Friday, January 21, 2022


"Unusual, isn't it? They say it came from a comet. Do you know what a comet is?"

(shakes head no)

"It's the most beautiful and powerful of all the celestial bodies. A blazing light in the night sky that can reveal all the secrets of the universe....Very soon the comet will pass so close to the Earth that you'll be able to see it with your very own eyes. We'll have a grand party to celebrate the good luck and fortune it will bring. Not to mention the thinning of the veil between the worlds."   

"We have our volunteer."

"Your human sacrifice."

"Our vessel. Capable of holding a whole new world inside of them. And everything is possible in this new world, Melody."     

"All the blood, the death. All those people in there you're planning to sacrifice --"

"For a greater good!"

They think they're at a party, Iris. Not being used as human batteries for your fucking jailbreak!"        Archive 81 (2022)

"You and everyone you know has a piece of DNA in your genome, put there without you knowing it."

"No one has the right or the ability to tamper with your DNA!"

"Unless we gave them that ability." 

"But with compromised immune systems, it's the vaccines that are attacking their systems."

"Meaning we're infecting them?"

"Thinking that we're protecting them." 


Where did we leave off last time in our open source, real world cliffhanger? The narrative spins and as we retrace our steps we are able to ascertain just how much has been revealed -- as the great karmic, occult doctrine requires them to do. Much started right here early in the X-Files 3rd season in 1995, pre-internet, pre-our mass ability to talk to each other, decode, and access: it all started with another vaccination, the smallpox one, when something like a bar code was installed in each one of us and the "cataloging" began courtesy of the Nazi-derived Paperclip system and operation:   

Call it predictive programming or the Revelation of the Method or Externalization of the Hierarchy -- it's been revealing itself for quite some time now, and most often before-the-fact per the Chris Carter method now updated 2016. 

(Mentions of CRISPR, gene deletions and turning off the immune system feature prominently. Full episode here: ) 

Although not always. Of late the rug-pulls are appearing increasingly after we've already taken their bait in that same system that's still running:

As you can see from the above, before you can say Novak Djokovic, everyone from Pfizer heads to Albert Bourla to Stefan Olerich of Bayer to various and sundry CDC leaks are, in real time, admitting that these mRNA vaxxes are, well golly, gene editing and gene therapy after all. Shucks, we're sorry, but it turns out we've actually been lying to you all this time up til now in all our frantic denials of the very same thing. All you wretched "conspiracy theorists?" You've been right all along. Go figure!

LSS: stop using he term 'vaccine' to quantify the current situation. This is no way, shape or form is any kind of vaccine. This is a simulated mRNA code that is being injected into everyone as preparation. For what you can argue -- the Metaverse? (We're all just avatars for something else.) A new reality? They didn't coin it the Great Reset for nothing. Think back to the mass lockdowns that began around March 2020, what also began then? A massive infrastructure including the beginning scaffoldings of the 5G network -- they needed all of us, en masse, out of the way so that could be installed without the scrutiny of too many prying eyes snooping around. Why?

As Ben Joseph Stewart postulates in this crucial ep of the Higherside Chats, first contact has already been established, perhaps dating back to the times of John Dee and others, what we are continuing to see is just the eventual fallout of the retrofitting; i.e., if we went to Mars, what would we humans need to do to Mars so that we could live and thrive there? 

Since 2020, the proliferation of 5G towers has exploded, and all accomplished without any kind of human sustainability accounts, or any quantitative studies as per possible harm done:    

All those women having menstrual and bleeding, reproductive problems? All of those ones that we've censored and disregarded and marginalized for claiming the very same thing post-vaxx? Well, it turns out THAT was true too -- along with all those pesky heart probs and embolisms and strokes that we've been blaming on climate change and global warming -- you got it -- they're all caused by the vaxx too. 

But you can still trust us. Here's booster no.8!! Inject away puny earth fools! We are building "it" because they are coming. Our instructions are clear. To recount that timeless line from The Invasion of the Body Snatchers '78 version, why do we always expect metal ships? 

Perhaps this is colonization. Couched in techo-speak for the common good, wrapped in mass psychosis so no one can object, and trotted out for the betterment of hypnotized humanity -- when in reality it is the ultimate Operation Trojan Horse. And another line from '78: "It's happening NOW." 

Will we all be shouting too late -- "It's a cookbook!!"? 

Before we leave the last remnants of the 'X' factor, check this eeriness out:    

Do you even want me to get into SADS -- Sudden Adult Death Syndrome? Because that's suddenly a real thing too, along with the rise of thousands of children having heart attacks that was always happening but that we just somehow never noticed before, what with our busy lives and all. Same thing with all those spontaneous abortions and miscarriages that are up >50%. Nothing to see here.

All those football stars dropping stone cold dead on the pitch? Normal. Surely you noticed that's been a thing for decades now. 

But shhhhh -- Mass Formation Psychosis....that is NOT a thing. How dare you! (In my best Greta Thunberg.)

I've got something else that's currently in mass formation: Gaslighting.

They somehow, by making it relentlessly uncool to actually stand for anything, have made it de rigueur to fall for anything. To fall for it all. And haven't the great mass of humanity done just that as science fiction turns rapidly into science fact.

But not nearly as many as you might think. The word is spreading, and fast. Cross-correlate this article with the "science fiction" of Chris Carter above and all those other headlines I included for you to click thru:     

Many, so many, are awake and aware to the fact that something is opening. A door. A gate. A portal. They can feel it. That feeling of that splinter in the mind is growing incessant. A quickening and hyper-realization of all the senses is stalking the land, and you don't have to be a superhero to access it. 

And look what other entrenched player has entered the arena again -- MITRE. A dark entity that we have looked at in these outlying pasturelands before:

Here they pop up again, not so strangely:

(Notice that in all of Africa, the one little place that stands out on the implementation map happens to be Rwanda. I find that more than highly ominous given its past history as possible beta-testing ground for voice-to-skull dark techs that we have looked at before here.) 

And here:

Spooky enough yet?

MITRE, PALINTIR, Gotham Data Services, General Dynamics, Bechtel, RAND Corp, Tavistock. All of these banned, shadowy corporations are cutouts and fronts for the elite and their social engineering (partnering with transhumanism) fuckery. Want something that'll curl your toes? Look into all of these and where the tentacles lead...

Look into what happened to Jack Wheeler: 

Spoiler alert: it very likely had nothing to do with Russia or cyber threats. Gaslight me harder.

Look more closely into this -- something else they swore wasn't happening, or possible thru the vaxxes: 

And just why would they want to do that? 

"Nowhere on planet earth are people free of the trucks. They travelled across Rwanda dirt roads. They ride on Kuwaiti highways. They move thru these city streets...Can you hear them? Do you hear them? The trucks don't care...Without us knowing they must make trucks out of all of us. They have the map. They can make us go down any street they want to. Streets that we would never even dream of going down. They flip a switch, we go east. They flip another switch, we go north. And we never even know we have been flipped..."

Either the way is being prepared for opening, or WE are being prepared for same. Maybe the doors are us.

And just because they love their perverse numerology factors, does anyone besides me find it right up their alley and well within the occult-techno purview to massively roll out the c-band 5G in another couple of hours on 1/19......when it just happens to be the reverse of 9/11?

Remember one the guiding tenets of Crowley. Learn to speak and talk backwards. (In reverse.) As any true devotee of either the Beatles or Led Zeppelin could tell you that. But don't worry -- it's probably nothing. There is this though -- the ability of graphene oxide to be activated by cellphone frequency:  


I know, for one thing, that this interview Steven Greer did with William Pawelec (released posthumously back in 2010) hits totally differently now in early 2022 knowing what we know up to this point: 

We are dealing with technologies, as well as ideologies, that have been on the loose (if not exactly free-range) for at the very least decades now, if not far longer. Our real-time technocracy has finally caught up with the long-held directives and "angelic" communications of John Dee, Gilles de Rais, and Elizabet Bathory, to name just a few. What's going on in today's world from everything Epstein and Gates, the entire network, is merely updated versions of what they were attempting. The entire vaxx agenda hooks right in to the genetic manipulation of the human species as well as the quantum reconstruction of reality. (see the Zuckerberg META implications of last time...) Every day another piece fits.

We may wish for a Star Trek future, but with every passing minute, the Childhood's End of Arthur C. Clarke seems a far more accurate forecast: "In this single galaxy of ours there are eighty seven thousand million suns ... In challenging it, you would be like ants attempting to label and classify all the grains of sand in all the deserts of the world. It is a bitter thought but you must face it. The planets you may one day possess. But the stars are not for man."  

And that seems to me somewhat of a warning. A kind of galactic Beware Of The Dog (Star) sign posted for all to see.

"Counting all the choices, mapping down your mind...Listen to the voices that you left behind...Rewind the tapes and..."

Just found this and continue to be flabbergasted...from the Symbolism will be their downfall Department...there is so much here it boggles the mind, and on quite public display at the NYC corporate headquarters of PFIZER -- this artwork is not to be believed: Horus, son of Osiris by the way, Egyptian god of the Dead and of the Afterlife...Horus was thought to transcend the mortal understanding of puny "morality" -- sound familiar? Also check the symbolism of empty vessels: 

Why such an interest in Egyptian antiquities, and tie-ins with genomics? Strange bedfellows:

There is most definitely something here....

Same as with Epstein's marked interest in Pan symbolism -- caution: MAJOR rabbithole of occult weirdness ahead: 

So many converging interests amoung so many like-minded individuals. Fascinating. We may very well be seeing a fluid dimensionality at work here, a slipstream of crosscurrents running parallel programs across multiple timelines, all seeking access. Is that CERN on the line? The relatively trivial minutiae of the assorted Mandela Effects could likely wind up being the least of our worries when the Lovecraftian Elder Gods find a way in or a portal thru.  

"Someone's knockin at the door/ Somebody's ringing the bell/ Do me a favor, open the door/ Let 'em in......" 

Looking back over our shoulder from these days of acquiescence and transient morality, after all, it's what they've always lobbied for, isn't it? Sometimes the simplest alchemy is the most effective. Laissez faire sigil magick at its finest. That mass formation psychosis had to start somewhere, didn't it? 

Meanwhile, back in the real world, it appears a tennis player, of all things, led the way to revolution...

Thanks to Novak Djokovic and his stand against medical tyranny/apartheid Down Under, more and more headlines like this are appearing every day since his deportation:   (Imagine working at Starbucks, not wanting the vaxx, but then complying in order to keep your job...then finding out today they no longer require you to have it.) 

As the narrative crumbles the Fightback begins. As something trips over in the mind of the Collective, like a contagion inserted into the hive mind of the Borg Cube, it appears now to be happening all over the world. From the UK to the Czech Republic to Ireland, nations at this hour are jettisoning the mask and vaxx protocols en masse, perhaps harbingers of either a cresting wave of awakened freedom or preparation for the next step in the takeover -- at this point who can say? All we can see quite markedly is that the narrative is shifting. Perhaps they underestimated the amount of pushback they'd encounter -- or the amount of fight left in a population they thought they'd hypnotized and brainwashed to the nth degree. The rebelling spirit in humanity is far more than they thought they'd have to contend with at this juncture, and for that we can heartily congratulate ourselves.   

Oh, and in case you haven't, by all means check out Archive 81 currently burning up (#1) Netflix. If you express a familiarity for ideas brought forth, (dare I say conjured?) in this blog, you will be right at home. The quotes at the header are just the beginning.....think Skull and Bones, Blavatsky, Theosophy, OTO, the Agape Lodge in LA that Jack Parsons headed, DNA charting and manipulation, high-level Corporate occultism, and so much more. I see metaphors for comet Hale-Bopp, Bohemian Grove, CERN, the present vaxx agenda, and on and on weaving thruout the eight episodes. 

Synchronicity rears its head again. Call it the 100th Monkey, call it whatever, but outlier patterns and alt research from places just like this are entering the groupmind. And playing spot the influence via every veiled (heh heh) reference has never been so much fun. All will be revealed. And then some.    

Steady at the wheel, my friends. Steady at the wheel. Those open doors that can usher in that medical apartheid and tyranny and can also open out onto the cry of freedom. If we are to be vessels, then let's all brush up on our Fitzgerald and choose to be boats. Boats against the current. Always.





















  1. Supernatural Evil acts exactly like an extraterrestrial force. The "Jowday" featured in Twin Peaks (old English for Jaw or Jowl of the Day, in other words the "Devourer of Light") plants seeds everywhere, at every opportunity, a very agressive panspermia. It wants for darkness and ruin to spread, and turn our entire world into a living hell, similar to its own habitat. That's terraformation, as we're all either contaminated and broken by evil or simply replaced by extremely dark versions of ourselves.

     And now, in real life, we're being conditionned to accept the reality of ancient pagan gods as paganism is making a sudden and violent comeback, while at the same time being constantly bombarded with the supposed inevitability of alien first contact in the not-so-distant future.

     Real-life SPOILERS: The revived pagan gods and our extraterrestrial visitors will reveal themselves to be one and the same ("ancient aliens"), and they will demand our environment, our genome and our very minds be modified, for our survival's sake. The ultimate abandon of conventional morality, the ultimate normalization of Satanism, pedophilia, cannibalism and who knows what else might ruin us and bind us to darkness eternal.


    1. I DO believe you've hit the nail squarely on the head JB -- as usual. And just to let you know I DID get your & Dginn's links to Djoker's upcoming vaxx &/or treatment protocol (whatev you wanna call it) for the 'rona...and am fully taking that into account as to whether or not he may be being trotted out there as a kind of limited hangout.

      Of course don't know the dude personally but he HAS always aligned his name with all manner of New Agey workarounds: everything from gluten intolerance (real thing granted) to speaking harsh words and/or kind words to water can transform its molecular properties (must say I'm kinda on board with that one as well), to pyramid power & "wolf" energy. Hells yes!! Plus the dude sleeps in a hyperbaric egg for God's sake. So he's no stranger to "out there" stuff.

      His #1 role model in all of life also happens to be Nikola Tesla, so there's that. And his most famous quote WAS "If you want to know the secrets of the universe, thinks in terms of energy, frequency, & vibration." From everything I've found, it seems like Djoker's Covid remedy is very much along those lines, of changing the body's frequency to combat disease and augment the best health. So who knows?? I've got an open mind about it with everything I know about him -- & of course there's always the eternal possibility that he's being used, no doubt.

      And let's not forget in the equation that at a very young age he was traumatized repeatedly during the Clinton initiated Balkan Yugoslav Kosovo conflicts that ravages those areas from relatively 1991-2001. Practiced his tennis in a swimming pool with sheet metal on top to shelter from debris during bombing runs. Doing that at 6-7-8 years old your life ain't exactly cushy. So there's that -- find it weird that he survived that & Andy Murray survived Dunblane. Horrific stuff on young minds.

      Thanks as always for all the input -- you ROCK brotha!!

    2. Well It looks like I was wrong, Djokovic's company is working on Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquin. Sorry.

      Irena Cosic

  2. 1- "The entire vaxx agenda hooks right in to the genetic manipulation of the human species as well as the quantum reconstruction of reality."

    Human beings are THE "Conscious Observers" who determine/generate reality itself on a quantum scale, so turning us into *MIND-CONTROLLED *ANTENNAES* FOR SOMETHING ELSE* would allow mere demonic possession to give those demons God-like power.

    2-"Starbucks throws out vaccine mandate"

    The Starbucks Mermaid is a symbolic representation of *Lilith*, so if their Dark Goddess says it's over...

    (Melusine (the Starbucks Mermaid) was originally called "Mother Hydra" (old French "Mère Lusse", a lus being a river serpent commonly known as "une hydre"), the same name Lovecraft gave "the mother of all mermaids" in his stories. So all French noble blood is said to be blue like hers (same goes for other royal families), and the Fleur-de-Lys was originally her symbol, looking more or less like a big blue frog (interesting to note that "lily flower" could be interpreted as flower of Lilith). In pagan Celtic times, she was celebrated by *drowning a young man in a river*, on what is now known as St. John the Baptist Day.)

    1. Call me crazy but that Starbucks logo always gave me the creeps in a kind of Lovecraftian Shadow Over Innsmouth vibe. Hasn't stopped me from drinkin my weight in Frappucinos tho - haha!! Mmmmmm Dagon juice!!

      And why do things like THIS always break right AFTER I finish a post -- the universe mocks me!
      PS -- didn't Planet Of The Apes start this way??

      GMO monkeys on the loose -- what could possibly go wrong?

    2. The monkeys are tickling my fancy just now. Regarding the reconstruction of reality:

  3. Replies
    1. Did you know that they remade that? I haven't seen the remake the original was awesome.

    2. They didn't "remake" 12 Monkeys, they made a cheap SyFy tv series starring 20 year-olds.

    3. Oh, I just saw the thumbnail and the date. Could you repost the link to "the forming"? I was telling someone about it and I realized when I searched for it, I realized it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack since I can't remember his weird last name.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.


    OK -- who had 'Monkeys on a Highway?'

  5. Great post! I'm going to be clicking links for days! But *ahem why didn't you put in my Ghislaine/Epstein/Carlyle/Blackstone link? I know maximum effect... But I can't wait.

    1. Don't worry Jean Genie!! I'm saving that juicy nugget for a whole different vibe -- but it's in the works. The whole Epstein-Maxwell mythos is just the gift that keeps on giving for weirdos like me trying to decode the world. Have very creepy feelings that that ARCHIVE 81 is trying to tell us something between the lines about that too.....

    2. I draw the line on calling me Jean - bad mojo.

    3. I tried to watch ARCHIVE 81 and realized that I had just watched ARCHIVE the movie instead, definitely worth watching and ties in with consciousness uploading and different dimensions.

    4. Anyone else unnerved that my "screw you JB" comment disappeared? I didn't do it....

    5. MWA HA HA HA HA!!!

      I am protected by the GODS!

  6. I was told the 21st to the 27th was going to be eye opening,by ex
    army intelligence officer

  7. Well, it will take some time to go through this, but one link did catch my attention right off, so I have to read that one first. As always, thought provoking wordman.

  8. WORDMAN, thank you for this link!!!

    1. Glad to do it OMID -- going back I find Chris Carter & Co included so much, so many layers of exposing things, in their scripts that I think in even another decade we'll STILL be catching up to it all.

      When Carter himself disclosed on Art Bell one time around 96-97 that he had deep contacts inside the CIA, NSA, etc that continually provided him with fodder for his scripts -- well, I believe he wasn't just blowing smoke....validity of alien implants, genetic engineering, ties between the DOE and the Human Genome Project, third strand dna, mind control experiments on prisoners and kids, you could go on & on....

      & remember behind it all was the proposition that the 80% of our "junk" dna was placed in us thousands/millions of years ago by off-world entities & that enabled us to be able to perceive, thru diff dimensionalities, ghosts, orbs, yetis, flying saucers, pretty much everything 'paranormal.'

      Sounds like a Jacques Vallee crash course with a side of John Keel...& MILLENNIUM got more into the secret society side of that, protecting that kind of knowledge for their own ends, all the while also being guided by off-world entities that turned out to be demons!

      Carter pretty much had all his bases covered, didn't he?

    2. Yeah he sure did, goodness is still looking out for the planet though in one aspect. I am talking about that event near Tonga.Thank God that the majority of that caldea was underwater.No wonder the shockwave circled the planet, it was a massive supervolcano that blew.Oh yeah, taken a look at that harvest 91 vid yet? Enjoy the weekend bud

    3. Sometimes calling something an “alien” or “demon” is just semantics.

      OMID— I watched the Harvest 91 video. I’d like to say it’s shocking, but at this point…

  9. We have a trailer of something called.THE BELKO EXPERIMENT
    aren't chips a wonderful idea?

  10. The population might as well be remote-controlled cyborgs anyway for all of the independent thinking they exhibit. They’ll never even notice the change.

  11. OMID -- that film brings to mind very much another one -- if you've never seen it....VERY worthwhile:


    I would tell you that it's based on true research, but then again you know that.

    As one of the commenters astutely remarks -- "and this was decades ago, what are they doing NOW?"

    Sadly, as we're living thru it -- Mass Formation Psychosis writ large -- I think we know. Stealing elections, upending societies, and reordering WORLDS now, not just handfuls of people. We are ALL the test subjects. They didn't just weaponize a virus, they weaponized how we THOUGHT about it, in order to seek a "cure" not one of us naturally would've touched with a ten foot pole. Fuck they're good.

    But it still amazes me how most of us up until now couldn't even begin to see it...Forest for the trees, man.

    1. You are right, they have been doing this here also under the cover of covid....

      The Fed’s Emergency Loan Operations to Wall Street’s Trading Firms Began on September 17, 2019 – Months Before the Coronavirus COVID-19 Had Emerged in China or Anywhere Else in the World. That Strongly Suggests to Us that Wall Street Banks Had a Serious Problem Independent of the Virus Outbreak. Mainstream Media Refused to Cover this Story in any Depth, Leaving the Heavy Lifting to Wall Street On Parade, Which Has Since that Time Written More than Ten Dozen Articles Chronicling this Fed Bailout. Click on this Text to Read Our Full Series of Articles.

  12. Hey JB -- this is where you started this comments section off -- can't remember if I ever linked to it in a prev post, (I go thru so much meaning to put it up & it's inevitable lots falls thru the cracks...)

    So just in case, here it is:

    If nothing else it bears repeating.

  13. Sigh... Wordman. I'LL be in the blanket fort. Awwwww jeez... Here we go...

  14. MARBURG BLEEDING VIRUS, just like in Millennium. F**k you, Chris Carter.

    1. So are our loved ones who took the jab going to start dropping?? Or start attacking people (Rwanda)? And blame it on a 'variant'? OMG so many people I love took it. I am so scared. My nephew is 2 years old. Is he in danger from his parents. Oh what do I do for him????

    2. Sorry Sotogirl sometimes those two have no tact *smh pheh men! So there's a number of things that that helps the body DETOX AND HEAL BEFORE it gets to that! I'll start pulling links again but for starters turmeric, garlic, gluithione and exercise.

    3. (I woke up early on my day off when you posted that worried about bleeding from my dream And my head hurt)
      Capsaisin also So the garlic things and purifies the blood, the turmeric and garlic are aurvedic(sp?) Meaning it's had THOUSANDS of years of proven benefits in Indian medicine.Turmeric raises the temperature of the body and helps repair it, even nerves! They are both, antimicrobial, (antiviral, antifungal, antibiotic) they have been shown to CURE everything from Lyme disease to warts and herpes yes the supposedly incurable gift that keeps giving! ;) The capsaicin and ginger while not necessary improve the action of all the other herbs. Gluithione and bromelain (and papain most bromelain comes with it) helps the body break down and reabsorb foreign bodies, blood clots and stones. The Gotu Kola helps repair ANY scarring in the body even on the brain, it's being studied in Alzheimer's. I forgot to add, (I know this is getting to be a lot you can start with garlic and turmeric only) omega 3 fish oils help the turmeric repair the fatty myelin sheaths on the nerves. Of course all kinds of vitamins too.


      Did I forget ivermectin? (If you can get it do, but I believe that garlic and turmeric are just as good)

      GARLIC (Allium Sativum L)
      Notice that crushing, chopping and aging change the properties and make it more healing.
      This recommends freeze dried, but I find that hard to find out here in the boonies.

      With Garlic I would take a clove chew it up with cheese and swallow it for those that can handle that. Then take the odorless pills starting with three or four as they are tolerated (because it thins blood) then increasing it to 12-15 hell I've taken 20 before.

      activity against different human, animal and plant pathogenic viruses through blocking viral entry into host cells, inhibiting viral RNA polymerase, reverse transcriptase, DNA synthesis and immediate-early gene 1(IEG1) transcription, as well as through downregulating the extracellular-signal-regulated kinase (ERK)/mitogen activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling pathway. The alleviation of viral infection was also shown to link with immunomodulatory effects of garlic and its OSCs. Clinical studies further demonstrated a prophylactic effect of garlic in the prevention of widespread viral infections in humans through enhancing the immune response.

      TURMERIC (Curcumin)
      Healing spinal cord injuries!

      Curing HIV and RNA and DNA viruses. Notice that it says that it's not well absorbed by the body so avoid having to take massive doses of it by including the capsaicin and ginger and garlic. Also the oils help make it better absorbed, but may not help if the person in question doesn't have their gallbladder.

      It chelates heavy metals and helps the body naturally raise gluithione levels.

      As an added benefit it's awesome pain and inflammation reliever. And baths in it, though temporarily turning your skin and hair yellow, will cure all manner of skin disease including hand foot and mouth.

      I'll link to the others after breakfast.

    5. The good thing about the herbs is that they are apolitical and if you link the pubmed and ncbi websites your relatives can't say you're a conspiracy nutter!

    6. I forgot to add some music ;)

    7. Also, there is pine needle tea, for which one must identify the species of pine if wanting to use that. If you live in an area with an abundance of pine trees, it would be cheap to procure. Some species are poisonous, though. I’ve been taking pine essential oil from Revive. It’s been said to maybe remove the crap from your blood.

    8. Hey CBR thanks for all the info. I take most of these but the problem is THEY do not and do not need my advice about jack shit. AND about referring them to 'legit' sites I will get the standard, "Oh NOW you believe the (fill in the blank) sites?". At this point I just want the baby.

    9. Sotogirl, I feel you completely cause that's EXACTLY what my own loved ones say. They won't open ANYTHING from me it's getting to where they don't even know me anymore. Every time that I talk to them they are more and more radical liberal and THINK that I'm more and more radical right, and gullible.

    10. KM, well what gets me, is that my siblings had the same upbringing as me, but came to extremely different conclusions about it. There's things that I talk to them about where we held the same veiws about when we would talk about when we were younger, and I had experiences and research that reinforced those views for me. Whereas they've said that they only held those views because they were parroting what my parents said, now they know better. Apparently they simply found new role models to parrot.

    11. CBR. I know. When it comes to my kids, I have no idea how this could happen. I raised that one. Nutrition, herbs, strong criticism of the medical system, Non-stop X-Files. How does an apple fall so far from the tree? I was way more charitable in my thinking, though, before she got her 5 and 7 year-old vaxed. Like you can’t do some freaking research before going all in on it with your children? Damn.

  15. What if it wasn't just monkeys but Chimeras that escaped from that truck in Pennsylvania?


  17. Allow me to interrupt the good witchy pharmacy -- & thanks to all -- all those links and suggestions are invaluable & very much along my line of thinking that God put a cure here for everything!!

    But the venom and vitriol being directed at RFK Jr for his speech today at the antivaxx/Stop the Mandates Rally in DC is off the hook. People are LOSING THEIR MINDS because he DARED ("How DARE you!!") to mention Anne Frank in his allusions to she had more places to hide than we antivaxxers do today. OMG the horrors -- comparing this point in time to the Holocaust!! I guess all those vaccine deaths and 5G surveillance potential and body mapping we're just supposed to excuse because all those oligarchs behind all that have our best interests at heart dontcha know??!! It's a kinder tyranny -- get down with it you fools.

    But NOPE -- RFK Jr's not having it. And I'm right with him & I don't blame him. Not one little bit.

    Have been looking for a lone vid or even transcript of his speech today but -- natch -- it's nowhere to be found. Hopefully one will surface, because I hear it was a doozy.

    1. He’s the greatest hero of this time, or one of. I’m afraid for him, of course, but he’s got so much courage.

    2. Grab it while it’s hot:

      RFK, Malone, McCullough, et al

  18. And here's to your last point KM:

    This groundswell of a movement -- and yes it is fully a MOVEMENT now -- is growing by leaps and bounds. Be it what's going on as pushback in Canada or what happened in DC today -- this isn't slowing down.
    It's snowballing downhill at an increasing grade & velocity.

    1. When nobody is having the vid terror op any more, they have a fake UFO op waiting in the wings. They’ve been signaling it for years now. So, let’s just keep our heads on if suddenly the government declares that we much fight aliens. I fully expect that any time now.

  19. And between building that large concrete wall around the WH & this:

    just what are they preparing for?

    I'm starting to get lots of pre-9/11 vibes. Any of you?

    The more scenes that they continue to see like this:

    all around the world...the more I'm thinking they're gonna have to pull another HUGE false flag to derail this train we've got going.

    They can feel their power base slipping away...and they are going to do anything -- & I mean ANYTHING -- to maintain it. These are dangerous, dangerous times.

    1. It’s going to be aliens. Pretty soon anyway. They’ve been prepping the narrative hard. Remember Trump and space is a war-fighting domain. To the Stars Academy, that Hillary was trying to promote? (CIA operation) They need threats now that are not national like 911 was, but global. Aliens. Climate change. etc. Global threats.

    2. Then REAL aliens are gonna show up, and r*pe EVERYONE with their tentacles. Even Soros and Schwab will have giant tentacles up their a**. End of story.

    3. I was in a room with the BBC on in the background yesterday evening. RussiaRussiaRussia nonstop. So my bet is on WWIII.


  20. SEEK & ye shall find!!

  21. Have NO idea what this is or represents -- just placing it here in case it will acquire greater meaning in the near term:

    Don't bother listening to the doofus narrating, there's no ambient sound anyway, just FF to the 6:00 min mark & tell me what that is going on? 9:10 it runs thru with minimal "mouse" work from doofus.

    What IS that?

    1. No idea. Unless they intend to blow sh*t up as part of a false flag, weakening the structure ahead of time.

    2. Taking the walls down to the studs looking for eavesdropping devices?

    3. With all of his green screens and fake Oval offices, is Demento Joe even IN the real WH??

    4. Is demento Joe even real anymore? Or are we seeing deep fake videos, a double, a cyborg? I think that we have to expand our comprehension of just how weird things might be in that area and many others.

    5. About whats going on in DC

  22. And now the security cams are all conveniently OFF -- right AFTER that footage hits reddit...

  23. FINALLY -- anybody...and let me repeat that in the strongest possible terms...ANYBODY that harbors any kind of ill will, resentment or animosity towards this man is SERIOUSLY fucked up.

    This is one of the most beautiful speeches I have ever heard:

    1. I read the book and I was, the whole time, in awe of his work and his bravery. Humanity as a whole owes him a debt. He’s one of the greats.

    2. Peter McCullough was there too for the DC Rally yesterday, but he put in a fairly perfunctory performance....the top-shelf awards really went to Malone & Kennedy; those 2 were more than worth braving the arctic temps to go out & hear & show your support. The eloquence of those 2 guys was off the charts. ANY reasonable person after hearing them cannot possibly take any kind of pot shots at the absolute validity -- necessity -- of asking questions. JUST asking questions. That's all that needs be done, in the hope of getting some kind, ANY kind, of answers.

      The very fact that that is being marginalized & censored across all platforms tells you all you need to know about what is being done here. The pity is that with RFK's voice -- thanks to vaxx damage btw, which is what got him started on all this along with his research as a corporate lawyer on MERCURY & how many ways it's introduced into our eco-line -- most today don't have the attention span to actually hear what he has to say....which is a damn shame.

      He's painted by many -- including members of his own family -- as "tragically wrong," ill-informed, dangerous, and even a "mind virus." All after merely going to bat for all of us that don't, ironically, have a voice as out there or as powerful as his.

      No good deed goes unpunished, right?

      His dad's fav poet was the Greek playwright Aeschylus: "Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God."

      And that apple doesn't fall far from the tree, for sure.

    3. I ordered an extra copy of his book just in case I can find somebody willing to actually read a book about a potentially life or death issue. Probably unlikely, I know.

  24. OH, FUCK:

    1. Yeah JB -- have been on this one since inception & things aren't adding up...

      Coming from Mauritius, flying into NY, then en route to Penn and something happens at the intersection of I-80 & 54...what's there? Supposedly on the way to Fla I think I read, but that 54 is really off the beaten path and this is sounding like a misdirection. Some secret facility in Penn? Underground?

      CDC not saying much at all other than that they are there to "coordinate" or some such. MUCH we don't know & aren't being told.

      I do know this is the perfect cover for releasing something & then blaming it on a few rogue monkeys. Also, why were they SHOT instead of tranked? If they were infected wouldn't they be concerned with blood splatter? Then it's a hop skip and jump into the local animal population = all over.

      Spooky stuff in the wilds of PA. The $64K question is what were they infected with? Many are saying they WEREN'T infected, but if so, why is the CDC involved? Wouldn't that just be left to animal control?

      THIS is closeby:

      There is also a Biolevel 4 lab in Pittsburgh...

      Either could have been the destination, altho that Rte 54 is still weird and doesn't appear to lead anywhere of note...going either one of those places on 54 is like going around your elbow to get to your nose...or so I'm given to understand.

      Let's not also forget that Mauritius is where some are now claiming covid was first discovered in the population....

      Plot thickens.


    1. I KNOW -- I saw that late last night, to my horror as I used to admire Young just like I USED to admire a lot these days before I figured out what trolls they are...Who in their right mind sides with Big Pharma after all this? Nobody good, that's for sure.

      Now I'm of the opinion Lynyrd Skynyrd was right all along: A Southern man don't need him around anyhow.

      Some people just know, ya know? And LS knew back on June 24, 1974!!

      Hope your peepers are feelin better after the weird chemspray blowup!! What else, right?

    2. Now I'm bothered
      Seems Crosby is fully behind Neil Young

      My spirit animal!

    3. Sorry have to do one more

  26. Leave aside the fact that Rogan has 200 MILLION Spotify listeners, somewhere around 33x Young's Spotify footprint.

    Rockin in the Free World is strictly Joe Rogan territory now Neil, & YOU"RE the one that wants to shut that down. Talkin the talk I guess is different from walkin the walk, eh?

    Plus I can just see this conversation --
    Counsel for Spotify: "My Young is that your signature at the bottom of the licensing agreement?"
    NY: "Yes."
    Counsel: "no further questions."

    (Later that day...) Mr Young the Spotify folks called -- they said your shit is out front in a box whenever you want to pick it up..."

  27. Meanwhile.....Back on Monkey Island:
    Who remembers this headline from Nov. 18, 2021...& just check the byline:

    Ladies & gents, have we established Ground Zero??? Who knows what's wandering around loose out there??


    But the story just got a LOT more complicated....You all are gonna wanna see this...Tomorrow midnight imminent Batsignal High Importance.

    1. I'll be waiting Bobby, my eyes are fine now, thanks, the rest of me is burning now.

  29. Dude love your blog but please don't fall for the controlled opposition:


  30. IVM and HCQ are part of the controlled opposition. They are the wormwood (dewormers) of Revelations. You can cure Lilifluenza with trad. anti vampire materiel garlic (allicin) sunlight (Vit D) sunlight (Vit C) holy water (ie clean) silver (colloidal not for virus but for opportunistic bacterial infection). If you want to get creative then melatonin and cannabinoids. IVM or Pfizermectin are *all* part of the scam. Maybe some of the controlled opp. are not entirely in control of their own minds on this and are manipulated one way or the other but Novax Jokervic is *definitely* an asset.

    "Trailer" for Body Snatchers starts in Halloween '22 and the "movie" runs for whole of '23. To solve the problem presented by whatever microbe this ends up being we will have to get a lot more creative alchemically. I think it will be fungal (maybe opportunistic fungus attacking those vaxxxed or with "long covid" see murcormycosis for glimpse into future horrors) so I recommend everyone get a working knowledge of natural anti-fungal way ahead of time at least as a sensible start to the countermagic we will need. This idea has been well seeded by microdosing, "fantastic fungi", ST Discovery, etc etc. Some fungi are great don't get me wrong just not the ones that eat into your brains.

    1. Hcq and ivermectin are controlled opposition? I disagree. I know of 7 people, 5 personally, who have all used ivermectin with 100% success. Sars covid 1 is very similar to sars covid 19. Fauci wrote a paper in 2005 recommending the use of hcq in the treatment of sars 1. They're both essential medicines and extremely safe as pharmaceuticals go. As for natural cures there are a number of things a person can take some of which you mentioned. Resveratrol is very high on the list plus it's also effective against smallpox! You never know when you might need it. I have used various Chinese formulas for people l know who've had it and they worked too.

    2. I'm not saying they don't work it's just where all the traps were laid and that it was playing the "wormwood". We've seen those traps play out so there should be no debate. What was *not* being talked about at all (or very little) which have also been shown to work is all the anti-vampire stuff. The "media" wanted the debate to be between IVM vs Vax. There were a gazillion other ways to handle this we agree. Why did it basically boil down to this?

      I forgot to mention Omega 3 as well. But I think the pineal gland vagus nerve ace2 receptor blockage via spike protein causing cascade of problems through body is very very interesting and also suggests v as a kind of psychic *blinding agent*. So melatonin should definitely be in everyone's arsenal.


    Fungal infections affect the immuno suppressed. The 80 times increase in this disease seen in India was blamed on steroid use to treat covid patients but if v causes general immuno suppression /derangement then expect serious fungal infections in vaxxxed as more time and boosters pass. Bizarrely this will be responded with by treatments that make it all even worse. By '24 you'll have bacteria like MRSA getting involved as well requiring 3 types of vax (or vax for 3 things) on the Green Passes. By '25 it will also include a very regular general health check as many people will be Typhoid Mary's at that point. This leads us to '26 or Logans Run where the stacking effects of treatments will be a death sentence that people will still deny. There will be many Logans doing the run like there are many Alexes from ACO right now. "Smart Cities" will be even more sterile (plastic shields, masks, uv lights everywhere 1000% increase in absurdity) as people cannot handle run of the mill infections anymore. I think this is inevitable. The heroes are all dead and are not coming back this decade. We all have to find courage within our own hearts not hope that some Joker is carrying it for us in his.


      Many of these are available within a few miles of my house. I’ve been harvesting Usnea of late, as it has excellent antibiotic properties as well as antifungal. Tincture is easy to make. I used it on my dog recently when he started a dog fight and got bitten. Anyway, not a bad time to learn some herbal medicine. Another thing, there is actually a homeopathic nosode of cv out there, but its very hard to get and nobody wants to say they have it.

    2. What do you mean nosode of cv? And define strange...;)

    3. Oh, man. The strange part is voluminous and mostly when I say anything about it, those comments don't post. That specific fact actually makes the whole thing a lot, lot stranger.

      A nosode is a homeopathic remedy made from the thing itself. So, covid, tuberculosis, syphilis, etc. There are many.

    4. I asked my buddy to save me a popsicle of mucus from his recent infection. You can fined for purposely catching covid in Switzerland now, I think, and they just started demonising people who do this more generally. You may be hexed :-)

    5. I'm sick right now with a stomach bug vomiting, bloating, and fever, not too bad though, just been waiting it out. I have noticed that melatonin seems to be helping more than anything for it. Looking forward to some interesting fever dreams, I'm about to try to sweat it out.
      So if I start posting some weird shit...;)
      Lol the radio earlier said "shout out to our friend Jenny she doesn't just act crazy, she is crazy, she gets normal" weird and random, I don't answer to Jenny either, but I've been called that my whole life.

    6. You know what's funny is that, part of why I was posting some of the weird stuff was because of the things that were getting disappeared, and other strange things...

    7. 6 garlic pills. Then 4. Then 2 on the third day. Keep that up for a few more days. Sweating is good as well. Refuel your body with "holy water". Then back to the sunlight juice + D3 + omega3 + zinc.

  32. Things have really gotten strange.

    About F***ING time!

    I have a feeling that if this is a winnowing as Zod says but man made and planned, there's going to need to be a lot of things for the "chosen ones" to look forward to New technologies (or rather finally loosening up on hiding some) but for the average people that have no hope of getting it and fear porn will be pushed at them.

  34. Watch out between 4 february 2022 – 20 february 2022.

    Because that's when the China Olympics take place, and I have a VERY strong intuition it will be disastrous PR-wise due to several athletes getting heart-attacks live caused by the Vaxx (bye-bye "Mandate of Heaven").

  35. Great catch JB -- Had totally forgotten about the Olympics, much less them landing in CHINA of all places this year. Wow.

    The landscape has turned sickening in so many ways. And I'm now looking squarely at you Gene Simmons, Neil Young, Rafael Nadal, Bruce Springsteen, Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, Rage Against the Machine & too many other offenders to even count. Each & every one of you all ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE.

    Advocating for any kind of NWO agenda or free speech/open discourse lockdown makes you that. You should all be ashamed, if you have any conscience left to feel any shame. Esp ironic are the ones like Neil Young & RATM, whose old cliche of "Fuck you I won't do what you tell me" has suddenly morphed into "Fuck you just do what they tell you!!"

    How do you complete and utter SELLOUTS even sleep at night?

    Back later.


      I've had people screw me or my children over before and I've asked the sons of bitches sociopath judges and cops to their faces "how do you even sleep at night?" They all get a creepy smile and say "just fine" as if they actually get OFF on it.

    2. They're not the same people. The answer to why is in the darkest possible reading of your own post. For whatever reason they are not the same. Invasion of the Body Snatchers is one of the most terrifying movies that has ever been made. You want to talk about how they sleep at night? That is in the movie too.

    3. Might I refer you to my "Twin Peaks" post at the very top of this section.

    4. Blogos, great new posts BTW, I liked your color theory but there's only so much RHPS one can stomach, ;)

      As far as fungus goes, boric acid is probably better than turmeric even. I'm allergic to antifungals. Since they're all related, the doctors gave up and told me that there was nothing that they could do for simple fungal infections. I found out that it's as simple as boric acid, but "doctors" don't believe in anything that doesn't have a brand name stamped on it.

      It's hard to get because it's been labeled a poison when it's actually about as poisonous as table salt.

      JB spiritual terraformation, that's chilling...