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And I wait, staring at the Northern Star

I'm afraid it won't lead me anywhere

He's so cold, he will ruin the world tonight

All the angels kneel into the Northern Lights

Kneel into the frozen lights

"No, this one's different, something special."

"What, the medical thing? Selling the organs? I mean, half the stomachs are missing..."

"Too high a risk. There's something powerful driving this one along."

"Black magic you mean? Some sort of secret society?"

"Involving more than one."

She had a horror of rooms, she was tired, you can't hide beat

When I looked in her eyes they were blue, but nobody home

Well she could've been a killer if she didn't walk the way she do, and she do

She opened strange doors that we'd never close again

...She asked me to stay and I stole her room

She asked for my love and I gave her a dangerous mind

Now she's stupid in the street and she can't socialise

Well I love the little girl and I'll love her til the day she dies

Scary monsters, super creeps, keep me running, running scared 


The times, they are a-changing. An oft-quoted mantra for times when music is in the cafes at night and revolution is in the air, but never more true than now, my waning summer children. Dennis Wilson's and the brothers' dreams have long shifted from an azure blue to leaden grey and our one long tumble down the slides and the rabbit holes that has been unending for quite some time is picking up even more pace and momentum. The American streets are turning darker than usual with something more than the night; something has been set into motion. All of our appointments with destiny are palpable now, and approaching fast.

Mother leaders come and mother leaders go, (and no one's really sure who's letting go today) but the noise is in the shifting, and the signal in what you don't hear. The meaning, as always, is elusive. But is is there. There in the "getting to know you's," in the fruit that you bear, in the company that you keep. In the charting of all this we've gone from pillar to post here, from Sandusky and CERN, to Savile and Epstein and Covid, and most points in between. 

The farther down the road less traveled we go, the more the connections reveal themselves. And some days, most days, I feel like we haven't even scratched the pinnacle of the top edge of the iceberg of crazy. There are many, many more miles to go before we sleep.

A couple of posts back here there was the symbology of Ridley Scott using the Egyptian winged motif in his famous Alien from 1979. Now look here in this excellent piece:

You will find the same linking to CERN, Saturn, and stargates. As well as the fact that the 8-pointed star links to the Saturn Polar Configuration.

Where else can we find pointed use of an 8-pronged star? In Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. In NASA's newest pride and joy, Delta 18 (of Space Force...) (see headers). 

Jimmy Savile was evidently a fan also, but then again, he was, amoung various and sundry other horrible things, a wizard:

The 8-pointed star myth is vast and flies deep into the esoteric:

Of particular note to our fields, is CHAOS MAGICK.

"The Dawn is significant as a reference to the Northern Star in ancient Christianity as well -- as it represents Lucifer, the brightest star who fell into darkness." (see also Venus, Polaris, Sirius in more far-ranging esoteric lore...)   

And check out what NASA was into as far back as 1986; featuring the triggers of Delta, Omicron, and yes, black goo:

Only a coincidence of words, or is something deeper in play?

My money's on something deeper, with an accent on reassembly after frequency/wavelength exposure:

We also need to learn all about Nano Domestic Quell, around 2013 when the long slide began in earnest:

"Please understand: these nano-devices are inert until activated by a radio signal or transmission."

Sounds extremely familiar. "Flu-like" symptoms but not the flu? Have been hearing about that since the first persistent contrail reports by William Thomas on Art Bell back in early 1999. Targeting specific groups, even persons? That was a tentpole of the PNAC document, courtesy of the W Bush junta. Smart dust? We've been around that bush too, high in the California hills.

(And that radio signal or "transmission" could be originating from proximity alerts re 4G and 5G, or, let's just suppose, it could be coming from, as ancient lore suggests, stars such as Sirius during times in this realm when the veils are the thinnest...) Broadcast by? Well, that's the question, isn't it? What we now DO know, by multiple accounts, is that the terrain is changing:

All this self-assembling should be self-explanatory at this point: We are being prepared for something. Internet of Bodies? Internet of Things? Or might that be something of a more cosmic predisposition? See Tracy Twyman's thoughts on 2001 and what that was a portent for in 'Killing God to Become God':

There IS something here in all this -- the signal in the noise is growing stronger.

"Love hangs herself, with her bed sheets, in her cell..."

The Love Bug wrote that one in the fading summer light of 1998, with some help from Billy Corgan. The same Love that was in both Epstein's flight logs and black books. The same Corgan that once famously let this slip: 

Welcome to your portal-opening, hive mind future, all brought to you by the occult sigils and symbolism of the elite they've been waving in your face, marinating you in, for years. DARPA, Lieber, Baric, Gates, Epstein, et al have thoroughly infected you. All that matters now is when they choose to "pull it" in the biggest 9/11 black swan event of all time. How's that for an anniversary?

And yet the desperation that reeked from the get-go from the rollout of the covid vaxxes tells me if you didn't get that, you'll be fine from a remote deactivation/death standpoint. The glorious human immune system, left to its own devices, is an amazing, God-given mechanism that will adapt to pretty much anything that's thrown at it. All in all, we're pretty hardy creatures; hard to kill. Flexible, quick to adjust. God doesn't roll the dice and He doesn't make mistakes. Trust in the ultimate cosmic engineering. It's still state of the art after millions of years for a reason.

Don't get me wrong -- I certainly think (know) "shedding" is a thing. That's been admitted to. But I think a fully juiced immune system trumps that. Then again, I haven't read Michael Crichton's Prey in awhile...

And I know that what we are seeing manifest has nothing to do with God, but then again, that is their point, isn't it?

The Queen is dead, but long live the King.

Or as Johnny Rotten so succinctly put it in 1977, "God save the Queen, she ain't no human being..."

Out of the mouths of babes.

And why would a family with a deep Nazi past (see young Elizabeth at the header tossing a salute) enjoy the companionship of two of the worst pedophiles history has ever known? Well, that's a story:


And let's never forget what brought us here:

Halloween, after all, is just around the corner.

More than anything, and especially of late again, there seems to be something in Tracy Twyman's vast oeuvre that someone is extremely intent on the great unwashed masses not only not knowing, but never being able to find -- information that is somehow very dangerous to them in our not being privy to. And I find that not just fascinating. I find that very important. 

Something seems to be rearing its head again in ways not seen since late 2016, when wikileaks made sure certain emails were outed, and their entire "sure thing" applecart got upturned. The wormy Podesta is back again in ridiculous positions of power:

Climate change has long been tapped to be the next big "thing" upon which they place the utmost importance control grid post-covid:

Of course they can always help that along quite a bit, wouldn't you say?:

Always remember that old perennial X-Files line, boys and girls..."The best way to predict the future, is to invent it."

And now the new Climate/Environmental Czar just so happens to be John Podesta. Proceed with caution, I say.

And this just took place on Sept.3:

Sept 3, you will remember, coincidentally happens to be the finale of the Egyptian-centric Dog Days, when the veil is the thinnest and the final rituals are performed:

Dates, specific dates, will recur time and again on their calendars, and are very important to them. Especially those liminal dates when things get going, and when they shut down. And in the wake, just look at what happened five days after this...

While Hillary is busy proclaiming her intent to not run for President again, something else is being set into motion. And while all this is happening, everything Tracy Twyman ever wrote is being disappeared again, X2, for good measure. Why now? Why? Soon after Tracy's mysterious death by hanging (I often wonder if it was with a red scarf), her boss Clyde Lewis for whom she worked as producer for his GroundZero Media radio show, expressed his intent to find out what had happened to her in no uncertain terms. Her personal servers and computers had been wiped, she had become a targeted individual subject to all kinds of electronic and personal harassment, and the lives of she and her child had been threatened, most specifically when she began looking into certain geographic sites given to her by Hollywood-pedo-outer Isaac Kappy to investigate as places with ongoing child trafficking operations. Much more all about it here as you continue the endless scroll:

This all gets heavily into pizzagate, "spirit cooking," the Clinton-Podesta emails, and so much more. But it very much leans into her own previous research also.

Clyde Lewis himself was threatened, as was his extended family during all this -- in very much the same way as he was during his alliance with Anthony Patch in looking into the vagaries of CERN, and the ultimate agenda there.

There is a core here -- let's call it a Cabal or a cult -- doing things which the mainstream still has no idea about. It was, however, the largest, hottest story in the world (Epstein et al) across all media...and then covid hit, or was released.** And the rest is history -- or back to hidden, occulted history, Make of that timing what you will. You had information released that changed the course of a presidential election, coupled with an unveiled network (Epstein) that had the entire world demanding answers. And then, suddenly, the narrative got flipped and nothing has ever been the same since. In so many ways. 


I put all this here, dear readers, because I personally had something in and around Thanksgiving of 2019 that had all the earmarks of covid (which supposedly didn't exist in the wild yet). Sweating at night, fever, lack of taste, lethargy, tremors like I've never experienced, inability to get warm, etc. More than several people at my work all had it and passed it around. All people with very healthy immune systems that never usually get sick, myself included. All of us could not shake it. The concurrent loss of the sense of smell seems to be a rather large marker:

And I speak here of rogue nano-structures, not the swabs which weren't even a thing yet.

So what else was on the loose, and how was it introduced? Specifically in our case on the mid-Atlantic range of the US prior to what even the DOD declares to be the official timeline: 

So, whatever that was, didn't come from China. Survey says -- impossible. Take and make of all that what you will...but always remember there is oh so much they don't want you to know. That is very important for them that you specifically NOT know. And that gets into so much -- so many areas just like this that never see much, if any disinfecting light:

There is another post in here still brewing detailing Dutroux, the death of Andre Cools, the Brabant Massacres as coverup/cleanup operation for same, the Pink Ballets, the Pinon affair

and so much more as backstory, but that's for yet another time...More about Cools in particular here -- you may recognize some of the names also playing into 9/11: 

But we began here speaking of the esoteric side of the street on the 21st anniversary of the 2nd great Control Grid restructuring, as we linger in the long shadows of the third. And the same forces, sinister forces to coin a phrase, have presided over all 3. Remember they wanted to seal the covid trial and effects records just like they sealed the JFK assassination records. Which are STILL sealed btw.  

Since it is another 9/11 , let's finish up there for now with some of the most underreported aspects of the still most under-investigated atrocity on the books (with the covid vaxx coming up quickly on the outside in an apocalyptic horserace). The Thanos plan is just coming into fruition now, but the groundwork was laid spectacularly 21 years ago. 

Pay particular attention to the painting of Jeffrey Epstein's of Bush 43 at the header. Wonder why he had that. Notice the little things. The upside down cross on the flower planter in the background. The fact that his shoelaces are scorpions. A picture still indeed says a thousand words, does it not?

Look at the headers again -- look at how the bedrock was melted in the foundations, How the support beams were cut at 45 degree angles witnessed by the first responders. All supposedly from that small amount of jet fuel that burned up in both airliners almost upon impact. The official story would have you believe both WTCs collapsed due to fire, as well as Bldg 7. Don't even get me started on Bldg 7. The reason that I've never gone even more in-depth on everything 9/11 is because from what just I know alone it would take more wordpower than all the combined writings of this blog from 2011 til right now and more to point out all the discrepancies. THAT'S how many holes are in the 9/11 official story. ANYONE with even an ounce of rigor knew from the very onset, by the evening of Sept 11 at least, that something was drastically wrong. But officially sanctioned lie piled upon officially sanctioned lie ad infinitum until every coherent point was lost.

Loose Change went there, with tens of millions of views. Not one of their points has been addressed to this day. To my mind, Core of Corruption went there even deeper, but therein lies another tale:

And it's one even more telling to the way we look at things here.

Core of Corruption was only meant to be the first in a series of films following the 9/11 connections wherever they led, no quarter asked or given. Helmer Jonathan Elinoff went deep into the backstory of the Pat Sullivan network, the former Arapahoe County sheriff that was neck deep in everything from Columbine to the fate of Jon Benet Ramsey -- from there Elinoff followed the strings to other, even more dangerous outskirts, outlined in full detail by the should-be-legendary CAVDEF site:

Long story cut extremely short (deep breath for a deep dive) -- Elinoff found that the ongoing Franklin blackmail scheme, which Sullivan was very likely a large part of (which also links to Sandusky & also to Epstein but I digress...) had been used by the CIA to implicate "Iran-Contra figures" so that the Agency could use these very figures to initiate COG -- Continuity of Government -- on 9/11. But that spectra had been raised before:

And shot down quickly I might add...

You're going to need to get yourself a cup of coffee, settle in, and read that last part again, very slowly, so that you grok all the implications of what's being said here...Child sex blackmail inherent in ops like Aquino, the Finders, Dutroux, McMartin, the Franklin scandal, what happened to Jon Benet, NXIVM, the Second Mile, the Epstein network, etc etc etc was used to blackmail already compromised insiders from the Iran-Contra scandal in order to ensure their participation in the murder of 3,000 innocent civilians on September 11, 2001. In order to bring in the next phase of the New World Order. Because they get off on death -- because they demand sacrifice. Smaller ops had already been established during trial runs in places like Waco and Oklahoma City, both of which, you will remember, featured especially prominent deaths of large numbers of...yes....children.

The remote takeover of aircraft had already been attempted and accomplished with EgyptAir Flight 990 2 years prior: 

Thanks as always to Richard Hoagland for that one. You will notice, no doubt, the massive Egyptian symbology present. Surely nothing in that...

How far back does Epstein go? Very far:

Elinoff also cites Offutt Air Force Base's role on the day of 9/11 in the launching of the E4B planes that were seen at all locations of attack (also including one over Richmond VA that I saw myself during the DC snipers standoff and search during October 2002.) 

Where else can we find Offutt in concerning news?:

Could it have anything to do with the mind control aspect of the COVID agenda" You bet it could:

Those "thousand points of light" aren't gonna illuminate themselves, ya know.

The initial "milk carton kid," Johnny Gosch, that got this whole ball rolling back in the "satanic panic" days, was linked very much to Offutt AFB too, by his dad: "In August 1982, Noreen Gosch claims that Leonard John Gosch (his father) took Johnny on a day trip to Omaha, with one of the destinations being Offutt AFB. Johnny was said to have had a foggy memory of the trip."

As mother leaders come and go and 9/11s vanish into the historical mist, the greater mysteries continue, and show no sign of abating.










  1. Hi Wordman:
    Thank u for all the information..good heavens..
    A recent Lee Merrit interview touches on some of your info..

    1. B-squared in the lair!!
      What up dude??!! Thanks so much for that Doc Merrit link but already got ya covered -- just check the link 4 paragraphs down from the CHAOS MAGIC line. & you're so right, it's a doozy.
      So much more is coming out now -- as it will....CDC even admitting that they deliberately inflated the initial Covid #s by some 85-90% to drive panic and spur lockdowns; to put pressure on friends to demand friends get the so-called "vaxx."
      JUST heard this on the radio coming home, so it's all unraveling at, well....warp speed. Haha!!

      I shudder to think what's going to happen when lots of pissed off "follow the science" acolytes realize they were played, flambeed, decayed, and swayed into the betrayed charade arcade.

      The forecast calls for pain...

    2. Thank you for being patient with my old eyes, Wordman...
      J.D. Rucker post about the MSM and scientists raising questions about the jab..and why that is concerning..

  2. Clots for everyone! Yay!

  3. "Delta and Omicron", over and over again.

    The Greek letter Delta is a triangle. Omicron is "the eye". The eye within the triangle.

    1. Speaking of DELTA:

      One of the YT comms: BLOWOUT from Brian DePalma in 1981 is about what Dave McGowan surmises from these incidents.

  4. Your initial paragraphs reminded me of Halloween three, season of the witch, the combination of the pyshical to frequency, dark times indeed. On to your links for the next few days lol, thanks for the dot connecting bro

    1. Anytime Doubters!!
      & thanks right back at ya for picking up on the H3 vibe -- honestly didn't even notice that but you are so correct, my friend.
      Always thought it was cool that they initially wanted the great Nigel Kneale to helm it and even tho he bailed they kept his ideas. THAT dude was so far ahead of his time it's likely we still haven't caught up...Quatermass, The Stone Tape, etc.
      Hell his Quatermass & The Pit practically wrote the book on connecting aliens with demons and psychic phenomena as well as practically every ancient astronauts and Chariots of the Gods vibe. An entire industry owes him his prognostications. He paved the road that everyone from Keel to von Daniken to Jacques Vallee & Chris Carter would soon be running down.

      Of course he couched his as "fiction." Or did he?

      The fact of frequencies and sonic manipulations/infrasound being used for everything from weapons to opening portals is an area in dire need to reimagination.
      Check out Amazing Polly here:

      Not to mention it casts in a whole new light, and one that needs strict examination, just what they're putting IN to us, and why.

      Thanks for the comms and keep on clicking away...somewhere in all these dots there is the final combination that will reveal all.
      Heck, any one of us could be that 100th monkey that opens the door for all the rest of us to come stampeding thru!!
      Let's get this Age of Aquarius really going!!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks MF!!
      & haha!! Asking Savile for help in speechwriting is akin to asking Elmer Fudd about the finer points of rabbit hunting!!

  6. CATS & KITTENS!! Get a load of this!!

    You've gotta wonder just WHAT is going on when there's out there somewhere a 15 hr (that's FIFTEEN HOUR!!) interview between Steve Bannon & Epstein that hasn't been released.
    Legal waivers? Contracts? National Security? Neckties? High voltage?

    On the razor's edge of dangerous times, my peeps.
    I'm sure the FBI will sort it, yeah, that's the ticket...

  7. 1100 Athletes died from 1966-2004…but at least 673 have died since January 2021?

    F**king winter vagina.

    1. I always go for the sleeping/showering in fatal positions. That & exercising "angrily." OH & can't forget the daylight savings time killing everyone.

    2. "Being 20 years old" gets you every time. Also "being 40 years old". Also "over 60". Are you alive right now? Well, that's FATAL.

  8. BTW thanks for the final #s on the athletes Jaybers -- I'd been looking for that. Wonder why it seems to be prominently affecting footballers, cyclists and even younger high schoolers/college age most of all from what I see. Why is it singling them out?
    You know I follow the tennis tour & other than the Frenchman Jeremy Chardy, Dimitrov, & a few others it seems mostly unaffected up til now, which I find strange, esp with Djokovic being singled out the way he was -- from all appearances something like 99% of the tour is vaxxed...
    unless of course it's because of status & they didn't get the real thing and have forged papers, which is more than possible.
    I know the bogus declaring is rampant amoung the Spanish elite -- looking at you Nadal. Esp with his buddy-buddy-ness with Gates.

    Btw saw in a comms section the other day & haven't verified yet but an insider on the tour said that both Fed & Nadal used their 2 mil appearance fees for an African exhibition tour in 2019 (on advice from Gates himself) to buy up lots of shares of GAVI/Moderna stock pre-plandemic.
    That 2 mil a piece is now worth a cool 778 million for both.

    If true it certainly makes a lot more sense how they threw Djoker waaaay under the bus Down Under this January for not complying.
    As sickening as it is, it certainly would not surprise me in the slightest.
    Stooges and lapdogs to & for the Great Reset.
    And good on Djoker no matter what for having that thing called principles that he won't give up for personal glory.
    Him saying no makes it easier for all of us to say no -- & with every passing hour, more & more, he's on the right side of history.

    1. "Wonder why it seems to be prominently affecting footballers, cyclists and even younger high schoolers/college age most of all from what I see. Why is it singling them out?"

      I don't think it is: if Karl Denninger is right, and we're going on nearly *3* million dead in the US alone, it means that ALL of the Vaxxed are f**ked; athletes and people who do sports are simply the most noticeable. Most people don't even exercize FFS.

    2. BINGO -- those Denninger #s are problematic to say the least -- but stats don't lie do they?? Have heard it on the downlo going around that some insurance companies are refusing to issue Life policies if you're vaxxed now...
      Having worked in it for the better part of my life I still hold out hope that the bloodsucking mothereffing insurance companies will be the ones to finally save us all. How ironic.
      I just know that messing around with their bottom line will get you on the Masterlist pronto; they'll chase you down the street for a quarter and their patience with the Big Pharma bullshit is wearing mighty thin. It'll be like watching ringside for the matchup of Mothra vs Godzilla.

  9. The Wellster delivers every time:

  10. A Rwanda scenario for the whole world? I'd say that is very likely. Please look up the concept of Black/Dark Awakening. There's even a 2009 book on the topic (= "rise of Satanic super-soldiers") which on Amazon used to cost a bundle and now is "currently unavailable."

    In simple terms, you know of all those millions of ritually abused and mentally disassociated individuals? (Once, they were the stuff of conspiracy sites; now I clearly see them among my own clients; friends' friends and spouses; local college teachers, language center instructors...) Well, for the government they have been a handy sort of a savings account. One day soon when the last pretense of democracy and freedom goes up in smoke, the vilest assassin among their many programmed personalities will get triggered FOR REAL.

    1. In the new matrix there's scenes where groups of peoples eyes glow green as they become psychotic kill mobs
      Definetrly an aspect of this worth considering imo

  11. Look what the Chinese are doing to "The Little Mermaid" (now that she's black). They're now planning to do this to practically all black characters in American movies:

  12. HEY GUYS -- just putting this here as a placeholder for what I'm likely going to be basing a future installment around:

    Main accent the CAP point -- that pre-designated 'return to' geographic rendezvous point where all aircraft reconnoiter back to when a said mission is thru --
    These objects would meet all aircraft back at that point before any of the aircraft got there and without 'hearing' any chatter between pilots...because there wasn't any. Such designated rendezvous points are mentally noted and then not spoken aloud, i.e., the UAPs were effectively "reading their minds."

    The quantum/metaphysical implications of this are, it should be noted, vast and rather frightening.

  13. Brilliance from "words are":

    "A mere 18 weeks after the story came out of China that prisoners' organs were being removed *before* their time of death, Anne Heche was announced as dead while she was still on life support. Wikipedia lists her death date as August 11, even though she was on "life" support until August 15.

    It occurred to me a few weeks ago - and I haven't noticed anyone else bringing it up yet - that it could be that things are being grown inside of people not to control them with, but to harvest from them. "Human composting" would make it easy to get bodies and pretty much do what one wanted to with them.

    Body snatching. What if Neo woke up from the Matrix only to find that half his skin and organs were gone, or that he was full of masses which were almost ready for harvest. Either way, he probably wouldn't be physically capable of getting up out of the tank."

    1. Certainly plausible JB -- I think we're being hit with killing many more than even just 2 birds with one stone. This is a scenario where they've envisioned and planned for multiple outcomes, all of them distinctly heinous. Body snatched 25 ways from Sunday on a 24/7 basis. And I really think we haven't even hit the rough part yet. This could easily wind up looking like THE STAND in a heartbeat. Which is why I say, only half in jest, all of us need to start thinking of a meetup place/zone to convene just in case...
      Better to have a plan & not need it than need it & not have it.

  14. & Hey Trains!!
    re your very excellent comm above -- & I know I've put these here before but just in case you missed 'em in the flood:

    That last one word for word from the summer edition 1995 of the superb NEXUS mag. Mirrors pretty much right down to the letter what's happening right now.
    The Greenbaum speech by Hammond was from the summer of 1992 right here in VA. He pretty much dropped the subject & entire topic altogether soon thereafter & went into hiding. Am sure you will find possibly some crossover & resonance there with your clients also.
    What do you do?

    Also speaking about the Black Awakening, you're speaking of Russ Dizdar, right?
    Ever find it strange that people like he & Twyman, those that focus on the specifically SPIRITUAL side of this conflict, are the ones that suffer mysterious deaths so often? I don't.

    Here's also the full text of the Greenbaum speech, where he is forced to conclude with:
    People say, “What’s the purpose of it?” My best guess is that the purpose of it is that they want an army of Manchurian Candidates, ten of thousands of mental robots who will do prostitution, do child pornography, smuggle drugs, engage in international arms smuggling, do snuff films, all sorts of very lucrative things, and do their bidding and eventually the megalomaniacs at the top believe they’ll create a Satanic Order that will rule the world.

    Sound resonant with anything that's going on around you now?

    Thanks as always muh dude!!

  15. And did somebody just say Body Snatchers-vibe??
    Predictive programming alert so many I've lost count:

    Yep, Secret Invasion.

  16. Excellent, thank you for this Wordman.

    I think your eight pointed star could possibly be this.

    Which is exactly this.


    This proves it, ..... note where the band aid is. His left hand (middle finger)


    All of his fingers a damaged because he is counting down?,1000x1000,075,f.u1.jpg

    1. 14 fish...?

  17. Palm, fish.

    Flying fish seek out and lay their eggs on floating palm limbs.


  18. The unique micro-organism "Hydra" is biologically immortal. Hydras do not senesce (do not age), Hydras undergo morphallaxis (tissue regeneration) when injured or severed. Hydras are capable of two types of DNA repair, making them immortal even on a deep molecular level; this is most probably due to the "Fox O" ("forkhead box O transcription factor").

    In the Lovecraftian Mythos, the Hydra dwells in an alternate dimension, and appears as a vast sea of dark gray ooze (*black goo*). A multitude of living heads, some human and some alien, sprout from the ooze, sobbing and grimacing as if in great agony.

    The Hydra's worshipers trick others into sending the god sacrifices through a pamphlet known as "On the Sending Out of the Soul". The last page contains a magical formula for astral projection. When followed, the formula always works as expected, harmlessly transporting the user in astral form to whatever destination is desired. However, unbeknownst to the user, the ritual also brings the subject into contact with the Hydra, which then merges with the individual's astral self, using it as a host.

    1. We're devolving into body horror cult territory by the minute, aren't we guys?
      Whether it be more & more researchers finding hydra-like organisms in previously untouched vials of covid vaxx, all the way to UAP researchers telling increasing tales of a hitchhiker effect" taking place all around the country -- something is seeking to be initiated on several deep levels: cellular, biologic, psychologic, changing personalities, altering DNA, merging us with something as yet unknown for some mysterious long-term goal-set.
      It's like we've all become abuse victims to the weirdest, cruelest cult ever imagined -- all the while being told that what's happening isn't happening at all. It's nightmare fuel.

    2. The point being though, that if something *immortal* is in the Vaxx, then NO treatment/cure is possible.

      The Hydra Vulgaris in the Vaxx is also said to be aluminium based (?!), and using graphene oxide to make eggs (natural Hydras don't lay eggs).

      I wonder... could *microwave* radiation make them all *explode* at the same time (aluminium, remember?)?

  19. And thanks for all the links Cappy!!
    I was told early on that the "14 Fish" there was code for "Fishing for Teens." Back then it was all very Q-centric, so who knows.

    I DO know that the fish drawing in his palm very closely resembles something that was carved into the palm of Jon Benet Ramsey before death. Make of that what you will. Insider forces? Tribute? Smirk?

    And numerology?
    The Queen dies exactly 911 days after the WHO declared covid a pandemic.
    And from the date of her CORONAtion (6/2/53) to the date of the first recorded covid death?
    66 years, 6 months.

  20. Feel like I'm composing a whole new post here but let me just leave with the brand new EO issued by the WH -- if this doesn't scare you/wake you up, I'm not quite sure what will:

    WTAF are these people trying to get away with?
    Our "societal goals?" I know EXACTLY what your societal goals are, you cheap, disgusting, perverted pedo morons.
    To program biology the same way you write software.
    In your own words.
    Who's your new Surgeon General? Yuval Harari?
    Go fuck yourselves.

  21. For those of you that demand the goods:

    Holy Mother of God.

  22. MORE:

  23. It's such a weird time. These are apocalyptic headlines, apocalypse with a seeming whimper. If what is presented is true a good two thirds of the planet is now the walking dead. A new biomechanical species created by dark wizards in service to things from the black beyond.
    But then here I am at work same as any other day. Thinking about my pre dialup childhood. Thinking about my dreams for the future.
    I am unable to comprehend what's coming.
    Live constantly with a profound sense of unreality.
    Is this what the end looks like? People fighting about abortion rights while self injected alien technology activates in their DNA? Meaningless pop culture chitter chatter background before the agony starts? And the screaming. And the horror.

    1. She said that's that
      I don't wanna chitter-chat
      Turn it down a little bit or
      Turn it down flat

    2. Advice we should have listened to 44 years ago...before we began to shuffle & trudge dolefully thru the apocalypse portals.
      Around for the glimpses from the prophets tho we were, weren't we? Seems many saw how this was gonna end up...

    3. Heironymous Bosch had nothing on the 21st century. There was a time I was drunk with hope and wonder for the future, now I feel like a living ghost who's only option left is to face death with dignity... or not. Should I spend my life savings on making a bunker to store my classic sci-fi collection to be dug up like gobekli tepe in 2000 years? That's about the only thing I can think of doing that would have meaning in this pathetic situation while I wait for the nightmare to begin in earnest.
      I wonder if these bankers and alchemists, some of them - the black gnostic who want to destroy creation - maybe they think they are the good guys. Who's to say they aren't.
      In a zoomed out view of our place in the scheme of things have we ever been anything more than proxies for the war in heaven?
      Wide is the way that leads to destruction it's said. Is a demiurgic double down into another black cube reality what lies in store for most of the souls of this world? Where lies the narrow gate? Where does it lead?

    4. Perma-quoted:

      "Hieronymus Bosch had nothing on the 21st century... Is a demiurgic double down into another black cube reality what lies in store for most of the souls of this world?"

      - "Aaaaaa"

    5. If wordman has some exo-politics / war in heaven type opinions stored up be keen to hear. Like what would winning look like? Are there identifiable forces working towards other futures that aren't more or less luciferian? What possible futures are we trading away as the black goo takes hold?
      Does wordman have a personal vision of paradise/salvation he would like to share?

    6. I can't speak for Wordman, but my father believed that just as there's an ancient plot, there's also an ancient plan and we are only given pieces of it when it is needed and when you are you know and you recognize that you are in the right place at the right time through devine appointment.
      As for the living in "unreality" it's made me realize that there's people that you will just truly never be able to broach even a bit of this and to be with them you'll always be a speck of dirt in their bubble of bliss that they don't want nor could ever handle being popped. If I hadn't gone through it, I never would believe what happened there other day. I had someone that I believed to be a Christian get out a $5 bill and ask me to read where it says "In God we Trust" and I said it doesn't say which God, that's not my God. They said that the 1776 represents Jesus' birth and that the founding fathers were ordained by God and apparently these are things they learned in Christian school and anyone who hasn't been to Christian school isn't a Christian and anyone who doesn't recognize the god on money isn't a Christian and since I don't fit either then I'm not. I said that I don't worship the god of money and I believe Jesus Christ was God in human frame. He started asking me "Why o do you hate my faith and God?" And "why do you get angry when I profess my faith to which I processed my faith and he got angry. Could it be that so called "Christian school " is worse than public in creating people to not think for themselves, use circular reasoning and bow to false idols?

  24. Tragedy? I feel more like saying "We told you so! You brainwashed, authoritarian pricks!"

    1. The government's response will be to send the Vaxxed a pamphlet entitled "So you're dying of weaponized fast-acting full-blown AIDS (Oops, sorry)".

  25. (h/t Chris)

    Critics are going Gaga over the Lady's Adrenochromatica!

    "Devilishly entertaining!" - Variety
    "A bloody good time!" - NY Times
    "Addictive!" - The View
    "Spine-tingling!" - Billboard
    "The kids were screaming the whole show!" - CNN

  26. I spoke with someone the other day that said that they developed a heart problem from the COVID vaccine and that was AFTER years before their son developed autism from the MMR vaccine, she said "so after he got autism from the vaccine, I made them space out his other shots since they have to have them for school, and I really didn't want to do this vaccine but I had to get it for work, then after I got a heart condition from this my husband got the shot because his work required it." I'm like "no I went to school and I'm working without vaccination " "well they must've changed it since then," "no my children aren't vaxxed" "well my son is in-between your children's age they must've changed it again cause he had to have them" I felt sorry for her

    1. Some people will never get it, no matter what. The veil has been removed from her eyes and she refuses to see what is plainly right in front of her.

  27. WOW -- FIRST of all A6, that Sept 15 11:18 comm needs to be engraved somewhere for posterity -- fully endorse JB's take on that one!! Man, that is some writing that puts me & a whole lot of others in the shade....

    As for my exo-politi War In Heaven vibe, well, you're soaking in it. Spiritually speaking, it's a Be Here Now calling, right? THIS is the battlefield we've all always been waiting(?) for...the one that was foretold anyway. And WE are the designated hitters that have been chosen to engage by a Higher Authority on this field of play.

    Amoung many other triggers, I keep on coming back to this scene from Gotham that I have always looked to:

    And it is so true in this life.

    But I also know God doesn't place anything on us that He knows we can't shoulder, that we can't abide -- listen to Carrie Madej here:

    She's quite a wonder, that one. I think in the end it's becoming very clear that we're all one big family, and that nothing is going to be able to stand against us. I know that deep in my bones day by day. Things have happened, people have been brought into my life thru all this, that I NEVER would have been privy to or had access to without these circumstances. There is a reason, a REASON, for that. Nothing of this is by chance, and a much larger Masterplan is playing out before all of us.

    God is not calling us to GO to Church -- he is calling us to BE his Church. In life, every day. Any little thing you can do matters. To paraphrase Clarissa Estes, none of us are given to know which small act will tip the scales towards that enduring good, forever. This race is already run, this game is already done -- both sides KNOW this. It's just that one side is trying to prolong the inevitable.

    You guys, you're my family -- here's to us:

    We live on a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire next to a silver moon that moves the sea...and you don't believe in miracles?

    1. <3 aww man thanks guys! I was wondering what permaquote meant. I feel bad for some the stuff I write on here cause it's often pessimistic or dark or me like "wHeReS alL ThE good StOriEsss" hahaha
      But really thanks, you both have great blogs so I'm honoured. Double thanks to wordman for fostering this great community he has here. It's lonely out there and I forget there's Others sometimes.
      I will take a proper look at your reply later and maybe send you a dm. Really appreciate it.

  28. Clear back in the 90's we were warned what was coming.

    1. Millennium 2000 filmed in 1993!! Wow -- I remember perking up at the beginnings of the internet (going to the library!!) whenever I found a posting or short vid anywhere by Anthony Hilder. Dude was ON IT back in the day, very much like a young Alex Jones back then.
      And back then there weren't many; those 2 and Bill Cooper were about it. David Icke hadn't even poked his head up yet. Of course then Art Bell hit the mainstream and things were off to the races -- started logging in with Rense and Cyberspaceorbit and buying up every copy of NEXUS and PARANOIA mags I could find!!
      Ahhhhhh -- bookstores, libraries and the radio....those were the days.

      But to the point, YES Phil, every single thing we're living out right now was foretold back then. Every last one. That's why a lot of us aren't nearly as gobsmacked as everybody else. We've been waiting on this...

  29. Here's the whole thing on YT btw:

    Thanks for the blast from the past Phil!!
    The Past Remains Prologue.

  30. PS -- you gotta love the YT bot fact-checker Illuminati disclaimer box below the vid telling us what to think...officially.
    You know, just so we conform & don't, God forbid, rock the SJW, cancel culture boat.

    I'd like to sink it.

    1. Glad to be part of your family

    2. Haha!! You're in the inner circle of operatives!!
      & glad to have you too.

  31. 1,000 Australian Schools Introduce ‘Eco-Friendly’ Chips Made From Edible Insects

    Serve it at the nursing homes where it's more popular. Yeah cause they're too damn drugged up to know any better!


    In the five years ending in 2020 anaphylaxis in Australia rose 51%! After serving everyone a known allergen imagine that!

  33. "Serve it at the nursing homes where it's more popular. Yeah cause they're too damn drugged up to know any better!"

    How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your bugs?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. * there's bugs in the pudding too, unfortunately. Unless it's Soylent Green pudding, which is bug-free!

  34. Hey A6!!
    Just to let you know -- you can reach me anytime (along with any other well-wishers!! Haha!)

    Wordy out.

  35. NOPE -- I didn't see this.

    & neither did any of you -- for your own good:

  36. Freeeeeeeeeeaky!
    Your 8 pointed star!
    57:55 in.
    Planets lining up over the North Pole in close proximity in ancient times.
    Mars in front of Venus, in front of Saturn.

    The Wheel In The Sky is your 8 pointed star.

    Someone posted that on 8Kun
    I find the timing of this coming to my attention to be serendipitous.

    1. Phil serendipitous indeed! That's the missing piece of only about 50 links that I'm trying to make into some sense going back to when I was looking into toroidal fields in the previous comments.

    2. When my picture changes over, it's what I just found on the beach at the lake, I asked my son why he drew it, he said that he didn't and didn't know who did, the other children are in the water.

    3. Makes me think of this:
      Read the text of the print. Notice he describes crescents forming on the sun and then specifically says that it's forms a torus!

  37. How can their parents not be Cenobites?

  38. What the absolute f**k?!

    "That death is irreversible, and the fact that she's trapped"

    1. Like Tracy Twyman said: Hell, the Abyss, whatever you want to call it, it's merely a *state of negative existence*; you've ceased to exist, but somehow, impossibly, you're fully aware that you've ceased to exist, so it feels like burning, or freezing, or drowning, FOREVER. The Queen is there now (just because she's never paid her taxes).

    2. Not to mention has she paid her DUES....heh heh...

  39. Just watched this movie again over the weekend. Is this one of those 'for those that have the ears to hear' things????

    1. Sotogirlygirl!!
      I always too that ending & used it as a segway right into this from old 'V for Vendetta' Alan Moore himself:

      Almost like a fictional dimension merged into & became a real one -- with the same monsters!!

      About halfway thru he begins to use the analogy of swimming pools filled with blood to interpret how successful their "missions" are...Something Radiohead would adopt in the artwork for their KID A album in 2000.

      I consider it one of the great hidden treasures on YT so shhhhhh -- keep it under your hat!! It's still up there & flying low under the radar...

    2. I've heard that sampled in this song 100+ times soty and never knew where it came from
      I'm shook


      Oops shud prob attach the link

  40. Someone just commented on me emails that that ghostly voice that briefly hijacked the Beeb today sounded JUST like -- wait for it -- Diana.

    Sly little minx playing the karma chameleon, in't she??!!

    Hmmmm, need to watch Drag Me To Hell again.....

  41. For all that didn't grok it the first time:

  42. From 'round here, circa 2014:

    Introduction to "Glimpses of Other Realities Vol.II – High Strangeness", by Linda Moulton Howe:

    “An Air Force Intelligence Officer once told me about an elderly colleague, a Colonel, who supposedly spent time with an extraterrestrial biological entity retrieved from a crashed silver disc in New Mexico.  The Colonel said that the being explained telepathically that this is not the only universe.  He said, “Imagine a large island of white sand and that each sand grain is a different universe separated from the others by an electromagnetic membrane.  And surrounding the island is a cold, dark sea.”

    I asked the Intelligence Officer what the dark sea was and he answered, “You don’t want to know.  It would change you forever.”

    Tracy Twyman, paraphrase from Clock Shavings:

    "The impression we have gotten from talking to otherworldly beings is that the reality in which we live is like a little bubble of safety within the vast expanse of nothingness that surrounds it, "a state of negative existence". This is chaos, the Abyss, and Hell. The metaphors used describe it as a “sea.” But it is also said to be full of fire that burns like nothing else yet is, simultaneously, bitingly cold. All of these are attempts to explain what it feels like to not really exist, but to still be “out there” somewhere, with some form of consciousness that is ineffable."

    1. Yep -- I used that very LMH quote in one of my earliest wig-outs.
      Always love love loved it. Esp the Intel officer saying it would change you forever.

      I think we can ALL say at this juncture - "Been there -- done that!!"

    2. It was your article "Worlds in Collision", one of your very best (probably second only to "Time of No Time Evermore", which was the most traumatizing blackpill in history).

      Like the disembodied voice said the other day, "That death is irreversible, and the fact that she's trapped".

      The Queen be drowning in freezing cold fire right now, Abaddon ain't letting her out.

  43. Nearly all the YT videos are pulled in those links :^|

  44. Do you think that voice was actually supernatural stuff or just some sorta weird psyop? I feel like probably the Queen isn't even dead. Or if she is it's only cause she crossed over to another dimension on purpose. Big hmm

  45. First,

    "Do they have a god, or a leader of some sort (the nightmare horrors, the black pseudo-elementals)?"

    Pan sighed. "Yes, unfortunately, my opposite. The Anti-Pan; a debased aspect of myself, a detached shadow. We're quite good friends in a way, but I keep him at arm's length.

    His horns are longer and vicious looking. He has real goat's legs and coarse hair. He is the real nymph-chasing satyr, the true model for the devil; he is the reason for the bad reputation I have.

    It is too easy to invoke him, but the fools who do deserve what's coming to them. Their cosmic consciousness is not highly developed, if at all."

    "Is he evil?"

    "He is a negative entity who brings negative energies, but he has a necessary role to play. But that's enough talking about him."

    - R. Ogilvie Crombie


    From Hellier, season 2:

    Greg: "One day I get an email from this woman in Somerset, right here, talking about seeing little creatures that live in these mine shafts and caves, and she starts talking about running into people in robes who were doing crazy-a** rituals out in the forests here in Somerset and she thinks they have something to do, she thinks they worship the Green Man (the Great God Pan), those little green men..."

    Nate: “What if there is some "cosmic trickster"? And that it isn’t – that all of these things really are just that. And even the cults and s**t. All of these people have just been duped. They think they’re worshiping a f**king god and this Thing thinks it’s hilarious, you know?"

    The Devil IS the "Anti-Pan", the "Cosmic Trickster", and all of those Globalist, Elitist pricks have been fooled.

  46. I like that. I often think this too. These people being such masters of deception who use people's ignorance and arrogance against them - do they never suspect they're being played either?
    Either way I got a general feeling of like, when you on a roller-coaster and it's slowly jacking up the cars to the drop kinda feeling atm.

    1. In order to get where we are today and where they plan on taking us took a LONG time to plan and many meetings. I knew someone that "they" mistook his motives for doing something and because of his actions "they" thought he was on their side. He said "imagine being told to go to this auditorium at a certain time and you don't even really know why you're there, you kinda zone out about them talking "planning" but then as your listening to the plan for Africa you just happen to think 'wait? Is he talking about killing people off?: And the more you listen you start to realize wait, he is, he's talking about killing off 85+% of the population. And he's serious! Now I already knew enough that I knew I'm not playing for the same side as this guy nor presumably most of the auditorium. Another guy caught my eye when they're actually talking about weaponized viruses. I knew in that moment he was thinking the same. On a lunch break, we talked briefly and decided that it was better if we split up and avoid contact. I found out that al lot of the top ones liked me because I thought differently than them. Whereas these were ones that came from money and went to private schools or scientists that had only been to ivy leagues. I was raised on the streets, I knew what it was like to actually be starving and could understand how a poor starving populace acts and thinks. One thing they found out a long time ago with what they tried to do in n Albania especially, that they would need to have a religion" sorry that's more but I can't seem to properly sort my memory of the conversation. When I saw the Aaron Russo videos, they really seemed to fit.

  47. From now on, whenever a libtard says or does something worse than usual, we should post this:

    1. Please define "worse than usual" when they're advocating for men to chop off their dicks, dress up as weirdos, call themselves "it" or whatever and then show little children "love" by teaching them and sex.


  49. So I spoke to someone that said "Man after I got Covid, I got blood clots all over and I've been in horrible shape since." I said "Did you get the vaccine?" "Oh yes and all of the boosters!" "Well you know that the vaccine has been linked to clots?" "Yeah but with my lungs being so bad, I figured that I better

  50. GENERAL ALERT to all within earshot......New Batsignal imminent tonight. Begin countdown and strap in.....

  51. SWEET!!
    In the meantime:
    I'd heard for a long time that it was "the first earth battalion" not "new earth army"

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. Crazy Days and Nights blog -

    Today's Blind Items - The Cult - A Tapes From The Future Blind

    There is a cult - that cabal everyone has been talking about - that worships the sun god ra - hence the very visible temple dedicated to "him" on Little Saint James. That place is still in operation today as they felt it easy enough to fake a drone shoot making it look like everything's been decommissioned. I'm sure at this point you're aware of that - or at least that the same organization is in existence. ... (lots more)