Friday, December 10, 2021



Just a quick note of thanks to each and every one of you for sticking with me -- thanks more than you know for your support, encouragement, and love in this move as I jettison an old family homestead and turn the page into new and exciting vistas. Onward and upward brothers and sisters!!

Promise to be back with you very soon broadcasting our message of change, optimism, and hope thru knowledge. Gimme a few more days into next week and the presses will be up and running...

Until then, here's to your good looks, my health, and all those loaded places we'll still be going:   


Yeah house got too crowded, clothes got too tight

And I don't know just where I'm going tonight

Out where the sky's been cleared by a good hard rain

There's somebody calling my secret name


I'm going down to Lucky Town, going down to Lucky Town

I wanna lose these blues I've found down in Lucky Town

Baby down in Lucky Town


Had a coat of fine leather and snakeskin boots

But that coat always had a thread hanging loose

Well I pulled it one night and to my surprise

It led me right past your house and on over the rise


I'm going down to Lucky Town, down to Lucky Town

I'm gonna lose these blues I've found down in Lucky Town

Baby down in Lucky Town


Well I had some victory that was just failure in deceit

Now the joke's coming up through the soles of my feet

I been a long time walking on fortune's cane

Well tonight I'm stepping lightly and feeling no pain


Well here's to your good looks baby, now here's to my health

Here's to the loaded places that we take ourselves

When it comes to luck you make your own

Tonight I got dirt on my hands but I'm building me a new home...


  1. Dang, was wondering where you been. Sorry to hear about the turmoo.
    Moving sucks ass
    I have done it over forty times so I know of which I speak.
    I'll say a little prayer for you.

    1. Thanks for the thoughts & prayers my friend!! 40+ times??? You, sir, must have the constitution of a Clydesdale!! Nothing wrong with your genes, that's for sure. On this end, am in the homestretch now -- just some towels, shower curtains, odds n ends to box & good to go for the 10AM launch window. And NO RAIN, which was looking like a horrendous possibility for awhile....

  2. He got lost in his boxes. They stored him in the attic.

    1. HAHA!! He sleeps with and talks to the squirrels now.

      Leaving the things that are real behind
      Leaving the things that you love from mind
      All of the things that you learned from fears
      Nothing is left for the years
      Voices scream
      Nothing's seen
      Real's a dream

      In The Attic Toys Toys Toys......

  3. I had this comment typed up last night and then never posted it, I was waiting for more sychnchronicities with the homestead thing cause I always try to find 3 points instead of 2 to rule out coincidence. Then I read this this morning, there it is.

    Happened to notice how big of a palindrome 12-02-2021 was and then found this

    I was listening to CRAZY HORSE's new album when I saw a 2015 "homestead" quarter in front of me, with a depiction spookily similar it is.
    (Though I have to say, I'm kinda disappointed in it)

    Fox and heron in that too

    1. And I was praying for your health cause I figured the moving would be hard on your hips, hipgnosis I've had hip pain most of my life turmeric and magnesium does wonders.

    2. HIPGNOSIS!! Leave it to you!!

      And thanks for the tips re ingestion; have found that industrial strength doses of organic MSM sulfur work wonders for me; this place rocks btw:

      Oh, & bath salts in a pinch...

      Just kidding!


    The UN is just trolling us at this point, even the comments section is full of people pointing out Revelations chapter 13:

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  6. Before I get the next post up, chew on this one everybody: seems like erstwhile Brian Williams in parting shot/deathbed confession, decided to grow some kind of spine:

    What does he know?

    Also dig the wording used from the pen of the young Springsteen who knew so much more in youth and by intuition than he does now...

    1. I read this differently than you do. The "mob" Williams is referring to is the deplorables; the educated turncoats he fears are the populists and alternative media who are shaking the ruling structure and awakening people to the sea of lies spewed by Williams' beloved institutions.


  7. What's the deal? The Springsteen's just flyin' lately....I wonder why...

    1. Well it should be a lot more with a title like TRAVELLIN MUSIC and it's Friday night. Though I have to go to work in a few hours.

    2. Speaking of Springsteen, have you seen this?
      At first I was put off by that she didn't change it to over to a girl singing to a guy, but I liked something about it and realized that I was seeing it wrong especially if you think that she probably listened to it for a long time singing it and fantasizing then just wanted to do a tribute.

    3. Man.

      That song has haunted me since 1985 & continues to eerily resonate down thru and into my life. Cybill Shepherd Moonlighting types. Star-crossed infatuations and love-at-first-sights that can never be but are more, much more, intense and lasting than anything physical. Love from afar. Unrequited, intense, forever.
      Lights on behind drawn curtains. Who's up there? What's she doing?
      Key handoffs. Fingers barely brushing. Electricity. Forbidden.
      What IS it about us?

      And then, vanishing into the night lights of the city like the ghost that he is.

      Dammit, what IS it about Springsteen that he hits the high notes of all these frail, human things? Seedy things. Beautiful things.

      If there ever was or ever will be a time machine, then this song is 1985 all over again -- and I'm right there. But it's TODAY too. And once again, I'm right there. Que sera sera.

      Btw -- 221B Baker Street is up & running -- am typing this to you from the new digs as we speak. Pretty cool.

      Got a few things left to transfer from the old Batcave: turntable, toaster over, coffee maker -- but that's about it.
      In & snug as a bug in a rug. Will be back with something new for you (& ALL of you) very soon.
      Thanks for all the love, hugs, and psychic encouragement -- I felt it, believe me. You are all the best, the very best.

  8. PS -- Is there anything in all the world heavier than a box of vinyl records?? Good LORD!! All those poor souls that used to work at places like Peaches and Tower should have gotten freakin hazard pay.
    Offloading and stocking at places like that must have been like working in hell's half acre non-stop.

    But speaking of the Boss, have all of his vinyl from The Wild & The Innocent all the way thru Born In The USA. Treasures. Springsteen, very much like the Stones, lost something indefinable in SOUND once the switch to digital & CDs took over. A depth of field got lost. Where once your ears heard in 4D VistaVision it all of a sudden became Flatland. That snap, crackle & THUMP was gone.

    I know a good pair of headphones can work wonders, but there's nothing like the tangible-ness of the music physically enveloping you, which I've never found on CD in any medium. Ironically, being in a very small environment like a car with a good system turned way up comes closest.
    I know I know, SUCH an audio head/nerd!!

    1. Heck after working 12 hours on my feet and you moving those records it would be awesome to send psychic backrubs ;) yeah I hear you, the first and (and close to only) record I got growing up was Don Henley, it's never sounded right because it's not just like I remember it.

      Temperance Movement is what's been moving me lately.
      Whatwhat indeed

    2. And at the risk of sounding batshit, that record had DIRTY LAUNDRY on it, whatchu I was just thinking about while I was at the laundromat just now where there was someone with a fox and the same tattoo on them.

    3. You don't really need to find out what's goin on

      You don't really wanna know just how far it's gone....

      Hmmmmmm, sound familiar lately??

    4. Oh yeah, why can't you just leave it all alone, go to work, stop looking into any of it. I think you know that's not me

  9. Try this amazing little slice of magic on for size:

    1. Ooh I like it, I've never heard them OTOH
      It's name is a king of hell, interestingly yesterday I saw someone with a tattoo that said something about the kings of hell.

      Today's all twos and ones

      Interesting that "person" has that connotation, have you seen the things about saying "I am a living woman/man" in court because under law a person is a dead entity and can be a corporation.

    2. Yeah, I don't believe in writing in proper English grammar when I have to get up at 4:30;)

  10. Did you say "Hells half acre" I spit out my cream with a splash of coffee. May have to use that nobody knows B.F.E. or Boondocks. (Insert goofy Laughing here) Did you find your decoder ring from Corn Flakes? Wink Hurry back! And who turned down the heater. It's colder than a well diggers arse in here! Is Hells half acre freezing over? Throw a log on that fire Wordman sheesh! Hugs to all

    1. He got it from Robbie Robertson ;) I think references to demonology, hell and spooky are darker than Saturn, am I right? BFE Bum fuck Egypt? Is my decoder ring working?

    2. This is one I go back to time and again in my head to remind myself that there's plenty of beautiful music out there to not go too much into the other except when I need to channel my anger about what happened and just run.

    3. This is fitting too, I hadn't heard of them before JB mentioned it, they've been in my rotation ever since.

    4. Florence Welch, THE GODDESS.

      You should be kneeling.


    1. OMG VELOBWOY there's a name for that! I've NEVER been able to explain it, I don't usually see or hear them but I can feel presences of people that I knew well. Like the moment two different people passed on this past year, I felt them in the room and knew, one of them I hadn't talked to in a few years, and while I was washing dishes I felt him but in a younger form and felt him worrying about how his daughter would take his death like getting emotions that you KNOW aren't yours and then when you explore them you REALLY know that they aren't yours because you know where they came from. It's also like when there's someone you know standing behind you. And I've also experienced what she mentions of people suddenly being either just flesh or feeling alive and energetic. And experiencing the lack thereof makes the energy that much more magnetic and tantalizing than ever before.

    2. @ Velobwoy,.
      Damn, that almost brought tears to me eyes.
      I'm not overly religious but it devastated me to think that this thing actually blocks one's connection to God.
      Separating self from ones soul is so mind bogglingly wrong I can't find the words to express my outrage.


  13. Hi everyone:) I'm new and SUPER excited to be here!!:)

    1. Yuppers trying to catch me talking "crazy" again

    2. What brought you here? Do you have something SUPER EXCITING to add, we're always looking for new points. :)

    3. I'm on reddit alot and I found you guys from a link someone posted in conspiracy...I was talking about Rachel Chandler and someone replied with some links and HERE I AM!:)

  14. JB I KNOW you used to be a comedian in a past life because the "Boom Tish!!" timing is impeccable. And welcome Flamina -- is this thing on??
    Everybody be on their best behaves lest we get the whole shitshow shutdown before dawn....Ssshhhhhh!!!

    Yes to MxMM & Dginnster, Robbie Robertson prowled and articulated those hell's half acres quite admirably; but it actually derives from an old saying to be going everywhere &/or rushing around willy nilly -- have no idea how far back it dates...

    And yes it's VERY cold here, after my moving day when it was mid-70s!! Going down in the 20s tonight after arrival of that front that unleashed all those F5 tornadoes dropping down on deck for over 200 miles across multiple states & leaving bomb-like wreckage in their wake. Volcanoes off the Oregon coast, earthquakes, tornadoes, it's getting ridiculous out there & NOT at all normal. Things are building...

    Velob, thanks so much for all those links; the links with Maxwell & Steve Job's wife (Atlantic owner) I'll have more to say about, but you can guess where that's all going. I hear the prosecution has already basically rested its case (thanks Mo Comey!!) & it's not looking like much got "revealed" other than a cache of new photos no one had been privy to before -- & not the incriminating kind that the FBI I'm sure disposed of after raiding both the Ranch & the Island, not to mention all the video/CD/DVD evidence. What a sham.

    Putting this together with more vaxx news, but just saw this tonight -- best viewed with a Kool-Aid chaser:

    Not even all that long ago such tripe would have been viewed as IDIOCRACY level, Black Mirror-type fodder. No longer.
    This, somehow, is the real world now.

    You will also take notice that the "dislikes" feature has been disabled.
    I freakin wonder why...

    1. When it comes to something like that link, it's something you should think maybe I DON'T want to subject my friends to this.

      There's something about smiley faces that infuriates JB ;)

      Damn I haven't been keeping up with way to much thanks for the updates.
      Have you seen these?

  15. PS Velob -- that article detailing the metaphysical damage the vaxx does is spot on, and remains a highly neglected area of research in this whole circus.

    I knew from the get-go when they mandated a 6-foot distance for "protection" that something was going on, so I started doing a bit of "research & destroy" as Ian Brown would put it...

    Turns out that the human auric field extends out exactly approx 6 feet from each individual body -- that's our "love" connection when you can begin to feel the nearness and essence and influence of another person, esp one that you're vibing with or attracted to; this augments and amplifies our power -- there is literally a signal boost when this happens. BEYOND that 6 foot radius it begins to fade away.

    So it was NEVER about keeping us safe -- it was always about sapping us of our collective magic and power of togetherness and nearness. That Human Touch to quote another Springsteen lesson. They want that disabled...big time. And doing that also inhibits our ability to share not only closeness but inherent knowledge, that 100th Monkey Syndrome.

    The first thing I did after the first 2020 "lockdown" was, protocol be damned, hug my best friend at work -- tears in both her eyes and mine -- the feeling was unreal. Glorious. Exhilarating. & that was just after 3 months....

    It tells you a lot. We are spirits in the material world.

    1. I love that Springsteen song, it's gotten me through many lonely nights, some maybe self imposed, but needed.

  16. Heh,buncha Trend Setters.
    Here's a hint, they aren't theories anymore.
    Future proves past eh?

  17. In "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai", the villains were originally supposed to be "spiritual lepers" from the planet Saturn. They changed it to reptilians known as Lectroids (which were supposed to be highly evolved dinosaurs), now living on the ringed, Saturn-like "Planet 10", by way of the 8th dimension.

    So, in other words, the plot involves fallen, vengeful reptilians entities (demons), emprisoned "between worlds" long ago after their rebellion, who begin to literally *possess* people after a mad scientist opened an interdimensional portal in Roswell, New Mexico decades ago (John Litgow basically plays an even crazier version of Jack Parsons).

  18. I HIGHLY recommend Doctor Who episodes "The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit" (series 2 , David Tennant).

    It's basically a two-hour movie about the Doctor facing off against literally Satan himself, awakened near a gigantic black hole at the ends of the Universe, with Cthulhu-slaves all over the place. One of the very rare times this show went full supernatural.

    1. "The Beast and his armies shall rise from the Pit to make war against God!"

      "I'm sorry?"

      *taps translator* "I said enjoy your meal."

    2. Ha ha hilarious, I've thought about mumbling weird shit under the mask to people then being like "what? No, I said such and such."

  19. Off-topic, but this is the very essense of the relentless Woke arson of popular culture:

    Their philosophy is the *exact same philosophy* as Heath Ledger's nihilistic Joker:

    "It's NOT about the MONEY, it's about sending a MESSAGE: Everything burns..."

    1. Ain't it the truth JB; ain't it the truth. That particular Dark Knight film continues to send down weird echoes....Ledger the prophet of the wild and the Dionysian.