Tuesday, November 23, 2021


“There's the scarlet thread of murder running through the colourless skein of life, and our duty is to unravel it, and isolate it, and expose every inch of it.”  A Study In Scarlet, Arthur Conan Doyle


“Run you can run, tell my friend boy Willie Brown/ Run you can run, tell my friend boy Willie Brown/ And I’m standin at the crossroads, believe I’m sinkin down…” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HfkSzsyh1E  



Perhaps by some twist on the road of fate, eddies in the space-time continuum, or some random dark stellar alignment, during some years the past seems far closer than at others, and this year in the runup to November 22 as well as on the day today, I FELT the JFK assassination down deep in my bones all over again, almost like never before.

Perhaps because the paperwork on all those “ultimate” documents keeps getting pushed back on every anniversary that threatens disclosure; perhaps because those bloodline families that had the most to do with the atrocity and were well immersed in it keep getting cover, the original Nightmare on Elm Street just keeps on nightmaring, like a perpetual motion machine of chaos and ruin.

Make no mistake, without what happened in Dallas on 11/22/63, could there ever have been a 9/11? A seemingly genocidal Covid agenda? Extremely doubtful on both counts. Every bad dream must have a beginning, and for this country and its inhabitants (in workings that would soon spread to engulf the entire world) it began with the perverse, psychedelic, and vile machinations of November 22 58 years ago – the echoes reverberate and continue to this day. The footpath to the American Dream turned black back then, and we’ve all been stumbling our way blind and in near total darkness ever since. We were lost, and we’ve yet to be found.

If they can kill a President of the United States in broad daylight, while the machineries of justice and truth barely register a quiver, who amoung us is safe? That appears to be the alchemical message that was meant to be delivered, and it lasered in to the collective psyche and blew us all to smithereens. We have yet to be put back together.

“They” had to know that his brother would never rest for a second in his lifetime until be brought his brother’s killers to ultimate justice. So for good measure, they killed him too.

And here we are. Ready to re-examine evidence, turn over every rock for clues, and follow that scarlet thread down thru the eras every year like clockwork until we see something tangible done – until this monster movie finds a fitting end without a “?” as the credits roll.


Towards that end perhaps every year, inch by agonizing inch, we draw a little bit closer. We see visible threads, emerging like slowly developing Polaroids out of the mists of time, connecting this network to that one. We see common ground in shared perversity amoung them all, and we begin to draw a bead on who to take aim for – who to target in this rogue’s gallery that glorifies the occult and the taking of innocence. These are the two major twin pillars of accreditation in these secret orders and secret societies that run the world. And let’s remember what JFK said about them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zxx1BWXI4AA  




According to the memo, the archivist of the United States has told the White House that "making these decisions is a matter that requires a professional, scholarly, and orderly process; not decisions or releases made in haste." Because gosh darn, 58 years after it happened is just a bit hasty – this is like fine wine: we will release no incriminating document before its time!

All those Bushes and Rothschilds and Rockefellers have to be safely scrambled into the clear first, after all.


Let’s also on this date remember the monumental scope and grand sweep of Oliver Stone’s 1991 JFK: https://www.lareviewofbooks.org/article/once-more-down-the-rabbit-hole-revisiting-oliver-stones-jfk/

And to find where exactly the David Ferrie/Clay Shaw forces fit into the template of what’s transpired and what we’ve found out about our world, especially since 2016, all you need to do is go here and place everything in context: https://isgp-studies.com/john-f-kennedy-assassination-of-1963

Not that I agree with everything on this site – far from it when it appears to buy into the absurd Deep State smear tactics that labelled hero Jim Garrison himself a pedophile for discrediting purposes – a trick of projection still being used by the radical and fascistic left today: accuse your enemy of what YOU are guilty of. Indeed, it seems to work all too well – but it’s a site that also includes information found nowhere else, such as:

“Shaw’s personal notebook similarly reveals these ‘fascist international’ ties, a network primarily explained in ISGP’s articles on the American Security Council, Le Cercle, and Opus Dei. His ties expanded to 2 members of the Borghese family, linked to an attempted fascist CIA coup in Italy thru Prince Valerio Borghese and to America’s UFO disinformation network thru Princess Amanda Borghese. They also included Princess Jacqueline de Riquet de Caraman-Chimay, whose family is fingered in the Dutroux X-Dossiers as having organized elite child hunts, protected by CIA-linked Nazi militias, at their domain in southern Belgium. Coincidentally, during a search of Shaw’s home, Garrison found hooks suspended the ceiling with bloody palm prints all around. According to the maid, at least one person had died in the house.”

Tying these type of accounts together with the backstory of Ferrie, which included not only hanging around with the likes of Shaw, but also featured hypnotism, bioweapons experiments, particle colliders (both at Tulane), and extensive pedophile ties, as well as being mentor to both Oswald and drug-running expert of Iran-Contra fame Barry Seal, who not only was said to have piloted the Dallas getaway plane but also rubbed shoulders with 2 inextricably-linked presidents in George H.W. Bush and Clinton during the Mena, Arkansas pipeline days, and you quickly begin to see how all those blackmail wheels begin to turn….as well as how quickly these doors lead you straight into 9/11, and how those doors lead you straight into Covid.   

Listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4eA5vCx_B4  

And then read this: https://isgp-studies.com/belgian-x-dossiers-of-the-dutroux-affair  

to find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes in regards to the jumping-off point of the JFK assassination – you won’t stop until you reach the outer limits of names like Oliver North and Michael Aquino, and ops like Franklin and the Finders.

And even those are not the end of the road….

Watch the excellent doc JFK 3 Shots That Changed America. Pay particular attention to the clip at 6:17 where the breakfast address the morning of at the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce sees the boy choir singing to JFK, “The eyes of Texas are upon you, all the live long day – The eyes of Texas are upon you, you cannot get away…”

See the look in LBJ’s eyes as he stares the President up and down and you immediately know. Chilling. What an utterly deplorable POS that psychopath was. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsdkyl9jt9M

Read in full the essential James Shelby Downard’s King Kill 33 here: https://archive.org/stream/KingKill33V2_20190312/King%20Kill%2033%20V2_djvu.txt

Note in particular the passage that states -- Crossroads were also places of human and animal sacrifice and such rites were often carried out in conjunction with magica sexualis since the participants recognized an existing relationship between fertility and death.

Now think again of where JFK was hit, the Triple Underpass, a crossroads if there ever was one. Wonder again what such a conjunction of forces might play in today’s atmosphere of the radical left and things like pizzagate, spirit cooking, what’s on the laptops of Anthony Weiner and Hunter Biden, and just what is being used in ritual, and to what ends. Now remember the things that Clay Shaw and David Ferrie were up to, and you begin to realize this isn’t such a little Club anymore, it’s a Big one, and one that is exhibiting all the hallmarks of a Cult. Blood. Sex. Magick. Death.

Now let’s go even farther, and wonder why is it perhaps that the latest target (and perhaps the most important one) in the vaccine rollout is children.

And it’s only just beginning: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/qzx72g/covid19_cases_in_children_are_up_32_from_two/


Final figures, for every child “saved,” (and with the spurious outcomes and side effects those are massive air quotes) 117 will die. Check it, that’s a 117-1 ratio courtesy of the CDC and FDA.gov itself. Job well done Big Pharma!!

And this all started on Elm Street…can’t have one without the others.


On this day let’s also fully remember all of those that died from just being in that orbit: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/qzuzxz/every_year_on_november_22nd_the_world_remembers/

Reentry was flaming, painful and deadly from flying too close to the Sun King.


I could go on and on and on and on, chapter and verse, but hopefully you begin to get the idea.

I’ll just creep stealthily away on one more November 22, and leave this here for you, for so many reasons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BckPa2_A8gI   

And perhaps pertaining to none of this….Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial is underway on the 29th. We will be getting to all of that, rest assured.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody, stay safe, and we'll convene again on the other side.

And Rest In Peace JFK.



  1. Dang WM that isgp link alone is going to keep me busy for days! I think that I might have posted this before but in case I didn't:

    1. Thanks again for that Dginnster!! Higherside is the gold standard of podcasts as far as I'm concerned.
      This was up for free on Amazon Prime til a month or so ago & was great too -- be watching for it when it cycles around to free again:

      THIS also has much more to do with those same JFK killing circles than you might think = Profumo Affair across the pond:

      (Stephen Ward was weird and BAAAAAAD....)

  2. PS -- make sure you have a couple of stiff shots before diving in to ISGP.
    That's the hard stuff....

    1. Or get high first? ;) I'm not much of a drinker, especially alone.

    2. The owner of ISGP is a self righteous European flaming libtard.

    3. I certainly get that too OMID -- started having my doubts when he purged that Dutroux research posting of his of nearly ALL organized satanic references reaching into the upper elite strata -- kinda became waaay more of a limited hangout. Finger the perps but don't trace the ideological origins...which becomes like clapping with one hand.

      Don't know if he was "gotten" to or just changed on his own, but red flags everywhere. Luckily I saved almost all of the first drafts of his Dutroux stuff before the big changes came. Will def highlight the differences one day....& they are substantial.

    4. that ass had something to do with my first blog getting disappeared at google. I would only link to the site if I was you, do not copy and paste even a paragraph of it unless you want trouble from him. He buys the official 911 story, that's all I have to say about him. He is fucked when he runs into me in the future. I am sick and tired of the liars and those who have betrayed me. I am the last Being you want to find out that there is a Spiritual War STILL ongoing, when I am not on your side. I posted today at RMN for the first time in a month, going to link it below. Done playing nice.

    5. HAHA -- just saw this comment of yours here OMID re the ISGP dude, and lemme tell ya, he's made it so that you physically CAN'T copy & paste ANYTHING from his site -- just does not work. Believe me, I've tried!! Not that I wouldn't attribute anything where I did so to him, but that just shows to go ya the levels of paranoia flying off the charts!! Good Lord.

      Wonder it being that way now how much it has to do with people saving some of his prev stuff that got deleted, just like I did.
      ?????? Can't have our feet held to the fire, now can we??

      Thanks for the heads up....

    6. you are welcome, he even believes the caveman story of 911, and that a plane hit the pentagon.

  3. "Both Yom Kipur and fox hunting involve *the blowing of a horn*, symbolic of *the Voice of God* (the Huntsman represents the Master of the mythic Wild Hunt (any version of Cernunnos or Odin), while the ram's horn Shofar represents Yahweh).

    The blowing of horns is also very important to the Apocalypse, *the final, world-ending alignment of the stars*."

    "To the Ancient Greeks, the *sound of pipes from heaven* was an indication from the Great God Pan (nature) that a great disaster was near, and people should flee the cities and find shelter in the caves, deep in the wilderness.

    The pipes of Pan saved humanity (but not civilization) from past floods and fires from above."



    1. I think it's been blowing, (have you seen where they compared the sounds heard from the sky compared to a shofar and they match?), but time moves different down here.

      Funny I was just thinking more about GABRIEL'S HORN

  4. I have never watched that breakfast in Texas. LBJ sure was a POS. Catch ya on the flip side of this weekend. Much cooking to do. Hugs to all. Dang wish I could have all of you at my table. Now that would be a conversation at the Thanksgiving dinner. Other guests thinking "What are they going on about!" Haha

    1. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it's filled with hugs and laughter. Please keep my children in your prayers I won't get to see them for Thanksgiving (I guess I'm not hosting it either this year, I usually do, none of my family have even asked about it.) I have court on Monday. This girl told me the most horrific story today of how DHS took her children then the foster mom killed her daughter.

    2. Sorry probably should have made That 2 different posts so it doesn't sound jaded and bittersweet. I really do hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and I'm going to take my mom to Thanksgiving at my own foster mom's (kinda) who's one of the sweetest people EVER. So sorry it's about counting my blessings, I KNOW, SO HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

    3. HAHA MxMM Kendra!!!!

      That little get together might certainly be the first & LAST Thanksgiving!! Wordman stop chasing the girls around the table & swatting their bums with a tennis racquet!! JB stop trying to contact Pan and commune with the souls of the dead turkeys!! OMID's in the corner with a lampshade on his head and Phil's trying to watch football! Then later we all settle down for the seance & things REALLY get interesting!!

      Seriously all, stay safe & warm -- I'll be packing!! Yikes!

    4. The Turkey God will be among us soon, and he will avenge all of his fallen disciples!

    5. Oh just wait until I go in a trance and start prophecizing about the future in terms NO ONE can understand and when I start speaking in tongues, then the party really gets started! Cause no one understands Gaelic.

    6. Spit-take on keyboard # (oh, I've lost count...) thanks to you Turkey Whisperer!!

      YOU are a freakin riot dude!! Have a superb Turkey God day and for love of all the turkeys, behave yourself!!

    7. Oh Dgi Dgi -- I can make you speak in tongues....heh heh.

    8. Laissez Le bon temps rouler!


    10. Was trying to come up with something witty, but this stands alone:

    11. What I hula hoop to along with Fallout Boy. Maybe if you got me in trance I'd actually do it in front of people.

    12. Lol, even when I speak French JB ignores me ;) I know you always read me but I have no clue what you're thinking.

    13. I go to bed around 11 pm. And I don't talk to crazy girls.

    14. I don't normally talk to dead pagans but I've been making an exception.

    15. Okay I need someone to help me speak in tongues. These Turkish soap operas are not helping. (hides head in shame).....

    16. Oooh have you seen this Turkish show THE PROTECTOR? IT'S AWESOME.

      Try music

    17. I love this little lullaby my grandfather would actually sing it to my dad, then I found it over fifty years later when he was telling me about it. It's about FOXHUNTING.

    18. Ahhhh, the guy from my soap opera is in The Protector!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for telling me.

    19. No way, he's a hottie! Share

    20. Mehmet Kurtuluş
      as Mazhar Dragusha, Erdem's henchman

    21. Oh I thought you meant protector. What soap any good?

    22. Magnificent Century. But I warn you, it is addicting. Be careful. I wasn’t.

  5. OK JB, this one's for you!! You guys continue to amaze me and blow my silly little mind....

    I'm talking at work to my main Boss girl Sarah on the 22nd, and things verge into hers & my old habits & stomping grounds; LSS she was majorly into equestrian stuff in past years and hung out at this old money horsey set place called the Deep Run Hunt Club (where I learned how to play tennis) and that specializes in -- get this -- FOX HUNTING. So we start talking all about that as well, & where all her old horsey outfits & boots are, yada yada...She's only 28 so this wasn't that long ago btw.

    Then lo & behold I get home to see your comment that leads off with -- of all things -- FOX HUNTING.

    Out of all the topics in the world, how weird is that?

    Cue the Jim Morrison: "This is the strangest life I've ever known..."

    1. Only one life, this is just the strangest part of it, although the upcoming scene between Christ and Lucifers Beast is going to be one for the ages, it is the one where the most went astray,in a way only I can do, in my post tonight I let people in on the rabbit's name sort off. I predict that May 29 will become a big day in the near future in the 'new america'.


  6. Hey -- just saw this -- who wants to be a superhero?

    Nope, ain't buyin what they're sellin', even if it comes with spidey powers...PUREBLOODS 4EVER!!!

    1. what could be more super than being a Son of God? You already are, no added powers needed, just activate the gifts you already have, you already have, if you hadn't I would not be here conversing with you my brother from a different mother. You got it on me, your house is whole, I am the owner of a divided house, which I have to tell you was not a pleasant realization to have after 40 years in the desert together

    2. Great Answer! Call on the HOLY SPIRIT and you're a superhuman!

    3. https://youtu.be/czkHmjrFCnM

      Wise men say that rushing is violence
      And so is your silence
      When it's rooted in compliance
      To stand firm in loving defiance
      Make art your alliance
      Give voice to the fire

      Move people to the beat of the wind
      Gather yourself and begin
      To dance the song until it ends
      We are winners, champions of the light
      Forming in numbers and might
      Keep the truth close in sight

      Medicine Woman, Medicine Man
      Walking with grace, I know your face, and I trust your hands
      Medicine Woman, Medicine Man
      Walking with grace, I know your face, and I trust your hands

      [Verse 2]
      Find your teachers in the voice of the forests
      Unplug, you can't ignore this
      Wisdom of the voiceless
      Remedies are bountiful and surround us
      From the garden to the farthest
      Prayer made of star dust

      Find your healing in the music that calls you
      The voice that enthralls you
      What do you belong to?
      Eyes out, there’s the setting of the sun
      Give thanks to each and everyone
      The lesson is the...


      I believe in bending backwards and extending
      In my tracks
      Trip back
      Until the lesson is in action and
      Your yard is feeding
      Stop stark the disbelieving
      'Cause the garden holds the shards
      The medicine is in the seeds when

      We hold tight to our right to protect and
      We know our might is tenfold in connection
      Our elders hold them bright lights
      We protect them
      The medicine is evident
      The wolf, the hawk, the bear clan

      We hold tight to our right to protect and
      We know our might is tenfold in connection
      Our elders hold them bright lights
      We protect them
      The medicine is evident
      The wolf, the hawk, the...

    4. Please pray for my children the situation is getting worse in some seriously fucked up ways.

    5. Dginn, who is the driving force, behind what is happening to you and your children? I need to know that to best help you in the manner available to me to help you at the present moment. I need name or names, generalizations are too board, to be of help, I cannot bind someone unless I know who I am binding. I will start with what I have, but you will have to help me, If you want my help, ask me to post my email addy, I will, and then we can talk privately. No funny business at all, I want to help you and your children. Getting to know each other better is a benefit to both of us moving forward.


    6. Put an x on either side of dginn at gmail dot com ;)

    7. Ok maybe there's enough other stuff here to say it now. My daughter's 3&1 told me that they don't like the foster mom because she's mean and yells all the time. Then when I asked my three year old for more details, she said "she's trying to kill me" then when my five year old heard he came over told her to stop. She started acting weird looking away from me and her brother then saying "I don't know she makes me eat" and my 5yr says "yeah she's a good cook" and my 3yr agreed. Then I asked my 5yr why my 3yr would say something like that and he said "I don't know, she should have lied to you about it"
      I don't know the legalities of sharing her name but I'm fighting every urge to go storm it to get my babies! So add an E to the end of the word that is usually in front of doilies and lone in front of the clan that was left off above.

    8. https://www.burnsflatok.com/police-department

    9. http://public.esquireempire.com/Hon._Judge_Christopher_Kelly_Associate_District_Judge_Washita_County



      WEIRDER I've seen the woman in court somewhere else in different countries context and can't for the life of me place her.

    10. Mark out countries was trying to just put context

  7. And on that note --


    Anybody out there holding out for a hero?? Haha!!

  8. Note in particular the passage that states -- Crossroads were also places of human and animal sacrifice and such rites were often carried out in conjunction with magica sexualis since the participants recognized an existing relationship between fertility and death.
    This is really the focus point of this and all other 'ritual' murders as this is a 'working' and directly involves 'other intelligences'.
    The obvious links to power, position and ultimately profit is blatant but the subtle supernatural connections are 'occulted'.
    The obvious connections TPTB have to this, and always have had to this are no longer 'hidden'; now they do these 'workings' right in front of us; check 'Astroworld' (sick)
    This has been seen as a possible satanic sacrificial ritual but it is more likely a 'working' to assist the release of the 'Nephilim' or 'Fallen Angeles' which are likely 'fallen' Anunnaki.
    Where do you think all of this shit comes from anyway?
    Sumeria, Babylon and then back to Atlantis.
    So the interesting question is where does the 'Orange' one fall into this? (Trump)
    Answer? (Possible!!)
    Trump is the 'Organized Crime' syndicate side and the 'Democrats' represent the 'Oligarchs' and ultimately the 'Great Work' where a one world government, currency and religion will unite the world in peace and harmony!!
    And if you believe that fucking bullshit then I have some killer beachfront property in IDAHO to sell you mate!
    JFK found himself in the middle of those two competing factions and ultimately lost; check his old man's ties to organize crime and you can see the Mafia ties in Oliver Stone's movie (which I liked BTW)
    Fucked up shit for sure mate.

    1. Gnosty!!

      Thanks so much for the reply, and for all you said you're preachin to the choir here boy-o!! To an increasing degree, other intelligences seem to be running this show; all these earthly idiots just being the false front.

      Trump? That entire Left-hand path side of the equation including the entire MSM seemed genuinely unhinged and panicked at his sudden ascendency. Couple that with the wikileaks release of the Clinton-Podesta emails that birthed pizzagate and Q, and an entire underground revolution sprang up. All that being said, the promise proved far greater than what was delivered. (& this despite all the EOs targeting child traffickers and their vast fortunes.) Couple the failure to adequately "drain the swamp" with his unrelenting championing of the vaxx, which he HAS to know is harming and even killing people, & I still don't know where to put Trump. That last fact alone might prove to be a hurdle too far for me. Can't wrap my head around it.

      JFK, OTOH, was a lifelong member of the "Club" til he decided to switch horses midstream, which of course sealed his fate. Can't have someone in that high a seat actually appealing to their conscience, now can we? The man to this day stands out as a completely singular figure in history representing the most noble aspects of the human condition.

      And yes, I know he was a 1,000% horndog in his private life. And you know what? Who cares. He kept his hands off children, wanted the very best for humanity and fought for all of us at the cost of his life. Can you even imagine the feelings of vitriol and betrayal flying around after he & his Dad has used every illegal and underhanded trick in the book to barely get him elected? Only for him to turn around and not just bite the hand that was feeding him -- he tore it off. Wanted to splinter the CIA, abolish the Fed Reserve, end Vietnam. Any ONE of those was a death sentence. All THREE??!!....

      Circling back around (heh heh) will leave you with these 2 recent tweets from Jeff Wells, my buddy:

      "Don't ask for evidence, it's intuition only and I know it sounds crazy, but more than anything else ever has, and increasingly so, this feels directed by a non-human intelligence."

      "If you're subject to a ruling order that meets in secret groves and pedo retreats, approves projects like ARTICHOKE and MKOFTEN, and cultivates ops like the Finders and Epstein, then yes, I'd say demonism is an entirely legitimate field of inquiry."

      Great minds, my friend, think alike. Count yourself one of 'em.

    2. WM: know you are tracking the Giz lane Maxwell trial, there is also a telegram channel updating as well


      Here’s a sample post:

      “ UN IN TROUBLE <
      Helped Ghislaine Maxwell/EPSTEIN
      get control over world oceans and, helped >
      TerraMar Project which was a UN NGO micronation with diplomatic immunity and created their own passports.

      > Now>Ghislaine Maxwell is demanding the UN get her out of jail! (Sounds like blackmail..as she knows the UN funded her child trafficking network...she's playing her Deep State ♠️ card)

      Jeffrey Epstein and Ghisliane Maxwell owned and operated a mysterious company called TerraMar. TerraMar listed a Manhattan property owned by the Rothschilds as a base, was funded by the Clinton Foundation, and was considered a micronation with UN issued passports for the ocean which offered its citizens diplomatic immunity until the collapse of the project.

      In 2012, Ghislaine Maxwell founded the TerraMar Project. At a UN conference, Ghislaine presented and said through TerraMar that she was actually representing the interests of Jeffrey Epstein and the Clinton Foundation, which seeded her project with millions of dollars in funding. Ghislaine Maxwell has already turned in financial records revealing the funding she and Epstein received from the Clinton Foundation.

      Ghislaine Maxwell Had UN Authorized Control Over the World's Oceans
      The TerraMar Project was a UN NGO micronation with diplomatic immunity and its own passports

      Jeffrey Epstein and Ghisliane Maxwell owned and operated a mysterious company called TerraMar. TerraMar listed a Manhattan property owned by the Rothschilds as a base, was funded by the Clinton Foundation, and was considered a micronation with UN issued passports for the ocean which offered its citizens diplomatic immunity until the collapse of the project.

      Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell attend de Grisogono Sponsors The 2005 Wall Street Concert Series Benefitting Wall Street Rising.
      Ghislaine Maxwell’s TerraMar Project

      In 2012, Ghislaine Maxwell founded the TerraMar Project. At a UN conference, Ghislaine presented and said through TerraMar that she was actually representing the interests of Jeffrey Epstein and the Clinton Foundation, which seeded her project with millions of dollars in funding. Ghislaine Maxwell has already turned in financial records revealing the funding she and Epstein received from the Clinton Foundation.

      TerraMar was positioned as an NGO dedicated to saving the oceans from humanity. It seems much more likely that TerraMar, which owned its own submarine, was a front for human trafficking.

      According to The New York Times, the TerraMar Project was an “opaque organization that had no offices, gave no grants to other organizations.” However, within a week of the human trafficker Epstein’s arrest, Maxwell closed down her United Nations-sponsored NGO.Was TerraMar part of a vast ocean child trafficking network?

      Associates and financiers of the TerraMar Project included many of those who we now recognize as being linked with child sex trafficking, including the Clinton Foundation, Comet Ping Pong’s James Alefantis, John Podesta, and Tamera Luzzatto, along with many others.
      Luzzatto was Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff. She is now Senior Vice President of Government Relations at The Pew Charitable Trusts. Luzzatto published a disturbing website called Evie’s Crib. She wrote the infamous email to John Podesta published by WikiLeaks that seemed as though she had been pimping her infant grandchildren to the political elite.
      After the death of Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine’s father, in 1991, she moved to a Manhattan property owned by Lynn Foreseter de Rothschild, whose husband is British banker Evelyn Robert de Rothschild. The property was also listed as the base for Terramar.

      News related to trial follow on this Channel

      Rock on and have a pleasant tryptophan turkey day. Grateful for many things in this life, including all of you here.

    3. It’s directed by non-human intelligence. There are lots of empty vessels around and more are being made. One thing we can do is to refuse to lend our neurology to the project. Fear is seriously the mind killer, the little death.

    4. Hey good to see you KM hope you're doing well!

  9. Along those same lines and hot on the heels of the fightback, check this out guys:

    Says Greece but "puto" applies any number of places: Mexico, Spain, South America, so not telling where this is but HOLY CRAP -- these people have had enough!! Does my heart and soul good...

    "Authorities" worldwide are now terrified of those that can see far beyond their bullshit and that number is growing by the minute.

    THIS is the power we have -- if we would only take it.

    1. Yes it is not Greece. Accent is more Central American?

  10. Here is the start of my post at RMN,I hope it helps...
    You can not save ANY parts of the Old, that would make it not New, and they bragged for so long about their New utopia that was to come. For some their New utopia was ok as long as it was America leading the way toward this brave new disorder.

    But then the first chumps who first sold us out to Lucifer's order, realized they would appear as traitors in eternity, when the New utopia became settled in the East and North America was left to be returned to 3rd world status, never to be allowed to rise again.

    That is when the proverbial shtf in the 1% world,so the traitors rolled out Trump in order to try and save face first, and they hoped the 'democracy'. As we all know, that did not go as plan, as far as the people go. I see the original traitors attempting to distance themselves from the chaos, and trying to tell us how wonderful we had it with the Donald.

    the rest,including who the Beast will be here


  11. tried to post the rest, too many characters, oh well I tried to save u a move.

    1. What's in a name


  12. who Trump really is, is best described here in this really deep dark stuff, got more from Ray, but this is the first one I came to on my blog. This gentleman was one of the original Black Panthers, and is the only person I know of beyond myself to get locked out of their blog during orange man's time. Guaranteed there is stuff in this guys work, you have never seen before..


    1. I have been following him for years. We actually communicated a few times. He’s on bitchute now.

  13. another good one



    1. Battle Beneath Washington DC!! reminds me Beneath The Planet Of The Apes!! And yes, Prince Ray is a keeper -- have been looking in in him for years.

    2. Sorry -- ON him. Between communing with you guys here(the only fun part), having a flat tire and looking for a new one on T-Giving, and packing stuff up to move, this "holiday" is like Ball of Confusion!!

    3. Sorry to hear that, flats always suck.

    4. First happy T-Day to everyone.
      Yes I have followed 'Prince' Ray for a few years now and am always amazed at his depth (and length) of the information/revealing that he consistently does.
      Not sure I buy everything that he's stating but he has been exposing this shit for a long time now and is not above exposing his own people that are involved in this pathetic overt control and manipulation.
      What is obvious now, and thanks to our 'Savant' Chris Knowles for stating this is that what we are actually seeing is the now 'overt' old state pagan religious practices that used to be 'covert' and done even under the guise of 'Organized' religions; and we wonder why the RCC built their churches on top of older pagan sites??
      In the days of Babylon you would have people sacrificing their own children to 'Mammon' and 'Moloch' for gods sake; these parasitic predatory 'Gods' jacking 'divine sparks' to literally FEED on.
      And you wonder WHY this is happening today? (SSDD!)
      I have written about this fairly extensively in the past as I see this as a type of unholy symbiotic relationship where sacrificial energies are exchanged for knowledge and power; I would venture to say this includes the 'unlocking' of inherent DNA 'abilities' that allow 'superhuman' traits to surface.
      The classic 'Sell your SOUL to 'SCRATCH' at the 'Crossroads'.
      This is a 'Ruse' of sorts as true 'Adepts' will tell you that you can achieve this same thing thru focused meditation and even yogic and tantric practices; unleashing the 'Serpent Fire' energies; Kundalini.
      This involves the integration of your 'Worlds' (Chakras) to activate and open the 'Third EYE' which many state is the representation of the 'Pyramid EYE' on the dollar bill (Mithras/Lucifer is another possibility; Chris just did a podcast on that with Aeon Byte)
      So we have a very OLD pagan practice being continued that is feeding the very same 'Gods' of old it seems regardless of what 'name(s)' they are going by these days.

  14. A disturbing rumor going around the pit of hell, is that Harris, is on the way out, and Michael Robinson will replace her as V.P.

  15. https://patentscope.wipo.int/search/de/detail.jsf?docId=CN317065497

    1. Thanks Dgi-Dgi, saw that somewhere & meant to copy....

  16. And Tru3!!

    Thanks more than you know for all that TerraMar UN insanity above. Fascinating stuff. Coupling that with the pic just released this week by the UK's SUN of Epstein and Maxwell positively giddy and shaking hands with Pope John Paul II!! Is there ANYWHERE that these vermin didn't compromise and infiltrate?? Altho the Pope...?? Talk about parallel operations....maybe it was just a small meetup to size up the competition!!

    1. Glad to help in some small way, WM

      Here’s another corker:


      Connecting more dots: I had heard giz lane had an alleged husband: turns out some dude by the name of scott borgerson was indeed listed as her spouse on the tatler

      “ It came to light amid legal proceedings this summer that Ghislaine Maxwell was secretly married, sparking much speculation as to who her partner might be. After the Telegraph confirmed last week that the most widely speculated candidate, Scott Borgerson, is indeed her husband, it has now emerged that Maxwell transferred all her assets to the American millionaire shipping entrepreneur upon their marriage.”


      this scumbag, obviously a cia cut out because he speaks like an imbecile, is ceo of an outfit named cargometrics, devoted to building a fleet of self piloting cargo ships plying the Arctic (and Antarctic?) for commerce. Watch the guys face as he talks about “clandestine activity” at the North Pole; looks like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

      This vid also ties in formerly forgotten degenerates like james alefantis,frank guistra and Tamara Luzatto of pizzagate infamy, and, among other weird connections, Sylvia Earle, National Geographic oceanographer and charter citizen of terra mar.

      The videographer draws the conclusion the objective of terra mar was to build a type of breakaway civilization built on the high seas powered and monetized by deep state child trafficking.

      Wouldn’t at all be surprised

  17. https://youtu.be/2wwdHXpK5B4

    My little girl met a new friend
    Just the other day
    On the playground at school
    Between the tires and the swings
    But she came home with tear-filled eyes
    And she said to me, "Daddy, Alyssa lies"
    Well I just brushed it off at first
    'Cause I didn't know how much my little girl had been hurt
    Or the things she had seen
    I wasn't ready when I said, "You can tell me"
    And she said
    Alyssa lies to the classroom
    Alyssa lies everyday at school
    Alyssa lies to the teachers
    As she tries to cover every bruise
    My little girl laid her head down that night to go to sleep
    As I stepped out the room
    I heard her say a prayer so soft and sweet
    "God bless my mom and my dad
    And my new friend, Alyssa
    I know she needs you bad"
    Because Alyssa lies to the classroom
    Alyssa lies everyday at school
    Alyssa lies to the teachers
    As she tries to cover every bruise
    I had the worst night of sleep in years
    As I tried to think of a way to calm her fears
    I knew just what it was I had to do
    But when we got to school on Monday, I heard the news
    My little girl asked me why everybody looked so sad
    The lump in my throat grew bigger
    With every question that she asked
    Until I felt the tears run down my face
    And I told her that Alyssa wouldn't be at school today
    'Cause she doesn't lie in the classroom
    She doesn't lie anymore at school
    Alyssa lies with Jesus
    Because there's nothin' anyone would do
    Tears filled my eyes
    When my little girl asked me why
    Alyssa lies
    Daddy, tell me why
    Alyssa lies

    1. Here we go again with the syncs:
      You send this just as I was going over this from the Jeff archives:

      And as this pops up the other day:

      Here's to EVERYBODY that needs one getting a safe, warm, & happy Thanksgiving....but we all know that just isn't going to happen. Godspeed to us all, & to justice coming...along with the angels.

  18. HEY GNOSTY!! (re the above..)
    Let's hit it!

    We've all been marinating for years and years.........

  19. Surely as life begun you will as one
    Battle with the serpentine fire

    Ain't it the truth??!!

  20. December 1977 -- remember it like it was yesterday: Close Encounters raging in nearly every theatre, that timeless Christmas special that saw Bing & Bowie duetting on Little Drummer Boy, Ali still the champ and fresh off a war with Earnie Shavers in Madison Square Garden, & college basketball's Secret Weapon was some kid from Indiana St that no one had ever heard of named Larry Bird.

    And that song tearing up the chilly airwaves.

    So long ago but memories I swear I can still reach out and touch. But as Lou Reed was so, so fond of saying..."those were different times..."

  21. Meanwhile, here in Canada, it's just thursday.

    1. Hey JB -- just listen to "Serpentine" and pretty much guaranteed it's impossible not to feel better &/or more special. I more than anybody fall into the tedium and humdrum of the everyday, so every once in awhile I need to get shocked out of it...

      That kind of stuff is a gift from some other place & doesn't exist anymore except in our memories to keep it alive./\!! We have been and are very blessed to have been witness to such. It's the kind of stuff that worlds get built around.

      Love ya brother. None of us are ever alone.

    2. The fact that apparently no one gives a f**k about Thanksgiving up here might explain the roving gangs of very agressive turkeys in our streets. You can't go out at night.


      Ya know we can send some VA Militia up there to help with those killer turkeys...unless some covid strain has mutated them into some chimeric 6-foot variety. (Surely we'd have heard about that...)

    4. NIGHT OF THE MELEAGRIS!!! Run for your lives!!

  22. I know myself, I have lost patience with the crowd pushing Trump as one of us. He also reminds me of a man who would throw his own mother other the bus, nevermind associates of his, to try and save his own ass.

    Without doubt he knew about covid 19, before he was installed in 2016. It was never the plan for him to win in 2020. What the whore media is really covering up now from us, is the internal chaos going on in China. Trump is as guilty as the worst of them.

    1. With ya OMID -- getting extremely tired of the 5D chess talk. Waiting on Trump et al has gotten to be like waiting on that "2 weeks to flatten the curve" to pass...Still greatly admire what he did with regards to shutting down the child trafficking rings (which Biden has all but reinstalled and reinvigorated to greater than even former heights alas), but his failure to see who & what people like Fauci and Barr were and are is more than deeply troubling. Pros: Epstein was apprehended on his watch. Cons: Epstein was killed in ridiculous circumstances on his watch.
      Que sera sera.
      Pros: Youngkin was elected on Trump momentum. Cons: Youngkin was CEO of the Carlyle Group, and ALREADY appears to be hedging some of his campaign promises...and he's not even Gov yet!! Campaigned as vociferously anti-vaxx mandate to the tune of the likes of DeSantis -- not working out that way so much yet, is it? We're all sitting here holding our breath....

      It appears once Carlyle Group always Carlyle Group. Yikes. You don't quit that any more than you "quit" the CIA.

    2. GUYS, I have to come to the conclusion that "Zod" over at the Secret Sun is right: EVERYTHING that is going on is a massive series of psy-ops on both sides intended to A) WAKE as many people as possible the f**k up, B) while not actually changing anything for the better, C) before THE END finally comes, and near-totality of the population is wiped out one way or another. Even the Elite can't stop what is coming, whatever it is, but they can improve the odds of survival of the most discerning folks (while they hide underground).

    3. OMID 10:23
      Could not agree more, but the issue here is the 'SOURCE' of all of this fucked up shit; Sumeria, Babylon, ATLANTIS.
      So let's LOOK at that and learn from this; the why, the how, the end results.
      The 'players' in this are really not the issue; 'TPTB' have been, and always will be just 'Pawns' in this 'Game' themselves even though they have bought into the outright lie that they will triumph over that while us 'useless eaters' will perish in the 'Farming' (See 'Jupiter Ascending'. NOT the best movie but the possibilities being stated there view attention IMO)
      Yes and your correct; 'Blood IN, Blood OUT'.
      NOT the "Original INTENTION"!!
      THAT is yet to come.

    4. Hey Gnostic,I am not worried about any source,I come from the Only Source, hence, no worries. I have already put the world on notice, that We are reclaiming The Earth. I have just grown tired of others telling me what will be. It is going to be interesting to watch humans come to, in a beautiful field after they leave this plane, and as they stand up they will look across the field and see another man walking toward them. This is the test that separates the wheat from the chaff. I know the name of the man in the field, and it is not me. Two of Three chose the man, seemed like the right way, but now we ourselves have already lived and seen the results of making that choice. The many are in danger of making the same mistake. Everyone wants to practice being a prophet these days, humans will not be confronted with the Beast on the Earth, they will meet the Beast in the field above.

    5. OMID 12:27, 1:07
      I read your posting supplied by the link you submitted.
      We are on the same page here.
      A true 'Prophet' will never state that about themselves; they don't need too.
      That is obvious when you are in their presence.
      As a first responder I can tell you that in 33 years of service in the Health Care Field I have never seen anything like COVID and the word is there is something far more deadly on it's way.
      Many are awakening and can see TPTB and their madness for what it is and massive depopulation has been the agenda from the get go.
      If they have their way it will be 'Them', the elite and their minions and the 'Slave Class' that will serve them; only enough to serve their needs well.
      That is a violation of Sacred and even Natural Law, and that can only happen for so long.
      I was adopted by an Aboriginal Tribe in NE Arnhemland in 2003 and I sat with them and heard their teachings.
      They, like my Native American teachers did not see this world as a commodity owned, operated and controlled by a power elite.
      This madness must end.

    6. Everything you say is true,interesting that you are in the medical field,they tried to kill me with covid or a predecessor to it eleven years ago. I mentioned below in my 25 point high lights posts. My lungs were viciously attacked just about 11 years ago. One day I was fine, the next day I could not take three steps without getting winded. Reflection# 4 will explain much more, only the events of the last two years have allowed us to put the pieces together. This madness is ending. they just don't know it yet.

  23. Not sure if I posted this, working on # 4 but not ready yet.

  24. First of all, so glad that you OMID & my Dginnster are now networking; THAT'S what this place is for!! Getting things done with help from our friends...

    Now to KM & JB & Gnosty & everybody else wondering about the origin place of everything concerned let me just say this -- & will have MUCH more to say because I just happen to think it's that important -- Alex Jones becomes more "over the target," more spot on, more plugged in with every moment that passes...stuff that he's been spouting for years that people looked at him for like he had 3 heads is now ALLLLL coming home to roost in frightening ways....

    to whit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5qbaxYhbL8&t=5s

    Listen VERY CAREFULLY to what he's saying here....because it's everything, right down to who Gates et al get their marching orders from....& it's nobody local, let's put it that way.

    Climbing Jacob's Ladder my friends, and in a whole new light:

    Funny how that ladder looks just like our DNA ladder, right?

    "Comin over the airwaves/ The man says I'm overdue/ Sing along, send some money/ Join the chosen few/ Mister I'm not in a hurry/ And I don't wanna be like you........"

    Spoiler alert: the next post is gonna look a lot like this....

  25. Know I'm preaching to the choir here thank God, but the new and super scary OMICRON mutation that just got unleashed today, that is crashing markets worldwide (PANIC!!!!!), that Biden is now threatening global vaxxes becoming mandatory (again) because of, and yet only seems to be popping up in FULLY VAXXED Afrikaners.....is an anagram for....MORONIC.

    Nooooooooooo, they're not rubbing it in & laughing at us or anything.

    Honest to fuckin God, WHO is buying this utter bullshit anymore?

    Absolutely absolutely ridiculous. As transparent as a saran wrap dress.

    And we're only halfway thru the long holiday weekend -- imagine what Saturday and Sunday might have in store....

  26. Meanwhile, wikipedia throws up its hands and isn't even trying anymore:

  27. okay first let me say, that my dang capital letter move will not engage on this crappy chromebook right now, so do not think that i do not know when a capital letter is needed, just do not want to restart the thing right now. christ only in their world is two moves a shortcut over 1 smfh. now to the reason i am writing, you folks deserve to know what's going on. no one outside my family knows the whole of what i have been through the last 11 years. you will have to read reflection # 4 which is not done yet. just give you folks some high lights.
    1)someone tried to murder me right about now 11 years ago
    2) i did not know it at the time, it took events 9 years later and it's aftermath for me to have the realization
    3)the idiots who devised this weapon against me, could not have picked a worse candidate to be one of their first if not the first 'guinea pig.
    4) i now suspect i am the reason they came up with the term 'long covid', i chuckle with that one
    5) they never counted on me living this long, never mind figuring out what they had done.
    6) i do not know how not to tell the truth
    7) i am(and that should be caps!!!) what can not be stopped,

  28. O.K. fixed it, couple more highlights
    8.We are all part of Life
    9.death is losing it grip each passing day.
    10. A day is 1000 years
    11. This is my first time in an evolving universe
    12. If I have to be here, someone(s) has called into question one of my brothers sovereignty to rule in his own creation.
    13. I have always been The Son of God, and I am not 'the only begotten Son' as my brother has been called here in the world.
    14. My Brother Created not only this Earth, but a whole segment in part of the 7th of 7 evolving universes
    15. He died for No one's sins, he LIVED to show you and ME the way out of here

    1. Seventh Heaven?


    2. In a way, the seven are outside the Paradise and Havona and the worlds that make up the central universe of perfection. Sorry for throwing all this out here , but I have people around me panicking, I have to take action.

    3. as is, wordman, anywhere is better then here at the moment, but we have the fix for everyone

  29. 16. I repeat my Brother has nothing to do with this world.
    17. There are two groups that are waiting my return, the group that knows how to get along with others, and then there is the group held in object terror waiting for my return.
    18. the days that are cut short here in the world are the three days they thought they would have to torment my Brother and destroy his Creation
    19.We have other plans
    20.When I pass from the Earth, I am taking every last asshole and undeserving creep with Me.
    21.Going to take them, and the group waiting in object terror, and put them in a place THEY can never leave,because they never took the time to learn.
    22.Life is going to change profoundly on the Earth when I take all the chains with me.

  30. 23. I apologize but you are all going to have to get through this last winter. Come spring of 22 anytime up to Sixty Six years Six months and Six days, so shall The Son of Man take vengeance on those who thought they could control him as their own.
    24.That last part is about dotting every i and every t, and a good kick in the teeth for those who betrayed my brother, and thought they were going to get away with it.
    25.Last and certainly not last, near death does not count, overcoming death is all that matters.

  31. OMID -- "I am IN this world, but I am not OF this world."

    All of what you just said resonates so much with 2 very pertinent posts of Carrie Madej's on her Instagram (still miraculously up):
    "Always show more kindness than seems necessary, because the person receiving it needs it more than you will ever know."


    "The truth is, you have some 'crazy conspiracy theory' friends trying harder to save your life than any medical professional or government entity ever has."

    Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

    1. In my opinion, what Jesus was saying, is that you can either remain a part of the physical universe (the Demiurge, Ammon/Pan, probably through reincarnation, for the sake of meaningless pleasure), or the spiritual universe (Jesus himself, in the afterlife).

      *In other words, Heaven or Las Vegas.*

    2. Great post JB.
      Christ did not die to cleans us from our 'sins'.
      He lived to remind us of who we really are, and to embrace our inner 'Divine Spark'.
      TPTB saw him as a real threat to their place of position and power so the whacked him; that is the true representation of the RCC'S 'Christ on the CROSS'; 'They' are showing the populace what happens to those that outwardly oppose them.
      Crucifixion was common in Roman times and was done to tame the masses; _uck with US and we will do this to YOU!
      SSDD now I'm afraid.
      Now they just literally ruin you and then make your murder look like a suicide.
      I mean it IS possible to shoot yourself twice in the Head right?

    3. Said Mike Ruppert, Gary Webb, Vince Foster, Hunter Thompson, & about 1,001 others I've forgotten.....

    4. The Earth being a playground for every Tom, Dick and Harry is over JB. I am so shocked at disbelief, not. By your actions, you can all live out your lives free of assholes if you like, I just won't be able to do it with you guys that's all, no biggie, I AM MORE THEN HAPPY, to do this for those who really love life, and do not try to control others. If I was sitting where any of you are, I would wait until you read the next reflection I give. Gnostic you are correct he was out and out murdered. One of the high lights that I left out above was if life had been allowed to run it's natural course from the time I came through the darkness of my mothers womb, I would be residing in the white house right now. However I was shown at seven years old what would happen if I persisted in that path. Needless to say, we changed plans and been waiting to find a way to rid the Earth of those who never wanted to learn to live life right. I am going to lose the assholes both here and there in a way that they are going to be lost forever. In the assholes place we shall send the children to finish what we start. They shall not seek to control each other, neither shall they live in fear.

    5. very pertinent wordman, every would you said, you are 100% correct in your observation. The only people that have to be in fear of me, are those who do not know how to live with others, trying to control others, has never been right, in truth every single one of us who are aware of who they are, are those who my Brother freed from Captivity while He was on The cross. Took the controllers over 1900 years to figure out how he did it.They are using technology now to do bad things to people, instead of using their brain's like my brother did. You know wordman, it was you who gave me the last piece of the puzzle with the MK Ultra book by Fritz, that flipped the last light bulb that made me say holy shit, I was right all along, so I thank you very much kind sir, you are truly my brother in glory and on the Earth. I bet a whole bunch of the children are going to want to choose you and the Mrs.

  32. Haven't gone through all of the comments yet. But JFK was the reason I even started down any rabbit holes. I was 7 years old when I found out about his assassination (31 years old now) and that's all it took.

    I've read up from his great grandfather's, grandparents, parents, siblings, In-laws, lovers, his relatives lovers, his friends and their lovers, enemies, children, nannies, secret service, the endless amount of witnesses and innocent people who spoke up speaking of what they knew, the list is endless.

    Then in high school (I believe) I stumbled upon the lawyer/author Mark Lane.. who defended the owner of the newspaper claiming the government was involved in the assassination (and won, walking away with jury convinced Hunt (cia) was, indeed, involved.

    After reading all of Mark Lanes work (and others) I studied all about Jim Garrison. I studied every which way the mob could be involved, the governments involvement, all about Oswald and his kin and connections.

    However, I must say, the most intriguing stories connected to Kennedy, that I have found, are
    1. Abraham Bolden (the first African American to be assigned to a presidential protective division (He called out all those racist back stabbers on Kennedys detail in his book) he ended up being framed and spent time in the penitentiary in my home town.

    2. The infamous Dorothy Kilgallen.. such a legend.

    3. Lastly, Martha Meijer. Not only her connection with JFK but her ex husband, brother in law, and neighbors connections to CIA. I'm pretty convinced she was a very big reason JFK decided to go against the script and turn for the better.

    If you haven't read up on them, I would suggest you do. Very good reads.

    God bless!

    1. And God Bless right back at ya RHG!! And thanks so much for those comments and for getting us back on track -- these comments have started to veer very much from JFK & his continuing legacy.

      Had heard prev of Bolden & of course Dorothy, but never Meijer. (Sounds like she played a role much like Mary Pinchot Meyer...)

      I have a long record of JFK in my life even tho I was only 3 yrs old when he was killed. My Dad, who was about as straight-laced & non-conspiratorial as they come, pulled up into our gravel driveway one night & just sat in the car and stayed there for nearly an hour...my Mom & I were like ????....he comes in and says he was transfixed by this radio show detailing everything about the assassination conspiracy....& that was it, the bug bit him & it was rabbit holes ever after!! This was in the mid-1970s, which very well could have been some Mark Lane info or one of his disciples. When did EXECUTIVE ACTION come out? Ah, 1973. So that lines up. My Dad suddenly got VERY interested in the CFR, Trilateral Commission, etc.

      Of course I saw that chilly bit of info bomb, but nothing hit me like JFK over Christmas 1991. I think I've mentioned it on here before, but I went in one person and came out wholly another. THAT was the kind of impact it had on my psyche.

      And lining up very much with the propaganda of today, I see so much of the same thing: the ferocity and viciousness of the denials and rebuttals of what Stone was presenting, as well as the personal attacks, we see being repeated verbatim with first pizzagate and now against the anti-covid, anti-mask, anti-vaxx forces. It seems the more validity you have, the more your stance touches nerves not meant to be touched, the greater the attack on both you and your platform. And the greater that attack? The more the truth is on your side, which must be silenced at all costs.
      I still remember my Mom & I in 1992 listening mid-day to this, spellbound:

      Unfortunately, this depth and longevity of attack had a profound effect on Stone, who, (other than his NIXON), never ever made such allusions again, and was effectively de-fanged. But that still doesn't take one scintilla of grandeur away from his JFK.
      It remains, to my mind, one of the single most paradigm-shifting, monumentally epic films ever made. And it took a singular, Orson Welles-ian kind of energy to do it. Boggles my mind still how it got done.

      (Hats off, as always also to that beautiful soul Mae Brussell, who, truth be told, prob got all of us started down every rabbit hole imaginable because of this.)

      PS -- I can also, if you've not seen it, not recommend highly enough THE PARALLAX VIEW -- Warren Beatty's passion piece that lays out pretty much chapter and verse, thru the lines, how all of this might have come about, at least in form and function (esp considering Oswald's creation...) If you've got Amazon prime it's there for freesies right now --Enjoy!!

    2. I am sorry I did that wordman it was not my intent, I will not post any more of that subject matter in this thread,this will be my last post on it in this thread. The only reason I did tonight was because I know who JFK really is, and you are living in his idea of fixing things. He made the same mistake, I do not WANT any of those I love following him any longer. Because he fucked up in the exact same manner he did the first time and the bad guys had to regroup,1963 too early for their plans. If I had persisted to the White House as an adult they not only would have blown off my head off, but they(those who thought they could control the Son of Man) would have resurrected Me, and that would have been an all together different story. Dangerous territory this adulation of the dead. I will drop it for now. You all have been warned about JFK.

  33. Replies
    1. Wow, that's very weird: there's a comment I want to make, but is being blocked over and over again, no matter which blog or comments section I want to post it in. Check your spam basket.

    2. JB!!

      Don't HAVE a spam basket here that I know of. Give us hints as to what it was concerning or hit me at gandrobin@live.com.

      That's weird.

    3. yep, things are getting stranger by the minute huh?

    4. That happens to me ALL THE TIME.

  34. Dginnster -- got yer hula hoopin tunes right here:

    Flaming telepaths?? Oh yeah, sounds just about right....

    Billy Squier ALWAYS work too, tho:


    Dude was unreal. Jimmy Page would've given his last Crowley decoder ring to have written 'Lonely.'

    1. What no fucking way I was literally just watching this:
      And thinking I've got a goal!

    2. https://youtu.be/jUwh-C5w7II

      And fox hunting

    3. I'm a LONG WAY AWAY from the flaming hula hooping lol right now, the two new tricks I'm trying to learn I'm pretty sure gave me a black eye. ;)

  35. Who's still up??!! & I got work in 7 hours -- let's keep it rollin' cats & kittens!!

    Speaking of, I'll give ya all my worldly goods if you can keep a straight face thru this:

    I'm crying....

    1. that was hilarious, the guy could not contain himself

  36. I am here not sure how much anyone want's me to add any more tonight ...lol

    1. Well I do, sorry I haven't had time to respond yet but know I do always read you and I usually think that you have incredible bravery to talk like you do about things that go against the grain. Yet you are always quick to apologize when you realize and you always try to stay on the side you believe is right, whether that's supporting and spreading the good or going to any length to expose or eradicate the the bad and protect the good. These are all things I see in everyone here which is why I like coming here.

    2. Thank you for the kind words Dginn


  37. Replies
    1. Maybe your delusional brain thinks that it's disappearing ;)

  38. https://www.newscientist.com/article/2298653-3d-printed-living-ink-is-full-of-microbes-and-can-release-drugs/

    Mutant E Coli will be fun, ten years from now I'm sure.

    1. Dginn -- go back to the XFiles, which from the very beginning with the Smallpox Eradication Project, always revolved around VACCINE conspiracies at the root of it all, with even lead characters being experimented on, chipped, and implanted, as a way of being tracked and herded...

      And what were human beings called in this trial system?

      All this beginning in 1993.
      Culminating with this in 1998:

    2. Yeah I was listening to Bill Cooper with my dad when that came out (I was an analog girl) then when I finally got my hands on his book though seeing SWFQW printed out was so chilling.


      Man don't the schmucks that sold out for a doughnut feel stupid, oh at least there's plenty of boosters right?

    3. Wordman 9:06
      You hit the nail right on the fucking head with that link to the first X-Files movie and THAT scene in particular was, in my opinion the most 'telling' scene of the whole movie.
      An 'Engineered' Virus that literally attempts to re-write human DNA to make it a 'Host' for an off world entity is a possibility that I have been stating since COVID began; (Demonic Possession) why I avoided the Vax myself until my place of work forced me to get it.
      I have dealt with dark forces and was attacked by demonic forces for months so I'm not knew to an attempted 'invasion' of my very 'Self' but this Vax pushed me to the brink and I had to take a 2 month LOA from my job to deal with the after effects of this Vax; I did the J&J Vax.
      It caused a 'Brain Fog' that not only fucked with my ability to concentrate and focus but it was trying to re-write my very own consciousness.
      This 'Vax' has nothing to do with COVID; COVID was the mechanism for TPTB to give this Vax.
      We are speaking about true EVIL here.

    4. Isn't that how THE BLOB came about?

    5. The 3D printing of biologicals with bacteria. Looks like the blob.

  39. https://www.newsweek.com/woman-allegedly-breastfeeds-cat-delta-airlines-flight-1653656

    W T F

    1. Wordman, I sent you two e-mails, did you get them?

    2. Neither of them were important, I just want to know if it works.

    3. HEY JB!!

      I did NOT get those from ya -- even checked my personal email spam folder just in case. & in the last 24 hours HAVE received emails from both Dginnster & MissFrill from this group.

      Finding this very weird & concerning, as things certainly seem to be being monitored and messed with.

      Push comes to shove we can always (fingers crossed) pow wow this way right here, but find it very strange that you can't get to
      gandrobin@live.com on Outlook. Just typing the address should take you straight there & right to me. ??????

      Project ECHELON in full force.

  40. GNOSTY!!

    Thanks for the shoutout about the XFiles Fight The Future film -- it was a doozy and keeps seeing repeated fallout, doesn't it? Would LOVE to be a fly on Chris Carter's wall someday.....

    Also let me hit ya with this info about short-circuiting the effects of the vaxx, any of 'em to this point:



    I'm a firm believer that the Great Spirit, God, whatevs you wanna call Him, put something for everything right here on this Earth, and all the satanic Docs in the world are never gonna get ahead of His work.

    Don't worry my brother:
    "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD."

    1. Don't forget turmeric


  41. Finally for everybody, listen to the opening here, as well as the entirety, which is excellent:
    "Recently Judge Napolitano was quoted as saying that former Pres Trump was so shocked by what he saw in the CIA records, that he allowed them to be delayed..."

    WHAT the hell is in those records?? This is now bordering on the supernatural....and that isn't even an exaggeration anymore.

    1. It's Jackie that blew his brains out.

      Or maybe Kennedy organized the whole thing himself...

    2. Yer a disturber critter JB....

    3. I WILL however file it far far away in the "Hell Hath No Fury" dept....she DID marry Onassis after all....which always struck me as weird. To the "victor" go the spoils??

  42. In the OH LORD ANOTHER RABBIT HOLE DEPT pertaining to JFK:

    Did I mention that Guy Banister

    was best buds with Fred Crisman

    who was part of THIS:



    that took place 3 days before Kenneth Arnold's supposedly first, famous June 24 flying saucers sighting??!!

    And a week before whatever happened at Roswell?

    Now, WHAT was I saying about supernatural??

    Sometimes the gales of history blow cold and dark as midnight.

    1. Kick the darkness until it bleeds daylight WM!

    2. I like both!!


    3. I didn't know about the Bruce Cockburn one, I like it.

    4. I have heard IF I HAD A ROCKET LAUNCHER.
      Man he's awesome! There's nothing like this:

      Man dang you, I need to go over my case files not be digging in to a new artist. (My court is the same as Maxwell's go figure.)
      Bbbut this is so good.

      Strikes across the frontier and strikes for higher wage
      Planet lurches to the right as ideologies engage
      Suddenly it's repression, moratorium on rights
      What did they think the politics of panic would invite?
      Person in the street shrugs -- "Security comes first"
      But the trouble with normal is it always gets worse
      But the trouble with normal is it always gets worse
      Callous men in business costume speak computerese
      Play pinball with the Third World trying to keep it on its knees
      Their single crop starvation plans put sugar in your tea
      And the local Third World's kept on reservations you don't see
      "It'll all go back to normal if we put our nation first"
      But the trouble with normal is it always gets worse
      But the trouble with normal is it always gets worse
      Fashionable fascism dominates the scene
      When ends don't meet it's easier to justify the means
      Tenants get the dregs and landlords get the cream
      As the grinding devolution of the democratic dream
      Brings us men in gas masks dancing while the shells burst
      The trouble with normal is it always gets worse

      I've been getting into BØRNS lately


    5. The "new normal" and gas mask dancing.

  43. And just because, for cripe's sake, I can't wait til NEXT Thanksgiving!!!!

    THIS officially now makes this the most epic comments section OF ALLLL TIME!!!!!

    1. Lol no freaking way! I was just watching this I almost posted it but I didn't want to keep coming off as Taylor Swift in a RS song ;) HILARIOUS! When we lived in Richmond we used to watch this, course I was little. So for years my brother wanted a radio show and would go around with a cassette player making his radio show.

  44. Forgot this one Dginny --

  45. GOT IT JB!!

    Leaving this here for ya:
    "In literature, a character with the same initial in both his/her first and last name is supposed to have a narrow or focused personality. NBA Players who were narrow enough to score at least 50 points in a game: George Gervin, Gail Goodrich, Moses Malone, Cedric Ceballos, Jim Jackson, Paul Pierce and Walt Wesley."

    Good company, Haha!!!

  46. Dginn -- did I hear that right? Your court is MAXWELL'S court??!! (Creeps slowly away....) Haha!!

    And thanks so much for your appraisal of Cockburn -- have always loved that dude. Back in the mid-80s some pundit asked Eddie Van Halen "what does it feel like to be the best guitar player in the world?"
    His reply?
    "Dunno; ask Bruce Cockburn." True story. That's how highly the guy is regarded amoung his peers.

    One of my favs of his has always been this one -- could actually serve as the theme song for this little Night Gallery come to think of it:

    I've seen a high cairn kissed by holy wind
    Seen a mirror pool cut by golden fins
    Seen alleys where they hide the truth of cities
    The mad whose blessing you must accept without pity

    I've stood in airports guarded glass and chrome
    Walked rifled roads and landmined loam
    Seen a forest in flames right down to the road
    Burned in love till I've seen my heart explode

    Oh - You've been leading me
    Beside strange waters

    Across the concrete fields of man
    Sun ray like a camera pans
    Some will run and some will stand
    Everything is bullshit but the open hand

    You've been leading me
    Beside strange waters
    Streams of beautiful lights in the night
    But where is my pastureland in these dark valleys?
    If I loose my grip, will I take flight?

    You've been leading me
    Beside strange waters
    Streams of beautiful lights in the night
    But where is my pastureland in these dark valleys?
    If I loose my grip, will I take flight?

    And his own take on it in 1997 on NPR:
    Scott Simon: "It just comes to me now that you have a really stunning phrase... you've probably got about a hundred stunning phrases in here, I must say... but on 'Strange Waters', where you say, 'I've seen alleys where they hide the truth of cities..'?"

    BC: "Yeah, well, I guess I got on to that idea when I lived in Boston in the sixties, because I was sleepless, as I have been much of my life, or at least disinclined to go to sleep, let's say. And every night before I went to bed I'd go for a long walk, and the alleys were always the most interesting part of the city to walk in at that hour. You know, people's garbage...they don't clean those up the way they do the sidewalks, so you kinda see the other side of things, and I suppose in a way that the need to see the other side of things has been one of the driving forces of my entire life. "

    Def sounds like a guy you could share a coffee with gladly and come away better for the experience....

  47. Okay guys, Omicron is just a cover for the vaccinated idiots dropping dead. The symptoms of the Omicron variant are identical to the deadly side-effects of the vaxx, while the countries where it originated and are the most affected by it are also the most vaccinated countries, so...

    Omicron in kabbalistic numerology is 70, meaning "the end of everything". When the Watchers were cast into the Pit, it was for 70 generations, meaning for all time.

    1. Holy fucking shit JB.
      70 is 7; Seventh planet, chakra, direction, color, ect.
      Oddly 'Indigo' is that 'color'; a kind of 'stuck cyclic' type energy, like the 'Infinity' symbol.
      Time is key here; Chronos, Kronos, Father Time.
      Saturn, Satan, Ruler, Disciplinarian, Scratch.
      Vaxxed 'idiots' is correct, but for the wrong reason; that does not mean SHIT.
      Do I regret doing that?
      Thanks for the post.

    2. No brother; not at all.
      Just trying to figure all this shit out.
      You have intelligence, that is for sure.
      I have that too, most that post here do.
      What I am talking about here is the WHAT.
      We talk about the issues, the problems, the obvious representations of such, but WHAT are we, they, ??? doing about that?
      And can we actually do something about that?
      Maybe so, maybe not.
      But our 'INTENTION'!!

    3. JB I'm starting to get used to your brand of not realizing or caring that your being insensitive I think that you really don't see other's POV. He is getting lumped into "the vaxxes idiots" cause he's vaxxed... He's being self deprecating agreeing to a degree but saying that you aren't taking in to account people's reasoning or regret.

    4. We live in a society filled to brimming with people who only care about their "feelings", to the point of throwing spoiled brat temper tantrums if you use the wrong made-up "pronouns". I'm well past giving a f**k about sensitivity.

      The truth is brutal, and it hurts. Remember: you're talking to a guy who once slit his own f**king throat to cure his heartbreak and depression.

    5. Oh the pronouns bullshit isn't really "feelings" I'm not saying that you're not capable of deep seated emotions I'm saying that at least on here you forget sometimes we're people behind the 2D words. Can be easy to do though. Which is why music changes that. Wisdom from RHCP "music the great communicator,"

    6. https://youtu.be/QEJrDhAKoQQ

      J't'ai pas insultée
      J'suis poli, courtois, et un peu fort bourré
      Et pour les mecs comme moi, vous avez autre chose à faire hein

    7. JB, Dginn.
      Thank you for your posts.
      I am not one to be insulted easily and I honestly see the point of refusing this Vax, regardless of circumstance.
      For me, it was not about me; it was about my family.
      At the time of my vax I was taking care of 4 other family members plus pets based on my Hospital income, so I did it for economic reasons only.
      Looking back I wish I had another option but my employer did not gave us any and flat out FIRED anyone whom did not get the 'Jab'.
      I honestly felt I would be able to overcome any negative symptoms from the Vax and I have succeeded with that; took over 60 days to do that.
      Now with this new strain we are looking at another attempt by the deep state to put everyone/everything into lockdown again.
      Blood in the streets will come after they do that I'm afraid.

  48. The judge wouldn't allow the body cam footage in court because the DA said it was irrelevant. And the pictures of my bruises on booking disappeared. They got the sheriff to say that he didn't remember any of our conversation and claimed that I was just talking complete gibberish when we talked.

  49. How's this for gibberish

    Vive tu vida y ámala, sea buena
    o mala para ti: ese es tu sino.
    Si te punzan las zarzas del camino
    haz un yambo votivo de tu pena.
    Ten tu copa de amor bullente y llena,
    y embriágate de amores y de vino,
    Baudelaire te lo dijo: haz un divino
    canto a PAN DE TU VIDA ardiente y plena
    Musicaliza todo : tus dolores,
    tus placeres, los páramos, las flores,
    Vive en perenne Domingo de Ramos.
    Y espera anacreóntico la muerte
    Diciendo ante el enigma de la suerte
    como Rubén: -¡Señor!... ¿A dónde vamos?...




    'Ne vaut-il pas mieux emporter la gloire de n'avoir pas survecu a la servitude?'




    Ka'shatsténhshera. Sinachkoo


    Tsítsho, senadondo


    Skennen’kó:wa kenh ontiatenro'shón:a ?


    Bidh mi nas làidire ann am bàs na beatha. buinidh dìoghaltas agus anaman don Tighearna!

    Ich werde im Tod stärker als sein. Rache und seelen Gehören Gott!

    Je serai plus dans fort la mort. Vengeance
    et les àmes appartiennment á Dieu!


  51. The sound this monster makes is terrifying:


    1. HAHAHA!!

      No matter how big or small -- cats be cats!! Love how it purrs as it's rending flesh. Form or funtional? Who knows -- but imagine that in a tiger &/or black panther-sized package comin at you...

  52. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FFegkIgWQAE_jbh?format=jpg&name=medium

  53. WORDMAN! Did you see the new creepy commercial for Meta (Facebook)? Saturn and stargate:


  54. two items for tonight, first this paper that starts off with..

    The title might suggest that this is a fictional work about an invasion from outer space. Wrong. It is a true recitation of forensic scientific and medical investigations of a near-global, near-daily conspicuous activity whose actual nature and intent is cloaked in secrecy and disinformation

    By the time you finish reading you will be pissed, but you will know the Who, Want, and Why of the biggest scientific/health fraud in the history of man..

  55. The second is my friend Clif High, if cussing bothers you, please don't watch. This guy is one of the top linguistic minds on the planet, for months now he has been doing a slew on videos on what he calls the "Woo". Same stuff as Knowles but in a different way, has programs running that check out the patterns in comms around the planet.

  56. Hey all -- from Dginn's travails to everything else, the roundabout of vile and crazy never stops on this beat...and yes, it's insane how nothing ever gets done, wheels-of-justice-wise. I do know we just have to all keep on keeping on, praying, applying the pressure -- a system this corrupt simply cannot last much longer. At least that's what I keep telling myself. And Dginn, we hear you, and we're all here for you. I know OMID in particular has been doing existential things on your behalf -- just keep getting him that info.

    JB re the portals/Saturn/stargate thing; read something pretty wild today that seems to pertain a LOT about just that, YMMV:

    Let me know what you think.

    And OMID, some of Will Thomas' first chemtrails reports...I find going back farther and farther still yields some of the best information:



    And pay particular attention to this one -- which I find resonates more than most because of what's transpiring right outside your windows today:

    Whole page here, altho many links have been removed:

    Finally, the first WIll Thomas appearance on Bell's C2CAM:

    Next one:

    Those were the days. Was there for it, most nights all night. (That tradition carries on -- haha!!)

    Finally finally to all -- have cemented the final move to the new 221B Baker St as on Dec 11. Am packing up 40+ years of "stuff" in 10 days and moving it in 1 -- good luck to me -- wheeeeee!! Will try, between breaths, to get a "single" length post up up during all this crazee but will def keep in touch here no matter what.

    1. Sorry as always about the outburst. You all know it's not directed at you. It's directed at the mother fuckers that want to read this, and then threaten children, so their parents threaten me and they tell me "it's just life when it comes down to either take you out or they take out my children, you understand" what good does it do for the families that have been here generations yet they're still under someone's thumb enough to be told to take out women and children then WHAT KIND OF A FUTURE WILL THE YOUNGER GENERATIONS HAVE? One where your son's and daughters will be told that they have to kill their friends or lovers?

    2. "Let me know what you think."

      That story is every other science-fiction/fantasy story out there put into a blender. It reminds me mostly of Jesse Moynihan's "Forming" comic.

    3. Lol didn't mean for this shit :) that's my life :) one minute they love you the next they're...
      Lol when I read that I thought that too!

    4. Huge improvement from Jerry Springer though

    5. Hey word, yeah handle your business first. the reason I find that paper on the chemtrails so interesting, is The 1978 treaty at The UN it refers to.

  57. https://www.accuweather.com/en/space-news/top-astronomy-events-december-2021/1053403

    100 meteors an hour! That will be fun!

  58. "Delta" is a triangle. "Omicron" is an eye. They've straight to the eye, within the triangle, the CAPSTONE of the Pyramid, meaning their Work is complete; after *21* months of Lockdowns, and fear-inducing, and trauma-based conditioning, their *ritual* is complete; this is something more complex and exhausting than the Abramelin ritual working, perpetrated on the largest scale, with billions of participants.

    Nevermind Roswell/Crossroads, what comes next, after the capstone, will be otherworldly/Apocalyptic.

    Hold on tight to what you love, 2022 will make 2020/2021 seem like mere foreplay.

    1. Also JB, Delta Omicron is an anagram for Media Control. There isn't a singular aspect of this that "they" don't have covered, either in form or in function. As you say so rightly, we're in the midst of the largest psychological op/human experiment in history to this point, but folks tend to forget all the human experiments that have come before that have softened us up and set the stage for this one:
      the persistent contrails and/or chemtrails;
      the other vaxxes that have been "turning" us for decades;
      radiation and/or ultra-low frequencies we've been bathed in;
      the SSRIs that over half of this nation is hooked on;

      This is impressive in its scope of evil yes, but it's just the cherry on the top, and something that's been coming from a LONG way off for those that could read the signs in the runup.

      And yes, that prev godlikeproductions piece was cheesy, but I'm sensing something lately in & around the Yaldabaoth signaling.
      And the Dutroux scandal featured briefly a Cult of Abraxas that was involved that got HEAVILY shutdown in regards to media exposure...Things like this tend to make me believe that what's going on and WHO is going on behind the scenes of the Epstein/Maxwell network are religion-based, and will never see the true light of day.

      We are so very close to uncovering it all, but the real capstone (ahem) will always remain on. Otherwise the common man might, quite easily, lose his/her mind in understanding the implications, and the darkest corners of where they lead: ritual sacrifice of infants and the young to appease dark controllers that are the ones calling the real shots here, that our so-called leaders are in communication with.

      This world is not this world...at least not as we were ever taught since we were young.

    2. The Horn of Abraxas in the movie Mandy was used by the cult members to summon demon-possessed, acid-fueled bikers.

    3. https://www.lesoir.be/art/institut-abrasax-et-satanistes-belges-ce-qui-se-passe-r_t-19961224-Z0D3R8.html





      If this isn't an oh-so-important but purposefully less highly visible offshoot of the Epstein Network, and/or vice versa, I'll eat my hat......

      What's creepy is that there exists fairly documented proof that Dutroux was producing snuff films, at high profit, for the elite, which also happens to be a major sidebar of what the Son of Sam, Berkowitz, claimed was happening in those killings where he was implicated (along with many others acc to folks like Maury Terry and eyewitnesses): they were being filmed and sold to unnamed NYC elites with high ties to government & economics...& where did Epstein make his bones (pardon the pun)?? Wall Street. (With ZERO experience btw.)

      The more you know.....

  59. PS -- soundtrack, anybody??

  60. WELL WELL WELL this seems to be the night where one thing, one one thing, leads to another: does THIS have something to do with WHY all those unredacted CIA/ JFK Assassination docs haven't been released, not to mention who may be IN them? David Ferrie? Clay Shaw? Guy Banister? Allen Dulles? Charles Cabell? Any Joint Chiefs at the time? Any stray Bushes hanging around? You know, like those ones that grew up to actually RUN the CIA? What kind of nest of snakes IS this?

    Anybody remember that "Epstein belonged to intelligence," & that the word came down to leave him alone?

    Is a bigger picture forming here?

    Think this comment has anything to do with the ones I just posted above?

    Stick around....because the new 221B Baker Street is going to be buzzing, I promise you that.

  61. https://youtu.be/xBysvBtXcrA
    Barenaked Ladies doing what BC wrote! I love it!

  62. Thanks CBR!!

    LOVE the use of the glacial piano in that one -- so chilly, seasonal & perfect. Almost reminds me of George Winston's DECEMBER. Just beautiful.

    Tis the season.....

    'This fragrant skin, this hair like lace,' pertains so much that it haunts me and is with me daily in sights and sounds. It's all around me.

    Dude's a freakin genius, and the more I hear of him, the more I realize he's the secret hidden weapon in all of music:

    Thanks so MUCH for the comment. And welcome to the party!!!! Bring your blue roses anytime.

    1. He's AMAZING this one RESONATES with me SO MUCH! There's so many synchronicities in it.


      I sneaked across the border, it was threatening rain
      So I could stand in this tunnel, waiting for the roaring train
      And watch those black kids working out kung fu moves
      If you don't want to be the horses' hoof prints you got to be the hooves
      Hear that lonesome violin play
      See the notes float up into the overcast
      And change to white birds as they sail on through
      And soar away free into incandescent blue

      Then the sound of hammers only small, so reminscient of NOWHERE MAN.

      When I played that first link it felt like something in the music pulling energy from beyond my body through it music is AWESOME.

  63. Blue Rose (alias Dginnster!!) Can't keep up with all the names!! Haha! More aliases than a superhero lookin for a phonebooth!!....

    1. Thanks a lot ;) could have waited for the load more button damnit because apparently when I post someone gets threatening calls so should I stop?


    2. As me 'ol Pappy used to say, "I know they're listening, but I hope that listening enough to me might turn some in my favor"