Saturday, July 3, 2021



Hands are shakin' got your finger on the trigger

Jesus ain't complainin' gonna figure it out

Somebody raped my tapeworm abortion

Come on motherfuckers and deliver the cow

Brain and body melting while there's roaches multiplying

It's the alien infection it's the coming of Christ

All these sentimental halos and these consequential angels

When I'm runnin' with the devil don't deliver the fight

Don't look at me now

Fell too fast your wings won't hold

Yeah and when I want to

Yeah I will find you

Yeah and when I want to

Yeah I will blind you

Brains are frying while the kings and queens are dying

Satan won the race and the miracle mile

Somebody raped my tapeworm abortion

Come on motherfuckers and deliver the cow……….


You operate and motivate on synthetic fuel

You're Mother Nature and an atom bomb

As long as you're kept full of pretty bodies

Your little secret will be safe with me

Around again Insane again

It comes again and sets me free

So set me free, set me free

'Cause I think you need my soul

Set me free, set me free

So set me free, set me free

'Cause I think you need my soul

Set me free, set me free

You're kept alive and polarized with one thing in mind

Metabolize everything that you see

But now and then or a little later

Now I'm gonna take you down with me….



“A man couldn’t have survived that fire, the more he kills, the more he transcends, he’s the essence of evil.”


There it is.

In one stark statement director John Carpenter has distilled the weltanschauung of the age down into one pearl of wisdom – a tagline for the damned – much as he did with his opening salvo of what would become the Halloween franchise back in 1978. So much water under the bridge since then, but so very little has changed. Oh sure, the horror has become more horrific, both on the screen and in the streets, but the dialogue and the conversation between interested parties remains the same. Destroy humanity as we know it.

This new line, this mantra for a new wave, is featured in his upcoming Halloween Kills, set to crash land in October, of all months. A new time for an all new Autumn of Fear after a paralyzing Summer of Transcendence. At this rate, who knows what will transpire before then, because that thing about transcending lies at the heart of every satanic neopolitan wanna-be at the top of our illustrious food chain. It’s what they drug for, it’s what they sacrifice for, and I’m sure you know I’m not invoking that service-to-others kind of sacrifice here; but sacrifice as in kill for their own spectacle and ends. It’s what they live for. Hmmmm, catchy.

Carpenter, much like a working man’s Kubrick, knows things, and has been laying it out there for decades. What’s going on in the Antarctic? The Thing. What’s the world really all about? They Live. What’s the nature of reality? In The Mouth of Madness. What is the Devil? Prince of Darkness. And he got this whole party started with Halloween, that exploded like a serial killer thought bomb on an unsuspecting Grease/Happy Days/Free Bird sunny 1978 subculture wholly not ready for it. Turns out he laces his fast food with DMT. Guilty pleasures that you realize far too late have transformed your worldview in the going down. The ultimate subversive. Oh sure, ’78 also had its share of the Stones going disco and punk, Elvis and Bruce leading a sonic New Wave, and Cheap Trick and the Cars going all Raspberries punk and techno – as well as many other cultural touchstones – but Halloween opened a door onto something dark and shiny and new, and there would be no closing it in the collective mind ever again. It even used, to great and lingering effect, Don’t Fear the Reaper, one of the darkest, stateliest, and most romantic songs ever written:

Rimbaud or Yeats couldn’t have said it any better.


But where am I going with this? It’s my belief that some times, at certain junctures, things get unleashed into the psychosphere and can’t get put back again. A corner is turned, and nothing is ever the same after. The world becomes altered, and a path is chosen. The mid-and-late 197os were such a juncture, when talk of horoscopes and astrology and UFOs and Bigfoot and the Bermuda Triangle and paranormal activity of all stripes was all the rage. Edgar Cayce. Atlantis. Telepathy. Egypt. Chariots of the Gods. Perhaps it was the next stage of what happened with that Manson-Polanski-Beatles-Beach Boys-Rosemary’s Baby-White album maniacal cosmic vortex of ten years before, but the cycle was coming around again and this time had taken root. And it seems that from then til yesterday, those late 1970s times have taken root and become reality again, NOW. Right outside your doorstep. Because things couldn’t get any more strange in today’s headlines if the Process Church and Erik von Daniken were co-authoring them in John Keel’s daily newspaper.

So much is occurring stage left behind the curtain of the everyday, in that place where secret orders meet to translate secret transmissions. The result is this frankly fried and freaked out world we inhabit and claim to call our own – when the reality hides a tableau far darker than we imagine, where invaders from realms beyond the stars call the shots and the cults and cabals fronting for them translate condensate mediate operate repopulate indoctrinate inoculate propagate consecrate (children ate!!) copulate at your front gate dominate denominate, and finally exterminate your sedated state (extrapolate then call it fate.)  And all this fake neonate polycarbonate real estate we call reality ain’t up for any debate. (Don’t forget to vaccinate.) Got that straight, McAfee? It’s a figure of eight, allllll the way down – nothing more than a tape loop in a big dance hall.

Take it from one of the initial official Crowley followers and aficionados; pretty soon they all wanna get out:

Wise words from a former “player” there, my friends. Might not quite be Dylan’s Gotta Serve Somebody, but the intent is exactly the same.


First up, a little something that just might mean everything in the big picture:

Paging Mr. Icke. Mr. Ike to the white courtesy phone…..paging Mr. Icke.

You’ll also remember a couple of posts back I mentioned the ramp up of HAARP again, now, in accord with ridiculous weather records falling and Venusian heat signatures spiking everywhere, we have this:    

Like the proverbial butterfly flapping its wings, take a gander at some of these videos about what has been happening since then all over Europe:

Obviously we just can’t stop messing around within and without our terrarium until things reach Atlantean proportions and we all just sink beneath the waves of a righteously pissed off Mother  Nature and our own “unintended consequences.” There is nothing new under the sun, and the Tower of Babel will come crashing down over and over again for all time; that much is plain. The psychosphere is rigged to blow. 


I am also not so sure at all that HAARP and related DEW-type platforms couldn’t have played a large part in what happened at Surfside – a horror that also still remains front and center in the news cycle:

Yes, that’s right, whatever is left is now burning. And I am not so sure at all that this contingency wasn’t planned for also. Historically speaking and according to ancient occult ritual, death by fire is a particularly favorite practice (Waco, OKC, 9/11, etc) of these cults. Also remember that if the mercury-switch bombs had gone off at Columbine as intended, many if not all survivors there would have also perished by fire. This is part of their modus operandi; a telling fingerprint that something more, something larger, is in play. Just check the headers to this article for visual proof of all the rituals that have come and gone on the way to transcendence for them.

Florida governor Ron Desantis says "The stench is very thick," after fire breaks out at collapsed building and bodies begin to burn.

Understand there is nothing in there to catch fire.

This is a satanic ritual.

We can land men on the moon and equipment on Mars, but we seemingly can't engineer how to unpack a debris pile from a collapsed apartment building. It's really pathetic.

Obviously they don’t want to actually save anyone. There are people that worship death trying to alter and/or kill us. None of this is random.  


And because some fires are internal, those fingerprints also lead to somethings like this:


Well ain’t that 2 minutes of your life that just changes everything forever? There really IS nothing new under the sun. Yes, you heard that right; Spanish Flu of 1918 = vaccine experiment out of Fort Riley, KS sponsored by the Rockefellers. 50 million then…they’re aiming for 5 billion now. It’s all a numbers game to them, anyway. And just in case you didn’t read this drop of predictive programming in the last 2 posts I put it in, here it is again, because it’s THAT important:

Keep in mind that tracks back to the year 2000 btw. That’s a lot of years of knowing how things are going to play out. In this casino like most, the House of Cards always wins.


And somewhere, Jim Jones is smiling, because this is the wackiest cult behavior I’ve ever seen in my entire life:

Somewhere in the back of our minds we all knew this was coming – there was no way they were ever going to relinquish the reins of control so easily, but to do it this blatantly is shocking. And here we go! They are laying the groundwork right now unless we all pushback, and pushback hard. This is so transparent a power grab (again) – just say NO. People can’t possibly be this brainwashed.


Correlate this:

With this:

And you begin to glimpse the underbelly of the network we are talking about, how they get things done, and exactly why they do what they do. 9/11 didn’t so much begin a War on Terror as it did a War on Us, the American people. And COVID and the vaxx agenda is merely 9/11 2.0, as increasingly more and more of our rights, freedoms, and body autonomy go buh-bye.

That first speaker and terror architect, Donald Rumsfeld, died today at 88. From peddling aspartame to an ignorant world for Searle, even then a known carcinogen causing rampant brain tumors and cancers according to multiple inside buried studies, to 9/11, Rumsfeld was an unceasing opponent of the Everyman. The ways and means that he got aspartame railroaded thru onto the FDA approved list were nefarious at best, and criminal at worst. He can’t be dead enough to suit me. Here is a man responsible for literally millions of deaths and untold human suffering on a scale nearly incalculable – yet he was lauded by everyone from Rush Limbaugh to David Letterman (not the 2 sharpest knives in the drawer to begin with, but…) as a cuddly grandfather-type hero figure that did his best for everyone because he cared. Nobody ever went broke selling mankind’s capacity for self-delusion. (Peace sells, but who’s buying, right?)

For everybody vilifying the Dems and the Left these days – and they deserve to be vilified in the strongest possible terms as they seek to reorder the world – I have but 7 words: do you remember? There is no difference.

This train got rolling a long time ago – and both sides have been, and will continue to be, used against us according to fashion, feasibility, and the way the winds are blowing on that particular day. Don’t trust anyone or anything. Be your own reporter and news gatherer in finding out that one major part of the network connects quite cleanly to every other major part.


And where else can we point to in this war of control and influence to try and make sense of the cacophony around us? In dreams begin responsibilities, and as such, identifying the oppressor and how they maintain such a control system – if we can imagine it, it is very likely being done. A few points of note: is something being constructed within this vaccine agenda – something like a hive mind supercomputer? Before you think I’ve totally gone off the rails consider this:  Charles Lieber was working AT the Wuhan lab just before the outbreak and he's THE guy when it comes to nano electronic insertion for just this purpose. (And Charles Lieber was great and good friends with none other than Jeff Epstein.)

And CRISPR is being used to build dual core computers inside human cells:

Another Epstein buddy, Gates, is doing this, ostensibly out of the goodness of his heart – don’t you believe it (again notice the prominent CRISPR tech):

And this:

Janice Chen, biologist and CRISPR pioneer from the University of California, Berkeley, opened the second session, with the question “Will we create new selves?” as its theme. She envisioned a future in which CRISPR, a genome editing technology, could provide real time diagnostics and potentially head off epidemics. The following speaker, Sanushka Naidoo discussed the potential of new biotechnology tools to address plant responses to pests and pathogens and possible solutions for the future of world-food production and sustainability. “Genetic Modification is a biotechnology that can benefit the hungry and the poor, but it is not accessible due to regulations based on fear and ignorance”, she said. Another topic at the heart of the session was the Anthropocene and the future of the Earth. Elena Bennett, a systems ecologist, provided a positive insight into the way humanity could pursue sustainable development by focusing on a conscious behaviour towards the environment. “It is time for us to start thinking about a radical and inspiring future", was her rallying call.   

Just the merger of CERN and CRISPR should be making us think twice and reassess all of this mightily. Where is this going? Where are we going? Don’t take my word for it – listen to the common sense (horrors!) of Jon Stewart – here giving it right back to the mortified pizzagate cover-upperer himself, the nauseatingly smarmy-bot Colbert:

Let me be certainly not the first to say Jon Stewart didn’t kill himself.

Or Tucker Carlson, for that matter:



Even now, they are plotting for what comes next – hit it Whitney:


And because the ghost of John McAfee is never far from my thoughts of late, here is this again:

Uploaded here once again because my previous link to it, just like every other (even on the prev untouchable waybackmachine) has been vaporized. Let’s see how long this one lasts, shall we? Because as forensic evidence goes, it’s pretty good. And speaking of forensic evidence, something is going on because they are sparing no expense – let’s just look at the timeline with one huge new datapoint inserted:

TIMELINE -- In October 2020, McAfee was arrested in Spain over U.S. tax evasion charges. U.S. federal prosecutors brought criminal and civil charges alleging that McAfee had failed to pay income taxes over a four-year period. On 23 June 2021, he was found dead, due to suicide by hanging, in a prison cell near Barcelona, shortly after his extradition to the U.S. was authorized by the Spanish National Court.

On June 24, 2021, at approximately 1:30 a.m. EDT, Champlain Towers South, a 12-story beachfront condominium building in the Miami suburb of Surfside, Florida, United States, experienced a sudden partial collapse.

2021 data deletion

On 24 June 2021, users reported that their My Book drives had apparently been wiped the day before in a factory reset, perhaps via malware.

All this within 24 hours, not even that, of his death.

A massive purge and offensive seems to be getting underway with the intent of scrubbing and/or burying some highly sensitive data. And if the above headlines are valid, and they certainly appear to be, that’s everyone’s My Book wiped of all data in one fell swoop – globally – overnight. Think about that. All to get one guy’s info burned. Kind of like bringing down a planeload full of people to get one target.

Or an entire apartment complex to ensure destruction of sensitive intel. But hey, “national security,” right? The ends will always justify any means employed by the Deep State.


And now there is this in possibly related news, because don’t we find out sooner or later that it’s ALL related?:

Or perhaps this just could be the Klaus Schwab WEF forces instigating Cyber Polygon a few weeks ahead of sched – especially since it may turn out to be the Event 201 of cybersecurity:

These same folks that did so much for COVID are aiming to do the very same to our critical infrastructure – turn it against us; shut it down; weaponize it. Can’t have us dangerous reactionaries actually talking to each other and making contingency plans, now can they? It might be summer, but the days of darkness are looming.


And since we’re rolling out those crazy summer days, what’s going on in D.C?

Streets closed and blocked off, buildings being emptied (federal and otherwise), massive numbers of dump trucks parked, lockdowns in effect, all right before the 4th – you’d almost think they were preparing for something: 

You need your head on a swivel these days. Because anything can happen now at anytime. If you are in a big city be careful this 4th, and keep your eyes and ears open constantly – something is building…and it’s all tied together: alien viruses, UFO/UAP disclosure, surveillance, mind control lockdowns, social re-ordering, vaccine eugenics, transhumanism, weather control, genetic experimentation, missing children – all of it.  


But then again, who am I to say – maybe it’s the moon:

Whatever the source, we continue to find out more and more:


And NOW it starts to emerge, the full blossom of the horrors they were attempting – and don’t even try to convince me this can’t all be somehow tied to the massive vaccine agenda in play. There is way more going on than we’re being told and anything is possible at this point:

Now look at this recently released film and try and tell me that this wasn’t fairly close to what Epstein had going on underground at the Zorro Ranch and maybe on Little St. James:

All will be revealed, but first, the indoctrination. Everything is true as it’s turning out.

Happy transcending!!



Epstein – is that you?


  1. Great article as always, Wordman.

    Karl Denninger, over at The Market Ticket, who analyses economic info like no one else, has stumbled upon government admission that over 1.7 MILLION Americans have become *disabled*, no longer able to work, since January, undoubtedly due to the "vaccine" (a bit lenghty, and the comments are pretty good as usual):

    1. Holy CRAP JB!! That's a frankly ridiculous number in what amounts to less than 6 months -- Good LORD!!

      I would love to file it under the obligatory "unintended consequences" but as is becoming clearer every passing hour -- this was all VERY much intended.

      Now the only pertinent question remains: how much more fuel is necessary before we begin a new Nuremberg? Because under no circumstances can they be allowed to get away with this. It's like Hitler's dancing one of his jigs somewhere at this point! It's all come true -- Paperclip, propaganda, every ounce of it that we supposedly fought against has been allowed to motherfuckin thrive.

    2. everything worth reading is long JB,I have no problem with words, it's the video's by lazy ass people, that I can not stand, the easiest sense to deceive is vision,that is why it is called tell a vision,and since they needlessly went total digital it has only increased their ability to deceive via our eyes. Cracks me up, people will piss and moan about the boob tube, and then post a video to prove their misguided effort. I have a permanent kink in my neck from shaking my head side to side far too often over the last 20 years from people trying to convince me, they are awake.Most of them were still swimming around in their dad's nuts,when I started tracking this corruption in September of 78,and was a part of what is now called alternative media for years before they setup this op. It's nice to find your peeps these days online.I am familiar with your site also JB, good stuff.

  2. Oh, now you’re a beat poet. You should excerpt some of it and submit it to Poetry Mag.

    1. HAHA! Poetry Mag would hunt me down just to break my fingers and/or steal my laptop! On any given day you can catch me with a goatee however!!

    2. or was he always a beat poet!? lol cheers wordman.

  3. And also KM -- getting back to the prev comments section in the post just prior to this one, you will SERIOUSLY enjoy "The After." Would like to have seen where Carter would have taken it -- maybe one day. But as I said before, given his track record at crystal ball-gazing, this might not be such a bad thing to call it quits after one ep. Yikes!

    And can only echo again your sentiment that X Files is SCARY on-point right now. So over the target it hurts. I also like the fact that there is an overarching theme running thru the series just as there is running thru all our lives at this point = wheels within wheels.

    When you start seeing parallels even within your personal life, you know that there is something truly Jungian and synchronistic going on that the universe is trying to relay to you...

    1. Yeah. My life too. But, then, when you make something you can very easily warp reality. It happened to me. I’m going to watch “The After”. I forgot last night and watched “They Live”, which I had never before seen but which some people are going on about. Turned out to be pretty relevant.

    2. It’s just weird how a current rewatch of X-Files is so very different in the current context. Stuff that used to be pretty out there doesn’t seem out there at all now.

  4. Oh & one more thing KM (I'm like Columbo!): since you've got me on an X Files rant, check out this take from my bud Chris Knowles over at SecretSun -- & hold on to the top of your head because it's about to come off:

    Not sure I'm on board 100% with this thesis, but in hindsight, it starts to make a WHOLE lotta sense -- for better or worse.
    Let me know whatcha think....


    2. I don’t think we even need to make a distinction. It’s like reading Shakespeare. Several interpretations can be held simultaneously without any relevance lost. And one must keep in mind that all production exists in a rhizome. The model of the rhizome is a three dimensional web, in which all things connect to myriad others. For instance, I have a rhizome of blogs, which are now all connected to this blog by this very comment, but every link you make (every breath you take) is further meshing you in the larger rhizome. We call it the web, but Deleuze and Guattari had a better metaphor. As such, the X-Files becomes a part of MK. And then there’s the Chaos Magic element. I’ve done a bunch of experiments in that medium, which lead to making a series of works using synchronicity as a medium. Literally. Reality is that malleable. I’m probably looking at dipping back into that current as my personal reality hit a big chaos wave as a result of my tinkering, but things are settling, so, naturally, I want to stir it again.

    3. KM!!

      Both Roddy Piper and John Carpenter in hindsight have often claimed that THEY LIVE is indeed a documentary.

      Also weird factoid: in debuted at #1 in the 1988 box office, was there for one week, and was summarily pulled from all theatres, without explanation. Gee, think it maybe struck a nerve in Bushland? Something that's never happened to a #1 film before or since.

    4. Holy cow. I had no idea that happened, but it does seem a lot like a documentary at this point. Paging David Icke again. I’m pretty sure he had the Bushes pegged as reptilians.

  5. PS -- a lotta sense in a Monroe Institute kinda way...telepathy between the 2 also; dream states merging; possible alternate lives in parallel universes...see also the film "Coherence" for what I'm getting at:

    1. I’m building up a lot of stuff to watch. I’m going to go look for that film right now.

    2. It’s on Amazon Prime, so I’m watching it. I’ll be back. (Please hear that in the voice Arnold) Stick around. (That too)

    3. You know what would be fun? Submit something to Fate. I’ve published there.

  6. Things are being wound down pretty sharpish here on airstrip one, just another "summer holiday" same as last year before "flu season" kicks off again come the autumn or will "covid 19" be permanently be consigned to the memory hole?

    1. Hey Thorny!!

      From your lips to God's ears, but not so sure they're gonna let go of covid so easily, between rumours of '21' that JB sent to me and the recent 'Delta' & "lambda' variants, seems they've got a lot more up their sleeve. Much like the entire 9/11 workbook, when's the last time they EVER went back on any restrictions once installed -- it's only been thru public pressure that they seemingly have this time around, which encourages me -- temporary tho they may be. Also word comes of late that the recent targets are also going to be cybersecurity and climate change as the next big "things," covid-style ramping up...

    2. Re-posting (the timetable's obviously been delayed 3 - 6 months):

      -First quarter 2021: universal basic income program for everyone, appearance of much worse Covid-21.

      -Second quarter 2021: third worldwide lockdown, no travel of any sort between countries or cities allowed.

      -Third quarter 2021: supply chain broken and inventory gone. Military everywhere.

      Total relief of all debt of any sort by IMF, now known as "World Debt Reset Program", but guaranteed universal basic income and individual debt relief on condition of release of all property and assets forever, as well as, of course, be given Covid-21 vaccine. World Debt Reset Program now in charge of everything.

      Those who take new vaccine will receive photo id "Health Pass", no more lockdown or restrictions for them. Those individuals who refuse sent to isolation facilities - internment camps, "public safety risk" - indefinitely (or until they change their minds).

      Prime Minister Trudeau and main members of Liberal Party in Canada already agreed to this in private, they were told "it'll be the same everywhere on Earth".

    3. Yeah, they’re going to start hitting us with Delta any day now. If people were to actually, really put up some resistance it would be quite helpful, but we all saw how docile and stupid the general public is the first time around.

    4. The "health secretary" here, in place prior to China's announcement 31t December 2019, was sacked a week ago due to having been caught on camera (supposedly moved from it's usual viewpoint & happening to record the incriminating footage) smooching with one of his advisors (no surprise but he has many ties to various pharma related covid cash-grabs though these links have not been focused pon during the extramarital scandal)... "learn to live with covid" is the new public mantra here so a distinct separation compared to the previous year & a half is, at least for the timebeing, front & centre.

      I had been thinking come autumn another lockdown would be the order of the day but now I'm not so sure, perhaps if there isn't one it will simply be in service of a more severe lockdown sometime next year or a few years down the road once the "next one" hits or perhaps something else is going on, Gates etc - frontmen got too big for their boots & the actual string pullers have pulled the rug out from under them & put them back in their place so as to remind them that they're mere lackeys & not the powers that be?

      More than this the desire by folk to return to what they call "normal" is what? Nothing good, this "normal" (with or without the grafting of digital gatekeeping) is an obscenity that gives rise to being played by hoax crimes such as covid in the first place.

    5. Learn to live with the common cold? We did that way back. Literally, if people in the USA would stop going along with this nonsense, it would come to a halt.

    6. No mass deaths from "covid", no mass deaths from the various vaccines (at least not yet & if this were to change by year's end or over the next decade the majority can be blamed on anything but), the zombie apocalypse has taken the form of rolling over & complying hardly the stuff of Hollywood blockbuster narratives.

    7. I’ve been following the work of a few doctors who have spoken against the vaccine. The main point that all have made is that in every single study in which the spike protiens were used to attempt a vaccine, all of the study animals died. 100 percent. They died upon their next exposure to the virus. This time they skipped all of that testing and went straight to humans, but the method is the same. That means flu season this coming year, (or shall we take to calling it “covid season”?) is going to be a very interesting test. Anyone who volunteered to be a lab rat should probably be in a plastic bubble. I say this with no great glee, as both of my kids and my parents and both brothers are now bubble candidates.

  7. PS KM -- waiting on your COHERENCE review!!......

  8. Weirdly, I keep commenting about it and the comments keep disappearing. I watched both Coherence and The After this morning. I had to go outside for a while to decompress. Within our current societal collapse, both of these were utterly disturbing. And after watching They Live last night? I’m surprised I can hold it together at all. I believe everyone who frequents this site would very much enjoy those have they not already seen them. For the record, everybody, Coherence is free on Amazon prime and The After S1E1 is on Youtube.

    1. Disappearing comments? How fitting. They're showing up in that alternate timeline!! Haha! Yes, & after that trifecta, you def need a drink. Or 5. For me, THE AFTER is the worst, since at least in those other 2 we have a middle finger, fighting chance; in The After it's just Over. ALLLL Over. Chris Carter gets all Book of Revelation biblical judgement. (& we have been found wanting...) Oddly enough, gave me a major MILLENNIUM-type jolt.

      VERY sorry that Amazon didn't have the foresight to give it a chance. But, as we've been spookily postulating, given Carter's track record, maybe it would have wound up unleashing things better left untouched...

    2. It’s too damned bad Millennium doesn’t seem to be accessible anywhere right now. But that’s not surprising somehow. I imagine TPTB hardly want people locked in their houses binge-watching that. What a lol that would be. I’m going looking for it again, probably, but I’m thinking that’s the last thing they want people seeing. By the way, do you remember that X-Files episode with the alternate time line? Reggie, the former partner of Mulder, whom nobody but Skinner remembers? It was the one with the Mandela effect. All of this put me in mind of that episode.

  9. The moon is a stone circle.

  10. did you hear of the "PAN RAN" campaign in California, where Senator Richard Pan took $16 million from Big Pharma and is now trying to make the vaccine mandatory? When cornered for questions, he actually ran away on camera.

    That's right, a lot of people in Cali are memeing "Pan ran! Pan ran!"

    1. Oh my LORD that is hilarious!! And extremely fitting for just how cowardly these Great Resetter types are. I'm sensing more & more of a pushback growing too, which is heartening. Even as they float increasing "mandatory" status on multiple platforms, people just aren't having it.

      It's funny, have been watching Wimbledon this week and all masks and lockdowns there are suddenly gone! Come to find out it's because (supposedly) 85% of their populace has gotten the jab -- so it appears 80% give or take is their target number. After that, they could care less what's done. Seems fairly ominous to me, needless to say. Do they know that all of that 85% is now doomed?....soooo, par-taaay all the rest of you useless eaters!! Help me weigh in on this one Thorny!! You're my man on the ground!

      At last count not even 50% of the US has been fully vaxxed, so evidently we're still the problem child. And I can't see that number rising many more points -- unless they scare us all to death with the next wave, which I'm sure is what they fully intend to do. Too many Trumpers over here - haha!! Even tho he capitulated with the vaxx too and is now taking credit for it -- let's see if that stands up when even more people start dropping over...

      And KM!!! You are so very very correct -- ALL of the animals dropped dead in every trial they conducted -- so much so that they simply stopped having them. That's enough! On to the humans!
      I'm told that cats and ferrets were the last line, and yep, every single one, deader than a doornail. Insides basically liquefied. These people truly are the Mengeles of our time.

      And finally, I'm given to understand that there is a great chance that MILLENNIUM (Yay!!) could be picked up by one of the main platforms soon: Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, someone. But again you are correct, as of now it is nada -- you can't even BUY it on Amazon; altho it is available on DVD on that platform. Somebody or bodies does NOT want that particular series out and on the loose amoung the populace....hmmmmmmmm....I wonder why.

      EVERYBODY come on back a little later tonight, say, witching hour time; I have a somewhat emergency batsignal for your perusal...

    2. I actually bought Millennium Season 2 on DVD from a few months ago.

    3. Here's the link:

    4. Yeah, JB, I saw that it was available on DVD. It’s interesting that it’s not available to stream anywhere.

  11. Also, Wordman, I suspect you’re exactly right. There’s a target percentage and after that, who cares? Basically when 50-80 percent of the population drops dead in a few months, somebody is going have to be available for conscriptions to deal with the mess.

  12. I'm pretty f**king sure they're lying big time about how many people got the jab. Example: here in Québec, they say over 50% have been vaccinated, but... NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, among my many neighbors, and friends, and mere second-hand acquaintances, have or want to take it.

    If they artificially inflated the numbers for Covid-19, to make people believe "We're all in this together", then same thing for the jab.

    1. Haha!! Here I am replying to you guys and also readying an emergency drop in a few minutes!! I can pat my head & rub my tummy at the same time too!!

      Cool beans that you got sea 2 JB, that's just where it starts to get good & conspiracy-ey!! Sea 3 too when it gets all Dave McGowan and gov't programmed serial killers. Ridiculously good series and, dare I say, possibly (is it possible?) even MORE relevant these days than X? Just check out the synopsis to sea 3's SKULL AND BONES:

      Enough fun -- batsignal incoming.....

  13. SURFSIDE - The IDF now says no survivors will be found. Because if they are found they won't make it out alive I guess.

  14. good stuff wordman, signed up for e-mail alert, I will be sending traffic your way,I have posted your last couple entries,when you look at your stats,you should start to see rumor mill popping up more in them as we go along. Not sure if you have all these files backed up,but as much work as you have put into it, I learned the hard way in 2012, that these folks here can make your work disappear overnight, as I lost almost 11 and a half years of work and research, close to 7000 files because I had not taken the time to save them offline. Anyhow I will be around here a lot more in the comment section, maybe share some shit from my current blog, which really has only been a half hearted effort on my part, peace be with you brother

  15. Local cops thought that it was time to teach me a lesson the hard way 4-5 of them ripped my child off at my breast and tackled me because I wanted to leave my handler ahem I mean my husband, they

    1. These are some of the bruises after I sat in jail for a week after my husband bonded out the first day. They had just did a full tox screen and psyche eval when they picked me up from the AMBER alert and both the psychiatrist and Dr said no drugs, and solid mental state,

    2. Dhs said that breastfeeding my child in my bed in my bedroom was using my child as a human shield! My children are God knows where with foster families and they used the fact that my house was half packed from me being in the process of leaving as evidence that the children didn't have a safe home.

    3. Two most interesting facts: I told the local cops very loudly outside that I had information about some crimes and I was very specific, though that didn't know what I did have in regards to that the guy had already been convicted of and it would be double jeopardy, old news. Two the "dhs" worker said that I was suffering from delusions when I asked her what delusions she said that I thought the mafia was after me, then she admitted that I didn't say this the cops told her that.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. When are the cops going to realize that I didn't inherit the mafia and when is the mafia going to realize that I'm not a fucking cop and when ARE ALL THE GUYS GOING TO REALIZE THAT WHOEVER IS TRAUMATIZING CHILDREN IN THIS WAY IS THE ENEMY OF HUMANITY AND SOCIETY!

  16. I'm still trying to dig through the MASSIVE INFO DUMPS that you let loose while I was gone. That dual core cells WTAF? The lizard DNA HILARIOUS!