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"Rode thru forty nights of the gospels' rain/ Black sky pourin snakes, frogs, and love in vain/ 

You were down where the river grows wider/ Baby let me be your soul driver

Well if something in the air feels a little unkind/ Don't worry darlin, it'll slip your mind/ 

I'll be your gypsy joker, your shotgun rider/ Baby let me be your soul driver

Now no one knows, which way love's wheel turns/ Will we hit it rich or crash and burn?/ 

Does fortune wait, or just the black hand of fate/ This love potion's all we've got/ One toast before it's too late...

If the angels are unkind or the season is dark/ Or if in the end, love just falls apart/ 

Well then here's to our destruction...Baby let me be your soul driver."

"In my eyes, indisposed; In disguises no one knows..."

"Follow Hitler. He will dance, but it is I who have called the tune. We have given him the means of communicating with Them. Do not mourn for me...I shall have influenced history more than any other German." 

Dietrich Eckardt, from page 193 of the unredacted Morning of The Magicians 

(This particular copy, in full, of the seminal Morning of The Magicians, which so influenced Chariots of the Gods a decade later, is now nearly impossible to find. Most e-versions remove around 200 all-important pages in the middle, and all references to the occult beginnings of the Third Reich have been surgically excised. One must wonder who wanted that, and why that particular information is deemed to be so, seemingly, dangerous in getting out, particularly at this specific time...)

Decide for yourself:

"Like Atlantis, Thule was thought to have been the magic centre of a vanished civilization. Eckardt and his friends believed that not all the secrets of Thule had perished. Beings intermediate between Man and other intelligent beings from beyond, would place at the disposal of the Initiates a reservoir of forces which could be drawn on to enable Germany to dominate the world again and be the cradle of a coming race of Supermen which would result from mutations of the human species. One day her legions would set out to annihilate everything that had stood in the way of the spiritual destiny of the Earth, and their leaders would be men who knew everything, deriving their strength from the very fountain-head of energy and guided by the Great Ones of the Ancient World."

"One cannot help but thinking of him as a medium. For most of the time mediums are ordinary. insignificant people. Suddenly they are endowed with what seem to be supernatural powers which set them apart from the rest of humanity. These powers are something which is outside their true personality -- visitors, as it were, from another planet. The medium is possessed. Once the crisis is past, they fall back again into mediocrity. It was in this way -- beyond any doubt - that Hitler was possessed by forces outside himself -- almost demoniacal forces of which the individual named Hitler was only the temporary vehicle."  Hermann Rauschning

"What seems to us certain is that Hitler was animated by something other than what he was preaching; by forces and doctrines badly coordinated no doubt, but infinitely more dangerous than the mere theory of National-Socialism -- an idea far greater than anything he had thought of himself, which was more than he could grasp and of which he could only convey to his people and his collaborators in a much vulgarized and fragmentary form." 

",,,and his crazy obsession: the biological selection of a species that would be half-man, half-god. 

Another of his dreams, which was also an obsession, was to change life on Earth everywhere...He once said to Rauschning, 'Our revolution is a new stage, or rather, the final stage in an evolution which will end by abolishing history...' Or again, 'you know nothing about me. My party comrades have no conception of the dreams which haunt me or of the grandiose edifice of which the foundations, at least, will have been laid before I die...The world has reached a turning point, we are now at a critical moment in time...The planet will undergo an upheaval which you uninitiated people cannot understand....what is happening is something more than the advent of a new religion." 

Thought I was talkin bout a new religion

Waitin on the outside lost in the fog

I was only dreamin of a Revolution

Waitin for the right time and watching the clock...

"It is a fact, however, that deep down in ourselves, our dreams are never completely effaced, any more than the stars are when daylight returns. They continue to shine, as it were, behind our feelings, our thoughts, and our acts. There are facts, and beneath them a substratum of other facts: this is the region we are exploring."   Morning of The Magicians (1960)   

Without further ado, let's get on the end of the board and prepare to dive deep into this new section of the Voodoo Lounge.  

Soul manipulation. Indoctrination and programming. People being replaced. Deception. Implant remote control. Personality transfer. Unexplainable leaps in evolution. The touchstones of commonality between the so-called "abduction" phenomenon made famous thruout the 1980s and 1990s and the current vaxx agenda are numerous and highly disturbing. Listen to this extended version of a conversation between UFO researcher Dr. Karla Turner and Art Bell on his Dreamland radio show in 1994:

And listen to the similarities found here in the research of Dr. Ana Mihalcea on the vaxx:

And according to the groundbreaking research of Dr. Turner, as outlined from the 40 min mark in the above YT vid, what comes before this obsession with and hijacking of the soul? Genetic manipulation and experimentation.   

What are we to make of the fact that one phenomenon (the UFO/UAP/abduction scenario ) is aligning in such close proximity and lockstep with the outcomes we are seeing from another? (the vaxx milieu and agenda.) It's almost like the preliminary research in one area has already been done for implementation in real-world scenarios down the road decades hence. It's either that or random coincidence -- and any reader of this blog should know from historical overlap that coincidence doesn't really exist...

The fact that the trajectory of Dr. Turner's timeline seems to have been artificially cut short after publishing this research should also give us pause. She died very young of yet another mysterious, fast-acting cancer much as seen in the Mae Brussell scenario when she was the first to expose the Michael Aquino-Temple of Set-military-SRA-child sexual abuse connections with the occult beginning on her broadcasts on November 9 of 1987 and following here:

Not to mention the cross-connections (already noted but worth repeating) flying here like a black flag:

As well as the amazeballs research on Dr. Ana's own substack, which just keeps piling up:

And wasn't I JUST talking last outing about the Soul Catcher? Either like minds thinking in tandem is in vogue or something else along the lines of Synchronicity Overspill is at work since this is her latest and we have NO contact with each other to coordinate such things: 

I should hasten to add no earthly agency of the garden variety is involved...since there seems to be a lot more going on here than meets the eye, and the contacts made in the dead of night in the dreamstate are running multiple tracks these days, for a myriad of reasons both divine and engineered across realms. Make no mistake my friends, something is afoot.

Call me pollyanna-ish but I truly believe this is why everything they have planned will fail: Too many special and informed folks are awake now -- and fully reaffirming their connection to Spirit/ Source/ God. It might not seem like it at the time since perceiving this "turning" is like trying to stop a cruise ship or aircraft carrier and watch it come about, but it IS happening -- the momentum has stopped and is reversing course. It's nighttime in the switching yard: 

Oh, and linking back to the last post yet again, (welcome back my friends to the Show that never ends), "Hail Hydra!!" started as early as March of 2010 at UC Irvine: 

Interests I'm sure they shared/colluded with DARPA over; interests that just happened to find their way into random vials of C-19 vaxx from multiple manufacturers that Dr. Carrie Madej noted first 2 years ago...simply more "coincidence" and "oversight" I'm sure. 

You might find yourself considering that we are in the end stages of a program that has been long ongoing and that is now coming together in a push towards some final resolution or endgame strategy that is revealing itself and spilling over to encompass religion (ours and theirs), politics, social engineering, ideology. Because their vaxx is indeed a religious paradigm, ritual, a SACRAMENT to them -- hence the ridiculous fervor of the initiated. It's all they know:

But what does that really mean? 

It means it's a sacrament with distinctly non-human overtones, and the backstory runs deep...and BOOM!! NOW we're off on a tangent.... 

There is a supernatural brutality at work here along with a rampant disregard for human life which is of course couched in the sentiments of "do this for those around you that you love." 

Which is all deception. Unprecedented deception in the time of sorrows and the birth pangs. This is it. 

See, the Nazis called them non-human intelligences also, when they first made contact at central nodes like Wewelsburg Castle under Heinrich Himmler (and, as we have seen above, under the mediumistic direction of Hitler himself), the same place Michael Aquino ventured to in spiritual honorarium when he was formulating the elaborate MindWar psyop agenda we are marinating in today, but not before first involving himself** in child abuse at the Presidio, the McMartin daycare, West Point, Iran-Contra, the infamous Johnny Gosch kidnapping, the Franklin Scandal that ran thru the Reagan/Bush White House like a, well, like a virus (heh heh) and even perhaps the minutiae of 9/11 itself. He could even quite possibly be a spiritual advisor to the Epstein operation.   ** see the above Mae Brussell WorldWatchers link.  

The Black Sun is an incredibly powerful gateway between the worlds and they wanted Wewelsburg to be the hub: to be bigger than the Vatican in their New World Order:  

From this symbolic fortress they would rule the world. That same Nazi intelligentsia was NOT loathed and dismantled in those early days post-WWII. (Nuremburg may have no more than a dog-and-pony show intelligence-gathering arm put on for visible PR and little else) No, it was venerated and transplanted, absorbed, fully into the US military intelligence canon with Project Paperclip. And there is a reason for that. And that ruling the world thing appears to be humming along quite nicely in its unfolding...

I give you The Revelation of the Method, my friends. What's past is prologue, as the intel-gathering abduction gambit raises its head again and cross-connects with vaccinations...

A few more cross-connecting nodes before we leave the Fatherland -- the first a possible clue to what the Nazis may have been up to at Wewelsburg, if this is anything to go by:

And one final eerie note which may or may not pertain, but that is strangely "coincidental," if you believe in that kind of thing -- in the course of David Paulides investigations into the Missing 411 phenomenon within our National Parks, where thousands of folks of all ages have disappeared all within a strange set of parameters (S&R dogs unable to find a scent, Marines, Green Berets and National Guard, etc appearing to "help" where they have no jurisdiction, lists of missing persons either unavailable or needing millions of dollars to be pulled and viewed, bodies found in locations previously searched, sometimes only moments before, etc) ....Paulides have found that EVERY HUNTER that has gone missing according to his records, were ALL of German lineage:

And after literally years of playing his cards close to his chest, he has just come out and after profiling all the data come to the conclusion that this has something to do with the UFO connection....because, of course. 

And finally this from our own Bronson B that clued me in to the military-intelligence data-mining taking place within the TAG (talented and gifted) programs now ongoing for decades...the entire podcast is stellar, but pay particular attention to what is revealed (especially re this investigation) at 1:29:58 

Strap in & prepare to be blown away is all I'll say -- but by all means stay for all the other references to Manson, the Son of Sam, the Black Dahlia killer, myriad MKUltra syncs, the Laurel Canyon music scene, Haight Ashbury, links to Silicon Valley, the Arlis Perry case, Stanford, and how the occult military links are never far away within the entire brain-melting sinister milieu that spirals out to encompass everything: 

It's like we're all living in a bloodline Final Destination series that never ends...and someone is tracking all our movements and numbering all our days. And intends to keep doing so with even greater and greater levels of Deep State, Black Op, Beast system technology and impunity. 

And in case you might have been wondering,, the Nazis weren't the first. They were following in a long line of alchemical portal-busting and occult communion:    

That wording -- "non-human intelligences" -- makes its way into the heart of the DOD in experiments in keeping that contact circuit open. See here from the research of Dr. Ray Boeche:  

I propose that it's THOSE intelligences that are at the heart of "the plan" the world is suffering under today with its long-planned-for coup de grace, the vaxx.  It's now becoming very well known -- again thru the spotlight of internal releases -- that we are dealing with an enemy that has the power to "influence decision makers." See the now infamous slide 9 from AATIP, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program:

And lest you think the implications of the Epstein involvement have died down at the upper levels:

Every government on earth. Coordination. Sublimation. Indoctrination. 



Locking in with that, and in honor of this weekend's Royal Rumble festivities, check out these 2 links and how they intersect:

Words. 'Spell'ing. It's not called the CORONAtion for nothing.   

Which then brings me to what's been saved because despite the scrubbing and bleach-biting the internet is forever:

MINDSHIFT? I'll say. No wonder they'd like every touchstone like this removed. Take note of the headings Evolutionary Biology and Cognitive Neuroscience. No chance they'd be playing a part in the weltanschauung anytime soon, right? And please God, tell me this isn't a Shining-type situation fresh in the making: 

I can feel the dark and bloody turbulence in the psychosphere from here. There is an account to be rendered and a price to be paid, and absolutely nothing good is coming from that, no matter what.

Also appears that the guy is a major spook from info just posted over on reddit and the companies he has been involved with. Maybe the image of child trafficking in the Caribbean only just got a facelift:

And speaking of that milieu and multiple persons of interest, now let's bring in SOLVAY for questioning...

The Solvay family runs (whaddya know) a major pharmaceutical concern (think Prozac) headquartered in Belgium:

Belgium also just so happens to be HQ for another Solvay holding, the Chateau des Amerois:

This also gets into the infamous Dutroux killings that swept up the whole of Belgium from 1989-1996, much of it detailed here in Dave McGowan's Chapter 1 of Programmed To Kill:

It also encompasses in a wide-ranging sordid universe the Pink Ballets:

The 1979 Pinon Affair that got the ball rolling (included within):    

The murder of Andre Cools

The Brabant Massacres, long thought to be a Gladio-style cleanup op of the Dutroux network's loose ends:

And the Abrasax Cult, which ties back in to Dutroux, Chateau des Amerois, and quite possibly everything here:

"And then an account would be written as to what had taken place, as to hail their god, and bring about the ultimate plan. But the plan was never revealed..."

The fact that all of these incidents are almost certainly linked should give one not only pause, but a vague outline of just how huge the scope and dimension of such operations are -- and nothing has changed. 

This places mass-trauma incidents such as high political assassinations, silent coups and abrogations of the Constitution like Iran-Contra, and acts like 9/11 and certainly the overall vaxx agenda in a startling new light. And of course it absolutely encompasses everything that Epstein was doing pertaining to all of the above and much, much more.      

Many cite that the ultimate reason Julian Assange is still in jail to this day is that wikileaks chose to out the lion's share of the Dutroux files in 2009. (These were quickly and comprehensively vanished almost immediately by the Belgian government.)  

As you can well see I have barely scratched the surface of this viper's nest -- it becomes even more entangled the farther you look -- and it ventures on and on into even more dangerous territory (thanks much to the truly excellent work of Joel van der Reijden):

But my reason for doing so is that Solvay gets into another realm entirely that overlaps with the likes of CERN, AI, and yes, the vaxx itself -- Quantum Theory and Quantum Mechanics

As you can see at the 1:24 mark of the above vid, Solvay was the lynchpin that started it all, leading us to nanotech and self-assembling machines that can appear and disappear under darkfield microscopy according to Dr. Ana Mihalcea here at the 5:00 min mark: 

Nanoscale quantum-cloaking crystals and transistors that operate in as many as 11 different dimensions. This is just one of the many smoking guns that connects the ideology of Epstein networks and vaxx tech under one umbrella. Child abuse, trafficking, SRA and the c-19 vaxx in fewer, far fewer, than 6 degrees of separation.    

This may be finally what was being got at in the Pfizer rep's notations of "directed evolution" that was quickly scrubbed from the web along with the firing of James O'Keefe and every meaningful presence of Project Veritas:

And again in the Quantum realm, this was just jointly announced between Moderna and IBM:

And remember, now you know, all begun at the behest of those that would hunt, torture, and kill children. So purposefully marketing and targeting them with a lethal bioweapon makes, of course, perfect sense. Much as we learned in entertrainment like Mindhunter, you can't understand the criminal act without understanding, getting inside, the criminal mindset.

It would escort you to death's door, giggling and capering all the way, much as James Giordano here:

A much longer version in more detail here:

Where do these physical and psychic assaults end? Where did they start? Trauma-based and induced control of cognitive function: the JFK and RFK assassinations, MLK, Vietnam, Iran-Contra, 9/11, Gulf War Syndrome, Morgellons, the induced trance/fugue states of Columbine, OKC, Waco, and a plethora of school shootings and before those, serial killers, then HAARP, then chemtrails, the horrors of the quickly (and futilely) debunked pizzagate which led to Epstein, now 5G, now the vaxx...where is the vanishing point in this endless experiment on the stress limits of our minds and bodies? Obviously at this point perhaps there isn't one. Perhaps in this hellish incarnation there was never meant to be, only a continual ramping up of atrocity to turn us via alchemical ritual into something else. 

And given that I wrote all about this straight from the mouth of a CERN insider in 2015:

Just what do you suppose this recent headline portends?:

Remember the Evolutionary Dynamics and Quantum Computing interests of Epstein:

How closely does that workbook align with DARPA's Brain Initiative?:

How closely do all of them overlap and intertwine with the vaxx? How much ultimately does ALL of that merge with non-human intelligences as the fountainhead, the wellspring of origin for this masterplan? Being that the occult and castle meetings with ancient gods are but a stone's throw away in all of this, as the Magic 8 ball would chime in, "Outlook not so good..." Right after you shake it and see "Signs point to Yes."    

And they have been prepping us for a long, long time -- this from the series LOST circa 2006; pay attention to what is said at 3:57: 

"They believe we are bringing them the cure..." They always broadcast what is going to happen well before the actual initiation on the timeline. It not only gives them plausible deniability -- "That's just fiction from a dumb TV series!!" -- it also, ritualistically speaking, gives them the karma-out of being able to claim that they TOLD us, and we didn't object; ergo, we are willing and complicit in our own destruction; i.e., "we warned you! Not our fault anymore!"       

We are souls amidst the stars, trying to find our way home. If we're ever to make it, we need to reach a consensus on justice here. And we can start by finally listening to people we should have been listening to all along instead of railroading and marginalizing as cranks and conspiracy theorists...we need vigilantes. Because the Black Sun has gotten a hell, pardon the pun, of a head start.  

Last words, this time around, to Karen Kingston:

This is the same Karen Kingston that has in the vaults a nearly hour-long sit-down with RFK Jr. that he has still refused to allow her to release to the public as of yet...quite possibly because of her use, quite correctly, of the word "bioweapon" to classify the purposefully mislabeled/miscategorized vaxx. They use language, wording, definition to misdirect, obfuscate, and deflect. 

(I like and admire RFK Jr., and believe he has a myriad of stellar points to make, is noble in intention, and if he's going to be the one to burn down Pfizer, Moderna, the CIA et al, I'm all behind him**, but...)


At some point, on this release sign-off, we should begin to start asking why.             

"Keep on the lookout, electric eyes/ Rats on the sell-out, who's going to testify?

You know my habits, way ahead of time? Listening to me, on your satellite..

Ah yeah you know, we ain't we ain't talking alone

Who's listening? Well I don't really know

But you better tell the SIS to keep outta sight

Because I know they're taking pictures on the ultraviolet light..."

Finally, NEVER FORGET what they did to you. And you still won. 

And that winning will continue. In a time of Cambrian Explosions, invasions, survival of the fittest, body snatchings and pod people, you are important. More important than ever. The current is incredibly strong -- but we are boats against that current. And the time and tide is turning...  

Vigilante up and keep riding my brothers and sisters:

Take a step, watch the ground, rise to meet your feet somehow

When all that you are just ain't enough

The universe will provide, a guiding hand, a crack of light,

You're too good for giving up

Imposters and counterfeits, so-called lowlifes and misfits, 

Reclaim your shame and dress it up in love

Tomorrow's waiting down the line, it's getting late but there's still time,

You're too good for giving up

Look how far you've come, stronger than the damage done

Step out of the darkness unafraid

Remember you belong here as much as anyone

Even when you're just about to break

Sitting by a bedside light, the lonely guard, the unseen night,

Ever further from their god above,

Let your silence make a sound, all that's lost can still be found,

You're too good for giving up.





  1. The Black Sun, the primordial black hole/singularity which destroyed the previous Universe, and gave birth to this one.

    Which Tibetans/Nazis/Elitists worship as a GODDESS, an all-birthing and all-devouring mother goddess, as if that singularity is a gigantic, incestuous "space vagina" or something.

    Crowley believed it to be a giant space a**hole, which sh*t out the Universe or something.

    These people have problems

    Because EVERYONE knows that all of the stars and galaxies were jizzed out by the Great God Pan himself. Duh.

    1. "Researching the military "Hoo-rah". I found the Egyptian "Hu", the sound made by the creator god when ejaculating the world into existence, creating Ra. Huuu... Raaa!!!"


  2. Not-so-subtle play on words here:

    The Solvay S.A. corporation is most useful these days for "Coagulation Products for Water Treatment": Solvay's coagulation solutions for water treatment enable the removal of organic and inorganic particles from municipal waters everywhere throughout the world...



    1. I'm sure they're also just FINE with seeing all the "coagulation protocols" going great guns in the arteries and veins of everyone worldwide too!!
      Biz as usual on the killing floor...

  3. I CAN'T...My SIDES!!

    (Read: Evidence Destruction)

    They know EXACTLY what's coming & are scrambling.....


    From Stew & Karen. Coming soon. Everywhere.


    Can we just race to the bottom faster? Is that possible?

  7. I wonder if Kubrick chose 237 as the room number (as opposed to King's original 217) as a reference to PKD's 2.3.74...

  8. For those of you unaware of what JB's referring to, strap in:

    FYI -- Alex Jones has made mention of this MANY times & has alluded to the fact members of his fam may have been involved......

    I'll just creep silently away now.....

  9. (involved peripherally or at least had knowledge of said actions......)


    Will most definitely be referencing this talk again but this belongs in this post -- Celeste Solum, formerly FEMA, talks with Maria Zeee -- in just the first couple of minutes they get into:
    Spellcasting DRONES like Geomancer flying overhead of populated areas such as the US & Australia literally using airborne witchcraft to place people under spells to influence thoughts and actions; take over people's minds -- sounds completely insane, right?
    Don't be so sure:

    Zeee calls it the most important interview her platform has ever done.
    Judge for yourself.

  11. Just the first 14 minutes listening.........

    W T A F ......

  12. For ANYONE that doesn't pull in Rumble -- this CANNOT be missed:


    This is the third article in an interesting series on Prussian influence all the way up to the Thule Society and Nazi Germany. Covers sexuality and 3rd genderism going back to the Greek "ideal" and Frederick the Great.

  14. Dr. James Hill removed his paywall for this article on the premise that the Covid vaccines are ethnic bioweapons specifically targeting those of European descent.

  15. A brother of mine says it best...
    "If You are in The Light. If You Walk in The Light, The Darkness CANNOT Intrude. Light Dispels The Darkness."

    I hope this helps some of you...

  16. Hey BB!!
    Thanks so much for those links -- not aware of his ultimate fate but someone with his capabilities & connections is well within the probability ratio of faking his own death -- even moreso than Epstein given the military capacity.
    As for the Zodiac, it's well known that one of the sites he vanished &/or turned on the invisibility cloak was on the doorstep of the Presidio, when the SFPD were combing every inch of the area with a fine tooth comb. There's not one bush he could've hid behind....altho "someone" in an official capacity put out an APB for an African American suspect -- that "someone" was never identified. The Zodiac escaped into the foggy night....

    Vallely was a darling of the Bush junta & FOX News set post-9/11 -- his connections to Aquino at the time were effectively scrubbed.

    Reddit hosted an AMA (delayed) with Aquino @6 yrs ago: notice in particular for our investigation what he says about GBM (Greater Black Magick): "enables one to APPREHEND and evolve what is vaguely called THE SOUL..."

    Finally, immediately bef UFO researcher Max Spiers untimely and still mysterious death, the last thing he was looking into was Aquino's time @the Presidio & the multiple child abuse charges there. Then suddenly his life took a decided Mae Brussell trajectory:

    Aquino is somebody, while he was alive, you def didn't fuck around with....
    maybe not even now.

  17. Hey Oms --
    I hit publish TWICE on this comment of yours but no go, so I'm copy/pasting it here anyway for ya:
    "Huh, must have been my imagination saying my post needed to be approved by the administrator, oh yeah a definite separation, hence The Earth and the world are not the same, lots of speculation about the coming baptism of fire, Jesus Christ is The Truth."

    Maybe the Universe, the algorithms here and Jesus all have SNARK filters!! Who knew??

    & for your edification:
    You can go into a room of total darkness and evil, light a candle, and watch that darkness flee.

    But you cannot do the opposite.

  18. And hey again BB -- here's loads more all concerned the Zodiac/Son of Sam/Manson/Aquino milieu -- all crazily connected by Mae Brussell protege Dave Emory:


  19. Now you've got me going BB -- more here:

    And isn't it strange how far we've come -- to decades ago only being able to discuss such things as the most fringe "conspiracy theories" out there, to today, when it's so acknowledged it's practically ho-hum:

    God Bless Lara -- speaking as someone that's BEEN there and knows what she's talking about re the elites......she knows. & isn't staying silent any longer.
    She's figured it out -- silence = complicity. Silence = consent.

  20. It's ALL starting to make sense, isn't it?
    Compare and contrast all those links I just put up here with that interview between Maria Zeee and Celeste Solum I put up last night....
    about the US & Australian governments using graphene drones on overflights to cast literal SPELLS over the populations to induce them to accept what they wouldn't normally, like lockdowns and vaxx mandates -- all in that time period pre- March 2020.

    Technological witchcraft for mind control of the masses.
    Sound like anything out of Aquino's MINDWAR?
    Yeah, I thought so.
    They were called GEOMANCER & SPELLBOOK.

    What were those lines from the XFiles?
    "Is there more?"

    "More than you'll ever know."


  22. This comm section is quickly like getting another post!! LOL.

  23. I had no idea Semiramis was supposed to be the daughter of Atargatis (or Venus Decerto (Venus as contender) or Astroarche (Queen of the stars) as they also called her).

    The dove was the sacred animal of Semiramis because when her mother, the Venusian goddess "fell from Heaven within an egg, into the sea (or the middle of a lake), it was myriads of doves who laid upon the heavenly egg and made it hatch".

    This calls back to the very first literal Venusian to come down to Earth, Orejona, who landed in the middle of Lake Titicaca 5 million years ago *aboard a golden egg-shaped spacecraft* as bright as the Sun.

    This is a story that has been played out countless times throughout humanity's history. Ewen Cameron, in his MK-Ultra attempts to incarnate Inanna (Sumerian version of the same goddess) within the bodies of young traumatized girls, referred to her as "the first non-human vehicle to have come to this planet".

    We're talking about what became the freakin' STARBUCKS MERMAID here.

    1. JB -- of course this also gets deeply into the Nazi Vril & Thule societies, who exactly they were in contact with, & most importantly, whether or not that extrapolated out line-of-succession continues today in things like Fifth Generation Warfare:

      The ultimate quest to turn us all into/ reunite us with something non-human persists.

      Mediums, remote viewing, Project Stargate, Monroe Institute, all originate in the same stew.

      And funny you mention the EGG -- was just reading this by our old pal Jeff, from 2005:

      Which made me think of THIS, from '79:

      Back. To. The. Egg.
      Some people just know.
      (Peeps love to finger Lennon but Paul was ALWAYS the occult one.)

    2. Not to be a wise ass, but how weird is it that Mork from Ork also came from an egg?


    Cattle beware of snipers......

  25. thank u OMID for The Smoking Mirrors link. just love Les Visible n have for yrs n yrs. hadnt been to his site in a wk or so. absolute truth his reincarnation angle think the same way. wordman wrote-- "The fact that all of these incidents are certainly linked... a vague outline of just how huge the scope and dimension of such operations...This places mass-trauma incidents such as high political assassinations, silent coups and Iran-Contra, and... 9/11...the overall vaxx agenda and Epstein in a startling new light ...and much, much more." alot more.

    first thing when reading that was why? why us? this generation boomers, planned from the late 40's til now. we grew up in it. were the witnesses. its us. we watched them blow off chunks presidents heads, shoot candidates in hotel kitchens, take preachers out off hotel balconies. trauma taking over tv 1963 onward. then more, then more, then more. wretched Viet Nam, shock n awe in the desert, world lockdown. add it up doesnt compare to the sheer repeated number of events in a 60+ yr lifetime. like some kind of test. prep, endurance check.

    no other group has seen the unspeakable. an assassination here, a hit there before. 2 world wars certainly count. that was a step 1 - 2 punch. they changed that playbook thereafter. they kinda had to. to keep up w/ the traded tech. were the abductees n almost abductees. its us. trained trauma survivors. us. weve done it before. seen it, came back, lasted. we r in a science fiction series story.

  26. reading the superb substack prussia gate link (brilliant linking, n thanks for allll those other links too, whoa) going omggg. terrific insight offered. the eternal war state. reincarnated pentagon finally getting their wish. trans out the army right in front. hatred of women. just do each other w/ entertaining costumed lovers dancing n cavorting after battle. men understanding men. no room for weak disloyal women who cant take it. stupid family life. ties down the resentful unhappy warrior man. screw 'the spiritual virtues.' the history! the Pink Aryans. throw in the depopulation agenda. ur still gonna need female breeders tho. until ya dont. which is where they have it headed.

    there r ancient old pre sumerian mesopotamian mythology alien stories of reigning Orion lizard beings using chosen Bene Gesserit type females as breeders. they were called the Gina'abul females (wise expert cloners) who integrated with the Kadištu (Life Designers). at the head is a queen not a king. from Orion n Draco, n other constellations using stargates for travel. the forefather Draco reptilians r an ancient warrior race, warrior culture. it is said 'great wars' have a biological basis motivated by a steely desire to protect n extend 'rule.' these look like present day reincarnations.

    the soldier warriors n their faithful catamites. eternal hatred n misogyny. the envious eunuchs want to feel female pain, capture the essence of feminine angst. "he possesses the capacity to enjoy the suffering of his feminine double." this is what we r seeing. w/ their amputations n costumes. distortion of certain realities is actually confinement in a perverse evil archon formatted world.

  27. one of their long-haul ships. INÍUMA, a long-haul ship. Unlighted state.
    "...the Iníuma are long-haul Gina'abul ships. They travel at very high speeds in space environments...when traveling at high speed, exterior lights and windows are masked..."

    yeah totally. reminds of Oumuamua (“a messenger that reaches out from the distant past”) the supposed interloper from interstellar space that showed up in 2017. name even sounds n clues the same. cigar ship but instead its faked up exoskeleton w/ disney style plastic light weight fake rocks makes it look organic to the naked uninformed eye, eh? check pic from here--
    they know. they know who comes n goes.

  28. Completely unrelated items:

    On 16 September 1994, there was a UFO sighting outside Ruwa, Zimbabwe. Sixty-two pupils at the Ariel School aged between six and twelve said that they saw one or more silver craft descend from the sky and land on a field near their school. One or more creatures dressed all in black then approached the children and telepathically communicated to them a message with an environmental theme, frightening the children and causing them to cry.

    Two days prior to the incident at Ariel there had been a number of UFO sightings throughout southern Africa. There had been numerous reports of a bright fireball passing through the sky at night.

    (Ariel School was an expensive private school. Most of the pupils were from wealthy white families in Harare.)

    Due to the different cultural background of the children gave rise to different interpretations of what they had seen and they did not all believe that they had seen extraterrestrials. It was noted that some of the children thought the short little beings were tikoloshes, creatures of Shona and Ndebele folklore.

    In Zulu mythology, a Tikoloshe is a mischievous and evil spirit, sometimes described as an ant-like demonic creature.

    For many years, a run-down Matau Primary School was struggling to keep its doors open in a tiny village called Zvipani in Karoi -- north east of ZimbabweBut, the misfortunes of the little-known school were to change dramatically in 2011. Almost 10 000 miles away on a glitzy show of US's most popular talk show host, Oprah Winfrey, the fate of the school was being altered.

    One-time child bride Tererai Trent, who had grown up in Zvipani watching her brothers go to Matau Primary School, while she remained at home and later got married to an older man, was on the Oprah Show sharing her dream of rebuilding her village school.

    In 1991, it was a representative from Heifer International who visited her village and asked every woman about her greatest dream. This organization receives financial support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, BlackRock, and Cargill, among others.

    From 2011: "Oprah Winfrey's school for girls in South Africa is being rocked by a fresh scandal as police investigate the body of a newborn found in one of the student's bags, police said today.

    Winfrey's leadership academy has had problems in the past. Shortly after the all-girls high school opened in 2007, a school matron, Virginia Tiny Makopo, was charged with sexually molesting several girls. At the time Winfrey flew to South Africa to offer a personal apology to the students and their parents, citing her own experience with sexual abuse."

  29. im not buying it. im bugged by that coronation = initiation thing. that screen. bet it aint anointing on the hands, chest and head. its an ancient rite using the 'chrisma' the cream of christ. thats why they needed the screen. w/ a tree on it. thats another part of the initiation story.
    Chrisma (holy oil) in Later Latin was in Early Latin, cremor, "thick juice," and is just possible kin to the Egyptian kma (ointment) as well. Butter, cream, etc., and Salvation are to be equated because we arrive at these things by dint of "rising to the top" or purification. It is from such words that we also get soap (Cleanliness is next to Godliness). Compare Basque gazta, "cheese" and gaizkatze, "salvation" or Albanian gyalpe, "butter", Hebrew goel, "Redeemer"; Greek elpos, "oil" and elpis, "hope" — which bring us full circle. Finally, if you will notice, the same thing happens in English: salue is Middle English for "ointment" or "salve" and is also in fact the ultimate source of "Salvation" itself. The French for "Salvation" is salut, to which we might compare the French word for "soap" deriving from salbonr, "ointment." Let us go a step farther now. Alongside the Sumerian shemman, "a priest or mixer of oils" we have mash, shem, which are words meaning, most astonishingly of all, "semen."
    Similarly, alongside Greek smegma, "soap" and Hebrew sh-m-sh, "priest" there is also shammash, "penis."
    It is clear from the evidence of so many different language groups that roots for butter, oil, grease, unguent, salve, juice, etc. and roots for anointing, massaging, rubbing are related directly to the idea of HEALING and SALVATION. But preposterous as this may seem to some, the religious origins of the Arabs, Jews and Egyptians, which ultimately gave us Christianity, have roots in turn leading into the most primitive heart of Black Africa! For the Messiah is the "anointed one" and the anointing of kings and priests is an extremely ancient practice, ultimately reaching back, in all probability, to fertility rites (i.e. "health, healing") in which early shamans or medicine-men may have rubbed themselves with semen."
    okey dokey i rest my case...

  30. Thanks so much for those comms from Anon, BB & JB only amplifying the high strangeness on the prowl here -- some notes:
    On the fact of moving to no longer need women as breeders, let's not forget the long-range implications of this, which are only set to continue:

    And which nestle in perfectly with the Transhuman agenda I might add.
    After all, it's not as if "pod" babies could ever be manipulated in any way, right?? Genomic? DNA altered? Who needs any vaxx when you can grow your own from inception to order??

    And JB -- completely "unrelated" -- Riiiiiiight. I get your jibe & concur -- at this point don't think ANYTHING is unrelated.
    Ariel remains strangely unremarked upon, even within fringe circles, which I find mystifying and weird -- perhaps speaking louder in what it DOESN'T say than what it does.
    I wonder if that has anything to do with the presence of Harvard's John Mack on the scene...

    & along that line of questioning, you have to wonder what kind of results might still be found in cross-correlating the time periods of Dershowitz, Mack and Epstein, all from Harvard over relatively the same time period regarding influence, tenure and monetary "pull."
    How interested was Epstein in such paranormal areas? And, given what can be speculated in his personal life (ritualistic artifacts too numerous to mention on Little St James, etc), how far did that interest go??
    Mack died in a fortuitous "accident" in London in 2004:

    Ariel here:

    And more schoolyard sightings:

    (EXACTLY one year prior to this, TO THE DAY, on April 6, 1966, Alien Craft appeared to hundreds of school children and teachers on school grounds in Westall, Australia. This could not be a coincidence. This must have been planned somehow.)

    Psychic implants in schoolchildren ala Close Encounters of the Third Kind film postulated in '77?

    Also the fact of both occurring on April 6, '66 and '67, brings in notions of both time as a constant as well as stellar and planetary alignments at the time, and what kind of "operations' keep track of those for planning and implementation......

    Remember where the talk veered here between Solum and Zeee around the 13:00 mark when the RITUALISTIC nature of all of this gets outed -- and yes, talk of even the initial covid vaxx being launched at the most propitious time according to star and planet alignments:

    We are getting SO CLOSE to being well & truly onto their games now...

  31. And because nothing exists without context, let's not forget that 1966 and 1967 were the times we were all soaking in Pet Sounds and Smile, Revolver and Sgt Peppers, Mothman and Star Trek -- cultural memes to the "other" that became egregores, and latched firmly onto our collective DNA. Eidolons. Days and nights when ANYTHING was possible, probable.

    Of course you can argue that those mystical times begat also 1968 and 1969, when things turner considerable darker in the Age of Aquarius...

    1. 1966 and years thereabouts also experienced UFO Sighting flaps in the USA and elsewhere......including the 1966 Drxter and Hillsdale, Michigan sightings that Hynek suggested were due to "swamp gas"....


    Don't care a whit what you think about the dude, this 1,000% needs to be said.
    And repeated.
    Til your ears bleed.

  33. About Oprah's work: let's not forget about João Teixeira de Faria (born *24 June* 1942), known also as "John of God". He was a psychic, faith healer, supposedly in contact with "entities", there were allegedly UFO sightings in relation to him down in Brazil. Oprah Winfrey supported him on a regular basis, strangely around the same timeframe little girls were being molested and empregnated at her schools over in Africa.

    In 2018, after over 600 accusations of sexual abuse, Faria turned himself in to police. In December 2019, he was sentenced to 19 years and four months for the rapes of four women. On 20 January 2020, 40 years were added to his prison time for the rape of five additional women. The sentences add up to 63 years and 4 months.

    He was running BABY FARMS, ffs. Never trust those "Contactees"; the "little grey men" truly are demonic in nature.

    1. TRULY BIZARRE just how many times June 24 emerges as an extremely important historical date in all this....
      FAR more than any random chance would allow.
      Of both the magical and magickal varieties...

  34. DAMN these people!!
    When you realize they've turned the 78 Body Snatchers from predictive programming into an Instruction Manual!!

  35. Funny that, the link on Milton Keynes. (Once the mind sees something, it sees it everywhere.) Just the day before I watched a light-hearted British crime story from 2003. For about a half of its running time, the movie shows the heroines frantically trying to find their way to Milton Keynes ("my son works there"). In excruciating detail, mind you - featuring the M25 motorway and all the different methods to access it, plus the alternative byroads. Must have been some subliminal signal to the programmed multiples out there. "Call Mother Ship. NOW."

    Secondly, in the 90s I worked for a global "IT systems integrator." Who was lousy at integrating but very skillful at worming its way into big companies all over Central & Eastern Europe (savings banks, post offices). Talk about gaining access to "data"! The UK regional HQ is located in, you guessed it, Milton Keynes. In a business park called Enigma. Back in the day, the company recruited hundreds of young women from Eastern Europe to sit in Milton Keynes and work on translations / localization. I wanted to apply as well, but was told, in my face, that they only accepted females. Needless to say, talk was soon swirling around of all sorts of sexual weirdness going on up there.

    1. Trains!! --
      Check out this HIGHLY hidden doc on YT -- can't even remember how I stumbled across it because even when you type in the title -- verbatim word for word -- it fails to show. Also comes up as hidden or forbidden on most iphone and android platforms.....
      Gee, can't IMAGINE why:

      Interesting all the way thru but ramps up at the end with ley lines.....

  36. Even MORE here I'm putting as a placeholder til the next post -- as Celeste Solum in yet another NEW app with Maria Zee just today doubles down on the witchcraft factor:


  37. Everybody's -- and I mean EVERYBODY'S -- research is aligning and coming together now.
    There may still be some arguing over semantics and intent -- but Carrie Madej, Karen Kingston, Zeee, Latypova, Mihalcea, Mike Adams, Naomi, Stew Peters, Alex Jones, etc are all coming to the same conclusions and glomming on to the very same metaphysical, existential dimensions of this threat to humanity. Solum joins the crew with flying colours in these last 2 appearances with Zeee.

  38. These are huge developments and will have much more to weigh in on concerning this....

  39. 1966 was also the beginning of MK-OFTEN, all about weaponizing the *occult*.

  40. Thanks for those 2 dot-connectors JB & BB -- OFTEN the brainchild of Sidney Gottlieb, who wound up "retiring" in the wilds of VA not far from where the FINDERS cult originated & was based (prob worth looking into...)

    & STANFORD ground zero for this bit of ritual and mayhem which seems to have unleashed a lot at the time, & was also heavily linked to and ties right back in with Manson, Son of Sam, and the weirdly connected Process Church, not to mention recent revelations re the Aquino fam:

    Wild to note that even the wiki article notes the weird fact that there were 2 Bruce Perrys at the time - !!!!!!
    & that the supposed killer - finally located after decades -- more weirdness - conveniently killed himself before he could be arrested.....hmmmmmm.

    Amazing Polly has LOTS more on Bruce Perry here:
    SEE THE 10-5-22 link under CHILD TRAUMA PROFITEERS

    Should have included in the WACO installment right here that Perry was the foremost one responsible for the 'ALLEGED' fact that the children in the compound showed signs of sexual abuse...a "fact" never substantiated and later listed as possibly erroneous under oath by Janet Reno herself, no less.
    Gotta hand it to Amazing Polly again -- she gets the goods, and then some.

    And of course Stanford's Research Institute (SRI) hosted all manner of government-signed-off-on forays into parapsychology, the occult, and fringe sciences (think ESP, astral travel, remote viewing, possible transdimensional contact with other intelligences, drug and hypnosis trials, etc.)
    Kind of like another officially-sanctioned OFTEN come to think of it....

    MAN, I'm REALLY feelin another post!! Haha!!

  41. Thanks for all you do BB -- our own Kim from right here in the comms just alerted me to the Hamamoto talk with Moret also!!
    I think you'll both want to stay tuned right here and soon as I get the next one completed -- even MORE of what Celeste Solum is revealing to Maria Zeee & how it more old school ties to Art Bell, Maury Terry's research, the always Amazing Polly weighing in, the weirdness surrounding Stanford, and much more.....
    NOW it's a party!!
    (No advance peeking -- you'll spoil the surprises in store!!)

    I've said too much already!! LOL.

  42. This wasn't very good, but the connections are interesting:

    "Code Name Phoenix" is a television film that aired on UPN on March 3, 2000.

    The film score was composed by Mark Snow (X-Files).

    "In the year *2020*, a sinister new threat to world stability is exposed with a genetically engineered virus..."

    Jonathan Scarfe (Radio Free Albemuth) as Kenny Baker.

    1. saw it. i keep looking for another one made for tv series too. albeit short lived it reminded of real life characters. peculiarly the obamas. i think its
      from 2010. a group of et, some of whom have been detained by the US govt for 66 (?!) years since their ship crashed in alaska, while others have secretly assimilated among the general populace. their DNA is slightly less than 1% difft from humans. portals, sleepers, traitors, CDC n CIA embedded alien usurpers. the prez actor even wore that clipped curls white dress shirt n aviator raybans BO look. in 2009 NBC specifically was looking for "event-type" series.

      John Ritter's (3's Company) son was the lead -- was actually pretty good.
      def the Obama & alien angles, but the truly weird forecasting part was -- waaaaaay bef adrenochrome -- a major plot point was the fact that an ages old secret society was aware of the aliens and doing battle with them by means of staying young thru the blood of young girls they'd kidnap and keep prisoner.
      Oh, and here were missing planes and portals too!! (prior to MH370). Whole thing was WILD.
      Finale ended with the alien planet teleporting literally right next to earth WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE-style thru another huge portal. THAT was "the event,"

    3. man ur brain is superior. i couldnt remember the content. great recall n right on point.

  43. OH BOY -- TRUTH:
    “The number of whites who were enslaved by the Barbary pirates in North Africa exceeded the number of Africans enslaved in the United States and in the American colonies before that—put together. But nobody is going to North Africa to ask for reparations, because nobody is going to be fool enough to give it to them.”

    The TRUTH hurts -- and language matters.
    Never forget the real truth doesn't care what you think.

  44. On a roll now:

  45. In Radio Free Albemuth, it is mentionned that life on Earth originally came from that distant star.

    The word "albemuth" was derived by Dick from the Arabic word Al *Behemoth*, "the whale", itself an oblique reference to Fomalhaut, the star Dick at one time believed VALIS came from in real life.

    Per Tracy Twyman's research, Behemoth is just another name for the Baphomet (just as Leviathan is just another name for Lilith).

    So according to PKD, life on Earth originally came from Baphomet/Pan among the stars; and let's not forget that VALIS is the Ukrainian name for Pan (Volos/Veles, pronounced Valis; UBIK is also, surprisingly, a Ukrainian family name).


    The above is a fictional work by author Jack Heart on Joseph Stalin as I believe that looking at our current world, Stalin needs another look. He purged millions out of Russia yet the Orthodox church remains and we have Russia holding traditional human values.

    After reading a link from anon on the subject of Germany run by a gay mafia and always has been. Quite disturbing leaving me feel like I fell in a cesspool of depravity.
    That factions of Nazi Germany survived the war after loosing to Russia with Martin Bormsn running it as he set up the corprate structures we have today and notice all things gay and transgender from t and center.
    All disturbing things however, I live by Spirit. As that Spirit guides and leads me through this temporary world and this Spirit reveals truth to those that seek her wisdom.
    Excellent post wordman


  47. Lucifer's biggest issue with the plan for humanity by the Paradise Creator Sons and the Beings working with them, was that IT TOOK TOO LONG, the whole rebellion is based on taking short cuts. Life on Earth started with the Life Carriers plain and simple, and it started in the warm inland seas of long long long ago, in multiple locations. Darkness is Nothing, and simply became, it was not created, just like sin was not created. Evil is a choice, it is the end product of wilful sin, wilful sin is against all Universe Reality and refuses to move forward. Death has only so many ways it can play a human, when it loses it's sting, I don't care if I am the last man standing on Earth, and the Liar calls me the Man of Lawlessness to deceive the many. The Son of Man will be vindicated one way or the other, if not as Adam, then He shall walk through the Lake of Fire, just as Jesus Christ walked through it to live for evermore. It is about Life, NOT fear of death.

  48. The Universe never, ever ceases to amaze me, in ways I'd would literally never have imagined (read the whole side explanation):

  49. Septodont, maker of dental anesthetics, now partners with Moderna.

    1. Makes me feel REAL good I take care of my own teeth. gums w/ oregano oil, & lots of mouthwash w/ that liquid compound that tightens everything up -- can't think of the name at the minute....

      Plus there's always this so ya don't end up looking like a hockey player!! LOL:

      Current times are doing nothing but building an entire culture that will NEVER go to a dentist or doctor EVER again -- no matter what. Fuck 'em.

  50. OH BOY ANON!!
    Are you gonna wanna stay tuned for the next installment right here!!
    Looking like it might be up as early as tomorrow night after 10 PM -- because it pertains hook, line & sinker to what you JUST wrote about in the above comm.
    Got a little bit more to go, but think I'll be seein ya right here tomorrow many syncs flyin it's WILD!!

  51. The God of the Bible? I am with Lucifer. Who wouldn't rebell against that son of a bitch however, the Bible teaches about Jesus who`s father was a loving God and when he ascended sent Spirit.
    That Spirit is our guide.
    Just what I see.

    1. Well, there's the Old Testament God and the New Testament one, who seem to be at odds with each other in both approach and overall agenda. One wants to wipe out humanity, and seemingly does so with relish while the other praises love and compassion.
      Then there is the weirdness of language where it says "let US create man in OUR image." What is THAT all about if there is only one God? And I believe there IS only one. But what kind of battle was raging there at the beginning? Is that language there reflective of that?

      There is even the Gnostic interpretation that in the OT Satan is represented as the ruler/authority figure while the serpent is the holy one, wanting to free mankind from ignorance and impart the wisdom that would free him from the shackles of obedience.
      It's all Dead Sea Scrolls weirdness that hopefully each and every one of us will figure out before it's too late.
      Personally I don't think the Heaven or Hell gambit at the end is going to be like a game show where you have to choose Door #1, 2 or 3. I think each of us will know in our hearts at that time, and be shown, what is Right and True. No Cosmic battles. No guessing. Just one with the Source.

      That being said, there IS Good and there IS Evil. And Lucifer/Satan, whatevs you wanna call him, specializes in wanting to trick us. Whichever disguise he wears, he is jealous of and hates humanity for where we are in God's eyes: favored.
      Where he used to be. The Lord of the Air, Music and Wisdom. Favored in all his appointments -- until he wasn't.
      If God is omniscient, and knows all of space-time from every angle, then He knew what was going to happen, and the Devil was allowed to be created to give us Free Will, and choice.
      He is a figure to be pitied -- but also supremely respected and feared.... he has bad intentions for all of us.

      And one more thing, in the ultimate battle to come -- we all know how that one ends. Don't choose poorly.
      I love the old saying -- it doesn't matter if you believe in God, child.....He believes in you.