Wednesday, December 15, 2021



Slip kid, slip kid, second generation Only half way up the tree Slip kid, slip kid, I'm a relation I'm a soldier at sixty-three No easy way to be free     

Welcome back slip kids, for this standalone post for the night, simply because it deserves it.

Suffice it to say that a variety of bets are already being taken as to just how long this is going to stay up across all platforms, so heed the call, snuggle up and listen in quickly; I feel the banhammer is close with this one.

Perhaps no other quote fits better than this one as a prelude to what you are about to indulge in: 

"Let me tell you why you're here. You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life. There's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there. Like a splinter in your mind."

Prior to his recent outlaw status, Dr. McCullough was a top-notch cardiologist, flinging peer-reviewed papers around like confetti, heading standing committees, writing in the NEJM, testifying before Congress, you name it. But then Covid and masks and vaxxes came along and he dared to do something that put him at loggerheads with the status quo: tell the truth.

And since when do we look to Joe freakin Rogan to be the pillar of journalistic integrity? I'll tell you since when: since no one else is stepping up to the big boy plate, that's since when. No one, and I repeat, no one within a sniff of the mainstream, (perhaps Tucker Carlson) is shooting from the hip quite like this -- and blowing apart every false narrative in sight. God bless his venison-chewing, DMT-gobbling, Ivermectin-gulping soul. We need about 10,000 more of him. STAT. Plain truth, plainly spoken. Just listen to what he says at the 2:15:08 mark of the YT or the 36:27 and 2:17:32 spots in the Rumble one:  

The world is being directed by a level of evil that is almost impossible to comprehend. 

What McCullough did on this Rogan podcast, and what Rogan did by giving him that platform, was the equivalent of a 5-star general taking the high ground without covering fire while the infantry hid in the foxholes. The naked courage and yes, self-sacrifice of both men should inspire all doctors and be better doctors and people.

More than glad to be back with you guys transmitting again, and I'll be back again soon. But for now, this was too good, and too momentous, to let slip by.

And I'll just leave you with something that hit me while listening and that I believe is beginning to become a dawning realization for so many: the vaccines weren't created for Covid; 

Covid was created for the vaccines.

And (spoiler alert) the same high-level forces are behind the creation of both. (See photos at header for more picture-worth-1,000-words explanations...)





  1. The vaccines were patented in 2015.
    Covid was turned loose in mid 2019.
    I do believe you are correct.

    1. Not only that Phil, but after just dropping in over at Duckduckgo, I'm ready to SHOOT myself (poor choice of words considering)
      But the vast amounts of hidden and suppressed data absolutely unavailable by goog & normal channels that can be found thru the Duck is UNREAL. Actually shocked me & just as a quick for instance, the links between Charles Lieber & Epstein are vast in scope, huge in implications, and largely unexplored by pretty much everybody even within sniffing distance of the mainstream.

      That one relationship right there might be the Rosetta stone. That meme that I put in this post got me started thinking...

      We're all lovers in a dangerous time, aren't we? (As Bruce Cockburn would say.)

      I remember my Dad saying something like you never feel more alive and vibrant than in a time of war (he a WWII vet).

      I'm very much beginning to know EXACTLY what he meant...

    2. JFK Jr.s new book is worth reading as well. I ended up buying a copy for lending, assuming that I can actually get someone to read it. I know. I remain ever optimistic even though experience should have broken that habit by now.

  2. Remember: the "Original Sin" that resulted in being cast out of Paradise was merely refusing to take personal responsibility for your own actions.

    Adam: "Eve made me do it!"

    Eve: "The Serpent made me do it!"

    The Serpent: "I told you so..."

  3. Watching John Carpenter's "Prince of Darkness" for the first time, and... Holy Christ it's great. Gnostic as f**k too.

    "Satan was the son of a lesser, darker God, and Jesus was of extraterrestrial origin, trying to warn us..."

    1. Jesus of Nazareth or Christ Michael is the Creator of both Lucifer and Satan,so John Carpenter is either clueless or a choose...

    2. Also neither Lucifer or Satan were created as ascendent Beings, if either one of them had ever learned patience,they would have come to understand that truth,and could have saved many many beings from all this aggravation.

    3. He clearly based his story of the beliefs of the early Gnostics (Satan being created by the Demiurge, Jesus being alien to this Universe, coming from beyond the stars), he couldn't possibly have known about your own personal beliefs back in 1987.

    4. and that fact was known in 1987 by the way

    5. Oh, I thought it was something you had obtained through some sort of revelation. What's the name of the religion in question?

    6. Ouch JB for someone who bases they're own religious beliefs on a personal revelation they had about Pan, you sure are bristly about others. Isn't that the nature of Gnosticism truth through revelation? So many things in my own life could be looked on as influenced by gnosticism but I didn't really look into it until the past few years. What a loaded question to say what is the religion in question, when so much here is simply us acknowledging that we're spiritual beings in search of truth and a higher power and trying to share truths and sound doctrines we find along the path.

    7. jb, prince of darkness is an excellent film!

    8. The Sovereignty of the Paradise Creator Son has nothing to do with any religion JB.

  4. Wordman big 10-4 on the google/duck thing.

  5. Wordman, that interview on Rogan with Dr.M was fantastic! GONE on youtube... Rumble only.