Saturday, September 3, 2022



The more you try to erase me the more the more

The more that I appear

The more I try to erase you the more the more

The more that you appear

A long time ago before the ice and the snow there were giants that walked this land

And with each step they took the mighty mountains shook and the trees took a knee and the seas rolled in

Then one day they say the sky gave way and death rained down it made a terrible sound

There was fire everywhere and nothin was spared that walked on the land or flew thru the air

And when it all was over, the slate wiped clean with a touch

There God stood and He saw it was good and said "Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust."

Then the sea gave birth and it crawled up on the dirt stood up and took a look around

Said I'm the next big thing the gift that I bring comes directly from God ain't no holdin me down

So he crowned himself king now no one remembers his name but the seed that he sowed took the show on the road

There was blood on their hands and a plague on the land they drew a line in the sand and they made their last stand

They said "God made us in His image, and its in God that we trust," 

When asked about the men that had died by their hands they said ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Now nobody lives forever nothin stands the test of time oh you've heard 'em say never say never but it's always best to keep in mind

That every tower ever built tumbles no matter how strong no matter how tall

Someday even great walls will crumble and every idol ever raised falls

Someday even man's best laid plans will lie twisted and covered in rust 

We've done all that we can but it slipped thru our hands and it's ashes to ashes, 

and dust to dust 


Can anybody else feel something in the air? A radical change overnight in the psychic barometric pressure? There's a hurricane of crazy coming -- and landfall is imminent.

The seismic ramifications of the V For Vendetta-laced optics and poison verbiage of the Biden speech a night ago continue to reverberate and gain exponential staying power in the mass collective. Twitter became an echo chamber of whoop ass over it. If Trump was a loose cannon, then this was a full-on, 21 gun salute of unhinged rampant and dangerous dementia paired with a fascist ideology at full gallop. And it's very hard not to see this as maliciously deliberate. 

First, the visuals...what were they thinking? All at those levels employ herds of optics and PR pros to meticulously select every visual and camera angle knowing exactly what they're trying to get across covering every mindset and personality profile. They chose what they chose for a reason. To provoke, To incite. They cover this kind of ground to the point of making someone like Kubrick look like a beginner. There is ZERO chance this wasn't entirely deliberate. 

And where to begin with the rhetoric? When you call out basically half the country as being domestic terrorists and imply that they will be dealt with accordingly, what do you think is going to happen? Exactly what you want to happen -- a situation you are plotting and planning for. Other than the obvious V For Vendetta, guess what was trending on twitter all day long? #pedohitler.

A fantastic breakdown from the ever on-point JP right here:

And Paul Joseph Watson here:

Spoiler alert: be not in the slightest surprised if another Reichstag fire event happens in the very near future. One that will be rigged and engineered, steered and plotted, by the left to be blamed on the MAGA forces and geared so that a full spectrum stranglehold can be ushered in. And I'm not the only one thinking so:

The only good thing about all this is in the saying so. The more word gets out that there is historical precedent, that this is a more than distinct possibility -- the less likely it is to actually happen. Opening your mouth, calling their bluff, can stop a lot of things. 

Hey, I've been using stills and screenshots from V For Vendetta for years now (at least since the Epstein arrest as I recall) to go along with the message that we are the majority, we're actually in charge and the dominos are falling just as they should. However, I know full well that these waters might be tougher to navigate without superhero revolutionaries being a real thing -- still -- we have strengths we don't even know about yet I believe, and yes, powers yet to be revealed that may even verge on the paranormal, quantumly entangled and expressed, ready for just the right time to show themselves. 

And things like this actually give me hope:

They want to kill us all but they're so stupid they couldn't possibly accomplish it.

This person graduated with honours from an elite Ivy League University, somehow.

And her math is off -- it's officially a bazillion kajillion jobs. Get it right lady!! 

(Something like a garbjillion if you break it down mathematically.)

What this country needs right now, is this:

And this:

It needs 40+ more GOVERNORS like these 2. Nobody at the Fed level needed. This is the design of our brilliant, beautiful Constitution that they have no answer for. EVERYTHING can be controlled at the State level. It's the way it was designed: the government answers to the States, not the other way around. Look at how Trump was stonewalled and crippled, and he was President for cripe's sake. The Big House can and will always be controlled by strong Governors. 

Meanwhile, the wolf is at the door in other aspects also:

I think we should be looking at Exhibit No.1 in the case against.

With a rather huge sidebar:

Because ALL of this you're living now, the global meltdown, cratered economies, lockdowns, gas prices, food prices, mind games, an engineered released virus, a fake and non-existent "pandemic," the "cure" that was waiting in the wings, a stolen election, transhumanism run amok, the WEF taking charge of life and defining our very reality...all got their green light when too much attention was being paid to, and too much public exposure and heat was being placed on, the Epstein network. Period. Never forget that.

All of it was due to go down anyway, but the timeline was seriously accelerated by the rampant public interest to get to the bottom of what Epstein was doing...was REALLY doing.

Need more proof?:

And it still continues -- since we have mentioned Tracy Twyman many times in these pages:

(Streisand effect for those of you that don't know is so named cos when the Babs tried to erase her mansion from google maps to retain everlasting sweet anonymity, everyone found out where she lives. Haha!!)

Everything and more that got Wikispooks deleted:

Because it is more important than ever now, at this juncture, to keep this all front and center.

And her last posting before being erased:

For your edification, I believe you should consider all of this information to be extremely important and dangerous.

That building in NY she mentions in the archive above ("...describing a conspiracy centered around a building in New York, involving the intent to chip us all with the Mark of the Beast!") I believe is likely this one:

You know, from the guy that wants to be immortal:

And who seems to have been plotting a LOT behind he scenes to our ruin:

This is an incredibly important and telling article, and the dots all connect in a line.

In regards to chipping everyone, listen to this latest vid from Pete Santilli interviewing Carrie Madej where she cites the first trials of brain-machine interface tech as used on Black Hawk pilots; where they could fly the choppers hands-off, using just their mental instructions to the vehicle itself to alter flight characteristics, speed, attitude, direction, etc.

After a time, they couldn't distinguish between which thoughts were their own and which were being imparted by the AI-characteristics inherent in the tech itself. Hearing "voices in the head" taken to the extreme. They all ended up committing suicide. From around the 11:30 mark here:

This also highly reminiscent of the initial testing of the Elon Musk DARPA-inspired neuralink tech on primates, where all of the monkeys ended up clawing their skulls and faces off trying to get it out...

That utopian road to transhumanism, AI-inspired glory, and immortality is paved with unimaginable cruelty, grisly fates for all involved, and a distinct Luciferian mindset.

More here -- self-replicating neural organisms:

And although not mentioned, yes, this is where the hydras come in again.

QUALCOMM has the patents on these:

Remember Madej unveiled first learning of things like this YEARS ago when she was an internist in this JD Rucker interview, after which came her mysterious and nearly-fatal plane crash:

We're all cows in a confined feeding operation, caged here by low-vibrational energy vampires to sustain them. So stop helping maintain the prison. Remember that Jesus was human for a time also. He knows exactly what we're going thru. He cried and he smiled and he was in awe and despair. This is why we're never alone. The world wants you to believe He is not here and not listening, that we're alone and forgotten, that hope and love are lies. All you need to always remember is that God uses all of us for His purpose, rearranging all our lives to fit His perfect plan. 

This will be the everlasting image of the failed, chaotic, treacherous Biden Administration. But always remember, it is emblematic of far worse. FAR worse. And nothing happens without the groundwork. Research and destroy. Because the weather forecast? Dark skies.





  1. This symbol was designed by Donald Trump himself, before Space Force officially started (using another logo, the "Star Trek" one (Freemies)).

    1. Trump can *not* be trusted. Even if he's not "controlled opposition", he belongs to another Freemasonic order: the Scottish Rite (a continuation of the Knights Templar).

      And his son-in-law is Damien Thorne, FFS.

    2. HAHA -- I JUST posted that in the comms on the last entry!!
      Great minds & too much info flying my friend!!

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    4. Let me try this again.

      Its hard to figure what Trump represents. Gonna drop a few bombs here that may or may not compute.

      Lets start off with the image that has everybody so riled up.

    5. Its literally the same ancient symbol of Apollo and the Irish Ogham letter U.

      This symbol is all over the world in just about every ancient culture that has existed on this planet.


    7. Orions Belt.


      The line in the center is the great river. (Milky Way)
      3 three to the right
      3 three to the left

      Trump represents 3 of whatever side.

      3 = 1/3rd
      3 = 1l3rd
      3 = 1\3rd

      = 9

      Draw a snake threw each 1/3rd and now you have 7

      Note the angles of a full set of nine. (Cube)

    9. Trumps space force hat looks similar.,750x1000,075,t.jpg

    10. Note how the numbers mirror themselves with in the cube.

      Think about cubrics room 237.

      Why does it skip 4,5,6,.............?

      Im thinking meander key.

    11. It goes much deeper. shall I continue...?

    12. Omg!!.... Is this real..?

    13. Have no idea Cappy if we're doing the pareidolia thing, but I've gone too far to not realize anything is possible with this bunch....

    14. Thanks Wordman.

      All These angles we are seeing (Putin's Z) is the dividing line of the great river. \ / \ / \ / from the vantage point of the user.

      From earth - /
      From the other side (behind Orion) - \
      Looking back at earth.

      As above so below.

      Note how the numbers mirror themselves with in the cube.

      Think about cubrics room 237.

      Again......Why does it skip 4,5,6,.............?

    15. That's ... K am-X-ma la ∆ bty.

    16. All the above, along with the greek meander key and how it relates to blood and protein.

    17. Hat tip to UA.

    18. Eureka!!!


      Harp is 7

      They found a piano on the beach, same day when the Fraser Dolphins stamped at Perth.

    19. Oh, dude, I'm sharing this with the Deep Dive (giving you full credit).

    20. Thanks Jb.



      Note the angle of the piano lid.

    21. 23.5


      Clarion Call in Perth.......?


      Magnetic South is heading to Perth.

    23. Migration

    24. Magnetic North is heading to Russia.

    25. 23.5


      August 1st 1966.............?


      How's does this relate....?

    27. Right here, I'm gonna mention that if the angle was 23.4, the residual angle would be 66.6.

    28. Thanks JB.


      Room 237


      Why did Kubrick skip 4,5,6,...?

    29. The "4,5,6" are the Lovecraftian monsters in Torchwood: Children of Earth, who want humanity to surrender it's children in order to make drugs.

    30. X marks the spot

      August 1st 1966

      St Marks Florida!USA-trip7-2014/9-wakulla-springs-fl/2014-07-08-wakulla-springsJPG-(10).jpg

    31. Note the angle of Wakulla Springs from light house in St Marks.

      Old Joe is being displayed at the Lodge.

    32. When you see it, you will know.

    33. Again, when you see it.

      Look to the right in the image

      Look to the right in the image

      In the second imag, pay close attention to the angle of the strap on his back. Lots of divers couldn't figure out why the director shot from behind.

      Frontal view.

      Now you know.

    34. PLEASE spell that last part out, because I'm not quite getting it. No clues, just a plain explanation.

    35. Very important.


      / - Current view

      \ - Upside down

    37. Cappy man, either I successfully connected with the radio station or I'm losing my mind man;)

      The movement of south pole map is a mirror of the magnetic field chart when you map the tororoidal moment in a chiral lattice which is the structure of Graphene. I think that it's because of the meander. Think of a bee walking across the honeycomb 6 sides,(graphene) versus a black and white tile floor 4 sides.

      A protein moving through nano graphene by magnetic tororoidal moment would have a burrowing 3d rather than meandering 2D and tracking it would be similar in nature to DNA through gel and you would get the dashing and dots that you have with DNA TESTS. NOW EXTRAPOLATE. 2D meander 3D burrow how can they predict 4D humans moving through quantum foam?

      As above so below. How can our mirror predict us? Now this is where my mind starts to wander into the crazy what ifs like what if they injected people with DNA from the upside down

    38. The basics.

      What is a piano. It is a harp with a lid.

      Note the snake.
      Note the three holes on each side of the harp.
      Note the shape of the harp (7)
      Note the angle of the harp. (23.5 or 47..?)

      The pic below is the same thing but only represents 1/3 of the harp.

    39. The basics.

      The images below are the same thing but only represents 1/3 of the harp.




      Hwy is great river. (Milky Way)

      Note the Z


    42. 23.5 + 23.5 =


    43. Meander

      To Ramble

      Lost daughter narrative.

      Ox bow

      Note the arms and leg of the image. Compare to shield and sword.

      Most importantly, note the meander border of the shield.

      Meander definition = To Ramble

    44. Meander


      Find Oxbow on Wolf River (Memphis)

    45. Meander - open

      Oxbow - closed

    46. Ramble on

    47. I take it as a sign that I did pick up the same station. I had no idea that you had posted that LZ Ramble On until I had already also and was digging through your links more.

    48. Capricorn, this is awesome! Once I cut a slip of paper into a 23.5 degree angle and started actually putting it on the pictures you were posting, some of what you were saying started to make sense.

      Angles, haha. In a way, they're the ultimate post-modern communication because they're absolutely relative.





      Goya's Saturn is Orion, lol.

  2. & the DAMIEN horserace is a dead heat right now between Gates & the Kush. With, despite a lot of + PR, Muskie pulling up on the outside.

    Listening to too much of Grimes may give him an inside track at the finish line....

  3. Also, & this getting back to the validity of TRACY TWYMAN;
    if you think nobody at any level took her work on the occult and occult practices (esp within the inner circles, hmmmmmm) seriously, just try pricing one of her books, when you can even find them, on Amazon.

    They go for about a grand apiece.

    Someone, or some ones, took her work very VERY seriously.

    1. Up here in Canada, still from Amazon, $70-$80.

    2. SWEET -- been scouring for a copy of GENUFLECT, the tome that put it all over the top for her and I feel pretty much signed her death warrant. The thinly-veiled in there weren't thinly veiled enough; everybody knew exactly who she was talking about.

    3. I love Tracy and it's a tragedy she's gone but I wouldn't recommend Genuflect past a skim of the pdf tbh. It's pulpy while also filled with the worst sexual violence I've ever read. Maybe the shock value is worth something. Maybe being frank and specific about the rituals is worth something. But imo she could have had a better book without it. Some the shit in there is mentally scarring. There's gems in there. And a couple moments of uncanny prescience. But pages upon pages of depravity climaxing in a kid being simultaneously sodomised and vivisected? Big hug Tracy I hope you somewhere nicer than here.

    4. I had been reading Tracy since her magazine Dagobert's Revenge, which came out around 2000. It was a great, small batch magazine she wrote with Boyd Rice that concerned bloodlines and Priory of Sion and pre diluvian civilizations and what not.

      Then she had her own blog and published a couple well researched and interesting books about the Merovingians which I enjoyed reading, although they were rather cryptic and obviously obscured some deeper truth that she refused to reveal.

      Then, she started dabbling in Ouija and claimed to have contacted various demons, and that is when her spiral really began in earnest.

      I'm sure i don't have to tell anyone reading this that dabbling with the dark arts can blow up in an innocent person's face very badly, but it blew up in Tracy's face, and life, in a horrible way. Her posts started becoming more and more unhinged, at least to me, and she started getting serious death threats in the comments section.

      At that point I disengaged and stopped reading because it was all getting very disturbing. Several months later I read that she was dead after an apparent suicide.

      Just a reminder kids, don't play with fire if you don't want to get burned. Tracy opened a door that shouldn't have been opened and she walked into a room that only the most experienced and intrepid truth warriors can navigate. She simply wasn't ready for the enormity, and demonic evil, of what she encountered.

      Tread carefully folks. The ice is thin right now.

  4. All these blogs and conspiracy media I sometimes wonder if we are serving as an echo chamber for it. Amplifying it. We need a vision of a better world more than anything now, I feel more and more. If we take all these things we know about whats going on and flipped them somehow, could we envisage new worlds and then reach for them? There's a doom porn aspect to this that makes me idk, not feel good that I got my head so deep in it sometimes. I wanna read scifi books about how we flip it all and win. Radical love becoming the animating principal of our institutes and technologies rather than apocalyptic evil. Where are those? /personal rant /genuflect flashbacks

    1. You make an excellent point about the need for other stories/possible courses of events that could up-end the global cabal's plans. Somewhere in the dreary speeches given by K. Schwab he indicates how important it is that their transhumanist collectivist narrative be pumped out to the peasantry. Flood the zone, blitz their commoner brains, jawohl? many ideas anout the present and future running counter to theirs that can be promulgated and communicated, the better for those among us opposing the schwabgoblins.

    2. Aaaaaa: A very good point. There is a fine line sometimes between pointing something out and celebrating it; plunging ever deeper down more and more rabbit holes; wondering just "how bad" all the bad stuff around us is going to get. Curiosity is a mighty powerful human instinct, possibly THE most powerful. Not knowing can eat many of us alive. Certainly there are media types out there who seem to be announcing to us what's coming (and tough titties to us) rather than fighting for truth in any metaphysical sense. There are also folks who tell the truth about vaccines etc., but somehow, conveniently, they spent the past 40 years schmoozing, totally untroubled, with the Upper East Side elite. Therefore I am deeply thankful to this blog and its creator for opening my eyes to many things - tirelessly, intelligently, cogently. It has shown me linkages which, once seen, can never be un-seen.

      At the same time, as a man of faith, I believe in revealed texts and knowledge and what they tell us about the end times - which clearly have been enveloping us more thickly by the day. Hence I do set aside time to learn more about religion, and to serve God through acts of kindness and charity. When I'm gone, I want to be judged, and to be judged with fairness.

      Let us use wisely whatever (little?) time we have left. I doubt that on Judgment Day, anyone will question us about the minutiae of Biden vs. Trump vs. Whoever, or Red vs. Blue, or State vs. Federal.

    3. If you have not checked out work of Jon Rappoport, it is worth considering. "Thank you, Jon Rappoport, for .... pursuit of the truth for decades as an investigative reporter, for your ongoing investigations and articles, and for your clarity in articulating the message we all need to hear: that imagination creates reality, and that the antidote and solution to those who want to use their imagination to enslave is this -- for people, en masse, to become artists:" For each of us to.formulate, create, disseminate our own art/creations as alternatives to the dark drone of MSM and the oligarchs.
      Quoted from:

  5. Here are a couple more urls to Tracy Twyman materials. She packed so much information/signal into her presentatiions..

  6. And what Twyman said about it pointing out things you do wrong I would have that too. Like one time I was eating alone in my house and eating like a slob and relieved that no one was around to see it. And I opened my phone to a thing about messy eating. I wrote a note and had it covered and folded it up and then opened my phone and the news article was about deciphering an ancient secret note and then the next one has things related to what I had wrote.

  7. But I noticed that it wasn't just the internet, it was like the entire matrix was coming apart at the seams. When I would read a book there would be weird synchronicities and when I'd show it to the people around me that acted like they were in the KNOW they acted extremely weird about it. I don't think that just telling someone to read a page in a book and them getting scared and telling parables that 'combat' what a page in the book says fits for paranoid schizophrenia unless everyone around me got it at once. One person did said that I didn't need to be scared, that this was like a right of passage in my bloodline, really weird. This year though everyone went back to normal but those pages are still the same in those books. I still have screenshots of many of the weirdness.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. The thing with neuralink killing monkeys; these are supposed to be researchers on the cutting edge and people that we are supposed to trust with the future of humanity. Bioglue was known to be neurotoxic and was labeled as such BY the manufacturer as far back as 2010.

  10. Wordman!

    Two new perfect examples of the "black goo":

    First, in the movie "Moonfall", the black goo is the very first nanotechnological A.I. to have wiped out our distant human ancestors billions of years ago, and now it's back to finish the job. Seriously, watch this, GREAT scene:

    Second, in the Marvel Universe, the black goo is the "symbiotes" (like Venom), the very first life to have existed *before* time began, since they came from the primordial cosmic darkness, created by the Lord of the primordial cosmic darkness, in order to corrupt all life and extinguish all light in the newly formed Universe.

    1. Last night I watched a 1965 film noir-ish story. Nothing sci-fi, just ordinary folks going about their office lives. And yet, even in that mundane context, people traded wisecracks about how "technology will eventually replace humans."

      Ditto TV. A. Hitchcock Presents, Twilight Zone, not to mention X-Files... All of those shows clearly and very consistently dropped hints about where our tech-powered society was headed. And now we have arrived.

  11. Couple of notes for A6 & Cals regarding Tracy:
    First of all, I've heard of the horrors of Genuflect even tho I haven't read it, as well as the lurid & graphic content, & I think more than anything Tracy was trying to shock us awake into the truth of what we were dealing with, esp after so much obfuscation and relative sugar-coating by the mainstream. She wasn't in the mood to sugar-coat anything, but was determined to hold our eyes open to the grisliness and the absolute no-going-back evil of the 1% & what they're into.

    I know there is a fine line between exposure & amplifying but people en masse have GOT to stop pretending -- only by truly confronting the absolute worst & darkest aspects will the eye truly begin to see. and THAT'S when we can start solving the problem.

    And Tracy around the last 18 months or so of her life had become a devout (not zealous) Christian. (from Clyde Lewis...) Some would say it was too late but I don't think she ever thought it was too late.
    She in her time played all sides and wanted to know the ins and outs and whys of everything. Coming as close as she did to the darkest parts I believe showed her the error of her ways and she was doing everything in her power to atone. I believe sometimes it was this blowback of "you can't leave us!!" mentality that got her killed. I know she engendered much vitriol and hatred from the side she was bolting from. And I know many threats were made and they vowed to get her & make her pay for being a traitor in their eyes. She revealed much, far too much, of their ways and means. And I think this is why they have done everything in their power to disappear every scrap of her work.

    And yes, I am speaking of all involved that had anything to do with the Clinton/Podesta emails, Pizzagate, and everything that has fallen into the regretful "urban legend" category of memory hole. I feel like I even saw a fraction of that with my runaround with Levenda over on The Secret Sun.

    By their fruits will you know them, as they say. Hopefully a better brighter Tracy is in a better, brighter place. She paid the ultimate cost for being first a questing soul, and then wanting justice for all the injustices she found.

  12. OK Jaybers!! You got me...."Once I think I'm out, they pull me BACK IN!!!"
    Absolutely fantastic scene -- was getting vibes of everything from Rendezvous With Rama to the fall of Atlantis. Pretty freakin amazing.

    Have been wondering a lot lately about the trace origins of all this black goo we're being presented with -- of course there's X, but there's also Michael Crichton's PREY from 2002 that I remember, & that I seemed to think was taking things to new levels. But even those were outliers compared to today -- it's literally EVERYWHERE now.

    Earliest I can track anything like that back to is the wonderful one-off Joseph Payne Brennan and SLIME from March 1953's Weird Tales:

    I ran across it later in Alfred Hitchcock's Monster Museum -- scarred me for life it did!!'s_Monster_Museum_(book)

    Just check out some of the "modern" art images that adorned its filthy, dripping pages. Yeeeeeech!! Stories for "young readers" it was called back then....all I can say is we must have been made of sterner stuff, no seat belts, second hand smoke and riding bikes without helmets cos good LORD today this kind of stuff would get you up on charges!! Haha!!

    Oh & here's the YT audio version in 3 parts!!

    Happy early Halloween on Labor Day!! Haha!!

  13. Interesting to note the black gloves in V for VENDETTA versus the Marines white gloves being specifically spotlighted.


    1. Hey Dginnster!!
      VERY problematic for me when the sitting Pres dresses down half (over half actually) of the pop that doesn't agree with him while using the military as a backdrop. If that's not a veiled threat I don't know what is -- & something that had prev NEVER taken place before.
      Much more hypocrisy when after all of their calling out Trump as being a bully this is a level he never even dreamed of.

      Of course they're trying to redirect & walk it all back now after realizing what a huge overreach this was & the worst shooting themselves in the foot in history.
      But you CAN'T take it back. You said it.

      Of course now, in 48 hours, he's always backtracking the backtrack (??):

      Much like with COVID, the vaxx, lockdowns, masks, everything else, this constant rebuttal of their own views, sometimes within a day, is all to keep you off balance...looking to them even more for what to do. Right out of the Alinsky, Nazi, playbook. Don't fall for it.

    2. White gloves often conceal dirty hands.

  15. Wasn't meaning to disparage Tracy at all(miss her tbh, she was a one-and-only with bigger balls than anyone of in the conspirosphere) and yeah I get the shock angle but you just gotta read it I guess. It's something else.
    Do you guys remember Greg Carlwood being somehow implicated around her death? It was an intense time I recall, although mostly memory-holed, but yeah his cousin?? Accussed Greg of being a pedo? And some sort of deadswitch video by Tracy gave fuel to it somehow? Im sure I'm remembering this wrong but something like that. There is a really bizarre episode of THC regarding the situation.
    Anyone read Knowles work of fiction - He Will Live Up In The Sky? (Pretty sure title) Any good?

    1. Yeah that THC was very confusing but it started with Kappy's death Carlwood's friend. And Tracy died after going on the Freezone and Freeman bragging about how he's been the last interview many people did before their death and his own father died right before saying that he was going to do a tell all in his show.

      ButTracy was tired into the production of the higerside chats and Groundzero with Clyde Lewis.

  16. New UK MP Liz Truss, everyone:

  17. Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, is a former co-chair of the World Economic Forum on the Middle East 2008.

  18. Tracy Twyman's last message:

  19. My take on Joe's speech was a bit different. If it was Joe's Emperor Palpatine moment it was Palpatine as seen through the lens of Mel Brooks' Space Balls.
    If it was Joe's Adolph Hitler moment let's not forget that Adolph was inspiring, albeit in a psychotic direction.
    The only thing Joe could possibly inspire anyone to do is to start mainlining Neuriva.
    Joe even had to have his wife lead him to the podium most likely so he didn't veer wide and start talking to ghosts again.
    The speech itself was a vague cliche ridden mess. Every time he mentioned "the fires of liberty" I kept wondering if Joe had a bad burrito for dinner.
    A few months ago Donny Douche...oops I mean Donny Deutsch, said that the only strategy the Dems have is to "scare the bejesus out of voters." Joe's speech seems to be this strategy brought to prime time.
    But let's not forget that many networks didn't bother carrying the speech. I can't picture Hitler being sidelined for an episode of Real Housewives Of Stuttgart.
    I'm sure it had an effect on the core group of Dem/Anti-Trump cult members but they're still hiding in their basements triple masked and waiting for more mouse tested booster shots to inject between their toes.
    Oh yeah, Hillary loved the speech. But Hillary still prattles on about a Russiagate conspiracy that she invented as if it were real.
    The whole thing was comedically inept. More the actions of a party of desperate, unimaginative wankers who know they're going to get their hats handed to them in November.
    Matt Taibbi pointed out that Joe's speech looked like a Queensryche video which brought to mind one of rock's greatest concept albums, Queensryche's Operation: Mindcrime.
    From Spreading The Disease:

    She always brings me what I need
    Without I beg and sweat and bleed
    When we're alone at night, waiting for the call
    She feeds my skin

    16 and on the run from home
    Found a job at Times Square, working live S&M shows
    25 bucks a fuck, and John's a happy man
    She wipes the filth away
    And it's back on the streets again

    Spreading the disease
    Everybody needs
    But no one wants to see

    Father William saved her from the streets
    She drank the lifeblood from the saviour's feet
    She's sister Mary now, eyes as cold as ice
    He takes her once a week, on the alter like a sacrifice

    Spreading the disease
    Everybody needs
    But no one wants to see
    Religion and sex are powerplays

    Manipulate the people for the money they pay
    Selling skin, selling God
    The numbers look the same on their credit cards

    Politicians say no to drugs
    While we can pay for wars in South America

    Fighting fire with empty words
    While the banks get fat and the poor stay poor
    And the rich get rich and the cops get paid
    To look away as the one percent rules America

    Spreading the disease
    Everybody needs
    But no one wants to see
    The way society
    Keeps spreading the disease



  21. WORD UP:
    Not a good look -- this is ominous --

    Prev WBM was supposed to be untouchable, inviolate.
    Re-writing all history may be in progress.

    Given what's happened of late with wikispooks, I'd do everything in my power to archive this everywhere I could. It's something a lot of very powerful people have done a lot to disappear.
    Examine the content -- then think about what that means:

    1. Wordman, at least they are showing their hands. In 1984 and V for VENDETTA, the system required individual people working to do the erasing and rewriting, leading to there only being true psychopaths at work and anyone developing a conscience being able to find other sympathetic humans wanting change. But if we just have psychopaths in charge of the controls of an AI system rewriting everything there's no human army that has to do the leg work to do it. And if they are able to unleash it matrix wide affecting everything except our memories through things like the mendela effect it gets even scarier than just everything on the internet. But how else did we expect REVELATIONS to come about? When it says that he will be given over the POWER TO CHANGE TIMES AND LAWS?

      I'll repost the link MissFrill posted

      This is stupidly funny but why does it feel like it has biblical implications especially with things like saying "to spit in God's face":

    2. I found a bunch of archived links to Tracy material wiped from the web everywhere else. Mostly darkweb onion links. Lmk if I should publish here I don't want to get my favorite lurk spot cancelled

    3. Thanks Looshie!! But I'd prefer to try & stay away from any darkweb spots, altho that might not make a diff in getting me cancel cultured if I post what I'm getting ready to. (I just pasted and saved that entire prev Tracy 'Killing God' article & am about to put it up with links to what's been going on very recently.)
      I find it very weird, synchronistic, & hugely ominous that many recent events are just so happening to coincide with yet another huge push of censorship, & particularly censorship of certain topics, Tracy being public enemy #1 in particular, even after all this time.
      That means something to me, & just might be the biggest giveaway since the old pizzagate days.

      I'll have more to say in a few when I get get it all together, but Turkey, Hastert, all the things that folks like Sibel Edmonds and Indira Singh were revealing, the Epstein network, Tracy, Podesta and Clinton, those emails, Podesta reappearing now at the highest levels, that entire mindset that enabled things like pizzagate and how that all dovetailed into the release of covid (be it from Wuhan or FT Detrick), and how that was all to set tthe stage for the vaxx -- it ALL goes together.
      (& yes that includes Podesta being in the inner circle of the entire Delonge To The Stars thing...which more & more reeks of Deep State psyop merged with a limited hangout for purposes still unknown.) Stay tuned.

    4. Ok so it just didn't like me mentioning hacks on the ones that keep oaths

  22. The Vaxx at work:

    1. Here you go:

      Side interesting factoid: Elon Musk 's lawyer is named Grimes whereas Claire Boucher just came up with Grimes.

  23. JESUS CHRIST! (not being blasphemous, actually trying to get his attention):

    "Brad Pitt, 47, was not afraid to get honest about his upbringing, The Huffington Post reports.

    “I grew up in a very Christian environment,” he said. “A very healthy environment and a loving family, but there were parameters that I didn’t understand. I questioned it, and it took me until my adult years until I could really try new things — that was *Satanism*. It works really well, I made a pact and the movie came out."

    1. Had actually seen that quote from the Pittster before, & it actually seems pretty straightforward and not spoofing or doing it for giggles at all. Scary shit. Seems some people try stuff (Twyman, since we -- & others -- have been focusing on her of late), realize the error & get out, & some just keep on truckin'.
      But given the whole free will thing & all, you come to the realization there HAVE to be two sides of this equation. And you know I love that Dylan've gotta serve one or the other.
      Reign in hell or serve in Heaven -- all really comes down to ego, & personality, doesn't it? Some can't subsume themselves enough to be able to find the glory in doing for others vs instant or self-gratification.
      Puts this vid, & the times it's echoing, in a whole new light:

      That winter's day is everywhere now.


    1. TBH I thought that it was going to be a false alarm/ Mandela effect and then she would actually die tomorrow more nines and twinning

  25. This sounds just plain wrong.

    1. Hilarious I'm going to send it to all my Friends that know some German.
      Ouroboros in the spiral horns of Pan

  26. Reading the "signs in the heavens" described in the Book of Revelation, we can pinpoint the birth of Christ very precisely. In 3 B.C. the sun and the moon in Virgo occurred on only one day and that was *September 11*. The configuration of the sun and the moon was visible in Palestine between sunset and moonset, this twilight period being called “night” in the Bible. On September 11, 3 B.C., sunset was at 6:18pm and moonset at 7:39pm. Jesus Christ was born on September 11, 3 B.C sometime in that eighty-one minute span of time between 6:18pm and 7:39pm. Amazingly this corresponds to Tishri 1 on the Jewish Calendar which is the First day of the festival of the Feast of Trumpets.

    You can also find 9/11 in Roman numerals, as "IXXI", being referenced in various Masonic, Jesuit and other occult works across the centuries.

    Think about it: all of the bloodshed and horrors perpetrated on September 11 across history, all on the true birth date of Christ.

    1. Without being "reborn" through baptism in Jesus Christ, under old LAW there must be blood sacrifice atonement, even if the individual human doesn't understand this, the spirits do.


  27. What does wordman think of the siren mythos stuff and does it play into any of this?

    1. Please by all means elaborate....are we talkin Starbucks logo Melusine, succubus, or Lilith territory?

  28. Melusine/Elizabeth Fraser as prophet kinda frame

    1. Knowles does a good job of demonstrating there is rituals going on and patterns but to who exactly and why I don't think he's commented much. The idea that - for example - Richard Branson dresses up as a mermaid for a Twitter photo shoot to appease some ancient fish entity never fails to amuse me. But yeah what's your take? I havnt seen you post much about the Siren or her avatars and prophecies.

    2. Hey A6!!
      Thanks for asking -- but nope, I haven't really gone down that road much; originally started as these things go by delving into the increasingly black tech and purposes of places like CERN, how that's being used to weaponize against us, and why. That's necessarily morphed in recent years due to the extraordinary circumstances of covid release and then the vaxx, & how that all seems to dovetail straight back into the Epstein network. (I think we're all basically following a similar trail of breadcrumbs, Tracy Twyman earlier (RIP), Amazing Polly, Chris, me , everybody. And we're just trying to pick up the heavy mantle carried in times past by Mae Brussell, Jeff Wells, and other heavyweights.)

      Of course the overlap there is getting into the mindset of those perpetrating these things, & that's where Chris shines. & this of course is something I've tried to adopt more & more of as the situation warrants. & I agree it warrants it a LOT. The best indicator of future violence is past violence, & to understand the "artist," you have to study his "art."

      The siren/fish motif is wildly interesting, going back to the Nommo & the Dogon tribe, why the Pope wears his mitre, hell, even the name of the corp MITRE & the reasons why that might have been made to fit...

      Don't go giving me any ideas!! You guys....what would I do without ya??!!

    3. It would be interesting to revisit what CK had on unicorns considering that the plans for the queen's body and called "operation unicorn"

    4. I totally believe in the siren being important now - due to Chris making it hard to ignore and just starting to see it everywhere - songs/movies/wineries - whatever the entity is it seems to just like attention? Because some of the contexts have been so ridiculous lol.
      Some computer nerd is tryna inject everyone with black goo and everybody else is tryna get the attention of some ancient fish lady and here's me trying to make these fit together like they even do somehow and it's important
      God help us all

  29. I was (briefly) watching the coronation of "King Charles III" on youtube, and suddenly in the live chat, easily a dozen bots started posting the exact same *ancient Sumerian writing*, hundreds of times in a row, until there were no one else's comments showing, and they shut down the whole chat.

    Someone was casting a spell straight out of the Sumerian Necronomicon, methinks.

    1. No, unfortunately not, but they also did something similar to Trump a couple years ago:

  30. Its CIA for one monitoring this place, they did not like my comment on their asset Robert Zimmerman above and disappeared it. Just my two cents, but a lot of overthinking going on in here.

  31. Nostradamus. The Complete Prophecies For The Future Published 1999.

  32. JB -- that script is creepy and weird; & would not surprise me in the slightest to know they're pulling out every trick in the book now.

    & OMID -- if the FBI, CIA, whatevs whoevs is monitoring, then they're gonna not like it when they get a load of what I've got in store next....Bully tactics have been employed far too liberally of late here, there, and everywhere, & I HATE bullies.
    Some people pull a turtle, knuckle under, go into hiding and ask what can I do to make things better for the Occupation/feather my nest/become a traitor to humanity...
    That's not me.

    1. It shows how insecure they are, when you think about it. This blog has, what, maybe 100 people who even know about it? And they consider merely 100 curious minds on the internet to be a threat.


    A peak behind the curtain 2:36

    Silver fox? In the forefront 4:08

    Those must be moon rock balconies there's Crow7777's lunar wave in it around 5:29

    A moon in the window? 7:02

    Why are there gaps in the guard? 8:18

  34. Weekly "Science" magazine published by American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS) a journal with a very high profile,reputation, impact, visibility factor if you publish a paper there...on a par with the journal " Nature".. Seeing as of a few years ago AAAS and its journal stopped making any effort to hide their political leanings (more budgeting for federal grant agencies must always be pushed; any reductions in funding are always to be vilified); and noting their past and present very apparent unquestioning and unrelenting affection for B. Gates, T. Fauci, F. Collins et al....sugar daddies to so many academics...leaves ittle doubt that money is flowing to AAAS to make sure their narrative is the same as on social media platforms and MSM...Which to those with eyes to see, suggests the content, even primary scientific research articles and editorial positions of AAAS are worth very little. That was not the case a few years ago...Same is true for other scientific societies and their journals..Mainstream science is pissing its once relatively good reputation down its leg...and does not seem to care..Which may indicate they do not think they have to care about such things going forward...Grim and dangerous prospect...


    "Don't judge people just because they want to have sex with 5 year olds"

    1. Could this be the same person?

  36. Hey, you ever had a box set of ThinLizzy?

    This all disappeared, anyone remember them

  37. Never forget (THIS):

    1. & ooooh ooooh how they all marched around it COUNTERclockwise, aka, widdershins in the old tongue = meaning an easy way to get "transported!!" Prob nothing there either.
      But they did make the soldiers and police do it in the forest at Rendlesham too -- for what that's worth:

      As for all that Egypt biffle baffle, prob nothing to that either -- see the new posty I just postied...