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"Be this as it may, the religion of the ancients is the religion of the future." Helena Blavatsky

"It turned out that working in the field alone, or with just a few discreet friends, was a blessing in disguise. I could cover more ground, investigate more cases, and learn new things faster....equipped simply with a small group of well-connected associates, than a cumbersome organization could.

When the results started piling up, a new picture of the UFO phenomenon emerged. It was bizarre, yet consistent, well-patterned, yet terribly disturbing. So disturbing, in fact, that I keep in my files some data I do not want to publish until I have verified its validity and thought thru the implications."      Confrontations, Jacques Vallee

"The universe is a dark forest. Every civilization is an armed hunter stalking thru the trees like a ghost, gently pushing aside branches that block the path and trying to tread without sound. Even breathing is done with care. The hunter has to be careful, because everywhere in the forest are stealthy hunters like him. If he finds another life, another hunter, an angel or a demon, a delicate infant or a tottering old man, a fairy or a demigod, there only one thing he can do: open fire and eliminate them. In this forest, hell is other people. An eternal threat thaat any life that exposes its own existence will be swiftly wiped out. This is the picture of cosmic civilization. It's the explanation for the Fermi Paradox."  The Dark Forest, Cixin Liu

It's all been neatly arranged in your mind/ Every detail fits your own design

Every room is perfectly in place/ But I can see the sadness baby on your face

(Girl we're living) You had a plan and darling like a child

(Girl we're living) You thought it's down to fashion down to style

(Girl we're living) But your little dreamhouse is running wild

(Girl we're living) Before your very eyes we're shrinking down to size...

Everything's as you dreamed it would be, but there's something wrong that you can't see

Room by room you're looking for some little flaw, a crack somewhere in your dollhouse wall

(Girl we're living) Something girl that will explain away, the hurt you feel darlin when we play

(Girl we're living) Your little dolls they got a grip on you, your little dolls they got a grip on you

Until you're just another doll in your dollhouse too

We're living in a dollhouse, girl we're living in a dollhouse

We may feel safe and sound, but our dollhouse girl is falling down.

"Mix biotechnologies and experimental drugs generously thruout all these ingredients. The unsuspecting U.S. citizen of today may be the cyborg soldier of tomorrow." The Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) 1995

It's in the way you're always hiding from the light/ See for yourself you have been sitting on a time bomb/ No revolution maybe someone somewhere else could show you something new about you and your inner song/ And all the love and all the love in the world, won't stop the rain from falling waste seeping underground...

'No sleep for dreaming' say the architects of life/ Big bouncing babies bread and butter can I have a slice?/ They make no mention of the beauty of decay/ Blue yellow pink umbrella save it for a rainy day/ And all the love and all the love in the world won't stop the rain from falling waste seeping underground -- Break it down again

And now love's terrifying/ But I cannot hide what I want/ You cannot hear me or see me now because I've gone back in the box

If I don't make no decisions, then I won't make no mistakes/ But thru all those tiny holes, well the light's still getting in...

Back in the days when this venture was just getting its sea legs, I wrote a piece (sent up a flare) I called Casting the Runes. You will find it in the far righthand side column on this page. I suggest you click it and give it a brief run thru before reading this -- it's an interesting and fairly spooky precursor from 9 years ago now that, unfortunately, still holds up pretty well as a fluorescent marker of things to come. A breadcrumb dropped along the way on this Never-Ending Magickal Mystery Tour.  

Even back then I was beginning to view this entire project as a kind of "profiling" event. It grew from that slowly into a kind of mix-and-match, plug-and-play, constantly morphing modal platform. I repeat and repost many articles and links frequently in an attempt for new meanings; putting them up again in context against other new information broadens the scope and provides new perspectives, alters the picture, at times changing the organism under the microscope entirely.

To paraphrase the landscape we're about to tackle, Anthony Patch knows things:

Just like David Lynch knows things:

It all sort of casts into a new light every sex cult we've ever examined: The Order of the Solar Temple, the OTO, the Process Church, McMartin, Franklin, the Finders, Savile, NXIVM, the Second Mile, Dutroux, Epstein, and on and on. If sexual energy can be the gateway, the portal, the "opener of the way" for all manner of entities seeking entrance here...then the sky's the limit; the ringing of the dinner bell across multiple many governments know this? How many have used it to create a ways-and-means committee or transit system between dimensions?     

It's the wanting to get inside the heads of our adversaries, to learn how they think, WHAT they think, to perhaps be able to prognosticate a little bit about where they're steering us, the herd of humanity. I say it in those terms because that's the way they've always thought of us, as animals. And I'm not alone in that -- see what the star-crossed and angelically-touched Dr. Carrie Madej says around the 10:00 minute mark here:

Or what Anthony Hilder, God rest his soul, said at the beginning with his guests here back in 1993:

And yes, even the mighty Roger Waters before that:

With apologies to Copeland, this was the REAL Fanfare For The Common Man btw. Everything you will experience in this life, and to a 'T' the very situation you now find yourself ambered into, is reflected word for word in this then sci-fi, futuristic masterpiece of slowly creeping dread from the rolling Avalon mists of 1977. 

There have been so many clues -- so many warnings...solitary flares sent up in the vast decades of night. We heard, but did we really listen? 

And that Anthony Hilder piece calling what was due in line with the year 2000, is spooky to the rafters in what he & Co. were saying, back in the days when it was just libraries, wandering the bookstores, Art Bell on the radio, and magazines like Nexus and Paranoia. How alllll those chickens have come home to roost from those innocent days of mystery and wonder. Those nutbar "conspiracy theorists".....they were right all along. It isn't even 4 minutes into that talk when they mention a "New World Economic Forum" (not extant at that time) that would soon be calling the shots. 

And now here we are, with the people's erstwhile White House actually having the nerve to issue proclamations like this thru Executive Order yet:

This link fills in the blanks and tells at what point in the timeline Gates assumed command of operations when the returns started pouring in re the hoped-for objectives of the WEF --tracking both your data and you was most of it (luciferase):

Here is what Emerald Robinson has come up with: 

This is why she was taken off of every Big Tech platform. And here is her latest take:

This is the emerging outline of the Hive Mind at work. And the fingerprints are everywhere:

You can't swing a dead beagle up in here without rubbing up against just another faction involved in the "Great Work" like all modern-day Jack the Rippers: Fauci, Gates, Epstein, Baric, Daszak, GAVI, NIH, DARPA, CIA, FBI, FT Detrick, Wuhan, WHO, CDC, FDA, WEF. And on and on in an all-time high of a murderers' row of compromise, and occultic corruption. It's no more just about following the money (if it ever really was.) It's about following the blood trail of bodies and sacrifice.

All of this transhumanist, AI-underscored hell is being unleashed under our noses while the likes of Hillary Clinton appear at fetes like this:

And we're not just talking about deaths here, of the mysterious variety:

Oh no, here is where we begin to speak in terms of motivations; you've come to the right place. Cyclical Midsommar may be waning, but All Hallows eve is just around the corner and on the rise, and the ideologies of our elites have much more to do with the folk horror genre than you might think at first blush...

I can honestly say for the first time since its heyday in the wild west of the 1970s, the pendulum has finally swung back around and interest in things such as I'm going to get into this time, the paranormal, the supernatural and the anomalous are at all time highs and are aligning with this being such a critical juncture in modern history. Great John Keel's Ghost things are getting crazy out there! And I believe it's because the layman can now begin to start feeling in depth what is happening behind the scenes and sub rosa, under the surface. The power of people thinking about things is coming to the fore and pushing back against what they're being told to think by the compromised mainstream.

"You're always thinking things, you thinker! You THINKER! You think things!!"

This is different levels we are getting into and a lot of information I'm about to throw at you -- and it's going to be up to you to discern where it all fits together. Your jigsaw may not be mine, but I assure you, all of this is related and deeply interconnected. So without further ado, let's rig for full fathom five dive status my fine feathered freaks, because there is most assuredly skullduggery ahead...

Because I've danced around this issue before, let me make the connection right here and flatly state for the record that those professionals working at Skinwalker Ranch, after their time on the property, brought back with them and transferred to their family members auto-immune diseases, hashimoto's thyroiditis, grave's disease, systematic lupus and fibromyalgia. See the 17:00 min mark here of this from Dave Paulides, commenting on details from the recent book by George Knapp and Colm Kelleher:

( All of these, you will note, deal primarily with attacking the immune system. Kind of exactly like the covid vaxxes...Remember what (the late) Luc Montagnier said:  )

Latest numbers?

Taking into account that the VAERS numbers are widely considered by just about every source to be about 1/10th of what's actually occurring. 

The mere implications of something off-world being part of a chain of transfer into the human population should not only give us all pause, but allow us to speculate as to the origins of other contagions we've been dealing with over the past 2 years -- and whether or not that knowledge is privy to those at higher echelons...and what they are doing with it. And by that I am implying both the cause AND the supposed "cure." Exactly how widespread is this "hitchhiker effect" and what does it entail? How much of our "technology" is now involved? We have long been told to trust the science, but what kind of "science" are we dealing with, and what do we think is making it so obviously black in form and intent? Get yer ya-yas out and paint it black, you devils.

Are we finally seeing the first shadowy glimpses of the thruline that connects the UFO/UAP issue with the WEF covid agenda and Great Reset? Why do you suppose that the UFO issue has been brought so suddenly to the public consciousness forefront after 75 years of denial, ridicule and obfuscation? Why did this outing align so closely with the covid outbreak and vaccine rollout? What are we missing or more to the point, what is being withheld from us? What lies are being obscured by them finally telling the truth? 

WHAT is being transferred? Because those at Skinwalker also brought back with them seeming poltergeist-type entities, but where were those really originating from? Is the new Stairway to Heaven, the latest Tower of Babel, being even now built out of repurposed DNA?

What are these people seeing? Were they in all likelihood recently vaxxed?

And now this is being noted as happening all over the world:

It seems certain things are breaking on thru, as old Mr. Mojo Risin used to say. This ghostly transmission hijacked into the BBC live feed during the Queen's procession:

"That death is irreversible and the fact that she's trapped in that..."

The Beeb swears it didn't come from them and they are investigating -- I'm sure they'll get right back to us...

I also thought at first hearing but then went, "Nah, it couldn't be..." But DAMN if that doesn't sound like Diana. Just how thin are those veils getting again?  

Spoiler alert: Immortality, or at least the ability to not experience age-related illness and deterioration, is most definitely a prospect at this point -- and was heavily researched on the genetics side by the likes of Epstein and pals. The fact that many more groups are actively involved right now in this research is not even remotely a secret. The singularity, brought to you by the vaxx and CERN et al, grows ever nearer. and when that happens, everything changes. (See immediately below...)

You will also notice in that vid from Paulides at the 20:00 min mark this bit -- "...strong unexplained signals at various locations...allocated for earth exploration satellites...the signal was sporadic and not repeated." A comm coming from the ground to the satellites. Does anyone think that this is a calling out to Musk's Starlink system? Does anyone think that this entire grid deserves a closer look as to ultimate agenda and purpose? Or just what it COULD be used for, application-wise? What did his main squeezy-once-upon-a-time-bestie-squeeze say? 

And if you long to never die/ Baby plug in upload your mind/ Come on you're not even alive/ If you're not backed up on a drive 

Kids these days? Where DO they get these ideas? Hmmm? The "big club" sitting at the cool lunch table out to subvert God and change humanity.

All it seems that we can say for certain is that things are being messed with on an industrial scale now -- modulations, frequencies, and energies. But still we seek to go deeper; to search for origins, signals in the mindset.

Paulides, for his part, has long been reticent about floating any kind of possible solution out there for the large numbers of missing people in the US National Parks that he has devoted the last 8-9 years of his life to trying to solve -- well, it seems he is in the process of finally narrowing his search parameters:

It also seems something on the existential level did NOT want him to finish this film:

The other places this may lead him -- and the conclusions he may come to -- I can hardly wait to see. Don't ask me how, but I just know on gut instinct and intuition alone, that all of this is related. Every single last shred. The government knows things. The elite know things. Royalty knows things. And all of it obscured and blanketed beneath a ruse of "national security," need-to-know paywalls eight miles deep. But there is nothing hidden that will not be brought to light. And we all are starting to see for miles and miles and how the globalist elites scatter like rats when they are called out by someone having the foresight and guts to do so:

Good on ya, Thierry. More people like this, along with Christine Anderson, the German MEP, who is at it again on the vaccine front btw, and we stand a great chance of overturning this entire thing:

Thanks to standout efforts like hers, coming from one of the highest levels of the EU Parliament, in the face of continued shouting down, we can only hope we are seeing the prequel to Nuremberg 2.0. As opposed to US Congressional "hearings," which often amount to nothing more than a dog and pony show where vested interests continue to receive protective cover and play dumb, it appears the EU is taking things far more seriously; stay tuned...

Aside: Marvel over 2018 and 2019 saw the character of Thanos take center stage as never before in the Avengers wing of the franchise, in the 2 films Infinity War and Endgame. Central to those narratives was the character of Thanos, disintegrating half of all known life across the universe. Was this an acclimation portal to introduce the idea of culling for good? (Or at least evil painting it as good..) Strange that 2-3 years after this the vaxx begins taking wide swaths of people out -- levels aren't at 50% yet, but are most assuredly getting there:

And anyone that DID happen to get Covid? (as not introduced by the jab..) well, listen to the bottom line here from Karen Kingston: "This evidence, Kingston says, means the original SARS-CoV-2 virus, once it infects somebody, they cannot infect another person; there is no human-to-human transmission. How are the people infected? They were infected because the virus was encapsulated in a lipid nanoparticle and it was put in something that they ate, something that was an aerosol application, or something that was put on their skin, per the EcoHealth Alliance pitch to DARPA."

In full here:

And more here from a year ago in extremely plain terms: 

Let's think even more outside the box:

And were these vaxxes able to be rushed in such numbers with the help of these same quantum computers?

A shake of the Magic Eight Ball would say "Signs point to 'yes.'"  Especially when that last article reeks of limited hangout.

These are people hungry for power and control -- they exist for that. They want to control the world. The tenets, markers and goals of orgs like the WEF, which seems to be leading the pack now in place of historic previous ones like the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations (of which Epstein was a member) aren't just the goalposts and mile markers of a pie-in-the-sky think tank or session group -- these are the psychological hallmarks of a CULT. And a decidedly pre-Christian, anti-Christian one at that. It caters to and centers on death and sacrifice amid constant mental manipulation to achieve its ends, and has been doing so for longer now than most of us have been alive. It has taken many fronts and many names; the WEF is merely the latest to lead the charge for a "Great Reset," only a slight change in wording from that New World Order that the Bushies ushered in. 

Listen again from the 28 minute mark on here to more of what Carrie Madej says:

She is deeply in the zone and over the target. She, Karen Kingston, Lara Logan, Naomi Wolf, Emerald Robinson, Peter McCullough, whistleblowers like Melissa McAtee, the entire Project Veritas; exactly how many people do we have to have documenting the exact same things independent of each other for all of us to know what we're dealing with here? This is no longer "conspiracy theory."  

If you know what to look for you can find their embedded markers and sigils everywhere. Literature, films and music are the big 3 as they seek to bury us in propaganda and psychological gaslighting; repeating the lie long enough to make us feel both comfortable and hopeless at the same time. Perhaps nowhere in recent times has the adjustment for this been greater than in the works of director Ari Aster, director of the films Hereditary and to an even greater extent for the unveiling of the plan, Midsommar. For our purposes, Aaron and Melissa, the Truthstream duo, do the best job at breaking this down:

The witches foot, or broken cross/ peace sign rune appears prominently in both of his films. (see headers.) And for the record, Hereditary uses the metaphor of the dollhouse liberally... 

Midsommar exists as a non-stop vehicle of nightmare fuel in getting inside the minds of, and motivations for, those at the very top of the food chain driving these things. Everything, be it a presidential assassination, like JFK, an op like 9/11, or covid and the rollout of the vaxx, is designed to alter society, the timeline, and ultimately reality itself. PARADIGM shifting events to change the way your mind works, how you perceive what's around you -- ritual initiations into their hoped-for reality. The Hitler playbook comes into play very much also, so repetition is essential. Also very interestingly and telling, it comes out in the Truthstream vid that Aster was approached to make this film...ostensibly by Swedish "producers," but I can't help but wonder what other forces were pushing this important release along in 2019 (& Hereditary in 2018) just as the first dark clouds were appearing on the edges of the hindsight they appear precursor events of summoning like an Edward Albee play, placed prominently on the world stage and containing previously unknown universes. 

If these self-appointed bellwethers are in touch with other entities either in the known spatial universe or dimensionally, and are the original authors of these plans, then we must confront the Lovecraftian existentialism run amok in a premise known as the dark forest:

If this postulate proves correct, then it is the fatal mistake that the elites in a line from Crowley to Parsons to all that have followed in their footsteps in constructing the plan, the Bushes and the Clintons, the Epsteins and the Gates, have made. They want a seat at that cool table and will never realize until it's too late they have been deceived.

This notion also gets into what DOD insiders like Lue Elizondo and all those at AATIP have alluded to, like the Collins Elite before them, that we are dealing with the biblical notion of "principalities and powers" rather than flesh and blood entities, and recalls the works of Vallee and Keel first and foremost. They violate the laws of our puny so-called physics routinely. 

Oooh, and one more thing: They can read your mind:

Knowledge and location of the CAP point has been breached, and...

This is only the beginning: 

And there is other evidence speaking of the terrestrial connection tying all of this together -- heaps of it in fact which has been under our noses all along in outing "the Cult:"

Pizzagate and "spirit cooking," anyone? The backstory reveals all and makes us begin to question what mechanism, what mechanics, are involved in possibly summoning these forces. Or put another way, WHY is John Podesta so obsessed with UFOs, anyway? What is the commonality between some of his other interests and UAPs?

Clues to the answers to that are everywhere in this graphcommons mapping of the Epstein network: 

Hint: the very top of the web where you can find the nodes connecting Jack Parsons, NASA, JPL, Crowley; from there to Frank Malina to his son Roger to the Maxwell family...the Strange Angel connects all.

Also on the far right periphery of the graph you will find the name Edward Heath, UK PM from 70-74 and a Parliament member from 1950-2001. Heath would enjoy the services of young boys, anywhere from toddlers to teens, (procured for him by Jimmy Savile from the Haut de la Garenne Boys Home on the island of Jersey) on his yacht the Morning Cloud several times a week for decades. After he was thru with them he would murder them or have them murdered) and toss their bodies overboard into the ocean. (From testimony by barrister and national security asset and insider Michael Shrimpton: )

If this is the kind of activity taking place on the mere periphery of this graph of those associated with Epstein, you can only imagine what's going on closer to the center...perhaps the film The Scary of 61st is only scratching the surface of the most sinister occult doings imaginable...and speaks to the looming prospect that the entire covid-19 agenda was launched to take the Epstein story -- then the biggest story in the world and gathering momentum by the hour -- out of both the top-banner headlines and the public consciousness. 

And to think Hillary just last week had the cojones to actually accuse Ron DeSantis of "human trafficking!" But then again, another page out of their playbook is to always accuse others of that which you are doing and guilty of:

Look at that cringeworthy, Epstein-type smirk on her face as she trots our her faux talking points.

Perhaps even fringe paranormal anomalies like crop circles are indicators of the comms between the elites and other, darker forces. Once again, have we been staring at evidence all along? Stone megaliths that ring the globe, are they ritual magick meant to summon, sympathetic magick meant to call down those same forces inherent in the circles manifesting in the crops? In modern-day context look at the highly strange sundial on Epstein's island. And other researchers have linked the crop circles themselves to satanic rite and ritual before:

Are we merely seeing evidence of complicity which has been hidden in plain sight all along? The fingerprints of sympathetic and ritual magick?

And on and on it goes, filtered and merged thruout all levels of society but increasingly prominent the farther up you climb. This article actually had the fortitude to go there: 

To underscore the banner quote: "Something Luciferian persists in the techno-Gnostics of San Francisco." Or it's a short ride from Haight-Ashbury to Silicon Valley, freaks. Ask Charlie. And he don't surf. From Boys Town to the backroom deals of MKULTRA, the likes of Elon Musk and the Silicon Valley agenda don't get birthed out of a vacuum. Under the watchful eyes of the military industrial pharma complex and using proxies like Gates, DARPA, and all the "foundations," the plan, the "Great Work" continues along smoothly while most of us barely raise an eyebrow...

Some more San Fran hiding in plain sight for your perusal -- you can't unsee what's everywhere:

...Meanwhile, other folks, like Erin Valenti, bet their lives on it:

Who can honestly say today that she didn't see it alllllll coming? Especially when headlines like this pre-dated her death: 

Erin was FAR from being wacked out of her mind or reinventing the wheel. It's a game of perception-management that we're all playing whether we want to or not.  

In other realms, they're hard at work on something called the Gilgamesh Project, if you can believe it: 

Thanks for underscoring that for me Yuval -- it's all I need to know you're the most evil son of a bitch to walk this earth since biblical times. Weren't you the one that called all humans now "hackable animals?" Yes I believe you were: 

And call me crazy, but I just have to wonder what THAT Gilgamesh project has to do with THIS proposal:

Probably nothing.

If they are all transforming this world according to, and in alignment with, occult principles, then researchers like Tracy Twyman, David Icke, Dave McGowan, Chris Knowles, Jasun 'Horus'ly and George Klees, amid numerous others over the target and dropping bombs, have been right all along. 

Back in those innocent days of 2009 (hey, anything before circa autumn 2014 -- ground zero season 1 True Detective coinciding with the growing Epstein whispers -- auto-corrects to innocent in my playbook now), Joss Whedon of "Buffy" fame helmed a show called Dollhouse

The provisional premise concerned a high-tech, fairly hidden, and literally underground corporation invested in creating and sending out "dolls" well-versed in various occupations for clients, sleep in below-ground pods, and are controlled by shadowy figures no one can see.

So far so 2020.

Mind-controlled, semi-automatic, biological humans turned, thru psychopharmaceutical and MKUltra-type brainwashing, into robots to accomplish various tasks for pleasure, espionage, corporate intrigue, etc etc. Everything from assassinations to orgasms...You know, like real life. Presidential models on the loose. Well aren't we all presidential "models" now? It's not just for the beautiful people anymore. Don't hate me because I'm remotely operated... 

Call it predictive programming, Revelation of the Method, Externalization of the Hierarchy, whatevs...but it effectively and succinctly predicted the longitudinal trajectory of all humans and consumers today -- unthinking, unknowing, waiting for the next external (or God forbid), internal prod to get them going again along whatever path is pre-chosen and front-loaded for them. Question nothing. Just comply. Obey. Forever. We simply live on symbolic language presented to us by the hive mind navigating the dark forest. Waiting on the next cue; eyes peeled, ears to the tracks and minds open for the next trigger... 

What could go wrong?

As we pass the solstice point and one more summer winds down into an uncertain autumnal equinox, gather your friends and loved ones around you be it physically or figuratively, and use your memories as a fortress. Guard your thoughts and your own personal CAP point, because the forces are unseen and everywhere, and are looking to intrude fully into your innermost feelings and emotions. That body snatching invasion thing has never felt closer... 

Because, as they say down South, God willing and the creek don't rise, who knows how many summers we have left? Fading away like sparks trailing off into the distance, small touches of nirvana that in their proximity change us forever as summer transforms into fall:

A designation that is only yet another CAP point that we rendezvous with again and again in our quest for understanding on our mystery ride.

In the middle of the most intense psychological operation ever undertaken and directed squarely at you, keep your mind and spirit unbreakable, and remember you're never alone here.  

Here's to all of us, and all the radiating beauty we can always conjure in spite of ourselves to fight the good fight. God made us that way; stealing victory from the jaws of defeat at the last second is in our history, our blood, and our bones, and dollhouses were never meant to last.


















  1. About the transmission of Covid:

    This is gonna sound gross, but when my father and I caught it back in February 2020 (one month before the official start of the "pandemic"), I noticed something in common: both he and I noticed a large heap of apparently human feces at the bus stop, the day before getting sick. Two different bus stops two different parts of town. Heard similar stories across the internet.

    Then, several months later, Karl Denninger comes to the conclusion that Covid is transmitted by human feces.

    These sick f**ks sent infected people to poop at bus stops all over the world.

    1. Hmmmmm -- wasn't around much poop -- other than my own -- when I got whatever I got 3 months before you in November 2019 or so -- not sure what the life extension on surface contact was then, but my co-worker infected the lot of us with something that had ALL the earmarks of the Coco that we would come to learn.
      Driving to work one day in December I had something happen that had never encountered before -- pulling in to the parking lot my hands and upper torso began to shake almost uncontrollably -- like a major freezing attack...I mean hard core shaking like I'd been plugged into an electrical outlet. TRULY weird. It gradually went away and never came back thruout that day but that indicated to me something hugely neurological was going on...

      Ever since then other than allergies, haven't had so much as a sniffle...& even when admonished I RARELY wore masks/bandannas, much to the consternation of my Girly Boss who'd always just roll her baby blues at me like "Oh Robin!!" -- "What are ya gonna do??!!" Time & history have proved me right & she still rolls her eyes at my conspiratorials...Haha!!

  2. ''According to Giles, belief in the Fish is part of a larger myth that goes back to the legendary times of the Yellow Emperor. In those days the world of mirrors and the world of men were not, as they are now, cut off from each other. They were, besides, quite different; neither beings nor colors nor shapes were the same. Both kingdoms, the specular and the human, lived in harmony; you could come and go through mirrors.

    One night the mirror people invaded the earth. Their power was great, but at the end of bloody warfare the magic arts of the Yellow Emperor prevailed. He repulsed the invaders, imprisoned them in their mirrors, and forced on them the task of repeating, as though in a kind of dream, all the actions of men. He stripped them of their power and of their forms and reduced them to mere slavish reflections.

    Nonetheless, a day will come when the magic spell will be shaken off. The first to awaken will be the Fish. Deep in the mirror we will perceive a very faint line and the color of this line will be like no other color. Later on, other shapes will begin to stir. Little by little they will differ from us; little by little they will not imitate us. They will break through the barriers of glass or metal and this time will not be defeated. Side by side with these mirror creatures, the creatures of water will join the battle. In Yunnan they do not speak of the Fish but of the Tiger of the Mirror. Others believe that in advance of the invasion we will hear from the depths of mirrors the clatter of weapons.''

    The Fauna of Mirrors, Borges

  3. "Those professionals working at Skinwalker Ranch, after their time on the property, brought back with them and transferred to their family members auto-immune diseases, hashimoto's thyroiditis, grave's disease, systematic lupus and fibromyalgia. Those at Skinwalker also brought back with them seeming poltergeist-type entities. Why do you suppose that the UFO issue has been brought so suddenly to the public consciousness forefront after 75 years of denial, ridicule and obfuscation? Why did this outing align so closely with the covid outbreak and vaccine rollout?"

    Jesus, I've just realized that practically all of my major health problems started after the wave of UFO sightings in Drummondville in 1999. I even made telepathic contact with one, asking it to become transparent, and it immediately did. And since, both my urinary and digestive tracks have been kaput.

    1. W H O A......aligns extremely closely with what Keel was documenting all the way back in Mothman Prophecies back in late 1966 all the way thru 1967, first noticing major cases of conjunctivitis (pink eye) when viewing these things.
      Biological blowback is def a factor -- Pentagon's AATIP documented all kinds of it in close encounter witnesses.
      Frequency damage undetectable in our visual range...5G anyone??

    2. Hey Jaybers!! Is this the flap you were referring to??

      Btw getting back to Keel, during that same Mothman period he would frequently also make some kind of telepathic linkup with floating purple orbs that appeared over Pt Pleasant WVA -- he'd mentally ask them to turn one way, then the other, then turn their lights off, get brighter, etc. They always responded to whatever he asked of them...

    3. Yep, the exact same thing was happening on the East Coast of Canada, where I live. Weird that "aliens" somehow give a f**k about coastlines.

    4. Haha -- ley lines, YES.....coastlines....Noooooooo.

      At least that's what they tell me -- who the hell actually knows??!!

  4. Holy crap what a read.
    That stuff about the fiends at CERN communicating with something unknown made my skin crawl.
    It boggles my mind that someone would intentionally do that .

  5. Hi Wordman: You motivated me to look for any current coverage of Collins Elite and related topics; and found this Troubled Miinds podcast from a few months back; several of the callers have their own podcasts I want to look into.....if u already posted this link before i apologize..

    Non -Human Entities and the Collins Elite; Portals; Crowley, Parsons, Hubbard

  6. Those twirl deaths make me wanna cry. They are definetely seeing something. One moment they are normal and then... that slow turn.... fuck.

    I remember reading somewhere that ticks and viruses appeared in vacuums in old experiments by Royal Society types but I can't find the link. Interesting in this context imo. Debilitating disease being a common thing that witnesses of these craft experience is just another disturbing item for this unfolding horrorshow.

    Been watching this ancient YouTube history guy on the toilet and found him pretty interesting. Name of Archaix. Anyone know?
    His theory is that this is a simulation and every time enough people figure that out the simulation has in built programming to prompt a reset (floods etc). This is a poor explanation. One his really interesting theories is that Enki was Enoch and he built the giza pyramids pre-flood to introduce something into reality that would fundamentally alter its "source code" in such a way that we might be able to do a dodge on the coming (cataclysmic) reset (2040 his estimation) and whatever forces seem to be harvesting this world. This may sound wild but the guy is thorough in his justifications. Think many here would enjoy.

    Just tried to find the clip of the Rothschild talking about the "Powers that Be" on the news but it seems completely scrubbed from the net.
    But yes if something is sending catacylsms to reset us and UFO's and weird weather to guide events:
    Then powers that be indeed.

    Now it may be autumn for you guys but down here it's just stepped into spring and thanks to our good friend King Charles I have no work today. I'm gonna go catch some sun on the rocks and also try an catch some squid while not thinking about any of this. Watch out for poopy busstops everyone.

    1. A6!!
      Thanks for reminding me that this small token of a blog goes out far & wide!! My algorithms used to actually show me WHERE I was getting hits worldwide -- even had a little world map that would show me for instance 40 people were reading me in real time in Kuala Lampur -- was really cool & always amazed me how far ranging these things can be; that feature went by the wayside several "updates" back & I really miss it. It always made the world feel a little closer, and smaller.

      So you're a Down Under-er, eh? Well good on ya mate!! Say a hearty "howdy!" to all the Sheilas down there for me!!
      My full condolences for living in Ground Zero for all the globalist lockdown & vaxx mandate antics -- hopefully you're bearing up well as a disciple of free speech and personal autonomy -- we're all behind you. By & large all you guys are wonderful, big-hearted, magnanimous people.

      Not sure what's changed governmentally Down There -- maybe you can tell me of the particulars -- but am hearing whispers that the 3-year ban on Djokovic might get lifted in time for the next Australian Open in another 4 fingers crossed for the dude.

  7. Thanks for all those links too A6!!
    Add this one to them -- it's just coming in:

    Not very comforting to know just how many zombie vaxxtards will now go completely insane once they launch Blue Beam.
    That's to say nothing if we get exposed to the real thing.
    Have no idea what this was but the acceleration is disturbing.

    This was just on the 19th in London also -- Starlink?

    Something's building...

  8. UPDATE:
    In other news it's spreading & things are getting REALLY good -- is this "the turning?" Because this is historic:

    Blowback with a capital B.

    1. Oh it's even better than that....
      Giorgi Meloni’s election has changed the European Union adding strength to the challenges from Viktor Orban in Hungary and the new far right government in Sweden. Her victory can help Putin bring down NATO hegemony and stop sanctions. It could even force an early end to the war in Ukraine. And it might provide an interesting wrinkle in the plan within BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) to offer Debt Cancellation to the Global South. It is very likely some European nations using neither the euro nor the pound could benefit from this proposal to refuse to repay loans denominated in dollars, pounds, euros and yen.Giorgi Meloni’s election has changed the European Union adding strength to the challenges from Viktor Orban in Hungary and the new far right government in Sweden. Her victory can help Putin bring down NATO hegemony and stop sanctions. It could even force an early end to the war in Ukraine. And it might provide an interesting wrinkle in the plan within BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) to offer Debt Cancellation to the Global South. It is very likely some European nations using neither the euro nor the pound could benefit from this proposal to refuse to repay loans denominated in dollars, pounds, euros and yen.


  9. MEDIA is already saying she won because of....wait for know it's coming....."RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE!!"
    the losers need some new songs to play.....cos we're all pretty tired of this one.


    Largest produce market in the world in Paris is on fire.

    How much longer before WE do something -- because this is ENEMY ACTION.

    Blatant & undeniable now. Gates affiliations, WEF, Davos elites, Leftists globalist agenda ALL need to be taken down.

    let's never forget what they have the capacity to do....

  12. Those vax death twirl videos remind me of this:
    Elisa lam and there was a vaccine program I think called LAM ELISA. A couple years ago when I was getting gaslighted like crazy by the machine elves in my phone and gaslighted by people that claimed to have drugged and hypnotized me, one of the things that they set up was all this stuff about Elisa Lam and then I was talking to someone in a store and there was a worker moving around the video cameras changing the angle slightly, and moving the mirrors and I realized that then it made the mirror look like I wasn't talking to anyone and after already going through some strange setups in a small town my imagination got the best of me thinking that maybe it was the beginning of another to make it look like I was acting like Elisa Lam. It didn't help that I was staying at a hotel, and the guest next-door was absolutely possessed, so much so that the cops ended up taking him out because all night long he was screaming in different voices and languages and chaining himself to the bed then writhing around banging on the walls with chains and screaming that he was going to kill everyone then in the daylight trying to act normal. It was in the middle of a bad ice storm and we couldn't get out of the parking lot to leave and the police cruisers couldn't get in so the first night they just "talked" to him.

  13. Hey it wasn't long after that, that I said that the queen would die this year because it's twin elevens and a certain amount of time after the prince and the dates would be either 9's or 11's. When there was that "fake news" thing that came out that she died on November 11, 2021 I thought hey it is 11's, wouldn't be surprised if her death gets Mandela effected to become 09/09/(11x2)


  14. It does seem like pathogens-wise, things have been accelerating. During the entire covid drama, I was as fit as a fiddle. The past few months, though... Constant migraines, neckache, stomachache, apathy, drowsiness. Painkillers only make things worse. Last month I started seeing black spots / floaters / lightnings. Convinced that I was in the middle of retinal detachment, I traveled abroad to see a private eye specialist. 60 minutes of every scan under the sun yielded nothing. The eyes are fine. (Great! But then... What is it?...)

    The irony is, I've never been jabbed OR tested. Not once. Also, I live in a mountain resort in Southeast Europe, population 8,000. Yet, some days I feel like a bad case of double-vaxxed-and-boosted, headed for an unexpected demise. (That would be the biggest irony, wouldn't it: 51yo male died suddenly in his sleep... With folks saying, 'Of course he did! What else is new?')

  15. The Arkansas dude who hanged himself (and before that, shot himself?..) looks pasted into each of the family photos. Then again, the Daily Mail is hardly a truther platform... There's tons of misinfo out there.

    1. Working right now on a post centered on the seeming implosion and dismantling of the Great Reset -- spotlighting first & foremost the seismic election of Giorgina Meloni in Italy with all of her anti-vaxx, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ, anti-all bullshit platform. VERY determined to bring the EU & WEF to heel. Much to the chagrin of the Davos corner. Somewhere Bono weeps at the thought of having to go back to singing.....

      Before I do and knowing now where you're located, very anxious to get your take on all this. The media here is of course tearing their hair out & tearing her down at every step: the next Mussolini, etc; the WEF EU had already threatened both she & all the Italian votership even BEFORE the election -- "we have the tools..." Like GTFO of here you idiots!!

      I also find this all quite symbolic and meaningful that it's occurring only AFTER the death of the Queen -- like she was the glue holding all of the old power structure together...

      But folks like Baudet, Anderson, and now Meloni seem bonded together and now are forging a new path, free from globalist intervention. Pals to the end. Hopefully that end is a lot longer than I'm sure people like Schwab and Harari are working on it being...Stay out of small planes & fast cars...

    2. The last time everything seemed to fall apart this quickly was when old man Rockerfeller died; it lead to Trump being elected.

    3. Great point JB!! -- London Bridge is falling down...

    4. You really think the Powers that Be gonna let someone they can't control into the heart of Rome?
      I havnt read any into the situation but hmm
      Having someone that accommodates their overstep in Italy but is ultimately under their control seems the play but here's hoping.

      Hey wordman do you have any previous posts on the ufo/virus connection? If you do link me up I would enjoy a peruse.

      Also yeah I'm Australian :^) Couldn't tell you the particulars about stuff as right now things are mostly back to normal and people are by and large shrug about it all. But from time to time you come across people who don't hesitate to tell you that something Fishy is afoot. When the construction unions betrayed the middle class here, our "tradies", they fucked with a very masculine, very resourceful group and alot of my hope lies with them. I don't go to protests or anything cause I work too much and can't gauge exactly what's happening too well though. I'm a security guard so I deal with homeless drug addicts and drunk kids primarily and it's no kind of litmus. All the same I don't hesitate to voice myself given the chance and what would have got a roll of the eyes before now gets contemplative silences more often than not.

  16. That last comm was for Trains btw!! Haha!!

    Altho all are free to chime in on the "shot heard round the world!!"

  17. A good summation so far:

  18. "When peaceful revolution becomes impossible, violent revolution becomes inevitable." JFK, 1962

  19. Finally -- again -- chills:

  20. As grim as it may be, I feel that the only remaining victory to be had is dying on our feet while facing our adversaries. Little else will effect change at this stage.

    1. “How beautiful is death, when earn’d by virtue!
      Who would not be that youth? What pity is it
      That we can die but once to serve our country.”

    2. Sweet Loosh!! See my comms to A6 below....

  21. Hey A6!! Yep, I've already seen the discrediting machine out in full mentioning Meloni was/is a member of the Aspen Group (WEF offshoot),
    but am concurrently hearing things she was disillusioned to say the least with them & booted them from her life pre-turnaround. Have NO idea what to believe but am going for benefit of the doubt right now, while being fully aware this wouldn't be the first time a trojan horse got inserted...
    Always was hoping that Trump would in the end turn out to be a JFK story -- much less hopeful of that now considering vaxx stance, but am doing the same with her re finding a soul & a conscience mid-stream.
    What's the old jazz song? It ain't the way that ya start, it's the way that ya finish..!!! Hell, ditto for me on that very same front...
    Or as Noel Gallagher is fond of saying -- "It's never too late to be what you might have been."

  22. PS -- don't really have any vaxx weirdness/contagion/ufo posts to speak's only recently entered my mindset -- but hey!! it's on the radar now!!
    All that being said, you might like this one:

    And of course this one about Rendlesham that goes everywhere:

    Let me know what ya think!!

    As an aside also happen to think it's weird that pretty much all involved with the pentagon AATIP and other secretive UAP investigative arms all happen to be IMMUNOLOGISTS -- hmmmmmmmmmm.

  23. Hey A6!!
    At high risk of being Mr. Cliche -- (hey, I'm an 80s goofball!!)
    Cheers on ya mate!!
    "We'll not fade out too soon, not in this finest hour, whistle your favorite tune, we'll send the card & flower, saying it's a mistake..."

  24. OMG!!!!!!! Forgot this one -- even better:

    & Patti Smith's epic take on the Oils -- that now sounds very much like a warning:

    1. Patti's lyrics made me think of what tracy had to say about Mt. Analogies. She talks about it in this book:

    2. Looshy!! You ROCK for that Clock Shavings pdf!!!

  25. Haha im a hiphop guy who holds no particular allegiance to Australia not gonna lie. Born a Canadian :^)
    Or sad cowboy music. (The Albertan in me I guess.)

    Thanks for the posts. You've skirted around Rendleshem before but that was something else. Probably shouldn't read these before bed.
    Is there footage online of the rendleshem incident? I couldn't find any. Also where was it said that Rendleshem was historically a "witchcraft" area? Was this you? This stuff starts to blur for me often.

    Can I ask what the Levenda fallout was haha? Pretty sure that guy is intel.

    Regarding the Collins Elite - was anything ever released by them?
    Where's my Christian UFO-fighter handbook, darn it!

    On another note today I boiled my mash potatoes in pickle juice then chucked in a bit of dill during the mashing with the butter and milk and I felt compelled to share this.

    Take care everybody

    1. Read Nick Redfern's "Final Events", all about the Collins Elite.

    2. OH YEAH A6!! You nailed it -- Levenda is an official member of AFIO -- Assoc of Former Intelligence Officers. So was Aquino.
      Dude stinks about as bad as you can stink.

    3. There is both mounted cam as well as motion picture footage of what happened in Capel Green Rendlesham forest acc to Larry Warren here:

      It was confiscated by the British MOD & has never been released...

  26. Aw man so I was closing my eyes and the parallel universe stuff was bumping along in my head and this quote came to mind:

    "Then there was an April 30, 2015 request from Mitchell for an “ASAP” Skype talk with Podesta to discuss “the difference between celestials in our own solar system and their restraint by those from the nonviolent contiguous universe.”"

    Which seems disingenuous, considering
    But with any luck I can sleep now

  27. A6!!
    To make a very long story extremely short one night in the middle of the Podesta-Clinton email fallout that spawned both pizzagate AND the Trump presidency as blowback I was commenting to a post over at Chris Knowles SECRET SUN how horribly fishy it was that folks like Delonge & Levenda were palling around with Podesta & I glibly signed off with "Meet you at the corner of flying saucers & worldwide pedo rings!!" Haha!!
    Sort the weird part is that no sooner do I click "post this comment" than none other than Levenda HIMSELF logs on IN REAL TIME in a huff to rebut me -- saying things like he's NEVER found any link between governmental agencies and organized pedophilia; there is NO weird wording in ANY of the Podesta emails that would warrant any such suspicions about child trafficking; this is all a "witch hunt," and basically I ought to be ashamed of myself for insinuating such drivel and "conspiracy theories!!"
    We then proceed to have a kind of halting back-&-forth around the bush for another few pages of comments before he signs off in a snit.

    Of course time has not been kind to his responses in this exchange; this was all pre-Epstein.

    First of all, what, does this dude have organized bots that alert him to whenever his NAME comes up in random comments sections? Haha!!
    We were all, Chris included, kind of gobsmacked by that.
    Second of all, to be what he likes to tout as THE premiere esoteric researcher going and then to claim that he's NEVER run across in any way governmentally organized pedo rings??!! Uh.......Dutroux, Franklin, Finders, the Pink Ballets in Belgium, the Order of the Solar Temple, hell, this was right after Sandusky and the Second Mile had just broken. Then to fall back on the old "witch hunt" persecution of his people was maybe the sorriest of all. And the fact that I threw the flying saucer angle of Delonge & Podesta in there as well REALLY set him off. Haha!!

    Add all this to the fact that only a week or so later both he & late nighter Stephen Colbert over here would both utter the phrase re those questioning the entire pizzagate narrative then exploding -- "Grow the fuck up!!" ON THE SAME NIGHT (Levenda on facebook, Colbert on his show) stank of "talking points" & a coordinated shutdown response BIG TIME:

    that if you wanted to be a "cool kid" you needed to stop asking questions.
    Here's the photo I was using as Exhibit A:

    that sent Levenda off the edge!!

  28. As for Rendlesham Forest, both Larry Warren & Peter Robbins in their excellent LEFT AT EAST GATE chronicled the fact that that entire area of Suffolk & East Anglia had been the birthplace of modern witchcraft:
    This of course also gets into the Druids:

    Also this of recent note:

    1. Hahaha. Trolling Levenda as you call him out on his more than interesting lack of pedo-ring coverage has gotta be a badge of honour wordman, nice.

      Thx for the links. Been using your blog lately to give some people nightmares (besides myself).

    2. I am sooo behind the curve in knowledge in comparison to most everybody at this lovely place. In trying to catch up I recently started watching pedophiles in parliament ( and at minute 48 they reveal that Edward Heath liked to abuse kids with elongated hands with steel claws on them.....Edward Scissorhands anyone? Makes me just want to ignore everything cultural. You never know when they are having their little inside joke on you to the degradation of your soul. I'm really glad wman NEVER lets this subject loose. Blessings all. Here's to the company here and staying sane while we call out the monsters.

  29. Rumor has it they found an intact Russian passport in the bubbles of the Nord Stream pipeline. ;)

    1. Maybe it was in Mohammed Atta's Locker right next to Davy Jones'.

      And Reese from Infowars is on the trail now too:

      And I'm sorry, & not to get all Anthony Patchy on you guys, but this is rapidly veering into the SPIRITUAL.
      From CERN to quantum computers to a vaxx with self-replicating nanoware and structures that are turning us into receivers. RECEIVERS/portals for this is now beginning to happen in increasing numbers all over the world.

      Sorry but I'mma gonna need to be proved wrong on this one.

      ALL of these people are EXACTLY what Trent Reznor said back in 2007 they would be -- VESSELS:

      Or in the words on HG Wells' tombstone...God DAMN You All I Told You So!!

  30. Kinda off the subject, I've still got a lot to digest above, but anyone else have they're eyes burning? I woke up with my eyes burning and double vision and the eye doctor couldn't find a reason but it felt like a whole tube of icy hot was dumped in my eyes. Then I found out that my son developed the same symptoms at the same time 30+ miles away and he hasn't been here since the weekend.
    Kinda made me think of the moth man thing of the people that heard him having bloody ears the the people that saw him having bloody eyes. Because over the summer we both had bad ear pain that started at the same time after a weird dream where I was hearing the future and the dream I woke up from today was that I saw myself in a possible future ten years or so from now through a wormhole.

    1. We're we just talking about this?

      Causality violation!! Causality violation!!

  31. A6!! Thanks for spreading the word my good brother -- I'm your Nightmare Volume Dealer!!

    & CHRISTIANA!! What a lovely name & a hearty welcome to our little version of Night Gallery/Twilight Zone/Toys In The Attic!!
    You are so correct in that I am NEVER going to let go of the subject of child abuse/child trafficking/ritual abuse because I see it as their main religion and what drives everything else in their agenda, be it CERN or vaccines or false flag events to keep us traumatized, etc. It's all satanic/luciferian to the core, and I try & never forget that. Never was much of a church-goer but always considered myself very spiritual; always felt closest to God in the woods and mountains, but I recognize true evil when I see it. And I see it all around me now like never before in my life. And I still feel more than ever it's vitally important to call it out. My old pal Jeff Wells from the epic site Rigorous Intuition always said just seeing something & saying something can be the way the world changes. (That & "what you don't know can't hurt them").
    True dat on both counts.
    Or as I like to say, Research & Destroy!! Haha!!

    BTW, the elongated hands with claws on the ends is also the spitting image of Freddy Krueger of Nightmare on Elm Street.
    & Heath like I mentioned in this very post was also a peripheral influence in the Epstein Network:

    Or as they used to like to say in the X-Files: monsters begetting monsters.

    You, OTOH, dear lady, come here in the Treehouse and keep us company're always welcome.

    1. Another reason to adore this blog. You could not be a more gracious host. Yes, yes, yes to calling it out. I try to bring up this pedophile subject in conversation and usually people are quiet and the conversation moves on.....I recently exchanged thoughts on why Saville got the exposure and Epstein did not. My conversation partner thought it was because the US was better. I think oddly enough the US is more dangerous a place to speak about it than Britain. Perhaps the continentals have just had many more ages to see these atrocities in their elites/and their minions. Or maybe our media may be the worst in the world. I wonder what you think. Anyway, thanks dear wordman. (I am late to this thread. Hope you see this.)

  32. Uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what exactly do you think CERN & DWAVE quantum computers have been doing this whole time?
    (You know, the same quantum comps that helped "Warp Speed" the vaxx into reality?)

    Man, I hate being right all the time!!...........

    1. Well fuck

      Confirmed I guess


  33. Some Judeo-Christian views about return of the old gods;



  36. Charles has JUST become King, and already England is like: