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"I think it is no exaggeration to say we are on the cusp of the further perfection of extreme evil. an evil whose possibility spreads well beyond that which weapons of mass destruction bequeathed to the nation-states, on to a surprising and terrible empowerment of extreme individuals."   Why The Future Doesn't Need Us, Bill Joy, Wired magazine, April 2000, after researching the work of the Unabomber and Ray Kurzweil, transhumanist no.1

"You can't depend on the goodly-hearteded/ The goodly-hearted made lampshades and soap..."   


We, the entire global populace, is currently labouring under a purposefully launched alchemical process. It wears the clothing of mandatory vaccine protocols, psyops, and mind manipulation bully tactics, but those are just the window dressing for an agenda that reaches farther, digs deeper and intends, non-stop, to alter the very fabric of this thing we call reality. If we can begin to view this narrative in spiritual terms, which I believe is the key to unravelling all this, then what these transhumanistic, globalist forces are aiming for is a kind of anti-transubstantiation, where we will all be changed, and in the most perverted way worthy of what are essentially wholly anti-Christian values they espouse. This is another 9/11 but without the tunnel vision of American politics propping it up. This is a global psyop on a previously unimaginable scale, launched and brought straight to your doorstep by a network of like-minded entities sharing like-minded ideologies.     

And their roots and money pipelines can be traced back thru 9/11, thru Iran-Contra, thru every pedophile blackmail scheme that fosters all this, and even to the JFK assassination. If we were NOT able to connect the dots thru bloodlines, and money ledgers, and government think tanks like the CFR and Trilateral Commission, can you think of any other reasons why the final documents on the JFK assassination keep getting pushed back from release? (On the grounds of National Security.) It's because we WOULD be able to trace those same names active in treason back then to what is going on right now, in this final Luciferian coup de grace to bring down humanity; to usher in Humanity 2.0.

(In an eerie parallax view of being doomed to repeat history, both the FDA and Pfizer, amoung others, are actively engaged in keeping you, the public, not only from knowing what is actually IN these vaccines, but also from any and all trial data that would support our view that these are dangerous experiments that should never have seen the light of day: they wish to keep all such data from public disclosure for, at last check, 75 years...)   

Did I say we will all be changed? Oh yes, and by design, at the molecular, and DNA-level. Already even if you haven't chose to take the jab-plunge, there are indicators that the very real process of "shedding" will ensnare you in the spider's web also. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

In this piece I will endeavour to show how all of these like-minded individuals are in lockstep together, and how the battlefield has shifted substantially, from our bodies, to our minds, to our souls. All their socializing, all their parties together, all their research, though seemingly disconnected, was anything but so -- and all for a very good reason. They have been hiding in plain sight amoung us for as long as most of us have been alive. And they have been wedding the spiritual and the mechanical, the occult and the technological, to great alchemical purpose. Sometimes it takes years for the little clues to reveal themselves that makes things fit to form the larger picture -- and those have been exploding lately with concussive power.


Since this comes up often, ask yourself why Bill Gates would party and hang around with prosecuted and whispered (now admitted) pedophiles like Epstein and Peter Nygard. It wasn't for the money, plenty of other sources for that that weren't so tainted. The thing that Epstein (& increasingly looking like Nygard also) had that Gates didn't was an underage sex blackmail ring running in full swing. And Gates needed that for his global vaccination agenda -- a little "incentive" to get the elites on board. (I'm sure it worked the same way for 9/11 and I'm sure Epstein played just as pivotal a role in that operation also.) Always remember what Acosta said about Epstein's relative kid gloves treatment over his first prosecution and jailing: "Leave it alone. Epstein belongs to intelligence."

Ever wonder why Sweden never locked down? None of their health officials were ever logged in on any flight logs to the island or Zorro in the desert. Of course there is Africa also but that's much more easily explained: Epstein and Maxwell weren't overly fond of "the blacks," if you catch my drift.

But there is also more -- look at some of the more recent headlines about Nygard: 

Of course headlines like this bring to mind Epstein's interest in gene-editing research, how this might fit in with his buddy buddy relationships with folks like Charles Lieber et al that we looked at last time, where THAT research led (deep into the heart of the unfolding covid-to-vaxx agenda), and just why Epstein himself was looking to launch a kind of Lebensborn baby farm at Zorro and possibly the island as well, keeping as many as 20 young women pregnant with his seed at all times....

Wanting to seed the entire human race with your DNA...being obsessed with nanomed, brain-computer interface, altering our physiology on a global scale -- does this strike ANYONE as being really eerie compared with what is being attempted via genetic experimentation on a global scale now? Does it give anyone the heebie jeebies that all of the people at the forefront of all these disciplines that are rolling out right now because of this "vaxx" were all great friends with Epstein? Does it strike anyone as strange that this all happens on the timeline immediately after Epstein "dies?" Coincidental, even? 

What exactly is IN this "vaxx" again? 

Beyond all the blank insert sheets, beyond all the "proprietary info" and "trade secrets," does anybody really know? 

What if it turns out we're all living thru the ultimate pedophile dead man's switch? Say what you want about Epstein, he never did anything by half measures...strikes me that it would be just his style to have the ways, means, and opportunity to Donovan's Brain us all.

Thanks to this little hum doozy of a flick:

I just learned this: "Epstein was willing to finance research that others viewed as bizarre. He told one scientist that he was bankrolling efforts to identify a mysterious particle that might trigger the feeling that someone is watching you."

From here:  

That film, The Scary of 61st, delves into the Epstein saga from a much-needed and distinctly occult angle that I fear veers closer to what was actually going on than many of us would dare to even imagine. From the pink script credits in the beginning to the blatant nod at the end, it makes a full circle of touchstones from Rosemary's Baby to Eyes Wide Shut, and makes the rather valid case that Epstein was only a continuation of those dark social networks, and scarily, to those same ends. One only has to look at the various adornments at all of his properties (huge sundials, statues of Baphomet, walls of eyes, undergrounds, owls, gargoyles, et al) to know that something else was going on beyond even sexual degradation, rape, and blackmail. These are the trinkets of someone fully dedicated and in thrall to the Ways of the Left-Hand Path. 

Listen to what star prosecution of Ghislaine Maxwell witness Maria Farmer (who went public chapter and verse with all this in 1996 btw and was ignored by the FBI) says here at the 1:19:00 mark to Whitney Webb:  


But come closer, because here is where we veer even farther into the realms of existential madness...Welcome to the Meta of the mind, the desert of the real.

First take a listen, in the comfort of your easychair, to this excellent presentation from Aaron & Melissa Dykes at Truthstream Media:

Notice all this is included and embedded in that Zuckerberg META pitch ad: I bring to your attention notably the planet Saturn. Six years later, and after all the research of Anthony Patch that put me and many others onto the CERN trail...ah yes, the penny finally drops, along with owls, and hexagons, and gates leading the high symbolism parade. 


Because you'll notice it's not just the planet Saturn, but the planet Saturn in the context of bringing in a new world -- which is just what are they trying to symbolically imply here. A new world thru computer-brain interface, launched when the lion's share of the population has been injected with an experimental brew fully capable of augmenting and facilitating just such a brain-machine interface, thanks to the hydrogels and the graphene oxides and hydroxides. Not to mention the raft of unknowns and mechanical looking biologics that have been glimpsed in far too many vials of the Moderna, Pfizer, Astra Zeneca and J&J salvos. 

We know this thanks to Jane Ruby, everyone at La Quinta Columna, Carrie Madej, Karen Kingston, Arianna Love, Peter McCullough, Robert Malone, Melissa McAtee, Zandre Botha, the late Andreas Noack and countless other awakened and lit souls throwing sparks on this journey. They each and every one deserve standing ovations and hugs from now til the end of time. They have put their careers and lives on hold, some paying the ultimate price, for their fellow man.   

See here at the 32 min mark thanks to good old Anthony Patch again (another one) -- look at the scaffolding inside the Pfizer jabs and how they propagate in  a drop of blood:

Spoiler alert: these are nanocommunication networks being installed in the vaccinated. 

Patch also, amazingly, called all of this back in 2014 -- every bit of it:

Does all of this make me feel any better as to what he said about CERN, and Saturn, and what they have planned? Not in the slightest:

(Take note of the hexagonal structures being noticed even back then as materializing in people's bloodstreams...)

I know that's about the 20th time I've linked back to that previous post of mine, but probably more than any other, it's the most important piece that's ever appeared here, and 99.9% of it came straight from the research of Anthony Patch. And when I saw the Zuck META ad, it all clicked yet again. This also from 2015: 

Everything is connected in what they want to bring about. 

Re all of these vids I'm putting up here for you tonight, I can only echo the immortal words of John Locke from LOST:  

As you can see, there is something much more going on here than meets the eye. And for whatever reason you might care to imagine, the planet Saturn plays a distinct role in these proceedings, and manages to pop up over and over and over again no matter the context. I find that, given the context and research findings now going back over 6 years, highly disturbing. Given these people, their beliefs, and what they mean to do, to me this only adds a further layer of gravitas to what folks like Anthony Patch postulated all those years ago -- and it certainly appears the final stages of some kind of plan are coming into view.

Here's another spooky take from one of my go-to's, Amazing Polly:

In line with the Patch hypothesis, she asks the pertinent million-dollar questions "can dead souls inhabit avatars?" and "could you manufacture a society using these avatars?"

I may just be scaring myself, but things certainly seem to be lining up and coming together in    spooky ways that seem to be far more planned than just random chance. As Polly says, this could very well be the gateway -- the soul trap -- a prison for souls they are trying to construct.

And wouldn't that be fortuitous, being just in time to make way for something else coming here from say, oh, Saturn, to inhabit these avatars that have been (hey!) genetically modified to be more amenable homes for something not as compatible with the human.

There also exist many, many examples of Saturn worship along the historical timeline:

Yes, there is even marked evidence of a long-standing Saturn Death Cult, leading back to the Tower of Babel and straight into today's widespread pedophilia rings, which track the same principles of organization and ritual enactment:  

Hell, even Travis Scott during the recent Astroworld fiasco seemed downright obsessed with Saturnian imaging:


There are stakes being drawn here, and fleshed-out roles to play by people with seeming alike personas that will wind up being polar opposites by the time the final bell rings -- a dividing line is being drawn, and competing sides that only sound like they are coming from the same place....given pointed illustration by the excellent, and very biblical, series Carnivale

As we are being hustled and sold "avatars" of every shape and description as the new "cool," these remain the only avatars in town; those of the Christ and his Consciousness made manifest on earth, and that of the Other Side...both will reveal themselves all in good time as a faltering world hangs in the balance.

And finally, with everything we're learning at every new unveil from the "elites," is THIS beginning to make more sense now?:   

Tell me that from Gates and Meta from Zuck don't go hand in hand, copper top.  

Finally, Ghislaine Maxwell's sister Isabelle had barely gotten thru taking pictures of investigative reporters outside the courthouse than Kristan Harris arrived back at his hotel noticing that it had been ransacked and only his laptop stolen...The Maxwells had been incensed over reports and research linking Jizzy to, get this, the World Economic Forum.

You know, the same group that is smack dab in the middle of the biggest push to vaccinate, lockdown, and reset the world ever envisioned:

Just spitballing here, but maybe all that graphene in the vaxxes is designed to integrate and uplink with Zuck's Metaverse.

Just think, all of this meeting at a vanishing point of diminishing returns for humanity at the same time: the vaxx, 5G, Meta. Too much lockstep and too many coincidences. Target acquisition is in place and counting down...

Reject the Great Reset with everything in you. The herd is NOT going to be contained.

As the wheel is still in balance and the stars are still in spin, so are our fates being determined. Put on as full a suit of armour as you can, because I fear, and as all the portents are heralding, a new aeon of Saturn is on the way. Imagine wisely. 

While you still can.

And it just so happens that on the same night Ghislaine Maxwell is found guilty on 5 of 6 counts, the CDC announces that the next few weeks will see a surge of 40,000 "Covid" deaths...really?

Maybe it's just those tribunals on our side firing up as she plea deals her way out of life. Not that that's gonna really do her any good... 

Because prison, it seems, is everywhere these days.

To whit -- here comes Rogan haymaker #2, following Dr. Peter McCullough earlier, this time with the recently de-platformed and villainized Dr. Robert Malone, public enemy no.1 right now:  

Listen like your life depended on it -- because you know what? It just might. 

Interesting aside: don't know where it is in the conversation, but it comes early on, that one of the no.1 funders of the attacks on this man across multiple platforms is none other than Mark Zuckerberg, Mr. META himself. 

Why? Because these people, the McCulloughs, the Malones, are the ones that hold the ability to destroy his new weltanschauung, and very occult, paradigm, upon which Covid and the vaxx agenda plays such an integral part as one of the primary lynchpins in that reconstruction.

The more you know...














  1. Good to see you focused back on Christ consciousness rather than whatever the hell the earlier convo was ;)
    Excellent writing

    It ALL ties back to the companies in first email AND the KOKOMO Mafia one. I might have been RETCONNED to a degree, but I feel like whether I knew what I was doing, there's enough energy seeking to counter balance what they've done that a flood will soon entail and it's reverberations will be felt through time and space meaning what seemed random was anything but.

    It's like what Bill Cooper used to say, to paraphrase: it doesn't matter whether or not you believe in it, the ones with the money, power and means do, and are intent on bringing it about.

    1. Never underestimate your audience missing things the first time around, I'm glad you re linked to your Saturn post because I never finished it. Interesting that in 2015 you posted a word that's would later be said to "open doors" in the film of that name. More interesting still, before that I had someone else talk about it.
      And the Hymn to Pan at CERN part do you have more on?

    2. Hey BlueRosie!!

      Actually that HYMN TO PAN came courtesy of Jack Parsons, founder of JPL, forerunner of NASA, who was always hip deep in the occult anywhere you looked. He would recite it before every rocket test launch, you know, for luck. It was written by his mentor, Aleister Crowley, who he would always be linked with. Yes, our space program was founded by preeminent satanists. CERN is carrying on in a time-honored tradition at the juncture of where technology meets the darkly spiritual:

      And I'll even go ya one better: the MAXWELL fam married into the JPL fam -- Jizzy's sister Christine is married to one ROGER MALINA, whose Dad was Frank Malina, who just so happened to be the best pal of..... Jack Parsons. We couldn't have gotten to the moon without either of those guys, or, who knows, maybe Crowley also??

      What ARE the odds?

      The closer you look, the creepier it gets. And that OCCULT thread? It's never more than a stone's throw away from any of this: space tech, vaccines, Big Pharma, communications platforms, food production, finance, certainly science of any name it.

      And people wonder why I'm paranoid. Funny thing, I READ.

    3. You may want to join this dialog.

    4. I was told in first hand accounts by someone that they believed and had experience in demons from working in dark arts. They said that the one grey that they encountered through a government thing, they felt like it was a MANUFACTURED body. Created either to be animatronic with technology or to be controlled by demons. He felt that they were created as a form of control and to instill awe. But separate from that he was fully convinced that we've had full blown time travel since Tesla.

  2. The Latin phrase “Novus Ordo Seclorum” is usually translated “New Order of the Ages.” It is an allusion to Virgil’s Eclogue IV, where it says:

    "Now comes the final era of the Sibyl’s song; The great order of the ages is born afresh.

    The Virgin and the Reign of Saturn returns

    Now a new lineage is sent down from high heaven."

    The new lineage sent down from heaven...

    From the stars? From what was once called the "Great Supernal Abyss"?

    *Saturn is the gatekeeper of the bottomless pit of deep space...*


    from David Talbot's work

  4. Hey guys, don't mean to break the flow, but this fallout from the Rogan-Malone talk, is BEAUTIFUL. PANIC MODE:

    "Dr Malone broke the algorithm and now Google is struggling to manually edit the results when you search for mass formation psychosis. Try it. Never seen this before."

    My personal fav Goog headline: Anti-vaxxer Told Rogan America is like Nazi Germany!

    Well, first of all, can you call THE guy that invented the mRNA vaxx an anti-vaxxer? In this one instance, YES, for the Covid vaxx most def.
    Second of all re the Nazi Germany part, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck...

    #MassPsychosis is trending EVERYWHERE. This is fun.

    1. Let's Go!!!!! Malone going BEAST MODE!!!!! I LOV IT!!!!! Happy New yr!

  5. Btw, just the front page of DuckDuckGo when you plug in 'Mass Psychosis':

    Word to the Goog -- THIS is how you do it. Not by erasing the historic term altogether. Good LORD.

  6. Everyone ready to get down with the sickness??? There's a new kid in town(not our town...yet!) Israel.....but her name is flurona!!! Part flu part covid!!! Yee Haw!!! sounds like a song from The Knack... whatev....Ma ma ma my

  7. just got done listening to Mighty Joe Ro and our new rockstar Dr Robert Malone!!!! Killed it!!! just KILLED IT! Did u see his tie?!?! lol awesome! peace WM stay safe;)

    1. Thank you SO much Flame On!!

      Haven't seen anything like this in quite awhile -- such is the nature of the blowup and carnage & wailing & gnashing of teeth in the wake of the absolutely epic Rogan-Malone convo. I kid you not when I say that the entire front page of Reddit is literally 3/4 all this podcast and its ramifications: (entire thing transcribed except for last 30 min)

      THIS. IS. INSANE. We're watching the entire machine break down in real time because one man dared utter the truth. (W/ a super assist from Peter McCullough the week before don't forget...)
      A 1-2 punch that's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen & a HUGE nod to the emerging Christ consciousness in us all.
      They're certainly not doing it for any public acclaim and/or financial benefit.

      They're doing it because it's the right thing to do.

      They're doing it because they CARE.

      And little ole Joe Rogan, ersatz game show host & whatever, emerges as THE journalist we don't just want, but that we NEED.
      Who in the world could have seen this coming?
      Just goes to show ya that God doesn't choose the right people, He choose the right people for the right time.

      Or, it's not how you start, it's how you finish -- reminds me this tune, quite pertinent right now I must say; when whatev statistician writes this chapter of history, this is gonna be for all of us that kept our guiding Northern stars always close at hand, our common sense locked & loaded, & the 'I told you so's' under our tongues:

      The Truth ALWAYS prevails. Always.

    2. Are you okay? Slurring your words a bit there RR. ;) Jk

    3. I'm seeing the teachers calling in sick this week who have been jabbed!!!!!!!!! I went to Florida. I went grocery shopping, to the pool and a couple gas stations. The ones getting the variant are the vAxc'd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohio is going back to 'virtual' online school. People have got to see what is going on. Even my brother who is hard core pro-v is starting to say they are getting out of control trying to get the kids jabbed.

    4. Let's say the "Omicron variant" truly does exist. It is said to be a practically harmless variant of Covid-19 at this point.

      IF you still have a viable immune system.

      The Vaxxed, double-Vaxxed, triple-Vaxxed, do NOT.

      Every. New. Variant. Will completely WRECK them from now on. And most of them seem too dumb and gullible and sheepish to realize that further jabs/boosters/pills will simply leave them MORE vulnerable.

      The end. (Of them.)

    5. Lol it's just rare for you to have mistakes like with the choose. Bad joke I know.


      Lol got this from the links up there. Reminds me of when my friend came in to class one day back in HS fed up with all the catty bullshit and backstabbing and just went down the line calling people out and saying "fuck you" for me she said "not you, you've always been cool" then the next person "fuck you cause of what you did to so and so" etc.

    7. HAHA!! Good catch my editor!! -- should have been chooses; plural. Too much ketamine. JK!!!! Awesome "cool" story btw -- we need an ultimate arbiter/authority to do that very same thing to every "elite"/expert in the whole country right now!! JESUS?

      Any takers in the interim?

    8. Part of the Christ consciousness would be Righteous anger.

    9. See my previous comm on raping the rapists. When Jesus returns he ain't gonna be bringing tea and cookies. More like flaming swords to impale people on.

    10. Yeah, but until then I'm still going to try to enjoy the tea and cookies, homemade butterscotch pralines (my own recipe) tonight for reals. When there's any takers to help me with the fuckers that ripped my baby out of my arms on video I'll get my flaming sword!

    11. Jesus: "You know the early Gnostics believed the whole world was a prison, right?"

      Bad guys: "Yeah, so?"

      (Jesus whips out his giant, fiery God-Cock)


    12. Well goats ram their horns up people'd asses when they bend over, at least with that they have the chance of having that anal immaculate conception TT was talking about gah! This conversation is devolving quickly I'm outta here, don't know why I even said that shit.

  8. And JB!!

    You are so right, & I sense this isn't just a Mass Psychosis per se, tho that plays a lion's share of the's also very much an ego thing.
    Deep down they know they've all taken this incredible risk that involves the degradation of their bodily autonomy for the "greater good," and they get actively hostile & aggressive that YOU haven't done that too, i.e., be just as reckless as them for "the cause." The Almighty CAUSE.

    They don't get that quintuple jabbing yourself doesn't, in fact, make you any "gooder," or "saner," or "better" than anyone else. They have ZERO right to talk down to anybody -- they're just the next sheep in line following the herd over the cliff, and it'll get you what it gets you.

    Pretty ironic, dontcha think, that the old line our parents used to harp at us when we all did something stupid to be "cool,"...
    "If everybody else jumped off a bridge would you do it too?"
    is now coming home to roost with a vengeance!!

    The older I get, the smarter my parents were -- but then again -- most young people of all stripes (Millennial-Town I'm lookin at you) don't actually have parents anymore.
    At least not ones that are cognizant enough to give a shit.

      Millennials, lol, the thing that is REALLY SCARY though is this is almost a decade ago, now those teenagers are having children.

  9. PS -- & for JB & anybody that's left counting, we now stand at T minus (& I remember what you said about that JB!) 72 hours give or take from the nationwide activation of C Band 3.5 GHz 5G going online nationwide on Jan.5 under Verizon.

    Either biggest boost in Covid deaths yet when the vaxx activates for reals, or it's The Walking Dead play-at-home game.

    If you wanna live turn off the Verizon 5G in your pocket methinks. For starters.

    Either that or we need to start doing what they're coming up with in France -- which is bangin'!!:

    SABOTAGE, BABY!! Turn it up worldwide:

    1. "we now stand at T minus (& I remember what you said about that JB!)"

      Well, sh*t, I forgot. What was it again? A certain occult word, "minus the T"?


    You know things are cray-cray, wonky in the extreme & deadly serious when the INSURANCE COMPANIES start getting involved:

    This can no longer in any way, shape or form be considered a vaccine.
    Anyone that does so is, frankly, complicit in murder & wholesale genocide.

    Thanks to the Rogan-McCullough-Malone forces, this entire narrative is slowly, painfully, turning around. But it's BIG, like the Titanic turning, so it's going to take some time & grinding effort.

    But it IS happening. And those Insurance big boys, they don't play around...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Interesting take:
    Insurance agencies/companies will be the ones to blow the lid on how freaking dangerous these experimental injections are. While doctors and hospitals are following the narrative that the vaccine is safe and effective no matter what, the insurance companies have an opposite pressure. They will start denying life insurance to those who died suddenly with the vaxx. Ditto health insurance & vaxx injuries.

    They have the profit motive to tell the truth and they will have the raw data to back up their claims.

    1. I feel like there’s to sides to the insurance company coin… certainly the one you are suggesting, and, on the other side, are the actuarial tables… pensions… that’s why they targeted the elderly first imv… they get to play, but they don’ wanna pay… out

      “ Insurance companies play a key role in the business of the Committee of 300. Among these are found such top insurance companies as Assicurazioni Generale of Venice (ASG) and Riunione Adriatica di Sicurta (RAS) the largest and second largest companies in the world, who keep their bank accounts at Bank of International Settlements in Swiss gold francs and many of whose largest customers are customers of the BSI in Lugano.”

      Dr. John Coleman The Committee of 300

  12. BTW, just got this info, if you're in the EU and trying to access that insurance data from any one of those links -- you're getting this:

    451: Unavailable due to legal reasons

    We recognize you are attempting to access this website from a country belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) including the EU which enforces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and therefore access cannot be granted at this time.

    1. Wow!

      If the vaccine worked why do they expect Covid deaths in 2022 to be 4x that of 2021?!

      Of course the insurance company's revenue doubled with the pandemic

      And not just health insurance

      Going back to some of I was trying to point to about a year ago

    2. Hey it didn't get disappeared! I think the floodgates are crashing!

    3. Let's try more


    4. The dyke breaking!

      Hop I See who gets this one with the 5G

  13. Hey JB!!

    Yeah!! Remember that 'T minus' original NASA lingo = anagram. What does putting the 'T' back in NASA get you?

    Haha!! YIKES!

    1. Oh, right, SANTA! As in something people keep telling their kids is real, but in fact never happened, like the Moon Landing!

    2. Haha!! Satan Claws!!

      AJ getting in on the act now too:

      EVERYBODY into the pool!! The Deep End is where it's at!!

    The Rogue is running rings around the legacy media --

    And most important of all....REMOVE IT NOW YA BIG TECH FREAKS!!

    This is getting full on Boo Radley HISTORIC!!

    1. Ooh just had a major Mendela effect, and in light of CERN talk, I swear in my timeline that it was RIDLEY. With an I 100%

      But I only found this

      hhhhmmm the mockingbird is in it's death throws! Ain't it rich!

  15. PS -- wherever all you guys are stay safe & warm -- VA is in the big Lights Out Freezer tonight with approx 300K without power & temps dropping into the teens. Winter storm Frida kicked our asses -- went from 73 yesterday to 12 tonight -- nothing like a 60 degree drop in 24 hrs!!
    But all perfectly normal...In the 4 miles from work to my doorstep saw 4 accidents -- Roads were & are nuts, & THAT was at NOON. Tonight if anyone dares it's Demolition Derby at the Ice Capades.

    Stay safe peeps -- it's not nice to fool with Mother Nature. (Thunder Snow...) Valhalla I am coming.


    Drive our ships to new lands indeed.....

  17. Here we go before it's gone already had it go service unavailable once:

    1. ;) stay warm, we're coming out of our big freeze here.

  18. I should have known you’d be aware of Carnivale.

    1. "Carnival" was originally a Celtic festival, dedicated to the god of nature Cernunnos (Pan); the earliest root of the word was "the fall of the antlers" (as opposed to "the feast of the flesh"), and it referred to the rites of spring, when nature is made anew, and the antlers of both deer and Cernunnos start growing back.

      It was also the original name of the Joker.

    2. But have you seen the series?

    3. KM!!

      How ya doin' kid??!! Long time no speakee. Hope all is good on your end as 2022 rages in....

      Oh Yes, CARNIVALE remains indelibly etched in my memory as overall one of the very best things I've ever seen in that great wasteland called "TV." I find it almost impossible to describe how awesome it actually LOOKED, never mind the actual content & narrative which bordered on the Shakespearean by way of The Stand. The pathos of the characters' love for each other really stood out for me too set against such a desolate landscape.
      Coming from a guy that freaks out when sand gets in all his clothes at the beach -- I absolutely cannot imagine living life that way on a day-to-day basis -- and yet millions of people had to, with no other choice.

      It made the emotion of their choices of a biblical good vs a biblical evil stand out in even starker terms, and upped the stakes of just what those choices would mean for all humanity.
      Even the little, seemingly inconsequential things, could wind up meaning everything.

      Kind of a lesson about how we should all look at life on a daily basis, come to think of it.

      And the acting was prob the best ensemble I've ever seen, led by Nick Stahl as Ben Hawkins & Clancy Brown as Brother Justin, on a collision course from the onset, pitted against each other by their lineage, their blood, and almost unknowable, celestial forces of unearthly power.

      Tim DeKay as Jonesy has been in lots of far cheesier things (White Collar) since -- but here he was a standout, and in many ways stood in for all of us witnessing what was unfolding around him. Clea Duvall as the unwitting Sophie, the Omega..SOOO good.
      I could go on & on...

      As I think I stated somewhere above -- one of the very few series ever aired that has actually GAINED momentum & viewership & word-of-mouth in the 16 years since it was shown. That should tell you something....

    4. You were right about having to focus on it, I was trying to shell pecans and I got lost, the headache didn't help though. I thought it was interesting that it took different characters powers, abilities, gifts, curses, or craziness and then showed them from different points of view. Kinda like that truth is in the eye of the beholder. On the one hand something is viewed as miracle, another sees as a curse. One person feels something they can do is a supernatural ability, another thinks that they are simply crazy. The "Your mom is a turnip!" Line got me. But like TP I feel like for every thing that I pick up from it, there's a hundred more I don't yet, sometimes frustrating and something I have to come back to when it doesn't feel like my brain is slow roasting ;)

    5. I saw it back when it was made. It’s really very good, and I’ve told a lot of people they should check it out, but nobody I know has seen it. Unfortunately, it got cancelled way too soon for the story to play out as it was intended.

      Anyway, after reading your post, I decided to rewatch it, which I just started. It’s kind of intense viewing right about now. After the very first scene, I was questioning my decision.

      I’ll probably stick with it, though. I made it through Milennium.

    6. four episodes in, time to rewatch before Babylon


  20. BTW at the 46:00 min mark here is LIVE what is still ongoing on I-95 right now in VA -- keep in mind that worthless Ralph Northam with 10 days left as Guv did NOTHING to alleviate or forestall this situation -- & HE WAS WARNED REPEATEDLY. Did zero to call in extra manpower beforehand, did zero to call out the National Guard as prep -- we knew from forecasters what was coming and he did NOTHING. Now just to add to the insanity he & his people are actually blaming incoming Gov Youngkin for the situation!! (What the hell was he supposed to do about it?)

    This is simply the final "fuck you" from Northam to all the people of VA:

    But then again it's just the mindset of ALL of the globalists and transhumanists towards us "useless eaters."

    Kill us all by any means possible, & that very much includes the precious Pfizer & Moderna, et al vaxxes.

    1. The disasters are all manmade. Any other term is bullshit.

    2. Ten hours is ridiculous! Twice I've seen icy roads where it was multiple semis and vehicles piled up that they had cleared in less than 3 hours.

    3. And that was on interstates that were only two lanes each direction. Interesting that the lights make like arrows what would that be pointing toward?


    I don't even know where to begin it's comical

    1. I’m going to be laughing all day about that. The herd of deer in my driveway looks fine, but maybe I can get them to wear some of these handy masks.

  22. THIS DESERVES A THREAD IN ITS OWN RIGHT, but til then.....

    World No.1 Novak Djokovic is told by Australian Open officials he'll be granted a "medical exemption" to play in the sport's first Slam of the year commencing in just days....

    So he flies to Australia....only to be told upon arrival (minutes ago) that he is being denied entry as his "visa" is not valid by the Border enforcement Forces.

    He is now effectively being held as a political prisoner under the auspices of not wanting to accept a forced jab that provably doesn't protect anyone anyway, and what's more, shows every indication of killing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people worldwide.


    Novak Djokovic, New Ambassador for Tourism Australia
    His message?
    "Don't come. This place is fucked."

    As Paul J. Watson said, Djokovic was made an example of to intimidate other people (see "free thinkers.")

    This was a set up to humiliate him from the very start from people incensed that Djokovic should attempt to live free. People like he, Kyrie Irving, and Aaron Rodgers will go down as heroes in the long run.

    More on the run as it happens....

  23. ANOTHER REASON he needed to be made an example of:

    Can't have any of the little people getting any strange notions about freedom now can we?? And who we should look up to as champions of a free and God-given society of morality and humanity.

    TOTALITARIANISM. Plain & simple.

    This was his tweet just days ago, for which he was derided as being a spoiled, arrogant, anti-vaxxing terrorist out to kill us all:

    Go ahead, make fun. God's taking notes....

    1. No vaks d Jok ov ic, tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor or we're living in a matrix.

  24. SPOT ON:

  25. Djokovic currently still being held in 1 room at airport under ARMED guard.

    ARMED?? Seriously? This is getting more ridiculous by the minute.

    (see graph)


  27. Tracking info on Charles Lieber has become a hobby, and I thought I would share my obsession with the rest of the class.

    Exhibit one: Lab observation on vaccine particulate self assembly found on La Quinta Columna

    Exhibit 2: patents created by Lieber that would make the above plausible

    1. You are SOOO correct T3!! And then some.....

      There are certain lines of investigation that, I believe, if fully fleshed out & pursued, would provide the biggest clues for unravelling what is going on in the world today across all platforms & disciplines (rise of totalitarianism, pedo rings, the vaxx agenda, psyops going worldwide, transhumanism as an end goal etc)...

      LIEBER and his research is at the forefront of where I think such an ultimate investigation should begin. The cushy-cushy closeness of people like Gates-Epstein-Lieber-Fauci and the rise of ridiculous monies from Ivy League sources and places like Johns Hopkins can't be considered coincidence at this point. There are too many connecting links.

      Not to mention places like the ever-present DARPA, and esp MITRE CORP:

      Which also had some curious links right here that were examined:


      And here we are, voila, today, with people like Drs McCullough and Malone talking about MASS FORMATION PSYCHOSIS.

      Seems it isn't that long a walk at all from ritual summoning magick at Rendlesham Forest in 1980 to where we are today.

      Hmmm, I think I feel a post coming on.....

    2. I first heard this term a few months ago, from a guy by the name of Matthias Desmet, a professor of psychology in Belgium…. Here is his take on mass formation… he describes it as mental intoxication as a reaction to anxiety and stress… the previous four years have been merely to set the table for the psychological distress people are experiencing today.

      Is it possible Trump, while being a risky wildcard in some ways, was perfectly suited to be the “problem” to create the “reaction” for the final “solution”?

    3. Excellent sources WM, much thanks!

  28. Journeyman pointed out that Epstein's temple was a movie fake:

    1. All a misdirection act to obscure (get you to look the other way) from what was going on underground. I will say however that those bloodstained mattresses inside looked pretty real...but I digress.

      See what I commented to T3 just above re Lieber & the gang as to where they DON'T want you to focus your attention....all a part of the ritual.

  29. Oh, for f**k's sake, NOW they're really pushing it:

    Ashli Babbitt was sacrificed exactly one year ago, 2:43 pm. Her f**king DOG, today, 2:34 pm.

    1. Speaking of really pushing it & ultimate fear porn, check out the wording of the latest tweet from Austin Public Health about who should & shouldn't mask up & congregate for the immediate future:

      Who the fuck is left, exactly?

      Run for your lives!!!!!!

    2. Happy womb eviction day! ;)
      La Breathe Shona duit!

    3. Funny I was thinking how the dates and times were missing 5 if you were counting.

  30. Regarding the whole vax op, everybody likely knows this, but it’s interesting:

  31. I have this feeling that they will get all their ducks in order and pull a switch on humanity. Like John Carpenters Halloween 3.

    1. OOOHHH watch out! I have have an idea!

      Maybe a wee bit devious, but all's fair in love and war right?

      I'll come back in a minute after I collect how it might get implemented and lay it out. Think mass formation psychosis turning into confusion, hysteria and chaos rather than getting marching orders like wear the masks and get the vaccine etc. It's going to be good.

  32. THANKS KM, Sotogirly & Bluerosie for all the thoughts &'s some more just coming thru:

    The first link with Yeadon is, to me, every bit as mind-bending as Malone's tete-a-tete with Rogan, & chock full of just as much disturbing information...

    & regarding CBR's statement above, I too have just as much trepidation about where this is all heading & what might be still to play out in the wind: If we all do indeed really know how all this ends, then there is going to come a "saviour" that will both get us out of & bring an end to all this -- and this person will be looked upon worldwide as a global blessing and avenger for all of the "just" causes....

    But this too will be just another layer of deception -- because if we are to believe the Bible (which is looking pretty amazingly spot on these days) then this will be the creature known as the Antichrist and the entire world, save a few, will fall under his sway and his spell.

    THIS is why it is VITALLY important to resist rooting for what seems to good to be true, and to always, ALWAYS, keep questioning everything.

    This is why individuals -- and I stress the term INDIVIDUAL -- like Novak Djokovic are to be prized and lauded, and held up in esteem, not raked over the coals and vilified on the public gallows the way he is right now.

    I keep stressing the point -- til I'm blue in the face -- that Freedom is INFINITELY more important than Safety. It's not even close. Far, far too many brainwashed have forgotten that.

    But not all -- here are 2 superb articles straight from Down Under that show not all of us are lost:

    Some of us are still taking to heart what the Coog first explicated for us back in the golden years of 1985!!:

    Ain't it the truth brothers & sisters, ain't it the truth.

    1. Thank you RR you ALWAYS give me the courage to keep talking despite all the shit that I've faced from it. So I wasn't going to post this because I felt kinda sheepish and I've got ppl telling me to stop because I make them a target and I'll not have a place or car at all.

      Ok so here it is. So the people are under a hypnosis and their reasoning isn't functioning properly, and they out turning things over to sources that they TRUST. So what if we make their trusted sources suddenly become conflicting, PURPOSEFULLY SOW DISTRUST until it breaks the spell and they HAVE to rely on DISCERNMENT. And KILL THEM with KINDNESS AND TRUTH.

      So how to implement it. And what it would look like. So REMEMBER that there also seems to be people that are/were just as hypnotized that TRUMP could do no wrong so they also have need to get broken out of it as do people about covid, the vaccines, masks Wokeism etc.
      So this would be a multi-pronged psychological, cyber WORLD WAR that NO one will ever acknowledge that we are in.


      You'll notice this is their simple "problem, reaction, solution" turned around on them.







      December 14 2021 the vaccines cause thrombosis

      August 30 2021 there's risks of pericarditis and myelocarditis


  33. Anti-UNvaccinated police state starting here on the 18th. Won't even be allowed to buy booze. Lord, why couldn't I stay dead? I was happy in your cosmic realm.

    1. No weed either (both booze and weed are government-controled here in Québec).

    2. I thought you were a tea-totaler? Now you wish to go back to death over no alcohol? I'm more concerned that it's the first step to not being able to buy it sell anything without the mark. Which the Hebrew for mark is to poke or scratch with a needle.

    3. I have been 100% sober for many, many years now. But still, the idea that the government is saying you can't get drunk or get high unless you get the vaxx is dystopian cranked up to 11.

    4. OMG, JB. What are the restrictions you are under?

    5. Not allowed to go anywhere except groceries, pharmacy, hospital. Curfew from 9 pm to 5 am. Everything closed Sundays. No alcohol or drugs (Gov-owned). We'll only know near the 18th if restrictions apply to public libraries, internet service, home delivery.

      And this sh*t ONLY applies to the Province of Québec, not the rest of Canada (the rest of the country, including Trudeau, hate our f**king guts for being French/Catholic instead of English/Protestant).

    6. It's probably because the catholics are more easily controlled having been in such a controlling "system" as catholicism since birth.

    7. Here when businesses demand masks then people simply turn around and walk out, I've seen it and done it. Though I have to admit I have worn them too. I've also had idiots come up and chew me out of how I'm "killing people" by not wearing a mask and I just smile and say "have a nice day" and walk off. That's becoming less and less now.

    8. Even if someone got vaccinated now, it would be irrelevant from a bureaucratic POV, since the only way you're getting a passport is if you're TRIPLE vaxxed.

  34. Well I have read the first three chapters of Under an Ionized Sky, and it is troubling to say the least. I swear science is the destruction of man. I am all for man understanding the environment in which we find ourselves right now, but sometimes man just goes to far. How many years did they deny that chemtrails was even a thing? It does not matter how many federal agencies we have, if they become captured like the FAA, FDA, EPA and so many have. Once they are controlled by outside forces, they turn them against us in war. I am here to give you the bad news, that nanotechnology is running circles around the elected clowns.
    There is a world that most of us know of and that we are comfortable with. There is another world that we should know of but do not, and that should, by all rights, make us uncomfortable. We are responsible to learn of its existence, as it surrounds and affects our every move regardless of the level of bliss or ignorance that we adopt to ease our discomfort. Elana Freeland, in the second of a trilogy series, thrusts upon us the realities of that more complex world in her most recent work, Under an Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown. We are destined within it to discover that the technological throes that dominate the modern world are much more developed, enmeshed, and controlling of our lives than most of us would like to either admit or confront.

    I have known Elana for some time now, and it was not known in our earlier café chats that we would someday share deeply in a common pursuit of truth. The focus of our work may differ in certain respects, but it is the same battle. Elana is providing a map of what is and what may well lie ahead in a world now gone berserk in the idols, greed, and powers of technocracy. It is our job to maintain our spiritual integrity in the clash that is before us, and this book will ask us to trade our ignorance and complacency for the awareness and strength that is needed in battle.

    The book is meticulously researched and documented, and she has done a great deal of your homework for you. The morass of controlling systems spoken of here does indeed exist, and they are of purpose and agenda. There is much for all of us to learn here and it is to our benefit to get up to speed quickly on the state of affairs. I hope that you will immerse yourself and gain the quick education that we all need, as proclaiming ignorance or innocence will be at our own peril. As Elana says, “It’s a brave new world.” Let us be brave together in its future. —

    We in this country, in this generation, are—by destiny rather than choice—the watchmen on the walls of world freedom. —
    President John F. Kennedy, undelivered speech
    to the Dallas Citizens Council, Nov. 22, 1963

  35. Part 2: Under an Ionized Sky...Aether, Plasma and Scalar Waves ... The Nano Assault

    1. GREAT catches OMID!!

      Have followed the work of Freeland, and esp Carnicom (along with the essential early ice-breaking reports of Will Thomas) since the very beginnings of all this...

      I think if you plug in & cross-correlate all of that with the Epstein-funded Harvard research areas of Charles Lieber:

      along with the very recent findings of the Spanish Fifth Column (La Quinta Columna):

      you will find everything that's occurring today writ large. It's ALL coming out now no matter how much they try to censor all of it and gaslight all of us. This is all traceable back to all of the interests and monies of Epstein, who, (dead and loving it!) is ultimately the cornerstone of all of this -- some kind of crazy occult guiding light that is steering the world STILL -- even after being taken off the board as it were.

      Even the AJ machine is getting with the program -- after long being reticent to criticize the Trump/5G angle:

      The pieces are still falling into place, and will likely remain doing so for the near future, but with every new day of learning, the culprits are going to find it harder and harder to hide amid the growing tsunami of pissed-off awakening. All it takes is a bit of reading and some curiosity.

      Am working on all the angles to all this myself...give me some time.

      Also see here where Dr. Jane Ruby speculates how the graphene tech being introduced into everyone is very much intertwined with the Metaverse VR they are looking to initiate:

      I VERY much concur & would like to remind everybody that these areas were also of intense, almost obsessive, interest to one Jeff Epstein. All coming together.....

    2. Thank you for that information OMID.

    3. I didn't read the fifth column link at first because my Spanish is atrocious, But I found this in there:

      It talks about using graphene oxide nanoparticles to Target cancer in specific parts of the heart with a light, and BEING ABLE TO REMOTELY CONTROL A HUMAN HEART (in a live human) FROM A DISTANCE.

  36. Almost like a platform for ultimate transhumanism/ possession/ walk-ins is being created...would also explain the vehemence and relentless pressure to get the entire globe jabbed...

  37. Saturn worship

  38. You know that I-95 debacle you folks had, not sure what excuse they threw out there, but I bet folks that used to drive the plows said F.U. to brandon and his mandate, and there are a shortage of folks who know how to operate the trucks. That is the issue with the 'weather emergency' in Western WaSHINGTON, lack of drivers. That gov. is a straight out commie fascist.

  39. Joe Rogan on Tim Dillon!

  40. Hey CBRosie!! That page should automatically load a translate button in the top right corner -- just click 'english' & you're good to go!! HUGE amounts of info there.....

    And look what's just come out today -- talk about straight out of the horse's mouth!!:

    Sure that the "fact checkers" will be falling all over themselves & stroking out over this one -- more confirmation of what we've been saying all along.

    1. Why will it let me post some things and not others? Anytime that I post anything too controversial or mentioning certain companies anywhere it's like I get put in a timeout for a while and I get a screen saying "oops" or it will show the comment for a minute then take it down.

    2. CBR,

      I had a similar incident last week… entered a post, when I went to refresh, it was gone… didn’t comment about it, it was something I needed to get off my chest, just figured I was over the target.

    3. Whenever I mention







      I usually get censored.

    4. Tru3, post? Do you have a blog I missed or do you mean here or in the Den?

      Lol JB have you tried reposting and get the same results? Cause sometimes I get a comment disappeared, then try again with the same comment with time and comments in between and it gets blocked again. Usually when I post something controversial that goes through though it's like I get put in a timeout, and everything gets blocked for a day.

    5. JB, the demons totally hate it when you start catching on to their bullshit.

    6. CBR, I have, and the night I realized what was going on was immediately after the "Astroworld" nightmare; no matter how many times I tried to re-post, even on other sites' comments sections (regardless of format), my info about D****s simply would not appear, and then Blogger actually barred me from posting for 24 hours.

    7. JB & Rosie -- DEFIITELY a function of more & more awakened souls putting 2+2 together and seeing the endgame of where this all leads...when the final truth is fully unveiled some (read: MOST) people are gonna have heart attacks and complete shutdowns of functioning systems.

      Such is going to be the guilt and shame of what they helped to usher in. Denial is only going to go so far.

      And I'm extrapolating here -- this may not happen in our lifetimes (I personally think the timeline is such that it will), but even if it doesn't, NONE of it could have taken place if a few more people had just said "NO!" at the onset.

      That's literally all it would have taken.

    8. Yeah, it was here, CBR… it was a rant, and I got it out of my system, about how Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington seemed to have an electrified memory hole around them, the cited various Epstein links from this

      I don’t know what Cody’s on other than huffing his own ego, but at least he didn’t let the story die

      On a more relevant note, here is another bit of research on good time Charlie Lieber

    9. Did you see this?

  41. The whiplash from the "pivot" of the "covid" narrative is going to leave a lot of heads spinning.

    1. Nah, it'll be fine. The libtards have gone full 1984. One minute you can tell them Eurasia or Eastasia has always been our ally, the next minute you can tell them Eurasia or Eastasia has always been our enemy, and they fully believe it! Double-think is double-plus good!

    2. Thorny & JB!!

      I actually agree with both of you guys -- having my cake & eating it too!! But seriously, it all comes down to conditioning; something I'll be getting into next time out accompanied by a VERY cool illustration that makes it all make way too much sense.
      I DO think the new left will do just about anything NOT to have to confront the reality of the situation --

      HOWEVER --

      I DO think there will come a tipping point of mental "lights coming on" where they simply won't be able to hide from themselves any longer, & this is where the anger at being so deceived will likely take hold, (along with the deaths of many children) at which point simply ANYTHING could be on the table, up to & including violent overthrow & "peaceful" protests that could make BLM's look like, well, I hate to say it, but a Tea Party!! Historic, worldwide revolutions have been spawned out of much, much less. It only takes 2-3.5% willing to get their hands dirty and get in touch with their sniping skills, arson duty, and ninja training. Then it's a par-tay of the kind the Founding Fathers used to dream about & call for.

      Until that day...I hope the Faucis and Bill Gates and Klaus Schwabs of the world enjoy their very last breaths. Because there never was and never will be any anger like a righteous anger.

    3. It will happen whether we want it or not, c'est la vie!

    4. Crucify me, but I'm starting to believe the Covid narrative. I've had Drs, nurses, and Anesthesiologists with decades of experience telling me stories about covid patients, I personally helped treat some, and saw the Ear's full and calling LITERALLY EVERY hospital in the state trying to get transfers and they're all full. Then started calling neighboring states. But when the pandemic started, and we were on lockdown I went to multiple hospitals all over the state and they were ALL empty. The patients recently have been both vaxxed and unvaxxed. So no I don't think that the vax works, but it can't be the only thing causing this if it is giving it.

    5. But, I DO think that there are deaths that are getting put down as Covid that weren't to implode the numbers or get insurance money, I've heard way too many personal stories from people I know about that. And I have seen first hand people with a history suggests hypochondria making themselves sick simply because they came in contact with "covid positive" people.

    6. Take into consideration the Viral Shedding. Double/Triple Vaxxed idiots are making people sick just by being around them.

    7. anyone else take note of the 12 foot high concrete wall they are building around the white house inside it's gates?

    8. That's just in case there's a violent revolution, nothing to worry about.

  42. Just to let some of you guys here know (& you know who you are...) my Outlook has been flagged for "sensitive/unusual activity" and blocked for the time being = No emails for me!! So I'll just be communicating with everybody right here -- til THIS gets taken down!!

    WOW -- I see what you guys mean; WHAT is going on lately??

    I have ZERO suspicious activity that should raise any flags for Bill Gates & Microsoft in my Outlook emails -- unless you'd consider all the Malone/McCullough/Covid links suspicious......Oh wait....

    1. Their A.I.s are getting paranoid.

      When's the next Bat-signal, btw?

    2. JB -- working on it right now -- still going to be several days/nights... All good things....

      I DO find it ironic, somewhat disturbing that the last thing I pushed thru on my Outlook before it got disabled were THESE 2 links from Mike Adams:

      PROXIMITY ALERT!! &/or over the target?

      Make of all that what you will.....& those headlines are some of the most outlandish/horrible yet.

    3. Paranoid A.I.? I suppose if the real world results of data input into the great spreadsheet repeatedly fail to match what the number cruncher states should be happening in its real time wargame on humanity some kind of deep glitch/"neurosis" will clone itself within the code of its "mind" creating a feedback loop of overwhelming illogicality hence the "disruption" of 2020... *cue* "Kirk" plaintively asking a computer "But ...What IS Love?" *sparks fly*.

  43. CBR -- how much $$ per patient does your hospital get for every "+" Covid case? Every one that needs ventilation? Every "Covid" death? All questions that need clear answers to if we're going to get to the bottom of this...because modern medicine is bottom line driven, powered by dogma, and, at the very top, highly unwilling to entertain alternative views of ANY kind. Case in point -- look at what's happening to Rogan for having McCullough & Malone on:

    And meanwhile, all I have to say to this is UH OH:

    1. That possession bit reminds me of the part in Redfern's "Final Events" in which a chanelled demon starts bragging about Hell's plans for humanity, about how they're planning to turn the whole world into a farm to harvest people's souls.

    2. ABSOLUTELY JB!! So much that was revealed back in the early/mid 2000s (Redfern's contact Ray Boeche) is looking like precursor events/blueprinting for what's being unveiled fully into the public sphere in a LARGE way now.

      Very much in line and running parallel with the tech angle: whatever they disclose in the current moment they're 20-25 years ahead of behind closed doors -- all will be revealed in time.

      & along that same line of thinking, didn't want this very important interview to fall between the cracks -- they're already trying to bury it.....entered it word for word in the YT search bar & it didn't pop up til I was scrolling 6-7 pages in/down:

      I'd like to pull a JFK on the WEF: shatter it into a million pieces & scatter it to the winds.

    3. Money talks, bullshit walks:

      “ Through the Cares Act, this researcher reveals that the federal government is essentially paying hospitals to murder people and put the blame on Covid!”

  44. PS -- pay special attention in that vid to @ the 8:30 mark when she says "And the target is the children."

    Targeted mentally. Targeted physically. Emotionally. Psychologically. Spiritually. You name it.

    Any wonder why me & some good buds:

    keep harping on the Epstein/Maxwell angle to all this? You don't have to go far before it becomes as plain as the nose on your face.

    We all live in some weird combo platter of the McMartin Preschool & Jonestown now.

    And we'd better snap out of it pretty soon...

  45. So, I walked through my parents’ house yesterday, which is the only place I generally see a tv, and Biden was on the news giving some speech and it was clear that it was faked. You know, like green-screened. Really obvious. The video was deep fake or they had put in people in the background. IDK, but it’s incredible. What the hell?

    1. Tee Hee IT'S HAPPENING! (See if I'm off comment timeout from trying to mention the Co's again)

    2. Since it seems I'm off timeout, I'll ask again, anyone else see my links about how Ghizzy and Jeffy are still listed as principal officers on numerous active companies in FL connected to dark winter?


  47. Hey CBR!!

    Hit us all with those links again (JE & Max as principals in FL Companies connected to Dark Winter) -- that needs to be followed up on for sure!!

    In possibly related events, well well well, look at this:

    The "conspiracy theorists" just can't stop getting it right & foretelling the future, can they??

    All the principals just keep coming out after the fact and confirming all those old conspiracy theories are well, gosh, true after all:
    vaxxes mess with women's cycles & reproductive health;
    it's NOT gene therapy, well, actually it IS;
    it's doesn't modify your dna, well it does but that's GOOD for you;
    masks don't actually work (haha -- after 18+ months of fear porn);
    myocarditis is rare, well actually it turns out it's NOT rare in the jabbed;

    They're already floating SADS -- Sudden Adult Death Syndrome as a real thing to try & mollify all the deaths popping up. What next? Prob something like yeah, we put massive doses of graphene in the jabs, but graphene is GOOD for you. Just like that chimeric dna!!

    Thanks GOD for Joe Rogan. His podcast with McCullough just passed 40 million views -- the one with Malone is jetting past 50 million.
    There are too many holes in the dyke for the fingers of the powers-that-be now, and the toothpaste is NEVER going back in the tube.

    Which only means that the next several months could prove to be the most dangerous ones any of us have ever lived thru. Because anything can happen.

    1. It's chilling the level of hypnosis that these people are under. I've had numerous conversations with people, telling them that I as a health care worker do not want the shot because of the risks of thrombosis, myelocarditis, myelitis, and pericarditis listed in their own websites. I even explain what each one is, and they just absolutely cannot comprehend what I'm saying, they pull out their vaccine passport that they are SO PROUD OF and continue talking about getting the booster and how everyone that doesn't get it deserves to die, yada, yada, I almost lost it on one woman, I was saying "so you think that since someone didn't want to risk getting a stroke by taking an experimental medicine they deserve to die?" She just looked confused and started trying to push her vac passport at me more, it was WEIRD.

    2. I might expect the level of intensity of this hypnosis to increase over time…

      Submitted for consideration: one Charles Turner, minion of the medical and intelligence communities lecturing at the War College in 2018
      on “psycho neurobiology and war” (emphasis on psycho)

      All the jar heads apparently need to be brought up to speed on hardwiring, which is obsolete. I would skip ahead to minute 28… it always amuses me when I hear “this technology is 2 or 3 years away”, which is code for “it’s here now, get used to it “.

      The part about “encoder” and “decoder” could certainly explain the thanksgiving parade drive though incident this past holiday season.

      Other tidbits: creating “swarm groups” false memories, and sleep learning.

      Turner also lays out the implications and applications for the intelligence industry. And, I found the most sinister aspect of the whole thing his smug, mild mannered delivery of the material.

      Here is Astrid Stuckleberger on the implications of this tech applied to shots and needle rape:

  48. These are the ones you were talking about before, right Rosie?

    I couldn't get in before, they were locked to me, but I just did.


    1. Yeah but there's more I've been trying to send them for over a year! Ghizzy has some too and her name is very unique.

  49. MORE re Opening Doors:

    1. Yeah, thanks for that, working a nightshift in the belly of the beast, with the wind howling outside...wwwhhhooo gonna have to finish that later.

  50. This caught me off-guard:

    "After Jesus' death and as his followers grew in number, objects related to him became highly sought after, such as the Spear of Destiny, the weapon supposedly used by the Roman soldier named Longinus used to kill Jesus, and the Holy Grail which is supposedly a cup in which Jesus turned water into wine at the Last Supper. Doctor Doom was revealed to have splinters of the True Cross in his armor just in case he'd run into Dracula one day."

    1. How far back does that Doc Doom reference go? To the Stan Lee-Jack Kirby days? If so, it only makes sense because the Kirb was one seriously plugged-in individual...a true visionary/shaman masquerading as a mild mannered illustrator.

      One can only wonder what manner of psychic dislocation upended his suburban 70s milieu. Oh, to be a fly on one of his walls!
      Astral travel and space truckin' were just for starters I'm sure!!

    2. When my son was only a few years old, he started talking to us about the "spear of destiny" and "spear of truth" and heaven and hell out of nowhere, FLOORED us.

  51. Kind of along those same lines, check out this film on AMAZON PRIME:

    Also prob telling tales out of school here but James D'Arcy joined the tennis club where I work while he was on location in VA filming HOMELAND here a few years back. Struck up quite the friendship with him
    for a short period of 4-5 months and lemme tell ya -- a finer, more down to earth dude you could never meet. Not your typical Hollywood ME type whatsoever. A real pal. Seriously.

    His REVELATION film above is quite good -- gets into Merovingian prophecies, Propaganda Due and D2 links to the black side of the CIA, the coming of the Antichrist, and forces battling it out over, yes, the DNA of Jesus. All bloodline stuff that I think predated Dan Brown.

    And speaking of Marvel, he also played Jarvis in the Peggy Carter series. Dude rocks.

  52. PS -- he also threatened to introduce me to Hayley Atwell.

    Had to revive me after I fainted.

  53. Said reason for fainting spells:


    The 10th wealthiest city in the United States
    In the same county as CROWLEY TX.,_Texas

    Already a Wikipedia page outlining everything about it:


  55. Tell me you follow this cause it gets memory holed when I try to 'splain.

  56. The tide may be turning.

  57. Sotogirly!!

    I JUST ran across that Pres of Ghana speech -- he basically outlines everything via the Rockefeller Operation Lockstep, the white papers of which Alex Jones released at some point after 2010:

    Much like Gates & the NIH's & Johns Hopkins' "Event 201" in October of 2019 -- it outlined everything they planned in blueprint form.

    & kudos to you Blue Rosie for spotting CROWLEY!! You learn well my curvy grasshopper.

    & yes, we all have nipples, but we do NOT all have THOSE weapons grade diamond cutters -- believe me, if I had those I'd never leave the house/flat/apt. But above all, it's her personality that makes the package -- she & D'Arcy are Hi-larious:

    Did I mention she's a tad "touched":


    I KNOW these people -- what an incredibly small world it's become.

  58. & just a couple more items in the "tide is turning" dept:

    Seems the argument for kicking Novak Djokovic out of down Under has been revised considerably:
    "Australian immigration authorities have detained Novak Djokovic, arguing that although the Serbian’s medical exemption from Covid-19 vaccination was valid, his views are too dangerous to let him stay."

    Yes, you read that right -- turns out there was NEVER any probs with his visa (which means they've been lying from the start as to why he had to go) only that he had to be made an example of because his views might actually cause the rabble to start....horrors....thinking for themselves. And a "dire challenge" to the Australian State.

    So there you have it in black & white -- "wrongthink" can get you deported, or worse. Djokovic is becoming more & more of a Muhammed Ali symbol by the minute:

    Smarmy, hypocritical, vile assholes rooting for tyranny.

    & meanwhile, in VA, the new AG ain't having it -- he's fired the entire
    Civil Rights Division in Northam's AG office, & is saying he's going ahead with all prosecutions that office, full of Soros junkies, previously declined. He's opening immediate investigations into incidents in the Loudoun County schools as well as the parole board releasing a raft of cop-killers and felons back into society.

    All this amid the new Gov Youngkin announcing that all mask & vaxx mandates will be OFF the table in VA -- specifically allowing the decision whether or not to mask children being left strictly up to the PARENTS. NOT the State gov't.


    This of course comes on the heels of even he legendarily compromised CDC declaring cloth masks to be absolutely "worthless" re any kind of containment efficacy.

    But only after almost 2 years of saying the exact opposite.

    All together now -- WE TOLD YOU SO!!!

  59. AND CHECK THIS EVERYBODY -- Portals opening in 3...2...1....


    1. For a split second, it crossed my mind to put up a picture to let you determine if some of Us do ;)...
      That's something CK taught me years ago, of looking at the geography and tying it in. Though not to discount that you've taught me more in the past year than some people learn in a lifetime! I KNOW I'm Clearly not the same person I was.

      On the Spear of Destiny line, might give CONSTANTINE a rewatch guys.

      This makes you think twice about the magnet/vax stuff don't it.

      Should I do that thing? yeah, GREAT BALLS OF FIRE is a must.

      NO, NO, you have it wrong, the electromagnetic fields are GOOD for us.

      I STILL think that there's something off here:

      Something weird about the way they go on and on about how everyone just LOVES him.
      Rabbis aren't usually known for crossing religious lines and being loveable. Rabbis all over are getting attacked...

      Could THIS be it:

      If my hunch is correct, it will likely line up with what happened around the Pulse nightclub and evident in the Real estate.

    2. Realizing I shouldn't post half asleep without reading it. Comment timeout on links again, OF COURSE there's a band called Spear of Destiny.

    3. You just keep right on posting my Blue Rose!! ALL is welcome.
      And you know where to send those "determining" photos!! Haha! This is an exhibition -- not a competition -- no wagering.

      Me now at my inbox:

      Made you laugh!!

    4. Lol, thought your email was down? Touché, I know I wouldn't win in a competition, unless she's disqued for plastic, oh I didn't say that, I'll stop bursting bubbles.

  60. I found a new version of the story of the Great God Pan, from pre-columbian Central America:

    Using bits from monumental inscriptions, Linda Schele composed a cosmogonic myth for the Mayan "First Father", one that still awaits iconographic confirmation. It runs as follows:

    "Under the aegis of First Father, One-Maize-revealed, three stones were set up at a place called 'Lying-down-sky', forming the image of the sky. First Father had entered the sky and made a house of eight partitions there. He had also raised the Wakah-Chan, the World Tree, so that its crown stood in the north sky. And finally, he had given circular motion to the sky, setting the constellations into their dance through the night."

    So basically the same thing as the Ymir of Norse myth or the Adam Kadmon of Jewish mysticism (among many others):

    A primordial cosmic giant, emerging from nothing, in order to raise the tree-like super-structure of all existence.

    1. I don't get how it links to Pan (I'm not saying that it doesn't) can you explain.

    2. Ymir, the Adam Kadmon, now this Mayan "First Father", all names for the ultimate version of the Great God Pan I met on the other side, but in other cultures:

      In Norse mythology, Ginnungagap ("gaping abyss", "yawning void") is the primordial void, from which YMIR first emerged; he was a cosmic giant with massive horns. And from Ymir's sacrifice Yggdrasil, the Tree of the World (the entire Universe and it's nine realms), was born. (His symbol is the mirror image of the rune Thurisaz, pointed to the left.)

      In Jewish mysticism, the Ein Sof is the primordial void, from which Adam Kadmon first emerged; he was a cosmic giant with massive "keren" (horns of divine power). And from Adam Kadmon's body the Kaballistic Tree of Life (the entire Universe and it's eleven sephiras), was created.

      It is a great irony that both Norsemen and Jewish people share the same basic cosmology.

    3. The Chinese Pan-gu, the Ancient Egyptian Ammon, the Celtic Cernunnos, the Zulu "Tree of Life personnified"...

    4. The Vedic Lord Pashupati who later became the Hindu Lord Shiva, the Heavenly Gatekeeper Janus of the early Romans whom they considered to be the beginning and ending of all things...

    5. JB legitimately had an experience. Or, not knowing him, I don’t, I can fully understand the sort of perceptual experience he is relating. I have never had the same experience, but I have had many experiences which were far outside of materialist reality and the flavor of the thing is one of awe. Finding oneself in the presence of certain beings is unforgettable. You can’t fully relate it because it comes in in layers. A person can only speak of it frustratingly because words don’t go there. At least not easily. That’s what art is for. Here’s a thing. We could all be interacting with imaginary friends, and if such is so I am myself feeding back to myself across this medium. It is a mirror. THat was just happy thoughts. I guess I’m a pre-game-theory proponent of that approach on a, well, I’m just making stuff. I always do experiments and I document them rather well. (If you know it’s a mirror)

    6. If you die and meet the Demiurge, then you have no choice than to become his Apostle! I swear I'm two bad days away from becoming a manic street preacher! Don't make me spank you with a leather-bound copy of Arthur Machen's works! ;)

    7. When I was 4-7 years old I would have a reoccurring nightmare at the beginning of falling asleep that was me falling down the middle of black shiny steps that were reflecting red from a red tangible mist around me that at times would form different people's faces crying out in anguish. At the bottom was what I always felt was the devil's h
      Face with his horns stretching to the stairs. Sometimes he would be laughing seemingly getting great pleasure at torturing souls, other times he would seem bitter and upset that his role was needed and he would direct me to certain faces in the mist that would come clearer. They would cry out things and I would pray for them and they would evaporate. It would often terrify me to go to sleep so I would try to stay up. Then I started practicing trying to pray and meditate on different people before going to sleep and that worked to help stop it.

  61. Wordman, I left a link to a mind bending video, in Part 2 of your 2017 Vegas posts about 10/1/17. This lady blew up their narrative in a sensational way.You will learn new facts like, when the police breached Paddock's room, they found NO BROKEN WINDOWS in the room. She also tracks the three helicopters up during the mayhem, including a 4th one that had a call sign saying it was a 737, but was another chopper. CEO of MGM Dumped 80% of his stock days before the event, lots of other 'stuff' in the two hour video. You all should check it out.


    1. I always thought that had something to do with the JANET terminal...

    2. also the tanks, I think they tried to blow it, explode the jet fuel for bigger mass event, would have been horrible. Murren selling 80% of his stock, I now think he is a Fed of some sort. Soro's bet the stock would take a dive,look at all the hotels involved all owned by MGM except one, I caesar does not rule Vegas any more, Would not surprise me if the MGM was a front for the CIA. Here's the thing if they had got the tank to blow it would have took out the Parent hotel. I can see it with all these nasty people to collect insurance.They were hoping for a much bigger event in my opinion, I remember saying to myself, ahh shit here we go again, we had just moved back to Vegas 3 months earlier, and as I was just watching this shit live I could hear the helicopters, and I remember telling the family that is more then one gunman. This Missy Robinson is a firecracker, she totally blows up their narrative into pieces. People here in Vegas? you can hardly get people to view the video, total denial that their government would be involved in such a thing...just amazing

  62. O.k got 3 vids, things seem to be happening here is Clif High
    not getting any push back at mugbook on any of these
    Here is the Video of Fauci and Friends, I can see them being arrested just from this.

  63. I’m getting a lot of mountain energy. Southern Oregon.

  64. I guess something is starting soon.......

  65. I VERY highly recommend the Norwegian film "Valhalla", if you want a dark, realistic version of Norse myth.


    Get it real cheap, brand new from Amazon (region 2):

  66. Pray for us up here:

    (That c**t's name is Julie Snyder, btw. Miss Pierre Karl Peladeau, former politician and owner of Quebecor Media Empire.)

    1. JB why not try and get out of the country, plenty of places where you can cross that border. Oh S*#t, I just reposted that at RMN to get that in front of more people for you. That shit is called abuse of a child. She is a real snatch

  67. Just a quick reply to all of you guys posting links & vids -- YOU ROCK!!

    You are quickly making this little waystation more trendy than twitter and edgier than Reddit. Deep deep bows and hats off to each & every one of you. Don't ever stop.

    Am quickly coming up on the finishing touches for the next drop, and since it looks like VA has effectively dodged the next Snowmageddon that was slated for this weekend (12-15 inches of not the fun kind...)
    looks like I'll have power and said batsignal will be up tomorrow or Friday at the latest for a long weekend of reading and clicking!!

    Perfect bunker fuel. Back soon.

  68. I had enough with the system today, and had to red pill my doctor here in an email response to a question they already knew the answer too in more ways then one... I responded with
    to bianca


    If the company will not take the numbers I gave you on the phone yesterday morning, then we need to retest me, I do not see the big issue to come in there wearing a mask and taking the test, we did it once for them already.My numbers have remained the same for the last 13 years when I take the oxygen off and our f*#ked up government and MEDICARE, knows that!!!, they knew it before Doc did, they want me dead, I will go when God takes me, and not a second before. I respect how everyone wants to look at the problem facing us, but this is really starting to annoy me.They say they care about us, but they have me in a position where I can not see my doctor because they scared the Doctor. I do not hold that against the Doctor, I love the man he has been taking care of me since we returned to Las Vegas in 17, according to the evil people doing this to the world, I should already be dead, it was designed to kill people like me first with existing conditions such as lung disease, heart disease, cancers...etc. I see this situation as at least 18 years old, with at least two outbreaks that were big enough to get into the news cycle or in other words they had to be included because they could not be covered up(get to more of that in a moment) by the ptb. We move toward the end of 2019 where some very interesting people were videotaped talking about a very interesting subject. I need to Warn you ok, the following video is going to change both of your perspectives on how you view the world, as health care workers you more than anyone else on the planet should know about the contents and what these men talked about. Bianca I do not know if you are the same young lady that worked for the Doc, the last time I was there in person but I hope you are ,because I always thought you were a wonderful young woman. I know you will share this video from my blog with the Doc.
    2500 views in 24 hours. Bianca and Doc you are both free to share as you see fit. I am not playing game's I want to see people held accountable for what they have done to this country and the planet!!!

    So back to the situation at hand, considering that I believe now I caught IT, whatever IT really is, having suffered from it like I did that first year I consider I caught a strain on par with the one in 2020, now that said whatever IT is, I am thinking Doc that this might be your best chance to get back to your normal, because this variant of IT, seems very mild compared to 2020, if there is a time to get covid this is it, because it seems more like a regular flu, but I didn't name the variant, the fear mongers did. I predict( and I will even wear a mask) you will want to see me Doc, after YOU see the video and what is said on it by whom, and who has been running our lives for over two years. I apologize for being the one that had to show you this, please do not let them do to your practice anymore than they have already done good Sir. Please can we do the test and get these liars off my ass, as you see I have important work I am doing, I need my supplies please . Working for You


    maybe more health care workers should be shown the video is what I am thinking, share it with yours if you agree.


    1. OMID!!

      That vid is making the big rounds everywhere, & along with both the UK & Czech Republic abandoning all semblance of any mask/vaxx protocols, I sense the worm is turning -- now WHY, and why now, I have no idea. Public pressure? Them ready to start something new?
      But all that, along with the SC continually shooting down Biden, and you've got nothing but a great big NARRATIVE CRUMBLING RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES. I know people are just generally fully fed up at this point, & I mean everybody: vaxxers, antivaxxers, Republicans, Democrats, just everybody is sick of the continual bullshit & ready to explode.

      HOPEFULLY it all heads to all of these people up on charges of human rights abuses and put before some kind ANY kind of criminal court. I really sense that Djokovic in Australia being such a flashpoint DID something, or was the final straw that broke the dam in a lot of people's minds. Really weird. But you never know what's going to be THE thing that spooks the herd just enough to stampede.....

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Sure sounds like they are desperate to start a war, anywhere they can, to get covid off the front page, but I can not see it happening, they went too far with covid, if they even think about Ukraine as the fodder, they are going to get smashed quickly by Russia. Of course I have heard that we could be the targets in a war of some sort right here in our own country, what I mean to say, there is still a chance it could get kinetic with us.We need to get through the winter, before I even think about letting my guard down at all.


  69. Hate to burst your bubble, but...

    Novaxx Djokovic holds an 80% stake in Danish biotech firm QuantBioRes. He is a perfect example of the controlled opposition we are beginning to see take over the ''anti-vaccine'' narrative...

    1. I wouldn't doubt it, but link please

    2. Here's one:

    3. Technically, it's an alternate treatment, but he started back in June/July 2020, and part of the research is taking place in Australia.

    4. Sorry I forgot that I'M the link queen ;) this is what I got in the mean time since asking.

      "Working on a treatment not a vaccine"

      Definitely controlled opposition because it sounds like it's going to be something along the same lines of biotech and genetic manipulation except they are going to market to anti-vaxxers and call it a "treatment" not a drug or vaccine.

      Fascinating I'm going to have to dig into this further frequencies and electromagnetic fields. Notice THIS DOES SAY VACCINE.

    5. Hey JB
      I personally do not see him as controlled opposition, I see him as one of us with money, earned from his God given ability to play a game at the highest level on the planet. He also is as intelligent as any of us, perhaps he just sees his investment as a good one for him and his family. At least his investments can be found, not so with some of the scum below your border, and likely within your country as well. I know damn well, I can not find out who Brandon has invested with as an example except whatever crumbs they throw on the floor. As far as I am concerned Australia666 is the bad guy here, they told him he cannot work in that country, lets see if France is going to join them downunder in Lucifers nwo, bet right now, he gets to play here at the Open as well as on the lawn in the UK.


    6. I was wrong, Djokovic's company is working on Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquin. Sorry.

      Irena Cosic

  70. I'm trying to manifest good thoughts but I think something worse is coming in response to the 'push back' from so many people. This gave me very ominous vibes....

    1. Hi Sotogirl22 whenever I start to get like that, I turn everything off that is making noise, I sit down, close my eyes, and repeat to myself in silence, be still, be still, until whatever fear had worked it's way forward, is dismissed from my present thought. Usually only takes a few minutes now, and this is way down in time from when I first started using it. I use it every evening, when I am done consciously thinking for the day. It takes longer for me at night depending how much input there was during the day, I also seem to have better clarity with the dreams I have as well as them being less chaotic. Sleeping is my biggest challenge these days. I do not sleep on a regular schedule, as Las Vegas contributes to that,but there are other factors at play as well. The be still approach works for me, but nothing is set in stone these days. Stay vigilant, but know that you are in control of all your emotions.


  71. I do not like they used COVID 19 in the headline, but then when you start reading he is talking about the current variant, so they are leaving it open to another variant down the line. Like I said, nothing written in stone these days, they do that on purpose for their benefit, not ours, that source is one of our oppressors but better than the rags we have in the MSM