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I've been drifting from state to state/ Town to town, chasing my fate/ Working just enough to sleep and eat/ A man never knows who he might meet/

At a cheap motel, cheap motel/ Where I've been well I'll never tell/ Riding down the highway bound straight for hell/ And check into a cheap motel/

I had a girl once but it didn't work out/ She was unhappy travelling about/ She expected too much of me/ She wanted a home and security/ 

Instead of cheap motels, cheap motels/ Where I've been well I'll never tell/ Riding down this highway bound straight for hell/ and check into this cheap motel/

From the Motel Six in Tucson, Arizona to the Dew Drop Inn in Lawton, Oklahoma/ Going to spend my winters in New Mexico/ Where the nights are long and the days are slow/ Where the nights are long and the days are slow/

The cops come knockin one day at dawn/ I got arrested for building a bomb/ Two days later they cleared the cell/ And drove me back/ To this cheap motel/

(Springsteen/ Grushecky, July 1995)  

I never go out/ I just stay at home/ Change my address, and disconnect the phone/ Turn off the TV, because it bothers me/ I've seen all, seen all I wanna see/ And if my friends ask where I've been/ Just say I don't know what's become of him/

Well I'm not sleeping, I'm only resting my eyes/ I'm not sleeping, I'm only taking my time/

Well it's so hard, so hard to be responsible/ Knowing everything, everything that's possible/ And when the bad wind/ Well it comes blowing in/ I'll pack my things, and I'll move on again/ Feed the rich and fool the poor/ Stack the bodies outside my door

Cause I'm not sleeping, I'm only resting my eyes/ Well I'm not sleeping, I'm just taking my time/ 

The world outside, is such a dangerous place

That I don't dare, I don't dare show my face

They got my number, they know where I live

Well I've got no more to say, I've got no more to give

Another night comes drawing near

I shut the door and then I disappear...

(Springsteen/ Grushecky -- July 1995)

In our continuing quest to decipher what's going on today by decoding yesterday, let's take an in-depth look at the sinister and far-reaching implications and events surrounding the Oklahoma City bombing of April 19, 1995, and the star-crossed life and times of its supposed perpetrator (patsy) Timothy McVeigh. The past can do far more than teach us about what's ongoing in the Deep State, mind control milieu of today -- it can be the key to unlocking an entire Pandora's box of hidden knowledge and clandestine horrors, and in doing so reveal the ever-present modus operandi of those in our midst that would seek to dominate us to the inevitable dark ends of their takeover agenda. So let's hop in the wayback machine already set for 27 springs ago, and take a deep look...who knows what we might find. 

Most of all we may discover that "random" shootings and mass casualty events continue to happen because we continue to not be able to see the signs...Signs that have been before us all along that we continue to not pay attention to -- signs that we always turn away from.

I'm sure from this preamble you can readily ascertain that this latest Sandy Hook 2.0, the situation rapidly unraveling in Uvalde has gotten me thinking -- always dangerous as longtime readers and lurkers here will tell you. What is the modern day origin point for this type of manipulation and blatant mind control? You could do a lot worse than to chart the minutiae of the events surrounding Oklahoma let's get it on the record. The depth and expanse of the tentacles might surprise you.

First of all, let's begin forensically by working backwards before getting into the hows and whys of the possibility of McVeigh being programmed to be point man for doing what he allegedly did: in their grandest occult tradition of killing two (or three) birds with one stone, the Murrah federal building had to come down for one because it was the repository for some very damning records, specifically concerning Waco:

The Waco conflagration would also prove to be the psychological impetus for McVeigh doing what he did. The Waco situation is another beast entirely even given all its connections, and is something that we will also be examining closely in the future.

What McVeigh was subjected to by Jolly West and cohorts can be seen as being rudimentary tech of the kind which has been extremely improved upon today. Examine all of these "search" rabbit holes for starters on reddit for a wealth of knowledge to plunge into:

The fact that McVeigh was indeed being "handled" by the infamous Jolly West is a foregone conclusion at this point (& yes it connects to and is corroborated by the still mysterious case of Chandra Levy):

That first link even gets into the notion that perhaps McVeigh didn't even die as scheduled, and was instead whisked out as a protected asset in some Deep State "witness protection" bubble... 

Hmm, where have a heard THAT scenario popping up again lately??

Then there is the strange little factoid of the Dreamland motel in Kansas, which, unbelievably, connects McVeigh straight into the 9/11 network by way of Melvin Lattimore. We examined that oh so briefly years ago here: 

That network came close to being uncovered many times, perhaps no one ever got closer than Jayna Davis:

More here:

Now, on to the explosion itself, did it happen the way we were led to believe? Puh-leeese:

No way, no how brothers and sisters. We were lied to again.

So just how deep does the backstory of possibly sheep-dipped, Oswaldo-type patsy Timothy go?? EXTREMELY deep:

And needless to say, with today's tech and open admissions from everyone from the WEF to Pfizer to the NIH, articles like this have aged like 4-month old milk:

To whit:

Takes a while, but every "conspiracy theory" comes true. 

MUCH more backstory here:

McVeigh also had, as an unemployed person at the time, $2,000 on him when he was stopped:

And according to this, he spent time at CALSPAN:

Here he stated he was "operating within the confines of the U.S. Government," the bombing originally planned as a pretext for something else and that it was not supposed to be that violent; that the truck was possibly switched beforehand without his knowledge -- a fact that he disclosed to his lawyer under lawyer-client privilege and that he became quite irate over when finding out it had been leaked:


MUCH of extreme interest here:

Then there is the highly bizarre factoid -- never explained -- of a leg found that doesn't match:

This of course raises the highly likely scenario of "unknown actors" prowling around and getting caught in the blowback. 

And yet we have only begun to scratch the surface -- let's get into the possible tech employment, and some of the very best eyewitness testimony here:

So much contradictory evidence points to the fact that there was much more in play than just an ammonium nitrate "fertilizer" bomb: multiple mercury fulminate bombs being found according to initial reports, multiple electrical and electro-magnetic effects, seismic evidence indicative of multiple explosions and not just one, mysterious light flashes and "swarm of bees" noises and vibrations in the immediate seconds before any explosion occurred, the list of "anomalies" goes on and is highly indicative of multiple prongs of then state-of-the-art weaponization being brought into play. 

And just what about that infamous Ryder truck?? Remember what I told you about not forgetting about DARPA -- you know, not to beat a dead horse, but the very same DARPA so integral to everything tech-involved that's rolled out with the vaxx?? (chips, nanowires, neural-link, brain interface, turning hamsters into rage monsters, etc)

Or simply check out everything that Epstein pals like Ralph Baric and Charles Lieber have been pursuing for the better part of decades...

But I digress....

The pilot that just so happened to snap that photo -- oh don't worry, he's dead. Took a complete nose dive right into the ground not long after. Things are funny that way, you know.

Camp Gruber, location of the overflight photo by Harding, is also known for demolition training. Huh. Ditto with Camp Grafton in North Dakota where Tim was spotted in Aug 1993 after supposedly being discharged in May 1992. (See Corbett Report above...) -- Official timeline supported by the FBI!!

And speaking of official confirmations:

From the 1997 Washington Post, no less. Back when being an official paper "of record" actually meant something..."The Oklahoma National Guard confirmed Friday that the aerial photos were indeed taken above Camp Gruber in the fall of 1994 and said the classified project involved weapons sensors and was overseen by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The National Guard's statement said the truck had no association whatsoever with the tragedy at the Alfred P. Murrah building."

More DARPA 101:

But let's hammer 'em a little more, shall we? Because we're not thru hurting 'em...take it away Polly:

After watching that, come on back...

Alright, after acknowledging that Polly has once again missed her calling as being a kickass federal prosecutor, let's look a bit more in depth at Crimson Mist, and what went down in Rwanda:

Now I am in no way, shape or form alleging that Tim McVeigh was subjected to anything like this, implants aside, but entertain the not-so-wild notion that he was merely a beta example for what's intended for ALL of us, and sooner rather than later. Vaccines + Graphene +5G, anybody? Am I getting thru? Some nearly 4 billion tests rats worldwide (if you took the vaxx that would be you) are just lined up and waiting for the switch to be thrown. Not feasible, you say? Inconceivable? No more Rwandas? Well just take a gander at what they're doing in house: 

DARPA CRISPR rage hamsters? Why? The why is because the next stop is you, bunky. Why else go down that road?

DARPA also happens to have huge, ongoing plans with the WEF:

We always have to examine where we've been, to find out where we're going, and the continuing case of Timothy McVeigh provides that in spades -- a marked trail and an open warning, so to speak, for our impending future of being the manipulated dead. 

We can also NEVER leave the OKC scenario without remembering Terrance Yeakey: 

Terry also happened to be featured in one of the very first posts I ever put up here:

Weird that I never got around to a "Part II" of that. Maybe this is it. 11 years later!! 

Better late than never.

More in-depth here:

And especially here:

"A Noble Lie" remains one of the best documentaries ever presented about nearly all of this evidence...

And here:

Then look at these words:

Finally he confided to his sister that he "knew too much," and had become a "liability" to the government:

Whew. And believe me when I say, all of this, as overwhelming as it seems, is merely scratching the surface of a very compelling and important chapter in this Deep State Book of the Dead.

I have given you much to ponder and think about going over the star-crossed story of Timothy McVeigh and his life and times, much of which has been forgotten, and gone unknown and unheard by a vast majority of the American people. 

Go slow and ponder all the implications here.

As always, the past remains prologue.




  1. The first X-Files movie, "Fight the Future" ('98), featured an Oklahoma City Bombing of sorts at the beginning, which Mulder gets blamed for.

    "Then there is the highly bizarre factoid -- never explained -- of a leg found that doesn't match"

    Just like in the movie: Mulder points out that it doesn't make sense that bodies were found in the building, since it had been evacuated (they were covering-up a viral outbreak).

    "mysterious light flashes and "swarm of bees" noises"

    VERY X-Files, the noises of bee swarms are featured in the movie, causing our beloved agents to RUN (the bees were carying the virus).

    1. First time I saw it -- esp with all the allusions and not-so-veiled references, I knew exactly what Carter and the team were trying to convey. In 1 minute and 30 seconds they spelled out that they weren't buying the OKC "official" story:

      Awesome job by Terry O'Quinn as usual btw.

  2. Also leaving this right here as notes to myself and a thruline from this post to the next since all my saves on WordPad seem to be disappearing as of late -- what next??:

    Frequencies open portals.
    Polly's latest: Inhuman Frequencies.
    CanAm Missing.
    Skinwalker Ranch.
    Naomi Wolf substack. (

    Something else is going on.

    Is that "Q" drop enough for you guys?? Haha!

    Running out of untouchable places to put things. I mean, they can't start disappearing whole comments sections, can they?
    Paper & pen might be next.

    1. "Frequencies open portals."
      Can we take a pause and reflect on what the multi-billion-dollar "music industry" has been REALLY about, since day one?
      And why its output is shoved down out throats everywhere we go, 24/7?
      Why practically all pop stars were born to military families (the entire 60s scene), German Nazis (e.g., a member of ABBA; the band that was resuscitated, after a 40-year hiatus, at the height of Covid with an avatar-themed album), creepy evangelical pastors (Jonas Brothers, Jessica Simpson, many many others), and generally, families that scream 'generational trauma'?
      This stuff is all about child abuse, torture (BBC sitcoms openly joke about Kylie Minogue's 'chocolate starfish'), mind fragmentation and its occultic reintegration.
      The only thing that has changed since 2020 is that now this lethal brew is finally ready to be SCALED - no longer just influencing our kids through TV and the internet, but physically rammed into our veins, brains, and cells.
      In the meantime, friends, please delete all music from your phone. Switch to your own thoughts, or a prayer, when driving. You'll be surprised how much your life will improve, almost in an instant.

    2. Trains!!
      From the late Trevor Moore -- gee, wonder why he was taken out??

    3. Aha the skinwalker ranch, been there and creeped out to boot...

  3. In possibly related news:

    1. Would you mind giving me (us) the gist of those two Reddit articles, just the long headline maybe? Because I'm getting blocked due to "sensitive content".

  4. Do better than that my bruh -- here are the exact headlines verbatim:
    Breaking News: According to Dr Chambers and Todd Callender, the vaccinated have the Marburg and Ebola virus encased in nanotech laying dormant in their bodies. A 18ghz frequency (5G) is going to be used to expand the nano tech and release the pathogens directly into the cells. Pandemic 2 anyone?


    The CEO of Pfizer, the head of the CIA, the Director of the NSC, the VP of Facebook, the King of Holland and the Secretary General of NATO are all secretly meeting right now behind closed doors in DC. It’s called Bilderberg, & not a single major media outlet has reported on it.

    Sensitive content my Aunt Fanny!! What clowns.

    And for anyone still keeping track: (source FBI Crime Report stats)
    People killed with rifles in 2021: 454
    Covid vaxx deaths in 2021 (VAERS): 20,622

    & let's remember those VAERS stats are generally regarded as anywhere from 10-40% underreported.

    Any questions?

  5. Millions, MILLIONS of people have died from the vaxx.

  6. "Breaking News: According to Dr Chambers and Todd Callender, the vaccinated have the Marburg and Ebola virus encased in nanotech laying dormant in their bodies. A 18ghz frequency (5G) is going to be used to expand the nano tech and release the pathogens directly into the cells."

    Marburg = Millennium.

    "the King of Holland"

    That f**king guy again. Dutch royalty makes British royalty seem insignificant (same family, though.).

    1. Last episode of X-Files season 10 predicted cell towers would trigger the hidden "Spartan virus".

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. The current Dutch Queen Maxima sprang directly from the loins of an Argentine war criminal / torturer / pornographer par excellence (with the current Pope just two steps behind, apparently)... Look it up. Surely that's just a crazy koinkidink, huh. Just like when Houston megapastor Joel Osteen married the daughter of "a member of GE’s Saturn rocket project team led by German rocket scientist Wernher von Braun." This directly from Wikipedia, boys and girls. Official bio.

  7. It is all cover for the economic crash...

    1. Come winter, the majority will gladly mask up and #StayHome. Many probably miss all that stuff already.

    2. I seriously doubt that Trainer, people are not as compliant as the media would have you think, I do not know one person who is not ready to pull out the pitchforks on the pondscum

    3. I agree with Trainer. Over half will comply. Maybe more. Just under the half the population are introverts and they generally love lockdown as social environments drain their energy. Its not good for them, mind, but they like it. Most teachers are shit and hate their jobs. They as a group are very pro lockdown. Hospitals love it too that's a huge section of the workforce.

  8. SO SO SO SO important this needs to blow up everywhere:

    And just in case you get one -- that hilarious "warning" page is there for a good reason...Ignore it & proceed.

  9. Here's some smoke filled Oklahoma skies from a few weeks back. Great job! Except I still don't see what I have had trouble finding anywhere over the years, That the original CNN newsreport that day said that two John Does were being held as suspects in the Washita County jail in Cordell OK. And the FBI came by helicopter to pick them up. The sheriff that arrested them died later, the official story is that he died of a heart attack, while friends of his said that he was shot in the back of the head going to his girlfriend's house one night.

  10. HEY GUYS!!

    Am leaving this here just because, after all, this is a conspiracy site, & I am gonna be THAT guy....

    As we come to yet ANOTHER year at the French open with Lance, sorry, make that Rafael Nadal in yet another final there, it would be wise not to forget this excellent piece that somehow got washed away in 2011 not long after publishing because of immense threats from the Nadal legal flotilla:

    Because NOTHING is ever really gone on the interwebs -- you silly rabbits -- no matter how much bullying you resort to.

    Always comes down to needles, doesn't it? No wonder Rafa threw Djokovic under the bus in Australia this year -- he has a long history of being VERY well acquainted with 'em. Bill Gates ass kissin' cheater.

    1. I was home watching TV at the time when a news crawl came out, saying something about a Spanish doping investigation; they specifically mentioned Nadal and also Real Madrid players. Needless to say, that crawl lasted literally 5 minutes. The rest is utter and complete silence.

      What's left is YouTube videos where Nadal comes into a gym and the staff have to show him how to use a treadmill, free weights, or any other equipment for that matter. Apparently, you can build Schwarzenegger-sized biceps without ever setting foot in a workout room. Added another 10 mph to his serve? That's because of a better grip!

      A six-year-old would find all this suspect. But we all know how the world rolls. The higher-ups decided that the Rafa-Fed rivalry was "good for the sport", so why stir up a mess, huh.

    2. Hey Trains!!

      Have literally been waking up every day for the last 15 years expecting to see the blaring headlines that the entire Nadal machine has gone the Lance Armstrong route from somebody on the inside spilling the beans.
      Thing is, main sponsors Nike & Babolat have too much invested for that to happen -- would likely do anything -- and I mean ANYTHING -- to stop it.

      What you're referring to is Operation Puerto:

      & somebody had the power to put the squeeze on a federal judge to destroy the evidence.
      Location today of all those blood bags: unknown.

    3. Re tennis - if nothing else, in the 80s/90s, Spain would have 1-2 tennis players in the ATP Top 100. By the 2000s, it was more like 25. Some have been known to enjoy a good smoke, then go out there and run down every ball like a puma for five hours straight.

    4. As we mentioned both doping and music in these posts, I took a peek at Lance A.'s ex Sheryl Crow's bio on Wikipedia. It reads something like this: 1986. A girl in the South teaches grade school. 1987. She goes on a global tour with Michael Jackson. Then wins nine Grammy awards for he meh songs with meh lyrics like 'All I wanna do / Is have some fun'.

      I get the impression that the REAL story of what transpired in between, and in Sheryl's childhood, would make Stranger Things look like an after-school special.

  11. Studies Link Incurable Prion Disease With COVID-19 Vaccine

    1. Remember that somewhere in 2020, Denmark culled millions of mink, "because Covid"? And aftewards started digging them up?... Something about that bizarre news coverage made me think, "they need some stuff that can be used to target humans; and apparently they need A LOT of the stuff..." Well, a quick online search reveals that mink can be hosts to Transmissible mink encephalopathy (TME), a progressive and fatal neurodegenerative disease.

  12. Okay, so basically they will turn on the 5G and then this happens. What the hell are we going to do???

    1. A) DON'T take the jab, and B) get yourself a f**king UMBRELLA.

    2. Not to mention a Zombie repellent kit, you know, just in case...gas prices already worse than I AM LEGEND, lol.

    3. Get out now if you can. Its definitely happening.

  13. Sent this to our Trainer above, but don't want any to miss it -- re frequencies:

    Trev was too important to let live...

    1. fell off his balcony, yeah right? You think he was talking about Bieber or maybe Spears

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Coincidence?

  16. About those kids at the drag show:

    1. Awright Jaybers!! We are def gonna have to appoint you the Minister of Symbolism for catching what you do; The Nabisco logo blew me away -- I mean it's everywhere.
      They would likely try & get out of it plausible deniability-wise by saying aw it's just the Cross of Lorraine or Anjou but NOPE, any rounded bits at the bottom are the dead giveaway. Whoya tryna fool Willis??

      I do remember during the "satanic panic" 80s everybody was piling on places like Procter & Gamble for having satanic logos;
      Stranger Things did a great job of resurrecting the same kind of talk about things like Dungeons & Dragons and how it may have served as a gateway for darker things -- Thing is, there may have been way more germs of truth in "rumours" like those than prev imagined, as it turns out.

      (& that's now been updated even more -- just wait for my next post....hint hint.)

      We really are swimming in it everywhere -- just down the road from me:


      Hidden in plain sight.

    2. Nabisco was originally called NBC; it's logo being verisimilar to the symbol for sulfur/the Leviathan.

      The tv broadcaster NBC has a peacock as it's logo; the peacock being an ages-old symbol for the Melek Taus, the Yazidi version of the Devil.

      NBC also stands for "Nuclear, Biological and Chemical" weapons of mass destruction; a reference to an apocalyptic war.

      WTF is up with the letters "NBC" being directly connected to Satan, more Satan, and armagueddon?!

    3. Ironic that Satan, Saturn, Chronos, Kronos, Cernnunos, Hekate & JANUS can all be tangentially linked somewhat...Hekate with 3 faces, Janus with 2 -- to be able to look into both the past & the future at the same time.

      JANUS also reared his/its head in the almost impossibly predictive BBC version of UTOPIA, which I believe is still up for freesies on Amazon Prime & which everybody needs to watch, like, yesterday:

      DING DING.

    4. Utopia is an American science fiction drama television series adapted by Gillian Flynn from the 2013 British original series of the same name, about a plan designed to prevent ecological disaster as the Earth's population rises and resources are depleted. The plan consists of: (1) Convincing the world's population that there is an outbreak of a deadly new virus, (2) Once convinced of the narrative of the faux-pandemic, announce to the public the creation of a new vaccine, (3) Through the coordination between global elites and non-governmental organizations, governments move quickly to inject the world's population with this "vaccine". (4) Once the population is injected, it turns out that the vaccine is designed to sterilize almost all of those people that take it, causing the global population to drop from 7.8 billion to about 500 million, and ushering in a new era of plenty.

    5. The Fabian Society, which gave birth to the UK Labour Party, has a literal wolf in sheep's clothing in its logo. Have a look. I'd love to say "hidden in plain sight" - but the thing is, it's not hidden at all, and never has been.

    6. A minor and friendly amendment: "its logo."
      "it's" is short for "it is."
      Let us graphomaniacs unite in spelling properly.
      For the record, English is my fifth language.

  17. UH OH.

    You DO know what's next, right?

  18. And in regards to the rather cheesier US Amazon version of UTOPIA (which just so happened to wrap in October of 2019...!!), well, it wasn't exactly "off the mark" too far either:

    Really REALLY does begin to make you wonder...

  19. And just so you know there is more truth from the rabble in that comments section above than in listening to 10,000 hrs of CNN, MSNBC & any network news channel.

  20. Wordman, here's one mofo of a site, similar to yours:

    1. It was good, once upon a time, but now has been inactive for years.

    2. Hey guys -- yeah, dude called Prince Ray something or other ran it; basically called it Afro-centric from his perspective but still chock full of more inside MKUltra-type info & insights than just about any other site I can remember that covered ALL the bases...always wondered WHERE he got his knowledge-base from -- it's not like this stuff is written down in many places...esp a lot of the info he put out there. Seemed extremely confidential.

      Also always wondered what happened to him. Aangirfan is another one like that from across the pond -- except I think that's still up & running, albeit constantly getting taken down.

      There but for the grace of God.....

    3. it is because Ray got locked out of his own site

    4. Ray was one of the Black Panthers, but also he was one of those generational families that had connections to the MiLITARY, I think in Ray's case , they did some bad shit to his dad via MKUltra

    5. Years ago, there was another amazing blog out there, called The Talking Bread (?); I could be wrong. It was very informative about all this antediluvian stuff, e.g., celebs sporting green hair to signal that they've been learning the antediluvian language. Nowadays I cannot find any trace of it in cyberspace.

    6. Aangirfan was very clued-in on CIA influence in other countries. MH370; Malaysian politics; Anwar Ibrahim. The West manufacturing so-called religious conservatives in order to subvert a prosperous and resource-rich developing nation.
      I spent many years in Malaysia, and the blog really opened my eyes to things that locals never speak of in polite society.

  21. "it is because Ray got locked out of his own site"

    Lol same thing happened to me, which is why I keep adding information in the comments section.

    1. He pops up on Bitchute from time to time as princeray.

    2. sorry to hear that JB, they just disappeared my first blog and it's 4000+ files. Took me months to get over it

  22. I am beginning to think that the recent spat of 'gun news' kicked off with the shooting of the children in Texas is more about deflecting attention from Eastern Europe, than a part of some gun grab. I don't think a majority of Americans have a grasp on how important that situation is to the future of the Earth. I also do not think many know that the Nazi's have known for eight years, that the Russians were coming. Think about how dug in the Nazis were in 1944 along the Atlantic Coast of France. Preparations began in 2014 immediately after the coup.

    1. Ukraine was a big grey zone, and a useful catalyst/spark when the Covid narrative started to unravel. For decades, even the neighboring nations like Poland and Slovakia had almost zero interest in Ukraine, other than giving Ukrainian students college scholarships, in the spirit of playing nice. Also, nearly all the Ukrainians I have met in my life spoke Russian at home.

  23. Hello all, long time lurker here. Thank you all for your knowledge and inzicht in these dark times.
    I remember an old entry from out mutual hero Jeff Wells, regarding the buzzing sound heard at many locations where stranger things happened:

    1. The buzzing sound is a constant these days, I better look to see if Jeff and I are talking about the same buzz.

    2. Hmmm, interesting piece JP, I always took it that someone was messing with me with the buzz. What Jeff is talking about seems very plausible to me. Also reading that reminded of an incident when I was younger and laying on my bed one day in the summer time and watched the Sun( at least I thought it was the sun) dance in the sky. I remember thinking that at one time it looked like a big bumble bee as it was oscillating in the sky. Maybe it was not the Sun that I was seeing, as that was one of the things that caused me to downplay what I thought I had seen. If it had been the Sun, I would have been blind, because I stared at it for what seemed like minutes to me. Not blind today so, but I do seem to recall a buzzing part to the episode, it seemed more visual though because I was inside, and I was more curious in what I was seeing, then what I was hearing. Thanks for sharing JP, don't be a stranger.


  24. It always shocks me when I discover people that haven't absolutely consumed Jeff's site whole -- it's all important but esp everything under the "Military Occult Complex/ ritual abuse, mind control & 'High Weirdness'" banner over on the far right....if you even remotely enjoy what I do, then strap in & hold tight, bunky.

    In his heyday when he was churnin & burnin from say 2004-2006, it simply went from height to height, strength to strength. I looked forward to his every next installment like a dying man looking for water in the desert. Talk about feeling not alone...I loved that dude with a capital "L." If ANYONE can lay claim to starting any kind of great awakening/ new media movement, you're looking at him -- & the evidence is all at your fingertips at Rigorous Intuition.

    Once Jeff literally & figuratively shuttered his doors, I think subconsciously I decided to do something -- even tho it took awhile. I always knew that something that great (esp with the accent on the occult angle of things bubbling underneath the surface of it all) couldn't be allowed to just wither. So here we all are!!

    So many many thanks & welcome JP -- you come here on gilded wings!!

    PS -- altho Jeffy has gone radio silent, he lives still!! Check out his nuggets of psychic nourishment & never-ending NWO nom nom from North of the border here, every day:

    You won't be sorry.

    1. There is a lot to digest at Jeff's site, I actually missed Jeff when he was in real time, but I guess I am not surprised given my thing at that time was directed more at the street level corruption within the State. Everytime I do go to his site and read something like the story yesterday, it seems to trigger(hate that word) a memory, like I wrote above. Until yesterday I swear I thought I had seen the Sun dancing in the sky, but what Jeff wrote makes more sense to me now, because of my eyes part of it. I guess this is the Spirit's way of telling me , I should look more closely at his work. I always appreciate getting sent there, cannot recall ever being disappointed.

    2. wordman, I am not on twitter, but I am going through one of essays right now and commenting as I go. When I am done I will post it here, and if you could send it to him on twitter ask him if I can have permission to resurrect some of his stuff with commentary at my Reflection's blog. I totally announce him as the author, my comments are shorter and in different color and marked d.c. and at the bottom of each one I do there will be a link back to his old site. I feel there is a lot of good stuff in there that still needs to be seen. Thanks in advance for your help....


  25. Oh, & to all that commented on Ukraine, you are so correct.

    Not to mention it also happened/happens to be the #1 monetary contributor to the Clinton Foundation & Clinton Global Initiative. The fact that it's now being used as a global flashpoint should surprise exactly no one that's been paying attention. Corruption, $$ laundering, trafficking, drugs, arms, just name your price & Uke can get it for you.
    Caretakers: Biden, Obama, Clinton forces et al on the speed dial.

    For all I know Epstein has a glittering underground vacay palace there.

  26. And before I disembark from the Jeff train, 2 very pertinent twits twats tweets of his from last year that still MORE than apply:
    "Don't ask for evidence, it's intuition only & I know it sounds crazy, but more than anything else ever has, and increasingly so, this feels directed by a non-human intelligence."

    "If you are subject to a ruling order that meets in secret groves and pedo retreats, approves projects like ARTICHOKE & MKOFTEN, and cultivates ops like the Finders and Epstein, then yes, I'd say demonism is an entirely legitimate field of inquiry."


  27. MORE on Uke-ville:
    None other than the Pentagon actually admitted on Thursday that the US has supported 46 biolab facilities in Ukraine dating back at least 20 years, but has done so as part of developing a "peaceful, public health project" rather than developing/ fostering the proliferation of bioweapons.

    Go ahead, take em at their word; all "honorable" men -- just let em wipe all that child porn off their computers and servers first, mmmmmkay??!!

  28. A comment disappeared, count went from 61 to 60. Don't know which one.

    1. It was my comment to this right Trainer

      Ukraine was a big grey zone, and a useful catalyst/spark when the Covid narrative started to unravel. For decades, even the neighboring nations like Poland and Slovakia had almost zero interest in Ukraine, other than giving Ukrainian students college scholarships, in the spirit of playing nice. Also, nearly all the Ukrainians I have met in my life spoke Russian at home.

      My comment centered on the word WAS, like it is NOT past tense, and what happens there NOW is huge for the whole planet...basically that is what was deleted

    2. thank you, everything good with the children?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Telling you if they are taking down comments like that, then I can not be to far off the target, Ukraine is game over for the losers.

  30. It appears that RMN is dead, have never seen a site come back after it goes to the type page it is going to now. oh well have to carry on without them I guess.

    1. Hey OMID!!
      Yes, the surveillance & scrubbing is at all time levels now. Gotta start looking at every day places like even me are still up as a gift.
      Thanks for tracking down that Uke comment by you as the one being targeted. Surprises me not in the slightest.
      As for twitter, I'm actually not engaged there either, but you can always look up anyone's content there (without the ability to reply back) by just typing in "Jeff Wells twitter" into any search engine. Then at least you can monitor what they're posting.

      Btw the way that's a sterling endeavour you're doing to comment on existing articles on Jeff's site and then link back to them. Kudos to you on that one, my man.

      Right now am slightly freaked out by the first episode of the last season (11) of the existing X-Files: My Struggle III and the things (clues -- portents) contained therein.
      Was ashamed to say kind of in & out with it at that point, hence my incredulousness now.
      Whole ep centers on undercurrent of DARPA-NSA-type experiments & the ability to plant "visions" in people's brains of impending events,,,and then this wording floats to the surface:
      "If Scully was a conduit, if her abnormal brain activity was triggered by some external agency, who or what had reason to put her thru the trauma? For what purpose? To what end was she suffering?
      Scully's story would be incredible outright -- A DEAD MAN UNLEASHING A PLAGUE ON THE WORLD..."

      Her insistence thru her visions that the Smoking man, is indeed not dead is at loggerhead with the established facts and even Mulder's certainty.

      A dead man unleashing a plague on the world.

      Sound familiar to any current scenario you can think of?

      Think back to what Epstein's friends were "into" and their intimate proximity to the whole Covid & vaxx prob-reaction-solution scene.

      Given the viral nature (pun intended) of lots of X-Files clips from the last seasons and their on-the-nose prognostications of what's happening RIGHT NOW, you could say I'm a little, well, SPOOKED. Eyes to the skies, as always...

    2. I have NO DOUBT that scum is still breathing

    3. Wow, I just had a friend look, and he tells me RMN is there, so it is I who someone is blocking, I have to take a close look at my files, see if someone slipped a file in there.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. "Even me" *peh you're too humble

      "When I die I'd like to come back as a virus" such kind words from one of the world's greatest philanthropists

  31. More on the "Or am I just being paranoid front":

    WHY is YT suddenly making everyone sign in & age confirm to see this?????? (including front-loaded warnings of self-harm?? WTAF??)

    The hiding continues.....

    1. No you are not being paranoid, that clip from TrEVOR is probably what got him taken out. I would guess, I did not have to sign in just acknowledge that I might see a suicide, said yep show me, and that is a creepy movie coming out.

  32. Virus from outer space creating a hive mind then using vaccines to absorb the rest of the population into the hive. Spread by shedding, kissing, fluids, etc.

  33. Amidst all the noise created after 9/11, Rigorous Intuition soon became a beacon for me, i binged all the articles and links within. I really liked the fact Jeff always had a keen eye for the WOO and all the actors involved, good and bad. Still visit the forum regularly, not as much woo nowadays but still much info on Covid and parapolitical stuff. The database is huge.
    Anyways, thank you for the welcome.
    I live in Amsterdam by the way, will stay close though.

  34. Oh, and OMID, i really dig your idea regarding the reanimation of RI. I find myself going back regularly and it would be awesome to discuss the blogs again with fresh insights ! Good luck with that !

  35. If you haven't found God yet (ANY benevolent Deity), this should help:

    1. Bottom friendly?? I mean, to each their own & all, but please spare me ya freaks!! Redonkulously tired of the non-stop 24/7 "pride" propaganda at the expense of everything else...STOP redefining normal for me. I've known what normal is my whole life -- and you ain't it. And you take "pride" in yourself, not an agenda to remake the entire world in your image.

      & on a complete other track -- the saddest part is many will see this as an anomaly and not POLICY:

      DARPA-FBI-CIA-NSA-DIA...ALL need to be obliterated at this point. It's gone too far. Kennedy was on the money & had the exact right idea. Splinter them all & scatter em to the winds.

  36. OH & OMID -- that trailer for INVASION, even more ominously, was for a film that came out in 2007. (!!)

    & to JP from Amsterdam -- thanks again bruh!! And please DO stay close. Last time I visited the Rigint Forums seems like they had been infiltrated by a lot of "muddying the waters" types. I suppose that goes with the territory....

    Oh & one more thing, drop me your email at:

    and I'll notify you whenever a new post pops up!!
    Carry on gentlemen...

  37. OMID btw -- Trev got himself on the radar over SOOO many things:


  38. Going back over everyone's comments above that I may have missed:
    English your FIFTH language??!!
    Good LORD child -- you eclipse us here by leaps & bounds...

    & your comments re Sheryl Crow are fascinating -- I did discover that Lance Armstrong to this day claims that it was her music that cured him of all cancer. Interesting. Can't find out much about her childhood either -- almost like it's been altered or scrubbed.
    I'm sure touring with both Jackson & the Stones she picked up some tricks -- likely most noticeably this riff, which I always thought sounded rather Keith-like in its trademark clipped intensity:

    I still think it remains prob the most inventive thing she's ever done. And something that resonates more & more, lying out there in the psychic weeds, waitin for ya. "Did you know, could you tell, you were the only one -- that I ever loved...Well maybe nothing lasts forever, even when you stay together -- I don't need forever after, it's your laughter, won't let me go, so I'm holding on this way..."

    Music remains a given for all of us.
    I wind up using it here so much since I wanted to frame these posts with "bumper" music much like Art Bell did on his old radio show for a mental recall button for folks that remembered back that far...but really, that's only part of the reason......
    Strange & synchronistic that the latest Stranger Things (4) even uses a song as something that can transcend, break down impossible barriers, and wind up saving us from all manner of nefariousness by providing pathways running thru both inner & outer worlds. Mighty heavy message for what had become a pretty cheesy franchise after an incredibly poignant start.

    In our darkest hours of peril & need, it just might be music that saves us all.

    Nice to have (what??) a POSITIVE message for a change. Now that I can get behind.

  39. Oh & PS -- TURN IT UP!! Haha!!

  40. Here's something slightly worrisome: