Tuesday, April 11, 2023



"But when you talk about destruction, don't you know that you can count me out -- IN..."  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGLGzRXY5Bw

"Angel, angel or devil?/ I was thirsty and you wet my lips/ You, I'm waitin for you/ You, you set my desire/ I trip thru your wires..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD5He3U-te0

"Do you dream to touch me, and smile down deep inside? Or could you just kill me, hey, it's hard to make up your mind sometimes..."  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIPJIHQtBY0

"All your life you've never seen a woman taken by the wind/ Would you stay is she promised you heaven -- will you ever win?....Taken by, taken by the sky..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRTSY-Y85DE

"She said the days they're fast, and some say don't look back/ But for every breath you take, you leave a track/ And it just don't seem fair, but for every smile that breaks/ A tear must fall somewhere/ Oh the price you pay...

Little girl down on the strand, with that pretty little baby in your hands/ Do you remember the story of the Promised Land?/ How he crossed the desert sands, but could not enter the chosen land/ On the banks of the river he stayed/ To face the price you pay

So let the game start/ You better run you little wild heart/ You can run thru all the nights, and all the days..."  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XVmroys8U0

"From the dusty mesa, her looming shadow grows/ Hidden in the branches, of the poison creosote

She twines her spines up slowly towards the boiling sun/ And when I touched her skin my fingers ran with blood

In the hushing dusk, under a swollen silver moon/ I came walking with the wind to watch the cactus bloom

A strange hunger haunted me, the looming shadows danced/ I fell down to the thorny brush and felt a trembling hand

When the last light warms the rocks and the rattlesnakes unfold/ Mountain cats will come to drag away your bones

Then rise with me forever, across the silent sands/ And the stars will be your eyes, and the wind will be my hands"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRJ_s2G76Hg

We enter tonight a twilight landscape of liminal proportions constantly in flux, beset with occult paradigms arrayed against us, where every step unveils yet another piece in an ever-unfolding puzzle, where every portion may prove more dangerous than the last, and knowledge comes only in horrifying dribs and drabs, the complete Great Work never to be unveiled until it is far too late to stop it -- a final rush of wisdom and enlightenment before the void. How to counteract such an end? To disrupt their Grand Plan before final implementation? Perhaps only with increasing communication and information transfer can a tipping point toward the ultimate good be reached. A sword to be put to their sorcery.

There really is nothing new under the sun, and the past is yet another prologue to one more spin of the celestial wheel. The Days of Noah are here again, of Atlantis sinking, of Mu, of Ur nestled in the Cradle of Civilization, of Ultima Thule, of Lemuria overrunning itself in paroxysms of technological machines, fire and thunder. Times of a young Conan with only his steel to thwart the takeover by wizards and dark forces. Amazingly and at this late date, we again find ourselves at such a juncture. Star-crossed times. But times that Fate has forged on the lathe of history both known and unknown, and chosen for us. Being Here Now was always our plan, our rendezvous point, since before any of us were born.        

What we have here is not a linear narrative, but vignettes strung on a clothesline, especially over the last couple of years. This is a convergence beyond time -- no symmetrical connections exist in insert-by-number puzzle pieces, but there IS an overarching larger picture that has emerged, exploded, leaving us to pick up the shards and wonder how and where they fit.

This is fragmentary, but we are VERY close to seeing what the final haunted tableau is -- but all we have now are clues, clues that point in a certain direction that drips with ominous portent. Ultimately, right now, all I can do is show you the pieces, it's up to each and every one of us to determine which narrative they assemble for you. I will say the trending is not heading in a warm and fuzzy direction...

But if you lie awake on a stormy night, turning things over like this in your head and wondering if there is a greater plan -- rest assured this is all connected, and lying on an eldritch plain not quite visible. How do I know? Because, even though it escaped my notice at the time, they have found the Plains of Leng: https://www.livescience.com/6581-mysterious-mountains-hidden-beneath-antarctic-ice-revealed.html


Which simply means that wherever we venture from here is the Undiscovered Country -- the Secret Commonwealth.

And they have any number of ways of transporting you there.....

How about MRNA in your meat?: https://twitter.com/chycho/status/1643252608679948290


Or your milk?: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/12dekhg/did_you_know_they_are_planning_on_vaccinating/

Or just everything: https://gregreese.substack.com/p/american-farmers-to-begin-injecting

I certainly don't recall anyone asking my permission to do this to all foods....

Beginning to understand why Bill Gates (little Damien) was obsessed with buying up so much prime-grade US farmland now?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYUgVtZIx1U&t=26s   

Because in the race to Humanity 2.0, you WILL get there. It only becomes a question of how, and exactly WHO is behind all this? For an eye-opening answer to that very question, you could do much worse than to look over this doc again -- especially what is mentioned at the 50 min mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9hNOt9lBVk&t=5s

Because this Secret Commonwealth has existed for eons now, accessible to only a few, be they chosen or cursed -- they want to throw the doors wide open: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/archivos_pdf/passportmagonia.pdf

Yet if you think this is only about changing your food, you are dead wrong, pardon the Freudian slip/pun. This is about changing YOU, and terraforming a place, a terrain, a platform, both inside and outside of you, for something else. If nothing else in this ongoing war, this should be crystal clear now. No amount of coincidence theory or psychological backflipping can account for such a sustained assault on everything human, which has only been ramped up to astronomically apocalyptic levels since the year 2020. 

But the handwriting on the wall has been there all along...as our latest deep dive tonight will more than illustrate.

Not that I'm in any way doing this in any descending order of importance but more because I don't want this more than anything to get lost in the shuffle: https://rumble.com/v2g37wm-breaking-epstein-and-maxwell-are-israeli-spies-planned-bioweapon-shots-says.html

One because it confirms a pair of working hypotheses around these parts -- one dealing with the Epstein/Maxwell network being behind events since 2020 -- the other biggie is this: https://ambassadorlove.blog/2021/11/14/epigenetics-vaccines-are-deleting-human-genes-transfecting-cells-with-ebola-marburg/

Neatly tucked away in that above site link of Dr. Ariyana Love you will find this aside:

"The U.S. National Library of Medicine revealed something rather interesting. The USSR's 'invisible anthrax" is a gain-of-function bioweapon created by introducing an "alien gene" into bacillus anthracis (bacteria). That's how they made Anthrax. They used an alien gene and genetically altered immunological properties to produce a deadly pathogen to humans. Where did they get an alien gene from? A UFO crash perhaps? Negotiations with other beings? Your guess is as good as mine."

Where could this have come from? Something I found in the archives: https://mcmmadnessnews.blogspot.com/2015/10/saturn-and-beyond-infinite.html

Moreover, what if we aren't giving enough credit overall to the occult angle of what is transpiring? What if, very much in the tradition of Crowley, this is about using the subliminal level, fully weaponized, to gain power and control (of the body and of the mind) over others? They are changing our biology, but first they changed our language, our definitions -- thru that, they changed reality. But that reality is still connected thru the nodes of this investigation, weaving its way between child trafficking, imminent persons of interest, and exploding into the vaccine agenda: https://news.yahoo.com/blogs/upshot/pentagon-declined-investigate-hundreds-purchases-child-pornography.html




And more specifically, DARPA behind the initial mRNA tech, as admitted to here: https://www.defense.gov/News/News-Stories/Article/Article/2571576/dod-modernization-cant-happen-alone-defense-official-says/

October 2013: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/darpa-awards-moderna-therapeutics-a-grant-for-up-to-25-million-to-develop-messenger-rna-therapeutics-226115821.html

December 2013: https://news.clearancejobs.com/2013/12/04/pfizer-awarded-darpa-biodefense-contract-dod-daily-contracts/

This has all been carefully put into place.

It's never so much about finding where things fit, it's about finding how many degrees of separation they are away from each other.

And increasingly, there is no separation. None at all. And now the Internet of Things has become the Internet of Bodies -- all connected.

So many highlights hit here by the latest inspiration, Mr. Truth Bomb, that it might as well be skywriting: https://rumble.com/vkxre0-the-deep-state-war-4-satanic-panic-a-film-by-mrtruthbomb-uncut-ft.-gunderso.html

As we've examined Epstein within the vaxx sphere from the biotech angle, but it's very interesting to view the operation from the blackmail angle as seen above since it follows the 9/11 op so closely: assemble every cutting-edge scientist and research geek on the island and get the goods on them -- when they bite threaten to reveal the tapes if they need inspiration at going along with global genocide and/or the planned mass transformation of humanity. (Epstein likely got his foot in the door, Council On Foreign Relations-wise, around the time of Iran-Contra, and all those players figured heavily in 9/11...)

This isn't 5D chess or rocket science, it's the simple and grimy game of blackmail -- or you can choose the darker alternative that all those scientists were equally in on Epstein's masterplan for the kids and all of us: occult sacrifice. Either is not only plausible, but given our circumstances, the only equation that makes any kind of horrifying sense out of all this.

Remember prior to her convenient "suicide" the main point more than any other that Tracy Twyman was trying to hammer home was that a war was coming. An intergalactic war with God. And this remember was far prior to any Covid plandemic/vaxx rollout, which, in hindsight, appears very much to be all about everything she was alluding to.

Keep going over Dr. Ray Boeche's extensive research: https://avalonlibrary.net/Dr_Raymond_W_Boeche_Record_of_DoD_contacts_%28Sept_2020%29/September_10_2020_Revision_Complete_Record_of_DoD_contacts.pdf

and realize that both of these encompass research that falls long before the events of 2020. Those 2 DOD insiders that made contact with Boeche expressing trepidation and fear over experiments that then included "satanic rituals/ ritual magic along the lines of that espoused by Aleister Crowley, including human sacrifices," all to gain contact and knowledge from "non-human intelligences," were expressing those fears in 1991 and 1992. What do you suppose the DOD has been up to since then?

And what better human sacrifices than millions worldwide via a global vaxx mandated for all by what is now in all appearances a death cult? What else can you call it? How can you call it anything else when no one is given a choice and free will is not only marginalized but eradicated? 

Which means this was not an oversight. This was not a mistake. This was a PLAN. 

Kill. Cull. Prepare. Transform. Subjugate.    

Much more can be learned here re Nick Redfern's auspicious FINAL EVENTS: https://archive.org/details/final-events-and-the-secret-government-group-on-demonic-ufos-and-the-afterlife-pdfdrive/page/n15/mode/2up

And the scary part is that ALL of this is nothing new: http://therabbithole.wiki/the-mothman-prophecies-by-john-alva-keel-1975/


And the metaphysical appears an increasingly important cornerstone to the apparatus we are facing at existential breakneck speed quickly progressing into the Deagel numbers which show a -68.5% in the next 2 years somehow in a breakdown that's getting harder and harder to find: https://web.archive.org/web/20200629112402/http://www.deagel.com/country/forecast.aspx


People are waking up in unison now and sensing that there is a greater Lovecraftian truth lurking as the nexus of all this, and we are in its switching yard. Hence, people are starved for any kind of outlet to address such; the wildly popular first season of True Detective tapped into this vein as it was just starting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fP9yrKKwukU&t=305s




(and this one has a followup trail in pts 2 and 3 also...)

but the whole of the mid-late 1970s laid the precog card on the table to the max on this, almost eerily so: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuTVDNnR3AE&t=798s

The fact that TD first aired in 2014, a full 2 years pre-Clinton-Podesta emails, Pizzagate, Q, and the curtain-drawing-back of the Epstein network only makes it almost impossibly prescient and dazzlingly sync-laden today, considering how much all of those factors play roles both large and small in the ever-unfolding vaccine zeitgeist in which we find ourselves...given the persons-of-interest that by now should be on everyone's radar. It truly showed the way first and foremost that we are dealing with anything but isolated incidents unrelated to each other...

As we now find ourselves at the doorstep of a slowly unveiling and unraveling void decorated with disorder, chaos, ruin and vaxx deaths, we are scrambling for an explanation that has been there all along -- waiting to be discovered in our wisdom and thru our folly. We seem to want to lay the blame with anyone but ourselves, the ones that could have stopped this all along -- but the snake has always been a snake -- it isn't the one that's changed over time, or adjusted its outlook and ethos to fit the needs of a more comfortable lifestyle.

It's only be examining this from these obtuse and esoteric angles especially that we can gain the required knowledge to proceed now with how to deal with and ultimately take down this threat in our midst. This attack vector remains just as important as the legal and technological parameters that we must use to de-weaponize what's been deployed against us.

On the forensic proof chain, increasingly Dr. Ana Mihalcea is finding ribbons and structures in ALL foodstuffs now that mirror what her compatriot and colleague Clifford Carnicom has been finding since the early 2000s in Morgellons patients as well as chemtrail samples taken at that time: https://rumble.com/v2h1ah4--dr.-ana-mihalcea-reveals-major-grocery-store-chain-meats-are-full-of-struc.html


More disturbingly, the unvaxxed are now hearing voices in their heads to "DO IT!!"https://rumble.com/v2fsj0q-unvaccinated-hear-mental-commands-to-take-covid-shot-maria-zeee-dr.-ana-mih.html

In the last 2 images at this post's header you will see microscopy blood images taken from UNvaxxed patients showing nanowires connecting to self-assembling structures that appear to be optogenetically (light) triggered, or at minimum activated by light pulses, relaying information of some kind back and forth -- taken from this vital latest from Mihalcea's substack: https://anamihalceamdphd.substack.com/p/comparison-images-of-live-blood-analysis    

This is amazing research ongoing and in real time that is putting proof of something highly abnormal and anomalous at our fingertips -- there for anyone that is willing to look. But you HAVE to be willing to look.

Carnicom's archived research (along with Will Thomas') here, going back to the first days of contrail proliferation, which is now proving amazingly invaluable: https://carnicominstitute.org/article-excerpts/




Delving into this, you will discover a steady progression has been documented. It leads straight to the doorstep of today. This has all been an orchestrated march deep into manifesting the metaphysical and grafting it onto this plane of existence.

Remember once again, this more than anything is an alchemical working, and where have we heard that before?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIuwQiiLtqc

Solve et Coagula. Kubrick passed along what Eliphas Levi knew that we are living thru today. For clues check and see what Kubrick very deliberately chose to make the final image of The Shining. The answers have always been there -- hiding in plain sight. The storm approaches, and the Secret Commonwealth is on the other side. 

No stone has been left unturned -- remember the bizarre undercover-of-the-night installation of 5G systems in schoolyards all across the US during the initial March-April 2020 lockdowns? Just above we saw documentation of how the filaments installed in the blood grow under electrical fields and specific currents and frequencies...could this effect pertain in particular to 5G exposure?: https://www.opednews.com/articles/During-Shutdown-5G-Being-I-by-Beverly-Jensen-Absence_Dept-Of-Education-ED-gov_Education_Educational-Facilities-200322-906.html




Notice the bully attitude and condescending going on in that last vid -- a bit weird for something harmless and above board, wouldn't you say? All these links of school deployment done during the very first days of the first March 2020 lockdown nationwide smacks of something else going on...and the fact that nearly all vids of people documenting things like this have disappeared is also another huge red flag -- so all of this can be very simply made to seem just another groundless "conspiracy theory" when needed. Because we all know -- from folks like Kingston and Mihalcea and Maria Zeee et al that specific frequency is needed to initiate transhumanism en masse. We are all now so full of chips, magnetic particles, self-assembling nanostructures, hydras, graphene, hydrogels and quantum dots -- whether thru ingestion, inhalation from the atmospheric spraying, or injection -- that the deed is already done. Only targeted activation is necessary now -- thru the full spectrum dominance of the largest remote-controlled electro-magnetic grid ever assembled.

A grid that even the FDA is now being forced to confirm as no longer one of those "conspiracies": https://forum.demed.com/COVID/posts/gQAJYPgqUOwwmbYoNrtE


Study this video which marries many of our subjects of study here and finds them overlapping to a huge degree. The goal of erasing and creating memories -- sound familiar? How far has this operational arm been taken? Into our food? Air? Water? Obviously straight into the vaccine. The CIA once upon a time imported enough LSD from Sandoz to dose nearly 3/4 of everyone in the United States -- have they finally found a way to do that operationally? How does it tie in to the recently hyped (once vilified) UAP phenomenon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5NQoSrwSdk&t=150s 

It seems, my friends, that we are getting closer to some terrifying cosmic truths.   

What if the Skinwalker Ranch "hitchhiker effect" goes global and, at the flip of a switch, we all become vessels?

And re that Secret Commonwealth, we're coming around on that at warp 9 too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bx9sZhS-0c0


And here's that sacred 144,000 number popping up again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvGEdF2sh1A

And that intergalactic war that was once and shall be again (deja vu): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XoPbjJbbfg

More on all this in a minute before the close...

You will also find that mycoplasmas play a contributing factor in the largest way possible -- Pathogenic Mycoplasma Fermentans. A term that has come up before -- in chemtrail sampling -- in Gulf War Syndrome -- in Morgellons: https://patents.google.com/patent/US5242820A/en




And if you'd like to witness in graphic terms the human cost of such experimentation, you could do far worse than to take a gander at this scrubbed piece of history with Jennifer Jason Leigh, Ted Danson and Brian Dennehy -- they all deserve major shoutouts for being involved in this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6OqttsM8R8&t=2928s

Funny how 1998 seems long ago and far away now, but it still has prime unresolved lessons for the present...

And what happens when you get in the way of the agenda? Five countries refused the mandatory vaccine for their people. Their presidents all died within days of doing so.

Tanzania. Ivory Coast. Swaziland. Burundi. Haiti. Check for yourself.

The agenda is house money -- it always wins.

And it marches on...on Easter Sunday, of all days, the dead initiatory vaxx guinea pig, Tiffany Dover, miraculously arose to admonish all those stupid vaxx-deniers after 2 years of vanishing: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/12iqjdx/nice_try_cia_rip_tiffany_dover/




Be sure to stay tuned for the priceless comments like "Nothing says mystery solved like 'the hospital told me to be quiet' and then the hospital claiming that never occurred.' Sounds like there was some kind of malevolence afoot for some reason."

and "I love the part where she does housework in high heels in a brand new, unused house."

Nothing screams CIA sheep-dipping project like that, or anything...

Check all the full comms in all the reddit posts for many strange points, chapter and verse, littering the entire narrative they're selling -- instagram posts from fellow hospital employees saying that's not her, she's dead, family members getting mortgages paid off ala Sandy Hook, husband changing his status to single, social media appearing and disappearing then re-appearing with entirely changed stories, etc. And then just the too-on-the-nose "inside joke" of the Easter Sunday rollout -- a mocking "gotcha" all too reminiscent that those abiding by the Left Hand Path ethos just love to indulge in at expense of the normies. (They're never laughing with you -- they're laughing at you.) 

This is appallingly Stepford Wives-level creepy absolutely any way you look at it, and right now, is advancing quickly into first place that there is something extremely dark afoot at the core of all this, and rooted in a partnership with deep state intelligence black ops. 

Is there any way out? Well, in a word, yes. But that becomes rather biblical in nature also. And is best elucidated by a visionary from 1977.


Pardon my Donnie Darko-isms, but this will open up vistas for you soon...

You will remember in our last outing that we examined the fact that one of the side effects of the vaxx the courts forced Pfizer to disclose was "deja vu." Perhaps with the post-dated testimony of Philip K. Dick from 1977, we may have tripped over a reason why they seek to alter our thoughts, our memories, our reality. Because they want to negate something that's coming -- the advent of a tangent universe...Listen very carefully to what Dick has to say here and what he may have stumbled onto 46 years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQbYiXyRZjM&t=7s

Or put in more modern-alt terms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bz6aY2S4zdY

Changing little things, words, phrases, symbols, language, subtly on an ongoing basis so that every day the world is the same -- yet different -- from the one you left behind yesterday. In a very material sense. Deja vu as a concurrent reality augmented by whatever the vaxx is doing to you as it crosses the blood-brain barrier. To take God out of the equation -- so -- for wont of a better word -- you won't be able to "ascend" when the time comes. Or even recognize when that time is here...

We have already seen how Ana Mihalcea has documented how she and researchers at La Quinta Columna and others have cited that this vaxx's ingredients are appearing and disappearing under electron microscopy, how it operates in 11 separate dimensionshttps://rumble.com/v1xjnf6-covid-is-a-technological-and-biological-weapon-hybrid-to-introduce-mind-con.html

And at the quantum level: https://rumble.com/v2eginc-dr.-ana-the-science-explained-nanotech-in-injections-and-quantum-physics-de.html

Concurrently, notice how much this mirrors the Adiabatic Quantum computers of DWAVE deployed at CERN, what is going on there, and how it may tie in to what's happening globally...this also deeply plays into Simulation Theory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9p9NE4Pji0

and why a name we've examined before, Erin Valenti, may have been erased for what she knew prior to the ramping up: https://frankreport.com/2019/10/26/are-thomas-reardons-experiments-on-brain-wave-interfaces-connected-to-erin-valentis-death/


As more nodes of this investigation continue to connect, differing ideologies, worlds, and perspectives are converging....so many people coming at the problem from differing disciplines, and all removed because they had gotten too close to the ultimate truth of the situation and agenda. All based in the metaphysical, the existential, yet wedded to a tech that J Allen Hynek called the "M&M": "I hypothesize an M&M technology, encompassing the mental and material realms. The psychic realms, so mysterious to us today, may be an ordinary part of an advanced technology."

And here we are. http://therabbithole.wiki/the-edge-of-reality-a-progress-report-on-unidentified-flying-objects-by-j-allen-hynek-jacques-vallee-1975/

I propose that that technology is here. Garnered thru whatever tradeoffs by whatever means. 

A technology of the "M&M" variety, mandated globally, that is spotlighting how they want to shift our Maker's signature away from us by changing a double helix to a triple one: https://twitter.com/ufob0t/status/1643475153739759616?cxt=HHwWgIC2_bv85c4tAAAA




Remember your Tracy Twyman: Killing God to become God.

Under blue moon I saw you

So soon you'll take me

Up in your arms too late to beg you

Or cancel it, though I know it must be

The killing time, unwillingly mine

Fate up against your will

Thru the thick and thin

He will wait until you give yourself to him

In starlit nights I saw you

So cruelly you kissed me

Your lips a magic world

Your sky all hung with jewels

The killing moon

Will come too soon...


Images this time out courtesy of artofthetitle's True Detective post, Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, and Frank Frazetta's cover depiction of The Mothman Prophecies, 1991 edition.








  1. About Bowie's character in Labyrinth, "Jareth":

    The biblical text in the Book of Jubilees implicitly etymologizes the name Jared/Jareth as derived from the root YRD "descend", because in his days "the angels of the Lord descended to earth". It directly refers to *the Watchers*.

    Henson first approached Bowie in *1983* to offer him the part. The character of Jareth was first conceived as a shapeshifting "prince of darkness", with similarities to Ridley Scott's original fairy tale film Legend.

    Jareth, would have been a Pan/Satyr figure, wanting to r*pe a young woman, steal her baby, and bring her to the side of the forces darkness (as is the case in "Legend"). Isn't this straight out of the Book of Revelation?

    Keep in mind that the "Lord of the Labyrinth" is not only the subject of "The Shining" (which has been amply expounded upon), but that of the greatest masterpiece of all time (imo), "Pan's Labyrinth", ALSO about a very vulnerable young woman desperately trying to keep a baby safe.

    My intuition tells me this drama is deeply linked to this:

    "The woman gives birth to a child who is threatened by a dragon, identified as the Devil and Satan, who intends to devour the child as soon as it is born. When the child is taken to heaven, the woman flees on eagle's wings into the wilderness." - Revelations 12

  2. https://content.time.com/time/magazine/archive/covers/2004/1101041025_400.jpg

    NOTICE: the woman portrayed as the carrier of the "God Gene" has *blue skin, and four fingers*:

    From Robert Charroux:

    The very early pre-Inca people (and the few still extant Aimara tribes of the Andes) believed that 5 million years ago, a blue-skinned, blue-blooded amphibian female from the planet Venus came down to Earth, and landed in her golden vessel on the Island of the Sun in the middle of Lake Titicaca. Her name was "Orejona", and she mated with a prehistoric animal, either a large ape or an anteater-pig (!), giving birth to the very first animal-man, who would later become the first modern man, and remember her on a very deep ancestral level, mostly in their dreams and their psychedelic experiences, and base religions on this goddess from the sea.

    From Jim Marrs:

    There was "Project Stargate", run by the D.I.A. back in the early 1980s. They used remote-viewers who projected their consciousness back in time to bear witness to the most important events in history (seriously, this has been officially declassified since). For their ultimate experiment, they sent their best "psychic spy" to view the origins of the human race millions of years ago. The result?

    A naked, feminine extraterrestrial being, aboard her "seedship" in the sea, using her own DNA to genetically engineer the first ape-men. This aquatic creature was tending to us like "plants in a garden".

    1. VERY reminiscent of Keel's Long Fingered Blonde Elementals....that seduced and held various front-loaded sections of humanity within their sway.

  3. And speaking of Bowie, we might all just need to listen to his final BLACKSTAR all over again for clues -- it was either a black magick op kiss-off or a warning for what was coming....

  4. Wrote this 4.5 years ago:

    Having watched and re-watched the last season of Twin Peaks, and my conclusion is this:

     Supernatural Evil acts exactly like an extraterrestrial force. The "Jowday" (old English for Jaw or Jowl of the Day, in other words the "Devourer of Light") plants seeds everywhere, at every opportunity, a very agressive panspermia. It wants for darkness and ruin to spread, and turn our entire world into a living hell, similar to its own habitat. That's terraformation, as we're all either contaminated and broken by evil or simply replaced by extremely dark versions of ourselves.

     And now, in real life, we're being conditionned to accept the reality of ancient pagan gods as paganism is making a sudden and violent comeback, while at the same time being constantly bombarded with the supposed inevitability of alien first contact in the not-so-distant future.

     Real-life SPOILERS: The revived pagan gods and our extraterrestrial visitors will reveal themselves to be one and the same ("ancient aliens"), and they will demand our environment, our genome and our very minds be modified, for our survival's sake. The ultimate abandon of conventional morality, the ultimate normalization of Satanism, pedophilia, cannibalism and who knows what else might ruin us and bind us to darkness eternal.


    1. Sounds very much like the Native American term Wetiko.. Both Wetiko and Dispelling Wetiko by Paul Levy discuss that force..a mind virus, a parasite.

  5. AND I didn't include it in the post because it kinda lay outside the scope of what I was goin for, but RFK JR is goin OFF tonight:

    Presidential material and then some -- will they even let him get close or will his trajectory, if he does, be inevitable?

  6. Re-

    The Joker 2 protest scene was filmed a week ago on the steps of the same courthouse Trump appeared at today...


    Notice the sign on the far left saying "Joker for President".



    "In its self-described "pied piper" strategy, the Clinton campaign proposed intentionally cultivating extreme right-wing presidential candidates, hoping to turn them into the new "mainstream of the Republican Party" in order to try to increase Clinton's chances of winning.

    The strategy backfired — royally."

    Ha. Considering that Trump supposedly wanted to "protect the children from the rats"...

    On the television near the beginning of the first Joker movie, the newscaster is talking about an infestation of "super rats" in Gotham, someone on tv then comments "Where's the PIED PIPER when you need him?" Joker literally becomes the modern-day Pied Piper in the course of the film.

    The Trump card = the Fool card = the Joker = the Pied Piper will be the next President.

    VERY few people would know that the Pied Piper of Hamelin was originally called the "PAN Piper", and was considered to be a manifestation of Pan himself: one of the earliest versions of his tale relates how, when he came to cast a spell with his Pan flute on the children, he was dressed all in green, like a hunter (The Green Man/Hern the god of the hunt), and took the children away to a cave near the forest, once the site of a heretic pagan sect, where they were transported to a beautiful magical land (not necessarily as revenge against the townsfolk, but actually to save the children from the Plague, because killing all of the rats wasn't enough).

  7. Very astute JB -- & you're right, it will be a binding unless we go RFK Jr's route whole hog and embrace as much change and as violent as it needs to be to get us out of this. People are tired enough and radicalized enough on the alt-right, which I believe is now about 80% of the fed-ups, to embrace the violently different to blast us out of this.
    If they try to tell us aliens or the equivalent is the way out of this I think is the recipe for blood in the streets. I truly think that many people are "woke" enough now AWAY from the stupid, totalitarian "woke" direction.
    Busch just lost 4 BILLION $$ in a few days for the ridic Mulvaney atrocity, & Nike is set to do the same if they sign off.

  8. https://endtimeheadlines.org/2023/04/stormy-daniels-tries-to-summon-demons-with-magic-cards-during-interview-bringing-reporter-to-tears/

    As Bullwinkle might say...Eeny meeny chili beany...the spirits are about to...cause sketchy personages to weep......I did not know that Stormy is a magic Tarot Mama but whaddaya know...
    Frank Z. Had congress with such women...If he was still alive he would have interesting comments i bet...

    1. Stormy -- now Swifty is getting it:


      Know for a fact Stormy was a NXIVM insider also, branded & the works...but what the hell is going on?

      Satanism, witchcraft, workin for the DOD -- somebody get Dave McGowan on the ghostphone!! Laurel Canyon never ended.....


      Gotta admit her stage dive stunt is pretty damn cool:


  9. Combining all of this with the absolute 7th floor insanity that is going on politically and society wise is making me very, very, angry.

  10. They probably think that if we "split-off" this reality from God's will, we suddenly become the masters of our own destiny, but the truth is that our whole world would go straight to Hell; either you exist, as a part of God, or you enter a state of negative existence, the Abyss.

  11. & once again will reiterate here, this is rather pathetic, & NOT the same Tiffany:

    Mockingbird in its death throes...

  12. WELCOME to the official soundtrack extended single for the rest of 2023:


    44 years ago and pulsing like never before.

  13. Or perhaps you prefer the eternal infernal remix -- Lindsey's still lookin for his royalties btw LOL:

  14. The quicker you learn that the '79 BEAT infects everything the quicker you will learn that there is nothing new under the sun:


  15. I also like this about 1979.


    1. Corgan knew enough to immortalize it. He recognized -- 1979 was a landmark in all types of ways: liminal in all the best hallmarks -- psychic, transformational, film, music as a melding of punk & New Wave & things not even classifiable then (Gary Numan), but what we thought was an opening on a whole new meaningful reality turned out to be a one-off.
      Because there was nothing even close to it ever again. That sense of being on the cusp of Hope faded a bit with every passing year. But boy, do I remember. It's in my DNA.
      And THAT I 'll fight for....

    2. Don't get me started on 1979. I've discussed that incredible year over at Secret Sun any number of times, and Chris has definitely posted about that ethereal year.
      I was only 10 in 1979, but hyper aware of how unique 79' was, and have never forgotten the, as you put it, liminal quality of that year.
      It was a strange, haunting boundary year.
      Many of us assumed the 80's would be more of the same, but as everyone now knows, we were sorely disappointed.
      That is not to say the 80's didn't have their moments, particularly 1983, and that is another year Secret Sun has discussed at length, and in comparison to the Clown World rollercoaster we are all being forced to ride in the 2020's, the 80's were downright fantastic, and I would trade them in for the 2020's any day, but we are where we are in this timeline and, unfortunately, there is no going back.

  16. YES -- it's time to play our fav home game of connect the dots again:




    The Symbolism of the SPIRAL returns......
    be very scared.

    1. Lovecraft must have been a prophet.

      There was the "Bloop" signal heard in the South Pacific, coming from a living being 25,000 louder than a blue whale.

      There was the discovery of Leng in Antarctica ( https://www.reddit.com/r/Lovecraft/comments/das54/plateau_of_leng_found_now_im_scared/ ).

      And my own experience of course, when I fell into Pan's endlessly spiralling ram's horns, literally made of stars, and suddenly ended up walking down a spiral staircase made of black stone. Not a proper staircase really, simply steps made of black onyx, floating above oblivion.

      Lovecraft said that the way to and fro "the Lord of the Woods", understood to be the most ancient god, was *"down the onyx steps"*.

    2. Gee thanks Wordman, nothing like a good case of the Hee Bee Jee Bees first thing after work.

      Symbolism will be their downfall.

    3. This remains, to this day, the only image and vibe in popular culture which is even close to what I saw:


    4. The Pucker Factor would be high.

    5. The contention to this day on Rust's visions is that they were hallucinations brought on by his continued drug use &/or flashback factor............
      NOPE -- he could always distinguish unreality from reality (as he stated IN THE SHOW), & he was one of those selected to be sensitive enough to be clued into what the Universe was trying to tell him. = Most people CHOOSE to look at it entirely wrong because it's not as unsettling to them that way.

      Sound familiar?? Pertain to anything in the world TODAY, perhaps??

      In that same TD universe, check out this latest talk from Naomi -- then ask yourselves WHY she & RFK Jr, & folks like Kingston, Madej, Mihalcea et al are being publicly vilified, deplatformed, and censored over this very info??:


      We all need to have a sit down with ourselves, those of us that haven't, and wake up fuckin fast.

      TD was a documentary.

  17. It took me a few days bc I got sick, but here is a little bit of fun.


    1. That's not sickness -- you were touched by the freakin' hand of God!!
      Art Bell sends his best from the other side!!
      The deepest of deep bows straight in your direction....
      THAT was inspired.

  18. Somebody needs to get this to Naomi:

  19. In theme, from Chris Knowles:

    The new Covid Variant is "Arcturus". Arcturus, named after the star in Boötes the Shepherd (identified with Enlil), meaning the "Watcher of the Bear." Boötes is home to the Great Nothing, a supervoid said to be 330 million light years in diameter. So... the literal, cosmic ABYSS.


  20. Arcturus esoterica:
    "Could it be that Arcturus is an Avatar blending its consciousness with the Will and herding it, causing great evolutionary change to all in its path? The ancient records and myths of Boötes (Arcturus) give clues to this celestial event."
    Virus as shepherd....no thanks...Jesus as shepherd, yes, thanks...

  21. Leave it to him -- CK for the win:

    A Neuromancer quote seals the deal.

  22. Just some random thoughts. As far as violence goes, two wrongs will never make a right. I prefer understanding over knowledge, and wisdom over my ego. Anger is like quicksand, and not a place you want to be this day. Just because people have been identifying in creeds for over 2000 years, does not make them so, particularly in the West. The State is the enemy of man, and a false god. Faith is not believing, it is a way of Life. The world that so many are concerned about right now is not the Earth and has never been. The sooner you let go of the world and it's problems, the sooner you start to recognize the Peace that passes all understanding.

    It has to be done in Love, everything else is a counterfeit, He warned You about hearts growing cold. Yep Beings beyond us seeded life here on the Earth, physical aliens in bed with certain humans, are in deeper shit than man. There is a reason that the Paradise Creator Son's associate with the Female aspect of The Eternal Spirit, in the Creation of the Local Universes of Time and Space, and it has to do with the trustworthiness of man.

    And I will close with one final appeal, be careful about what you say when it comes to judgment involving any of God's creatures, as the precepts of all men fall far short of the Truth. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, there is no political solution in the foreseeable future, all they can offer is their solution. When they go digital then we shall know who's got God.

  23. On another note if the geomagnetic storm of the just past March 24th had happened at the summer solstice, stuff might have got real, very fast. That stretch of tornadoes in the South and Midwest had much to do with that Storm which some have said was the worst since the Carrington Event, and not a peep from either mainstream or alternative media with the exception of Ben Davidson. Of all nights to ingest 14 grams of them mushrooms in 10 minutes. I could relate to you saying your mind was melting that night wordman.

    1. 14 grams in TEN minutes?? What're ya goin for the world record?? LOL.
      & btw totally agree with the stance that we can't use any kind of violence to get out of this -- that's what they want for total lockdown.
      But, be it a Nuremberg 2.0 or else, there has GOT to be an accounting, and then let the chips fall where they may after due process of law (is THAT even possible anymore with corruption as it is everywhere??) I guess that remains to be seen.
      But Truth WILL out -- twas ever thus.
      Maybe it will be for another Kennedy to take the FDA CDC NIH DARPA WHO et al and finally splinter them & cast them to the winds.
      Time & Fate have a weird way of reconciling things in just that way -- & how deliciously ironic would that be.

    2. A friend gave them to me for my birthday, I had eaten 7 grams over about six hours late last year, and they were no big deal, so I decided to just eat them all at once this time, they were far better this time. The house disappeared around me at one point, sitting in my room, but I was outside. A fun 12 hours for sure, but the shit with the sun caught me off guard, because I thought I was tripping at the time when I was watching this storm from the Sun hit the Earth, but later that night for some reason I decided to check out Ben's S.O. site, and the latest video was about the storm, AND THEN I read the story of the tornadoes in MiSSISSIPPI, and that's when I decided to go back to listening to music.

  24. A bit of Astro-Gnosis:

    In early Indus Valley astronomy, Orion was none other than Shiva/Rudra/Pashupati, in other words Cernunnos/Pan:


    In a couple of Vedic texts, the star Arcturus was mentionned as the nearest "Vimana Gate", a passage leading from the many worlds of the gods to Earth. Maybe the latest "devastating" variant of Covid, Arcturus, got started over in India for purely symbolic reasons. "One more jab, and the Old Ones shall finally return!"

  25. I know you don't give a sh*t about New Trek (I agree for the most part), but season 3 of Picard really seems like a last ditch effort to save the franchise.

    Even Alice Krige has suddenly returned as the Borg Queen.

    Last episode resume: Troi realizes Jack is connected to the Borg, the source of all the voices he hears. Jack takes off to deal with them, getting him captured by the Borg Queen. As the Titan races to the Starfleet anniversary celebrations above Earth, Data, Geordi and Beverly finally discover why the rogue Changelings stole Picard's corpse: they were enslaved by the Borg. The Changelings copied Picard's Borg-altered DNA and tricked the transporters into implanting the alterations in all users under age 25 (as they are still most vulnerable with developing parietal lobes). Picard informs fellow Admiral Shelby of the developments, but is too late as the Borg triggers the entire fleet's assimilation, including Geordi's daughters and Shelby; Seven remains immune to the assimilation signal. Shaw sacrifices himself to defend the Titan from the Borg and hands over command to Seven. The crew of The Next Generation escape to the Starfleet Museum and steal the secretly reconstructed USS Enterprise-D, the only starship without swarm intelligence enhancements, to fight back.

    1. Swarm intelligence enhancements -- ya gotta love it!!
      Pretty much what DARPA, the DOD, CCP, & Pfizer-Moderna had in mind, right?? The wetdream of Yuval Harari. LOL.
      Both this latest Picard as well as Strange New Worlds both sound like last ditch efforts to give the people what they want (more TOS vibe) instead of the trainwreck of LGBTQ/Woke bullshit that Alex Kurtzman was wedded to and steered the entire franchise right over the cliff with.......

      Therein lies the prob when du jour johnny-come-latelys with no sense of history grab the reins -- Kurtzman, Orci, the dreaded Damon Lindelof -- entitled freaks that can't write their way out of a paper bag....they ruin everything they touch (LOST, Prometheus, Trek, you name it) it just becomes impossible to deal with when everything is sacrificed on the altar of what's "hot" and "cool." There's an entire generation of these idiots that need to be cut off at the knees and sent packing into jobs they can handle, like asking if you want supersize fries with that...

  26. I lay 99% of the blame with JJ Abrams, who gave most of these mouth breathers their start -- the dude is straight up brilliant on his own but a HORRIBLE delegator...

  27. Zero in on the right 1/3 of this Mars pic and please God tell me just WTAF am I looking at?

  28. Martian rebar? Antennas? Anchovy bones?

  29. *70* years ago, ffs.



    Hot Springs, VA --
    I know EXACTLY where that was:

    Was there with the fam every Mar-Jun-Aug-Thanksgiving from approx 1976-1998.

    Was a Family tradition. Grew up there basically.
    Was once upon a time like a freakin fairy tale, then OMNI took over & it went to complete shit.
    Not quite like the Greenbrier but still had an extensive underground, and from tales I heard from my Jamaican buddies up there, believe me, a lot of Bourne-type shit went down in meetings....if those walls could talk.....

  32. When the nanobots in the Vaxx will finally be activated:


  33. There is absolutely no fear in and with the Eternal Spirit, these folks are just pissing into a gale force wind and are so stuck on themselves they do not realize that all of this is going to boomerang on them somewhere in the seven evolving creations of time and space. They can not escape what they have set in motion.

    1. I LOVE that cosmic bit of karma OMID -- from your lips to God's ears.....also a bit of ironic retribution considering the no.1 rule in their Saul Alinsky playbook is to call out their enemy for doing exactly what they're doing.
      So would be rather delicious for everything that they want to happen to US ends up happening to THEM....

      The Blowback of Unintended Consequences.....never saw it coming.

  34. Jaybers -- I keep coming back to this & wondering is this was released as precog programming/ Revelation of the Method/ Externalization of the Hierarchy??

    Considering the proximity of the source & all -- not to mention the ending:

    & how it mirrors EXACTLY what the animals/insects (canaries in the coal mine?) have been doing recently.....

  35. Mmm, Arcturius meaning watcher of the bear is interesting. The bear symbolizing Russia and i remember a quote about the fate of Russia being the fate of the world.
    One of my best Female friends often dreams about coming from that planet.
    I am re-reading American Gods and it makes so much more sense than when i read it the first time.

  36. u guys r on several all-connecting dot rolls. the wordman failure to ascend is mind blowing. changing reality w/ out a doubt. conditioning, behavior mod, acculturation = occulturation. the inability to recognize? death? that may be the zombie apocalypse. using the dead. very cheap, exceedingly cost effective. armies of the dead. controlled by frequency. which one(s)? we need more off world interbreeding again.

    we may have already shown this-- https://www.movieguide.org/news-articles/disney-to-add-new-series-about-pregnant-teen-falling-in-love-with-the-devil.html "... a new German show, Pauline, about a pregnant teen who falls in love with the devil. As in Lucifer. Satan himself...an 18-year-old who accidentally becomes pregnant..." which then goes on to? fathering cross-breds, add the 3rd DNA helix? its gonna be some kind of alien genetics even if its an old god posing as a teen. bad judgement city reigns. surrounded by it. the writer doesnt realize Lucy n SaTan-Man r not the same being.

    funny how many many yrs ago the deal was to not trust anybody over 30. now its switched dont get near anybody under 30. watch that play out. seriously dangerous secondary last stage heavy duty propaganda. weve witnessed this for over 60 yrs, back when we were teens. talk about mankinds own trojan horse. truly destroyed from within.

  37. Translated and resumed: McConaughey and Harrelson could literally be half-brothers, since these best friends found out that McConaughey's mother had an intimate fling with Harrelson's father around the same time he was conceived (McConaughey's mother was going through her second divorce, and Harrelson's father was temporarily out of prison):

    "Matthew McConaughey et Woody Harrelson pourraient être plus liés qu'on le croit !

    Les célèbres acteurs, qui sont à la fois de bons amis et collègues, se retrouvent pour leur prochain projet, la série comique d'Apple TV+ «Brother From Another Mother». 

    Lors d'une récente apparition dans le podcast de Kelly Ripa, «Let's Talk Off Camera», l'acteur d'Interstellar a révélé que le titre de la série pourrait avoir une signification plus profonde, car ils pourraient être liés l'un à l'autre.

    « Où je commence et où il finit, et où il commence et où je finis, cela a toujours été comme une ligne obscure, a-t-il déclaré. Cela fait partie de notre bromance, n'est-ce pas ? Mes enfants l'appellent Oncle Woody. Ses enfants m'appellent Oncle Matthew ».

    Matthew McConaughey a révélé qu'ils ont commencé à s'interroger sur leur amitié il y a quelques années, lorsque sa mère Kay a révélé que le père de Woody Harrelson et elle-même s'étaient connus dans le passé.

    « En Grèce, il y a quelques années, nous étions assis en train de parler de notre proximité et de nos familles, a-t-il poursuivi. Ma mère est présente et dit : "Woody, j'ai connu ton père". Tout le monde était conscient des ellipses que ma mère avait laissées après le mot "connu". C'était un "connu" chargé de sous-entendus. »

    La révélation de la mère de Matthew McConaughey a laissé les deux « décortiquer ce que signifiait ce ''connu" » et ils ont découvert que le père de Woody Harrelson « était en permission (de prison) au moment où ma mère et mon père vivaient leur deuxième divorce ».

    Matthew a ajouté : « Ensuite, il y a des recettes et des lieux possibles dans l'ouest du Texas où il a pu avoir un rassemblement, une réunion ou un moment de ''connaissance'' ».

    Le lauréat de l'Oscar a admis qu'il hésitait davantage à se soumettre à un test ADN que sa co-vedette de True Detective. « C'est un peu plus difficile pour moi parce qu'il me demande de prendre le risque de me dire : "Attendez une minute, vous essayez de me dire que mon père n'est peut-être pas mon père alors que j'y ai cru pendant 53 ans". Je suis un peu plus impliqué dans le jeu », a-t-il expliqué."

    1. https://www.tvanouvelles.ca/2023/04/14/matthew-mcconaughey-et-woddy-harrelson-pourraient-etre-freres

  38. been bugging me x cpl yrs. JB's creation amphibian woman. i remember reading about her yrs n yr ago. seeding the planet. way back this book, which has been updated. it has some beginning content that is similar. 7 pleidian sisters laying down origins. all r star nymphs. not from orion nee origin but always bugs me. the immortality of reptiles, n amphibians for that matter. astounding instincts n survivability esp prob in / from deep space. reminds of --


  39. that is way too much of a synch wink JB. was woody's dad CIA? or something? oh n above, sorry, warning maybe skip the merkaba n melchizedek stuff.

  40. oh yeah, thats it. thank u JB. n btw that reflective ass pic on those spiked heels is too good wordman. where u get ur illustrations, u n CK both shows u two r the hardest working wizard adept masters on the net.

  41. More "Space Rituals":

    The Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE) is an interplanetary spacecraft that was launched on 14 April 2023 by the European Space Agency (ESA). The mission will study Ganymede and two other moons of Jupiter, which are thought to have significant bodies of liquid water beneath their surfaces.

    "Juice" is slang for semen, especially coming from a giant phallic object like a rocket.

    In Rome representations of the sex organs were placed in the temple of Liber, another name of Jupiter, who presided over the male and female components of generation and the "liberation" of the semen.

    *It's all about sending the semen of Jupiter towards Ganymede, the rites of "Liber".*

    TWO Jupiter/Ganymede large-scale rituals now: the beer thing, from Anheuser-Busch, and this Juice space exploration thing, made possible by AirBus.


  42. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11972053/Sam-Smith-slammed-satanic-age-inappropriate-Gloria-tour.html
    Sam Smith....at it again.....satanic attention whore of the moment.....

  43. This is how crassly ignorant Satanists are of their own faith: the Satanic Temple uses the modern image of Baphomet as that of Satan, because the Church of Satan did back in the 1960s, because the Roman Catholic Church first lied about Baphomet being the Devil over 700 years ago during the trial of the Knights Templar. Let's compare the very obvious *TRUE* sources and inspirations. First, Eliphas Levi's famous illustration, which he himself made clear was *not* the Devil, but rather the Great God Pan:


    Now, compare this to the Cernunnos of our Celtic ancestors, who was *the sworn enemy of the Ancient Serpent*, the incarnation of evil in their myths:


    And now the most ancient depiction of Lord Shiva/Pashupati of the Indus Valley, the *Destroyer of evil/material illusions*, this taken from a 4,000 year old star map:


    I rest my case. The Devil is not sending us his brightest people.

    1. Additionnal: in the Bible, God says that all of his faithful followers will feast upon the flesh of the Leviathan after the Endtimes. This is verisimilar to the Celtic belief that whenever the end of the World occurs (as part of a cosmic mega-cycle), the Deer-god will devour the flesh of the Serpent-goddess in order to destroy evil and make everything new again; this is based upon the observable natural fact that every spring deers hunt down and kill a serpent, then swallow it whole, in order to force a purge of the toxins accumulated in their metabolism after the long winter months.

  44. Levi took his inspirations & matters of metaphysical note from Paracelsus and in turn inspired both Blavatsky and Crowley, the message getting darker & darker along the way. Was the first to invert the pentagram as a sigil for the ultimate evil. May have been more of a seeker than a mal heart, but let's not turn him into a saint -- he knew full well the road he was travelling &, nobody's dummy, where it could lead.

    Hence the ending SHINING shot and what Kubrick, another nobody's dummy, was seeking to convey with it ala dead-end milieu. That whole looking into the abyss thang....& how some seem predisposed/destined for it. It's immutable -- inescapable -- no matter what course your life takes, you're always destined to your own fate.

  45. And since we're on Woody -- let's remember that he basically caught the tagline for the future 29 years ago:

    Boy freakin Howdy!!

  46. Just stumbled across another branch-off of the vaxx agenda/process that's rather chilling and that sync with a lot of links that seem to be pertaining to and popping up all of a sudden lately.....hard at work now on the next installment....

  47. https://www.sott.net/article/479257-Inside-the-Gateway-Process-the-CIAs-quest-to-decode-consciousness-and-unlock-time-travel
    "In 1983, U.S. Army Lt. Col. Wayne M. McDonnell was asked to write a report for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) about a project called the Gateway Process. His report, declassified in 2003, gives the "scientific" underpinnings — as well as instructions and technical assistance — to help people convert the energy of their minds and bodies into a kind of laser beam that can transcend spacetime. The goal was to "gain access to the ... intuitive knowledge which the universe offers," as well as travel in time and commune with other-dimensional beings."
    Trust us...we're well-intentioned...sure...

  48. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/04/wall-street-has-an-epstein-problem-and-trouble-is-brewing-at-the-courts/
    "Many people have shown outrage that the Jeffrey Epstein trafficking ring was busted but no judicial consequences have touched any of his many rich and powerful clients and facilitators. But a cluster of lawsuits, in New York and on the Virgin Islands, has run contrary to this trend, and is starting to shed light on Wall Street’s dangerous liaisons with Epstein and his trafficked girls."

  49. Maybe this will post:


    1. Ashlyn Gere FTW!! (Carter taking Mulder's "entertainment" nods to the extreme!!) Like a mirror in a mirror in a mirror in a........

  50. Somewhere there are tapes of that cast/wrap party that must be LEGENDARY....Gere was a real "sweater" as I remember.....

  51. This for BB in particular but most certainly for everybody here -- am going to try and articulate something that has me a bit freaked out.....

    In the comms above I made mention of a branch-off of the vaxx agenda that I thought pertained very much to what was going on re ultimate purpose and in the very next comm BB mentions the "Gateway Process," which just so happened to be EXACTLY what I was referring to -- all this without ANY KIND OF CONTACT between me & BB whatsoever -- at least not in this plane and/or realm. From the timestamps I see it was about an 8 hr lag-time....whatev time may mean anymore....

    Last night I had an extremely lucid, vivid dream about imparting info and various factoids to a group of people (friends, colleagues, strangers) all about the whys and wherefores, ultimate purpose of the vaxx and the implications.....only to today play a Rumble vid (the latest) from Naomi Wolf in which I hear played back to me out of her mouth the EXACT same words, phrases, sentences, whole paragraphs of dialog that I was using in the dream.
    i.e. -- I dreamed something that hadn't yet occurred in the (my) waking world. ABSOLUTELY FREAKED OUT.
    Am still trying to work out the scope of this and what it may mean.....to say there is something bigger going on here might be the understatement of all time....

    This is the vid and it's from approx min 28:47 to the end that I'm referring to:

    All of to which I'll just add:
    "And it shall come to pass afterward that I shall pour out my spirit upon all flesh, & your sons & daughters shall prophesy; your old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions."

    Don't know what it is, but SOMETHING is being set up.
    SOMETHING is happening RIGHT NOW.,,,a network,,,a gathering....a binding...a coming together. Vulcan mind meld, anybody??

    Prayer is a TECHNOLOGY.

    MORE from Naomi & Stew here:

    Let me know y'all's input -- am VERY interested & will have MUCH much much more to say & ponder on this.......

    1. Lemme axe you a question, legit.
      Why do you think those of us who have gathered here, came to be here in the first place?
      Out of the literal billions of people on this planet and literal millions of sources of information sharing out there, how is it that maybe a few thousand of us wound up in this place?
      Speaking for myself, it took time and a lot of searching. It wasn't random by any sense of the word, that's for sure.
      But here I am.
      There has to be a reason that I find myself among people
      who most definitely don't represent the norms of any society but instead are reaching far past anything any current society would even contemplate on a mass scale.
      What that reason is , is what I am here to find out.
      Carry on.

    2. That was so beautifully expressed OMID. Thank you.

    3. Only here to echo exactly what Sotogirly said Phil --
      Love you my brother.

    4. Those who ressemble each other, assemble together.

    5. When we were framing commercial buildings back in the day, quite a bit I would have dreams about the job, and subsequently the shit would play out in the field, just like in the dream. So I know it happens, A lot of times my dreams are about the last thing I was pondering before I went out, but I tread carefully with dreams because there are always two sides to a dream. This Gateway Process info has been around for a number of years, I can't recall if I have the paper at my current blog, or my old one, but it's info that when you do find it, you ask yourself, why the hell have I not already read or seen this before. If it is the paper I think it is, it's from 93? or something close to that?

      What disturbs us is that with an interval of 30 years, One asks Christ what have they done with this since they started 'tinkering' with it way back when. Also wordman, this is just my opinion, but I think you give too much credit to Wolf, Peters( I don't trust either one) when you are the one doing the researching, it would not surprise me if they are getting their info from you, and not vice versa. I have seen this happen with myself a handful of times at RMN, on different subjects or people like Mike Gill.

      Like Phil said carry on.

  52. Hi Wordman:
    Well, spooky stuff. But in a positive sense I hope/think. You set us up with material to chew on, and then our brains wander and look into corners...
    Am looking forward to your thoughts on the Gateway Process amongst other things....

    "This entire report is extraordinary because the U.S. government seems to be validating OBEs, psychic phenomena, expanding consciousness, etc. They spent over 20 million dollars looking into this stuff. In the past, these subjects were always invalidated and even ridiculed by official or scientific organizations. "

    "During countless expeditions, Monroe observed identical saurian creatures. For over thirty-five years the etheric investigator gathered insight about these startling beings."

    1. well. i have been in such work groups similar. they were forums, blogs, even furthered private group off shoots from those. i call them think tanks. many ppl from those (where they met n gravitated to the writing, the energies of the orig creators n each other) still communicate altho beit much less. ppl scatter but the knowledge gathered n shared exists. the knowledge builds, sprouts, grows. thats all that one can ask for, hope for. dot connecting, seeds. we r actual hunter gatherers, again.

      that old interest is instinctual in many of us. it is a mission. it is recognized, remembered. collecting data for process, getting info in. just like PKD explained. we just need the right info. frankly i dont care about anything else. like many here, the energy, the frequency, the vibration has attracted us. is acknowledged. we r grateful for it. gonna need wifi, electricity n power on tho, or all caput. get ready for that. its next. ive had the deja vu that i even wrote this -- to u guys, here.

    2. very Monroe-ian--which is what i call Soul Research. i dont see how anybody can navigate on earth w/ out such required reading/understanding. despite CIA sponsorship it is totally fundamental. we have to navigate here n getting out of here. all necessary info has to be considered. see this -- "Going back to the idea of the human being as a transducing unit with a “lens capacity,” what seems to be so is that the process of Ascension begins with the choice of tuning the lens. If the individual chooses to adjust the dial to see the entire field of Thought Centers influencing creation, he can then begin to select those that enhance and enliven Creation and Being - the Thought Centers of Awakened Consciousness - then a feedback loop that selects that probable future will be established."

      trying to gather data for participation in probable futures we will either caught in or responsible for. OF WHICH the REPS n their minions r well aware of.

    3. “..ethereal;” communication that is also partly physical and partly ethereal, as well as powers of “manifestation”...these properties belong to hyperdimensional existence, and such a state of being has been reported for millennia as being the “realm of the gods,” including Dragons and Serpents, and critters of all sorts."

      "And so, certain denizens of hyperdimensional space are “read” as more or less “reptilian“ because that is the “essence” of their being, the frequency of their “wave form.” We call them the Overlords of Entropy. They are not necessarily physical as we understand the term, nor are they necessarily “alien” as we understand that term either. We suspect that the perceptions of these levels of reality and their “consciousness units” are what is behind many religious conceptions and mythological representations of “gods and goddesses” and creatures of all sorts."

    4. Monroe, Don Juan, Naoimi W needs to know--"These consciousness units use their wiles to assimilate weaker consciousness units so as to accrue more contractile power. Obviously, the more dense the consciousness units consumed, the more “nutritious” they are. And so they seek, by great cunning, to carefully, and with great patience, manipulate the consciousness units selected for assimilation. It is, effectively, trans-millennial stalking.

      These Overlords of Entropy- or so we may call them, - by virtue of the overlay of intensified subjectivity - the hallmark of the influence of the Thought Center of non-being - interface with the organic world on a “geographic” scale. Since they have, so to say, an intimate relationship with matter, the contractile consciousness of such a being can affect its area of chosen dominion very much like an overshadowing “cloud” with millions of tendrils of connections between it and its range of influence. This includes even the very matter of the bodies of human beings. It is through these etheric fibers that the Overlords of Entropy assimilate energy." " Utilizing organic structures that require the least energy to maintain conserves energy. To this end, they draw the energy for their organic units from the pools of archetypal form of the animal kingdom. This energy is more easily accessed, is lower in frequency, and thus more amenable to control. This seems to be the reason why, when perceived by individuals of the third dimensional self-consciousness - third density - realm, their appearance is generally startling. The reptilian type comes to mind as being the most energy efficient...they generally avoid direct interaction in the organic world, preferring to utilize other methods to stalk and conquer weaker units feeding a Thought Center of non-being." they r legion.

      their cunning knows no bounds, there is nothing out of reach. watch LA news local channels the last 3 days. stun gun badddd. organic destruction. "The organic unit, infected with the material/mechanical view, begins to act according to that Thought Center’s dictates, and this generates activities of that nature in the organic unit. Due to the fact that any given sub-unit of the Thought Center of non-being may be connected to millions of organic units in third density, any of them may be activated singly, or in concert, to fulfill the wishes of the Overlords of Entropy, a larger sub-unit of the Thought Center." of Non-being.
      portals, throngs of destruction, < age 30, infestations. "

    5. dang excitement to post, messed up cant edit. anyway--"... if the Truth about the REAL process of Ascension were not so detrimental to the agenda of the Controllers of our world, the Matrix, they would not have gone to so much trouble to cover it up. When we finally make the connection between that fact, and the fact that our governing elite is operating on the instructions of the Controllers, we then begin to realize that the drama on the political stage is a shadow of the higher-level agenda."

      whats a total trip is that the hatred of humans, their hatred of humans, makes one hate fellow humans, ya see? its really an infection, a virus, a sickness. very devisive, invasive. they know their shit works. massive infiltration this time.

    6. Thanks for your posts, Anon...u provided a lot to think on/about....

  53. From the Den of Intrigue:

    In the political turbulence following Watergate, an Atlanta, Georgia urologist and conservative Democrat, Larry McDonald got himself elected to Congress. He then pursued a congressional career of unflinching anti-Marxist conservative patriotism. This included tireless efforts to track, expose, and curb the activities of pro-Marxist and crypto-Marxist infiltrators and subversives in American and Western society, and even establishing a private intelligence gathering operation named ‘Western Goals’ dedicated to that cause. By 1983 it is doubtful that anyone had done more or was doing more to effectively oppose the communist infiltration and subversion agenda in the USA than Larry Patton McDonald.

    January 1983, long time dedicated Bircher, Larry McDonald becomes Chairman of the Board of the John Birch Society.

    May 1983, Larry McDonald spars with Tom Braden and Pat Buchanan on CNN’s Crossfire show over McDonalds ‘ridiculous’ conspiracy theories regarding the objectives of a “core of elites” working within the USA to undermine US sovereignty and disintegrate American society and economic preeminence in favor of establishing a NWO global government. McDonald refutes Braden’s derision with an open stream of truth speaking.

    August 31, 1983 Larry McDonald boards Korean Airlines flight 007 enroute to Seoul. Sept 1, KAL 007 conveniently strays 322 kilometers off it’s flight path and into Soviet airspace and is shot down by a Soviet fighter jet, killing all 269 crew and passengers in the crash.
    Yes, that was 322 kilometers. (Encyclopedia Britannica)

    Not only was Larry McDonald a staunch anti-Marxist conservative patriot, possessed of a keen intellect, resolute integrity, and indomitable courage, he was also described as telegenic and a “mellifluous orator”.

    Do you think the cabal saw any problems with that mix of attributes in a man?

    1. Thanks for reminding us. I've always been aligned with The Birchers, but it took me awhile to appreciate how advanced they were. Now, the Commie punk puke Gang Stalkers hide behind the worthless, cowardly, boob infested clown show known as DOJ's Community Policing Program.
      Any frustrated, bored, rigid, repressed, suck ass, conformist, idiot, boob deviant can now grandstand as a good solid citizen who valiantly remains vigilant while they harass anybody they can easily smear. This all rationalizes their own dork power trip as they review all the illegally obtained meta data, private conversations in homes without warrants, phone calls, no minimization, etc.

  54. i read that earlier today over at CK's realms n tried to remember n compare how things felt back then. n now. we have watched this mount for yrs n yrs n its nowhere done yet but the foothold gained, well...wow.

  55. Wordy, your comment brought to mind Ingo Swann's wonderful "Penetration", about (among many other things) the true nature of telepathy. Yes, we are all joined at one heart (and certainly as one "I" awareness), and the more our minds seek that heart singularity, the more they will find it. Not to mention the potential of the rapid raising of our vibrations in response to the equally rapid plummeting that we are witnessing - Nature must always find balance. None of what you describe is surprising.

    I also want to direct your attention to Mauro Biglino's new book "Gods of the Bible", which will clear up a LOT of the confusion that has been sown for millennia by the purposeful mis-translation of the original biblical texts. The truth will set us all free. I am not afraid of the emeffers. Let's get on with it.

    1. i cant thank u enuf Velobway. just when im thinking man i need some new Annunaki info u turn me on to Biglino. now immersed deep, comparing w/ other great stuff ive sat on for yrs. dont know how i missed it. im stoked. theres always been some kind of weirdness magick deal w/ vowels vs consonants. the burned meat smell has wrecked me today. figures reps love the burned meat smell, reminds so did druids (pork).

      Ingo was wonderful. agreed, loved what u said. lets totally get on w/ it. i think were going to.

  56. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5C6o_e74XIQ

  57. @ wordman, i bet u already went there n saw it. i didnt even read the whole thing yet but came back over here to say-- it looks like it speaks/ synchs to ur experience, it clarifies maybe. precognition, of/in dreams.


    theres no doubt it is synchromysticism. brand new CK post. n being here (w/ a serious nod to Phil from up there, speaking so very eloquently, seconding everything he said) is provenance. it is networking a grid. of some sort of import.

  58. Wordman briefly mentionned this the other day, but HOLY. SH*T.

    True Detective (season 4): Night Country.

    *Jodie Foster* plays Liz Danvers, one of the main detectives on the case. Kali Reis (born August 24, 1986) as Evangeline Navarro.

    Other confirmed members of the True Detective season 4 cast include John Hawkes (Winter's Bone), Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who), Fiona Shaw (Killing Eve), Finn Bennett (The Nevers), Anna Lambe (Three Pines), Joel D. Montgrand (Altered Carbon) and newcomers Aka Niviâna, Isabella Star Lablanc.

    "When the long winter night falls in Ennis, Alaska, the eight men who operate the Tsalal Arctic Research Station vanish without a trace. To solve the case, detectives Liz Danvers and Evangeline Navarro must confront their pasts and the dark truths lying underneath the Arctic ice."

    *The f**king CARCOSA SPIRAL returns!* (1:19):


    1. Dark truths lying underneath the arctic ice -- doesn't sound Lovecraftian in the slightest --- NOPE -- not at alllllll.
      Just be moseying along now, la de dah da da da.....

      PS -- wonder just how much Pizzolatto (is he even still on board??) knows about what happened at Lake Vostok in '01??
      I remember Hoagland on Art Bell delving into the whole thing extensively, and this TD4 narrative sounds suspiciously close...
      NSA involved heavily at the time.....
      Much clickable here:

  59. First,

    From Hellier, season 2 (even though it was mostly boring as f**k, there were occasionally pearls of wisdom to be found):

    Greg: "One day I get an email from this woman in Somerset, right here, talking about seeing little creatures that live in these mine shafts and caves, and she starts talking about running into people in robes who were doing crazy-a** rituals out in the forests here in Somerset and she thinks they have something to do, she thinks they worship the Green Man (the Great God Pan), those little green men..."

    Nate: “What if there is some "cosmic trickster"? And that it isn’t – that all of these things really are just that. And even the cults and s**t. All of these people have just been duped. They think they’re worshiping a f**king god and this Thing thinks it’s hilarious, you know?"


    "Do they have a god, or a leader of some sort (the nightmare horrors, the black pseudo-elementals)?"

    Pan sighed. "Yes, unfortunately, my opposite. The Anti-Pan; a debased aspect of myself, a detached shadow. We're quite good friends in a way, but I keep him at arm's length.

    His horns are longer and vicious looking. He has real goat's legs and coarse hair. He is the real nymph-chasing satyr, the true model for the devil; he is the reason for the bad reputation I have.

    It is too easy to invoke him, but the fools who do deserve what's coming to them. Their cosmic consciousness is not highly developed, if at all."

    "Is he evil?"

    "He is a negative entity who brings negative energies, but he has a necessary role to play. But that's enough talking about him."

    - R. Ogilvie Crombie

    Conclusion: the Devil IS the "Anti-Pan", the "Cosmic Trickster", and all of those Globalist, Elitist pricks have been fooled.

    Thanks for making this comms section #1 by a country mile -- & I'm not sure we're even done yet....
    I HAVE alerted CK to what's going on here in the last 24 hours via email and let's see what the main dude has to say on it all -- will keep everyone informed of course....(his latest is another out-of-the-park Reggie Jackson swing and contact btw...) But then, that's nothing new.

    As for me, the Universe has spoken and I have no doubt but that Quantum Entanglement is a real thing now...it's all well & good to speculate about it, but to have it enter your life, ring the doorbell and say "Howdy do!!" is another thing entirely....
    Re the Naomi vid in particular that I was referencing:

    It existed 2 days ago but the dream occurred the night it was put up & I didn't know of its existence til yesterday. So the important point becomes that it was out there PRIOR to my saying, word for word, what she was saying in it, for whatever that's worth...the information was being manifested out into the ether -- somehow, thru some process, I picked up on it in an altered state of consciousness before my ears heard it. Either that or Naomi & I who I've never met or even texted emailed or had any form of comm with, are in some weird kind of linkup/contact unbeknownst to both of us set up by Fate? The Universe? God? Am still gobsmacked & at a complete loss to try & explain it in any kind of earthly terms. Certainly never had anything like this happen in my life ever before -- which has to mean something.

    Speaking of Naomi -- it seems she's broken the internet:

  61. And when I say 'breaks the internet' I mean a million views in less than 48 hrs:

    Please when you get a chance and a quiet place watch all of this -- it is certainly worth your time.

  62. https://images3.memedroid.com/images/UPLOADED878/639301732ab9e.jpeg

  63. After the legal case involving "The Terminstor" movie and Harlan Ellison's story "Soldier"...How would Ellison react to Cameron's claim of "found Avatar in my dreams"...
    Ja, after you read at least summaries of one or more of the following published works of science fiction authors...and then dreamed on....
    "Spirituality and ResistanceUrsula Le Guin’s The Word for World is Forest and the Film Avatar"

    10 Possible Sources of "Avatar" in Classic Science Fiction

    "Hunter Come Home" by Richard McKenna...

    It all gets into the Akashic Records somehow...a really good record label; been around many moons....

  64. Much as I loathe Cameron as his "message" comes in & out like a buggy radio signal from Venus, he's got a freakin point there!!

    Just sent this to Philby but pertains very much to you to Jaybers!!
    Carry on my brethren!! Soul brothers....

  65. BB -- did you just work the word "Soldier" from Ellison in there in between comms??
    Good LORD it won't stop!! Haha!!


  66. https://spaceweathergallery2.com/indiv_upload.php?upload_id=195104

    1. Spooky spooky Sotogirly!!
      And far too many of these "rocket exhausts" have been seen of late when rocket launches have been going on non-stop since the 1940s; not buying it in any way, shape or form.

      Ans because "rocket exhaust" sounds much better than artifacts of the "summoning of Nyarlathotep."

      Azathoth can't be far behind.....

    2. I could imagine this scene in True Detective season 4; there are Auroraes at the Arctic (as we see in the trailer), and near the end of the show, Jodie's character sees almost exactly *that*, the blue spiral, a "Sign from Carcosa". Everyone else says it's rocket bs, but she knows the truth.

    3. The Widening Gyre refers to the first line of the poem by Irish poet W. B. Yeats "The Second Coming".

  67. David Icke on 5G Covid and AI.

  68. https://www.foxnews.com/media/gates-funded-ngo-claims-children-born-sexual-10-year-olds-should-learn-about-commercial-sex-work

    1. THANKS for that BB -- & for being on the alert & on the prowl....gets into another entre that I think I can link into the ultimate of what's going on....
      Next posting won't JUST be about the Gateway, but where it evolves/devolves from there re targeting.

      Watch Wolf's Hillsdale talk again and in particular what she highlights...


  69. https://www.brighteon.com/efb0b361-28a7-421c-8364-57e3d749caeb

    Latex mask on Biden......or whatever the shambler is....

  70. BTW Guys & Gals -- all the pics & links to that Alaska vortex/spiral (shades of TD!!) you guys have been sending me -- thanks!!
    & for those of you thinking that the trotted out, usual "rocket exhaust" lame claim is just that, well, I'm right there with ya.

    & look what it all just so "coincidentally" happens to coincide with:

    1. HERE'S some over-the-top synchronicity:

      - that spiral appears around the same time the TD s4 trailer is released.

      - both the real-life spiral and TD s4 take place in *Alaska*.

      - northern lights and a giant spiral are featured in the trailer.

      - *Matthew McConaughey's character Rust in season 1 was born and raised in *Alaska**.

  71. everytime i see the word Alaska now i instead see Akashic or Akasha. BB quipped that n now im stuck, like a record or song, dang. hhhmm.

    we will prob never get Bill G to nuremberg cuz this baby will blow before that. n since too wed never get to everybody on that whole full docket. yeah, cern n carcossa n chicago n testimonies on the hill of rome last few days n Elon explaining his AI fears while mentioning ex-bud POS Larry Page, n him calling Elon a "speciesist" of all things. omg.

    thusly back to bounty hunting EVIL again. present day players reporesenting ancient powers. setting stages, opening portals, arranging chess pieces. "...in an atmosphere of inexorably rising threat and tension – the power of terrible dark forces which seek to dominate the entire world and enslave and/or slaughter mankind – this just after the year 1998 (3 x 666)...the signature of the 3rd repetition of 666 would be beings moving among us with non-human faces and the beginning of the division of humanity into two, non-racial, groups races – the moral and the immoral, or amoral." from Steiner. so the creators of machining AI, hold total animosity towards humans as a species. that hatred goes sequentially from Lucifer, to Ahriman, to Sorath. hes new, im on it. hes a sun demon.

    "America as the location of Ahriman’s incarnation. Ahriman of course is active throughout the world, as is Lucifer, but just as the human nervous system extends virtually everywhere in the human body but is nevertheless concentrated in the brain, so also we can see the American continent as in a sense Ahriman’s geographical citadel and base of global operations, so to speak. The same applies to Lucifer and China, which is so to speak, his citadel." figures.

    1. Did somebody say Sun Demon??!!
      I'm on it!!:

      And speaking of, what was Superman but another version of sun demon -- he was "activated' by the "yellow sun" after all....

  72. "Sorath divides Mankind into more-and-more, smaller-and-smaller, self-identified victim groups; each resentful-of and pitted-against each other. The aim is eventually for each person to feel alone, consumed by feelings of thwarted entitlement, and hatred of the world; and living in permanent fear of a whole world of other people, each of whom resents and hates the solo-victim just as he hates them.

    And then - eventually - Sorath's intent is that everyone, without exception, should die in fear and despair." defining stuff helps imo.

  73. ok. https://neoanthroposophy.com/2022/10/19/the-nature-of-sorat-the-sun-demon/ from luciferase to hexagonal graphene oxide w/ its sides = 666 carbon, literally. "The number 666, in Hebrew letters spells “Sorat.” Sorat “Demon of the Sun” the sun demon of Revelation (Sorath, Soros. plural for sorats i say). sponsors serial killing, mass killing, sexual deviance, turning human appearance into that of beasts, nuclear weaponry, utter chaos. uses n possesses scientists. all about inverted values. thats the key.

    1. See that "Hideous Sun Demon" circa '58 above --
      Science. Ruining us all since April 1932!! (splitting the atom) Yay!!

    2. Did you know that in Darren Aronofsky's "Noah", the Watchers were originally supposed to be giant *extraterrestrial* beings serving God, whose spaceship was made to crash on Earth after they rebelled against Him.

      We know this because Aronofsky made a very long French comic book, "Noé", about his "true vision" of the story, before the studio asked him to tone it down. Here's what the Watchers looked like:


  74. Tomorrow is the 30th anniversary.



  75. I want to throw this out to everyone, because I’m not smart enough to to figure it out on my own.

    I’ve been going back to how Ingo Swann described extraterrestrial telepathy (as basically mass mind control). And taking into account how our (or my, at least) understanding of our situation has been expanding exponentially in the past few years.

    I’m not convinced that these apprehensions of ours are not occurring because they are being allowed. And so then this apprehension itself becomes part of the agenda (and this suspicion is fortified by the predictive programming and revelations of the methods that we have witnessed.)

    And I’m contrasting this suspicion, of us being led, with our narrative of ourselves being intrepid truth foragers, and I don’t know what to do with it. What agenda, if any, are we ourselves the patsies of, by doing this?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Every radical political movement needs "false opposition"; the political activists/cult members need someone to speak the truth to them, straight to their faces, in order to enrage them, make them reject the truth and embrace the movement/cult even further, and deepen the control over their minds. This is pure "1984".

      WE, however, happen to be *real* opposition, which happens to be better than false opposition from the point of view of TPTB, simply because they don't have to pay us or organize us. But the mother f**kers in charge don't see us as a threat, since real opposition (truthseekers like us) are typically non-violent.

    3. I had a friend who used to say they'd never do drugs, because they didn't "want to become a statistic." That never made sense to me, because whether or not one does drugs they are part of the statistics. Statistics are just comparisons between data sets.

      People look at statistics to try to make decisions. The best data sets will take an accurate account of dissent to make effective adjustments to their tactics or strategy. Anyone who is rigid is countable. I suspect the key to uncountability may be a certain element of chaos. Humans in our natural state are somewhat chaotic.

      We're potential patsies to anything beyond our comprehension, if we allow ourselves to settle into habits. Even the habit of avoiding habits, perhaps. Everything has the seeds of its own end in the beginning. Habits take a lot less effort to think about how easy they are to stop, than to actually stop. Mind control is habit creation.

  76. You'll never guess what I've been seeing around my neighborhood: a new internet/"cloud" company, a couple of billboards and even a car with *this* company logo outside:



  77. I don't like these blue/purple streetlights at all.. They're becoming more commonplace and they do not provide the same illumination or safety which is the purpose of a streetlight after all. Those lights combined with the 5G towers are a visual blot besides probable more nefarious purposes.

  78. https://www.brighteon.com/e73018b7-88d4-41b7-943d-d574a4afcfba

    Here he talks about the blue lights half way through

  79. Reading the works of Bob Frisell, he mentions how the time loop created between 1943 and *1983* due to the Philadelphia Experiment will either manifest again (or completely collapse) 40 years later, in *2023*. The "Little Greys", who are supposed to be literal Martians (the third "Lucifer-type rebellion") will attempt to either fully rematerialize or possess us psychically at the beginning of August of this year (Frisell wrote his esoteric best-seller in the mid-'90s).

    1. whoa. this summer is gonna be nutso. can feel it comin'.

  80. im like wtf? what streetlights? so im looking at the possibility Sorath / demon presence(s) have chgd the sun color from yellow to white (since many ppl have stated they have seen the difference x yrs n yes to wordmans heck yes the yellow sun--due to nuclear blast radiation activation!) n instead of anything on that i see this instead--

    "There's disagreement about what hue the street lights currently are in parts of downtown Vancouver, but they're definitely not white. Perhaps "light blue," "definitely purple,'' or "black light-ish" — all depending on who you ask walking under their glow..." i start to go to the vid per Max S but remember violet- purple-blacklight mentioned from--
    https://arsmagine.com/others/sorath/ n see--
    "The Sun Demon’s color is black. Not a warm black, but a black void. His color extends into the dark violet seen like/as the “black light” – like neon lights of adult establishments." "The purple glow has also been seen all over the United States, in places like Iowa, Kentucky, Nebraska and Kansas." im then like ? come 'on.

  81. we all know JB is a wizard, magician w/ precog. synch away man. callin' it forth. seriously. so many here...tuning powers.

    1. Blogos at


      has been expounding for a while that the color of the future will be "Hell Purple", meaning UV lights everywhere, as featured in many Hollywood movies about the future where the whole world seems Ultra-Violet and in perpetual nighttime.

      You'll have to dig into his older articles, every year has it's color pattern.

    2. For example, in X-Men: Days of Future Past and in the future sequence at the beginning of Deadpool 2, the late 2020s and beyond are a constant midnight, bathed in UV lights.

    3. A glimpse of our terrible future:


    4. Purple haze all in my eyes
      Don't know if it's day or night
      You got me blowin', blow my mind
      Is it tomorrow or just the end of time?

  82. im behind apparently but thanks to JB n Max S for attention to these lights. reading further its all due to LED's. theyre actually fake white n come off as neon-y white unless painted yellow. "Current purple problem notwithstanding,... LED technology provides a lower maintenance and more energy efficient lighting system — and continues to improve. The difference between a traditional street light and an LED is what they call lumen maintenance, so the stability of the color and the light coming out should be significantly more stable and more consistent over its lifetime than one of the traditional light sources." yeah, right, nothing to see here. light, color, sound n frequency. subtle but real. change reality.

    betcha. its just not a coinkydink. went to buy a 60 watt wks ago at a dollar store n they freak yelling out where'd that come from? the govt said get those regular bulbs off the shelves immediately, how'd u find it? i about jumped 20 feet.

    gawd damn. tricksy tricksters runnin this show.

    1. Kind of good article about LEDs, free for now.


      I like what the person says at the end of this article, "“Light is not something like that you use like a butcher knife, you use it like a scalpel, to actually solve the problem that you want.”


  83. The dark cloak of winter's war
    Left a future still unsure
    Sitting in a class
    Of the future's past
    We saw a list of dates
    And we knew we would last
    To see them all

    1984 was a year to fear
    Hope was dead
    A police state here
    Halley's comet was to fly by
    And we would see a shining
    In the night sky

    Now 2001 is soon to come
    And just as soon
    Will have come and gone

    Nothing changes

    Standing at the crossroads
    Of what is, will be, and was
    The obvious eludes us
    Not because the zeroes line up
    We should change our way of thought
    More, if we do not
    The way ahead
    Is dangerously fraught

    And if we did the things
    We all know to be right
    Left would be the childish fears
    Of danger in the night

    We, each of us are fine
    For we have all heard the word
    But grouped together
    Babel's triumph stampedes
    The thoughtless herd

    Nothing changes

    Nothing changes
    And nothing stays the same
    And life is still
    A simple game

  84. Hey Challengers!!
    More re that purple streetlight problems -- Carrie Madej was the person that first alerted me to it -- but the prob goes WAY further and encompasses a LOT more than you'd imagine:

    It's the starting or switching off of gene expression by just shining this light on the cells of any living thing = the altering or binding of that mRNA that everybody has had inserted into them by the oh-so-thoughtful and caring authorities.

    As has been repeated here ad infinitum, they have left no stone unturned in the headlong push to "turn" us in their transformative alignment for each and every one of us to become vessels.

    Factor in shedding, chemtrailing & the food/water supply and free will & choice are a thing of the antiquated past. This is why I keep hammering home the need for all of us to stop this now while some remnant of us still remains.

    And guess what's begun popping up now?
    Ads for (TEN!!) 10G.

    "What a time to be alive!"

    Not for much longer....

    1. This got me thinking, along with this video,
      https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/fire-could-burn-for-days-at-richmond-plastic-waste-plant-this-could-be-worse-than-ohio-dioxins/ (starting around 20:04)
      about our food and water supply. Dioxin releases could be used to get people into cities, if they could promise a dioxin-free environment. It's probably more economical to filter anything for a concentrated population than people more spread out who might need individual units. Can you even trust the rainwater in an area contaminated with dioxin? It gets in the ground, in plants, in animals.

      Even having a farm in the middle of nowhere won't keep a person safe if there's dioxin everywhere. Since it accumulates in meat, it will especially effect people who eat meat. Maybe a vegan farmer could outlast a traditional one? Who knows.

  85. Knew I had a post about it somewhere:

    And for the record, I find it extremely ominous that Harvard, who transparently for so long had kept all of Charles Lieber's research up and in an open forum, has obliterated it:


    'No longer available' & 'Access Denied.'

    If you go to his wiki page the incriminating data is all still basically there, but you've got to dig for the particulars now -- they're not making it in any way easy for you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_M._Lieber

    I guess things like Naomi Wolf having almost 2 million hits in a matter of days re the Pfizer docs in her already infamous Hillsdale talk has fallout after all.
    That, and more & more folks making the Lieber-Epstein links....

  86. thank u words are. read both light articles. way more info than was prepared for. plenty more hypotheses could be made beyond both authors statements which segue right into wordmans post morphing gene expression. throw in 10G n aliens by proxy. fits, robotic frequency propulsion powering them up transformer style on our dime.

    its over, but not. which sort of addresses yet doesnt Velobways recent comment. thinking alot on that today. does certainly beg the question.

  87. Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance does it for me.

  88. Men are a dime a dozen during all this with some notable exceptions like Stew & RFK Jr that stand out like sore thumbs....it's the WOMEN that are coming to the fore as the warriors for humanity and not being shrinking violets about it -- the Maria Zees, the Carrie Madejs, the Ana Mihalceas, the Naomi Wolfs, the Karen Kingstons -- these are the people that are taking it upon themselves to be voices for the voiceless and the downtrodden and marginalized during this time of horror; searching inwardly and speaking without fear of repercussion or naysayers to their careers and even their lives.....
    these are the angels that have emerged in our midst we have to protect at all cost. These are the ones that have turned the tide to the extent it's been turned so far......
    the wind beneath our wings indeed.

    Here's the latest from KK jamming them in:

    (Kingston's gone thru her very own harrowing health issues of late, doing so without much acknowledgment or fanfare -- quietly letting slip she believes she was deliberately "poisoned" or infected with something at one of these type events that has severely impacted her immune system.....)
    Mucho prayers and healing vibes her way Challengers....thanks from me.

  89. Bulletin boards words once given, that, augmented & expounded upon, just might save humanity:

    It's the heart afraid of breaking
    That never learns to dance
    It's the dream afraid of waking
    That never takes the chance
    It's the one who won't be taken
    Who cannot seem to give
    And the soul afraid of dyin'
    That never learns to live

    When the night has been too lonely
    And the road has been too long
    And you think that love is only
    For the lucky and the strong
    Just remember in the winter
    Far beneath the bitter snows
    Lies the seed that with the sun's love
    In the spring becomes the rose 🌹

  90. Along with that here's another great lady, Dr. Rima Laibow who predicted vaccines on Jesse Ventura's show years before....intro starts about 1:16:00 into the video.


  91. Culling chickens, cattle, and now bees.


  92. Infestation, Obsession, Oppression, Possession
    When demons act directly on places, causing strange noises of physical destruction, it is called “infestation.”
    When demons exert concentrated external influence that causes physical harm or discomfort to a person (pushing or shoving, for example, or even strange illnesses), it is commonly called “oppression.”
    When demons exert external influence that affects a person’s mental state, causing some kind of mental disturbance, this is traditionally called “obsession.” Obsession can take the form of extraordinarily persistent or intense temptations, or it can even provoke or intensity natural pathologies or tendencies (phobias, depression, etc).
    When a demon concentrates its activity from within the human body, so that a person’s body is not subject to their own free will bur rather is moved by the demon as if it were its master, this is called
    put into place n manifested by hubris, malice n negligence.

  93. mass infestation. reading CK's latest twitter (see vid n just some latest kalifornication legislation), watching congressional hearings lately, seeing headlines "As Fears of Banking Crisis Surged, Members of Congress Sold Bank Shares" w/ the burden shambler (that was great BB) n fettlesserman out of the hosp, scenes chicago n compton (again, cant stand it, sorry) n watching ur vid cant come to any other conclusion(s).

    n yeah, the injected food so for sure nowhere to run, nowhere to hide w/ or w/ out dioxins. always said acid nuke rain n nuclear winter ruined weather so no victory gardens gonna grow. would last about 15 minutes in the old twilight zone bomb shelter. or out of TP n trading chocolate for ammo. went to the farm anyway fully aware was taking major chances.

    n then i realized we wont go hungry after all. were supposed to gather n eat the locusts from revelations. aha, i get it, god bless 'em. they do care. we could say just like the book by Bob F "Nothing in This Book is True But It's Exactly As Things Are."

    1. Hey Anon!!
      Regarding eating ze bugzzz, I'm with this little dude:

    2. i saw that a cpl days ago, its darling really. the look too on the frogs face n he literally spits it out. it was great.

  94. very good. yes. the fascinating foray into ... the demonic realm while researching...n that exploration sent us / him deeper into the quest to understand evil. so we can face it, endure it, n maybe destroy it. the everyday battle vs petty tyrants.

  95. so The Burden goes to Ireland. why the HELL why? cuz some theory has it that Ireland is really Atlantis. it was a nod to the Cthulhu Kings. The King In Yellow (starts w/ an S). it was a major nod, a tribute, a homecoming, of sorts. theyre all reincarnated from Atlantis anyway. wanting to rule again, rotten to the core. cracked me up, was even walking around w/ a real freakin Hobbit.

    Sorath Family History, Sorath Name Meaning -- by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics (like red hair). Many of the modern surnames in the dictionary can be traced back to Britain and Ireland.

    INVERTED VALUES. The Path to Carcosa.

    hows this for ya--the English meaning of the name Sorath conveys "the feeling of having such a strong belief in something that you want to keep repeating the experience. In fact this feeling of certainty is so strong that you become the belief and live that belief." an old soul perhaps? definition = a slow learner. seems to be a bunch of 'em.

  96. Early Warning from 1981...full movie

    1. Can't forget this one either Oms!!:

      Halloween night -- 1994.
      Given everything else that was going on at the time in Hoagland-land & X-Files-ville, THAT was pretty cool, even with an awesome snippet of precog Shakespeare at the end.....

  97. "The novel 3001: Final Odyssey begins with a brief prologue describing the bioforms – dubbed the First-Born – who created the black monoliths. They evolved from "primordial soup", and over the course of millions of years, became a space-faring species. Perceiving that nothing was more precious than "mind", they catalysed the evolution of intelligent species wherever they went, by increasing the intelligent species' chance of survival. After visiting Earth, the First-Born found a way to impress themselves into the fabric of space and time, becoming effectively immortal. Meanwhile, the monoliths—implied to have been forgotten by their creators when they ascended to a higher state of being—continued to watch over their subjects."

    What if the "Black Cube of Saturn" IRL is essentially the same? An abandonned A.I. still ruling over humanity, in a crazy and cruel manner, in the absence of it's God-like creator?

    1. Very similar to what John A. Keel imagined in "The Eighth Tower". He thought it might have been the Kaaba Stone.


    2. Jaybers!!
      Also reminds me of TOS' Star Trek DOOMSDAY MACHINE -- something created eons ago by unknown races then abandoned and left to just wander the galaxy, cutting up, ingesting & destroying things it encounters.
      The Planet Killer.

  98. Something's going on, weird-er than usual: while on the bus, I overheard someone talking about their "experience with a *being of light*, who came to meet them in the middle of the night, made him leave his body as if he was dead".

    Then waiting in line at the grocery store, an older woman in front of me was telling her friend "...it was something straight out of the astral plane, it looked like those *aliens in that movie Cocoon, it told me the stars themselves were returning to Earth*, I don't know what it meant."

    Are these experiences happening all over the place?

  99. Interesting JB -- what if a warning call has gone out, an SOS if you will, across all times and all dimensions??
    Maybe we've underestimated this whole thing -- and it has implications and ramifications across the known universe, and even thru all of the alternate versions? Maybe this whole thing, and all we've been hearing, feeling, since 2020 on one side is all about God massing His army.....

    Have just been rewatching INVASION, the TV series from 2005 by the light-years-ahead-of-his-time Shaun Cassidy (Yes, THAT Shaun Cassidy!!) and the weird/brill dude has some VERY interesting takes about the sublimation of an entire species thru DNA reworking & what it all ultimately means....(up for FREE now on the ROKU channel)
    LSS in the series main characters are taken over by an amphibious alien species that lands in the water and comes down thru hurricanes and other natural events -- and therein begins a battle between the alien lifeforms trying to inhabit its host, which it eventually does, but also a battle between that and the prev human consciousness/spirit/soul residing in that particular body also......i.e., some hybrids remain far more THEMSELVES than alien and join the humans that HAVEN'T turned in the Fightback against the alien forces in the ultimate NWO-style takeover that begins....

    EXTREMELY interesting notions of Good and Evil in there -- with lots of grey in between, and how it's always a battle, every day, to see which comes out on top.

    1. really thot provoking. right about now w/ everything leading up to 'it' whatever however but cant see another 50 yrs of the crap. but then again, in the making for thousands of yrs. i cant grok the patience, the persistence. who wrote this overdue script?

  100. terrific convo going on here. so many tendrils reaching out n connecting n building. thanks wordman for weaving in Invasion. a good one n yeah fake canceled (due to hurricane talk during a hurricane, trigger? when society wasnt even doing cancel culture, yet) ive wanted to do a list. growing up in the midwest watching every shitty to awesome scifi B movie for 25 cents (double feature was .50) right when the big enemy was russia russia russia n communism. the space race was on n all kinds of 'scientific' shenanigans were major heavy duty. badass astronaut stuff, secret cloaking, betrayer evil scientists, military traitors, horrific experiments n diseases ...heyyy...wait a minute...

    anyway, noted ever since Roy Thinnes played the lonely hero David Vincent in the fantastic ABC original 1967–68 tv series THE INVADERS something has stunk big time. Thinnes says he was shocked in 1968 when the series was canceled. “We were prepared to go on for a 3rd season and, during a hiatus, suddenly everything was canceled. The ratings were fairly respectable at that time. Thinnes suggests that it was a “political decision” to cancel it."

    thats when i knew, yep, the aliens hired by hollywood influencing the military got pissed at their portrayal, stuff getting too close, chg the script or better yet cancel it. the OG public widespread u gotta notice on-the-air widespread cancel culture began then. yes it did n by u know who. its always them. theyre the actual producers.

  101. https://collider.com/best-alien-invasion-tv-shows/
    when they cut Colony (2015-2018) it was proof. theres a cpl more too that arent readily listed. cant recall titles immed but same thing. we would watch n go oh man this is a good one, itll be gone soon. Colony never got picked up despite how good it was.

    Falling Skies (2011-2015) more than one of this
    Invasion (2005-2006) yes w/ a few more same title
    V (1983-1984, 2009-2011) the latest one was good, rep queens
    Taken (2002) a few of these too

    some end of known / breakdown survivor society that really told it. the states turning into sectors. esp illustrating how local narc manipulators take hold n rule opportunistically. how deals r made n power reveals yet again beyond the peter principle. quite telling storylines.
    Jericho (2006 - 2008)
    Revolution (2012 – 2014)
    Jericho follows the residents of a fictional town of the same name in Kansas as they attempt to rebuild their lives following a nuclear attack on 23 major cities in the United States. Though initially believed to be an accident, it’s revealed early in the series that the nuclear bombings were actually deliberate. What starts as a show that simply showed a town rebuilding evolves into an interlaced community involving trade, political relations, and eventually, war. Jericho was canceled after one season by CBS. But brought back after a fan campaign, only to be canceled again after its second season.

    must add The Strain (2014) becuz they allllllllll got it, that disease, that behavior. that contagion. an unstoppable, ancient virus that carries a strain. they all look like Ahriman too. just like that pinched look the shambler, the pindar, the rockefellers have. when we see or hear most politicians talk we yell out another one w/ 'the strain.'

    n this is why discernment is so important. for pattern recognition n is exactly why the meme/phrase "oh no judgement, dont judge me, no judging here, etc et al" became so entrenched in public discourse. so most wont ever be able to tell whos n whats what.

  102. This is how ST:TNG ends after all these years:

    "Picard and the Enterprise crew find a Borg cube hiding in the clouds of Jupiter. Seven liberates the Titan from the assimilated crew, engaging the fleet. Worf and Riker infiltrate the cube, while Picard plugs into the hive mind to rescue Jack from the Queen's influence. The Queen reveals that Kathryn Janeway's pathogen attack crippled the Borg. The compromised fleet destroy Earth's planetary shields, and target major cities. The Enterprise locates the beacon controlling the assimilated crew members and destroys it. Picard succeeds in freeing Jack from the Queen. Enterprise beams up Worf, Riker, Picard and Jack, escaping the exploding Cube. With the Borg destroyed once and for all, the assimilated Starfleet personnel return to normal. The Enterprise is returned to the Fleet Museum. Crusher devises treatments to remove the Borg DNA and transporter modifications exposing the Changeling infiltrators. In 2402, the crew reminisce over drinks and a game of poker, having been pardoned for their actions. On Shaw's posthumous recommendation, Tuvok promotes Seven to captain of the Titan, rechristened the USS Enterprise-G, with Raffi as her First Officer and Jack, now a Starfleet ensign, as Counselor. Jack receives a visit from younger Q, revealing his trial has just begun."

  103. It happened again up here!


    And again!


    1. Tell me "this is a coincidence" (WAAAY too f**king close):



      (Jodie in "Contact" (who's now in True Detective), versus McConaughey in True Detective (*who was her lover in Contact!*))

    2. Jaybers!! -- THAT'S a LOT of space-x launches goin on up there!!
      They REALLY take us for rubes, don't they??

      & the Jodie-MM-Contact-TD linkage is Waaaaaaaaaay too on the nose for comfort.
      & of course their common denominator up til now would be labeled CONTACT.
      Just because of course.......

      & BTW the latest Secret of Skinwalker Ranch (Sea 4 ep 4) is here -- chopped up & blown up in weird stages to escape the YT purging algorithm I'm sure -- but check out what makes an appearance at the 6:11 mark:
      The SPIRAL.

      "Hello mortals, this is the Universe, are you receiving me??!!"

      Forget who mentioned it above, but yep, it's only just dawning and the summer of '23 is shaping up to be an all-timer....

      & Jaybers, the spiral can certainly be sacred & Fibonacci-ian, but also in darker aspects alluded to in both TD & Pizzagate references, indicative of sacrifices to elder gods & the void...Epstein, missing people, portal openings, those worshipping the Left hand path.....going to be extremely interesting to see which path this season of TD takes and if it's just another red herring like Pizzolato has tossed us before almost like he's making fun/ mocking now.......
      It's enough to make you wonder after that first season if the powers-that-be, much like Anon alluded to above with the Invaders & Invasion & so many other series, something hit way more than a little too close to the truth & he was warned off.....
      After all he's made many allusions to such subject matter but never really ventured back into that heart of darkness, hidden political connections, and occult ritualistic power and sacrifice since.

      Time will tell....

    3. The problem is that Pan, as far as I can tell, offers no moral judgment; he's the Gatekeeper for *everyone*, good or bad.

  104. i love that scene in the minds eye. i can picture it.

  105. I finally got that she was singing about Pan.


    1. Alright Jaybers -- spill on the Peej!!



      Yep -- that's EVIL awright!!
      "Does it have to be a life full of dread -- wanna chase you round the table wanna touch your head..."
      She's kinda somewhat like Oasis, never took off here in the States which I completely don't get at all -- the chick brings it.

  106. Carl Sagan was inspired to write "Contact" by the "Wow" signal, which emerged from nearby Galactic Center in 1977, a day before the death of Elvis Presley.


    On February 6th 2011,

    "An Anomalous SETI Signal

    Explanation: No one knows for sure what caused this signal. There is a slight possibility that it just might originate from an extraterrestrial intelligence. The bright colors on the blue background indicate that an anomalous signal was received here on Earth by a radio telescope involved in a Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)."


    This is the very night I travelled to meet the Great God Pan among the stars, and returned a new man, his Apostle, essentially.

    *SETI-type signals are most probably direct interactions between divine beings and mere mortals.*

    1. It had never occured to me that my "trip" to the stars might have been *literal*.

  107. MAN BB -- do you find the headlines, or what??!! More syncs.....

    Your second one there reminds me greatly of the mystery "numbers" stations broadcasts:


  108. Keep scrolling to the last quarter and you'll hit more paydirt here in the entry entitled Mysterious Voices From Space by John Keel:


    From SAGA mag Nov 1968

    1. i had to read up on Keel n look at him as a person besides reading hjim from the beginning. like reading about Freud n Jung personally to assess their heads. Keel out on his own left home of his grandparent, formulated himself early, quit school at 16 after taking all the science courses. was interested in magic. had his first story published in a magicians' magazine at age 12.

      "He served in the US Army during the Korean War on the staff of the American Forces Network at Frankfurt, Germany, he claimed that while in the Army he was trained in psychological warfare as a propaganda writer. After leaving the military he worked as a foreign radio correspondent in Paris, Berlin, Rome and Egypt. After leaving the military he worked as a foreign radio correspondent in Paris, Berlin, Rome and Egypt."

      ah, theres Indrid Cold n voices. n a whole lot. what a progenitor genius. doesnt come off as a plant or a mole disinformer. def in the know however, wrote scripts for Lost in Space n The Monkees (who CK has explained). again, obvious Hollywood/military/MIC/science community/secret govt/cabal influences, leaks, themes, directives. watching n reading going what do they want us to know here? n why. i love that in every instance the CDC cannot ever be trusted.

      the whole idea, n i mean every time is that a behind the scenes phenomena is calling the shots. which brings us back to this whole infested reality. n somehow great old Gods like Pan (n im serious on this) cannot stand this immortal enemy of man n seems totally perturbed that humans fall for this shit every single time, for millennia. like the horned antihero is really the hero. tired of 'splaining shit. hes totally organic old skool OG in my book.

    2. excuse typos but i see where JB is coming from. thats a signal n a message. furry haunches n earth, spiraling horns n cloved feet Original Old God, u cant get any more organic than that. OG = OG. we know this stuff but perceiving it weaved is our purpose n passion.

      "Keel discussed the seldom-considered possibility that the alien "visitors" to Earth are not visitors at all, but an advanced Earth civilization, which may or may not be human. Interdimensional life is also considered. Keel took no position on the ultimate purpose of the phenomenon other than that the UFO intelligence seems to have a long-standing interest in interacting with the human race...Keel argues that a non-human or spiritual intelligence source has staged whole events over a long period of time in order to propagate and reinforce certain erroneous belief systems."

      "Keel conjectured that ultimately all of these anomalies are a cover for the real phenomenon. He used the term "ultraterrestrials"...non-human entities capable of taking on whatever form they want."

      Gods vs Gods. Ragnarok for sure, Transformers. its getting closer.
      if we can hang together, as as was said things r weirder-er n weirdier than ever. it could be networkingly fun. what else we gonna do about it.

    3. i left out G for Gangster. meant for Pan as the OG.original gangster old god. its exciting to me. getting clearer on this. its hittin me. JB is the messenger. Pan the real pagan, the original. CK has often said ppl would totally croak if they ran into a real pagan.

    4. "Robert Charroux, in one of his wonderful books about the occult, related the story of how a mentally ill yet brilliant amateur astronomer was convinced that those little grey men were in fact elves, dwarves, "little people" of folklore, who had rebelled against the Great God Pan, who wanted them to remain invisible, only watching human beings from afar. So now Pan is flying around in his mothership, trying to catch all the smaller UFOs, bring them back to the Other Side."

    5. yes n orig definition occult, as usual, HIDDEN. covered up, so again n again u r not seeing what u r seeing. or ok then see it if u will, if u insist, but when u see it, it aint it. just like the theme of 2023. tee hee fooled ya

  109. too good. angels n demons oh my. i loved Contact, really did. think maybe the spirals r signals. i like 'em better than crop circles. they look too numerical n machined. ugh, alien AI. its too stiff. those riddle ridden blueprint hints had her obsessed. crop circles look like mechanical components, keys or something. all to open a portal. the signal is the form. contained chaos.

  110. August 12, 1943: Philadelphia Experiment, first accidental (?) time travel incident;

    August 12, *1983*: Montauk Project, second time travel experiment, large-scale and fully intentional this time, created a time loop between 1943 and 1983; time from 1983 forward no longer "linear" in the traditionnal, stable sense, multiple timelines interacting, creating more and more "glitches" in the main timeline (Mandala Effect?);

    August 12, *2023*: collapse of 40 year cycle (1943-1983) will inevitably occur, either resulting in A) history being erased from 2023 to 1983 (or perhaps even 1943), B) an even more complex time loop being formed, from 1943 to 2023, or C) if CERN and the LHC are successful in reproducing the effects of both Philadelphia and Montauk as one, then an "Anti-Time Singularity" will form, with the mad scientists of all three historical periods combining their efforts to attain God-like power over an infinite number of possible timelines simultaneously, getting to pick and choose what reality they want to exist from now on.

    That last scenario is reminiscent of the last ST:TNG episode "All Good Things", in which three Enterprises from three time periods create and collapse, precisely, an Anti-Time Singularity, leading to the past being erased entirely, the paradox to end all paradoxes.

  111. We have mentioned 1998 several times as a pivotal year. Among other things, that was the year that Malaysia unveiled its Twin Towers, bringing none less than Her Majesty Elizabeth to town, all the way from London (ostensibly to officiate at the D-list sports meet that is the Commonwealth Games).

    Meanwhile, I continue bumping into 1998, and in not very cheerful contexts. Did you know, that was also the year the Saudi government's campaign to raze the historical heritage of Mecca and Medina kicked into high gear? 98% of the cities' 1,300-year structures bit the dust. Many directly linked to the Prophet of Islam (pbuh) and his closest relatives and companions. Houses, mosques, tombs, mausoleums. And we're not talking "carefully measured, documented, and relocated to a royal museum", either. We're talking -- dynamited; doused with gasoline; set on fire; bulldozed over; covered with garbage; turned into public lavatories; etc. etc. You get the drift.

    1. Thanks Trains!!
      i can never get past 1998 in the context of two very distinct things: listening to Art Bell late into the wee hours going on my second straight year of, and hearing people from all over the country call into the open lines & say "what's with the weird contrails everywhere these days -- they don't look like they used to..." (which got into Art inviting Will Thomas on & the rest, as they say, is history...) Cliff Carnicom's research into such is dovetailing even today with Ana Mihalcea's vaxx ingredients deep diving...
      As for the contrails back then & how a marked change it was, even my parents & immediate fam noticed, & they were not in any way given to such things....

      The other things that popped up that autumn, roughly late Sept-Nov at the exact same time, were the truly weird NEXRAD radar rings that began appearing as artifacts across the nation, invariably where military bases were situated. This brought Dick Hoagland heavily into the fray, as well as the CYBERSPACEORBIT site:

      All this even today bespeaks greatly of a widespread, nationwide program of frequency modulation that was occurring.
      (And that they have refined as they continue to learn more & the tech graduates**...)
      ** every vaxx-5G link you can shake a stick at.

    2. X-Files movie came out that year, along with Deep Impact, both altered people's perceptions...

    3. You BET JB!!
      FIGHT THE FUTURE in the summer of '98 was a deal-changer...
      Even folks that hadn't gotten into the series per se could feel that there was something seriously amiss in the zeitgeist.

  112. Re that above linkage, the testing continues, as will be marked upon in the next post with something I've just learned about the Travis Scott ASTROWORLD concert....& it's fairly incriminating....

  113. MORE artifacts on the old NEXRAD site here:

  114. FLASH RADAR images from 11/98 when, it appears, there was a LOT goin on.....

  115. Leave it to you BB, to bring the goods -- that map in that second link, a view from 40,000 feet as it were, tells you absolutely all you need to know: majority unvaxxed countries = thriving; vaxxed like North America, the EU & Australia? It's handbags at ten paces & deteriorating rapidly.
    If ANYONE can see this as anything but a purposefully concentrated targeting I'd like to talk to him/her. Deagel might have erred on the LOW side......

    & will be getting more into this as the situation wears on, and there is obv MUCH I don't agree with this dude over, but on this fact he is seriously not wrong & bears much repeating:
    Every time you compromise,
    EVERY TIME you comply,
    you get weaker:

    It behooves every one in this country and all in the world within earshot, to mark those words with the utmost gravitas....
    It might be the most important listening left in your life that you ever do.

  116. VERY MUCH pertaining to the above:


    Out of one of the horses mouths from 2015.....

    1. yeah. entries in that twitter thread tell it. its this, evil at its best.


      "... the nature of good and evil, and evil's takeover of the body ..." left out the word politic on purpose, cuz "he's been surprised to discover in recent years that he can no longer predict who among us..." "What you're watching is not a political movement, It's evil."

  117. That links very much to the same kind of talks @ 2015 that Carrie Madej was invited to/involved in & that disgusted her (that indeed caused her to flee the country) all about the ways and means to establish control over the herd thru bio-mechanical and adaptive biological means, including nanomachines built into things like vaccines, etc, for all types of remote control, including remote control of your thoughts and actions....
    mental slavery.

    1. by the same means overall, same results
      Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)
      Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
      Body Snatchers (1993)
      The Invasion (2007)
      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invasion_of_the_Pod_People 2007
      suggested reading n then go oh, so thats how it starts (the star)
      ha. so at the end after "As a metaphor" the republicans n trump are shamed, blamed, by the very director. this is a deadly virus.

  118. Of course CBDCs are next -- & will be sold to you as something WONDERFUL!! Can't miss!! Best thing since sliced bread!!

    Don't you ever believe it.

    1. Which country issued 1st CBDC? The Bahamas. In 2020, the island nation launched the world's first central bank digital currency, or CBDC, called the Sand Dollar.Feb 8, 2023

      which u can be sure was why SBF was there in the first place.

  119. "...the biggest social and cultural change is of all things, complete irony, the lack of information. The core promise of the internet was as much information as we've ever had, at your fingertips. And the result has been a centralization of information, which is deliberate needless to say, unnoticed by most people, that results in more control of information than we could even have imagined 20 years ago...hundreds of millions of Americans don't have the facts about issues that affect them"

    "The most likely outcome is the most ironic outcome. And the opposite of what you think is going to happen, happens..."

    1. Well, it might let me post wordman! Using brave browser.
      One of your commenters said that our current world is infected with an entity of some type my dear friend Jack Heart says that it's an ancient enemy called the black goo, I see this enemy with my feelings or I sense it as it effects many around me as I believe its in the vaxx.
      The vaxxed I see around me are different almost like their Spirit is dark or cold as when they speak its almost like a malevolence comes out of them especialy those pushing said vaxx and now transgenderism.
      The world post covid is like I have landed upon another planet.

      Thanks for listening


  120. "Monroe, Don Juan, Naoimi W needs to know--"These consciousness units use their wiles to assimilate weaker consciousness units so as to accrue more contractile power. Obviously, the more dense the consciousness units consumed, the more “nutritious” they are. And so they seek, by great cunning, to carefully, and with great patience, manipulate the consciousness units selected for assimilation. It is, effectively, trans-millennial stalking.

    These Overlords of Entropy- or so we may call them, - by virtue of the overlay of intensified subjectivity - the hallmark of the influence of the Thought Center of non-being - interface with the organic world on a “geographic” scale. Since they have, so to say, an intimate relationship with matter, the contractile consciousness of such a being can affect its area of chosen dominion very much like an overshadowing “cloud” with millions of tendrils of connections between it and its range of influence. This includes even the very matter of the bodies of human beings. It is through these etheric fibers that the Overlords of Entropy assimilate energy." " Utilizing organic structures that require the least energy to maintain conserves energy. To this end, they draw the energy for their organic units from the pools of archetypal form of the animal kingdom. This energy is more easily accessed, is lower in frequency, and thus more amenable to control. This seems to be the reason why, when perceived by individuals of the third dimensional self-consciousness - third density - realm, their appearance is generally startling. The reptilian type comes to mind as being the most energy efficient...they generally avoid direct interaction in the organic world, preferring to utilize other methods to stalk and conquer weaker units feeding a Thought Center of non-being." they r legion.

    their cunning knows no bounds, there is nothing out of reach. watch LA news local channels the last 3 days. stun gun badddd. organic destruction. "The organic unit, infected with the material/mechanical view, begins to act according to that Thought Center’s dictates, and this generates activities of that nature in the organic unit. Due to the fact that any given sub-unit of the Thought Center of non-being may be connected to millions of organic units in third density, any of them may be activated singly, or in concert, to fulfill the wishes of the Overlords of Entropy, a larger sub-unit of the Thought Center." of Non-being.
    portals, throngs of destruction, < age 30, infestations. "

    anonymousApril 16, 2023 at 1:50 PM
    dang excitement to post, messed up cant edit. anyway--"... if the Truth about the REAL process of Ascension were not so detrimental to the agenda of the Controllers of our world, the Matrix, they would not have gone to so much trouble to cover it up. When we finally make the connection between that fact, and the fact that our governing elite is operating on the instructions of the Controllers, we then begin to realize that the drama on the political stage is a shadow of the higher-level agenda."

    whats a total trip is that the hatred of humans, their hatred of humans, makes one hate fellow humans, ya see? its really an infection, a virus, a sickness. very devisive, invasive. they know their shit works. massive infiltration this time."

    This observation is spot on by this commentary as this is what we are dealing with and the infected invented and pushed the vaxx which spreads it world wide, but the pure of Heart seem Immune but my opinion is that there is a great Spirit or the creator above all of this which I the end creates hope.
    Observation followed by opinion.


    1. Interesting, VERY interesting Nine as all the times I tried Brave prev it wouldn't go thru -- nice to know that maybe the Goog has relaxed their algorithms -- I'm on Chrome as we speak but would very much like to go back to Brave -- I use it for everything but my own blog -- LOL.
      Naomi's now-landmark talk at Hillsdale got into a bit of what you're talking about above but not nearly enough as her time was limited -- all the vaxx ingredients are directly designed to cross the BBB (blood brain barrier) thruout the body & affect esp the MIND. Hence so many radical personality changes being noticed post-vaxx in increasing numbers.
      Ana Mihalcea gets into the technicals of all this even more and will be highlighting some incredibly disturbing stuff she has found in the very next posting...

      Re the islands connection to the financials, check out this recent strafing run from Amazing Polly, who continues to be, well, amazing!!

      Since it also relates to the biotech factor, that's going in the pot of the next posting too -- Goats Head Soup remix!!

      To all that are wondering it's simmering as we speak, gonna work all day on it on my day off tomorrow and hopefully a weekend soul feast will be in order!!
      Book your tables now in the Voodoo Lounge....