Saturday, May 13, 2023


In a dark time the eye begins to see

I meet my shadow in the deepening shade

I hear my echo in the echoing wood

A lord of nature weeping to a tree 

I live between the heron and the wren

Beasts of the hill and serpents of the den.

What's madness but nobility of soul

At odds with circumstance? The day's on fire!

I know the purity of pure despair

My shadow pinned against a sweating wall

That place amoung the rocks -- is it a cave

Or winding path? The edge is what I have

A steady storm of correspondences!

A night flowing with birds, a ragged moon,

And in broad day, the midnight come again

A man goes far to find out what he is --

Death of the self in a long, tearless night

All natural shapes blazing unnatural light

Dark, dark my light, and darker my desire

My soul, like some heat-maddened summer fly

Keeps buzzing at the sill. Which I is I?

A fallen man, I climb out of my fear

The mind enters itself, and God the mind

And one is One. Free in the tearing wind.

         Theodore Roethke

Now some folks are born into a good life/ Other folks get it, anyway, anyhow

Me I lost my money and I lost my wife, them things don't seem to matter much to me now

Tonight I'll be on that hill, cause I can't stop, I'll be on that hill with everything I got

Lives on the line where dreams are found and lost/ I'll be there on time and I'll pay the cost

For wanting things that can only be found

In the darkness on the edge of town:

I'm a cork on the ocean, floating over the raging sea

How deep is the ocean? I lost my way

I'm a rock in a landslide, rolling over the mountainside

How deep is the valley? It kills my soul

I'm a leaf on a windy day, pretty soon I'll be blown away

How long will the wind blow? Until I die....

The Sixth Extinction, some say, began on December 2020. Some souls sensed this even nine months before that, like a distant thunder, and wept openly together at the turning in the pages of a book of history no longer written for them. The initial lockdowns and layoffs being the signal that a line of demarcation had been breached in history's natural timeline, fate abrogated, destiny deferred for a manufactured doomsday beckoning on the horizon. Able to be expressed in a million different ways, but perhaps never so poignantly and beautifully as here in this classic, goodbye, fate-sealing kiss to a fading world:  

I also now see this exchange of souls touching as a landmark precursor event all the way back in 2014...of knowing somehow that something even darker was approaching: 

Sometimes, ofttimes, it's only in hindsight that you begin to sense how important something was, and what it signaled. The banding together of hearts and minds.       

For all of you true believers that lurk in and around the comments sections here, none of this will come as a surprise or anything particularly brand new, (though I have tried to throw in a few parcel bombs for your perusal!!) Those comm sections often constitute in the areas where their tentacles reach, entirely new postings all on their own, which is why I prize so highly keeping them free and clear of unwanted interference, discord, looney tunes and blowback. And very much why this platform is every bit as much yours as it is mine....I'm just the guy with the funny Skipper hat on. (Some might say Gilligan...) Or bat cowl. Or deerstalker. Your Shadow. The Spooky dude in the basement office leafing thru the John Keel books. Take your pick.   

So, in the frantic effort to get to yet another comments section, let's see where this takes us....onward and into the night. Out of the blue, and into the black.  

All of the above is in no way meant to dissuade you from the importance of this particular posting -- quite the opposite in fact: you will find contained here some of the most important, alarming, and apocalyptic news that's ever crossed this doorstep of your after-dark info-tainment dissemination station. Proceed with caution and at your peril. Just take my hand; it gets dark here. Darker than you think. But there are reasons for that...many, yet the same reason....

We are going to venture many places tonight and uncover much information that remains hidden from the public and undermined by the powers-that-be to this day. By the time we reach the end, you will have formed your own opinions as to why...  

We begin tonight on this next winding trail with a young Arlis Perry at Stanford in the dead of an October night in 1974 -- what happened to her and her ghostly legacy will howl down the decades and infect a wide swatch of history, including this little patch you yourself are inhabiting today, as you will see...but first, the particulars. And no one has told it better than Maury Terry in Chapter 1 of his opus The Ultimate Evil: 

Also told here by Mae Brussell acolyte Michael Corbin in his ParaNet Continuum radio show, recently unearthed:

And in abbreviated video series form by James Franco:

Much interior and undisclosed info on the Perry case right here that leads to a much wider-ranging conspiracy:

....which is extremely germane to our look at things.

Perhaps more importantly, was something wider going on?:

Did multiple serials killers at the time, up to and including the Zodiac, have knowledge of each other? Were they part of some "program?"

We already know, thanks most recently to Tom O'Neill, what folks like Jolly West had been doing:

How far does this particular mindset take us? Hang on...

By the time we reach the end tonight you will have ascertained much about the Voice of God technology, and its ramifications. Rest assured despite numerous "fact checks" to the contrary, it is no urban myth: 

And these are mere 2018/20 sketches -- the tech then was 30-40 years on from what was advertised. Today, add another 30, if not more.

By the time we reach the end you will grasp the ultimate occultic nature of what is involved, and how its use now flies miles beyond serial killer programming by the alphabet agencies and their cult cut-out proxies. 

We are seeking an occultic bullseye of formation from which many divergent lines explode  -- and we could do far worse than to zero in on the fate of Arlis Perry as ground zero for the path of history. Can retracing the steps of a life and cruel destiny of one person lean forward into a rationale, the fate of an entire species? A Sixth Extinction by pointing the finger of those that would perpetrate it? The space-time equivalent of a butterfly flapping its wings and causing a hurricane half a world away? That answer is ongoing, and we will see... 

In this post you will hear words like Geomancer and Spellbook, Valkyrie, and you will come to know the reasons for those names, and what they mean; how they form a legacy of those far-off times on the Stanford campus when the occult and supreme evil was a heartbeat away -- and how those times have returned with a vengeance. And if there is strength -- and validation, confirmation -- in numbers, then the valued research of a thousand or more named and unnamed experts is confirming this, as impossible as it seems. That confirmation also lies within the hard copies of the Pfizer documents themselves, explaining all too well the impetus to having them hidden from the prying eyes of the public for 75 years.  


I am going to leave this conversation right here for now between Art Bell and Joyce Riley discussing the permutations of the then-unfolding Gulf War Illness from 10-23-1996. The reasons for its inclusion here will become evident by the time we reach the end:

At the 45:45 mark -- idiopathic cardiomyopathy. Sound familiar?:

15,000 Gulf War vet deaths -- yet not ONE featured in the MSM. Sound familiar?  

I will for now tell you to note around the 17 min mark what Joyce Riley says the research of Dr. Garth Nicolson had then uncovered: the presence of an HIV envelope gene in the blood of vaccinated Gulf War vets yielding the form of a mycoplasma incognitas

I will also tell you that mycoplasma incognitas has been found in numerous chemtrail samples from all across the North American corridor since their advent and proliferation in the late 1990s:

I will also leave this here; a recent admission coming from the BBC:

And according to Riley, as of October 1996, (34 min mark) there were more Iranian babies being born deformed than were being born healthy. Any linkages? This latest from Naomi Wolf's site:

More from Nicolson:

At the 36 min mark you will note one possible origin vector: the Huntsville TX prison system in the late 1980s seems to have been a fertile testing ground for what was rolled out during the Gulf War; both perpetrated on captive audiences.    

We are dealing with a contagion that has been perfected after years of "experiments." But a contagion of what nature?:

"Hence in these post-Skinwalker Ranch contagions, if social contagion is the appropriate modelling template, then social contagion in these cases has biological consequences." 

What's one of my fav sayings? All together now: the past is prologue.

But we're just getting started. Because calling this a lowly contagion is only the beginning, silly futile human...the advent of electro-magnetic AI, microprocessors, self-assembling nano-machines, immortal hydras, hydrogels, mRNA, 5G-enabled remote control spike proteins, and true multi-dimensional quantum bioweapons is calling. The dangerous visions of sci-fi life are here, and Homo Borg Genesis is just around the corner...

But honestly, that's nothing new, is it? The Plan has been in play for a long time. At the very least the exoskeleton of the unfolding. Experimental vaccines, plans and counterplans, altering our DNA, gene therapy, the list goes on, all bound for the endless limits of an unknown future. We are but merchandise and cattle in that equation conjured by our "betters," informed by the metaphysical, governed by the existential, whispered to by the esoteric. Elite deviance on the 24/7 prowl, either stalking for the upgrade or the Guidestone takeout.


Stay in the shadows/ Cheer at the gallows/ this is a round-up/ This is a low-flying panic attack

Abandon all reason/ Avoid all eye contact/ Do not react/ Shoot the messengers/ This is a low-flying panic attack

We know where you live... 

Which bring us to the recent revelations by former FEMA official Celeste Solum on Maria Zeee's platforms:

Once again, you will notice the accent on the soul, but the important part here is the delivery system of the oppression: Solum claims that thru her FEMA contacts, she has ascertained that in the months leading up to the WHO declaring a pandemic outbreak in March 2020, the elites were charged with engineering overflights over territories like the US and Australia, to name two, that broadcast witchcraft spells to "soften up" the populace and put them in a trance (or a more receptive mindset) to receive orders they may not have ordinarily gone along with under any circumstances: namely forced lockdowns, mandatory quarantines, business closures, and most importantly, mandated vaccinations. These came via unmanned graphene drones utilizing software with names like Spellbook and Geomancer. The drones themselves were named VALKYRIE. 

I am unable at this juncture to totally substantiate Solum's witchcraft claims -- which wouldn't be bothersome if they didn't correlate 100% with Anthony Patch's 2015-16 CERN-DWAVE-Saturn hypothesis, for which he received several unwanted visits from the feds threatening his life and those of his loved ones.....

Solum: "Their synthetic biology repurposes living systems and organisms. It changes their function from the way God originally designed it to a new function....SynBio hollows you out as a cavitation event, Basically they are gutting you like a fish and making you a receptacle for the dead, Dead spirits. Demons. Other parallel dimension entities." (See here for Patch's 2015 assertions and tell me it's not enough to get creeped out over -- the similarities: )

Check where those hexagonal structures started showing up in the blood of -- Morgellons patients. You know, that malady that mimics almost to a 'T' what we're seeing now in the blood of the vaxxed. BOOM.  

And also if there weren't multiple headlines like this that I found: 

And which was rolled out exactly 1 year before:

Up close:

So sure Solum's all nonsense now? Yeah, me neither. 

"The Air Force has been working with examples of the XQ-58A which made its first flight under the service's auspices in 2019, for years now. The drones have been used for a variety of research and development and test and evaluation purposes since then." 

Uh-huh. I smell a plausible deniability confirmation right there.    

Or if there hadn't been subliminal triggers like this in 2008 already out there: 

Art imitating life? See what Remdesivir (the killer) was first called:

(This is sorcery.)  

Or if the historical record didn't contain things like this:

So is what she is saying possible? Hell, it's probable

Roman Polanski in Rosemary's Baby put it best: ALL OF THEM WITCHES.


This piece of red-hot news just appeared (or, more to the point, didn't appear) under that search banner in Google -- the tipoff and designation they assign info so radioactive they're looking for a place to bury it so you'll never find it:

Rather than smoothing itself out over time, the Epstein network rabbit hole just keeps on finding new ways to dig itself in even deeper. I mention touchstones like Arlis Perry and others because the same serial killers are at work here, mining the same ideological darkness on those edges of town, only the choice of weapons and the scope of the battlefield has the 17:10 mark above Whitney mentions how they are now mapping the in silico model of babies' and children's brains in DNA databases...for? Purposes unknown. Which reminds me of nothing so much as Anthony Patch's In Silico DNA paper and discussions like this: 

Listening to that all-important discussion with Patch all over again, it continues to absolutely floor me how he saw all of this coming 8 years ago; when it was all so much woo-woo and science fiction to so many at the time. Not feeling like quite as much woo now, is it?      

Finally, let's circle back (heh heh) to Arlis' husband Bruce D. Perry, and the amazing research of Polly:  (under the 22-10-05 link)

Not only his links to a system of institutionalized child abuse, but also his ties to Gulf War Syndrome (a precursor if there ever was one) and then Covid, need to raise huge red flags. Never mind the mind control...Gulf War Syndrome to Morgellons to Covid to the vaxx -- we have been witnessing one long progression run by the same people with links hard-wired into the occult that think nothing of cold blooded murder -- either of the individual or on a scale that can scarcely be imagined. The markers are all there. All you have to do is open your eyes. 

Even under the extremely fact-checked wiki page you will find the incredibly weird notation that at the time there were TWO Bruce D. Perry's at the same geographic location:

This alone tells you that there was something afoot and an occult ritual operation was in place and counting down, very likely with official alphabet agency sign-off from the deep shadows.

"Make it bad. As bad as it gets. If you're going to do something, do it well. And leave something witchy." Charles Manson to Tex Watson, August 8, 1969.

And as far as clues go and their being all around us, listen to the latest dispatch from Skinwalker Ranch:

And what David Paulides picked up from it, see the 29 min mark here: 

Make of that what you will. But much like Paulides, I see it (666) as being hugely significant.

But finally I DO appreciate Celeste Solum's take on fighting back vs the impossible, unrelenting forces arrayed against us. We're still here. Echoing the Abby Martin piece at the beginning and Mike Ruppert's final instruction she aired: Fire your weapon. Wake up and put a smile on your face; do what you do. Write. Talk. Speak out, Simply go to work. Do a good job. Interact with your friends. Reach out. Love everybody. It takes so little and means so much -- the world even. Humanity is gifted and ridiculously resilient. We have angels and the Truth on our side. Defiant positivity is a weapon. As Saint Augstine famously said "Hope has 2 beautiful daughters -- Courage and Anger."

Last words again, as they so often are with me, to the Last Romantic Standing:

On the cusp of another summer and one more trip around the yellow sun, believe in magical. 

Our kind. Without the 'k.'




  1. According to Zacharia Sitchin's translations of Ancient Sumerian myths, Gaga, the planet Pluto, was the counsellor and emissary of the greater god Anshar, the planet Saturn.

    Despite his great power and seniority, Anshar/Saturn was the archetype of the fool, essentially the jester of the gods' celestial court.

    Gaga was often portrayed as female, a medicine goddess.

    *Lady Gaga* is now playing the consort of the Joker, his former psychiatrist (counsellor/medicine goddess of the fool/jester).

  2. Something very interesting I discovered, when studying the most ancient myths of the near-east and middle-east, is this:

    To the Assyrians, the very first of the Galli was Combabus, an irresistible young man who castrated himself so that his queen, enamored with him, could not be unfaithful to her husband.

    To their Elamite neighbors, Combabus became Khumbaba, at first a similar character, then inexplicably a cursed monster of some sort, cursed by a goddess due to his beauty, and his refusal to give in to her lust.

    The Sumerians and Babylonians turned him into Humbaba, the gigantic Medusa-esque ogre of the forest which Gilgamesh and Enkidu defeated.

    The Greeks eventually made him into a *her*, Medusa. There's something definitely missing here, when it comes to the addition of the serpent symbolism, and an effeminate young man in drag, considered to be sacred, being suddenly turned into a monster which needed to be killed at all costs.

    This is most probably a metaphor for the "trans" movement in ancient times being violently demonized by later, more virile cultures. Which would imply that Medusa is in fact a trans icon, not a feminist icon.

  3. A little blurb that could use a little more attention regarding you Valkyrie links,
    "As the captions to the new pictures underscore, the Valkyries now at Eglin are there primarily to support the Autonomous Aircraft Experimentation (AAx) effort, which is tied to the Air Force's Skyborg project. Skyborg is centered on the development of an artificial intelligence (AI) driven "computer brain," along with a suite of other systems and technologies, intended to enable drones, and potentially crewed platforms, with varying degrees of autonomous functionality.

    The XQ-58A is one of a number of uncrewed and crewed aircraft that have been involved in Skyborg-related testing since 2021. This test fleet also includes Kratos' smaller UTAP-22 Mako."

    Skyborg Project.
    AI operating system.

    Nothing to see here...
    Back to finish reading....

    1. Phil!!
      AI -- The Internet of Things -- the Internet of Bodies --
      It's what they want us all hooked up into.
      Can't do anything without vaxx credits, CBDCs, 15-min cities, etc.
      No food, no cars, no jobs, no money. Totally dependent on Big Bro for it all. Even your happy thoughts & happy "endings" -- LOL. There will be no male-female interaction anymore. What did you think 6-foot distancing was the start of, anyway?
      No sex. No babies. No TOUCHING.
      Nothing that makes us human. They HATE that.
      (They're the devil.)

      Naomi Wolf mentioned it very pointedly in her talk at Hillsdale. This is a sea change.
      She doesn't even see people FLIRTING anymore.

      This is frightening. We are being removed. Piece by piece.

  4. Cried at that Rupert tribute. RIP. Are all these people now just revelation of the method? Because it's been a good ye
    ar since it's been clearly recognised by anyone with heart left that this vaxxine is tricky business and all we get is doom headlines that repeat what we already know. Where are the leaders who are activating change themselves? Envisioning futures different than the nightmare one hurtling towards us?
    Are there no scientists willing to study the vaxxine and how it interfaces with satanic infrastructure (5G) etc? Take bloods. Take volunteers. Expose them to radio waves and lasers and sound frequencies and release the results. Irrefutable evidence of the borgification of humanity is surely not too hard to manage at this point?

    I been looking into mkultra escappes testimonies and one of the things been said is that handlers and victims is itself a self perpetuating thing with disease like generation. One person abuses another who abuses two more who themselves go onto abuse....
    Human hunting. Death squads. Lurking behind the facades of society is potentially an army of mkultra'd people ready for the flick to switch. Just one facet of the coup de grace in store for us. I believe in God because there is nothing else to believe in but when I am home alone browsing my phone my mind wallows in profound despair and I don't know to cure it. Most of the people around me are more miserable and not even aware of any of this.

    Story that people here might find interesting: Maybe two years agoI went with a person I did security with clubbing and we left club late at night and bumped into two men. One was middle 40s and the other middle to late 30's and the 30guy asked do you know somewhere to drink at this time and we said yeah go here blablabla and he invited us to come drink with him. The 40guy was quiet and seemed not keen to drink with us. Anyway we go drink with them after the 40guy trying to take the guy away like walking off then coming back and being like come and acting grumpy. Anyway we start drinking and the 30guy is talking mad shit about conspiracy type stuff but in a loopy way. Like that his father killed some pervert with the starting gun from the 1960s Olympics or something and the 40guy is making an effort to be amiable but is also clearly uncomfortable. At one point he offers us pills. Things go on and the 30guy gets increasingly more loopy and the vibe becomes Heavy Weird. My buddy leaves to get a beer or something and the 40guy starts to mumble: whaledickwhaledickwhaledick and in an instant the 30guy quietens. Smiles and nods when you talk to him from this point. It's like 4am or so and I leave with buddy soon after. My friend dosnt fuck with conspiracy theories really but straight away he's like that was some cult shit that was fucking weird and I tell about mkultra and he's like fuck, no shit.
    Fast forward to couple weeks ago and buddy hits me up out of the blue after not seeing him for a year or so. He says he's in trouble with his gf and can he borrow 500. I say yes cause I'm dumb like this. In times past this is a person that has had my back in some pretty extreme situations. We get a beer in meantime and catch up and he's sort of idk. It's weird. I say hey you remember when we met those weird cult guys and he tells me that he actually took the 40guy number and visited his house and he is a bikie and a Satan worshipper. He said he showed him a room painted entirely black and full of shit and piss and blood. Told him about summoning demons etc. Offered him work. I said bruh. I pretty much knew he just coming to fleece me at this point so I finished my beer and wished him best.

    I just want a house in the woods with a big garden and a couple sheep and goats. I'm tired of this shit.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. FINALLY -- aft years of pushback, threats, and obstruction (I'm sure everyone that reads this blog can guess why)
    THIS is coming out:

    And tbh, FUCK all those people that will say they can't "handle this," or that it's too much -- THEY are the biggest part of the problem.
    Silence = complicity & consent.

    God is calling on each and every one of us.
    This must end NOW. On our watch.
    ALL of this (vaxx agenda very much included) is part of the predatory death cult we have to rip to shreds.
    What in your entire life is more important than this?

  7. A6!!
    There really ARE LOTS of people doing their level best to do something, get the word out, present fixes, etc to our present predicament: Dr. David Martin, Dr Ana Mihalcea, Karen Kingston, everyone at La Quinta Columna, Aryana Love, Carrie, Stew, Naomi and so many more -- it's just that in this climate of MSM gaslighting and stonewalling, you will NEVER hear about it unless you know where to go.
    The entire EU Parliament just held a third round of HUGE talks about all this, and not a peep was heard -- will be presenting the links right here in a little while so you can check it out....

    We just have to keep on keeping on and not get discouraged. Things WILL and ARE changing. This kind of atrocity cannot stand...Look at the above comm links to the new SOUND OF FREEDOM coming out in just a few weeks.

    And Abby Martin -- I KNOW. What can I say? Gets me
    Real human emotion. Empathy. Bonding. And Love.
    I'd hug her to the moon and back if I could.

    And, most importantly, it's why "they" never stood a chance.
    They have nothing to combat that.

    Mike Ruppert was a wonderful, wonderful person. If only he knew how many lives he touched.
    CROSSING THE RUBICON, presented in a court of law, would have landed the entire Bush junta on death row. Of that I have ZERO doubt.
    The man was a pioneer far far ahead of his time, spitting truth at a time when it cost everything to do so. THAT is what courage is.

    1. Aw man I worry so much
      Maybe I like to be the guy who says we aren't doing enough too idk
      You read about human trafficking and just think godamnit fuck

  8. BB!!
    Which is why, once again, this July 4 date seems so pivotal to me.
    EVERYTHING (vaxx injuries, deaths, genocide, transhumanism) grows out of this.
    THIS is the wellspring. And this film might be, MIGHT be, the bomb that detonates their playhouse.
    So many ridiculously powerful forces have tried to torpedo any chance of you seeing this for 3 years now, yet here it is:

    Let's see what we can do with it.
    The most important thing? What did Rust say in TD?
    Do NOT avert your gaze.

  9. Let's form our own little Steering Committee, shall we?
    Because the MSM isn't going to touch this with a ten foot pole, I want YOU to.
    Spread these links to everyone you know far & wide.
    It's David Martin giving a 20-min history and wrapup in front of the EU Parliament of where we are and how we got here going back to the mid-60s.
    It's the best & most damning summation yet that I've seen of the big picture outside of Karen Kingston, from the 40,000 foot view.

    NOW -- here's the fun part....think to yourself and ponder how this mindset of weaponized viruses, & playing with genomic sequences, & "directed evolution" plays into the SOUND OF FREEDOM film I just linked to....
    Heck, look at the link in this very post about Epstein's latest papers leaking all the info about harvesting wide swaths of DNA information in huge databases of children......& how Google is desperate to hide THAT info as much as Hollywood (& others...) are desperate to hide Sound of Freedom.

    Martin's speech:

    YT version starts at 13 min in:

    & don't expect it'll be up for long.....

    There are no coincidences here.

  10. Hey BB!!
    I think a LOT of people have a vested interest in getting us to look AWAY from the "occult elite" aspects of TD sea 1.
    Because that's where the target is.

    Exactly like so many still vowing that Eyes Wide Shut is nothing more than a 'relationship" film. Riiiiiiiiiiight.
    "anything more is reading into it more than Kubrick intended..."

    NO -- that's EXACTLY what he intended. You're dumbing it down to lowest-common-denominator piffle because that's all YOU can handle. Clearly he had other aims. So did TD sea 1.
    THAT'S why it was so popular.
    It had nothing to do with who directed what, or cameras, or setting up the shot, or cinematography or excellent acting -- altho that sold it.

    & they're suckers for anyone with guts enough to give it to them straight.
    Clearly Pizzolatto went as far as he could in sea 1 and he's been pulling the rug out & backing away ever since. And it's shown in the ratings -- seasons 2 & 3 were horrible compared to 1. And there's a reason for that.

    People want validation of what they know is true -- not a steady dumbing down and backing away with educated-beyond-your-intelligence rationalizations and obfuscations of what they KNOW is going on....
    There IS a predator class of religious, scientific and political elites with openly occult belief systems that view us as merchandise.
    They don't even hide it anymore. (See the minutes from any WEF recent outing...)

    All this gaslighting needs to stop. It's ridiculous at this point.

  11. Did Pizzolatto get a call aft sea 1 from the Big Office & have the riot act read to him?
    I think so.
    Getting too close will do that.
    Ask Trevor Moore:

    Or Kubrick for that matter.

    1. Okay, now that's f**king hilarious.

      Perfectly in tune with this:

      Pope John Paul the 1st, on August 28th, 1978, said that the 1000 year extravagant coronation ritual needed to come to an end, and that the Church needed to embrace humility.

      Jeff Wells and many researchers point the finger in the direction of "The Octopus" when it comes to the Pope's assassination after merely 33 days;
      The Octopus is the Italian version of the German crime syndicate/terrorist organization O.D.E.S.S.A./The Spider (fictionalized as S.P.E.C.T.R.E./Hydra).

      The night before his untimely death, John Paul the 1st stated that he wanted to expose and put to an end all corruption within the Church and all connections to the Mafia and the P2 Lodge, "even if it meant arresting practically everyone at the Vatican".

  12. More on Trev for those that don't know:

    On August 7, 2021, at the age of 41, Moore died after being involved in an accident at his residence resulting in blunt force head trauma.[1][36][37] TMZ reported that Moore fell from his upstairs balcony at his home and suffered fatal head trauma around 2:30 AM on August 7. Alcohol was later revealed to be a factor, and no other drugs were in his system at the time, according to toxicology reports/

  13. Trev also did Miss March -- wait, that's not right -- was the brains behind Miss March (that's better..)
    that I thought was hilarious but that got heinous reviews:

    But that was his one nod to commercialdom -- other than that, his milieu was a LOT darker:

    Which of course got him in trouble....

  14. Hahahahahahahaha!!!

  15. JB!!
    Pope JP the 1st reminds me SOOOO much of Malachi Martin it's not even funny.
    WINDSWEPT HOUSE got him in a world of hurt.


    Windswept House describes a satanic ritual – the enthronement of Lucifer – taking place at Saint Paul's Chapel inside Vatican City, on June 29, 1963. The book gives a depiction of high-ranking churchmen, cardinals, archbishops and prelates of the Roman curia, taking oaths signed with their own blood, plotting to destroy the Church from within. It tells the story of an international organized attempt by these Vatican insiders and secular internationalists to force a pope of the Catholic Church to abdicate, so that a successor may be chosen that will fundamentally change orthodox faith and establish a New World Order.

    The author describes the book as containing "real events and real people masked in the form of a novel", a device he refers to as "faction".[1] According to Martin, 95% of events in the book are real, and 85% of the characters are real people

    MARTIN also figured prominently in the Art Bell infamous "vatican priest" letter that he received and read on air in December 1996 as comet Hale-Bopp was approaching earth and word of the "Companion" started to leak:

    Bell on the air said that he had "vetted" this letter & info with an insider of his that he didn't name but that he alluded was indeed Martin.
    He had said that Martin was apoplectic over this: "Don't EVER send anything like this over an open fax line again. What you have is REAL. the people running and behind this would have no more compunction over killing you than they would slicing a piece of bread."

    Martin in the following months, & with the advent of the Phoenix Lights, was adamant that "something" was approaching us, and he was VERY sure that this was not, in fact, aliens, but something of a far darker spiritual bent that was merely disguised as such.

  17. FOUND IT!!
    Or at least part of the story -- min 52:00 right here:

    Talking with Kathleen Keating -- a disciple of Martin's -- who has since disappeared or gone into hiding I might add....

  18. PS -- have actually located her & am going to reach out but am also going to be judicious about giving out her links and contact info until I know it's OK with her & she gives the all clear......
    During a very long hiatus she has been up against VERY powerful forces.

  19. About mycoplasma incognitas:
    Scientists have found that M. incognitus can utilize glucose both aerobically and anaerobically, but prefers to utilize the alternate energy source: fructose.

  20. Friends, be careful with anything that resembles medication or supplements etc. It was always full of GMO stuff; and the manufacturers are openly jumping in bed with mRNA makers.

    Last summer I got very ill (idiopathic intracranial hypertension; my eyes still haven't cleared 100%) after drinking a few cans of Monster energy drinks (well, they do display "666", in Hebrew, right on the can; so my stupidity). A few days ago, on a trip to a hypermarket, I saw a new Monster flavor called "Monarch", and the packaging was just covered with Monarch butterflies, btw.

    Things are just beyond blatant. All the mind control stuff that was once a rarified slice of military and Hollywood is now getting rolled out on a global SCALE. I expect that soon, no processed foodstuffs or meds or household items will be devoid of it.

  21. the octopus. a very intelligent creature. far reaching. tentacles that can n do touch everything. very organically. is actually a type of alien (check out old Ruth Montgomery). quite the logo. the symbol completely covers it. see this old tombstone. almost ancient but not quite. the enigma of rennes le chateau always the secrets of the vatican, cover ups for centuries murders n lies well over 2000 yrs. the old de Negre (blanche de Hautpoul. Blanchefort) tombstone. lots of those look like sigils. old families have known n held secrets, properties, treasures. played both sides n up the middle.
    have known n held secrets. the octopus denotes old world european holdings, collusion by some. others attempted to reveal. always tho the
    warning its a deep sea but you will be found out. we have eyes n ears everywhere. thats how u n urs stay on the payoll n in the club.

    dykema stanford victims last name one of the worlds biggest law firms. david B n satanic rituals in central park worshipping the Pindar. king of the world. the NWO deceased daddy-O John D Rockefeller. looks like Ahriman n not by accident. cant leave out their buddies yet competitors yet enemies yet fellow club of romers. Pindar De Rothschild

    old france old europe OG $. r/t of course the Cathars who described it all. the demiurge the evil n the fake world we live in. just as wordman exampled n outlined w/ his TD links above. plus this whole threads content n pics does more than support the SPELL were under. they warned about it way before there were any military drones delivering dark astral combat for the sorcerarchy. wow on that whole thing plus those drones look like 'spook high tech' sharks (loved that term). certain assoc KT orders still fight the good fight. stay on the mission. they wiped out both the cathars n the KT. they thot. cancel culture is just a newer version of the inquisition.

    the story was never a simple treasure hunt or even close. it outlines old secret societies, ancient lies, priests trying to open portals, calling in entities from certain constellations, world-famous artists, encoded stones, encrypted parchments, KT ciphers n erased epitaphs. theyve always done it. but finally gained global power. the power over almost everything.
    it goes so far back n for so long.

    this thread n its illustrations, links, vids, does far outreach. ok. so it finally becomes a demon ruled world. outright on the streets. makes mad max world(s) look like a pink my pony party. so what will do "they" do after implementation? watch it on CCTV eagle eye screens all day? n masturbate to it while munching fresh baby parts? so deals can be made w/ demons or demiurges for that matter? once its an overrun bloody scorched zombie earth-- then what? its just another hell again. will look like saturn. hot perpetual boring. what for? to rule a dumbass hell hole transformed into a wizard of oz head? maybe the whole thing was only for the fear. just that. for the juicy fear the whole damn time. which is prob a worse kind of hell when ya think about it. maybe.

  22. welp. dropped my mouse n lost an entire post. cant replicate it. anyway when first reading this threads voice of god tech realized immediately it seems to be the same high spook tech ark of the covenant n other biblical artifacts. its all plasma energy, EMF, wave length, molecular gymnastics well known use by gods n aliens. could even be reverse engineered from the actual items.

    plus the Carr brothers the 2 sons of Berkowitzs neighbor Sam Carr. way weird satanic stuff. u kill to prove urself. read long ago those 2 were w/ David B at a few difft park rituals where the Pindar showed up or was conjured up. theres been more than one. its a tradition handed up not down. u have to prove urself for that too.

    societal chaos= social contagion for sure. from LA to Chicago n obviously worldwide. the real virus. assisted by the other one. its either demons or god talking. or a demon thru a black lab. thats what they ALL say, report.

    "Michael and John the sons of Sam Carr. At the time of the killings, Berkowitz claimed that he was directed to kill by Sam — a demonic entity who spoke to him through Sam Carr’s dog. But Terry believed that Berkowitz’s association with the Carrs didn’t stop with the dog or his hallucinations. Both Carr brothers would die prematurely in the years following Berkowitz’s 1977 arrest.Just months after Berkowitz was detained by police, John was shot in the head in North Dakota. His body was found in an his girlfriend’s apartment; she first told police that he committed suicide before later claiming that he was murdered in relation to the Son of Sam investigation, according to Unsolved Mysteries. Michael Carr died in a car accident in Manhattan about a year-and-a-half after the death of his brother." one of them a blonde so who was the blonde in California at Stanford in 1974? John Carr was blonde "a rapist and suffocator" who supposedly did one of the SoS teen killings in 1976. the satanic symbol on stuff in that case is a sigil. not just a symbol. it was said the other 2 girls all saw a does anybody know that?

    social contagion in that n other satanic ppl 'families.' more at some more too at
    so Arliss Perry preached to the wrong room? an incredible clue linked link. check the geography. pics. badass.

    1. She made the mistake of entering into a debate with some Satanists who were hanging around Minot. These weirdos (satanists, Luciferians, Malignant Narcissists) are all dedicated to revenge on anyone who challenges their delusional self importance. Anger Retaliation Overkill Rage. It's a common tendency in The Authoritarian Personality who staff DOJ's Community Policing-Vigilante network of criminal slime (Targets call it Gang Stalking).

  23. ANON!!
    Eye Of The Devil, released in that pivotal year of 1966:

    Last major film done in B&W, and yes, Tate was introduced into something very dark there that ended up following her for the rest of her short life.
    Sure you know all the sordid stories about Polanski filming her being basically raped by strangers that'd he'd set her up with, then THOSE films disappearing with the help of the LAPD aft the massacre.....Manson insinuating that she & Polanski et al had been into child porn as well, hence his disregard for them.

    ALSO the story about Sirhan Sirhan being at at least one of the many parties held at Cielo, & Tate overhearing something (too much) about he & his ties to the Process Church at same party, initiating the massacre orders passed down to Manson via Process channels; (or) overhearing something re the upcoming RFK assassination re party talk as well --

    Her former lover Jay Sebring (another massacre victim) was a well known Satanist running around with likes of Sammy Davis Jr, LeVay himself, & who knows who else also, supposedly drawing Tate into THAT circle as're right, WHAT a godawful mess.
    That, Polanski, Rosemary's Baby, hit contracts, satanism, pedophilia, The Beatles, Mia Farrow, Manson, the Beach Boys,
    snuff films (also supposedly found at Cielo), the LAPD in on it; MKULtra, Sirhan, the RFK hit...... absolutely ridiculous ball of yarn there and forever impossible to untangle fully. far-reaching ramifications that we'll never ever get to the bottom of....

    Wonder what Tom O'Neill's NEXT book's gonna be about?? LOL.

  24. PS -- If U haven't seen it, a LOT is gotten into some ways even more than O'Neill tackled:


    And Tate, God rest her soul, was one truly beautiful girl.
    A wrong life in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people.

    And very much of THAT time, a little soundtrack for ya as you're reading:

    Beautiful, spooky, and chilly sunshine.

  25. And after all these years, Don't Worry Baby is still the undefeated champ of, literally, Divine sound and feels.
    Brian, MAN!!

  26. It's the sound of that connection when you look in that one person's eyes and you both just know. No words need saying. It's unguarded. Forever.

  27. How he channeled that sound with all the arguing and turmoil and discord going on around him at that time is a real miracle in itself -- & shows you the power of his will. Turning a frown upside down!! Peace & love baby.

  28. hhmmm. that is interesting. could be another sign vs omen.

  29. pindar stuff at that link. still cant find more on it directly but i guess thats enough. theres freemasons then theres freemasons. not to be confused w/ or as each other.

  30. im gonna have to watch that again. what a cast. those 60's horror movies simply cannot be beat. thanks man. on Tom O'Neill bet its Epstein. i re-looked too at the Miles Mathis take but he does his usual. what u is in there too but laid out better by Dave McGowans stuff. its back it seems to that social disintregration contagion hitchhiker model. everybody in a nearby environment gets infected.

  31. Very astute comment, my man.
    I love how McGowan's stuff is a carousel of interconnectivity -- his Laurel Canyon stuff & Programmed To Kill intertwine seamlessly, all seeming different parts of the same operation. Spooky to the hilt...and leaves you wondering who's really in charge, the folks running the Ops, or whatever's running them?

    And you're right, no matter the case, that whole SoCal, Hollywood Hills, Canyon vibe from roughly 65-69/70 was freakin ground zero. Everything from rock stars to serial killers to Satan worshippers to Apocalypse cult leaders and Fed spooks had the run of the place. A real melting pot of glitz & horror. Can't really think of any other place and time like it in all of history where so many weird elbows were rubbing at the same time maybe being directed by the same forces. Freaks allllll week.

    PS -- & you're right about Mathis. Very erudite but disappears up his own backside far too much for my taste.

  32. Well THAT'S not dead on fucking pertinent or anything.

    You'd think this would be me but I'm actually already over at


  33. For those wondering, here's the link to the full issue:

    "The Ultimates" are a reboot of the Avengers, but kept as "realistic" as possible. The aliens in question are the Chitauri, reptilian shapeshifters straight out of David Icke. The "ultimate" version of Thor was directly based upon Icke himself.

    1. In the first Avengers *movie*, Loki's army from outer space, on loan from Thanos, were named the Chitauri. David Icke had written that name down in one of his books, many years ago; it was the name given by the Zulu people (by their sanusi/shaman Credo Mutwa) to the Little Grey Men, who are supposed to be small reptilians.

  34. All in all JB very reminiscent of this that I first viewed around 2001-2002.

    Everybody here, this is incredibly detailed and well done, with many many major tipoffs running into today's events:

    Matter of fact and in a much different way it's right up there with WATCHMEN.
    Yes, it's that good.


    Have been reticent to look under this particular rock on the heels of more info presenting itself -- & I think it just has:

    And just NOW:

    More as it hits.....

  36. I'm presently reading Jeff Wells' 2009 book "Rigorous Intuition", and I've just noticed something: YOU have based the structure of your posts on HIS! His articles start off with quotes and song lyrics as well, lol.

    He's living up here in Canada, and back in 2009, he believed the liberals to be the good guys, lmao.

    How times change. I used to be a devout liberal 20 years ago as well.

    1. JB!!
      It IS crazy how things change.....Jimmy Carter today would be to the right of Attila the Hun!!

      Liberals actually WERE the good guys back in the day vs the likes of Bush, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld and Cheney. But it's forever a shell game of their pitting Us vs Them. And the House always wins. It's a terrorizing, occupying force that sometimes uses the Left and sometimes the Right against the little guy.
      But THE FORCE is always recognizable no matter if it's a donkey or a ephant.
      It's the Other, the Nazi, the Alien.

    2. OH & you're right -- I most def based the structure here on RIGINT.

      Every artist is a cannibal -- every poet is a thief.....

  37. This ongoing global clusterf*ck makes me feel down sometimes, too. On the one hand it's hard to believe that people could be so diabolical, and on the other hand it's hard to believe that everyone isn't "in on it" somehow. Especially when it's increasingly clear that the conservatives and progressives have the exact same goals they're just pushing from different angles.

    It's important to take a break every now and then. Get some fresh air.

    That said, it's entirely possible that a mass kill-off has been planned since at least the inception of Social Security. It's obviously a Ponzi scheme. They say it's not, but come on. Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of economics and how Social Security works should have seen its insolvency coming from miles away. I saw it years ago, but naively assumed that someone had a nice plan to keep it going. That not so nice plan is now becoming clear. It was clear when NY jammed the nursing homes full of C-1-9 cases, and stuffed a vent down the throat of everyone they could. Death is how some would balance the budget.

    It's always been that way, look at the history of war. Except that SS means we can't "afford" to throw young people on the fire. It's the aged, the "dry tinder" who is now the target. It's baked into the system. It's a blatant admission that socialism is death. To anyone willing to look at it face on.

    If there's a debt default, SS and the medical entitlements will probably be the first to go. And this is after medicaid expansions, and expansion of coverage to ludicrous "conditions" which need not be named. A debt default could kill many, many people. Angry, hungry mobs could kill many more. You want a zombie apocalypse? Starve out seniors and take away the "medical care" that so many people rely on for their "identity." There have already been documented cases of people hiding the bodies of their deceased parents so they could keep collecting the government benefits they also relied on.

    It hadn't really sunk in before today, but one reason conservatives have been so hellbent on demonizing abortion may be because they realize that without a steadily expanding population the whole system goes kerplunk.

    And progressives want an ever increasing population of immigrants for the same reason.

    None of it is about helping anyone. It's all checkbook balancing. And it will eventually be balanced. Everyone has to pay the piper someday.

    1. Wordsy!!
      FRESH AIR -- everybody's buyin but nobody's sellin.....

      That piper payin ledger accountant is comin', & it ain't gonna be pretty, my man.....

    2. Oops, that wasn't intended to be a sprawling diatribe.

      The connection between money and death is really kind of mind warping, though. It's no wonder they're closely linked in the occult, considering that inheritance is as old as death itself. But it's really jarring to see it playing out in real time.

      That was a pretty song you linked to. I hadn't realized David Crosby was still making music in 2012.

    3. Wordsy!!
      That's actually a remake of the old Byrds hit by Ulver, a Norwegian black metal band -- who knew they could actually sing?? Haha!!
      The whole album is called Childhood's End & it's a total keeper!!!!

      The Age of Aquarius never sounded so good!!

    4. Hahaha! That's why I shouldn't post things late at night when I can't sleep.

      Hadn't heard of Ulver before. Looked just a little at their stuff, and the Scary Muzak album might make it onto this Halloween's playlist.

  38. AIDS cases have jumped up 500% since... the "ouchie". So either people can't stop having unprotected gay sex, 5 times more than ever before, OR...

    1. Thanks Max & JB!!
      The Watch The Water series only highlights what folks like Kingston, Maria Zeee, Dr Ana Mihalcea, & many many others have been echoing re the infiltration of both our air and our water with the very same nano-particulates, micro-organisms and other pollutants found in the vaxx.
      The research of Cliff Carnicom predates even this, Joyce Riley and Garth Nicolson before even that; all showing that "anomalies" like Gulf War Syndrome and Morgellons are anything but -- and show massive irregularities precluding their being anything of natural origin.
      Far from it -- taken all together this shows a coordinated and premeditated effort to alter, disturb and weaken the human genomic chain by actors with the means, method and opportunity to do so located well and deep within the military-pharmaceutical-industrial complex.

      Which all goes in lockstep with what JB just noted about the AIDS cases: EXACTLY what Luc Montagnier said would happen.
      "After studying at length the ingredients contained in the injections and what they do, Montagnier came to the conclusion that every single person who gets the shot will eventually die from antibody-dependent enhancement, or ADE.

      ”That is all that can be said,” he added.

      Montagnier… having warned last spring [2020] that the Wuhan Flu contains artificially spliced DNA from the autoimmune-provoking virus. It now appears as though these same alterations can be found in Chinese Virus “vaccines,” which are priming people’s bodies for eventual sudden death."

      Dr Luc Montagnier (the Doctor who discovered the AIDS virus) said "For those of you that have taken the third dose, go and take a test for AIDS. The result may surprise you. Then sue your government."

      This isn't even CLOSE to a conspiracy anymore.
      It's a fact.

  39. As for the proliferation of HIV/AIDS, who can forget who was out front on it from the start!!:,and%20misunderstanding%20surrounding%20the%20virus.

    Those Darn Royals!! SOOO concerned about us!!

  40. Timing had nothing to do with the vaxx or wanting to keep tabs on the efficiency ratio you conspiratard!!

  41. It should also be mentionned that mRNA gene therapy, as found in the Vaxx, is apparently *100% lethal*. How do we know this? Because the first public trials for mRNA gene therapy occured back in 2013. After 10 years, out of the 200,000 subjects worldwide, only *5 individuals* are still alive.

    Nearly 5.4 billion people took the jab.

    I wonder what the world will look like when, by 2031-2032 latest, only 2.4 billion of us will remain.

    Most of them being black, since 94% of people in Africa refused to take the poke as well.

  42. JUST IN from the Zeee-Mihalcea tag team
    and MAN -- is it a whopper:

    We are LIVING in a real-life approximation of the SEVERANCE Syn-Bio biotech narrative....
    with everything that implies: cloning-implants-cognitive manipulation and thought control-sacrifice as a ritual-a plan to alter, permanently, the world:

    For those that don't know about this ridiculously pertinent to RIGHT NOW series:

    There are literally hundreds of YT vids going over the minutiae of this show with tweezers, but the implications should be well noted given what's going on in the larger field of biotech as a whole, 15-min cities, what the WEF wants for all our futures and how Big Pharma plays into that, most of course notably with the vaxx being made mandatory for the entire human population.
    Esp with the prominent aspects of a personality-changing, deja vu-inducing, mind-wiping injection.....

  43. It may be that we are well and truly doomed, but these things -- emotion, remembering, feelings -- may yet save us:

  44. I'm starting to sense the outline of something bigger -- while we were all outraged and rightly so with pizzagate and the reveals in the Clinton-Podesta emails, they may only have been the tip of the iceberg.....

    And the TIMING of that reveal, coming as it did pre-covid, pre-vaxx, and yet while plans behind the scenes were long in play and working towards such (as all the patents and internal docs tell us), spin a tale....

    I am beginning to think these 2 things have MUCH more to do with each other than previously imagined:

    Missing children.
    Big Pharma.

  45. What if the sexual abuse angle, horrific as that was, was only promoted to distract us from something even bigger and even more horrific??
    Transhumanism. Genocide? More horrific than those?
    The biotech machinery to kidnap the human soul....

    1. Whaaaaaaa?
      No more need for new piles of research??!!
      Just kill me now.....

    2. Hell Wordsy -- half the time I feel like this dude:

      Let's be honest, MORE than half the time....

  46. Because it's f**king hilarious:

    1. Lil Nas X would like a word with you in the back booth.....

    2. holy orifice i cannot unsee that. n this is why u r dearly loved wordman. just for stuff like that alone man. n i really mean it.

  47. OMFG -- you're RIGHT!!
    Had completely slipped my mind that the whole Heaven's Gate crew were all about cuttin their junk off.
    (not sure if that's more disturbing or their linkage to the 9/11 hijackers....)
    (Or the Companion...)
    So many roads to choose.......


    1. Well THAT is without a doubt the most Masonically delicious EWS breakdown (go ahead -- give it to me!!) EVER.
      That's way too many incidents and Kubrick was way too much of an attention craftsman for all that to be "coincidence."

      The 9 & 11 standouts at the end were chilling.

      I always thought the liberal use of doors and doorways signaled Kubrick's intention also to put the viewer in a disorienting, liminal space....where anything could happen.

    2. Basically, forerunner to the world right now...

  49. in medicine latin reigns supreme. the abbreviation for left eye in latin is OS for 'oculus sinister.' Sinister (Latin for 'left') indicates the left-hand side as regarded by the bearer – the bearer's proper left, and to the right as seen by the viewer. The Left Hand of (Supposed) Darkness. The word sinister, suggestive of darkness or evil, comes from a Latin word meaning “on the left side.” The association of “left” with “evil” is likely because of the dominance of right-handed people within a population.

    haha therefore antithetical to the 'right.'

  50. ANON -- I can only assume you're referring to this:

    Please don't inform me if it ever got worse than this -- really don't wanna end my life tonight, sugarbear....LOL.

    Gonna take some heavy duty Tobias stain remover to get that out:

  51. The earth doesn't revolve around the sun hahahaha Do you still believe in Santa as well wordman??

    1. Kirk to Enterprise: Beam Scotty up from the landing party -- he's had too much saurian brandy....again.

    2. As above, so below, we are talking matter so consider the atom.

  52. Not quite sure how I've failed to notice this or put it together with other info that configures date-wise in lockstep with it........
    But working right now on something BIG for you guys.....just WOW.

    Trust me -- stay tuned....

  53. That made me think of the Sartre quote, "Hell is the Other." People looking at something from the same vantage point can be said to be "us." Anyone facing a person or opposite can be thought of as "them." I haven't read No Exit, but have read that mirrors are a focal point of the play. Which is funny, because when a person looks into a mirror their own reflection becomes the Other, or the sinister one. They would have to reach across the middle to shake their own hand, just like they would with any other person.

    The Daodejing associates the left side with happiness and the right with sadness. The Latin and Daoist views probably both stem from viewing the right as masculine and the left as feminine.

    1. My first comment and anon's reply both disappeared.
      Me: a homeless guy's hand was found next to a shopping cart. A couple of Bible verses mention hands, Matthew and Revelation. Left hand, right hand...Blah, blah, blah.
      anonymous: sinister is Latin for left, etc.

      Censorious dorks.

    2. On second look, anonymous' reply wasn't disappeared. It just looked like it had because I accidentally made a new comment instead of replying directly. It was only my comment about the guy getting his hand cut off that disappeared.

      Life is chaotic enough, without having to make sense of a world filled with gaps imposed by dorks under cover of darkness.

  54. Hey Oms!!
    Thanks for that -- ironically goes hand in glove with something I was JUST listening to:

    Dr. Ray Boeche is an incredibly humble, learned & devout man.
    At the end of this podcast they get into the Book of Enoch and the Dead Sea Scrolls.
    And the implications are VAST.

  55. UH-OH
    to be sure BOTH Jeff Wells AND Chris Knowles have taken note (tweeted & retweeted) -- that's more than good enough for me:

    Signaling at full spectrum dominance.....

    1. i think we can say full spectre dominance. we had popcorn the other night.

  56. i heard this yrs n yrs ago. thot it was so good. they / them is anybody thats not we or us. very appropo.

  57. very fitting info excerpted n redacted for use here after reviewing that above Enoch et all vid. its how it works here, down below--

    Q: Was it ... some dead dude opportunistically skipping along there in the ethereal realm saying, "Oh, that's me! I can get energy this way?"
    A: More or less. There are many such entities in the astral realms.
    Q: And this leads obviously to the next question...just like thought forms that come and attach and even thought forms that are created by the individual. Are these thought forms like discrete beings that have intelligence, autonomy, and persistence?
    A: Some are. And some "die" after being disconnected from the source of energy.
    Q: ... If we encounter a thought form-type critter that has come and attached to an individual, is that thought form-type critter something that has been created by some other individual in the same way that some of the ones that we have encountered are created by that individual person?
    A: Some yes. Others are gathered energies of place or object.
    Q: What is the relation of spells to this? When someone is casting the spell, is it a kind of a thought form also?
    A: Yes.
    Q: So people can create thought forms when they cast spells?
    A: Yes. And also attract energies that are already free-floating and frequency matched.
    Q: ...What gives these things power? Like their power source... some are more powerful than others, you know? Is it a longer life, the emotional energy they get from the person, the frequency match? What is it?
    A: Emotional energy is the key.
    Q: So strong emotions of love, anger, frustration, hate, despair, sadness, grief, those things?
    A: Yes.
    Q: Such things must be being created all the time, then.
    A: Yes. It is a jungle out there.
    A: Usually 4D STS using a group of people to feed and plant ideas into 3D. Note that often the eminence grise in such groups is a psychopath and you can read current studies to see how the morphing works.
    Q:...[this] describes how psychopaths within a group can shift the direction, the ideas, and then change the ideology and all that?
    A: Yes.
    A: 4D STS feeder operating through astral attachments.
    Q: ...Does 4D STS utilize astral beings, dead dudes, energy concentrations, or beings or elementals and so forth to affect or afflict human beings?
    A: Yes, yes, yes.
    Q:...It's a jungle out there. All right.

    1. Cool. The most simple and succinct explanation of the dynamics between the astral and physical I've seen. Thanks

  58. At some point the number of comments dropped from 86 to 80. It's funny how when a person or the blog administer deletes a comment, it leaves evidence. The space where the comment was remains, and it tells you the comment was deleted, and by whom. No such curtesy is afforded when the comment is disappeared by censors.

    A small silver lining is that if you are subscribed to the comments, they remain (at least for now) among the others in your mail with the rest of them. The "Notify Me" checkbox shows up when you go to make a comment, but you don't actually need to make a comment to check the box and receive notifications.

  59. Anyone here aware of Thomas Castello, an air force dood who testified to D.U.M.B.'s and aliens before Phil Schneider? Was listening to some Dulce talk and he got mentioned and I never heard of him then I looked online for him and can't find nothing. I wanna know what he said

  60. Hey guys!!
    Apologies for the lateness in getting the comms up!! Long day at work & immediate passout factor when arriving home LOL.

    The left uber hip takedown of RFK Jr has begin in earnest:

    The shouted ignorance is absolutely shameless.
    And it's backfiring.


  62. Jeff Wells ("The Black Lodge", 2005):

    "If ritual, satanic abuse is genuinely perpetrated and covered-up by authorities and institutions sworn to protect the innocent; if elites are really raping and murdering children with impunity and without qualm, then something has seriously altered their sense of reality, and for a purpose. To commit such crimes, they must think they know something we don't. Something has satisfied them that the great religions are lies for slaves, and that the universe belongs to strange and bloody gods."

    Carl Jung:

    "Abraxas generates truth and falsehood, good and evil, light and darkness with the same word in the same deed. Therefore Abraxas is truly the terrible one.
    He is magnificent even as the lion at the very moment when he strikes his prey down. His beauty is like the beauty of a spring morn.
    Indeed, he is himself the greater Pan, and also the lesser. He is Priapos.
    He is the monster of the underworld, the octopus with a thousand tentacles, he is the twistings of winged serpents and of madness."

    Me, now:

    I can't ignore what happened on that fateful night, back in 2011. I met the greater Pan among the stars, yes, it was the most sublime and unexpected and meaningful experience of my life, yes, but...

    It was only after having unknowingly performed a complex ritual, which Crowley himself refused to finish as intended, because it involved the spilling of all of his own blood.

    The Great God Pan smiled upon me, yes, but...

    I was only allowed to return to this world in exchange for the sacrifice of my godson in his mother's womb, which I did *not* ask for, and would never have agreed to.

    Maybe Jeff and Carl and the rest of "them" were right, unfortunately, VERY unfortunately.

    "We should ask: if they have had success, what kind of world would this be?"

    1. JB!!
      I well remember that (in)famous posting of Jeff's and as you have likely guessed it forms the foundation of most of what I do here.
      Next up (still in progress) will be delving even further into those forces that seemingly have those in charge over us in their sway; deceived, used as puppets and in thrall to ideologies that will only lead to their (and our) ultimate downfall. It in the modern-age goes back decades and points to some very distinct examples of "contacts" that were engineered by elites here at the very top of the socio-economic-political spectrum.

      Am trying to drill down into and find out the rationale behind this vaxx agenda -- why & how were so many taken in, brainwashed, and blinded by what amounts, with more evidence pouring in by the hour, to both a genocide and a transformation in equal parts.

      So many, from Naomi Wolf, to Karen Kingston & Stew Peters, Alex Jones, Ana Mihalcea, Christine Anderson, and many others think those answers lie not in greed and human hubris, but an off-world source of contagion and a massive setting-up of humanity that's been in the works now for longer than most of us have been alive. Some would call it alien, others demonic. By any definition it is non-human...

      Jeff Wells sensed it years ago.
      And I think he, and they, are all EXACTLY right.

  63. To paraphrase the immortal John Locke (the one in LOST)..."We're gonna need to look at this again":

    (take note of the RFK Jr tweet for yesterday's bombs at today's viewings...)

    (SO interesting that the last thing Tracy was set on doing was an in-depth breakdown of MIDSOMMAR....)

    Hopefully something a lot like this:

  64. great links, reading, vids. checked it all. esp looking at Epstein again n Gates n the connections, bridge player girl, adding in the Aquino crap, LaVey as a gunrunner now that was interesting. old san fran connections n missing kids n missing $ n more dot connecting incl Tracy T, I Kappy, Jay Z n wifey its dark mess lust n blood city. alot of feeding for sure.

    so the onion layers r being peeled. as the mess on earth is revealed. it will be cool seeing wordman getting to the bottom of the tank the octopus is in. check this chick, admits it albeit lower level template. shes proud of it--
    "Lee said that she views her brain as a sort of AI-like learning machine that she's fine-tuned over the years, both to blend in and get what she wants." its click bait. programming readiness, conditioning, a if not THE agenda narrative. making psychopathy desireable, the ultimate goal, destination "to increase my overall happiness and reduce any kind of negative emotionality..." it will all be ok when ur a robot. ill be dead before its worldwide waaay past Mad Max Fury Road. i hope.

  65. How did the Wachowskis become transgenders? In the article it mentions what an evergreen promise is, which l had never heard of before. But l do remember the Evergreen ship that had numerous issues in the Suez Canal dome years back. An attack against the controllers?

    1. Hey Max!!
      Something tells me that somehow somewhere, all Evergreen links converge at some point on the horizon. Stranded ships, Hillary's SS code name, chemtrail delivery ops, CIA black projects, all of it.

    2. Evergreen is a direct reference to Nimrod, builder of the Tower of Babel; his mother/wife Semiramis considered evergreen trees to be his most perfect symbol, since they supposedly lasted forever.

  66. i read it. had to look up definitions. thats it. it has to be. it must be considered super evolutionary, being extremely progressive. exquisitely advanced. on another level. aha.

  67. DAMN Gates:

  68. Hey guys -- per this, not sure what's going on, but SOMETHING sure is:

    Who's feeling like they did just prior to 9/11?
    Just prior to March 2020?
    Another No Sleep Night......

    1. They made a big deal about giving *satellite phones* in case of emergency to 50 senators.

  69. SUPER BB!! Thanks for the heads-ups -- and YES, I saw the Schroeder clip on twitter.....
    The illuminati backwards -- itanimulli -- typed in leading straight to the NSA site freaked me the f_ck out!!

  70. PS -- it even works in BRAVE. Phenomenally, stupendously weird.

  71. Sorry Wordman...i sent a second set of urls and unintentionally resent a couple you had already posted on site...the last two are new i think; about work of Thomas Mayer; human spirit and the dark needle therapies; worth some attention ...Thank u Captain & best wishes

  72. as much as ive read, studied n experienced i still question the source hatred towards humans. one has to directly run into it (the supernatural way for weeks @age 10--theyre cowards ill tell ya that).

    the loathing still baffles cuz it is so intense. until i read BB's vets today post. thats it. the animal angle. gotta be. we r viewed as sub sub. the Prussia Gate old world = old gods substack stuff war is progress et al. its always been obvious it just didnt hit me that hard before. theres certainly more its that twisted but im finally relieved now that i know.

  73. Nice post
    What you think about the Phoenicians? If anything. Been pulling on some threads lately and thinking about them alot in similair context

  74. so once again nothing happened. the cell phones to 50-100 senators govt workers whatever. n some sort of prediliction prediction for 5/23/23. zilch occurred thats knowable unless some portal opened somewhere which prob happens all the time. nothing big reportedly. sorta disappointing. i wanna see some govt heads roll.

    1. Patience my sweet summer child.....LOL.

      Of course MANY things can be averted by "outing" in the somewhat public sphere &/or social media leaks also --

      Generally the larger, more imp the Op the more damage can be done via the smallest slips; i.e. postponement til another time when "the stars are right." History has shown that their patience is infernal...

    2. You guys seen the Knowing (film) prophecy? Wish I could send links but idk where I saw it now. it was early may and passed. Been wondering lately if everything going according to schedule for these fukkers

  75. Not really into any depth re the Phoenicians, other than this which is old "forbidden"/secret school info but somewhat common knowledge now:,in%20the%20first%20millennium%20BC.

    Anything else you can impart -- please, by all means A6!! I'm always all ears...

  76. ive deducted they were the cab drivers of the ancient world. they really did go all over to say the least. theres some really neat sigil symbols they left in old Spain, indicating secret mystery school knowledge of initiations. they shipped major commerce n navigated war vessels across the seas. there was every kind of traveler on board escorting goods, treasures, weapons, secrets. imagine being on a Phoenician ship for months, mingling, telling tales, port to port.

    they were middlemen. masters of global trade. early high roller economists. u know what Miles Mathis infers about "them." it does all relate.

  77. Fairly fascinating take that does jell with what's been uncovered so far.....
    Easily makes me wanna go back to the old Marvel Conan Maps they put in the back of each issue!!:

    LORD, the treasures we threw away!!

  78. MUCH more visible Hyborian/Hyperborea Conan Map circa 1971:

  79. Don't forget that the Ancient Phoenicians were worshippers of Saturn/Chronos, at the origins of the Moloch Cult.

  80. Pssssssssst!!
    Do you wanna know a secret?
    SUNDAY NIGHT......
    Pass it along.....

  81. What's miles Mathis say about "them"?
    Yeah I got the same vibe. I havnt gave much thought to them cause I been obsessed about Jews and giants for ages but it occurred to me that the Temple Eppstein got at his island and the siren entity could likely be things passed on from them.
    Also they are huge candidate for whoever the "sea peoples" were who caused a local apocalypse back in the day. Wouldn't put it past them to have had a hand in the giant diaspora either. Or be the people who established the "unique" altar on Jekyll Island, as the theory you linked suggests wordman. Alot suggests they are Atlantean leftovers. Also certain things about maritime law trigger make me think about them but idk how articulate.
    But like you say anon, they are the OG middlemen. The original merchants. The ports they established in the Mediterranean mirror Templar castles if I recall correctly. It would not be too much of a stretch to say that they are a watcher cult or that they have an active throughline throughout history. I havnt done much research tbh and I should place them historically to figure out if they predate Jews and how they figure on the timeline but I need to finish this shit and go back to work.

  82. thank u all for the terrific on target info from great links. was looking at Sorath the sun demon again, leader of the Asuras, n Molch/Moloch, Malik Maalik Malek purgatory/hell angel r/t Phoenician/Hebrew connections. the current CEOs, owners etc of the networks r the modern day replacements the old seafarer tribe. how appropo the Asuras exerting massive cosmic influences at the time of social media ultimate influencers. worldwide corporate media being the direct channels, literally, the digital portals for it if u will. remniscient "American Gods" certainly.

    The Asura and the Powers of Darkness Heinz Grill quotes are stupefyingly accurate. elemental(s) turned into A cosmic elemental directing the projected hate n slander back down upon the senders, fooling them into empowerment. thinking they r understood n cherished.

    sliding very easily into the tentacles of this cosmic power (theres that octopus analogy again) "Those who now connect with this being of seemingly beautiful relaxation quickly feel relieved and develop a kind of pseudo-bliss. They feel relieved of tension.They enter into a shell together with the foul radiating elemental or Asura.”

    transitioning (!) humans into their instruments. that explains what were seeing. right at the same time Disney releases their new movie "Elementals." Steiner said "The Asuras stand higher in their will towards evil than the ahrimanic and luciferic beings by one and two grades...They are beings that stayed behind on Old Saturn, and 'infected' humanity in the Atlantean epoch...and gave rise to the practice of black magic (add a k)...Their goal is the development of evil rather than good or love, and they carry or sidetrack human material down...which separates it from the normal development in the current solar system evolution."

    everything is being done, set up, implemented to stop planetary progress, in the name of 'progression.' they r actually non-gods trying to evolutionize themselves into becoming gods while parasiting humans trying to attain godhood. apparently surrendering to their plan n the jab follows thru multiple incarnations. whoa. incomprehensible. really.

  83. After reading most of Jeff Wells' work, it seems the "other side", domain of flying saucers, mothmen, ancient pagan forces and of course the Great God Pan himself, is merely the dream world, the realm of the imagination, what Alan Moore called the "Immateria":

    "Seven" is sometimes strangely inverted as "never", so "77" (Oz) becomes "never-never", as in NeverNeverLand, where Peter PAN (Pied Piper) comes from.

    1. And of course AA77 into the Pentagon -- if you believe in that sort of thing.....LOL. But the whole point was the numbers: 11, 175, 77 and 93. ALL Crowley prime Working numbers.
      & Flt 11 even crashed into floor 93 of the North Tower.
      Something isn't adding up......

      ........or maybe something IS.

  84. The phoenicians would be the , 'Them' of their age, sea faring bunch, lots of material stuff.

  85. Heard recently that eggs and nicotine can inhibit vaxxine and shedding. Here for the first time in my life there is an egg shortage.
    Anyone else see much research into how to fight vaxx effects?
    BRB making scrambled eggs

    1. Yesirree my bruh -- egg yolks for the win. (Hence all the egg farms exploding & burning earlier in the year, remember??)
      Bromelain acc to research also short circuits any & everything of the self-assembling hydrogel, quantum dot, spike protein variety they say. So YAY pineapple!!

    2. Pineapple, cigarettes, eggs
      Earth gonna be inherited by tropical drunks

    3. id love that. meet u at the bar at the end of the world. what a party that would be. cheers mate.

  86. JB just left this in my email -- thought you guys might like a peek:
    The fifth Beatle was a term used to describe the various people associated with the Beatles during their rise to fame in the 1960s. While there is no definitive answer to who the fifth Beatle was, there are a few contenders who have been suggested over the years.
    One of these is DJ *Jimmy Savile*, a British disc jockey who had a close relationship with the band and was often credited with introducing them to a wider audience in the UK and Europe. Savile helped the Beatles gain airplay in the early days and even gave away copies of their single “Love Me Do” to get it played on the radio. He was also a confidante of the group and a trusted friend, helping them to stay grounded during their meteoric rise to fame. Savile was more than just a disc jockey to the Beatles—he was an integral part of the group’s success, and can rightly be called the fifth Beatle.

    From Crazy Days and Nights:
    Sunday, April 08, 2018
    Blind Items Revealed #4 - February 5, 2018
    This long dead permanent A+ lister who was in one, if not, the greatest band of all times used to travel to a country just to have sex with tween and teen girls.
    He said it brought him to a new state of mind.
    Apparently there are several children of his he never met from those rapes that are still living in that country and are about to sue his estate.

    George Harrison.

    1. I don't hate hearing ANYTHING bad about the Beats.....I am one of those of the firm conviction that despite all the bad press re Luciferianism/Crowley/satanic preferences that Led Zepp gets, the Fab Four in the end might have been the truly evil ones & the deepest dabblers, esp Lennon & McCartney; tho hearing that re George is a shocker. Tho maybe following the "they hide in plain sight" credo.....not so much.
      There was a comment on one of the "Paul is dead" vid exposes years ago that expressed my thoughts to a "T" (I copied it down & saved it it made such an impression on me) -- it's in my copy of Anthology 2 -- the one Paul for some reason ordered the first 3 million already-delivered copies of to be returned & destroyed (!!) -- wouldn't you love to get to the bottom of THAT rabbit hole..??

      Anyway, here it is:
      "There is little doubt that the Beatles orchestrated the whole Paul is dead thing leaving literally hundreds of clues. Strange that they stopped live after '66 and never returned before John's mystery death. In research there is something weird and almost scary about the whole Paul death thing. Perhaps they were messing with Crowley's satanic magick and it backfired.
      Not necessarily Crowley's magick but versions of it which may have truly been darker, which may go back untold centuries. Examples of this darker magick are most definitely around. And most definitely in some of the people that were in the Beatles' cricle of associates. The points brought up in the movie are insistent that you look; the Crowley connections ARE there -- there is no doubt in my mind that MGICK was being used here. And when you put Magick and Manson together that is not a good combo. Finding out why that took place is where the hard work is. But it took place for a reason.
      What happened to the real McCartney and why and then looking at the esoteric influences. And that period in the 60s when it seems very possible factions in the US Gov't succeeded in assassinating not only a President, but also his brother, MLK, & who knows who else... This speaks of massive implications, and frankly, they are frightening. In that scenario, one needs to follow Charles "Tex" Watson.

      It's not Manson that was trained in such things. He spent most of his life in prison. One must follow the young man who visited an attorney for the Young Republicans Committee 30 to 40 times before he was even involved in any crime at all. Follow that trail. And then follow Esalen Institute. Tex Watson is your man for black ops training. Esalen will lead you other places.

      I'll tell you what happened. I already know. There is a legitimate system of magic(k) that the Beatles have accessed, and many other humans have accessed before. It is Satanic in nature. Paul is the sacrifice that made the Satanic system of magick possible. However, know that the death may only be symbolic in nature. It could be talking about a possession.

      This is a forensic logic case. It is being revealed in stages (& artistically.) For both reasons obviously if you think about it, they are revealing only so much and what is revealed is partly fleshed out rather than all spelled out. If you want to learn even more (there is much more fullness to some hey interviews, etc) you have to go to YT's Rotten Apple series and press pause/play/pause and look at a lot. But if you do it diligently, you'll learn even more. Much of what was revealed there from 2006-present is partly or more clearly covered. As to the Beatles' importance, I will comment thaat this revelation opens up way more problems then that Paul died.
      It touches on apocalypticism, cults, and music/film infiltration, intelligence services, mind control, and false philosophies of ego-only service-to-self, called Luciferianism and satanism in 2 forms."
      PS -- aft all these years I still wonder...WHO the hell left that comment??!! Tom O'Neill, CK, Mae Brussell's ghost, YOU??!! Haha!!

    2. No idea. Good thing I was never a Beatles fan. Heavy Metal/Death Metal is more wholesome.

    3. Me neither -- was always a Stones child -- SOME GIRLS put the final hook in me in that long hot summer of '78.
      But must admit I DID take a longer look at the 4 when I began realizing something darker lay beneath that mop-topped, candy-coated shell, hmmmm, maybe there's something here after all.....The weird orbit of Rosemary-Manson-White LP pointed the way --

      Hearing the Manson rationale that they were all kiddie fuckers was like opening a 1970s door into 2015....

    4. The Beatles definitely MI6 assets.

    5. Oms!!
      Tavistock FTW my man.

  87. This is the vid btw -- altho all prev comms have been scrubbed for some strange reason(??)

    I urge you not to play it on any chilly, foggy night -- it truly is creepy personified.....

    For my $$, I always wanted to get to the bottom of what THIS was all about:

    WTF is Happening??

  88. Snippets of that EXTREMELY weird Kenya story included in the above Winged Beetle vid.....that along with all the mystery deaths = LOTS of bizarreness going on in & around the whole Beatles circle, not very much of it which makes any kind of sense or that can be easily explained away......

  89. no intent to sidetrack us but speaking of cults, wordmans "apocalypticism, infiltration, intelligence services, mind control, and false philosophies of ego-only service-to-self, called Luciferianism and satanism in 2 forms"--

    @BB does ur daughter the VA psychologist know about the Urania Will Zoll Substack stuff? military, Thule, Prussian angle "that sex with boys [n females apparently, rape] is not only their right, but the secret to forming a powerful military that would one day take over the world..." ??? as almost a or ? tantric type sex ritual move.

    does she experience that influence being purposefully peddled? it would explain another cog in the wheel of destruction chaos magick we keep witnessing.

    1. Just had to comm that if you throw in the Wewelsburg Castle and sex with children and Nazi angles, the above sounds EXACTLY like the Aquino/ Temple of Set/ SS philosophy.....
      Which, if you witness current mind control state of the world goings on, obv haven't gone anywhere since his supposed death.

    2. I feel in general that the quality of both movies and music took a noticeable downturn following 9/11. What they chose to promote in the way of music especially has a profound effect on unifying people.

    3. I agree, Max. Music's effect on human behavior can be huge. When musical dreck that does nothing to stimulate our brains' better angels is pushed onto the public by commercial interests, no good comes of it....for the average person at least.

  90. I really think you are all gonna enjoy this link (Kerry Thornley was a US Marine who served with Oswald, and also had some info about some of the unknown coconspirators from New Orleans):

  91. Good LORD Anon don't I know it -- it's got our kind of stuff with Epstein related, pizzagate-type entries that lead into deep state areas, cults, secret societies, but in between it's like binging AS THE WORLD TURNS/GUIDING LIGHT 24/7!! LOL.