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“And he cried out with a mighty voice, saying, ‘Fallen, fallen is Babylon the Great! She has become the dwelling place of demons, and a prison for every unclean spirit and hateful bird…And the Kings of the Earth, who committed acts of immorality, and lived sensuously with her, will weep and lament over her when they see the smoke of her burning, standing at a distance because of the fear of her torment. Saying woe, woe, the Great City, Babylon, the strong city! For in one hour, your judgment has come.’”  

“Telegram force and ready
I knew this was a big mistake
There's a fine line drawing
My senses together
And I think it's about to break/
Nightshades on a warning
Give me strength at least give me a light
Give me anything even sympathy
There's a chance you could be right
If I listen close I can hear them singers, oh-whoa-oh
Voices in your body coming through on the radio
The Union of the Snake is on the climb
Moving up it's gonna race it's gonna break
Through the borderline…
The Union of the Snake is on the climb
It's gonna race, it's gonna break, it's gonna move up
Through the borderline….”     
Union of the Snake   Duran Duran   10/17/83

“Say a prayer for the rumours
The rumours of war
The last moody summer
Was autumn in covers
Bespeaks of dogs in the dark
A perfect reunion
Of bloody communion
Where do we find
Noah's ark?
A thousand words or more
Seep through the floor
And then take root in the soil
Growing trees of doubt
Helpless people shout
Until their blood starts to boil
If you all get to Heaven
Say a prayer for Asmodeus
Say a prayer for Belial
Say a prayer for his denial
But most of all you gotta say a prayer for me…”  
If You All Get To Heaven    Terence Trent D’Arby  1987

“History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of man.”      Godzilla     Blue Oyster Cult    1977

If you’re keeping score, keep your head down, because the suicide weekends are in full swing and bearing down with terminal momentum as June breaks. The Great Awakening body count is soaring on tornadic wings, and a sense of anything-can-happen is exploding along with our ecosystem and our enlightened minds. And these are merely the statistical ramifications – just wait until we get to the causes, the crushing mass of what may be at the crux of all this. Because the behind-the-scenes nightmare fuel, if I don’t miss my guess, is revelatory, and, as always, dripping with elite-level occult symbolism and the sigil magick of aeons past. A false calm pervades this haunted landscape, and a sinister stillness obscures unmentionable evils.

First, over the last week, the fallen in Babylon, as she awaits her weighing:
June 4th, Linda Collins-Smith (former Arkansas State Senator) died in home from gunshot wound. Reportedly the condition of the body prevented any positive identification.
June 5th, Jonathan Nichols (former Oklahoma State Senator) died in home from gunshot wound.
June 5th, Steven Silks (Deputy Chief of NYPD) died in car from gunshot wound just one month before retirement.
June 6th, Joseph Calabrese (Detective of NYPD) died in bushes in Plumb Beach from gunshot wound to the head.

Collins-Smith was investigating Clinton Foundation ties to child trafficking, networks delivering “merchandise,” and some $27 million missing from the coffers of the Department of Homeland Security as well as Child Protective Services. She may also have been a party to the Department of Justice raiding the Clinton Library in Little Rock of multiple boxes of records last year concerning, once again, following the money trail(s) of the Clinton Foundation.

Collins-Smith, according to sources close to the case, was also about to go public with incriminating information on several sitting judges in Arkansas who were taking babies from poor women in the State via the Department of Human Services and Child Protective Services and then selling them to wealthy individuals. She was also retweeting many NXIVM trial updates. Any one of these factors could have placed her squarely in the crosshairs of the Clinton Arkanicide machine. All of them together and her fate was sealed. (Along with all official records pertaining to this case by a sitting federal judge, by the way.) 

Nichols was instrumental in introducing legislation mandating the death penalty for all pedophile-related offenses. For those well versed in these kinds of things, I’m fairly sure I don’t have to remind you that both Oklahoma and Arkansas are flashpoints and central network hubs for every kind of trafficking imaginable, from drugs to children to weapons. Any senators looking to clean house in these infested swamp waters better come loaded to the gills. As Warren Zevon wisely crooned, send lawyers, guns, and money.

Both the Chief of Police (Silks) and the Detective of the NYPD (Calabrese) had intimate knowledge of Anthony Weiner’s “insurance” file on his laptop when it was seized by the NYPD in the fall of 2016. Widely disseminated as inside information during the fallout of the Podesta/Clinton emails that led to what we all know as “pizzagate,” this insurance file was said to have contained information concerning crimes against children, and to have been of such a profoundly grisly nature that Silks himself was moved to tears, and personally promised to release this information to the public himself if federal agencies (first and foremost the FBI) were not forthcoming in doing so.

Of course this was before Loretta Lynch herself entered the picture along with her own DOJ forces and shut the entire affair down, threatening grievous bodily harm to any officers and their families should this information reach the light of day, in a blatant miscarriage of justice.

All in all, this appears to be a clean-up operation in full flow, wouldn’t you say? All signs indicate that the long-awaited storm might finally be starting, at least on their side, which means that they know their time is short, and something is coming, hence this mop-up of everyone who might have known what was on that laptop.

Think of all the Ops that have mysteriously materialized when this secret has threatened to get out of the cage: the taking down of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City where all the Whitewater/Mena records were being held (they had all been moved there in the weeks prior to the event.)

9-11 just happening to come along the same week the Spotlight investigative section of the Boston Globe was going to run their massive disclosure piece that the Boston Archdiocese had been engaging in pedophilic crimes against the youth of that city and surrounding areas for decades, and had covered it up for just as long, burying records and moving convicted priests to other parishes under cover of the night, always with CVs that had been wiped clean so they might continue “preying” in more unaware pastures.

With what happened on September 11th that story was effectively shelved for many long months, as well as having its impact greatly diminished amid the fervid war/revenge mindset of the time, thanks to the Neo-Con lies of the Bush junta.

I feel like Jim Garrison, in his frustration, talking to his wife about the murder of RFK juxtaposed against the one of JFK: “You think THIS doesn’t have something to do with THAT? Can’t you SEE?!”

In other words, these same people in politics, in organized religion, in finance, they all worship at the same altar, to the same gods. They do what’s in the best interests of each other to have their goals hidden, their ways obfuscated, their abounding-in- pleasures secret. They watch each other’s backs, they handshake the secret handshakes, and they will….do…..anything.  These people ride cold, and the lives of many, of 168+ in Oklahoma, of at least 76 in Waco, of 3,000 in New York… you actually think those numbers mean shit to these killers?

Why is the final crucible for them always the defiling of children, of innocence? Because if you are capable of that, you are capable of ANYTHING. See above. And around and around we go.

But what about the cause, you say. Can we pinpoint anything definitively? Where did all this start? How is it continuing? Where is it going? Ah ha! The Devil, as they say, is in the details…

In 1582 the noted mage, alchemist, astrologer, astronomer, and purveyor of all things occult and generally “ooky” to the Royal Court, John Dee, met one Edward Kelley, going under the alias Edward Talbot at the time. These 2 together would form a union that spanned worlds and pierced dimensions. Over the last 3 decades of Dee’s life, his communions with Kelley would inform his existence and build a bridge to the world we now inhabit, for better or worse – lording over the expansion of the whole of the UK into the British Empire and gathering civilizations together globally into what they were told to call the New World Order. But told? Told by whom? And therein lies a tale….

Kelley and Dee came together in a paired vision of furthering Dee’s experiments in a physical, alchemical opening of pathways between this realm and the beyond, and of establishing a communications link between themselves and non-corporeal entities, which Dee hoped were representing the angelic realm. He would later come to have grave misgivings about the nature of exactly whom he was communicating with. More pointedly, he would begin to believe he was in the midst of a mass deception by beings that were only masquerading as angels, and who were using their same language.

His concerns were anything but unfounded, and came to a head finally in 1587 when the “angels” commanded that he and Kelley swap wives, presumably for the incantations and alchemy to take greatest effect. Dee capitulated to this, but very soon regretted it, and finally called an end to the association with Kelley, as well as their attempted communications with these “others.” But seemingly, and for us, the damage had already been done. (As an aside, isn’t it interesting how many times in alchemical communications such as this, sex seems to carry an overriding weight of importance. Look to the sex magick of the Babalon Working of Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard, practically everything Crowley invested himself in, the sexual free-for-alls of the OTO, the Golden Dawn, the Solar Temple, the Process Church,  what Manson was attempting, Jonestown, NXIVM, the list is endless…) 

It is almost as if sex, lots of it, and the more deviant the better, is needed to open something from there to here. It’s at times enough to make one think that all of these were only primitive salvos, precursor opening drills, for what has manifested today in the rampant spread of what is one huge pedophile network that encircles the globe.

This concern is made manifest in a painting commissioned by Dee which had an ingeniously   hidden subtext. He made sure that the warning would only be able to be seen when the ability of the technology caught up with and emerged into very times he was targeting – the times so many years ahead that were also the nexus of the curiosity of the entities he and Kelley were in league with. Our times. Modern times. Because hidden in a seemingly pedestrian painting of Dee manifesting a conjuring routine before the Royal Court, he had commissioned the artist to paint him in the middle of a ring of human skulls – which were then painted over. And which would only become visible through the emergence of X-ray technology.

 How would he know this? Just how brilliant of a man was Dee? Or do we now delve into other, perhaps more esoteric talents of his? Could he truly see into the future? More to the point, why do something like this – send this kind of symbolic red alert – if he couldn’t? Could he see where all this was going? Did he glimpse the endgame? Or was he told? 

As for Kelley, the information stream he received, and how he received it, is telling. He and Dee were originally charged by the Royal Court of Elizabeth I to establish contact, if possible, with these beings to further the advance of the British Empire, politically, militarily, and philosophically, around the world. Sound familiar? Perhaps the weaponization of all spiritual and occult forces comes to mind, and to wed that to technology to advance an agenda. Except, unbeknownst to the foolish mortals, the angelic realm, which of course includes the Fallen, had an agenda as well.

According to information from research of the great Anthony Patch, Kelley had been given a homework assignment in the early days of contact, when a rudimentary “alphabet” (the “Enochian Keys”) was attempting to be constructed on instructions from the beings that both he and Dee had come to know as Enochian, from the infamous lost Book of Enoch which had been removed from the Bible.  Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah, compiled these writings which explained why the Great Flood was morally necessary, and also ventured into the topics and material which verged on the supernatural and demonic, citing that these beings had infiltrated the earth and its inhabitants, which begat Divine intervention and its many ramifications, compiling all of the episodes under the subject of “the Fall of the Watchers.” Many portions of the Book of Enoch were found alongside the Dead Sea Scrolls, which began being unearthed in 1947. Many portions, especially those concerning the Watchers, are estimated to have been written some 300 years before the appearance of Christ.

If these writings are considered canon, then Enoch himself had very intimate knowledge of other-worldly beings and their ways and languages. Kelley had been given this homework assignment by an “angel” he was in contact with at the time, to gain an understanding and a transcribing of the Enochian alphabet that Kelley and Dee had previously attempted by contact with these entities – when Kelley responded that he still could not understand or communicate in this way, that nothing was “coming through,” he was “squeezed” by this celestial force for some 20 minutes of time in which he was placed in immense physical agony. When this finally ceased, Kelley found that he could now indeed communicate using the appropriate letters that had been somehow imparted to him by this force. He began copying down the Enochian alphabet that occultists now know today:

Something jump-started Kelley’s DNA; downloaded the darkly celestial straight into his blood and bone mainframe. He saw this as an actual alphabet but also as a field with 4 square tablets within it joined by a cross in the middle, a “Great Table.”

This also happens to correspond to the number (64) of codons within DNA. (DNA and RNA molecules are indeed written in a language… A codon being a sequence of 3 DNA or RNA nucleotides.)  DNA sequencing contains binary coding, of which much more was discovered during Dr. Craig Venter’s research during the infamous Human Genome Project, which branched out into areas not widely known even amoung the gated scientific community.  Dare I say esoteric areas, only one of which discovered that DNA has an alphabet contained within it; an alphabet which matches the one which was imparted to Kelley.

Care to venture a guess as to where else this “Great Table” shows up in modern-day usage? Its stylization is on every qubit chipset that D-Wave manufactures. Yes, the same D-Wave Systems that is intertwined with CERN and its agenda of quantum computing, open doorways, and dimensional contact and transfer.

The whole tale ventures leagues beyond this, but for the bare bones agenda:

And the Enochian influences have stretched their tendrils far into the burgeoning Military-Occult Complex, as this fascinating podcast reveals. I greatly urge you to curl up with a fav beverage under a light blanket some stormy night when the moon is obscured, and give a nice, long listen to this, produced, written and hosted by Tony and Lindsay Merkel with values that rival anything coming out of the more mainstream entertainment machine:  

Long story short and how it concerns what we’re describing here: ex-military contractor “Charlie” describes a clandestine Ops mission to a very secluded spot in the American Northwest to investigate a downed aircraft of undetermined origin. He is accompanied by a team of other Ops specialists from differing factions of the military, as well as 8 scientists, from locations such as UCLA and Johns Hopkins, each at the top of their field.

Charlie’s mission was of an information gathering nature; he and the others were to gather any info from the ship’s computers for Intel purposes before destroying/melting all evidence at the site with thermite and finally EMP-blasting the entire area to wipe it clean; all this only after loading viruses into all computer systems onboard.

The high strange begins when they notice the peculiar surroundings at the crash site: the ship itself appeared to have come down in a more or less perpendicular path instead of vectoring in on a horizontal flight route – the tree canopy largely undamaged. The profile of the craft is more missile shaped and about the size of a 737 with short stubby wings towards the back third of the profile. The outer skin is a black checkerboard design with about half of this appearing to be tile alternating with darker black squares, with the tile portions being extremely cold to the touch. There are no pilots, crew, or passengers on board.

Charlie finds that when on board his hand-held tech meshes perfectly with the (supposedly unknown) computer designs and hardware and that information extraction is seamless, something that surprises him since the computers and consoles do not match any kind he has seen before; he was sure compatibility issues would have arisen. While completing his tasks at the work station he was on, he noticed figures and characters appearing on the computer screen with which he was totally unfamiliar, despite being fluent in 7 languages.

While doing this, one of the scientists came up behind him inquiring what was going on, to which Charlie said he was simply trying to figure out what he was looking at, thinking it was some code he was going to have to decipher and/or de-encrypt. The scientist then slowly put his hand on the manual Charlie was flipping through to try and identify the screen figures – “you’re not going to find it in there……It’s Enochian.” Charlie noticed that the scientist’s features and chin began to tremble slightly. “It’s an ancient demon language.”

Charlie’s disbelief turned suddenly when the scientist, normally a polite, quiet and reserved fellow, exclaimed in a stern whisper “Get your job done and let’s get the fuck out of here.” Trust me when I tell you the story only gets stranger from there, and includes time slips, future/sideways jumps ala the LOST tv series, and incidents where Charlie seems to become somehow “stuck” in time, extremely reminiscent of the old Philadelphia Experiment stories.

 From the time of Dee and Kelley down into the modern age, it seems there continues to be a preoccupation with and a keying upon certain rituals. These have become embedded deep within the entire military-political-economic-entertainment complex and agenda. And it certainly appears that the working plan from its inception was designed that way, and given to certain amoung us who act as overlords fronting an off-world source. The closer you look, the more examples like this you are apt to find……

For still undisclosed reasons, the Grand Jury files that looked into the infamous Texas Tower sniper Charles Whitman’s rampage on August 1, 1966 were sealed under FBI order and ruled NEVER to be opened. August 1 is also known as Lughnasa or Lammas in the occult calendar, and is one of the major human sacrifice nights according to elite ritual. And of course in the manner they love 8-1-66 also equals 9-66 or an inverted 666.

A man who was chief of security on the University of Texas campus in 1966 made files on the Whitman case. These were made public decades later and a researcher who saw them had this to say: "It was unclear whether other documents detailing surveillance operations conducted on underground campus organizations were directly related to the Whitman case,... but they gave insight into the tenor of the time." 

Why would documents concerning underground campus organizations be included at all if they had nothing to do with the Whitman case or investigation? Was Whitman considered part of one of these groups or was he spying on them in an undercover capacity for someone? Just what was going on?

A few months prior to Whitman’s signature act, Anton LaVey formally established the Church of Satan and declared April 30, 1966 to be the beginning of the Age of Satan. Only a few weeks before that date, Henry Luce’s TIME magazine (a long-time CIA asset) came out with the famous cover with asked “Is God Dead?” Were we just beginning to see the opening salvos of a COINTELPRO operation taking flight?

As explored previously here, Whitman received training at NESEP – the Naval Enlisted Science Education Program – a known intelligence entity. And to put the cherry on top of this weirdness sundae, let’s not forget that Whitley Strieber for years believed he was present on the University of Texas campus when Whitman’s shooting spree went down – only to back track and realize that he wasn’t. But wait – he would later backtrack yet again and claim that he WAS there (in his book Transformation), only realizing the truth after a friend’s confirmation. Of course 2 years after this, in 1968, Strieber would travel to the Fabian-fueled London School of Economics under the auspices of filming a documentary about the Process Church, where many fuzzy-memory blackouts and chases across rooftops by the local constabulary would ensue.

But I digress…..simply watch this and tell me if you can believe this is only one man firing. Pay particular attention to 1:11.

In 1962 an obscure novel The Open Square was written by an author named Ford Clark, whose main protagonist climbs a tower on a Midwestern school campus and begins picking people off.

Amoung many other eerie synchronicities, one in particular stands out for our purposes:
"The boy looked east...
And over here to the south...
And over here? Facing west. ...
And over here, to the north...."
Charles Whitman himself (along with perhaps others unknown) also made distinct efforts to fire from the 4 cardinal directions on the compass.

Which pertains to us how? Take a gander at Q drop #1001 from April 3, 2018. 9:11:01 pm.

“Where do roads lead?
Each prince is associated with a cardinal direction: north, south, east and west.
Table 29.
D-Room H
D-Room R
D-Room C
Pure EVIL.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a picture of the island home of convicted-yet-still-on-the-loose rampant pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Little St. James. The same Little St. James that has been host to Bill Clinton some 29 times that he was able to ditch his Secret Service allotment.

It is widely speculated that every-prince-in-his-direction is in regards to the 4 cardinal princes of Hell: Lucifer, Satan, Belial, and Leviathan, each of whom is given a colour, a sound, an element, a direction for identity purposes. Earth, Air, Fire, Water. All part of a ritual with the goal, of course, being child sacrifice.

Two event sequences separated by decades, but still following a unique, purposeful call, and displaying a distinct identity fingerprint in both wording and ultimate action. What are the odds exactly?

“Charles Whitman was in open rebellion. And he knew his actions would bring about his destruction. In the abstract, one has to feel compassion for Whitman in much the same way one has to pity Frankenstein. Neither asked for their fate, they merely reacted to external stimuli to bring it about.
In the end, Charles Whitman is us. He is our creation. Like Frankenstein, the goal was to destroy the symbols of a life neither desired, or accepted. Whitman viewed this mortal coil as a hell to be endured until "summoned" to a better place (Whitman's arcane religious beliefs would have made him perfect for Seventies religious cults had he lived that long). Best guess is he finally heard the call.”   
Tom Aiken, The Austin Chronicle, Boom Boom, Out Go The Lights

Was something summoned into existence and into the U.S. culture with what Whitman did? Something that continues on Little St. James and in the Enochian bowels of the military and intelligence establishments and a thousand other elite coordinates according to ancient ritual?

Your guess is as good as mine, but what was that about child sacrifice? 

Oh yes, as Whitman chambered his first round in his hunting rifle on that sweltering August day, sweat collecting all through the stark white bandana he’d tied across his blonde forehead, he took square aim at the baby in Clare Wilson’s belly. First target. First sacrifice. And then the fireworks. What was that buzzing in his head? Was it something organic, or was it something celestial? Something technological? Perhaps both?

Whatever the case may be, it appears there was lots of summoning going on in 1966. 53 summers later, it seems, when you really look, not a lot has changed. 

“Holiness requires as great, or almost as great, an effort; but holiness works on lines that were natural once; it is an effort to recover the ecstasy that was before the Fall. But sin is an effort to gain the ecstasy and the knowledge that pertain alone to angels, and in making this effort man becomes a demon.”    The House of Souls, Arthur Machen

“I searched everywhere for a proof of reality, when all the while I understood quite well that the standard of reality had changed.”    The Willows, Algernon Blackwood

“Driver, where you taking us?”  The End, Jim Morrison


  1. What about the arrest of George Nader?

    1. Nader has been a poison apple since at least Iran-Contra. Sometimes poison apples can be highly useful in gathering incriminating intel/info on other poison apples though.

      Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. When the last card is turned and the house comes tumbling down, I think (still hope) they're all headed to Gitmo as enemy combatants of the United States under charges of treason. Then again, I'm still waiting for the fallout from the IG report stating HRC's "crimes against children..."

      Tick tock will only get you so far. And we're still waiting...

  2. Was reading this piece and VISUP's latest simultaneously. I felt like I was being pulled out to sea in a sync riptide!
    What's up with Austin? Nexus of the crisis...origin of storms.

    1. Paul!!

      Can always count on you for the excellent & spot-on BOC reference point! Just finished the latest VISUP & man, that is weird. Reading me I'm sure you'll grasp something that floats to the surface here again & again: there are things "out there" that a whole lot of us (writers & readers combined) pick up on & are antennas for. And it seems certain things are coming around again.

      Reading about Roky was fascinating -- of course knew about his continuing mental probs but had no idea of their origin, which certainly speaks to manipulation/experimentation by unknown forces pulling the strings, which fits right in line with McGowan's still relevant research. Hall is a particular person-of-interest also, and that's an understatement. Talk about a bellwether! Rather ominous too -- make your mark, and then fade back into the scenery like so many do, many whose names we probably will never know.

      Of course (curse) Roky & Co. were also major inspirations for Selim Lemouchi & sis Farida of The Devil's Blood, a band that I still place in the pantheon of all-timers despite their comet-like burning and burning-out. No fading away for Selim, that's for sure.

      As for Austin & ALL of Texas, it's a vortex, that's for certain. Waco remains one of the biggest question marks of all to this day for me. Koresh, either pro or con, programmer or rogue, was part and parcel of a major intelligence Operation involving children that was being run & covered up by Federal Black forces. Way, way Deep State.

      Gotta go do the mad-dash-for-cash for now, but thanks as always for your reading, and til next time, cheers mate, and Happy Summer Solstice!!

    2. JIm Keith's "Secret and Suppressed: Banned Ideas and Hidden History" contained a chapter, "The Seven Seals as Revealed to David Koresh" which delves deep into that fiasco. It's a weird and valuable book from a time when Feral House and Amok! were dropping hit after hit. I often wonder if the internet was used to draw such people together where they could be more easily disrupted or suppressed "deplatformed". The effect the web had on alternate history and parapolitical research is not too different from the way major record labels were hollowed out, their supremacy as cultural gatekeepers shattered. Actually it seems much more like the law of unintended consequences. I think the internet was supposed to be 'America Online' circa 1991 writ globally. A gigantic shopping mall. Lifelog/Facebook was an effort to re-asssert control over culture by the same Mafia/Intel axis that had run it all since Wisner's Wurlitzer had everyone dancing to the Monkees and Beach Boys.

    3. Hey Paul!!

      Feral House, believe me, was part of my frenzied awakening at the time to the much larger scope of my suspicions, which were only vague & unformed til then. Along with NEXUS & PARANOIA mags my fate was most assuredly sealed. Those days when entire universes were as close as the nearest newsstand and/or magazine rack.

      And you're exactly right -- sometimes I think our censorship and herding began even then. Remember ALL the bookstores from that time -- now it's B&N almost exclusively. Yeah, I miss the old Usenet days too! As well as going to the old public library and getting your 45 min. allotment of internet time.(haha)

      Now we have the entire world literally at our fingertips but unless you know precisely where to look, you're sunk -- and all info that we are drawn to is increasingly marginalized, throttled, and removed from sight. (See your Lifelog notation that was spot-on, good buddy.)

      I'm sure you know of this but here are 2 valuable sources for the White Paper of DC attorney Paul Wilcher concerning what really went down at Waco. He had planned on submitting the 100 page document to Janet Reno but conveniently died before he could -- I believe it only emerged at all thanks to his buddy Sarah McClendon, WH reporter extraordinaire. It's rife with mind control references (Operations Open Eyes & Clear Eyes...) and how Koresh may have been used and how he might have been breaking programming.

      As always funk soul brotha, take care til next time. Thanks as always for your words, time, and insights.