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"Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are." Benjamin Franklin

"I tried to research anything and everything I could about this thing. There have been other chains in the past. Found one that was in Brazil a few years ago. A man there escaped that chain by killing his neighbor and passing it to his neighbor's wife. Your patient is going to die unless she kills someone. That's the only way you can get rid of it. The only way. She has to make sure there's a witness for it to pass to, 'cause this thing needs trauma to spread. That's what gives it power. Trauma. Your patient has to make it count. Tell her to use some kind of weapon. Make the biggest mess she can..."   SMILE (2022)

"Totally destroy everyone in that house, as gruesome as you can. If you're going to do something, do it well. And leave something witchy..."  Charles Manson final instructions to Tex Watson, night of August 8, 1969

I'm a clone, I know I'm fine, I'm one and more are on the way/ I'm two, doctor, three's on the line, he'll take incubation another day

I'm all alone so are we all/We're all clones, all are one and one are all

We destroyed the government, we're destroying time, no more problems on the way/ I'm through doctor, we don't need your kind, other ones, ugly ones, stupid boys, wrong ones

Six is having problems adjusting to his clone status, got to put him on a shelf, all day long we hear him crying so loud I just wanna be myself, I just wanna be myself, 

I just wanna be myself -- be myself -- BE MYSELF     Alice Cooper (1980)

I wore the clothes you wanted/ I took your name/ If there is some confusion, who's to blame?

I signed your living will/ I smiled your face/

I'm ready to close the book on NASA and outer space

If there is some confusion, who's to blame?

I sequenced your arrival/ I sealed your fate

I pushed the button and erased your master tape

I wrote the sales pitch/ I threw the brake switch

I dragged your big-ass Daddy Roth car out of that ditch

I crossed your great divide/ I stirred your ocean's tide

I called your bluff until I blew your circuits wide

I'll be your albatross, devil, dog, Jesus, God

I don't wanna be Iggy Pop but it that's what it takes, hey...

Watch the sun as it crawls across the final time

And it feels like, like it was a friend

If it's watching us, and the world we set on fire

Do you wonder if it feels the same?

And the sky is filled with light -- can you see it?

All the black is really white if you believe it

As your time is running out, let me take away your doubt

We can find a better place in this twilight

Dust to dust

Ashes in your hair remind me what it feels like

And I won't feel again

Night descends, could I have been  a better person?

If I could only do it all again...

But the sky is filled with light -- can you see it?

All the black is really white if you believe it

And the longing that you feel, you know none of this is real

We will find a better place

In this twilight

      NIN (Reznor) Year Zero, 2007

Quantum entanglement. Spooky action at a distance. How much are these terms playing with and acting upon our daily lives? 

It seems increasing numbers of people are connecting with each other in the pursuit of truth, not to mention any vague notions of justice, and are reaching the same conclusions without any cross-connectivity or input with each other physically. All of which means we are dealing with a different kind of contact high, and perhaps an ascension. Let me echo the words of Erin Brockovich boots on the ground in East Palestine, "Something is not right here..."

For this outpouring of caring and consideration for her fellow human beings, she has now been labeled a terrorist and placed on a DHS "watchlist,":

And let me extend the extended reverb on that sentiment far beyond Ohio, so it encompasses the entire realm now of both physical and non-physical locality. Because something is most definitely not right here. Not that a statement like that should carry any more shock or alarm than it ever has -- we've been under siege for a long time now after all -- but things are different now. When native dimensionality and the spiritual health of an entire planet is in flux, in great danger like never before, we have officially entered uncharted waters. Live and let live used to be the bywords of humanity. Now live and let die has taken over:

Echoing Erin again, they want ALL of us not to be able to figure it out and just to go away -- and I'm not talking about only the Ohio situation as I'm sure you understand. As a matter of fact, that's what they're banking on: us not figuring it out and just dissolving back into the humdrum and goldfish-attention-span of our daily lives, waiting with bated breath on the next distraction. But a concerted core that gathers more daily like a snowball rolling down a mountain, have decided to not play that game anymore. And they are somehow, without benefit of phone, or email string, or text, getting in touch with each other as this mission -- this calling -- for all of us blows up. There are larger forces at work here as the stage is being set. And the friends we never knew we had are gathering. 

Meanwhile, experts are still "baffled!!":

Perhaps we need this type of spiritual hack/cheat code now more than ever when they are designing algorithms to cover up a wholesale genocide ("No more Tiffany Dovers!"):

Imagine having to instruct an AI to find ways to cover up massive amounts of deaths...

All the while tell me once again how this wasn't the biggest, greatest psychological operation against the people of the world ever launched:

This is Hancock publicly identifying the weapon only 24 hours after asking his bosses about when to "deploy" it:

It's all about FEAR, and what they can get you to do -- manipulate you into -- under that dark umbrella. This was and is a total betrayal -- full stop:

Even inserting Bill Gates' "chips" in everyone is discussed in the private WhatsApp leaks of the UK Science Minister, far beyond the earshot of those that should be most concerned with such: the public. RIP Informed consent, we hardly knew ye. 

All for the purposes of a long-plotted depopulation strategy and, yes, more:

Which is, of course, where the vaxx comes in -- as was always intended. 

This, remember, was 27 years ago: 

CLONING? My God, man!! That's illegal! Yeah, well, so are gain of function and DNA experimentation; yet here we freakin' are. 

Interesting wording when cast in today's spotlight, isn't it? Will there ever be another you? With the help and guiding, scabby hand of Big Pharma and their masters, there may be lots of "other" everyone's out there right now. Twins in appearance but altered in DNA, physiology, neurology, right down to the very spirit molecules of what comprises the soul itself, which is what they've wanted to hijack and replace all along, or haven't you listened to Yuval Harari lately?  

Ever wonder what other frontiers have been breached in those 27 years? What biomedical, nanoscale horrors delved into for unknown purposes directed by unknown entities using human proxies as puppets? 

As we venture out into the darkest boundaries of space, slowly, slowly it all falls into place. Some of the most damning, irrefutable and horrifying documentation was just released:

This points straight to a Soylent Green-Children of Men-Logan's Run scenario of the very worst kind. At this point there is simply no other way around this conclusion.

Sound familiar?:

And while we're at it, why is everything 666???:

Almost as if they're trying to, I dunno, tell us something; want us on the same page for something...almost like we're being prepped...What exactly are the odds for all those 6s only due to coincidence theory? Just on chance alone, why don't we see 4s, or 7s or 8s mixed in at crucial agenda junctures?  


They are changing definitions of words like "vaccine" and "safe and effective" to alter reality. In a game where perception rules they are doing this to lead us away from something; truths they wish to keep hidden. We are locked in an initiation ritual that began in earnest in 2020 and is still ongoing. It is fueled by trauma and the process of putting us all in fugue states leading to a place of liminality where anything can happen. Study the eloquence in this Truthstream video:

and this perfect piece by Naomi Wolf back-to-back and you will find yourself staring in the face of an answer:

And as if in confirmation, despite the fact that we already have Bill Gates' patent 060606, and Luciferase, both of which we've looked at before, (as well as numerous other examples) they've now gone and ostensibly christened the chemtrails ongoing programs with a scientific moniker: SATAN. That's right, they're calling it all Satan: 

Let's venture once again into the interview room at 2:45 here:

Or listen to the likes of Geordie Rose in 2017 -- imagine what's up today rabbit??!!: 


Now set it off on the adiabatic groove line:

But what if this (Naomi's, mine, and about a billion other people's right now) answer, what if even looking here, as Robert Anton Wilson once mused, is pulling a Cosmic Trigger??: 

"What we call the stargate conspiracy is a fostering of a belief that extraterrestrial 'gods' created the human race and presided over its civilisation -- and that those gods are about to return. This belief is being promoted in different ways to different groups of people, but the underlying themes are always the same. Once those beliefs have entered into the collective consciousness, it will be relatively easy to use them as a foundation of a new religion. The ultimate aim of every organised religion has always been social control and this one, we fear, will be no exception."  

Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, THE STARGATE CONSPIRACY, (1999),%20Clive%20Prince%20-%20The%20Stargate%20Conspiracy%20-%20Revealing%20the%20truth%20behind%20extraterrestrial%20contact,%20military%20intelligence%20and%20the%20mysteries%20of%20ancient%20Egypt.pdf

In more kinds of unintended consequences quantum enabling, physicist John von Neumann openly wondered if just thinking these things gave them physical heft and the lines between fantasy and reality continue to shimmer and blur. And we are confronted with a kind of Schrodinger's Cat conundrum: do we confront the reality of the situation head-on, and in doing so seal our own fate in a kind of closed causal connection loop? Or do we adopt an ignorance is bliss platform and just hope for the best? Stanley called it eyes wide shut, and who knows? He may have been on to something... 

All those decades of deriding, ostracizing and belittling UFO witness and experiencers may have had a basis in quantum defense strategy. (WHY has that all cajoling and derision ended right now, ask yourself.) In these areas I always have contended that seeing things and saying things will be the way the world changes, and that still stands. It just may not be for the better in the long run...perhaps even more of a reason where we need to lean on the spark of the divine to guide us. The truth WILL set you free, but it's likely to be a painful ride and a bumpy transition. Or as Jack Parsons wrote, "Freedom is a Two-Edged Sword." I think I know what he meant now.      

The current social and political climate worldwide could not have flipped in any conceivable way close to such a short timeframe as it did without an external force steering it -- this is in no way a natural occurrence. To abandon all previous belief systems overnight as happened points to obvious interference. And I will always believe that deep down people could sense this coming -- people knew. Deep down they knew. There was something coming and it wasn't good. Sensitive people intuited this in the beginning and reached out where they could. Those in-touch and like souls clung to one another initially at the very start and those actions still reverberate and form the connections for what's taking place today:

In the masterplan no act of reaching out was ever without meaning or consequence. Those vibrations endure when God remembers every heart and every grace. No act is inconsequential and the smallest kindness can assume lasting, unimaginable power. 

Those connections and conversations were the beginning of the fight against the onset of the triple helix:

Much more in this thread:

And here from Dr. Ariyana Love, where she's tracked down where Moderna's patent specifically mentions "inducing the triple helix formation,":

What we knew (and could prove then) and what we could sense were two different things. But oh how right we've turned out to be. They want to change God's number, His fingerprints on everything. They want to become the god here. But they are swimming upstream against an information tsunami:

Both links, the latter slightly more detailed by the orig author, feature clickable rabbit holes that are guaranteed to keep you armed and busy for days against all comers at you yelling "conspiracy theorist!!" The conspiracy theorists have been right about everything.

Trillions of dollars and the moral fibre of a nation likely hang in the balance in what's currently ongoing in a little courthouse in Beaumont, Texas, and which may likely decide the course of world events -- take it away Karen: 

Spoiler: the above link might very well be the most important click-thru I've included here in the past 6 months. Bookmark it and don't let it get lost in the shuffle; it's likely to only grow in both import and scope as we continue.  

Imagine given links like these last 3 and literally thousands more I could document: these people wanted to overthrow the world, remake it in their own hellish design, and they put it all in writing: patents, documents, legal briefs, white papers, texts, emails, form letters, you name it. They're like the world's worst, most inept Bond villains. Just as "Q" used to remark ad infinitum -- "These people are stupid." Absolutely unbelievable. It's like Satan hired the Three Stooges. It's not called Clown World for nothing, I suppose:  

And more than possibly pertaining is something hidden in this headline:

Not to go all Chris Carter cointelpro on ya, but who knew that the DoE had a department of Intelligence and Counterintelligence?? Moreover and more importantly, WHY do they have those?

See here for the full story which bears repeating in light of current circumstances:

Hate to tell ya, that one transcript from 1997 holds more clues to our current situation than any hundred court-ordered discovery motions could possibly unearth.    

And here, as Dr. Ana Mihalcea elaborates -- the same foreign/alien components being found in the blood of the vaxxed (and unvaxxed now thanks to shedding, another conspiracy theory proven true) is currently also being found in rainwater

Anyone listening to Art Bell interview the first great chemtrail researcher Will Thomas back in 1999 could have easily seen where all this was headed:

As you can readily see from just these 2 examples, the late 1990s held a plethora of warning signals fired up like flares against a black sky. Most of us that were even then paying attention chalked it up to "pre-millennial tension," such was the bone-rattling, soul-zapping zeitgeist. We know now, with horrifying hindsight, just how much more it was; and a leisurely paddle drifting down the River Styx has turned into a white-knuckled plunge off the edge of the known world.     

Much like Mae Brussell (& Jim Marrs for that matter) before her, Naomi Wolf at her pins the tail on the donkey with this fascinating interview that gets to the bottom of things quickly:

And speaking of Nazis and fascism...

All around us, insanity reigns and the full spectrum dominance psyop is in full effect...the latest? I'm old enough to remember when they used to stage concerts that called for the end of wars, not the continuing of them:

(Btw check the comment stream for the most beautiful awakened GOLD you'll ever see....seriously, there's not ONE positive. Who exactly thought this was a good idea??) "Will Bono pre-install this in everyone's TVs?" LOL. 

EXTREMELY surprised at Noel, altho to be fair some outlets have mentioned that they have only extended an invitation to him without reply as of yet. As someone that historically has been thru and not put up with all manner of bullshit, can't see him playing in to this, and hopefully will give them the double-barreled chuck-it-in-the-fuckit-bucket salute on the way to Glastonbury...if not, that sound you hear will be my last stand-up hero circling the drain this summer of continued money-laundering, mayhem, and misdirection.


THIS is historically where you can get into all kinds of trouble. But we'll venture here tonight, on the cusp of an Ides of March weekend, with some concrete, but concrete which forges a far darker infrastructure which opens onto an even darker spirituality set adrift...

Spotlight on Les Wexner, Bill Gates, and Leon Black as they dive for their rabbit holes. But we've got the ground-penetrating radar and the magnifying glasses. This is from a godlikeproductions thread a little over a week old whose links have all been 404'd already...which of course both tipped me off and interested me -- so I went digging:

Now Gates:

Now Black:

From the NYT 10-12-2020: "And in 2014, Mr. Epstein received several million dollars in fees from Narrow Holdings, a company that Mr. Black -- the chairman of the Museum of Modern Art -- has used to purchase much of his billion dollar art collection, according to two of the people with knowledge of the transactions. The details of the services Mr. Epstein provided in exchange for those fees are also unclear."

Such are the intricacies of the network that was humming in the years leading up to the rise of the covid vaccine. Wexner bankrolls Epstein and his research for years only to have the Wexner alma mater be the first to launch the vaxx; 

another Epstein running buddy, Gates, ponies up 120mil for pioneering CRISPR Cas-9 tech, instrumental in literally the mechanization of being able to scissor/cut into DNA strands for insertion; 

in 2014 Epstein receives millions from Narrow Holdings of another buddy, Leon Black, who also gives funds to the Univ of Phoenix thru the Apollo Education Group which just so happens to be ground zero for the first ever gene editing......see February 2017 in the timeline here:

Beginning to see why so many are so anxious to see all such links 404'd? EVERYTHING we have long suspected and feared about the creation of the vaxx all ties back to the Epstein network. What were, and are, they still attempting to accomplish? Because these are the outlines of establishing an infrastructure for a delivery system to the world.  


Owing to the length of this post already, please return tomorrow night to this same channel for the mind-blowing conclusion, which, unbelievably brings the tragedy and mystery of Air Malaysia Flight MH370 into this mix, to find out how it connects. And it all particular keep in mind and close at hand Hancock's comments about Gates' "chips" and the highlighted Karen Kingston rumble vid with Stew Peters about the graphene oxide above...

And as always, copy/paste and share this far and wide in case of interference...the 404s are loose and I'm unleashing my children of the night.

See you then. And until that appointed hour at the Friday Night Fights, stay safe and aware.

(Thanks to Tyler at Secureteam for the front-loaded Texas cube UFO images.)  













  1. This will sound gross, but: about 70% of gay men have intestinal worms (that we know of). Some gay men who took Invermectin for Covid suddenly had to run to the bathroom; a LOT of *dead worms* came out. Not long after, they realized they *were NOT gay anymore*.

    Some parasites influence the behavior of their hosts, almost like some sort of subtle mind-control, encouraging their proliferation to other hosts. Intestinal worms would, logically, encourage homosexual intercourse, from one intestinal tract to another; the "rage" gay men speak of.

    Like a disgusting version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. And now the big "GloboHomo Corporation" is taking over the world. They're even trying to get children to embrace the worm.

  2. Wordman, the Prince Charles UFO telepathy story I wanted to post just won't post, check your spam folder.

    1. On it JB -- I well remember your comm about it in the last post but never clicked on any extended links about it. Doing so now & will report back...

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  4. reading everything n saying to self jesus, yes--its all here n has been here ratified amped up. hosted, assisted by off world n inner world subrosa subterraneans ultraterestrials. from the worship of anal entry which crowley wrote all about claiming it was a portal to the hidden universe. definitely part n parcel quite a few initiations. as wordman laid out first this 2 parter....saturn, worship of saturn.

    see this--Neglected Commandments/Idolatry - Hebrew Roots - Wikibooks › Idolatry › Satan's_Birthday
    The Saturnalia was named for Saturn, otherwise known as Cronus. Cronus is an alias for Tammuz. Tammuz was Nimrod reborn - alias, his son. just saw that old story n cant find it these synchs work...ezekiel was shown the priests worshipping in the temple, he thot it was going to be 'god' but it was an entirevtemple devoted to tammuz.

  5. see this--“I’m sorry, did everyone miss the Satanic undertones to all this? Sodomy compromises the soul; abuse of the sexual prerogative is among the worst offenses. Innocence is stolen and it psychologically deforms BOTH victim and assaulter. The assaulter is doing it ‘willingly’ but was most probably victimized in the same manner."

    “According to Marion Knox, sodomy is the key to mind control; he claims there is a “spiritual” aspect to sodomy”

  6. copied n pasted "RE the Quote According to Marion Knox, sodomy is the key to mind control; he claims there is a “spiritual” aspect to sodomy” unquote – The connection is that it was supposed to stimulate and awaken the lowest chakra awakening “Kundalini." Its the same reason why one of the exercises done by advanced Buddhist monks is slamming the buttocks (orig buttox sic) down on a cushion in a sitting position. Its outlined pretty well under Tantric doctrine."

    "Specifically stimulated is an irregular, oval-shaped gland between the rectal wall and the tip of the tailbone, (coccyx), called the “coccygeal body.” Although the function of this gland is unknown to Western physiologists, it is established in Tantra as the “Kundalini gland.” Yoga has devised a wide variety of techniques to irritate and awaken this gland into activity, including Mula Bandha, Asvini Mudra, Tada Mudra (knocking the buttocks upon the ground, sending rhythmic shock waves rippling up the spine), and rolling on a cotton ball placed under the tip of the tailbone. SOURCE: “ANAL SEX UNDER TANTRIC DOCTRINE”

  7. sourcing sorcery n magick, sex magick in some cases, done to impress upon power, used in a power doctrine. a former gay porn star describes there is an occult connection between the devil and anal sex. "I do believe that it creates a doorway literally into the demonic into the supernatural [...] I think it does release demonic entities."

    citing crowley in his theory, he says in crowley's view the "devil that would ? could ? be given birth to anally—not physically [but] more of a spiritual body." i think were talking certain states of consciousness here n what that entails. anyway, all about secretive, taboo n all that factors in. but not anymore i guess.

  8. lresearch tammuz n sodomy, u will find quite a bit, incl saturn intertwined. quoting..."Now that we’ve dealt with Jezebel’s parents, Baal and the Queen of Heaven, and met her three personalities, Delilah, Herod, and Absalom, we shall now deal with her two older siblings, starting with Perversion. Perversion is the eldest child born of Baal and Asherah (the Queen of Heaven, aka Ashtoreth, Astarte, Ishtar, Isis, the Triple/Mother Goddess, etc). But to understand this spirit, we must first understand his natural expression, Tammuz = perversion. oh. back to the old gods again n never ever forget the sabbataen franks. hhhmm