Monday, July 26, 2021



“What about you Steven? Do you have someone? Special in your life?

Not really – I don’t see much of anyone lately. I left home sort of suddenly and well, I don’t talk to my family these days…

You know, it’s never too late to tell the people you care about how you feel.

I’d like to visit them before I move on…even just once. Just to say goodbye.

You should do that.

So – this is the tape you say started up by itself in the middle of the night?

I honestly can’t explain it – I know I sound completely crazy

Well, things always seem crazy if you don’t ask questions. (smiles at her)

Plays reel-to-reel tape – distorted chanting


What is it?

I think it’s an encode. This tape; it contains subliminal messages; it’s a technique called back-masking, here listen again…but when I play it in reverse….That’s clever

What’s it saying?

Helter Skelter. You know like the Beatles song. It sounds like some kind of chant or mantra almost like the foretelling of a prophecy. All I can say is that someone went to a lot of trouble to make this thing.

Why can the words only be heard when it’s played backwards?

It’s intended to be subliminal – audible only on an unconscious level. It’s mostly used in advertising to convince people to buy things that they don’t need. It’s used all over the media – radio, tv, movies, music -- to spread messages.

What kind of messages?

I guess all kinds. Even Satanic messages.

Satanic (sighs, head in hands..)

Personally, I think it’s all part of a plot created by the government to turn us all into conformists, to keep us from questioning what’s really going on with the man, from thinking for ourselves. Think about it. If they keep us in the dark, they control everything. We become a society of mindless consumerist robots left to roam the wastelands of their artificially-constructed purgatory.”

Sharon Tate/Steven Parent conversation – The Haunting of Sharon Tate (2019)


“When the Zetas/diseases fill the skies – it’s just our leaders in disguise…”

“War is overdue

The time has come for you

To shoot your leaders down

Join forces underground

Lose control

In increasing pace

Wantonly waste

Intention erased

Whatever they say

These people are torn

Wild and bereft

Assassin is born

Oppose and disagree

Destroy demonocracy…”


This race is already run

Get off your horse, get on this train

Hey I hey I, oh

"Welcome to the real world"

I said "Welcome to the real world"

Are we rushing like the wind?

Naked out and naked in

"Welcome to the free world"

I said "Welcome to the me world"

Are we rushing like the wind?

Put your lovin' arms around

Did you lose your faith in God, no?

Does your conscience always get you down?

Fall to pieces, rough and tumble

Does your conscience always get you down?

These days it's all the mind

It's Elemental

Don't say you’re up when you’re down

It's Elemental

Put your lovin' arms around

This your new year's revolution

Put your lovin' arms around

Nothing doing revolution

Put your lovin' arms around

Take another leap in the dark

With a humble heart

Do yourself some good

What did you become?

Patience, be sure

Baby, baby

These days it's all the mind

It's Elemental

Don't say you’re up when you’re down

It's Elemental



We gather together here again ladies and gents, boys and girls of all ages of culture, distinction, and taste! Welcome to the Funhouse!

Odds and ends blowing around in the gathering psychic storm to follow…

No great connect-the-dots tilt-a-whirl this time, let’s just try throwing them against the wall and see what sticks – we’ll go from there and sort ‘em all out in the wreckage we’ll crawl from on the other side…let the stream of consciousness begin. Switching commands to internal.

Speaking of wreckage – let’s see what’s become of the McAfee dead man’s drops on this thundery and stormy night…..


LSS: If you haven’t been following, codemonkeyz is now mentioning that all 31TB are now on swarm. (Swarm = a crypto currency project that would allow files like this to be uploaded in a way that would chop up and distribute the data around the world in a way that could not be deleted or suppressed without pretty much shutting down the whole internet.)

In other words, you can't delete it now, it's written into the blockchain. You could try and block access by shutting down internet access, but you can't delete it now. It will always be there... unless you were able to destroy every physical node... which you'd basically have to nuke the world to do.

In a nutshell, before he died, McAfee said he was going to release 31terrabytes of info he has on the US government and other elites if something happened to him. Got a tattoo of “$Whackd” on his arm before he died.

Day he died a long dormant ethereum wallet with display name “Epstein” started having tens of thousands of interactions per day with tons of different masked IP’s. Everyone thinks he loaded his 31TB of data on the ethereum blockchain for the world to mine and have access to.

Cryptic countdown page popped up online the day after he died with a clock counting down to the other day- $Whackd was a type of crypto coin that was getting traded like crazy.

Nothing big happened when the timer ran out so everyone thought it was all a huge hoax in order to pump and dump his $whackd coin to get his family rich.

But apparently someone actually managed to get ahold of the data somehow but can’t crack it (according to sources.)


I was also able to glean some drops before they were scrubbed as follows:

FBI DEA CIA SEC DHS IRS DIA NRO WEF Microsoft Treasury NGA DOD ID2020 ARAMCO Berkshire Hathaway WHO CAVI Gates Foundation Apple Clinton Foundation FB Huawei Pfizer Rothschild & Co J&J Planta ICC NSC Halliburton NCC Halliburton Kiva Raytheon IDEO Lockheed Martin Alphabet Klaus Schwab Accenture Finfisher JP Morgan Blockchain Foundation Raytheon (twice)

“What storm, Mr. President?”

“As waters recede, riverbeds reveal.”

Here it is – not for the faint of heart:

1)      As soon as the floods are over the many corpses will become visible.

2)     Once the floods are over, the DUMBs will become visible.

3)     Once the floods are over, the satanic child ritual abuses will come to light.

4)     Once the floods are over, we will find the corpses of the non-human beings.

5)     Once the floods are over, the release of data from McAfee’s inventory will begin.

6)     Once the floods are over the cryptocurrencies will crash.

All I can say is they did tell us it was going to be BIBLICAL.


Oh, I did I mention the NEW countdown:

Just in and fresh with drawings from one Benjamin Solvari Parravicini:

(Humanity overdue? Defeated?)

Very interesting that he too, like so many others in this saga (notably of late Kary Mullis, PCR test inventor) seemed to be in contact thruout his life with something “other.”

Of course how this all plays out remains to be seen – but for someone with so many “hits,” as well as the fact that McAfee was plugged in to him and those “in the know” seem hellbent on all this not getting out…this is worrisome to say the least. I am reminded of Wormwood and he Vatican LUCIFER telescope installed on Mt Graham and this old saga from the Comet Hale-Bopp glory days:

All of which means that this is a story that has been playing out in the psychosphere for quite a while now; since things were set in motion…..

Before we leave the McAfee situation I should also tell you that I have heard from multiple sources now that the infamous FRAZZLEDRIP vid show Huma and HRC filleting a young girl was just seconds into playing when the orig site went down for good – this vid was also left playing but it too now has been scrubbed:

The above is the only site left that I’ve found is still viable – for now.


Meanwhile, more about the Vaxx:

And a very pertinent comment there: “Why is this not being talked about more? Regardless if it’s in the vax or not in the vax, I’m sure this shit is in SOMETHING. That is probably the most unsettling thing I’ve ever read because damn. Are people not seeing the implications of this? If I’m ever forced to get the vax and I’m somehow subdued and the jab going in my arm while I’m restrained I pray that I die right there on the spot and may the Divine Spark of my Spirit along with my Soul, not become another “blip” in their the great big transhumanist electromagnetic field astral body vacuum lotus dream eater death trap shopping mall world.”

Proof that covid shots contain the graphene:

Actual contents of the Pfizer vials exposed:


And before we head off even further into transhumanism world – I thought this was highly mentionable; a conversation between Dr. Steven Greer and this guy:,_Prince_of_Liechtenstein

Prince: “We have to meet but we can’t talk about this on the phone…Your efforts to effect disclosure are noble but they will not be able to be permitted and not for the reasons that you think….”

Greer: July 1994 NYC – In 1989 a group of us were trying to do disclosure (Gorbachov, Bush, himself, UN Sec Perez de Cuellar) in course of high level planning meetings Perez de Cuellar was abducted out of limo in Manhattan – told by “aliens” that if they didn’t cease every world leader involved would be taken – the Bush WH then put on the brakes to all this…”we’ve concluded that we have to prepare the public for an interplanetary war and in doing so we can then also force the return of Christ.” (words of the Prince.)


So, as you can see, the Biblical terrain has been being set for quite awhile now. More particulars on the case here, as well as the initial verified involvement of de Cuellar (altho not mentioning his own abduction):

The 7602nd Air Intel unit out of Fort Belvoir, VA just outside DC (you’ll pass it every single day travelling I-95 North) is perfectly capable of staging fake alien abduction scenarios – they have the ways, means and materials at their disposal.  


What we are seeing is a sprawling black operation in progress that combines many differing disciplines and compromised platforms, every single one of them painting a multi-faceted psychosphere of an increasingly locked-down control system for us to inhabit. These are the chains we need to rip apart, so we can blast open our cages to new vistas of widening freedom and true justice and equality. It’s all possible.

They give themselves away on a daily basis:

But that’s just normal, right?


And can we just put this fool in jail, already? How much more evidence of fraud, lying to Congress, crimes against humanity do we need?

Why is anyone with 2 neurons left to rub together still listening to this idiot?

If we want to live, and I repeat, if we want to LIVE, we need to destroy all these people now:

(In 2015, then-Vice President Joe Biden was photographed fondling the right nipple of Piacesi, the daughter of Montana Senator Steve Daines’ sister Christine and her husband Rob Piacesi, during a senatorial swearing-in ceremony. used to have the original footage, but it was pulled down after Democrats and major media sites warned viewers not to believe their own eyes.)


Meanwhile, still fewer than 50% death jabbed in the US. Hence their utter desperation. That leaves about 170 million who are going want to kill them as they try to pull the "great reset.”

And in America, we still have the means to do so.

When this starts happening, as this Italian doctor reiterates, it’s going to start sliding down in all directions quickly:

The mRNA code that you voluntarily allowed them to inject into you is owned by its creator and then it changes your DNA from that which you were created as a Human made in the image of God to a trans human made in the image of the beast. Pretty simple. Even the SC has acknowledged and paved the way for this:

That day is now here. If you are “vaxxed” you are, by definition, no longer human in the eyes of the law.

Read that last sentence again – slowly. Let it sink in.


And this – What?

Ahhhh, the droplets – for a minute there I thought they were getting all Pontypool on me. (Which they still might.) Language itself as a virus:


And finally, if I may be so bold, what exactly is the major difference between this:

and what was foretold in The Matrix about turning people into batteries?

Not too effing much that I can see.


The more horrific their ways and means become the clearer the overall picture becomes also. Are they turning the Earth into one big Battery Farm? Or has it always been one, & this is just the next step in the evolution?


So what’s it all about, Alfie?

It’s about having somebody in your life that is transcendent; finding that somebody who that when your fingers brush it makes sex seem trite. Somebody that can really show you what love is – real love – and all its glorious, dazzling, luminous, electric elemental power. Somebody that can look into your eyes – and you into theirs – and you both…just…KNOW. No words need to be spoken. I am Wordman and I’m here to tell ya, it’s not about words at the basement level. Not at all. It’s about souls touching, elemental spirits connecting, not bodies. It’s somebody that you can cry with that you’ll remember forever. It’s about dreams and telepathy and reincarnation and eternity in more universes than we’ll ever know.  

This is how we fight. With depth charges that they cannot fathom. It’s elemental. 


“There was an unpublished experiment that we did at the paralab which we called Plant R & G. You have a room with no windows and you have a house plant that needs light to grow. And you have a single light up on the roof. The growing light can turn in one of four quadrants, and which quadrant that light is illuminating is controlled by a random number generator. So you put the plant in one corner of the room. The light has an equal chance of shining in all 4 quadrants or corners. But you give it enough time, what you find is that the light actually shines far more often on the plant than on the other coordinates. It’s as though life itself (or the consciousness within it) in something as simple as a house plant, bends probabilities in the physical world (reality) in the direction of what it needs, in the direction of its growth and its evolution.

I see that experiment as profound because it shows to me what consciousness does in the world.” Adam Michael Curry


If a baby daisy or orchid can do that, just think of what YOU can do. Now go do it. BE the change in the world that you want to see.

This is the, literally biblical, war that is ongoing every day, just don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s occurring in the streets – it’s in our heads. And we control it. Reality is, quite simply, what we make of it. God has instilled the secrets, and the power, of all the universes within each and every one of us.

Be. Here. Now. All you fellow elementals.

See you there.


  1. I think we have a bigger problem then we realize with Mind Control.You hit the problem on the nail wordman at the end when you said..."it's in our heads" I take it you have read,The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave correct? Well taking the first two chapters at face value for what it says as Truth, then a whole bunch of folks are not who they are. It's like the x-file episode in the first season, when Scully, and Mulder went to the arctic, after drillers dug up parasite, that changed people making them kill each other. Now the parasite are these programmers, they are the ones behind the autism rise over the last 20-25 years

  2. here you go peeps

    1. For sure OMID!! It's why all of this can be so boiled down to the MENTAL aspects: witness the number of people claiming that post-Vaxx, so many of their friends and family members seem to have changed in radically fundamental ways. That they are no longer the people that they used to be -- after decades and decades.

      None of this is happening by chance or just out of sheer "weirdness." This is all by design. Have been pondering this awhile & will soon have even more to say. But, once again, this all comes down to spirituality again also. (Remember one of the very first Vaxx recipients and what they first claimed: "They've killed God. I can't feel God. My soul is dead.")

      Of course some might say "hearsay," "anecdotal evidence only."
      But to my mind, something far darker is afoot.
      And by design.

    2. Also very good catch with that X Files first season episode & the alien parasites. Remember that one well.

      Also puts me in mind of how vociferously and rabidly they were -- and still are -- against remedies like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. And what are they btw?


      Makes you wonder.

    3. I have a couple of remedies that stand in for the ones mentioned if anyone is interested. Artemisinin and Chlorine Dioxide. The first has been used as, you guessed it, as an anti-parasitic and the second is water purifying tablets. They are both, I believe, still available and in many who used them as alternatives when they got the thingy, were highly effective when used in tandem.

    4. Oh, and Artemisinin is wormwood extract. The plant’s name derives from Artemis.

    5. Qing hao has been used for centuries for treating malarial fevers. A Chinese scientist won the Nobel Prize in 2015 for her work with it.

    6. Chinese herbalism has a lot of good remedies. We should all be looking at alternative modalities right now, because mainstream medicine is not going to be an option any more. Not if you don’t plan to go along with their plans.

  3. Millions mind controlled, and they do not even know it...millions, nope no more wondering,they have been doing this hardcore since 53,by now no child is safe from these monsters. Have you seen the list in that first chapter of who's involved? The Mind Controlled are running this country right now, and that is dangerous

    1. The mind control thing has been rampant since we all got teevees in our houses. It’s gotten incredibly sophisticated with the advent of cell phones. We have an entire generation of adults right now who quite literally have never lived a day without holding that screen in front of their faces. That’s terrifying. They really have no concept of reality that doesn’t involve interacting with that device during all waking hours. I have a nineteen-year-old niece who seriously can’t figure out where she is in this not-large town where she grew up without it. It’s astounding. She is, admittedly, extra dumb from use of concentrates and that is a whole other subject, but the dimwit went on a long drive recently and ended up in the wrong state. Even with the dumb-phone. Wrong state. We’re in the West, so we’re talking about very large states. It’s mind control and it’s stupidifying. When you make people dumb enough the control is super easy because most of the mind is off-line.

    2. yeah seems pandemic, the book by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier is sensational in more ways then one, they perfected it in 95, they have turned out millions since, most since birth, is the shocking truth...this government is in bed with the occult.

    3. The dark occult stuff that’s being run through our culture right now is pretty astonishing to me. I’ve been studying the subject for a long time, and I have never, never seen this sort of constant programming of the public with occultism like it’s happening now. I think what is important to understand is that it isn’t just occult themes, but DARK occult themes— nasty stuff— that they’re inserting into people’s heads. Dark occultism is part and parcel of all the projects like Monarch and Ultras and it’s being spoon fed to the public in every media production. It’s in every facet of the entertainment/entrainment industry at the moment. If you’re aware of the symbology, it’s astounding. The thing is, that for the world to wake up, they must, absolutely must, reject the bullshit of “scientific” materialism we’ve all been force-fed. However, the awakening to the non-material is being guided through cultural programming toward the dark side. This is not by accident. They are normalizing some very dark shit for reasons. Traditionally, these subjects have been of interest to only a few and it’s taken serious study to access any legitimate material on occult subjects. These matters require a lot of discernment because there are very real forces out there that are quite dangerous. Now the darkest of the dark is being slathered all over the mainstream culture. The public is being prepped. Mind controlled morons are being drawn into large-scale participatory occult ritualism of the most nefarious sort. It’s just amazing to me.

  4. I remember a similar experiment involving a baby chick and a small robot programmed to roll away in any direction. Whenever the chick would "peep" for attention, the robot would roll in his direction, *even though it was not equipped or programmed to hear sound*; it was somehow responding to the WILL of the baby bird.

    Same thing with a famous full-grown chicken who got his head cut off, but not only kept on running, but seemed just fine for a couple of years afterwards. He even ran after you if you tried to take his head away, which he would tuck under his wing.

    Imagine what a human being can do...

    1. "seemed just fine for a couple of years" do you not see the absurdity of that? It's a well known thing for chickens to run around after having their head chopped off but a couple years? Seriously you don't believe that they have contests to make their chicken last even to sundown in South America.


  5. This story is older than the Bible.

    In the Book of Revelation, it is written that the people of the city of Pergamon live near "the throne of Satan". The ancient Greek city of Pergamon was reknown for it's massive "altar of Zeus", which later Hitler had dismantled and brought to Berlin, and later still Obama visited and sat upon.

    Zeus, in his earliest depictions, was portrayed as a giant serpent with a beard, the Ancient Serpent, which demanded constant sacrifice. Three other things Satan and Zeus had in common: lightning falling from Heaven, being the "god of this world", and their arch-nemesis being the one who created humanity in his own image, saved us from the Great Flood, and ended up crucified at the top of a mountain, Prometheus/Jesus.

    And Zeus was always jealous that humanity was not created in HIS image. He might be about to change that...

  6. Should've been titled I AM WORDMAN HEAR ME ROAR.

    1. This link you posted:
      Everyone needs to watch in it's entirety!

    2. However, here Whitney Webb throws some shade on this narrative:

    3. Although it’s interesting that Fuckbook would not allow me to post the brighteon link - usually confirmation that you’re on to something truthful. It may be that this one will be debunked, and then they’ll load it up in the booster.

    4. There's all sorts of toxic sh*t in the fake vaxx. Whether or not there's graphene is irrelevant at this point; it's like trying to figure out if there's a new poison in cigarettes.

    5. No, that's the point, that's the additude that I had so I wasn't going to watch the whole thing, it's about WAY More than that, enough to have you ticked off that we aren't piling up cordwood.

  7. Another little bit of weirdness, not that we need any more evidence at this stage - consider the published works of Boris Johnsons father

    Keep it up Wordman, every post is a home run, from me and on behalf of hundreds of silent followers.

    1. Goodcappy!! Thanks so much for the shoutout, you're muh dude!!

      And it's so funny that you mention the "prophecy" of Boris Johnson's father -- I had JUST gotten thru going over that over on the conspiracy subreddit!

      Sad to say nothing new -- check this out:

      Got to hand it to old Bill Cooper -- always over the target. You'll notice that 'The Final Jihad' was in manuscript form in 1991, & a reviewer over on Amazon, where it can still be purchased, swears he has a physical copy from 1994: "ITS BEYOND CRAZY FIRST THIS WAS WRITTEN IN 94 NOT 96 I HOLD A PUBLISHED COPY FROM 94 AND SECOND THIS PROVES NOT ONLY ARE EVENTS LIKE OKLAHOMA AND 911 PRE PLANNED AND CONTRIVED FOR A ONE WORLD AGENDA BUT THAT THEY BRAG ABOUT IT AND FORESHADOW IT IN SO MANY FORUMS, IE: TELEVISON, MAGAZINES CARTOONS. FOR THOSE WITH EYES TO SEE."

      See here:

      You'll notice they have post-dated the first publishing to 1996!
      (In another weird dig at us, check what they're charging for the Kindle edition.)

      We really do live in Orwell-land. The truth is what they say it is.

      Thanks for the input as always brotha!! Book 'em Dan-o. Murder One.

    2. And thanks to you to Dginn-ster for reiterating that everyone needs to view that specific brighteon clip -- most DEFINITELY lends credence to those that were swearing at the beginning of all this to NOT get swabbed/tested with those swabs they were inserting practically up into your brain cavity.

      Something about that made absolutely no sense from the get-go anyway to me, & was a huge red flag that something else entirely was going on.

      Well, LSS, it was: something unnatural was being inserted into perfectly healthy people. This is freaking nightmare fuel. And when you combine such vile, evil intent with an entire population that has ceased critical thinking...well, the outcome is gonna get dark in a hurry.

  8. This will fall under the umbrella phrase "completely anecdotal."
    I have worked in assisted care as a 2nd job for 30 years. When Covid 1st reared its head out of a Chinese/American test tube my employers literally did the least they could do to protect staff & clients. They gave us 1 surgical mask in a brown paper bag & told us that 1 mask was good for 5 shifts or 40 hours. Now even if I believed wholeheartedly in the efficacy of masks that little canard would be nothing other than complete bullshit.
    My own feelings towards masks are that Fauci, when he initially said the masks were useless, was telling the truth. Then they quickly realized they still had to get all of the low rent rube workers to toddle off to check out lanes and shelf stocking jobs everywhere. You can't have all of the little office workers huddling in their basements binge watching crap if there is no one to deliver grub to the little darling's hubs. American politicians seem to love deballed & useless security theater cause it looks so good on CNN. Of course there may be deeper layers to the masking but I'm not going to go there today.
    We also had to undergo pre-shift temp checks by the nursing staff where they huddled everyone in a room until they were cleared. This ensured that if Covid was present in the room everyone there would now be infected.
    Nothing happened. No one got sick.
    This quarantined testing last 2 whole weeks. After that we were responsible for taking our own temps in whatever building we worked in that was, y'know, full of compromised handicapped folk. Again, nothing much happened.
    Then, about 10-11 months ago they rolled out the swabs. After my first nasal invasion my buddy texted me to ask me if I'd been swabbed. I said that, "if by swabbed, you're asking me if my nasal cavity was raped a burly manly looking female nurse with halitosis, then yes, I was swabbed." After that initial swab I started asking the nurses if they could scrape out some bad childhood memories while they were spelunking in my skull. They all laughed not realizing I was only half kidding.
    At that point both clients & staff magically developed Covid. Not really. They just started testing positive everywhere. In some cases, staff did become ill. No one reported anything more severe than the flu. I never got sick. But I've never had a flu shot & I've never had the flu. I trust my immune system.
    But then about 15 clients became ill. Some severe, some not. All but 2 recovered. The 2 that died...well, they literally had one foot in the grave & one foot on a banana peel long before Covid stopped by for a visit.
    Nothing ever happened to me. No fevers. No sputum overload. Nada. Maybe I'm just lucky. Don't know. But, during the lockdown, when my 4 kids came home to roost, I was the only person who left the house to shop or do anything else that needed done in the outside world during the lockdowns. I refused to make some low paid Wal-Mart worker shop for me & then drop in my trunk like it wa s a dead body or. bag of coke. It wasn't that I was invested in the Tales of the Plague so much as just being cautious. If someone was going to get sick & die I would rather it be me than my loved ones.
    To be honest, I initially bought the plague tales. But after winding my way through Plague Land for over a year I decided to put by credulity to death. We buried it my backyard next to one of my dead cats. I hope it rests in peace.

    1. I started trying to talk people out of the coming shitstorm back in January 2020. The handwriting was clearly legible on the wall, but you know what? I managed to convince exactly one person not to buy the bullshit. The propaganda war on the public was so heavy that almost nobody was able to see outside of it. It may be just a coincidence that I and the one other person to whom I was able to talk sense don’t have televisions, although I’m not a big believer in coincidence.

      I have literally sat people down and made them watch some of the videos that have been posted here and others explaining exactly why the story was false and the idiots I showed that stuff to did exactly what they were told to do anyway, so I’ve pretty much given up on the idea that anyone who has a mind control device in their home is able to have coherent thought any more.

      I go to my parents’ house pretty regularly and they have the idiot box on all of the time. All waking hours, so I get a look at what’s being streamed into the heads of the public and it’s absolutely amazing how mind-melting it’s become.

      I think we all have to come around to the understanding that literally every single important thing that we’ve been told about the world since WWII is false. We, the public, have been lied to about every single matter of any import since then. From Roswell, to Kennedy, to 911 and right up through this plague game. All lies. Every single bit of it. Pick a subject and look hard, do the research, and all you find is lies.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.


  10. By the way, after watching Carl Bernstein & few other CNN screwballs on Sunday seriously discussing how Trump should be charged for "war crimes against the American people," I realized that the liberal wing of the American Asylum is navigating in a different reality than I am.
    If they want war criminals there are 2 living presidents who fit the bill nicely. GW Bush & Barackandroll Obamalamalama. Both are cut & dried cases. Bush for his WMD snipe hunt & Obama for a drone assassination program that was so competently run that 80% of the folk they killed were innocent bystanders.
    But GW became such a liberal darling by just saying, "I don't like Trump," that liberals everywhere linied up to give him hand jobs under his easel. While they've been tongue bathing Obama's genitals practically from day one of his campaign.
    If one accepts the premise of Trump Derangement Syndrome then I think the entire liberal wing is currently suffering from PTSD or Post Trump Stress Disorder. So maybe instead of letting these folk run things we should be medicating them instead.
    Just a thought.

  11. Bad news?

    1. Replying to OMID, Ralph & JB all at once: I think taking everything into consideration in totality (the seismic activity, blocked techtonic plates, the sun wigging out, the massive and desperate Vaxx push, the UAP disclosure cycle, etc etc)
      it is seeming more & more likely that the "elites" are reading from a playbook that nobody else amoung us has access to.

      Are all of these above things related in some ways or ways in one or more apocalyptic/black swan scenarios? It seems the farther up the food & knowledge chain you venture, all things begin to converge. And the mental process of the collective play more than a huge role in all this as well, hence the continued Trump derangement syndrome. Say what you want to about the dude, but wasn't the collective personality and mood of the country raised when it seemed like we had somebody at the helm that actually knew what the hell they were doing? Gas prices were better, things didn't cost so damn much, more people than ever in history were working, the economy was at all time highs, we were producing our own energy, we weren't at war with anybody, we told everybody from China to the WEF to take a hike, and everything was truly looking up.

      Then COVID -- riots -- BLM -- lockdowns -- masks -- jobs gone -- an election stolen for good measure. All to get this one dude out. To make us miserable & in fear again. Control the herd.

      Don't get me wrong. I view Trump in much the same way as JFK. On a one-to-one basis: pretty much of an egotistical, deceitful asshole. (Hey, ask Jackie & Marilyn, right?) But forward-thinking and with the caring about the COLLECTIVE in mind? Pretty amazing guys, both of them, that wanted the very best for ALL of us together -- the country as a whole. And I can hold that dichotomy in my mind just fine, because that's just life & the way some people are. I don't have to love the person to love what they STAND FOR. I wish more people could have the ability to see it that way, I really do.

      I pass people every day on the highway with Biden/Harris bumperstickers, & I just wanna roll the window down and ask them, truly, "What are you doing? Have you thought this out?"


    2. "So, which of the 17 or 18 different kinds of Apocalypse do you want?"

      Globalist Elite: "Yes."

    3. HAHA -- you crack me up Goat Boy!! The fact that it's always so true is just an added bonus!!

    4. When the seismic shit hits the fan, as it most certainly will at some point, the portions of the PNW which are West of the Cascades are going to be Tsunami’d to shit. WM, I’m thinking of you, here. I don’t know where you are exactly, but I can tell you there’s been a lot of talk about that coming event. My kids are military and stationed here, and they’ve been made aware of the “cascadia” event.

  12. PS -- I shouldn't have just limited it to Marilyn & Jackie -- we all know by now that were were dozens, likely more, of others in the JFK stable.

    And yet the very same person that was bad enough to have pulled that off was also GOOD enough that he couldn't be allowed to live. Because he was focusing that good on all of US, and standing in their way. Both state of beings exist, and within the same person. Life, and people, are strange.

    1. I don't really fault JFK for his exploits based on what I know about the Kennedy's his marriage was probably more for money and alliances than love and hey if the ladies want it;) I feel but it's a double look standard look at what they did to Rosemary Kennedy his sister, lobotomized her for being promiscuous!

    2. But there's some things that are unforgivable like with Biden INCEST AND PEDOPHILIA!

    3. Wordman, in my opinion this has always been a war on populism. You can find similar smearing against other populists in American history. Thomas Frank's latest book, The People, No: A Brief History of Anti-Populism , shows that the attacks against Trump were the same type of attacks leveled against previous populists.
      The Dems had a populist in Bernie Sanders. They didn't hesitate to stick a shiv in his back even though he was the front runner.
      Trump's destruction took the full cooperation of the national security state.
      The basic message is, and probably has always been, that the deplorables need to sit down & shut up and let their betters run the show.
      You can see it in the new class warfare that's developing over vaccination.
      My feeling is that the elite know that the jig is up. We are in the late stages of globalist capital & empire & they will do anything to hold on to the ship's rudder even though it appears that the ship is about to sink.

    4. The war on populism has been around for a long time. My ex-husband wrote his dissertation on the subject of the saloons, which, in the early part of the 20th century had become in certain parts of the country, places where people were meeting up to discuss organizing labor unions. Suddenly, there came from the upper classes a big push for prohibition. The two things were inextricably linked, as he was able to prove by going back through the historical record. The orthodox explanations for the prohibition move was that women wanted it because their drunk husbands beat them up. This turned out to be provably false. It was, pure and simple, a move to suppress the working class and became violent as The Pinkerton agency, basically a for-hire bunch of mercenaries were brought in to put down the resistance. History repeats. My ex is an idiot, though. Having written a book on this subject, he nonetheless has bought the entire cv charade and marched of to get a shot. That’s what happens when you believe that comedians are news sources and authority figures. This is his book: His dissertation focused more tightly on the social control and anti-populist elements of prohibition and was actually a better read.

    5. Yeah I grew up in Pittsburgh. Strong labor presence. History of armed resistance. They used to keep boxes of books in the bars in the old days. That was all gone by the time I came along. The collapse of the Steel industry did a lot of damage. I was 19 & about 3 months away from starting a union electrician job in a mill when it all went belly up.

  13. PS JB -- If you haven't seen this = Priceless.
    "Orororororor," "Iiiiiiiii," "aliens..."

    Not to mention the initial horrified expression: "You GOT the vaccination?" (wants to run off stage but knows he can't...) Haha!!

    1. How is anyone pretending that this is not just insane? How is this even happening? This is the Twilight Zone we’re living in.

  14. AND BIG SHOUTOUT to you here KM -- & all your digging into the X Files again:

    Will have MUCH more to say about this in the next batsignal upcoming -- looking like a "single" length one this weekend sometime -- but will be no less hard-hitting despite the length. Far from it. Might be one of the most important ones I've laid down in quite awhile.

    The dots are aligning...

    1. I watched that quite recently. It’s insane. Plus, what if we could rewatch Millennium that would be highly interesting. It’s just crazy to go back and watch all of that and realize it’s not fiction.


  16. Replies
    1. I have spent a good deal of time of late with Rudolph Steiner, who spoke at length about the incarnation of Ahriman, who we would know better as Satan. He said that the Jesuits were one of the groups who would help pave the way. Having gone through his speeches on the subject, it would seem that Ahriman is among us and is probably 21 years old right now. He stated that Ahriman would emerge offering magic to anyone with no effort whatsoever. That he would offer people the gift of instant clairvoyance. I think we’re about to see some transhumanist stuff with AI which allows people to see all sorts of wack stuff if they just plug in. The video games are going to be right inside their heads. Think of all of the screen-zombies suddenly not even needing the screen. He also stated that this “clairvoyance” was going to yield different visions for everyone who partakes, such that everyone was going to believe whatever their version of the vision happens to be, such that everyone will be living in a single person alternate reality. I really think he was describing an AI invasion of consciousness. How does this connect with the graphene vaccine?

    2. Likewise, must be a YouTube algorithm inflating Steiner, but I found a good couple of channels I've subscribed to in the last few months dedicated to his work. I'm still dissecting it all, the general gist that Ahriman is here now feels legit.

    3. Graphene, 5G, the vax stored at freezing temperature. This may be the cocktail needed to bring on visions in people.
      As is well-known, the development of the electronic computer proceeded exponentially, from von Neumann's development of the "stored program" to the desktop and the laptop. A lesser-known development was the "Josephson effect", which allows the construction of semi-conductors from superconducting materials. Thus, electrical circuits can operate without "Luciferic" heat, and Ahriman, whose nature is "freezing cold", can completely enter into electrical devices.

    4. Sotogirl22, yeah, D::Wave quantum computers, which are used by CERN for the LHC, and which have been compared by their creator as "an altar to an alien god", need near-absolute zero temperatures to work.

      Those eerie big black cubes might get us in touch with something Saturnalian, either an extraterrestrial power or the truly divine Demiurge of linear time.

    5. To Goodcappy & KM -- Oh Ahriman is here alright -- transition phase was initiated almost 20 years ago now (hint hint) into a widespread Age of the Occult. Will have much more to say about that as well as a few EXTREMELY disturbing other things that have just come to light that I'm hearing tonight that they are very much trying to keep under wraps.

      If you consider everything that you read here as "building a case," then more than just a couple of slam dunks have reared their heads tonight. Not gonna say any more for now in case I've said too much already -- but you're gonna wanna be here this weekend. It's a date.

    6. Oh, I’ll be here. Sotogirl and JB, that’s exactly what I’m thinking on this. Steiner said that those of us who are holdouts are going to have to learn the lesson of this tech anyway, because, in fact, all things are meant to be lessons. The fact is, we don’t need AI implants to do extraordinary things. It’s child’s play. Literally. Where are you guys in your creative process? Right now is a good time to become a creator. The multiverse speaks to you through creative processes. It’s loud and clear and it beats Ai. Being an independent creator is resistance to the collectivizing totalitarian push we are experiencing. Art people barely do it any more because they are too busy informing the viewer about how to be virtuous. (Racism is bad, sexism is bad, nobody has a gender, etc. blah blah blah.) Start some experiments in moving reality around and you’ll see what I mean. They are going to offer us some kind of synthetic “magic” when we have the real thing right at our fingertips. They’re going to do it with dark crap, when we can create beauty so easily. Engage with it playfully for maximum efficacy. Fun and a light heart are probably necessary. (And right now they’re making everything heavy and dark.) I haven’t tried documenting any other methods than the whimsical. Technically, you’ll become crazy, but the world will speak to you. We should do more than notice. We should actively resist. By the way, where is Dginn?

    7. what you see as a collective totalitarian push, I see as Open Rebellion.


  17. & JB & Sotogirl -- missed your comments -- thanks for chiming in!! & Sotogirl: let's remember that von Neumann, according to Whit Strieber, was responsible for the "Open Doors" hypothesis that may have been responsible for all of the derision/ridicule that gripped every mention of UFOs/UAPs in the mainstream up until just recently:
    Acc to Strieber von Neumann was convinced of & gripped by an extreme terror as he neared death -- namely that humanity's very ACKNOWLEDGING of an extraterrestrial/interdimensional presence could be the key to an opening of the doors that would send them flooding here en masse.
    (IOW our secrecy and denial of their existence could be the very thing holding them back from invading this plane of engagement.)

    Fascinating theory -- & enough to make one wonder if this is indeed the case -- why have the defenses suddenly been lowered NOW, of all times?

    Perhaps our "betters," the "elites" have an agreement (with those entities) that the time of colonization is at hand.

    & a LOT of things, from Covid to vaccinations with unknown substances to WEF mandates and the 5G looming grid playing with magnetic frequencies (not to mention CERN & God knows what else) begin to make a lot more sense, and come into a sinister kind of focus, given the above hypothesis playing out...Time to go listen to some more NIN....

  18. This is a not-too-long article that you're gonna LOVE (makes sense of the world we now live in):

    1. I often think we’ve managed to invent a way to devolve our entire species. Look at kids these days. I’m not even being ironic very much. I have grandkids and they don’t go outside much at all. None of the kids do. We did. All of the time. I live in the town where I grew up and it’s a small town. Kids used to be outside all of the time with kids. Doing stupid stuff like Evel Knieval stunts and catching bags of snakes. Now they are all inside with an electronic device, staring at a screen. Passive. I wonder how Ai takes over.

  19. Anyone who is interested in the Steiner perspective should check this out. It’s the inestimable Catherine Austin Fitts discussing with a Steiner scholar the current machinations of Ahriman.

    1. Oh I missed this so nevermind the other comment

    2. Picture reminds me of this:

    3. I get the feeling that the injections are designed to both kill the human and turn the body into a drone, or a vessel that will only contain the Ahrimanic double. The Ahrimanic forces will be joined in a digitized network of control. When people have remote viewed a certain part of the future, they get only the sensation of heaviness and density. This feeling is that of the spirit trapped in the material.

  20. not entirely related.. but sort of -
    All the people worldwide transfixed and horrified by the pizzagate revelations are today exonerated.
    Yes, some paths were just flak put out as a diversion but the story of the Franklin cover-up (Boys Town) and horrid child-nappers getting a free pass from D.A.s across the country etc., etc. had a big impact on all sorts of people with new time-on-their-hands due to lockdowns.
    Now seeing the impact of years of abuse of top gymnastic talent in the US by celebrity coaches making the star of the decade withdraw from the main competition in Tokyo will bring home the devastation of pizzagate.
    Call it any other name ... it is all related to PG and we all know it.

    Olympic Gymnastics Pedo Coach Harm to Simone Biles Leads to Quitting in Tokyo

  21. JB what is the name of the online comic I've seen you recommend I believe both here and at the Secret Sun?

    I had it saved in my phone for later perusal but I've lost that phone now

    If it wasn't you who made the recommendation I'm sorry but I think it was

  22. This is long, and it will harsh any mellow you’ve managed to retain, but it must be read:

    1. Short version: the vaccine isn't a vaccine, at all, it's a way of transforming/reprogramming/mass murdering all of humanity.

    2. All of you guys are SO on the right track with all this & everything -- every link -- you guys are putting up here correlates completely with everything that I've found out in the last 48 hrs from multiple sources -- I think what I have this weekend is going to blow you all away...

      LSS the Rockefeller consortium (who else?) has ALWAYS been looking for a way to put a chip in everyone's (& I mean EVERYONE'S) brain for a myriad of purposes: tracking, modifications, thought control, life extension &/or eradication, you name it. They just couldn't envision a physical way of cutting open the mass of humanity to do it.

      Well....they've found the way. Hydrogel. Graphene. Self-replicating machines/organisms that are small enough to cross the blood-brain barrier & that are in every vaxx. Gates knows. Fauci knows. They all know & are all in on it. Hence the pressure to comply/conform/take the jab.

      More incoming....

    3. Same website has an interesting piece up about the magnets as well. This site gets into a lot of the things Steiner said about the subject. He actually predicted a poisonous vaccine.


  24. WORDMAN!!! THIS is what graphene oxide looks like:

    1. Nice. The black oil from X-Files. Isn’t that special.

  25. JB & MissFrill!!

    Alright -- now you guys are just plain spooking me out on just about every level.

    Re the entire MH370 fiasco, I had my say about it way back in the day, along w/the Rothschild implications:

    and here:

    Both might be of some kind of value going over again -- and correct me if I'm wrong -- no concrete data arriving at any kind of answer has ever been forthcoming about the fate of MH370? I know every so often there will be the odd headline of wreckage this or wreckage that, but nothing that ever sticks. How's that for an ongoing, modern-age mystery? And far be it from me to say that what happened then isn't a major component in what's happening now...

    Now -- JB -- W. T. A. F!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Black oil from the X-Files, anybody??
    Holy mother of....& why is it making a beeline for GOLD like that? What are the implications of that? & the other vid where it reaches out for a swallows the magnets...
    If that's going in everyone, or what they want to put in everyone, we are in so much trouble it's not even funny.

    This is going in the post for Sunday night late (& if you don't mind JB I'm posting both those twit vids putting you straight in the chain of custody in that post too with your permission...) but THIS was just up on twitter yesterday too, & that I thought was telling:
    To paraphrase since I can't find it right now, (may have been taken down) a guy's son works in higher levels of the Silicon valley IT sector and when his Dad asked him what he knew about graphene oxide his son told him that it was very in vogue currently to use it in all the existing AI platforms --
    when his Dad told him that he'd just found out that it was in the Vaxx the son's jaw dropped, and he said
    Drones, they're making drones.

    & before I go, may I refer you to the first story here in the classic Nine Horrors and A Dream by the one & only Joseph Payne Brennan: "Slime."

    Prep has been underway for awhile now......

    Thanks for staying on the case way past midnight my warriors, in more ways than one.

    See ya in a few.....

    1. "if you don't mind JB I'm posting both those twit vids putting you straight in the chain of custody in that post too with your permission..."

      No problem. And might I mention that I, for one, WELCOME our Black Goo Overlords! All hail the Black Goo!

  26. PS for KM:
    Might wanna brush up on those X Files eppies again, specifically Red Museum from sea 2...

    Because, & I'm just flying by the seat of my pants here, what if the graphene oxide is in there to pave the way for "walk ins."(?) Create openings in the human eco & sub-systems for something to get in there.
    This is stuff Jose Delgado and Sidney Gottlieb were working on for Operation Often 60 years ago, just without the technology to do it.
    Now the training wheels are off.

    We were just talking about 'Delta,' what if this Vaxx is designed to put you in a suggestible Delta state permanently? Remove all notions of the Supreme Being from your Soul? We are so far beyond mere technology now and into the realms of other spheres -- you are so right to keep invoking Steiner -- he was on the money in envisioning mindless hordes of Manchurian Candidates stumbling around in a Zombie Zoo without God, fashioned by the Illuminati. The "8th sphere" I think he termed it.

    What if they've found a way to invoke Possession on the most massive scale possible? And what's coming our way looking for hosts?

    Like I say, the time for looking at this from strictly scientific and rational standpoints has left the building.

    1. Yes, the 8th sphere. According to Steiner (I don’t recall if it’s detailed in those articles) every human being contains a double and that double is Ahrimanic. Just like agent Cooper and Evil Cooper. The doppelganger. It’s quite possible that the creation of the zombie hordes is merely the switching off of their soul leaving only the Ahrimanic double. As far as this double goes, I’m inclined to believe it because I know full well about my own. We all have a psychopath within that can emerge under the right set of circumstances. CPTSD is one circumstance, and I’m guessing that we’re about to see an invented one. Oh, and Delta. Yeah. Delta is hypnosis level. But the other thing is that Steiner clearly stated that for every instance in which a digital tech is substituted for human involvement there is literally an opening for an Ahrimanic intelligence to step in. I think Steiner was really onto some things.

    2. Km do you have some links to read on that doctrine?

    3. The entire series of lectures is available in an audio recording here:
      Slightly shorter:

      There is a lot he said about souls getting trapped in this physical plane. The Ahrimanic forces feed on such, seeking to trap everyone in this density. I think we see this in the idea that we could achieve immortality by uploading our consciousness at death. The Black Mirror has an episode about exactly this: However, this, according to Steiner is happening anyway. The eschewing of spiritual life has led to Ahrimanic forces being able to trap spirits and harness them for purposes of destruction. The articles I linked have some information on this. Steiner said that in the age of Ahriman there would be someone who would come forward and offer up seemingly magical powers and total psychic awareness, but that it would be false and a means to trap people. It is now apparent that what he was speaking of was a digital technology implanted into bodies that would lead to all kinds of psychical manipulation of consciousness. This is going to be aided by using souls to accomplish seemingly miraculous feats, which will not be miraculous, but actually exploitation of slave labor of those who are unable to move past the physical world at death. What started as MK and Monarch and such is being perfected by trapping souls. Literally. The graphene in the shot is likely the method perfected. If you wish to really get the whole thing the book is available here: There is a book about the applying this to the digital here:

      Ironically, you can read them on kindle. I don’t think we can disregard the fact that we’re all being consumed by algorithms, either.

  27. I don't mean to sound ominous(too late)but, does anyone have a place to physically travel to when the SHTF???? What I mean is, from the accelerated rate they are trying to jab everyone, the next step would probably be turning on all those 5G towers they have literally erected all over the world. Living 11 miles away from the pentagon doesn't give me the warm and fuzzies for safety. And my brother who bent over and took the V is giving me serious Stepford Wife vibes about my 'hesitancy'. I'm kinda eyeing my bug out bag wondering where we can possibly go. Any thoughts would help.

    1. My buddy "Zod" is convinced all of this neverending chaos is simply a massive distraction by TPTB from the ELE that's on the verge of occuring, a cyclical "Great Flood" which occurs every 12,000 years when the poles flip, which is why TPTB have not-so-secretly spent trillions to build underground cities, to save themselves, while 99.99% of life on Earth is wiped out, as usual.

      He's sought refuge in the Pyrénées Mountains, where the Basque people have lived for at least 40,000 years.

      No matter what scenario unfolds, either an ELE or merely the diabolical Great Reset, I've mentally prepared myself to "return to the Great God Pan", again. Very long, very sharp kitchen knife, meet my beating heart. That's my idea of taking the jab.

    2. Well based on what happened to me, they'll come for you before you get to leave and they will use whatever means necessary to take you and your family, without a chance to bug out. But if there's the chance... Scope out locally keep tabs on houses being remodeled and left for periods of time often they will have utilities, if you can find a place like a hotel etc. That has numerous rooms etc. If you have time find out when there's workers. Then there's the more permanent safehouse of buying a cheap abandoned house and have bug out stuff there, put it in a shell company and use it for "storage". Doesn't hurt to find out from ex druggies about areas to avoid, and what they did in hard times.

  28. NEVER FORGET this sh*t:

    1. JB. What? That’s just beyond the pale. Words fail. How far we have fallen.

  29. It gets worse......