Thursday, November 18, 2021

BACK TO 9/11


In honor of the longest partial lunar eclipse tonight for another 600 years -- despite my vampiric tendencies, pretty sure I won't be around for that one, although, never say never(!!) -- am going to just leave this here and slowly back away as we head back into 9/11...which, after all this time, continues to ramp up the befuddling and the spooky in equal measure.

Can only say I was fairly gobsmacked at the implications when stumbling upon this clip, which has been unearthed by some poor soul digging thru records looking for the signal in the noise. To which I can only say sometimes you find paydirt:    

Here you'll see the highly obnoxious Porter Goss holding forth on the morning of 9/11/01 smack dab in between what had just happened in New York, and what was about to happen in DC.

Goss was a slippery and highly influential snake person implicated in all manner of skullduggery, not least of which was the JFK assassination, elucidated here:   

But I digress....there will be other times to illuminate other False Flags, Black Ops, and Rogue Coups.

You will hear quite clearly at the 6 second mark in this footage, the sound of the Pentagon being hit -- by something. 

But the interesting part is what comes afterwards....the sound of large jet engines screaming right over the assembled throng's heads.....AFTER the sound of impact which had evidently come from beyond the knoll behind them. What IS it always with knolls, and groves, and enclaves with these people?

So, not to put too fine a point on it, but if Flight 77 vaporized and obliterated itself upon impact with the Pentagon -- all the while not leaving a mark on the pristine grass in the runup nor being able to knock down light poles and stanchions directly in front of the impact zone....which, call me crazy, seems impossible for a 767 flying at over 500 mph as low "down on the deck" as possible -- this according to the OFFICIAL story -- then WHAT exactly struck the Pentagon that morning?

And WHAT was flying over the heads of Goss et al just seconds later?

You may assume, and quite rightly so, that that was either one or more of the federally called-up military responses from NORAD, but NOPE -- that dog don't hunt as they used to say:

At 09:35, Colin Scoggins from the FAA's Boston Center again called NEADS to inform them that they had located an aircraft, which later turned out to be Flight 77, heading toward Washington D.C. at a high speed. Two minutes later, a NEADS radar technician spotted a target he believed to be Flight 77. This radar target was in fact Flight 77, but the target vanished as soon as it was discovered.[2][4] NEADS officials urgently ordered the fighters from Langley to be sent to Washington immediately, but the plane struck the Pentagon at 09:37:46. The Langley fighters were still 150 miles away.             

So as you can see, even this much time passed and at this late date, in everything regarding 9/11, the spooky just keeps on comin'.

Much as in the JFK assassination, it's those unanswered questions that keep you up at night.

Far from thinking that we know everything that went on that (quite literally) star-crossed day, we still know absolutely nothing. And just as in the midnight COVID agenda that encompasses the masks and the vaxx and everything else, we should have learned by now and to our everlasting horror, that to trust the authorities and the powers-that-shouldn't-be is to invite disaster of the darkest kind into our lives.

If a 767 didn't strike the Pentagon, what did?

What happened to the real Flight 77?

What happened to all the passengers?

All matters that will be addressed, along with much more, later right here. But for now, listen again, and hear the sound of things they don't want you to notice and desperately hope you've forgotten.



  1. We're dead already. The whole world is dead already. We're just waiting to see how it ends.

    As my old, long-lost pal the Wrong Way Wizard once said: "The world was already on life-support. On 9/11, they just pulled the plug. The twin prongs of the Twin Towers, the "ground" that was Building number 7, it was literally a plug they pulled."



  2. "Agartha" according to Gérard de Nerval, master of the French freemasons (according to Robert Charroux):

    Hiram was a Phoenician mason sent to King Solomon by the King of Tyre. As he was smelting a couple of golden cherubim for the temple, a *giant made of bronze*, with a hammer in his hand, grabbed a hold of Hiram and brought him to *the inhabited center of the Earth*, where lies the palace of Enoch/Hermes/Edris.

    The bronze giant tells Hiram that his name is Tubal-Cain, son of Lamech, the one who taught men how to forge metal.

    During the guided tour of the Underworld, Tubal-Cain tells him: "Your feet are walking upon the great Emerald which serves as root and pivot for the mountain of Kaf; here reigns without sharing the lineage of Cain, here ends the jealous tyranny of Adonai, god of the surface and heavens, for here we may live forever, feeding from the fruits of science.

    The divine spark, the soul, given to each man by Adonai, is here placed within the bodies of mechanical bronze giants, so we no longer need fragile flesh, so we may never perish and die."

    Tubal-Cain shows him the white stone tomb of Adam, father of humanity but not of Cain, whose father was in truth Lucifer, Iblis, all his descendants are "the lineage of fire".

    He then sees legions of gnomes, joyfully slaving away underground with hammers and fire, chanting "Honor to Tubal-Cain! He who saved us from the Great Flood by building this mighty city beneath the Great Pyramid!"

    Hiram feels great pride towards this world below, known as Agartha, where the worker is king. He is then returned to the surface, instructed to hate God and glorify men, promising honor bestowed upon his name in death after the Brotherhood of the Freemasons has been founded...

    So... the "real story" of the Freemies is eerily similar to what Lord Kinbote told that crazy Rocky guy in "Jose Chung's From Outer Space".

    1. Right back at you sir!! And in honour of YOUR comment, here's this, which (& must admit I'm partial & based as they say) I always thought was the highlight of one of the best hours of television ever:

      And did somebody say AGHARTA??!!
      Take it away Miles, you Dark Magus you.....

      & btw you're so right JB -- 9/11 owing to when I started this blog is something I haven't examined NEAR enough, esp since it stands as one of the now 3 chair legs outlining our occult deconstruction in our lifetimes:

      All sought to inflict (& achieved) maximum bang-for-the-buck ultimate trauma-wise in burying us all under waves of fear-inducing horror for as long as possible. And it was & continues to be the kind of Trauma that CHANGES people on the most massive scale possible. Alchemy. Transmutation. Literally separating people from their senses.

    2. Hey, I was just looking into Hiram. I didn't know that about his connection to Tubal-Cain though.
      This is where that bible verse comes in! I posted it once but it's coming back around, I knew it would. 2 Chronicles 2:14

      A Temple would have candles, curtains, metal work, ropes, stone work and timber.
      First blacksmith

    3. Right there with you WORDMAN "I've always been fascinated by how people's sense of consciousness can be TRANSFORMED by nothing more magical than words, MERE WORDS."

      It led me to this one:

    4. HAHAHAHA -- "Afterwards, sex seems trite."

      UNBELIEVABLY brill line. ALWAYS remembered that one. Where, oh where, is TV & writing like this anymore?

      "Jose Chung" btw was prob the most genius encapsulation of everything John Keel ever wrote wrapped up in 60 chilling, sublime minutes. Amazing episode.

    5. RIGHT? LOL I was told once by someone that he and someone else were picked up and drugged and hypnotized, to be convinced that it was aliens. It wore off enough he remembered the men. But when they were trying to convince him he decided to try to fly there UFO, like lucid dreaming, apparently they weren't expecting this reaction and cut it off short.
      Man I gotta make a friend that has all the x files and twin peaks because I can't find full episodes anywhere. One of the only regrets I have going most of my life without TV, I've only seen bits and pieces of them.

  3. Goss didn't even break stride or show any recognition of the obvious explosion at :06 in the video nor did he show the look of surprise that everyone else had when the jet engine went overhead.

    As for the eclipse, it is currently raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock here in the PNW and as usual, we will miss another once in a lifetime celestial event.

    1. Great catch there Philby!! Darn tootin, methinks Goss was fairly "looped in" as to the goings on that morning -- as befitting his lineage and backstory he well would have been...

      For certain one of the "persons of interest" I'd love to be alone with with just some rope, shackles and sodium pentothal for a few hours. This isn't rocket science, ya know!! Me, you, & some pals & we'd get the answers to EVERYTHING....

  4. PS -- and speaking of JFK Assassination info-release parameters and beyond, how's this for familiar?

    FDA says SURE we'll give you all the pertinent vaxx data testing and ingredients info, just hang on til 2076.

    Prob just a year or 2 after all that JFK info gets to see the light of day. Parallel ops require parallel obfuscations, right?

    Gotta make sure all those Bush and Fauci and Gates family members are safely outta harm's way of all those pitchforks and torches, right?

  5. And since I seem to be remarking on it so much lately -- this just so happens to be the most poignant monster movie ever made -- and make no mistake, in form and function it IS a monster movie:


    1. Man I haven't seen that in years, I forgot how good it was.

      This is really good:

  6. stay balanced, keep smiling, you got this. The quicker their world destroys itself, the sooner we can start living life on Earth again. Btw I say it was one of our own cruise missiles that destroyed all the evidence at the Pentagon.


    1. I can see it pretty well though I don't get how the shadows line up, kinda like when we had that blood moon with the sun STILL VISIBLE on the horizon. Get this it's 11/19 and they said that everyone should go out at 2:19am to see it best.

  7. "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Pentagon" (apologies to Bart Sibrel), "The Eagle has landed/It's one small step..." "moonlanding" as template for the global telecast event that was "9/11".

    Out of the ashes of "Ground Zero" a rocket syringe has been pulled, the burnt offering residues of a rocket launch - a "moonshot" (one of the key terms used the past "two weeks" to promote the effort invested & hoped for awe/loosh harvest from the coughfib jaberdaberdoo) contrasted with the absence of dust thrown up onto the feet of the LEM overlap with the inconsistencies of the offical "9/11"/moonshot re-enectment narrative, almost as if the pulverised WTC could act as the "moondust" the LEM disturbed on landing (but not seen dirtying the feet in NASA photos) & the "Building 7" anomoly could act as a metaphor for things like hot/cold insulation, radiation shielding, space for the parachutes & latter rover & on & on.

    "Affirmation Tower":

    "The amazing 1,633ft-high 'UPSIDE DOWN' New York skyscraper set to be the second-tallest building in the Western Hemisphere"

    "If Affirmation Tower is built only One World Trade Center will trump its height in the Western Hemisphere"

    "The skyscraper would be the tallest in the Big Apple by a black architect, Ghanian-British Sir David Adjaye"

    "Stunning renderings have been unveiled of an incredible 'upside down' supertall New York skyscraper that cantilevers outwards from the bottom up."

    Looks like there's a temple on the crown-like top floor & not only does the outer structure resemble that seen on the former WTC buildings (called out repeatedly by this building NOT being taller than the "Ground Zero" replacement) but the ground floor roof tops also remind me of:

    as located in Manhattan 55 Central Park West & also used as one of the main locations (& therefore characters) - "spook central", in the original "Ghostbusters" movie. The ziggurat stylings of the upper floors & the rooftop itself weren't judged to be suitable for use as physical setting for the finale of the movie so via the "magic of the movies" a temple to a Sumerian deity was super-imposed/replaced by a stage set & models:*

    The "Ghostbusters" ensure that "Gremlin" like "spooks, spectres or ghosts" are trapped & unable to engage in mischief, mayhem or terrorising the citizens of NYC & they even go so far as to take on a Sumerian God in the hopes of returning things to spiritual unmolested & undisrupted normality but in defeating it ("Gozer" the Sumerian deity can be "Whatever it wants to be", which also happens to be the essence of the clarion call of woketivism: "do what you want, be who you want to be" & its project as emphasised by the "Affirmation Tower" demographics) the top of "spook central" is blown up (recalling hypotheses of ziggurats as rocket launch sites).

    1. "Egon Spengler", played by Harold Ramis (also co-writer of "Ghostbusters", who along with director Ivan Reitman suggested to Dan Aykroyd - drawing on his dentist uncle's diaries of early 20th century spirtualism & ghostly investigating to draft the first script - to cut & paste the dimension-hopping tail to somewhere more "identifiable" hence the Manhattan setting), is the only *ahem* legit scientist of the "Ghostbusters" & states that the "roof cap" temple of "spook cental" is:

      "exactly like the kind of telemetry tracker NASA uses to identify dead pulsars in deep space" & that this "superconductive antenna" serves to pull in & concentrate "spiritual turbulence" serving as a "door" through which "something terrible" will "enter our world"

      Though Ramis passed on 7 years ago he & his on screen role is front & centre in the latest grave robbing revival of the franchise "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" due for release tonight coinciding with the "full blood moon eclipse" which I'm now seeing called "‘blood’ Beaver Moon", in "Ghostbusters" fraud "Doctor" Bill Murray as "Peter Venkman" asks a pruirient question of a just-spooked & post-menopausal lady in regards to whether she "Alice" is "menstrating right now" (so "Wet Ass Pussy" & therefore "We Are Perseus" chatter is also part of the concoction).

      "Ghostbusters" is all about that liminal zone where the living & the dead interact, it's always "All Hallows/Día de los Muertos" in the world of the "Ghostbusters" & the repeated attempts at keeping the franchise "alive" over the years happens to synch with the "full blood moon beaver eclipse".

      One World Trade Centre might be the "tallest" building in Manhattan but neither it, nor any other aspirant architecture, has ever gotten quite so high up into the sky as those Gemini, Apollo, Shuttle & soon to be Artemis structures (or so we're told) or even the even further afield fantasies those such as Musk, the Amazon frontman (or von Braun) etc ever drool(ed) possible.

  8. I've seen this movie before a couple years ago, it's good, but I was just reminded of it. And with the black nanoparticle eye drops in it, I thought I'd share it here

    1. And Raven symbolism features prominently in it.

  9. Kenosha has ram's horns:

    Maybe Pan was looking out for Kyle?

  10. 2 things:

    Re more JFK news, this just popped up over at godlikeproductions in a Jack Ruby thread of all places:

    "My Dad worked with Jim Garrison on the JFK assassination case. Dad is 83 years old and still won't share details of what he learned. His reason is, 'There are still people who could hurt you and your brothers.'

    Dad only shared 3 things but would not give any background information:

    1. Our neighbor, Dr. D., who was an ER doctor said that a few weeks before the assassination a weird looking guy came in to the ER as an OD. The guy kept saying that the President would be killed in Dallas. Naturally, Dr. D. and the other staff thought the guy was talking crazy because of the drugs. They saved him and he went home 2 days later. The patient's name was David Ferrie.

    2. Dad detested LBJ. He inferred that Johnson was part of the conspiracy.

    3. It wasn't Oswald."

    Aaaaaaand, my rental agent's (for the new 221B Baker Street) name is Raven.

    Because of course it is........

    1. Lol so then you can guess what those pages of a book on North American birds was that went to the wind with a fake golden feather ;) the universe is SPOOKY.

    2. Funny thought it was a BLACK feather spray painted gold and there's tons more synchs with those birds.

  11. Oh & JB --

    Maybe Pan IS Kyle.

    First Virginia, then numerous Fed courts & counting all decimate Biden's Jan 4 OSHA mandate, now Kenosha.......

    Could we all be finally coming to our actual SENSES or something??
    Whatevs, the Biden agenda is taking on water faster than the Titanic post-shimmying up next to the big ice cube.

    And it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of psychos.

    1. Something that was photoshopped out of every mainstream publication of this picture, but was kept for the memes:

    2. LMAO WTF God the image to the world of what the streets of America are like. So ashamed of what my country has become. Though I can distinctively say, I can't see it getting like THAT out here anytime soon.

    3. Wouldn't it have to be other way around Kyle is Pan? Have you seen the synchronicities like the Saint Kyle or saint Kenocha and stuff.

    4. I have. Pan/Jesus, the old Good Shepherd/the new Good Shepherd, all the same.

    5. Dginn!!

      That Raven YT track is fire -- and btw, I see what you did there with, ahem, your earlier BAKER STREET!! You sly minx!! Can always count on you. 43 years and counting and that still remains one of the all-time great sax solos...

      Gonna leave this here too in lieu of creating a whole new post around it (which I still might do) -- Jeff Wells lasers in again and makes me feel like a beginner:

      Going to have to study that thread very VERY closely....

      And in case anyone's keeping score, the Ghislaine Maxwell trial started today (same day Rittenhouse's finishes...)

      I think that's called burying the lead.

      And there are many reasons for that. Of which I will be underscoring shortly....

      Happy Full Moon Fever guys!! Have fun of what's left of Friday Night --

      And for you Dginnster: (Once more with feeling) -- me saying howdy at 1:03:

      Ever get the feeling that we're all just playing out our parts out of time to roles we've all played before?

    6. Holy Cannoli Wordman! You did it again. Floored. Goss was in on it. No shock in body language. Djinn if you ever find that person with all the episodes. Call me I'm coming over to watch with you. I never watch T.V. And then the big shock for me! Who in the world thinks a dangling participle tonsil tickle is a great idea in chaos, gun fire, and bicep blown off? Is that real? That is CRAZY! WTF? REALLY?

    7. And me in the shades and white boots! ;)

      Hey it's changed back to "began to pray"

      A number of years ago it definitely changed to 'pretend'. Now it's without a doubt 'began'.


    9. Did you notice the names in OTHER LIFE? REN and SAM. and Sam Tinnaez sings RAVEN. I've said it before but I'll say it again so absolutely divinely talented!

      The principle of ren is related to the concepts of li and yi. Li is often translated as "ritual" while yi is often translated as "righteousness". These three interrelated terms deal with agency as Confucians conceive it. Li is the action which has been deemed appropriate by society, yi is the action that is indeed correct, while ren deals with the relationship between the agent and object of the action. Often li and yi are the same; however, that is not always the case.

      REN is best exemplified by normal adult's protective feelings toward children.

      Li is the outward expression of Confucian ideals, while ren is both the inward and outward expressions of those same ideals. According to Hopfe and Woodward: "Basically, li seems to mean 'the course of life as it is intended to go'. Li also has religious and social connotations. When a society lives by li, it moves smoothly: men and women respect their elders and superiors; the proper rituals and ceremonies are performed; everything and everyone is in its proper place."[11]

    10. Good to see you girl! I missed your bright shining hugs all around!

    11. Dude’s foot goes through the courtroom floor at the Rittenhouse trial:

      Some interesting stuff here… Kyle himself was a Sandy Hook kid? Huh… but the most important point is at 14:00:

      “I want you to ask yourself, when you’re being told information, like… vials of smallpox are suddenly found and you get to know about it, why? Why do you get to know about it? Because they’re setting up a narrative. What is that narrative? What does the narrative gain? Everything in these operations is designed to make you afraid.”

      I thank the maker every day for the gift of common sense and discernment. And thanks to everyone here for shining your Light.

    12. I got sent this earlier, that Biden mask OMG!
      Someone that I knew that had worked for TSA said anytime they ACTUALLY find anything the public never knows about it. If you hear about anything in the news it's because it serves a purpose.

    13. Oh know that was in person someone I knew I was talking about the link tru3 posted I got sent earlier.

  12. Space Needle symbolism in full effect as heard discussed by:

    "Human Vibration on Dark Matter Digital Network"

    Earlier this past "two weeks" NASA's ISS "Celestial Immunity":

    "(May 22, 2021) --- NASA astronaut and Expedition 65 Flight Engineer Mark Vande Hei services donor cell samples inside the Kibo laboratory module's Life Science Glovebox. The samples for the Celestial Immunity study are compared to cell cultures harvested on Earth and may help scientists develop new vaccines and drugs to treat diseases on Earth."

    "McArthur, on May 12, wrote that she, along with NASA astronaut Mark T Vande Hei, was conducting an experiment called Celestial immunity, which studies the effect of gravity on functional immune response, and could uncover new immune pathways useful for the development of new vaccines and drugs for prevention and treatment of diseases. McArthur said she was being guided by an expert from Earth."

    "guided by an expert from Earth"

    Also included in the article is the line:

    "Time-Lapse Video Of City Lights And Celestial Lights"

    "I didn't "grow up" doing the kind of lab work I'm doing on @Space_Station, so I'm glad to have an expert on the ground looking over my shoulder and talking me through it!"

    the tweet includes images one of which is cropped so text saying "FLIGHT DIRECTOR" reads more like "LIGHT DIRECTOR".

    MM emphasises her lack of experience in regards to working on "Celestial Immunity" & is yet to tweet again since returning to Earth November 8th. Looks like hers & other astronauts use their @Astro_(insert name) purely for mission updates.


    1. Alright Kendra & GiGi (or is that Dgi-Dgi??!!)

      Thought for that fine day I'd let you Riot Grrrrls know that I happen to possess every single ep of both X-Files & Twin Peaks on DVD all boxed up & ready to be shipped off to their new home in (Son of)221B Baker Street....soon to be inhabited by yours truly.
      (Oh, & also the films Fight The Future & Fire Walk With Me!! -- both mandatory viewing for any self-respecting apocalypse bunker!!)

      To which I can only add....VIEWING PAR-TAY!!!

      All martinis, daquiris, and Moscow Mules definitely NOT optional -- they're required also!!)

      ** plus any S'mores, brownies, cookies, &/or hot toddies you care to name.

      Ovaltine? Sure, bring that too. Plenty of blankets & snuggies also.

      All holiday flavoured baked goods also welcome.

      The Opium Den/crash pad awaits Wordman's Angels......

    2. Oh i honestly would take you up on that if I had a way too ;)

      Here's to time, and us all playing out roles that we have before! lol couldn't resist

  14. I'm driving over now... Baker Street... Baker Street... Uhhh hhhmmm need a town. I'll wait in blanket fort till you get moved in. Hahaha How many days to binge watch all of that? A week? Have your people call my people we can go over shed-ules. I love when someone says Shedddules! Sounds tres chic. (Busts up laughing) hugs to all Me, Myself and I out

  15. PS: Amaretto DiSarono please hiccups hahaha

    1. Strawberry cream rose tequila :) :) or a good Irish cream in some coffee. I'll bring my electric blanket. And don't be stingy with that opium, I want to expand my mind too! J/K lol one time I was making plans for my children's birthday and I was joking around saying that we'll need lots of drugs too in order to handle it, and my family member said that they didn't show because I said that. They didn't realize it was a joke ;)