Monday, January 4, 2021



Watch out, you might get what you're after

Cool babies, strange but not a stranger

I'm an ordinary guy

Burning down the house

Hold tight, wait 'til the party's over

Hold tight, we're in for nasty weather

There has, got to be a way

Burning down the house

Here's your ticket pack your bags

Time for jumpin' overboard

Transportation isn't here

Close enough but not too far,

Maybe you know where you are

Fightin' fire with fire, huah

All wet, hey you might need a raincoat

Shakedown, dreams walking in broad daylight

Three hundred, sixty five degrees

Burning down the house

It was once upon a place sometimes, I listen to myself

Gonna come in first place

People on their way to work say baby what did you expect

Gonna burst into flame

Go ahead

Burning down the house

My house, is out of the ordinary

That's right, don't want to hurt nobody

Some things, sure can sweep me off my feet

Burning down the house

No visible means of support and you have not seen nothin' yet

Everything's stuck together

I don't know what you expect staring into the TV set

Fightin' fire with fire, huah


Well there's a pain in my side

But I keep traveling on

Bring peace to this troubled land

It's dark out here

I can't read those signs

Bring peace to the troubled land

Hurricane on the horizon

Judgment getting closer all the time

I can't find tomorrow

Bring peace to this troubled land

Well there's two men a walking

Down the same dirty road

Bring peace to this troubled land

They stand shoulder to shoulder

Carrying the same heavy load

Bring peace to this troubled land

One man's eyes are full of sorrow

The other man's belly full of unbearable pain

They keep getting closer

Bring peace to this troubled land

I've got many screaming children

Ten million rows to hoe

Bring peace to this troubled land

Deader than an hammer

But I can't let go

Bring peace to this troubled land

The eyes of heaven are upon you

But so is the soul from down below

They'll cut off your fingers

To bring peace to this troubled land

Well you can stand up and holler

You can lay down and die

Bring peace to this troubled land

We can turn up our collars

And never even try

To bring peace to this troubled land

Beware of those who want to harm you

And drag you down to a lower game  

Just know the Truth is coming

To bring peace to this troubled land


“And I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth, for the first Heaven and the first earth were passed away…”     Revelation 21:1  



OK, let’s get right down to brass tacks here chillun…is it just me, or is the entire world seeming more and more like THE STAND every day? Have mercy.

To whit: let’s check (as if you haven’t yet) the rather nuclear fallout from what the inimitable Lin Wood tweeted today in his latest scorched-earth policy…spoiler alert – things are about to get Real as Real gets.


I post these here (in order) just in case in the coming days Jack Dorsey gets the low-minded idea to do one of his purges of truth-tellers. Here we go – and pardon me before the fact to exclaim WHOOMP THERE IT IS!:


Let’s lay it all out there plainly after that: NO ONE with any such platform has ever before said anything even remotely like this. It’s a Truth that many have known for years but few in the upper stratas have ever even paid a passing glance towards, much less tweeted the bare facts of for all the world to see. It’s a worldview that has been openly disparaged, marginalized, shouted down and blatantly censored from all platforms (reddit, facebook, instagram to name but a few, needless to say the Mockingbird MSM) when the topic has been broached and gained steam within the community at large.

Those who have dared to even ask questions have been accused of starting a “witch hunt.” I should know – I was accused in an open comments forum of that very thing by one Peter Levenda, the one-time darling of the conspiranoia set, and author of the stellar Sinister Forces trilogy. Let’s just say that in one fell swoop, my opinion of him became, shall we say, informed, as he blatantly covered for that guy he stumbled all over himself to claim wasn’t in fact in any way, shape or form his buddy: John Podesta. You know, that guy that has questionable taste in art, pictures of cannibals in his office, vacations at the Donner Pass for kicks, and leaves handkerchiefs lying around with “pizza-related maps” on them (whatever that means and that we shouldn’t even ask about for God’s sake keep quiet), amoung other things. The same Levenda guy that – funny this – arranged his pizzagate-denial talking points in lockstep with Stephen Colbert of late show fame. We’re talking the famous “grow the f_ck up” rejoinder that they both uttered on the same day to all those dedicated citizen researchers (far more dedicated than either of those 2 trash slobs would ever be) busy pouring over the Clinton-Podesta wikileaks email dump, within minutes of each other and that even Levenda himself confesses was…”weird.” Yeah, it was.

Knowing what we know now, uh yeah, that didn’t age real well.

And for the record, here was Levenda on the same day:


Peter Levenda

December 7 (2016) at 1:33pm

As some of you may know, I was involved the past few months in a series of discussions concerning satanic cults and pedophilia, in particular the idea that there is an international cabal of satanic, devil-worshipping pedophiles. If you’ve been following this, you know my stand on the issue: that there are, indeed, international groups of those who traffic in children and who are engaged in child prostitution and child pornography rings, but that I do not find that dragging concepts like “satanic cult” into the mix does anything for the children who are, in fact, being trafficked. There is simply no evidence of the existence of a satanic cult specializing in the trafficking of children, and to insist otherwise only serves to devalue the discussion where real gangs and real organized crime rings are exploiting women and children around the world without the need of “satanic” trappings, rituals, or belief systems.

This discussion became overheated in the environment of “Pizzagate”, the inclusion of performance artist Marina Abramovic and Democratic Party officials in that faked scandal, and the resultant shooting this past weekend at Comet Ping Pong (the pizza parlor implicated as the center of this alleged satanic-Democratic cabal of child abusers). My objection to those who scream “satanic pedophiles” and who insist that there is overwhelming evidence of same is that they are using “spectral evidence”: a term coined at the time of the Salem witchcraft trials over three hundred years ago to denote evidence that no one can see except the accusers. Nineteen innocent people were executed on the basis of that “spectral evidence.” Today, Pizzagate is a case in point.

However, to those who still believe in such things I have a suggestion.

(No, not that. Another suggestion.)

You know that I just published a novel about international terrorists and religious groups. One of the groups I write about in that book is called the Yezidi or Yazidi. For centuries these people were considered to be “devil worshipers” by Muslims and Christians alike. They are still considered that way by the followers of the Islamic State, which has undertaken a campaign of genocide against them. Thousands of Yezidi have been slaughtered. Thousands more – women and children – have been taken into slavery, a fact that the Islamic State brags about in their own publications and on-line. Women and children are traded, sold, and bought. They are raped by their captors, and then sold to another set of captors where they are raped again. Prices range from about ten dollars each to more than twenty-five thousand dollars, depending on the desirability of the victim. The children who have been victimized this way already are showing evidence of severe psychological trauma.

There is little information about the Yezidi in the media, other than the fact that they are being killed in large numbers, their shrines defaced and destroyed, and the most vulnerable among them being brutalized in ways I hope you cannot imagine.

But see: here is real proof of the organized abuse and murder of children by a gang of religious fanatics. It is happening now. In huge numbers. And the excuse the Islamic State uses to conduct this barbarity? The Yezidi, they say, are devil-worshipers.

You know. Like Marina Abramovic and Tony Podesta and James Alefantis. Right?

Yeah. Think about that.

If you truly believe in any of this despite all evidence to the contrary, and if you still insist that there is an international cult of satanic child molesters, then put your money where your mouth is. Do something for children who are being abused right now by just such a cult. Take a stand on something real, and help save a child or its mother right now.

You can send a donation via the website Or via UNICEF.

Do it. Show the world you’re serious and that you really care about children, and that you care about them more than you do your own fevered fantasies. Show the world you have nothing in common with the bigotry of the Islamic State, or with shooting up pizza parlors on the basis of false stories and unsubstantiated, unsupported reports in un-refereed alternate media.

In other words, grow the f*** up.


So you guys tell me, coordinated, or…..coordinated? 

And btw, of COURSE Levenda wanted you to donate to UNICEF of all places...that would be the same UNICEF up to its armpits in child trafficking and whitewashing pedo rings:  

And lest you think this is a new thing, here from the June 25, 1987 New York Times, back when, you know, it was a actual paper featuring real journalism:




By Paul Lewis, Special To the New York Times

June 25, 1987


The head of the United Nations Children's Fund in Belgium resigned today after the disclosure of a child pornography case linked to the Belgian branch of the organization.

A spokesman at Unicef headquarters in Geneva said the head of the organization's Belgian committee, Gilbert Jaeger, had resigned ''to show how angry he is about what has happened in his organization.''

In a statement issued in Geneva, Unicef said it is ''deeply shocked'' by the scandal, which has led to 14 arrests in Belgium and others in Switzerland, France and Britain.

Unicef said it was investigating charges that the Belgian committee was linked to an organization producing pornographic photographs of children and distributing them throughout Europe.

Unicef's mission is to help and protect the world's children. Like many other United Nations bodies, it has independent volunteer committees in all Western industrial countries to raise money for its activities - in Unicef's case, largely through the sale of holiday greeting cards. 'The First to Suffer'

The Unicef statement noted that the organization spent $400 million last year on projects promoting the health, nutrition and education of children in developing countries. It is currently drafting an international convention for the protection of children's rights, to be submitted later this year to the General Assembly in New York.

''The first to suffer from the discredit which would unjustly fall on this organization as a result of this affair would evidently be the children of the third world,'' Unicef warned in the statement.

The scandal erupted last week, when the Belgian police arrested Jos Verbeek, 63 years old, the director of Unicef's Belgian committee, and charged him with inciting minors to debauchery.

The arrest followed the discovery of a secret photographic studio in the basement of the Brussels building where the committee's offices are housed. The studio was used to take pornographic photographs of children, many of whom were of North African origin, the police said. #1,000 Photos Seized The police said more than 1,000 such photographs were seized, along with a mailing list of some 400 names in 15 European countries that had been prepared on the Unicef office computer.

Similar photographs found in several other European countries appear to have been taken in the Unicef office in Brussels, according to investigators.

Among those arrested was another Unicef employee, Michel Felu, 45, who the police say organized evening computer classes for children in the organization's offices. These children were then sometimes made to pose for pornographic photographs, the police said.  


So by all means, throw your dirty shekels in UNICEF's direction, all you zombies.

And take it from somebody that smelled several rats long ago, this Lin Wood stuff is da bomb currently going off in the heart of Murder Incorporated. Or as I like to say, it’s not really a witch hunt if there really are witches.


We’re blowing up their club, and burning down the house.

Much more to say on this, and so much more, sooner rather than later, because it’s darker than you think.

But the Light, and the Truth, is coming.


  1. To all those who say "we're all just consciousness no good or bad, no one really deserves hell."

  2. Whoa, Kappy's last post in light of his link with Lin Wood. I can't find any links for it now but CK at SS did a post on him I'm August or October of 2019 where kappy said "I think I might be the reincarnation of Judas Iscariot."

      They already updated his wiki page with the Link Wood tweet from TODAY.

  3. I kinda feel like I'm spamming sorry, but this ties in with the Ames room picture up top, what Capricorn was getting at (I think), and John Dee portrait in the Enochian bridges:

    1. Truth is not spam.

      Linn wood,1000x1000,075,f.u1.jpg

    2. Did you notice the waterfall?

    3. What kind of magic is this lol I swear I looked at the first waterfall pic then the second one and was like "oh I see it's a mirror image the mountain is on the left of the waterfall now" then I went to look at the first one again and they're the same. How to get to read about more in the third link.

    4. That video is a keeper, thanks. A swastika is a better representation of the concept.

      Swastika is the 9 grid.
      Bookmatching the swastika will give you -
      Left rotation
      Right rotation

      Face and feet.


    6. You only see 33

      The hidden part is center. It completes the 9 grid.
      Her tower would be round.
      Her tower represents 3


  4. Wordman! Kappy's "great awakening" came when his friend, actor Seth Green, asked him if he wanted to join him in "hunting chicken"; Seth then explained to Kappy that "chicken" meant little boys. You know, the same kind of "chicken" that Hillary Clinton mentionned having SACRIFICED to MOLOCH.

    As for the Yezidi, once a year they sacrifice a bull, cover themselves in it's blood, and have a wild, violent orgy in honor of Melek Taus, the Peacock Fallen Angel who represents the endless illusions of the material world.

    Satanic? More like hard core pagan/luciferian.

    1. We are at a crossroads.

      In "The Mothman Prophecies", Keel mentions the importance of crossroads to time-space phenomena, and one of the characters meets his otherworldly visitor (more than once) at the end of an unfinished bridge; it truly was a bridge to "nowhere".

      All this reminds me of how historically/mythologically people tend to beware the "mist", as if a mere mist could act as transition between worlds, and how certain "crossroads" times of year could also act as gateway (for rituals, etc.).

      I was watching "Hellbound: Hellraiser II" last night, and when the strange geometrical configuration is solved, a Fourth Dimension comes in to play, the walls opening up to reveal corridors leading to an infinite Labyrinth ruled over by an impossible Lovecraftian entity. Just like real life!

    2. Now showing:

      Jan. 4: "Guardians..."

      Jan. 5: "PANic..."

      Jan. 6: "...Gate"

      I prayed to the Great God Pan, the Guardian of all Gates, to make the ennemies of the people PANic...

      Seems I might enjoy how this movie ends after all...

    3. Face and feet

      Gate is blocked Jb.

      Lincoln 9 gate.

      End of yellow brick road.


    5. Tom Hanks said the gate was good. Which gate was he talking about? We already know the gate is there.

      He was confirming to his brethren that there is indeed a gate and it was strong. His remarks about the gate being strong would indicate that it is unnatural/conjured or something not yet conceived of.

      We all know "HOW" he was able to see this gate. He is/was a dark jedi. They stormed Baals gate because they have nowhere else to go. Better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven.

    6. Capital dome is the round body of Baals gate and sits East. Lincoln memorial is West of the dome but, is only 1/3 representation of the whole. What LAY'S in the west.

      What two western city's represent the 2/3rds? The sun will rise in one of these two citys.

    7. You're not giving Pan his due. He is 2/3rds.



  5. in case you missed the many pizzagate topic articles about late actor, Isaac Kappy here is a lot:

    alt. link -

  6. How much more darker? Darker than Epstiens temple to torture and sacrifice to 4 princes of darkness? Darker than children hunting parties? Darker than F-drip? Darker than the Queen and the Pope? How much darker? YIKES! I'll be coloring in my blanket fort if you need me... Ahhhhhhhh....

  7. After what happened today, there are only two options:

    Either Trump is a f**king moron,

    Or he's a f**king a**hole.

    Pick one. Either way, we're f**ked now, reduced to survival mode. Even my *former* friend Christopher Knowles is on the side of the censors and of the shills now (long story).

    F**k this whole world to Hell. I've "activated" my own countdown now; how much more of this betrayal and constant soul-crushing s**t I can tolerate before I finally f**king kill myself again.

    1. And now Québec is being put under the most severe Lockdown ever, with curfews and police in the streets and children forced to wear masks and everything, it hasn't been this bad since Trudeau's father imposed Martial Law back in 1970.

      F**k this whole world to Hell.

    2. Hang in there man. It's not over until it's over.

    3. Trump was FALSE OPPOSITION, he was best friends with Hillary and Epstein for YEARS, all of this was plotted by the Globalist Elite as a way of identifying, isolating, pacifying and crushing the Patriots and their spirits, mark my words: by 2022, Trump will be joking around with Hillary just like George W. Bush was joking around with Michele Obama recently.

      Prove me wrong. I hope I am.

    4. Yup you're probably correct I suspect.


      Before Biden spoke I was listening to the radio but and they were saying "Biden runs on 'Biden time' since he runs but on 'Biden time' he should come out and speak at any moment now" this is like his mea culpa his most practiced speech ever. Slow clap for the performance, "Delay, Delay" "Citadel of freedom" the most unprecedented attack on Capitol Hill police after CHOP? Really? Hands when he says dark, "interrupted important ritual" "majesty" "Sedition" "insurrection" "ways plane" 2x google it "Chaos" dark screen to light at 15:33 I could go on...

    6. Oh and closing the book then holding it up like Trump with the Bible and saying the opposite of everything he said.

    7. Best case scenario: this WAS all "part of the plan", but Trump used the MAGA/Q crowd to implement the Insurrection Act. So he's STILL a total f**king a**hole, for USING us, giving us an even worse image in the eyes of the Libtards, who now feel completely justified in their beliefs that we're crazy and dangerous. F**k him.

    8. You're still under the assumption that he's a real man and not literally a movie character in the matrix.

    9. I think Recluse is right it's all a irl game. Did you Google that?

      Considering this is trending don't you just heart them? And saying it's back I'm kinda afraid the good guys did take a blow.

    11. I don't what the f you're talking about, Dginn. A cake? I'm indescribably sick and tired of guessing games, just f'ing say it.

    12. The walls vienetta logo is similar to a logo on an FBI list... Reading between the lines "it's back (in business) in Malaysia"

      Good spot Dginn. One can only hope it's all an ARG.

    13. Oh, ffs, the lezzie pedo double-heart? I see that symbol everywhere, it's too common, for example: on the door of the local pharmacy, there is that exact symbol, but on a wheelchair, to show that it's wheelchair accessible. No pedo stuff there.

    14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    15. BTW, the young woman who got shot at Capitol Hill? She was a Veteran. Yesterday was an old Roman holiday in honor of Saturn during which a gladiator was sacrificed on top of a hill. Make no mistake, Trump is Deep State, Trump belongs to a Secret Society, this is just, at most, a war between factions.

    16. I'm beginning to think that that's all ANYthing is

    17. Even though Christopher Knowles and I are not talking right now, DO check out his latest Twitter posts about this Horned God ritualistic business.

    18. Ok haven't get but you see the other stuff right? Do you know more about that skirting?

    19. Trump is a part of an Ancient Roman Cult, military as f**k, Chris says Mithras, I say Pan (older solar symbol, remember the deep Arcadian origins of Rome), but this cult requires very exacting rituals, as well as sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice...

      I'm SOOO tired of this s**t.

    20. The blue scarf versus the red one per their usual?


  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. So, to further the perspective:

    The young woman who got shot at Capitol Hill? She was a Veteran. Yesterday was an old Roman holiday in honor of Saturn during which a gladiator was sacrificed on top of a hill. Make no mistake, Trump is Deep State, Trump belongs to a Secret Society, this is just, at most, a war between factions.

    Trump is a part of an Ancient Roman Cult, military as f**k, Chris says Mithras, I say Pan (older solar symbol, remember the deep Arcadian origins of Rome), but this cult requires very exacting rituals, as well as sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice...

    I'm SOOO tired of this s**t.

    To reminder, I met Pan in February:

    The luperci were a college of priests in ancient Rome and the Roman priests of Pan. They were so called, from a wolf, because that god Pan was supposed to keep the wolves from the sheep. The place where Pan was worshipped was called lupercal. The festival of Pan was called lupercalia and was celebrated in *February*. During this festival the luperci ran up and down the city naked, having only a girdle of goat skin round their waists, and thongs of the same in their hands with which they struck those they met.

    The Romans themselves attributed the instigation of the Lupercalia to Evander, a culture hero from Arcadia who was credited with bringing the Olympic pantheon, Greek laws and alphabet to Italy, where he founded the city of Pallantium (after assassinating the King of Italy) on the future site of Rome, 60 years before the Trojan War.

    So there you have it, the Roman Empire owed *everything* to the Arcadian traditions of the Great God Pan. And murder.

  10. That's why whipping is coming up everywhere corona crown, wood cross, next it's nail. I'm not sure how much is conscious doing

  11. Georgia guide stones they used to COUNT things with stones.

  12. I still have faith in the good and in The Plan... we didn't get this far to have it all crumble. It will come out, every damn lie. I will not stop learning and helping. I will not let the darkness swoop in and pour despair all over me. It's not over... it is far from over... hugs to all MXMOM

    1. Hey MxMM & guys -- back after an extended blue screen of death computer siege. Kinda creepy and weird that it struck right after this post.

      Well now L Wood is gone for good from Twitter (along with Trump btw); glad that I archived all the above for you guys.

      Watched this morning at work the vid of Ashli Babbit getting gunned down. And I know all the arguments about they shouldn't have been doing what they were doing, that there were Antifa infil'traitors' in their midst -- I've heard it all, and you know what? I come down on the side of Thomas Jefferson.

      Exactly what recourse is left to We the People? We have seen one venue after another shut down to us thru bought-off and complicit judges, chicom spies, a slackjawed media, and traitors in our midst. Reams of evidence of the greatest election coup and massive voter fraud in the history of this country are not even willing to be looked at, much less scrutinized by any member or legislature of the powers-that-be. We're just supposed to forget and way bye bye to our country as we've known it. Whatsamatter, can't get on board with the Great Reset??

      And then to see a veteran gunned down -- no
      "stop or I'll shoot," no warning shot -- just BOOM to the neck. Cold blooded murder. I don't know what to say, but I know what the MSM would be saying if it was a member of BLM or Antifa...if it had been a white cop shooting a black female...

      These were desperate people -- yes I'll even call the ones (that weren't Antifa) patriots -- looking to reclaim what was theirs and put the cushy pedophiles on notice, because you know what?

      That's not Schumer's house, or Pelosi's house or Pence's house....that's the PEOPLE'S HOUSE, that's OUR house. You and I pay for that house, every day. They were all sending a message and reclaiming it for who it rightly belongs to: US. And letting all those politcos know they serve US, not the other way around that so many seem to forget.

      Have no idea where we all go from here, but I do know one thing:
      we're going together. 80 million strong and this thing -- this movement -- that Trump started in so many -- it's not going anywhere either.

      Spare a thought and a prayer for Ashli Babbit tonight, who died doing what she believed in, and for a cause greater than herself.

      "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure,” Jefferson wrote in a letter to William S. Smith, a diplomatic official in London, on November 13, 1787. ... “God forbid we should ever be 20 years without such a rebellion."

    2. There's a growing tendency to believe that she wasn't killed, that the whole event was staged; from the police outside letting the protesters in, then the guard inside pointing some of them in the right direction, to her backpack being already placed behind her head as a cushion, to her climbing down and letting herself fall after being "shot", to her smearing blood on her own face...

      My theory? Trump staged the whole thing, to a) let the Dems commit the full crime of stealing the Election, without interference, letting them believe they got away with it, and b) giving the cause a "martyr". There were a LOT of actors there, more actors than Antifa...

      The Emergency Broadcast System will take over as the internet and MSM are taken out, within the next 12 days.

    3. I don't know a LOT of it was staged but it's also about PANIC look closely at the picture.
      And Trump tore down mithraic "art" long before it was front and center don't give up yet.

    4. Also the scenery doesn't quite match up to the real building.

    5. I'm not giving up, I'm just pissed the fuck off at the realization, or "epiphany" if you prefer, that Trump also uses his own followers in his game of "4-D chess".

      I don't get the point of the picture. No more guessing games, please. Is it the address on the enveloppe? Billy Long?


    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. This just in from a couple of sources:

      "Ive been on-board this whole time but witnessing the satanic ritual in dc was over the fucking top!.....

      Your assuming they are normal people who don't like hurting others. But every piece of evidence points to the fact that our leaders are all sociopaths with a few exceptions. Zimbabwe, Bosnia, Russia, China, Jeez every country under the sun has at one time or another gone on killing sprees. Look at the frilling youtube vids of all the horrible cringe worthy crap people do to each-other out of vindictiveness over stupid ass stuff.

      If Biden becomes president there will be targeting of citizens who supported Trump. It has been said by many in the democratic party on multiple occasions. And we know they have been collecting information on common people. So if you posted a few Trump posts, or things negative about the democratic party or china, you might get a knock on the door. Or your insurance denies a needed surgery. Or maybe your unemployment benefits get held up indefinitely, or the inspector gets sent out and sites you for a hundred things. Or your business licence gets denied, building permits denied. You get the picture. There are more than one way to destroy a person.

      I would say that's the best case scenario. Biden now has the military, both houses, the courts, and the entire news/and media complex.

      This has genocide written all over it.

      Buckle up."

    9. Oh, JESUS, Dginn. I. Am. INDESCRIBABLY. Sick. And. Tired. Of. These. Fucking. Guessing. Games.

      JUST. SAY. IT.

    10. Wordman, Biden DOESN'T have the Military. And this isn't news, Satanism doesn't even need to be involved. COMMUNISM has always been about slavery and genocide.

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. Hey JB!!

      You don't have to tell me big fella, I'm right with ya & still hoping against hope for some 11th hour miracle of miracles -- just reporting the flow as it comes in -- but we still all need to pray to anybody & everybody we got. This is the time because there is no time as ole uncle Lou Reed might say.

      Not to mention watching your 6 is never a bad idea -- make a new plan Stan!!

    13. *Sigh*.

      Okay, Dginn, this is the last time I'm asking, after that nevermind.

      All there is on the enveloppe is an address, the address doesn't match the list of addresses Antifa gave out on that Twitter link, the contents of the enveloppe are not shown...

      Either YOU tell ME/US what the f**king big deal is, or just plain nevermind with this "Q"-style guessing game bulls**t.

    14. As someone said at SS "Trump's a little orange man compared to the historic forces he's astride." I don't think that he did. I think the media spun all of this, but the ritual itself and the world is not in the control that they thought it was now that it's hitting on insane personal levels this is more than just their usual ritual... And there's historical karmic aspects that many can only guess at.

    15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    16. C'mon Man ! Know you're intelligent what gives?

    17. The address IS it probably never had a letter

    18. What gives is that we've been through YEARS of mind-f**k games and now I'm just in a hopeless, borderline-suicidal BURNT OUT stage. Don't take it personally, but there was a very good reason Sherlock Holmes needed to take heavy drugs.

      The enveloppe says "burn home office"? So she passed a message in the address?

    19. Yeah, yeah, I get it now, it's as if I made a collect call saying it's from "You A. Deadman".

    20. Burn one down and relax. It might not just be for her considering the amount of signals has hit massive levels.

    21. That's not funny when someone else is in Sherlock mode unless you meant to.

    22. I was talking about myself, very pretentious, I know. The only things Sherlock and I have in common is that we've only fallen in love once, and we both have trouble paying the rent.

    23. I was talking about myself as well, pretentious 'pah you're part of the baker street irregulars, I just go in and out of 'mode.

    24. Last post before going to bed: it's *massive psychological warfare* what they're doing to us, Trump and the rest of the Deep State; they're psychologically exhausting and breaking down millions of us, each for their own reasons.

    25. Just laugh at the absurdity, and we'll be ok.

    26. HEY EVERYBODY --

      An Anon quote to remember:
      "How many games are won in the last minute?

      How many stories are explained in the very last pages of the last chapter?

      Why should what we are witnessing be any different?"

      Never give up.

    27. Hear hear... never give up... I love Anons!

  13. Awww, F**K.

    They're systematically banning all Patriot Twitter accounts.

    Major Patriot, Pepe Lives Matter, Ron (codemonkeyz), many others...

  14. I was playing this cause it suited my mood, when I read your comment, fitting,

    1. They're already coming down hard here I'm literally getting run out of town just short of the pitchforks.

    2. In the physical, not just online.

  15. Alright you boys and girls, come out of the's getting serious....already.

    Now It Begins.

    Trump goes on Parler acc to Sean Hannity tonight, Parler goes down after threats from both Apple & Goog. Both Apple & Goog ban Parler,
    Gab also having major probs.

    Amy Peikoff, responsible for policy on Parler just told Tucker Carlson
    if their internet provider takes down the servers it's lights out for the platform.

    Currently extremely hard to get godlikeproductions to load and get on...issues there.

    This is night of the long knives time -- they're taking down everything. We all knew that this would be the case, and Sleepy Pedo ain't even in yet!!

    They are lying thru their teeth and claiming each platform and all of us, from Trump at the top, instigated violence in DC and should all be thought of as dangerous, domestic terrorists. In spite of the fact that Trump in actuality said the very opposite...but hey, this is Orwell-land we're living in now; who the fuck cares what the actual truth is...the truth is what we say it is, so get used to it.

    Election fraud evidence? Nope. Thousands of eyewitnesses? Nope. Peaceful assembly? Nope. And if you dare say anything to the contrary you'll be deplatformed at best, have a little night visit at worst. Black bags NOT optional.

    This is how it begins. This is how it always begins. Even as all the Repugs cave all around us, if they think WE'RE going to cave, they got another goddamn thing comin'. These slimy bastards are just stupid bullies and nothing more. And I HATE bullies, and I've got 80 million friends that feel even more strongly about it.

    As I said above, we KNEW this -- we knew the filth we were dealing with, and we will not be cowed.

    Joe Strummer said it best and he still lives: IGNORE ALIEN ORDERS.

    Be back soon.....

  16. PS -- Ron Code Monkey Z & Amazing Polly both gone off of Twitter also...

    = W A R!!!!!!!

    1. Isn't amazing Polly from Canada? Shheit

    2. Twitter is Twitter everywhere. It's like the Liberal Media, same major headlines in every country.

  17. and Tracy continues.

    First their free speech platforms and rights...then the actual people.

    That's next.

  18. Yep, they pushed Trump and his followers into a corner, because he's about to go "nuclear" on his sorry a**.

  19. Me too... they got my TWITTER too! We knew this was coming though... next up END? And btw is Castle Rock NORAD? Anyone know that one? Hugs happy I have this... need my Patriot brothers and sisters to talk to!🤗💞

  20. Not END..
    Ugh EBS ahhh jeez... autocorrect phooey!

    1. Hey MxMM!!

      Head on up to the new post Night of the Long Knives 2.0 for a better overall take up til now -- and you will ALWAYS have this place to come to if I have anything to say about it. We gotta stick together thru all this....

      And Castle Rock btw, I'm given to understand, is Camp David.

      I seriously do not believe the times we are living in right now...

  21. I knew it was coming but dang! Here Comrades Vodka make you strong like bull for Siberia! Ooops Shanghai (Insert communists eye roll here) wth? Yikes... Thanks Wordman! Hug

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