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"I wanna do this song tonight for all the young people out there...if you're in your teens, because I remember a lot of my friends when we were 17 or 18 we didn't have much of a chance to think about how we felt about a lot of things, and the next time they're gonna be lookin at you, and you're gonna need a lot of information to know what you're gonna wanna do...because in 1985 blind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed." 

"The universal vaccine programs not only open the door for behaviour control thru gene modification and enhancement, but more importantly, for the present operation -- psychological behaviour control with the vaccines is even more fundamental. Regardless of whether or not the vaccines are unnecessary and useless regarding this virus, or even harmful for many, they are the most uniform and concentrated psychological weapon ever devised to control human behaviour."  Jacob Rothschild

Ashes. I delivered their ashes. My friend k-killed himself.
And my mother doesn't...
But I was so scared,
I didn't know what to do. I...

- It's all right, Peter.

- It's not all right! It's not all right!
I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!
God, the night they came
and took my father away...
we were in the middle
of dinner.
We were in the middle of
dinner, and they just came in.

And we didn't do anything.

He told us not to do anything.
He...He was so calm.
He... he didn't seem scared
at all, and... and...
when they brought him
back four months later...
I wasn't sure it was him.
He looked so different.

He... he was so weak
he couldn't even speak.
And he didn't go near
his violin.
He was so scared...
he wouldn't leave the house
and pick up the telephone or...

And I...
I just... I don't...
I don't know what they
could have done to him.

My papa. He...
he was so brave.

he was...

-I found something after
you left the last time.
It's a letter
from your father to my husband.

Shall I read it to you?

"We must all
take responsibility...
for what is happening
to our country.

"If those of us
who have a voice...
do not raise it in outrage...
at the treatment
of our fellow human beings...
we will have collaborated
in their doom.

"It is not good enough to raise
these voices in our homes.
Many Germans do this.
But outside their doors...
all they hear
is Hitler's voice of hate...
his promises of glory."

He goes on later in the letter
to talk about you.

"Every day...I look at my son, my Peter...
and he's grown
a little bit bigger.
He's already becoming a man.
And what curiosity.

"Always asking questions.
Question after question.
Until he fully understands
the answer."

"The sight of his small face,
strong and hopeful...
awakening to the world
around him...
is what keeps me going.

It is when I think of him...
that I know what I am doing
must be done."

Dialogue from the film Swing Kids (1993)

In keeping with an old BBC tradition, how about a Ghost Story for Christmas? 

The signs, once again my friends, are gathering all around us that we are locked in the biggest ghost story imaginable playing out upon the world stage, and one that shows, unfortunately, no signs of abating any time soon. Those signs range from the technological, to the sociological, and above all, far into the religious realms. All of these are playing out in a million little stories that we go swimming in every day, and that would appear to the untrained eye to be uncorrelated. But that is only to the untrained eye.

Take, for instance, a rather bizarre little factoid that flew far under the radar a few weeks ago, but one which speaks volumes: NOVAVAX CEO Stanley Erck's wife wanted a little insurance before their CV-19 vaccines went on trial -- so she lit candles in front of a native West African voodoo doll. Shades of The Believers, anyone? To paraphrase, millionaires don't believe in voodoo, billionaires do -- Erck and Co. cashed out to the tune of 46 million in January of this year with any so-called trials still underway: 

And then there is this small notation which emerged during the Ghislaine Maxwell trial just days ago -- during the prosecution phase, during which many previously unseen photos were aired as evidence, one of the Jane Does testifying using only her first name of Carolyn, said under oath that she had seen at least one photo of Ghislaine "nude and pregnant."

Since there is absolutely nothing in any record, public or otherwise, of Maxwell ever having had a child, one just has to wonder whatever became of that little baby:

I'm sure there is no need to explain to you the ramifications of what I am insinuating here, or as to the dark rumours of exactly what may or may not have been going on in the middle of the ocean and the middle of the desert in and around the Epstein properties, but the words "ritual" and "sacrifice" spring readily to mind. And then there are the stark numbers, as brought up time and again by people like Maria Farmer, who was there firsthand for her own abuse as well as that of countless others: Epstein was abusing underage girls 24/7, 365, for literally decades, and yet only some 40 or so have come forward...where ARE all the others, pray tell? Living what's left of their shattered lives out in some paid-off purgatory? Or does the answer lie in darker territories that speak to the real untold story here of what's been occurring all along?

Just a couple more of those pics released this week that spoke volumes -- one of Epstein & Maxwell looking all cozy in the Queen's cottage at Balmoral, and another of a bikinied Maxwell chatting with Steve Jobs' widow, as just this week her Atlantic rag released a piece declaring all that noisome child sex trafficking news that's been going on over the past years "fake." For all of you heavily invested in Apple, enjoy the sweet dough -- all that existential blood shouldn't be too hard to wash off your hands.... 

And what does any of this have to do with Covid and the unfolding agenda? Therein, they say, lies the tale...because just like everything else in life, it's all about who you know. And this is where our story, our ghost story, really begins...

Once upon a time, not so long ago, in a land of muffled screams and shattered lives, there was a man named Charles Lieber, at Harvard who was busy, very busy, looking into things like this:

He was also friends, very GOOD friends actually, with one Jeffrey Epstein, who also happened to be intensely interested in the above areas also, as well as having the means, motive and opportunity of achieving most, if not all, of the said interests:    

Most interesting questions of all reside at the overlap: how many of these areas are in play today on the world stage? At what junctions do these intersects between psychopaths begin to affect our lives? 

And here:

Notice the quite extensive ties to both DARPA and Moderna.

And finally, this all-important question:      

The timing of 5G rollouts, continued Omicron unleashings and the Biden Vaxx madate of Jan.4 (continually getting pushed back by the courts btw) is getting a little too close not to be getting a hard look at. Per that Newsweek article, "Both AT&T and Verizon are planning to deploy C-band spectrum 5G wireless networks across the United States on Jan. 5."

January 4 for one, January 5 for the other -- does anyone else get a gnawing sense of coordination here? Remember all of those "conspiracy theeorists" at the very beginning of all this that swore 5G was augmenting and at times even initiating symptoms that mimicked every aspect of Covid itself? They may have been on to something, after all.

Also see that naturalnews article above to learn just how closely Lieber himself was aligned with what 5G promises and has applications for...

Those hard and desperate pushed for more vaccinations, eternal vaccinations and boosters, are aligning with that 5G rollout that ISN'T QUITE ready yet (need more vaccinations first.)

After all, that beta test that took place at Astroworld went quite swimmingly, didn't it? More and more information is slowly emerging that those weren't crush deaths at all -- more like people all by themselves suffocating on dry land. What could that have been?

This also brings to mind the rather vast numbers of EU footballers that have been keeling over of late -- all fully vaxxed. What better place to target them in a 5G controlled environment test? Send the pulse and they drop. "It works, boss!" The vaxx gets blamed but the vaxx is just the first prong of a binary weapons system deployment. With the targets being us.

Let's get to the heart of the matter, which is laid out point for point in this latest Christmas salvo from Archbishop Vigano. Not being a Catholic myself, but if this guy isn't the reincarnation of Malachi Martin, I'll eat my hat:

So many people this Christmas are seeing things for exactly what they are -- Dr. Robert Malone is another one of them. You could search high and low and not find another answer to our predicament as to what's been going on as cogent, rational, and mapped out as this one of his here, absolutely brilliant:

Mass Formation Psychosis.

Between these 2 guys attacking the problem from different angles, as well as the recent appearance of Dr. McCullough with Joe Rogan, I have great hope this holiday season in us turning this thing around. There are some people lost for the duration that will never see, and we've just got to reconcile ourselves to that fact -- but there are many, many more that are awakening when being presented with the evidence that is growing like a tiny snowball rolling downhill, by the time it gets to the bottom it's a boulder the size of a house. Unmistakable. 

And as I have expressed before both here and in private messages, I believe the cancel cultured true believers inability to see is also a religious function as well -- they have made their choice and God has blinded them to the truth because they don't deserve it. It's not going to save them. The Strong Delusion is in effect. They are literally in hear-no-evil, see-no-evil mode, and have been lost along the cosmic way of things. Hypnosis and propaganda probably ultimately had little part to play in the role they chose quite willingly. Their power of will and their questioning was found extremely wanting, and their downfall was assured from the onset.  

For the rest of us, severe questions remain as to the nature of just what we're living thru -- and it brings me back to folks like Jacques Vallee, and what he always pondered about an overall Control System: "Witnesses of UFO phenomenon (involving human manipulation by humans) undergo a manipulative and staged spectacle meant to alter their belief system and eventually influence human society by suggesting alien intervention. The ultimate motivation for this deception is probably a projected major change of human society, the breaking down of old belief systems and the implementation of new ones." 

This being written back in the 1970s certainly didn't include present day parameters, but I wouldn't hesitate in adding some such as the Great Reset, Build Back Better, and of course the New World Order. 

This of course includes my overall assumption -- since the beginning here -- that these ultimate arbiters are not, in fact, human by any term with which we would classify them. 

Now comes information concerning more news about something "alive" and/or "self-aware" within multiple doses of these vaccines:    

This just as Pfizer has been caught, thru FOIA documentation, hiding some 160,000 vaxx injuries to date:    

Let's remember again, because it's worth stating again, Vallee's central thesis: "there is evidence, if carefully analyzed, suggesting an underlying plan for the deception of mankind by means of unknown, highly advanced methods."

This, legally (damn it), is where proprietary information, and "trade secrets" come in: 

It's all in the classification that provides the justification for their obfuscation -- their "one size fits all" get out of jail (literally) free card. I'm also quite sure that this plays into their all disregarding any and all FOIA requests...or the now famous, "we'll get back to you in 55 years" gambit. In a stunning legal turn, the FDA has now effectively doubled-down on its previous 55-year stall and is now asking for a 75-year wait period before full disclosure of all trial data (spoiler alert: everything DIED) in what has to rank as one of the most juvenile "Nyah Nyah!" punk maneuvers in all of history:    

Either out of hubris or straight embarrassment, The FDA rep didn't even show. 

These are the people we're putting our lives in the hands of, if you can believe it. And just so you know, if you even dared to do something like this, or lie repeatedly as Fauci has done before Congress, they'd succubus every last nickel out of your pockets on the way to the slammer where you'd be staying for, oh, forever.  

"For thy merchants were the great men of the earth, for by thy sorceries (pharmakeia) were all the nations deceived."    Revelation 18:23

And another, ahem, revelation:   

That's right, not a conspiracy anymore folks, this is straight from the horse's mouth -- these "vaccines" are in fact nothing of the sort and are, by definition, gene therapy and experimentation. From the head of Bayer (speaking at the World Health Summit). You know, those same lovely folks that got caught selling AIDS-tainted medications globally. By medication. By vaccination. Who cares? AIDS here, AIDS there, AIDS everywhere. Woo Hoo!! But you can trust 'em to have your "best interests" at heart. Bet they sleep like fucking babies at night...but I digress.

And speaking of pizzagate, have you seen what's going on at CNN of late:

How many think we're going to be singin the same tune about vaccines in a couple of years or less? How many times does a person have to be right to gain a foothold, some street cred, brother could you spare some leeway? But then again, lions have never concerned themselves with the opinions of sheep, have they? Let it always be so. Just let it loose, the truth will defend itself. And all in good time.

So let's for now end our little Ghost Story here, this one of all things current and not, but one where all the vanishing points are connected on that train track that travels both forward and backward into the past, where the conductor is always dressed in black but he's got blue suede shoes on, and he'll punch your ticket but tell you your your fate doesn't always have to be sealed in a rigged game...we're at 20,000 vaccine deaths and rising.

Until next time, try to enjoy the ride, because that's all it is really -- just keep your arms and legs inside the carriage at all times, and oh yes, away from any sharp objects... And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody. The first edition of Night Gallery version 2022 will be here before you know it, where we'll still be aiming for the large targets in our game of Research & Destroy.

We got to catch a ride on somethin'...I think, I think, I hear a train...comin on round, it's comin and it's gonna take us, it's gonna take us to another town...I hear a train, comin down the track, I hear a train train train, train comin down the track, Coming and it's gonna take us, I don't think it's gonna bring us back...

All Aboard.







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    1. No just need to get the guillotines they had prepared for us.

    2. Make sure the cutting edges are rusty and dull too.
      Watch this video.

  2. Ha ha since I can't sleep, I was just thinking about starting off my Christmas with something spooky and exploring the boarded up attic in this old house before I have to leave.

  3. We're apparently over 2,000,000 vaxx deaths and rising in the US alone, but the CDC stopped reporting people dropping like flies within the first 2 weeks of their getting the jab. I'm guessing at least 20-40 million worldwide...

  4. A trove of info here, about Charles Lieber, his father, David Sarnoff of RCA, Rothschild seed money, Pirbright… the ratlines run for miles and miles, decades

  5. JB!!

    You are so right, and more to the point, those numbers would go a very far ways in explaining just what has happened to the American workforce -- & the eternal question & standing elephant in the room -- Why doesn't anyone want to work anymore? After all, ARBEIT MACHT FREI, right?!! haha!! Well, it's kinda hard to find work when you're DEAD.
    Karl Denninger has been keeping very fine track of similar things right here:

    He does a very good job of providing "just the facts Ma'am" oriented around only the pure numbers, which are kinda hard to refute.
    Translation: we've been screwed, blued, and tattooed by people with the very worst of intentions that know EXACTLY what they're doing. And have from the very beginning.

    And T3!!

    Thanks so much for that link. It's actually crazy how much of this is out there that people are just too "busy" or too lazy to get up and find. Of course they fall back on their precious "muh time!!"

    But face it -- what's right now more important than this? If you as a person don't have the time to invest in looking at something that very well could save the life of you & your loved ones....I find I have zero sympathy for your ego or your plight.


    I always find I finish these then along comes more pertinent info -- (it's like a game the universe plays with me!!)

    So consider this an all-important addendum:

    And this from DARPA:

    Any great surprise that Lieber was hooked majorly into both these areas of research?? (likely w/ Epstein breathing heavily over his shoulder?!!)

    The feeling lingers that this whole thing might very well be Epstein's dead man's switch/ parting shot (heh heh) to humanity upon exiting stage about your Bond villains.

  7. AAAAAAND another one from La Quinta Columna, the Spanish tech researchers that found the initial "somethings" in the actual vaccines -- now, they're finding more:

    X-Files storylines come to life....

  8. Just received this -- ANTHONY PATCH WEIGHS IN....
    Look at the 34:00 min mark here:

  9. ANTHONY P btw -- who I got practically ALL of my CERN data from -- is THE SHIT, in no uncertain terms.

    He CALLED all of this since at least 2014. Saw every bit of it coming:

    Need another new post already, & it's not even barely 12 hours yet!!...

  10. About Matrix 4...

    It's struggled to make a mere 20 million in it's first 3 days, meanwhile the new Spider-man is immediately back at the number one spot and heading towards $1 Billion.

    Rarely have I seen a bomb this big. Just the fact that, within the movie, they actually say "we have to make another Matrix sequel, or else Warner Bros will do it without us" LMAO.

    And you DON'T recast Agent Smith with some dude who doesn't look or talk like him, you just f**king don't.

    1. Have heard to stay far FAR away!! All said, all you really need is the orig Philip K Dick-ian borrowed slice. Nothing will ever top the mindfuck & portal-opening that THAT was in '99.

      Weren't all those times right at the cusp of the turning into 2000 just remarkably different to anything now? And I mean like another world, sea change different. Pretty wild & strange.

      Many, many of us well & truly had our eyes opened to shifting paradigms & lost knowledge for the first time back then, & like old Rod used to sing, the first cut is the deepest.

    2. The new Matrix movie is not the best sequel I must admit but it does have a powerful message in the movie, one that I have been speaking of for some years now.
      I'm speaking of the power of 'Trinity' rising for one, and the exemplified powers of them both when 'joined'.
      They are not stating this directly but if you have ever had a Kundalini experience with another then you will understand 'rising energy'; the 'Serpent FIRE' uncoiling from the base chakra or 'World'.
      Powerful fucking shit that is and the kind of energy that can shift 'reality'; mostly the one within but think of that kind of focus and concentration of power on a grander scale done by many people at the same time.
      The 'rising' of Trinity I saw plainly as the rising 'Sophia' of the Gnostic Mythos; the original 'Divine Goddess'.
      The current 'Smith' I found fascinating and thought of 'Data' from TNG Star Trek whom became more 'human' as the show evolved.
      Smith, even as an 'Agent' has gained a sort of 'Gnosis'.
      Neo had the best message of all and that was simply about Love and our deep connection to it; which defines us Human Beings and is directly related to our inner 'Divine Spark'.
      If there was a time that Humanity needs to come together and ultimately work together that was more crucial than NOW that I have not heard of it.

    3. Thank you for sharing your insights Gnostic! I agree whole heartedly with you about the potential of a divine spark awakening in each of us. Both the yin and yang are present, waiting to be activated in unity of purpose. I invite you to consider the following interpretation of “take on me” by aha (don’t laugh until you’ve watched it)

      I actually found the analyst to be the freshest, most relevant voice in the entire move, as a commentary on what’s going on now. From the gaslighting, to harnessing neo’s own emotional energy to perpetuate the new matrix, he crystallizes what the temple priests have been doing for thousands of years. And the observation about hope and despair? Spot on. Where have we seen that employed, but with every single political season since the depression?

    4. Tru3
      Checked out the video and I agree with you.
      Interesting you mention 'Temple Priests' which I wrote about in my first book when referencing 'Atlantis'.
      I also saw this in one of my several 'Mayan' lifetimes; as royalty each time.
      Each ancient civilization had the same demise brought on by what I call the 'Black Priest Class' which literally brought the 'Darkness' into this dimension and with it their 'God'; a 'God' of 'Darkness' not 'Light'; All true Human Beings that still retain their inherent 'Divine SPARK' are of the 'LIGHT' and bring this 'LIGHT' into a 'DARK Universe'.
      Hopelessness and Despair, Pain and Suffering?
      This shit is literally FOOD to these 'beings'.
      The Human's that sold out to this shit gave up their 'Divine SPARK' to serve this 'Dark Master'; NOT a "GOD"!!
      NOT the "WAY".

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Would you be willing to share the title of your book? Thanks in advance

  11. Part of the working includes the Chinese announcement to the WHO December 31st 2019 re: Wuhan. January 1st 2022 will be the start of the 3rd year of "covid", that's "two weeks" time-stretched into a 3rd year, so "operation warp speed"?

    I don't know what the significance of the Chinese equivalent of "New Years's Eve" may be in terms of their own calendar but for "1st Worlders" it's of massive resonant import.

    As soon as the 1st "lockdown" was announced here mid-March 2020 the streets began to be dug up so that new cabling could be installed, the workmen wore their pink hi-viz jackets that stated they were "Key Workers" on their backs.

    More working musings: "META" = MEAT / TAME / MATE / TEAM so there's all manner of overlapping associations within the potential rearrangements, "META" being all the more facilitated via the 5G network.

    What are the odds once 7G is in place that will be the end of the upgrade& 7G/7 deadly sins?

    Christmas Day saw the much delayed launch of the "James Webb" telescope, this "CHristmas Star" will "look back in time" like no device before, the launch happened to be overseen by a bald guy called "Jean-Luc" ("launch director" Jean-Luc Voyer)... the Ariane rocket powered by "Vulcun" engines...

  12. Hi Wordman, I just stopped by to thank you for sharing the fruits of your research work in 2021, and to wish you a happy new year!


  13. Yeah, "Happy New Year" too. I'm sure 2022 will make 2021 look like 2020. Remember the "good old days" of 2019?

  14. Thorny!!

    Same here my friend -- as soon as the first lockdown commenced here in, same as you, March 2020 -- when I got 'laid off' & shared a tearful phone call or 2 with a kindred spirit -- the 5G infrastructure began going up, basically under the cover of darkness & while no one was around or able to question it, at pretty much every major school system around these parts. Unmarked vans, uniforms with no patches, the works...Nope, not suspicious at all.

    Ex-Oli; you are aces my man -- thanks for the sentiments and rest assured we're gonna keep on barreling thru the bullshit & trying to always keep exposing & shining a light on as much as we can for as long as we (I) can. Not planning on stopping anytime soon, if ever....I'll sleep when I'm dead!!!!!

    & finally JB -- same to you bubba. Stay safe, happy & healthy (all relatively speaking, right?!!) We grade on a curve around here!! 2019 seems literally like another world at this point -- hard to even envision. Incredible what they've been able to accomplish to our everlasting detriment with a souped-up cold virus. It really DOES feel like somewhere along the way we exited onto another timeline entirely, or were made to. Remember Erin Valenti in October 2019, and what she said just before dying mysteriously??

    I think of her so often.

    I also think about everything she was into, what knowledge she may have been privy to, & just how closely that knowledge aligned with what people like Craig Venter, Charles Lieber, Gates, Martin Nowak, Ray Kurzweil, and so many others know -- all flitting in & out of Epstein's social & tech circles, btw.

    There is something monstrous and nearly unfathomable going on here just below the surface and frustratingly beyond our reach. And yes, just as Vallee postulated way back in the 70s, it is a major Control System gone rogue or run amok.

    Also playing in to this is a vid I just stumbled across that had a point in the timeline I wasn't aware of:

    Trump in SEPTEMBER 2019 signed an EO to begin then the manufacture of gene-altering and editing vaccines.

    SEPTEMBER 2019. At least 3 months BEFORE there even WAS a Covid-19 on the loose (as far as we know...)

    This is either one of the greatest examples of foresight & intuition in history -- or -- he's in on it. The whole thing.

    Don't know about you, but the psychological backflips necessary to keep believing in "5D chess" and "we have it all" are getting harder & harder to come by. You'd never know it by what I write, but I'm an optimist at heart, I really am, and I want to still think the very best of people...

    But in the words of the immortal Lily Tomlin, no matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!!

    Later gators -- yours truly will be back transmitting soon -- & as always, keep on checking back here in the comms for any late breaking news snippets!!

  15. Alright -- have no earthly idea how long this is going to be up til the bots come but after having just watched it.....


    No sleep tonight.....head is spinning.

  16. What is your opinion of Jacques Vallee's most recent book Trinity?

  17. DUDE!!! I was just reading your JonBenet Ramsey story from The time of no time Evermore last night and then doing some other reading about fleet white and found out that Lin Wood was Ramseys Attorney!!! Bruh! Didn't he come out a while back saying Supreme judge John Roberts Pretty much bought his kids for not very nice reasons?? They are ALL in the game..Because they were born in it...or blackmailed in it and WILL NEVER get out of it...And...if JonBenet was abused don't you think Burke was??? He seems like one FUkup dude... Like never anything about him his childhood nothing nothing nothing?

  18. Oh, ffs.



      I mar a plant

      This has seemed strange, the amount of time (weeks) that they spent talking about looking for a picture of Abraham Lincoln in his coffin, (proof of a dead president) and then the close-up of the square and compass.
      19hrs ago they said that they found the picture
      12 hours ago they said they didn't find the picture in the second one.

  19. Dr Robert Malone Twitter Account just got deleted...FUK everyone man! RIP bro You were a light in the storm.

  20. He's not dead btw...sorry if I confused;)

    1. Just saw that flamin68!! Goes right there with all manner of bullshit they perpetrated/released today, along with news that the CDC has finally abandoned the PCR tests (which I thought they had done already but apparently backtracked on) --

      as well as this bit of hubris:

      IOW all their "science" is bullshit & they're just gonna do whatever they want to us & laugh in our faces about it later.
      They're going to push us just as far as they want to for as long as they want to.

      Malone getting disappeared has EVERYTHING to do with that vid he just released that I linked to re Mass Hypnosis & Social Conditioning. Just checked & I'm surprised it's still up on YT -- it'll be the next to go.

      AAAAAND THIS just in:

      They're squeezing her -- NOW let's see what happens....cut a deal? & if so, how long will she remain breathing?

      & speaking of the JBRamsey story you were reading above -- let's not forget ol Jizzy was very noticeably in the background of one of the very last pictures ever taken of Jon Benet....

    2. They're actually insisting to "give her the booster shot" LOL!

    3. Oh how many of us would love to take turns hate-fucking that skank into a coma just so she could know how it feels -- sorry, but it's time to get medieval on these "elites." No mercy. Just one after the other -- all day long -- just like she arranged for so many lost souls in the pipeline. As you will sew so shall you reap. Just a little preview since that's exactly what hell is going to be like for her.

      The booster!! That's priceless. They have their graphene. We have our lead.

    4. Good God man where's your head, or heart and spirit? Hate fucking into a coma? This isn't about one fucking bitch to unload on, it's a MASSIVE SYSTEM THAT'S PART AND PARCEL OF THE COURT SYSTEM.

    5. Don't mind me!! Reptilian child molesters and killers tend to get my Viking dander up.

      My head, heart and spirit will always lie with the likely hundreds of thousands of children that bitch murdered or hand a hand in murdering by proxy to the world's elite. And if you think something like that wasn't going on, I suggest you re-examine the evidence, & how easy it is to get rid of bodies in the middle of the ocean and the middle of the desert, with literally no one else around for hundreds of miles.

      Of course she wasn't alone; she's STILL not alone. But she's a start. And if she starts singing, more's the better.

      (And you said "unload on!!" Haha!!) Back to myself...

    6. PS -- what's the old saying? Only God can judge. But we can arrange the meeting.

  21. Just one more thing guys, and then I'll stop for tonight -- what gets me so hot about all this is that the Government, thru discovery, had the perfect chance to keep going here, and bring in LOTS more people thru subpoena even though they weren't the ones on trial...and they DIDN'T.
    Not only that, the judge up and seals all the records, so that names we NEED to know we CAN'T know, barring any extra-judicial rulings in the future.

    So on 10-15 OTHER islands tonight, the very same thing is going on and will continue to go on. If you think there was only Little St James in this equation, you've got rocks in your head. We HAVE TO keep going on this. If we don't not only will this be the most perverted INJUSTICE of all, but all of this dog & pony show will have been for absolutely nothing.

    Listen here:

  22. Not to change the subject,*91jt6p*_ga*YW1wLThWZHFlUktMay1sWmZiam9yUFhKQ2FCa0V6TERtQ1dHME9uS0hpRVF4eWd3N3Q1cFlPNUxsYWlQTjllaXJRRXc.*d7n0oj*_ga*YW1wLThWZHFlUktMay1sWmZiam9yUFhKQ2FCa0V6TERtQ1dHME9uS0hpRVF4eWd3N3Q1cFlPNUxsYWlQTjllaXJRRXc.

    Why would we need an article on the "internet button" and it's not legitimately explained how it's "forbidden"
    Why does this feel like signalling about a hard reset involving making access to parts of the internet "forbidden"

    This bullshit storyline like I n o burgers

    1. HEY!! That's MY phone!! My Communicator!! The Batline!! Still works like a charm. And still untraceable (relatively speaking.)

      Kirk out.

  23. A "Lucky" Larry appears:

    Larry Celona reporting on Epstein & Eyes Wide Shut.

    1. I reported on this above (December 28, 2021 at 10:44 PM), he also reported Kubrick's death:

    2. Kubrick knew things. LOTS of things. For a long, long time.

    3. Apologies JB I missed that.

      Regarding stagecraft:

      “People are surprised to hear that once she is sentenced and makes her way to the federal correctional institution, she will actually feel like she’s in Disneyland compared to where she is now.”

      "Previous inmates of Danbury include the singer Lauryn Hill, and author Piper Kerman, whose memoir of her time at the institution inspired the Netflix series "Orange is the New Black""


      "The halo effect, of which charm plays a huge part, not only makes you trust the person but it also makes you buy what they’re selling. Marketing men have long relied on it for celebrity endorsements; as in, if George Clooney drinks this coffee then it must be good."

      Clooney an odd name to drop given his association with Harvey Weinstein & his habit of starring in joie de vivre-void lead roles. Clooney who shot to fame playing a medical man too.

      Another article by the author of the 2nd piece quoted above:

      "A small group of people has gathered to watch my initiation ceremony, in which I walk down a long wooden ramp, throwing off my bathrobe and diving - stark naked - into the notoriously cold Lake Wörthersee in Austria."

      "To speed up the benefits of the 12-hour fasts each day he prescribed a supplement originally derived from human semen which apparently 'cleans up' cells."

      "If you want The Magic Mountain meets James Bond with a few IV drips and a cardiac workout thrown in, this is the place."

      The article details the extravagances the Maxwell/Epstein fellow traveller types consider necessity but reading the list of programs they attempt to make use of to ensure "health"/longevity it just emphasises their madness.

      Curious as "covid" is in something of a Xmas/New Years "limbo" of sorts (prior to a 2022 - 2020too - "Resurrection" in some trans-form) that Ghislaine is sent to "Disneyland" whilst her co-constellator "jet set" types continue to fly the flag for their "Brave New World" & the "people" they aim to have living "in it".

  24. I just fell in love.

    1. A little eerie how much it looks like me ... So if I take out my revenge like that I'd get backing instead of being called crazy? Hhhmm

    2. Hell, since I have to have a song that goes for EVERYTHING, here

    3. Do NOT get any ideas Dginnster!! Haha!! I can see the wheels turning in that blonde brain from here...Sounds like some new music: Blonde Wheels.

      JB -- thanks for that. See, I KNEW we kept you around for a reason, Ya fancypants gangsta!! Good LORD. Russia or Bust.

      & speaking of songs that go:

      C, if U do 2 much
      Ur skin'll B sensitive 2 the touch
      The 1st person that touch U
      U wanna fuck
      U take 'em 2 ur crib
      & U tie 'em 2 a chair
      & U make funny faces till they get real scared
      Then U turn on the neon
      Then U play with urself till U turn 'em on

      Whoo! Ahh!

      This beat is on time
      Refined & designed 2 make U do the do

      This chair goes 'round & 'round
      I feel like a clown
      Cuz I'm stripped down
      It's all fun & games till the very next day
      Till damn - U don't remember my name
      Maybe I'll C U next Thursday night
      Maybe I won't but that's alright
      Cuz N my possession is a signed confession that says
      I was the best U ever had
      2 bad

      This goes too for some reason....don't laugh!!! I dare ya:

      Happy New Year's Eve eve everybody!!

    4. What she said, and I don't mean the blonde;)
      Lmao how uncomfortable can we make it for EVERYONE else watching
      Yeah, there's a reason I'm not doing Dginn, I'm done with the whole "your wish is my command" fuck that, MY TURN!

      Well it seems that I was lost
      In intoxicated nights
      Following the trace of ecstasy
      With no future and no past
      Just the present was alive
      Like a prisoner chained on to a dream

      I was drowning in a feeling
      That obsession rules
      'till the morning kills the creatures of the night
      And I read your lipstick message
      On the mirror of the truth
      Now that you're gone I realize
      Without you
      Life's like a song without music
      Without you
      This world won't be the same

    5. So sorry! I never knew that Dginn was so submissive/dismissive. I never interpreted it like that. Only something magical.
      However the classification -- I'll always be here. Only wish I ever has for you was for your happiness. Honest.

    6. Lol no need to apologize, for the right master, the whole world is at the fingertips of djinn. Did Dginn ever seem submissive? Exactly what called down the fire, not willing to shut up, bend over, and take it when they fucked up my life. ;)

  25. This might be the worst/funniest thing ever (don't miss the squirrel in the back at the end):

    1. HAHA!! Squirrel!!!!! Has to be the time of year....

      Gets me every time.

  26. I'll see if this one goes to the memory hole.
    They can't afford food, so much so that they are selling their own children, but they have make-up? Look at the eyeliner and blush on the mom in the last photo. Reminiscint of WAG THE DOG.