Wednesday, October 21, 2015


“There is a universal flux that cannot be defined explicitly but which can be known only implicitly, as indicated by the explicitly definable forms and shapes, some stable and some unstable, that can be abstracted from the universal flux.  In this flow, mind and matter are not separate substances.  Rather, they are different aspects of our whole and unbroken movement…Then there is the further question of what is the relationship of thinking to reality.  As careful attention shows; thought itself is an actual process of movement.”
                                                               Wholeness And The Implicate Order     David Bohm

     “The days are bright, and filled with pain/ Enclose me in your gentle rain/ The time we ran was too insane/ We’ll meet again, we’ll meet again
     Oh tell me where your freedom lies/ The streets are fields that never die/ Deliver me from reasons why/ You’d rather cry, I’d rather fly…The crystal ship is being filled…”   The Crystal Ship   Jim Morrison

     “The senses by which we can recognize the spirit world have atrophied.”         Rilke

     “If you relax and cooperate long enough, the universe will give you information relevant to the question.”
                                                                                                          John Mack


     “I’m all over my heart’s desire/ I feel cold but I’m back in the fire/ I’m out of control but I’m tied up tight/ Come in come out tonight
     I’m coming up in the early morning/ I feel love in the shock of the lightning/ I fall into the binding light/  Come in come out, come in come out tonight…Love is a litany, a magical mystery, and all in good time…
     I got my feet on the street but I can’t stop flying/ My head’s in the clouds but at least I’m trying/ I’m out of control but I’m tied up tight/ Come in come out tonight
     There’s a hole in the ground into which I’m falling/ So Godspeed to the sound of the pounding/ I’m all into the blinding light/ Come in, come out, come in, come out tonight…It’s all in my mind…And all in good time, All in good time, All in good time.”            The Shock Of The Lightning       Oasis/Noel Gallagher


     Welcome back again, all you metaphysicals and midnight riders, to our third straight night shift on the CERNwatch.  This was never intended as a trilogy, bearing in mind this might not even stop here, but things grow increasingly strange in Geneva, and this reporting intends to grow right along with them, for however long this long run turns out to be.  This outlay continues to be much more serious than we’re previously ever been led to believe.  Above you’ll see the capture images of the two poles of Saturn; the question remains, what interior forces are in play, what machinery exists, to manifest this solar system’s largest hurricane and hexagon?

     These are the times when the entire world begins to feel as if it’s being shaped by forces and situations more akin to missing scenes from “Hellboy” than CNN dispatches.  Tales inspired by cults of inner-Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Ur seem to be taking over this haunted-house world, as headline after headline released continually overlaps and coincides with the one prior; all pointing directly at technological wizards of the Deep State Black Nobility inserted into our world today and trafficking with what appears, for all intents and terrifying purposes, to be ancient non-human intelligences. 

     At times it can be instructive to go back and find the links in previous work, to try and ascertain what’s brought us here, in an attempt at re-clarification, of the course we’re on as well as where we’re headed.  And the same holds true in my back pages, in looking over previous postings.  So imagine my surprise when, in looking back to January of 2013, I rediscovered an entry titled “Casting The Runes.”  Upon rereading it, I was shocked to find it tracing different frayings of this same scarlet thread, and to see the long shadows of that reporting casting themselves deep into what’s happening right now.  There is a distinct bloodline that’s found a home in and among the Deep State, and I remain gobsmacked at how, through no intent of my own, one thing leads to another around here.  And diving into the deep end of these strange waters of an existing Saturn Death Cult seems to send a warning claxon out to Synchronicity Central, as if they’re noticing you noticing them.

     That facets of this have been in play for so long in the world lends more than a certain gravitas to current events, particularly whatever endgame the machineries of CERN seem almost certain to be toying with.  And even more than gravitas, there is the inescapable sense of something huge in place and counting down.  Which brings us back to the absolute importance of Free Will for us here, and the mechanism by which, through all of us peering into these affairs, we can possibly change them; have an impact in the outcome.  To look at the immaculate dictates of Schrodinger again, the very nature of our observation of an event alters it forever. 

     Any number of theologians will tell you that this is all God’s will, that whatever’s happening is meant to be, and all part of His plan, almost in a perverse type of zealous excitement for the All-Times Armageddon Show to come.  But I beg to differ.  You and I are here for a reason also; WE are God’s Plan in action, right here, right now.  I can’t stress the importance of this enough: you and I, all of us, were put here on this exact plane of engagement, at this exact time, for a reason.  The time for fence-straddling is over.  For all of us it’s either “all in” or “all out.”  Come in, come out tonight. 


     In the wise slogan of the late, legendary Mike Ruppert, choose your gun and fire it.  It may be joining a book club and making connections, or a local Tea Party chapter.  It could be getting to work on that novel you always wanted to write.  It may even be starting to paint, build, or sculpt, or even starting a blog; writing is only painting with words after all.  It could even be the humble act of just talking to your friends about topics you were always scared to bring up for fear of ridicule.  None of us is given to know what will begin that breeze that fans the embers bringing the inferno starting a critical mass engulfing the minds of men.  One that can’t be extinguished, that tips the scales forever towards an enduring Good.  In the best and most literal sense anything can happen in these most exciting of times to be alive, as actions in the past can and do create ripples in the present.  And our actions now create ripples, radical change vectors, in the gossamer veils of the future.  



     With all this in mind and more, let’s get back to the business of observing, putting CERN under the microscope, and under fire, because there are ominous rumblings taking place from Geneva (more accurately Meyrin, Switzerland, the small town that lies directly above CERN – see above) to the Antarctic to the farthest reaches of the solar system, and nodes of connection firing all along the timeline.  And the spectre of transhumanism is once again front and center in these unearthly proceedings of the occult arts.  But first… 

     The actual physical viability of the Anthony Patch hypothesis – linking CERN and D-Wave Systems’ Adiabatic Quantum Computer to the creation of a helixical, Birkeland current bridge between Earth and Saturn (see the previous two reportings) – was underscored as early as 1998 on the popular esoteric landscape at Richard C. Hoagland’s brilliant Enterprise Mission website. 

     As an aside, the number of areas where Hoagland has been scientifically WAY ahead of the curve is legion, but is only highlighted again in the culture by NASA’s latest admission just days ago of their startling “discovery” of finding liquid water on Mars.  Hoagland merely got there 15 years prior, when he and his Enterprise Mission researchers reported in 2000 that they had found present-day water on Mars in satellite imagery.


     Hoagland remarked at the time, “It’s pretty unambiguous.  We can see the crack in the crater wall where the liquid started to flow from, and follow a clear flow path down the wall of the crater mound.  The flow patch is dark and wet, indicating it may have been only hours old when the Mars Global Surveyor photographed it.”


     Not too shabby for a guy that got dismissed as a “Face on Mars” nutbar at the time by everyone except for the Art Bell late-night radio audience that actually took the time to listen to his theories sprung forth like mushrooms in the wee hours, coloring the late-1990s zeitgeist as we counted down to whatever awaited us at the Millennium.  Among other things, Hoagland also numbered among the very first researchers, along with people like the late Kent Steadman at Cyberspaceorbit, to identify the increasing proliferation of contrails as possible weather-modification technology, an idea only now gaining increasing traction.  He also pioneered the notion that these contrails and the cookie-cutter Nexrad radar “cutouts,” as well as perfectly round, radar ring “bursts” that all appeared simultaneously in that pivotal year of 1998, were inextricably linked, and possibly both modified and augmented by the HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska. 



     Where Hoagland and Patch converge on this playing field that leads to CERN is in Hoagland’s seminal hyperdimensional physics model, which posited in part (greatly simplified) that bodies in our solar system contained observable energies that manifested in “upwellings” most often seen on the bodies’ exteriors at 19.5 degrees, and that these energies originated from dimensions beyond our own.  Straight from the Enterprise Mission site and the paper “Hubble’s New ‘Runaway Planet’: A Unique Opportunity For Testing The Exploding Planet Hypothesis…and Hyperdimensional Physics Part I” from July 8 1998:

     “Astrophysical discovery of ‘glowing planets’ – planetary bodies which shine in the infrared via internal energy sources, not just by reflected light – stems from completely unexpected ground-based telescopic observations of this solar system, beginning in the mid-1960s: the startling detection of “anomalous internal infrared radiation” coming from the planet Jupiter.  Later Pioneer and Voyager insitu spacecraft observations across the 70s and 80s added the other ‘giant planets,’ Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, to the list of solar system worlds that – somehow, without internal nuclear fusion processes, like stars – still manage to radiate more energy out into space than they receive directly from the Sun.”


     This is basically, without putting too fine a point on it, the discovery that makes all of what Patch is proposing vis a vis CERN and what’s going on inside Saturn possible.  Hoagland again:

     “The cornerstone of the hyperdimensional model (as applied to the problem of ‘unexplained’ astrophysical energy sources) is that historically, there is a perfectly natural explanation for such ‘anomalous energy’ appearing in celestial bodies…which unfortunately, hasn’t been considered by Science for over 100 years:  The existence of unseen hyperspatial realities…that, through information transfer between dimensions, are the literal ‘foundation substrate’ maintaining the reality of everything in this dimension.  The mathematical and physical parameters required for such ‘information energy gating’ into this spatial dimension from potential ‘n-dimensions’ were primarily founded in the pioneering work of several 19th Century founders of modern mathematics and physics: among these, German mathematician Georg Riemann, Scottish physicist Sir William Thompson, Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell, and British mathematician Sir William Rowan Hamilton.”


     Once again, I stress that if you’re new here and if you haven’t, go back and read the previous two postings relating to the goings-on at CERN, after which this upcoming news will take on an added creepy factor beyond your wildest imaginings.  Given everything we know so far, this, from on Sept.30 2015, is particularly ominous.  As it turns out, something appears to be churning and rising within the gaseous body of Saturn.  In short, “an object of unknown origin is moving under the surface of Saturn, pulling the rings down to the planet, astronomers revealed.” 


     “The gas giant’s 170,000-mile wide rings are composed of billions of particles of ice and rocky debris orbiting the planet.  Because of the gravitational pull of Saturn’s 62 moons the rings’ spiral waves are typically drawn out into space.

     But now, the ring waves are traveling downward towards the surface of the planet, where scientists believe some thing is moving deep within.

     Astronomers surmise that the object, located far beneath Saturn’s surface, is spinning at a speed of one rotation every seven hours, exerting a powerful gravitational pull on the rings.

     Recently, C2C reported that imagery of a mysterious storm raging for over 30 years on the dark side of Saturn had been captured by NASA’s Cassini space probe.

     Yet that storm, located at the nexus of a unique hexagonal structure, is seemingly unrelated to this new phenomena.”


     The fact that the headers in the article are titled “Everything is Ringing,” “Something Strange,” and “Lifting the Veil,” don’t exactly do much to quell the occult aura surrounding all this even at official levels.  And what this all means to the research of Anthony Patch, who contends that Saturn is in effect a huge prison planet for ancient extra-dimensional pre-biblical entities, hardly needs to be mentioned.  That his work illustrates a helixical bridging of Saturn’s North Pole with Earth’s South Pole as a means of conveyance, by Birkeland telluric currents, for whatever’s there coming here, courtesy of CERN tech augmented by an Adiabatic quantum computer, cannot be overstated.  By the powers of the artificially intelligent Adiabatic computer, pioneered by D-Wave Systems, there is the means to actually digitize biology, another critical step in this “Working.” (See the white paper ‘In Silico DNA’ at under ‘Latest Article’ for much, much more.)  


     That all of this only amounted to so much informed, scientific speculation just weeks ago, and is now   bolstered by “real world” press releases from NASA and, increasingly, CERN itself, seems beyond the pale, beyond the infinite and skating perilously close to the borders of what the human mind can accept.  If all this were truly happening, wouldn’t there also, according to the model, have to be some kind of presence at our South Pole, indicating like-minded people engaged in like-minded “workings” to set this whole thing up, to prepare the advent for Patch’s informed speculations?  Unfortunately, that’s exactly what appears to have been going on.  Meet the next horrific confirmation that all of this is actually happening: CERN’s IceCube observatory.


     Built to observe the incoming flux rates of extraterrestrial neutrinos, the megalithic IceCube, using the U.S. South Pole station as a base of operations, was deployed into the ice on January 15 2005.  The amount of hours and manpower needed to do so was staggering.  Over 50 polar flights were taken for the drilling rigs and fuel alone.  IceCube, in league with the South Pole Telescope, also figures in the plans to detect the presence of dark energy, and dark matter.  Making use of all these observations will be the combined NASA-DOE Joint Dark Energy Mission (JDEM), which has a target launch date of some time in 2016.  It will then join forces and compare notes with the Dark Universe Explorer Project of the European Space Agency’s planned Euclid mission, getting underway in 2017.  Note that all these projects are designed and built for detecting the incoming flow rates of all kinds of energies interacting with and bombarding the Earth.  Pay particular attention to the dark matter and dark energy, in other words the antimatter; it remains of paramount importance to the guiding hands at CERN.  In underscoring the occult meaning behind it all, as well as the critical factor of sacred symbology, you will notice that the shape of the IceCube is hexagonal, the alchemical geometry that shows up everywhere in this investigation from the North Pole of Saturn, to the machinery and components at Geneva, to final manifestations inside our own bodies.   

     Also notice the sheer size of the incredibly massive undertaking. It is truly of Lovecraftian, Mountains Of Madness-proportions at 1.5 miles in height and depth; at the bottom left are the Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building to scale.   


     At this point in the Patch outline, we’ve got independent verification, albeit from highly involved sources, that he’s right on the money on two of the “where’s” in his scenario that have panned out.  No wonder he was effectively silenced for several months by various status agents of the “Men In Black,” both in face-to-face confrontations and through electronic harassment of both himself and his personal computers.  But, as is so often the case with whistleblowers and those that hear a higher calling (of which he is both), in the end Patch was not so easily intimidated, and as of this writing he is back on track and intends, in interviews and on his website, to continue telling all he can for as long as he can.


     Which means with two “where’s” in the equation exhibiting disclosure, there remain the many exact “how’s” to examine, and a crucial one of those that just got checked, is the aspect, not addressed in any great depth so far, of the intersection of CERN and synthetic DNA.  CERN, like many synchrotronic particle accelerators throughout the world, is heavily involved in DNA research, the genesis of which can be traced back to Walnut Creek, California, and the now infamous Human Genome Project of J. Craig Venter, a “person of interest” in all of this whose name keeps popping up again and again.  CERN is interested in performing the reconfiguration and reconstruction of DNA at the quantum level, hooking in with quantum entanglement, and extrapolating that all the way up the chain ultimately targeting the human structure.  But first they are concerned with the multiple ways of vectoring it into the human structure, and this, it seems, could be where some dot connecting is in order.


     Patch receives all of his information from official sources coming out of science journals at Berkley and Cornell, as well as CERN’s own internal documents.  It remains his contention that synthetic life will be created, in part using radically modified 3D printing technology, to be used as vessels to be inhabited by what’s ultimately coming from the planet Saturn.  My belief, based more on intuition than anything else, is that the long-range bioforming of our own bodies over the course of years, due to lengthy exposures to what is in the chemtrails, GMOs, vaccines, and other multiple change agents, has been done deliberately to ensure WE are those host vessels to be so used at the appropriate time.  If the cosmic blueprint of panspermia created what we are now untold eons ago, then who’s to say another “jump” in biological evolution isn’t in order?  It’s only that this one will be a massive “possession” along Book of Revelations-proportions of as much of this planet’s population as they need.  For decades, transhumanism has looked to reconfigure and redesign us for a reason.  GMOs, a noted vaccine agenda, and electromagnetic fields, not to mention what’s falling on our heads on a daily basis, have sought to alter our interior landscape at the molecular level for a reason.  Those reasons could finally be upon us.  No matter what, it’s been a long ramp-up and preparation for something.  And if it’s Patch’s way or my way in the end hardly matters, the destination is the same, and humanity’s Magic 8 Ball keeps coming up “outlook not so good.”


     And this is where another frightening scenario has just joined the connect-the-dots party train.  A scenario that includes both synthetic life, as well as the problem of how to get it into us that may very well have been solved.  On Sept.4 2015 the Express UK ran the headline that “Scientists at the University of Buckingham Center for Astrobiology (BCAB), in tandem with the University of Sheffield, say they have captured the first-ever image of an alien or extraterrestrial organism.  The scientists described the ‘organism’ as a ‘bull-shaped’ particle that represents a ‘complete living entity.’  According to the team of scientists, led by Professor Milton Wainwright, the photograph is proof that alien or extraterrestrial life exists in space, outside the atmosphere of our planet Earth.”


     “The scientists said the image provides new evidence in support of the panspermia theory which says that life on Earth originated in space.  The scientists also said the discovery supports the theory that living particles continue to rain down on earth from space.”  The “amorphous,” bull-shaped form is shown here attached to a grain of salt crystal it was riding on.  The grain of salt was discovered along with the rare earth elements: dysprosium, luetetium, neodymium, and niobium.  Interestingly enough, all 4 of these elements appear to have one thing in common: they show applications for highly magnetic and magnetized fields of data storage, with niobium strands used in all MRI devices, and luetetium actually used in magnetic “memory” technology.  What exactly are they raining down on us, and why am I thinking it could point to possible “brainwave entrainment,” of either the memory-wiping variety, or the creating of a tabula rasa, a blank slate, just in time for new information coding to take its place?

     “Where is the fisherman, where is the goat/ Where is the keeper in his carrion coat?…These are the soul cages…”      Sting 

     This extraordinary finding was announced in coordination with two other ‘forms” also recently found to be floating down from the uppermost reaches of the atmosphere and beyond.  All were isolated from minute pieces of so-called “debris” dredged from the stratospheric boundaries of space by large magnets, part of a project run out of Derbyshire which sent balloons to altitudes some 30 kilometres up into the stratosphere, extremely close to, but not into, the actual outer space boundary. 

     On January 30 2015, these same researchers announced they had found evidence of extraterrestrial life forms raining down on earth in “titanium spheres.”  According to the researchers, these spheres were about 30 microns in diameter (about the width of a human hair) and contained “biological material.”  It had “filamentous life” on the outside, and a “gooey biological material oozing from its center.”  X-ray analysis showed that the tiny sphere was made up mainly of titanium, with traces of vanadium.  They described it as a “life seed” which, upon falling, bursts open, spewing its “genetic and biological” material.  

     The third form is listed in a January 18 2015 press release as a “ghost” or ‘dragon” particle of, once again, biological material, in the form of a diaphanous or chiffon-like scarf, once again culled from the outer atmospheres at 27 kilometre altitudes, and again, around the width of a human hair.   


     Just when we were wondering where all of this could be coming from, this headline was introduced into the mix on October 12 2015 when NASA announced it had successfully completed an experiment with a suborbital, or sounding, rocket aimed at testing out new technologies before integrating them in other “upcoming projects.”  Specifically, the suborbital flight was launched on October 7 from Wallops Island, Virginia and was testing a modified Black Brant sounding rocket motor, launch vehicle, spacecracft systems, and suborbital payload-ejection technologies.  During the test they released a number of vapor clouds into the atmosphere, all of which contained discharges of barium and strontium.  These resulted in colorized celestial clouds which descended and were visible along the eastern seaboard of the U.S.  

     Barium and strontium, along with aluminum, are the 3 most utilized heavy metals in the worldwide chemtrailing and/or geoengineering programs.  Straight from NASA:  “During the test of the deployment system for the vapor clouds, four sub-payloads with mixtures of barium and strontium will be ejected from the main payload and the vapor will be deployed while the payload is descending.  The test will also include the release of vapor from two systems on the main payload during the descent portion of the flight.” 

    “The ejected sub-payloads will release the vapor at about 130 miles above the Earth.  The main payload releases will occur at an altitude of around 118 miles.”

     All of which only begs the question, if they are releasing barium and strontium at those extreme levels to float down on us, am I being cynical to think some of those payloads could also include biologicals and synthetics as per instructions?  Which of course would plug directly into the entire CERN transhumanistic, transformative agenda.  And all of this brings us back around to the supremely suspicious J. Craig Venter, and something be said in 2010 at TED talks that mirrors the EXACT recipe for what Anthony Patch says CERN is up to.  With characteristic hubris he exclaimed: “Watch me unveil synthetic life.”

     To begin with, Patch has always said that one of the hallmarks of these people is hubris.  They not only think they are better than God, their agenda is to replace God at best, to obliterate Him at worst, in accordance with dictates from their Master.  Patch has also repeated in many interviews that, going hand-in-hand with the Adiabatic quantum computer in completing the process of transference, something to look for as one of their goals and markers is “digitizing biology.”  So imagine my surprise when I ran across this specific wording in the UK Guardian article of October 13 2013 highlighting Venter, and excuse me if you’ll notice the allusion to an altogether fey Bond villain immediately:

     “Craig Venter reclines in his chair, puts his feet up on his desk and – gently stroking his milk chocolate-coloured minature poodle, Darwin, asleep in his arms – shares his vision of the household appliance of the future.  It is a box attached to a computer that would receive DNA sequences from over the Internet to synthesize proteins, viruses, and even living cells.

     It could, for example, fill a prescription for insulin, provide flu vaccine during a pandemic, or even produce phage viruses targeted to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria.  It could help future Martian colonists by giving them access to the vaccines, antibiotics and personalized drugs they needed on the red planet.  And should DNA-based life ever be found there, a digital version could be transmitted back to Earth, where scientists could recreate the extraterrestrial organism using their own life-printing box.

     ‘We call it a Digital Biological Converter.  And we have the prototype,’ says Venter.”

     The article continues,  “In 2010 Venter grabbed the attention of headline writers and scientists around the world by announcing what he called the ‘world’s first synthetic life.’  He took a synthetic bacterial genome constructed from chemicals in the laboratory and, as Venter puts it, ‘booted it up,’ by inserting it into a living, single-celled bacterium.  The cell replicated itself into a colony of organisms containing only the synthetic DNA.”  

     ‘It is like a whole new concept of life that, until our experiment, no one had,’ he says.  It was later reviewed by the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, which gave it the green light and recommended self-regulation by synthetic biologists.”

     ‘…I think the work that we have done with the first genome in history, the human genome, and with the first synthetic cell is certainly of the world caliber that obviously wins big prizes…’ Venter also wants people to know about what’s coming next – the futuristic home gadget he is building and how it could allow what Venter calls ‘biological teleportation.’

     “The way he sees it, making a digital copy of an organism’s DNA in one place and sending the file to a device somewhere else that can recreate the original life-form is not so different from the sci-fi ideal of teleportation where matter moves from place to place in an instant (in the style of ‘Beam me up, Scotty.’)  It is just that it was never envisioned this way.”  

     That certain device alluded to but not defined in Venter’s above blueprint would be the Adiabatic quantum computer working in tandem with CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, making manifest extradimensionals in a here-to-there transfer into physical form, thanks to vessels either human or synthetic that await the arrival.  And just for historical buttressing, perhaps all this has happened before.  As was written, there is nothing new under the sun. 

     And if the Guardian writer Zoe Corbyn will forgive me, it was ALWAYS envisioned that way, and don’t let the rampant megalomania of Venter sidetrack you, or disabuse you of that notion.  They count on the fact that this whole area and agenda carries with it so much baggage of disbelief that they are able to hide all of this in plain sight.  In brutal truth you need to violently suspend that disbelief for as long as it takes, and in its place keep repeating a mantra regarding the true nature of your world, borrowed from the popular piece of disclosure masquerading as the film Rosemary’s Baby…All of them witches.  All of them witches.  All of them witches.  All of them witches.

     I hope you can continue to follow these threads along with me in the coming months.  Anthony Patch has just in the last 24 hours posted the most recently updated schedules from CERN:

     Full Power 14TeV Nov.20 – Dec.13

     Collisions of Ions of Lead Nov.20-Dec.13 @ 14+TeV

     Scrubbing of Main Ring until Nov.3
     Machine Development Nov.4-8
     Technical Stop Nov.9-13
     Recommissioning Beam Nov.14-15
     Set Up of Ions of Lead Nov.16-19
     Collisions Pb + Pb Nov.20-Dec.13
      Technical Stop Dec.14 through end of 2015

     “When the night shows/ The signals grow on radios/ All the strange things, they come and go/ As early warnings
Stranded starfish have no place to hide/ still waiting for the swollen Easter tide/ There’s no point in direction/ We cannot even choose/ A side

I took the old track/ the hollow shoulder, across the waters/ On the tall cliffs/ They were just getting older/ sons and daughters/
The jaded underworld was riding high/ Waves of steel hurled metal at the sky/ and as the nail sunk in the cloud/ The rain was warm and soaked/ The crowd

Lord here comes the flood/ We will say goodbye to flesh and blood/ If again the seas are silent/ in any still alive/ it’ll be those who gave their island to survive/ Drink up dreamers, you’re running dry

When the flood calls/ You have no home you have no walls/ In the thunder crash/ You’re a thousand minds/ Within a flash/ Don’t be afraid to cry at what you see
The actor’s gone, there’s only you and me
And if we break before the dawn/ They’ll use up what we used to be…”        Peter Gabriel      


  1. You have done another outstanding job of scaring the wits out of me. I had to go for a walk after the first read. Listening to the birds argue over pecans helped. This seems like a really bad fever dream that comes with you into the waking world. Perhaps with the current health issues so many have we are just a bridge until those digital copies are up & running? Just for chuckles I ran Venter's name through gematria. Some strange finds. For some reason after rereading this a quote from War Games comes to mind:"A millisecond of brilliant light & we're vaporized." Would that it would be that clean.

  2. Hey TM pal o' mine -- Really don't mean to scare you, even though we seem to be facing some soul-stirring times. I truly believe in the plan of "seeing something, saying something" can be the way the world changes. Just the sound of that still, small voice in all of us can move universes. Maybe that's just my pollyanna-ish coping mechanism, but I hang onto it. That old line about the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing people he didn't exist. Maybe that's where His power comes from, so I always try to get people to understand and confront. Turn and face the strange. I always want you to know how much your thoughtful comments mean to me, and that this interaction we've got going on is way cool. "Spooky action at a distance" indeed!!! No matter how far the space between, we affect each other, and that's our Secret Weapon. Look forward to hearing your voice again soon, as we all face all this confusion together. Off to plug Venter's name in -- you've got me curious again!!

  3. No your words serve as a well placed BOO! needed to keep going. I agree with your seeing/saying, though it is hard. The people I love dearly are amused/annoyed with my take so I sprinkle it with a light hand. Ah, I do feel the devil's reputation for cunning & his power source is indeed that. I don't have the math for quantum theory but I understand the words pretty well. Connections are there, perhaps unless we see & acknowledge them they remain less than they might be. The strange has been a constant in my life, though not always welcome. The advent of the internet, with all it's wares, has helped me realize that some of my "neighbors" are very upscale indeed. It is very good to have found this connection. "Spooky action at a distance" yeah:)

  4. My morphage co-conspirator! It's sounding like a broken record me continually thanking you for your well-chosen replies, but I'm gonna keep doing it. You bring to my mind the words of the Canadian poet Milton Acorn:
    Doctor listened with his stethoscope to my inner machinery and said
    "You've got a big heart thumping out time all around your chest"
    I said "Yes I know, since every undeservedly aimed blow ever driven at anyone
    has hit it.
    It's swelling all the time with hope for this one, that one, others popping out
    From wombs firing like machine-guns; Each new person jumped and mugged for profit
    Learning language by hearing himself cursed for being here and ever having done
    Anything except for a bully's gain: Starting with the crime of birth
    Doctor, it's for a bomb I need this big heart
    To smash those liars into a great squashed stain
    When the pressure jumps too much, and it blows apart."
    (I always wondered if Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong got his 'American Idiot' art for the heart/hand grenade logo from that?!)
    Short post on CERN going up again today just in time for Halloween. Breaking News... this stuff just doesn't stop. Talk to you soon my friend.