Wednesday, January 26, 2022


No one could explain it

What went on that night
How every living thing
Just dropped out of sight

We watched them take the bodies
And row them back to shore
Nothing like that ever
Happened here before

On the east side of the island
Not too far from the shore
There stood the old house
Of fifty years or more

All the doors and windows
Were locked inside and out
The fate of those trapped in there
Would never be found out

There ain't no life on Monkey Island
No one cares and no one knows
The moon hangs out on Monkey Island
The night has dealt the final blow

The fish jumped from the water
And started walking home
The birds all started screaming
And dove into the foam

The night came out of nowhere
And then a quiet rain
Footsteps in the darkness
Down a half forgotten lane

There ain't no life on Monkey Island
No one cares and no one knows
The moon hangs out on Monkey Island
The night has dealt the final blow

Times are tough, frustration/ Need relief, medication/ Gone to far, intoxication/ Fight the urge, of temptation/ Miles to go, no destination/ Is it real, hallucination/ Lose the dream, of stagnation/ Feel so lost, desperation


It's much too close, contamination/ Love and pain, and deviation/ Just suck it all, ejaculation/ It's much too late, for damnation


When I was young,
My mother told me,
She said "Son,
Someday everything's gonna be alright.
There's no escape,
There's no salvation,
It's much to dark, for Revelation."


Ironic isn't it, that just a few posts back I cited one of my favorite Chinese proverbs "If there is no tiger in the mountains the monkey will be king." And now thru the powers of synchronicity and shared karma, those monkeys are loose in the psychosphere and running quantum entangled riot over the narrative of late. 

I still have no idea what's going on, but some more threads have emerged from the fog of war that is our lives now, and a bleak picture emerges...

Perhaps we'll say this phase of the ending began on a cold Friday in Pennsylvania, at which time a transported cargo of monkeys from Mauritius met a crashing end to their journey hard by the intersection of I-80 and Rte 54, details of which are addressed here: 

Concerns quickly became magnified when the CDC became involved, and any answers -- were the monkeys infected? Where were they going? (supposedly Florida??) -- weren't forthcoming and even the questions made little to no sense. getting to Florida from a JFK arrival by way of PA made little to no sense at all for starters, unless the real destination was in fact somewhere in PA all along, which hosts more than a few number of clandestine BSL-3 & 4 labs likely both over and underground. Then there is this headline from the archives:

And check that dateline: November of 2021.

There is also the not small matter, which I have not been able to verify but that needs mentioning in the interim, that the woman that was exposed bears a striking resemblance to someone else of note:

You will also notice how the narrative keeps shifting -- first she was fine, then she stuck only her finger in the cage that she thought was full of "kitties" (!!), then she was hissed at, now she's got pink eye and lung problems from some unknown contagion. Note that the hissing part indicates airborne transmission. So things seem to be being manipulated on the fly...

But wait, there's more!:

I'm sure you can glean from all these articles the fact not only that we're not getting the whole story -- it's extremely likely we're not even getting half of the story right now. And that should make you extremely worried given what else is going on in our little sci-fi theatre over the past several days...

This past Sunday in DC saw a frigid 60,000 attend a Stop The Mandates Rally featuring speakers like Del Bigtree, Robert Malone, Peter McCullough and RFK, Jr. amoung many others assembled to address their rights to stop the rampant tyranny and human rights violations growing in our midst. By far the 2 most important speeches are right here, and they have been getting scrubbed mightily:

Then on the heels of that rally came the news of Senator Ron Johnson launching a series of Congressional investigations on Capitol Hill re the viability of all covid vaxxes, their possible harm to all concerned, the clinical data, and all trial info. was this covered wall-to-wall 24/7 the way it should have been by all the MSM, the way similar critical junctures in our history have been like Watergate, Iran-Contra, etc? Not in the slightest. 

The fact that not a PEEP was heard over a critical issue that effects the life of every man, woman, and child on this continent and the world should tell you all you need to know about the "objectivity" of today's vaunted media machine. The fix is in. Here's what I could find:

All this unfolding amid a backdrop of the WH withdrawing all covid regulations:

When CNN admits this, when the UK, Czech Republic, Ireland, and other EU stalwarts begin dismantling their covid lockdowns, masks, and vaxx protocols across the board, you know the narrative is crumbling right before your eyes in real time. 

All of which begs the question, just what is going on in Pennsylvania? And why? 

Meanwhile, down South in VA, look at this:

Blocking ivermectin treatments and calling the cops on the dissenters...what I may ask again and again, do they have against this perfectly wonderful treatment that could have stopped this "pandemic" (if there ever was such a thing) in its tracks at the very outset? There is always the "follow the money" gambit, and of course that plays a role here as does everything else when hospitals get untold thousands for every positive covid admittance, even more for every vent, even more for every death, and on and on...but something else is going on that not more than a few paying very close attention know about.

Ivermectin is an anti-PARASITIC. So what, you say.

Carrie Madej has got your so what right here:

THIS is the information she has been blacklisted, ostracized, and put out of business for. This is what she has been threatened over, in the land of the "free," and home of the "brave." Pardon me while I choke. The only bravery here I see is hers, for reporting what she sees, for being a good person, for holding on to both her soul and the Hippocratic Oath.  

If she is even close to correct, I have very little wiggle room in calling this exactly what it looks like, an Invasion scenario. A bioforming. A colonization. A preparation platform. And then everything, and I mean everything, that's been predicted right here over the past 7+ years comes into full, cinemascope view. Because what else are you going to call it? Because it's where CERN, and what Epstein was doing amid the backdrop of the CFR, WEF, NIH, Harvard and the Gates Foundation, and the relentless, unending vaxx push all begin to make linear sense in the largest, most horror-filled perspective anyone could ever imagine in their most fevered nightmares; where all those scarlet threads that have been woven begin to form a picture...  

This is me, from my lonely outpost atop Monkey Island, amid every signal and sigil in the book, reporting on the Reconstruction.






  1. Wordman... that is all I got! Speechless.

  2. Missed my last link in that

  3. I've come back from the future to tell you: don't take the 8th jab! The first 7 might kill you, but the 8th one will make you BURST FORTH and suddenly thousands of little transparent baby Hydraes will be crawling all over the place! And the 9th jab is even worse!

  4. Gotta make way for the Homo superior!

  5. Here is another data point for your "Stolen Elections Have Consequences" file:

    The Biden administration has dropped charges against the MIT nanotech specialist caught working for China.


  6. Watch this. Seriously.

    1. This is Dr. Arruda, our version of Dr. Fauci up here in Québec.

    2. Good Lord JB!! Signaling, signaling everywhere. & between Amazing Polly & Jeff Wells & you, I know full well what a fascist backwater Canada is these days -- so abhorrent for such a beautiful territory. Trudeau, much like Biden, needs the hard boot.

    3. Trudeau's quote "Unacceptable views!" Always thought he would make a perfect antichrist, easily the sexiest guy in politics ever, but probably Castro's son, straight out of a movie script.
      Change the body to suit the demons not the soul, that poor beautiful girl destroyed.
      And Blogo's unified color theory on a pin everywhere!

    4. Unifying Colour Theory, ''Infinity Stones'' and Eyes Wide Shut

  7. For those of you that remember LOST -- look who was present for the frigid DC Rally Sunday:

    We Are Everywhere.

  8. Hey Wordman our theories are dovetailing so it's probably a good idea to swap notes. I don't know how much time we will have left to do that in the way we are now. I hope there will be a window left open but who knows these days.

    The Unifying Colour Theory was discovered in 2017, created in 2018, tested in 2019 and allowed me to predict 2020 and beyond pretty accurately. Being concise, the descent down the Tree of Life we saw in the movies implied a further descent into the Tree of Death (The Qliphoth), which is the inversion of the Tree of Life. It also links with the ''Infinity Stones'' and the ''endgame'' of a cull. Since we were ''watching the movies'' during 2010-2019 it implied that in the inversion we would be ''on the other side of the screen'' i.e. the Sitra Achra (Qliphoth). I was not sure beyond the first Qlipha (2020 - Lilith) how the years would be structured so I did some esoteric work with Artemis and one way or another discovered the Cult Movie Meta Theory. In this theory the years are synchronized with the plot of the Cult Movie and events are calendared accordingly. i.e. take the run length of the film and divide by 365 (its a little trickier than this in practice but you get the point). 2020 was Clash of the Titans (1981), 2021 was Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) and 2022 is A Clockwork Orange (1971).

    When we get to 2023 the movie used to structure the year will be *Invasion of the Body Snatchers* (1978) and you can read my initial thoughts on it here and how it will link with the other movies to take us towards ''The Great Reset'':

    I have put the relevant diagrams at the top of the page to give anyone who wants to know a quick visual oversight but the blog has covered the intricacies of this and how it works paying detailed attention to Rocky Horror. The calendars are being displayed at the Hotel Apophenia blog run by Journeyman so I am free to go a little bit into the future:

    The 31st January should be the beginning of the rape scene in Clockwork Orange which occurs during singin' in the rain. This should be made clear in the calendar of events around the world that day. So far they have been very focussed on doing the tableaus and scenes in very blatant ways so it should not be hard to see Singing in the Rain if you want to check for yourself that this theory works or not. We have been presented with several Alexes for our cast but its definitely worth adding Alexei Navalny to this list as well:

    I expect the rape victim is Ukraine. The droogs in masks in this scene will be snow troopers (wearing all white) with gas masks. Singing in the rain could imply some kind of chemical weapon attack false flag maybe or I would at least expect dramatic flooding stories elsewhere in the world. These are quite strong interpretations but seem like it could be the case. The ''rain'' was tied to COVID-19 in Rocky Horror so the masks in that scene could tie to that too possibly this new ''stealth'' variant they've been muttering about. Anyway this is one example to test.

    Good luck everyone. Fortune favours the brave.

    1. Blogos, you've talked before about Angel and Archangel communication/summoning like Gabriel. Have you asked any of them about any of this?

    2. Hi Bluerose,

      I see the UCT as a development of my work with Archangel Raziel on time travel, specifically the work I began in 2013 but crystallised in a search for a theory to test in 2017. It stems from observations of my own (esp Twin Peaks: the Return...) and some that Chris Knowles was making on the Secret Sun blog about colour coding in movies but behind that was the preparatory work with Raziel.

      I've always been interested in time travel since the Metabolism of Time, a work on esoteric genetics that I give out in the early parts of the Hermetic Lessons but something that I had completed by 2001. As a ''white magician'' and alchemist (I know I'm not exactly one of the cool kids in these days of darque fluff sorcerors out to make mad cash off bitcoin and bang redheads) I've tried to focus where possible on healing and the work on time travel does in fact powerfully lead back into true medicine, in the traditional sense and not the corporate necromantic sense. I'd argue that most true achievements of the Great Work (the Elixir of Youth, Life, the Universal Medicine) involve Time Travel - even if it as simple as truly healing old wounds. As such Archangel Raphael has always held me close as well. So in terms of angelic allies I can say with confidence that I am backed by Raphael and Raziel.

      In 2001/02 I performed a systematic working of the hierarchy of Archangels, most of them creating incredible experiences for me. The two weakest experiences were Gabriel (although this was the second working and I still hadn't figured out what I was doing maybe) and Metatron (where I basically got static). I am not in the habit of 'shopping' for spiritual allies, as I think these allies should be as small in number as your closest friends so I have sticked to these two wherever possible. As a friend of mine once said when talking about Theurgy you don't need to swap out Gods to fit them into whatever situation you need like Venus for Love, or Luna for children, when Jupiter can pretty much handle most situations on his own (unfortunately this was not the case in 2020 because of incredibly bad astrology). It's better to build strong connections with a small group again. In terms of Gods then I have stuck wherever possible to the Jupiterian and the Venusian as these are the Right Hand Path.


    3. 2020 forced me to get creative and the beginning of that work was with Raziel/Raphael as a source of inspiration for countermagic to Lilith. See Mesopotamian demon incantation bowls for an indication of what I was doing around the time the pandemic hit the West.

      Somehow this lead into ''Orphic'' work with Perseus (the Medusa Lilith Algol connection - this entity being covid itself i.e. lilifluenza) and the squad of deities attached to him (Athena, Hermes, Zeus). When I looked back at the UCT long after we were deep into this I noticed the Clash of the Titans remake (2010) and Percy Jackson (2010) so Perseus was as hardwired into the UCT as Leonardo DiCaprio is... (Shutter Island and Inception being effectively the same film released twice in 2010). As Chris Knowles pointed out Mithras is a development of the Perseus cult.

      I developed the Orphic work with Artemis (Diane for Twin Peakers :-) ) in 2021, again breaking my own rule and reaching out to more deities than I would otherwise be comfortable with. As schizo as it sounds she brought clarification of the Cult Movie Theory which I was very very surprised by myself. She is an amazing deity to work with if she is a bit ''Fuck you Gordon'' at the beginning:

      Anyway bit of a long answer but I hope this is transparent! Now its '22 (the inversion of Mercury which is Samael - ''Samuel'' Spare for those watching the infernal theatrical working which is Archive 81) I am working with the namesake of the blog i.e. Hermes (Trismegistus) but its a struggle during retrograde. This should clear up on the 3rd Feb.

    4. Hey Bloggy!!

      Supreme links my friend. Just a few points:
      A) Do you specifically "channel" these entities?
      B) How do you know who you're talking to?**
      C) Question everything.
      ** Long history here re the Collins Elite, The Nine, John Dee, etc.

      Just be careful & buyer beware. See Deception & telling you what you most want to hear. (I fight against this every day & the only person I'm talkin to is me!!)

      All things considered super film & enty references. I totally agree that almost more than anything else I've run across in quite a while, ARCHIVE 81 ticks every major box as well as firing off boatloads of allusions to pretty much everything that's going on in the world today. Ya gotta wonder just WHAT is going on....81 is like a psychedelic Agape Lodge re-working of TRUE DETECTIVE, an entire Epstein network 2.0. Amazing how our run-of-the-mill perceptions of the horrific are morphing on the fly. What was once inconceivable is suddenly "where have you been?"

      Really REALLY makes you wonder what tomorrow is going to bring...

    5. I found The Secret Sun blog in '17 and started reading you in '18. But in '21 there were things that happened IRL that seemed to be tied to what you wrote and some WEIRD stuff that happened in '20 when I completely cut off all internet use for a while. Kinda spurned the Whole LAURA MEANS.

    6. @Blogos Speaking of Artemis, Israel has just signed the Artemis Accords. Look at Dr. Michael E. Salla's Twitter.
      Apparently, this has something to do with NASA's planned missions to the Moon. The program was named Artemis. The U.S. Army's Project Diana involved broadcasting radar signals from Camp Evans in New Jersey to the Moon. Some versions of the Project Sigma hoax involve something about how extraterrestrials allegedly intercepted the signals and mistook them for distress calls. Chris Knowles wrote about how L. Ron Hubbard penned Dianetics near Camp Evans in New Jersey. Is the goddess Diana the book's namesake? Anyway, the final chapter in the full text of the translated Russian book of alien races titled "The Message" says the answer is Artemis/Diana.
      What is that about, exactly?
      @wordman The Nine were mentioned in this article on Dr. Michael E. Salla's website.
      Dr. Michael E. Salla interviewed Elena Danaan who claims to have made contact with The Nine.
      Look at what Uri Geller posted on Instagram two days ago.
      Especially notice the hashtags, #hoova and #spectra. The source of the signals is most likely natural,not artificial. If you want to discuss this, you can join this forum.

    7. A) Yes. Raziel & Raphael. And a bit of mixed Orphic theurgy. Plus Alchemy & Psychic training. I am far from a demonologist and have never worked with anything of that sort, nor felt the need to.
      B) How do I know who I am talking to when I am talking to you? Even if we were social media buddies I couldn't really confirm you weren't CIA could I? Even if I had known you my whole life we still dont get around the fact that all any of us have ever seen is our perception of things... I mean what is even real, really? But that's why we are Gnostics right? I'm sure we are both extremely skeptical and wary. At some point though you've got to make some kind of leap of faith and I've been doing this kind of work for over twenty five years and by their deeds they shall be known. As I said I'm confident about the identities of these allies. And I would add that our mutual enemies here are *definitely* doing this kind of work and we are afforded the same amount of spiritual allies as them (after all the universe is balanced like that) but for some reason we don't ever pick up the phone. Isn't that how the "Black Lodge" won..? By corrupting or wiping out the "white" magicians and making sure our traditions were shattered? Consolidating their grip on magic and then ruling over these feckless materialist hedonistic husks that they turned everyone into. Anyway I know where you're coming from (and I agree, with Dee and Kelley I know all to well believe me) but my counterpoint is we are eschewing a whole class of powerful weapons and defences because... why? I'm not so sure. They might blow up in our faces? Well its war and weapons misfire from time to time. Might have to start taking those risks. To be fair any of my readers could see I was retty much minding my own business and going about my studies, which I was sharing freely up until 2018. I am late to this fight but I am here now because I know what is at stake. My principles and my soul. I still have them and I know you do too.

    8. Blogos 2:23
      You state that you are "Late to this fight", but I would disagree with you mate.
      Your very existence here, and mine is testament that we are very much in 'this fight', and have been from the beginning; hence a major reason we chose to incarnate 'Here' at this 'Time' AGAIN!
      The 'Black Lodge' seems to be winning, and they do seem to rule this 'Realm' but that is because we exist in a "DARK UNIVERSE" and the true realm of existence that we came from is the opposite of that; the "LIGHT UNIVERSE".
      Sounds simplistic yes but I have seen this with my own eyes and it is very real as are the 'Beings/Entities' that hold this "Dark Universe".
      At one time there was a singular existence and a 'Split' occurred.
      This was shown to me as a huge golden tree of life and a part of that 'blackened' and broke off; withered away if you will.
      Those of us that hold our inherent 'Divine Sparks' hold the truth of the true realm of existence within us; our birthplace, the "Light Universe".
      It took my some years to figure this out and it was blatantly obvious the last couple of years based on what is happening here in this 'Reality' which seems to be spinning out of control and losing it's 'Hold'.
      The "Old Ones" Lovecraft wrote about are real here in this "Dark Universe" and they hold this illusion and have trapped us in "IT" because without our very belief in "IT", it would not be able to sustain itself and that is what we are witnessing today; the break of the 'OLD' and the RISE of the 'NEW' (Beginning)
      The "White Lodge" has never really 'lost' because it is based on the Universe of Light and not the Universe of Darkness.
      Because this Universe of Darkness arose from the original "CREATION", it holds that "SPARK" within itself regardless of how hard it has worked to extinguish that "SPARK".
      It is my humble opinion that the best way to serve this 'fight' is to embrace our inner Divine and radiate that "LIGHT" from within us to the best of our ability; let our inner "SUN" shine.

    9. Blogo's thank you for clarifying that, because a lot of what you talk about, I've only seen referenced in dark circles, probably for the very reasons you state, so I always felt like you walk down paths that would scare me, but at the same time I'm always on the lookout for supernatural GOOD being available.

    10. My dad always told me "if you're going to make powerful enemies, you'd better make powerful friends, some people are scared of power in general." Guess I should've listened more.

  9. Is David Lynch obsessed with Ancient Sumerian mythology?

    In one of the earliest Sumerian Bilgames/Gilgamesh poems (long before there was even an Epic), he had to go up against *Lilitu* (Lilith), who was "killing a very old tree by the banks of a river, by making her nest in the hollow of the tree". This was later briefly mentionned in the Bible itself, as "the Screech Owl" (Lilith) killing the Tree of Life by making her nest in the middle of it.

    Remember Hillary Clinton's FOIA demand for any and all info about "the Resurrection Chamber of Gilgamesh"? My theory is this: since the Biblical *Nimrod* is without a doubt Gilgamesh (a great hunter before the Lord, king of Ur and Akkad), it seems his "quest for immortality by defying the gods and building great monuments" never really ended, so after the end of the Epic, not only did he build the Tower of Babel, but he also somehow got his hands on some Anunnaki technology, hence the Resurrection Chamber, probably a suspended animation pod.

    In order to reach the Garden of the Gods, Gilgamesh had to travel to the *Twin Peaks* of Mashu, reaching to the walls of Heaven and descending into the depths of the Netherworld. Upon reaching these Twin Peaks, he had to travel blind for 12 hours in total darkness before finally seeing the forbidden living jewels of the garden.

    One of the most famous Inca sites is Machu-Pichu. Not only does "Machu" sound exactly like "Mashu", not only is it essentially situated between "twin peaks", but Machu means "old man", while the Epic's Mashu mountains were the gate Gilgamesh needed to cross in order to find the Oldest Man on Earth.

    Also, a unique, very controversial bowl covered in *cuneiform writing*, very similar to Sumerian-Akkadian, was found there. A golden shield depicting a tall bearded warrior, holding two *lions* by the throat, very similar to Gilgamesh, was also allegedly discovered near the Temple of the Sun at Tiahuanaco, and was exposed for a time at a Native History Museum until it "mysteriously disappeared".

    In Twin Peaks, the great adversary of the series is the "Jowday", which is none other than Lilith, mother of all abominations. This is significant due to Gilgamesh's first great exploit being to defeat Lilitu.

    1. WOW JB!! -- So funny that you mention that HRC "Gilgamesh Resurrection Chamber" email when she was working in the depths of the State Dept. Been thinking a lot about that lately & the true agenda of what was going on over in Iraq & Afghanistan post-9/11 & what the real agenda there was. Remember the hue & cry about "why are we targeting those 2 specifically when they didn't have anything to do with 9/11??!!" Well maybe because they had stuff we'd wanted for a long LONG time & we needed the (ANY) excuse.
      Pretty glaringly obvious when you see it in those terms.

      There's always a subtext going on below the surface where the real truth of so many things lies.

      IF 9/11 was the real psyop/setup it certainly appears to have been at the hands of all the Black Magickians controlling things, we may have found the modus operandi...which, if things are still running along the same track, gives us plenty of food for thought about the true nature of COVID, the WEF, and the vaxxes...Total global control might not even be the endgame, but merely an unavoidable blowback consequence of something even darker afoot.

    2. If the Anunnaki were actually based in South America back in Sumerian times, it would explain how the Inca Empire ended up with legendary "Cities of Gold" and at least $1 TRILLION in gold later stolen by the Conquistadors.


    HIPGNOSIS got majority stake in Neil Young on 1/06/21

    Then HIPGNOSIS partners with BLACKSTONE

    Likely on 10/06/21 from what I can find.

    Remember the bat on the 2020 quarters?

    And then Neil young's new album BARN is similar to The new

    What are the objects in our culture that have the most energy fed into them in all kinds of ways through prayer, meditation, spells, wishes, actual use, fighting etc. But money, just like the paper money was blueprints of 911 what are coins or metals but commemorations of them seeking to achieve a goal and energy all working towards that. Stamps were so much easier to change.

    1. Remember the relationship between Laura Means & Frank Black??!! Turned out to be pretty important.

    2. No I'm sorry but I don't, I SO BADLY want to see MILLENNIUM. I just know from what you and JB have told me things I read on that and TP confuses me, having never seen it. I need to rewatch CARNIVALE, I couldn't follow it much because of a migraine.

    3. LARA HERE:

      The entire Series here:

      All transcripts here make for fun reading:

      Lara communed with literal angels and a specific Guardian Angel that left her quite catatonic after its visits but often clued her in to what was going to happen here.

      before her final break with reality, she saved Frank (& family's) life by giving him her allotment of Marburg virus antidotes that had been given to her by the Millennium Group, who were trying to recruit her.

      She & Frank always had an unspoken "thing" that manifested in looks, subtle touches, etc. Kindred spirits.

    4. MORE --

      Weird scenes....

    5. Right when I could finally bring myself to listen to Corgen again. Been wondering why there's two very different versions of many of his songs.

  11. And CBR -- speaking of Laura (or Lara) Means -- uuhhhhh, I'm gettin the shivers again:

    I DARE not plus this in a blog header as no one would believe it....

    SYNCS are MORE than frightening and awesome sometimes -- the Universe is speaking...Attention Please!! (When it's meant specifically for you.)

    1. CBR jogging my memory, where have I heard/seen that:
      You know with EVERY birth/c section they get it, no questions asked.

    2. And YES a thousand times yes,...find a quiet place where you can really almost meditate and CARNIVALE will truly speak to you.

  12. & Blue Rose (you'll get your name now....) while it's up, the full Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me (precursor) film:

    Lights Out.....

    1. I told you I got my name from my tattoo, that came from something that has followed me in synchs THROUGHOUT my life got the tat in '07 or '08.

    2. Thanks for all the links! I needed an excuse to stay up on my days off, then be exhausted moving furniture.;) Sadly I think I'll have to come back to this. Goodnight. I need ALL my energy to fight off evil kidding/ not kidding! But I'll be back, after I catch up on the links !

    3. Screw it, I'm going to watch it now. I've asked a number of people before if they understand what my tat means, and even when I give them all the tools they don't really understand.



    It's been posted, and no one objected.

    Key words here: "information collection"

  15. Flashing lights 4 years ago 5/30/17 in the white House

    The next day the white House communications director resigned!