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Karma police, I've given all I can

It's not enough, I've given all I can.

But we're still on the payroll

This is what you get, when you mess with us.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uYWYWPc9HU

Take a load off, sweetie darlin/ Let me run agenda thru your hair/ There's so much information for the next generation/ Who's gonna drop it if you're not there?/ And whether the enemy makes a run on the palace/ Or whether the enemy does not/ The children will be laced with the protection of the Word of God/ The opposite of NATO is OTAN/ And if the number 13 is such a bad luck number when there's no such thing as luck/ Then the berries, talons, arrows and stars/ Are all superstitions, what the fuck

Get busy big baby cause when them devil come/ Dem devil come dressed as light/ Maybe they gonna fool the untrained mind but nobody I know gonna bite/ Like a thief in the night my Lord come and strike/ Leave nothin but ashes to the left dust to the right/ Holocaust aside many lived and died/ But when all truth is told/ Would you rather be dead, or be sold? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_G8_ixYzsD4

"This is why I value that little phrase 'I don't know' highly. It's small, but it flies on mighty wings."  Wislawa Szymborska   Nobel Lecture, December 7, 1996

Before any major storm or crisis breaks, there are always precursor events, perturbations in the Force, that telegraph intent. Such was the case with covid, the coming of the vaxx, and what the endgame was going to be. We all needed to be paying far closer attention to the interests of the flashpoint dude at the eye of the storm. 

The major tipoffs started early in 2015 from my perspective: https://mcmmadnessnews.blogspot.com/2015/04/normal-0-oh-we-do-haveour-stable-of.html

Here the warning bells started going off. And the questions in my mind started to be asked. Nose to the air, ear to the tracks and sniffing around...something was coming.

Jeffrey Epstein gathered around him the greatest, most cutting-edge minds of his generation. But he was doing so for a reason: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-08-25-exclusive-fibrous-clots-harvesting-electrically-conductive-elements.html#

"As the clots have electrically conductive elements, Adams pointed to what happened to Dr. Charles Lieber, who was convicted by the Department of Justice for sharing secrets with communist China.

'His patents are all about nanocircuitry and bio interfaces at the cellular and subcellular level. So if you read his patents it's all self-assembling nanocircuits inside human structures. So follow the yellow brick road and see where that leads," said Adams."

The earlier docket: https://rielpolitik.com/2020/02/05/cover-up-strange-bedfellows-wuhan-coronavirus-harvard-university-jeffrey-epstein/

We also cannot forget about Nicole Junkermann and her vital import to the Epstein inner sanctum. Why?

Was Epstein well aware of her network and in turn using that for the compiling of a vast DNA database? Establishing patterns, registering commonalities, making connections. This of course calls into question just what has happened to the tracking of ALL of our DNA thru proxies like 23andme, Ancestry, not to mention the final destination of those millions of cotton swabs from the testing kits? https://johnnyvedmore.com/2019/07/18/featured-content/




With who fell into Epstein's circle, and all the info stored within that chain of command, it's becoming increasingly clear that at the very least he knew all about what was about to come down re covid, the vaxx, lockdowns, DNA manipulation, all of it. Ridiculously suspect is the timing of when it all went down juxtaposed with his death/disappearance. Add in the occult initiation ritual fingerprints inherent in the masking framework**, the planned transubstantiation of humanity, the child sacrifice markers encoded within both the island and Zorro Ranch, etc, and the amount of smoke present is far too voluminous for there not to be some serious fire. We are enveloped within a vast spell. Some have dubbed it Mass Formation Psychosis. 


Others, perhaps even more on the money, call it other things. Let it roll from minute 7:57 here: https://www.banned.video/watch?id=630e82f7344cb1367d6406ec

We might even go as far as to say Epstein was the mastermind behind everything that's happening now, or at least the nexus point all the other coordinators had to run thru. Knowing his traceability to the greatest human-experiment-turned-genocide in history, we can even extrapolate that he chose to disappear to try and escape justice.** A justice far too long in coming due to the muddying of the waters by the MSM and the overall lack of critical thinking skills inherent in the population at large. The ability to see what IS has atrophied to a disturbing, life-threatening extent.




Mad scientists, as it turns out, are fully encoded within the bloodline: https://robscholtemuseum.nl/amazing-polly-epstein-and-mad-scientists-brianna-nofil-cias-experiments-with-mind-control-george-pendle-rocket-scientist-kenneth-anger-inauguration-of-the-pleasure-dome-1954/

And as the bloodline goes, so goes the occult transformation of humanity.

It's like living the opening scenes of select episodes of the UK's Utopiahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcx-nf3kH_M&t=1s


Meanwhile, stateside, Clown World continues with a heavy undercurrent of Fascism by definition:

Next year's main sponsor: Funeral directors. 

I'm beginning to think, and not for the first time, a Death Cult is a distinct possibility. Entire political bases and ideologies still hold to this philosophy, handed down from the Aztecs, Canaanites, et al. Practitioners of the exact same core beliefs, ahem, Epstein was reveling in. Watch as it all begins to come together in that race to the bottom.

And Billie Jean King should be shot right in her soulless paid-for disgusting duplicitous face. Spoiler: they're all whores:

Selling your soul for fun and profit!! Ooooh, you'll be called a changemaker!! Judgement withheld forever on actual welfare for your common brother or sister. Or at least reserving same until you can do, oh, I don't know, five minutes of research that would provide you with all you need to know to run screaming in the other direction. By all their fruits you will know all of them. 

And let's make no mistake, from every corner, the backlash has openly begun: https://www.banned.video/watch?id=630936b222858d2ad07d68c8 

Birx admitting, Fauci 'retiring." What's next -- I'll tell you what....

The start of a physical damage trend now coming to tennis. It's not just for footballers and cyclists anymore: https://twitter.com/hugh_mankind/status/1563587376253108224

Doctors are "baffled." 

Moderna's new tagline for the Open? Wait for it..."This Changes Everything." Seriously.
Right in your face. So when all the SADs are dominoing and the case is clear, they can fall back on, "Well, we told you!" There's your informed consent sheeples. Change your DNA? Sure, we told you so, remember?  How about straight from this horse's rear end: https://rumble.com/v1gonfd-klaus-schwab-.html

But of course all those never-before-seen-in-such-numbers SADs and embolisms and myocarditis and strokes and heart attacks couldn't POSSIBLY be from the vaxx, silly!!  https://www.bitchute.com/video/KF3p5n6NGqnR/

They're just all suddenly happening in unprecedented numbers because of gardening, too much happiness, setting the clock back (or forward), losing weight, naps, cold, heat, showering, sleeping the wrong way, padded bedrooms (??), eggs, solar storms, sofas, and "exercising angrily." Grrrrrr!! They seriously must think the idiots will swallow, and fall for, anything...which is what you get when you don't stand for something. This is what you get: https://www.banned.video/watch?id=630a11ee5cf44d2d9f325cc3

Next step in the game? Begin blaming Trump (chuck directly under the bus) for something you backed him into a corner over in the first place. (Under the threat of millions of deaths...) See hair-on-fire predictions like this: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10557635/Scientists-did-not-accurate-Covid-stats-prediction-500-000-killed.html

OUCH. And BOOM. That comes a little late in the game for me, but hey, it hits hard and right on the  money. And it should be a must watch for any of those still on the jab-booster night train. The facts are coming hard and fast.

How MUCH of a sham is it all? Leana Wen, paid-for shill/actor/sociopath who lobbied for masks forever and jail for the deniers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDaqNgOsw6M&t=25s

also just so happened to be -- surprise!! -- front and center at the Boston Bombings, which were a setup from the word go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwlc0eg15RU&t=25s

Do you need me to spell it out for you at this point? It's ALL a Shadowplay.


Of course this fails to take into account Trump's own continued backing of the vaxx. A stance he will have to course-correct immediately if he stands any chance against guys like this: https://nypost.com/2022/08/25/ron-desantis-says-elf-anthony-fauci-should-be-chucked-across-the-potomac/

President DeSantis anybody?

Watch as all the hacks and politicos begin spouting "Oh we couldn't possibly have known!! We were misled!!" as the deaths and maimings escalate. Just as George W. Bush and cronies wept post-September 11, "We couldn't have known they would use planes as weapons to fly into buildings!!" Even as they had been running sims and war games for decades planning for that very same scenario. Hell, it's started already: https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/the-lockdown-files-rishi-sunak-on-what-we-werent-told

Beginning to see the parallels? At least this time we get the backpedaling, something the Bush junta never lowering themselves to lest all the armour fall off. But even that will be used against us, just wait and see...and they're only starting with the lockdowns, wait til they get to the shots...

How much longer is content like this even going to be allowed? But enough of the disgusting semantics of outright fascism, let's get back to the tech unveiling, and where we can hold their feet to the fire thru an apriori knowledge base.

Listen to the very latest from Dr. Peter McCullough here at the 19:00 minute mark: https://rumble.com/v1g7hgf-the-pit-part-two-a-vital-strategy-session-presented-by-true-the-vote-81622.html

He's very right about this -- a mental switch got flipped all over the world at the same time.
What could be behind this? What are the mechanics inherent in such a vast and far-reaching psyop? How to alter the mentality of the entire world? Well, we have something for that...

This also connects to hydra vulgaris, an immortal organism of intense interest to first the Human Genome Project, and then DARPA. All DARPA research links into same have been effectively scrubbed from the internet: https://everydayconcerned.net/tag/hydra-2-0/

This is important because of provable abilities of this organism to control behaviour and adapt other organisms to their, or others, will via their use as a delivery system. DARPA was also linked extensively to Charles Lieber via the money train: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/kcofi9/thats_charles_lieber_on_the_left_on_the_right_is/

DARPA. Lieber, Epstein. Dot. Dot. Dot.

The orwell.city link above is invaluable btw for everything and anything concerning what is being found inside these jabs: Graphene crystal structures, microtubules, self-assembling nano devices, hydra-type organisms, nanowires, microcircuitry, DNA crystals, hydrogel, and so much more. 

With, as Dr. Ruby proposed, up to 50% of the ingredients not falling under any normal disclosure laws due to "proprietary information" clauses inside the Big Pharma corporate contracts, there is literally no way of knowing, at this point, what is being injected into humanity worldwide. We are left with, by definition, a recipe for disaster where informed consent is impossible.

We all could do much worse than to start, today, living with these words in our holsters at all times: https://dailyclout.io/in-defense-of-uncertainty/

It would be a crippling blow to all the "experts," follow-the-science shills, and fact-checkers that thru their hubris and historical misdirection have kept us all in the dark for so long.

(Dailyclout.io is a team of volunteers brought together by Naomi Wolf that is responsible for sifting thru all of the court-ordered docs Pfizer released dealing with the vaxx trials and interior info that they wanted to keep shielded and hidden for 75 years. They are doing thankless hero's work in exposing this sham and need to be praised from the rooftops.)

Delivery systems are being amplified...Quantum dots? https://rumble.com/v1h9w2f-vaccines-delivered-via-quantum-dot.html

We've already been over the "shedding" factor: 

And don't forget, thanks to Pfizer whistleblower Melissa McAtee, we know from their own internal emails the confirmation of the presence of graphenehttps://rumble.com/vpr104-pfizer-emails-confirm-graphene-intentional-cover-up-by-chief-scientist-reve.html

As well as what the Gates and Epstein cronies were doing with smart dust in the California hills on those Hollywood nights: https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2020/05/blind-item-12_11.html

As former FEMA employee Celeste Solum weighs in: https://www.newsweek.live/posts/covid-19-vaccine-ingredients-revealed


Remember Alien? The blockbuster genre-bending paradigm-shifting horror/scifi masterpiece that exploded on our heads some 43 summers ago now? Remember how novel it all seemed at the time? The swirling mystique that surrounded it -- and why? Because we didn't know everything -- because not all was revealed. Our imaginations and minds filled in the blanks and that's what made it all the more horrifying. 

Part of the spell. 

Well, there is a lesson to be learned there, about life, about anticipation vs instant gratification, but also about the reveal. Things, times, scenarios, are given power in the journey of not knowing. And that's what's been happening to us -- and how we've been played -- for two years now. 

There are always small hints decorating the background -- remember the nuances in the looks on Ashe's face as he studies the subject -- well aware of what is about to happen (12:22): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5MH6TGF_nU&t=18s

How many times have we seen similar looks and glances from Fauci? Birx? What did they know?

At times, sometimes the most important times, the smallest details can be the most telling.

They have used our not knowing, our dependence upon their false and hollow "expertise," that ingrained allure and mystique, to our eternal detriment. All the while sitting on the true terror in what they knew, their knowledge of what was to come, in what they had planned for the rest of us. The deplorables. The useless eaters. The middle class. All awaiting their Lovecraftian screenplay of cosmic proportions to come down.  

And as I was getting into above, it's still not over. Even now they are thinking -- positioning -- of how to use everything that's about to occur against us again.  The MSM is in the very early stages of drip-drip release of the damaging info. This process is being managed carefully and will incrementally increase. Last week a UK paper. New CDC guidelines timed accordingly. Fauci now leaving having fulfilled his role. Birx saying she knew all along the vaxx wouldn't work. All gradual so as to not cause extreme CHAOS. Measuring how much the public will take of hypocrisy in the wake of ruined families, lost jobs, shuttered businesses now coupled with ramping up of injuries and deaths as the slide begins. 

To what end? Any "solutions," you can rest assured, will dovetail fully with whatever is next in the Great "Reset" process. Ultimately...who knows? Possibly a very concerned and altruistic third party sponsored by the UN or the WEF will step in because native governments are "not to be trusted." And voila, seemingly overnight, but in reality at the end of a long process...there will be a One World Government. Because "the people" demanded it. But in reality it will be the biggest Hegelian Dialectic ever attempted -- the Problem-Reaction-Solution to end them all.

Too late we will realize this was always meant to be a slow-motion 9/11. But by then it will indeed be too late, and the Ultimate Control System will be in place. Just as was intended all along. 

Remember, any solution, which at every step of the process doesn't involve we, the people, is only destined to be another face of the revolving Control Grid gods of chaos. Their intent always is to control and enslave you; it's our job to stop listening to the self-appointed wizards of MindWar, Psywar and Full Spectrum Dominance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VA4e0NqyYMw&t=4s 

And well well, notice a primary part of that target audience....

Wait, WHAT? Say that again...a ghostly contagion now expanding across the US? 

We have mentioned this transmission (or "hitchhiker" effect) previously but it more than bears repeating here: https://www.theblackvault.com/casefiles/the-pentagons-secret-ufo-program-the-hitchhiker-effect-and-models-of-contagion-by-dr-colm-a-kelleher/

And there is historical precedent for this contact transmissibility: https://rigorousintuition.blogspot.com/2005/12/down-scole-hole.html

That "spiritual ramifications" hotline is ringing again on the Batphone...

Actually, that's nothing, here Linda Howe connects Project Paperclip to the JFK assassination to extraterrestrial intelligences to the Collins Elite to the CIA to AAWSAP to AATIP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGuwb95mgtI&t=3700s

Seems like maybe the Collins Elite knew what was up all along. Listen to what the co-creators of the 1990s show Dark Skies were confronted with: (minute 58:00) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSZUBulON6I

At minute 1:02:00 the terms that Friedman was told at that party jumped straight out at me from something I'd read before: https://thinkaboutit.site/ufos/aviary-aquarium-eschatology/

Pay particular attention to the latter half of that document when the talk of non-human intelligences (NHI) begins...

To update your mindset, just insert extradimensional demons for aliens, and off you go evidently. Should've saved this for Halloween...

Before leaving this particular branch, notice the callbacks to what Friendman and Zabel were told, to what Tesla famously said, and to what is explicated right here: https://www.banned.video/watch?id=630d608dee9b41339befce26 

This is DNA and its eternal links to Frequency. Frequency. Frequency.

On the good news front, such vaunted "hitchhiker" effects and AATIP reports dealing with the penetration of solid surfaces, mind control at a distance, and the alteration of space and time MIGHT prove to be too much for even a self-respecting UN/WEF antichrist system to handle without imploding: https://mindsublime.blogspot.com/2020/01/advanced-aerospace-threat-and.html

And let's put in bold those lines about manipulating cognitive environments and influencing decision makers, wouldn't you agree? Because in laymen's terms and in wording folks like the late Father Malachi Martin would agree with, that sounds a lot like a state of possession to me. And an awful lot like the mindsets and ideologies of those elites calling the shots these last 2 years and more. Perhaps there are vast competing forces at work here. The phrase biting off more than you can chew comes to mind. Or the destabilization factor that comes into play when an invading military force tries to control too much territory.

Moreover, is there something more about DNA than has previously been surmised? A hidden component that sheds an entirely new light on the covid vaxx agenda? Very interesting how all this should track back to a degradation of both DNA and in particular the targeting of the immune system: https://rigorousintuition.blogspot.com/2006/03/grave-mysteries-part-two.html

And make no mistake, concerning DNA, its occult ramifications, the collecting (Junkermann et al) there is most certainly something DEFINITELY going on: https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/lifeship-dna-archive-on-the-moon/

I'm thinking of the Egyptian and Sumerian texts, the Annunaki, encoded references to such in popular entertainment going back decades, of cloning operations, of the moon possibly not being the final destination, and of how we humans got here in the first place. And how things repeat. So interesting how things repeat. How there is nothing new under the sun.

The plot, as you can see, thickens...and the game is afoot.

Clearly, some have been speculating on this groundwork for awhile now, and it speaks to either our destruction or our enslavement. The perfect colonization gambit for outside forces to use the vaxx as a wedge in the ongoing Reconstruction. Is something altering the herd on a massive scale (psychologically, biologically, spiritually) enabling the largest mass contagion scenario in history? https://expose-news.com/2022/08/28/depopulation-covid-vaccination-gov-knew-happen/ 

Because ALL governments, worldwide, knew well before the fact, no matter what they cry now or will be decrying soon. It's all crocodile tears and the little boy who cried wolf, written as big as it gets for the proles to lap up.

And yet, this is like one of those bad horror films where the mad scientists/wizards can't wind up controlling that which they've summoned and/or called up. 

And don't you just hate it when that happens!! I've got your follow-the-science right here: Things fall apart; it's scientific!! David Byrne taught me that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=db293GrsDjo

Oh well, all things, good, bad, or indifferent, whether we (or they) realize it or not at the time, serve the Lord. 

And I take comfort in that.

You should too, as the Great Awakening continues.

Last words for this time around to the UK's Neil Oliver, and I couldn't have said it better myself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIpLwiaQRRk

It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime.

What better place than here?

What better time than now?





  1. First, there are apparently tiny little unearthly "hydra" things in the vaxx, *using the graphene oxide "black goo" to make its eggs*.

    Then I realized that the *mermaid goddess*, not only was the name given to her by H.P. Lovecraft "Mother HYDRA", but the *Starbucks Mermaid*, it is officially taken from the "Melusine" (Atagartis) of the French people and their Celtic ancestors.

    The Indo-european roots of Melusine are "M'les-Lus", which is a reference to A) someone "motherly", and B) a common grey river serpent, known as a "Hydre". Mother, Hydra.

    The Globalist Elite responsible for this horrifying vaxx is sometimes called "The Octopus", a real-life version of "Spectre" or "Hydra".

    The Mermaid Goddess, Mother Hydra, worshipped by the evil organization Hydra IRL, presently injecting billions of people with both black goo and microscopic baby hydraes...

  2. According to Erich Von Daniken's French predecessor Robert Charroux, there is an underground (*literally* underground) cult devoted to Kali the black goddess in France, allegedly dating back to late pagan Celtic times; he says this makes sense, since the gods of Hinduism come from the earlier Vedic culture, which is a pure product of the Indo-european invasions of the far east; it has been officially attested that the Lord Shiva of Hinduism is the Lord Pashupati of the Vedic faith, which was their adaptation of Cernunnos. The cult of his bloodthirsty consort Kali/the Black Virgin was first noticed in Gaul by the Roman conquerors over 2,000 years ago.

    The universal underground cult of the "Black Virgin/Black Mother Goddess", present even in the Americas before Columbus came, may very well be a universal *Kali Ma Death Cult*, which even the Elite adhere to to this day.

    1. All great points well taken Jaybers!!
      We've been surrounded by triggers and clues all our lives.
      Everyone from Tolkien to George RR Martin (holding forth currently on HBO's Game of Thrones precursor House of the Dragon) were and have been dropping hints as to massive global hierarchies pre-dating Christianity, hell, predating everything. Not far at all from there to Charroux, Morning Of The Magicians, Von Daniken and now Graham Hancock. Intimations of such were in a couple of Keel's books too.

      The Lovecraftian Dagon-ish overtones of the Starbucks logo always gave me a slight shudder. I remember years ago reading in either NEXUS or PARANOIA postulations about how they were putting nannites in their drinks.

      Certainly doesn't seem so crazy now.

      And the predominance of black goo over pop culture since the 90s especially is just straight up creepy. And far too prevalent for there not to be something behind it. X-Files, all Marvel (esp Agents of Shield), Lucy, Venom, Spider Man, the Alien franchise, LOST, Fringe, Outer Range, Michael Crichton's Prey, Severance (truly weird and ominous btw), and I'm sure a thousand more I've not mentioned.

      Need to find a way to watch it but this will give you a starter point re Severance:



      Make of it all what you will -- much to unpack: black goo, goats, mind control, clones(?), matrix-like reality questions, color triggers...

    2. Charroux called them "the Conjurers", who put a spell of silence and amnesia on humanity since at least Ancient Phoenicia 4,000 BC.

  3. Sweet Jesus save us from this nightmare.
    Un freaking believable, the internet of bodies.
    There's ya some sick bastards right there that came up with that.
    That Nicolle Junkerman name jumped right out at me right away.
    I remember a bunch of anon's digging on her a few years ago on Qresearch.
    Even then she was a slippery one. Pretty much out of nowhere has instant riches and connections.
    Things that make you go HMMMM.
    I jumped away and was trying to do some research for a post at my joint and found that all of the web browsers I tried using for image searches have scrubbed the net clean of all of the crystalline structures, the self assembling graphene videos of them forming circuits, the hydras and anything even remotely related.
    If anyone has links to all that I would be grateful.
    Rotten SOB's trying to cover their tracks.
    They say the internet is forever so someone somewhere has all that saved.
    Excellent post Wordman.
    It's a crying shame that maybe only 1 in 25,000, if not 1 in 100,000, has seen any of this.
    I know I am literally the only person I personally know that even has any interest in finding out what is going on and what they have been doing.
    This is why I come here.
    You should get a Nobel Prize for the investigative Journalism you do here.
    God Bless ya and you have my eternal gratitude for it.

    1. Good grief you honour me Phil!! I am touched and humbled at such praise. And you're right -- it IS frustrating trying to present stuff like this to people. After all, it takes time but it's NOT rocket science to any aspect of what I'm doing or you're doing or anybody -- it just takes, literally, CARING. Which unfortunately and frighteningly seems in short supply these days.
      But there are really REALLY encouraging signs of lots of people opening their eyes...

      As far as any of those disappearing images, go to orwell.city; most as far as I know are still up there.
      And continuing vids are being posted by STEW PETERS on rumble highlighting folks like Jane Ruby, Carrie Madej, Karen Kingston and lots of other concerned folks.
      Good sleuthing!! And thanks again for the comms -- you rock dude!!
      More than glad to have ya in the Mystery Machine for the ride!!

    2. Right on. I knew if anybody would know where to find that stuff it would be you.
      Thanks a ton!
      I have been told that I have a natural intelligence, still doesn't make up for being so ugly but I'll take it.

  4. Havnt seen a better round up of covid info or projections. Nice work

    1. A6 -- you flatter me!! Always let me know anything you might be interested in that I could train a spotlight on...am finding new links and connections to integrate into the bigger pic every day!!

      And that goes for everybody -- the door's always open & we never close!!

  5. OH & JB --
    Credit where credit is due -- CARRIE MADEJ was the VERY FIRST to alert the world to the hydras she found in multiple vials, back in September 2021. Their presence has since been confirmed by many others -- not in all vials, but in seemingly random batches and lot #s.
    Almost as if a control group or base is being established to monitor results and infection rates, time of onset, etc.

    She was so startled at the possible implications it brought her to tears.
    What a sweet and amazingly caring person. Bless her heart and God bless her. Seems to be recovering amazingly well from a point blank plane crash. Angels on her shoulder.

    1. Could just be mass assimilation into the Borg Collective: injected nanotechnology, worship of a big black cube (Saturn), a frightening little Queen with an elongated skull (Atargatis/Lilith)...

    2. Let's see. what was that about elongated skulls??

      Reminded me of this:

      "I bring you love."
      "Don't let it get away! Break its legs!!"

      And fitting right into that same mindset, it was 25 years ago today:

      RIP Diana. The connections to Epstein & Savile, the truth of what they were up to, basically everything David Icke ever postulated confirmed in her diaries -- she was close to upending the entire applecart...& we just can't have that now can we??
      A beautiful soul that never had a chance from birth.

  6. I've been told that particular banned.vid on Diana isn't working for some (Hmmmmm)...can't imagine why......
    If that's the case, here's the telling text from the other RR:

  7. AND SO MUCH latest vaxx news folks -- just consider this an ongoing Addendum to this post:



    Last one might be the most shocking of all as it proves that the US Gov't knew what it was doing, knew what was going to happen per side effects/ramifications from the vaxx, and went on about business anyway -- in full collusion with Big Pharma. In this case only Pfizer is named but you KNOW it was the same with Moderna, as it had thru DARPA ties even more trials and outcomes chronicled.
    This is why all parties are claiming even more get out of jail cards now -- even AFTER admitting fraud, they say they're not liable since the Gov't KNEW what was happening & allowed them to continue business as usual.

    I guess 2 wrongs DO make a right, after all.

  8. The actual intro to the *$1 BILLION* show WTF:


    1. What the hell did I just watch?? Victor Newman is still the coolest after approx 194 years still.....Young & Restless since fucking 1973 & ain't stoppin anytime soon!!

  9. Hi Wordman:
    If no.one else here has mentioned this, have a look:
    J. Kushner and transhumanism....this is concerning..disturbing..what is tbe likelihood of President T...cutting bait with Kushner...slim or none?

    1. Hey Brons!!

      Fantastic catch & distinctly not the first re Kushner -- there's been a long line growing about these types of technologies:

      NOPE -- that's not creepy at ALL -- and neither is this:

      Seems the markers have been there all along -- & with every passing day that Trump refuses to deplane from the Vaxx Death Express Tour, well, my faith is waning.
      He still may be a good stopgap to halt the plunge over the cliff that we're heading for under Pedo Joe, but let's just say be careful what you wish for...

    2. More unfortunate documentation in his own words of Jared K being a slimeball...is Trump aware and if so, does he care....

  10. https://rumble.com/v1f2exh-interview-une-nanoparticule-lipidique-un-gne-est-une-bombe-nuclaire-dr-ryan.html
    A good detailed summary of the damage done....

    1. Thanks again Brons!! & let's keep it rolling:



      Thanks to Mike Yeadon, Stew Peters, Emerald Robinson, Karen Kingston, Naomi Wolf, Carrie Madej, and all the other truth tellers and truthseekers seeing thru all this unending bullshit to call it for what it is: a global genocide of the highest order that the fucking Nazis would be green with envy over.
      People PEOPLE -- we fought world wars over things EXACTLY like this. Why are we capitulating now. What is WRONG with us?
      GOD BLESS every beautiful soul that has a voice that is speaking up.
      Never forget, WE'RE the majority.

      The only way there's a New World Order is if we do nothing.

  11. I don't know who told these MotherWEFers that pissing off Joe and Jane Sixpack was a good idea but I'd bet money that are going to find out that they were very, very wrong.
    As soon as Jane Sixpack finds the cupboards are bare and there is no food available to feed her hungry children, she is going to turn to Joe and tell him to fix it.
    It won't take Joe long to figure out who is responsible for the situation.
    Now extrapolate that scenario 100 million times.

    1. My theory is still that the ultimate goal of all this is to fool people into becoming ultra-violent and fully embracing of *nationalism and fascism*, by making everyone absolutely f**king HATE liberalism/communism.

  12. FFS


    1. YEP -- I saw that. V For Vendetta anyone??
      Biden also came out & basically called half of America domestic terrorists:
      (If he's counting those not on his bandwagon that'd prob be close to 9/10ths of America tbh...)
      & they're still going with the urban myth that 80 million voted for this simpering idiot that was only installed thru blatant fraud & a coup that only got off the ground because of mail-in votes because of their made-up pandemic.

      Check out the continuing lies:

      And while we're at it:

  13. Reviews coming in:

    "Most truly demonic US Presidential speech I have ever heard.
    MAGA Republicans = Domestic Terrorist
    2 things almost seem assured—-
    1. Deep State gonna go kill some people (false flags). Patriot Front (or some other CIA front group).
    2. Deeps State gonna steal the 2022 elections (Dems get AT LEAST the House).
    Then…all hell breaks loose……..
    Alternative media gonna have some tough months soon, too."

    #PEDOHITLER trending.....the people know.

    1. Meanwhile it was the liberals that were burning our cities, looting, injuring and killing people FOR MONTHS.

  14. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/sep/01/russian-oil-executive-dies-in-fall-from-moscow-hospital-window
    Speaking of CIA, they've shown that they're scraping the bottom of the barrel to try to get recruits when their recruitment ads have been about how they welcome people with mental illnesses like gender identity/transitioning and schizophrenia. It reminds me of after hydra came out and took over S.H.I.E.L.D. then trying to get good workers after killing most of them and showing the rest how ruthless they are. Ironically kinda good along with what happened in the medical field everywhere too.

  15. https://rumble.com/v1i24ct-naomi-wolf-and-dr.-robert-chandler-how-pfizer-hurt-womens-reproductive-and-.html


    Recent material from Naomi Wolf...grim effects of jabs on human reproduction...

  16. HEY GUYS --
    Crazy amounts happening all at once and due to recent events expect a quick update of the hellscape tomorrow night....
    But til then;
    THIS can't be good:



    Why?? WHYYY???
    Oh NO not him again.

    1. I saw the news about Podesta while at work and shuddered.
      For one thing, I can't believe the balls on this guy for even still being in the country.
      For another, I would like to know what, if any qualifications for this post he has other than being a big enough blowhard to power a wind mill all by himself and third, the chutzpa of these fucking people to drag the filthy piece of shit into their administration so he can snag his share of our squandered money is galling in it's self.
      That guy should have a bounty on his head from the things I have heard he has done to children.
      Have you ever seen the video clip of the little boy screaming through a frosted shower door and heard the voice screaming back at him?
      100% Match to this evil fucker.
      That video clip alone is enough for the bounty.


      NOTHING anyone could ever say will EVER convince me that that isn't him.
      Voice print match 1,000% positive.
      Truly, truly the dregs of humanity. As Breitbart said quite candidly before this even all started.
      & was dealt with (with extreme prejudice) because of it.

    3. Damn. I went through a lot of abuse as a kid in the 60's and 70's. Until I left home at 15 and never went back.
      I just listened to that clip again.
      Between that and the Madeleine Mccann wanted posters I'm thinking "with extreme prejudice" would look good on that demon's headstone.

  17. Alternate version of Biden's speech, NOT aired:


    1. https://freemantv.com/demic-of-pan-wayne-mcroy/

    2. "Pandemic" literally means "all of the vulgar people". Eugenics has historically been all about getting rid of "all of the vulgar people".

    3. Right before this thing with Mar a Lago went down I was reading a fiction book and the president in it sneaks stuff out of the national archives. And right before the monkey pox thing got big, I was reading a book that was talking about a pandemic and the source and cure came from the Monkey Blood tribe.

  18. Symbols



  19. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-WCrdLWtOYrQ/U-g6ipciY3I/AAAAAAAACJI/9x0uspw46aA/s1600/Freemasonry-albert-pike.jpg

  20. Oh wow, that's perfect, especially given the context of that Classic Trek episode (heavily sedated old fart propped up as a pretend Fuhrer):


  21. Ur

    U X n =33


    = l =


    1. I can't make sense of this, but it seems important.

  22. Ur 33


  23. 33

    What is different between these two images.




    1. What do you make of the circle divided into six segments? It's in the Pink Floyd picture, and at the very top of the blue and red picture too.

    2. Its one third 1/3rd Words. As in 1/3 of the angels.
      Seriphem as in holy, holy, holy.
      Or Kubrick's 18 ÷ 3 = 6 with dividing line being the 7.
      As in 7 diamonds = 777

      = l = Add the vertical line with the horizontal spaces.


    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Best way to descibe it Words is Hexagons x 3 = trinity
      Think volly ball Or you could say its the Coctue Twins ;)

  24. Neckties



    1. Here's a fucking embedded triggering symbol logo for ya Cappy:

      Chew on THAT one for a bit.....

    2. Keep reading: that symbol was designed by Donald Trump himself, before Space Force officially started (using another logo, the "Star Trek" one (Freemies)).

  25. I've seen it Wordman, I've also seen Putin's Z, Mithras snake,
    St Michaels spear, Mokosh arms and the wizard of oz symbols. Its all literally the same thing. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with E47th.



  26. I'm still working on this but ,.......



    1. Think neckties.



    2. At first, I thought I was on a wild goose chase on the Apollo Axis, found something that may confirm a few things for a few of you here. the image below is from the island of Delos, birth place of Apollo. Pay special attention the the angle.


  27. Just out,
    "ER Doctor Studying COVID ‘Vaccine’ Vials Using Electron Microscopy Says They Contain ‘Organized Little Computer Chip Structures’"

    Teh Link,


  28. NASA astronauts' blood shows signs of DNA mutations due to spaceflight and they must be monitored for cancer risk, new study reveals