Wednesday, December 15, 2021



“Well there's a dark cloud rising from the desert floor

I packed my bags and I'm heading straight into the storm

Gonna be a twister to blow everything down

That ain't got the faith to stand its ground…”        


"If the actions taken with respect to meeting a stated goal seem disproportionate and nonsensical, perhaps consider that they may be essential and coherent with meeting one unstated."  Jeff Wells 

This can no longer be ignored.

What in the actual hell is going on with the weather? And by that I mean tornadoes in the snow. Read that again. Tornadoes. In. The. Snow. 

Am going to leave lots of links here for you guys to peruse -- but all this is going on right now. still, at not even 10PM EST.   

"We've got tornadoes, damaging straight-line winds, snow squalls, wildfires, a dust storm, and record highs in the Central US today. Am I missing anything?

I can’t believe I’m tweeting this but there’s now a Moderate Risk (4/5) for severe thunderstorms including a risk for tornadoes and significant damaging winds for portions of Iowa and Minnesota.

On December 15th.

I don’t think there’s a precedent for this."

"A chilling message from @NWSTwinCities in their Special Weather Statement today:


I've run out of ways to describe how ridiculous today is going to be."

"Family that drove through the initial wall outside of Columbus, Nebraska says they are now driving through snow and are about to hit the second line of severe storms.

There is nearly a defined eye to this storm and in the eye is SNOW.

What. The. Fuck.

Snow surrounded by a hurricane like storm producing tornadoes everywhere.

A storm unlike any other I've ever seen..."

"I too completely denied this until I saw the evidence.

China just last weekend announced this and launched weather modification rocket payloads!

Not coincidentally.

Heard there is a snow tornado now...Dear Lord."

Massive Chemtrail Spraying Before & All Along the Tornadoes' Track Reported.   Graphene Skies?    

MORE INTERESTING DOOM – Chemtrails & Graphene Oxide Skies

Put those last 2 links in just in case you prefer your doom overlapping and your hellstorms congruent. 

Um, as things increasing vibe with and turn towards the biblical, listen to the words, and stay safe out there:


  1. I knew snow tornadoes were coming soon. We were getting FIRE tornadoes in recent years. Reminds me of the movie "The Day After Tomorrow".

    Re: Watching John Carpenter's "Prince of Darkness" for the first time, and... Holy Christ it's great. Gnostic as f**k too.

    "Satan was the son of a lesser, darker God, and Jesus was of extraterrestrial origin, trying to warn us..." He clearly based his story of the beliefs of the early Gnostics (Satan being created by the Demiurge, Jesus being alien to this Universe, coming from beyond the stars).

    1. Hey JB!!

      Yeah, I saw your POD (haha!) comment over in the prev section & couldn't wait to drag it over here -- glad you obliged!

      Carpenter has always fascinated me in the progression of what he knew and when: starting out with HALLOWEEN which grew with a backstory that gradually came to embrace satanic cult trappings with vestiges of MKULTRA-type mind control. Then of course THE THING which only continues to gain layers of depth; THEY LIVE, which needs no preamble from me, and PRINCE, with, as you said, all of its Gnostic colourings which make it look like something Carpenter dug up with the Dead Sea Scrolls. Then the psychedelic existential Lovecraftian bit with IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS.

      Also can't forget THE FOG, which functions as a nice, creepy ghost story.

      Also think it's funny & weird that he wrote an unrealized project back in 1977 about a nuclear plant meltdown -- 2 years before Three Mile Island:

      According to this POD was originally intended as a shoutout to the great British writer Nigel Kneale (who none other than Chris Carter ALSO owes a great debt to btw):

  2. There was the derecho last year in Iowa like an inland hurricane. The terrible storms and tornados last week in the heartland and now this.

    1. I know Max -- it's literally Halloween every day as we approach Christmas. Maybe I'll have to post up a "Ghost Story for Christmas," BBC-style!!

  3. 40mph winds, flooding rain and snow here on west coast. I have noticed a strange thing. Birds never flew south and trees are budding like spring. What? Disney put out a documentary "In the future we will be able to control the weather" 1957. These tornados are violent, debris up to 38,000ft, Colorado 107mph winds. Chemtrails. Dark Winter?

  4. . I found this of Halsey's,
    I like it, it really puts it in perspective and feel her, it's got some very interesting things like "passed around the family tree" Funny I was thinking how does sending a song and then learning things about it's origins or connotations etc. Flavor the interaction and how you look back on it later... Anyhoo long thought train I was on (the reminiscing not crazy train;)) and I was going to post this back in the music one, but I scrolled down to the bottom to see how much reading I was up against; when I saw a ton of sychnchronicities to my thought train. One thing definitely leads to another.

    Let's not forget that there's a higher power that created ALL of it and is giving the power over for a time. Our collective powers of prayer, meditation and ritual and raindances ha will override it all when the time comes and the horn is blown, just be sure you get the call.

  5. That purple spot in Oregon? That’s where I am. Meaning that the weather is totally normal for this time of year, if you remember what normal is.

  6. Hey all, news as we dance in between the snownadoes:

    Needless to say the Rogan-McCullough interview is facing firestorm vanishings all across the board (the YT link I posted was gone almost before I even copied it...)
    More people keep trying & more people keep getting shot down:

    THANK YOU so MUCH YT! Your "community guidelines" keep us all so safe from all that dangerous information that might damage our frail psyches!! What would we ever do without you looking out for us the way you do? We KNOW it's only cuz you love us!!

    As of right now if you don't want to pledge your life to Spotify, here's an embedded Rumble version which will hopefully stand the test of time -- we'll see:

    MxMM, did somebody say Dark Winter?? Check this out:

    From the pen of the great Whitney Webb -- this stuff, and these same people, have been at it for a LONG time now. This rabbit hole is deeeep.

    And Dginnster & everybody -- I got yer Halsey right here:

    Seems I'm back on board the train -- he's on he's off he's on he's off...what can I say? The underarm purr fur got me a little bit insane. As the Stones would say before they got woke cancelled, I'm no schoolboy but I know what I like...

    Back at all you cats and kittens soon -- and don't worry, I'm takin notes....

    1. With lyrics like THAT and you're back on board?

      The place I'm in at the moment
      My screaming in digital.

    2. I can't say much I can't stay away from this song every time I need a power boost.

    3. After all Elijah and Elisha cursed people for less than what we face now.

    4. We've yet to meet Sodom & Gomorrah levels of depravity. When you won't be able to go outside without getting gang-r*ped up the a**, THEN we'll finally have reached it. Up until then, TPTB just go "meh". ;)

    5. How bad is it when men are pulling babies out of the mother's arms?!

  7. think coal ash, it is the card that can take down the whole house, if we can get enough people aware of the information, we can blow down their house of cards. I have been up now 32 hours going through stuff on the subject, started the 1st paper of what is going to be a multi set on the subject. What is going to blow this out of the water is how long this industry has been allowed to murder people with no interruption by the Federal Government. Since when did a byproduct of the cycle of death, become a positive thing in life?

    1. See also fluoride & mercury in your teeth -- which begat heavy metals in the air, GMOs in your gullet...and here we are after all those & a hundred thousand other things. It's ridiculous, we're surrounded; so brain dead at this point that they've got us loving our poison they're force-feeding us via straight injection. Hitler, Mengele, Goebbels would ADORE these dudes.

      & Dginnster, I KNOW -- I'm a sucker. Men = visual junkies.
      & that creature's a Natural Born Killer. That look she gives at the end of that vid I'd crawl thru fire for. Reminds me of things seen on my radar scope of recent note.
      Eyes to eyes locking is quite the something.

  8. And PS -- re the black goo: Graphene of all types appears to be not only a, but THE common denominator in this recent horror show.

    Something is up...

  9. Graphene Epstein Pammy of the Polythene I was a picture in a magazine when you were still playing with your plasticene
    You came to see the Mobscene I know it isn't your scene It's better than a sex scene and it's so fuckin obscene, obscene yeah.
    Bang bang bang bang bang.

    You want commitment? Put on your best suit, get your arms around me now we're goin down down down

    Be obscene be be obscene be obscene baby and not heard.

    Hmmm, it's midnight in more ways than one; hold on for a few more cos there's a big post in here brewing....

    1. There's still 15 min too midnight here, a TOAST TO THE NIGHT.


    2. DGINNY -- to my mind, an even jazzier, better, version utilizing Sting's '85 jazz combo paired with "When The World Is Running Down (U Make the Best of What's Still Around)"

      Haha -- is that Sting Stang or Nostradamus?? Hard to tell these days:

    3. Ooh I like the first half, the second part just doesn't jive way to upbeat music for such depressing lyrics, I'm not a creature of habit, I'm more like
      I'm a million different people from one day to the next
      With a gypsy soul

      Of all the different facets of me, I haven't met a "me" I didn't love, even if sometimes I don't like myself.;)

    4. No I take that back I like the second half too, I can imagine playing it really really fast with scenes from that movie where the guy just snaps and takes a baseball bat to things, I can't think of the title, probably a sign I should go to bed and stay off here ;)

  10. "Black" power, the hysterical ullulations celebrating "blackness" the appellative of "blackness" coming to claim more & more & more of things (most egrigiously embodied by "mixed race" children being lumped in with the "blacks" - by their "caregivers" & themselves), Smollett or not it's a case of "there's no such thing as bad publicity" for victim complex is served by whatever the outcome (even a "win" for Smollett would have been cause for further claims of victimisation) + there's Lewis Hamilton (one of those "mixed-race" that self define as "black") having his "record breaking" 8th Formula 1 Championship "stolen" from him last weekend - the "Song Remains The Same" & on & on & on.

    There's also stuff like the footage of the massive tornado glimpsed only when lightning lit up the scene - blackness all.

    Something's gooey about this "black" theme - it sticks to everything, or at least is lobbed & smeared in the general direction of everything - tainting is attempted, in the hopes of make evrything a host, vector or proxy of this "black goo", contagion & possession is sought.

    This "blackness" is also suggestive of being unable to see - being "in the dark". Very strange that if "whiteness" rules then why would it allow its being presented as the "oppressor" denying everyone else? Just another question never explored, left itself "in the dark" & so serving the "black goo".

    A blackened earth = a fertile soil in which to seed & harvest a crop, "To Serve Man" (the 1st episode of the original series of "The Twilight Zone" titled "Where Is Everybody?", our current global "series" titled "It's Always March 2020" time having stopped, a lack of movement, friction & light, a "blackness" all its own).

    The essence of Nigel Kneale's "Quatermass" is that venturing into space = the alteration of humanity (into food for something inhuman), space is "black" too.

    Anyways Good Yule & A Happy New Year to One & All, 2022 may be the 3rd year of the "Year Zero" that is "covid" but it's also another year when the light returns & things begin again.

    & Happy Trails Wordman To You & Yours May Your New Home Be Just That.

    1. Thorny!!

      I know, my man, brings a whole new slant on BLACK Lives Matter, doesn't it??!! The double entendres and hidden meanings are everywhere, aren't they?

      And ALL those old Zone episodes like the ones you mentioned need to be re-evaluated in light of current and ongoing events: pandemics, inoculations, Missing 411 scenarios, hordes of people dropping out of the workforce and basically going missing and unaccounted for -- where IS everybody going?

      It's funny, THE dude Jeff Wells of old RigInt blog fame, just put this up a few weeks ago across his twitter feed:
      "Don't ask for evidence, it's intuition only & I know it sounds crazy, but more than anything else ever has, and increasingly so, this feels directed by a non-human intelligence."

      Hear freaking hear. I concur eight ways from Sunday. Had been waiting for someone to articulate that exact thought, and Mr. Wells nailed it, as he is wont to do.

      Something, possibly very likely what Jacques Vallee, Keel, Fort, and others classified as a control system, is running in high gear right now, and something about it feels very desperate. Like time is running short and it knows it. (And I know that last train of thought verges on the biblical and the demonic, but hey, it is what it is...)

      The farther we venture into the future, the more we realize what we DON'T know -- and it is being starkly illuminated for us all in real time. The more the words "Just trust us, we know what's best for you" are revealed to be the biggest sham of all, and yet the masses keep buying in. Despite all evidence to the contrary.

      We need to stop cold the inherent trust that these creatures are just like us -- they are not. They are the psychopaths of he universe, mimicking human tendencies to hide in plain sight. Ravening wolves in sheep's clothing. Weaving their webs. Inhumanly and inhumanely patient. We have to stop waiting ourselves, become more proactive, because I fear what we're waiting on is our own extinction.

      Thanks for the kind words Thorny -- you're a straight up good dude, renaissance man, and aces pal!! And right back at ya, have a wonderful Merry Christmas, holiday stretch, and happy and peaceful New Years -- as we all see what 2022 brings in together, in strength and glad tidings!!

      And if ANY of all you guys are ever in Richmond VA, I always have plenty of floor space, sofa, recliner and bed for weary travelers along the way!! The door is always open -- just drop me a groove line!!

    2. Hey, Wordman!

    3. I've been saying from the beginning that "black lives matter" seemed to be an archonic invocation.

    4. Christopher Knowles ties BLM to the Hebrew "Balaam" (actually spelled BLM), the demonic donkey.

    5. JB just saw your link. I feel like this is going to be one of those things where in history books they show all the seemingly small unrelated incidences that ended up being the buildup of war. Contrived wars come about with false flags, True wars BEGIN IN THE MINDS of people.


    7. Or it could be the next round of fake footage like the hospital footage that started out as Italy, then it made the rounds as depicting other countries.

    8. The various overlapping & contrary reportage, the added uncertainties of faked footage & truth leveraged by lies adds to the murk & lack of clarity, darkness is served.

  11. You're doin my heart good JB -- doin my heart good!!
    Ironically had just read that one of the major hydroxychloroquine worldwide production facilities just happened to "mysteriously" burn down prior to the declared "pandemic."

    Karmic payback is a bitch, innit??

    Very VERY glad we've decided to stop treating these assholes with kid gloves and literally start fighting fire with fire.

    About goddamn time.

    1. Yeah that hydroxycloroquine plant was mentioned in the Joe Rogan link you posted.
      The Italians know how to throw a party! Woke up from dreaming about obscene mobscenes which my mind interpreted as mobsters giving children guns then wanting them to fight their proxy wars and just short of orgies going on in the background and I was taking away their guns and talking to them.
      Ugh change the channel

    2. was going to say the same thing, kind a few points in that podcast

  12. PS -- hopefully middle of the night ninja forces will somehow polish off these creatures in their sleep -- wishful thinking -- but our lips to God's ears. God helps those who help themselves, and we've got a whole lotta "helpin" to do. Fauci, Gates, Schwab, all Pfizer and MODERNA board members and leading shareholders -- all taken out via extreme prejudice wetwork teams...Sweet dreams motherfuckers.

  13. Not to get all "X"y on you guys again, but does anybody find it rather more than unnerving that season 10's finale My Struggle II not only called EVERYTHING about what we're living thru now but did so chapter & verse a full 3+ years before it all got unleashed in real life.

    I would say that "We predict the future and the best way to predict the future is to invent it," but that would be telling, no?

    The transcript:

    Combine this with THE AFTER (in HD!!) and you've just about got it:

    Have no idea what's in Chris Carter's Wheaties, but man, it's a large dose of something.....or, put it this way, what do you call the showrunner of 2 series that both basically call the 2 main false flags &/or disasters of our lifetime note for note both months (9/11) and years (Covid/vaxx) before they take place??

    A seer? A wizard? A prophet? An insider? A magickian? All of the above?


  14. PS -- and the scary thing is, the "My Struggle II" timeline and scenario likely isn't even close to being fully fleshed out &/or finished in the real world....when all is said and done, Carter's vision might be even MORE, not less, on point.

    To whit:

    Consider this just the beginning outline of what's coming next...

    1. Ha. Chris Knowles' new article over at SS is precisely about "My Struggle II", he's saying the same things you just did.

    2. You mean honeytoes ;) hilarious!

      FOX moulder

    3. Most people think "Fox" (like Fox Mulder and 20th Century Fox) merely stand for "666" numerologically, but...

      Both Yom Kipur and fox hunting involve *the blowing of a horn*, symbolic of *the Voice of God* (the Huntsman represents the Master of the mythic Wild Hunt (any version of Cernunnos or Odin), while the ram's horn Shofar represents Yahweh).

      Fox hunting is a royal, symbolic tradition in honor of *the alignment of the stars* within the fox constellation (the summer triangle). The blowing of horns is also very important to the Apocalypse, *the final, world-ending alignment of the stars*.

    4. I hadn't made the connection before, the goose and fox in the summer triangle. Earlier I picked up a knickknack that had Canadian geese on it and was thinking about how when I crossed the street carrying my daughters in my arms, my daughter said "you can't walk in the road, you silly goose!" Made my day.

  15. Wordman, I'm sorry to inflict this upon you, but here is, by far, the deepest rabbit hole I've ever found.


      Reminds me so much of the whole quickly scrubbed RUBICON TV series that used the 3 Days Of The Condor-type notion that the elites use media and entertainment to flood with symbology that, in knowing what to look for, they can communicate with each other thru right under our noses.

      Along those same lines, check this out that just got put up:

      WHERE WERE YOU IN '92??!!

      Also remember the words of none other than Richard Hoagland back on an old late 1990s Art Bell Coast to Coast radio show in the dead of night -- & Hoagy was forever preaching that it was in fact symbology that ruled the world btw -- that these forces, these elites, make plans DECADES in advance... a world where most of us have difficulty planning for the next month.

      After being "illuminated" by Stone's JFK just about this time of year in 1991, it was in fact Dick Hoagland that first peeled back the curtain for me as to the internecine workings of these forces. Then people like David Icke (reading his Biggest Secret), AJ breaking into the Grove, and finally Jeff Wells over at RigInt kicked over the last dominoes in my shattered brain....Aaaaaaand here we are!!

      Whoa, can't forget Chris Carter launching the "X" in 1993 either.
      Validation!! (Not to mention extreme jelly at seeing so many of my own ideas up there on the small screen being given voice by some LA surfer dude!!)

      But had always gravitated to the "Other." Remember watching this with my night owl Mom back on late night TV around '79 or so:

      After a decade of Keel, Vallee, Chariots Of The Gods & the Bermuda Triangle, that put the icing on the cake.

    2. In 1992 I was an 11 year-old kid hoping and praying *they wouldn't force me to take a new vaccine at school*. I sh*t you not.

      That "rabbit hole" I gave you above WILL f**k your mind up, btw. You'll be reading everything for hours or days to come.

    3. Oh dude! Believe me -- the PROXIMITY ALERT of that Vienna 1913 map is a mind blower and lends much credence to the postulation of "manufactured" and contrived communities where the inhabitants are monitored and "handled" to the complete satisfaction of the Deep State of the time.

      In an oblique way and kinda along those same lines, check out this recent reddit headline:

      Blackrock leads to Vanguard btw. Which all ultimately lead to the 3 Rs: Rockefellers/ Rothschilds/ Royalty.

      And one more from the front page over there today:

      Unless we all do something drastic, and soon, this is never going to end. They've got the blood scent in their nostrils and their tail in the air now....

  16. Black pilled:

  17. Plenty of Wakey Wakey here

    They are just now getting around to telling you, WHAT they have been doing for well over a century in America AND to reinforce the programming most of you do not even realize is running inside you. It is the program that allows parents to continue giving the state their children to raise as consumers instead of scholars. It is the program that allows the state to convince the parents they know what is better for their child then they do. Bottom line of that programming that is running in some degree in every single American(myself included, but in the process of killing it before it kills me) is that there is an alternative reason for all of it.

    People need to start getting a grip, and stop looking at things from deaths perspective. THAT is what causes terms like global warming to arise in our culture.It is gotten so bad, this program that I speak of inside you, that ONLY NOW IN 2021 are the academics themselves here in America, figuring out something has been done to us! I highly suggest one and all listen to the Joe Rogan podcast with one Peter McCullough to fully understand what I am talking about with the academics,it's real,the dumbing down is complete now that the tools suspect they have been used.
    The alarm went off in me in 1978, it has been a long arduous journey but an awesome education in Life, and much preferred over the other way. This is where we are at, I SEE ALERT, it means something to me, I open the report and I see the author of the report is not on the wavelength I am on, because if this person was on my level of how not only how I view things,but the only way I am looking at things, I would have the full report in front of me when I click on the link.Yeah I spoiled it for you. I am not saying her opinion does not have merit, because I spoke THE very Truth above about schools in my retort above,but I am saying the author for reasons known to him or her alone, does not share the level of concern that we do here

    The Report

  18. The 50 minute mark on

    1. I never want to see what those guys saw.

    2. Is that crazy or what, explains maybe why so many Nam vets came home f**ked up in the head after seeing that sh*t. At first I thought no way, but there must be a reason they went from using red light to green light. I am sure they gave a reason for the change, just not the right one.

  19. Happy winter solstice as I try to get over my hopelessness blues

    1. It was 9 years today, on December 21st, 2012, that the world came to an end. Let that sink in.

  20. The 2006 series of the BBC science-affairs programme "Horizon" includes an episode titled "Human v2.0", making mention of MKUltra, referencing Wuhan & featuring Ray "100+ pills a day" Kurzweil, & "Pandemic A Horizon Guide" (am yet to watch the latter).

  21. OMID -- Am very much with you on the Corey of coreysdigs...this is not the time at all for holding anything back; I even believe that to willingly do so for whatever reason is tantamount to giving aid & comfort to the enemy.
    Fire all your guns at once and explode into space!!

    And those tales of the changing from the RED night vision mechanism to the GREEN because of what kept being seen seems to be making the rounds lately and makes me recall this that I posted back in June of 2019, before the deluge:

    And specifically THIS unforgettable podcast:

    Mercifully, it's still there, unlike a LOT of forbidden knowledge I put in here that seems to mysteriously disappear...

    JB -- I know you might concur: what if the world as we know it really DID come to an end 9 years ago thru whatever permutation; a blip in some midnight doing at altered timeline thru some solar event the Mayans saw coming...can any of us really KNOW for sure?
    All that we do know is that the world -- for whatever reason -- has been a radically different place since right about then. Some cosmic dimensional shift on some celestial switching yard wheel that put us all on some parallel but wholly different track? Haven't everybody's lives seemed fairly upended since then?

    Maybe we're meeting people we would have never met, creating & destroying relationships that either were never meant to be tampered with, or destined to fully blossom because of where we are right now. Entirely different ones.

    Maybe I never would have started looking into CERN, never started corresponding with all of you, never gained more force and a thousand new friends to the end...Do you believe in Fate? That the wheels of the universe turn in accordance with what is supposed to happen by God? Because if God is omniscient, he KNEW already what CERN was going to do in the hands of mortals, and the roads that that would take us down.
    Would He have allowed that to happen, that Wild Hunt, if it wasn't His will?

    So many questions...& time for a thousand visions and revisions to paraphrase Eliot.

    All I know is, we're all here, and warriors and witchers, for a very good reason.

    1. As Charles Fort once said: "what if the entire world came to a cataclysmic end in the middle of the night ages ago, and we are now ghosts living in a ghost world having ghost children?"

    2. Holy mother what a quote!! Gotta brush up on my Fort as that particular one slipped past the RR radar...

      Til then, all we can do is keep rockin steady as we run thru the jungle -- ahem:

      Thinking of starting an existential bar voodoo lounge that only plays this dude's mashups -- who's in??!! We'd all be millionaires by next Friday!! Haha!!

      Even if not, Merry MERRY Christmas ya filthy animals!!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. You call it Christmas, I call it chronic-abyssmal-depression-due-to-some-horrible-intimate-sh*t-that-happened-14-years-ago.

      Happy "chronic-abyssmal-depression-due-to-some-horrible-intimate-sh*t-that-happened-14-years-ago" everyone!

    5. Lol Happy "chronic-abyssmal-depression-due-horrible-that-never-seems-to-stop-happening" BACK ATCHA!

    6. Oops, my phone kept erasing words in that I guess I still didn't catch some that it erased.

    7. Hmmmm 14 yrs ago -- yep, 2007 was when my hip started "clicking" & it's been a long slide into "my goose is cooked"-land ever since!!

      BUT, if I hadn't stopped playing tennis then I in all probability never would have started this whatever this is & never would have connected with all you kindred spirits in the material world, so most def my silver lining to that rather humoungous cloud -- & you know what, had my time & I wouldn't now trade this for the world!! Everything happens for a reason -- you just might not know it at the time.

      And you know what else -- this is better than the best hand-to-hand tennis combat ever.

    8. I'll stress again turmeric and magnesium. I have a genetic deformity in my hip bones where they ALWAYS made two different types of clicking one was the ligament, the other much louder and painful would actually pop the bone out of socket. The doctors said that the times of it being out had cut off circulation to the head of the bone enough times that it had started to rot, they showed me the holes in the bone in the x ray. They said that I would definitely have to have hip replacements before thirty. I'm past that now and my hips have never felt this good EVER. I was also having gallbladder attacks for a couple years they saw the stones and wanted me to get the surgery. I dissolved them with bromelain and papain now it's been a few years since I've had a problem. The podcast you linked is awesome! "Everybody was just frozen" chilling, I'll have to replay it again. Btw all the stuff with the hip was playing when I read that. What makes you jump more than loud ads periodically interrupting when you're listening to a podcast in old echoey house at night thanks I needed my blood pumping;)

    9. Without a doubt wordman, with coreydigs that person wants to make money off the effort of their help, going to leak it out in parts, and then sell it in a PDF form at his or her bookshop. At least they are upfront about it. Someone at RMN posted it, if folks have not figured out what perspective is driving current events by now, I highly doubt they ever will. Wordman I just starting reading your 2019 post, and the first words in in,reminded me of something I think I have already said somewhere in my comments since I came abroad here on your ship, but it is worth repeating for everyone's benefit, this quote about Babylon takes on new meaning,and means that I have been right to view Life on Earth as much different then living in a world....

      “And he cried out with a mighty voice, saying, ‘Fallen, fallen is Babylon the Great! She has become the dwelling place of demons, and a prison for every unclean spirit and hateful bird…And the Kings of the Earth, who committed acts of immorality, and lived sensuously with her, will weep and lament over her when they see the smoke of her burning, standing at a distance because of the fear of her torment. Saying woe, woe, the Great City, Babylon, the strong city! For in one hour, your judgment has come.’”

      Now take those words, and watch that video again at the 50 minute mark, and Babylon becomes the whole world, not just a singular place or institution as basically everyone has tried to make it out to be. So I will have to admit that some have called it a prison planet, but even those folks have it wrong in the sense of who is imprisoned. Their mind function cannot see past the present so they have assigned themselves prisoner status in a war they are lost in.

      An hour in heaven is 40 years,a day 1000 years. I started looking at Babylon in August of 1978. The seven year tribulation began on June 1st 2017, the tribulation IS about the judgment of Babylon. We are already over four years into it. To reclaim the Earth in full, humanity needs to learn to forget the things it should, and remember those which benefit it.People need to figure out why all this occultic stuff was shoved underground to begin with, only to make a magical appearance again.

    10. OMID!!

      I actually stumbled over that quote at the beginning of one of the first season eps of one of the great unsung series of all time -- to my way of thinking possibly when all is said and done the very best of all time: CARNIVALE. Apples & oranges but I may have to even elevate it over XFiles, Millennium & Peaks -- sacrilege I know!!

      That's a lot of pressure to put on just 2 seasons but at 4 mil an episode, HBO went all out while they could, & it shows. But the apocalyptic biblicalness of the writing, as well as the rich mythology, makes it stand out, along with career performances from Nick Stahl & Clancy Brown as the 2 avatars of light and dark. Throw in the atomic bomb tests at Trinity standing in for ushering in the end of the world as we know it -- something Lynch borrowed heavily in TP's return btw -- Masonic and Knights Templar influences, and not knowing exactly who was Good and who was destined to be Evil in the long run (& it was a centuries long run in the telling) made for a heady brew that once viewed would never be forgotten. It's a damn shame you can't find it anywhere today except Amazon & that's at $20 a season.

      It's by far the closest I've ever felt to watching true Magick (with a k) unfold on the screen -- it also happened to be way WAY ahead of its time. Not sure people were quite ready for its like in 2004/5 -- amazing foreshadowing of concerns in a world to come. Not one person that viewed it still doesn't think about it today: "I'm Sorry"

      You are able to discern by around the middle of the first season who is the Christ consciousness and who embodies the darker side, but both characters are laced with such doubt and nuance that you always feel that they are forces in a play far larger than their individual wills, with Light & Dark both playing parts of both their psyches and at times interchangeable until their final roles are fully embraced. Much like the Bible itself. Not to mention the romantic tanglings where Good loves Evil, Evil loves Good that play out against the male/female dynamic. And in the telling an Antichrist is revealed, born out of heartbreak, abandonment, and conflict.

      Let's just say if any of you care to treat yourselves there are MUCH worse ways you could spend a spare holiday $40.

    11. hmmm,might have to look into that. I believe it is very important that at this time, everyone who views your blog, needs to put fear behind them. We are shining light on very dark matters, and we all need to keep focus on our own light in order that the subject material does not overwhelm any of us individually. Seems like lately every video I watch has a new piece to the jigsaw puzzle I have been piecing together since 1978. like this video here, start at the 90 minute mark, It deals with antarctica, but also tells a story of something they became aware of in 1987 near the gas giants of the solar system.

      That podcast you turned me on to was very good also, I swear I have heard that voice of Charley before, but I cannot put a name or face to it. Those 4 definitely seen something along the lines of that 50 minute mark in the video I shared here. I could tell in his voice he was freaked out by what he seen

  22. Wordman a Carnivale update going to add HBO MAX to my Hulu plan to see the first 2 seasons but check out this news. season 3 in the works from 4 months ago

    1. OMID -- glad you took the plunge to join all us other Rousties!! Haha!! Have a major feeling you will NOT be disappointed -- then you too can have the joy of spreading the word...Very anxious to get your take on it all -- drop me an email or just keep us all informed right here on the Bat channel.

      Re shining a light on very dark subject will find that almost to the exclusion of all else, this is exactly what Carnivale does in no uncertain terms. Plus it plays it out across an unfolding stage set cosmically long in the making, where Fate is the ultimate arbiter.

      Interesting backstory of the mythology here to whet your whistle:

      Every time I watch it it blows my mind that both Nick Stahl & Clancy Brown didn't win some kind of acting awards for their performances. (There is also the vague feeling that appearing in this actually DID something to Stahl if you research his personal life ever since -- which only adds to the gravitas.)

      And unfortunately I HAVE seen that vid you sent along regarding a possible season 3 -- I got all excited too til I learned that it was a fan-made job that also served as a plea to HBO to get it up & running again (scroll all the way to the end...bummer!!)

      However -- hope springs eternal -- look at what happened with TP, & Carnivale also is one of the very few series in history that has more fans and interest NOW than when it was actually airing; that's how much word has spread about its legendary status since 2005. Word-of-mouth is an amazing thing. So, we'll see.....

      Like I said, thanks for biting, my friend -- I think you'll find you've stumbled across a rare something that will stick with you for the rest of your days -- maybe longer!!

      One final suggestion: don't watch it while you're doing anything else. It demands a LOT from its audience. Even the smallest most seemingly inconsequential scenes carry significant importance, & cryptic clues are spooled out at a very high rate. There is most def a rhyme and a reason for what a first glance may seem confusing just for the deliberate sake of being that way. Your patience & attention to detail WILL be rewarded -- and then some.

      Artistically it uses a very dark palette too, so dim those overheads and make it as theatrical as possible for the best effect -- visually this is head & shoulders above anything else I've ever seen on TV, and easily outguns most film releases in that area.

  23. Hey, ladies let's cook a good Christmas dinner and keep everyone's mind of the abysmal-yada-yada-yada. My key lime pie and Pina colada fried cheesecakes are amazing (my own recipe ;)) while we cook let's have some weird conversations on reincarnation, remembering past lives etc. If it can be done in hypnosis and altered states, why can't we do it normally?

    1. Then if it were real life, this would just sychnchronistically start playing out of nowhere, on here I have to create it.

    2. But now your going to start having sychnchronicities with that song. But you ready for a mindfuck?

      What if sychnchronicities are like the waking up music in inception? Signs that some noise is moving through your levels of deep sleep.

      One thing leads to another, what if the way before a seizure, people will smell strange scents almost like they are in a dream and their body smells it but can't relate it to the dream enough to explain it. That's how smelling salts work. (It's also interesting that smelling salts works on a level of getting people out of a faint where a loud noise won't.) Now suppose the not being able to smell thing with covid is spiritually a sign of trouble with the connection to the dreamer.

      Anyone want to talk about weird dream experiences? Anyone else have dreams that move FASTER in relation to REALITY? Like BEFORE a surprise noise happens IRL in real life, your dream CHANGES TO COMPENSATE for a stimuli that it KNOWS is GOING TO HAPPEN BEFORE IT HAPPENS and it's an ACTUAL UNPREDICTABLE event IRL. Or backwards? Or in numbers? Or other languages? Or you're different people?
      Good God, I know how this sounds so JB shut your f***ing face or I'll shut it for you ;)
      I know I can't be the only one ;)

    3. Does anyone have any stories about past lives? Cause I do if anyone wants to hear.

    4. Well since no one else is on here, ATM, here's a mind fuck. If ghosts can gather enough energy to make themselves visible and/or solid (or move between worlds) could they feasibly do this enough to be able to lead actual lives to an observer but only have to put on the "show" when being observed? Where would they get a source of energy like that? How could you tell? Would they be non player characters?(I rather resent that term because I feel that it's egotistical and diminishes the value of human life.) Or would ghosts be given the ability to move between worlds BECAUSE their presence is so INTERGAL to a timeline?

      Now to draw it back out of the SPOOKY. YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU'RE ENTERTAINING AN ANGEL UNAWARE. The holy spirit is often called the HOLY GHOST. My son spoke about being in heaven before he was born and then talking about who he was BEFORE he went to heaven. When a being is only a couple years old and looks like an angel anyway and has stories that he shouldn't have been exposed to enough stimuli in this short time on earth to create the stories, you start to listen.

  24. Since it's Christmas, just a reminder that "Bethlehem" means "House of Lahmu (Sumerian version of the Great God Pan)".

    1. Yeah I was going to tell you that you can talk now, you don't have to shut your face permanently.;) It gets kinda awkward when I'm the only one.

      I had thought it meant "beautiful hill" or "beautiful Hill City"

    2. No it literally means the oath of God as Flesh. Lahem - meat flesh, Beth from Elizabeth - the Oath of God

    3. It has different possible interpretations. I prefer the most ancient one, for obvious reasons.