“Don't believe the devil

I don't believe his book

But the truth is not the same

Without the lies he made up

Don't believe in excess

Success is to give

Don't believe in riches

But you should see where I live

I... I believe in love

Don't believe in forced entry

Don't believe in rape

But every time she passes by

Wild thoughts escape

I don't believe in death row

Skid row or the gangs

Don't believe in the Uzi

It just went off in my hands

I... I believe in love


Don't believe in Goldman

His type like a curse

Instant karma's going to get him

If I don't get him first

Don't believe in rock 'n' roll

Can really change the world

As it spins in revolution baby

It spirals and turns

I... I believe in love

Don't believe in the 60's

The golden age of pop

You glorify the past

When the future dries up

Heard a singer on the radio late last night

Says he's gonna kick the darkness

'Til it bleeds daylight

I... I believe in love

I feel like I'm falling

I'm spinning on a wheel

It always stops beside me,

a presence I can feel

I... I believe in love”


We convene here again tonight, in the shadow of another midnight, to speak of brownstones and bioweapons. The 24th of the month, every month, is when people tend to vanish anyway, according to the legendary John Keel; when lines of demarcation shimmer and blur, and the veils between the worlds thin.

Let’s all draw closer together, because the predatory forces prefer solitary targets tending to gravitate to the singular; everything from Jack the Ripper to whatever is behind the Missing 411 phenomenon follows this dictate.

Meanwhile, there is something – a force – this is driving us to the solitary, to a masked and anonymous wasteland of ever-increasing control. After all, at the basest level what do masks do? They cover the image of God, which many in power cannot stand and wish to do away with by any means possible. And in the backdrop, strange things are in the air, strange games are afoot, and strange visions haunt our sleep. The way is busy being opened by vested interests of the Left Hand path, make no mistake. Nothing that happens from here on, and nothing that has happened so far, is by chance.


How else to explain a 42-year old film that cites, chapter and verse, everything that is happening in the world now? Catch it before it is scrubbed from history, as is the prevailing trend these days with anything culpatory that holds their feet to the fire:  


Where are we in these infernal investigations and what conclusions can we come to on a day-to-day basis so far? We have circumstantial evidence (State Department, white papers, government declassified documents, evidence pried loose by the FOIA) that there existed an antediluvian civilization (pre-Flood) that spanned the globe. From this originated many ancient rites and pagan belief systems which hold sway to this day amoung the 1% that consider themselves in the avenue of succession to this bloodline – many of which hold dates back to Mesopotamia’s first cradle of civilization and perhaps even farther, to as yet undiscovered routes deep into the lines which trace back into Atlantis and Lemuria. This also explains the rites and control systems evidenced at places like Bohemian Grove and who attends.

Perhaps there is even more than circumstantial evidence for this when given things like 6 Genesis and 1 Enoch; that fallen angels came and taught humanity forbidden knowledge (necromancy, alchemy, pharmakeia) and other types of satanic magick practiced by the elites to this day and expanded upon with technological breakthroughs, as well as using eugenics and dna-splicing to mate with human women (a process which may be continuing and for which we have seen marked evidence for in recent headlines concerning both Epstein and Gates to name just 2), creating a race of giant god-kings and demon hybrids to rule over this earthly empire.

In the time before this, the Flood catastrophe was God putting an end to such pursuits, to the point where only some partial giant skeletons remain, scant word of which has leaked out over he decades before the evidence is placed under federal purview and spirited away into the dark recesses of places like the Smithsonian or other front-loaded and mandated black sites. But evidence does remain: in places like the North American Mound-building cultures, Peru, some Eurasian and Egyptian finds and others scattered across the far corners of this haunted globe.


I believe the elites see themselves as both the successors and safeguarders of this empire and its lost/forbidden knowledge, and use its rites and traditions to further their goals. Perhaps their ultimate plan is to “unify” the world in a second coming of this empire of service-to-self, to install a one world government with a one world religion, Christians need not apply. This long-coming New World Order would be ruled over by their Antichrist, the ultimate successor of the fallen angel bloodline. To that end: everything that is happening in the world. There are measures in place at the moment, as I write this, that will make you LOVE the Antichrist whether you want to or not. At the literal flip of a switch. Measures that will put thoughts in your head – that will make your mind not your own. Think nanotechnology. Think smart dust. Think whatever is in the vaccine. Think Mark of the Beast; which is why they call it that, and always have. Think the Great Reset, the Grand Delusion. And yet, you will believe down to your soul that every single one of these thoughts are your own. They will not be.


They use child sacrifice, satanic ritual abuse and blood rituals as tools to contact these darkly spiritual off-world, transdimensional entities for help, guidance, wealth, position and power in this world.

What we call “aliens,” are really these forces, which have truly been with humanity forever, cloaking themselves under different names for different eras (gnomes, fairies, elves, little people, sprites into aliens…) trading the extraterrestrial for the extradimensional. It is very likely that this is well known at the highest levels of the earthly control system as well, as the communications continue and the charade is kept up to the great masses of the uninformed and uninitiated.  Tom Delonge weighs in:  


Strange conjecture? Mad speculation? I believe the evidence for just such a scenario is all around us: let’s look at the ‘brownstone’ operations and what may be coming next.

“I used to do a little but a little wouldn’t do it so the little got more and more…” Mr. Brownstone, Guns N’ Roses, 1987

This is ubertech they’ve been designing, refining, and redlining since Charles Whitman boys and girls. Where is James Holmes today? Because he, like Koresh, like Tim McVeigh, Oswald, Sirhan, the Vegas shooter Paddock, the VA Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho, etc… was just another one same as the other ones…it’s a long line of lab-grown human guinea pigs they’re trotted out for political purposes. The vaccine is merely version 2.0 of how to program a human – the clues have always been in plain sight everywhere:

Mr. Brownstone

In a second play, Mr. Brownstone, written for another class assignment, Cho depicts three seventeen-year-olds (John, Jane and Joe), who sit in a casino while discussing their deep hatred for Mr. Brownstone, their 45-year-old mathematics teacher. The three characters claim—using the phrase "ass-rape"—that Mr. Brownstone mistreats them. John wins a multimillion-dollar jackpot from one of the slot machines, and Mr. Brownstone, amid volleys of profanity from the students, reports to casino officials that the three teens are underage and have illegally picked up the winning ticket. Mr. Brownstone tells the casino officials that it is he who has really won the jackpot and that the minors had stolen the ticket from him.[132] "Mr. Brownstone" is also the name of a Guns N' Roses song about heroin,[133][134] and one page of Cho's play consists of lyrics from the song.[132]


At this point I’m wondering, is the entire Maxwell/Epstein network one large Brownstone Op? Sure seems like one. And just because Epstein is supposedly dead and Maxwell in custody, do you think for one minute that their network is “down?” Not on your life. More cogs have been inserted into the machine so that the bloody business continues unabated. Hey, Build Back Better, right? Or have you noticed any mass arrests of power and influence that I haven’t been privy to?

And where can we connect ops like these to the veneration of bloodlines that I was speaking of as this post opened? Listen to Maria Farmer here at the 1:25:10 mark when Shaun Attwood asks her if she thinks they were dabbling in the occult:

And here (note: Peruvian statues and relics again – these stolen by Robert Maxwell from the British Museum) the 23:17 mark:


Did you know that there was a theory that Ted Bundy was a Jesus freak who traveled to South America, studied Inca religions in which an ancient god returned to earth with a wounded wing, Ted's broken arm, and was forced to sacrifice victims on a high altar. None of the tips panned out, police say. There was a haunting resemblance between several of the missing women, whose photos revealed them as having long hair, parted in the middle. Some said they looked like sisters. Could they have been hand-picked for ritual death?

Interesting in this light, wouldn’t you say? And how many are well versed with the historic Bundy bloodline?:

And how his blue eyes would turn absolutely black at certain times:


Do not be misled my friends; Pharmakeia   has morphed into Big Pharma, but the danger is still just as real, and run by the same networks handed down from time immemorial. These networks birth usurpers and agents like Bundy to be set loose according to ancient ritual and at times and places of their choosing according to their calendar. Order out of Chaos. And these same parameters of social control and engineering are now set forth in the COVID mass protocols, with the mass push for the vaccine as the endgame. Perhaps they seek ultimately to turn us all into Bundys not of our choosing, stripping us of our free will, our ability to choose, our souls. Mere vessels to be repurposed towards the darkest of all agendas.


Ever since Joe Biden has been installed 2 things have happened to prominently alter the social infrastructure: mass shootings have increased (evidence of that we see happening daily), and the child and human trafficking networks are flourishing again:

An increase in both of these parameters nets incredible pluses for the Deep State, and should be indicative of where things are headed as long as certain forces are in power. They want us as “the merchandise,” and they want the Second Amendment gone – totally.

According to all the occult markers, look for a ramping up in all this also as we enter the 40-day “season of sacrifice” according to the occult calendar:   


It’s a system that feeds itself and is self-perpetuating – a machine of mayhem where the replication of chaos is continuous and every part and component is intrinsically related to every other part and component. So devious in its simplicity few can see it and yet so complex few can grasp it. And yet the markers are everywhere, and all connected.

The intensity of the vaccine push is making everyone jittery now – it’s blatant, and there is something sinister behind it – the fact that it is, by definition, not a vaccine, but a gene-altering bioweapon is not diminishing, but in fact growing:

World tennis no.1 Novak Djokovic has been targeted for being anti-COVID, anti-lockdown, and anti-vaxx:

And he’s the lucky one, 2 African leaders are now DEAD for having that same stance, most prominently John Magufuli, who dared to speak out against Bill Gates, the lockdowns and the very nature of COVID:

Oh, they reigned him in alright --

This a little over a month after the above article, and from “heart complications.” Yeah, those CIA heart attack guns will tend to do that to you. Magufuli, you will remember, was the leader that tested a pawpaw for COVID. It came back positive.

Oh, and a goat. Your satanic leaders did not find this a bit funny. And they will NOT be mocked.


Meanwhile, the total takeover of the mind continues unabated as they set the stage for what is to come. I distinctly get the not-so-vague heebie jeebies seeing this being hawked and touted by the likes of John Podesta (pizzagate) and Bill Richardson (Epstein/ Zorro Ranch).

The feeling lingers that this is going to be the card played/used to distract from, once again, worldwide, organized and systematic pedophile rings being OUTED. This, I'm pretty sure, has been the plan all along: When the heat gets too much, hit them with the biggest card of all: Alien disclosure. And when the preceding stopgap misdirects like 9/11 and COVID have drifted away like the spectral morning mists….

I could go further down the rabbit hole into missing children by the hundreds of thousands across the world every year and blood rituals, but I'm sure you get the idea....& all these ideas don't come out of a vacuum -- they are, & have been, placed in the heads of our supposed leaders by someone, or, should I say, some "thing," and are only following rituals that have been in place over humankind since the Mayans and Aztecs, if not before. The ultimate irony that these 2 things are inextricably linked will escape most – that intersection of flying saucers and worldwide pedophile rings again (are you listening Peter Levenda?):

The doc, in full:


Give me good old Tom Snyder from back in the day, any day:

The Tomorrow show rocked, btw. No pandering or condescending; just intelligent questions, intelligently asked. Notice the difference between then and the bombast of today, which seeks to incite and inflame rather than inform. Every day is just another day when your hair’s on fire.    Maria Bartiromo gets former DNI John Ratcliffe to talk about UFOs ahead a deadline for the government to disclose what it knows about them..."Usually we have multiple sensors that are picking up these things...there is actually quite a few more than have been made public.”    Just a couple months ago, former CIA Director John Brennan also spoke about UFOs, noting that "some might say" the activity "constitutes a different form of life."

Even now images are appearing and quickly being scrubbed from the SOHO LASCO satellite system of things appearing near our sun which have never been seen before. Portals? Vast plasma tube transit systems? Your guess is as good as mine and any number of scientists and technicians:




Perhaps in related developments, CERN is ramping things up again:

And THIS ominous news just in:

Just speaking of “the opener of the way,” mind you…



And just to square the circle, let’s spotlight Eric Schmidt, former Goog CEO and where he fits in lately. For one thing he’s just been appointed by Biden/Harris to run the country’s (read national security state’s) AI policy, which is scary enough…but let’s never forget that Google helped none other than Ghislaine Maxwell set up her 2012 Terramar Project. She happened to joke in one speech that North Korea was the one country that they didn’t have a social media rep in and that she was “working on it.” Schmidt and Gov. Bill Richardson (there’s his name again) then visited North Korea together, as reported in early 2013. Coincidence?

(Richardson, btw, was one of those named by Jane Doe #1 Virginia Giuffre of multiple counts of rape and also a great and good pal of Epstein. And yep, the same Richardson that’s all lovey dovey with all things UFO also…Hmmmmm…..)

Perhaps scariest of all is this reveal/info drop from Crazydaysandnights (CDAN) the enty lawyer, from back in May of last year, that only keeps getting more and more pertinent:

MONDAY, MAY 11, 2020

Blind Item #12

Two CEOs of the vaunted vampire's tooth are the two individuals that people should be looking at. While you are looking at the nerd, these two are beta testing smart dust in two smallish towns in Northern California. The mayor and chief of police in town are the only ones they notified. The rest of the local elected officials, and the public have no idea. I always assumed the concept was still several years away. Apparently not.

As an answer that “vampire’s tooth” clue was an acronym for FAANG, the leaders at the time of facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google. And yes, Goog at the time was helmed by Eric Schmidt.

And now let’s look at THIS headline:

Have you got that, bunkies? Do you get it now? You WILL get the vaxx even if you refuse to get jabbed, capeesh? Schmidt and cohorts were looking for ways WAAAY before the fact, you know, just in case…vaccination by inhalation. Kind of puts the recent “chemtrail” sprayings and all their new proliferations nationwide in a whole new light, doesn’t it?


There is so much more going on and things I’ve found, not the least of which are seeming Morgellons fibers showing up under microscopic tests as being on those cotton swabs they’re using for the COVID tests – you know, the ones they’re jamming up into everyone’s brain cavities, as well as some bombshells that the (Charles) Lieber Research Group out of Harvard were looking into that are mighty incriminating…and yeah, that’s the same Lieber that was pals with Epstein that’s now in jail for colluding with the CCP in Wuhan during the runup to the COVID-19 release, gain-of-function research that heavily implicates Fauci in the same loop, etc, not to even mention Gates…but let’s save some fun for next time, shall we?


Make no mistake that something is in the wind and coming hard at all of us. Perhaps the mother of all false flags, and perhaps with a hint of the Antichrist and end times programming mixed up within its heady, strange brew. This is all about misdirection and deception, but it will play out before your eyes even better than the real thing, as they say. Who, what, do you trust in the end when COVID alters our dreams, when the vaxx changes who you are, when they are at the doorstep of putting thoughts and visions inside your brain?    

And indeed, what IS it gonna take to get us back home tonight, as the way is being opened?

Monday, March 15, 2021



“So true, funny how it seems

Always in time, but never in line for dreams

Head over heels when toe to toe

This is the sound of my soul

This is the sound

I bought a ticket to the world

But now I've come back again

Why do I find it hard to write the next line?

Oh I want the truth to be said…..

I, I, I know this much is true

I, I, I know this much is true

With a thrill in my head and a pill on my tongue

Dissolve the nerves that have just begun

Listening to Marvin (all night long)

This is the sound of my soul…”


“Someone said the world was under ether

Better bet your bottom dollar Better bet your bottom dollar

Well before your eyes we turn to dust

Bodies rearranged

Someone said the world was all but dried out

Read it on the walls around you

Waiting for the paint to dry

Well you might not have to wait very long

Talk about it Think about it hey...

Ether stole your thoughts while you were sleeping

Came in through an open window

Looking for an open mind

And it wiped that smile right off your face

Rock n' roll radiate

Talk about it Think about it hey...

Under ether...”



“Down in these streets the fools rule

There's no freedom or self-respect

A knife's point or a trip to the joint

Is about all you can expect

They kill people here who stand up for their rights

This system's just too damned corrupt

It's always the same, the name of the game

Is who do you know higher up


The blacks and the whites stealin out at midnight

Wealth is a filthy rag

So erotic, so unpatriotic

So wrapped up in the American flag,

Witchcraft scum exploiting the dumb

Turning children into punks and slaves

Whose heroes and healers are tombstone dealers

Who should be put in their graves

Tell the truth now..

(It's Hell time, man)

Listen to me Mr. Pussyman

This might be your last night in a bed so soft

We're not pimps on the make, politicians on the take

You can't pay us off


We're gonna blow up your home of Voodoo

And watch it burn without any regret

We got the power we're the New Government

You just don't know it yet

Help me now..,ah, bring it to me honey

For all of my brothers from Vietnam

And my uncles from World War II

I'd like to say that it's countdown time now

And we're gonna do what the law should do…”


Sitting here still thinking about Marvin, and much like the Spandau boys, I want the truth to be known too. It needs to be. That same truth has been slung by Roland Orzabal from Tears For Fears and the inestimable Mr. Dylan in their own ways and across decades, and I’m here to add whatever fuel I can to the fire that I hope is growing in your belly. Because something is coming as sure as I’m sitting here – all of you can feel it in the world and I can feel it in all of you. Politicians, leaders, and movements come and go, but we remain. They want us to be, and are trying to make us vessels. But we remain.   


As I said, I’ve still been thinking about Marvin Hagler and his wholly inappropriate and untimely passing due to the forcible propaganda vaccine injection, and you know what the ultimate irony is? What are the last words every fighter hears from the ref before entering every single contest – every contest where they, incidentally, could very literally be fighting for their lives?

“Protect yourself at all times.”

Protect. Yourself. At. All. Times.

Are we supposed to do anything less in this contest we find ourselves in every single day out there?

Is informing yourself with every bit of information at hand, indeed, protecting yourself? And if so, if having that knowledge is also critical in having the ability to protect yourself, ask yourself this question: why are so many so invested in making sure that right is taken away from you? 

None of us is like the WHO, the CDC, the NHS, the Gates Foundation. We are not fighting to protect and preserve an agenda, a worldwide psyop, or a vested ideology of eugenics, culling, or depopulation instigated at the behest of Big Pharma or a global consortium.

We are fighting for OURSELVES, our rights to express truths, resist and LIVE according to OUR wishes, and no one else’s.

This is YOUR life. Stop following the herd and being dictated to by people like Johnson & Johnson, who I’ve heard people are flocking to because they produce the “safe” vaccine. This despite the fact that J&J knowingly kept selling talcum powder with carcinogenic asbestos in it for DECADES – so yeah, good luck with that.    


Stop rationalizing the monstrous. Stop running with the pack and start thinking for yourself. While you still can. Because believe me, they’re dead on and coming for that next.


Hell, I’m with German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who is calling for a new Nuremberg trials and plans to sue not only the WHO but basically the rest of the world over the ongoing COVID scam and everyone perpetrating the fraud:

Keep watching this space for news of the ongoing adventures in litigation against the Octopus…it might not seem like much and may amount to bringing Al Capone to jail on tax fraud, but one of these days, one of these things is gonna stick, and when it does, and ‘discovery’ comes into play, the entire house of cards is going to fall. And remember, all it takes is one, such is the shaky nature that this ridiculousness is built upon.


Because although this is everywhere, it is now spread so thin that it has no coherent base anymore, just a lot of bad actors running around crying plausible deniability, and that’s a situation that can’t sustain forever. We just have to have more stamina than them – keep informed and spreading the word as far and wide as possible in the meantime, and wait them out. Keep giving them enough rope to hang themselves. Nothing this evil prospers forever. And they are always just one mistake away from watching it all collapse. Pressure. Constant, unending pressure on our part. Slow and steady wins the race.

More ammunition:

To go with all the other BlackRock and Raytheon familiars, Biden has now embedded this piece of filth deep within his circle of death:


We’re never far away from the Epstein factor, are we? I mean, the above seems cool, right? It’s not like Epstein ever was interested in seeding the entire human race with his DNA or anything…oh, wait. Thanks to the great Whitney Webb for the above, and btw, Lander is another alumni of the super sketchy Program for Evolutionary Dynamics (PED).

I could ponder the uber-creepy thought of: what if Epstein’s DNA has somehow (oops) gotten into the COVID vaxx?? Wouldn’t THAT be a tilt-a-whirl for humanity?

What was the title of that Wings 1979 album: Back To The Egg? But then I’d be getting into eggs, their symbolism, Crowley, and so much more – here, let Jeff Wells take you by the hand for that one:

And here: 

And just in time for Easter, too!!


 And neither party has as of yet launched any full-scale investigations into the Maxwell/Epstein network, who behind the scenes was involved, to what extent, where those financial ties might lead, and most importantly, what is the underlying ideological standpoint behind all this?

Hmmmm, I wonder why?

Lots of those familiars still keep getting promoted though. Kind of just like after 9/11. That same 9/11 that served as a wonderful deflection/misdirection just as the Boston Globe’s Spotlight was getting ready to go to the presses with the Boston Archdiocese child sex abuse scandal. Can’t have that now can we? Voila! 9/11 conveniently puts that back a couple of years. Just like the same way COVID did with the Epstein network when that was all anybody was talking about and demanding answers for. History is funny that way, I guess.

If I were conspiratorially-minded, I might even suggest some people would do ANYTHING to keep the masses from certain dark truths.


I’m leaving this here for those of you that have Netflix (if you don’t, not to worry, I’ll be Cliff Notes-ing it soon), because it animates quite lucidly (or as lucid as these things get) the ideologies and thought patterns of the elite bloodlines and the ancient forces they serve (speaking of Easter again…):

Just in case you harbored any illusions about Bohemian Grove being one big frat party of “white privilege.”  Oh, it’s privilege alright, but “white” has nothing to do with it.

At this point I’m not even sure “human” has anything to do with it. And as you know from previous installments from the Batcave battle zone, I’m not even close to joking.


Just how far up, and down, does this go, and what are its branches? Well, for one, these are baaaaaaaack:

After taking an extended hiatus during the Trump years, contrailing/chemtrailing ops seems to have gathered momentum and are out in force all across this continent again, all day, every day.

And just to make things even more distinct for you – what have been, ever since the late 1990s, the 2 main components (heavy metals) found time and time again in these chemtrail drops? Barium, and Aluminum. And how are they designated on the Periodic chart?

BA and AL, correct? That would be BAAL.   

Just in case things weren’t “in your face” enough.

This just in also: guess what’s new in the latest California school curriculum?:

Have we reached occult saturation levels yet? Nope, because now there’s this:

And people wonder why I’m paranoid – haha!


Let’s get back deep into that Epstein network, where this just came across the Night Wire:

You will notice prominently the name Malina in the above article, (Xavier). His father Roger Malina happens to be the son of none other than Frank Malina, hip-deep-in-the-occult running buddy of that original Strange Angel himself, Jack Parsons, he of the portal-opening, Antichrist-invoking, Crowleyan variety. Purveyor of all things dark, clandestine; good friend of L. Ron Hubbard who would found Scientology, and also Kenneth Arnold, who would kickstart the flying saucer era with his sighting on June 24, 1947, mere days before whatever crashed/happened at Roswell…oh, and Parsons also just coincidentally founded (on Halloween yet) JPL, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, precursor to NASA, and inventor of the solid booster propellant that would drive mankind to the moon.

And all of this psychic carnage married/joined forces with the Maxwell bloodline, of all bloodlines. But I’m sure joining a Crowleyan child-sacrificing, portal-opening mindset with a British royalty child-sacrificing, portal-opening mindset is just one of those cosmic coincidences, right? Riiiiiiiiight.  

Nothing to see here.      

Frank Malina in his latter days would abandon rocketry and begin work for UNESCO, the United Nations, and begin an interest in art…although his kinetic light art, to my eye (see the headers to this post), shows ominous signs of borrowing on and still trading in the occult visions of his running buddy Parsons in their younger days. I would say something about trying to remove the Devil from your life, but sometimes he’s stubbornly hard to kick loose, it seems.  Don’t you hate it when that happens??!! Perhaps closing those portals isn’t nearly as easy as prying them open…


The Parsons-Malina early days club happened to be known as the “Suicide Squad” ironically enough. Their legacy of occult mayhem continues unabated today with mysterious silencings, with vaccines, with well-placed and timed deaths that we might as well call ritual sacrifices, with any number of events dotting the globe, all circling back and containing that same subset of names in that ever-expanding club:

Scroll to the very top of that page to find the NASA-JPL-Jack Parsons nexus, and just look at the exponential expansion into horror that has sprung fully formed from that into the present day, blossoming with everything that Epstein wrought, and brought into the world thru technology and the occult, furthering an agenda that only continues to keep spiraling out, Mandelbrot-like…

This is what we are facing. Pretty daunting, isn’t it?


How about that NYC meeting in 2009 at the home of the Pres of Rockefeller Univ where Oprah Winfrey, Gates, David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Warren Buffett, Mike Bloomberg, Soros, and others all had a get-together to discuss “to consider how their wealth could be used to slow the growth of the world’s population.”  In a mere 10 years we would have the launch of the COVID virus and a near-mandatory (they’re still working on that aspect) vaccine…are you seeing a thruline here?


Once again, how far, both up and down, does this go? Lest you think this is only a programming dealing with the upper layers of our continuum, let me leave you with this, which is both haunting, and strikes me as highly relevant, and important:


What kind of networks are we talking about, and how far inculcated into every strata of society are they? Why are some crimes, even with every type of dna-parsing tech available at LE’s fingertips at every hour of the day and night, never solved? Look into famous cases like the Zodiac and the circles victim-zero Darlene Ferrin was running around in, Ted Bundy (who was given means and opportunity to escape time and time again when apprehended). Why were perps like Manson and Henry Lee Lucas allowed to remain free and on the streets for so long, even far past and beyond whatever intended death quota they’d achieved for personages unknown?

We are dealing with a system here. And it’s the same system no matter how far up or down the totem pole you go. It manifests in many ways, from the micro to the macro, and it’s there whether or not you’re dealing in billions of dollars in weather tech or you are digging into why the local police can’t get the job done. All are means to an end and all are serving the same master. Those are the kind of problems we’re facing and the scope of the beast system. WHO is to make war against the Beast?

And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?   Revelation 13:4


It’s 52 weeks and counting now since “2 weeks to flatten the curve.”

Now more than ever – protect yourself at all times.

Because I’m still thinkin’ about Marvin.