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"Well the last thing I remember before I stripped and kneeled, was that trainload of fools bogged down in a magnetic field

A gypsy with a broken flag and a flashing ring, she said 'Son this ain't a dream no more, it's the real thing.'"

Sixteen yearsSixteen banners united over the fieldWhere the good shepherd grievesDesperate men, desperate women dividedSpreading their wings 'neath the falling leaves
Fortune callsI stepped forth from the shadows to the marketplaceMerchants and thieves, hungry for power, my last deal gone downShe's smelling sweet like the meadows where she was bornOn midsummer's eve, near the tower
The cold-blooded moonThe captain waits above the celebrationSending his thoughts to a beloved maidWhose ebony face is beyond communicationThe captain is down but still believing that his love will be repaid
They shaved her headShe was torn between Jupiter and ApolloA messenger arrived with a black nightingaleI seen her on the stairs and I couldn't help but followFollow her down past the fountain where they lifted her veil
I stumbled to my feetI rode past destruction in the ditchesWith the stitches still mending 'neath a heart-shaped tattooRenegade priests and treacherous young witchesWere handing out the flowers that I'd given to you
The palace of mirrorsWhere dog soldiers are reflectedThe endless road and the wailing of chimesThe empty rooms where her memory is protectedWhere the angels' voices whisper to the souls of previous times
She wakes him upForty-eight hours later, the sun is breakingNear broken chains, mountain laurel and rolling rocksShe's begging to know what measures he now will be takingHe's pulling her down and she's clutching on to his long golden locks
Gentlemen, he saidI don't need your organization, I've shined your shoesI've moved your mountains and marked your cardsBut Eden is burning, either getting ready for eliminationOr else your hearts must have the courage for the changing of the guards
Peace will comeWith tranquility and splendor on the wheels of fireBut will bring us no reward when her false idols fallAnd cruel death surrenders with its pale ghost retreatingBetween the King and the Queen of Swords

Everybody says you're usin' voodooI see your feet walk by themselves(How much, how much?)(How much longer?) WellEverybody says you're usin' voodooI've seen your feet walk by themselves(How much, how much?)(How much longer?)
Oh, baby, that God you been prayin' toGonna give ya back what you're wishin' on someone else

Climb aboard all you apocalyptic doom preppers, and Conductor Dylan will punch your ticket for this midnight ride on the Freedom train of infotainment and dark desire, now leaving the Night Gallery for parts unknown...on the way hopefully peeling off another layer in the long, hard road towards enlightenment. Nobody said it would be easy, but after all it's the journey, not the destination. It may just seem like you're trapped in a real-life crime-noir-scifi thriller, but it's really a documentary. 

It may be just another Pleasant Valley Sunday here in status symbol land, but there is an incessant buzz beneath the languor of swimming pools opening, and kids' games, and the hissing of the green lawns of early summer; it is something else calling, something other. History has marked us for living in the time of the Revealing, when so many confirmations are trotted out and long-held suspicions are affirmed as psychic thought-bombs blowing the psychosphere apart. "I told you so" doesn't even begin. Where the collective goes from here is anybody's guess, but it doesn't take a mind-reader to see that there is going to be hell to pay. And so many headlines lately have been rushing us along that road more than ever before.

We are rippin and runnin pillar to post this time out my Irregulars, so let's not waste any more time...Onward!! And always remember, no matter how black-pilled all this info seems, no matter how bleak the situation at hand appears: they have to win every time...we only have to win once. 



Take the symbolism inherent and splashed all over the Pfizer Global Headquarters building in NYC. What to make of it? Reeking of Egyptian and occult markers, any rational person might ask just what do these have to do with modern-day, cutting-edge global medicine and healthcare, and where it seeks to take us? More than you might realize...but for that, we may have to look for points of origin, and for those, we need to go back to 1952, New Year's Eve...

Remember 1952.

Some would have called it an attempt at contact, others a summoning ritual, but the fact remains that particulars installed deep within the military-industrial complex, and at least one family line implicated at sinister doings in and around the JFK assassination, that night are said to have opened communication with the Egyptian Ennead, The Nine gods that ruled over and were venerated by the ancient Egyptian civilization. 

What was talked about? What instructions were received, if any? Was a plan set into motion? We don't know. But every day, within and without, we learn a little bit more...

See the Chapter 'Contact' here:

We stumble again upon the cosmic speed bump of non-human intelligences, as it seems to happen more often than not no matter which way we turn in this investigation. This Round Table Foundation included one Arthur M. Young:

Read the full wiki for an entertaining ride, and wonder, between the lines, everything that ISN'T mentioned...but a message, a clear and distinct one, was transmitted and bubbling under the upper echelons of elite society.

Watching everything come full circle, as we are wont to do here, the Round Table contacting the Nine would eventually morph into something called Lab Nine, run by spooks and remote viewers (is this where the CIA, DARPA, SRI et al got the inspiration for Project Stargate, which would eventually branch off into scenarios like Heaven's Gate and the coming of the Hale-Bopp comet and its "companion?") Lab Nine would include extremely well-connected and influential backers like the Bronfman family, so entrenched within the NXIVM narrative, which, by association, very much included Jeffrey Epstein. 

So, you may ask, where does this all connect with Pfizer and their weird artwork? Well, other than the fact that that very same artwork is representative of those very same Egyptian gods contacted supposedly in 1952 -- which, I may ask, WHY? There is also this: one of the numbers on the plate of that car photographed at the front of the global HQ in NY (see header) is 5714.  (the one with '666' I should expect is self-explanatory...)

5714 in the Jewish calendar corresponds to the year 1952. Things that make you go 'Hmmmmm.'

Then there is the disproportionate number of representations of what appear to be empty vessels in that artwork. This begins to become mind-boggling when you start to think about it. The symbolism. The words "break through." Break-throughs that change patients. Really? Klaus Schwab again: 

He knew. In 2015. What was coming. What they had planned. A forced faux pandemic to get you to submit... What was going to be in their vaxx, marketed as "the cure!!" What it would do. It changes YOU. You are a vessel. A vessel they will empty for what they want to install thru their advanced tech and bio-experimentation on the entire planet. Wetware? Software? Hardware? An entity? There really are no good endings to that sentence...

Problem-Reaction-Solution. Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis. The song remains the same. It's just playing now louder than ever before; drowning out everything else, especially those voicing freedom and common sense. And it all is enough to make me believe some kind of marching orders were transmitted back in 1952 that were passed down, echoed amoung the top layers of society as instructions received. And in every assassination trampling down those that espouse free thought, in every ritual false flag that propels totalitarianism, in every act of genocide both small and large, it's been in our faces ever since. The veils are thinning, allowing something to come thru, but at the same time, those thinning veils allow us to see. And the nature of the enemy has always been to hide. Their intentions. Their true goals. That isn't possible anymore. The Awakening is here. And there is always an awakening before the Storm.

I should also add that the CIA launched project MKULTRA right around this exact same time also: 1953. Which would beget MKOFTEN, cooked up by the monsters Gottlieb and Helms, and focusing on the merger of specific intelligence ops with the paranormal realms, and how to weaponize such, gone into at great lengths here amid much else, not the least of which includes UFOs, the effects of plasmas, and interestingly, electro-magnetic frequencies: 

The first several minutes of this all-important podcast play into what we've started talking about in this post the dot-connecting continues...


Ever feel like you're in the middle of an ongoing invasion and no one is noticing? There might just be a good reason for that. See the particulars about the magnetic implications within this fantastic substack post by Dr. Ana Mihalcea:

And here from Karen Kingston, showing that weird magnetic properties have not abated, in fact they have spread from the vaxxed to commercial meats:

All indicative of a Full Spectrum Dominance blanket approach to the attack on humanity. Coupled with what's in the water and what is currently being aerosolized, the points of egress out of this mess are now nil. The definition of what it is to be human are becoming slimmer by the hour, as we are increasingly surrounded by a total environment of the Anti-Life.

MAGNETICS, it would seem, form the cornerstone for the precursor event of changing all of our minds. Literally. Because the first step in any invasion, in any MindWar, as Michael Aquino or any decent military strategist would tell you, is winning hearts and minds.

Only in this case those hearts would be exploding and those minds would be irrevocably altered. Nothing works like fear.  

First came the installation of 5G in all major cities. Then create a highly infectious but mostly harmless virus that provides the pretext for installing nanotech (via your "cure") into the global population. Wait for the time to trigger targeted EM wave activation in said population via 5G thru smartphones, devices, TVs, pretty much everywhere. You have your global control-injury-kill grid. A dream of the CIA's since those MKULTRA days, when they were forever looking for a component to get people -- anyone -- to act out any atrocity against their will. This is hypnosis in a syringe. Mind and thought control in an injectable. And it appears from all recent research they have somehow found a way for it to shed onto, and into, you. Even when you haven't gotten the jab.

But this is nothing new: 

The possibilities have grown since the tech has grown. And look what Northwestern is now soliciting for: 

People with recent changes in their thoughts and perceptions. Let's remember one of those main side effects listed in the Pfizer docs: Deja Vu. From a vaccine. For a cold. Why is none of this making any sense? Unless, of course, it all makes sense. 

Remember what Epstein was looking into and intent on finding: a particle that would make people feel like they're being watched 

Or one of the main things our (& Epstein's) old buddy Charles Lieber was so interested in, amidst his nanowires and 5G activators: the perception of threats:

And who he was pals with besides Epstein:

All of this points straight to a deep and abiding interest in mind control thru vaccination and novel ingredients in that tech that lead straight to transhumanism, if not far worse things.

Notice also the previous wording of what those nanowires found within the jabs can also alter: socialization and pair-bonding behaviour. This has also been attested to in great length over many platforms by Naomi Wolf and her findings within the Pfizer docs. She is seeing remarkable lack of closeness in relationships across the board. Not only do all people now show a fascinating lack of wanting to have sex together, they don't even want to snuggle, hug, hold hands. This all since the advent of the vaxx in 2020:

This, coupled with the engulfing LGBTQAiiiiii or whatthefuckever agenda which not only places heterosexual relations on the back burner, it strives to wipe them out quicker than you can say Straight White Males Be Gone, and what we are seeing is the across-the-board wholesale transformation of the past 3,000+ years of what it meant to be a part of the Christ consciousness of humanity. Just to address what's happening: 

And please, spare me the "white racism" card because of that vid. This is terraforming. This is parallel issues being part of the same platform of chaos, disengagement and disorder. This isn't just some concerted effort to win hearts and minds. This is a concerted biological assault and battery: lowering birth rates, changing socialization patterns, adding a deliberate influx of continual refugees into every nation globally from everywhere as a premeditated act of violence; you can't protect your borders, much less your nation or values if the invasion is systemic and the breakdown of everything, including the family, is planned. We all weren't targeted for extinction by Nature or Mother Earth or the vicissitudes of the Universe. This was murder.

And let's not forget there is another MAJOR reason for the recent border policies and influx:

OPTICS because of ridiculous amounts of vaxx deaths. They can go unreported in the mainstream til the cows come home, but after awhile it becomes noticeable. So, the need for replacements.


You can say we all had it coming because it's EXACTLY what we did to the Native Americans with land "reparations" and plague blankets and you will get ZERO argument from me. You reap what you sew...but we still have to recognize it for what it is. And when it just so "coincidentally" happens to every major indigenous nation on earth at the same time...well, that's no coincidence at all. It's enemy action. It's the Great Reset coming from a long way off. It's a way of life under deliberate attack and it plays into every forced chem spill, every derailment, every food plant and beef/poultry farm explosion, every farmer put out of business....

Bill Gates didn't become the largest farmland owner in the US by accident. This is all about CONTROL. And listen to these incredibly powerful words of Jim Caviezel -- now out there stumping for all he's worth for something that truly matters:

And if you think that topic of conversation doesn't have EVERYTHING to do with all else being addressed here, then you have NOT been paying attention...90%, if not more, of the reasoning behind a 24/7 Open Borders Policy is staring you in the face right here. It's called child trafficking, and it informs the global economy more than any other single factor.

There are over 300,000 unaccounted for children since Biden opened the borders. (And that is one hell of a huge lowball estimate...) Spare me your Left vs Right Uniparty Woke semantics. This is all that matters. Caviezel's notations about Epstein island fully logged and noted for the growing record.  

Not to mention this is a frontal assault on all of humanity, women in particular as Naomi Wolf will gladly illustrate for you. Because when you want to wipe out a civilization to make way for something else, you target the reproductive capabilities of the female of the species.  

This also gets into the CURES ACT: 

And goes with this from Greg Reese: 

Which harkens all the way back to 2000 and this posting from the old SIGHTINGS site:

More terraforming boys and girls. And we're just in the way.

There are huge tells here also and happen to be exactly what Tracy Twyman was on about when she phrased Killing God to Become God,141832,141832

It's all Directed Evolution, and when the magnetics fully come online and become engaged, all bets are off. The planning has been off the charts and ongoing; listen to UVA's own Dr. David Martin in front of the EU Parliament:

Mind blowing, isn't it? The full transcript is here:

Frightening when you remember this was being broadcast back in 2012 from the Hollywood media organ:

Prometheus, indeed. It's now 11 years on, and look where we're standing...remember the entire Alien franchise is predicated upon the fact that it all started as a bioweapon

Should we really be too surprised to finally find that it originates within a supernatural line of descent?  

And for the record, nanowire experiments predate all of this too:

The Man-Machine Merger is a long-awaited dream of the cabal with decidedly supernatural origins as well.


And yet again, that name Epstein begins to emerge:

Even moreso of late thanks to leaked documents and the eternal vigilance of Whitney Webb:

Taking those last two excellent REDACTED links into account, a far more disturbing and far-reaching scenario begins to emerge to the one that has been parroted previously; and one that encompasses the full implications of the vaxx narrative, which grows darker and more sinister by the hour. Are we staring into the horrifying ramifications of a worldwide human sacrifice cult? Are all the occult paraphernalia, markers, landscaping and sigils inherent in the Little St. James surroundings finally starting to make sense? The friendships with all the monstrous scientists so fully invested in unleashing this technological horror on the world -- do we get it now? The funding. The worldwide banking lines. The infrastructure building that had to go into all this. The University links. The cutting-edge government studies. The think tanks writing it all out. All Epstein. All The Network. All planned (per David Martin above) for years and years.


Given that the stage is being built, given that there are 30 tons of explosives now missing, given that 50 US senators have been given sat phones issued for emergency communications for the first time ever, given that the word has gone out that China hackers will soon attack critical US software infrastructure, given that many high level US politicians will be vacationing this Memorial Day weekend with their families at various undisclosed COG (Continuity of Government) locations....and mostly given that the WEF requires a "catastrophic trigger event" to absolutely justify ending every last one of your freedoms forever, why do these recent words coming out of Davos strike me as ominous:

As in July-August 2001 ominous....

Pay absolute attention to everything now and keep your head on a swivel. And remember that it will start on a holiday

Things like THIS that we should have paid attention to before 9/11:

I think you can readily gather from all the above that there was MUCH more going on in the weeks and months immediately preceding 9/11 that the official story would have you believe.


And I can attest to those Zoom Copter stands -- there was one right up the road in Regency Square, a huge mall on the Richmond VA outskirts at the time; see here:  

And here:

("Zoom copters were the toy helicopters being sold in shopping mall kiosks by suspected Mossad spies posing as art students prior to 9/11. These 'Israeli art students' were rounded up and deported soon after the tragedy.")   

And then there are the midnight van visits, as attested to by sworn testimony of Susan Lindauer:

Or that wording in the Dick Cheney-Richard Perle-Bush-Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz PNAC document about the need for a "catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor."

You know, the same doc that called bioweapons a "politically useful tool:" 

The same bioweapons that, a mere 20 years later, would come home to roost...forever. Like a gift that keeps on giving. But they ALWAYS tell you beforehand -- it's all part of the sigil magick... 

All things we should have noticed and paid attention to in the runup....So, as I said, keep your head on a swivel in these days and nights. Pay attention to detail. If we don't do it now, we'll be left to do it in the aftermath; when it's too late:

As for the day in question, watch and more importantly, listen to the moment of impact here:

Then for correlation, listen VERY CAREFULLY to what this long-tenured FBI man has to say about it all: 

9/11 talk begins at 27:00, interesting and extremely relevant points at 40:00...this Senior FBI at the time and all-around good guy. And I personally remember that day the announcements by all major media that all office workers should STAY inside the buildings for their "own protection."

Now plug in that entire mindset to what AJ says here:

Now plug that 2012 reveal straight into the agenda today, of what we KNOW...this is indeed a cabal venerating their dark gods. Sound loopy? Sure, but that doesn't mean both Jones and Desouza aren't 1,000% straight over the target. 

Meanwhile, all around the world, this somehow keeps happening to thousands, hundreds of thousands, of people -- that we are supposed to just accept as normal: 

Even though it's unprecedented. And believe it or not, it gets worse...

Bottom line: Surveillance no longer requires video/wiretaps. Your entire history is now available to them thru your own eyes both in real time and past tense. Read on....


You see, this government actually believes it has the right -- we have seen chapter and verse that it has the technological means -- to control your thoughts: 

If this is their thought process, their ideology, their religion, does the rationale for jabbing the planet begin to make more sense now? YOU might not believe any of this; YOU might believe this is all scaring-ourselves-science-fiction...but THEY believe every last word of it. And they have the means, motive, and opportunity, right now, to implement every last inch of it upon the whole world.

Would you be willing to bet your life that 5G doesn't have something to do with this? Neuralink? Starlink? Graphene in everything, now including you? The vaxx and all its myriad self-assembling nanowire hydrogel PEGylated lipid microscopic machine ingredients? Our food? The air? The principles of magnetic assembly/disassembly and frequency modulation ruling over all? Place your bets carefully.

If nothing else, combining this latest info with Obama's BRAIN INITIATIVE:

as well as Biden's EO of Sept.12, 2022 (plus the above mentioned CURES ACT) paints an incredibly disturbing picture of both what is possible and what they have planned for all of us in this Brave New Great Reset World: 

The scariest wording in full view:


In frightening related developments out just today:

Of course I will point out that this is nothing new and merely the public rollout/acknowledgement of what has existed for awhile. The military has been experimenting with it for over a decade in both the field and the lab. Their control s so good that they can induce any emotion or take away all emotions so you are fearless. Think Super Soldier experiments. 

White papers given by Phd's at Pentagon briefings is another insider source and submitted by the doctor who headed the initial research project. Her paper also discussed the ethical and legal grounds they had already breached and suggested this would backfire on them sometime in the future. This was approximately 7 years ago. In this paper it was disclosed what was already possible as well as what they wanted to achieve.

It was pointed out this would not be legal in the public sector. 

If rolled out across humanity we could all be controlled from a central source against our will.

This is the real reason neuralink is being developed for the public.

It is the public sector face of the private corporations work on military personnel.

I will point out that soldiers died in testing and developing this technology. 

                            (All above info courtesy of Dr. Carrie Madej.) 

But you can't make an omelette without breaking a few "bad" eggs can you? (Even after the fact.) Which brings us to the very recent and very mysterious death of Dr. Rashid Buttar. And yes, this is another one of those parallel issues that we can't look away from, and which may very well be a successor to other related incidents farther on down the timeline, as we will see.

Dr. Rashid Buttar was a noted critic of the vaxx, and he made no bones about it, going as far as to appear on CNN to massive ridicule and out-and-out mainstream lies posing as "fact checks":

But he kept doubling down, going farther and farther:

Did the CNN appearance along with continued probing like this seal his fate? 

And of course not a word from the MSM even when his assertions proved true:

And then this:

Only to also find he was one of 12 on a Congressional "watchlist" of those peddling "disinformation:"

Is this "watchlist" also a hitlist? You will notice disturbingly that RFK Jr. is on that list also. He also recently shared Dr. Martin's speech widely:

But there have been other instances of targeting in and around these areas -- I leave these for you to decide just how much any of them pertain to what's occurring in the world today and keeping well in mind Carrie Madej's horrific and still unexplained plane crash last year; (foresight can be deadly):

What did all of these people stumble upon? Were they all treading on forbidden parts of the same machine? Because these are all cleanup operations in the magnetic overspill.

And right now, we are all caught in that magnetic ebb tide. 









  1. ADDENDUM --
    Hey guys, just noticed that that Northwestern Strange Perceptions survey link has been removed --
    try this one; it's basically been "quarantined" to the Northwestern subreddit:

    Kind of makes you wonder why.....

  2. Wells again:

    "Edgar Cayce advised Woodrow Wilson - two biographers claim he was summoned to Washington to advise on the creation of the League of Nations - the meeting arranged by head of the Secret Service, Colonel Edmond Starling. Sterling came from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and Cayce was born on a farm just outside Hopkinsville and resided in the town until a young adult.

    Does Hopkinsville ring another bell of American weirdness? The "Hopkinsville Incident"of August 21, 1955: a farmhouse, just outside the Kentucky town..."

    Those darn OG "Little Green Men", later revealed to have been at the center of a sacrificial cult worshipping the Green Man/Pan...

    Now we also owe them Cayce's influence over the American New Age Movement, and indirectly what later lead to the birthing of the United Nations. Awesome.

  3. 1952 was also the beginning of CERN, the acronym remaining the same even though the official name (an "organization" now) and therefore the first letter should have been changed to "O" only one year later in '53.

    1. '52 seems to have been both a touchstone & a flashpoint.
      Per the ageless question "How many coincidences before it's no longer a coincidence??"
      CERN. The mind control ops. The Nine. Possibly (looking increasingly probably a vaxx template) Early biotech encroachings....
      All coming to fruition at the same time?

      What ARE the odds?

  4. WOW -- Martin is REALLY making the rounds....RFK Jr retweets....this....& I just noticed at the 2:22 mark our old pals MITRE rear their heads again!!:

    EVERYBODY in the pool -- NOW it's a party!!

    For those of you coming in late:

  5. SO much more incoming like a firehose:

  6. Just a pair of fallen angels
    Tryin to get thru the night....
    Happy Memorial Daze everyone!!

    I'm gonna vote for a fuckin Democrat!!

  8. Thank you Wordman. Now the Degal Report is starting to make sense. In a sick way. Now I am truly scared.

    1. Sotogirly!!
      You are most certainly welcome, and altho you might not think this my intention with everything I put out there, please don't be scared.
      Much like the Lion in the Wizard of Oz, this situation has made lots & LOTS of people find their courage; courage to think differently, courage to speak out, courage to go against the grain. See all those above tweets from RFK Jr...I certainly don't agree with him on everything, maybe not even most things, but he is squarely on target here.
      This is an affront to all of decent humanity and it has simply GOT to end -- all of it. And if that means doing what his uncle wanted to do -- to burn all of it down -- then so be it.
      He I'm sure more than anyone knows what he is up against, and just how dangerous of a monumental task it is -- to break up Big Pharma, to break up the CIA into a thousand pieces and cast it to the winds as his uncle promised. Imagine if he had been successful what the world might look like today with no 9/11, no SSRI-fueled false flag gun massacres, no covid, no vaxx.

      This is the kind of world that RFK Jr is imagining for us all going forward. God willing, and I truly mean GOD willing....he gets that chance.

  9. First it turns out the Beatles are douchebags, then the Stones, and now BONO?!?!

    "[The video game company] Pandemic has no ties to the US government," says Greg Richardson, the firm's vice president of commercial operations. That's the sound of hairs splitting. Pandemic Studios is a Pentagon subcontractor through the aegis of the "Institute for Creative Technologies," launched by the US Army in 1998 with $45 million as a go-between with the entertainment and gaming industries. Pandemic is the developer of military training simulations such as Full Spectrum Command, commercially available as Full Spectrum Warrior for gaming on Playstation and XBox. ("A quantum-leap forward in battlefield simulation" says Game Informer. "Enlist Now" for updates.) "Within days of its release" in 2004, "gamers figured out the cheat code to unlock the Army-only version hidden on the commercial discs, featuring less flashy graphics but smarter opponents." (Gee, how careless can the Army get?)

    The Pentagon is co-parenting Pandemic with its unlikely - or possibly inevitable - same sex sugar daddy: U2's *Bono*. His Elevation Partners spent $300 million last November to bring the Studio together with Bioware "to create the world's best funded and largest independent game development house." Now there's a cause.

    (This is from Wells again.)

    1. Oh how well I remember this post from Jeffy!!
      My first entreaty down the Bono-is-the-Devil road -- Haven't looked back since.
      When he & his boys mandatorily uploaded that sickening LP of theirs onto everyone's device unannounced a few years back; THAT sealed the deal. I mean, WTAF??!! I mean, there's hubris -- then there's what the hell ever that wretched move was...

      Now the fact that everyone from them to the Stones to Young to RATM to "the Boss" ALL in on the vaxx protocols just shows you how truly corporate stoogy they all really are at their core. Total sellouts, hypocrites and liars. I'd go so far as to throw Mick & Bono & Bruce into the pedo pile too -- too many yachtings with David Geffen and the like. The stink coming off all of them is putrid -- absolutely putrid.
      Have gone from hanging on their every word -- and don't get me wrong, I still love their WORDS -- but now PERSONALLY?
      Wouldn't piss on em if they were on fire.

  10. BTW cats & kittens.....
    THIS finally up for free -- catch it & lemme know what ya think:

  11. Deleted everywhere but archived:

    The Truth is Coming....

  12. The "professional" science organizations and their journals/publications; the allied federal grant agencies; the universities beholden to these entities...the media and politicians...vast majority of all these were and are still on board the plandemic propagand-wagon.... they will not go gently into the truth. They are all in for attempting to continue their coordinated racket. It is not hopeless that their deceit will be revealed, but unfortunately a long road ahead to correct the damage i fear...yet as long as there is some road to travel, there is hope...

  13. Does anyone have 'unofficial' info on the death of Ben Paulides?

    1. Hey SotoGirl!!
      Am given to understand he took his own life at the height of COVID-mania, & from what I can gather from what Dave has said he was totally sold on the "world ending pandemic" angle & was overcome with relentless fear. So, so sad.
      Have no idea if was vaxxed or not as don't believe Dave has ever said, but even as it is without a doubt another psyop victim one way or the other. Absolutely ridiculous.
      Reading between the lines have a feeling Dave has major guilt that he should have been more attentive to his son's very much government-INDUCED psychosis & talked him off the ledge...

    2. Of course it all happened as they had begun work on the UFO Connection doc as well -- so because of that was something individually "ramped" up and was Dave sent a brush back pitch via family member??
      Wouldn't exactly be the first time anything like that has happened.....

  14. Listen to Clyde Lewis tonight... Deborah Tavares

    Tavares & MITRE research --

    THAT from Mar 2008!!
    Just imagine since then....

    Much more here also:

    Would LOVE to be able to listen to Clyde again 24/7 but since all his prev links have been scrubbed and hidden behind paywalls now not as easy.....Even his site is a complete mess...There used to be a way to scroll by thru by date every single podcast -- not anymore, even just for transcripts. It was an incredible repository that it seems like someone is deliberately undermining:
    Not even a SEARCH function.

    A real shame.

  16. Bronson B!!
    Thanks SO much for that above vid with Merritt -- without a doubt explains SO much and very glad to see & hear she's on board with that mindset that is now proliferating towards so many: it's like this article from Naomi months and months ago opened the floodgates:

    Since then everybody's been operating under an entirely new and welcome paradigm = unafraid and unafraid to speak out about it.
    And Merritt is exactly right....Have said many time that I liken it to inviting the vampire into your home -- he isn't going to force his way in. YOU have to do it. Everybody sold themselves and their world out for _safety' "security." At this point I'm like RFK jr: why oh why can't we aspire to something more than "safety?" What the hell is wrong with us? All we had to say was "No." One little word.
    But we were too spoiled and cushy and pampered for instant gratification to have ANY kind of foresight for us and our children.

  17. Very much along the same lines -- who remembers these going up in major cities in 2016?
    The preparation has been long:

  18. ERAS(E) TOUR??

    Reports suddenly pouring in at the same time......WTAF??
    ASTROWORLD continues??
    I mean, it's Tay Tay, how much "adrenalin" can there be?

  19. looked at a bunch links, vids, then re-read The Stargate Conspiracy book. published 1999. its 24 yrs later. same shit going on. SOS. except a little more ripe, thats all. same secret society, cult, club, groups of 9 (yeah), sororities n their key players talking about the old same secret society, cults, clubs, groups of 9 (yeah), sororities n their key players. emulate much? it would almost be hilarious if it wasnt so foretelling vs foreboding.

    its been prep the whole time. it clearly is synarchy which is more than ironic. now that it finally hits home during the actual dawning of aquarius. it could go on another 5-10-20 yrs tho. n all this time those learned dangerously bright magicians, sorcerers, channelers, mediums, psychics, physicists n remote viewers were patsies. were not rugged rogue individualists plotting against 'The Man' but were actually SYNARCHIST minions. that support GOVT. whodda thot?

    they supported big rule. as long as its them doing the ruling. theres no promotion sovereignity here. no power to the people themes. they all fell in line like good little followers. no rebels here. just minions directed by hive minded messages from discarnate hive mind. singular. the whole time. purporting, supporting, promoting BIG GOVT. govt rule. by ruling sparring secret elites w/ just the right positioning. just like now..........n all this time they posed as V for Vendetta liberating freethinkers going "where no mans gone before!." conformist stooges, lackeys, bootlicking vassal servants. wow.


    But at the same time, you know a large % of those attending ARE vaxxed; would like to know the numbers of who experiencing this "syndrome" is vaxxed vs who isn't. PLUS, a large number of her shows lately have turned into "rain" something aerosolized coming down?? These are the perfect platforms for large scale experimentation on a captured audience for 3+ hours. And if you think about it, such a ratio represents the perfect testing ground with a control group present: find out what works on the vaxxed vs the unvaxxed....

    Throw in EVERYBODY attending has a phone = massive 5G grid pulsing away.
    There is def something going on.....something is being fine-tuned or perfected....

  21. Am also going to leave this here for the clear-cut and startling implications:
    Listen to the testimony of the "Last Man Out" on 9/11, William Rodriguez, and what he says during his story beginning at the 1:30:33 mark --
    namely a precursor explosion in the sub-basement of the WTC some 6-7 seconds BEFORE the first aircraft impact above.
    2 separate explosions.
    2 separate events.
    With a time discrepancy of 7 seconds in between.
    The basement event coming BEFORE the one above.
    If this isn't direct and hard evidence of an inside job, then I'm not quite sure what is, or what could convince you that the official story is just that -- a STORY.
    Couple that with all the other evidence in this compelling doc from folks like Barry Jenkins and Michael Springmann, (who processed red-flag visas for terrorists at the behest of the CIA), then know that the entire 9/11 debacle needs to be overhauled:

    Full transcript:

    You know, for those of you that like to walk on the wild side and do the most dangerous, most subversive thing EVER.....Reading.

  22. Barry JENNINGS. Sorry for that.

  23. A few choice and beautiful comms:
    "People who believe that a plane carrying 24,000 gallons of low heat av KERO (burns at 800 degrees F) can cause fires on 110 floors enough to burn down a building of 52,000,000 cubic feet ( or could contain 400,000,000 gallons of anything) are simply idiots...that if you threw that much fuel in a flat container (say 200 x200 i.e. the size of 1 floor it either tower) it would burn off completely in minutes (AS WAS OBSERVED BY THE BLACK FUMES OF A STARVING FIRE MINUTES AFTER EACH HIT)
    So where are the fires that would have 'softened the structural steel' on each floor (that softens at 2600 degrees) and all the other shit that NIST came up with but could never prove?
    I would bet $1m to anyone's $100 that this could not happen once...MUCH LESS 3 TIMES IN 1 DAY AND TO BUILDINGS DESIGNED FOR THIS EXACT EVENTUALITY
    Use logic folks - not orchestrated lies that have no foundation in science .
    No wonder, survivors who made in down 50 floors and exited the twin towers minutes before they completely collapsed , saw zero fires on ANY floor BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T EXIST (but of course, that testimony was never presented to or discussed by the commission)"
    Never forget that paid actor/idiot.....

    And this one, most beautiful and observant of all:
    "That was the best available science at that time."
    In 2022 these words sound very familiar.

    VERY familiar indeed. The playbook never deviates all that much.

  24. Just released from Stew/Karen et al --
    Fairly IMPOSSIBLE to overstress the importance of this relating to the grand scheme of things:

    In the coming days will have much more to say about this after I process/correlate.......

  25. It's interesting that the pride flag is an inverted Chakra chart with the Crown Chakra removed.

  26. As for the answer to that last question -- don't think it's ever been stated more clearly or to the point than Lara right here:

    BOOM. There it is.

  27. In the beginning of that FINAL DAYS Peters-Kingston doc
    (and relating very much to this post here)....
    notice the DREAMS.....


  29. ME at 47 seconds:

  30. u have seen this by now im sure--
    check the pic
    n as i was saying, such rugged anti-society individualism so fearless

  31. quote "I'm sure you all know by now that occult provocation is a marketing scheme, particularly Woke occult provocation." unquote

  32. I'm not going to say it's THE major thing that turned me around since I had my doubts from the very start.....but it's the very first place I saw SOOOO many points of contention brought together in one unassailable whole that simply & with ZERO doubt blows the entire official "Story' to smithereens. KA-Blooooooie.

    As a matter of fact, I actually PRINTED out copies of that post & GAVE them personally to many tennis-playing pals at the time to a host of queried looks......and a chorus of crickets too I might add.

    Some things never change....

  33. The most ridiculous part of 911 is so fucking ironic now because of " trust the science" nonsense of the story tellers. I find it amazing that anyone can believe the jet fuel brought down the towers nonsense. I was involved in commercial construction for 25 years, and according to how I read the prints for the towers, there is the issue of the core, and how it just 'disappeared'. That could have been nothing other then demolition by implosion.

    Just the PHYSICAL impossibility of it all staggers the mind.
    Close to pretty much all of that jet fuel burned up in the collisions -- the justification that whatever was left was enough to burn up both towers & "weaken the structures" just isn't there:

    This isn't even getting into that you pointed to, quite rightly & another issue altogether, of the mysterious disappearing core.

  35. Thank you for posting the MS link....public health bureaucracies have become dangerous jokes...

  36. BB -- At this point I am wholly and totally convinced that NONE of this could ever have been accomplished without a completely complicit, compliant, and willing MEDIA to look the other way, not ask the pertinent questions, and arrange momentum and catapult the brainwashing...

    AFAIC, if and when the executions ever start, they all need to be the first to go -- as a reminder of just how treasonous they were....and to never ever let it happen again.

    Pointed questions aimed at the heart of this Op could have imploded it before it EVER got off the ground. Let's never forget that. The CEOs of not just the MSM like CNN, MSNBC and all the big networks need to hang, but also the CEOs of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and all the rest, right on down to tools like Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, Cuomo, and every last one of them.
    Hell, I'll pull the lever on Stephen Colbert & Jimmy Kimmel fucking personally...

    1. Your aware of who Anderson Coopers mom is?

      It amazes me that looking back - 9/11 - non-existent WMD's - basically zero prosecution of 2009 financial crisis actors - wikileaks and all the mess of politics since Trump - that maybe the media arent honest people isn't a major issue. That maybe they have an agenda. And maybe that agenda is bad.
      Are they really that good at the alchemy? Is our consciousness really so well managed it's hard for people to see biblical doom rushing up at them?

      Just watched Final Days

    2. Thanks A6!! and yes, very well aware of the Vanderbilt line..& all the witchery involved in that. Literally.
      Iran-Contra, 9/11, the PROMIS software, the financial 2008 implosion; the Epstein Network deeply entrenched in ALL of's been an amazing road building Op leading all the way to covid & the vaxx, hasn't it?? Each one a step further along the way.
      All seems like one big alchemical ritual, doesn't it??

    3. The first outlines of which were documented by Danny Casolaro...No wonder they killed him:

      Really makes you wonder if Casolaro's torch had been picked up by anyone of note, if he had remained alive, is ANY of those above events would have been able to come off as planned....he didn't call it The Octopus for nothing....

    4. More about Danny here:

      At 7:22 -- it wasn't only the Canadian Gov't that had mysteriously and illegally acquired the PROMIS software, it was also the ISRAELI one; where it somehow (??) ended up in the hands of one ROBERT MAXWELL.....
      & NOW you know, as Paul Harvey used to say...the rest of the story.....

  37. They are a horrible bunch...Epstein Island should be available to pile them all into/onto the coastline so nothing can come in or out....Stand back, wait, and let them re-enact Lord of the Flies with each other....

  38. jesus. just reading everything from here, CK stuff to Blogos n more w/ Fox on in the background. makes me yell out n have perpetual fits. read a link within a link, an actual pdf guide "how to tuck." they wrote CAMEL TOW instead of CAMEL TOE. gives me hope they can be defeated. theyre that stupid.

    1. I always think of that "Q" drop: These people are STUPID.

  39. New CDC director to replace Walkensky. Ties to North Carolina, and perhaps Dr. Ralph Barik?

  40. Hey all!!
    Thanks for all the prescient and much needed comms -- and thanks more than anything for just keeping on keeping on; it's like being witnesses INSIDE the Reichstag circa 1938-1940, watching as it all is built and as it unfolds...but the growing momentum for folks like RFK Jr gives me hope that not all of us will just go along being "good Germans" any longer. Trump may have showed the way -- that there WAS a way -- but was ultimately compromised.
    But there most definitely needs to be one person as a focal point of tearing it all down, the duplicity, the corruption, the treason in plain sight. Have no idea if RFK Jr is that person or merely symbolic of a larger force waiting to be unleashed....but after years, it's come to this:
    An Arrival of historic proportions that may include cosmic forces.

    And yet it's MORE than just one person -- and has to's all of us.
    All of us chosen to hear and see right here right now.
    Sound + Vision.

  41. PS -- thanks to everyone that's given a look at FINAL DAYS so far. Stew & Co really are doing yeomen's work producing these historic documents that will stand as monuments chronicling the fact that millions of us didn't just go along to get along with monsters.
    That we had the temerity to ask questions.
    That we had the courage to stand up.
    That we had the backbone to not be silent.
    That we had the nerve to say No.

    What did you do in the War, Daddy and Mommy?

  42. I'm OFFENDED that some Wokester tool is OFFENDED.
    My OFFENDED wins. Says who? Says me.
    BTW, who gets offended at the freakin NATIONAL ANTHEM??
    Prob some Trans pronoun-spewing rainbow freak sad that the country is referred to as a "her."

    You're absolutely right Max. Welcome to ONION-WORLD.

    The quicker we are finally able to get all these idiots to STFU about their "feels" the better off we are all gonna be.

  43. JB!!
    re the above Liz Fraser tweet thread on the demon-possessed North of the Border killer, funny you should bring up such things......

    Was JUST giving a glance to this very important vid from the excellent LOLFIELDANDLOVE YT channel that charts all of the Programmed To Kill Dave McGowan-type research and seeks to continue it....
    There are some VERY weird and telling items in the Idaho U Kohberger student killings and people are continuing to press...
    SOMETHING, actually a lot of somethings, just aren't right with that one:

    Weird, unaccounted for missing blocks of time while under police surveillance, mechanical "voices in the head," buzzing, amnesia,'s like reading an account of Bundy and the authorities all over again...
    & haven't even gotten to the demons....

    This is the way they roll:

    This is the way they view us:

    MONARCH programming, MKULTRA, mass poisoning with biotech, Dutroux parties, genocide, transhumanism.....
    They HATE us.

  45. Is Knowles aware of this ladies existence lol

  46. demon infestation, no doubt about it. demons r the rage. theyre the new celebrities. everybody wants one. theyve gained tremendous strength n popularity, r very progressive, very reactionary. 21st century activists always on the quick defensive to support themselves.

    been waiting to hear more on Kohbergers. one can see it in his eyes. it lived thru him n he fears it. that he wont live up to its expectations n demands. he does not want to disappoint. Lori Vallow has a difft kind. she presents as proud n unafraid. she is very pleased she was 'picked' but is extremely angry the pay off as promised was not delivered (at least not yet). Bundys was salacious n soothing. he counted on it as a dear friend n it praised his loyalty. later he tried to one up n surpass it. Son of Sam got nothing more than a fleeting moment of notoreity. Manson got a lifetime of it. he set the template for that kind of worship n respect.

    promises of power n belonging. immediately multiplies n travels rapidly once acknowledged shoring up defense by offense. note how it unabashedly defends itself while tantalizing the ambivalent to join ranks. . watch joy reid n jen psaki discuss the shamblers latest fall. note the twitter comms section the choir kids at the capitol. hopeless.

    notice how very few demon infesteds ever go after a "bad" guy? ever wonder why no one has taken out pelosi, aoc, schumer, hilldog, warren, bernie, adam schiff, newsom, etc? how wall street, the capitol, congress, state buildings dont have a bombing or an active shooter? cuz they r the senders. they do not send signals or demons to take out themselves. they cant, it would reveal them. 911 was just collateral damage. .

  47. 1926 was a busy year for Lovecraft; the same year Einstein wrote his letter to Max Bron from which is cribbed the famous misquote that "God doesn't play dice with the universe".

    His actual words were that quantum mechanics "does not really bring us any closer to the secret of the 'Old One' or 'Old Ones'. I, at any rate, am convinced that He or They do not throw dice."

  48. Synchronicity at work:

    One afternoon in Los Angeles in the winter of 1976, the week he began compiling his notes on various branches of the UFO cult "the Order of Melchizedek" for what became Messengers of Deception, Jacques Vallee stood curbside at Sunset Boulveard and hailed a taxi. He looked downstream at the rush hour traffic, raised his hand towards several oncoming cabs, and one swerved into the curb lane and stopped for him. After a short ride, during which Vallee did not discuss his current research, he paid his fare and accepted a receipt. He stuffed it in his wallet and thought nothing more of it, until two days he noticed it was signed Melchizedek:

    I cannot afford to write this story, because I cannot expect anyone to believe it. At the same time I cannot sweep it under the rug. There is only one Melchizedek listed in the LA phone book, and I have the receipt signed by the driver right in front of me. [Reproduced in the book: "2-21-76 Receive $6.25 for taxi fare from Roosevelt Hotel to 3321 S La Cienega, Red & White Cab #98 M. Melchizedek."] It was this incident that convinced me to put more energy into understanding the nature of such coincidences.

    The Melchizedek incident that I experienced on February 21, 1976 suggested to me that the world might be organized more like a random database than like a sequential library. 

  49. Thank you Wordman for sharing a copy of The Stargate Conspiracy. Egyptians and astrology aside, what impressive nuggets are lurking in there. Here's a couple that struck me:

    - The idea that remote viewing (RV) may in reality have been about beaming messages INTO human brains. Even the book authors say this is "highly improbable" -- bless their hearts, they wrote the stuff in the 90s. Fast-forward to 2023 and it seems like the most logical of paradigms. In fact, what if we had it all wrong this whole time? I mean, to astral-project and read the letters and numbers off some Soviet military installation while sitting at Stanford -- you'd have to be ultra-possessed by a legion of entities to be able to do that. On the other hand, to have the images piped into your head -- now, that's another story altogether.

    - One of RV's masterminds just happened to be the brother-in-law of chess supremo Bobby Fischer. Unbeatable, even by computers. Also severely schizophrenic, according to those close to him. (With a radio station for a brain, I can see how he would be.) Perpetually on the run from himself; trying on different religions; ended up in Iceland; married a Japanese woman; refused treatment for a kidney infection which in the end killed him. Disturbing and yet somehow quite symptomatic, overall.

    What else. Great catch re Taylor Swift's tour! In saner times, audiences would have been lucky to be treated to a set of 50 minutes by a celeb of her stature. The fact alone that she's out there on stage for 3+ hours, not to mention courting pneumonia in the rain again and again... What a juicy lawsuit she could easily bring up against her management. (I remember Madonna in 1990 opening the Japan leg of her tour in a blizzard -- was that a "dry run" by any chance?; if anything, you'd think the Japanese would have the tech to disperse the clouds.) Bizarre, and not in a coincidental kind of way.

    1. Hey Trains!!
      So glad you appreciate The Stargate Conspiracy -- I remember first taking it with me to Bermuda and reading it in full there in October 2001 right when everything opened up after you know what. So many things struck me about it too -- esp being such a fan of Hoagland on Art Bell over the preceding 5 years....was incredibly informative learning of his background (some of it extremely spurious) and leading roles in the entire Egypt expeditions of Schor, Boris Said and others, David Percy etc. The six-degrees-of roles of folks like he and Gene Roddenberry in The Nine, and so much more. Rest assured there's ALWAYS so much more going on than we know on the surface...
      Reading all this while playing tennis amid the tropical breezes with a voluptuous blonde named Ginger in Bermuda of all places was quite the surreal hoot, to put it mildly. And yes, the sand there really IS pink.

      And I have NO idea what's going on with the Swift ERAS tour. Or is that ERAS(E) Tour?? LOL.
      But you're right, you've gotta give it to the girl: 3+ hour shows I thought had vanished with The Boss!! Haha! She's a trooper.
      But the memory wipe thing is truly bizarre...
      Have seen everybody "big" at the time -- the Stones in 81, 89, 94 and their last big 2005 Bigger Bang blowout (which was prob the last time they were REALLY good or ever will be again w/out Charlie), Springsteen in the Tunnel of Love in 88 with horns which was wild & again in '03 a couple of times, U2 when Bono was Macphisto, Prince (twice) and Sting in 88 also, REM in 87 touring behind Document, Aerosmith, Van Halen with Sammy, & I can well remember EVERY detail in all those shows worth remembering -- in not one did I get "adrenalin" blackouts!!
      (& for the '05 Stones show at night in Cville VA I was pretty damn excited!!) = the lights + the stage were like going into a different world. something doesn't ring right about the while Eras Tour story....something else is going on as in masses of people getting meddled with.

  50. Hahahaha -- since these comms pop and aren't in any kind of sequence til I hit 'publish'....I thought you were talking about Taylor Swift!! LOL.

  51. From Blogos, years ago:

    "Finally we moved on to the notion that DNA is a very crude understanding of what is in reality a time spiral.  At the ''quantum'' level in our DNA there are ''wormholes'' which travel backwards and forwards in time, to future and past selves (incarnations) respectively."

    Remember the story obtained by shamanic vision about "black dragons" which fell to Earth billions of years ago, to create all life here, and somehow "live through us"? They *died a long time ago*, essentially, but thanks to the DNA of all life on Earth, they can live though *us*, forever. This reminds me of Lovecraft's story "The Shadow Out of Time".

    If the Vaxx genetically modifies us, supposedly giving us a THIRD HELIX, mostly made of *reptilian* genes...

    It could allow for instant repopulation. The aliens weren't hiding deep underground, but in the deep *past*.

    1. JB!!
      What was that about aliens in the past??

      Good LORD I HAD that comic!! The parentals forced me to give it up circa age 16-17. Check that price!! AAAAARGH!!
      They weren't wrong about much but MAN they missed the boat on that one....The Steranko Nick Fury's, The Barry Windsor Smith Conan's, miles of early Kirby everything......GOLD Mine.

    2. AHHHHHH -- that's much better:

      God Bless you again for the treasure trove, my son.

  52. Oooh ooh, and Tin Machine with Bowie in some Adams Morgan place in DC in '91 which I just forgot!! (Hmmmm, maybe there IS something.....)

  53. EXTREMELY interesting story, vid, & background:

  54. Another one for the MEDDLED WITH file.....
    They won't leave us alone across any venue, will they??

  55. Just to let everybody know,
    currently looking into Columbine, implications in the film Hereditary, latest and newest Epstein revelations, and much more....

    This is all going to take something verging on a couple of weeks (10-12 days) but stay tuned for all this -- the rabbit holes certainly aren't getting any less deep.... Onward into many more No Sleep Zones!!

  56. Replies
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  57. My father fought in WWII to NOT live in this kind of country, where Nazis masquerading as woke "progressives" run free range and Free Speech is a quaint artifact of the past.

  58. In Marvel Comics recently, they tried to explain their decades-worth of "ret-conning" (often altering continuity so that it fits better with modern events or changes made to a character's history) with their own version of the Mandela Effect.

    For example, the Punisher clearly remembers being a Vietnam veteran, and his family being killed in the 70's, but now he's a Gulf War One veteran, his family killed in the 90's.

    A crew of superhumans used an experimental spaceship to travel beyond the "Omni-verse" (the infinite number of Multiverses), and they found that their past is being slightly "pulled along" by their present as people slowly move forward in the timeline.

    But that got me thinking: what if the Mandela Effect IRL is just TPTB "ret-conning" our world, as if our history and lives are being scripted from beyond? Objectively speaking, *we* ARE nothing more than "fictional characters" to God, since we come from his imagination.

    1. Retrocausality and electromagnetics.....

    2. The entire Zeitgeist since 2020 is Operation OFTEN on steroids.

  59. Hey guys -- just getting eyes on an extremely weird situation that happened this afternoon -- more as I can find it:

    "Can't find" the crash site?? Mmmmm, don't think so.......




  61. It's fascinating that the sonic boom came as Biden was playing golf with his brother. His brother is alleged, based on the laptop, to be involved in shady stuff. 10,000 pictures were just released from the same laptop, a few days ago. "10,000 things," in the Chinese language, refers to pretty much the entire material world. Also recently the laptop repairman was deposed.

  62. Here's one headline bleeding into another as it were; check THIS out:

    Am somewhat dubious, to put it lightly....

    We're not bringing down, shooting down, or crashing any craft that can dematerialize (& reappear) at will, make 90-degree turns without stopping at 14,000 mph, break the sound barrier without ever telegraphing a signature sonic boom and can read the minds of our pilots.....
    not unless, that is, unless they WANT us to...
    Remember the story of the Trojan Horse.

    We might very well have stuff, but we have it because it's thru THEIR doing, not ours.
    And that's a somewhat sobering, if not downright frightening, prospect of a systemwide infection or contagion with psychological/biological implications.
    (See this post and pretty much the last 100 before it...)

    1. seen this article also, getting CONgress involved like they are with this sounds like this could be a future headliner event. DeFINITELY more angles for them to exploit. Going Back to POST ww2?, CONGRESS critters heads might explode. We have not heard the last of this.

    2. loved CONgress. i schlogged thru that article. got better at the end. citing wordman--theyll give u what they want u to know. funny. plus "what were once called “unidentified flying objects” or UFOs, and are now officially called “unidentified anomalous phenomena” or UAP." just as the term ET has muchly changed to UT. as we know purposefully to include subterranean beings, demons, inner earthers, wraiths, n discarnates at least to be sure.

      then funnier ha. "Jonathon Grey" "Jonathan Grey is a generational officer of the United States Intelligence Community with a Top-Secret Clearance who currently works for the National Air and Space Intelligence Center." oh i bet he is. generational huh. hhmmm. just like abductees. takes one to find one.

      then "Senior Technical Advisor for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena analysis/Trans-Medium Issues..." i think they mean trance-medium issues. " participation in covert and clandestine operations to advance American security." yeah. so did he or ? give the cool stuff to Garry Nolan at Stanford? n all his patents? how does a pathology professor (MD, PhD) get these retrieved materials? who takes them to him? Garrys not just not a connected guy w/ bizness savvy n a microscope.
      microbiology n bio-computation, immunology, genetics, he co-developed the 293T-based rapid retroviral production system and the cloning of the NF-κB p65/ RelA DNA regulatory factor.
      "His areas of research include autoimmunity and inflammation, cancer and leukemia, hematopoiesis, and using computation for network and systems immunology. He is perhaps best known for his early work in the Baltimore lab at the Whitehead Institute, where he worked on developing 293T cell rapid retroviral production for gene therapy. Nearly all gene therapy using retroviruses or lentiviruses is done using 293-based cell lines per the rapid retroviral protocol. He also developed cloning of the RELA transcription factor, a key regulator in immune response genes and a principal cellular component that HIV uses to replicate itself. Other major projects on which he has worked include phospho-flow signaling development (now licensed to Becton-Dickinson), FACS-gal (owned by Thermo Fisher), CyTOF multiparameter analysis, split-poll based Quantum Barcoding Technology (owned by ScaleBio), algorithmic approaches to analyzing complex single-cell datasets, proof that the NFAT transcription factor is both a REL protein and a key determinant in HIV replication, and development of multiplexing technologies for tissue analysis, such as MIBI and CODEX, and the algorithmic approaches needed to understand them. As of 2022, his lab works on several FDA-supported projects for Ebola, influenza, Zika virus, and COVID-19, as well as continuing Nolan's immune-tumor interface in many human cancers." hes a major X Files player.

      check his UFO/UAP stuff which is last on the list. that part looks like nothing comparably. "Since the formation of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force in 2020, multiple publications have reported on Nolan's involvement with The Pentagon and the CIA investigating samples of materials supposedly ejected at purported sites of UFO sightings."

      ohhhhhhhh materials WERE EJECTED. ill just stop here.

    3. Back in the mid-late 90s I knew someone quite well that worked at Becton-Dickinson and she was pretty well monitored and targeted for all she was worth. Total TI situation....
      I will say that everything Nolan & Vallee propose gets right back to the AATIP presentations at the Pentagon and particularly what was on Slide 9:

      i.e. we are being mind controlled and manipulated by entities beyond space time that can control physics, manipulate matter, and "influence decision makers."
      All the calamity and chaos orchestrated by world leaders, governments, WEF, etc since 2020: released viruses, bioweapon vaccines, et al, might not be HUMAN constructs at all....but products of communications with something off-world.

    4. We know without doubt this story is true because the whore media does not want to talk about it, very telling, which leads to the other issue, physical aliens, that is the unsaid part of the story. Everybody be looking for a blue beam event, I think it will be the real thing, an alien being

  63. we r likely still in the very early stages but i do feel a' Project Blue Beam stunt a' comin' on. gettin ready sure 'nuff. can kinda feel it. this latest UFO/UAP release is a forerunner signal. a slow running psa. this will be a just-in-case scenario. in case civil war, trans bombing(s), possible suitcase nuke (blamed on those far right maga-ites white supremacists as will be the former), a more massive mass shooting psy op at a Target store minimally or similar.

    it might be called for in the fall of 2024. they r not gonna go easy, or at all. talk about election interference, we aint seen nuthin' yet. bet.

    1. Slide 9 again:
      "...the phenomenon/enemy has the power to interface with human cognitive function (control the mind)...& INFLUENCE DECISION MAKERS..."

  64. Once again and IOW, EVERYTHING since 2020 -- acc to the AATIP boys -- might & could be an off-world directive beamed telepathically straight into the minds of those they are controlling here in this realm.

  65. One thing that could be worse than a worldwide kidnapping ring for s*x abuse, might be a worldwide kidnapping ring for organ farming. UFO abduction seems centered on biology. Ep(Franken)stein's connections focused extensively on biology. A lot of cancer research could conceivably connect to organ transplantation.

    So, kidnap a ton of kids and let some of the s*x abused ones get free so they can talk about that aspect. But the ones who don't get away may very well be (in sci-fi land) connected to a Matrix style tank in which they're raised for their organs. It's probably a lot easier than using pigs, for instance. You know, in sci-fi land. Cause let's face it, it's a totally nuts theory.

    In the latest Last American Vagabond podcast, they were talking about Bitcoin, and how so many of the new innovations of "Stablecoin" seem to be coming from the Bermuda Triangle area. Where they try to circumvent rule of law with Maritime Law. I think that could be useful for not only money, but perhaps also organ laundering.

    Because let's face it, myocarditis/pericarditis and all the other nonexistent "v*x" complications might be creating a huge market for organs in the not so distant future.

    One thing of particular interest mentioned in that Last American Vagabond show, is how easy it would be to allow banks and other private institutions issue CBDCs, and let people think they've "won" because it's not the government doing it. Sort of like how the government let Facebook/Twitter/etc. do the censoring, and the government managed to mostly escape criticism for their role in it.

  66. THIS SONG has touched off something...something that's coming.
    Will have more to say but for now, Zen out & follow your bliss on a hazy, strangely cool Wednesday blossom of an early summer evening, and know that things are in the wind......

  67. thanks wordman for the link to those slides. theres a bunch of good info in them. im going to go back in n look around more. slide 9 very informative. i always remark to self acknowledging the excellent reference sources that u n our cronies provide. its fun to learn here every day. ur hosting is greatly appreciated.

  68. More than glad to oblige my Anon pal!!
    The things & tidbits that are tucked away in far-off corners of the interwebs are rather shocking....& a little digging goes a long way sometimes. When I stumble on something like those AATIP Slides I wind up more often than not referring to them multiple times across multiple posts -- they just keep on pertaining....
    Shining light onto various angles of our predicament.

  69. PS -- learned of something today that I'm keeping under my hat til the next post, but it's both extremely heartening and troubling at the same time....troubling because going thru it is going to be tough, but heartening because nothing -- & I mean NOTHING -- is going to be the same afterwards....& it's something we're all going to go thru, lasting until approx 2043. It's going to affect the whole world....

    BIG things are coming.....

  70. I lived on the base at White Sands when l was in junior high school. My father was working on a project and we all stayed on the base for a month. Little did l know everything that went on there.

  71. Answer me this:

    The story of American folk hero Paul Bunyan has too many points in common with the story of Gilgamesh for it to be a coincidence:

    - both were 20 feet-tall giants reknown for cutting down the tallest trees (the mythic Forest of Cedar for Gilgamesh);

    - both had a watchful companion in the form of a beautiful blue cow (Gilgamesh's mother was a goddess known as "Wild Cow Woman", described like most Ancient Sumerian gods as being like Lapis Lazuli (the most perfect blue);

    - both were charismatic heroes who performed seemingly impossible tasks, including changing the course of a mighty river, and lived exceeding long lives.

    So it sounds like the character of Paul Bunyan was directly based upon Gilgamesh, right? Except it couldn't be:

    The first folk tales of Paul Bunyan started in the late 1700s, and were finally written down in the 1850s. The first fragments of the Epic of Gilgamesh were only discovered in the 1850s, and were incomprehensible at the time.

    So I'm asking you: is this merely the highest degree of synchronicity, or did Paul Bunyan actually exist as the reincarnation of Gilgamesh?

    1. Ran into several "Wild Cow Women" in the late 80s-early 90s....
      Good Times!!



  74. AAAAAAND circling back around to the MAJOR factor of magnetism -- as we looked at in this post & will continue to btw......

    SOMEBODY REALLY needs to explain this:

    Either magnetic pollen -- which opens up its own set of problems -- or it is exactly what he says it is:
    Particulates coming down in the rain from the upper atmosphere to get inside all of us.....a deliberate ingestion by chemtrail ops.

    For the purposes of???????

  75. THE CRAZY JUST KEEPS ON KEEPING ON,,,,as we barrel full speed ahead toward....something.....

    We are severely on the doorstep of major wildness.....

    Plus right here today in Central VA it was actually raining SOOT.
    Perfect backdrop for projecting holograms if you think about it.....just sayin'....

    1. The silence on the Canadian fires is just getting plain stupid now. Nothing approaching normal and nothing wild about them.

  76. Oh I'll BET she heard all kinds of voices, Max!! Right on schedule....

  77. The schools here in the DC, MD, VA area have us indoors, no after school activities but school hasn't been cancelled. I have been in Greece during major fires within 50 miles of Athens and were were on the roof watching ash falling smelling smoke and everything but not one person was freaking out telling us to go inside and put masks on. This does not smell like wildfires. It smells like chemicals. The math ain't mathing here.

    1. To Sotogirly, Oms, & everybody else on the fires -- this just breaking tonight a few hours ago -- from a Twit site that supposedly features inside intelligence, & also from one of my old go-to's Dutchsinse from yesterday........
      Something is most definitely up:

      Incidents happened SIMULTANEOUSLY in coordination hundreds of miles away from each could say "lightning" but that would literally be a historical first at such a rate & with that kind of timing, so prob not...

      MORE as it develops.....

      Also working on a new post but no days off til next Tues or Thurs so will prob get finalized then (piecemeal) & looking towards a signal on the weekend of 17-18....Onward!!

  78. This is addictive:

    The Bible:

    Greek myth:

    1. Suh-WEET!!
      Aphrodite's got it goin on & THEN some.....& the Bible marketed like that is a volume of such metaphysical chaos and supernatural/existential/time traveling/portal jumping hijinks that it's almost beyond belief -- prophecies spanning 2,000+ years at a clip & back again with CONTINUING ramifications for every single one of us spiraling out forever.
      Time is a Flat Circle??
      Like you would not believe.

      Choose wisely. Get right. Get tight. Get down brothers and sisters!!
      (Look busy -- Jesus is coming.)

  79. See my above comm BB!! Official explanation doesn't track or with the hundreds of billions of nasty thunderstorms (even since monitoring systems established) we'd have seen at least something like this before....Nope.

  80. EVEN MORE:

    FIRST LINK = esp ominous that I'm looking into right now.....

    "When two separate events occur simultaneously pertaining to the same object of inquiry, we must always pay strict attention."

    1. See A6's prev good catches & that Stew Peters tweet about the mushroom cloud being reported -- & linking it all Trudeau is MOST certainly a ghoul of the highest order......ANYTHING GOES with him.
      & yes, (not to forget!!) MANY are wondering about the timing of the missing ammonium nitrate and now these fires.....good catches everywhere my peeps!!

      ALL of this adds up to something really out of the ordinary going on....

  81. Why you gotta tease us wordmans
    What vaccine hijinks did you find oot aboot eh

    1. Haha A6!!
      OH it's not just that buddy -- more about perspectives & motives playing'll see and enjoy (I'm hoping as it all comes together...cross those fingers & toes!! LOL)
      I'll still be dropping singles amid the comms til then.....
      We will sell no whine before it's time!!

      WHAT is this "work" you humans speak of -- it ruins everything!!
      Looking forward to all our Star Trek futures where $$ is kaput & we all can just pursue our passions & better ourselves 24/7.

    2. Hint A6.......two words:

  82. As you know, I live in Québec. There's NO orange sky here. The air is fine. Just sayin'. It's weird what's happening in the States when our side of the border is looking normal for the most part.

  83. I'm sorry to tell you this, but it's obvious major American cities are under massive *chemical weapons attack*: the forest fires up here in Canada are used as a scapegoat, but it's impossible for so many of your cities, going all the way down to San Francisco, to be covered in a thick layer of orange, chemical-smelling mist, especially considering that most Canadian/Québec cities are looking and feeling just fine.

  84. JB!!
    I totally concur with your assessment & may I say it's the very first I've heard that the majority of Canada is suffering NO probs from this -- that's startling to me...I suppose you could put that down somewhat to the jet stream but to have ZERO effects is simply not possible, and certainly not to the extent we're seeing here in the US. IMHO something definitely got offloaded onto us with the excuse/pretext of the fires being an excuse. (See those linkages above that I pasted down of aerosolized mRNA vaccines.....) And may I say God knows what else....

    The crazy instability in all of the EU, Canada, Australia, and the US continues without a pause in sight -- WHAT year is it again?? 1993?? Things have shifted from Kosovo and Bosnia into the Ukraine but the playbook is EXACTLY the same & has now spread to encompass the entire globe -- isn't that weird?? CHAOS reigns.
    Hit it Bono, because that song remains the same too -- & isn't that weird also??:

    And I have no compass
    And I have no map
    And I have no reasons
    No reasons to get back
    And I have no religion
    And I don't know what's what
    And I don't know the limit
    The limit of what we've got

    No particular place names
    No particular song
    I've been hiding
    What am I hiding from?

    Don't worry baby, it's gonna be alright
    Uncertainty can be a guiding light......

    1. How can you not know where smoke is coming from lol
      If Canada's not the source of the smoke...
      That's even more worrying somehow

  85. According to the Roman Emperor Tiberius, Pan died, in this world, around the same time Jesus died on the cross. But only Jesus returned from the other side. I don't think the Great God Pan will leave his cosmic abode, you have to do what I did and go to HIM. He's only mentionned in Revelations as the Abaddon, the gatekeeper of the Abyss, the Devil's jailor.

  86. First time I've ever heard of something in Canada going all across the pond & affecting the EU......
    The feeling that this all may be yet another mass vector of aerosolizing something to infect the populace with grows by the minute:

    Those damn Canadian fires set to encircle the globe.
    Not saying that this isn't what's happening, but man, what a very VERY convenient smokescreen (heh heh) for something else altogether.....

  87. This is both embarrassing and hideous --
    Before his handler dragged him offstage he had laser focus on that baby:

    Lurching toward it like he smelled prey.
    You'll also notice the defensive/protective posture what I can only assume to be the Mom holding him/her adopts, turning her back towards the threat.

    Something seriously needs to be done about this.

    1. He looked like he wanted to eat it. What the hell are these things?

    2. The Sons of Cain Sotogirly....the Sons of Cain.

  88. Been getting into giants lately

    If you compare ugarit, phoenician and biblical texts and archaeology that mention giants you can see that they go from being mentioned either as heroes or monsters to then as shades of the abyss as time progresses. Seems that people practiced necromancy trying to contact the giant Kings after their age had passed. Also seems they were somewhat abandoned by the watchers eventually, as they are recorded beseeching them for aid in certain circumstances,(help me get a heir etc) but being ignored.

    This interesting about Mt Hermon:
    There is a sacred building made of hewn blocks of stone on the summit of Mount Hermon. Known as Qasr Antar, it was the highest temple of the ancient world, sitting at 2,814 metres (9,232 ft) above sea level. It was documented by Sir Charles Warren in 1869. Warren described the temple as a rectangular building, sitting on an oval, stone plateau without roof. He removed a limestone stele from the northwest of the oval, broke it into two pieces and carried it down the mountain and back to the British Museum, where it currently resides.

    An inscription on the stele was translated by George Nickelsburg to read "According to the command of the greatest a(nd) Holy God, those who take an oath (proceed) from here." Nickelsburg connected the inscription with oath taken by the angels under Semjaza who took an oath together, bound by a curse in order to take wives in the Book of Enoch

    From same wiki, for JB:
    The god Pan is often connected with the headwaters of the Jordan river in the area.

    There is conspicuously little info on giants and even less on the watchers or a serpent brotherhood.
    Anyone know of any good studies done on the serpent brotherhood?

  89. These last few comms get into my latest post incoming in that LOTS of vectors in all areas: science, cutting-edge tech, money networks, very much entertainment, all since from around 2014 on, have proved themselves to be in cahoots in an elaborate set-up for everything that went down late 2019 on during the rise of the worldwide "pandemic" declaration....

    This set-up was very much premeditated in intent and based in a certain religious ideology beyond doubt. It includes tendrils deep into unknown layers of mind-control tech, transhumanism, walk-in philosophy, and making humanity participate in rituals of summoning on a worldwide basis, and I am speaking not just of masking, lockdowns, and vaxx mandates, but even more deeply disturbing psychological operation areas embracing the far Left Hand path.......
    Stay tuned........


    THIS latest footage viraling from Vegas:

    Supposedly LVPD bodycam footage....

    1. What you think about him having Simpson's with a checkerboard background on his jumper while making the video?

      Masons be really busy atm seems haha

    2. That backyard is not far from the house, but I have not been out after the sun goes down too much since March, because EVERYTIME I go outside at night I literally can see and feel energy waves, and the taste of metal in my mouth. Physical Aliens are not supposed to be interfering in evolunary creations like the Earth.

  91. Wondering if I need to rewatch SPLICE all of a sudden or page Mulder & Scully STAT!!

  92. And for A6 re GIANTS, let's not forget the State Dept Hilary email lists (see p.470 here)

    Resurrection chamber of Gilgamesh & buried Nephilim......

    Why were we in Iraq again??

  93. SURELY we couldn't have been there to scavenge fallen angel DNA....

  94. so much to say re the new comms but feel so much better today already. Sunday morning news says "a new study" reports 3 states in the midwest, Wisc, Illinois, Missouri (n 7 more-- NY = ????, Mass, VA, MD. LA, AL, GA) will be safe during the alien invasion. not "an" invasion, but "THE" invasion.

    no reasons why yet, but knew it, hehe just knew it. its been said its not about red vs blue states, ie libs vs gunners, or about hiding in the woods, or nuke plants nor military bases. will have to look into it.

    Hey guys -- a heads up just to let you know when trying to log into the r/conspiracy subreddit have been informed that it's now a "private community" even tho I was prev listed there as a member....
    Obv this may be just another way of couching a complete shutdown in the works as was done once upon a time for r/pizzagate when things got too hot or unable to control the narrative to the extent they wish.

    Have re-upped for a further all-inclusive membership and sent all pertinent info, so we'll see -- am assuming they will "let me know" in their own sweet time. Meanwhile, another highly valued info source between all of as -- just like the pizzagate sub, just like VOAT, etc -- goes begging...

    The particulars right here:

    Some says this "darkness" is only a protest for 48 hrs that will be lifted after then, but you know how that goes....2 weeks to slow the spread/flatten the curve and all that....Famous last words.

    Alt sources & info streams being shut down.

  96. Cheers anon this a treasure trove worth of links

  97. Of course this also means EVERY r/conspiracy link in every post of mine dating back forever is now forbidden for the time being; perhaps forever.

    All this means that other sources will be more heavily leaned on going forward: godlikeproductions,
    Above Top Secret (which has its own probs)
    of course Chris Knowles,
    Rune Soup,
    twitter, etc.

    But for right now, an absolutely INVALUABLE real-time resource has gone dark;
    & that should worry all of us greatly.....

    1. We knew it was inevitable. Are we still on for tonight? If so, what time?

    2. Sorry to inform you that launch time is NEXT Sat/Sun my premature friend!!
      Aaaaaaargh!! Spiritus Coitus Interruptus......I HATE it when that happens!! LOL.

  98. Provisionally am BACK IN under this new adjunct site presumably while my case is "reviewed" LOL.
    Whatevs, let's celebrate!!

    Am sure THIS was totally harmless (& implications thru the roof.)
    What are the chances that NBC would report on something like this today? A) Slim B) None C) Who you kidding Willis??

  99. Rumor Mill has disappeared now, I have always had trouble with Reddit, they have too many rules for me.

  100. Could absolutely not in any way, shape or form let the night pass by without acknowledging one NOVAK DJOKOVIC for his achievement today of 23 total Grand Slams in winning the French Open, now 1 past Rafa Nadal in the history books.
    Djokovic, who was actually thrown into jail Down Under in 2022 for not being vaxxed -- and still would not relent. Not comply.
    Djokovic, who struck blows for all of us whether we knew it or not.

    Maybe time really IS a flat circle....Back in the 1970s Jimmy Connors would cite the song "My Way" as being his way too -- a middle finger anthem of defiance to the world -- and now some 47 years later you can def apply every single word to yet another tennis player as he marches thru history -- two men cut from entirely different cloth but still
    both with that same "Nope, not me" attitude.

    The human spirit is the most beautiful thing ever. Ever.

    Congrats my spiritual blood brother Nole. Long may you run.

  101. PS -- hey Anony!! Which of those Sunday morning news outlets were declaring those 10 "safe" states??
    Was it print news or the Sunday morning news shows on CBS, NBC, ABC, etc??
    Just curious, esp since I'm IN one of 'em!! LOL.

  102. Tennis or no, this is a rocket-fueled inspirational story:

  103. A little birdy just tells me that there's a huge underground network of tunnels and base square footage running all thru VA, from Flatrock to the mountains. Heard all thru my youth that the Homestead in VA was connected underground to the Greenbrier in West VA by a monstrous subterranean labyrinth. (They're in fairly close proximity to each other above ground also...)
    Have heard the same about the Leesburg area as well as many spooky stories about Fort Belvoir. So maybe we only might fare the best for those who know where to flee....??

    And "you can't trust the neighbors" reminds me of The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street from the old Twilight Zone....

  104. Who can turn the world on with her smile?

  105. 600 Points | 1st in the NBA Playoffs
    269 Rebounds | 1st in the NBA Playoffs
    190 Assist | 1st in the NBA Playoffs
    The only player in NBA HISTORY to accomplish this feat, not Bird, not Magic, not Jordan, not Kobe, not Lebron....
    1 of 1

    Oh & he has a final sign-off message for all the haters, non-watchers, critics, and deniers out there:

    (& that goes double for his little brother Novak!!)

  106. Lots to look at in this substack, Theosophy Scientology, Nazis, but check out the subject of a thesis directed by history professor Yuval Harari of the WEF.

  107. yes, the tunnels. n the neighbors. TOTALLY. The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street n that other one season 3 episode 3 The Shelter .lots of us were in elementary school then 3rd grade etc. little kids watching the best 60's scifi there ever was. i consider Rod Serling an ultimate classicist up there w/ Burroughs, Lovecraft, even PKD but hes slighted becuz its TV.

    geez no wonder us boomers turned out this way. those heavily conditioned the other way have no experience as such. the 'theys' know this, clear old division tactic. its clear that The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits n the X Files were template scripts w/ warnings at the same time.

    lots of connecting link tunnels under churches in the midwest leading from Chicago downstate. Aguino has been mentioned doing rituals there, def similar to those in VA as explained. im beginning to think the states reported safe r prob the exact opposite. bastards.

    1. Very astute Anony!!
      I know that was my first instinct -- don't be so fast to call all those states "safe." Not by any means.
      And YES, Mr. Serling was a pioneer. Factor in that he wrote the screenplays for both SEVEN DAYS IN MAY and the OG PLANET OF THE APES & you've got a real genius at work.
      As a matter of fact, think about it: Planet of the Apes has the template down -- THE total Twilight Zone ending that flips everything on its head in the last shock scene.

      Rod was absolutely one of a kind. Every so often I imagine just what he'd have to say about the state of the world today -- esp since he dreamed so much of it up on both the parapolitical and esoteric fronts.
      Since he wrote so much as a warning of what NOT to do and allow, I think he'd be admonishing us up one side and down the other for not listening closely enough...

  108. oh boy how true -- the Max Steele substack article is killer. so much could be said on that. huge implications. thanks man.

    1. HUGE implications is right Anony!!
      We all can guess that Harari and the WEF's motivations and ideals fairly merge with just about every black occult aspect out there by now....but the Hubbard stuff is even more amazing.
      Always thought that he ingratiated himself into the Agape Lodge & Parsons' good graces out of sheer hubris and let's see what I can get away with megalomania,
      BUT, if he was doing it at the behest of the ONI, was it their directive that he should go about summoning demons in the desert per the Babalon Working also?? MEGA ramifications there....
      And you will remember that per Oliver Stone's research (via Jim Marrs) for JFK revealed that the ONI was totally blanketing the whole New Orleans milieu pre-assassination: Oswald, Bannister, Shaw, all of 'em were fully wedded to the ONI at the Camp Street HQ....
      Now throw in the fact that ONI has ALWAYS been not even a stone's throw away from ALL things UFO-related & other assassination names: Maury Island, Fred Crisman, etc.

      The plot thickens.....

    2. Let's not forget that Parson's Scarlet Woman, Marjorie Cameron, was also ONI.

  109. LARA LOGAN: 1
    It never gad a chance.

    Good Lord that was beautiful.

  110. I'll keep her in Kohl eyeliner for the rest of her LIFE for that one!!

  111. EPSTEIN is currently trending hot on twitter --
    just a smattering of the various headlines:

    MAJOR pressure is being brought to bear behind the scenes to keep tableaus like this trending and on top of the pile.....
    This is a war that's ongoing on levels cosmic, terrestrial, and spiritual....& we're on the front lines.

    Don't make em like they used to....from the long hot summer of 1984, when it was cool to broach such subjects:

  113. You're a true gem BB!!
    The eyes of Naomi Wolf, and so many others, are well & truly opening, and she's put her finger on the new (ancient) pulse of what is now driving and determining reality as we know it.
    The Old Earth really is dying away, and something unknown in our experience is replacing it. She is at the forefront in noticing and calling this out but many others like Karen Kingston, Ana Mihalcea, Carrie Madej, Lara Logan are right behind her. And may I say Anthony Patch saw all this coming back in 2014-15 before anyone else....

    BIG things are in the wind...will have much more to say on this Sunday night.

  114. wow--"we are in the middle of the era of the demon — of vice and darkness, of conflict and hypocrisy..." well, we called it. we really did. tracking thru history the spell gained speed in the 1800's. took awhile for worldwide spread in numbers. portals opened thru spiritualism after the French > Industrial Revolution. literally summoned for fun n then attachment. its a plea for power that goes out n resonates.

    once in, demons cajole, demand, write manifestos. have discovered almost every "adept" from Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, to Blavatsky, Bailey, Lizt, Olcott, thru to Hitler n many more--heard voices. or they experienced particularly odd paranormal or supernatural events. there was admittedly the conjuring of n the worshipping of pagan gods, dieties, spirits, or elementals. 2 of Karl Marx's daughters killed themselves.

    demons guided these ppl. its the common denominator. world direction by discarnate entities. n thats just the half of it. hear tell best conjuring short cut is daily microdosing. consistency is key.

  115. Was wondering on Chucks integrity cause he got a military background and named his company stuff like Pheonix Ltd etc. But I been going through his stuff and enjoying it alot.
    If you like nephilim or ufos in a biblical context recommend this alot:
    Some of his conclusions I dont agree with but one the better videos I seen regarding the subject.

    1. WHOA A6!!!!
      Juxtapose that from Missler and the very latest from Naomi:

      And I guarantee you won't be sleeping too well....

  116. HEY EVERYBODY -- CHECK THESE OUT FROM AANGIRFAN -- that site that keeps getting continually removed for their info:
    The Stowe school need major looking into....

    One of the very much better dot-connects linking Epstein to 9/11:

    "The top catholic exorcist Dom Robert Petit-Pierre claimed the exorcisms he had to perform at the Astors huge estate and Wards cottage, contained the most potent satanic entities he had ever come across, including the spirits of several murdered boys; the evil spirits were similar to the entities surrounding the devils chimney, the Aleister Crowley wartime rituals on Britain’s south coast for Winston Churchill’s occult Black group experiments.

  117. Really enjoyed that Naomi Woolf article. For me it was not disturbing so much as hopeful. We have been asleep. We have turned our dreams away from the earth and let our souls be siphoned by whatever lies behind the masons and other secret societies. Fallen Angels? Aliens? Intermensional demons from the abyss? Words fail us. Our senses fail us. Our cultural framework is useless for apprehending the very real mystical forces, good and bad, which were once a daily fact of our lives. Maybe it is needed, this whole process. I don't know. The return to the Arcadian type of awareness we left behind but now come back to with the knowledge we gained on the journey away. Like the T. S. Eliot quote where you return to where you started to be able to recognise it for the first time. By nearly losing our humanity perhaps we will be able to better define it. Perhaps this is all just lalala blablabla bullshit though too.
    The Nephilim thing, interesting as it is because it >/seems/< to be the start of the story of which >/seems/< now to be drawing to a close, has raised some questions for me I want to post here because articulating them helps me sometimes and maybe someone out there has an inkling.

    Why did Lucifer/Samyaza fall from heaven? Just to fuck earth girls?
    What is DNA really? Why is it seemingly so central to the Bible story (bloodlines) and why did Bible people seem to know about it in ways we only now are apprehending (144,000)
    What did the vaxx change DNA wise?

    If God knew that he would fall, and would start a multi-millennial saga of incredible perversity and pain, and allowed that to happen.. why? To fulfill his curiosity in an experiment on mankind's will and imagination? It is said in the Bible that humanities ultimate aspiration is to regain what the angels have lost. To be clothed as they were in a spiritual perfection. But if they were so perfect than where did the pride come from that made them come down from ?space? And fuck earth girls?
    Sometimes this seems like some kind of weird MMORPG seriously. With ??entities?? Plugging into this universe to have a play,

    What caused the flood? Entities mad at giants going weird or clockwork timing of certain factors of this planet? As evidence suggests - precession - that the latter is true. If so the earth being a petri dish that gets a clean in the sink every 12hrs/months/years/millenia/however time is measured by MMORPG people back in their dimension is an uncomfortable perhaps.

    Wtf is Sirius? Why do giant mounds on Malta align with it pre-precession and why were Egyptians - definitely a civilisation with God ascension aspirations, likely nephilim inspired - obsessed with it? Why are today's Masons - not much different, if at all - also obsessed?

  118. Also - when it says Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because they 'went after strange flesh" You have to wonder if this is not homosex they are talking about, but rather creating chimeras and fucking them in increasingly perverse combinations. Some translations of the passage mention angels explicitly.

    1. A6!!
      From what I am given to understand the vaxx changes that 72K from the mother's side and 72K from the dad's side and adds a third strand to the 144K....
      Another 72K which then obliterates God's # & changes it to 216K or 600x60x6. 6 - 6 - 6.
      Pretty spooky. And third strand DNA has been the objective for a LONG time.

      Reminds me very much of one of the last Q drops from last Nov:

      Something is very much in the works beyond "keeping us safe." LOL.

  119. The whole PRIDE thang seems like a non-starter only because you can make a very good case that the point of EVERY PRIDE ring is to target children. That's what they were created & exist for.....
    & I certainly wouldn't go so far as to say the Vegas story is totally legit; some it smacks of blatant CGI -- but to call all of it bullshit isn't correct either. Have ZERO idea whether it's something truly offworld going on or a baby Blue Beam precursor test-run, but Ashleigh Banfield is doing some stellar sleuthing on it (it'll be in Sunday's post...)

    Let's just say that Homeland Security getting involved with installing security cams at the home in question which they then confiscated (& haven't yet returned or disclosed what's on 'em) smacks of something else going on -- most def of the spooky variety.

  120. On that third strand bit, remember what one of the last things the Queen did in her life, during the Platinum Jubilee:

  121. Yes! It seems integral to this whole story. The language of life. How did the Bible people come to know this number? Very mysterious.

    Also yes haha, well aware of the queens fun outing there. Been buzzing alot in my mind recently.

    You have to wonder if time as a flat circle isn't perhaps far from what is happening on earth. Successive ages where humanity is shepherded by entities. The earth being reset like clockwork as they, The Watchers, play out games far beyond our comprehension. Perhaps one soul a cycle is allowed to ascend up and that is the game the masons play. Prometheus is a favourite of theirs. Is there any other way out of this place than joining the gods or ending the world? Surely.

    Mentioning that -although I think Q is an outgrowth of ARG's and spooks- the name has always interested me - "Q"
    Why Q?
    Why is Q clearance the highest in the states?

    Q being a break out of a circle.

    Also because why not:

    In 1951, Sturgeon coined what is now known as Sturgeon's Law:

    "Ninety percent of [science fiction] is crud, but then, ninety percent of everything is crud."

    This was originally known as Sturgeon's Revelation; Sturgeon has said that "Sturgeon's Law" was originally

    "Nothing is always absolutely so."

    However, the former statement is now widely referred to as Sturgeon's Law. He is also known for his dedication to a credo of critical thinking that challenged all normative assumptions: "Ask the next question." He represented this credo by the symbol of a Q with an arrow through it, an example of which he wore around his neck and used as part of his signature in the last 15 years of his life.

    Happy weekend everybody

    1. Everytime I hear Sturgeon's name I recall instantly SHORE LEAVE and AMOK TIME of the OG Star Trek!! Those were the days.

      & I plan to have something to do with that Happy Weekend!!
      As of Sunday late afternoon/early evening!!
      Batsignal on deck!!

  122. Heard that -- not sure if that's a good thing or a BAD thing BB!!
    Men in Black on the prowl......

  123. a bunch of questions for sure A6. Q. the big deal on Q is/means knowledge, sometimes referred to as the secret type. Qu QU from the sound, n as pronounced KU. guttural back of the throat sound. from our fave peeps too--the Phoenicians. originated as the Phoenician symbol qop. from the sound > meaning. the K in knowledge, same relationship. the "they" know, they knew when they named Q...Q. K also for Ken > means knowledge, to know. same-ish sound, semitic n possibly Egyptian, def old Hebrew. 17th letter of the modern alphabet. corresponds to Semitic koph, which may derive from an earlier sign the eye of a needle, the Greek koppa, w/ the Phoenician qoph borrowed as 'qoppa. Q Qumran, question, quantum, the Koran. the Kolbrin. etc

    very clever the Q stuff n all behind it. theres supposedly too somewhere the Book of Q. not only n not just lost gospel of JC or whatever. which leads us to ur questions n statements actually. we have no clue from the beginning. from the beginning n for that matter, when was that? thats the whole point, the whole problem. in a nutshell.

    so "Why did Lucifer/Samyaza fall from heaven?" who? what? where? when? who says n if so then why? wtf from the get go. nothing but subterfuge n lies n cover ups n smoke screens n mirages n tricks n perpetual stories n tall tales for ? how many yrs? we really dont know that either. God? who the, what the ??? this is the prob here. scifi script. written by? it never ends. but why we want to know is glorious.

    btw heard back aways from a good source that DNA is a recipe. to think of it that way pretty cool.

    1. Interesting Anon! With the mouth sounds. Is there a site that expands on this more? Would love a link if so.

      I really don't know what to think of the Bible. On one hand some of the codes it has and the numbers it has are very interesting. The DNA angle is definetely there.

      But on other- wtf? More questions than answers. Questions on top of questions.

  124. BB!!
    All these links have popped up over at godlike just in the last several hours:
    Major movement of military equipment across the US (WTF IS GOING ON?)
    SOMETHING BIG IS HAPPPENING! Get out now. Multiple tanks on the streets right now.
    BREAKING: Strange Military "Drills" occurring all over the country... videos inside
    Today is ending on a very odd note....

    All of these in coordination independently makes it seems like something for sure is going on.....finally entering the GREY STATE?
    Head on a swivel is the weekend, ya know....

  125. But Anon, do you really believe there are millions that can see clearly? I have to say I am a friendly person and talk to everyone and from what I can deduce there couldn't even be a million that can see what is going on. I mean that really see the magnitude of what is happening around us. I would imagine most people call me crazy under their breath when I walk away. Including my 16 year old son........

  126. Don't you worry Sotogirly!!
    You are going to be proved right in spades & history is on your side. I think there are more of us than we think, even if they're scared to speak up right now for fear of reprisal. And even if they're not 100% with all the ideas, seeds are being planted, and that's the most important of what we can do -- make people doubt their biases. Make then wonder, if even for a second, "hey, maybe he/she has a point there..." Then that crack is opened and it's never quite the same again. It's like water against the stone....
    Just look at the number of people like Naomi Wolf has has ideas today 180 degrees away from what she used to be.....

    And the ones that DON'T get it....they're not meant to...and that's just God separating the wheat from the chaff -- and all of that was foretold in the Bible also.
    Stay strong young girl!!

  127. "THEY" are now saying that all this is just routine deployment and training exercises that take place every season around this time, and NOPE, am not buying it Max!!

    There's no way they ring the entire city of Philly and clog all their roads in the city with heavy hardware that they just leave parked there til whenevs for "training,"
    Something else is def afoot....