Monday, November 8, 2021



“12 figure estate plan, that was the escape plan

But hate investigating, that shit was a waste, man

But wait, I stopped the facing 'cause shit just start erasing

But wait, it opened gates and this shit just start parading, olé (let's go)

We out the basement, on one floor where it's vacant

She feeling anxious to be out where it's dangerous, okay (it's lit)”

Escape Plan – Scott (2021)



Remember Remember the Fifth of November.

Midsommar came to the Texas badlands this past Friday night. Black Mass. Ritual Sacrifice. Altamont South. The ultimate Escape Plan. And lest you dare think something altogether weird and non-traditional wasn’t going on, pay close attention in the upcoming moments here, because I have breaking news for you…

In the long run that we’ve seen that stretches from infernos like Waco/OKC Bombing/9-11 to the still-fresh Vegas shooting massacre to even blips like the most recent Alec Baldwin fiasco, most can discern that there is much more going on behind the scenes and untold than we are ever made aware of by any mainstream sources. And if they do, this info is leaked out in dribs and drabs and never ever connected in any meaningful way.

But every once in awhile, something so monstrous peeks out from behind the curtain of everyday normalcy that begs for a closer look into just what may be going on, what fuels these incidents, and what exactly the motive is. And that motive goes beyond even the human aspects of regular manslaughter or murder. Something else is driving this, and it reveals itself in a million little ways: gematria, symbols, sigils, predictive programming, and perhaps most importantly of all, that feeling in the pit of our stomach. That one that lets you know that something is severely off. Trust your God-given instincts. He gave you them for a reason. Trust your nose for the diabolical. And all of that on Friday, Nov.5th, there was something in the air… manifested most hideously during Astroworld 2021, Travis Scott’s mind meld with the otherworldly and the horrific. The dates and the stars were surely aligned and right for this one.


Ssssssh – if you listen closely you might still be able to hear the setup lingering in the air, still circling the globe; the government on the phone: “Hey Trav, we’ve got a little thing you can help us with…”


In the days preceding, look at how they were describing it. Interesting wording, wouldn’t you say?

I think they forgot to mention the bag of silver crosses and holy water…

As early as 2pm, 7 hours before start time, the kids were breaking down the security barriers outside Astroworld and storming in. As they were doing so, this was playing, already setting the stage and conditioning the young brains for mayhem and worse:

There was something going on at this event that had nothing to do with stampedes or crush injuries:

More and more reports just like this are filtering in:

Graphene induced? (You had to be vaxxed or show a negative test to get in.) Something dealing with 5G? A combination of the two in a maiden beta test of this tech?  

Let’s remember that this is what graphene can be influenced to do thru remote infrasound tech and frequency modulation when installed inside you:

And thanks to the work of Karen Kingston, Carrie Madej, Jane Ruby and now countless other docs around the world, we know that there is graphene oxide in ALL of the Covid vaccines regardless of maker:



To be sure there WAS a crush of people that also played a part – people in a mad rush from the back of the crowd that seemed intent on fleeing something:

At this point in the blurry proceedings it seems there were various unknown agents on the ground, as yet to be identified, that were injecting people with something. This proceeded from the back of the throng, and those there, in a mad dash to get away, started the push towards the front, as there was nowhere else to go. Hence, stampede.

And what exactly was Scott doing during all this? Well, chanting:

In all my life I have never seen anything like that – and I’ve been to some serious gigs in the past. Everything from Springsteen in 1988 (and believe me there were some seriously heavy, dark vibes loose in the building that night too), to various heavy metal and industrial hardcore too, but nothing like this. Kylie Jenner can disclaim all she wants that she & Travis had no idea what had happened until after the show – right above is proof she’s a liar. Her dude watching them pass what for all he knows could be a dead body out over the barricades. While’s he auto-tuning away as background:

You will notice her first words are for and about she and Travis. That should tell you all you need to know. At this point and for all I know she was there so the ritualizing could attach an entity to the baby inside her. Nothing would surprise me about the Jenner/Kardashian coven and anything they are a part of.  


Let’s be honest, ALL concerts are rituals, and carry on a tradition that dates back to time immemorial. When that many people are gathered together and have concentrated their focus on a single task and/or event, anything can happen. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad – it all depends upon your intent. Ask anyone that was ever present at an early U2 show when they were extremely focused upon manifesting the Christ consciousness – ditto anyone that was ever at an ACDC show, or the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin or even Fleetwood Mac at their mid/late 70s occult witchy-ness apex – there was something different there trading on the other side of the coin. Much is gotten into here in this legendary 1975 sitdown between William Burroughs and Jimmy Page:

And completely out of left field, hey, who remembers Crawdaddy?!! Haha!



This particular show took all of those darkly-themed endeavours and made them seem like a freakin tea party. From the very get-go there were flaming winged demons, portals opening, technotronic trance beats to inflame your senses and muddle your synapses, frequencies to tighten your chest; everything to manifest something bad and as close to hell on earth as many were likely to ever see. For a great many it was the last thing they would ever see:


And that 8-11 death toll…don’t you believe it. Does this look like 8-11 deaths to you?


Dark themes were abounding and traded in everything from the hellish paintings of Bosch trying to conjure Dante, to the Gotthard Tunnel Ceremony, to the nightmare fuel of what they are attempting at CERN. Scott himself boasted a tee-shirt that night that showed a baby-esque figure on one side of a doorway, entering it, and emerging on the other side in full scarlet with horns:

Demons emerging from a dimensional doorway. Or worse, YOU becoming a demon when passing thru something you had no power over, and not the free will to change or object to. Sound familiar?



Just how much all of this is moving in lockstep with every other aspect of this (CERN, the vaxx, the mandates, portals, AI, Transhumanism, DNA-changing tech, 5G) is open to vast interpretation. But it sure seems connected. Just as years ago Las Vegas and the massacre there was a bellwether for change and a litmus test for our senses capacity for derangement, so does this atrocity at Houston seem front-loaded for just the same – just something else to keeps us eternally off-balance before the final coup de grace is installed.

First of all let’s not believe any of the bullshit disclaimers and denials that they didn’t know what was happening and the fakest of fake crocodile tears afterwards – they knew EXACTLY what was happening in real time AS IT WAS HAPPENING. This was a fully engineered ritual sacrifice carried out in plain sight, which is precisely why people that were there are freaking out to the extent they are – they know what they saw. They lived it and were lucky enough to escape; not the “escape plan” Scott and the organizers had in mind for them.


For all of this and so much more, as quick as you can say Finders and Franklin the term “Satanic Panic” went trending on the Twitter-verse today. Even the vaxx-induced and zombified can see the handwriting on the wall when it’s this clear and blatant.  

There is so much more to all this and more shots and angles and weird stuff is flying in every few minutes now:

I don’t necessarily endorse any of this, but be sure, I damn well don’t discount it either.

Literally just HOURS before what went down in Houston, CERN completed this:

Which so happens to look more than a lot like what Scott had going on inside his mountain stage set. It seems the Days of Noah, part II, are comin’ in hot.


What if I told you Astroworld 2021 was a government experiment deliberately turned sacrifice ritual to both test 5G on a crowd of vaxxed captive citizens and to also open portals for entities summoned when the ritual brought them here?

What if even those that didn’t die left with something a little more than what they came with?

Our wise uncle Anthony Patch looks more brilliant by the hour. He called all of this after all.  



We will most certainly be looking at this “event” again in the coming days and weeks as the news releases and on-hand testimonies warrant. Unless of course, they will forever want what happened at this concert to remain entirely unknown. Which is more than within the realm of possibility. It’s just that so many upside down crosses and portals and Saturn references tend to give one away…

Until then my groovy Ghoulies, say your prayers.


  1. Travis Scott's real name is Jacques Bermon Webster II (born April 30, 1991).

    Also a "JB", my b-day is April 30, 1981.

    Might be some very specific Scottish Freemie stuff, the decapitated head, the "JB", point toward the Knights Templar.

    1. Yeah, he be messing with the demons of the air like my boy Henry Ruggs in Las Vegas. This shit can not look you in the eye when he tries to lie about how sorry he is, cannot believe that noise passes for music these days.

  2. Someone knew he was up to no good *4 years ago*:

    Something I found significant is that some of the best videos of the horrors at the concert were originally posted by a guy named "The Juggernaut".

    The Juggernaut, historically, was *a statue of a giant head, "the Lord of the Earth", which was transported during a religious festival, on a chariot so big and so heavy, that it CRUSHED some of the people worshipping it.*

    1. An avatar of Cyttorak of the Crimson Cosmos. Demons and dimensions. I'm shocked!

  3. Combatting that assault on my ears and spirit, sometimes it takes getting faced with the depths of the darkness to come out of the shadows into the light.

  4. That Twitter clip with the black thing flying into the cloud they are calling a Demon?
    Just gave me a shiver because I saw something extremely similar at the place I work at several years ago.
    Blacker than black, like an absence of light, like a tear in the fabric of reality. What I saw was twenty feet away, it came off the ground and flew a few feet and then disappeared.
    I'm not even kidding, the best way I can describe it is that it looked like a pterydactyl, maybe four feet tall.
    It happened so fast that I had to question myself if I actually saw it. I tried to describe it to an older guy I worked with and I got that, you are crazy look from him. He said he had heard of people that could see things other people couldn't and then hightailed it away from me.
    Fookin' freaky that what I saw had the same appearance as what was in that video clip except this thing really looked like a winged creature.

    1. Mayby a wetiko, or Carlos Castaneda called them riders.Shadow creatures, our ancient enemy,they feed on negative emotions and actions

    2. One Halloween full moon night in the hills I encountered a demon,and shrooms informed me that the world is run by interdimensionl energy vampires,and the more time goes on the more I believe the teacher

  5. this show (and his previous video) tell a lot as this person knows all about that concert music etc. and when things went south at the concert it was discussed in clubhouse as fans reported events live. So the person is more plugged in than the press etc.

  6. on the link "travis scott used fear frequency" ... reminds me of Rwanda...

  7. We're not even surprised by this are we. Worse yet to come. But we can take it.

    1. Demons can't get me if I'm in my happy place...

      Demons can't get me if I'm in my happy place...

    2. Ha. At least you know your patron deity, which helps.

  8. These young people that have more money than they know what to do with it, are just a bad combo.We just had one of these young 'celebrities' kill a 23 year old woman and her pet dog on city streets a week ago this morning at 3:42 AM. He was driving drunk in his chevy corvette, actually he was driving very quickly,the chip said he was going a 156 MPH, when he realized he had messed up very badly,the same chip said he was going 127 MPH when he impacted the woman from behind in a fiery collision. Her Toyota from point of impact to where it ended up ablaze was 571 feet. Out of control ballplayer ends up about 80 feet behind to the right.

    Fully vaxxed Las Vegas Raider Henry Ruggs is in over his head, from everything I have been told, he is unaware that he is home to at least one demon of the air. He is also unaware that he was being used as the instrument through which this demon and his fellow demons of the air had planned a sacrifice of a young virgin on the dark city streets of Las Vegas. I know they failed because I was told so by The Spirit of Truth. Michael and His angels intervened.She only suffered a fleeting memory of anguish when the demons transformed her car into a living hell of flaming demons.

    The demon knew he failed, and would explain his crazy behavior toward the victim, the police and the medical people on scene, as well as the hospital. Ranting and raving pulling out IV's. Something tells me that this could be turned into one of those productions that always seem to happen when blue is on point against the American people. Found an interesting timeline to write about has I looking up stuff as to possible outcomes of this incident out of the norm.

    Then again what passes for normal anymore??? Got a feeling this is going to be an event that they will try to use to their advantage. I think this could be used by us as a marker to gauge direction. Going to guess, he gets bad advice, and takes it to trial. First signpost,will Nevada prosecute quickly and use it as indoor circus during winter, or do they let it linger to spring, and have it run interference for the midterms in the 48 hour cycle. I predict he is going to screw up and ask for another 15 minutes,and in those 15 minutes he is going to wish he had not banished His Creator from the first 15 he was blessed with by The Creator. Just like your boy Travis wordman Henry is live, and for the wrong reason also.


  9. OMID!!

    Thanks for filling me in -- hadn't even heard about the Ruggs case. Absolute insanity. Back before it was in the shop had a Mercury Marauder that I got up close to 100 a couple of times when all alone on straighaways and felt dangerously not as responsive as I'd like at that speed. 156 I cannot even imagine, esp when around others and not in controlled conditions. Personal responsibility has to kick in at some point but these days it never seems it does, does it? Not in any venue or in any capacity.

    Whether it's driving or attending something supposedly as innocent as a music concert, you need eyes in the back of your head at all times re the contributory negligence of your fellow man. Remember the film IDIOCRACY? Welcome to it.

    Now combine all that with the death agenda of the power elite in control over all our lives and you've got quite the lethal cocktail on hand and on the loose 24/7.

    Not even a year ago people were vilifying Trump as a tyrant the likes of which we'd never seen. Has anyone taken a peek at exactly what Biden's attempting these days? Tyrant doesn't even begin. Forcing adults, CHILDREN, and entire states to take experimental vaccines or else. Openly defying court orders saying that he can't. They absolutely and without a doubt don't give a shit -- they're going to do what they want anyway. These are dangerous, dangerous times the world hasn't seen since the likes of the Weimar Republic. People with the mentality of spoiled infants assuming power and control. And we all know how that story ended...

    Right now there are very good signs of fightback, and we can only hope those continue and the pendulum will swing back the other way before it's too late. Either that or the overreach will be so spectacular that these fools will destroy themselves.

    Even in just the last few weeks the awakening has accelerated -- it's like massive shipments of those THEY LIVE sunglasses have been dropped on neighborhoods everywhere!!

    1. I hear you,and the other night I had a thought about when we returned to Las Vegas in June of 2017, which made me remember October 1st that year and what happened out here on the Strip, I remembered it was Trump's first of four years, and of course for some reason, I was drawn to start comparing the first year of those four years, to the first year of these four years. The first thing that I remembered after the event, was Q happened before the month of October of 2017 was over. And now call me crazy if you like, but what if the Q drops are not what they appear to be.What if NONE of it was for those four years, but instead the four years we find ourselves in Now. I started reading the drops last night, the first 100,or so, and I found it interesting, with the subjects that are talked about as far as the whore media reports, and what was said in the drops. I heard today that the Russia hoax is coming home to roost big time on the Dems. I need to look deeper, I was not even involved in the Q rage except for about a month somewhere maybe in late 18 or early 19. I see such an ego and not in a bad way, when I read the drops, too much confidence, to be wrong. Let you know if I dig up any proofs.

      I hear you on the Weimar Republic, and nope cannot rule out a repeat of that. We are in a horrible place as a nation right now.

    2. I would love to know if there is a connection with certain v'd people and side effects. Since we know most people aren't falling over everywhere there is either saline in some people or something their bodies are rejecting this. Even members of the same families have different blood types.What blood type do these people that are getting sick have??

    3. that is a good question on the blood, but I would say there is plenty of evidence out there already collating the side effects and the vaxxed, seen today harry hamlin and lisa renni 23 year old daughter having big issues after taking the second jab, saying she was asked not to share her story. My whom I can only guess. See the video I posted below, that is where they want to take this, this is all tied to their global warming hysteria,and montezising it, the alien invasion is through the technology, not ships.

    4. 24/7 is interesting for you to say Wordman, that is how I always have looked at where I am, since I came of age in 77. The place is alive literally 24-7, and you can not be here long without catching on, in some way. So I am use to stuff happening fast. I also know I am closer to the Center of all things than most, but I can tell you now, that if I am sensing things speeding up, and I am,then we are arriving at at a moment where anything is possible. I am having difficulty processing everything that has come in over the last 72 hours, and I am getting mixed signals from my best friend on the planet at the worst time possible. Not the smartest thing to say after 40 years on her part.

  10. And JB!! Keep projecting your happy place brotha!!
    Btw something I def meant to include in this post -- Newsmax's Emerald Robinson has been expunged off of Twitter and let go from her employer for this:

    Which only happens to be right ON btw.

    So what does she do? Why she doubles down, of course:

    Keep on rockin' soul sister!!

  11. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE everybody -- and not you guys here because I know I'm singin to the choir -- but WAKE UP:

    How much more do we all need?

  12. EVEN MORE that I'm finding re ASTROWORLD:

    THIS might be one of the most important clue vids out there.

    Let's see how long it stays up.

    1. Wordman, everyone, from that same channel, most seen video:

    2. Certainly would be interesting to know the precise frequency of that bass line from hell!

      Catch o’ the day WM!

    3. I had seen that vid before, JB… thanks for bringing it here.

      “All war is a restatement of trusts and a movement of trusts assets”, as a friend recently said.

      Remember that next time some mouthpiece of Sauron utters the phrase, “great reset”.

      We are at war, this is the movement of troops.

    4. I bet it will not stay up much longer,We can use it as a marker, and send it to as many as possible,I put it up at in two active groups at mug book, and Rmn, if mugbook pulls it we will know it true, if they leave it, could be coming from the wrong peeps, she seems earnest, almost looked like she was going to cry for a moment, going to watch what happens to this one, could be for making it to get at those already vaxxed also.

  13. And HERE:

    Pay particular attention about 5 clics down -- "Suggested relationship to ghost sightings"

    Relationship also to portals? Just reading between the lines here....

  14. Obviously 5g, but maybe just ordinary run of the mill sound waves? Or both?

    “ Our results, published in the Journal of Physics, suggest the possibility of using mechanical deformations to calibrate the electrons of the material. That is, to generate a beam that propagates in a given direction. The finding represents a first step toward the manipulation of electrons and graphene by sound waves and opens the door to several applications. ”

    What’s with the heavy duty black boxes out in the audience? Seems logical to me that they would put it behind the stage to pack in more peeps.

    Some beliefs state what we last experience sets the stage for navigation through the bardo, which offers a final escape from the cycle of birth; more commonly, it is the gateway to the next incarnation:

    “ But what in fact is the moment of death? After some time in the clear light, there will occur some movement of the wind-energies, due to the force of karma. The consciousness will become slightly coarser and a more gross wind-energy will be generated. It is at this moment that the consciousness leaves the body, and this is the actual death. An external sign is that the red drop continues to ascend and finally exits through the nostril. The white drop descends and exits through the genital opening. However, the drop of blood at the nose is not always evident, especially with the chronically ill.”

    Interesting lyrics, here:

    “Scott, 30, is famous for his high-energy shows with raucous, stage-diving crowds. He even raps about his love of aggressive, full-body moshing in the 2018 track “Stargazing.” “And it ain’t a mosh pit if ain’t no injuries/ I got ‘em stage divin’ out the nosebleeds,” he sings.”

    First hand testimony:

    “ Madeline Eskins, who was at the concert and confirmed to the Post that she’s an ICU nurse in Humble, Texas, posted on Instagram that she initially passed out during the crush near the stage. She said her unconscious body was apparently “crowdsurfed” out of the packed crowd and when she woke up, “I had a water bottle in my lap and had no clue what happened.”

    She looked around and saw that people were being carried out with their eyes rolled back, “bleeding from their nose and mouth” and ended up trying to help security check victims’ pulses. One had none.”

    Seems pretty obvious to me, as the graphics and artwork and music indicate, that these souls were being intentionally steered into a particular direction for their next destination.

    1. Interesting observations T3 -- I know I've seen people like Roger Waters at shows a hell of a lot bigger than Astrofuck (Floyd in the day) stop shows cold for 20 minutes at a time saying they weren't coming back out until those down in the front calmed down....

      Sitting here just wondering how many lives that man might have saved...but then again, he's a human being. & a standup one at that.

    2. This is why I don't go to concerts. ALWAYS some stupid, harmful shit happening.

  15. I remember an article I read years ago about the band DEVO wanting to play a note that would cause their entire audience to crap themselves.
    I can't find that article anymore of course but according to urban legends, that note is called The Brown Note.
    I Went in Search of the 'Brown Note', the Frequency That Makes You Shit Yourself
    The brown note has been referenced in popular culture for decades, but does it actually exist, and can sound really cause instant human diarrhoea?

    It seems this has been around a long time and many musicians are very aware of the power of frequencies.

    1. Funny -- I always tended to crap myself when subjected to DEVO anyway....(just kidding!)

      Must admit, they WERE out there on the cutting edge a year before that great 1979 breakout of super cool uber alternative "new wavers" like Gary Numan, Sniff n the Tears, the Talking Heads, Tom Petty, Dire Straits, & the creme de la creme himself, Nick Lowe!! (Cruel To Be Kind anybody? C'mon Man!!)

      But yeah, it was just DEVO & The Cars on that spear tip for awhile...I guess you could actually throw old Elvis Costello in there too (This Year's Model was as cool as it got in that hot summer of '78 when it vied for attention with Some Girls, Darkness on the Edge of Town, & Cheap Trick's Heaven Tonight. Then The Who came along that late August with WHO ARE YOU & I think I actually died and went to heaven temporarily...)

      Seeing that lineup, can you guys even believe we actually lived thru that onslaught of sonic thrills and spills??!! Those were the days, I'm tellin ya. The older we get, the more legendary we were!!

      Much like Chris Knowles, I need to start a music blog too!!....

  16. Think she is on to it

    1. OH, she is MOST def on to it! Alex Jones has also been saying that for awhile: Humans BAAAAAD. AI & Transhumanism GOOOOD.

      Always thought that 6 foot distancing thing was far from arbitrary too -- turns out that the human aura just so happens to manifest love, compassion, empathy & connection at 6-foot radius intervals too. Huh. Imagine that. Sever that connection and basically no more humanity = take away our power over them & connection to each other. If we can actually TOUCH, even fingertips, it's all over....

      And they KNOW that.

      We are such suckers. Need to stop giving them any benefit of the doubt, stop thinking like our good hearted selves and start thinking like them to figure a way out of this.....

  17. Eyes everywhere. Like when I almost died of fever at age four. Eyes opening on my hands, eyes opening on the walls.

    Something is coming through between worlds. NOW. What CERN failed to do with the LHC, some gangsta rapper wannabe accomplished with a fucked up occult shitshow.

    Prepare yourselves.

    1. SO right JB -- it's accelerating apace and coming at us from all directions now. Getting quicker. Getting louder. We're all just waiting for that crescendo -- it's like living inside that last chord of "A Day In The Life." & wondering what's on the other side. (Can you still recall the time we cried?)

      CERN started so much but now it seems it's all hands on deck for the Great Unveiling.

      Did I hear that supposedly by the end of the day today over a million children were due to be vaxxed?

      "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever." Thomas Jefferson

    2. I just wish they had let me live in peace, the pact with the many had to be broken. antichrist my ass.

  18. Now I know what He meant when He said the Sun shall become darkened, and the moon shall not give it's light. The pond scum sends a woman to do what should have been a man, but they are all stinking cowards.

  19. wordman, where did you get pic # 4, is there any writing associated with it? I would like to read if there is. Thanks

    1. OMID I believe it's a depiction of what Bosche believed Christ suffered through going into ghenna.

    2. Sorry it's Bosch without the e I guess and that's not the Christ's descent to hell, I just remembered the part of them going into a face.

    3. I am thinking, we are all alters of Christ's mind created while he was on the cross. thanks Dginn, you are a sweetheart.

  20. this is probably all true -
    Travis Scott Concert Ritual Revealed

    The vid has good timestamps given for particular parts of the concert.