Sunday, November 21, 2021



Things are converging, and in tribute and interest of this, let's celebrate. Just last night, a full 76 years after the Nuremberg Trials, people of conscience decided to convene all over the world in the spirit of "No More!!" and consolidation. No more masks, no more vaxx mandates, no more lockdowns, and especially no more vaccinations geared towards children in a genocidal agenda long in the works. 

From Vienna to Zagreb to Rome to Ireland, the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia and even Japan the word went out and the calls went down. Even the Big Apple got in on it. But mostly, as is always the case with these things revelatory and all things revolution, the EU led the way and showed all of us how it should be done. Just today the protests continued in Japan, India, Peru and Chile. This Midnight Express Tour shows no signs of slowing down.

As I said, things are converging, barriers are breaking down, the status quo is collapsing, even as they fight tooth and nail to keep on establishing draconian measures and amplifying their tyranny. But the Black Nobility will no longer stand. No to fake numbers, no to myocarditis, clotting, heart attacks, and destroyed immune systems being "Normal" for children and young adults. Hell, even old adults. No to baby heart attacks being due to "climate change."     

 A big NO to the FDA wanting 55 years to release fully all the data on vaxx trials and ingredients:

(And once again the indomitable Jeff Wells lasers in and in a sentence says what I can't bumble out in a paragraph: "If I didn't know better this would make me think Pfizer killed JFK.") What, you can't wait til 2076 to find out what parasitic nanobot ADE DNA-splicing soup they're pumping you full of?  

We ALL know what's causing the incredible rise in infant mortality and heart issues, and it ain't the sun.           

In just a matter of hours it will be another sad November 22 -- 58 years since the light of truth and justice and compassion for all men was put out when one man was put down that thought about all of us; one leader was silenced that placed humanity first -- before anything or anyone else. But we will always remember him, and the untold generations he will always provide the brightest and best kind of example for. But more on that tomorrow...

For now let's remember last night, and the message that rang out around the world. A message I'd like to think the ghost of JFK not only continues to inspire, but smiles down upon. For a better tomorrow... 

Never never NEVER give up. This is how revolutions begin. EVERY night from now on can be Saturday night. Break them down. 

I'll leave you for now with this random tweet from the tweet-er-verse that sums up where we are now quite nicely: "Last year when I started freaking out about what was happening some people kept telling me there was a ‘depopulation agenda.’ I rolled my eyes. Global control and digital ID I could believe, but the rest? Nah, too much. But now? Oh yes, now I AM listening." 

Outside my window

I can hear the radio

And I know that motor wagon's

Gettin' ready to fly

And it's almost Saturday night

Bye bye tomorrow

Jody's gone to a rodeo

And I know some good ole boys

 Are gettin ready to ride

And it's almost Saturday night

Gonna push the clouds away

Let the music have its way

Let it steal your heart away

And I know I'm goin

Outside they're ringin'

The night train is bringing me home

When you hear that locomotion

Gettin' ready to ride

And it's almost Saturday night

Outside my window

Outside it's almost Saturday night

Well I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it,

I li-li like it, li-li like 

Here we go....... Rockin' all over the world!!  





  1. "I was told today by a reliable source that Steven Spielberg retrofitted a battleship as his billionaire bunker."

    1. He's gonna need every inch of that battleship's armour plating when news of his misdeeds reaches the wider public sphere.

      Nothing in this world will save him. It's a new day. God help them all.

  2. Liberals are revealing themselves to be the UGLIEST people on Earth. Black, empty souls. Cancer souls.

    1. Can't believe I didn't see anything about these protests before this thanks WM. Anyone else been seeing a lot more people in public that look down right demonic lately? There's been some that chill me to my soul just looking at them. I used to see people like that a few times a year, now it's been a few a day.

    2. FDA and CDC safety surveillance systems have previously identified increased risks of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of tissue surrounding the heart) following vaccination with Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, particularly following the second dose, and with the observed risk highest in males 12 through 17 years of age. Therefore, the FDA conducted its own benefit-risk assessment using modelling to predict how many symptomatic COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, intensive care unit (ICU) admissions and deaths from COVID-19 the vaccine in children 5 through 11 years of age would prevent versus the number of potential myocarditis cases, hospitalizations, ICU admissions and deaths that the vaccine might cause. The FDA’s model predicts that overall, the benefits of the vaccine would outweigh its risks in children 5 through 11 years of age.

      Canada just got 3 million doses of the children's vaccines that they want to get in all the children by Christmas!


    4. Notice that there were 4,700 participants but only 250 used to determine safety and efficacy.

  3. Good Morning Wordman.. it warms my heart to finally see people join together and stop letting fears and anxiety hold them back and fight for what is right..learning the basics for survival.
    The basic essentials—food, clean water, and good health, for example..are much more important than having a manicure or buying the newest computer. So you can look at the negative side of everything that's happened but I'm starting to notice the positive side.. it's beautiful..everywhere people are starting to notice they have neighbors it's not all about materialistic things people are learning to take care of each other..We can show more gratitude for all of the people and things that make our life easier and happier. So we should learn..from this evilness that has been exposed.. to help one another.. Care..Love..and enjoy the trip while keeping one eye on the road.
    Maybe things will can look worse because there's still so many more people to wake up.. but we have learned to prepare ourselves and to spread as much love as we can because love is the key that will bring us all back together.. it's wonderful to see people around you finally realizing it's not about how much you have.. I have to get my nails done what's in my closet what's in it for me... I think people are finally waking up it's about helping each other out and not letting evilness run our world anymore.. Happy Thanksgiving..Sending Love!💙

  4. Just hold on to your souls purpose😉😍

  5. Consider everything don't believe nothing keep your mind open that's my new way of thinking

  6. I Advise high caution on the death of JFK. Baby boomers in particular have been conditioned to think death, rather than life, when it comes to him. I know the reason why, more later today, too late to still be on Sunday time.


  7. Blessings...oldmaninthedesert 💙

  8. Astrologically speaking the recent lunar eclipse occurred conjunct Algol. It would not be terribly surprising to see The French Revolution solution experience a dramatic comeback. As the Red Queen said.