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"Some brimstone baritone anticyclone rolling stone Preacher from the East

Says 'Dethrone the dictaphone, hit it in its funny bone, that's where they expect it least.'"      

Blinded By The Light (1976)

"Life is so strange when you don't know, how can you tell where you're going to?

You can't be sure of any situation, something could change and then you won't know

(You ask yourself) where do we go from here, it seems so all too near

Just as far beyond as I can see, I still don't know what this all means to me

(So you tell yourself) I have nowhere to go I don't know what to do

And I don't even know the time of day I guess it doesn't matter anyway

Life is so strange destination unknown when you don't know your destination

And something could change, it's unknown, and then you won't know

Destination Unknown..."

"Strange is the night where black stars rise, and strange moons circle thru the skies, but stranger still is lost Carcosa."  Robert W. Chambers

"It's the end of human history. Not the end of history, the end of human dominated history. History will continue, with somebody else in control." Yuval Noah Harari 


"Glow little glow worm fly of fire, glow like an incandescent wire

Glow for the female of the species, turn on the AC and the DCs

This night could use a little brightnin light up you little ol bug of lightnin

When you gotta glow you gotta glow, glow little glow worm glow

Glow little glow worm glow and glimmer swim thru the sea of night little swimmer

Thou aeronautical boll weevil, illuminate yon woods primeval..."  

"The awful shadow of some Unseen Power

Floats though amoung us, unseen; visiting

This various world with as inconstant wing

As summer winds that creep from flower to flower

Like moonbeam that behind some piny mountain shower

It visits with inconstant glance

Each human heart and countenance

Like hues and harmonies of evening

Like clouds in starlight widely spread

Like memory of music fled

Like aught that for its grace may be

Dear, and yet dearer for its mystery..."   Hymn To Intellectual Beauty, Percy Bysshe Shelley

"I saw the Black Freighter bearing down on all I loved, but I was powerless to stop it..."   -- Continued next month --  Watchmen, Alan Moore (1986-1987)     

Welcome back nightshade friends, internet sleuths, Challengers of the Unknown, and Shadow Warriors all. Climb aboard the Tunnel of Reality Express Tour. Our own little version of the Boom Tube. The farther upriver we travel in these investigations into this heart of darkness the more light is added to some very dark corners, and what is being illuminated is so ominous as to shake some very fundamental foundations of consensus reality -- which really isn't either a consensus or any kind of reality at all anymore, truth be told, but we'll get into that... We hear the jungle drums but can't as yet ascertain the origin point, altho with every klick onward we sail, we narrow down the possibilities, don't we? And when we eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. 

We would all do good to remember that going forward, even those of us that aren't shaking the sand out of our ears. To everyone else...heed dire warnings as we drift further and further from sight of land, out into the open waters with only the night stars hanging celestial fire overhead to guide us.

Make no mistake, there's something happening here...we are currently going thru a phase shift leaning hard into existentialism; where the esoteric touches nearly every facet of our culture and learned "sciences." I liken it very much to that elusive time period from the late 1990s thru the early 2000s that saw so many mainstream films go into exploratory mode for ever-so-brief a season: The Matrix. Fight Club. Arlington Road. Eyes Wide Shut. Dark City. Event Horizon. Donnie Darko. The Mothman Prophecies. Dark, dangerous films filled with even darker theories about the nature of reality. Dreams. Dimensions. Perceptions. What is our life here? Is this all there is?  

Now there is open talk coming from all quarters about talk of "agreements" here between the elites, the 1%-ers, the Deep State, and something "other" that had guided us purposefully down these fringe rabbit holes of UAP disclosure, vaxx cult theory and side effects leaning hard into genocide, One World agendas, Great Resets, and the fascination bordering on obsession with tracking, surveillance, and transhumanism. 

As we lean in further, there is the desire to pinpoint how far back such pacts or agreements originate -- after all, it turns out you can't spell 'science' without 'seance':

There exists a religious, occult aspect here that is the clomping brontosaurus in the room to all this. Since the time of the Nazi experiments in the camps to a ritual culmination that was the JFK assassination, history saw the stage littered with occultists, rogue priests, wizards, and intelligences both American and alien that collided and colluded in vast partnership. You will see that all those implicated in The Nine scenario outlined at the runesoup links above, were all within a proximity alert of Lee Harvey Oswald. And as none other than Peter Levenda said in Sinister Forces, all were "talking to ghosts, summoning alien beings, practicing ritual magic(k), holding hands around the seance table, or sacrificing chickens in a New Orleans apartment" in the runup to the first great mass trauma to the collective psyche of Americans and humanity in November 1963. 

Well, those chicken sacrifices are now "in backyards to Moloch" if Hillary Clinton's emails aren't wrong as detailed in the wikileaks 2016 drops, and yet another ritual culmination is likely well underway in the star-crossed timeline: 1963-2001-2020. And the acceleration between ritualistic markers is noted: we've seen the intervals cut exactly in half -- from 38 years to 19. The Quickening in full effect as their time is dwindling and their hours are short

Half again would be the window of July 2029 forward into...Agenda 2030 anyone?   

(Funny that Levenda remained mum on the chicken sacrifice analogy in the emails when I mentioned it to him around that time...openly stating in reply to me that he saw "nothing weird" in the email language. I suppose New Orleans pre-1963 doesn't translate to 2016 readily in the cognitive bias mindset, or when doing limited hangout tapdancing for your masters.) Those chickens ain't gonna sacrifice themselves.

We have proceeded from pizzagate to sacrificial bloodletting painted in the scarlet colours of mass vaxx deaths in somewhat record time. Those ever-present wizards and sorcerers have moved well on from Executive Action wetworks against troublesome heads of state and CIA-Saudi agent (Epstein's passport) coup d'etats using Crowleyan numbers on one sunny blue Tuesday in 2001 that quickly turned dark to even darker pharmakeia depths; and by their witchcraft entire nations were deceived, as was foretold two millennia ago.


If we are under some kind of coordinated widespread assault on both our biological constitutions as well as our way of life, and all evidence to date of such is growing to overwhelming proportions, we need to examine the junction points of where seemingly disparate concerns abut each other, and if they do, is there a rationale behind this? And finally, who is doing the construction of such a Control System?

Enter the Ultraterrestrial Hypothesis:

See, for our elucidation here, especially the section from 23:00 onwards...altho all of it is essential in getting to answers.


We are talking about eliciting responses here, and the furthering of whatever goals certain intelligences are trying to accomplish -- be those terrestrial or from venues farther off. One such way to upend human order (in order to make way for something else) is to inject disbelief, traces of the impossible used to manipulate our sense of what reality is and can be. Our psyches become unbalanced, easily manipulatable, vulnerable to believe anything in the present that would have been unthinkable in times before...

Let's go to the timeline -- the first explosive turning-on-its-historical-head breakthru front page UFO/UAP disclosure missive was the New York Times blaring this in December 2017: 

Confirmation was underway, and the softening up process to the unthinkable had begun.

Almost 2 years to the day later, we were told what became known as first the Corona virus, later Covid-19, had escaped from the region of Wuhan. And the process to develop a blessed vaccine entered "warp speed" proportions. And almost everything we know about all of this, to this day, has been a lie. But the ability to absorb those lies, without critically questioning any aspect of it all, had been psychologically manipulated by ever-increasing injections of the impossible by parties with vested interests clearly obsessed with keeping the herd as off-balance and out-of-kilter as possible. Critical thinking was targeted, took heavy fire, and was was imminently flashing 'critical' of another kind: on the critical list. It remains there to this day, but there are positive signs of recovery.

In the mythos of the fairie kingdoms, deception by the trickster entities was key. Humans could be tricked or lured in the realm of the fairie via the fairy ring, or what would today scientifically constitute a portal of some description. Once there, the humans would be first psychologically lured and trapped within such confines, which would later lead to physical ensnaring. Surely such a paradigm couldn't take place today -- in modern society. Right? Maybe our own fairie rings happened to be situated, let's say, six feet apart. That distance that "sort of just appeared," in hindsight, for "no apparent reason":   

i.e., we needed to be cut off from each other, from our own magic and power of contact frequency, of human touch, so their own dark magick, their pharmakeia sorcery, could begin taking effect. This, you will remember in the timeline, took place well before the vaxx rollout. (The psychological before the physical.) 


This suspension of belief, in everything, is vital to the purposes of invasion, takeover, colonization by outside forces. Once this is accomplished, all things are possible: the embracing of the outre, the science fiction-become-fact, the audacity; and audacity becomes atrocity in the blink of an eye. And then the inversion: good becomes evil, evil good, and soon we're eating the impossible before breakfast. All because our perceptions have been altered by this Control System. 

The more the absurdity, the loftier to callouts of "high strangeness," the more dangerous the weapon. The obfuscation, denial, and cover stories which proliferate and jump between both the UFO agenda and the covid/vaxx one have similarities too numerous to mention... 

When reality starts breaking down, our entire cognitive framework is in jeopardy...of course that can always be hastened down the wind with a little help from certain vaxx ingredients, if you catch my drift...

Oh, and I think you do:

That vital and beautiful germline of questioning, and how certain people have always known intuitively, be that there is something other in our midst or the deception inherent in the entire covid/vaxx agenda, is noteworthy -- and the parallels are spooky -- and mean something, from 1977 all the way down into 2020 and beyond.

Ans since we're on the never-ending road of tying things together, let's remember that the Enochian calls of John Dee and Edward Kelley, the ones they used to establish communication and open portals to the (fallen) angelic of other dimensions? They had to be SUNG   

"We think it means something -- we think it is important."

"An electrical impulse not coming from human vocal cords..."

And I might as well get this out of the way right now -- in Mark Pellington's understated and brilliant adaptation of Keel's The Mothman Prophecies in January 2002 carries HUGE subliminal weight for areas that are addressed here pretty much every time out and are only growing in import. His inventiveness gets a genius nod for how he incorporates the continual 'Y' symbolism thruout the film without ever explaining it -- hoping that we will intuit the weight of the sigil as well as the meaning via psychic imprint: on maps the 'Y' is the confluence of rivers and landmass on the West VA border. It also connotates another kind of confluence -- one that symbolizes the power of rushing waters carrying a powerful geomagnetic pull to alter and influence, as well as that of the crossroads -- forever a liminal place in every type of mythology. One where things go unspoken but are nonetheless understood on an internal level. One that has been said to be a place where pacts -- yes, agreements, since that word is on everyone's lips lately -- are struck. 

The fact that this is everywhere thruout the film is a psychic subliminal sledgehammer that pulls the viewer in with equal measure of gravitas, dread, and destiny:

Everything with all of us on board is hurtling towards an inevitable conclusion. A celestial juncture. A multiphasic crossroads where the deep hidden meaning wins. The between is in charge now. 

No matter how pedestrian and explainable you think the world to be, there are always other forces at work. Many people, mostly elites operating at higher echelons of the food chain, openly both acknowledge this and seek to weaponize it in their ongoing agendas. They are with us -- the strange angels -- in the myth and lore and historical legends and records from Parsons to the Nazi Vril Society to Dee to the Mayans and Egyptians to Sumer and perhaps even farther back. Atlantis. Lemuria. Mu.

 Many have touched the fringes of what we're driving at -- groping for:

"I shouldn't be talkin to you about this...You know Carcosa? Him who eats time. Him robes -- it's a wind of invisible voices. 
Rejoice! Death is not the end. Rejoice!!"

Now let's go sneakin thru the breezy backalleys with Polly -- on towards another Carcosa, or maybe the same:  (and you're going to want to listen esp to this one as she lays out everything in fascinating detail...)

At the 28:00 mark just dig her ferreting out a member of the JPL "Rocket Boys" as a key figure in all this murky mythos. It's mind-blowing.

At 25:36..."but only fertility, mortality, and migration are the direct causes of population changes." The Human Use of Human Beings, Cybernetics and Society, Norbert Weiner

You cannot tell me that doesn't resemble EXACTLY the world today's parameters of control and what they seek to enact. Seek out the numbers of Edward Dowd, of Naomi Wolf and you will see those ideologies are predictors of future behaviour.

Just in case any of you though I might be overlooking Epstein and Co. in this little Belief Suspension Carousel; oh no, their part is widespread, locked in, and certain. We're touching a Nightmare Machine where all parts are integral and nothing works without full system lockstep compliance with every other part. This is how the Full Spectrum Dominance of the Bush years becomes -- presto!! -- the Internet of Things and the Internet of Bodies constructed by the likes of Gates, Epstein, and the WEF. And the gasoline poured into that Machine is the blackest of black occult energies.

Finally, and we're getting beyond the scope tonight, but this is SO important -- the maneuvering on the chessboard of people like Elon Musk into positions of trust and authority going forward, when in reality it's just another capture mechanism:

At the 21:40 mark she gets into the heart of it: Controlled Opposition. You will remember last time I linked to her drop that called out Bret Weinstein, who it turns out was Intellectual Dark Web/EDGE/Epstein and has now pivoted to be on "our" side. The same here with Musk.

It's the same old story: if you infiltrate and control both sides, we have nowhere to run. It's a Trojan Horse anywhere you turn. I'll be the first to admit I have NO idea who is on who's side with everybody flipping -- "It's all fun n games, man, fun n games!!" as David Ferrie said: -- but I know we all could do a lot worse than to heed the advice of Polly. Always keep your eyes open and your questioning alive.

Check out her chart at 26:19 -- THAT is the world today. And every nefarious node we are going to be confronting for the rest of our lives here: 

Analytics. Cloud computing. Biotechnology. Data processing. Preventative Maintenance. Smart Technology. Augmented Reality. Cyber Security. Digital Twin. Nanotechnology. Quantum Computing. Robotics. Automation. Autonomous vehicles. Internet of Things. Artificial Intelligence. 3D printing. Blockchain. Horizontal and vertical integration.

These are the "promise" (read; threat) of the 4th Industrial Revolution. In between those settings lie the shadow, between-the-lines implications of cloning, artificial wombs, mind and thought control, and the ultimate disposition and destination of the human soul:

Hmmmm, vid not available anymore. I listened and here's what it was -- there was open discussion at the WEF weeks ago all about the technology in place and available to implant false memories in the brains of the population

Not only that, but the ability to INSTILL PAIN by that same remote technology. This was all said in open session in front of an audience and between two women who could barely contain their giddiness: smirking the entire time while discussing these Orwellian control and torture possibilities at their disposal.

Wow -- found it on YT -- tho it might be long gone by the time you read this:

(How many of you naively thought that when they began discussing how they had isolated the pain mechanism in the brain how they were logically going to logically discuss how to dampen or shut off that response for benefit?? But NO, quickly becomes how we can instill pain for "coercive measures.")


And as far as the occult goes, how about this for harking back and calling out:

Notice that Sunak invested 500 mil in Moderna thru THELEMA PARTNERS.

Inventive name, wouldn't you say??:

"Their symbolism will be their downfall" I seem to remember hearing somewhere. And hey, Crowleyites are always gonna Crowley. 

So if the Cov didn't emerge til late December 2019 in Wuhan, how did the UK know about it so long before?? Couldn't be that any classified, hush-hush data was getting shared, could it?

Maybe because of things like this:

And this:

Fort Detrick closed that summer? Mysterious "vaping" deaths skyrocketing?? Assisted living and nursing homes seeing weird outbreaks within the Detrick radius?? Not to say that "gain of function" wasn't going on in Wuhan, far from it, but maybe we should be looking a little closer to home. At the very least, we are looking at a binary assault platform. Think a 1-2 punch to assure optimum spread, knowing that those closest to the hot zone would be the most harmed -- the effects rapidly dwindling after that per time and distance. But by then the mass fear ops and psychological operations would have taken over; laying the groundwork for the true endgame goal: the vaxx. 


Some of you may be wondering, how close is implanting false memories to putting other voices in your head -- or your OWN voice manipulated by another party? This is exactly what some victims of Havana Syndrome have been reporting, not to mention "targeted individuals" going back into at least the mid-1990s. (And which I can personally vouch for as being reported to me.) This also gets into the notions and definitions of what Quantum Entanglement is, and the widespread ramifications. All of this and more voiced by Eric Hecker, Raytheon whistleblower that worked at the South Pole at CERN's Ice Cube Neutrino detector:

Dig the Lovecraftian proportions:

And they're now voyaging to the bottom of the sea:

You will also notice the prominent Seal of Solomon there encoded, which history and folks like John Dee and Edward Kelley tell us is put there for communicating with djinn and all things Enochian.

Which we all know is impossible:

Right? I mean, since we're still on that "agreements" thing.

Gee, if you didn't know better, it was almost like they were trying to make the entire planet a conduit for something. Or something. The Solomon Seal is predicated on the pentagram and the hexagram btw:

But it's not like there's any causality there, right??:

And it's not like anything's actually happened since those 2015 drops -- just Pizzagate, Epstein, a coup d'etat, UFO UAP disclosure blowups, a vaxx worldwide genocide, the transhuman transformation featuring mandatory nanotech and ingredients whose sources are proprietary so we'll never know, DEWs blowing and burning everything up from Maui to Chile to Texas**...Pretty calm decade, right? Certainly no thrulines between then and anything going on now...hexagons on Saturn, hexagons in the blood, on the bottom of the ocean, doesn't mean anything, certainly. Nothing magickal about any of that. Keep moving and eat your bugs. Don't worry -- be happy. 

Or was a door opening in 2015? Famed writer Robert Block would have termed it, The Opener Of The Way

**Current Texas panhandle aerials of some of the over 500,000 acres burning courtesy of Patrick Ryan, Sierra Lindsey and Eric on X:


Current cause of these fires, all of which spontaneously erupted over the last 48 hours, listed as "unknown."

And I have NO idea what this is or its confirmation/authenticity, but that's a whole lotta Texas "unknown:" 

And this just because, nothing is off the table at this point:

Terraforming, after all, must be pursued in lockstep with with bioforming. 

Hecker in this sitdown also gets into the fact that advertisers now have to tech available to them to infiltrate your dreams; and, if this is indeed so, how does it possibly explain what has been happening, and to what intrusive extent, since, oh, say 2020?? This goes beyond mind control, this is remote influencing and the wholesale hijacking of the autonymous neurological systems:

Or, more ominously and perhaps pertaining to getting the masses to inject a provable bioweapon, in the words of the X-Files again -- "Do you think they'll stop at commerce and politics?"


Now, let's hang on and keep all arms and legs inside the compartment -- the ride only gets wilder from here on in. First, the latest forbidden realms of Dr. Mihalcea and the Reese Report, and as we start digging there, let's also begin with a strafing run of converging influences tracing parallel tracks: non-human, paranormal, and genetic markers woven into advanced technology that shares far more commonality with the magickal and the alchemical than the scientific:

Notice the "glow" and the "illumination" angle...well, turns out there's much more to that than the obligatory luciferase, which we've known about since the start:

Or optogenetics, which we've covered also:

Pay close, close attention to Mihalcea's Eye of Horus connection:

And the glow -- always the glow:

The first Pfizer whistleblower, Melissa McAtee -- remember what she saw that first alerted her -- 12:30

Maria Z weighing in also:

Because the ancient antediluvian symbolism is rampant and the supernatural/paranormal is on deck. We've examined the markers before -- and it's ALL OVER this agenda:   

And it's all over it for a reason.....

And many people on the fringes are beginning to put 2 + 2 together: "Transhumanism. Yeah, it's something I read. The first to a new dimension of human consciousness thru technology. Born from a dark past but defined by the Aeon of Horus. Represents the ultimate evolution of human kind. You ever hear of the Brotherhood of Saturn? It's been widely dismissed as folklore, the stuff of wacky conspiracy theorists -- an ancient order. 

You see, at the time the planet Saturn was considered the extent of the known universe. It was given the name Black Sun, and represented profound evil. In contrast our yellow sun represented peace and harmony. Humankind was the duality between the two."  NS 404: Provenance (2020) 

Aaaaand there's that Saturn thing again:



Far more horrific ramifications were explored and uncovered by remote viewers back in 2017. Dig this fascinating bit of nightmare:

Notice what he begins drawing at 17:30. That was 7 years ago. Attention to his words of how it's "illuminated," and "lit from within." 

How it's going:

Word is now out everywhere -- just not on Youtube, Instagram or Facebook. Don't bother looking. They are still determined to keep this wiped from the normie hangouts:


Listen closely to what Karen Kingston says here:

Her description of "part biology/part technology" sounds perilously close to what J Allen Hynek was proposing, taking cues from Keel and Vallee as he modified his approach -- click to enlarge:

Now notice how it ties in with the research of Dr. Mihalcea:

And adjusting for the ultraterrestrial and the merge with the biological warfare research profile, check this out:

It appears all of this tech, knowledge and research isn't exactly human-driven and/or particularly derivative of a human origin base. Whether thru agreements, both spiritual and celestial, as some such as Tucker Carlson, Naomi Wolf and others have postulated, (with major hints from insiders like the Pentagon's Lue Elizondo) or psychic link by means such as the historical touchstones of Dee, Crowley and Parsons, as well as the Nazis, intimate, not to mention human roundtables such as The Nine....all of this that we are seeing unleashed in our timeframe right now -- events, agenda and technology -- hails from other-worldly origins:

The hint of something "alien" is increasingly common now in the research, and is tending to pop up more often than not:  (negotiations with other beings...)   (more lit-from-within, illumination and electricity checks here...)

Let's not forget that La Quinta Columna, the OG Spanish research consortium that first started microscopically delving into the weird properties and ingredients in the vaxx, and first identified graphene as a force multiplier, called it "manipulation by a non-human force,":

This vid features the nanomachines in higher resolution and is even referred to quite clearly from the 6 min mark on as "demon tech":

Plus, as mentioned a few posts back, the effects on the jab recipients in the biosystems of the heart, brain, neurological and internal organs in the body is the exact same signature found in those that claim to have been abducted, up to and including the now prevalent turbo cancers. 

How many more have been "initiated" into this system?:

Perhaps, just perhaps, as we have seen before in the Greenbaum speech 

and Julianne McKinney's RMA paper to the War College 

Are there vested interests building an army for non-secular reasons? -- see the 43 min mark here: 

We'll get much more into this aspect in future episodes...but many things that have been under the microscope here for years are beginning to come together.

Certain terms and theories are beginning to surface with noticeable, and stunning regularity. And this is where we need to begin paying strict attention. Because this means the Vallee avatar Lacombe said in Close Encounters some 47 Novembers ago now -- and the phrase has lost none of its import and power. And just like Vallee/Lacombe, we need to venture to the ends of the earth, if need be, to figure this out. The weighing of bodies, factors, and motives must be unrelenting as agendas overlap, intertwine and merge -- and whatever remains, however improbable, is the truth.

Next time: the razor-edged jigsaw that is the Danny Casolaro case, and what Netflix didn't disclose...with tentacles that reach down into the lives of every man, woman, and child on this planet and deep into the heart of the agendas unfolding today.

Until then:






  1. "The impression I have gotten from talking to Baphomet is that the reality in which we live is like a little bubble of safety within the vast expanse of nothingness that surrounds it. That is where he is now: in a state of negative existence. This is the primordial cosmic chaos, the Abyss. He describes it as a "sea", full of fire that burns like nothing else, yet is also bitingly cold. These are attempts to explain what it feels like to no longer exist, but to still be "out there" somewhere, left with some form of ineffable consciousness."

    -Tracy Twyman

    1. From the foreword to Linda Moulton Howe's Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol II High Strangeness:
      "An Air Force intelligence officer once told me about an elderly
      colleague, a Colonel, who supposedly spent time with an
      extraterrestrial biological entity retrieved from a crashed silver
      disc in New Mexico. The Colonel said the being explained
      telepathically that this is not the only universe. He said, "Imagine
      a large island of white sand and that each sand grain is a different universe separated from the others by an electromagnetic membrane. And
      surrounding the island is a cold, dark sea."

      I asked the intelligence officer what the dark sea was and he
      answered, "You don't want to know. It would change you forever.”

    2. Yeah, both the Twyman quote and the Howe quote come from "Worlds in Collision".

    3. Just FYI, this was the same 1998 book where I first saw published Howe's interaction with the 2 DOD scientists working on comms and experiments with "non-human intelligences" including human sacrifice acc to the blueprints set forth by Aleister Crowley, that would morph into the Collins Elite info of Nick Redfern and Ray Boeche not published until 2010.

    4. The implications here are stark obv -- & are that the US as well as other World govts have been in established comms with off world entities and have entered into agreements with them in exchange for -- well, that's the question. Specific knowledge? Technology? Bodies? The furtherance of an ages-old agenda?
      See once again the embedded Enochian particulars and tech right here:

      I mentioned it again in this post because it remains the best evidence we have to date of this theory.
      That, and looking out your window....

    5. Here's the post Jaybers was reffing -- DAMN we've been together a long time, ain't we??:

      & pretty scary how much stuff written 10 years ago not only still pertains but is still hangin over our heads.
      Thanks for the Time Tunnel JB!!

    6. No, actually I first came here back in 2020, a couple of months before the Election if I'm not mistaken, but I've read and re-read your whole body of work.

    7. NOW that's committed!!
      Or you should BE committed -- one or the other. LOL.
      (Hopefully we'll get adjoining cells in the "reeducation" camp!!)

      Looking forward to planning the jailbreak with ya!!

    8. Here, first article I ever read of yours:

    9. LOL that one had more images than text!!
      You had NO idea what you were getting in for!!
      You're a gentleman & a scholar for persevering, muh dude!!

  2. "During a solar eclipse, his blood will establish a temporary convergence of the physical world and the supernatural astral realm in the form of a hellscape. Archdemons known as the "Godhand", gathered for a ritual known as the Eclipse, reveal that he has been chosen to become their final member and transcend his humanity, if he offers his comrades as sacrificial offerings."

    - Berserk (manga/anime series)

  3. Not me, Not jumpin in that volcano for anybody!!
    (Looks around...)

    Wait, whaaa??

    From our very own stalwart Jeffmacq:

    In related news -- blue paint is now unobtainable.

    Abs confirm of DEWs. First Maui. Then Chile, Now TX.

    We KNOW, and THEY know we know.

  5. For any newbies or normies here wondering what the hell we're talking about:

    Where it started:
    In Maui amidst the devastation, ANYTHING with that color blue, awnings, umbrellas, roofs, cars, sheds, garages, etc was left UNTOUCHED by any flames or devastation. At times these were just FEET away from something that burned in an inferno to the ground.

    Which indicated 2 things:
    The destructive force came from above;
    & that color frequency was impervious to the spontaneous ruin.

    1. In the time of Moses, it was the color *red* (blood red) that kept the Angel of Death away.

    2. BTW the same results are being obtained in Chile. No dummies down there.

  6. One more:
    The amount of particulate matter in the everyday air seems to be increasing exponentially:

  7. Now that you mention it, yep. Used to be to many bugs outside, now missing for a couple of years.

  8. Growing up in Eastern Europe and visiting my grandmother's village in the 1970s, I would catch the last glimpses of a lost world. In that world, people were aware that a crossroads was a place not to be messed with. Its energy could easily lead one astray, to the point of dragging a person for miles through the woods at night, on occasion even making them walk into a pond or a lake and drown. That's why at many of these spots, villagers would erect a large crucifix and bring fresh flowers almost daily. Of course, this is all forgotten nowadays, although some of the physical markers remain:

    1. DANG Trains -- that's wild!!
      I'm with ya about that lost world tho --
      Sometimes the legends are there for a reason:

      I MISS that lost world -- every aspect of the one they want to bury -- knowing they want to bury it for a reason...
      here's hoping the gifts and advice that world left us with will remain.
      Thanks for doing your part -- I know I'm doing mine.

  9. BTW that Biden Blues Clues vid from today just might be the best evidence yet for a clone:
    It's talking WAY too fast & coherently to be the OG.

  10. BTW JB -- long train runnin followup to that Union of the Snake post back in 2020....
    have heard this from 3 diff sources now independent of each other so feel like I can share it here with ya -- the missing 20-25 min of footage from Eyes Wide Shut ALLEGEDLY contained scenes prominently featuring pentagrams on the floor set up as sacrificial altars;
    children were both featured and displayed in same scenes;
    the end of the film seemed so abrupt because it WAS...
    The real end was to feature Cruise walking in on Kidman pointedly showing their daughter Helena how to orally please a man and then directing her to do the same -- effectively initiating her into the same SRA Trauma Cult that the whole fam was then -- generationally -- trapped in. MKUltra-style.
    Upon this mindshock Cruise has a psychotic break and kills himself by jumping off a building.
    THE END.

    Who knows if this is true or not but coming from more than one source, forum, etc -- there you have it.
    This also brings into an entirely new light the Ishtar 8-pointed stars, the Christmas trees everywhere, the shopowner selling his daughter, etc.

  11. Thanks Wordman!

    Former Canadian PM Mulroney passed away yesterday. I took a peek at his Wiki bio. His wife immigrated from Serbia as a child in 1956 because her father "took a research fellowship position at the Allan Memorial Institute of Psychiatry in Montreal." Oh dear...

    1. MAN Trains -- that word "Research" is becoming more & more like "Special Forces" or "Scientist"......
      Piling on with the sinister connotations.
      PLUS everything is increasingly being fused with the occult; even seemingly innocuous terms and labels from back in the 60s/70s are going to have to be reexamined in this light....

      I'll tell you one thing, almost as a solitary figure, Mae Brussell sussed it all out back then & knew something was drastically wrong. I find myself going back into her archives and vault on a repeating basis these days...she was a reporter when there were real Reporters, and even then she stood alone. Unique and singular. Not to mention she paid the price for talking the talk.
      (John Lennon himself heard her & paid to keep her on the air & her work in circulation.)

  12. Mae's work also links HEAVILY into Casolaro's as well -- but more on that next time out....

  13. IMPORTANT ADDENDUM just up today:
    This should have been included in the 'Glow' and 'Illuminated from within'
    section of this post:

  14. FYI that clip already embedded in the longer version in the post, but still very good to pass along to people that don't want to listen for 48 min...

  15. Hey wordman, nice post as usual.
    Can you notice now how the internet is totally locked down? No new voices except for the ones allowed.
    They keep the fake left/right paridime going yet no one notices how nothing changes for the better as more and more I ignore the net and simply go outside for a much better connection as my opinion is that nothing can stop what the monsters are doing.
    We are heading to a time of the remnant where this world will reset like real enlightenment shows by unexplained structures and knowledge that many civilizations preceded this one.
    And if Karma is real? This one is doomed also.
    Just an observation followed by an opinion.

    1. Wise WISE words KMB!!
      I can only echo Tommy Jeff:
      "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever."

    Dr. Vernon going to take a break from recording/posting videos about the sordid state of medical practices, to have more time to care for his wife....The body of work of Coleman is impressive; it deserves more support & attention....& it has been/continues to be hidden or removed from multiple Web sites...

  17. Well, we all knew this day was coming:

    I'll explain it for ya real simple: because you got a new bogus president out of the coup d'etat deal & got your new demon tech installed in approx 5-6 bil peeps worldwide.
    All for something that was always nothing more than the flu to start with.
    Me & 2+ bil other awake-ends saw this coming from a fucking long way off....

    Meanwhile...heart attacks & turbo cancers...YAY!!

  18. Paraphrasing Bill Hicks:
    Go back to bed America, your government/Big Pharma is in control!!
    You are FREE!! (to do what we tell you!!)

  19. That Tracy quote and the Air force intelligence officer anecdote never fail to spook the shit out of me.

  20. Smart meters as the cause of the DEW fires.

    "Amid the absurdity of Western culture in the 21st Century... seek credible information & insights where they are more surely found: in the printed past, & by the words of authors & researchers mostly forgotten...such as Francis A. Schaeffer's “How Should We Then Live? The Rise & Decline of Western Thought & Culture".."the purpose of this post is to address specific highlights of this book that, I believe, are important to understand – especially in the pursuit of deconstructing the ideological tenets of modernity & to better withstand the sh*tshow now pervading into our daily existence." Importance of Christianity in providing a societal framework that can push back against authoritarianism is highlighted...Very worthwhile blog post, no matter the tenets you hold...

    1. SO wild you just posted this BB!!
      I was listening to this today at work -- and MAN does it pertain.
      I'll put it here in a couple of diff formats -- I think things are getting THAT important to recognize...
      I'm reticent to post too much of AJ's stuff sometimes; other times he's so far ahead of the game it's not even funny, and spits truth fire like a savant.
      A these times, he's quite brilliant and unique:

      Full show with more here:

      So many -- SO MANY -- people, as I've said here over the past 6 months -- are quickly coming to the very same conclusion.
      I noticed Carrie Madej and Naomi Wolf first. Now it's Tucker, Russell Brand, Dr Phil, the good folks at La Quinta Columna, of course Karen K, Maria Zeee, Dr, Ana, Aryana Love; folks like Stew Peters, Glenn Beck, David Icke etc have basically always been there. Certainly Anthony Patch and Ray Boeche.

      Not sure of exactly how many now -- but this is beyond herd thinking and "trends" and movements...
      Something is happening...

  22. Funny how AJ specifically points out Arthur C Clarke and Isaac Asimov.

    Time to revisit again CHILDHOOD'S END & 2001.

  23. "It was only a matter of time before we found the pyramid, and forced it open.
    Now its signals have ceased, and those whose duty it is will be turning their minds upon earth. Perhaps they wish to help our infant civilization. But they must be very, very old.
    And the old are often insanely jealous of the young.

    I can never look now at the Milky Way without wondering from which of those banked clouds of stars the emissaries are coming.
    If you will pardon so commonplace a simile, we have set off the fire alarm, and have nothing to do but to wait.

    I do not think we will have to wait for long."

  24. FLA ALERT:
    Evidently this has been going on for weeks so something may be imminent:

    Look familiar??:

    Reminder: Cape Coral is very RED, just like Texas.

    "The language of the angels is using the very essence of being. The non-coporeal root of the angelic language is made clear by.. it being spoken by Adam, as long as he lived in paradise, the Garden of Eden. Beyond the physical time-space illusion there exists no time. As soon as you enter an incarnated existence in the physical universe, you are not capable of speaking this language anymore because you are subject of the physical laws in this universe. Because we are talking of an angelic language, we have to realize that angels usually do not possess a physical body, thus the angelic way of transmitting information must be fundamentally different to the common way of human interaction via language. Angels are not subject to physical laws."

  26. (Cont. From previous): "Robert Monroe coined the term nonverbal communication to describe how non-corporeal beings communicate with each other. It consists of images, emotions, thought-patterns &-packages, as well as chains of association. A physical spoken language needs a timeflow to be spoken & be comprehended by the recipient - the nonverbal communication on the contrary does not need anything like this. So the angelic language, the angels utilized in the Enochian calls, cannot be the angelic language, but only one kind of it, transformed into a linear timeflow. So it is of high importance that you actually evoke these images, emotions or thought-patterns during uttering the angelic language, called "Enochian".

    1. BB!!
      Amazing, isn't it??
      REALLY makes me want to delve as far down the rabbit hole as possible with that Confessionals podcast with "Charlie," & that black ops mission he went on to retrieve/delete all the computer info from that mysterious downed aircraft in that undisclosed jungle location; the one that seemed to come down vertically;
      the one that had computer displays with the ENOCHIAN language on them -- that his military tech could somehow mysteriously read...
      WTAF is going on here?? I've linked to that podcast at least half a dozen times because it may be the closest confirms of some kind of AGREEMENTS between us & "them." WHAT is some sophisticated piece of tech none of these Delta Force-type squads had even seen before doing with hardware on it with Enochian characters?? That at least elite factions of our Govt/Military obviously are aware of.
      Quote from one of the scientists explaining to Charlie what it was he was seeing: "It's a demon language."
      "Finish your job so we can get the fuck out of here."

      Funny that you mention linear timeflow, because SOMETHING Charlie experienced or was exposed to messed with his timeflow to the extent he would become "stuck," i.e. enter rooms and situations where he was extant but nothing & nobody else was moving -- as if they were statues.
      So much so that AFTER this mission was completed, he reported back with the same team to his CO for a mission debrief & was told that they instead were to immediately go out on a mission to locate/rescue a missing team of 12 that had been sent out to recon with a downed unknown aircraft -- THE SAME MISSION HE HAD JUST RETURNED FROM.

      Only he and 2 others had memories of what had transpired. It was like all the others memories had been wiped. Even the scientists.

  27. In possibly related news --
    LOOK what just popped up on reddit:

  28. ALL beginning to make sense now??


    1. Believe me, EVERYTHING about Berners-Lee and CERN leads directly into a very dark place.....
      Just like the military developing ARPANET and just, here ya go, giving it to us....

      Trojan Horsies Allllllllllllll the way down.

  30. HOWEVER -- they radically underestimate our ability to flip the script and use it against them.

  31. That's why they're desperately looking for any avenue to shut it all down now....
    The Knife Feels Like Justice:


  33. Just trying to figure out how this fits in to our conundrum.
    There is now a new addition to the magnetic family: researchers have demonstrated the existence of altermagnetism. The experimental discovery of this new branch of magnetism signifies new fundamental physics, with major implications for spintronics.

    1. SAW that!! & like you have been wondering ever since how exactly it fits into overall thesis......

      But since torsion physics IS a landmark in/of hyperdimensional physics (thanks Richard Hoagland!!) then I can't help but think both the magnetic qualities inherent in the early vaxx versions, as well as CERN, HAVE TO FIT IN THERE SOMEWHERE.....

      Still collating....

  34. Re the above....

  35. People as portals --
    or as Whit Strieber once wrote...

  36. Much as in this wild glp thread postulates ...
    Anything they call "new" has already been discovered/applied for at least a decade if not more -- they're just revealing it to us now.

    So what if the applications/uses for this "new" type of magnetism have already been researched and deployed?? Like say in some "novel" vaxx?? Just sayin...

    Just WHAT kind of magnetism was unleashed in people's bodies at the beginning (2021) -- and for what reason??

  37. What in truth was/is influenza? What will Disease X be?
    Why Influenza is an electrical illness: How the next pandemic could be activated: a historical perspective
    Beyond Covid: WEF Hypocrisy, Disease X & Implications of a Hypothetical Pathogen;Will COVID-Vaccinated Individuals Be More Susceptible to Disease X?
    Project NextGen - Disease X & the COVID Jabs Part 2