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"In number, there is one for every life which ever was, or ever will be. And like most lives they wait, for a moment, the moment; when we'll be sent on its journey back towards the yellow sun.

Approaching the sun brings definitive change. We will never again be the same. Appearing in our skies it is believed to be the prophecy of extraordinary events; the birth of Kings, the death of Empires.

After centuries, or millennia, the journey must end. Perhaps smothered by its own dust, the dark, soulless body continues eternally thru space and time. It may disintegrate and crumble into inconsequential rubble, or may be lost forever, crashing, burning, into the yellow sun.

And tonight, as I look into the sky and it looks back on me, I want to know, which am I? 

I need to know, is this the beginning of the journey? Or the end?"   MILLENNIUM Sea2 Ep1, The Beginning and The End (1997) 

"The boy child is locked in the fisherman's yard, a bloodless moon where the oceans die/ A shoal of nightstars hang fire in the nets, and the chaos of cages where the crayfish lie

Where is the fisherman, where is the goat?/ Where is the keeper in his carrion coat?/ Eclipse on the moon where the dark bird flies, where is the child with his father's eyes?...

These are the souls of the broken factories, the subject slaves of the broken crown/ The dead accounting of old guilty promises, these are the souls of the broken town...These are the soul cages.

I have a wager the brave child spoke, the fisherman laughed, though disturbed at the joke/ You will drink what I drink but you must equal me, if a drink leaves me standing a soul shall go free

I have here a cask of most magical wine, a vintage that blessed every ship in the line/ It's wrung from the blood of the sailors who died, young white bodies on drifting tide

And what's in it for me my pretty young thing? Why should I whistle when the caged bird sings?/ if you lose a wager with the king of the sea you'll spend the rest of forever in the cage with me...These are the soul cages..." 


"The appearance of new forms and the disappearance of old ones are bound together."  Charles Darwin

"Do you know that 95% of all the species that once lived on this planet have died out? That blows my mind. Basically the overriding message of this whole plan is that the hybrids are the chosen people and our extinction is inevitable."   Invasion 2005 Sea 1 Ep 19 The Son Also Rises

"The Cambrian Explosion was a time of massive evolutionary change on the planet. Virtually overnight, all kinds of new life appeared."

"Do you think that's what's going on here?"

"You don't have to be alien to wipe out a species, Dave. Humans are pretty good at it too..."

"So these hybrids, they're just another invasive species, like the rabbits taking over Australia? Melaleuca trees in the Glades?"

"That would be the best case scenario..."

"What's the worst case?"

"That they're actually our next evolutionary upgrade."

"Like we're the Neanderthals and they're US?"    Invasion 2005 Sea 1 Ep 18 Re-Evolution

"The Air Force guy I found had twelve symmetrical holes in his body. Whatever attacked him left this part of itself in one of his wounds. Mariel said it was still moving when she pulled it out. Possibly regurgitating fluids..."

"Sucking his blood?"

"Fluids, Dave. We're checking to see if this thing came from a squid, not a vampire."

"Do squids regurgitate?"

"None that I know of; but there's a lot of creatures in the ocean we haven't been able to study. Mmm, look at that -- those cells create light...."      Invasion Sea 1 Ep 8 The Cradle

We meet again Challengers of the Unknown, and despite the fact that this installment title sounds like a Hardy Boys lost episode, I welcome you, once again, into the folds of the Night Gallery, where we continually seek to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. 

And as you can see above from research promulgated and sponsored by the likes of the NIH, Rice, UC Davis and DARPA, amoung many others, there are very pertinent reasons why they would want the hydra vulgaris to be one of the starring ingredients in the worldwide vaxx they so desperately wanted to get into every living soul. The applications for mental slavery, thought transference, regeneration and endless remote controlling of the human brain and neuro-system are overflowing with sinister possibility. 

When Carrie Madej first peered thru her microscope and spotted one of these coming in a sterile vaxx sample vial, she opened up an entire new world of roadmapping of the Deep State system and their non-human-intelligence inspired tech: 

This, almost 2 years ago now, was one of the first tipoffs that something was hugely amiss and at play in the entire vaxx agenda we were, and are (thanks to shedding, the marking of food, and chemtrailing) all laboring under. 

Combine these organic, biological elements with self-assembling nanostructures that also coincidentally appear to be activated by light, increased temperature, and frequency (that we have been able to ascertain so far), and we can come to no other conclusion but that there are multiple vectors of attack indicating multiple agendas at play here and the entire human system (vascular, neural, biological, endocrine, reproductive, et al) is in peril here. The very definition of bio-technology is being used to hijack a species are gear it entirely towards transhumanism after a sufficient cull of the weakest (the other side of the survival of the fittest coin) is enacted. Survival may be the booby prize.

Is this humanity's last stand in the headlong flight towards an engineered New Cambrian Explosion?,forms%20of%20life%20on%20Earth.


And because ye olde waystation right here used to be a repository/Wall of Weird of all things anomalous before we barreled onto that Epstein-Vaxx offramp nearly 3 years ago or more now, I can't possibly let glide the latest news of the Return of the Mutilators!!:

Not to spoil the fun of the mystery du jour for salon and NPR, but where have you been all this time and are your googling fingers broken?? (What passes for probing -- ahem -- "investigative" journalism these days...God help us.) 

This stuff has been going on since Snippy on Sept 7, '67:

I know because 2 years later I was PF Flyers-on-the-ground and first-year enrolled in 4th grade of a tawny prep school in Virginia and being given given a multiple word-problem book choice for Snippy's death, of which one I had to circle: a lightning bolt, a scary looking knife, or a flying saucer....

I'm pretty sure you can guess which one I chose.

Those weird picture workbooks were taken up and whisked off into some undisclosed database warehouse somewhere for, well, reasons unknown to this day...and here I am!!

Point being, this isn't some shiny, brand-new phenom; it's been around the bush several times, as attested to by Linda Howe, circa 1980:

not to mention my hero Jeff Wells in 2005:

amid many other places on his dear, departed blog.

All this is happening again just as CERN ramps up and we enter the occult season of sacrifice and bloodletting...just sayin':

This is also, quite unfortunately, and pertaining to the direct above, not limited to animals; Not by a long shot:

And because I love to cast backwards glances from time to time in off "Well, how did I get here?!" David Byrne moments, there is this:

No one comm'd on it at the time and to a smaller audience it passed by under cover of the night seemingly unnoticed -- in a "the more things change the more they stay the same" sense maybe its time has come...that, dear reader, I will leave to you. Now, we head back to the current festivities, which may, or may not, play a large part in this outline -- choice and perception are yours. But the severe trending curve is that everything is connected.

Towards that end, let's examine the Gateway Process we run thru all the weaponized vectors aligning against our minds and our souls.

The Gateway Process was a process first pioneered by the Monroe Institute -- that institute founded by Robert Monroe in Faber, VA in 1974 in the wake of the touchy-feely flower power zeitgeist of the time that we all now know held such potential for inner darkness, as examined by folks like Tom O'Neill in his only seminal work to date:,_the_CIA,_and_the_Secret_History_of_the_Sixties

and also from the historical record: Altamont, Manson, and by extension places like Jonestown all the way to figures like Ted Bundy and the Son of Sam. This entire milieu summoned untold measures of occult power into the world on a cresting wave's chicane of new ways of thinking and expanding the mind. It appears that "good intentions" cliche exists for a consequences, both unintended and otherwise, will always have the final say.

That darkness is the ultimate byproduct of governmental growth and overreach should be well understood by now -- just this week declassified docs from a military trial in Guantanamo revealed what we all had long suspected: 

That's right, 2, (at LEAST 2), of the 9/11 hijackers were CIA. This comes in a week where Tucker Carlson is fired from Fox only hours after this speech before the Heritage Foundation where he mirrors almost to the letter Naomi Wolf's recent contention that we are under, as Christians and those that look to prayer as an answer (prayer is, very discernably, a technology) complete and total assault from the forces of darkness: 

Tucker, also much like Naomi, has done a philosophical, about-face:


This, quite obviously, cannot be allowed by those in power. Any awakening is tantamount to disloyalty to "the cause." And that cause, quite obviously again, is rooted in satanic principle. Listen in particular to Tucker's final answer at the end of the Q&A at the Heritage speech, it is both profound and quite dangerous to the narrative these days: telling people that you love every day that you love them...just think about that, and why it's so threatening to who we're talking about. I think you might find all the answers right there: 

Think again about the very first mandate: 6-foot-distancing, and how that removes our fields from each other, removes ourselves from ourselves and the vital component of feeling another person -- of contact. In that contact lies our power. Especially our power over them.   

Those who we're talking about also perpetrated this on us all: 

THIS, btw, was just released on YT for free this week also:

Interesting timing as we go along down these roads, wouldn't you say?

But I digress, here is the lowdown on the Gateway: 

Dismiss such findings at your peril given what has transpired in the psychosphere since then...

You are hearing all this correctly: In the 1970s, the CIA attempted to send soldiers to other dimensions using hemispheric synchronization. They reported back, independent of one another, the exact same things...

In the headlong flight to find the perfect supersoldier, something far more metaphysical was unleashed, and I have to wonder how much what happened then has influenced what is happening NOW with the vaxx agenda altering the state of the world, and why....especially given that every branch of the military-industrial-pharma complex has warp-sped itself into outer realms far more "spooky" ever since that time, and I mean that in every sense of the word. All of these feelings that "sensitives" like Carlson and Wolf are having now as to the true nature of what we are facing -- where did they originate? By and large, most folk the world over just want to be left alone to love and care for their loved ones...where do these overriding feelings of those over us to control, subjugate and kill come from? Are psychopaths born that way, or are they engineered? Are they puppets of something else seeking to make us the same?

Basically, the CIA, with anything they look into, cannot be trusted, much like DARPA:

And YES, Mind Control is very much next...

Curiosity killed the cat. It may just as well be killing us slowly with long-range consequences of contact only now coming home to roost.

This above series of slides, indicative of what was being attempted thru the Gateway Process, also just so happens ironically to describe feelings that many are LOSING post-vaxx in addition to all the other detrimental and debilitating effects, both cognitive and otherwise. Coincidence, or something more? Perhaps the vaxx represents a kind of "blinders" to an emerging world they wish to shield our eyes from lest a real War of the Worlds-type panic should ensue, in addition to many other as-yet-unknown objectives along the transhuman pipeline.

And if language is everything, and it is, what are the "graphene demons" coming out of Harvard, and why do I feel it has a lot to do with the presence of graphene, now widely acknowledged across multiple venues**, in the vaxx?:


(Very important note of distinction: ALL of this, per Karen Kingston, reverts via IP, docs and patents back to Pfizer. THEY were the ones that approached the DOD & DARPA, not vice versa. This is highly important as people such as Sasha Latypova -- RFK Jr's Science/legal Advisor -- are attempting to lay ultimate blame with the DOD over Pfizer, when in fact is it exactly the opposite:  )

This has multiple applications especially since Charles Lieber's research at Harvard, one widely available and that I accessed frequently and made available right here, has been scrubbed and hidden behind 'forbidden' access:

Even the graphene demons links are getting harder and harder to find thru deletion:

Which can only tell you that, inversely, it is increasingly important and over the target. Cue DARPA's BRAIN Initiative launched under Obama in 2013:

(Graphene demons, Luciferase, Patent 2020060606, the "devil" is in the details -- why this constant bombardment of occult and satanic wording, endlessly, if not as a signifier of something darker at work and in our faces, hiding in plain sight?) 

NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, at its finest on display.

One must wonder greatly about this sudden censoring given Lieber's proximity to Epstein and his tech is the very tech installed in the vaxx. It IS however, still available, thru digging:

I have a strange feeling that site links like this will be increasingly important, as well as hard to find, as we go along. 

Then, before all, there was/is the Soul Catcher:    "Soon after the 1996 reports about the project, it rapidly disappeared from the media, along with most internet articles about it. Several of the long-standing magazines themselves disappeared...."

The above is pretty much everything you can find about the Soul Catcher chip project of British Telecom today, the ultimate fate and dispersion of which remains unknown. But I remember it well when news of it hit the "usual suspect" mags like NEXUS and PARANOIA in the late summer of 1996 into that autumn. It filled me with the vaguest zeitgeist sense of approaching millennial dread then. It fills me with the same now, and, for all I know, its parameters and operating system components are within every jab still outgoing today. Could you, could any of us, swear any different? Because we have undoubtedly entered with a flourish the realms of J Allen Hynek's "mental and material" technology -- a merger undistinguishable from "magick" then, but all just a part of the everyday alchemy now as the Revelation of the Method/ Externalization of the Hierarchy marches on. 

And because there have been myriad clues in all this, let's look at this from Amazing Polly's broadcast of 5-11-21 (This Isn't About a Virus): 

"And in the end maybe there will be a direct communication between our brain and the digital world. What we see is a kind of fusion of the physical, digital, and biological world." (Klaus Schwab)  Full Physical Integration of Digital and Biological Entities. That's a chapter heading of a whitepaper sponsored by the Canadian gov't on "Biodigital Convergence." I kid you not. 

At that same beautiful repository site of Polly's work, check out the 06-17-21 link -- titled Magnetic Nanoparticles in the Injection. She was reaching very much the same conclusions concurrent with Karen Kingston at the same time, and in some respects venturing even further: into the work of Dr. Michael Persinger, remote viewing and the magnetosphere, how it impacts memories, thoughts, dreams, and what role the c-19 injections play in all of the above...absolutely fascinating and vital to watch. And what amounts to the fact that we've all been sitting on "woo woo" proof since the very beginning that something was drastically not right. Proof that the mainstream shouted down as "conspiratorial" nonsense and "anecdotal" evidence only. We know now, much to our shame and horror, how wrong they were, and why they were so invested in keeping it all quiet.

When those magnetic side effects disappeared early on, we know now it wasn't because it was only temporary or that we were imagining things -- from Naomi Wolf and colleagues' research, it was because those pegylated lipid spike proteins and hydrogels (read: devices) were busy scurrying away from the injection site and deeper into and all thruout our bodies: 

And that's straight from the court-ordered release of the Pfizer internal docs themselves. They knew. 

They all knew. 

And we have all already been primed -- all that remains is for them to throw the switch. Remember here:

And here:

Rwanda. Operation Crimson Mist 

Polly weighed in -- heavily -- on that one too:

I'm suddenly remembering all those 5G towers that went up during the very first days of the lockdown March 2020...particularly at the schools...those ones that nobody asked them to install. They just did it. Overnight, In secret. Under cover of darkness.

Then there are the towns in Texas that have become super hideaway communities for the vaxx-injured, bought up wholesale by Pfizer et al. Curiously, a recent raft of folks injured at the Travis Scott ASTROWORLD event just arrived: 

WHAT?? How sinister does this sound? People on the ground are reporting in that these locations and this map have something to do with it all:


Sounds like something out of "Don't Worry Darling" :

This also suddenly strikes me as to the possible reason for the likes of Blackrock and Vanguard to have been buying up such huge parcels of land, real estate and housing earlier, remember?:

The ASTROWORLD event, you will remember, was the one big satanic ritual where all the deaths were attributed to "crush" deaths as wild masses rushed the stage in a headlong frenzy -- at least as reported by the mass media. 

Much quieter and barely reported at all were the eyewitness testimonies of hundreds on the ground saying they saw people dropping standing all alone, and seizing on the ground yards from anyone else. This leads one to believe this was one of the first mass beta tests of the vaxxed being exposed to carrier-wave frequencies, 5G, et al to see what would happen in one large, experimental, captured environment.

People curled up and seizing in that bitchute vid look remarkably like those that have been seen doing the same in increasing numbers around the world:   

I'm going to leave you voyagers tonight with one last missile from another angel in our midst fighting for us, Dr. Ana Mihalcea; and this might be some of the most on-point, terrifying info yet from her not-to-be-missed substack:

Everything we've talked about tonight, from magnetic nanoparticles to electro-magnetic field activation to the consequences for the human soul are here. My friends, this is deadly serious business we are engaged in examining; programming dreams, monitoring your every thought, the remote control of all aspects of existence of what it means to be human transferred into the realms of the non-human.

It's not only where are we going, but where are we being steered? Learned people decades ago asked "Were we controlled?" Now the only questions remaining are ones of extent, and where is it all going to end? What the dawn will bring is a question that, for now, remains curiously, and frighteningly, open-ended.  

But take heart, and please, go back to how Tucker ended his speech: tell the people you love, every day, that you love them

Spreading the word about what I tell you is important. Seeing things and saying things, remember, changes the world and engages the better angels of our nature.

But spreading that word -- love -- is the most important thing of all. There never has been, and never will be, any vaccine or frequency against that.

Thanks, Mr. Dylan, for these timeless words, given voice by someone that doesn't, sadly, seem to believe in their trajectory anymore -- but that's OK...They still retain their latent, nearly limitless power to believe in him. And all of us. And lift us up. Now more than ever it seems to me; And that's as close to the Divine as any of us are ever liable to glimpse in this star-crossed life: 

"Far between sundown's finish, and midnight's broken toll, we ducked inside the doorway thunder crashing

As majestic bells of bolts struck shadows in the sounds, seeming to be the chimes of freedom flashing

Yeah flashing for the warriors, whose strength is not to fight, flashing for the refugees on the unarmed road of flight, and for each and every underdog soldier in the night, we gazed upon the chimes of freedom clashing

Well in the city's melted furnace, unexpectedly we watched with faces hidden here while the walls were tightening

As the echo of the wedding bells before the blowing rain, dissolved into the wild bells of lightning

Yeah tolling for the rebel, tolling for the rake, tolling for the luckless, the abandoned and forsaked -- tolling for the outcast, burning constantly at stake, and we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing...

Now in thru a cloudlike curtain, in a far-off corner flashed, as the hypnotic splattered mist was slowly lifting,

Well electric lights still struck like arrows, fired but for the ones, condemned to drift or else be kept from drifting,

Tolling for the searching ones, on their speechless, seeking trail, for the lonesome-hearted lovers with too personal a tale, and for each unharmful, gentle soul misplaced inside a jail, we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing

Well starry-eyed and laughing, I recall when we were caught, trapped by no track of hours for they hang suspended

As we listened one last time, and we watched with one last look, spellbound and swallowed as the tolling ended

Tolling for the aching ones, whose wounds cannot be nursed, for the countless confused, accused, misused, strung-out ones and worse, and for every hung-up person in the whole wide universe, we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing..."   













  1. Travis Scott's real first names are Jacques Bermon, so he's a "JB", like me. His birthday is April 30, 1991, mine is April 30, 1981.

    1. The *Pied Piper* of *Astroworld* was a television special which was broadcast over ABC on December 28, 1968. Appearing were singer Lesley Gore (as Bo Peep) and Brent Spiner, in his first television performance.

  2. Some over-the-top synchronicity:

    - a real-life spiral appeared in the nightsky, among northern lights, around the same time the True Detective season 4 trailer was released:

    - both the real-life spiral and TD s4 take place in *Alaska*.

    - northern lights and a giant spiral are featured in the trailer.

    - *Matthew McConaughey's character Rust in season 1 was born and raised in *Alaska**.

    Btw, it happened again up here!,w_960/v1/ici-info/16x9/yukon-spirale-lumiere-spacex-aurore-boreale.png

    And again!,w_960/v1/ici-info/16x9/yukon-alaska-spirale-lumiere-spacex.png

    *NOW*, tell me "this is a coincidence" (WAAAY too f'ing close):

    (Jodie in "Contact" (who's now in True Detective), versus McConaughey in True Detective (*who was her lover in Contact!*))

    I think something otherworldly is "coming through".

    1. IMO, it's just Pan's endlessly spiralling ram's horns, made of stars, serving as a portal between worlds, which I've seen and experienced myself on the other side.

  3. Personally, I've noticed that my body is somehow, mysteriously being *worn away* in the past several weeks; for example, I've always had great teeth, brushing with baking soda to make sure, but suddenly at age 42 small holes and cracks are appearing in my teeth.

    *I feel as if the nanotechnology from the Vaxx (other people's) is withering my entire biology from within, on a small scale, as if small traces of it had somehow entered my organism, and is now in the process of disintegrating me VERY slowly.*

    1. Yep, that's about when it starts -- for me it was a bit later but I'm sure with everything in the air, water, food now, PLUS shedding is all going to do a number on everybody remaining -- they're not going to make it easy.....
      Embrace TFF:
      "They make no mention of the beauty of decay/
      Blue yellow pink umbrella,
      Save it for a rainy day..."

    2. No weapon formed against Me shall prosper.

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    4. Trust me on this: use dietary charcoal gell caps. I got shedded on by those who vaxxed (I did not take clot shot). Also, for any tooth-gums problem, always use coconut oil. They call it "oil pulling" meaning you hold the coconut oil in your mouth for as long as possible (then spit it out). And, Turmeric is a good anti inflammatory. My tooth paste is coconut oil (a glob of paste) and tooth brush dipped in turmeric wi baking soda. Some people claim that lysine is a good counter to the vaxine.

  4. This too, a classic from Bradbury I keep hearing as a parable for today:

    "like a stone in a stream being washed away...."

    Spooky analogy/metaphor for what the vaxx, etc is doing to us all in every respect.

  5. It figures.
    As I near the end of my run through this particular hologram, I learn something that shatters my entire perception of my entire existence up to this point and now I won't have much time to play with my new toy.
    Wordman, you blew my freakin' mind and I am going to have to go through this piece a few times to try and scrape it back off the wall and pour it back into my brain pan.
    A lot of very difficult to grasp concepts need to be masticated and digested further on my end.

  6. A couple of things I wrote a couple of years ago:


    The "vaccine" contains nanotechnology which modifies human DNA. But the nanotechnology is much more sophisticated than they say, and is secretly intended to deactivate the "God gene", the gene which allows us to experience spirituality.

    It has been leaked that the Pentagon started experimenting with this back in 2005, using an areosol on Islamic extremists in Afghanistan, hoping that with their God gene deactivated, they would abandon their religious fanatism. Instead, their behavior became even more violent and insane, to the point it became clear they had been possessed by demonic forces.

    No God gene = no "spiritual immune system" = demonic possession without resistance.

    This is why some of the people injected with the "vaccine" suddenly freaked out and started screaming out hysterically, instinctively, "I can't feel God anymore! They've killed God in me!"

    We're talking about "instant repopulation" of the Earth here, just like in the X-Files, except it's not aliens who would take over our bodies.

    The only problem remaining for the real-life Syndicate, for these Satanic freaks conspiring to surrender the human race to an otherworldly power, is simply this: how to get billions of demons to enter our world?

    That's where CERN comes in. The occult symbolism surrounding the Large Hadron Collider is well-known, the strange rituals as well. The giant statue of Shiva the Destroyer, Lord of the underworld in Hinduism; the false acronym CERN being a rare abbreviation for the Cernunnos of the Celtic people, holding in his hand a torque, the key to his divine power, which looks like a modern particle accelerator as seen from above; and the fact that the LHC was actually built upon an ancient temple to Apollyon the Destroyer, the "angel of the Abyss" of the Book of Revelations.

    They are trying build an artificial "key", to open a portal to the "bottomless pit". Billions of invisible fallen creatures being unleashed upon us, like swarms of locusts, or a plague, humanity now devoid of any and all spiritual immunity. These things would simply push our souls out of the way, slip on our flesh and blood like a "person suit"


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    2. We KNOW that you're a pathological liar! We KNOW that you're a narcissistic sociopath who keeps making sh*t up, who keeps playing the victim! F**K OFF.

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    2. You have your own blog. No one is stopping you from saying what you wish there, and anyone can read it if they want. You've been asked to leave for good reasons which you're demonstrating right now. People don't come here for this, it's like being subjected to someone's therapy session. This is wordman's blog and he asked you to leave, but you don't respect others' boundaries and just force your way in. Have some sense and stop forcing yourself on people who are tired of it. The blog isn't about you.

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  9. Oh god, THIS again? "You know, what we are really missing here is some more interpersonal drama." Just what we all show up to this blog for.

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    2. But YOU'RE the problem! You're the disruptive, toxic influence who's tried to ruin one comments section after another. Don't you possess the slightest self-awareness?

    3. It's not your blog, dginn! Wordman gets to decide what has merit, not you. Plenty of narcissism, zero self-awareness.

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    5. It appears he has already said precisely that. And, again, you're demonstrating the reason for it. As soon as you appear, the blog is about you and your unsavory personal life, flights of fancy, and long, confused, stream of consciousness nonsense. You hijack every conversation, as you're doing now. You're a guest here, and you've been asked to leave. Have you no pride or common sense?

    6. Seriously, *human civilization is literally on the verge of collapse*, *billions of people are most probably going to die*, and she's still "ME! ME! ME! ME!".


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  11. People -- people -- Good LORD!!
    Everybody relax -- I got this.....
    The rules here are very simple.
    NO personal attacks -- which is why someone of interest first got barred & why she will REMAIN barred. Period.
    ANY comment she posts will be deleted. No exceptions.
    She was asked at the very end of the last comms section to -- again -- please leave.
    And you see what happens. Discord. Discord everywhere. Her specialty.

    Not sure what you call a person that posts, now what, TWELVE comments in a row AFTER being asked to please leave??
    Pathologically fixated, for one.
    Appearing to only cause strife for another.
    And here it will simply not be tolerated.

    And OMID, no more personal attacks on JB -- I know for a fact that he's forgotten more about her personal psychological peccadilloes than you will ever know. And believe me, he has more than EARNED the right to tell her to fuck off. Not a personal attack -- just a declaration of fact. And as we all continually remind -- she has her OWN blog. PLEASE vent there. That brand of toxicity is not welcome in any way, shape or form here.

    I'm not intolerant -- but sometimes you simply MORE than burn your bridges.

    Now everybody -- keep calm & carry on.
    PS to pogperson -- thanks for having my six!! Right back at ya....

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    2. You're most welcome, wordman. I've worked with borderline personalities, I recognize their carryings on.

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    9. Wow, you're still stubborn and psychotic and incapable of taking the hint. For YEARS we listened to you going on and on and on about how the police and your ex and everyone else were supposedly conspiring to beat you and take away your baby, and this whole drama NEVER made sense, and kept being exagerated and kept contradicting itself...

      Now it's pretty f**king obvious that you were making it all up as you went along, just as you're now ridiculously, childishly accusing Wordman of being under alien mind-control or whatever just because you can't deal with people in general rejecting you for acting like a crazy person, becoming more delusional and psychotic than ever before. It's impossible to use reason or logic with self-obsessed lunatics. IF, big IF, the cops actually did take your child away from you, there's no mystery why, considering your erratic behavior. Go to therapy, take the pills, seriously.

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    13. But... you literally ARE mentally ill. It's not an opinion, it's not an insult, it's simply based on your own destructive and self-destructive pattern of behavior, which keep getting worse. There's no reasoning with people like you.

      I knew a girl named "Soleil", I knew she was a little bit "touched in the head" due to her incoherent, paranoid ramblings, and then... she viciously attacked the mailman, accusing him of stealing her mail, of working with "the little man with the yellow hat", her imaginary enemy.

      She ended up in the psych ward. She kept ranting and trying to escape, but I couldn't have the slightest sympathy for her anymore. There's nothing to be done with toxic people like you.

    14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    15. If you pay attention to anyone for long enough, you'll see things you don't like. Inconsistencies. Questionable characteristics. Moral failings. We're all just imperfect people trying to get along in the world, and that means not always getting along with each other. Sometimes it hurts like hell, but it can't be helped.

      Everyone changes over time. Sometimes we like the changes we see, other times we don't. Sometimes our own perspective and expectations are what's changed, and made the person we're looking at seem different.

      I don't think most of us are fully conscious, all of the waking time. And we have to spend a good portion of our lives dealing with the dumb sh*t we did in the unconscious moments. It's important to find things to focus on which make us more conscious over time, more stable, and less reactive.

      Meister Eckhart wrote about how Heaven and Hell are processes. Like feedback loops. I can't remember which work it was in, but everything I've seen of his has been interesting. Anyway, it's important to find the feedback loops which are uplifting.

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    18. It's because of sh*t like this that Christopher Knowles had to shut down his comments section. Narcissistic lunatics who just wouldn't go away, and then, just like you, they were paranoid enough and clueless enough to start accusing Chris of being "false opposition" or a "globalist shill" or whatever. People who just won't stop making things worse, who just won't stop pretending it's someone else 's fault, like you.

      Only solution: either finding some way of kicking them out of your house, banned forever, or simply starting a new comments section where the posts only show up when allowed by the blog administrator.

      Thanks for making life more difficult at an already difficult time, you *****.

    19. I'm coming at this from an entirely different angle than you are. I'm not here to make friends or form connections. For me, it's almost entirely intellectual, so I don't really give a rat's *ss about anyone's character aside from something to note in relation to the information or insights they have to offer. I can't help but to feel more of a connection to certain online personas than others, but I make an active effort to keep that to a minimum.

    20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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    22. "Chris's blog after JB started calling everyone names on there and started picking fights"

      Oh, what a LYING ****. First you lie about Wordman, trying to make him the villain, then you lie about me the same way. ANYTHING to avoid responsibility for your own toxic, destructive actions, right?

      *If you're like this IRL, no wonder the cops had no other choice than to take your kid as far away from you as possible, for it's own well-being. And then you make up stories about the cops being abusive, of course. No self-awareness, never your fault.*

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    26. Still lying her fucking ass off. Hey Dginn! If you get banned wherever the fuck you go, it's not the fault of the administrator, it's not the fault of the other posters, it's YOUR fucking fault. *People everywhere will continue to find you unbearable and deceitful *for the rest of your life* if you keep acting like this.*

      I'm DONE trying to reason with a dead-end pathological, fantasy-prone lying piece of you-know-what like her.

    27. I guess that's a pretty common practice, to give someone information for safekeeping. If it's lost to you now, I'm sorry. I'm terrible at organization, myself. I've lost enough stuff and documents over the years to know it can really mess a person up.

      I doubt you're looking for advice, however, it might be a good idea to divert some of your energy from Robin to figuring out how to organize and store your important information going forward, without having to rely on anyone else. If he does still have any of that information, he might be more amenable to sending it back to you if you're not actively engaged in questioning or attacking his motives. That's just a guess - I don't know him.

      I have met Chris before, and I think he's a standup guy.

    28. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    30. Gotu was banned by Chris because he wouldn't stop posting very long manifestos, while calling others "evil".

      Christian heart wouldn't stop posting rabid anti-semitic comments.

      Dginn's word means nothing, she keeps getting banned from one place to another for exactly what she's doing right now: blatantly lying about everyone, and being a psycho.

    31. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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    33. A total, textbook, narcissistic psychopath: literally incapable of realizing that she's the cause of the problems in her own life, in other people's lives, everywhere she goes. Utterly hopeless.

      Meanwhile I've never gotten banned anywhere because I simply follow the rules, and NEVER send threatening, stalkerish love letters to the blog admins like she did, later pretending it didn't happen.

    34. No, Dginn, the real question is why you won't accept wordman's right to control who comments on his blog. You're making it very clear that you ignore others' clearly stated boundaries, which is the action of a stalker, while claiming not to be one! YOU are the one forcing your way in, whereas no one is pursuing you onto your own blog. You're bringing with you the discord that, unsurprisingly, goes away as soon as you're not here. It may make you feel powerful and important to constantly force your way in, but it only further displays the mental instability that got you banned here and elsewhere.

    35. Oh Good LORD Words Are -- you have no idea!! Page after page after page of texts between her & boyfriends going back & forth back & forth over the most mindless minutiae conceivable.
      Never asked for -- never solicited -- but boy did I get 'em.
      Never once was I ever instructed to "keep them" for security purposes, whatevs. She should still have them HERSELF unless she deleted them!! What a whack-a-doodle!!

  12. Anywho...

    About the "Zoomers":

    I've often wondered what purpose they could possibly serve in the future, within the Great Reset, considering they (for the most part) truly are empty-headed and ridiculously inept at everything.

    Then I remembered they are also the most vaccinated generation, and there is definitely nanotechnology in the Vaxx.

    I'm thinking THIS:

  13. And JB -- this just showed up on the front page of reddit:

    Not totally MAINSTREAM -- but word is getting out there.

  14. Re the Borg -- all ready for the flip of a switch my brother....the flip of a switch.
    So many SO MANY 5G towers going up during the very first HOURS of the first March 2020 lockdown should have been a HUGE tipoff....
    That was done with such speed and so hastily that there was something nefarious about it....

  15. Somewhat confirmation of something I was alluding to in this very post:

  16. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES -- The ARCTURUS Strain is loose!!!

    Spoiler alert: it's hayfever.

  17. An excerpt from The Hades Environment describing a dangerous siren-like entity in the astral plane; who has led many astral voyagers to their death: "His story, as it came out through family and friends, of hearing a woman beckon to him was not unique — similar voices were being heard by others. Astral researchers steeped in the practice’s long backstory could recognize the telltale signs of a particular figure. The ancient female demoness was known to the Egyptians as Ammut, “destroyer of souls,” who existed in the astral planes, specifically “The Hall of the Two Truths,” according to ancient texts ....Ammut would consume the souls that she came upon to absorb their power. She was a shapeshifter. Though she could appear as a beautiful goddess with a seductive siren call, her true form would eventually come out: monstrous, combining the head of a reptile with the body of a lion and hippopotamus, ancient symbols of pure animal ferocity."

  18. really good links. suspect the whole merkaba thing must have some relshp to the 9 soul parts. kinda complicated n prob unnecessary w/ plenty of difficulty. wouldnt put it past the priests there in the old kingdoms coming up w/ parts n labeling as such when they sound more like characteristics. 9 parts seem way bureaucratic n too red tapey. had read the evil article too cpl days ago still working on sourcing n defining it.

    used to view the egyptians as sacrosanct but over time i changed views. another society/civilization ruined by narc priests leading to enemy invader take over. they warped reality as thee civil authority n behaved like the reincarnated anti-everything demented zoomers of today. they insisted on transitioning an entire culture into a membership only cult n were given the power to do it. they propped up weak n corrupted leaders while actually running the palace. i can just see AOC n the squad in their temple priestess robes barking orders to the working man slaves. the eternal exquisite politicians that they r. it takes that type w/ that mind set, yeah, to protect us all.

    it is a trip too that Ammut would be a female reptile. gotta give those damn reps credit. around more often n longer than any other species. apparently rule the underworld. makes sense, even if metaphoric.

  19. btw, since we r still on the vaxx dont u find this despicable n unspeakable? look at these 2 headlines--
    The TGA grants approval for full registration to Moderna's Covid vaccine
    Mon, 24 Apr 2023 05:17 UTC

    Covid vaccines must be suspended and a full inquiry launched into how they were approved, say experts
    Wed, 19 Apr 2023 15:00 UTC

    say wut? everything defies all logic. everything is a commodity. even ur soul.

    1. Those "experts" are a day late & more than a few dollars short: the likes of Carrie Madej, Karen Kingston, Ana Mihalcea, everyone at La Quinta Columna, and a whole herd of others have been shouting this EXACT same thing for over 2 years now.
      Kingston has even implored EVERYONE to contact their AG's and launch legal probes and lawsuits to get to the bottom of and halt all this immediately.

      Despite have Pfizer's own internal documents and paperwork (before even the court-ordered releases) it's all fallen on deaf ears.
      IT's amazing how no one, NO ONE, not Rand Paul, not Ron Johnson, not Ron DeSantis, not RFK Jr, not anyone in Congress, no sheriffs nationwide, not one single lawyer -- NO ONE LISTENED.
      For going on 3 years now. Many STILL aren't,

    2. its clown world. i dunno if i can stay in it. n its only gonna get worse. the taking no responsibility for anything is the worst. the cheering on of the hellaciousness is astonishing. i got out of medicine 5 yrs ago seeing this coming. couldnt be around my so-called peers. regular ppl have no idea how things r done.

  20. been wanting to say for days the takeover spell is the supplanting of reality, structure, thought n form to sponsor in transmogrification--to change or alter greatly and often with grotesque or humorous effect. intransitive verb, to become transmogrified. to convert, metamorphose, transfigure, transform, and transmute. "to change a thing into a different thing," transmogrify suggests a strange or preposterous metamorphosis. a story in which a frog is transmogrified into a prince. or better yet, n way more like it--a prince into a frog. thats 6'4 n real sexy in a species-fluid way.

  21. Kierkegaard wrote some of the best stuff on the subject of Love that I've ever seen. (Not necessarily this translation in particular.)

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. His work is nothing if not Christian, and I think Christianity and all the world's religions are basically psy-ops. It's so good, though, that it's still worth reading, imo. Same with Meister Eckhart. If you can look past the religious trappings (or not, if that's your thing), there's a lot of value in the work.

  22. DARPA, you say?

  23. WELL WELL, that makes it what? 23 comms since being asked politely to case and desist. At least I think. I've lost count.....
    Twenty. Three.
    Buy hey guys!! Check out her cool new avatar pic!!

    NO amount of booze, pills, powders, makeup & lipstick will ever cover up the taint of chaos, disruption & ruin everywhere you go.
    Only a person that is truly 1,000% UGLY on the inside and down to the bone would ever do what you're doing.
    At multiple sites.

    Like ANYONE here give's a rat's ass what you think of Kierkegaard, you duplicitous, frightening, freakish witch.
    Do you even HEAR yourself??

  24. Sorry, that's CEASE and desist. Freudian slip.
    Since I'd like various parts of her in a case.
    At the bottom of the River Styx.
    In Hell.
    But I'm patient -- history shows it's only a matter of time.....

    1. Surely a herd of pigs will come along sooner or later......

  25. By the way BB -- THANK YOU for this:

    An excerpt from The Hades Environment describing a dangerous siren-like entity in the astral plane; who has led many astral voyagers to their death: "His story, as it came out through family and friends, of hearing a woman beckon to him was not unique — similar voices were being heard by others. Astral researchers steeped in the practice’s long backstory could recognize the telltale signs of a particular figure. The ancient female demoness was known to the Egyptians as Ammut, “destroyer of souls,” who existed in the astral planes, specifically “The Hall of the Two Truths,” according to ancient texts ....Ammut would consume the souls that she came upon to absorb their power. She was a shapeshifter. Though she could appear as a beautiful goddess with a seductive siren call, her true form would eventually come out: monstrous, combining the head of a reptile with the body of a lion and hippopotamus, ancient symbols of pure animal ferocity."

    You said it all.

    1. I found this on the same site Bronson was quoting from:

      "All gods except Pan were, just as human are now, engaged in a never-ending power-struggle. Pan alone doesn’t play this game. This is Pan’s secret. Just the clues of the name ‘Pan’ meaning ‘all’ combined with the actions, or rather inactions, of Pan is enough to shine light on Pan’s true identity.

      Pan, the god of nature, is the only god that doesn’t do anything. Why? Because Pan is the founder, the creator. Zeus, the king of the gods has to maintain his position as king, and he has responsibilities. He has a job to do. He’s playing someone else’s game… Pan’s game.

      And Pan, the story-writer, the author of this world, doesn’t play the game, but is the gamemaster. The gamemaster, in any role-playing game, is the one character who doesn’t themselves play. Yet authors have a tendency to write themselves into their stories, and Pan is no exception. Pan wrote himself into the story, gave himself a character who does nothing but play so he himself could walk within his own creation. Everyone else is busy working, and Pan enjoys the show.

      And that is the meaning of the pervasive story of Pan’s leading of lost children into a magical world. We are the lost children, Pan is the pied piper, and this is the magical world. This is Pan’s Labyrinth.

      So when Nietzsche announced that “God is dead” you know which god it is, the only god that ever died: Pan. Pan was killed by the son of man so that man could play at god for a time, and to do this everything was inverted: man become god and the true god became the Devil.

      But Pan was never truly dead, only sleeping, and he is stirring.

      The great god Pan lives."

      - Alasdair Forsythe

  26. "I'm coming at this from an entirely different angle than you are. I'm not here to make friends or form connections. For me, it's almost entirely intellectual, so I don't really give a rat's *ss about anyone's character aside from something to note in relation to the information or insights they have to offer. I can't help but to feel more of a connection to certain online personas than others, but I make an active effort to keep that to a minimum."

    And THANK YOU Words Are for that -- OMFG, the voice of Reason!!
    Halle-freakin-llujah!! Bless you.

  27. And hey Words Are -- check this out re DARPA:

    Interesting confluence having Trav Taylor commenting here since he got in a lot of trouble early this season on Skinwalker when he finally had to disclose that he'd been working for DARPA and the Pentagon & DIA while also assuming duties at Skinwalker as boss of the Op there......
    Got some of the other team members wondering whether or not he was using this host gig just to glean info for the military-industrial complex in regards to all things paranormal -- looking to siphon off and weaponize any breakthru discoveries there.....
    VERY interesting double-agent status & possibilities...

    Just like Pesci as Ferrie in JFK again "Everybody's always flippin sides, it's fun n games, man! Fun n games!!"

    1. Otto Skorzeny (ultimate commando of Third Reich), a few years after the war, was working for Egypt, against Israel.

      Then he was actually hired by Mossad to blow up an Egyptian bomb factory. He thought it was hilarious.

  28. VERY interesting comments in that YT DARPA above vid also:
    "A 6 minute hint that scratches the surface. Darpa grants that were given to j&j and moderna are not a coincidence either."

    "The timing of this episode is not a coincidence. They’re telling you."

    Both of which I concur wholeheartedly with.
    People are REALLY waking up.

  29. Holy Father, Fair God of Good Spirits, you who are never wrong, who never lies, who never roams, who never doubts that we will not die in the realm of the Unknown God (Evil), because we are not of this world and he is not one of ours, teach us to know and to love what you love.

    The Pharisee tempters are at the gates of Heaven and prevent those from entering who wish to do so, while they themselves do not wish to go there. That is why I pray to the Holy Father of Good Spirits. He has the power to save souls and, I give thanks to the Good Spirits, for making them germinate and blossom.

    Yet among the good ones, he also gives life to the evil ones. He will act thus for as long as there are good souls in this world, until there is not more of his own, his young ones, on earth...

    Thus, some climb on a glass sky and rise to the heavens, others fall and meet their death. So God descended from heaven with twelve apostles and he brought for -gave birth to- Saint Mary. (To save those who are good - Good Christians.

    1. Been quiet cause it helps lately with some stuff im struggling through but thanks wordman. Last few posts have been connecting some pretty disparate threads with your always admirable levels of discrimination and comprehension. And thanks everyone else theres been some great comments lately too. Sorry to see Dginns demons getting the better of her. Hope she figures out some peace for herself.
      Been using this prayer lately and thought would share.

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    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. Also im 99% sure Tucker is CIA and learning that Naomi Woolf is a Rhodes Scholar and been entrenched in the establishment for her career makes me wonder. I really dont believe anyone with any kind of attention in the anti-vaxx sphere is sincere anymore. Even Dr Malone seems a likely candidate for controlled opposition. Sometimes i feel like a paralell society is forming somewhat here and there but then i see them squashed or compromised. Besides the drudgery of day to day life i cant help but feel like im being jacked up a rollercoaster incline, waiting for the drop. Aliens. WW3. Societal collapse. Magic circles piercing the barrier between here and hell. The entire world mutated at the behest of sorcerors who are proxies for inhuman intelligences. ETC And everyone so la-di-da
    What a time to be alive

  31. Btw anyone know anyway to stop/slow the effects of shedding?

    1. If you mean viral shedding from the vaccine, then no. Just stay away from vaccinated people.

    2. Hey A6!!
      Glad to have you back!!
      Acc to Ana Mihalcea, EDTA is some of he best stuff to detox from anything so far that's in the jab & mitigate the effects, whether shed or not. Check out her substack, it's priceless:

      As for Tucker, his DAD is CIA!! & i'm sure the source of all of Tucker's damaging
      -to-the-status-quo interior info that he's gotten in so much hot water over (the JFK assassination leaks)...Dad worked for Voice of America, a big front. This trajectory more than explains the recently outed friendship of he & Alex Jones.
      Same for Naomi; all these folks come from privilege but I try not to hold that against them & always leave room for an evolving worldview as they "grow up." For some that takes a long time -- I know it did for me, But all any of us can be is where we are NOW.

      Both Tucker & Naomi have exhibited much shame for their prev incarnations, Tucker sincerely moreso it seems. But you can't get away from the good and extremely essential work Naomi is doing for others right now at great expense to herself.
      There is only service-to-others and service-to-self in this world, & she is doing yeomen's work in the former right now.

      But thanks, I know how imp it is to be aware of limited hangouts & controlled opposition. Suppose I'm hoping against hope many have embraced in all this their better angels -- better late than never. We are all either gonna go one way or the other...

  32. Thanks JB & BB!!
    receiving loud & clear.....
    Ahhhhhh, this is MUCH better.
    Nothing but elemental beauty, curiosity & higher source in.....
    trash out.

    from both Naomi & Karen Kingston that shows Mengele-level human manipulation & experimentation:

    & esp this from KK that details chapter & verse how Pfizer experimented on (that we know of) 344 babies from the ages of 6-23 months old (get that, that's all less that TWO years old).....
    of those 344 only THREE made it to the final rounds of injections.
    The rest "dropped out."
    & oh yeah, one of those "dropout" reasons was DEATH.

    All this bef it was even LEGAL to actually do anything like this.
    But they simply don't care:

    How much longer are we gonna let this go on?
    Why do we let these entities get away with things like this?
    EVERY Pfizer property should have been firebombed/burned to the ground years ago.....YEARS ago. All over the world.

    Wolf reiterated something very much like those figures in her Hillsdale talk:

  34. Thanks Poggy for that very astute and spot-on summing up.
    It's totally on me for engaging for so long and not seeing the multiple red flags -- Ginger, JB, everyone & their brother warned me, but this level of absolute psycho-ville floored me. It's almost like trying to make a pet out of a wild animal -- things might seem OK for the longest period of time, but you never know when "the turn" might be coming, over ANY perceived slight.
    And then it's too late.

    You try to always see the best in people...some lurk on the fringes waiting to take advantage of that; which is just about the worst thing of all.

  35. One final note --
    Running a blog like this with its concerns is kinda like High School -- you interact with the full spectrum from the sublimely sensitive and intellectual to the supremely unhinged -- all thrown into one big melting pot.

    You can only hope that you fall in with a good group.

    And I have fallen in with the best, most beautiful group possible.

    THANKS everybody.

  36. OMG BB!! I SAW where Fauci the ratboy had requested that.
    The unmitigated hubris is breathtaking.
    As if that kind of retribution "isn't gonna accomplish anything" -- it's the ONLY thing that's gonna accomplish anything!!

    & despite the misgivings of Stew Peters and others (with VERY good reasons) it's the ONLY reason I hold out any hope at all for RFK Jr.
    As I said before if I had to make a tradeoff and absolutely positively 100% KNOW that he would burn Pfizer, Moderna et al to the ground, I'd vote for him in a heartbeat.....
    THAT is the No.1 threat to humanity right now, the Big Pharma apparatus.

    Everything else in its measure, but to make a glaring example of them would be the only place to even START right now...
    But there MUST be prosecutions, there MUST be accountability, and there MUST MUST be jail time &/or executions for murder.
    Period. No exceptions.

  37. there wont be. no one is going to stand up. they know this. n they know ppl know. the locking down crap is their overlay warning. theyre supported by church n state. the burning times r here but in reverse. it would have to be insider betrayal on an almost grand or epic scale. whistleblowing from on high. it would have to occur when taking those risks would throw all caution to the winds. it would be pointless to worry about retribution cuz by then pretty much everywhere things would be headed towards scorched earth, a moot point.

    theyre behind the black helicopters, the cattle mutilations, the underground dulce vats, theyre the umbrella corporation. theyre off worlded, persistent, fully stoked $$$ n power power power squared. its going to take off world help. its a supernatural battle here, for heart.

    BB pointed out CEO mans heritage. this is ancestral karma, ancestral rage. theres major hate n retribution generations old, paybacks a bitch. the plan is inculcated worldwide, way past trillions at stake. theres no method to destroy that. nuking this joint would be to destroy the grail. but then the terraforming plan could finally begin.

    what is a seething behind this, bubbling, stewing smells of off world trade. off world deals. Bourla is only a figurehead. a type of fall guy. its about biotech n nothing else. Pfizer — which was also founded by an immigrant, the German-born Charles Pfizer. bourla is actually a vet who also had a doctorate in the biotechnology of reproduction. thats not even his real name.
    take a look at the old world but newer generation players on the list. note at the end of the article it will begins to preach. theres a ton of history n belief systems behind whats done n being done. these r bloodlines, old skool, old networkings, old investors n investments, old favors, old debts. theres tribal, political intermarriages by heads of state for hundreds of years. these r corporate dynasties, kingdoms. ruthless empires. untouchables. the spell would need to break around the world. spy vs spy. black sorcerers vs white sorcerers. the black hats vs the white hats. i cant see it happening in regular 3D.

  38. thats not even his real name (just lost a big detailed post). hes actually a vet w/ a doctorate in reproductive technology. this is all about biotech. also ages olds ancestral karma, hated n rage. paybacks a bitch. these r empires, dynasties, kingdoms w/ hundreds n hundreds of yrs deals, favors, debts, intermarriages, networking by heads of state.

    theyre the black helicopters, the ones behind cattle mutilations. the underground dulce vats. its off world directives seething full of hate n revenge. its prob gonna take off world help. i think we know that.

    1. Thanks so much for that Anon but I'm HOPING -- accent on the HOPE -- that the answer to all this lies at the local level; the possibility of what Karen Kingston so often reiterates:
      all it takes is one State's AG....hell, even one local sheriff - to bring charges against these people -- fully loaded within the US CODE -- that it's illegal to submit the US populace (i.e. ANYONE) to a bioweapon.
      And by definition that's what this is.

      There is no blanket of protection for any of them against this.
      And once even one person starts this, I have a feeling the dominoes will start falling....

    A bunch of headlines just crossing the wires that may, at first, seem unrelated, but that I can assure you, are all connected at almost EVERY level: "religious sacrament"

  40. "The reason I'm so concerned about Tom being with the kids is that he might not be human anymore....After his plane crash, one of these creatures in the water got ahold of him. And he's been changed, he's not who he was -- and he may be driven to hurt the kids.

    It's real, and it's happened before in other parts of the world where these lights have shown up in the water; people in contact with them they've been cloned or replicated -- somehow they've been given new genetic information -- and some of these people have killed their own children."
    INVASION Sea1 ep 12 -- POWER


    Ridiculous amounts of connective tissue.
    We have it all.........

  42. Time for a new post already........

  43. Cross-connect the jeffreyepsteinscience above with this:

  44. Always return to this tune from the TFF #1 dude Roland:
    "Well I believe in angels/ They move like a secret army..."
    Ironically released on 9-11-01:

  45. i love this. wanted it tattooed n might still do it. u know theres a thing that when u pass thru gates in the netherworlds u r asked who u r. tats supposedly stay marked even in the etheric. might help so the keepers clearly grok what side ur on. its been said JC himself had them.

    1. Oh yeah, early descriptions and depictions of Jesus Christ from the 1st-2nd centuries AD say that a) he used a *magic wand* to raise the dead (!), and b) his body was COVERED with tattoos of magical symbols from the mystery schools of Alexandria (Christopher Knowles covered this on his blog years ago).

      Jesus' story even starts with the *Magi of Persia* following the Star of Bethlehem; these Magi were reknown as great magicians and astronomers.

      I think Jesus had to LEARN how to develop/channel/control his divine power, using "forbidden" magical traditions.

  46. BB!!
    NOW you're talkin'!!
    Short story: late '86 I was taking intermittent classes at VCU & I hear this SOUND coming from the student commons area outside -- I'm like, "What is THAT??!!" Go to investigate & it's JATS playing what I can only guess was a last-minute impromptu gig = BLOWN AWAY!!
    Ridiculously rockin, talented & charisma for miles. They just had IT.
    Never EVER got why they didn't break huge -- but almost makes it better because those of us that know are like a secret club. That late afternoon/early evening in '86 is something I'll never forget.

    & I haven't even gotten to the Dylan/Stones covers.....Have Mercy. That live White Lies on Conan might be THE peak history of Rock right there on its own. Period.

    & Anon -- that tattoo is unbelievably cool.

  47. Blogos over on his site is more and more convinced that Epstein himself "wrote" all this, the screenplay for all of the events of the past few years...

    Maybe he's still writing it.

    1. JB!!
      Blogos sounds like he aligns with EXACTLY what I think has been & is currently still going down...Far too much connects directly back to Epstein about this entire plan from the tech to the plotting to the implementation to the ultimate remote mind control research and how to achieve it thru means of nanotechnology via mass injection.
      The fact that this was all achieved and underwritten by orgs like the CDC, WHO, FDA, NIH, and multiple others as well as nearly every government worldwide only lends credence to the observation by Naomi (& Tucker) that this all leads back to a massive metaphysical EVIL in our midst like nothing that has been coordinated bef in history.

      Everything, and I mean everything we warned about and feared, everything seen thru darkfield microscopy that we were called crazy conspiracy peddlers for, is coming to pass. Confirms are pouring in by the hour that we were right about it all.

      Next comes the horrifying realization that the one person at the helm of all this not only sexually abused but also SACRIFICED children to his elder gods. That's only degrees away from not being a conspiracy any longer also...after all, look at the Pfizer trial numbers of what happened to the children they experimented on.
      And now that experiment has gone worldwide....

      The question remains -- what are we gonna do about it?

    2. The mythological Atargatis, the literal Starbucks Mermaid, often demanded child sacrifices. Here's Chris Knowles' latest compilation of mermaid insanity being shoved down our throats:


    3. Her OTHER name, according to both Lovecraft and early Indo-european Celtic worshippers? Mother Hydra.

    4. Another fantastic piece by CK, JB!!
      And very strange how the goddess/demon of Atargatis, is hewing extremely close to another central demon in a subject I'm currently looking into right now -- that hit Belgium in the last decades. (it all gets very weird where the tentacles go...)

      Gonna take a bit, but next installment will once again, tie up those pesky loose least some of 'em...

  48. PS __ the entire world is def under a narco-pharmaceutical-bloodline-hypnotic-alchemical-curse that is entirely premeditated.
    And the Epstein-type networks dedicated to child abuse and sacrifice play a leading role in its construction and continuation...

    1. nope, the people on Earth are under no such delusion.

    2. Not true, those on the Earth are not under the delusion.

    3. lol...I do not need your approval...go on and be about saving YOUR world. You chose, remember that.

    4. Hey OMID -- I don't dish out any approval or ask for any from anyone, ever. I only answer to God, not any human agency.
      And if you don't think the entire world has been separated into the wheat from the chaff, on the back of this entire vaxx satanic -- yes, satanic -- scam....then I suggest you look again with better eyes.
      Study your BIble and what the Strong Delusion is.
      "For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth...." 2 Thessalonians 2 11-13

      EVERYTHING, even those things that seem evil, serve the purpose of the Lord.

    5. Huh, must have been my imagination saying my post needed to be approved by the administrator, oh yeah a definite separation, hence The Earth and the world are not the same, lots of speculation about the coming baptism of fire, Jesus Christ is The Truth.

  49. PPS -- Carrie Madej finding hydras in the vaxx samples strikes me as both sigil-calling symbolic as well as functional to their aims...
    All bases covered -- all roles played.

  50. This one hits....
    Bye Gordon -- see ya in another life brotha.....


  52. Don't think I can craft a better epitaph than the one I just read:

    He didn't really die. Listen to his music. Then listen again.
    He's still there.

  53. Epstein seems more like a Bedazzled sock puppet than any kind of mastermind. Part of the problem is, they all do.

    1. Just a cog in the machine my friend, but a vital one that kept the gears turning.
      Even if he's a ghost in the machine now, doesn't subtract from his effectiveness in the slightest -- hell, prob augments it.

    2. His death was so spectacularly grotesque that it almost seems engineered to have gotten as much attention as possible. So yeah, probably much more effective as a specter now than he would have been otherwise.

      Not around the Epstein, don't look around the Epstein. You're under.

  54. Gordon Lightfoot...he did do some great songs.

    I love to joke about singing The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald at karaoke. Probably going to have to give that a rest for awhile. It's just too sad, now.

    1. ANYtime you've got Dylan at your feet you know you've accomplished something substantial and lasting....
      That pedal-steel sound in WRECK OF was never quite duplicated by any other band, ever. They'd pigeon-hole it into "country" today but totally unique and unclassifiable. And I've NEVER figured out how he got the reverb he did on SUNDOWN that sounds like it could penetrate dimensions.

  55. And to cap the night off -- the Hopping Lemurs have heard about all of us and just dropped in to see what condition our condition was in:

  56. From Blogos:

    "The only question we have is what the final nature of the Bodysnatchers will be:

    Digital: The AI is copying you, your art style, your writing style, etc, whatever and then its going to attempt to take your job.  In this reading the ''smartphone'' is the flower pod on your bedside table, the Bodysnatcher, that is putting you to sleep, possibly blocking the natural dreaming process (which is leaving you with constant fatigue which ages you and creates mental fog) and then copying you/your data.  This ''AI'' also has the ability to insert anyone into any image i.e. Pope + Balenciaga which is another form of ''body snatching''.  This process will culminate in meeting a digital clone of yourself which has the literary/artistic skills, super intelligence (knowledge) and connection to the hive mind that you lack.  It may or may not also point at you and scream like a demon fresh out of hell we will have to wait and see.

    Sociological: The Woke Mind Virus is taking over your body and then convincing you that you want to transform/mutilate it.  In this reading ''Bodysnatchers'' are organizations, such as schools, that are spreading propaganda and indoctrinating young people into the idea that they must change their sex in order to be happy rather than just waiting for puberty to run its course first and leaving this to be an adult decision.

    Biological: The vaccine inserted mRNA (which works by ''copying'', being ''copied'') into the population at large and it has without doubt changed people biologically and to some extent psychologically.  Depending on the dose you could be manufacturing spike protein for up to eighteen months after the jab with systemic damage depending on where it concentrates - rapid aging, rapid cancers, heart attacks, blood clots at the brain, dulled eyes (perception), blocked pineal gland, mental fog, tinnitus, ''dejavu'', facial paralysis, autoimmune disease, reproductive issues and now as expected skin conditions. It is possible this process is on some kind of chronobiological timer (a clockwork OPN1LW gene for genuine psychotic accuracy) where the body's cells that have been modified, pulse out the spike protein over a certain time period.  This would have the effect of staggering the deaths, as we are seeing, and allow us to dig our own graves, stopping the mass pile up of rotting bodies which the Demolition Team would then have to clean up for themselves.  This assessment does not include the possible toxicity of the nanopackaging itself and/or damage received from improper storage of the vaccine (not at the right temperature) or from being jabbed into a bloodvessel rather than muscle tissue.  Some people will have recieved different doses or no dose at all (saline) making an awful lot of people say ''it was fine.''  Every time another dose was applied you then increased the risk of a live round.  If we say 1/3 of the jabs were saline, which seems to be a popular number to reach for, then your chance of getting lucky for all three was 1/27 but again the staggered timing of damage will help the Demolition Team for instance if you got the ''live round'' on the 3rd jab and recieved this in '22 you will possibly be producing spike until '24, if it was in late '21 then you are going to be producing spike until around this time this year...

    It is highly likely that the ''dramatic effect'' of the film will be around all three of these components..."

  57. Check this out JB --

  58. For the Coronation, something similar to this might occur (from YOU a while back):

    "Just going over that Anti-Life post again and the main thrust was the 72,000 male genomes & 72,000 female genomes giving each of us a total of 144,000 per human genome in each body (Francis Crick) = God's number. Sealed in their foreheads as the servants of God in Rev 7:3-4. 

    Thru early research of Patch (and others) and now with what's being disclosed in the scientific papers unveiled by Kingston et al, the formation of a TRIPLE helix is happening (thru vaxx), adding ANOTHER 72,000 at the base level. Or 216,000. 

    Or 600x60x6.  *This was also the post that led with the images of the Queen lighting up the triple helix lightshow on the lawn during the Platinum Jubilee celebration......just before her death.*"

    Now Blogos wrote:

    "Not only this but the ''emergency signal'' test in the UK which a lot people turned off and which prompted Sunak to beg the population to switch it back on again..."

    Might this occur when Charles is crowned? UFOs could show up as well, considering his connection to them:

    "From Jimmy Guieu's book "Our Masters, the Extraterrestrials", end of chapter 8:

    Information reported on June 18th, 1985, by a sailor working on the yacht Britannia, navigating near the Equator, while *Prince Charles* was onboard (all of this resumed and translated by me):

    "Around 21:30, the engines stopped, and the power went out. Prince Charles was on the deck watching the stars, when suddenly we saw a large cylinder in in the nightsky, a blinking green light above, a constant red light below.

    We were both unable to move, unable to walk or say anything. Then a *beam of white light hit the Prince for what seemed like hours*. The UFO disappeared, our ship's engines and lights came back on, and the Prince sat down, seeming dizzy.

    I ran downstairs to tell the others, and soon found out that only 5 minutes had passed! When I and some of the other sailors went upstairs, the Prince was apparently feeling fine, and we were told never to speak of this."

    The sailor tried to inform the newspapers, believing that the people of the Earth deserved to know that members of the Royal Families were casually in telepathic contact with beings from another world."

    1. The Coronation/"emergency signal"/genetic Vaxx activation being the beginning of the reign of the Anti-Christ?

      Here's the signal, btw. *It activates even if your smartphone is on "silent mode", which basically means they can control your smartphone at any time.*

    2. Well if that ain't straight out of S King's CELL, or Pulse, or The Signal, any number have been a tipoff of what they (may) have in mind.....

  59. AND now thanks to the killer combo of the vaxx and 5G actually have the tech to pull off....


    Makes me wanna go back and check out the Queen lighting up the triple helix on the lawns of Buckingham Palace on Silver Jubilee day all over again......
    It's all lining up......


    THIS, the pledge today conscripting everyone in the UK to join in (or else) -- it's ALL one big massive occult ceremony.
    & the Triple Helix is a massive "tell" in the direction of the vaxx....

    This is hellish.

  62. Jim Beamer just hit me with a new comm -- it's been published but since you might have to scroll back a ways to find it here it is too -- invaluable info -- Thanks Beams!!

    Trust me on this: use dietary charcoal gell caps. I got shedded on by those who vaxxed (I did not take clot shot). Also, for any tooth-gums problem, always use coconut oil. They call it "oil pulling" meaning you hold the coconut oil in your mouth for as long as possible (then spit it out). And, Turmeric is a good anti inflammatory. My tooth paste is coconut oil (a glob of paste) and tooth brush dipped in turmeric wi baking soda. Some people claim that lysine is a good counter to the vaxine.

    PS -- can def vouch for the coconut oil myself. Wonderful stuff. Used to do it all the time & have gotten away from it & need to get back.
    Tightens your toofers right on up too.

  63. Theory:

    Since, on one hand, "they" have been collecting as much of our DNA as possible, of over 5 billion people, thanks to the Covid-19 scam, almost as if they're trying to find something, or someone,

    And since, on the other hand, they've been preparing for the return of the worship of the Venusian goddess Atargatis, by putting her symbol, the Starbucks mermaid, all over the place, and re-establishing the rites of Atargatis from Ancient Syria, such as men cutting off their balls and dressing in drag, child sacrifice (especially babies), and imposing upon society the neverending mermaid trend,

    What if the story of Orejona (Lake Titicaca) and the Stargate program (DIA, 1983) happen to be true? That the Venusian "goddess" of sorts truly was the literal mother of humanity, her extraterrestrial DNA originally used to create our earliest ancestors, millions of years ago, as a hybrid race? Even Lilith, in one version of her story, is said to have been the very first mermaid come down from the Abyss above the Earth, in order to become the mother of the "primitive Adam".

    *The secret reason they might be collecting as many genetic samples from us as possible might be to reconstitute HER genome, buried in the deepest, darkest part of our ancestral memory.*

    They would want to bring Lilith, "Mother Hydra", back to life in a lab, and are presently culturally, psychologically paving the way for all of humanity to love her and fear her and sacrifice for her all over again. Mommy is hungry for blood.

    1. Sure would be nice to know what secrets are buried deep within the Human Genome Project wouldn't it?
      Or even Craig Venter's personal, unpublished research, right?
      & how ALL that research has made its way into the biomedical machinations of what's going on today......

      This goes deeper than most could ever imagine.

  64. hhmm. could be a maybe. but def DNA scrabble going on. sort of reminds me of why they burned so many witches, crones, wise women, young n old in the middle ages. truth of the matter was that they were looking for, hunting down females w/ power, healers, those that were psychics. that could forecast, prophesy, see, were clairvoyant, clairaudient, etc.

    looking for in order to wipe out, esp women the breeders. the desposyni. offspring JC n MM. n not only that purported mating, but that of the disciples. married breeding disciples. their enemies saw the blood relatives of these unions as a dynasty. underneath everything it is believed that this dynasty exists yet today and has played a large role in world government and religious leadership.

    there r even documents that outline legal proceedings aimed at making the vatican admit the cover up, demanding rights n ownerships. could pertain to the now. clone that DNA (Bourla n cronies assisting n u do know headqrtrs labs etc r in Israel so connect Eppy w/ this) to make the antichrist. better hurry up tho if not already. times a 'wastin.

    hell yeah, even better, mate that male w/ the Melusine/Atargis n voila produce an entirely new syzygy. new demiurge. thats supposedly how this mess here started in the first place. rex deus redo.

  65. wordman u got me w/ ur first sentence up there. its such cool stuff couldnt help it. this is a fabulous website--
    its real life Dune, Bene Gesserit stuff. im tellin ya its real. quoting wordman here "This goes deeper than most could ever imagine."
    "There was an authentic line of legitimate blood descendancy from
    Jesus’ own family.They retain true spiritual authority." n it aint Prince Charles no matter what they say. all that Quelph crap started w/ infiltration of the Merovingians. its always ruination from within. thats exactly what were talking about here. covert operations. occulting. messing around w/ sapecific breeding which is the true def of biotech but the old skool way.

    "A meeting between Silvester and the Jewish Christian (sic) leaders took place in 318. The vital interview was not, as far as we know, recorded, but the issues were very well known, and it is probable the Joses, the oldest of the Christian Jews, spoke on behalf of the desposyni and the rest." u do know 7 yrs later in 325 we see the first nicea council. so we have the bible babble rewrite. leaves out alot of the good stuff. clearly states seeking out psychics n fortune tellers is forbidden, taboo, sinful n all that. nobody ever wanted anybody to tell it like it is/was/is gonna be. its been said that every prophecy has been planned, has been purposefully announced n dated all along. n yes there is some strange weirdness w/ that swearing of total fealty one glove kiss the hand coronation thing going on. predated by a literal lit up line-age tracing right to that DNA tree in the royal garden n all.

    "Ever since the Emperor Hadrian had conquered Jerusalem in the year 135, all Jews, and that included Jewish Christians, had been forbidden to enter Jerusalem under pain of instant death. The Jewish Christians had no place in such a church structure but managed to survive until the first decades of the 5th century. Then, one by one, they disappear, most of them die---by the sword (Roman garrisons hunted them as outlaws), by starvation (they were deprived of their small farms and could not or would not adapt themselves to life in the big cities), by the attrition of zero birthrate. The desposyni have ceased to exist. Everywhere, the Roman pope commands respect and exercises authority. Constantine and his lackey, Silvester, were justly rewarded for their evil."

    that link has really neat family trees. hate to tell ya but ppl we know r from these trees. incl Yasser Arafat n a certain siren. that cooler than hell website threads in everything. destroy earth n all this great stuff goes, it cant, it just cant. whos gonna stop it n how? were back to tracking biochemical hydras n praying for armies of angels.

  66. oh shit. Hydra DNA Reveals There’s More Than One Way to Regrow a Head "Researchers pinpointed the genetic machinery behind some of these tiny creatures’ amazing powers of regeneration. Hydra polyps, which have a simple body plan consisting of a foot, body column, hypostome and tentacles. These creatures’ regenerative abilities make them virtually immortal."

    "A hydra’s regenerative abilities allow it to constantly replace bits of itself, so it doesn’t succumb to things like old age or disease. Aside from the immortality perk, constant regeneration means a hydra doesn’t have to sweat the small stuff, like losing body parts. Give it a few days and it will grow back anything."

    go about half way down n see the discussion epigenetic regulation n tentacles > humans. we r talking stem cell biotech here. characheristics animals, creatures always used from the beginning.

    had no interest whatsoever in hydras n then due to our delving we better know. logical conclusions lead us right to RNA replication,hydra monster(s) baby cthulhu. so the myth of growing back heads is real. every time one would cut off a head it grows back. n why its being weaved into the vaxx. once again middle men mimicking.
    Coordinated Gene Expression and Chromatin Regulation during Hydra Head Regeneration
    check the genetics behind the genetics ie names. plus this--
    What genes are involved in Hydra regeneration? 7
    Seven Wnt genes: Wnt3, Wnt1, Wnt7, Wnt 9/10a, Wnt9/10c, Wnt11, and Wnt16 are expressed between 0 and 48 h of Hydra head regeneration.
    just researching the topic superficially is overwhelmingly tangential.

    ok wrap up here now-- from of the same title--
    "And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a BEAR, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. -Rev. 13:1-2..." its a damn good link.

  67. Oo dear! I've certainly missed a lot!
    I hope those in need are able to get help.

    However, great read as always. I dont know if you remember, but a while back I had posted with concerns of my father in law building a 5g tower in one of our fields near our farm.
    They finalized all the paper work at the beginning of the year. It was supposed to go up in February..... they still have not started. I have learned of another cite where they have stalled on getting another tower up, also. I thought this was weird.. usually they try to get them built as quick as possible.

    1. Thanks so much Reveal!!
      I am afraid that those so in need of help are so deluded that they are never going to "get it" until something drastic happens -- and I mean far more drastic than getting banned on a website.

      When you post darn near THIRTY comments AFTER it's been made clear and you've been asked politely NOT TO, you've got major personality/personal problems that go far beyond being obnoxious/ fabricating/ trying to force-derail entire comments sections with ego-centric nonsense, lying about the host, etc. The person in question will NEVER have another comment posted here, and is either too dense and/or too stubborn to embrace that truth. She has, as has been reiterated ad nauseum, MORE than burned her bridges here with disgusting, obnoxious behaviour and she has no one, repeat NO ONE, but herself to blame. I tried for far too long to allow her to fit in here -- it's simply not possible anymore without poisoning the entire environment and vibe. And I would never rain on everyone else's parade for the unbalanced ramblings of one pathological nutcase. It's simply a calmer, nicer, more peaceful atmosphere to discuss and brainstorm without her neuroses and unhinged blather grinding everything to a halt every single comments section. I've received nothing but multitudinous thanks for doing so from all quarters. We all put up with her for far too long.

      Much NOT like her, it appears that those trying to force 5G have realized that the will of the people ultimately takes precedence.
      Imagine that...

    2. Having dealt with one borderline personality, you're probably immune now and will recognize another if you encounter one. I recommend everyone read The Mask of Sanity by Hervey Cleckley which can be borrowed for free at the Internet Archive. It's the most accurate guide to the mental landscape of the elites who rule over us, and to their lesser versions that we come across on occasion, who can make such chaos if turned loose in our personal lives.

    3. Thanks so much Poggy!! It IS a fine thread, isn't it?
      The bullying and the entitlement is something to behold.
      The total absence of self-awareness is the most frightening part to me -- they all really do have NO idea -- the very notions and definitions of what constitute good vs evil are SO jumbled in their heads it's astonishing...I'm thinking of folks like Gates and Fauci who I'm sure can rationalize everything to be able to sleep at night, as opposed to an Epstein who knew EXACTLY what he was doing and just didn't care. Different levels of psychopathy.

      Or maybe they ALL know and just don't care. The mind boggles.

  68. How it started:

    And now... okay... they're... they're not even trying anymore.

  69. OMGGGG. nobody would believe us. if we told them this stuff n showed them over n over repeatedly. n then explained it n then re-explained it, n outlined it, ah forget it.

  70. Speaking of hydra

    For sure, data-mining and collecting has been going on since Hector was a pup.
    Makes me wonder about all those workbooks we completed in 4th grade and where they wound up??!! Haha. We've all got papers on us six feet high as the Stones used to say....

  72. WHOA!!!!!
    And that is QUITE the Aquino bombshell there at the end of that rumble vid. Hoooolllly Moses!!
    (& just so happens to sync with a major part of what's upcoming right here........)
    The world's gettin smaller with every turn BB.

  73. LAUNCH date confirmed True Detectives!!
    Sunday Night window Twilight Zone rules...
    T MINUS 40+ hrs & counting.....

  74. woke up n it was on. i was blinded by all the white supremacy. n thats why woke must be issued forth.

  75. Grim Reaper at Coronation:

    1. Reminds me of the spectral wraith that was seen flying/floating around and over the heads of the crowd at ASTROWORLD.

    2. Being called a Satanic Druid now!!

      You don't actually think Jimmy Savile would miss this for his old buddy, doya??!!

      STILL one of the best docs that cuts to the quick of what we're dealing with btw....

  76. ANON!!
    I remember one of the first issues of PARANOIA I picked up, this one around the time of Diana's death, had a HUGE first-up article all about Prince William being the Beast, Anti-Christ, etc. Was fantastic -- and in the PARANOIA archives, the entire issue, for awhile, but those seem to have bitten the dust unfortunately...I have the hard copy of it somewhere that I managed to salvage from the other house -- will have to initiate a search.

    Yes, the aging blonde look now seems to be a "thing." At last tally total Coronation cost could exceed I'm told 100 million pounds or $125 million. INSANITY. Think of all the good that $$ could do. (Send it to Ukraine!! LOL.)
    Why in the world Officially Sanctioned Lizardville is still a thing is beyond me.
    One very heartening note is the #1 trending hashtag in the UK today and last night was #NotMyKing.
    Even if its now a whisper -- the spirit of Punk lives on!!

  77. Hello wordman,

    Comprehensive essay, per usual.

    An update on Charles Lieber from the last american vagabond:

    The first 38 minutes is pretty much cutouts— mostly schwabie and the spawn of nosferatu Harari— but you have to see Elon trying to explain how brain implants work! They practically had to wipe the drool off of his chin.