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"They are primarily interested in using a virtual platform to test their hypothesis about the mind." 19.7.12 Jeffrey Epstein and Mad Scientists,  Playlist:

"The disparity between these models and our experience of the mind is an invaluable guide to follow. It's somewhat like building a car, with no instructions, but our impressions of what a car can do." Jeffrey Epstein  

This is for all of us that know even in the biggest of boomtowns, there's always somebody listening to the ground...

"Where are we now, where are we now? The moment you know, you know you know.."

"Finally in a moment of madness I attached myself; but it was only afterwards when I was lost in thought that it happened...

What did you find?

The set of particles made contact. They seemed to be...conscious. I don't know how else to put it. You can't see them unless you expect to. Unless you put your mind in a certain state. Do you know the poet John Keats? He has a phrase for it -- negative capability. You have to hold your mind in a state of expectation , without impatience. And then they flock to your thoughts like birds. That's Dust.

Is it some kind of game?

It's not a game. It told me to look for the door with a mountain on it."  

"The order only needs your signature and we shall launch the airships... a curse. A web of my design in which you are both the spider and the fly. I have had to bite my lip while all of you parade around, concocting your fearful little schemes, daring to judge me. And all the while, there's a myriad of universes out there that you could only hope to fathom." His Dark Materials, sea 2 ep 2 The Cave

Do you ever find yourself thinking the farther down this road we go the crazier it gets? The competing spiritual forces behind this curtain of reality are revealing themselves in stark terms now. And the clues along the way have shifted into a panoply of increasingly plain outbursts. A specific agenda masquerading as philanthropic and helpful to us but tinged with a wild kind of desperation and eerie pretense, preying on us at the most vulnerable junctures -- sound familiar? I present the backdrop of the vaxx scenario:

The hubris of pretending to be your friends while only wanting you for nourishment and the furtherance of an aeons-old occult agenda. That's been the lay of the land for 4 years,

Welcome to this little Boomtown, and the final install of a hastily cobbled-together trilogy of like-minded ideas trying to describe a vague superstructure I sense more than see or hear. But I know it's coming. And it's on a fated collision course with an astrological and star-crossed destination of regime change and pure white intent that hasn't been seen since the French and American Revolutions. And we are the prized souls; targets stuck in the middle, fully-armoured and ready to bear witness to the Wildest Hunt and Rumble in all of history as worlds collide with terminal intent and maximum velocity. 

You're in the jungle baby. You're gonna die. But there are MUCH worse things.

"They will also teach human beings as individuals, and as a race to expand their consciousness to include the superphysical. In the accomplishment of this, the separating web (the veil of the temple) which divides the physical plane from the unseen world will be recognized as fact in nature by the scientist. Its purpose will be acknowledged. Eventually it will be destroyed by men discovering how to penetrate it. The date is imminent."

That was written in December 1919. It describes the definition, and manifestation of today what we would call portals.

But we need to journey even farther back, to stumble upon an alchemical fusion of techno-organic infection and ancient celestial technology appearing again on the scene today that appears to be being used as a tool...


First out of the gate, a table-setter as it were:

Just listening to the first 20 minutes or so of that presentation, the question arises: is the vaxx agenda, leading to such large scale dissolution and death, merely yet another historical stanza in this long-held conversation between non-human entities and serpent gods that have always sought to use human bellwethers here as a tool to catapult their agenda of vengeance and ruin?? It masquerades as something philanthropic and beneficial, but always leads to mass human sacrifice rituals.

And after all, what IS the entirety Big Pharma anyway, if not that. And the entire Covid psyop, leading to the vaxx, is just that in the end. Or, as Dr. Reiner Fullmich has often stated: "The vaccine was not created for Covid; Covid was created for the vaccine. Once you understand this -- everything else falls into place."


But before we address anything else: the body count. And one which is not limited to vaxx side effects. In a Death Cult, any potential leak, loose end, or threat is dealt with swiftly. There are no differentiations or exceptions:

This is an accomplished scientist whose research into COVID and HIV has been praised in the medical world. To be frank, the HIV COVID Scientist angle fairly jumps off the page in all this. 

"According to an interview he gave to the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative website in 2022, Willis is the Senior principal scientist at the IAVI Neutralizing Antibody Center in Kansas City....He conducts data analysis and interpretation for IAVI's vaccine trials...also compared his search for an effective HIV vaxx to C-19 vaxx research."

All of the above points directly to the fairly inescapable implications that those friends that froze to death mere feet outside his home while he slept stumbled across some insider knowledge and forbidden data info about the vaxx or some endgame so dangerous that they couldn't be allowed to leave. Pals come over for NFL party. Pals see something they shouldn't...Willis is now on the run and very presumably being protected by highly monied interests.

And then there is this:

And given that he was a North Dakota senator, he may very well have been joining some parallel dots pertaining to mRNA damage and what may be in the works:

And just for historical perspective, the Deep State has a long history of takeouts like this, especially surrounding their larger false flags and coups:

So the boyfriend runs outside, locking the door, saying he forgot his beloved girlfriend was behind him. Plausible. Can't get back in when he realizes either. Conceivable. Grief does funny things.

We can at least say that the Covid Op is using the same elimination service as the 9/11 Op. Only with all things concerning the vaxx, the importance and scope has been ratcheted up -- 9/11 was entry-level stuff in comparison.


"Researchers have for the first time created and imaged a novel pair of quantum dots -- tiny islands of confined electric charge that act like interacting artificial atoms.  Such 'coupled' quantum dots could serve as a robust quantum bit, or 'qubit,' the fundamental unit of information for a quantum computer." April 24, 2020,using%20a%20burst%20of%20microwaves.,the%20up%20and%20down%20states.

Programmable matter is one of the touchstones of the vaxx side-effect agenda:

The endgame to all the above? Quantum dots show up in force within the vaxx:

And if they connect to Quantum Computers, we cannot forget this, because the implications are vast and ominous:

Deep within this episode you will find dangerous information shared between Clyde Lewis and Anthony Patch at the start of the CERN issue just beginning to gain widespread attention in 2015. Again, threats and physical harm come into play -- which is now to be understood if the connection between quantum dots and quantum computers plays out -- as well as the fact that approximately 5 billion people now have this technology ticking away within them, waiting for initiation and a final flipping of the switch.

The physical manifestations are now present, in the world today, of what John Dee and Edward Kelley were attempting...what Jack Parsons and L Ron Hubbard were attempting -- thru the auspices of Aleister Crowley. Communication has been re-established, agreements have been made, and the technology of fallen angels is at hand. And the Parsons angle is gaining traction everywhere at once now suddenly:

Spotlight fully on the Enochian -- the alchemical transformation of the species.

Overall summing up make no mistake: this is a direct causal link between what went in our arms with what is going on at CERN and the tech being used there for possible dimensional transfer.

If we are being prepped for something -- if the vaxx is being used as an "opener of the way," for something incoming, then we can't say we weren't warned.

But warnings can serve many purposes, and fuel many strange hearts...


Some have intuited this and seen the links since the very beginning -- but there are latecomers to the party, and we now turn our attention to them, and the timing of their emergence now:

But as it turns out, there is more, much more, to Weinstein than meets the eye. And this recent about face (which he now claims never existed in the first place), might be calculated.

From the ever Amazing Polly:

At the 29:42 mark you will see Polly's chart stipulating both Weinstein brothers were deep into

As we have stated right here before along with the Santa Fe Institute, EDGE was, and is, 1,000% pure EPSTEIN:,_Inc.

ANOTHER vaxx cross-connect. ANOTHER Epstein link.

But it seems Weinstein is not done. Again on Tucker just days ago:

The transcript here:

But what exactly is being played at here? If Polly's hypothesis rings true, I believe Weinstein may be trying to tulpa or egregore something into existence behind the pretense of informing us; a beautifully occult sleight of hand, and yet another ramification of the vaxx -- birds coming home to roost on the prophecy of the Project For the New American Century back in 2000:,%20bioweapons,%2020%20years%20psychological%20terror_%20Coronavirus,%20Deep%20State%20take%20over%20and%20DNA.pdf

Now used against us.

Dual-use duality in all that gain-of-function research launched to "protect us." Riiiiight. Protect me harder, Daddy.

Even 60 MINUTES has picked up on this, thought they're not in the business of interpreting or connecting dots:

Possibly awaiting orders, or a date. Perhaps a "biodigital convergence,":

"The biodigital convergence describes the intersection, and in some cases merging, of biological and digital technologies. Biodigital technologies include mRNA vaccines used to treat COVID-19, digitally controlled surveillance insects, microorganisms genetically engineered to produce medicinal compounds, and more."      


Also noteworthy in light of the vaxxtech "cognitive" side-effects long noted:

Cognitive attacks possibly facilitated by insider implementation and knowledge of synthetic biowar nanotech installed in some "mysterious" way...

More on the cognitive angle here:

Concurrently, the RAND Corp is neck deep in the vaxx sidelights also:

So where this trail may lead us, and why an Epstein adjunct is busy highlighting it in public, bears thought for concern...and eyes on how something new might be waiting to be introduced.

For the record, THIS on reddit as of a few hours ago:

Men In Black??

Let's also remember what we were alerted to in December 2020:

Implications?: "It was revealed that members of China's ruling party hold prominent positions in some of the world's biggest companies, including pharmaceutical giants involved in the development of covid-19 vaccines like Pfizer and and financial institutions such as HSBC." 

And NOT ONE MSM outlet either picked up or ran with this story. Indeed, it was buried. Easy to install downloadable cognitive problems via fringe tech when you're at the source.

The Hill even pointedly mentions the name Charles Lieber in this one -- just to get that creepy occult Epstein factor cookin: 

 Cognitive Domain Attacks:


Tiny, sentient organisms are building cities inside their new hosts.

Something new has also entered the equation -- add it to the list of new "known" unknowns like turbo cancers, teen-aged heart attacks, cognitive stressers and weird things with arms and tentacles under the microscopes worldwide all mysteriously appearing since 2021:

And don't those look just like the sculptures unveiled at the 2012 London Olympic Games??:

The same Olympics that featured a straight-up rendition of the covid virus: 

 Because, mandatory to show ya before we do ya. Hey, we told ya, not our fault.


An extremely interesting drop just happened a short time ago with Pete Santilli hosting Carrie Madej. 

Around the 14 min mark you will discover that Ron DeSantis was the JAG officer in 2003 charged with overseeing the special forces that raided the Tomb of Gilgamesh during the next stage of the invasion of Iraq:

This was the mission in which prized esoteric artifacts were pilfered -- as well as the possible DNA from whatever was buried there:

As Carrie then mentions, it just so happens that immediately in that post-2003 period came the explosion of synthetic nanotechnology present and proliferating around the world today -- perhaps a deliberate buildup to a plan for infection placed in our genomic sequence. 

You will well remember that Hillary Clinton when head of the State Department was extremely interested in this (happening in December 2018 timing-wise):

December 2018 was a little less than a year before the advent of Event 201:

Were we somehow able to procure hidden secrets beyond our realm of knowledge...esoteric secrets that have now manifested in the dark technology we see on hand today?  

And a pointed observation from Mihalcea about how the obelisks actually relate to (what do you know...) Quantum Dots

The circle tightens...and closes. 

RNA and DNA act like hyperdimensional transceivers. It's looking like they (the obelisks) may be quantum antennae, ready for instruction. 

Did someone say alien invasion by vaxx? Colonization? Mass walk-in possession? The next stage in AIDS? Gulf War Illness? Morgellons? SARS-Cov-2? Gain of Function will only get you so far...then you must begin to wonder where those building blocks they are playing with originated. 

And it becomes as we started with -- snake gods all the way down.

And as has been mentioned before, perhaps the clues have been planted all along:

Finally, the very latest peer-reviewed numbers and study are up -- LSS? Ratio says approximately 14 deaths for every (1) person "saved" by the jab:!/


Thru vengeance they are trying to kill God. There is a reason the jabs are targeting the heart and the brain**. "Unnoticed" because foreign DNA wasn't placed in people's bodies before 2021. 

** Remember our brains have been very much altered also:

So let's just come out and ask the question:

A strange presentation that may not be as out there as you think, considering the trend of recent comments -- see the 7:45 section here and the very specific mention of alien species RNA 

Now of course I know this is pertaining mainly to the snake-bat-reptile combos that have been found already in the ingredients -- but what if something more is beginning to be acknowledged? After all, the good doctor could have chosen the terminology "non-human." But he specifically cited "Alien," which seems curious. But then again, I'm a language, wording, and "spell"ing dude. Choices in certain words over others have both meanings and consequences.  

What if this disclosure is a slow acclimatization process before the truly horrifying and unbelievable gets announced?

Are these obelisks the first manifestations of something our biosystems have been prepared for -- riding in on quantum technology?? And, if what we are looking at is a multi-stage assault -- what comes next?

1954 WAVE 

The fingerprints and the trace evidence of an ongoing operation are numerous -- listen to this fascinating talk from Richard Dolan all about the 1954 French wave of humanoid sightings. A commenter drops a pointed remark how we can trace a direct line from incidents like this in the 1950s to what is going on today re possible agreements being signed:

Dolan and his wife at the wrapup also make the very germane and wise comment considering areas we've touched on tonight -- how important it is to continue to question everything we learn and are told -- especially when it falls in direct line with what we want to hear. Because there may be a clandestine agenda in the works.

A complete itemized document of the entire 1954 wave here:

This sheer volume of reports lends much credence to the supposition that something of great import and high strangeness nature was going on at that time in that region. Indeed, it is the first such accounting in the historical record of mass sightings of humanoids that may have been the pilots of these craft (who's driving?) and saucers that had been proliferating worldwide since 1946-1947. Which in turn lends great weight to Vallee's conclusion that this is all a mass psychological conditioning program, with greater emphasis on "the next stage, and then the next" cascading effect on the collective psyche of the world. But to what end? Especially in that the process seems to be ongoing, even today:

But who's zooming who? And does this extend into the depths of the pharmakeia and modern-day sorcery of the Big Pharma complex? And what's gone on since 2020 in particular in light of the kind of cutting-edge nanotech being deployed into us under great subterfuge?? Especially two things: why the deception?/ Why the desperation? These are two immense psychological red flags that should be going up for everyone at this stage. They wanted these jabs in the arms of everyone in the entire world, NOW -- no questions allowed. Think about the absolute massiveness of that. And there is a reason for that which extends far beyond human health or any "global pandemic." (Which, under the greatest scrutiny, never existed in the first place.)

Step by incremental step, we have been brainwashed, MKUltra-ed, gaslit, herded, and psyopped from the very start. All set up to take a "cure" which will transhuman us into an oblivion where even death is not the end: we've now got MAC addresses coming from graves; blinking, activated nanotech still whirring and self-replicating in the blood of 8-month old cadavers...and this is likely only the beginning. 

This is a complex, interlocking system where every subsequent factoid of information dropped is being used as conditioning and cognitive warfare. Everything pertains to everything else, and is joined at a sub-rosa, subconscious level which works on you even as it is imperceptible at the surface. Your eyes and ears don't make the links, but your brain does. 

Arm yourself with information so that you can't be deceived, but guard and maintain your thoughts, which are the watchdogs of your soul. Go out (on days when they're not spraying) and smell the breeze and feel the grass between your toes -- this is part of your connection to the earth and your conversation with God, which they want to limit before seeking to extinguish entirely. The vaxx was the beginning of their seeking to cordon off the earth from the influence of the divine and your soul from the Source.

This just in from the Rogan-Rodgers alliance to the heart of the Deep State and putting it on alert: 

Or, as said one of my former heroes in his much younger, much wiser incarnation -- so much wiser than today: "Blind faith in your leaders -- or in anything -- will get you killed." That message stuck with some of us for longer than a fairweather season:

There used to be bright, sunny days on this earth when people were guardians of far more than fascism masquerading as political correctness and woke ideology.

I remember.

Disobedience requires a higher order of intelligence.






  1. *OMICRON*

    Back in '99, Bill Gates had a game created for Microsoft Windows called "Omikron: The Nomad Soul", with music and main character by David Bowie. It was about the King of Hell Astaroth, using other demons to both harvest human souls and impersonate high members of the government.

    1. NOPE -- no signaling there.
      Why does the feeling persist if we got complete rid of both the Gates network and the WEF network, the infrastructure beneath all of Big Pharma would 90% collapse and most of our probs would be's a Bermuda Triangle of vast Evil that needs dismantling.
      Getting Pharma out of the ability to TV and mass media advertise would solve a HELL of a lot, as RFK Jr proposes.
      As it stands only the US & New Zealand -- out of the whole world -- are allowed to do this.
      WHY? It's the worst kind of brainwash propaganda.

    2. The feeling persists Wordman, because we already know that we could take down the whole system, if we just Stopped right now and waited.

    3. Who knows, I could get flagged for even sharing this, but IF this is true, and all evidence keeps mounting that is is, what does that say about us??
      I mean for BOTH sides, we should ALL want things to be fair, right?? Instead, it seems rampant cheating not only is verboten to mention, but it gets rewarded:

      Not to mention among other things -- COVID was introduced specifically to get all the mail-ins activated = SO much easier to cheat.
      Killing how many birds with one stone, right??

    4. Not to mention OMS, can't remember where I heard it just the other day --
      But ever since the OCCUPY WALL ST protests, which just so happened to join poor and wealthy alike, with black and white, Dems & Republicans, men & women, young & old etc etc.
      ....Ever since then there has been a coordinated, concerted effort across all media to pit us all AGAINST each other in every way conceivable 24/7,

      Intimating that THAT was a protest that truly scared the elites and made us recognize our power when we ALL joined together against them.
      Soooooo, we can't have that again!! LOL.

    5. Think about this wordman, how is that conspiracy theory as a field in research was begun as a look at corruption within the state from 1978-2016, and over the last seven years it has been flipped on the seeker of that info into a personal spiritual matter. I think it is REALLY important now that every user of The alternative media remember who started it. Who started it? The same people who start every counter movement at a movement that threatens the status quo narrative.

    6. Oh yeah meant to tell you, It was that show on Parsons, that gave up Crowley(last show of season 2)

    7. I heard or read sometime in the last 6 months about the op on that occupy wall st. Since the mass media has co-opted it as a leftist revolt, that must mean the conservatives started it. The best line of action right now is massive civil disobedience, in the form of staying at home and getting out to meet your neighbors, if we stop feeding into will die.

    8. OMS!!
      You are echoing nearly word for word what Carrie Madej said in the Rumble vid above from this install....
      We need to get out of our dens, start making contacts locally with people who can do things for each other: fix each other's cars, chop wood, do households chores and fix up things, in return for IT help for people who know how yo do that, other specialized tasks -- just basically create a barter system and helper bubbles so we can ALL obviate the mass market need...everybody knows how to do something for the other guy or girl and vice versa. make it so we can all depend on each other again in our little local units. THAT'S how we get away from the Corporatocracy hold on everything.
      Help each other,
      Heal each other.
      I know it sounds at first like a big commune but it's really not.
      It's just common sense and the natural order of things.

  2. It was always bad but the Smith Mundt Modernization Act 2012 under Obama's Congress was the final straw:
    The reason for the amendment of the Act is simple. The OG Act prevented the government from using the media to propagandize to the American people .
    The government needs propaganda to control the populace. Therefore, the Smith Mundt Act had to be amended to allow the government to propagandize.

    And here we are....

  3. Replies
    1. Ermagerd Missy!! VOAT!!
      & OH YES -- the occultism (Crowleyan) of 9/11 bled right into Iraq in 2003 which bled right into fringe tech which bled right into pizzagate, then Epstein, then COVID, then the vaxx -- it's all been one long, sordid, bloody red tape (scarlet thread) of murder as old Sherlock used to say.....
      & that thread hasn't been severed yet -- but with much inside forbidden info leaking, and many more eyes on the prize, that thread is by day, night by night, hour by hour, minute by minute....the ultimate domino ready to fall.....

      Tick tock.....

  4. WOW Wordman, that book Infected was just messed up. Omfg could this be what will happen to humanity?? I know nothing is off the table at this point. But I would like to say that I have and always will proclaim until mental confinement or death, that the Sumerian Swindlers and their ilk are not human. Do not care if people call me crazy or stupid or 'Waycist'. My response is "Look at the world assholes!!!!!!!!".
    In the words of my hero, Tiffany Gomas, "Those motherf*uckers aren't real". Thanks for all your work and research and thanks to all the great commenters and colleagues of this blog who dare to look for the truth. Love all of you.

    1. I'm very sure I speak for all of us in this little family here -- right back at ya with interest!! Hugs n kisses n all the rest...
      We ARE gonna make it thru this TOGETHER.
      Was just listening to this again from Naomi:

      & her accent in the latter half on how the vaxx has crippled our biosystems but almost more importantly, how to relate to each other with that Human Touch -- closeness has disappeared, fondness, hugs, the warmth of another's nearness. It's like we don't need that anymore when it's so obvious and vital that we DO.

      I can only say that I am so proud that this particular group of people that gather here on the regular are SO close -- I can almost feel the hugs & the humanity. And we are all a stark and mighty repudiation of everything the WEF et al wants to get rid of or transhumanize out of existence. I truly love all of my sisters and brothers from other mothers here -- if this is/was some kind of experiment God put me's been MORE than a rousing success....
      It's been a revelation that saved my life when I was as down as down could be & looking for purpose.

      And with a single step -- maybe that's gonna turn out to be how we save the world.

    2. With the power of HUMOR!

    3. I missed that eppy!! LOL
      On another entire track – good LORD Sculls in that first screenshot......with the horrific Botox-ed latter incarnations, it's so easy to forget that early on......90s kids were viewing on a whole diff level.....

      Friday night? Date? Get real, X-FILES IS ON!!!!!
      And an entire generation of tennaged-30 year old shutins was born.....

    4. JB was that power of humor a sweet nod to me??? Just asking because of the last slide.....................LOL

  5. Look who's up... From the news crawl, 2 days ago:

    "Dark matter", "dark energy." Sounds about right.

    Their timing is impeccable, I give them that: Since Covid, politicians have been plonking 50 billion here and 50 billion there with no accountability.

    37 British pounds was the budget of UK's Covid track & trace app. Where did it go - nobody knows:

    Just days ago, EU approved an ADDITIONAL EUR 50 billion support package for Ukraine:

    Meanwhile, Gen Xers in the UK are now told they won't be eligible for a pension till the age of 70+

    And when a gov't dental clinic in Bristol opened this week and starting taking appointments, a 6-hour-long line soon formed that eventually had to be dispersed by the police.


    1. THREE TIMES bigger??
      Like, what could POSSIBLY go wrong, right??
      Three times bigger, longer, deeper, darker, more-time-spent-open portals, I'm sure.
      Come right in Chthulu, we've been waiting for you!! What??
      Yog-Sothoth is with you?? YAY!! Bring him too!! Don't worry -- he'll fit, we just made the portal bigger!!

    2. #37 billion [obviously]. Mea culpa; was typing at 3AM my time.

    3. The book Infected (Wordman has a pic upthread) pretty much aligns with of these areas minus the government being the good guys. Something here is opening portals for their friends. In my opinion the book is probably non-fiction irl. I highly suggest reading this book. It may be one of those famous "we have to tell you what we are doing per Cosmic Law" shits. I mean look at the author's name ffs.

  6. "Disobedience requires a higher order of intelligence."
    Which is why these evil fuckers have been having such an easy time of things.
    It's so much easier to go along to get along eh what Chucky?
    Which saddens me now at this late hour of the years and money wasted killing brain cells for entertainment that I did for so long.
    It makes it a little harder to keep up with you these days Mr. Wordman.
    My time is running shorter, my health is going faster now.
    True to my nature though, I will resist the evil fucks until my dying breath.
    Because Fuck You, That's Why.

    1. OH Stop It Philby!!
      You, Keef Richards & the cockroaches are gonna outlive us all!!
      I have it on good authority that both you & I are too mean to die.

  7. And even when we do we're gonna haunt everybody here worse than when we were alive!! LOL.
    There ya go.....think of the fun!!

    1. Going to be the same amount of alive, your boost will come from the realization, its like this song right here...

    2. How perf!!
      It's YEAR OF THE DRAGON today!!
      A little Blood In The Cut:

  8. To OMS again --
    I cited above the OCCUPY WALL ST protests but in hindsight I'd forgotten all about the Nov 1999 Battle in Seattle WTO protests!!
    Those were MAJOR signifiers to the globalists that something had to be done to MKUltra, gaslight, propagandize and brainwash the population into NEVER letting anything like that happen again.....That particular freedom of speech was going to have to be outlawed:

    These, much like the OCCUPY ones, had WIDE SWATHS of all kinds, colors, ages, and stripes of Americans coming together.

    And looking at this EXCELLENT indie from 2005, THIS REVOLUTION with Rosario Dawson got me to the throes of being victims of the pitiless Bush junta years -- we were ALL on each other's side, had each other's, white, it DIDN'T MATTER. We were fighting AGAINST the regime and FOR each other -- knowing deep down even when we didn't know enough and didn't have the facts we do now -- that there was something HORRIBLY TERRIBLY WRONG with 9/11, and that it was all bullshit...
    Look what they're fucking done to us here & now 19 years later -- divided us, got us at each other's throats.....

    I remember watching that like it was yesterday and thinking -- we've got a REAL chance here to do something meaningful....

  9. Watched a decent movie last night called Proximity on Alien abduction. I found the question they wanted to ask the 4 'humans' very telling, even more the young man asking " why are you looking for him "?


    Also very much meant to ad this in to the latest main text above but it didn't really fit with the scope of what I was addressing, yet it by NO MEANS should be left out since it certainly doesn't lack for vital importance:

    What IS going on in Chile?? Plus the fact of ZERO federal attention being paid to Maui, not to mention East Palestine Ohio which still is suffering a barrage of constant toxicity, underscores the aggressive and continued ANTI HUMAN agenda on display worldwide and particularly within the agenda of the USA = we can send BILLIONS to ISRAEL and UKRAINE but have nothing for our own. It's beyond shameful. It's coordinated destruction.

    And MORE coordination...remember both the Canada fires as well as the Maui ones which had multiple sources, sometimes hundreds of miles apart (certainly in Canada), all erupting at the exact same time??
    Well check out Chile:

    That's the EXACT same weapons signature.

    Not to mention how much like Maui the evidence looks:

    Something is really REALLY wrong here. UNnatural, not natural, artificial, and coordinated.
    These are signatures of orbital platforms operated by nazis and monsters.
    BTW Chile was marked, just like Maui, as being ground zero for a 15-minute city fully endorsed by the WEF and UN....

  12. Well Malachi Martin answered the question of why John Paul 1 was murdered after only 33 days as Pope. As it IS the Church is still in Darkness, 60 plus years after He was going to out the church and call them out of their 15 years of darkness.

  13. More here:

    "Embalmer Richard Hirschman Confirms Rubbery Polymer Clots Grow Outside Of The Body" in blood samples drawn from deceased 12- year- old child....Vitamin C & EDTA can help prevent development of nightmarish nanotech clots....

  15. Alternative idea to DEW causing fires in Maui & elsewhere:
    "Chemtrails are aerosolized microscopic pieces of multiple kinds of metal (& other ingredients). The ingredients in Chemtrails are literally the same ingredients the US Military uses to intentionally start fires...The combination of the accelerant (Chemtrails ✔️) & the military-technology weapons (Smart Meters ✔️), with no surge protection (✔️), connected to The Smart Grid (✔️), is a deadly disaster waiting to happen(✔️✔️)...before the event, they spray, spray, spray"..

    1. BB!!
      For sure EDTA plus Vits C & D plus zinc for absorption are essential, plus nattokinase acc to Naomi Wolf == there are many routes to chelation.
      And YES, various people have gone into how the chemtrails make everything a tinderbox. And have been doing so continuously since '98.
      But NOOOOOOOOO. Climate Change. Of course the same perps pushing that are the ones laying down the chems in the first place.

  16. Of course the climate change agenda has been in place at least since 1977 and the wild ALTERNATIVE 3:

    "..the agenda for a global governance system uses mass mind control to condition people to loss of personal power by promoting & getting us used to 3 types of loss:
    Loss of memory (amnesia);
    Loss of will or initiative (abulia);
    Loss of interest in that which is vital to one’s health & well-being (apathy);
    These 3 psychological conditions are required for the global cabal to successfully implement a global government. Mind control methods used by the cabal to promote these conditions include the subversion of sacred symbolism & archetypes"

  18. Putting this here for Sotes since I don't want it buried above -- per the INFECTED book we've been's a TRILOGY!!

    And you're right -- this bears a second...and third....look.

    1. Oh dear. The third book contains a pandemic which includes.......hydras. OMFG.

    2. There is nothing in the dark that will not be brought to light.

      Fascinating; incriminating how it all intertwines, innit??

      Clues left EVERYWHERE along the way in the furtherance of this ancient agenda we now see manifesting before us...

  19. Here's also an Apple podcasts abridged vers of Book III, PANDEMIC:

    "If you want to impose a totalitarian system, you have a problem..reality.. that will eventually veto your project... people who can perceive reality will step in & prevent you from taking society over a cliff. Therefore, the only way to install a totalitarian system is to negate the real in the minds of those over whom you would rule... by creating an interpretive frame that deliberately causes people to misunderstand reality, sometimes called a “second reality” or “pseudoreality,” or even a “hyperreality,” which loses all contact with reality through its images & constructions." See presentations at

  21. Okay WORDMAN this author is in the 'club'.

  22. OK -- I'll jump in the pool:


    I'm with Tim Dillon on this one:

    1. Course I'm with Tim on LOTS of things:

      Dude's a National Treasure -- if not for Rogan and AJ don't think I'd have ever heard of him, but O. M. G. is he straight over the target on pretty much everything & bombing like there's no tomorrow....


    1. BTW numerous occurrences of her piano playing ON ITS OWN:

      ERAS Tour only upping the weirdness stakes: mass amnesia, blackouts, haunted instruments, open witch rituals onstage....
      It's out of control I tells ya....
      Seriously there's a strange undercurrent vibe....

      There's even a Stonesy death marker:,hours%2C%20according%20to%20the%20report.

      And let's not forget the open mockery:

      All signs point to.....???


    "Flying from Tokyo, Japan back to the U.S. to get to the Super Bowl & watch her boyfriend Travis Kelce play was very important to pop superstar Taylor Swift—so important that she apparently had a second private jet on standby...just flying empty as a spare, in case something went wrong with the first jet...She flew, she spewed, & now the world has more of that carbon she's been warning us to cut back on."

    "Are There Viruses? Was There a Pandemic? Tell Me, Traitor! Tell me now.." A year ago, I wrote a long article about the current state of the medical freedom movement. A lot of the things I wrote about last winter are still here. There is still pure courage, there are petty rivalries & competition over the “freedom buck” (& various kinds of end-of-the-world sales), & there are still spies...In addition to all classic divisions, the aspiring masters are trying to put the final nail in the heart of the post-COVID medical freedom movement, making everyone fight with everyone over every imaginable point." Who is playing who? Much to reflect on..

    1. There is indeed much to ponder here, BB, and much I'm still in the process of engaging and working on...
      The fundamental laws are changing on the fly, and even the questions we should be asking -- changing into more primary ones; maybe ones we should never have lost sight of in the first place?
      WHY is it that everything is converging?? WHY is someone directing our major alt-media headlines and grab n go digestibles towards the areas of viruses, and transhumanism, and more and more lockdown protocols aimed at both on the global milieu?? Brain implants, brain machine interface, etc..WHY does the covid virus as well as the VAXX seem to be aiming more & more as time passes by at the failure of the cognitive aspects of its victims??

      Why does all of the above seem to be, behind the scenes and between the lines, merging with all things UAP and extra-dimensional?? WHY are increasing numbers of media influencers speaking of the UAP factor in SPIRITUAL terms??
      People like Naomi Wolf & Carrie Madej and Karen Kingston & Maria Zeee painted the Covid/ VAXX Agenda in SPIRITUAL terms from the very start...

      WHY are all aspects of the elephants in the room converging on the word SPIRITUAL right now?? Is there a crossover? Is there a connection??
      I think there is. And it's the territory I've been increasingly directing this blog into for the last year or so, as you've no doubt noticed.

      & it's those deep waters I intend to keep navigating.

      This is turning into a Jason And The Argonauts mythic quest for the Golden Fleece of answers....
      Wanna take a ride??

  26. BB dropped a link upthread that goes really deep into this territory.
    I have watched several videos.
    Holy shit!!! The video that I was going to link was removed. I watched it last night.. The Gnostic Parasite. Dr. James Lindsay
    Here is the website.
    I'm a little freaked out right now. That video was deep. Now gone. WTF??

    1. Here ya go Sotes:

      Or ya could just go over WINDSWEPT HOUSE again!! LOL.
      Or speaking of which -- check the topics on the loose in this Whit Strieber 1983 offering:

      Cults, genetic engineering, & UFOs merging again, right??

  27. How many COINCIDENCES does it take bef things get well & truly SPOOKY??

    1. It's already well and truly spooky 8^)

      Hey you reckon you could assemble a list of your greatest hits and add it to the website?
      I keep wanting to refer people to here but the ones I have seem to want more context and then I like oh yeah wordman does a good one on that too but I forget where exactly.

    2. WOW A6!!
      That would be a considerable undertaking....& one I may not get around to until that long-awaited BOOK gets published. LOL.
      Til then I just recommend hitting the older posts button at the bottom of every page and begin the great slog!!
      I try to stay away from stuff like "greatest hits" since I think there's something "take away"-able in pretty much every post. Like this is one long book in progress with multiple chapters.

      I had WAY more elevated pageviews during COVID say 2020-2021 when people didn't have any particular place to go and became shutins!! LOL. But to me that wasn't representative of some of my best stuff necessarily, just that I suddenly had a captive audience that was starting to get hungry for....alternative.

      But LSS I'll ponder and get back to you...give me some areas you're maybe looking for??

    3. To be honest I'm not even sure what you got buried in there. Just posts you yourself like or believe are central to the alternative narrative your building here.

    4. I'll go back over, A6, but off top o me head I'd say the 4 or 5 CERN posts for certain, then any & all things Epstein related, then the coming of the Covid & the Vaxx since 2020.....I'll make a list. Good idea.

  28. Hmmmmmm
    I'm sensing a THEME here:

    "In order to CLEANSE the planet, they had to do things of HUGE magnitude..."

    PS -- why the globalists are possessed with fascination about depopulation.....
    This History features mainly about natural disasters being directed -- but VERY easy to extrapolate that to the genetic realm -- esp if that tech doesn't originate with us, right??

    1. Replying to your comment on strategic depopulation. This video is an excellent option to western influenced archeology. It's in Russian but the subtitles are great. The whole video is good but specifically at around 11:30 in is what I was referring to here. Oh and greeks of today call jesus Christos. "CH" making a hard 'H' sound. Just saying. Worried my kinfolk overseas might not get the JESUS memo.

  29. PSS -- that NIGHT CHURCH by Strieber came just 2 years before his first claimed "abduction" over Christmas of 1985...
    which led to, of course, COMMUNION:

  30. Let's not stop with the running narrative of the evening:
    First of all, the alt right is ridiculous on a lot of counts, but they may actually be ON to something here:

    I know every time I'm at the SB I'm checkin the cams before I randomly make hand gestures like that when I get excited bef my bestie imbibes some concoction at the same time....WTAF.

    Secondly, WHO TF wears Balenciaga anymore after this last year or so??:

    Did somebody say NICOLE KIDMAN??!!

    Finally, this back in the Watergate days would be called a "non-denial denial" LOL....
    "It isn't It isn't...OK it really IS but it's not that thing you thought it was...!!":



    And here too:

    So it's not like it's not a THING....just sayin...


    This has 11 mil views.
    Let that sink in, bros.
    We're in SO much trouble.

    As one of the comms says -- If this is the current gen, imagine the NEXT generation....

  32. I CANNOT leave you guys for the night on that one -- so here:

    And you'd best believe He's locked & loaded.....



    And the Whirlwind is in the Thorn Tree.....

  35. PS just in from BB, as there's some trouble with the comm uploading right now to email:

    Hi Captain Word:
    The strangeness is ramping up, there's little doubt...I don't see a space to upload new posts on MCMMM right now...thieving bastards, bring that back!
    Anyway, wanted to share the following: regarding the effing murderers..
    "This paper shows that the UK spike in deaths, wrongly attributed to COVID-19 in April 2020, was not due to SARS-CoV-2 virus, which was largely absent, but was due to the widespread use of Midazolam injections which were statistically very highly correlated (coefficient over 90 percent) with excess deaths in all regions of England during 2020....The widespread & persistent use of Midazolam in UK suggests a possible policy of systemic euthanasia.”

    Response: consider John Cleese in role of Basil Fawlty, directing fire at a criminal who can serve as jab-pushing murderous globalist scum for our purposes:...Bastard!

  36. Finally -- I know, I'm like the thing that wouldn't leave tonight --

    I know I stand a better chance of waltzing into the Office of President than this dude, but DAMN if he's isn't perfectly over the target here in calling out the massive scam and bullshit this has all been:

    But the same people flying the Ukraine disinfo flag as the VERY same people who derided you for killing Grandma over the jabs -- I KNOW this personally...
    they're far MORE than just clueless -- they're dangerous to every living thing on the planet in their monumental ignorance.

    1. For those of us living in Europe, it was literally as if someone flipped a switch. YESTERDAY: All about Covid. "Minute-by-Minute !!!" news coverage. Non-stop for several years. No other headlines, ever, other than "XXX Infected", even on Christmas Day. Then suddenly, TODAY [and for years to come]: All about Ukraine. From viRUS to RUSsian aggression overnight. Were those Ukrainian refugees, pouring in by the million, even tested (if we're going with the official playbook)? Nobody cares, all of a sudden. In this context alone, it beggars belief that two years later, most people I know still take the daily "news reports" at face value.

      P.S. Re vulgar songs and videos... In my college days 30 years ago, girls would not watch a movie with me (the tall, blond, handsome, courteous, sophisticated young male), for fear I might hold their hand, I guess, thus "crossing that line" (and who wants that, huh). Imagine my utter disbelief in the past 10 years, when all I see in tabloids and online in general is young women taking snaps of their naked bodies for all the world to see. Feedback from "netizens" (= serial masturbators) is paramount to them. Isn't that the definition of DEMONIC?... Our inborn modesty (that comes from a God consciousness) flying out the window within a couple short decades? This is not normal, or healthy, or explainable as just a tech-powered "social trend."

    2. EXACT same thing here Trains....
      It was flooding the system with first COVID -- then UFO/UAPs here per Congress -- then of course Israel/Gaza thrown in....
      All a part of social engineering and guiding the herd towards what is supposed to be important at the time....Mysterious LACK of course re anything about the VAXX side effects, consequences, efficacy, deaths = the REAL agenda they want to slip thru we should be paying 24/7 attention to.

      This is all coordination from "outside" forces and sources. And by that I'm sure you know what I mean.


    1. OMFG these evil fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. That 5G-Vaxx combo "certain people" (who shall remain nameless) have been warning about since the 2020 lockdown when everything 5G relayed went up in force -- around a lot of schools -- in the middle of the night -- when nobody could go outside without being arrested.
      So yeah, 5G was part of the rollout planned from the beginning.

      All the animals have been thoroughly "vaccinated" because of foreign nanotech/mRNA/gene additions in their feed thanks to the Gates/Pharma/Monsanto/ADM factions...
      That part was all planned too.

    3. Dealing with at LEAST a Binary Weapons platform comprised of both molecular bio + frequency components...

  38. I don't know what this means but......

    1. Hmmm -- this just from 5 min of searching for connotation & meaning:
      Nineveh (in A.V., Luke 11:32, Nineve), nin-e-veh (Heb.)-- abode of Ninus; exterior growth; growing vigor; colonization; coordination; education of youth; handsome; agreeable.

      What does Nineveh symbolize in the Bible?
      Nineveh was a large pagan city that symbolized enmity with God. We find in Jonah 3:1-10, that Jonah was a narrow minded, nationalistic prophet, who wanted nothing to do with such foreigners in Nineveh. Nevertheless, he obeyed the second call and preached among them. "Forty days more and Nineveh will be overthrown!" (v.Feb 20, 2018

      The original meaning of the name is unclear but may have referred to a patron goddess. The city was said to be devoted to "the goddess Inanna of Nineveh" and Nina was one of the Sumerian and Assyrian names for that goddess. The Assyrian cuneiform for Ninâ (𒀏) is a fish within a house (cf. Aramaic nuna, "fish").

      Nineveh is used as a warning example for today. It was a “city of bloodshed”, Jonah was sent to warn the people of that city, that God was going to destroy them and their city, because of their behaviour. They repented after hearing and believing that warning.

      Nineveh is indeed "a bloody city," filled with the blood of the numerous dead bodies associated with the fall of the city. The blood of those killed is expounded by invoking vivid images of corpses that are left unburied that are described as a "multitude of slain, masses of corpses, and no end to dead bodies."

      Nahum lists some of Nineveh's sins: plotting against God (1:9, 11); idolatry (1:14); vile behaviour (1:14); shedding blood, lying and plundering (3:1); enslaving nations (3:4); presumption (3:8); and cruelty (3:19).,of%20youth%3B%20handsome%3B%20agreeable.


  39. For Sotes, BB, Max, Trains and everybody else re UKRAINE --
    YES I know RFKJr is in Israel's pocket and all the other numerous things that make me look askance at him, but you can't just throw everything he says out with the bathwater....Because he's DIRECTLY over the target here with this take:

    That old MIC -- Military Industrial Complex -- that we've been warned about all our lives??
    It never went away -- just took on different guises for infiltration & subjugation: after all, both IT and DARPA were responsible for the vaxx with their patents & research.....
    Full Spectrum Dominance they used to call it -- now it's disguised itself in Build Back Better and the Great Reset.

  40. Here is something else to consider because one part of me wants to say that it is all a smokescreen. Consider that in 2004, "they" announced gee an asteroid might hit the Earth in April of 2029, they named said asteroid Apophis. After the 1st tidbit they started talking about a keyhole and that put the 2036 flyby in question. In the years between those first reports they started to walk back the narrative to NO, it's not going to hit the planet in the next 100 years.

    from wiki we get this, and the KEY word is KNOWN...The closest known approach of Apophis occurs at April 13, 2029

    Now for the interesting part in APRIL OF 1966, I was able to see an object enter the atmosphere from the SE going NE along the Eastern seaboard of America. Now for years I searched the Internet for information on that event, and there was almost zilch to be found, then sometime within the last 5 years all of a sudden the story of the 66 event is everywhere

    There are at least a dozen other links on it, but my thought as I watched it cross in front of me was, "man I would not want to be around if that hit", but I know in my gut that it went back out in space. Your government says there is nothing to worry about in 2029 east coast of the united states. The math works from 1966 to 2029 within 12 days of the date I seen it in 66 to the date it is supposedly going to miss by 19,000 miles in 29. That this thing passes over Washington DC needs to be taken into account when considering what the whore media has walked back from when they first put it out there. It is not a meteor, it did not burn up in the atmosphere(not even close) it is a city killer for sure.

    1. OMS!!
      There have been many prognostications about celestial flybys and intruders -- it's usually extremely unlikely to spot something until it's damn near on top of us == spotting something like Hale-Bopp was in 1995 bef it was due to enter earth space in 1997 only happened because of it's fluctuating orbit at the time and it's HUGE light signature against the background stars...then again.....

      THIS story from the WASHINGTON POST of all places going back to my halcyon days of Dec 30, 1983, I want to add has YET to be refuted or debunked:

      So absolutely ANYTHING is possible that could show up anytime...cue the Velikovsky WORLDS IN COLLISION...

      Then there is the anomaly of Oumuamua and its likely artificiality, which believe it or not, some people are even linking to viruses and spores from space deliberately seeded here from it -- much more on that as I delve.....
      & yes, link it to the emergence of covid timing-wise....

  41. I just remembered something, on the subject of very suspect "blood-stained" mattresses:

    In Hellraiser 2, such a sacrificial mattress was needed to allow the worshippers of the Leviathan to enter our world.

    1. Well well well...
      How interesting you bring that up JB.....
      Who remembers?
      Pepperidge Farm remembers:

  42. And speaking of transformation, routing and ENTERING the internet of things (& bodies) here this latest from Dr. Ana on Stew Peters:

    The carbon nanotubules that wind up in the brain contain the stored thermodynamic evolutionary information of all of humanity to this point -- i.e. what they are trying to hijack and re-program. The carbon nanotubes are the payload within the lipid nanoparticles....

    Which LSS sounds perfectly like the landing platform for an incoming ...something....

    1. Whoever has time, please read that book from the trilogy upthread. If you can't read all three just read the last one.
      Pandemic, Scott Sigler.

  43. The crossing the blood-brain barrier and changing the terrain from within is the key ....
    Esp when the without is covered by 5G, GMOs, chemtrails; we wind up being literally surrounded when the pieces of the jigsaw fall into place.

    "Father Ripperger warned of the rise in demonic elements ....While the levels of demonic possession, one of the most severe forms of demonic activity, have remained relatively steady in recent years, he stressed that other forms of demonic activity, such as demonic obsession & oppression, are on the rise...The cause of this dramatic increase in demonic activity...stems from the large number of people doing "evil things" & a decrease in holiness among the faithful.." Interesting; reminiscent at times of Fr. Malachi Martin's views, but Fr. Ripperger also has his own unique observations...

    1. The Turning Away from God, step by step, proved decisive.
      Recalling the ending words of Naomi at Hillsdale: "OK, it's as if God was saying this is how bad humans can be if you lose touch with's this bad.
      'If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and I will forgive their sin and heal their land."

      Is it really this simple?
      I think it is.
      How much we've all lost and forgotten....

  45. Fr. Ripperger specifically mentions 1963 as the year after which exorcisms took much longer on average to complete...interesting that it would be that year..

    1. Great catch BB; yes, the year of the completion of the first globalist marker -- a coup d'etat in plain sight to mass traumatize for increased control purposes...also, as said, perhaps a signal than a certain kind of unleashing had begun.
      How long after November '63 were people in a stunned fugue state??
      How long were they then more susceptible to other factors -- agents -- entered into this new equation aimed at social engineering and the mass shaping of collective personality??
      We went from a 50s mindset into an anything goes mid-late 60s one in a HURRY, didn't we?? Much promise of change -- but much confusion also; the Aquarian Conspiracy if you will enters the scene, along with offshoots like Dave McGowan's thoughts on Laurel Canyon and what went on there...the breeding ground of Manson's Family, serial killers suddenly popping up, Charles Whitman in '66, and Rosemary's Baby first ushering in the VERY long shadow of satanism into the mainstream collective.
      TIME's cover asking IS GOD DEAD?
      The Beatles, the Stones, Kenneth Anger, Crowley, perhaps reaching a mainstream apex fascination with what Jimmy Page may or may not have engaged in = occult symbols, backwards lyrics, runes on albums as signifiers. Agreements. Pacts.

      And after all that we are today. A culmination of every little step taken. The frog finding itself in the slowly boiling pot too late.

  46. Speaking of Demons, here's one getting a spanking.

    1. That's fascinating Philby -- and it reminds me of an appearance on a recent The Confessionals podcast I'm gonna be highlighting; of a woman who's been thru generational abductions thruout her life that ONLY stopped when she called the name of Jesus one night....have no idea why it took her so long -- perhaps she was just secular or raised that way.

      She went into an explanation of how even these beings have to acknowledge there are rules they have to follow according to the One who created them. It's cosmic, immutable, and there is absolutely no way around it. You don't, turns out, even have to BELIEVE in Jesus or God or have any kind of religion at all -- merely calling that name is the dealbreaker. For everyone.
      Pretty wild. Very much along the lines of -- you don't have to believe in Him -- He believes in you.

      She even goes into, later in the talk, the reason for the accent on transhumanism so much lately, and even WHY there have been so many abductions down thru the decades.
      Spoiler: these Forces are outnumbered 2 to 1 acc to the Bible -- Lucifer left heaven with only a third of the angels with him....
      Bodies are needed in the upcoming War on God and Heaven.
      They've gotta come from somewhere.....
      She gets into the artificial wombs and factories with the gestational life pods, etc. Inc how in her experiences there were HUMANS helping these beings in their endeavours, which of course gets into our latest theories about AGREEMENTS.

      Pretty crazy how it all lines up.

      Also very much makes me believe that this at 2:45 is real -- and something I keep coming back to:

    2. Yeah I really want to believe this crap but as I can read, write and speak greek, there is no 'J ' in greek or hebe or even aramaic. The equivelent is 'dg' and even that doesn't sound the same does it?? Dgesus? But what do I know???? I'm just throwing things into the pot.

    3. Perhaps because the OG version is Yeshua.
      Symbols for dipthongs.
      Course that would work for the 'J' also...
      But all the source material is so old & literally at times untraceable....i.e.,who knows!!

      Just a solitary, sacred Man With No Name that rode into town, dispensed wisdom & justice -- then rode out....
      kinda like a Holy Clint Eastwood.....
      Demons B Scared, Yo!!!

    4. BTW Sotes -- just found this -- interesting:

    5. OOOOH, this too:,written%20in%20Greek%2C%20as%20well.

    6. Hahaha are you snooping quora wordman?
      I like to read people's anecdotes from there when I'm pooping

    7. Haha -- actually just plugged in a random search and that happened to pop!!

    "Everyone who watched the Superbowl halftime show heard Alicia Keys hit a sour note in her opening appearance. .However, the version of the show hosted on the NFL's official YouTube page has the audio cleaned up to remove Keys's sour notes.. Bootleg clips containing the original, authentic audio are being scrubbed from YouTube at a breakneck pace...In 5-10 years, we'll all be fighting over whether Keyes actually flubbed the opening notes of her Superbowl performance because our memories will be at odds with the “official” record. ..How are we ever supposed to return to something approximating a consensual reality when even the trivial things we experience as a nation undergo stealth edits?"

    1. Oh it's Orwell and Brave New World all over right now -- nothing exists if WE don't say it exists.

    "Psychic Soldiers in the Aerial Realm of Demons-How the U.S. military is using out-of-body experiences to gather foreign intel";
    "Despite having one of the most powerful military arsenals in the world, the U.S. military has actively turned to the occult & opened a gateway to the aerial realm. During the Vietnam war, soldiers had unsuccessfully used witching rods to locate underground Vietcong tunnels. Since then, psychic soldiers have successfully been gathering key intel from deep within Russian territories through astral traveling & remote viewing, according to declassified intelligence reports." Did R. Monroe, remote viewing, & such help lay groundwork for some of humanity's current spiritual difficulties?

    1. Monroe's enclave is literally in the foothills right up the road from me here in Richmond.
      Ask me there was always some occult elements involved there -- possibly even of the dark variety that not all were privy to.
      Some offshoots like Ed Dames are VERY suss, and of course there are links to the 9/11 hijackers also and some people that participated in the Monroe Institute:

  49. Coca- Cola as a spermicide. Population reduction anyone?

    GMO corn as a spermicide. High Fructose Corn Syrup as a spermicide.

  50. Jeff Bezos' grandfather of the Atomic Energy Commission.

    1. Hmmmmm

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. Something's in the air tonight Fellow Babies!!

    And, because, hey, 10 yrs ago:

    Space explosions, Weird, Meta AI murder suicides, and an attempted KC Massacre targeting...children??
    Just another Happy Heart Day around here in 2024.....Now we get Prez Day, St Patrick's Day & Easter to run wild with -- & that's just this Spring!!

  53. Meanwhile, while all the usual boring, stupid talk of Guns vs No Guns, White vs Black, and MAGA vs everybody gets trotted out by the brainless talking heads and lib usual suspects.....
    Everyone is missing the forest for the trees -- and what do you actually do when the problem lies far deeper:

    When EGO subsumes everything there is no pride in your surroundings, in yourselves. And when there is no punishment for simple vandalism and rot, then it will spill over unchecked -- oh, and when the illegals which lead to the homeless situation is also going unchecked, you get this.
    How many Russians do you think believe in God?
    How many Americans?
    In the USA you are staring at a dissolute, Satanic, Liberal Culture fully emerging with nothing to counter it or hold it back.
    No Media. No Strong Leaders. No authoritative Church. Nothing. Those that care are shouting into a vacuum.

    What would happen, do you think, if all the people, regardless of color, that attempted lawlessness on the daily, as well as all those that enable them, dropped dead overnight?
    We'd start looking a lot like Russia does, again, right now.

  54. PS -- & on that ultra weird META murder suicide that of all the headlines I can't get out of my head and that I think has the most legs ramifications-wise....
    & as one of the comms on GLP says -- are we gonna start seeing this 10 times or 100 times a day in the near and fast-approaching future??

    And you'd better believe AI = possibly in marked conjunction with planned vaxx effects = lies at the bottom of all this.
    Something is coming cascading in, and the "walk-ins" are increasing in number.
    Transhumanism isn't what you think it is.

  55. Trading on that above comm about Transhumanism isn't.......

    Just when you think you've got a handle, something ELSE appears.....
    Believe me, there's TONS more coming = things that have just presented themselves over the last 24 hrs & that are synching in the most mind-blowing ways possible.

    Stay close by your internet dial glowing in the night...because the ride's about to get even weirder and wilder.....

    " None of these powerful players — I mean none of them — is going to let these vaccines fail. Even if they do fail — they won't. Do you get what I'm saying? This is as obvious as the sun rises in the east & sets in the west. Those who dare dispute the wonder & magic of these vaccines are often discredited or worse...Welcome to self-amplifying vaccines that replicate in your body. Welcome to your next dose. & your next. & your next. That is, if every single powerful drug lord, politician, military official & global health leader has their way. & trust me, they will settle for nothing less than total control. Nothing less than total success."

    1. Spot on BB!!
      The thing that still amazes me going on 3 straight years into mass deaths and side effects is that other than outlier waystations like this one and various substacks from concerned individuals and sites like Childrens Health Defense, Naomi's dailyclout and Natural News, Infowars, Tucker, and Rumbles like Stew Peters, there is NO ONE is the media addressing this as it should be = shouted from the tallest rooftops....
      which remains and always will be the LARGEST part of the problem. Our lack of a real media and investigative journalism.

      As you said, there is a concerted and coordinated blanket around this subject -- so much so that WAY too many normies still have ZERO clue as to the nature of what's going on & the deadly seriousness of this fix we're in.

      You would think, 100th Monkey Syndrome or something, there would come a tipping point with a 40+% increase in ALL age, non-COVID mortality across the board in nearly every continent in the world now.
      I mean, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills that this isn't THE story in the entire world & on everyone's lips eight now.
      Truly Twilight Zone times...

      The only thing we can do is try to maintain a building up of pressure. And not just on sites and blogs but everyday in talking to our friends and colleagues. The time for caring what they think about us is long past. We need eyes and ears on this for accountability and any kind of justice.

  57. PS regarding the above BB --
    I'm also MAJORLY convinced that these 3 headlines are NOT mutually exclusive as to what's going on, and will obv continue to:

  58. Found this video on Twatter, I had seen it before but didn't keep the link.
    Sum Dood testifying in front of CONgress about UFO technology that we have had since before I was born plus a bunch of other goodies that we have acquired since then.

    Pretty damn interesting.

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

    "The US government is spending $100 million of American taxpayer money to fund experiments on dangerous bird flu viruses in collaboration with Chinese scientists...The research involves infecting ducks & geese with different strains of viruses to make them more infectious, & studying the viruses' potential to 'jump into mammalian hosts,' according to research documents. It is being funded through the US Department of Agriculture & collaborating studies will take place at sites in Georgia (USA), Beijing & Edinburgh in Scotland." And so it goes...more nightmare research to no good end, despite what guvmint officials & their sci-whores proclaim...

  62. Why on God's Green Earth would anyone in their right mind even consider this to be a good thing?
    The Genocidal insanity has jumped the shark.

    1. Yes, absolutely. As a group, scientists will do anything for money...grant money from the federal government...and that is a major problem. The universities many work at are all about the dough-re-mi....

    Remember Beto, & Mueller, & now Willis, & on & on..?
    "We’ll be doing this again, meeting one tough genius after another who has the guts & the sharpness to change it all. The yearning for this transformative figure, the psychological hunger that creates this endless line of new political saviors, tells us that we live in a republic of perennial adult children." Piece followed by several interesting comments on the nature of propaganda, etc. that are worth a look...

    "You trust that the people in the world who have the power to take care of the things you care about also care about the same things...They don’t... I cannot tell you why this has happened, I only know it has indeed happened, & the last three years are a testament to that fact. Yes, this was going on far before 2020, but starting in 2020 it became so clear & so obvious only those with gouged-out eyes could not see it. Fauci, Biden, Walensky, Bourla, Johnson, Morrison, Merkel, & scads more. They don’t care. Their world, their agenda, their concerns, their wants, & their visions, are so radically different from ours that they don’t have an inkling of what actually is important for the world. Maybe I am wrong; prove it to me."

  65. What a coincidence one if the places this shit is being studied is Edinburgh. Prince Phillip 'Duke of Edinburgh' famous quote comes to mind.
    "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation."
    I guess his wish is coming true.............

    "Lawmakers in France are introducing new laws that allow the globalist government to imprison critics of experimental vaccines, such as Covid mRNA shots. On February 14, the National Assembly in France pushed a new law that turned a critic of mRNA gene therapy treatments into a criminal. They passed it with almost no debate."

    1. Put me in prison for speaking my mind, you had better hope I never get out.

    2. BB-
      OMFG. This is sick. No debate?? God (not bible god) help us.

    3. This is all a test runup to likely taking the internet OUT for a time when the going gets too hot for the elites, who are finally facing just a fraction of the wrath that is headed their way...
      Too much talking and info-sharing amoung the rabble goin on dontcha know??!!
      First they censor the talk, then they'll take away the means of that talk getting distributed when the situation grows too dire.

      And Philby!! You're exactly right and reminds me very much of the ol saying when you shoot to kill the King you'd better hope you don't miss.
      Well, by and large, altho extensive swaths of damage have been wrought, the JABS Overall have been a MISS.
      The Human Organism is remarkably resilient and strong, and altho 17 million of us have been taken out, it's not the numbers that they dreamed of -- not yet anyway. And now we're fighting back on both the physiological and ideological fronts.

      Guess what comes next??

    4. Here in Québec, "Loi 50" (Law 50) is being passed, basically same thing as in France, they can even "enforce compliance" by cutting off water and electricity. (!!!)

    5. I'm thinking more along these lines...

    6. Hit it maestro:
      If you think I'll sit around while you chip away my brain
      Listen, I ain't foolin', and you'd better think again

      In this world we're livin' in, we have our share of sorrow
      Answer now is don't give in, aim for a new tomorrow

  67. Could interpret these lyrics a few different ways...Earle left them general enough for that.....but the song still sounds fresh today, years after this was on TV..
    "The revolution starts now
    When you rise above your fear
    And tear the walls around you down
    The revolution starts here
    Where you work and where you play
    Where you lay your money down
    What you do and what you say
    The revolution starts now
    Yeah the revolution starts now...
    Yeah the revolution starts now
    In your own backyard
    In your own hometown
    So what you doin' standin' around?
    Just follow your heart
    The revolution starts now"

    1. BB -- reminds me SO much of this standalone from Shooter Jennings in 2010 -- this record stayed in my memory and guided me thru amazing times and likely set the stage for me starting this blog:

      Check the backstory....

      Amazing one-off that Shooter tried here.
      Never been anything else quite like it before or since. Vibes of Pink Floyd, and even in spirit NIN that did Year Zero in this same stint, that in 2007.
      People were TRYING things back then....have hit a severe slump since in adventurousness and the courage to attempt new sounds and themes of autonomy and individualism.

      In so many ways the Last Bands Standing -- and so long ago now.

  68. Wordman: Thank you for the Shooter Jennings post/tune...That's memorable stuff...

    1. MANY welcomes, my friend!!
      As I said, aside from some ridiculous filler like Fuck You (I'm Famous) which to this day I can't figure out if it's meant as parody, satire, or who exactly it's directed towards -- fans? record label execs? critics? Rolling Stone reviewers?? Family? LOL.....
      ....The entire album scarred me, altered me, stayed with me, for a long, long time as I SO admired the chances it took & represented a sort of guiding light to me. For what to do in life...towards answering people's expectations....just for a lot of things. The roads not taken, for sure.
      The stark refusal to be pigeon-holed or put in a box should be the largest message going forward in life for each and every one of us, & validation comes in many, many forms -- not all of them immediate moneymakers or being what the consensus would describe as "successful." Sometimes settling for what people want or expect you to be is the booby prize, right??

      You just, hard as it is sometimes, have to start seeing things with different eyes -- better eyes -- than that.

    2. PS BB!!
      I still remember hearing this song for the first time in 2010, and even though she'd been 9 years gone at that point -- I heard and felt my Mom messaging me in every line. Words from a precog empath March 7 Pieces reporter who was far too sensitive for this world in the end:

      Weird, isn't it -- those massing bootfalls at the end??
      Almost like she directed me straight to that track on that album -- to let me know what was coming. She saw things & delivered veiled warnings thruout her life; little asides about a lot of things that mostly, 99% of the time, ended up coming to pass.

      What's the old saying, the older I get, the smarter my parents were!!

    Definitions past & present; some things to ponder..
    "It’s class. It’s class-based loathing, upper versus lower...This isn’t your grandfather’s class war. An extremely wealthy Nebraska slaughterhouse owner who votes hard right & drinks Coors is a lower class rube with “mere money” that doesn’t mean anything; a performatively radical adjunct professor with a $32,000 salary in Fresno is upper class."...Also in the mix: nuisance politicians who "..never so much as brushed up against the edges of anything that looks like a job...never made or sold anything...but spent their entire adult life in politics & activism."

    "Rasmussen Poll Unmasks the Radical Elite..Elite attitudes about ordinary Americans are beyond contemptuous & downright chilling...The fact that these elites obviously possess outsized influence over the political process has undoubtedly warped the entire legal & political environment as the two became almost indistinguishable from one another." If things continue along this path "We would be plunged into a nightmare with no relief, a dark world where only the privileged few would experience life as we currently know it."


    The Virus as the New God
    And its advocates are the priests of the new religion. This is a theory based on the work of Julian Jaynes, author of The Origins of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.

    1. It's so blatantly obv Sotes -- that the farther we travel down these highways and byways; that we're staring a New Religion in the face. Or what they desperately want to make one. This is a Cult, make no mistake, & their stated purpose is to eradicate God. To replace God. To kill God. They are ready and willing to go to War over this -- an Unholy War that they have been setting up for longer than most of us have been alive.
      It's why the flying saucer mythos, the pedo rings and the vaxx agenda are all coalescing right now -- they are all equilateral legs on the globalist table of tracking, transformation, chaos, and ruin. It's so OBVIOUS now why me saying that very thing -- minus the vaxx portion which didn't yet exist -- triggered a certain high-level someone (Levenda) back some 8 years ago now.

      Funny how everything is revealed in time.

      Remember too, and always, what Lara said:

      She & Carrie Madej opened the door on all this -- allowing the others like Karen Kingston, Ana Mihalcea, Tucker and Naomi to bust it open even farther.
      This is a WAR, and it is based in the SPIRITUAL.
      Know your enemy.

    2. MAN I still wish Chris Knowles would re-up that particular Secret Sun post & comms section where I said that & Levenda shot back in literally like 1.5 minutes to refute it ALL. IN THAT SAME COMMS SECTION!! We were all kind of floored by the rebuttal to my blurb,
      the entirety of the Clinton-Podesta emails (which he utterly disavowed)
      & the intimation that we all needed to "grow the fuck up."

      First of all, what, did he have armies of bots trolling the internet for whenever his name might come up?? I mean, WTAF.

      2nd, for the then preeminent parapolitical scholar to say that there was NO untoward or weird wording in those emails that he could see, then to further state that in ALLLLL his research he never found an links of child sex trafficking and rings to organized gov't influence -- wellll, needless to say we were all, Chris, myself, everyone within earshot -- quite dumbfounded.

      All together now: Methinks thou doth protest too much.
      And put your clothes back on, Emperor.

    3. PSS -- For those that don't know, the above all transpired in the fallout in late 2016 from the wikileaks dump of the Clinton-Podesta emails, which MANY surmised had an 11th hour mass effect on the 2016 election results -- which resulted in legendary butthurt from one particular "they didn't think she could lose" side....

      Then my comment to Chris Knowles on one of his posts at Secret Sun:
      "Meet you at the intersection of flying saucers and worldwide pedophile rings!!"

      Which was in turn in response to this then just published photo:

      But this all goes much deeper, as it turns out, and much darker....

  72. Food fortification( poisoning).

  73. Sotogirl: Thank you for the link & story; there are some forking paths in this area to think about, like:
    "Are viruses part of God’s good creation or are they evil in their very essence?...Particular attention is given to how the evolution of viruses relates to evil’s origin. Looking at the evolutionary origin of viruses & their deep biological tendency towards extreme selfishness this article examines how viruses are intelligent, yet not life. Discussing how viruses are genetic thieves who enter our cellular gates in order to kill and destroy, this essay also explores the meaning & nature of evil, & whether, & how, evil is present in nature."
    See also:
    Theologians can chase their tails around & around with this...Are viruses evil? Good grief... It's clear that human intent & amorality were in the mix of the genesis of SARS CoV2...Let's more pointedly be asking if the humans who facilitated this horror are evil...if that even needs to be asked...

    1. BB thanks for the links. At this point I am past are they evil as that is obvious. I am at the maelstrom of are they human, demons, possessed, clones or even something unexplainable.


    1. My DUUUDE!!
      I have always and will continue to keep telling people til the cows come home --
      Prince was the shit. Period:

      Think Lennon was taken out for being too rad & dangerous to the status quo??
      P was double that on both counts.


      The the SOUL.
      When did he say this??
      Look around yourselves today...politically...ideologically...spiritually...technologically.

  75. BTW late night callout and batsignal news to all youse Freaky Fellas and Fillies...

    Putting together yet another wild and woolly wild west showdown and compendium of all pertinent podcasts, substacks, vids and shoutouts I can beg, borrow and scrounge for your viewing delights and horrors.
    Let's just say that between you & I, things aren't only not slowing down but going straight pedal-to-the-metal brain liquefying status per the Nightmare Fuel input we run on in this here Batcave, all the way up to the Treehouse....

    Pack the 90 proof and the cookies in your snuggies -- it's gonna be a long & bumpy night next time out....

    Ears to the ground and eyes to the skies -- and stay tuned to this Bat Channel....the Signal's not warming up yet, but my gloved hand is hovering over the switch....Excelsior!!

    "Covid-19 Boosters Found to Impair T Cells, Shutting Down the Body’s Natural Defense Against Infections & Cancer"....Poison to take-down the vertebrate immune system....pushed on us day in/day out....

    "Back in 2006, some major scientists...started to examine the role of physical interventions in slowing or mitigating disease spread. In particular, they wanted to know whether physical barriers like masks, or respirators, or hand sanitizer works to stop the spread. Their first meta-analysis was published in 2006.
    What did it conclude? It said there is no evidence that any of these practices have any effect....published in The Cochrane Review..Then suddenly, around 2020, the science was trashed...What happened?..The answer lies in some combination of power, money, & public panic. Exactly which of the three predominates here is open to debate. But there simply is no question that we have been subject to a “great reset” that deployed science in an effort to change life functioning on the whole planet earth. This really happened to us...We were wrong to trust the authorities. We were wrong to put faith in leaders. We were wrong to look to the universities, the media, & journals, & the experts generally. They failed us. They lied to us." How does the "scientific community" handle this? By pretending they did nothing improper for all time going forward....must not disturb the flow of federal grant money & other fluids to those researchers who bow & scrape...

    Looking back to Theosophy's beginning, down to present day: "To grasp what luciferianism is, think of it as the anti-god; a war on nature, or a war on the natural state of humanity disguised as “enlightenment...all scientific evidence suggests that human beings have inherent psychological qualities & characteristics from birth. Some of these are unique to the person, some are universal archetypes & ideas that the majority of people share (such as conscience & moral compass)...The globalist cabal's lack of empathy & conscience, their thirst for godhood & omnipotence, their drive to attain all-encompassing surveillance of the population, to know everything about us at all time, to have total control over the environment & society, the narcissistic self- image of a supreme ruler who is worshiped by the masses, & the delusion that they will be able to read minds & predict the future. These are psychopathic fantasies, & they are willing to chase these fantasies by any means necessary...But even psychopaths sometimes need a fundamentalist framework in order to maintain organization & inspire devotion within a group. It makes perfect sense that they would choose luciferianism as their religion."

    1. I think at the tippity-top of the pyramid the people are genuinely half-human -Nephilim- descendants of the watchers who have held a vendetta against humanity since the days of Noah. The particulars of this vendetta, or when and where this all began are perhaps lost to history but as far as I can tell this is the real story of the human race and the reason why the world is full of such non-sensical suffering. A cold, patient vengeance that has perhaps persisted through multiple apocalypse. I don't think there is any winning. At least not in this world. Not on a group level anyway. We would paradoxically all have to stop thinking in groups to survive as a group I think. The answers out of this world are inside.

      Thank you for reading my toilet rant it felt good to type

    2. A6!!
      Always welcome here cub scout!! Personally I think you're spot on about the perps -- called by many names but I still like ultraterrestrials coined by Keel & run with by Vallee, Hynek & crew. Very much with us here from the beginning and very much non-human; tricksters and worse, with not a lot of regard for our welfare. X-FILES even picked up on this as a meta theory: cryptids, ghosts, psi phenomena, ufos, demons, poltergeists, lake monsters, aliens, angels, etc = all spring from the same source. Check out the upcoming install in a few days for more on the mainstream loves to tell us; "the situation is changing rapidly.." LOL.

      Also, I don't have QUITE the level of pessimism going forward -- I know, you're like, who the hell IS this?? LOL -- & not to get all Aquarian & New Agey-frou frou on ya, but don't forget that the stars have plans in mind:

      So we're looking at a historical upending of the applecart that will last for 20 YEARS starting in NOVEMBER -- a seismic shift unseen since the French & US Revolutions, when this alignment also manifested.
      So let's see how it all plays out, but it seems that nothing and no one will be left untouched by this as Empires fall and individualism and collective truth ends up on top of globalist shadow plans. ALL will be revealed. We just have to be ready for what that's going to do to us.

      Lovecraft famously said to always look out for the timing when "the stars come right."
      Of course he was remarking about the dark aspects of Elder Gods returning....but this might be our celestial turn.
      Exciting times, my friend.

    3. Actually ALL is not revealed, just what is needed for the individual.

    4. I would love to of been a fly on the wall for the late night discussions between those guys. Even if you accept the ultraterrestrial hypothesis it brings up so many questions, besides being just spooky as hell. Not only are we not the top of the food chain but the food chain is interdimensional...

      Haha nah thanks for enduring my pessimism on here. I mean I hope the stars are on our side but I wonder sometimes if the material universe itself is largely run by entities which have doubled down into material incarnation just by the nature of how it has been built. (The life-force of creatures feeds other creatures.) While I congratulate the creator on his many beautiful works this law really does make me wonder. Perhaps the gnostic are right and once you split atoms and wiggle your way down to the source of things it is a mouth-gut-butthole trinity of eternal, alchemical violence..
      I think long and winding thoughts continually along these lines and find comfort that whatever this world is, I am just a traveller in it. By some grace or luck perhaps a key will appear by the roadside that will afford me greater salvation than a sense of stoic absurdity but until then I will try and enjoy reality melting around me as much as I can. Apologies to everyone though as I sometimes post as depressingly as I can as a sort of experiment or self-excorcism in the frustrated fury that comes when your pooping on your break in the middle of the work week - lmao

      "Being born is going blind
      And buying down a thousand times
      To echoes strung
      On pure temptation"

      In any case this new astrological age could just be the birth of the New Babylonian World Order. Neither the French or American revolutions were fun times, nor it could be argued did they bring much good. In all my thinkering it seems to really boil down to that the world is brutal place. Underneath the Beautiful Lie that is pushed onto us so we can be used for the ends of people talented in manipulation animals still live in a natural state of hunting. Cats torture their prey. Ducks gangrape other ducks till they drown. Dolphins murder for fun. Fungi melts corpses and the trees rustling their leaves outside your window are pumped full of the juices of the dead. The great cycles grind on.
      Does the Kingdom of Heaven lay outside of these cycles? I hope so. Every year people become more petty and mean. Less humorous , more suspicious. I am certain that things have been organised so that certain types of people no longer exist, or in very little quantity. The world is not made for good people. It takes a special kind of badass to turn the other cheek I suppose. Even more special to do it with art and grace. Whens the last time you seen these people? Last time I saw even a glimmer it was at a homeless shelter.

      Hahaha it's legit therapeutic to get your thoughts out into word form. Maybe if I post more the world will look less like a slaughterhouse. Anyways cheers wordman

    5. Thanks again for the thoughts A6. And yep, the Grand Cycles turn on -- Hamlet's Mill I think it was referred to, right?

      Archaeoastronomy is fascinating to me -- goes all the way back to Dabney Lewis -- my 4th-5th grade English teach that went off script and had us studying STONEHENGE DECODED for weeks instead of the usual stuff. My early teachers back in the day were geniuses and priceless at instilling things in us that would remain.
      Or as Billy Preston said a few years after that --

    6. Hahaha no problem. I need to find a pub to go and do this at.

      5th grade teacher organising his students to decode Stonehenge, sounds like a movie.

    7. HAHAHA --
      Oh, trust me, it was a movie alright....
      Longest running franchise yet LOL:

      Another actual history teach whose name escapes me ATM started out very first class with Mesopotamia and Ur, & how they very likely were pioneers in genetics and dna splicing!!
      I went to a WEIRD school from grades 4-12. It got progressively more middle-of-the-road as it went along but those first few years from 1970-72 or 3 it was as "out there" as they come.

      We had "workbooks" illustrated with word problems (this just a few weeks after I got there) with multiple choice answers about what did we think happened to "Snippy" the horse -- lightning bolt? Cults with knives? UFOs?
      We had to fill it all out and then they got taken up & went....?
      Who knows....
      Prob in the CIA's basement!! LOL|:

      That school took the Aquarian Age vibe & jumped in with both feet!!
      But I wouldn't have traded growing up at that particular time for ANYTHING!! Best freakin time in history to date to have embraced everybody with QUESTIONS -- til now that is.

    8. Do I EVEN need to get started about the Bermuda Triangle?
      Chariots Of The Gods?
      Close Encounters Of The Third Kind??
      & people wonder why/how my mind has been warped with Keel and Vallee??!!
      My entire personality was raped, reshaped, and time-warped forever from everything that happened bef I even hit teenage years --
      Reminds of Hunter Thompson: "When the going gets weird -- the weird turn pro!!"

    9. Went to see this with my Mom (bless her heart) one sunny day in August 1972 at the local Willow Lawn theatre -- scared the piss out of me.
      Rated 'G' my ass:

    10. When I used to tend bar I had a customer who liked to talk poop. He said he used it to make art. After all these years I still think of him sometimes and what a gross weirdo he was.

      I mean, if we're telling stories about bars here and all.

    11. Sounds like a DC Podesta kinda thang.
      Kill it with fire.
      You should have poisoned him.

    12. As far as I know he never left that city, so I guess the joke's on him.

    13. The only thing I want to kill with fire lately is every post I make about five minutes after making it, haha.

    14. Awwwww -- don't say that. We need some levity round this joint!!
      Not to mention more bar talk!!

    15. That guy sounds like me lmao. For awhile I went through a phase where I would seriously and philosophically compare language to eating the world and shitting it out.
      During my 20s.
      It was a struggle.

  79. PS -- "feeling good to type" -- ?? -- personally I have NO idea what you mean by that!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

    "America needs an exorcism. The poisons in our system are actual persons carrying out their programmed assignments, just as the spike proteins in the bodies of millions act as individual agents of destruction in your body. What possible invocation can drive out the likes of" (toxic apparatchik of your choice) .."and a thousand others in high places behaving in a way indistinguishable from demons? What explains their devotion to untruth? What motivates them? Can it possibly be the mere perqs & comforts of their positions? Are they answering a call? And who is issuing that call? Or are they just trapped by their many years of lying continually, fearful of getting cast into prison? Are you asking yourselves: what will satisfy these maniacs? Anything short of the ruin of our country? What will their coveted power be worth in a ruined country?..This battle has a long way to go. It is clearly a battle of good against manifest evil. The evil side has done its thing — waged war on the American people — by working overtime to systematically derange your minds. Next, they will seek to go after whatever money you still have, whatever things of value you possess, & whatever remaining liberties you enjoy. Pay attention as events unspool." Be Here Now...

    Start listening around 1:44:40 mark..Dr. Regina Watteel talking about the way the jabby vax fraud was pushed in Canada...the specific people responsible...and lookee, a garbage computer model played a large role in the scheme...

  82. Replies
    1. That falling man archetype between/next to the Twin Towers??
      Holy CRAP that was eeeeeerie.
      Truckloads of foreshadowing.
      The closer you examine it from every angle and timeframe.....9/11 was absolutely STEEPED in witchcraft, black magick, Crowleyan numerology, ritual enactment, and likely generations of foreknowledge and planning in league with occult, secret society time passages & countdown....
      And that is in no way helped by the extremely close proximity and certain involvement of the already-entrenched Epstein Network -- who called the shots and set the stage for what was about to happen -- and I VERY much include the occult in that equation. (The Maxwells, PROMIS backdoor coloring outside the box, the Mossad, & Saudi Arabia in the mix...)

    "The West & its signature values of limited representative government, respect for the individual, free will, free markets, discipline, work ethic, & reasoned faith led the world out of the Dark Ages.  Bizarrely & remarkably, the truth of the matter is that elites in the Western media, government, entertainment, & academia are now revolting against the same values that changed the world so much for the better.  Progressive?..The elites believe they know what’s best for everyone else, & the planet at large.  But in reality, they are far more concerned with what’s best for them — & their image as virtue-signaling champions of a supposedly utopian future.  It is up to us to ensure that their assault on logic, morality, & sanity does not succeed — no matter the consequences. "

  84. 4th season of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is up on HISTORY channel and it is really getting crazy.

    1. OH OH OH --
      More upcoming on this, but..........
      B I N G O:

      Extremely good on your radar OMS!!

  85. And THIS just sent to me by our Minister of Goat Ceremonies, PAN the Magnificent (JB):

    Have heard of Earthquake Lights, Earthquake Weather, etc but this seems to me to represent something absolutely new & horrific.
    What ARE those things first fleeing the glowing orb and then seemingly rushing back into it?? Like pulsing....
    Entities? ghosts? Spirits? Djinn? Portal jumpers??
    Somebody chime in -- please -- quickly.....

    Wonder what CERN was up to at the time??

  86. Leaning towards saying that attributing whatevs that is to the old fallback "earthquake lights" is the new, high-tech vers of "swamp gas,"

    We don't know (or don't WANT) anyone to know, so.....


    1. Everybody all gangsta til the flaming dragons appear.....

  88. Declaring a State of DISASTER a month + ahead of time?? For WHAT??

    1. Google changed their terms and conditions awhile back too if didn't see that. Feels like being ratcheted up on a roller-coaster before the drop these days.

    2. The Goog has terms? Conditions??
      Somebody call the Oversight Committee and Ethics Board pronto!! LOL.

  89. And here -- just to whet y'alls whistles bef Wednesday -- and beyond!!

  90. Thank you, dear fellow readers, for sharing the link to the Chemtrails substack. It inspired me to spend a most entertaining evening with bottles of my health supplements. Only to realize that indeed, even by NIH's / WebMD's / Wikipedia's own definitions, many of them are a mix of nothing but known carcinogens, rat poison, asbestos, black mold, and substances (some supposedly banned by EU as unfit for human consumption, yet still merrily sold across EU) that directly cause DNA and chromosomal damage. And that's just supplements/vitamins. What about water, air, processed foods, cosmetics, clothing, WiFi and other electromagnetic radiation... No wonder we feel so fatigued and heavy all the time.

    (As much as I loathe the whole "Like and subscribe!", clickbait culture, this time I parted with 50 bucks for a substack subscription.)

    1. See everything both Kingston & Mihalcea have published in, oh, the last 2 years & counting now.....
      Now matters ZERO whether you've been jabbed or not. At least with shedding the contact & infiltration isn't quite as direct but hey, we're parsing hairs here in the long run.
      Unless you live underground in a bunker with your own air and water filtration systems -- it's over.
      TBH prob has been at least ever since fall of '98 at least on this continent when the widespread contrailing started....THAT plan of full spectrum dominance of the air we breathe was the beginning on a scale this large. In many respects the jab protocols are merely an extension of that -- reimagined worldwide.

  91. Not joking even in the slightest when I say PRAYER. We need it & some kind of divine intervention in the worst way.
    Have said it bef & will again: it is a TECHNOLOGY. And it works at a quantum reality level. The spiritual made manifest thru intent and will.
    People like Crowley and Dee and Parsons knew all about it -- only used it for nefarious purposes.
    It works the other way too -- and we'd better start realizing it, and utilizing it one by one....bef it's too late.

  92. If the bar's still open, here's a song for the juke box:

    1. Are ya kiddin'?? Never closes round here, bubble dancer!! LOL.
      And nice choice BTW -- right back at ya:

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Last one for the road, then good night.

      Maybe best line in aallllllll of rock, my friend. Personal testimony.
      Oh, & it's FAR too late to stop now.....
      Hip deep in Spector-ville, back when he was a force to be reckoned with:

      "I swing open the door & you hop in by my side....
      I take her to the floor lookin for a moment that seems right
      And somethin keeps pushin inside...."

  93. For all fans of the x files, here's a podcast by Recluse on sentient oil.

    1. Sweet Max!!
      Ironic that I was JUST re-watching the first 98 film & thinking how remarkably they wanted to convey a feel of the OKC Bombing at the beginning -- what an invoking with ominous implications....
      Course you had to read between the lines a bit but it was all there.

    2. Carter & Co knew EXACTLY what they were doing....

  94. To seal. Our Fate. Tonight.....

    & speaking of Spector, much like his mentor, there's just something about Springsteen channeled thru the female template that just WORKS;

    Shades of the Pointer Sisters doin FIRE....

    Lara Logan testifying today......very potent presentation; she is so bright & calm & measured, speaking of censorship hell & mind control in the past, present, future...

    1. LL -- what a brave and beautiful soul. To be what she's been thru and still to be unbowed, plugging away, and speaking for people is some kind of miracle in itself & underscores the absolute unbreakable core nature of the human spirit.
      She truly knows what's going on -- & did you catch her outing of DAVIS BROCK towards the end??
      She did that for a reason:
      He was/is the boyfriend of James Alefantis -- of pizzagate infamy. & one of the top 40 most famous personages in DC, so named by many "elite" periodicals.
      He's a fucking pizza shop owner.

      Brock is also IN tight with Lynn de Rothschild.

      It's ALL a nest of goddamn vipers.
      Jesus called them the Synagogue of Satan.

      And let's leave the last word to LL again:

      BOOM. Mic drop.