Sunday, July 18, 2021



BREAKING -- This just to let you guys know (& this is NOT the post slated for tomorrow night at midnight...) something HUGE just entered our atmosphere that showed a distinct signature on multiple meteor shower grids at just past midnight UTC tonight.

These returns do NOT match any previous ones for any meteor showers for this time of year; Perseids, etc.

These are occurring at the same time massive lightning shows are being exhibited all thruout the Northeast -- many with no thunder -- many with thunder as explosive as many residents in LI, NJ, and NYC have ever heard in decades of residence there.

Have no idea what's going on guys (or whether this signifies radiation, radio signals, physical objects ?), but keep your eyes to the skies.....weirdness.

Back in 24 with more....

PS -- you can see what normal returns look like right here:


  1. WORDMAN, I might know what's going on:

    1. Call me No Polar or crazy one more time! After the cops literally beat me up and took my baby off of my breast because they said that I was delusional because I had gone to them about different things and I guess I was stepping on too many toes. I've been quiet because I've been in jail while my bruises faded!

    2. Trying to catch up on reading mousetrap ha! That was funny! Good to know that if anything happens to me you'll think of that's just crazy dginn, I could be dying over here! No literally the cops...