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     As the lead ions are getting ready to fly right about now in Geneva, please consider this merely Part I of a 2-parter that I’m just putting the finishing touches on.  But this area of the greater puzzle needs to be digested first.  If all the pieces fit the way it appears they are aligning, these words from an insider, first voiced half a year ago, may contain resonance that is unfortunately universal in scope, and casts light on the ultimate intentions of the controllers, especially with the hindsight of current destabilization events around our planet.  Because, as always, Chaos is the calling card of social engineering and herding the masses.  And it remains their own special tool of the latest Reformation, and Force Multiplier of the New World Order.  

     Although the coming sentiments appear to be issued from a theological perspective, or true believer status as it were, let’s not throw the baby out with that bathwater just yet, because this anonymous person appears to have a rather inside track, and puts down point-for-point, in layman’s terms, exactly what is, and has been, going on for a very long time within the worldwide apparatus that is CERN.  It also correlates in fascinating ways to what Anthony Patch has put together regarding Saturn, the Adiabatic Quantum computer, and the Large Hadron Collider that we’ve examined previously. 

     We, as always, appear to be heavily ensconced in the realm of secret societies using occult calling cards as their meme and channeled technology as their blunt instrument.  I’ll be back in a few days with the follow-up, and how it all fits to this present point, but for now, this is the glue at the intersections of Evil Technology and Spiritual Fascism.  

     Hey kids, let’s all shake it loose together and find out where we stand, because here comes the testimony of perhaps one of the last righteous whistleblowers and CERN facility insider.  Due to its anonymous nature, it of course cannot be 100% verified, but when observing the current tenuous equilibrium of the world, cold proof is a shifting variable.  

“What CERN is doing; let’s say you come into a world and you find architecture all over the place, buildings, homes, houses, where you can house people, you can do many things with a house or a structure.  In your curiosity you ask what’s holding all this together?  That’s when you find not nails that you can remove but glue that has bonded itself to the materials.  And your curiosity becomes focused on this glue that’s holding the structure together.  So you try everything to replicate it and you can’t because it’s hardened.  So you come to the realization that the only way to find out how this glue is working is to break it down to its basic particles, and you have to have that glue in its former state, not the state after it’s already hardened.

So you don’t want it in the “cured” state, the state that you can see now.  You want it in its initial, liquid state.  CERN is a device that will allow them to examine particles in their initial state.  That’s a very simple, simple way to look at what CERN is doing – trying to find the glue that holds everything together.

And what has come out of CERN is called antimatter, which was first actually produced in 1955.  They found positrons which are anti-electrons.  To understand what antimatter is I’m going to have to explain the very bare basics of what matter is, and believe me, it’s going to get very weird here shortly because you are going to see exactly what they’re doing….Matter and antimatter are opposites.  If you take a piece of wood it’s only a piece of wood, but if you set that wood on fire you have caused a reaction and then it’s in a dangerous potential state – it’s active.  If you have a battery outside of your cellphone it does nothing.  You put the battery inside it and the electrons begin to flow from one place to another.  Essentially, that’s what electronics are – the control of electrons.  Controlling the direction and speed of electrons creates tiny pulses that flow or don’t flow.  Those are called gates. 

Those gates form computers, and with a computer we can do fascinating things.  This is why in fact they did take Nikola Tesla’s findings, because he discovered some things with electrons and protons which were very fascinating.  Electricity within itself is a visual observation of electrons and protons in their active state. A non-controlled state.  Antimatter is the opposite of the matter we can control.  Antimatter cannot be controlled.  In fact, when they first produced antimatter, they had to have a facility to contain it because unlike the wood where you have to have a reaction to cause it to burn, antimatter you have to have it in containment to cause it NOT TO BURN.  That’s the only way they can store it, with massive facilities to store it in.  With a nuclear bomb it takes timing, which takes electronics and the explosions have to be just right to cause a reaction.  This takes pounds of nuclear material to cause it to react and it has to be very precise. 

Let’s say we had antimatter. If we had one gram of antimatter that would equal 45 kilotons of TNT, which is around 4 Hiroshima bombs.  And it is already inherently unstable.  The only way to harness this is to contain it and it takes very large facilities to contain just one gram of antimatter.  Unlike matter which we can measure, we can actually have a failsafe with any explosion because with TNT, so many grams go into the components that causes a yield or the force of an explosion.  Whether the size of firecrackers or C4, you can contain those explosions, which would be called a failsafe. Antimatter has no failsafe.  You can have one gram of antimatter and it can begin to react in ways that are unfathomable by the human mind.  One gram of it can cause a reaction with other matter and other antimatter components that are out there, causing a chain reaction.  One gram of antimatter reacting with another like gram has the potential of the sun. 

What they have been doing since 1955 is trying to control it.  They have made containment devices deep in the earth.  Some have failed, some have not.  When they fail they cause megaquakes.  Now we’re talking small tiny droplets of antimatter.  It has to be isolated from the rest of reality when it is contained, in a literal sense.  Given that this can be weaponized, there are other implications that the average person has not thought about.

Our body is held together by that glue that they are searching for, that bonds matter together.  Those who understand the ‘standard model’ have a pretty good idea of how all things work – you are dealing with matter and force.  They’ve categorized everything that we can touch and feel in what are called quarks, the building blocks in protons neutrons and leptons, which are essentially like an electron, and then we have force.  Lumps of energy that transmit the forces that bring matter to life.  Like a photon, it carries the electromagnetic force.  Without photons we could not produce any motors or anything else.  Without gluons, which carry strong force, neutrons and protons would not be held together – in other words the universe would not exist.  They have broken this ‘standard model’ down, but what they are looking for are the higher explanations of how everything works.  This is the particle they are searching for.  They have found half of it, a component of it.  That was the Higgs field – the God particle.  An explanation of…they found the traces of the Higgs field, they can now observe it.  It is observed wherever matter is not.  In your room the Higgs field is in operation.  With the Higgs field, they can begin to alter reality as we know it.  A lot of people can’t capture that right away, but you must remember our world is made up of matter.  The antimatter is what we can’t see touch or feel although we interact with it every day.  A lot of people like to think of antimatter as the other dimension, the opposite of this one.  It is an inconceivable place that is hostile, inherently.  This dimension would be the more tamed dimension.  Here is what they’ve done since the 1930s, well, actually since the 1800s… 

There was a group that studied nothing but the phenomenon of paranormal activities.  Not like you’ve seen on TV, or in Hollywood.  Not like anyone knows about.  They studied the science behind paranormal activity and have defined, have called it a dimensional slit, where things can interact with this world all the time.  And they were wondering of the interactions between known matter and that type of matter, but they also found with antimatter that this antimatter can be absorbed by any realm of paranormal activity.  It is in effect neutralized and absorbed.  So there is a physical effect to the spiritual world and antimatter and often demonic entities and other things are attracted to antimatter.  Every gram of antimatter that is produced and brought into this world – it attracts things from another dimension coming here.  What is CERN going to do?  It will allow humanity to produce POUNDS of antimatter; the unseen portion of dark matter, and of course you have the angels, which govern what that realm can and cannot do. 

It is a shame that the Christian community can not believe the Bible when it’s talking about things like that, because it’s going to cause them a great deal of harm.  What they fail to adopt from the Bible, what they fail to believe is going to HARM them.  They may not be lost in spirit but they’ll have lumps all over the place.  I hope people have a general understanding of matter that can be touched and felt and observed, and antimatter which cannot be any of those things – however they are working in tandem, because everything is balanced.  It is the subject of Lucifer in the spiritual sense because God gives everything balance.  Why did He put the serpent in the Garden in the first place?  For balance.  God can’t give us an honest choice unless we are faced with an equal balance of obedience and disobedience, and so Lucifer is used to be that balance.  The reason people will be harmed is that if they don’t believe in the spiritual realm of our Lord then they are giving the dark spirits authority to work in their lives. 

CERN has yielded so many results and given a true definition of paranormal activity that it’s beyond me that people can’t get this through the truth of the Word.  Antimatter is being pulled out of this other dimension which is nowhere but everywhere.  In consequence to that they have found out antimatter has a specific energy signature which they can detect; this is part of the process of pulling it out -- some of the not-so-good consequences of this process has to do with the human psyche.

Stephen Hawking understands the implications; he understands how it can affect the psyche.  For a long time Hawking didn’t believe there was a God, but something is changing with him, he is beginning to see that everything is so precise it’s impossible for it to be happenstance.  Now with the general basis of what CERN is doing, here comes the other part that is not so good.

It’s not just one set of experiments they are about to perform, this thing is going to run 6 months and beyond, continuously colliding protons near the speed of light to analyze exotic particles that were made at the beginning of the Big Bang – it’s the only way to observe these particles which wink in and out of existence.  The consequence of this – and by the way they have a more efficient method of pulling out or gathering antimatter, which is why they need to know the properties – and once they have these properties of this particle they will be able to extract as much antimatter as they desire efficiently.  Now it’s inefficient – to get a lb. would require some 10,000 years; it’s just not going to work.  CERN will allow them to do it within a week. But here’s the consequence – they’ve found out that antimatter is intimately tied in to every single life form on this planet.  That energy signature is the same in all life here…
They found out that when the energy of any life form is in the presence of antimatter, the energy of that life form changes.  

A person has both dark and light already within them – it’s part of their makeup.  You can’t live in a material world without antimatter. Nothing would exist.  A person has both good energy – this realm – of matter – but they also have the energy of antimatter.  So they’re connected.  A person is connected to both realms at the same time. And they don’t even know it. And with all their experiments – they have found out with certainty why paranormal activity exists.

They know exactly what it is.  They don’t want to tell anybody; this is why they perpetuate foolishness on TV, but every single person, single life form, is connected to that realm.  That other realm, into this realm of reality, all the time.  Now a person’s thoughts, how a person feels, and doctors know about this too, how a person feels will determine which energy they draw from.  You can draw from this realm, the good realm, and you have positive results – that’s called faith.  Doctors know that if a person believes something is helping them, they have it in themselves to repair.  They can command their bodies to be repaired simply based on belief. 

This other realm, because that energy is contained in another dimension, that’s the containment wall.  But when a person draws that energy in it’s the opposite of this realm. 

In this realm we have to light a piece of wood with a flame to catch it on fire.  In that realm it’s already on fire. You have to contain it in order to see the wood that’s being engulfed in flames. 

When a person changes their emotional state their energy changes.  And they begin to draw their energy from this other dimension, this chaotic, violent and uncontainable place.  It’s in operation all the time.  The scientists are aware of this, now here is another part that’s not so comforting. 

On the Spring Equinox of 2015 the forces change on the earth, and they know this.  They know that this will allow them in fact to have better results.  Believe me it is timed perfectly.  And there will be consequences.  There have been consequences before, and nobody took notice.  The energy signature of antimatter, it attracts things from the other realm.  Dark matter is tied to dark matter.  Everything has a connection.  That connection can never be broken by anything. If they bring dark matter into this realm, it’s still connected to that realm where the dark matter came from.  No matter how far away they put it anywhere it’s still connected.  Because that realm is everywhere still connected.  Because of this it effectively increases paranormal activity around where it’s contained.  

This is why they shift facilities.  They once kept dark matter in a college – I won’t name it – for the sake of the college or the University; they had to move it to a deep underground facility because of what was happening to the people in the college.  People began to have vivid dreams, nightmares, violence began to erupt and vile things began to happen in those places. 
It’s because it’s a chaotic piece of matter, it is just chaotic.  This is what an explosion is by the way.  An explosion is the absence of order.  Here is the worst part…

Just imagine that dark matter being the ocean.  Imagine this realm being the submarine.  We are all in the submarine having fun.  We’re doing our thing, we have our disagreements here, and then we find out there’s a hole in the sub.  But the hole is not – we thought it was in the sub, but it wasn’t in the sub itself, it was in fact in the people.  The people’s water inside their bodies began to increase based on their emotions, let’s just say that, and that water/dark matter can come into this realm through people.  That is in fact what they discovered in 1950.  That people can also produce dark matter.  In fact they now know how much energy a person has to have before they go absolutely berserk.  They also know how much of that energy signature a person must have before an entity from that realm can possess them.  Which also allowed them to understand that not everybody can be possessed.  To be possessed they have to be, in essence, a portal themselves. 

These crooked people, in certain places, have already been harnessing this power for themselves and it has been effective every single step of the way. 

So the problems about CERN, what could potentially happen from this?  Well, they had another discovery.  Dark matter causes other contained pieces of dark matter to react.  If you had a contained teaspoon of dark matter in Pennsylvania and somebody else had a teaspoon of it in California, then as soon as either is exposed to the elements, the other teaspoon of dark matter will activate.  In other words, you lose containment in one place, you lose containment in the other place.  All is intimately tied together. 

Remember we have both matter and antimatter energy signatures within us, and we draw on those based on what’s in our thoughts, minds, and hearts…With CERN as they begin to collide these protons, dark matter is going to be produced in greater and greater numbers.  Not only the matter but the energy signature is also going to be released into this realm.  This will cause the dark energy signature within people to begin to activate more and more.  You see it’s going to become difficult for people to stay contained or controlled.  They’re going to become violent, they’re going to have vivid dreams.  The darkness within a person is absolutely going to begin to surface.  This is NOT theoretical.  This has happened before, and it is going to happen again in greater numbers.  This time it will take effect.  

That has also been weaponized.  Nobody knows this and I probably won’t be in trouble for this but they have a weapon concerning dark matter that they can put within a country or a specific place to cause chaos.  This is a weapon and they have used it before. 

Something else very important that I know about firsthand...There are often times where you have to partake in the weapons development program.  I’ll describe something, people can believe it or not – sooner or later they’re going to experience it too.  I am a Christian.  I was thrust into a position where I had to absolutely 100% fight to keep my flesh under full subjection.  I could not believe the intensity of what was happening.  My thoughts were all over the place, it was like every evil thing that was in me came to the surface with the snap of a finger.  Irritation, aggravation, anxiety, fear, anger, hatred, all sorts of things in the snap of a finger.  The only thing that kept me still, the challenge was to be still, I had to absolutely 100% focus on the Lord.  It was the only way to overcome that.  If a person is out there and says I have no power to control myself, yes you do, you don’t want to control yourself.  Believe me that power is within you.   

And this was a weapon, this was a MILD weapon.  When I thought about God’s love everything came under subjection within me as though it had no effect. 

They found the force that holds the dark matter away from this realm.  They call it the wall.  There is another name for that – those other particles they are going to find, they’re going to find the other pieces that are in that wall, and when they do they will then be able to UNDO that wall.  There is another name for that wall.  The veil.  There is no counter weapon to this. 

China is building a LHC facility.  There are today 14 particle accelerators in existence.  All the countries are vested. In the U.S. we have 3 facilities.  I can’t tell you where they are.  One they began to build, but they couldn’t, but they went ahead and built it anyway.  It’s in one of the biggest states in the U.S. (Texas).  It’s there and is operational and is also going to be powered up during this time. 

I’m saying this because when this thing does power up, the immediate effects are not what I’m worried about.  The psychological effects on people are going to become quite evident.  I know that people will come under some strange attacks.  Some strange occurrences, in an instant…and this other realm is going to begin to spill over in multiple places.  Everywhere, violence will increase. 

People cannot make excuses for their emotional state anymore.  You’re going to have to FIGHT FOR IT today, they’re going to have to keep this negative energy away from them, immerse themselves in the truth of our Lord, that’s the only way they’re going to survive.

You know in this time that is coming, which is coming QUICKLY, people are going to be thrust into, they’re going to have ideas and things they didn’t think they had – now some people may say ‘well all my thoughts are my own’ – well then why would God say ‘take captive your thoughts.’ Why would He say that?  Why would he say the flesh and the spirit war continuously?  Because WE have the power to overcome our own flesh.  Because the darkness in this world is about to be pulled out of EVERYTHING.  In a way no one ever forecast or thought possible.  But it is absolutely going to take place.”

        “There was a Checkpoint Charlie 
        He didn’t crack a smile
        But it’s no laughing party 
        When you’ve been on the murder mile
        All it takes one itchy trigger 
        One more widow one less white nigger…”
                                                                               Elvis Costello    Oliver's Army   

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