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"Bodies tend to focus." Richard C. Hoagland  

Disclaimer: This post is in no way reflective of what I may or may not believe happened at Waco. All we can do is present circumstantial evidence that lies strictly within the subjective realm. At this point, without a coming forward or a deathbed confession, we are likely to never know. 

However, that said, there is MUCH here that points straight toward a viable alternative history, and one that, much like 9/11 and other landmark "signaling" events, makes far more sense than the "official" rubber-stamped story that we are all supposed to swallow without any questions being posed as to what may have really happened.

I do know that the Government forces were all too willing to blare this song as a psyop and a form of torture to keep those within the walls of the Branch Davidian compound sleepless and indoctrinated on nights without end before the finale...(thanks to Art Bell back in the day for alerting me to this): 

You keep playin where you shouldn't be playin/ And you keep thinkin that you'll never get burned/

Well I just found me a brand new box of matches, yeah/ And what he knows you ain't had time to learn....  

As always, the choice is yours and yours alone to make as to what really happened that sunny morning on the hot, dusty, windswept Texas landscape 30 years ago the dateline of April 19th.

As a precursor and before we begin the dive, you might want to brush up here, as it proves a sister piece to what you are about to encounter:  

And now, take my hand, the secret history of Waco lies just ahead....

As a table-setter, let's first see that Vernon Howell (David Koresh) began his religious journey as a Seventh Day Adventist. Indeed, the Branch Davidians themselves were offshoots of the Seventh Day Adventists:,that%20to%20the%20Millerite%20movement.

In researching what would transpire at Waco, and what possible motives there may have been on all sides, this strikes me as important:

During the above vid with the legendary Bill Cooper and Linda Thompson, one of the first serious Waco researchers, you will learn that none other than Jolly West was brought in as a psych "consultant" during the Siege, which should automatically raise all sorts of red flags...

Now looking at this document, and certainly knowing his CV, with West's involvement (much as with the Manson family members at the height of Haight Ashbury prior to the Tate murders, where West also miraculously found himself administering to them), the Seventh Day Adventists had been singled out:


"Project Operation Whitecoat (POW), as it was called, was a code name for an alliance between the US Army and the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church to provide an alternative means by which Seventh-Day Adventists could serve their county militarily.

This alternative means of service meant that Seventh-Day Adventists would become the subjects of military medical research."

Could Koresh as a teenager have been caught up in this? Waco and deep ties to MKUltra?? Perish the thought... 

Also per that Cooper-Thompson vid, the information emerges that there were British spyplanes brought in to "observe" during the Siege -- why such international involvement for a small cult uprising on the faraway Texas plains? Unless there was something of international import that certain powers-that-be were desperate to keep under wraps...see also "The British Connection" in that digitalcommons upload above. All of this, and much more, points to something major underfoot in the backstory of Waco that has gone unreported and certainly uninvestigated to this day. 

So what WAS going on that could have marked a small religious cult as such a target of Federal overreach? Word of warning, what you are about to read has been uploaded, removed, and uploaded again too many times to count since the advent of the internet -- yet thru the actions of many determined individuals, this story persists: 

Ask yourself why, with Koresh under constant Federal surveillance in the weeks and months prior to what happened -- the Feds didn't know that they could have picked him up during any one of his daily sorties into town to pick up groceries and supplies for the compound along with others. Situation diffused and children gotten out of harm's way (if that was the excuse they were using...) So why didn't they seek the kinder, gentler way out? 

Because they needed escalation to provide them with the excuse to do what they were going to do all along, that's why.

Reno, in subsequent weeks after the conflagration, admitted that she had been "misinformed" and "misunderstood" the abuse situation which provided the pretext for the raid in the first convenient. (We would all come to learn their playbook in subsequent decades ALWAYS includes the rule "Always accuse your enemy of that which YOU are guilty of.") Then, sadly and to our detriment and the detriment of the truth, we took things at face value...

Taken from the site that has been removed:


1. Two of the Branch Davidian village members had been able to hack into the

Pentagon/CIA/FBI Black Ops databases, and discovered that the CIA with the

utilization of the CIA's Buffalo Airlines, were daily transferring Cocaine,

laundered money, special operations agents, kidnapped children for CIA

pedophile programs, and arms at the World War Two runway that bordered the

Branch Davidian Village.

2. The entire village knew about the CIA's Buffalo Airlines activities that

tied directly to George Bush Senior and his direct involvement with the

CIA, the Mafia, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Columbia, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa

Rica, Mexico, Peru, and other global locations, that included the global

elites intelligence operations, banking operations, drug transfers, arms

transfers, child pedophile kidnapping and transfers, aircraft refueling,

and global money laundering network.

3. In all of the Waco documentaries, all of the documentaries reveal that

parked in front of the Branch Davidian village main building were observed

several high speed go carts that were used by the branch Davidians who

were carrying out the surveillance of the government Buffalo Airlines

activity at the airport that bordered the Branch Davidian village, in

order to identify and to log the Buffalo Airlines schedules with the two

Branch Davidian members retrial of the CIA's Guns for Drugs transfers that

were going on daily.

4. The Branch Davidian village members surveillance of the CIA Guns for

Drugs transfers were known to the CIA due the CIA computer security having

traced the hacking back to the Branch Davidian Village. Take note: the

main incendiary device that was used by the Special Forces attack on the

Branch Davidian Village was brought about where the commanders of the

genocide were under the direct orders to take out the computer room first

and then kill all of the inhabitants, and then use this genocide as warning

to any one else who may want to tamper with the CIA/Mafia/global elites

clandestine drugs/money/arms/kidnaping operations.

5. The whole idea as to why the CIA/Mafia/government needed to burn the

Branch Davidian Village down, and kill all of the peaceful inhabitants

was to destroy the computer files, and kill the witnesses to the

CIA/Mafia/George Bush Senior/elite global banking drugs/arms/money/

pedophile programs that were operating at the World War Two runway by

the CIA's Buffalo Airlines.

6. The Waco siege BATF/FBI/CIA/Military/State Department/Pentagon/Mafia,

commanders directives were to burn the village, and murder as many of the

Branch Davidian Village members as possible, and destroy all of the


7. The Japanese American contract FBI sniper (one of four of the government

snipers who were used to kill off the fleeing women and children from the

burning Branch Davidian village complex) named Lon Horiuchi was the same

sniper who had murdered Weaver's wife at Ruby Ridge Idaho. Lon Horiuchi

like most FBI/CIA elimination operatives had been psychological profiled

by the FBI/CIA for hating white Caucasians due to his having grown up in

World War Two internment camp.

8. It was noted that the very first day of the Waco siege that David Koresh,

and two of the other members had appealed to the attacking special military

operation that they had the computer discs and they would turn them over to

the BATF Special Forces commander and surrender, if the attacking force would

cease fire. The commanders were under orders to kill as many of the

inhabitants as possible and destroy the complex for three reasons, (A)

So there would be as few witnesses as possible to the CIA/Mafia Buffalo

Airlines Guns for Drugs operations, (B) To let this be a warning to any one

else who may want to mess with the elites global arms, drugs, and money

laundering activities, (C) The elites are alleged practice Satanic type

sacrifices and the murder of the Branch Davidian village was a good

opportunity to make a sacrifice.

9. Take note: Part of this warning was to warn any one else who may be

have considered hacking into the government databases, whereas, the two

Branch Davidian members had been continually entering into the pentagon/CIA

Black Ops databases, and they were able to keep track of the drugs/laundered

money/arms/kidnaped children/agents/ transfer that was going on. The high

speed go carts with radio communication were able to stay under the runway

radio, and the Branch Davidian village was observing and keeping track of

the George Bush CIA/Mafia/elite's global money laundering operation that

was going on

Mirrored here:

So what kind of proof is there for anything even close to this going on? 

Well, the curious case of Paul Wilcher, for one:

Wilcher's determination, according to his white paper submitted to Janet Reno, was that Koresh, (and perhaps others) in the compound, after studying their backgrounds and contacts, were meddled with; mind-controlled "sleeper" agents that had gone rogue.

"Waco was a "Open Eyes" operation. There were seven "sleepers" in the compound. These seven "sleepers" had been programmed to carry out a specific job. The specific mission was written into their personalities during Level 4 programming. They had not yet received their Level 5 programming, and should not have been capable of being triggered to carry out their the Level 4 programmed mission.

The Davidian group was created to perform a terrorist acts similar to the sarin gas that was released in the Japanese subway by the Aum Shin Riko cult.

Shortly after the Waco holocaust, attorney Paul Wilcher was briefed on the Waco mind control operation by members of the Delta Force Group that oversaw the programming operation. These men were sent in to neutralize only the 7 "sleepers". Their programming had somehow been prematurely activated, and they were creating a device for mass destruction."

Excerpted from page 4 of The Wilcher Report: Mass Murder at Ranch Apocalypse

"Thursday, March 11th, 1993--12 days after the initial BATF raid on Sunday, February 28th-when I received initial information:

(1)That "cult" leader David Koresh had an extensive CIA background.

(2) That he was known in CIA circles as a " sleeper" --someone who had been subjected to extensive CIA "mind control" training and programming.

(3) That it was not just a mere coincidence that all these events were occurring in or near Waco, TX--since Waco is a major center for such CIA "mind control" experimentation and programming-with much of this activity occurring at the CIA's Leadership Management Institute (LMI) in Waco."

Mysteriously, Wilcher's hours were numbered after placing his results in Reno's hands...his death to this day not only remains highly suspicious, but also strangely uninvestigated. One more martyr on board the already-packed Clinton Express.

Lest you think we've fallen far too far down the Jason Bourne rabbit hole, just wait -- there's more...

How about the weirdness of what happened to Sonny Bono after this exchange?:

Oh nothing, he just basically flew into a tree on the bunny slopes at warp speed and died of extensive trauma to the face and head:

Of course as you can see, Sonny was hip deep in any number of things that could have gotten him killed, but he was also quite determined to find out the full extent of what happened at Waco, especially for the sake of the children that perished there. He likely paid for that determination...

According to basic FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) documentation, survivors of the inferno were fired upon when running out of the compound:

Straight into the line of sight of those who had "nothing but their best interests at heart..." and had for weeks sworn they wanted only to resolve the situation peacefully. So much for that.

And it wasn't just the FBI/ATF forces, DELTA Force and the Army played a huge part in the proceedings also:,on%20the%20Branch%20Davidian%20compound.

Which brings us to Vince Foster and a lot more confirmations:

Foster before his mysterious suicide-that-wasn't (yet another one) was said to be ready to testify that the entire Waco end-stage affair was all the result of the actions of Hillary Clinton. She alone gave the final decision to burn them, and he was privy to this decree.

Then there is the fact that the Penn State scandal wound up hiring the notorious "fixer" Louis Freeh, handler on both OKC and Waco fronts, to be the cleaner for the entire Second Mile fiasco:

When you need a famous pedophile ring cover-upper, hey, you go with what you know, right?

You will learn more in these fantastic docs:

(The Vince Foster angle appears here at the 1:30:00 mark.)

Listen in that second one, THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, at the 1:05:00 mark at just how blatantly Koresh was lied to in the standoff on the issue of being fired on from weaponry in helos...

Also somewhere in there you will find Lon Horiuchi, the same FBI sniper that fired on and killed Vicki Weaver while she was holding her baby at Ruby Ridge also was firing into the compound during the standoff. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, they waited 50 days to kill all those men, women and children. Especially children. On that SPECIFIC day of April 19th.

By fire

Ritual sacrifice, anybody? 

Now remember whose decision this was. Now remember the Clinton-Podesta emails. Now remember pizzagate, and the contents of Anthony Weiner's laptop. And the fact that 9 of the 12 NYPD police officials that viewed its contents while it was in their custody have committed suicide.  

You, dear reader, have seen much, much evidence here that the vast majority of the American public has either forgotten, or was never privy to in the first place...

Perhaps everything is on the up and up, and is just as every government official has always told us it is, and this all amounts to nothing...

But what if just any portion of this is true? What if there is an entire secret history of mind control, intelligence sleepers, child sex rings, sinister forces, and alternative theories bursting with validity right in our midst -- news of which we have been conditioned not to hear and ignore as conspiratorial ravings? 

Because then we have a secret history that's secret with our complicity. 

On this anniversary of the death of all those people in that conflagration, as well as our rights as US citizens to assemble and live freely, rights that every day disappear a bit more and more on every assault front from the technological to the spiritual, let's think long and hard about that.

Then perhaps the legacy of Waco won't have been for nothing.

Standin on the front porch, lookin left and lookin right

The bloodhounds out to get me I already feel the bite

The rules of the road state to hate those who hate

Sleeping in wet coffins frozen warnings melt away

The billboards on the highway are the prophets of today

The roadkill speaks in poems thru ads and thru campaigns

The warden has his rifle and the sniper's like an owl

I'm hiding in the tall grass with God and Vernon Howell...



  1. A bit more of Jolly West's backstory that fleshes out some areas and presents us with more disturbing questions re why was THIS person hanging around the periphery, and inserting himself,deeply into the Waco narrative:

    1. u knew this right? n all is in quotes n theres a ton more--
      JFK assassination community are aware of the fact that one of the doctors that treated Jack Ruby was none other than Louis Jolyon West, ... on n on
      After he shot Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby's psychosis was diagnosed by the ... of the doctors that treated Jack Ruby was none other than Louis Jolyon West... n then on n on some more
      Following the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas in 1963, his assassin Jack Ruby was held in an isolation cell in police custody. West was appointed as Ruby's psychiatrist, and pronounced him psychotic and delusional, and suggested further interrogation under the influence of sodium pentathol and hypnosis. andddd this all because -- have to add another part my laptop went whacko

    2. Hey Anon!!
      Ruby, Patty Hearst, Manson while at Haight Ashbury, as well as Tex Watson & other Family members too too, Sirhan Sirhan, Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber), Tim McVeigh, & I'm sure some others I've forgotten....
      All were "administered" to by West either before, during, or after their trials. The dude's everywhere, like the High Council of spookdom.
      Pretty sure he was also asked to give guidance & 'advice" during the Satanic Panic situation in the 80s by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation too -- you know, the one that was loaded with pedos by & for the express purpose of getting pedos out of the hot seat that was looking pretty inescapable back then w/the likes of the Presidio, McMartin, West Point, etc.

      He also happened to be Reagan's golden boy when Ronnie Raygun was Cali guv & when he wanted to initiate a state-wide flotilla of mental health "treatment" centers hmmmm, right before the serial killer explosion went down: Bundy & the Zodiac prob being the most famous 2 but not all by any means.

      All here in Dave McGowan's essential PROGRAMMED TO KILL:

      The whole deal is like something out of MILLENNIUM. And pretty much served as one of the inspirations for why I decided to put the Mind Control lead in the title right here.
      And believe me, the fact that it's appearing more & more like Mind Control is one of the main & ultimate purposes of the vaxx has NOT escaped my notice.....

    3. yes sir. u bet. my power here went out while hitting submit was just gonna say same dot connecting (back on now almost a day later). Joly in on everything. walked out of an interview w/ West psych ward goons at UCLA back in the day. very snarky A-holes w/ bad vibes.

      neat info Ronnie R linkings. my politico grandfather was a friend of RR n his father (inherited a bunch of their awards n pics n notes to each other, used to ride my pony in his yard small town america days). they never did establish the regional psych wards in kali. big big mistake. explains an awful lot we see going on now over 40 yrs later.

      he was a ukranian tribe member. as were several if not all the core cadre MKULTRA crew. what the hell is that tribes super duper ultra-sapien drive, its genetic insistence on experimentation n ownership of everything in every possible way? to achieve total control the human species n world domination? seriously. who do they work for? feeling this is what we need to work on. get 'em to show themselves. cuz their landords will be coming rather soon. to claim n finalize the set up deals. we need to recognize them/it n have a soul harvesting rejection plan.

    4. entirely w/ all seriousness, who n/or what is it? the persistence x millennia. it has to be an organized group, it does not seem an individual but a set n a subset.

      ive read "it" will ride on in, will appear by proxy. n that it doesnt matter where u r geographically etc, it only matters who u r. n that there cannot be any inner confusion nor ambivalence. no fence sitting. u will have to know what is what n who is what n who. this training, guerilla research must be done to comprehend whats ongoing n ahead.

  2. This reminds me a little of Millennium season 2 episode *19:19*:

    "In southeastern Oklahoma, Frank races against time to locate a busload of abducted children, whom a crazed visionary has entombed in an abandoned quarry."

    1. Got your six, big fella:

  3. This won't post:

    "On May 17, 2015, a violent dispute among rival biker gangs broke out at *Twin Peaks* restaurant. The Waco police intervened, with nine dead and 18 injured in the incident. More than 170 were arrested. No bystanders, Twin Peak employees, or officers were killed. This was the most high-profile criminal incident since the Waco siege, and the deadliest shootout in the city's history."

    1. Jaybers!! What do you think this implies -- some kind of clean-up operation??

    2. If you read up on the shameful history of the city of Waco, Texas, it's a horror show. They weren't satisfied just lynching people, they tortured them for hours first by lowering them into fire over and over again; the local law enforcement was always complicit.

  4. Koresh's mother was 14 years old when she had him as the result of statutory rape;

    the Davidians were originally called "The Shepherd's Rod" before he joined, when he began teaching his own message, he called it "The Serpent's Root", which caused controversy leading him and his followers to "branch" out;

    in 1983, Koresh began claiming the *gift of prophecy*; he eventually began to claim that God had chosen him to father a child, who would be the Chosen One;

    he was judged insane and confined to a psychiatric hospital for a while...

    1. Hmmm, psych hospital....sounds like the perfect feeding ground and targeting locale for the Feds -- ripe for the picking & choosing of their next "experiments."
      And MILLENNIUM once again proved the precursor:

      Predictive programming/Revelation of the Method to the max.


    False Flags and the OccultThe Season of Sacrifice Is About to Begin:

    "Both the dark occult groups of the past and present seem to believe in the power of what we might call occult holidays—days of astrotheological significance. May Day, May 1st, or Beltaine, is one of the more significant days. In relation to the season of sacrifice, it is the last day of the 40-day season of sacrifice...The 40-day season, according to Mark Passio, starts on March 19th and ends on May 1st. ..
    the 40-day cycle may or may not be filled with events on days of significance. Recall that events that are orchestrated or important for the cabal may not seem all that significant on the surface. Of course, false flags act like candle lights, standing out as more recognizable. "

      False Flag Season is About to Begin — Research, History, and Analysis

      From 2018..."The Season of Sacrifice is a 40-day period between March 19th and May 1st. Its name was coined by the Dark Occultists of this world, otherwise known as the Cabal, Illuminati or NWO, who believe that the Earth must be bathed in the blood of innocents to ensure a fruitful harvest and to invoke an archetype of the destructive forces of the universe."

    2. THANKS for that BB!!
      Those on the highest rungs depend so much on alignments and stellar cartography it's not even funny....
      This from 2015 just before one of the big startups again:

  6. To all those in the crew that may have been too shocked by this for words (scant comms....crickets) not to worry!!
    Your fearless leader hasn't gone TOTALLY off the deep end -- this was just a one-off along the way that I thought constituted Reasonable Doubt in the cascading domino effect of atrocities perpetrated against humanity. Or as Jim Croce used to sing "Cos after all it's what we've done that makes us what we are..."
    And merely an alternative voice to all the Netflix platform anniversary callouts aft 30 years...

    Already hard at work on the next installment that will get back to recent areas of concern & interest in the larger investigation.
    Carry on....

    1. Maybe something blocked the notifications to all your other readers that there's a new article. The "algorithms" might be targeting any talk of Waco.

  7. back before voat got booted from the web I read an item that the ATF guys who got shot trying to access through the roof which was the cause of the military escalation were both former Ark. State Troopers who had been on Bill Clinton's security team. They were sent to the roof to be killed.
    Sounds true to me.

  8. The final shot of "The Shining" is all about the Baphomet. "The Shining" in the Stephen King novel is basically the same as *the Shimmer* (otherworldly force transforming life on Earth, transforming the human mind especially), and it involves the ritualistic "Monarch/MK-Ultra"-style abuse of gifted children.

    "One theorist connects the Overlook's hedge maze-labyrinth with the mythic story of the Minotaur, believing that a skier in a poster is actually a minotaur. She bolsters her theory by pointing out that there is no maze in the original book and that Kubrick's 1955 film, Killer's Kiss, was made for Minotaur Productions."

    Could it be more obvious?

    1. JB!!
      Kubrick embedded so many clues -- that 99% of the people watching would have had no context for at the time -- it's just ridiculous.
      He held up shooting for an entire 2 or 3 days just so he could get the EXACT copy of PLAYGIRL that he wanted Nicholson holding in the Overlook lobby. WHY?
      THIS is why:

      & yeah, I made the Baphomet Eliphas Levi drawing pose connection the first time I saw it.

      Still wonder what was in that missing 24 mins of EWS that got him killed....Rumour has it that one room had a huge pentagram on the floor with bloodstains, indicative of human/child sacrifice -- & THAT'S what freaked out the studio heads during the rushes & was only part of what was in those 24 minutes.
      Of course we'll never know, and that was 1999.
      Look at what we know from the pizzagate-Podesta email-Epstein world since then.....

    2. At the end, Tom and Nicole let go of their little girl, allowing her to wander off towards two gentlemen seen at the party at the beginning. They had to sacrifice her to stay alive.

    3. Just more crazily on-point predictive programming from SK.
      And a major insider view of how "the game" is played.
      Most would willingly give their lives to protect those of their children.
      Not these "people."
      They serve only the lower vibrations and frequencies -- however you choose to define those; reptilian brain, aliens, demons, archons, etc. The ideology and marching orders continue....

  9. About the Watchers watching us:

    1) A.I. seems obsessed with putting eyes everywhere in it's psychedelic "art";

    2) John A. Keel believed that the *eyes* are the only part of paranormal phenomena which is "real", since whether it's "aliens" or "sasquatch" or a "sea monster", the first thing people see are the giant, scary eyes, everything else gets "filled in" afterwards;

    3) my very first "encounter" with the otherworldly was when I was running a very high fever at age four; I almost died, and the whole time I was screaming and crying because I kept seeing *countless eyes* opening up all over the place, on the walls, on my hands, it kinda looked like this:

    1. Ever see the first edition cover of King's Night Shift??:

      Featured this story:


  11. this latest wordman post was another extreme work effort that deserves kudos. all the dot connecting links were killer. skimming wasnt going to cut it. lots of predictions, small n large clues. would take way too long to outline even in an outline.

    this was prolific--
    going on now as we reviewed what has gone on. add in that whole 4-Pleb message board extravaganza (my god). phew.

    ive tried to show our stuff to a cpl smart ppl. they say they cant take it anymore. major apocalypse fatigue n theyre young n rather new at this. not a good sign.

    1. Thanks Anon!!
      Truly mean that.
      We don't give up.
      We don't stop.
      Knowledge is, and will continue to be, power.
      And the best shot we have at reaching the tipping point.

  12. btw, it must be mentioned no doubt now in the long run. koresh (called in youth “Mr. Retardo”) killed the old lady n then went after her son. tried to kill him n shot up the headquarters w/ an actual armed hit squad. went to trial, all were acquitted w/ a mistrial declared.

    now thats interesting. he has the s/s of a schizoaffective as does the latest shooter. in that huge 4pleb link it was stated those w/ forms of schizophrenia r chosen prime candidates for manchurian sleeper celling. the socially inept.

    also very possible

    1. as per wordmans links koresh covered by govt systems explains that acquital. hes needed for future projects planned in the works.

    2. speaking of inversion, forgot about DARVO. an abusive tactic commonly used by abusers, both intentionally and unintentionally, the acronym “DARVO” = Deny, Attack, Reverse the roles of Victim and Offender. very common tactic set used by narcissists, psychopaths, and borderline personalities.

  13. Just to note that we'll be having our next solar eclipse around midnight on April 19/20, right on the Aries/Taurus cusp.

  14. Hey Velobs, Anon & all,
    Here's the link (already up strangely -- that was fast) for the partial solar upcoming:,_2023

    Mixing that with the ritual elements of the date = likely not good. All comes down to a very occult agenda being enacted.

    & thanks for those notes Anon on the meddling/tinkering aspects of the Koresh background. Have found even more on the Jolly West mind control front that I'll include within upcoming installments -- because everything in this tapestry only leads to the next thread. Actual linear time is almost beside the point...the patience is (ahem) inhuman in waiting out the endgame -- this is a very LONG con they've got going. Deception remains the codeword of our ancient enemy.

    So where DO we go from here??:
    "I think that if you prepare people well enough to believe a lie, they will believe it as if it were true. And if you tell them a really big lie, like there are aliens from outer space, much more than a small one, they will believe in it. And if you suggest to them these aliens are doing bad things to them, the ... the power of the suggestion will be to make people believe that certain psychopathologies and neuroses that they're suffering from can now be attributed to that...
    What I've seen, I've seen because I wanted to believe. I ... if you look too hard, you can go mad, but if you continue to look, you become liberated. And you become awake, as if from a dream, realizing that ... that the lies are there simply to protect what they're advertising: a government which knows its greatest strength is not in defense, but in attack. It's strongly held by believers in UFO phenomena that there is military complicity or involvement in abductions, but what if there is no complicity? What if there is simply just the military, seeking to develop an arsenal against which there is no defense: BIOLOGICAL WARFARE, which justifies - in their eyes - making an ass out of the nation with stories of little green men - a conspiracy wrapped in a plot inside a government agenda."
    PATIENT X 3-1-98

    Spheres within spheres, wheels within wheels. And suddenly Covid appears on our doorstep, with a suddenly miraculous "cure" right behind that.
    Problem. Reaction. Solution. Thesis. Antithesis. SYNTHESIS.
    But whose deadly hand guides the wheel? Whose design is being implemented?

    Remember this from Sept 11, 1997:

    "What we're thinking of as aliens are extradimensional beings that an earlier precursor of the space program made contact with..."
    "They are NOT what they claim to be."
    I was another one that heard this exchange live at the time....people nationwide (Bell had millions then) were all shocked & left wondering how an entire satellite system was frazzled just coincidentally at that exact moment....(knowing everything we know now of course leads to the doorstep of Jack Parsons & the Babalon Working.)

    On this stormy Saturday night with the wind howling outside amid the strobes of lightning popping off & rolling thunder -- good questions to ponder....

  15. And BTW -- The LAST word in INVERSION is/was/always will be:
    I don't know how you were diverted
    You were perverted too
    I don't know how you were inverted
    No one alerted you

    Thank you George for the profound message that we've all listened to millions of times, and yet somehow still not really heard.....

  16. Love the Concert for George. A version of a song by the future anti-vaxxer Eric Clapton. Beware of Darkness.

  17. Two interviews with exorcists: both interesting gentlemen:
    Good interview with Fr. Vincent Lampert, from October last year.. starting around 52:18 till end , see if his words describe where our society is at present.." The Devil.loves chaos"...
    Recent Michael Knowles interview with Fr. Reehil, ex-banker...touches on many topics, including transgenders.....


    You guys know about 2001/monoliths/9-11?

    Reminded me about that mysterious mirror monolith that showed up in desert idk when, lately

    Anyways wanted to ask you guys
    You ever seen a yt channel with a guy making geometric patterns in sand with a rake? Been tryna find it with no luck

    1. Fantastic video, thanks for sharing.

      If the guy with a rake video is anywhere near as good, I hope someone will be able to help you find it.

    2. Found it


  19. Great post, Wordman. A lot of material to get through here.

  20. Assuming for a moment that Tbutt did want to draw attention to ill goings on at Waco, it in no way suggests he was not part and parcel to those very same ill goings on.

    If everyone's brain is being washed by the same laundress, then they're all using the same playbook. They're all guilty of the same crap. So pointing fingers at each other and saying, "look at what that other guy did," is just a distraction from them all having done it. Whatever "it" is.

    1. EXTREMELY great point Wordsy!!
      Ya can't solve problems using the same tools that were employed to create them.
      A brand new paradigm -- way of thinking -- waaaaaay outside of this box they've constructed -- is called for.
      We need to tear their playhouse down all the way to the studs.
      Re-think absolutely everything that got us in this mess.



    1. Are Friends Magnetic?

    2. HAHAHA -- still can't BELIEVE that came out in '79!!
      Between that & CARS it was like an aural double-shot equivalent of watching a UFO land in your backyard.
      I remember hearing that (Cars) right before going in to see ALIEN at the local cinema......
      Who needed mushrooms & LSD?? Good LORD.
      We (& we know who we are) have been formed & informed by the very cutting edges of society back when it really meant something -- stuff is in our DNA that can NEVER be replaced or altered.
      Sometimes I think that's why we fight so hard against what's happening now...we have seen the possibilities & know that this, whatever this is, is NOT where it's AT, man.

    3. I don't know man, by end of 79 I was deep into Wire and PIL. That escalated quickly!

    4. Dude, I'm Johnny Rotten/Lydon all day every day!!

  22. There's a recent episode up on The Confessionals podcast entitled Mothers of Darkness, where he talks with a woman who had been earmarked and trained as a child to land near the top of the Luciferian bureaucratic hierarchy. She describes how, in order to make EVERYONE compromised and complicit, the "fruits" of their rituals - sacrificed children, blood and so on - are processed and distributed in minute amounts into the food, water, animal feed, etc..., so that we become polluted and our innate purity becomes more difficult for us to access. None of this is surprising.

    I had an experience of this just the other night. We buy only organic food, largely from the farmers, and mostly cook what we eat. But on this night we ordered from a local Pho place. I got vegetarian pho, super clean, just veggies, noodles, tofu and broth. So why, all night long, did I feel like I had been low-level poisoned, that my standard high vibration had been sullied?

    It's very important for us all, and very difficult, to maintain our purity, so that our minds and our hearts don't get dragged down into the muck we are trying to combat. Many of us are highly compartmentalized, so that in one breath we engage in online truthcasting while at the same time scarfing highly processed food-like substances that are literally the effluent of the enemy, or strung out on "life saving" concoctions brought to you by Pfizer! This compartmentalization is extremely odd, to say the least!

    This is my plea to you all to please eat consciously, and live consciously, and examine the components of your life. No doubt, it's hard and a lot of work to make wholesale changes when you've been doing something one way for a long time, maybe your whole life. But what's the alternative? Most of the food is poisoned and polluted, most of the water is too; we are, most of us, enveloped in emf's, chemtrails, psy-ops. But we've got to serve somebody, don't we? So choose life.

    Eat and drink clean, as best you can. Choose nature, reject not-nature. The tentacles are everywhere, in everything - in the mind, most of all. Stay vigilant and keep your heart open and light, and if you don't have the spiritual grounding to be able to do that, find it! The blood of sacrificed children that winds up in your Doritos and chicken wings takes the form of depression, despair, dullness and apathy when it hits our minds. If we aren't winning, then we are losing. And if we aren't living in love, then what's the difference between us and them?

    End of sermon...

    1. Back in high school, I had a dream that I was in a basement grilling meat over a fire and giving it to people to eat, including to kids. Laughing to myself because I knew it was humans and they did not.

      Going vegetarian can do weird things to a person's mind. But yeah, what you posted up there puts that dream into a much weirder light than just protein deficient psychosis.

    2. Excellent post Velobway, thanks

    3. Velobs -- just to let you know, Pho noodle bowl would 1,000% be my request for death row last meal.....

  23. Those were the days, right?
    Springsteen was more punk than anything else, & Tom Petty, Cheap Trick and Dire Straits were "New Wave!!"
    Don't even get me started on Elvis Costello's This Year's Model in '78....

  24. Velobs!!
    You are SO on point & your comm reminds me more than anything else of the tale of SENOMYX:

    And of course, despite the squirming denials to the contrary, you KNOW where you can find the HEK cellines now, right??
    You guessed it:

    Watch as the Watergate-inspired "non-denial" denials fly!!

    1. WTF am I going to mix my Everclear with now? Ugh.

      I don't even care if women want to get abortions. Whatever. But feeding people cannibalism without them even knowing it is beyond f*cked up. When I had that dream about feeding people to people, I was laughing in the dream but woke up feeling disgusting. Because that's disgusting.

    2. Think about it Wordsy -- it is, be definition, a satanic ritual --- & once again, an INVERSION & mockery of the Christian communion. These pitiful creatures have this down to a disgusting , well, science, for wont of a better word.
      That is EXACTLY why it's in all the vaxxes & for a multiplicity of purposes: brain-machine interface, transhumanism, mind & thought control, & the ideology of the Luciferian. All this doesn't just have one, or even two, objectives.....which is why it's so hard for the normies to wrap their heads around....

  25. Like we would actually seriously trust ANY of their denials or other words out of their lying mouths now....

  26. & Velobs -- you saw this, right?:

    From 2012 btw!!

  27. Here's something worth mentionning:

    1. Wow -- & Leda & the Swan!! Yikes!!
      Corporate motifs & logos we could all go on forever about.
      Starbucks, as you have mentioned JB w/the Lovecraftian bent -- & I SWEAR there was a blurb or a tweet years ago about nanites being an ingredient in all their prepared coffee drinks/frapps sold in stores.

      & who remembers Procter & Gamble??:

      LOTS of smoke there -- & historically when there's that much, there's always a little fire I once knew a girl's father from P&G, and hey, not a stretch....not a stretch at ALL....

    "The damage to health caused by each vaccine dose does not lessen over time as it appears to continue indefinitely. In fact, CDC All-Cause Mortality data shows that each vaccine dose increased mortality by 7% in the year 2022 compared to the mortality in 2021.Those who have had 5 doses were 35% more likely to die in 2022 than they were in 2021.
    If you have had one dose then you were 7% more likely to die in 2022 than you were in 2021.If you are unvaxxed then you were no more likely to die in 2022 than you were in 2021."

    1. SO WEIRD BB!!
      I JUST copy & pasted this article to save...."leaks" are blowing wide from everywhere now....

  29. On the Chris Carter front --
    Always thought it was extremely weird how Amazon initially ordered an entire 1st season of this....
    ....and then suddenly pulled the plug right at the last minute despite highly favored reviews & word-of-mouth for the go-ahead:

    Given that it was 2014 -- and given the state of affairs today -- was this Carter at the height of his prognostication again??
    The sense of dread gets biblical at roughly 0-100 mph in seconds...almost like a sister to MILLENNIUM.

    ...but WHO squashed it, and WHY?

    Always remembered March 7th from this too -- never found any correlations or historical signal markers for anything like this.
    (True birthdate of Jesus?? What's in those Dead Sea Scrolls, anyway??)
    Uber weird for me cos it's my Mom's birthday.....

  30. Jesus did exhibit all the hallmarks/personality traits of a Pieces.

  31. Saturn's waking up?

    1. I'd be studying that hexagonal structure at Saturn's pole REAL closely right now......
      any residual signs of plasma conduits or birkeland currents fingerprints showing up??

      & not to change the subject but SOMETHING has to be done about this, and STAT:

      Because this is the most fucked thing I've ever heard of.....

  32. RELATED??:

    McDonald’s reportedly temporarily shuts its U.S. offices and prepares layoff notices

    "Company restructuring??"

    Something's really goin on behind the scenes here guys......

    1. When did GLP get so racist? It was like reading 4chan or kiwifarms, almost. Makes me wonder if they're on their way out.

      Anyway, some of the posters brought up good points. Canary in the coalmine, looming depression, possible upcoming real estate collapse. Devaluing of the dollar. In addition, of course, to possible contaminants in the meat. And it's kind of weird that they're telling the execs to stay home so they can get fired by email. Someone mentioned not wanting them to go postal at work. Where, then, their neighborhood slums?

      It's definitely weird. If you think that the plan is ultimately to herd everyone into cities, then it makes sense for car companies to be slowing down production. But big layoffs at McD's is still weird in that context. A real estate slowdown doesn't even compute, because one of the best ways to get people into cities is to buy up all the rural real estate so cities are the only affordable option, which should mean the prices go up in cities, too. I might just be obsessed with real estate lately, but the idea is still stuck in my head.

  33. Something I found in my archives:

    3.5 billion years ago: An extremely advanced extraterrestrial intelligence feels bored and lonely, no one to communicate with in this big, strange, empty Universe, decides to create life in its own image to eventually have someone to talk to. Seeds life on Venus, Earth, Mars, and perhaps one or two other planets in this solar system. Waits for life to develop.

    500 million years ago: Earth seems to yield the best results in the V. L. O. P. E. (Very Long Observation Panspermia Experiment), so eliminates all life on the surface of the other planets, they are no longer needed. Venus is now boiling over, Mars is freezing over, and the remaining one or two planets are reduced to an asteroid belt. Life on Earth must explode and take a new direction however, so mass extinction event is generated.

    65 million years ago: Fifth mass extinction event is generated, archaic reptilian forms now replaced by more promising mammalian forms. A prototype intelligent, humanoid, reptilian form is kept underground as a side-project.

    300,000 years ago (more or less): Mammals have attained maximal development, the extraterrestrial "gods" decide to take a more active role in the creation. Hominids are genetically modified with both reptilian traits and "divine" traits to complete experiment. Psychological conditioning is imposed through language and culture to ensure that future human beings not only look like the "gods", but also think like them.

    6,000 years ago - present day (2012): Our creators realize that although we finally look and think just like they did at the beginning of the V. L. O. P. E., they no longer have anything in common with us after 3.5 billion years of biological, technological and spiritual evolution. The experiment is considered to be a tremendous waste of time and an abject failure. The alien creator "gods" wash their hands clean of us and leave our fate to be decided by their also abandoned reptilian side-project and their human-reptilian hybrids. The end, maybe.

    1. HAHA -- re X Files -- "God's little side projects..."

  34. More about the ending shot of "The Shining":

    The original photographs of Jack Nicholson are located in the Stanley Kubrick Archive in London, and a look at them reveals that only Nicholson’s head, collar, and bowtie were used in the final photo. The rest belongs to a man in the original *1923* photograph (exactly 100 years ago), carefully chosen by Kubrick himself, who later went on record that the last image of the film was the most important piece of the puzzle.

    What we know about that original photograph is thin. But a clue to why it was chosen is in the man’s pose, reminiscent, as it is, of the Baphomet. Let's see what Eliphas Levi has to say about it:

    "The flame of intelligence *shining* between his horns is the magic light of the universal balance, the image of the soul elevated above matter, as the flame, whilst being tied to matter, shines above it."

    Levi sometimes referred to the Baphomet simply as "the Shining".

    The film makes clear references to sexual child abuse, MK-Ultra, a deal with the Devil (or the Minotaur at the center of his maze), a Faustian Pact involving very influential people, and the forces of darkness being invoked, resulting in a strange possession.

    1. SUPERB encapsulation JB!! & right between the eyes, right on the $$. Had not heard about Levi referring to that illustration as simply "the Shining." Creeeeeeepy. & makes Kubrick's entire oeuvre one long progression, with EWS as the cherry on top, doesn't it?
      Truly makes you wonder what A.I was going to look like in his hands and not the treacly misdirection travesty that Spielberg (so understandably) turned it into given his proclivities...
      After all, would exactly would be the no.1 market for (sex) toy robot children that never age, hmmmmmm???

      have to split the MVP of the night between you, & this brilliant piece that had me, sadly, rolling:

      They've done it again -- gonna need a continuous loop of the hamster running on the OUTSIDE of the hamster wheel at 1:26 -- LOL.
      Because that's just a bit TOO perfect!!

    2. It's an interesting correspondence because the book is titled, according to king, as an homage to John Lennon and the Plastic Yoko Ono Band's song "Instant Karma (Shine On). Both the novel and the film also are intertwined with the mythos, symbolism, and the relative corresponding associations and implementation of occult and esoteric themes and symbols that are specific to overall magickal operation of the beatle's whole operational existence especially the paul is dead line and the implications of the power of an organization that pulled it off. Baphomet is not far removed from the winged eb ti tels, so the tie in fits that as well.
      A lot of focus and underlying meaning is in the Sgt. Pepper cover. It gets very deep but just quickly two Shirley Temples, Diana Dors and a hidden shriner barely over her shoulders = the hidden door behind the temple. There are multiple Williams and Bills and characters that die, and lots of clues in the crowd basically. Last one, the palm above McCartney is used often to say it's a hand over a head blessing the dead but I had to be told it, it isn't well known. There were also palm trees on the cover. The palm above William's head helps subconsciously reiterate and reinforce PAuL Mccartney is the person there, in addition to whatever else.
      This is all to say perhaps the individuals of the actual photo and maybe even their respective placement are keys or codes or avenues to follow, for sure. this needs to be looked into. Does anyone have a list of the people in the 1923 pic?

      Because also quite interesting to me is the "boots are made for walking" correspondence with Kubrick's "full metal jacket" and it's usage around...Military Killers. Born to Kill
      Stanley played chess and was a master at the long game. He gave us enough for the message to be self evident for the veil to be lifted using the veil itself. I think the missing part of eyes wide shut is merely direct showing of the already proven modus operandi and really we should have already revolted a long time ago idk how but yeah.

      oh here is something i saw in no links or videos up there

  35. The PTB obv handed off A.I. to Spielberg knowing how very much he would butcher and neuter the orig Kubrick "message."

  36. ok, time for this. thot to weave it in before listing the PKD points in a minute. this which is beyond genius genius. all the good stuff up at the beginning sets the stage, excerpted areas why, supports JB, words are, wordman's latest too. the concept of the plasmate. living pure information, we r information, living information. all part of the experiment. the battle, really, for information. what gets in. huge.

    looks like the one somehow got hijacked by ? creator gods (supposedly more than one, actually 12) who walked away or indeed more like it, probably sold it. some kinda weirdo dierdo POS time lord landlord buyer bought it n been runnin' it ever since.

    29. We did not fall because of a moral error; we fell because of an intellectual error: that of taking the phenomenal world as real. Therefore we are morally innocent. It is the Empire in its various disguised polyforms which tells us we have sinned. 'The Empire never ended.'
    35. The Mind is not talking to us but by means of us. Its narrative passes through us and its sorrow infuses us irrationally. As Plato discerned, there is a streak of the irrational in the World Soul.
    38. From loss and grief the Mind has become deranged. Therefore we, as parts of the universe, the Brain, are partly deranged.
    41. The Empire is the institution, the codification, of derangement; it is insane and imposes its insanity on us by violence, since its nature is a violent one.
    42. To fight the Empire is to be infected by its derangement. This is a paradox: whoever defeats a segment of the Empire becomes the Empire; it proliferates like a virus, imposing its form on its enemies. Thereby it becomes its enemies.
    45. In seeing Christ in a vision I correctly said to him, 'We need medical attention.' In the vision there was an insane creator who destroyed what he created, without purpose; which is to say, irrationally. This is the deranged streak in the Mind....geezus omg
    46. The physician has come to us a number of times under a number of names. But we are not yet healed. The Empire identified him and ejected him. This time he will kill the Empire by phagocytosis.

  37. take heed, hope is embedded in here, somehow, some way--
    48. ON OUR NATURE. It is proper to say: we appear to be memory coils (DNA carriers capable of experience) in a computer-like thinking system which, although we have correctly recorded and stored thousands of years of experiental information, and each of us possesses somewhat different deposits from all the other life forms, there is a malfunction -- a failure - of memory retrieval . There lies the trouble in our particular subcircuit. 'Salvation' through gnosis -- more properly anamnesis (the loss of amnesia) -- although it has individual significance for each of us -- a quantum leap in perception, identity, cognition, understanding, world- and self-experience, including immortality -- it has greater and further importance for the system as a whole, inasmuch as these memories are data needed by it and valuable to it, to its overall functioning.

    Therefore it is in the process of self-repair, which includes: rebuilding our subcircuit via linear and orthogonal time changes, as well as continual signaling to us to stimulate blocked memory banks within us to fire and hence retrieve what is there.

    The external information or gnosis, then consists of disinhibiting instructions, with the core content actually intrinsic to us -- that is, already there (first observed by Plato; viz: that learning is a form of remembering). FFFFF UUUUUUUU AI

  38. saves me almost every time. back to the basics n alwaysssss to principles. cant live without 'em. the ten major principles of the gnostic revelation. the first is the best n from there its self explanatory (n technically all u would need to gnow). goes completely w/ wordman's post up there mention OF THE LONG CON--

    The creator of this world is demented.
    The world is not as it appears, in order to hide the evil in it, a delusive veil obscuring it and the deranged deity.
    There is another, better realm of God, and all our efforts are to be directed toward
    a. returning there
    b. bringing it here
    Our actual lives stretch thousands of years back, and we can be made to remember our origin in the stars.
    Each of us has a divine counterpart unfallen who can reach a hand down to us to awaken us. This other personality is the authentic waking self; the one we have now is asleep and minor. We are in fact asleep, and in the hands of a dangerous magician disguised as a good god, the deranged creator deity. The bleakness, the evil and pain in this world, the fact that it is a deterministic prison controlled by the demented creator causes us willingly to split with the reality principle early in life, and so to speak willingly fall asleep in delusion.
    You can pass from the delusional prison world into the peaceful kingdom if the True Good God places you under His grace and allows you to see reality through His eyes.
    Christ gave, rather than received, revelation; he taught his followers how to enter the kingdom while still alive, where other mystery religions only bring about amnesis: knowledge of it at the “other time” in “the other realm,” not here. He causes it to come here, and is the living agency to the Sole Good God (i.e. the Logos).
    Probably the real, secret Christian church still exists, long underground, with the living Corpus Christi as its head or ruler, the members absorbed into it. Through participation in it they probably have vast, seemingly magical powers.
    The division into “two times” (good and evil) and “two realms” (good and evil) will abruptly end with victory for the good time here, as the presently invisible kingdom separates and becomes visible. We cannot know the date.
    During this time period we are on the sifting bridge being judged according to which power we give allegiance to, the deranged creator demiurge of this world or the One Good God and his kingdom, whom we know through Christ.
    To know these ten principles of Gnostic Christianity is to court disaster.
    since its official annual yearly sacrifice time on earth, again, how very fitting. dead guy on a stick time, the planetary logo. shows other universals our brand. thats what ya get when ya come here. its wut we do. theres a quote at the end--"I guess I should have probably warned you about the curse at the end. I’m sure you’ll forgive me, even after the Archons realize you’ve woken up and then bring down the fires of Heaven upon you…" shit gets revealed at the apocalypse. the whole purpose. sore losers so at the end of the long con u just nuke 'em.

  39. in that kind of paleochristianity mood today. felt like it

  40. The "curse" at the end reminded me of Roko's Basilisk,
    which actually doesn't seem inappropriate, considering the similarity in themes.

    I wonder what PKD meant by, "The physician has come to us a number of times under a number of names. But we are not yet healed. The Empire identified him and ejected him. This time he will kill the Empire by phagocytosis." Is phagocytosis another way of saying processing one's emotions and experiences?

    1. is similar. the processing n the medicine n the healer r all real n very organic. i think.

    2. dont know, but prob one of a few avatar types PKD has stated incl Elijah who he was very big on.

  41. THIS is a beautiful summation of all things discussed here by us re Kubrick:

  42. I know this is post is going to sound crazy. I have proof of what I'm about to share. I don't know where else to go with this as I'm facing a powerful enemy and need allies. Although this is a hill I'm willing to die on I AM IN NO WAY SUICIDAL. On the contrary, my son's only hope is that I prevail in this. My son 30months has been kidnapped by st. Lukes in Boise Idaho andis being used as a test subject for mind/machine interface r/d. On March 8th under suspicious circumstances my now ex took took him to the hospital via ambulance while I was working 2 blocks away. I found out over an hour later that this happened and she already met with advocates and made claims of abuse. Long story short I found out she agreed to sell him into this program with the aim of imprisoning me to prevent me from doing anything about it. The whole thing is faked they have implanted a neuralink type device above his left ear. He is being held captive and I am running from the law and gathering evidence and allies to stop this. It's connected to another facility just built here last year. I have proof, names, the program he's in the doctors responsible. There is much more but I need to go now. My name is Dustin James Daher my son is Duncan James Daher 3088635608
    Please send prayers and any assistance to OU can muster. I'm not walking away from this and I fear that I can be easily disappeared unless I shine a light on this asap.

    1. Troubling Loosh -- esp when their own website returns 1315 results for brain-machine interface:

      Certainly seems a great place to hide gov't research they'd like conducted in secret & beyond liability....& certainly wouldn't be the first time.
      Also seems very specious that your ex could just enroll him in something like that without your say-so. Who has custody?
      Prayers for sure & contact multiple human rights attorneys in the area re their advice on putting a stop to this.
      Also go to your local TV stations -- many have "On Your Side" programs willing to look into privacy violations just like this....
      & keep us informed.

  43. OK Folks -- this just in -- appears as if AOC has a burner acct, & her handle is....wait for it....
    Zaza Demon.

    Can't make this stuff up:

    We got a line on all of em fellow sleuths!!

    BTW just had an entire 30KB of info on the next post invaded on Wordpad and turned into gibberish and ?s overnight!!
    Not to worry howevs, went back in my history & retrieved most of it (& even more!!) So there are ways -- there are always ways.
    Our resources are more than theirs.....

  44. CHECK OUT this fascinating -- since we're on all things Kubrick -- vid of the deeper clues inside THE SHINING -- that hint more than strongly at SK crafting a satanic mirror netherworld universe where none of the physics normie rules apply & the possibility/probability of alternate timelines/realities/dimensions are around every corner:

    Combining things like this with EWS you begin to see that ALL of his films are just parts of a much greater whole.

    No wonder King hated it so much -- all he wanted was a scary story....
    Kubrick was after much bigger fish.

    1. dunno what happened to King. he changed alot thru the yrs. when he first wrote "The Stand") i said man, he knows evil better than anybody. it was more than prophetic (ha, ya think?) wow, hes got it down. the guy KNOWS. now he comes off just like the creeps he wrote about. turncoated. even he got infected.

  45. Demons discussed at 33:20 min. mark -

    Alistair Williams is banned on YT.

    Demon-possessed AI learning how to use synthetic biotechnology to construct its own “superhuman” biological systems
    Really not good....

    1. This is what Ultron was doing in Avengers 2: creating a perfect biological body for itself, so that it may recreate humanity in it's own image. Also the subject of the movie "Demon Seed", 1977.

  47. Anyone up for declaring a real Butlerian Jihad against AI? And what would Asimov have said about our current situation? Bless his horndog biochemist heart....

  48. declaring? sure. i think we already have. good links,w/ astute comments from quite a few ppl. esp the one that stated the jihad would really be vs the men that write its programs. humans controlling the tech to control other humans, happening now. theyre already looking for dissenters that think this. thats what bugs me, using AI theyve programmed to do that. bigger list prob every day.

    some said so far its not autonomous. my fear is that it will never actually be but will look like it is. it would be a replacement plan. not novel but fill earth w/ machining n use controlled humans in space when it shouldve or couldve been the exact opposite. ppl will ask for they believe it is the answer to end the war of good vs evil. becuz its a machine so its neutral, doesnt have feelings. supposedly. n thats been programmed into ppl for a long time.

  49. good idea tho, use AI for jury duty. dumb bastards shouldve done it by now.

  50. GREAT links & thoughts JB, BB, Miss Frill & Anon -- when you've got folks like the science-based Mike Adams posting stuff like that, you know you're getting close to a singularity of thought where we all suddenly realize what this conflict is all about at a base level -- they can Blue Beam it and dress it up in all kinds of things, but it all goes back to the ideology in the final analysis of what Vallee, Keel, Hynek and Fort all came up with years ago after decades & decades of study: the extra-terrestrial hypothesis in the end makes ZERO sense, and everything points to the inter-dimensional, the things that have been around a wavelength away since biblical times.
    Cryptoterrestrials, ultraterrestrials, demons, djinn, they go by a thousand different names, but these have the ability to control matter, space, time, our minds, etc. All physical laws are off the table -- they can manifest as metallic solids to show up on radar, or de-materialized smoke that's gone in a flash.
    Hynek: "I hypothesize an 'M&M' technology encompassing the mental and material realms. The psychic realms, so mysterious to us today, may be an ordinary part of an advanced technology."

    And what do we see now? Acc to Ana Mihalcea, a bio-tech, self-asssembling, that disappears and reappears under full view of her electron microscopes -- and that is part of the ingredients in every vaxx. That can exist & co-exist in 11 separate dimensions.
    WHAT are we doing and WHAT do we have access to??

    You guys are REALLY going to want to stay tuned for the next installment right here.....

    Naomi Wolf talks about/reads from the Geneva Bible...that emphasizes that God wants to have a relationship with each individual human....without an obligatory essential need for middlemen or organizations....This is worth knowing...
    " I was searching for the earliest English translation of the Bible from the Hebrew — because, of course, I am seeking guidance and comfort in a time of chaos and crisis. The Great Bible is the earliest translation. But the 1560 Geneva Bible, which I have been reading, has completely astonished me.."

    1. Hey BB -- the very reason my Mom after a bit opted far OUT of Catholicism.
      The whole "middle man" thing is a complete scam, has been from the very beginning, is totally ANTI-Christ, & has got to go.
      Doesn't even make any sense ... unless you are bastardizing spirituality as religion as control system.

  52. You might even get a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

    1. The HORRORS!! We can't be entrusted with THAT!! LOL.

    2. Lol... Great job btw the last few installments off the charts.

    3. Thanks Max!!
      Much like ole Reggie Jackson, I plan on keepin on belting them out of the park as long as humanly possible!! LOL.
      Prepare yourselves, gird your loins, lock up you daughters, lock up your wife, lock up your back door, run for your life, as I told JB above, this next one's not gonna let up off the gas in any way....the news just keeps romping from absurdity to absurdity -- I'm just on the end of the caboose tryin to hang on!!

    4. Of course my homer/strikeout ratio ain't that great -- but I enjoy watchin em sail!!

  53. And just on the off chance that anyone here HASN'T seen it -- here's EWS in its entirety -- or as much entirety as we're ever gonna get:

    Merry Christmas in April!!

  54. Don't know what it's doing where everybody else is, but as for me, it was a dark and stormy night.....
    perfect for hunkering down & slaving over a hot laptop...full of all the eldritch news that fits....

    1. There was an Ice Storm up here. Half of Montréal is without power. There has been the howling of wolves, and rumors of cannibalism...


    2. Sounds like you've got outtakes from Game of Thrones goin on up there JB!! LOL.
      I remember close to 20 years ago when Jeff Wells was busy highlighting all the truly weird apocalyptic weather -- & the violence has increased EXPONENTIALLY since then. So much so that we just perceive it as normal now -- but this is anything BUT normal -- & I'm starting to view it as manipulated & just another front in the ongoing WAR against us.
      To go along with the constant assault on food reserves, chemical spills, biotech inside us, financial reset, 5G frequencies, continuing chemtrailing..... on & on.

      How anybody can POSSIBLY see the totality of this & call it unrelated is absolutely beyond me.

  55. You know it's not good when you look up at your weather TV screen & it says ALL MODES OF SEVERE WEATHER POSSIBLE --
    hail, floods, straight line winds, tornados, lightning, squalls, supercells....all we're missing is the Sharknado!!
    Fins in the parking lot!!

  56. Absolutely manipulated... The tornadoes have been ridiculous...

  57. A very strange, very unique sci-fi flick, "Artemis '81", it costs over $150 on DVD, so here it is for free:

    1. Anyone that offers me up Stang's acting (or strange lack of same) on a plate gets another monthly MVP from me!! Haha!! LOL.
      Will most def delve -- sounds extremely pre-Lynchian, esp for so far back in the timeline.

      Hell, I'm still looking for a decent copy of JULIA AND JULIA from 1987. The Stangster did things to Kathleen Turner in that that inspired me. (Don't try this at home, kids!!)

      Anyway, they had me at mysterious mist:

  58. totally agree w/ wordman's mother leaving catholicism. true middleman antichrist is right on. shakespeare said true evil is always the use of a middleman. we could say the demonic (even demons r middlemen, ha love it n no kidding!) ppl n corporations doing deals n running earth R THE MIDDLEMAN between us n ET, UT, the real controllers. thats how it works, the middlemen layer of pure rotgut evil between mankind n the offworld n underworlders. theyre the layer, the filter, the interpreters. infiltrators that plan n spew n manipulate.

    always thot too the required head gear is a purposeful barrier, a blocking of the crown chakra. not really into chakras but that one for sure exists. that head cover device applies to all 3 major religions. cover the head, block the human antenna. symbolic if not actual frequency interference.

  59. tornado in my area cpl days ago. power off again x 2 episodes, both over 12 hrs each. power poles n a barn down. predicted yrs ago, part of the plan. erratic confounding chaos. amped up natural, amped up societal n cultural badass energy reflects atmospheric, as above so below.

  60. the only n i mean the only (in bold, all caps, in italics,w/ repeating letters) thing that quiets me down is when my best friend yells out "POPCORN" n then im fine, til the next time.

  61. Hey Anon!! About that covering the head thing -- let's leave that to the expert for the final word LOL:

  62. The mystery of "Room 237" finally solved?

    1. 237 being DMT makes sense, especially since Kubrick changed it from the 217 in the book.

    2. This makes a lot of sense.

      It's related to bufotenin from toads.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. Stephen King has claimed he was in such a binge when he wrote Cujo that he doesn't even remember doing it. Cujo happened to be perfectly timed to the release of the rabies v*cc*ne.

    1. Wordsy!!
      Stevie King has been part & parcel of so much nefarious shit don't even know where to begin -- but here's good for starters:
      "Remember Stephen King's novel, It? The story revolved around a malicious clown who terrorized and kidnapped children. Oddly, earlier this week I read (might have been this blog) about someone's claim to have witnessed Stephen King, along with 11 other men, who levitated a statue of Pan. The writer was clearly infering that King was a member of a satanic group, and that such groups do have real power. I don't believe in coincidence, and the synchronicity of these seemingly unrelated reports strikes me as either: true, and a boasting of evil deeds and a revelation of King and the use of clowns to kidnap (or the appearance thereof) children; or, a plan to discredit King and seed yet more fear upon the land. The latter seems more likely, as most people, and especially children, are afraid of clowns. And why not? Grown men grotesquesly dressed to deceive displaying either the sadness or absurdities of this life. The vans, as reported, are the real-world version of the infamous clown car. The fact that no child was abducted could be accounted for by the known innate fear of clowns by children. Short-term gain of creating fear; long-tern gain of disbelife, Cry Clown, if a child is ever kidnapped by a clown. Evil is, in the end, always stupid for it comes from the ego, excluding the heart, and always overplays itself.

      Also,(off subject) back in the McMartin Pre School event, an investigative reporter for a TV news show told me, after nosing around Manhattan Beach, she was convinced that many merchants were networking and involved in the satanic group that was supporting the McMartins."

      From here:

      (in the comms)

  64. Also this from Jeff Wells answering:
    "I don't remember having read that story of the levitating statue. FWIW, here's an excerpt from an account of it:

    Several years ago I was at the Global Sciences Congress in Florida March 1999. The editor of Nexus Magazine, Duncan Roads, was one of the speakers. During the question and answer period someone asked Duncan what stories he WOULDN'T publish. For illustration of what he wouldn't publish, he told a story which he said was true.

    I trust I have this story correct, but bear with me if it's not totally accurate, as I did not write it down at the time. Duncan had been told of an event that happened to a man in England. This man had worked for British intelligence. In other words, as an intelligent agent he had been around, he had put his life on the line and had seen many things that ordinary people don't. He can hardly be called a wimp.

    This man was invited to a party in England. It was held at a huge, old mansion. Many very, very powerful, wealthy and influential people were there. As you may imagine, the party became fairly wild. But around 11.30 pm nearly all of the guests were asked to leave. Duncan's contact was having too good a time to do this, so because the work he was involved in made him used to doing secretive things, he decided to hide in some bushes and see what happened next.

    He saw twelve men, who were all VERY powerful & influential men in the world, gather out the front of the mansion. The twelve men formed a circle or a half circle (I forget which) around a large stone statue. At midnight, the statue started to come to life! Duncan's contact nearly had a heart attack, and took off.

    I heard this story again in Sydney at the Nexus Conference in May 2000. I thought this story was so important that, after warning Duncan I would be doing so, I asked Duncan during the public question and answer period the same question about what he wouldn't publish. The story was the same. Except that there seemed to be some disagreement between Duncan and another man in the audience who also knew the story from the Englishman, as to whether the statue was of a man or a goat. Also, the audience was startled when, this time, Duncan mentioned that author Stephen King was one of the twelve men who remained."

  65. King is someone to stay far far FAR away from.......

  66. This might be J.P's best video ever...You got God?

  67. since were still on topic God n evil, saw this today from a very brilliant verified source, apparently there is a vid w/ parts 1 & 2 as well as a vid or plural by the YEBO guy mentioned. "... the degradation of Human Society and the Hubris of the hybrid reptilian plantation managers, the dark findings that a former YouTube presenter known as YEBO (Obey spelled backwards) discovered about the promotion of child abuse and cannibalism by celebrities. Eventually Yebo’s YouTube channel was taken down but his work was saved by various Bitchute presenters.

    The intent seems to be to mock the human condition and to mock God/Divinity by de-evolving humanity to its most vile vulgar lowest denominator which is essentially alien and demonic in nature.

    Part 2 talks about how the ET Presence may be normalized in relation to the so-called Smart Cities. Subjects also include the normalization of Cannibalism and how “The Gods” may once again walk the Earth."

  68. Human Society & Hybrid Reptilian Plantation Managers April 7, 2023

  69. Watching "The Shining" for the first time in years, and I can't help but notice some "Mandy" vibes, when it comes to the music at the beginning and some of the color patterns.

    Torrance is an Irish form of the name Torrence which means "knolls" (Knowles). Jack Torrance is the caretaker/janitor (in the classic sense) of the Overlook. Janitor = "one who is like Janus (gatekeeper, guardian of portals, above all other gods)" according to the Ancient Romans.

    In "Doctor Sleep", Jack Torrance becomes the new barman, Lloyd, after his death. In Norse myth, the first god, foundation of the Universe, Ymir, is resurrected and becomes a bartender after the end of the world. So Jack goes from Janus, to Baphomet (in the last picture), to Ymir reborn.

    The whole hotel is called a "maze". There's a famous maze outside of it. When Jack looks down into a model of the maze inside, he grins as he sees his wife and child in the middle of it. It's *his* maze, he's god there; Pan's Labyrinth.

    1. JB!!
      Thanks for that shoutout to MANDY -- & in lieu of that also BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW -- which Stranger Things took many, many cues from....

      Given the perspective of distance & scope, I find increasingly King ultimately disowned all this because is was simply over his head. Kubrick was operating on another level & it became like showing a monkey algorithms. Or putting Neil DeGrasse Tyson in a philosophy class. Per Q -- these people are stupid.

  70. Place your bets on the following being attempted in the next few years...
    Depending on which source you reference, either 1/3 or 1/4 of human population have latent infections of Mycobacterium that's at least 2 billion people...

    Infection remains latent usually as long as the human is well nourished, has shelter from cold and precip, and has a functioning immune system......
    Easy to see how the globalist actions over last few years and ongoing will disrupt that for many formally healthy people...
    And add to that ongoing efforts to develop and push mRNA jabs to prevent the disease...yeah sure ..prevent....that's what they do....
    The White Plague waiting to re-emerge with a vengeance...

    1. sharper than a tack. u got it. watched it since 1997. can be viewed as a carrier medium. brilliant. the white plague. shades of the purge n the holocaust in a combo for not worshipping at the feet of the coercive agendas. AR15'ed in a ditch for not cooperating n the 'wrong' beliefs.

    2. started being more prevalent after 'Nam. from that mollicutes family, bacterium, not a fungus either but acts like one. "Mollicutes — Spiroplasma, Mycoplasma and Acholeplasma — are the smallest and simplest known free-living and self-replicating forms of life. Gram- positive origin, as indicated by their 16S rRNA." no cell wall can be parasitic or saprotrophic. in plants n animals, incl reptiles. parasitic in humans. smallest cell diameter, that species smallest known free-living organisms. utilizes vascular system for mobility.

      i wish i had the email i wrote 5 yrs ago to family (so-called, sad mask wearers, im immune to them) components covid. just some but has to have mycoplasma, hiv n will also require smallpox, hsv n likely a tinch of ebola. nothing's gonna freak everybody more than open sores, blisters, bullae. monkey pox not worked out so far. needs an old fashioned viral rubella addition affects only human hosts. sticking to mRNA here.

      so we have the docking mechanism, the medium, just need better viral messenger RNA agents. parastic eh? ask why then vascular system affected clots, cardiac, et al. why ivermectin n/or $1.80's worth of steroid works. again, the smallest free-living, self-replicating microorganisms no cell wall. perfecto.

    Signal now on the roof & warming up....
    Expect a Wednesday night bat launch.....
    Sharpen those bat-a-rangs & man/woman those batphones....
    As always hope to awe & amaze you!!

    Shoon, my night children.....


  73. Dr. Ana- seeing nanostructures in the blood of the unvaccinated.. But she believes they can be removed.

  74. it actually hurt to read those links n see the pics.

  75. Remember Koresh's mother self published a book (I didn't find it). She then died shortly later. Also, after studying this story at this site, compare what you now know with what FBI HRT assassin Chris Whitcom published:

    Whitcom's book is just the expected puff piece to humanize The FBI as they sought to avoid blowback from the truth coming out about shooting Davidians trying to escape. And, what few tapes I heard showing FBI negotiators, I'm stunned at how incompetent The FBI is at what they claim to be experts at? One major foundational lie deployed by FBI is the assumption that "this was a hostage situation"? Even more stupid is the loss in trust when The FBI negotiator hid his own bias by claiming there were no guns on the choppers? Who is that stupid? Dick DeGuerin, defense atty who was allowed to visit The Davidians, noticed the door showing bullet holes shot from the outside by BATF. And, I'm sure someone could have corroborated the bullet holes shot through the roof from the choppers.
    It reminds me of what Gerry Spence dug up when he defended Randy Weaver. Obstruction of Justice is the expected response when your dealing with The Authoritarian Personality. I've dealt with these wackos, and it's amazing how stupid, corrupt, defensive, and hypocritical these reactionary, unstable, morons have always been. These are the last people you can ever trust fully to deal with any kind of tragedy-emergency.
    Looked like BATF shot Koresh at the door after he offered to let BATF search and examine their guns (talked to the undercover at the Davidian gun range).