Tuesday, November 2, 2021






  1. Until those 500,000 votes fall out of a janitor's closet at 3AM in Fairfax......

  2. Black woman elected as Lieutenant Governor, quite obviously the work of white supremacists.

    1. Yeah -- Winsome Sears, ex-vet who poses regularly for pics with her assortment of semi-automatic weapons!! A regular Dem dream girl!
      "Sure son, sashay on ova heah with that needle...got a little surprise waitin for ya -- meet my little friend..."

  3. BTW they're already greasing the wheels for SOMETHING -- saying Loudoun County def won't be finished counting until sometime tomorrow now. (Even tho earlier they had promised a 7pm finish time.)

    Sound familiar??

    Cue the frantic tabulating in the wee hours -- "How many more do we need?!!?"

    WHY do we keep falling for this ridiculously transparent stuff?

    1. I can tell you why it swung in his favor. Three weeks ago we had a State Town Hall to respond to a petition filed by a 'parent' to take away the religious exemptions and mandate the v for all students. Her children were v'd and she didn't think it was fair that all the students weren't. I can prove that 95% of the people were against taking away the exemption. They couldn't pick a better time to get people pissed off and ready to be heard. I can only hope it will stall these demons. Let's hope........

    2. Hey Sotogirly!!

      Well, it's official: Youngkin takes it -- I guess the disparity in numbers was too great; either that or there were just too many eyes on what was going on after 2020's ridiculousness.

      And you're so right -- McAuliffe lost nearly everyone with a sane mind when he advocated for taking the parents out of everything concerning school (the lockdowns and online courses had actually given parents the chance to eyeball the crap the schools were instilling in their kids), the vaxx mandates from hell, and a big thing here was the fact that his parole board was set to release nearly all the murderers and cop killers into the general public by basically pardoning them all. (Following in Northam's footsteps and even advancing that.) It's almost exactly like a PURGE agenda. Insane. They deliberately want total chaos all across the board.

      Youngkin has said no the practically all of this -- for one he's going to fire every member of the existing parole board.
      Has said on the campaign trail he's NEVER going to mandate a vaxx agenda for anyone -- it's YOUR personal choice.
      And any teacher that doesn't agree with parents having a lion's share to say in what their kids get taught will be shown the door. So let's see how much of this he's able to pull off...

      If he's like Abbott in TX or Fla's DeSantis I'm sure that means he'll be facing threats of bodily harm (& worse) against both he and his family. It's a long uphill road against these creeps now -- they are firmly entrenched in everything everywhere now and feel incredibly entitled in advancing their dystopian agenda.

      But this, make no mistake, was a HUGE step. And we'll see, maybe 3 years from now it'll be seen as being the first shot fired in this people's revolution to get some normalcy back...

  4. Don't sweat the small stuff, the government has to fail for us to win, there is no political solution. They are imploding in front of us. we need a new way to run the country, and that is to just let the people be.This strive for control is a fools folly.

    1. Omid yes, saw this with the whole covid lockdowns around the world, and the 7 year peace accords that don't seem to be working. If seems more and more that they FINALLY FINALLY have ALL of their plan in place, lined up with prophecy, and THEY CONTROL THE WORLD. But wait it doesn't seem like as much fun as it sounded because NO ONE CARES ANYMORE. Because there's always going to be pockets of resistance that will never submit yet they may never encounter and the majority of the world is too apathetic to see the beauty of their plan or prophecy unfolding. So what's next? Why they need to lower the numbers of the population, THEN THEY WILL MATTER.

  5. Off this topic, but this plugs in exactly with what you were saying. You said could bucky balls be used as a delivery system?
    Pay attention to around 4 min in.


  6. For those interested, this is the crux of the "Eternals" film (*spoilers*):

    "In a conversation with the Celestial Arishem the Judge, he reveals that the primary mission of the Eternals was not to fight the Deviants, but to prepare Earth for "The Emergence." Arishem explains that for millions of years, the Celestials have been planting their seeds in populated planets so that a new Celestial can be born from them.

    Since the energy of innumerable individuals is required for this, the Celestials sent the Deviants, to destroy the top predators of the planet and thus ensure the development of life. However, the Deviants evolved and became top predators themselves, which is why the Eternals were sent to fight them.

    As Arishem explains, Earth has now reached the necessary population so that the Emergence—the birth of the Celestial Tiamut and the resultant destruction of the planet—can take place."

    So... this is simply the Apocalypse according to the Kaballah, in which a certain number of human souls need to be born only to then be harvested/devoured by Lilith (Tiamut), so that the Creator may become fully self-aware by the re-assimilation of all humanity.

    A similar story was presented in the "End of (Neon Genesis) Evangelion", the ultimate purpose of our species being the "Human Instrumentality Project", in which a gigantic celestial being named Lilith would liquify and merge all human bodies and souls into a collective primordial ocean.

    1. JB!!

      Interesting that Tiamut aligns so closely with Tiamat:

      Kirby, once again, leads the pack. What WAS that dude on in the early 70s? I'll take an entire case STAT.

      Meet the New Gods, same as the Old Gods. In the larger sense, is this the road where Transhumanism and AI are leading us? Days of Noah? Ultimate destination of the Covid agenda?

    2. If they're intent on creating the Borg Collective IRL, then Tiamat/Lilith would be the Borg Queen.

  7. Wordman, look at this video, the actual footage/story itself, remind you of what's going on right now, an extraterrestrial microscopic organism being injected into people, turning them into zombies?


    1. Excellent catch JB!! The predictive programming is running rife and fierce but the true horror of this (Epsteinian) agenda is being unveiled even now in the mass targeting of the 5-11 age range; children being the ultimate goal and grand prize to these satanists.

      Already the conditioning is everywhere that it's completely NORMAL for young kids to have embolisms, strokes, and heart failure -- like we never noticed in all of our decades of life before. Just like they tried to gaslight us about the chemtrails back 20+ years ago -- "They're just CONTRAILS, stupid, they've ALWAYS been there -- the sky has ALWAYS looked like this!!"
      Heavy gaslighting is a major favored tactic -- get you to not trust your own memory. Don't believe it for a minute. It's psychological abuse and conditioning of the most insidious kind.

      And children have always been the endgame target. Kill off a lion's share of everybody, sure, but extra points for kids.

      Not sure how much more it's going to take with things like Squid Game lording it over Netflix and sounding like very much of the kind of sacrificial games that went on on Little St. James, but that 100th Monkey Effect has GOT to kick in soon, right?

      Deep down in our bones, we ALL KNOW this stuff....the biggest, brightest lightbulb in history is bound to go on sooner rather than later as this rate.
      Mass awakening at once.

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    1. Why don't you provide links to prove what you are saying? You're just always accusing instead of giving anyone the chance to say "oh I didn't know, I shouldn't have posted that"

    2. No longer a Trump supporter, I don't give a crap what you think? You see me here twisting arms. I live by the golden rule, and as you judge another, so there you are yourself. We are all grown here, don't make the mistake of thinking you speak for others.

    3. Have no worries guys -- I've deleted his comment already. As if he didn't know, ALL of his comments here will be deleted as soon as I'm aware of them from now on. Guy serves absolutely no purpose other than to be a fly in the ointment/ turd in the punchbowl.
      Not playing with him... gave him more than enough opportunities to be civil.

      And as both you OMID, & Dginnster said, who's to say what's real and what's not anymore. We've got the MSM lying to us with every breath -- if it WAS true OF COURSE they're going to claim it's not. That's not for us to say, Our job is just to put up everything and let you guys decide and let the chips fall where they may. The truth, the real truth, will become self-evident in time.

  9. Assuming we’ll get a new missive tonight, as you’ve had a whole extra hour.

  10. Look at this again:

    I thought Union Carbide where did I see that before recently?


    Notice Union Carbine as you point out.



    1985 there was a leak at the plant in West Virginia where and when Pasty would have been the manager.


    I can't get it to link but Union Carbide invented the process of getting graphene oxide. And gas cryogenics.

    Oak ridge National Laboratories owned by Union Carbide discovered mRNA

    1. And I think you mentioned it before, but Lin Wood representated the Ramsey's in their defamation suit.

    2. Sorry for spamming but I seriously had a lot more that I cut down. I'm working on a number of things about Prussian blue and graphene but it's not together yet.


      A few days before


      A few weeks before



      Apparently the new doublespeak is UHI unexplained health incident.



      There was this eerily similar case in 2020


      This was in September

      The munitions that exploded in 2014 in the Czech Republic was headed for Bulgaria

      After that there were a series of munitions explosions in Bulgaria.


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