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“There’s a feeling I get when I look to the west

And my spirit is crying for leaving
In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees
And the voices of those who stand looking…
If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed now,
It’s just a spring clean for the May Queen.”
            Page/Plant       Stairway To Heaven, 1971

     “All of the old gods are long gone, but still…I don’t wanna say they’re in the hedgerow, because somebody will come and take me away, but there’s something of the old magic that’s still around.”
                                   Robert Plant, 2015

     “Because the thing about viruses is that they’re easily manipulated.  The DNA they inject doesn’t have to be destructive.  It can be replaced with almost any kind of DNA you want, and it can be programmed to only replace certain parts of the host’s genetic code.”    
                              Christian Cantrell

     “Judging from the past, we may safely infer that not one living species will transmit its unaltered likeness to a distant futurity.”    Charles Darwin

     “Parts of our genome simply cannot survive a situation where the environment suffers from the full overload of toxins we currently live in.”  Kat Lahr

     “As you focus on something you desire, your intent collapses scalar waves of consciousness into 3D.  Your DNA literally becomes your projector of reality.”             Deborah Bravandt

     “I am absolutely certain that life exists in outer space, moves around, and can find a new aqueous environment.”     J. Craig Venter, main contributor to the Human Genome Project

     “As I stood on cliffs of soapstone, dipped in emerald green
An albatross attracts my gaze and leads it to the scene
Through copper skies and dragonflies and gold confetti stars
That’s when I saw the sky parade, with Jupiter and Mars
Not far away
Red sun, bloody sun, it’s where they’re heading for
It’s where they’re heading
They all move as one, towards the sun.”
                      Purson, The Sky Parade

     There are times in human history when more happens in 6 months than in the 7 or 8 years preceding them.  Over approximately the past 16-18 months, there has been a sea change so monstrous in technological disclosures, philosophical memes, cultural trends and the scientific merging with occult ritual behind the scenes that it beggars the imagination.  This pivotal shifting towards some kind of looming singularity seems more than arbitrary.  This “wave” seems engineered as it pushes us onward towards new definitions of time, mortality, and reality itself.  And as the old horizons fade, we are being asked to accept the horrific, the supernatural, as the new normal.  The behind-the-scenes engineers of this sinister zeitgeist have looked to sway humanity for centuries, but never before in such blatant numbers, with such naked hubris, and never before using such egregious force multipliers at their disposal.  Their mask increasingly slips with more and more frequency now, exposing the real face that’s been at the helm all along, and that’s not a good sign as we find ourselves in the still dawning chapters of the 21st century and the long-heralded Age of Aquarius.  

     Cutting edge scientific and borderland technologies haven’t been this fully meshed with the arcane, the esoteric, and the occult since the rise and apex of the Third Reich now nearly 80 years ago; still just the blink of an eye considering how much of that technology and philosophy survives today in the way stations and ideological backrooms of the Death Magickians that fund projects such as HAARP, CERN, MK-Ultra, remote viewing, and the Human Genome Project, to name only the tip of the iceberg that’s visible currently.  As we go down to the waterline, we begin to glimpse the enormity of what’s arrayed against us.

     But mind control and its manipulation is also the vetting of the information stream that is released on a daily basis, to the great masses of us that need to be herded into the next, greater philosophical enclosure on the way to the culmination of the Great Work: the New World Order.  The looming final frontier sees us as merely vessels for our minds, and most frighteningly perhaps, our souls, as something within us is coveted more and more as time as we know it (or as it has been described to us by alter-intelligences) runs out.  This “quickening” is becoming increasingly tangible to the sensitive here, and will soon become evident to all.  The intelligences transcribing the concept of time to us have variously been identified in myth and legend as Chronos, Choronzon, “Father Time,” and most importantly, Saturn, among others. 

     We’re getting ready to look at a great many things here tonight as we settle in amidst increasing turbulence and storms surrounding us.  It seems there is an interconnectedness among all things now; everything is intertwined with everything else on a scale that keeps branching out fractally, enlarging exponentially, assuming a life of its own. Everything is scientific and yet everything is ritual in these storm-whipped latitudes, and I think this also is by design.  We must jettison our deductive reasoning for intuitive here if we are to find our way. 

     Numerology, astrology, sacred geometry, and symbology.  Other than these 4 landmarks, nothing else matters here, and these 4 ritual-manifesting methodologies, more than any others, can help decode the intent of the “Great Work” of the Black Nobility here.  This is the hidden language passed down through the bloodlines of the secret orders and societies for millennia, and this remains how they interact and communicate even today, driving their engines of disorder and chaos magick, gaining power and strength through blood and trauma.  These are the sigils mirroring their actions, and they hide in plain sight.  Remember that the strength of the internet, never intended for us on this type of scale, now gives us an interpretive power never before in the hands of so many enlightened souls, to extract weaponized meaning from these.     

     If you are a newcomer to these charts, you may want to venture deeper into these back pages and read the postings having to do with CERN, especially clicking on Year Zero, The Aeon Of CERN to your immediate far-right column, and then what we are about to delve into will make far more sense with that under your utility belt as a primer.  Because the CERN facility, the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva Switzerland, is again front and center in these apocalyptic roamings, and with good reason.  Recent headlines have placed it there, and recent headlines, no matter their seemingly unrelated subject matter or content, all lead back inexorably, ritualistically, to CERN, and the huge occult ritual they hope to ultimately manifest on the Earth. 

     The automatic writing of our dreams reveals itself slowly, and I feel things will become even more “interesting” as we approach this end of one of the grand cycles of the universe and begin to sense our place in the overall cyclic nature of what’s unfolding.  Science knows secretly all about these cycles; they see the 12,000-year figure popping up constantly in the unearthed remnants of incredible civilizations that flourished here before.  And these, undoubtedly, are part of even greater cycles that we have yet to perceive due to our inability to gain a foothold of perspective on this ever-shifting deck of the universe, rolled and tossed in the celestial tides.  Once again, we have yet to see how connected we are to all this, and the 4 Hindu Yugas come to mind.  Now at the beginning of the Kali Yuga, mankind is at its lowest ebb, the Dark Age where humanity has turned as far away as possible from God.  Prophesized as early as 1,700 BC and perhaps dating to even older epochs, these Hindu Sanskrit scriptures, the Vedas and the Upanishads, amazingly foretell of the age we currently inhabit as one where the rulers will no longer see it as their duty to promote spirituality, or to protect their subjects.  Rather, they will be seen as a danger to the continued existence of the world, as the sanctity of all life is threatened and the natural order is overturned by evil entities seeking control.  Sound familiar? 

     Back in August of 2015, in the closing paragraphs of the aforementioned article Year Zero The Aeon Of CERN, I mentioned a website called, a constantly updated animation detailing the orbits of the planets of our solar system in real time, day by day.  It was mentioned because of the amazing disclosures in that posting, coming from confidential insiders at the CERN facility itself and information from in-depth researcher of quantum mechanics Anthony Patch, that the ultimate goal of CERN was, incredibly, to open a working portal between the planet Saturn and the Earth, with CERN and a nearly-sentient quantum adiabatic computer from a fringe firm called DWave Systems as the conduits, to serve as a transportation device for something located on or under the surface of the giant ringed planet.  This mind-boggling overall plan was said to fit in perfectly with the working religious (some would say pagan) ideologies of those in control at CERN, as well as the overlords funding it.  This would not include those working at the facility not on a “need-to-know” basis.  This type of information, distinctly of a biblical and eschatological strain, would be far above the pay grade of most normal employees, in what would be a strictly compartmentalized operation, where most would be completing their daily activities, never knowing the final use or endgame they would be put towards.  As mind-warpingly crazy as this plan sounds, always remember that it doesn’t matter what you think possible or what you believe – it is what they are working towards with all due diligence, and it is what they believe that matters. 

     And to reiterate, the planet Saturn is everything to this cult.  It represents the birthplace of their gods, the symbolic harbinger of their vaunted “Golden Age,” when, much like Prometheus, their gods bestowed nearly unlimited knowledge and technology upon early man, (especially those “chosen” bloodlines that had perhaps initiated contact) resulting in an age they are furiously intent on replicating, if only they can free those same gods from their imprisonment to rule this planet once again.  Much more is explained in detail in that August 2015 posting, but in the last paragraph I made note of a date to remember, when such portals, composed of spiraling Birkeland currents of plasma, might be most easily recreated by supernatural tech to act as the doorways of their plan.  We had already known that these plasma currents exist naturally in space, having even been documented by the Hubble space telescope. 


     The date fell on May 7-8 of 2016, some 9 months in the future at the time of the posting, when faustweb showed an amazing alignment manifesting of Venus-the Sun-Mercury-the Moon-Earth-Mars all lining up in a row and aiming a slightly curving slingshot trajectory straight for the distant planet Saturn.  I had no idea what this portended, but surely each planet’s mass and electromagnetic energy and shielding could be used as a sort of augmentation or multiplier of the effects needed to manifest a working portal, especially in conjunction with the forces CERN and DWave were looking to amass and harness.  So hard to properly envision but just imagine such massive objects wheeling into place. 

     Only a little over 2 weeks ago now, May 7th and 8th came and went with apparently no suspicious activity to speak of, when an article appeared in the Swiss media dated May 9th of a bizarre formation directly over the CERN facility that scientists and meteorologists had no explanation for.  The anomaly manifested on weather radar as a ring formation constituting a perfect circle some 80 kilometers in diameter, and occurred just as CERN was switching back on and ramping up to record levels of 14TeV, eclipsing the 13TeV proton-smashing energy levels of 2015, the previous high.  The strange radar signature registered on May 8th, and was so suspicious that its image was captured by numerous internet sleuths. 


     Here is the translated text from the Swiss political magazine


…over Western Switzerland should have given it to rain on the weekend – on the weather model this in a ring shape is emerging.  But at the indicated places it has not rained.  The radar on the mountain peak of La Dole has the perfect circle with precipitation on Sunday, May 8 2016 captured.  On the weather map showed in the night on Sunday a strange phenomenon: a perfect circle of rain moved across Lausanne, Vallorbe, and a few kilometers to the south of Geneva.  The geometric symbol fascinated the Internet community such that many took a screenshot and those on social media posted.
Amazing thing is, however, that it does not rain in those places.  According to Phillippe Jeannerret, meteorologist of RTS, there was a problem with the radar processing. 

     Technical Explanation Missing
Stutzig also made that the center of the mysterious circle – of around 80 kilometers in diameter had – was directly above the mountain peak of La Dole in the Jura Vaudois.  There is one of the five weather radar stations from Meteo Switzerland.  According to the MeteoSwiss knows this phenomenon, the technical explanation, however, is not known.  Specialists were on Monday on the spot to clarify the situation.  SRF Meteo wrote Sunday on the twitter account ‘Radar la Dole sees something you do not see.”

     That this radar anomaly would appear TO THE DAY of our solar system alignment of multiple planets practically drawing an arrow towards Saturn, the planet so intricately connected to this overall CERN/DWave master plan, certainly would have to take the all-time coincidence award, if that is in fact what it was.  I believe in fact it was a beta test for opening a portal or a sequence of portals, timed exactly to coincide with and make use of this unique planetary alignment.  Ominously, the ever-alert Anthony Patch, in recent public announcements, has said he believes that whatever the people at CERN had intended has been achieved.  He believes that for the most part, at least the first stage of their work is done, which could very well represent the permanent establishment of this May 8th portal that exists now in perpetuity and can be opened and closed at any time from this point on. 

     Interestingly, perhaps related, and illustrative of just how long portions of these plans have been in play, this Geneva anomaly bears a striking resemblance to the first reported radar rings and cutouts which began appearing in March of 1998 over the continental U.S.  First charted and reported by pioneering sites like Flashradar, the late Kent Steadman’s Cyberspaceorbit, and Richard Hoagland’s Enterprisemission, all noted that the anomalies were unmoving, appeared in place for sometimes multiple days, and manifested often under clear skies with cloud patterns passing overhead.  All also noted that these radar signatures began appearing around February-March of 1998.  

     Also notice that whatever this operation was, and evidently continues to be, it began roughly in concert with the proliferation of aerosolized contrail spraying programs, some charted by William Thomas as beginning as early as March 1996 above Bakersfield, California, where Dr. Greg Hanford counted as many 60 jets on some “spray days” above his home.  “They look like they’re playing tic-tac-toe up there.  You know darn well it’s not passenger planes.”    


     It would be comforting to think that these black budget operations would be all we have to worry about, when in fact there appear to be almost unlimited stages and projects of this ongoing “working,” all connected to an amazingly complex, multi-faceted final agenda that is busily taking place beneath the notice of all mainstream news sources.  For one thing, there is a distinct DNA manipulation component to all of this, and playing out on a massive scale.  And I think we may be in the land where the law of “unintended consequences” is only masquerading for what they’ve intended all along.

     IBM announced on May 16th that they had found a “macromolecule” to destroy all viruses such as Ebola, Herpes, Dengue, and Influenza.  “All the technology we develop for semiconductors is directly transportable into medicine,” cited James Hedrick, lead researcher for advanced organic materials at San Jose, California’s IBM Research division.  “How we make polymers, how we nano-construct materials, it is a perfect entryway.”  This molecular Velcro is “not toxic to healthy cells and is safe for use.”  It’s so safe that “attacking” and modifying RNA and DNA seems perfectly logical doesn’t it? 

     Then we have a headline from the UK’s Independent and the New York Times, ironically announced on the same day as the IBM press release: “Scientists Spark Controversy With Secretive Meeting About Creating Synthetic Human DNA.”  The May 10 meeting, which involved around 150 people, took place at Harvard Med School.  The attendees were reportedly warned not to discuss the meeting with the press or on social media.  The goal, according to invitations received by the attendees, was to look at how the synthesis of a complete human genome could be completed “within a period of 10 years.”  This could allow scientists to “produce” human beings with no biological parents……cloning.  The thoughts of the spiritual practice of the Falun Gong in China may be of some relevance here.  They believe that the practice of cloning is/will be driven by alien entities seeking to inhabit human bodies, as a cloned body is far outside the natural order of things and therefore a human soul cannot incarnate into it.  This leaves it as a vessel for a nonhuman entity to inhabit or program. 

     General Mark A. Milley, U.S. Army Chief of Staff, speaking at the 100th anniversary of the ROTC program on April 21, 2016: “The world of 1916 was complex, or the world of 1945 was complex.  The world of 2016 is intensely complex.  And I can tell you from personal experience, and I know that many others can tell you that as well, and you will graduate and be in that world, and you’re going to be leading the soldiers and sailors, airmen and marines in that world.  You’ll be dealing with terrorists.  You’ll be dealing with hybrid armies.  You’ll be dealing with little green men.  You’re going to be dealing with tribes….and you’re going to be dealing with them all.  And it’s going to be dealt with simultaneously.  And for that, you’re going to have to be ready, and that’s why readiness, in my mind, is number one.”

     Whether you want to attribute it to the effects of the recently rediscovered Planet X swinging back around to influence things, our Sun, or manmade sinister forces like CERN or HAARP, more than 40 volcanoes are erupting worldwide as you read this article, and earthquakes continue to run rapid-fire strafing missions below the mantle beneath your feet, more than 3,500 with magnitudes of more than 1.5 in just the last month alone.  It appears more and more likely that our bodies, as well as the body of Mother Earth, may very well be in the midst of being prepared for the arrival of something.  Something new is being introduced, and our minds are also being programmed on an altar of transformation.

     Again, symbolism is the key to this universe.  Saturn in the ancient religions was the dark god, also known throughout various ages as Set, Chronos, Dionysus, Pan, Moloch and Satan, among others, and always associated intimately with dissolution, chaos and evil.  Aleister Crowley envisioned him as Choronzon.   Worship of him was absolutely necessary for illumination and the garnering of forbidden knowledge.  His work continues today in places like Bohemian Grove, and in ceremonies wherever the Bilderberg meetings convene.  His color was always black and his symbol was always the cube.  This black cube is a huge part of this ruling cult that is still alive and in control behind the scenes, and appears everywhere: Saint Peter’s Square, the Kaaba in Mecca, the United Nations meditation room, in Denmark, in Australia, at 9/11’s Ground Zero, at NSA headquarters, in every Masonic lodge...  Anytime it appears it is there as a coded insider acknowledgement of “the work” and “the plan,” and that everything, literally, is under control.  It can also be seen as a powerful form of “sympathetic magick,” using the form and color of the cube to physically manifest a working ideology in the here and now.  This is a way to bend and alter reality to their ends. 



     More sympathetic magick is evident on the dark road where CERN, Saturn, and DWave Systems converge, as we see when we take a look at DWave’s product shots of their Adiabatic Quantum Computer.  No matter what iteration it appear as, it’s always designed and rolled out in the form of, yes, a black cube.  A black cube to transport, a black cube to phase-shift reality, a black cube to turn us all into vessels at the appointed time with the help of other members in the cult running pharmakos rituals, aerosol operations, and mass DNA alterations. 

     CERN already controls you, and the Rockefeller/Rothschild forces, with unlimited bloodline funding, control CERN.  The forces of the cube are in play.  Study how the magnificent rotating hexagonal storm at Saturn’s pole forms a three-dimensional cube many times larger than our planet, and these are the forces that members of this Saturn death cult want to manifest here in a gory Black Awakening.  It is entirely possible that these could be digitized entities coming through all our technology when a certain predetermined point is reached, the mental and physical barricades are overrun, and things come flooding in through either actual physical portals or fiber optics that were originally seeded into this civilization with that exact scenario in mind. 

     Earlier I mentioned the emphasis was placed on the importance to this Order in recreating a period of time they revered as the Golden Age, this time period being an incredible touchstone for their beliefs.  When NASA’s Cassini probe arrived at Saturn in 2004, its Northern hemisphere was bathed in a distinct bluish hue as it was deep in the throes of winter there then.  But now in early 2016, with the Saturnian year being approximately 30 earth years long, Saturn’s seasons are changing, and with that, its colors have begun to change too.  According to astronomers, the Saturnian summer is now turning the hemisphere gold.  That’s likely a color we need to be fearful of, as this time around it probably signals something of great significance to some very interested parties.

     “Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature such as self-preservation?”     
                   CIA document, Project Artichoke, MORI ID, 11144686, 1952

     Gamma programming includes all demonic activity, traced back to the source material the Nazis appropriated from the Egyptians, the Tibetans, and other ancient cultures they went about raiding.  From MK-Ultra and Sidney Gottlieb’s Operation Often in the 1960s and 1970s to the worldwide pedophile rings today, satanic Ritual Abuse is the tool, Dissociative Identity Disorder is the goal, and blood rituals are the way used to attach demons to possess alters.  The intricate rituals examined over many posts here previously, using CERN in concert with the aeons-worshipped planet Saturn, are merely more extended offshoots of this Grand Plan.  In fact, the endgame of CERN appears to be identical to the one pursued by Gottlieb and MK-Ultra in the shadow of World War II: possession of the vessels known as human beings, and the weaponization of the demonic.

     Again, this information, gathered from inside sources, doesn’t require your belief, only the knowledge that it is what they, the practicing sorcerors of high technology, believe.  I’ve long been under the impression that CERN doesn’t just go back to the philosophies of post-World War II, but is likely also a closer continuation of work started over 400 years before, in the court of Queen Elizabeth I.  Many times in the back pages here we’ve examined the work of John Dee and his “translator” of all things Enochian, Edward Kelley, and openly wondered as to the exact nature of who they were communicating with, as well as the mandates they had been given by those non-human intelligences.  To put it bluntly, were psychic “blueprints” for “angelic” and occult technology exchanged for the implementation of the New World Order to be carried out here?  Everything in the current historical record points to “yes” on these counts.  Factor in the myths existing since antiquity regarding Saturn and the bridge from one prison planet to another suddenly doesn’t seem too far, or too far-fetched.

     After seeing Dee’s results when achieving dialogues with these intelligences, would that type of communication still not be an overriding priority for the military-intelligence-bloodline complex of any burgeoning Empire; something to be nurtured, augmented if possible, and passed down through generations of secret societies and Black Nobility?  An occult weaponization of ethereal forces and dictated technologies for the accrual and maintaining of power and control over the world.  These are transitional, luminous times, and the clocks are all striking thirteen.

     All eyes to the skies and the color-splashed constellation of Ophiucus this June 3.   

     That’s the date Saturn will shine its ominous light some 746 millions miles from Earth, when it will pass closer to us in its orbit than it ever has, and both portals and portents alike may arise in the dead of night, as influences from other realms go creeping -- unshackled spirits in the material world.  Watching the machinations and power surges of CERN on that date might also be incredibly wise, because the watchwords of terraforming and transhumanism are now blatantly tag-teaming the soul.  We are surrounded and referenced on all sides by an insistent and growing warning beacon that rings out in the blackness of space that is both a wonder and a danger enveloping us and promising the inhuman.  What if possession as an act takes place on a global scale, in the “twinkling of an eye?” 

     Something is coming.


     Ending with a song that’s been sung for a long time now.  It was on the lips of Jack Parsons between the Hymns to Pan and the solid fuel Jet Assisted Take Off experiments that took us to the moon.  He was still singing it during the ceremonies he held at the Jet Propulsion Lab after hours, and when he and L. Ron conjured entities in the desert, following Crowley’s plans, through opened doorways.  Oppenheimer heard it exactly when pronouncing himself the Destroyer of Worlds.  Perhaps Edward Teller faintly also when he awoke one morning after dreaming of filling the skies with ever-expanding contrails to alter weather and modify behaviour, in a small cabin at Bohemian Grove.  Perhaps it’s nestled in a CD player or an mp3 at CERN right now.  Channeled most recently courtesy of Lindsey Buckingham, right about the time Cassini was reaching Saturn.   

     We make all of our suns the same, everyone will suffer the fire we’ve made
They all explode just the same, and there’s no going back on the plans we’ve laid
Peacekeeper take your time, wait for the dark of night, soon all the suns will rise
Peacekeeper don’t tell why, don’t be afraid to fight, love is the sweet surprise

Only creatures who are on their way ever poison their own well

But we still have time to hate, and there’s still something we can sell

When the night is cold and still, when you thought you’d had your fill
Take all the time you will
This is not a test it’s not a drill, take no prisoners, only kill

You know all of our friends are gods, and they all tell us how to paint our face
But there’s only one brush we need, it’s the one that never leaves a trace
Peacekeeper take your time, wait for the dark of night, soon all the suns will rise
Peacekeeper don’t tell why, don’t be afraid to fight, love is the sweet surprise.

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