Wednesday, November 10, 2021


One more time -- one more Witch of November:  



  1. The sea is nothing to mess with, I watch those guys on deadliest catch and say that is not enough money for me to fish crab up there in the Bering Sea for sure, most realistic reality show on television.

    1. Thanks OMID. And thanks to Gordon who gave life once again and eternal memory to all those star-crossed souls.
      One years afterwards, he sought out each deceased's family members and asked their permission if it was OK if he record this.
      Just the kind of guy he is -- transcends just being a poet.

      Or as Bob Dylan himself said: "Lightfoot has been a mentor for a long time, I think he probably still is to this day. I can't think of any Gordon Lightfoot song I don't like. Every time I hear a song of his on the radio, I wish it would last forever.”

      And for those 29 souls and to all of you -- red skies at night, & the wind always at your backs...

    2. No kidding on his songs. If you could read my mind love, what a tale my thoughts could tell.


      OMID I LOVE that line and song.
      Gordon Lightfoot always speaks to my soul as does everything from RR:

      Gaelic prayer for all the souls that didn't come in and the loved ones waiting on the shore.

    4. And the second one is Norse (FAROESE from the Faroe islands) but was meant with the same sentiment.

      But had I seen that I did that, before I posted it, I'd have erased it.

  2. Wordman, THIS:

    1. No doubt JB on those in intelligence, they are at or near the top of the sick f*#ks of the world.

  3. SO SO SO true JB -- just wander on over to George Klees' (why isn't it legendary?) CAVDEF site, scroll to the bottom of the page, & go hog wild:
    click on any heading, be it Deep Crimes (go straight to the serial killers section therein), The Octopus, Human Trafficking and sex rings, Mind Control, etc -- you can literally spend HOURS, DAYS there just connecting the dots. (How many know the intimate connections between the Jon Benet Ramsey case & the Atlanta Child Murders just for starters??)

    And ALL of it points straight, and deeply, into that image you posted, i.e., military intel -> Satanism -> politics -> programmed serial killers -> pedo rings. You can't swing a dead cat and not hit 12-14 highly connected insiders involved in all of those things no matter where you look or when. It's insane. 9/11, Waco, OKC, Pizzagate, why do they all feature the same names popping up again & again?

    And if we don't start nailing these freaks to the wall, we're only gonna get more of the same, on & on ad infinitum. Just look at the COVID agenda that got unleashed (coincidentally enough just as 'Esptein didn't kill himself' was reaching a fever pitch...unless you, like me, don't think that was a coincidence at all.)

    Happy sleuthing!!:

    And Dginnster -- I know this much is true, too!!

  4. Oh & btw, for each & every one of you guys (& you know who you are) -- I love ya!!

    1. I hope that I speak for all of us in that we love you too! BTW OMID means HOPE I looked that up after that.

    2. And ALL of you, I love you guys too! BTW where have KM and MXMM been?

    3. Check this out, the degree of information that you can read on the symptoms of the other guinea pigs and they're still lining up.

    4. Some interesting VAERS case #'s

      1119987 "seeing dairy cows flying overhead"

      1034980. "Seeing ghosts"

      1208734 "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not get this shot!"

      Thousands of accounts of people saying that they felt like they had become "detached" from their body immediately after
      954141. 934514
      Felt unreal 1321056

      This one is really interesting a 26 yr F with no history of anything like it jumped into a pool with clothes on then went to a strangers house and couldn't remember any of it. 1129986

      Interesting symptoms to search amnesia, disassociative state, psychosis, belligerence, etc.

    5. This account from a 54yr M (schizophrenia would have presented much sooner) experienced psychotic episode, woke at 2am after wickedly violent dreams, hears voices yelling at me. my wife calmed me down. went back to sleep to awaken three more times after extremely violent dreams and I was yelling. Final dream I was partially awake and I heard someone tell me its time for you to go and had a vision of myself securing my firearm and shooting myself in the head. I have never had these experiences, I do not have have any type of mental illness and I am very happy and pretty stress free. I do not use drugs or alcohol.

      47yr M heard voices in his head for the first time 1785703

      There's also numerous similar accounts linked to the zoster vaccine.

      A detailed account of a woman saying that it messed up her brain and gave her neurological palsy 1454626

    6. Sorry last one then I swear I'll stop.
      "On 15Jun2021, at night of vaccine the patient shot straight up in bed filled with fear and screamed out her husband''s name. Then she proceeded to violently throw up all over myself and my bedroom on the way into the bathroom. Once in the bathroom she continued to retch, and she was seeing black shadow spirits and flying pigs along with visions of China. she prayed to God that she wouldn''t die, the patient then took a shower and went back to bed. Around 2 hours later it happened again, this time she was retching so hard it sounded like a devil was coming out of me. She had nothing left to throw up, but the violent retching wouldn''t stop for another 7 minutes or so. She though her neighborhood could have heard me it was so loud and painful. After that she felt immense sadness as she cleaned up her vomit again. She was crying uncontrollably, she felt so much pain and sadness and she could hear sobbing from COVID victims. The days after she suffered from manic depression, suicidal thoughts, and memory loss as well as loss of impulse control. Therapeutic measures were not taken for the events. Adverse event resulted in Doctor or other healthcare professional office/clinic visit. The patient was recovering from events."
      1456652 35y f

    7. Ok one more 1720322 34f
      "It was between 5-7 days after my second dose, the bizarre symptoms began. My taste and smell changed (and no, I did not have Covid-19). It started with onions, then went to garlic, eggs, peanut butter, coffee... this rancid, sweet smell of rotting meat. It is something that''s very hard to describe as I have never experienced this smell before in my life. It would keep me awake at night, I could smell it across the room and even different levels of the house, my sense of smell was so enhanced it was absolutely abnormal. The top of my head tingled, as did the back of my neck, and my tongue constantly felt like pop rocks were on my tongue. As this progressed, I had two days where I could hardly get out of bed. My insides, every organ, was just terribly sore and cramped. I had bloodwork done and the technician could hardly take blood because my vein kept collapsing. She also commented I must have been dehydrated because she couldn''t understand why my blood was so thick and dark looking. I''ve had bloodwork taken before, and this was very unusual. I never need OJ or food after giving blood, I bounce back right away, but this time it took me 4 days to feel somewhat human again. It was at this point a friend jokingly said they were testing to see if I was magnetic and I WAS. Not a fridge magnet, but a paperclip. It was in my clavicle and uterus, I could track it. The detox happened through my skin, I got these hard lumps in the back of my neck, skin tags on my stomach, and some other crazy things I''m not even sure how to explain. The toxic aspects of this vaccine does detox through the skin, as people around me who had not been vaccinated, became sick. This needs to be taken seriously. Either the lot I was given was contaminated with graphene, OR the vaccine contains graphene and my body did not have a favorable response."

  5. Who the hell does this piece of shit think he is??

    1. He's Herr Strughold, the leader of the Syndicate. The Cigarette Smoking Man takes his orders from him. Just get injected with the black oil already!

    2. I'm sure that you've seen this:
      "No mRNA immunotherapy has been approved, and none may ever be approved. mRNA drug development has substantial clinical development and regulatory risks due to the novel and unprecedented nature of this new category of therapeutics.
      "Our product candidates may not work as intended, may cause undesirable side effects or may have other properties that could delay or prevent their regulatory approval, limit the commercial profile of an approved label, or result in significant negative consequences following marketing approval, if any.
      "As with most biological products, use of our product candidates could be associated with side effects or adverse events which can vary in severity from minor reactions to death and in frequency from infrequent to prevalent. The potential for adverse events is especially acute in the oncology setting, where patients may have advanced disease, have compromised immune and other systems and be receiving numerous other therapies. Undesirable side effects or unacceptable toxicities caused by our product candidates could cause us or regulatory authorities to interrupt, delay or halt clinical trials and could result in a more restrictive label or the delay or denial of regulatory approval by the FDA, the EMA or comparable regulatory authorities. Results of our trials could reveal a high and unacceptable severity and prevalence of side effects.
      "In addition, even if we successfully advance one of our product candidates into and through clinical trials, such trials will likely only include a limited number of subjects and limited duration of exposure to our product candidates. As a result, we cannot be assured that adverse effects of our product candidates will not be uncovered when a significantly larger number of patients are exposed to the product candidate. Further, any clinical trials may not be sufficient to determine the effect and safety consequences of taking our product candidates over a multi-year period."
      Then Covid hit & they suddenly had billions of guinea pigs to play with.
      Weeeeeeeee! Ain't science grand?

  6. OK Dginnster -- I can imagine many horrific things and trying to live thru them -- projectile bleeding from the EYEBALLS has gotta be at the top of that list!! Holy cannoli Batgirl!! That's reDONK!! I'd prob just have a heart attack if that happened & get it over with -- Lord.

    The number of things like this, the colossal number of athletes in their early 20s just keeling over worldwide, the absolutely ridiculous propaganda they're floating out there now (have you heard?) that hey, myocarditis isn't actually SO BAD!! It's just a LITTLE heart damage -- I'm sure soon it'll actually be GOOD for you!! Make you stronger, ya know??!!

    These people are inSANE. I mean, like, quite literally. No more listening to them. Ever.

    Following in the footsteps of Gordon Lightfoot of late, we need MUCH more of things just like this. Never was a huge fan, but greatness is greatness -- and this song is more than great.
    That first comment "I'm a Brit who's never left Europe but John Denver makes me miss America."

    You're not alone, brother. You are not alone.

    There's more mystery to connect with and that hits us every day right here than just about anywhere else I know:
    "Talk to God and listen to the casual reply..." anytime you witness a perfect sunset.

    And those first lines:
    "He was born in the summer of his 27th year
    Coming home to a place he'd never been before
    He left yesterday behind him, you might say he was born again
    You might say he found a key for every door
    When he first came to the mountains his life was far away
    On the road and hanging by a song
    But the string's already broken and he doesn't really care
    It keeps changing fast and it don't last for long..."

    We're gonna get there my brothers and sisters, & I'll never forget each & every one of you along the way that helped me on this wild, beautiful rumpus of a journey -- Happy, happy Friday Night!!

    1. Thanks, John Denver was one of my favorites growing up and I rarely listen to him now. Such an absolutely talented poet! I like this one especially about sitting around with friends talking about those things because it's been so rare in my life to find people that want to talk about that, I almost got kicked out of a friend's vehicle because I wanted to talk about spirituality and emotions.


    2. Prophetic words from Barry McGuire who brought us EVE OF DESTRUCTION it chilled me to type that but I felt it...

      Come gather 'round those who feel it's time for savin'
      Help wake up the sleepy and quiet the ravings of cardboard cowards
      Who'd have you feel like they do
      But look at what they've turned the world into

      So come on, come on, let's sail upon a painted ocean
      Captain, set the wheels of love a-spinnin'
      All those who are losers soon will be winnin' a place in the sun
      Upon a painted ocean

      Ah, let your hair down 'til it rolls on the ground
      You won't be needin' your mask for where we are bound
      And for those who place tradition on pedestals
      Will be chained to the docks and be ridiculed

      And come on, come on let's sail upon a painted ocean
      Captain, set the wheels of love a-spinnin'
      All those who are losers soon will be winnin' a place in the sun
      Upon a painted ocean

      And I'll preach to you love until you can't hear hate
      A-whisperin' in the ghettos of our own mistakes
      And until enough people become aware
      Ah, then we'll stop standin' still and start are goin' somewhere

    3. Don't you LOVE our little Friday Night sit-in, get together groovefests??!! How about this one my little sweet soul sister?
      I woke up this mornin' with the sundown shinin' in
      I found my mind in a brown paper bag within
      I tripped on a cloud and fell-a eight miles high
      I tore my mind on a jagged sky
      I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in

      I pushed my soul in a deep dark hole and then I followed it in
      I watched myself crawlin' out as I was a-crawlin' in
      I got up so tight I couldn't unwind
      I saw so much I broke my mind
      I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in

      Someone painted "april fool" in big black letters on a "dead end" sign
      I had my foot on the gas as i left the road and blew out my mind
      Eight miles outta Memphis and i got no spare
      Eight miles straight up downtown somewhere
      I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in

      Somewhere along that galactic highway in those other lives that interspool and intertwine I was Kenny & you were tambourine girl in the white boots -- I just know it!! Haha!!
      (& we'll be there again...because the jam sessions never really end....)

    4. Oh don't I know it! From one Kenny to another:

      One of my daughters loved Kenny Loggins and would dance like crazy to him before she could walk.

      And I can't put up EVE OF DESTRUCTION without DESOLATION ROW now can I?
      Funny for 12 years I always heard "you don't like music do you" some people NEVER SEE what's right in front of them, but I guess it goes both ways sigh.

    5. The last few weeks, the weather where I live has been perfect: mild temps, clear skies.

      Every morning about sunrise, I stop what I’m doing and open the third eye and stand in the sunshine… and listen.

  7. Ride a painted pony let the spinnin wheels burn!! Haha!

    This one from Steve Earle gets the job done too -- and is something we'll ALL be singin soon:

    In the middle of the night
    In the middle of a lonely night
    Stands alone in the pale moonlight
    Screams out in defiance
    He's got no one to turn to
    You could talk 'til you turn blue
    He'll just turn his back on you
    Ain't no compromising
    Because he's totally untamed
    No fear of the unnamed
    Ah man but he'll take the blame
    Someone's gotta do it, someone's GOT TA

    Yeah now he's out on the highway
    He's got the key and the right of way
    Tank is full and his toll's paid
    Hellbound and determined
    Yeah he run a dangerous payload
    When he comes to the crossroads
    Ah, man it's all timed to explode
    You'll just see the sky burnin'
    Because he's totally untamed
    No fear of the unnamed
    Yeah man but he'll take the blame
    Someone's gotta do it, someone's got to

    Now he's standin' at hell's door
    With a bad attitude and a forty-four
    The devil said, "What's up man
    Now what you come here for?"
    He said, "Man, let's just get down to it"
    He said, "I always heard that you were the bad one
    There's a few places I ain't been, a few things I ain't done
    You got your pitchfork and I got my gun"
    Someone's gotta do it

    1. First one that I just didn't like, the music in that just cut through my head. But Copperhead Road is awesome! So here's one for you:

      I'm a bad dream
      Not a nightmare, I'm too pretty for that
      Let's just say I'm the last thing you wanna see coming
      I'm the reason they say watch your back
      For so long, I was like a wounded hound
      Backed into a chain link fence
      The world at large was just a big, mean kid
      Poking me through the fence with a stick
      Ain't nobody goin' back
      It takes a whole lotta hurt
      Paralyze one of life's biggest lessons
      Ain't got nothing to do with dessert
      So just pray to the saint of lost causes
      Now it's a cruel world
      But it ain't hard to understand
      You got your sheep, got your shepherds
      And got your wolves amongst men
      It can be hard to tell
      You might find a wolf in shepherd's clothes
      And now and then you're gonna find sheep
      Hidden amongst all those troubled souls
      You know most folks afraid of the wolf
      If you really stop and think
      Throughout time, between a wolf and a shepherd
      Who do you recorn has killed most sheep?
      Nah, there's nothing can be done
      It's just the way it goes
      First you get bad, then you get mean
      Then there's nothing left but to grow cold
      And pray to the saint of lost causes
      Some will say I've got no feeling
      No heart and surely no shame
      Truth is that this has been with me so long
      I must admit I kinda like the pain
      How many encounters do you ever have
      But again, how many wolves you've ever seen?
      You got about as much chance of seeing one of them
      As you do running into me
      Still take nothing for granted
      Might live on the best block in Beverly Hills
      Be sure you lock up tight at night
      'Cause you know poor folks ain't got nothing to steal
      So, just pray to the saint of lost causes

    2. Sometimes I feel sheepish for posting SOO MUCH then I find or remember things like this and I just HAVE TO. Cause I'm sure it's going on repeat in the batmobile:

    3. WHERE in the hell did you find Ren? That's gonna be stuck in my head for days -- Only thing that might get it out is this:

      If you've never heard him, whole album is a rockin keeper -- Joe Ely is THE MAN.

      If you were a bluebird you'd be a sad one
      I'd give you a true word
      But you've already had one
      If you were a bluebird,
      You'd be crying
      You'd be flying home

      If you were a raindrop,
      You'd shine like a rainbow
      And if you were a train stop,
      That conductor would sing low
      If you were a raindrop,
      You'd be falling
      You'd be calling home

      If you were a hotel
      Honey, you'd be a Grand one
      But, if you hit a slow spell,
      Do you think you could stand one
      If you were a hotel,
      I'd lean on your doorbell
      I'd call you my home

      If I was a highway,
      I'd stretch alongside you
      I'd help you pass by ways
      That had dissatisfied you
      If I was a highway,
      I'd be stretchin'
      I'd be fetchin' you home...

    4. Sorry fell asleep for a bit, never lasts long ;) Ren probably came up from all the Gaelic songs but he's been one of my all time favorites ever since, you should hear him do 80's covers he's one that I continually come back to like Dire Straits, Wallflowers Robbie Robertson, Barns Courtney, David Gray and Ed Kowalchzek and Fall Out Boy.
      Love letters to God

      I had heard of some of Joe Ely's songs but didn't know him until the last time you sent me him;) I posted Ren before with MONEY GAME 1&2

      But as to songs that will ALWAYS be STUCK in your head NOTHING beats Imany but I'm too shy

      Here's another Dominoes:

      Here's Fun

      Well I woke up to the sound of silence
      The cars were cutting like knives in a fist fight
      And I found you with a bottle of wine
      Your head in the curtains
      And heart like the fourth of July
      You swore and said
      We are not
      We are not shining stars
      This I know
      I never said we are
      Though I've never been through hell like that
      I've closed enough windows
      To know you can never look back

      If you're lost and alone
      Or you're sinking like a stone
      Carry on
      May your past be the sound
      Of your feet upon the ground
      Carry on
      Carry on, carry on

      So I met up with some friends
      At the edge of the night
      At a bar off 75
      And we talked and talked
      About how our parents will die
      All our neighbors and wives
      But I'd like to think
      I can cheat it all
      To make up for the times I've been cheated on
      And it's nice to know
      When I was left for dead
      I was found and now I don't roam these streets
      I am not the ghost you are to me



      I'm your only friend
      I'm not your only friend
      But I'm a little glowing friend
      But really I'm not actually your friend
      But I am

      Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch
      Who watches over you
      Make a little birdhouse in your soul
      Not to put too fine a point on it
      Say I'm the only bee in your bonnet
      Make a little birdhouse in your soul

      I have a secret to tell
      From my electrical well
      It's a simple message and I'm
      Leaving out the whistles and bells
      So the room must listen to me
      Filibuster vigilantly
      My name is blue canary
      One note spelled l-i-t-e
      My story's infinite
      Like the Longines Symphonette
      It doesn't rest

    5. Sorry can't put up TMBG without NANO IT'S :)

  8. NASA is Satan minus the "T". This is why, before they launch a rocket, they say "T minus". Mind = Blown. I'm shaking right now.

    1. JB!! Whoa dude. Hmmm. NOW all the Parsons-Crowley-JPL origins stuff REALLY begins to make sense.

      & along that same train of thought/line of thinking, I have absolutely nowhere else to put this:

      How to top Travis Scott? Possibly he was stung all about the face by jellyfish & she was just helping? Don't Alice Cooper & Ozzy doing the biting bats thing seem so quaint now? Take 20 years off her & she's R Kelly's dreamgirl, right?

      I. Have. No. Words. And I'm Wordman.

      Methinks Jesus is picking up the Rapture hotline right about now.

      Was gonna put REM's 'Don't Go Back to Rockville' here, but nope, can't do it.

      Move over JB, I need a seat in the shaky ward now too.

    2. Weimar Republic indeed. How much longer before you think that they start doing full on orgies? Kinda like CK saying how long before it's real ritual sacrifice on TV?


    1. Just to be clear, that isn't about the golden shower right? Cause I can't figure out what else it goes too...

    2. Just your Captain being a slightly goofy Gus so as not to cause panic on the Bridge, Dginnster. Tolerance levels are wearing thin; we've all been at this for far too long out here on the outer rim -- where no man or woman has gone before!! Too many intruder alerts on all decks; deflector levels are at full intensity!!

  10. WHAT how did I not know this before, Van Morrison and Mark knopfler did songs together!

    1. The mighty Knopfler has been lending his prodigious talents to all before during & after his Dire Straits tenure.

      Perhaps most famously he & all of Dire Straits were the unacknowledged backing band for Dylan's INFIDELS; & the lion's share of SLOW TRAIN COMIN. Ol' Bobby knows a guitar slinger when he hears one & has always hired the best to colorize his fables & tales of the Reconstruction....

      Still knocks me out:


      Since JB didn't say it this time, ;) you really need to check out what the Secret Sun has on the Astroworld stuff.

      Look at this gem I found:

      YOU'VE GOT TO SERVE SOMEBODY is one of my favorites of Bob Dylan's, funny I always thought that Dire Straits had to have been influenced by him.

      Come you masters of war
      You that build the big guns
      You that build the death planes
      You that build all the bombs
      You that hide behind walls
      You that hide behind desks
      I just want you to know
      I can see through your masks

      You that never done nothin'
      But build to destroy
      You play with my world
      Like it's your little toy
      You put a gun in my hand
      And you hide from my eyes
      And you turn and run farther
      When the fast bullets fly

      Like Judas of old
      You lie and deceive
      A world war can be won
      You want me to believe
      But I see through your eyes
      And I see through your brain
      Like I see through the water
      That runs down my drain

      You fasten all the triggers
      For the others to fire
      Then you set back and watch
      When the death count gets higher
      You hide in your mansion'
      As young people's blood
      Flows out of their bodies
      And is buried in the mud

      You've thrown the worst fear
      That can ever be hurled
      Fear to bring children
      Into the world
      For threatening my baby
      Unborn and unnamed
      You ain't worth the blood
      That runs in your veins

      How much do I know
      To talk out of turn
      You might say that I'm young
      You might say I'm unlearned
      But there's one thing I know
      Though I'm younger than you
      That even Jesus would never
      Forgive what you do

      Let me ask you one question
      Is your money that good
      Will it buy you forgiveness
      Do you think that it could
      I think you will find
      When your death takes its toll
      All the money you made
      Will never buy back your soul

      And I hope that you die
      And your death'll come soon
      I will follow your casket
      In the pale afternoon
      And I'll watch while you're lowered
      Down to your deathbed
      And I'll stand over your grave
      'Til I'm sure that you're dead

  11. Seen this? Jesus.

    1. I don't get it, but JESUS was the right answer ;)

    2. The medical whistleblower is describing what will happen to everyone who got jabbed.

    3. Oh the link you shared just showed Biden putting his head down then there was censored shit

    4. Yeah it's not on that link...

    5. Every single time I click on it it's there. The post/video at the bottom, which should be right in front of you?

    6. Maybe this is better:

    7. Ok I saw it. Incidentally the way he kept saying "jabs" with such emphasis led me to looking up the root of the word it comes from "devil's"

    8. GOT it guys:
      1)cytokine storm
      3)blood clotting

      Pretty much what everybody of note, not just Malone, has been saying from the very beginning. Now it's just a waiting game...
      AND when that 3-5 years is up, what excuse are they going to come up with this time? The "purebloods" did it!!

      Who's going to be able to speak up for us then? Hopefully Fauci, gates, et al will have been prosecuted Nuremberg style within an inch of their lives by then, but we can't count on that with this kind of media at work. They've already silenced Carrie Madej (publicly vilified, twitter shut down, her GA business practice closed) in just the last couple of days for daring to speak out against them. Will be in the next post but here's her last 2 speakings:

      Let's all hope she's OK and still physically unharmed. Because I wouldn't put anything past these people....

      Everybody say a prayer for Carrie.


    Thursday night groovefest?


    1. In honour of that bit of celestial fireworks, I might just have to put up a very short but very spooky bit of time travel I just stumbled across for tomorrow night -- not quite sure how to even address it -- but it's knocked me off of my bearings a fair bit.
      Done a bit of checking to make sure it's legit and it all fits and YEP -- it's SPOOOOKY beyond measure and the implications are more than just a little put it mildly.

      Stay tuned. The haunted house just got more than a bit more haunted.

      And Dginn -- one of the best things about your clip was that it led me straight to Marty Stuart doing "Psychotic Reaction!!"

      Between this, what I just found, and "JFK" showing up on the ROKU channel and me watching it again for the first time in, things are WEIRD here!!

      Plus, I get to (pre)view what MAY be the newest Batcave/crash pad/Opium Den/221B Baker St tomorrow -- things are crazy out here on the edge of the wave!!

    2. Meanwhile...

    3. In that podcast Matt Landman brings up how the lockdowns changed ALL of our recourses to challenge the NWO by being able to rely on human emotions.

      On another note, this link is to all those trying to reach people about true spirituality in such a faithless generation. In a time when our true philosophers, prophets, and teachers are shunned and scorned because they are mistakenly lumped into "religion" which was taken over and twisted long ago.
      She has a really interesting testimony of being raised and controlled through trauma and drugs in a satanic cult.

      I think that I might have posted this before but it belongs
      And you can never get enough of prayers to heal my/ your mind and body too, cause the body talks and meditation helps.

      Lol this is the first one that came up after yours, I haven't heard this in probably over a decade.
      Hell if we're going to start the goovefest tonight, despite my headache.

      Hotels are prolly cheaper out here in the boonies! :b

    4. Come on everyone knows the saying give a man a fish and he eats for a day, but teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime right?
      Why is it all about getting and giving food? Instead of more sustainable plans. Out here the farmers used to let local people pick there own food from the field before harvest, they would just charge them a fee per bag. Now with the corporate farms that's all changed and people starve sitting right next to fields. I guess it was too obvious to make it 6.66 billion?

  14. In the spirit of spookiness, here is a link to James Bartley’s latest podcast

    What I like about James is his holistic mind/body/spirit approach to counteracting archontic influences. He’s been at this a long time, and imho his knowledge and instincts run deep.

    This one is a pretty thorough survey of how all the interlocking pieces of tech and malevolence might fit together.

    1. I have a weird story about the "mantis beings" I was walking by the door to where my son was sleeping and I thought I saw what looked like a cross between a praying mantis and a human leaning over my son, I turned on the light and there was nothing there. I blew it off then two years later my ex husband was telling me a seeing the same thing in that room with the lights on. Then I told him what I saw.