Saturday, March 25, 2023



"In the 11th hour, whose name did you call?

Ain't it funny how all the rest don't mean a thing at all

And baby where you been to, it's down to you and me

No more foolin around, the pressure's on now, what's it gonna be?

You're under the gun

Can you still deliver, after all these years?

Don't ya feel abandoned, let's see who's standin after the smoke clears

And how does it feel baby, to taste your own sweat

Your skin is crawlin, your mama's callin but you ain't safe

You're under the gun...c'mon

In the 11th hour, you find out what you're made of

Gather your strength, you've got what it takes to protect the things you love

We're runnin out of heroes, so what you gonna do?

We can't wait forever, I got bad news they're all waiting for you

You're under the gun..."

"The fields of Eden are full of trash/ And if we beg and we borrow and steal we'll never get it back

People are hungry, they crowd around/ And the city gets bigger as the country comes beggin to town

We're stuck between a rock and a hard place

This talk of freedom and human rights/ Means bullying and private wars and chucking all the dust into our eyes

And peasant people, poorer than dirt/ Are caught in the crossfire ain't got nothin to lose but their shirts

We're in the same boat on the same sea, and we're sailin South on the same breeze

Building dream churches with their silver spires, and our rogue children are playin loaded dice

Give me the truth now, don't want no sham/ I'd be hung drawn and quartered for a sheep just as well as a lamb..."

"Lunatic fringe, I know you're out there/ You're in hiding and you hold your meetings/ I can hear you comin' I know what you're after/ We're wise to you this time/ We won't let you kill the laughter

Lunatic fringe in the twilight's last gleaming/ But this is open season, you won't get too far/ cause you've gotta blame someone for your own confusion/ We're on guard this time against your final solution..."

"In the Bible Mama Cain slew Abel,

But East of Eden Mama he was cast

You're born into this life payin'

For the sins of somebody else's past

Daddy worked his whole life for nothin but the pain

Now he haunts these empty rooms, rattling his chains

You inherit the sin, you inherit the flame..."

What if there was something huge and entirely metaphysical taking place in your midst that sought to alter all human history and possibly even reality itself? What if it was taking place in plain sight but behind the occluded scenes of Netflix and mortgages and everyday work and morning coffee? 

What if there were powers-that-be, possibly in league with this metaphysical something, seeking to install advanced tech within you that linked back to this metaphysical something and would enable a forced communication between you and it, and thereby transform humanity as a whole? 

If not inextricably linked with this metaphysics realm itself, this nano and quantum technology, self-assembling and transforming when exposed to certain electro-magnetic fields, exhibits at the very least behaviours and side effects which place it well within the parameters of the metaphysical, if not paraphysical (or once outright supernatural) as we will continue to see... 

We may be living out an era that has been eons in the planning --  all of the MKUltra experiments, all of the secret DOD planning commissions and meetings from Projects Grudge and Blue Book up to the ones we still have no knowledge of, all of the DARPA steering committees...all of the little side furloughs like Manson and Jonestown...all of the clues that began pouring in (perhaps quite literally) with CERN...all of that giving them answers that led up to a rollout in late 2019 and 2020 that would lead to a premeditated fear campaign which would have the greater mass of mankind ignorantly begging for something which they wanted to get inside us all along. To catapult "the plan." To prepare the way. For something that the Mayan elders and shamans sought to commune with and summon when sacrificing their people on the tops of the pyramids. For something the Egyptians knew when pointing their interior great pyramid shafts at Orion's belt and Sirius. We, with technology majorly underwritten by child-molesting and (yes) sacrificing monsters, may be closer than ever to this final goal of communion with non-human intelligences. And the carrying out of the goals in the construction of an agenda those intelligences have for us, the hated man with the visage of God.   

Murder, it's just a dimension away...

Take particular note of the testimony from the 28:00 minute mark onward for our purposes...

And previous headlines like this one from 2015 during one of the prior CERN startups:

Or this:

What if the evidence has always been all around us?

Tonight we are going to continue to connect the dots, quantum and otherwise, and see where it leads us on this path of totality and dominance.

"We're gettin calls to run up on the bridge wing and let us know if you see anything. Then they'd give us an angle and say 'Do you see anything out there?' A few times we even turned the ship, and I recall saying 'What are we lookin for?' And they'd say 'The Nimitz has got some strange contacts.'"  Sean Cahill

It certainly appears that there are 2 distinct camps of pushback emerging on the scene now in reaction to the increasingly unavoidable repercussions of the vaxx -- one is appearing to be more and more of the limited hangout variety and consists of folks like Ryan Cole, Robert Malone and the Geert vanden Bossche faction. They seek to deny the existence of graphene oxide and self-assembling nano structures in the vaxxes, perhaps to limit or mitigate their responsibility for what is coming... 

The other camp consists of the work of those that see those ingredients as being part and parcel of something a bit more spiritual and cosmic afoot in all of this: the Karen Kingstons, the Ana Mihalceas, the Maria Zeees, Naomi Wolf, Stew Peters, Carrie Madej, Melissa McAtee, and many others joining the fray daily. The pioneering research of La Quinta Columna began this rolling train Express Tour and plays an essential role here: 

It seems we can now fully add Mike Adams to that latter list: 

Much more here also that has broken in the last several days:

What might be next? -- Cue the FEMA goblin:

Dr. Ana Mihalcea has been in the midst of dropping so many truth bomb salvos of late it's hard to even know where to begin:

From a strictly technical viewpoint, no one tops she and Karen Kingston...look at the 13:20 mark in the above vid and see the startling comparisons between those infected with components in the vaxx and those infected with the previously "psychosomatic" condition of Morgellons.

Around 14:30 in the above, Mihalcea notes that Morgellons patients are still exhibiting octagons and other geometric structures in chip form in their blood, something that was noted in this very column back in August of 2015, where we began delving into the Patch research:

Morellons, btw, has been raging for quite some time:

That was Jeff Wells in Feb 2005 and May 2006. A very telling, and eerily prescient first comm in that 2005 post:

"Are we actually experiencing an infestation of demons from some literally hellish plane, some place of utter horror inhabited by ghoulish spirits who may enter our world by invitation, through inhabitation of the bodies of those so insanely greedy, that they are literally willing, as in all folk-tales, to sell their souls to forces invading their bodies in order to be able to do unspeakable deeds and so accrue material wealth on this material plane -- for a while, at least?

ARE WE ACTUALLY EXPERIENCING AN INFESTATION OF DEMONS, moving amongst us in the taken-over bodies of millions of people who were so morally weak, that they had to join secret societies in order to have some leverage over their fellow-man in the mass of those movements, and in rituals set up to invoke literal evil from the beyond, allowing their bodies to be used as vehicles for the minions of that evil?"

And you will notice in that May 2006 installment the amazing similarity of what was seen under the microscope as being from a Morgellons patient back then to what Carrie Madej found in the vaxx samples she studied in 2021:

Carrie was the very first to reveal such and got a major plane crash which she barely survived for her troubles...that should jump up as a huge red flag right there.

This is Will Thomas with Art Bell, doing some major tracking back in Nov 1999:

( NOTE: If that site appears mysteriously 404'd, which occurs from time to time, try this one:  )  The below exchange with the Open Lines caller occurs at the 1:47:47 mark in this version...listen carefully to what is said.

Much speculation back in the day that these were all bioweapons testing being run on expendables prior to overseas applications -- much to our surprise it certainly now appears we were the targets all along.

Note in particular at the 2:06:30 mark in the above podcast the clue that all this then linked back to mycoplasma fermentans and the victims of then Gulf War Illness; all immuno-suppressions of the human immune system -- AIDS, CFIDS, lupus, fibromyalgia, epstein barre, cancers, meningitis, MS, etc. All popping up out of nowhere back then -- many doing the very same now in the wake of the vaxxes. Mycoplasmas it has been argued are wholly synthetic organisms and do not occur naturally:

Some have even been observed with watermarks to classify them as such. This was pulled from a Morgellons patient (see the images about halfway down in this 2013 post which marked the beginning of where I started to sense a bleedthru connecting advanced tech with the occult):

Also note a bit further on in that Bell-Thomas podcast from '99 where in the open lines portion in response to a caller, who has quite an interesting story to tell, Thomas quips: "you have to wonder, is this a concerted effort to get people to take vaccines?"

A bit of peering thru the veil from William Thomas there -- in 1999. 

Here is that US patent 5242820 mentioned, dated Sept 7, 1993, just 5 years before the widespread outbreak of "persistent contrails" began being noticed:

Mycoplasma. Isolated and engineered from AIDS patients for weaponization. We've gone from that to wrapping those covid vaxx delivery systems in HIV-envelopes: 

Luc Montagnier said what again?:

Not to worry, he's dead now -- right alongside Kary Mullis. Funny, that.

But diving even deeper into the backstory we find even more. And it's singing like a bird:

But wait secret shoppers, there's more!! And it gets even weirder...what if I told you we need to tart thinking, and quickly, in terms of thought control and changing our minds from within, and what IS deja vu anyway? Does anyone really know? And if they do, why does taking the vaccine trigger it? Bring on Aaron & Melissa for the win:

Because they are looking for anything to change the terrain of reality via alchemical ritual now camouflaged by advanced nanotech:

"Deja vu is usually a glitch in the matrix -- it happens when they change something."

Check deep in those 10 pages of Pfizer side effects they were desperate to hide for 75 years:

Yep, there it is, buried in the fine print...Deja Vu. Weird, huh? Until you realize this is all one big indoctrination ritual based in the most occult of mind control agendas that are seeking to warp space-time using all of us as quantum entanglers to prepare the way for something's advent. 

Go back to the 10 minute mark in that Bell podcast again and listen: "..psychological and emotional disturbances...mind-altering purpose...short-term memory loss, apathy, and depression. This person feels her depression is not spiritual or psychological but artificial..." Sound familiar?? Even back then, the beating shadow heart of the alchemical ritual was being revealed. Fallen angel dictation. The dead giveaway. Speaking of and how long they've been aware, this an awakening our own Summer starlet alerted me to:    

That's less than 5 out of 200,000 in 10 years...extrapolating that to what's gone on worldwide in the mass jabfest since 2021 ain't good.   

Listen from the 5 min mark here to try and get a grasp on what we are dealing with -- this is nanotechnology that is disappearing under the microscope and then reappearing seconds later (quantum cloaking); Mihalcea says that this is a tech that "can compute in 11 separate dimensions" 

Somebody quick, for all things quantum, get Anthony Patch on the batphone!!:

"Today's science is nothing more than a fancy version of alchemy."

Patch's In Silico Dna, written in 2015, remains the gold standard for tunneling down and getting at the core of what was going to happen, and what's going on right now:

Patch is another one, much like Carrie Madej, who has had his life threatened for what he is revealing.

Of course THEY can do it with impunity:

And yeah, Geordie, I caught your (corrected) Want Ad:

Patch had much more to say even farther back, some nearly 6 years before anything was unleashed: 

So did Carrie:

And while we're on the subject of disappearing, here's another thread that ties more than several seemingly disparate avenues together into one ominous vanishing point:

But let's head into even deeper waters (is that even possible?):

It sure is.

The implications here are not just the ability to track every living thing to the grave and beyond -- which implicates the soul -- but the horrific possibility/probability that free thought is quickly becoming a shining artifact of the past; some antiquated cute notion like breakfast cereals with prizes in them, or riding your Big Wheel without a helmet. Freedom itself, in all its forms, is under mass attack via technological means bordering on the demonic. We are meat puppets to be controlled, animals to be hacked. 

Want to know just how much and just how radically life has changed in just a few short years? Look at this video from 1989 and tell me it doesn't seem like some dying transmission from a planet far, far, far away:

You can blame iphones, you can blame texting, the internet or a thousand other things from mass vaccination proliferation to inane media saturation to the abandonment of God, but something VITAL has left the human spirit. And at this point whether or not it will ever recover its full extent is a 50-50 bet at best, especially with the staggering amount of insane forces arrayed against it.

Certainly perhaps by design.

A LOT, too many, people today would throw their loved ones and lifelong friends overboard for a sinister experiment of a cocktail that the Devil himself would have a hard time bettering. Things, actions, that took place beginning in 2020 and running right up til today...those aren't things that are recoverable from. Evil will always try to gain a foothold, but we don't have to let it. We don't have to get the assist. Too many threw that truism right out the window the first second that the going got rough. Humanity was so beautiful -- I would have thought it would have put up more of a fight.

Many were weighed at that time on God's scales of justice and worthiness, and found extremely wanting. We're still trying to recover from that more than anything else. Everything else is just icing on the cake -- yep, devil's food -- we all baked. 

But the road is long, the fight is eternal, and as my dear old Pappy used to say, "We don't give up!!" No we don't.

Much as Aaron and Melissa over at Truthstream reiterated above, we face a challenge here like nothing we've ever faced before as we are surrounded and assaulted daily by a barrage of stimuli that seek to not only reorder our world, but engage us in rituals we have no knowledge of -- or at least most of us don't. And those of us that do have been poor Paul Reveres in getting the word out. 

Because it's not just occult tech that's being used against us, but black magick is being engaged in to move people around like pieces on a (ahem) Grand Chessboard. (No apologies to Zbig Brzezinski...) Main character lives are being controlled, and they in turn are controlling us, leading the entire crew on the completion of an evil ritual. Or did you not notice what happened in late 2019 into 2020? 

Hereditary in 2018 was a harbinger of not only what was coming, but how it could be done. It was the microcosm of one American family -- but real life showed quickly how one family could turn into the family of Man in a heartbeat. Voila...Mass possession:

And regarding of those four Kings of hell, well, Q showed us all that that's not such a far (quantum?) leap by any stretch of the imagination:

Altho it ventures beyond the scope of this particular installment, it is most certainly germane to note the time that Q chose to deliver that particular #1001 drop: 9:11:01 PM. Just in case you think some further information was in the process of being imparted...

What do YOU think Epstein was into again? What was REALLY going on? Chapter and verse has been presented right in these very back pages all about his deep and intimate links to any and all connected with getting this vaxx scheme up and running -- everything is continually pointing back to him on every front: technologically, ideologically, financially, and more:

And Amazing Polly hits with the modern-day Mae Brussell vibe thing again:

And far be it from me to dictate what this Congress should and shouldn't set about investigating, but it strikes me that this Nathan Wolfe dude ought to be right up there:

Check the particulars in that last link for why the war in Ukraine is still a top priority -- Zelensky's been a good little foot soldier for the Deep State...

More scientific infiltrations, sorry, connections, here...drawn from before the deluge, in September 2019:

Just exactly what WAS Epstein collecting all these scientists for?:

Amazing the things you can still find that stand out like a bug crawling across a white shag carpet....As Bob Dylan famously said -- you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. On a very positive note that you might not have heard about since the media has it on lockdown, since they don't want the rest of us getting any ideas -- every street in Paris is burning right now. The WEF puppet Macron is about to fall; it appears only a matter of days  at best. This is the power we all have -- and which they desperately want to keep us thinking we don't:

Something else you won't hear about in the media -- ANY media -- that is breaking also in France and may have a great deal also, along with pensions, to do with the outrage, is this:

We would be remiss at this point in the investigation to not point out just how much of an integral part child abuse and SRA plays in this MKUltra-type organization of plans. So much so that it may very well be the glue that holds everything together and is a vital link in the process of summoning and continued communication. 

Let's also remember that quite recently Celine Dion was also making headlines with whatevs this was shouting Luciferian ideals before developing some strange "turning into a statue" disease: 


We can at least confirm that the Return of Pizzagate certainly isn't helping the situation of elite tolerance. May our burning down of this be a mind virus that spreads to infect the world...

Before ideas like this can:

(This subject returns the dread Goog search alarm -- 'It looks like the results below are changing quickly' banner...100% indicative that a nerve is being struck in the illuminati kill chain requiring quick adjustment and censoring...)

WAIT -- is this the same DOD that along with DARPA is now being pointed to by the likes of Sasha Latypova and other researchers as having fashioned the vaxx and the narrative all along? The same DOD that is suddenly now warning us of the Truth of UFOs after 75 years of denial and ridicule? I am sensing a Grand Coordination well underway -- and meanwhile, while they are propping up the narrative of us getting overrun with alien spores and particulates to spy on us and infect us, let's not forget the FAANG boys and what they were up to in the hills over Silicon Valley according to CDAN in a factoid I keep on mentioning only because it shows up center stage in so many like narratives:

Shall we issue a proximity alert between this headline and what happened to Erin Valenti?

Should I even mention that brain-wave interface is a known point of interest du jour for the likes of Frank Giordano, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, as well as Epstein? That it is a lynchpin of the entire possible MAIN objectives of the covid vaxx itself?

Or that Karen Kingston has considered the background of Giordano extensively and finds him to be a No.1 "person of interest?"

Listen also, bringing it all together, to this talk between Dark Journalist and Gigi Young:

They uncover that one person instrumental in placing the "alien spores/ smart nano probes from the Mothership infecting us" story at the media forefront is none other than Avril Haines, the US Director of National Intelligence. (As well as Harvard -- which always now points to deep, deep Epstein network money btw...)

Guess what else Haines was at the forefront of? Hold your breath.......

Yep. She, Gates, Johns Hopkins and the WEF all war-gamed the very situation that was to befall the world (or so they would have you think) plandemic-wise, but did so in NYC on Oct.18th, 2019; over a month before the first suspected case of C-19 emerged in the world at large. Hey, you can't blame 'em when they're just lucky, right??

And NOW she just happens (along with the DOD**) to be ready to place the blame for infectious agents, remarkably mirroring many being found upon microscopic analysis of the vaxx contents and jabbed blood worldwide, at the feet of "extraterrestrials."

Do you smell an agenda? Do you smell a rat? Do you smell a setup? Are they actually going to use the vaxx-harmed and murdered as pretext for their long-planned extraterrestrial war?

** the same DOD that Latypova says is behind all this:

Are you sensing a conflict of interest, if not something far worse? Just why do you think all of this is connected? CERN-Gates-nanotech-Mrna-CRISPR-Epstein-the networks-Covid-the vaxx-transhumanism-the WEF-MKUltra-nano/hydrogel/quantum dot brain interface-Charles Lieber-the soul-our memories-language-the Human Genome Project--the rituals-Morgellons-propaganda-HIV/AIDS-Fauci-the financial collapse-our food-the disasters both false flag & otherwise-smartdust-chemtrails-neuralink-Starlink-5G-DWAVE-quantum computers....on and on..... 

Because they are coming at the Mark of the Beast technology and implementation from every angle. EVERYTHING is in service to that. It only seems like it's many different things -- it's all the SAME thing. They've been grading on a downbound curve to oblivion at speed since the autumn of 1998. Until you see it that way you have but a frail grasp of the big picture.    

This increasingly, ALL of this, appears in both form and function, exactly like the structure of the 9/11 Black Op, and something else is being cooked up right now, with or without outside intervention, I can feel it.

Once again we may be deeply involved in a shell game of misdirection in a hall of mirrors -- a deliberate sleight of hand making us look one way for a foe where none exists, all the while expertly designed to make us overlook the viable one in our midst -- and never looking behind the scenes, behind the curtain, to find the awful truth of the real puppeteers. 

And we shouldn't be at all surprised in the slightest if our targets, and their contacts, turn out to be, in the final analysis, of the inhuman variety:

I'm gonna pause and Columbo one more possible piece of the puzzle on my way out the door until we meet again...thru FOIA documentation it now turns out the Federal Government (CDC) knew all about the extent of the vaxx injuries and deaths since day one, yet kept on going about their dirty, killing-floor "business."

The vital question which now remains is why was a major Defense contractor the entity placed in charge of keeping tabs on the wetware carnage?? 

And a Defense contractor that had long been assumed to have Deep Intelligence ties -- ties which apparently no one has even the vaguest compunction to worry about hiding anymore: 

Perhaps also because GD was deeply involved with intrusive brain-interface (sound familiar?) programs like Mindstar

Think of this kind of tech, augmented of late with graphene oxide, hydrogels, self-assembling nanotech inside you, then augmented again with 5G, neuralink, and Starlink:

Forget Elon, somebody subpoena Grimes.

One domino at a time, my friends. One domino at a time.

Til that moment -- guard your thoughts.

You can look a hurricane right in the eye/ 1200 people dead or left to die

Follow the leaders were it an eye for an eye

We'll all be blind, deaf or murdered

This I'm sure in this uncertain time...

Come and pull the sheet over my eyes

So I can sleep tonight despite what I've seen today

I find you guilty of the crime of sleeping

At a time when you should have been wide awake








  1. According to Jewish folklore, Semyaza, the leader of the Fallen Watchers who gave us both magic and technology in the beginning, while also trying to turn us into a hybrid race, *IS* the constellation Orion. His punishment from God was being hung upside down, like the figure of the Hangman, and set ablaze upon the Firmament, forever.

    1. Reminds me -- shades of:

    2. Semyaza - Sam? Son of Sam. That guy said he got his instructions from a dog. Was he Sirius?
      Maybe in a way all MK killers are sons of Sam.

      I felt like there was more to this line, but a series of particularly loud trains kept waking me up. Here comes another one.

    3. I feel like I've already seen a SoS/Sirius connection mentioned elsewhere. Can't figure out where, though. Didn't find it when I looked on The Secret Sun. It wasn't you, JB, was it?

  2. The character of the Joker was based upon the the "Hellequin" of Germanic/French/Italian legend, the King of the Fairies (Pan), whose name was a contraction of "Helle King" (King of the mythic Underworld), but in German more specifically "Erlking", another version of Hern. The crazier, female counterpart of the Joker is Harley Quinn.

    Her birth name is Stefani Germanotta; the meaning of the name Stephani is *"garland, crown"*. The mythic crowned head of Germany was precisely the "Helle King".

    In a 2014 interview, Gaga said she had been raped at age 19, for which she later underwent mental and physical therapy. She has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which she attributes to the incident; Gaga later gave additional details about the rape, including that "the person who raped me dropped me off pregnant on a corner at my parents' house because I was vomiting and sick. Because I'd been being abused. *I was locked away in a studio for months.*"

    1. Had heard only parts of this before -- the Gaga backstory sounds like something out of Hereditary for sure....

  3. Wordman, you deserve a freakin' Pulitzer.
    This is what Investigative Journalism SHOULD look like.
    Now if you will excuse me, I will be here in my recliner for the next 24 hours trying to get through all of this....

    1. Well God Bless your pea pickin little Pulitzer bestowin heart muh soul bro dude!!
      Having y'all's blessings and admirations beats any gol-darned stupid old Pulitzer!!
      & about that Investigative Journalism thang -- to paraphrase some Flannery O'Connor -- "They ain't quit doin it as long as I'M still doin it!!"

  4. Thank u Wordman for the links and connections....providing much to study and process..

    I watched documentary below earlier tonight; many interesting things i had not seen/heard before:
    Aliens and demons; unseen realm-Michael Heiser

    Note to JB: film includes mention of UFO contactee Billy Meier and his alien contact Semjasa...similar name to the Watcher Semyaza that you posted on above..

    Heiser's book "Unseen Realm" is referred to in the film; describing his take on the multiple types of supernatural beings in the Bible..

    And sadly Heiser passed away just a few weeks ago;

    1. ur post got me going (they all do) so i had to dig up old stuff on Heiser. he was in deep conflict w/ somebody / something i cant locate but they were in direct opposition, mightve been translations of the dead sea scrolls. his knowledge of ancient history, history n source of the bible babble explains his ability to name, describe demons, supernatural, n ultraterrestrial beings.

      anyway this--"Michael Heiser's comments regarding alien deception are interesting ... whatever this is, it's in it for itself. ... This is something inherently negative and sinister. ... What they are trying to do is to bring about a global, intellectual, and mental paradigm shift. That is, they are pushing the idea that we ... are related to them, that we come from them and that they are responsible for making us what we are ... This isn't just a targeting of Christianity ... they want to place themselves in the position of authority, in the position of creatorship. They want us to believe that they are the ones that deserve to be worshipped, not the true God."

      then, check this too, also i think from Nick Redfords work citing Operation Often. "By early 1969, teams within the CIA were running a number of bizarre experiments in mind control under the name Operation Often. In addition to the normal assortment of chemists, biologists, and conventional scientists, the operation employed psychics and experts in demonology. They showed interest in NDEs (and OBEs), especially after Paul Garratt's hellish account of soul-sucking flying saucers in the 'afterlife.' The CE believed that UFOs were somehow linked with the realm of the dead. Some believed that the 'kidnappings' (as they called abductions) were for the purpose of programming people for future tasks, including American politicians."

      bingo. they got that done. minions literally whispering in the ears of the palace viziers (congress n senate, n not just usa). i remember, n nobody ever says it but the greys / ET r the ones imo that started it waaaaay back, w/ the u humans r ruining the planet here ie climate change, destruction, pollution, overpopulation. ppl worldwide always reported being taken up, abducted, onboard ships shown scenes of destruction, the earth smoked, wrecked. i believe theyre behind that whole paradigm, they started it. theyre behind it n a whole host of cultural changes. "Non-Human Intelligences interacting with Earth culture, maintaining it in an intellectual and political Limbo.
      They want us to believe they're aliens, not 'demonic', thereby reinforcing a materialistic worldview, in order to steer humanity away from religion." actually from god, God, creator, et al. they want to kill that source n replace it w/ themselves.

      more --"In their opinion, the abduction phenomenon was a type of OBE, where the soul was somehow deliberately detached from the body and brought to the 'realm' of the UFOs." "Playing out a Grand Deception... targeting Christianity, primarily." coming thru portals, feeding on fear. we r perfectly poised.

    2. Hi Anonymous;:
      Thank u for the additional items concerning Heiser; very interesting and unsettling..
      Connection between cemeteries and some UFO sigjhtings are worth noting....
      High strangeness, UFOS & the afterlife...Nick Cook interview...
      Does the afterlife, aliens & UFOS intersect? What psychics say...

      And there is also Whitley Strieber's work with UFOs and the afterlife...

    3. thank u n whoa BB. that 1st link sent me deep into a Residual Psychic Quasi-Intelligent Energy = RPQIE rabbit hole. which tripped out immediately dropping into residual vs intelligent hauntings to hyperstorm powers, AI computing for robotics, electromagnetic scatterers (what?), future trends in engineering education n research; real scary. had not known of the cemetery angle. certainly they do operate on that dematerialized 4D astral plane. that is not a good place. i suspect they r measuring, utilizing? energy transference, energy shifting. or possible MIB reanimations discarded mortal coils of human beings very suspect.

      good comments sections on the vids besides their content. whitley i have trouble w/. his stuff n its timing n shilling not sure. overall it is stunning the connection w/ death, that level of consciousness, the merging of worlds is coming

    4. same stuff w/ wordmans latest inks down below, incl those of the black awakening content. all connected.

  5. This can't be good....

    1. Truly Sotogirly!!
      Those that we're discussing in installments just like this one have historically always looked towards alignments just like this to justify their actions & seen them as a "go" signal for their ops and continued appreciation/accumulation of power & control...
      Thanks for the alert and the awareness on your part...

    2. hehe, its supposedly not an actual alignment inferring its powerless, insignificant, unimportant per an astronomy pov. which may portend the exact opposite

  6. Note to self: see what the CERN schedule has planned for now thru the 30th....

  7. And we all know April 19 is fast approaching:

    will have much more to say about what happened at Waco next.....

    1. I'll be looking forward to the Waco update.

      I think Trump is literally the Antichrist now. As in, the wrestling heel mega-troll chosen the play that role.

      It's been said that David Koresh (Solomon's Son Cyrus) discovered something about the CIA or FBI or whoever, and the allegations of child abuse were merely a cover for that, but I haven't been able to discover what those discoveries were supposed to have been. Could it not all be an elaborate cover story for Koresh having been an intelligence pawn? If so, the allegations were not improbably true.

      There's a Netflix series which was released a few days ago. I've only watched the first one and doubt they have anything really revealing left to reveal in the last couple of episodes. Can't help but notice, though, how convenient the timing is to Trump's campaign. Sure, yeah, milestone anniversary and whatnot, but there have been other anniversaries. This convergence of attention almost makes it seem like ... I don't know.

      If there's more to Waco than just an operation to lay the groundwork for Oklahoma two years later, that would really be something.

  8. i hear u. ive been thinking the classic head wound thing. many many yrs waiting for that. read the other day it doesnt have to be an actual gunshot or even like that. could be an aneurysm or even a stroke. some ppl have conjectured its biden (who i now call burdin ie burden) so its already happened w/ the AC in place. tee hee

    i did read a book tho yrs ago called The American Book of the Dead by Henry Baum that seemed to be Trump pretty much altho written in 2011. review--Eugene Myers is working on a novel about the end of the world. Meanwhile, he discovers his daughter doing porn online and his marriage is coming to an end. When he begins dreaming about people who turn out to be real, he wonders if his novel is real as well. Eugene Myers may just be the one to stop the apocalypse. This history of the future covers every conspiracy imaginable: UFOs, secret societies, and World War III, as well as theories on life after death and human evolution by a writer whose last novel was called by Dogmatika, A page-turner and an example of an effective piece of storytelling that should be envied. In the tradition of Philip K. Dick and Robert Anton Wilson, The American Book of the Dead explores the nature of reality and the human race's potential to either disintegrate or evolve.

    its kinda good. u can find it free in a few places. heres one:

    read long ago the AC was born in the 60's. his parents were killed in a car wreck n his uncle was raising him in turkey. the kid was in his late twenties then. uncle is an attorney so that does figure. sounds evilish and sorta Damian omen-y.

  9. Greta Thunberg is the Anti-Christ. You know it, I know it, stop bullshitting. Look into her eyes, it's pure evil. And she'll be in charge of the Great Reset as a messianic celebrity spokesperson when the Global Warming/Green Energy scam brings about a one world government.

  10. FIRST OFF, for BB & Anon:
    I find the sudden passing of guys like Heiser & Russ Dizdar, given their focus, highly problematic:

    Esp given how the overall narrative (Covid, vaxx esp) for those paying attention has shifted HIGHLY in their direction when you start looking for 'persons of interest" and the forces controlling them.

    & Anon, here's a bit more about OFTEN, which began delving, thanks to Gottlieb, into areas that should be of high concern to us all that frequent sites like this one:

    Finally, Wordsy (!!), you are DEF gonna wanna stay tuned for what I've been uncovering about WACO -- not going to be presenting it in any way to change anyone's minds about Koresh, only to present a counter parallel narrative that makes too much sense to not look at objectively.
    As my old pal Dick Hoagland used to be fond of saying "Bodies tend to focus," & the number of bodies lingering around the edges of the Waco narrative suggests something else was in play, and that,, once again, the official story was a smoke screen for other, blacker, activities & operations originating at the federal level.

    They could have nabbed Koresh on weapons/guns charges at any time in the months leading up to the massacre -- he literally went into town every day and they knew this from surveillance. Situation defused. But they WANTED and NEEDED escalation. The reasons for this are numerous and will be gotten into in the post, but suffice it to say this is dark....
    As dark as it gets.

  11. Remember the #1 rule in their playbook which is ALWAYS a tipoff:

    ALWAYS accuse your enemy of that which YOU are guilty of first...

  12. Not in any way, shape or form holding Trump harmless or blameless in anything anymore -- the fact that he's STILL on the vaxx train despite TONS of evidence to the contrary has informed me & should inform every caring person of his monumental ego & unwillingness to concede any wrong or say "I'm sorry." Lived with a Dad that was congenitally incapable of that also so can well recognize it.

    But can also see his good points, & opening at WACO was a call-out that he knows something deep-state-y was afoot there 30 years ago.
    More importantly and perhaps dangerously, THEY know he knows...

  13. David Koresh's murder, and the children at the compound being burned alive, occured on April 19th
    the Last Day of the Festival of Cerealia: Roman holy day. The Festival of Cerealia was a seven day festival in honor of the Goddess Ceres.

    Ovid wrote in Fasti iv. 494 that Roman women clothed in white ran about the city with lighted torches to represent Ceres’ (Demeter’s) search for her daughter Proserpina (Persephone). April is named after Aphrodite (Venus), 19 is the number of the Moon.

    1. Maybe I'm finally going full r*trad, but in this video
      the lyrics including "the smell of death surrounds you," spins out and disappears at 4:19.

      I think you are the one who posted links to the site that got me worked up about Cyrus Nouveau in the first place. Maybe a month or two ago? It was in reference to something else, but I can't remember what, at the moment.

  14. On a completely unrelated note, I wish we still had comics this awesome 30 years later:

    1. I'm pretty sure I've alerted you to it before, but THIS is AWESOME:

  15. JB, I'd rather I was bullshitting as far as anyone being the Antichrist. I've always thought the idea was ridiculous, sometimes amusing nonsense.

    But 322 is the Skull and Bones special number (W was a member - the guy in charge when those airplanes hit those buildings, the one whose father first mentioned a "thousand points of light," and whose work he wanted to finish). The Netflix doc was released on 3/22, the same day Deneb Kaitos (Second Frog) in Cetus the sea monster (Leviathan?) rose with the Sun as seen from Solomon's Temple. Due to precession, this is not an every day event. Frogs - a meme that helped 24+18+24=66 (Chaldean numerology for his name) win the 2016 election. Tower happens to sum to 24, if you're looking for that final 6. The T Tower in Chicago looks sorta like the Tower of Babel to me, and its design is supposed to provide unity with some of the buildings around it.

    The Bible seems to say the Man of Lawlessness would come from within the Church, so Greta's out. Republicans, however, have tried to seem all pious for as long as I can remember. And as for a thousand points of light, who needs a thousand when you can have one big, bright, beautiful, yuuuge one?

    It could even be that the fatal wound took place on 1/6/2021. Most people couldn't come back from something like that. Getting reelected in 2024 might be considered a miracle, if it happens. What if there's a reason Joe's so sleepy?

    2024 is the year of the second Great American Eclipse. Make America Great (Eclipse) Again. The first was in 2017, the year he got sworn into office. Eclipse - when the Dragon eats the Sun. Those two eclipses cross paths in Illinois - the state Chicago is in, where the T Tower (of Babel) is at. Joe invoked the Dragon when he warned that a "winter of severe illness and death," was coming for the unmarked. Remember "Winter is coming?"

    I laughed when people said the you know what was the mark of the Beast. But, who Warp Speeded it into existence? The same guy who supported CBDC before it got all popular. The same guy whose circus sh*tshow distracted everyone while trillions of dollars were being printed even before the pan dem ic, already even then paving the way for today's inflation.

    So then, his first official rally for 2024 is at Waco. Where a probably brainwashed minion who'd named himself after Cyrus the Great had a cult compound conveniently targeted for a circus sh*tshow. Which paved the way for Oklahoma, which paved the way for that airplane thing, which paved the way for Joe's little Emperor of the Dark Side Address live on primetime not too long ago.

    I want to laugh at myself after I'm shown to be ridiculously wrong. Right now, though, I think T is identifying himself with Koresh. The guy who actually said he was the Second Coming. This whole thing seems like trying to whip frogs into a frenzy so they'll go nuts and get smashed. Then people can say, "we have to control everybody better."

    I still think this whole Antichrist business is a fraud, but it's looking to be a very, very dangerous fraud. Because frenzy is fun, and just staying chill seems less than fashionable lately.

    1. It's starting to look like the only swamp anyone wants to drain is our wallets. Not that His Sleepiness is any better. Russiagate was a masterpiece. And China...phew. What a doozy.

      The Antichrist is supposed to be a peacemaker. At least at first.

      I can think of one recent president who didn't get the US involved in any wars overseas. And those Abraham Accords were supposed to be quite the accomplishment.

    2. Wordsy -- you are so right. We ARE surrounded. But this has been an ongoing slippery slope, and hopefully I'll be able to glue together enough dots to show that Waco was, and is, a template for everything that has followed -- specifically how those at the highest echelons and lowest vibrational frequencies of power view us expendable, sacrificial, and objects of ritualistic terrorism. And I very much include what's happened since 2020 in that.
      Agree or disagree, all those Branch Davidians wanted to be was left alone -- but something happened....& the trail of bodies doesn't lead to their doorstep...that's all I'll say for now..

  16. And you're right again: the line from Waco to OKC to 9/11 to Covid and then the vaxx is a very marked one.
    TRAUMA based mind control.
    The fugue state we've been subjected to & soaking in is 30 years and running -- hell, since 11/22/63 if you wanna factor in now-ancient history.

    1. We could go back a little further than JFK.

      Even just 66 years prior to 1993. Seriously - Bath, Michigan?

      And somewhere in the middle. (Search in text for "school.")

      So many straight lines, so little time. Haha. Anyway, sorry to keep commenting on this. I was going to email this last one, but couldn't find your address in the prior post comments. Now it's time to start following some of the links in this latest post here, which looks like a particularly great one.

      Lunatic Fringe!!! Awesome.

    2. Wordsy!!
      How astute of ya to call out that, indeed, it's been a long, long line of sinister doings...
      On that train of thought -- check this out from THE MAN Jeff Wells from back in the halcyon days when he was hot on the trail of such things:
      How's that for some real-life historical True Detective vibes??!!

      & BTW your bombs & comms are always way MORE than welcome, whatevs the venue...
      My email is


    Higher Side Chat with Joseph P. Farrell from 3 years decline of art (music and painting and other) has helped weaken the West...."Microcosm & Medium: the cosmic implications of mind control tech"....i have been wondering why music (and the other arts) have gone down such a withering road the last several decades..this may help explain it...

    1. BB!!
      So funny you should bring that up a was just pondering the other day whatev happened to the lone sigma male tradition in modern art -- it's an endangered species.
      That lineage of Sinatra-Woody Guthrie-Elvis-Dylan seems to have ended when the Springsteen muse fled post-Tunnel of Love in '87, never to return.
      But for a good 15 years he first described our romantic world & then sent out warnings of what was on the way if we couldn't decipher what was at the dark heart of the American Dream:
      Wild & Innocent-Born To Run-Darkness-The River-Nebraska-BITUSA-Tunnel were all landmarks turning up the corners of our secret loves & secret history.
      I don't see anyone in this climate capable of staying on that course or continuing it, but for awhile, what a ride!!

      Even he himself seems to have abandoned those ideals and values for a far more "woke" stance -- but there are those of us out here still tryin to embrace his once-upon-a-time handwriting on the wall, & keep on provin' it.....all day, all night, everywhere.

      Work, strive, endure, remember.

    2. Hi Wordman: I liked the early -to mid- career Springsteen recordings too....but his more recent efforts including trying to be the second coming of Pete Seeger...and his performing at the Biden-Harris military occupation/inauguration/in -your- face America jamboree... left me cold........kvetch, kvetch....

  18. A chemical burning smell is in the air in the Northern Virginia/DC area. Mark this date.

    1. Omg!

      "*the stench*" is "not unsafe to breathe, according to NASA scientists and air quality expert Ryan Stauffer." Well. That must settle it. Nothing to see here.
      Just sub in "chemical spills," and "lies that kill," for "whiskey bottles," and "brand new cars," and there's halfway to the truth of things already.

      Anyway, date marked.

    2. Blaming it on a forest fire near the OBX -- LOL.
      Surely it has nothing to do with the recent spills in Ohio & now PA.
      Nothing to see here....

  19. And Wordsy -- PERFECT call on the Skynyrd btw -- & these days, in more ways than one:
    "Angel of darkness is upon you/ Stuck a needle in your arm...
    You fool you..."

    Time & tide may pass away, but some people just KNOW, damn the context.
    If I didn't know better, I'd say they could see it all comin'....

  20. Blue-blooded aliens from the sea show up.

    "So, you guys have cured all diseases, and your existence spans millions of years?"

    "Yep. What of it?"

    1. come on now. WTF is THAT? grew up w/ horseshoe crabs in tampa bay as a kid. where did u get that n why?

    2. It's become a big industry worldwide. Their blood is unique, their primordial immune system can eliminate any bacteria or virus. I personally drink a tall glass of Limuli Power Juice (tm) every morning, and I feel great! ;)

    3. i dont recall ever seeing them bleed but i do think i did read about their primordial power so to speak. they look unchanged for 300 million yrs. that means something for sure. they look alien AF.

      ok. Horseshoe Crab Blood -- A protein in the blood called Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) is used by pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to test their products for the presence of endotoxins, bacterial substances that can cause fevers and even be fatal to humans. hhmmmm. looks cruel. bastards.


      The history of developing the LAL assay for endotoxin component of lipopolysaccharide of Gram negative bacteria.......Serendipity and good human observers in the lab led to it....


    Whenever there is a mass shooting, especially of children, there might be something literally demonic involved. Evidence: these security pictures of the Uvalde shooter.

    1. GREAT point JB!!
      The USA has been overtaken with the disease of the Left using their false god, Big Pharma, to medicate and alter everyone's biology and brainwaves with their main tool of weaponization du jour, the vaxx. Add in the planted disease of trans & "woke" agendas masquerading as what is right (when nothing could be further from the truth) & you've got a nation reeling; where up is down, black is white. Thru the looking glass.
      And just what is driving such? You called it. The wholly demonological. That's really it in a nutshell.

      Until we get back to traditions (they were called that for a reason) we're gonna be in major trouble. (& don't get me wrong, not all of those were good or healthy, but it sure beats what we've got going right now...)

      Now it's appearing these "woke" forces are prepared to fight to the death -- altho in the Nashville case I'm starting to hear weird rumblings about long-standing and wide-scale child abuse being involved and the motive being payback -- but why the he/she would target children in such an instance is unknown -- unless there is an element of MKUltra-type triggering involved literally psychic-driving the subject crazy -- always a distinct possibility.
      Waiting for more info to come in.....

  22. This just now coming in on that last point right here -- I unleash the Irregulars!!:


    1. holy ungodly. read that whole thing. the thread n all its inks n more links. scoped the austin guy back story. checked possible set up pics too that i see u mention next.

      first thot handmaid's tale. straight up. that behavior def very cultish. big power brokers. tentacles run deep n twisty. more maybe later on theories but seems to me very psych 101.

    2. keyboard has broken S & L. damn hassle n real annoying. heres the big link that yells handmaid's tale below. read the behaviors of the bigwigs if u can slog thru it, its tough. also on one glp link a "do u wanna chat prayer partner" window shows up. prob a big tracker after showing up there. nice.

  23. & far be it from me to cast aspersions -- but leave it to the Glp'ers!!
    Just HOW could it be PUMAS going in & VANS coming out??
    More than one shooter again?
    Training exercise gone rogue?
    False flag?
    You tell me detectives.....I'll be in the batcave, covering my head:

  24. I already spread that link far and wide.
    Nice find.

  25. The first link I shared, the second link won't work on my phone.

  26. Disney is apparently making a "diverse", mostly black and "woke", reboot of the X-Files, btw.


    1. X for crossroads? It sounds interse(x)ional AF.

    2. saw that mini headline yesterday, didnt look further. i see now why.

  27. Millennium is a five-issue comic book series published by IDW Publishing from January and August 2015.

    "Fox Mulder attends a parole hearing for Monte Propps, a serial killer he helped to apprehend in the late 1980s. Propps' method of killing involved brainwashing his kidnapped victims until they were willing to commit suicide by drowning; however he is now seen as a model reformee and is released. Shortly afterwards, Mulder meets with Frank Black, who warns him of the dangers of the offender's freedom. The two visit the released man's halfway house, arriving shortly after his parole officer; inside they find Propps drowned in his bath. In an alley outside, they parole officer is also found dead, with the ouroboros symbol of the Millennium Group tattooed on her neck. A child in the alley momentarily speaks to Black with the voice of a demonic entity he recognises, warning of impending disaster.

    Black attempts to locate further information about the Millennium Group's activity, having believed them defeated in 1999. He finds that his access to their old computer systems still works, and learns that they may know the whereabouts of his daughter Jordan. Spurred on by several momentary encounters with similarly demonic beings, Black returns to his home town of Seattle, Washington. As he visits the grave of his wife Catherine, he is tranquillised and apprehended by Group members. Waking in captivity, he learns that they seek his help against the same demonic forces he has been encountering—and that Jordan is now a willing initiate of the Group. She has now begun to powerfully manifest visions of the future, similar to Black's ability to see the past through others' eyes.

    Mulder follows Black to Seattle, arriving at the abandoned ruins of Black's old family home, where he is confronted by the powerful demon Lucy Butler. Black arrives to find Mulder struggling against her attempts to control him, and she threatens to kill them both, before Jordan arrives to intervene. Butler, now appearing in her full demonic form, is eventually banished by Jordan's psychic abilities. Jordan leaves again, knowing that the Group will need this power, as Mulder unsuccessfully tries to persuade Black to rejoin the FBI. Watching this is a black cat, which shapeshifts into Butler's human guise, who vows to wait "a millennium" for revenge."

    1. Holy CRAP Jaybers!! Nice find!!
      Esp as whatev happened in Nashville continues to unspool....
      & along those same lines look at what the CDC just announced -- wonder should it have anything to do with the proliferation of a certain jab since 2020??:

      Ties right in with this:
      Remember the highest ranking Mental Health Official in the United States at HHS is a MAN that dresses up like a WOMAN...

      And of COURSE this just happened reported by Stew Peters:

      Exactly how much is it going to take, how many more improbable statistically impossible disasters bef we all realize that this is a concerted attack by the same mentally fucked demon-infested idiots??

      Yep, it's just the usual early wee hours Wed morning up in here...

    2. true journalism WM. superb links. fun to wander back over at glp. have too new interest in the Post Apocalyptic War Lord Stew P. thanks as ever n always.

    The Demonic in Contemporary Culture:
    "Interestingly, school shooters sometimes write in the past tense of future events, as though the acts involved have been predestined and those who commit them no longer have agency. The prose sometimes reads like “automatic writing,” the text a mere conduit for the demons speaking through the writers. In what appears to be a video confessional, the suspected July 4, 2022 Highland Park shooter similarly narrates that he is a “sleepwalker” controlled by “cosmic” forces, overriding any “free will.” It is as though their seduction and possession by the demonic paradoxically meant their total “freedom” in the leadup to their heinous acts—freedom from agency and responsibility."

  29. addressing minimally the last 2 posts above. SABOTAGE. all of it, from her/it/him. a deliberate action aimed at weakening a polity (oh?), effort, or organization through subversion, obstruction, disruption, or destruction. one who engages in sabotage is a saboteur. saboteurs typically try to conceal their identities because of the consequences of their actions and to avoid invoking legal and organizational requirements for addressing sabotage. hidden, occult.

    its what demons r doing. changing identities is key. pretty much completed by now. faked out as a massive dionysian rite. we demand our RIGHTS ya know? sabotage hides as severe incompetence. clever ploy, unworldly sinister. planned obsfucation.

    pres, vp, border bimbos, military gens, spokesholes that cant speak, da's that dont prosecute, jabs that dont work, riots that were summers of fun, insurrections that didnt fire a shot. the deliberate destruction of property to stop environmental destruction or to make visible arguments against the same, its a known war tactic. the human element is based on making faulty decisions, to adopt a non-cooperative attitude, n to induce others to follow suit. the quintessential simple sabotage advice: "act stupid."

    how the legislative branch operates--
    "When possible, refer all matters to committees for 'further study and consideration.' Attempt to make the committees as large as possible, never less than 5, cherry pick for party line propaganda.
    Bring up irrelevant issues as frequently as possible & support.
    Haggle over precise wordings of communications, minutes, resolutions, pass bills w/ hidden elements not clear to the reader.
    Enlist the most inefficient, give them undeserved positions & promotions. Discriminate against efficient workers; complain unjustly about their work, their sex, their race, accuse & humiliate.
    Hold sessions, meetings when there is more critical work to be done.
    Multiply procedures and clearances involved in issuing government instructions. See that multiple people must approve & agree to improbable & impossible content, then only install components.
    Spread disturbing rumors that sound like inside information..."

    ET AL ad infintum = General Devices for Lowering Morale and Creating Confusion. the widespread practice of simple sabotage is designed to harass and demoralize. makes certain individuals align n identify actively w/ the compliance effort, encourages them to assist openly in the planned 'invasion n occupation.' use extortion on social media, which requires control of communications, before, during, and after the coup is staged. this is a coup. next will come 'let the right one in.' they have to be let in. thats whats happened.

    Sabotage is a crucial tool of the successful coup d'etat. this IS WAR after all.

    1. apply same to corporate, business, workforce management. aligned w/ planned obsolescence. in ppl n things. exceptional clue BB's post as if the acts, behaviors, plans preordained. no individual controls. n back again to Naomi W's observations -- how could this be that well machined, that organized, that sustained, manipulated, embedded...

      nonhuman intelligences, plural. esp when most controller factions hate each other. the KM despise the nons, the lettered agencies supposedly despise each other, the old families manuever n intermate for ecology n convenience. how do they cooperate, agree, implement n assess outcome w/ such precision n gusto?

      besides the early morning assoc press AP memos that most prob go out at 3 am, the witching hour to CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC owned n operated by the tribe. but still, how? scripts r prepared early n released worldwide. id love to see all the incriminating emails n memos. operates like a virus, multiplies quickly, exceedingly aware n opportunistic. invaders, walkins, the infected, march along. witnessing this is some kind of torturous wonderment.

  30. Best page, last page. Love how they incorporated one of the iconic shots of the opening credits of the show with Lucy Butler walking off into the sunset.

    1. I like what is implied here:

    2. JB!!
      True, mind-bending, thought provoking ART -- you've got the proof that some people are still doing it -- even at this late date. Def shows the possibilities/links of what can be done within the X Files/Millennium universe... amazing stuff that points the way by looking back...

      & to you, Anon, BB, Philby & the rest of the crew.....
      here's a thread showing that there's MUCH more going on in & around the Nashville situation than is being publicly disclosed:

      This is a very public disclosure of what?
      The WACO Mind Virus that never really went away, per Millennium, it just went underground for a bit...

      Much more to say about this & will be revealed in the Waco post upcoming....
      The Past is Prologue.

  31. & to Anon -- welcome aboard the SP bus, buddy!!
    Peters takes a lot of flak for being a shill, huckster, conman, ex-bounty hunter, whatevs...but I like the cut of his jib. This alt-right "movement" or whatever you wanna call it, needs a mouthpiece just like his -- strong & opinionated & hell-bent-for-leather...Too "Christian?" Too "right?" Not for me.
    I know that his interviewing Kingston, first Carrie Madej, and of late folks like Ana Mihalcea, not to mention giving a platform to Down Under's Maria Zeee, have totally INFORMED me per all things vaxx & covid-psyop related. His network, along with players like Naomi Wolf, Mike Adams & a few others -- are the ONLY outlets in all media trying to get some semblance of a true accounting out there. And Peters started it -- everyone else has jumped on the bandwagon in his wake.
    He's our Howard Beale.....he's angry as shit & not gonna take it anymore.

    If we had about 1000 more like him, things might actually change.

  32. amen man. if only these think tanks could merge. maybe they will.

  33. To all -- after just viewing all the files & links in this twitter thread again:

    There is little doubt that we are looking straight into another true-life TRUE DETECTIVE rabbit hole -- & one that the MSM isn't gonna touch with a ten foot pole...

  34. His chosen name is Aiden. Most of the reports dead-name him left and right, and most don't even mention his transgender status. They'd rather wallow in glee to report a female mass killer. And avoid uncomfortable discussions of testosterone, and how dangerous it can make people.

    Almost no reports of being "on the spectrum." Probably because it's well known that too many autistic kids, and girls who've experienced that kind of abuse, turn to reidentification as a way out.

    Demons - psychological problems. People are damned powerful. Maybe "demons" are people's innate powers run amok.

    1. Another thing that bothers me about the whole thing is how suicide rates are shoved in our faces. As if not getting to be tr*ns is what's killing people. Nobody ever mentions how traumatic it might be to get shunted into a whole identity just because you don't play with the "right" toys.

    2. I want and expect the alternative press to call a woman a woman and a man a man. But the mainstream almost completely ignoring Audrey/Aiden's trans identity is just grossly two-faced. It's almost like they want everyone to know they full of sh*t.

  35. rabbit hole yellow king the king of carcosa n his minions. saw today
    "Nashville police will not be releasing the manifesto of the deceased Covenant School shooting suspect, a police spokesperson told the Daily Caller News Foundation on Tuesday." but bless 'em Gays Against Groomers has filed suit to get it.

    "...there were long standing corruption and cover-ups which allowed the cult of the Yellow King to thrive. The powerful will protect the powerful." “The Call of Cthulhu, the harbinger of the apocalypse, his mere awakening would mean the end of all life as we know it. One of the hallmarks of the Cthulhu Mythos is that the entities are ancient and forever, never destroyed, but merely dormant."

    no doubt about it. the black awakening. im using that from now on. all we might have as saving grace is some kind of anti-viral pack immunity.

    1. Did they actually name "the Yellow King" or "Carcosa", or is the whole thing simply similar to True Detective?

    2. no. im just comparing n contrasting. similar to. imo that was McConaughey's best. the links outline a long history of cover up, protecting the guilty. it is close also to the way the mormon n LDS'ers roll. using religion as a shield. the trans r calling them christcucks. this is a perfect segue into waco. waiting for wordmans take coming soon.

    "I think it’s hard to overstate the evil of this vaccine program....We are governed by people of dark criminality.... I don’t think there’s been a time in history when there have been so many dark forces pressing in on our existence, even at a microscopic level.....The thing that makes me despair is how hard it is to get our fellow men to question it. For the most part, in terms of political discourse and major media coverage in the public square, there’s silence."

  37. Hey BB, Anon & Wordsy -- check this out:

    Not to get too Naomi Wolf-ish biblical, but there it is.
    Everybody's coming to quickly understand this is a war from every level; macro to micro. And the LGTBQ agenda flies in lockstep with whatev they're trying to accomplish with the vaxx -- this is a wholesale TRANSFORMATION by force.
    You don't get a say.
    And the fact that those at the top are silent about everything chaos-related in our midst: every derailing mass trans shooter vaxx death calamity -- shows you very well what they're pushing...
    We can't look at these things are being isolated or apart from the other -- they're ALL related and part of the same push.

    And my biggest fear isn't being gunned down for my beliefs or blown up in some railyard or shed upon with nanobots til I become something else --
    It's the fact that the ultimate prize -- for them -- is my SOUL.
    They want that more than anything & am beginning to think THAT more than anything else is the endgame.
    It's in the papers of Charles Lieber that comprise the tech -- it's out of the mouth of people like Yuval Harari & Klaus Schwab.....

    And you'd better believe they're coming for it.

    1. I don't see the point of conflating gay and trans, but that's just me. Maybe I'm reading the link wrong, and that's not what she's doing. Anyway, It was always LGB, and then WTF was tacked on later, to the chagrin of many. Look at how the later letters treat the first three, if you want to see people's "identities" being erased. For the longest time, gay people just wanted to be able to get married and live normal lives without being sidelined and harassed. Then the WTFABC got tacked on, suddenly gay marriage was legal, and soon enough being gay is a hate crime. Go figure. Look up "Michfest," and the brutal murder which ended it, if you want to see how well the two letter groups get along.

  38. Hey Anon!!
    You called it -- perfect segue into Waco for sure!!
    Hint: Koresh started out as a 7th Day Adventist -- & their history shows a lot of, let's just say, INTERESTING markers that lead us into some very dark rabbit holes that may have played a LARGE part in how Waco resolved itself....getting continually shocked by what I'm finding.

    & speaking of shocked, THIS JUST IN --
    Dr Ana Mihalcea's closest colleague is none other than CLIFFORD CARNICOM -- knock me over with a feather!!
    CC's been doing stellar chemtrail & extensive Morgellon's research since the early 2000s -- he was linked all the time on places like Rense and Cyberspaceorbit back in my lurking Dr Ana's in very good company:

  39. u turned me on to Barnhardt. wow. im freaked. thats it. n in direct response as to why re: BB's latest post content "...The thing that makes me despair is how hard it is to get our fellow men to question it..." n earlier words are wrote "Demons - psychological problems. People are damned powerful. Maybe 'demons' are people's innate powers run amok." its DIABOLICAL NARCISSIM. ppl r literally working for the desired outcome not knowing source. i dont think the ship is going to turn around.

    the study of pathology n ponerology leads right to it. thermonuclear narcissim. the true im gonna make u love me. n if ya dont u get an AR-15 or a ruined life living w/ a narc much less surrounded by a society of. i grew up w/ it n had to study it to comprehend. a solid clinical understanding of it is imperative. i finally got a handle on it seeing it in family members. always wondered wtf was wrong. esp the sick petty tyrant father, n his father. then i started seeing it exhibited in huge numbers per capita, congress, senators, celebs, mainly in govt tho. creeps w/ no clue. others weaponizing it clear as day throwing out all the clues in the world totally enjoying the pain, grief n sadness..

    political ponerology, a science on the nature of evil. its pure genius dot connecting as is realizing the reigns of narcs. "...if an individual in a position of political power is a psychopath, he or she can create an epidemic of psychopathology in people who are not, essentially, psychopathic.” ― the book by Andrew M. Lobaczewski (Author), Laura Knight-Jadczyk (Introduction) Political Ponerology 2007.

    im gonna keep reading Barnhardt. thanks wordman, im stunned how astute that was. im stunned period.

    1. It still give me chills. Diabolical subtext or no. Hehe. If poison didn't taste so darned good, who would swallow it?

    2. Stunning -- Words Are. Just stunning. Subtext is everything, innit?
      On the more overt front for these days, how's about this?? LOL:

    "...a year-old study of 3,100 college youth in Canada found that "transgender" and "gender-variant" youth are the highest risk-group for supporting "violent radicalization."

  41. thats just it. the add-on initials were weaponized. identities weaponized. sowing the seeds of nebulousness, confusion, catastrophizing, n confabulating (the latter standard key narc behaviors). throw in vids n articles reeking of bestiality on how to have sex w/ ur pets (how cruel n humiliating to do to an animal) besides the clever semantics surrounding the pedo craze. looks n smells like a fad now, a trend, all this does.

    this is what i think Barnhardt is saying. radical demands for no adherence to the old testament laws of the flesh. absolutism, ultimate unfettered freedoms, total rejection of the old world n some kind of ancestral memory, religare, to bind.

    interesting how the yahweh commandments set up immediate controls in those far middle east desert dwellers, regulating sexual relations, marriage and social interactions. preventing 'wild' fornication the #1 moral law. as if it werent set down those sapiens wouldnt work or build but would hump n screw relentlessly n shake their dude thing. its not a religion its a book of laws they want to purge.

  42. im sure of it. they r building AI in their own image. "And God created man in his own image, in the image of God..." so diabolical narcs create the new god. gawd. there wont be any stopping that AI. how weird now the sudden worried announcement they need to take a 6 month break. so whats gonna happen in 6 months? aliens watching w/ popcorn.

    ".... the portal, or gateway, for communist revolutionary takeover in the US will come, armed like Sandinista!, via the suddenly normalized fully armed and claiming murder-rights “Militant Trans Movement,” having eclipsed BLM. In addition, I actually don’t think they are all that “trans.” I think it’s the international NWO network, funded by the banking system, using “trans rights” as cover. And as Catherine Austin Fitts warned years ago, it’s all a highway to Trans-humanism. They’ve made clear that any objection to anything trans means you should be shot dead. (And so much for the “left” being against guns.) ..."