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"Pattern recognition has become so stigmatized people won't even connect the dots to save their lives."    Jeff Wells   

"I'm beginning to hear voices/ And there's no one around/ I'm all used up/ And the fields have turned brown/ I went to church on Sunday, she passed by/ My love for her taking such a long time to die/ I'm waist deep in the mist/ Almost like I don't even exist/ I'm twenty miles outta town in the Cold Iron Bound/ Twenty miles outta town in the Cold Iron Bound

The walls of pride/ They're high and they're wide/ You can't see over to the other side/ It's such a sad thing, to see beauty decay/ But it's sadder still to feel your heart torn away/ One look at you and I'm outta control/ Like the universe has swallowed me whole/ I'm twenty miles outta town in Cold Iron Bound

You know there's too many people, too many to recall/ I thought some of 'em were friends of mine/ I was wrong about 'em all/ The road is rocky and the hillside is mud/ Up over my head, nothing but clouds of blood/ I found my world in you, girl/ But your love just hasn't proved true/ I'm twenty miles outta town in the Cold Iron Bound

You know the winds in Chicago/ They've torn me to shreds/ Reality has always had too many heads/ I tried to love and protect you/ Because I cared/ I'm gonna remember forever, the joy we've shared/ I'm lookin at you and I'm on my bended knee/ You have no idea what you do to me/ I'm twenty miles outta town in the Cold Iron Bound/ Twenty miles outta town in Cold Iron Bound."

"Seek not the depths of your knowledge with staff or sounding line, for self is a sea boundless and measureless, and the soul walks upon all paths..." Kahlil Gibran

"It's the alien infection/ It's the coming of Christ..."

"Dig thru the ditches and burn thru the witches..."

"When I was sick and lay in bed I had two pillows at my head, and all my toys beside me lay, to keep me happy all the day.

And sometimes for an hour or so, I watched my leaden soldiers go. With different uniforms and drills, amoung the bed-clothes, through the hills.

And sometimes sent my ships in fleets, all up and down amoung the sheets; or brought my trees and houses out, and planted cities all about.

I was the giant great and still, that sits upon the pillow hill. And sees before him, dale and plain, the pleasant land of counterpane." Robert Louis Stevenson

"The siren calls outside/ They want to kill us all/ Innocents, wounded souls, full of rage/ Nowhere to go/ Consequences be they may/ I resolve to never change/ I so vow to never yield

Can I give my old heart to you? Cause when this feeling starts, that's when I blow it all away.

It's plain the wars have won/ The days of judgement rise..."

"I'm a clone/ I know and I'm fine/ I'm one and more are on the way/ I'm 2, doctor/ 3's on the line/ He'll take incubation another day.

I'm all alone, so are we all/ We're all clones/ All are one and one are all

We destroyed the government/ We're destroying time/ No more problems on the way/ I'm thru doctor, we don't need your kind/ We are the ones, ugly ones, stupid boys, wrong ones.

Six is having problems adjusting to his clone status/ Gotta put him on a shelf/ All day long we hear him crying so loud/ I just wanna be myself/ I just wanna be myself

I just wanna be myself

be myself

be myself."

"In the middle of the journey of our life, I came to myself within a dark wood where the straight way was lost..."   Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy   1308-1320     

Let's go back before we can go forward, and tackle the tangible before we wrestle the esoteric...examine again this highly censored article by Johnny Vedmore, which highlights all details about the mysterious Nicole Junkermann, acting as one of Epstein's disciples, and who put into place thruout the UK's National Health Service, the underpinning and latticework well before the Covid "pandemic," the ability for the government to track and control individuals on a massive scale. It's beginning to look increasingly like this was the platform from which the vaccination control grid could be, would be, erected:

I have linked to this article since well before the Covid outbreak writ large exploded in 2020, but that link is now long gone. This one should suffice for the time being as it bears well worth looking into again. 

Other ways of tracking and control that stand out now, in hindsight, are concerns like 23andme, owned and launched by the Wojcicki family sisters of Youtube fame:

See also Amazing Polly here:


And here:

All of this is increasingly becoming vital information to review and keep in our quivers as things roll, not so merrily, along: 

Because all of this is prima facie evidence of a network being installed and put into place well before the actual "scourge" of a worldwide pandemic was ready to be unleashed upon us. It was a network established with full knowledge of just how it was to be used against the worldwide population. And given what we know of the perpetrators, it was built at the behest, and with at least the intimate knowledge and at the bidding of, Jeffrey Epstein. To overlook this fact is to go whistling past the growing graveyards of this strange world.  

Regarding fine-tuning and targeting, what to make of this horror news recently?:

Ramifications rearing their heads daily are starting to point to a larger aggregate scaffolding being put into place; much larger than even the doomsayers have previously imagined. And the scope is meta and encompasses not only the transhuman but also the transdimensional as it plays out across, thru, over, and beyond multiple realms.

Let's look at not just the numbers of the dead, but the numbers of the missing. And for that, we need stats:

According to the very wise, research-oriented and meticulous Karl Denninger, some 700,000 just disappeared off the employment rolls in one month. According to his stats, there are only 3 ways this is possible -- you go to prison, enter a nursing home, or die. That's it. Zero other possibilities. Not that many new prisoners or invalids, so you're either dead or you're... 

There is something vast and creepy going on out there, folks, in the dead of night. Where is everybody going? John Keel certainly took the question very seriously -- see chapter 15 right here of his seminal Our Haunted Planet

So did the early CIA for that matter -- they were formed in January 1946 (CIG -- Central Intelligence Group) as an early get-to-the-bottom-of-things department concerning what happened to Flight 19 in the watery electromagnetic heart of what would quickly become known forevermore as the Bermuda Triangle less than a month before. (see the above Keel chapter for more...)  

And just how pervasive is this?:

And if we go by "as above so below," are we talking about just stars here? Dateline: Sulawesi:

Ditto the CanAmMissing research of David Paulides and his Missing 411 series. Here we begin to venture into manufactured portal possibilities, and the fact that Paulides himself has taken a sudden great interest in what's happening out on Skinwalker Ranch -- which is spooky and considerable in the deep end of the weird pool:

Just what ARE those structures that were sensored over the mesa? What are we detecting here? What would happen if we could get that tech deep into some of the National Parks wilderness areas where many of the more weird Missing 411 cases have occurred? The results might be both surprising and frightening.   

And just what could all of this have to do with vaccine ramifications

Bear with me...because the rabbit hole tilt-a-whirl is about to go all helter-skeltery:

Remember that one of the declassified side effects of the Pfizer vaxx on those initial 30 pages was -- get this -- deja vu. This by itself indicates that something within the vaxx is able to morph and alter a recipient's sense of reality itself, or at least their perception of it. Here we also have to bring in adjutant forces like CERN, frequency modulators like 5G, and an entire host of other factors. But all together are able to permeate and get deep within the minds of the populace, and doing that alters reality on a mass scale, something the powers-that-be have been looking to do since the likes of Sid Gottlieb and others ordered 100 million doses of LSD from Sandoz in 1953:

Sound familiar?:

What if transhumanism and entering the Zuckerberg/WEF Metaverse actually entails getting rid of the physical bodies? What if they are simply ramping up operations (and with co-conspirators) that have long been in effect and have only now found a biomedically-induced, bioweaponization avenue of doing so? Throw in the twin Musk projects of neuralink and Starlink, plus the work of folks like Charles Lieber at Harvard (via DARPA) into the hardware of brain-machine interface (funded extensively and off the books by Epstein), and the possibilities are rather endless.

I believe that what we are seeing with the covid vaccine agenda (including the mind control psyops surrounding it -- masking, lockdowns, etc) is no less than a merging of the physical with the paranormal, in nearly the exact same ratios and parameters that J. Allen Hynek (under the guiding hands of Jacques Vallee and John Keel) came to believe comprised the entirety of the UFO phenomenon. Much like earlier precursors such as Full Spectrum Dominance and the Sentient World Simulation, this is a control system in play that seeks total hegemony. The greater tech angle these days is but a feint, a sleight of hand; there is a reason why a statue of Shiva stands outside CERN, why there is unacknowledged but indecipherable sanskrit hieroglyphs parchment there under glass, why human sacrifices on the grounds are joked about and brushed off, why whirling dervish dances there are openly advertised and celebrated. What does any of this have to do with "trusting the science?"   

Kenneth Arnold, the pilot who on June 24, 1947 saw 9 glittering what-zits flit across Mount Rainier at impossible speeds, was originally there as part of a search and rescue op for a missing C-46 transport with 32 Marines aboard. It was finally found on the Tacoma Glacier of Mt Rainier at the 9,500 ft level. Fuselage intact, along with all luggage, etc. But no blood, no bones, no bodies:

That Arnold should see what he did, when he did, while on this same SAR mission should bring one much pause. That this sighting kick-started the entire UFO modern era, should bring one even more. And still the undercurrent of those missing 32 bodies.

What's going on here? What's going on at CERN, and in the bowels of the now medical-military-pharmaceutical-industrial complex? There are things happening, Invasion of the Body Snatchers-style. Where did 700,000 people go in one month?

What does the CIA know? What does the FBI know? What does the military know? Everybody knows, it seems, but us. And nobody's talking even as everybody's talking...

Listen to Paulides' rundown of the extremely mysterious Stacy Arras disappearance and how the authorities make it impossible for him to get a hold of the 2,000 page case file which is now some 40 years old... That's 2,000 pages chronicling something...But what?:

Some kind of extremely dangerous knowledge is being withheld, very likely as to the nature of what we're dealing with. All that has been released is right here, and it's 21 pages, not 2000:

What else is being hidden? And, perhaps more importantly, why?

This was captured on security cam in Yosemite in 2011 and remains unexplained:

As does this from 2008:

Yosemite tallies, by far, the largest cluster of Missing 411 cases, according to the Paulides research. 

The amazing Australian director Peter Weir approached these subjects in 1975 and 1977 with Picnic At Hanging Rock and The Last Wave -- 2 to truly get lost in on these oppressive summer days with images and ideas that will haunt all your dreamtimes:

Two films at the height of a time when the veils were thinner, when interest in the avant garde, the esoteric and the occult was at a fever pitch (Atlantis, Chariots of the Gods, the Bermuda Triangle, forbidden archaeology, flying saucers, astrology, psychic powers)  and which seems to be returning with a vengeance as those "New Age" times have something more to teach us, more tell-tale signs to impart.  

Let's not forget the quantum entanglement of social contagion noted here by Colm Kelleher, as well as the hitchhiker effect: 

I bring that drop up again because none other than Kenneth Arnold, way back in 1947, experienced the same poltergeist-type phenomena in his hotel room after his sighting when he was subsequently sent by Ray Palmer to investigate the aftermath of the Maury Island sighting (just days before Arnold's), itself a story-and-a-half in the telling involving principals deep inside the JFK assassination of all places:

And just to add another lurch into this already mixed-up cosmic hodge-podge of fate and destiny, Arnold just so happened to be flying buddies with none other than Jack Parsons, and this long before June 24, 1947:

Furthermore, most higher-ups of the time had worked out that most of Crowley and Parson's experiences had occurred during "an altered state of consciousness." Is an initiation ritual in progress now, therefore? Especially occurring along the lines of the vaxx agenda? According to sources in Nick Redfern's Final Events, Parsons often loudly proclaimed that UFOs would play the major role in "converting the world to Crowleyanity." Ever wonder just how far along that conversion is these days? Or why Epstein's temple looked the way it did, or what went on there besides child rape? Or where the inspiration for such originates?...

The dark heart of this world beats to a Parsons-Crowley-Epstein rhythm nation, we all just try to keep up and throw the timekeeping off when we can, banana peels on their bloody dance floor. Graphene in the injections? That's pretty much a foregone conclusion now. But what role does that play in the transhumanistic transformation of humanity? The jury's still out on that one: 

And we ALL might be playing roulette, jabbed or not -- because here is where "shedding" is appearing center stage on an increasingly disturbing basis:

The wonderful Emerald Robinson sums up the entirety of the surface ramifications quite well here:

She quite rightly claims that this is meant to alter the world. Never have 'alter' and 'altar' been so closely aligned perhaps.

And as I keep yelling to everyone from the ad nauseum mountaintops, this other lady is the best, most comprehensive researcher since Mae Brussell: 

Notice the quote and their intentions at the 9:31 mark: Regenerate Biological Materials.

Ponder those implications for a moment and where they just might be headed with this...Regenerate. Biological. Materials. Hidden frequencies. Shedding. What's going on with CERN? What's going on in our bodies? What's going on with Quantum computers? If quantum entangling is going on, what are we quantum entangling with? Something or somethings that want us, by definition, genetically modified? How long have they been trying to achieve that thru the food chain alone?    

And also as she says -- very important -- we are losing the ability to reach back and remember there is a better way. We are being conditioned. For very specific reasons. 

And here we go again:

And have some brutal smoking gun truth about what's behind the pressure to get that covid vaxx into everyone:

Hear that? All the governments know. By the time you know, unless you've been coming faithfully to blogs like this one, or substacks by Naomi Wolf or Emerald Robinson, or vids by Polly St. George or Drs Malone or McCullough, it will be far too late. As we speak the largest death cult -- and that's what it is -- is operating out in the open. They run your government and all the major corporations. And they will kill more people than anyone else in the history of the world combined. A billion dead. With a B. It's well on the way.

It's far past time to stop ignoring statements from Harari, Schwab and other WEF minions like "surveillance under the skin," "free will, that's over," and "the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it doesn't just change what we do but it changes US." This is DNA tampering, genetic alteration, and inserted nanotech via jabs. There are no other options. A concerted effort of including as many over the entire world in the largest medical experiment ever. Nobody asked us though. That all governments are now admitting this -- as outlined in the above tweet -- is the admitting to open fascism. And I believe even more than that.

As a reminder, listen to what Gates sneaks in to the commentary here at the 4 min. mark at this TED talk:

So there's no confusion, yes, he really does say what you think you just heard: we can lower the existing population by some 10-15% thru vaccines and health services. This was in 2010.   

We always aim to peer a bit farther out over the ledge...and ever deeper into the psychedelic mists of permanent overlord colonists and their chaos magick. And these posts always will as long as I have my say, my way, because everywhere we turn we are surrounded by feints and language that aim to propel us deep into a very wild and very dark occultic heart of operations. Even those that can't decipher note for note what they're seeing and hearing know something horribly, terribly wrong, and off, is going on -- even as we are all placed on a timetable where things are only escalating, speeding up, quickening. Graphene is in the injections and Shiva's in the courtyard:

But those satanic ritual sacrifices, those are just a joke, right? RIGHT?    

Here's none other than AJ finally punching his ticket on the Stew Peters-Carrie Madej-Jane Ruby-La Quinta Columna Express that been rolling down the bloody tracks for well over a year plus now. All evidence that, I might remind you, is easily scientifically verifiable everywhere but the mainstream:

That fact alone should put every media member on the same docket Fauci-Gates-Birx-Schwab-Harari and every member of the CDC, FDA, WHO, NIH and Biden Administration are all destined for in whatever Nuremberg 2.0 awaits. Death by execution. The same fate they have sentenced millions if not tens of millions or more to. This is quickly eclipsing Vietnam now and approaching, perhaps passing, Holocaust-level genocide. Perhaps by many levels of magnitude.  

But Jones is on to something else, something bigger, at the end too. Something that hints back to an Epstein death wish fueled by all his broad-based esoteric, cutting-edge interests for years...Those who don't die are destined for other, stranger, things...and don't you just love that?    

But as I have reiterated here many times before, nothing comes without testing, and things of this nature -- in the blood -- have been appearing for awhile now. This case study from 2005 in Sweden:

Note how very much the microscopy imaging of what's going on in Magnus' blood mirrors almost identically the red blood vessel breakdowns and clumping occurring in the vaxxed, leading to myocarditis and embolisms, drastically compromised immune systems, aggressive cancers, and so much more deviltry coming down the line soon if not immediately.

And then we have this crazy story from crazydaysandnights that just keeps showing its pertinence:

Remember, the code is, think FAANG:

Two of these had CEOs that were doing covert testing of smart dust as a delivery system dosing something on the American populace without their knowledge.

Steven Greer also trotted out this witness pre-2001:

A security consultant/ systems analyst for early tech start-ups (any of the above I wonder?). Bill Pawelec definitely had a hold of part of the elephant that's still looming in the room today. These bridges to babylon are endless... 

The Babalon Working has grown to encompass the world and been updated to embrace new technology and new systems of control -- and the Next Stage has been initiated. Where it all will end somebody knows. But not us. Not yet. Some knowledge is not deemed fit for the  profane at this time. Right now we are merely meant to bear witness to the carnage. Solve et coagula, dragula: 

But there have always been the clues...

Let's remember what Whitley Strieber said, in his Solving The Communion Enigma, out there in 2011:


On that growing to encompass the whole world thing -- just what do you imagine that world would look like? 

Now look again -- very carefully. What is that creepy vibe outside your window that hums along unabated like a merger of dark tech and darker spirituality joined to create a vanishing point of dystopian ruin and transhuman nightmare? As the veils fall something haunts us all.

It may seem as if it's only vaccines and their sinister terrestrial fallout happening, but buried far below the surface and pertaining to the same agenda in this waking world, wilder things are afoot. People are missing, and the big machine that is enabling that, in whatever capacity exists between here and other realms (and there seem to be many**), rolls on.


This scene, all over, every day, once more, with feeling: 

That says everything you'll ever need by way of explanation.

May we all live to see the dawn in this funhouse world of bad luck. Let's keep turning it back on 'em...telling lines for these times for those of us constantly giving the middle finger to conformity and do-as-you're-told mandates from brainwashed zombie idiots plunged into covidiocracy. "Thirteen's my lucky number!! To you it means stay inside...

Play us out Social D. And turn it up to 11. Because their drumbeat, only growing stronger, needs to be drowned out:









  1. These aren't mere "parallel universes". Ordinary worlds, parallel to our own, wouldn't be populated with monsters who hate us and want to kill us. Ordinary worlds, parallel to our own, wouldn't be filled with beings who ALWAYS know more than we do and have the upper hand on us.

    1. The past is prologue:

      There's an "ordinary world" somehow we all have to find.

  2. With that John Keel link, I had a few things to say. At one time, I took care of an American man that was living in Brazil during the height of the kidnappings, there was a number of things going on between there being a lot of orphans as a product of the conflicts and the Junta sadistically kidnapping and torturing adults as well as children. He told me that there was one orphan boy that he took a liking to and was going to adopt. The orphans would got to certain places that locals knew to be hired out for work. There was one particular park that he had gotten wind that the children hadn't came back from after getting picked up for work. He warned the boy to never go near that park. Then in the course of investigating what was going on they found a big open top truck filled with the dead bodies of children taking them to a mass grave. He went back to get the boy and leave and couldn't find him. When he did find him, he was dead, alone, near railroad tracks and he was told that it was done because they had been tipped off that he was looking into it.

    Then my dad said that he was walking down the street in Plymouth, MA and his vision got blurry and he went to rub his eyes and when he pulled his hands away he was standing in completely unfamiliar surroundings and found out that he was in Phoenix AZ and it was 3 days later! He said that it happened a few times like that but that was the furthest away. He also had a story he called "The Night of the Green Fog" he was driving a patrol car at night on the edge of the Bridgewater Triangle in the Hockomock swamp in MA. He was not far behind another patrol car. Suddenly a thick green fog was everywhere. He was simultaneously trying to close off his vents and radio in that there was a chlorine gas spill or something. His radio wouldn't work. He had let off the gas, and some force took a hold of his cruiser and pulled it insanely fast he tried hitting his brakes and it didn't do any good. Suddenly he popped out the other side of the fog into daylight (it had been night) and was in the next town over. Then his brakes worked and he was able to slow down. His radio still wouldn't work. He had a friend that lived in that town who's house he'd been to that week so he drove over there, all the while not being able to shake that it was that town yet somehow different, he couldn't place how.
    When he got to his friend's house, a stranger answered the door, looking over his shoulder there were different furnishings and wallpaper. He looked around outside double-checking, yeah he had the right house. The stranger said they had never heard of his friend and what's more they had lived there for years!
    He decided to go to the local precinct, he stopped about a block away and watched as new different cruisers with police in unrecognizable black uniforms were moving about. Then he noticed two with the old uniforms, he locked eyes and realized it was the two who were in the cruiser in front of him right before the fog. They motioned for him to come over. They started comparing notes they had had a similar experience coming in. They were surprised that my dad had talked to someone because most of the people that they approached apparently couldn't see them they demonstrated. All three of them tried with everything they could to see the date on a newspaper but somehow it was too blurry they figured it was the same phenomenon preventing the people from seeing them. Eventually they decided to try to drive back the same way they came and it worked, they came back to night with only 30-45 min missing roughly the time they spent in the town. They regrouped and said "Are you going to report this?" "Hell No! Are you?" "No way!" For a few
    years he kept up with his coworkers who still remembered it too. Over a decade later, that town got the cruisers and uniforms.

    I heard this story a number of times in the 90's on up. Recently I found other reports to green fog with strange phenomena in the Hockomock Swamp. (It's also called Devil's Triangle)

    1. David Paulides has noted how often many of the worst "disappearances" at state and national parks take place in or around locations with the word devil in them, like devil's peak or devil's point.
      Someone knew something was off way back when they were naming various geographic features in the national parks.

    2. Crazy recollections Dginn. I think we all have moments in our pasts -- even some within our families -- that don't settle for easy or mundane explanations. There is another layer to life and the world out there. Some of us are blessed with the universe (God) choosing us to reveal things like that to. He knows that will lead us further into other places.

      & great points Cals!! The Native and earliest peoples here most definitely named places as such for a reason. If I remember correctly there's a chapter in The Mothman Prophecies where Keel mentions that the entire STATE of West Virginia was considered off limits for all tribes around those areas because of supernatural doings indigenous to that portion of land. Ghostly whisperings, apparitions, cryptids, balls of light in the was perceived that the "other side" held full sway there and it was given a wide berth on the advice of every shaman and medicine man going. Of course the white man took over and completely trashed all those sayings & advice -- at times to his regret.

  3. And Dginn -- here ya go:

  4. Replies
    1. Scroll down to page 14. The Venusian goddess Orejona.

    2. WHERE in the holy hell do you come UP with this GOLD??!!
      That whole thing is like a day at my job!! Haha!!
      No seriously, in my next life I plan to be constantly prowling mysterious archaeology & ruins...

      I crave all the old UFO comics from yesteryear that I collected & horded like a crazed weasel. Kept most of em in pristine condition too -- Don't EVEN wanna think how much they'd bring today.....How do you make a case with parents in your early teens that these are gonna be worth a mint someday??!!
      At least I have some Steranko Nick Fury reproductions, all the Barry Windsor Smith early Conans, & pretty much all of the first couple of years of Kirby's Fourth World/New Gods at DC right aft he left Marvel. All of those to me are high art & keep me in touch (like a time machine) with that era.

    3. Do you have any idea how to turn that page 14 (with the Venusian arriving on Earth) into a single pic? I can't. I can't even get a screenshot; it's almost as if it's "read only", no saving possible.

    4. Jaybers!! -- it would require getting it into 2 pieces, which would suck, but any snipping tool -- I have 'Snip n Sketch' -- would do the trick.
      Just type 'snipping tool' into your search bar at the bottom, & that should do the trick. I just tried it & it works for me on that particular post. Only thing is, like I said, unless you've got a HUGE ass monitor it's going to be piecemeal.

  5. Thought all of you might like this as the truth never gets old:

    Pay particular Attention to min 59:28 and the possible fate of the real Flight 93 -- landing in Cleveland for a half hour when some 200 passengers were offloaded to NASA Glenn Research Center at Hopkins airport to be "interviewed"/"debriefed" by an FBI task force.

    The whereabouts of those 200 passengers on that particular flight, as well as their identities, has never been forthcoming.

    FYI -- the total # of passengers on all 4 planes that day added together?: 200.

    You do the math...

  6. Btw, there's blatant censorship on the internet Certain names or subjects are "not found", when I know for a fact they used to be present on the 'net; but now, all scrubbed, even the screen captures have been erased. Anything having to do with Orejona + Venus/Venusian is absent.

    1. On this video, at 5:46, proof of Ancient *Sumerian* influence in pre-columbian South America.

    2. Erick Von Daniken mentionned Orejona ONCE, and only ONCE, in his first book "Chariots of the Gods" (he misspelled her name and completely left out the planet Venus). Are they actually telling me they wouldN'T devote an entire episode of "Ancient Aliens" to her? There *IS* a conspiracy surrounding her.


  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Me and mine got covid, felt like death warmed over yesterday fever of 102+, couldn't think or walk straight. Took ivermectin. Better today. Still have my sense of smell and taste.

    1. If you get Monkeypox, start asking them some serious questions. ;)

    2. Hey you're the one more likely to get it from your sex changed neighbor

    3. This site is REALLY monitored and compromised...

      Make the slightest anti-tr*ns comment, it gets deleted without a trace. These censors don't have a f**king life.

    -Moncrieff’s team found that there was no evidence that low serotonin activity or amounts cause depression.
    “The implication of our paper is that we do not know what [SSRI] antidepressants are doing,” says Moncrieff. One possibility is that they are working through a placebo effect, she says.-

    Not sure if you've covered this but it seems that SSRIs have no effect on depression. I seem to remember reading years ago that the serotonin link to depression was debunked almost as soon as it was made yet Pharma companies either ignored or suppressed those claims because they saw the huge profits that would be made my SSRIs.
    Gee, imagine that? Dishonest Pharma companies? Must be those pesky conspiracy theorists again.
    These are powerful anti-psychotics that I've seen described as "lobotomies in a pill" and millions of people eat those pills on a regular basis. They then piss the remnants out into the water supply where they've been detected in fish and pretty much everywhere else.
    But if they have no effect on the problem they're marketed for, what do they do?
    You can file this under the "mind control" part of your blog.

  10. From Journeyman, warnings coming in from farmers worldwide:

    "Just been through about 700+ comments from the US, Canada, Europe, UK, Sweden, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and beyond:

    a) seeds are showing poor germination from a wide range of suppliers
    b) those that do germinate and start to grow are doing so i) slower than usual OR ii) are getting so far in their growth then dying (a bit like Tesco's herbs unless you transplant into fresh earth!) OR iii) are growing well but producing greenery not edible produce, so poor yields
    c) suspicion is also falling on contaminated bagged compost -- many reports of issues here, some discussion around Grazon contamination
    d) in addition, folks are noticing that store bought veg & fruit is not lasting, plus some is rotten on opening although firm externally
    e) suggestions also being made about soil alkalinity from chemtrails inhibiting growth
    f) some people raising animals are *getting all male babies [!?]*
    g) sunflowers & other plants are being burnt up by the sun's rays
    h) there is poor growth/yield from fruit trees
    j) plentiful complaints from folks that have been growing for 25-40 years that things just aren't right with a degree of confusion as to the source
    k) livestock feed prices are skyrocketing
    l) many sick & dead animals around this year & dead birds found daily (Italy)
    m) too hot/ too dry/ no rain/ storms/ erratic weather with false forecasting
    n) absence of bees for pollination
    p) cold nights inhibiting growth
    q) abundance of pests & bugs at levels not seen before
    r) zucchini with *zero female flowers*
    s) blatant chemtrail spraying with some warning of "cancer in the ground for gardeners",
    t) healthy hens stopping laying
    u) pullets dropping dead at 6 months with no obvious cause
    v) cooler spring so plants are a month behind
    w) hard to get the cows/goats back in calf
    x) change in taste of store bought veg/fruit
    y) salads are going straight to seed and bolting
    z) overall poor germination & growth - a weird growing year,

    Common phrase: "Never seen anything like it in 30 years""


    2. Time to invest in long pork and machete stocks

  11. Did you know that the great Jim Starling once did a brilliant adaptation of "Gilgamesh"? Here's the fourth and final part:

  12. JB & Crew --
    ALL of this is beginning to be so reminiscent of the revamped Battlestar Galactica, where both humans & machines were maneuvered in the purpose of God's plan -- & when the end came around it was revealed that while we were thinking Earth had been destroyed & we were looking in the future, it was actually 150,000 years in the PAST, & we had been gazing the entire time on our creation, & how it came about.
    Hence the tagline, revealed in this scene at the very beginning: "All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again."

    The main character, Starbuck (Kara Thrace) is even killed off before returning to fulfill her destiny to guide humanity to Earth:

    The show never explicitly tells you WHAT she is in this incarnation, but leans heavily towards the angelic.

    It is also implied that both humans and machines mated in the very beginning (as we know it) to beget this round of humanity we're experiencing, even as both humans and machines are presented in avataric forms & visions to other principals thruout the series as messengers from God:

    & the code to be used as a numerical map to guide humanity to Earth?
    Embedded in the song All Along the Watchtower!!

    So the entire series uses destiny, fate, reincarnation, soul transfer, & messengers from God moving around a cosmic chessboard to ensure a continuation of a charmed, chosen species.

    There is nothing new under the sun. A fascinating series far ahead of its time where everything connects (even the small pieces), there are no small pieces, and the ending is a complete resolve.

    Lately this all has been playing in my head like we're ALL pieces of this, and it actually IS happening again...We might not see it for what it is now, but everything that's transpiring is God's plan. And it's all going to be OK.

    There must be some kind of way out of here; so let us not talk falsely now, because the hour is getting late.

  13. Forgot one or two:

  14. The opener:

  15. How would people here define the difference between biological and mechanical I wonder?
    What is "humanity" as we currently know it? What is going to result from a further meshing of it with "technology"?
    I don't have answers to these questions but I would love to hear anybody attempt them

    1. Hey Aaaaaa!! Thanks for chiming in!!
      To answer your question, I think that line has been being blurred for some time, what with pacemakers, joint replacements, implanted hearing aids and optics, even just simple screws and bolts to stabilize.
      Metaphorically speaking tho, we're venturing into entirely different worlds with brain-machine interface, neuralink, the mechanical & organic components of whatever is finally revealed to be in these coco vaxxes, etc.
      In Harari's own words, they're finding no longer any use for God or religion or Jesus -- they are they're OWN gods now. And exactly why so many have come forward post-vaxx and testified that they feel totally cut off from any kind of spiritual connection anymore whatsoever.

      Which may be the entire point. As Tracy Twyman said, killing God to become god.

    2. I used to believe this was fiction. Now I'm not so sure...

  16. PS -- to say nothing of what we've been being engineered into for decades with chemtrails, smart dust, microwaves, ELF, now 5G. The slowly boiling frog in the technological pressure cooker. Throw things like CERN into the mix altering the terrain, & who knows what's lurking around the corner?

    One of my fav quotes is, "the disease is nothing; the terrain? Everything."

  17. Haha yes! I am aware of all these pressures (with many thanks to yourself) and often I ask myself (being born around the flash that was dialup internet) now that we are approaching such a crossroads of the horrific and the fantastic --- What is human? What are we losing? What are we gaining? Exactly how are we being cut off from God? If this is identifiable does it mean the reverse would get us closer to God? Now that we are close to the end (of this aeons at least) version of humanity, what do we see when we try and go back to summarise?
    I see many things which I don't know how to articulate or sure if their even worth to articulate. I wish there was a tangible hope to focus on and grow. A throughline of good to follow from our chopped up and violent history. Maybe this is a test of faith ultimately and that there's a lesson in that. I don't know. Sometimes all these schemes feel all as easily beatable as every one spontaneously deciding to use their front and backyards to vegetable garden. Yno, just as easy that. :'^]

    I love Twyman and miss her. You could always rely on her for wild takes that - after the initial shock/sceptism wore off - wormed their way into your reality. It's fucking worrying she's become prophetic. When I saw the whole elite take a knee/genuflect just after covid it was a surreal reminder of her horrible book.

    1. If the stories about the anti-spiritual aspects of the Vaxx are true, then we have to assume that part of our DNA acts as an "antenna" for our souls; shut it down, we turn into empty shells, into soulless zombies, cut off from the deeper spiritual dimension of the Universe.

    2. To both Aaaaaa & JB -- I think you both are right, & you both allude to what I think Amazing Polly was trying to get at -- they desire to destroy every last remnant of anything that occurred before their reign, i.e., why they are so intent on muddying timelines, altering reality, destroying monuments, censoring what was prev known as true, changing definitions, playing with our memories and perceptions, all of it.
      If they can get everyone to forget, then they can make it impossible for us to even IMAGINE our way out of this. To even be able to remember how much better things used to be.
      I'm sure they'd love nothing more than to give us all low-grade alzheimers -- to have nothing left of the past. Because that's dangerous for them. Maybe the most dangerous thing of all.

      Ray Bradbury first warned of such circumstances in his "To The Chicago Abyss,"

  18. How this whole mess should end:

  19. The Smoky God, or A Voyage Journey to the Inner Earth is a book presented as a true account written by Willis George Emerson in 1908, which describes the adventures of Olaf Jansen, a Norwegian sailor who sailed with his father through an entrance to the Earth's interior at the North Pole.

    For two years Jansen lived with the inhabitants of an underground network of colonies who, Emerson writes, were 12 feet tall and whose world was lit by a "smoky" central sun. Their capital city was said to be the original Garden of Eden.

    "The Smoky God" is the name given to the dim, red sun by the Hollow Earth people whom worship it. It should be mentionned that Olaf Jensen was a believer in the old Norwegian traditions of Odin and Thor (his travels deep within our world only strenghtened his beliefs), and that the inside of the Earth is supposedly covered with gigantic crystals; we essentially live on the rough surface of an immense geode.

  20. Replies
    1. This too MissyF:

      So much is out there, it's frightening. Revelation of the Method all the way.

      And JB, re all the inner earth stuff that seems to rear its head ad infinitum, you'll be interested to know that one very big disseminator of that forbidden knowledge was none other than Miles Davis, who in his post-Bitches Brew phase, went even more fusion/acid/freakout with both AGHARTA & PANGAEA -- acquired tastes for sure but once they get under your skin, it's alllllll over:

      Little dude was into some woo -- final release of this "trilogy" released in '75/76/77 was DARK MAGUS. Haha!! & all essential.
      Voodoo Ray Gun. Sci-fi Theatre.

      All these together with the breaking-the-ice Bitches Brew --

      pretty much represent the limits of modern music of any genre.
      Nothing's ever gone further than this & in many, many ways we still haven't caught up to that sound yet.
      Listen to it enough & you may just come to the conclusion that it's the only music that matters.

      That he uses symbolism & callbacks like Agharta & Pangaea to trigger off certain feels only add to their mystique for me. But then again, it WAS the 70s!! And this was a big part of the soundtrack -- even if you weren't part of the club that heard it at the time, it seismically coloured everything around you.

  21. Well if this isn't the best thing I've heard all year (so far):

    Melissa never fails with the delivery -- and BTW from 27:36 thru to the end is very much the best summation of all the crazy I've yet heard so far...period.

  22. Might find this of interest:

  23. You should expect anything different at this point?

    Good effing LORD.
    Still waiting for that pillars of salt judgement to come down again -- any day now........

  24. Meanwhile, Alex Jones, in the middle of approx 8 billion $$ judgements against, still finds time for this:

    Don't care what you, I, or anybody thinks of him, but if you don't see that the powers-that-be making an existential threat of him aren't the real ones to be worried about, then you can't see anything.
    And btw, the reverse psych is strong here and now: the amount of otherwise prev uncaring people NOW wanting to know EVERYTHING about Sandy Hook is growing by leaps & bounds. As in what REALLY happened.
    That horse has long left the barn and offers precious little now findable by way of internets, but just in case:

    But all this is nothing new (under the sun) -- have I told you about Columbine??

    Transcript here:

    And even more in depth here:

    We've been LIED to for so long it's not even funny.

    1. Abortion at the end:

      Moloch, written "mlk", means "sacrifice" in the Punic language.

      "Phoenicians, and above all Carthaginians, worship Kronos (Moloch); if they wish to achieve something big, they devote a child of theirs, and in the case of success, sacrifice it to the god. There is a bronze statue of Kronos among them, which stands upright with open arms and palms of its hands facing upwards above a bronze brazier on which the child is burnt. When the flames reach the body, the victim’s limbs stiffen and the tense mouth almost seems like it is laughing until, with a final spasm, the child falls in the brazier."

      *Wealthy Carthaginians would purchase infant slaves to offer in lieu of their own children.* Although the priests who sacrificed children had been crucified by a Roman procurator, "that holy crime persists in secret". A Christian writer, Minucius Felix, claims that Punic women *aborted their children as a form of sacrifice*.

    2. KRONOS seems to be coming up a LOT and synching lately in lots of weird streams.....all started with that Outer Range Amazon series & has been going from there...Saturn...Moloch...CERN....
      Came across this link today:

      Coronavirus = Krono-virus??

  25. On a lighter side (??!!) here ya go JB!!
    No more lumberjackin for me -- found a new side hustle!!

    Pay not great but the side bennies of wide open spaces, fresh air, & gaping flesh wounds were just too much to resist....

  26. Man the news is flying hot & heavy tonight -- what in hell happened with actress Anne Heche??

    They've got her completely covered like she's dead and then she rises all zombie vampire-like????? Vaxx-related?

    Fleeing from one crash site only to launch herself into ANOTHER house?

    WTAF -- & she's not the only one -- check this horrific shit out:

    Even eyes in the back of your head aren't gonna save you from that.
    There is some MAJOR disconnect/rewiring going on over a HUGE segment of the population right now...People are just gone mentally in massive numbers. Complete psychological and orienting disengagement. Awareness of surroundings + cognitive ability at complete ZERO.

    Something crazily weird is going on.

  27. PS -- Hollyweird word is that she got frighteningly messed up researching for this role back in the day and was mentally never quite the same since:

    Huh -- chemtrails weaken your immune system??!! Imagine.
    What else is doing that job these days?

  28. Just got the lowdown on the Heche wiki page -- WHOA:

    Does that tick all the boxes, or what? She & Allison Mack vying for MCMMM poster girl. (Nic Kidman Miss Congeniality...)

  29. Weird. Anne Heches Wikipedia story checks all sort of mkultra boxes. She rocked up at a random person's house after wandering round the desert and started saying she was an avatar of God and was gonna save people on her mothership awhile back.

    Pelosi Taiwan trip and NYC nuke promo don't bode well.

    Also was it Operation Warp Speed that Trump was talking about a shortage of 'baby formula' cause that popped into my head in a bad way lately. Tracy Twymans ghost is restless one.

    1. Hear, hear on the last comment there, I don't rightly know what to do about the latest bit of weirdness.

  30. The most troubling aspect of all this is that "Moloch" might not refer to a god other than Yahweh/El, but merely to a specific form of sacrifice (mlk); meaning that countless thousands (millions?) of children were murdered in adoration of the Biblical Yahweh/El.

    Same as this: The Golden Calf was made by Aaron and worshipped by the Hebrews in the wilderness of Sinai (Exodus). The text of the Hebrew Bible (the Tanakh) can be understood to refer to the idol *as representing the God of Israel himself*, perhaps through an association or syncretization with Egyptian or Levantine bull gods, rather than a new deity in itself.

    Think about it: the Golden Calf was an idol of the Biblical God, the "sin" associated with it was the worship of a graven image and the pagan-style orgy around it.

  31. I believe that perhaps we need to talk about where this is all coming from and the source of our whole problem facing us right now, I call Technocracy as that. Been looking into it for a couple of days, and its really an interesting story, because this Technocracy thing is not a new thing, in fact it looks like it lost a war fought in the 30's, with bad universal intend. The front person was more an agent for Technocracy as a way, rather then through contribution would be how I see it. The bottom line is the technology and how they have used it in truth. If we make the Trilateral Connection Here now, we can see who is responsible for the googles and the facebook's, of the world, technology has lost it fucking mind in my humble opinion...the sad truth is man is better off without this technology, I have no doubt of that.

    1. Hey OMID!!
      I so remember my dear old Dad back in the day (circa Watergate mainly) going to this little what would have then been an alt-right bookstore that specialized in conspiracy lit & getting all these tomes sponsored by peeps like Lyndon Larouche, John Birch society, etc. He was at the time deep into Kennedy assassinations, Chappaquiddick, etc.
      I often think he would have had a FIELD day with what certain portions of the internet feature now!! So he to a great extent lives on in me.

      Anyway, he often cited groups like the Trilat Commission, Council on Foreign Relations to name 2, that lots of folks hadn't even heard of back then. Now they're ubiquitous. Neither of my folks lived to see 9/11, but I often think that my Dad especially would have seen thru that from the very beginning. In so many important ways he was NOT a sheep. I get the spiritual/esper side from my Mom and the analytical, questioning side from him.

      Getting to the point of what you mentioned, many forget that the blueprint for 9/11 was in the PNAC white paper by Cheney, Rumsfeld & others, & it specifically mentioned the use of race-specific bioweapons as the next avenue of research for weaponization. "A politically useful tool" they even called it.

      By not calling all those vipers to account back then, we've inherited the mess we're in today.

  32. And JB -- to follow up on your very detailed Moloch comms, it increasingly seems that the God of the Old Testament vs the One of he New are vastly diff gods. One will vaporise you if you look at him wrong while the other preaches (thru his avatar), forgiveness, endless love, and continuing to love you even if you DON'T love Him.
    Unless you are describing a horrific, Keelian bipolar God, these are by definition 2 wildly different deities.Brings very much to mind the Gnostic notion that the OT God was/is actually the Devil in disguise. This of course paints the Garden of Eden, denial-of-knowledge story in an entirely new light. (Was the Christ consciousness, rebellion arc actually in the snake?) After all, God DID give over this world to who? The Devil.

    It's just like Ferrie said in JFK: "Everybody's flippin sides all the time. It's fun and games, man, fun and games!!"

    Sometimes, most times, I think you can boil everything down in life to scenes from that film.

    1. There's Hebrew scholars that say the Old Testament Elohim were plural gods.

    2. EXACTLY.
      Right down to the pointed translation in Genesis, "Let us make man in OUR image."

  33. And right here JB -- one of the VERY few references I've been able to track down re Orejona:

    And this relating to the planet Venus -- another name for her?

    And so close to the Nazca Plain:

    Reminds me so much of Keel's LFBE's: long-fingered blonde elementals...much of which has survived even into today's world.

  34. Well, this is either part of the turning, or he just signed his death warrant:


    In other news <:^]

    1. Haha -- the comments are hilarious: Disney lifetime contract incoming...Did he run from the cops?...that time The Flash wished he'd auditioned for the Invisible Man!!

  36. Between Anne Heche & this Hollyweird has officially checked out totally from the entire human race. That California falling into the sea thing -- Arizona Bay as Bill Hicks once opined -- can happen any old time now as far as I'm concerned.

  37. And finally, check out the Vermont Farm Incidents at the bottom of his wiki page:

    Sounds like a budding little Jim Jones Jr. in the making. Stellar individual.

  38. Earlier tonight, Biden's weaponized against all opponents FBI raided Mar-a-lago.
    Welcome to the Weimar Republic boys and girls. Circa 1933.
    All extraordinary emergency measures and laws entirely declared Constitutional. From the vaxx to deciding who gets audited and goes to jail. This is a seizure of power that effectively ends the republic. We are all Alex Jones now.

    Will have much more to say about this. While I can...

  39. I'm gonna start calling the bastards the "MLK" Cult.

    "Moloch, from Hebrew mōlek, from Canaanite *mulk, perhaps variant of Canaanite *malk, *milk, king."

    MLK means "sacrifice", but also sometimes "king"; Martin Luther King, MLK, sacrifice, King.

    Moloch was sometimes simply "milk"; remember how they used to put the the pictures of *missing children* on *milk* cartons?

    Moloch was just the form of sacrifice, murdering your own children, to Chronos/Saturn, sacrificing the future itself to Father Time, the one who infamously devoured his young.

    And here's Moloch Sweetened Condensed Milk:,true):format(webp)/

    1. Pretty good & astute portrayal of their ethos, mythos, & plan of action I'd say, my man!!
      Those who they don't kill off outright or re-engineer according to their Epstein-derived clot shot, they're going to enslave at heretofore unimagined levels.
      No matter what you think of either Alex Jones or esp Trump, if they can and will do this to them, just imagine what they have in store for the rest of us...nearly 90K new IRS agents...

      Defund the police?? How about let's defund both the IRS & the FBI for just starters. Never thought I'd live to say it, but the FBI is now provably even MORE corrupt & out of the control than the vile CIA. & that's REALLY saying something. All "institutions" like this need to be shut down and every employee put out to pasture somewhere deep within the prison system.

      All have literally lived out the saying "if you're not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."

      A problem we, the people, can fix with widespread use of the 2nd Amendment.

      Trump tweeted not long ago that during the raid, none of his people, assets, lawyers, security, etc were allowed to be on site or have any visuals/ eyes on during the takeover.....what ARE the odds something was planted??

      This is Civil War.

  40. Right around from the 2:20 point on here:

    WOW. Epstein's just the gift that keeps on giving, isn't he?


    Anne Heche crashed into her clones house? Wa da fug

    1. In the movie THE ISLAND they were raising clones of rich and famous people.

    2. OK -- that's just downright bizarro.
      Heche just died formally btw after being kept alive supposedly for her organs ever since post-crash, which is weird cos we all saw her rise from that stretcher all Vlad the Impaler-like AFTER they'd zipped her up snug as a bug in a rug.

      What is happening??!!

    3. Yeah this heche stuff super sus
      Her coming alive on the stretcher is high level spooky


  43. How do you know if someone comments above in the other reply threads
    It says there more posts but then I can't find them

    1. You just have to look at the numbers and dates.

  44. IRS adding 87,000 more employees and many of the positions armed and willing to use deadly force.

    IRS training for home raids

    Here in Oklahoma, we're in one of the worst droughts I've ever seen. We've had one day of rain since the beginning of June. I had a farmer tell me that some of his families fields that were irrigated the insurance completely totaled out, that's unheard of. He said that even grass hay fields are no good. He said one acreage he regularly gets 200 good bales from, this year he got 25 lousy bales!

    Trust the science:

    Wholesome entertainment

    1. Hey Dginn!!
      Definitely not buying the whole climate change hardsell hooha, but manipulated weather streams thru DEWs and other atmospheric tech (HAARP, Nexrad radars, even CERN) is another thing entirely. They've all been hard at that for decades now & the refining has only continued.
      Defense Sec Cohen even made public mention of it being used as a weapons system back in 1997:

  45. Hey Aaaaaa!!

    Answering your comm above about responding to this & other threads --
    I can access all prev posts but -- not sure if that's accessible for you not being the "blogmaster;" only other option that I know is to scroll down to the bottom of every page & keep hitting "Older posts." That will get you everything all the way back to 2011 -- just will take awhile. Bring a snuggie and lots of coffee!!

    PS -- even I don't get notified if someone/anyone posts a comment on some random entry from, say, 2014. Just have to manually go back and check; which I'm prob pretty horrible at. All in all, system not configured very well.

  46. Anne Heche, who during past year was making the movie “Girl In Room 13” about child sex slavery and trafficking...US Congresswoman Walorski...her death suspicious as well given her work, against sex trafficking, Heche and her were communicating

    1. Weird -- really weird -- just how many people poking around these topics don't live to expire cozy passings by the fireside: Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Anthony Bourdain, Isaac Kappy, Tracy Twyman, Mae Brussell, (dare I say Epstein?), Nancy Shaefer, Aaron Swartz (reddit founder), Max Spiers, now Heche & Walorski -- & I'm sure I've forgotten many, many.

      There is something here -- something very tangible. Ben Swann got closer than any & was nearly ruined.

    2. I doubt either had control of the car they were in , I have seen this shit first hand down in San Diego on route 125, the wife and I were witness to a car with 4 people in it, that they could not control, there was construction going on and at a detour that was about 2 miles ahead of where it when by us screaming, the problem for them was the detour was a T, where they had to turn left or right, they tried to turn left at 100+ rolled it and it blew up in flames. horrible thing to see. I never thought it was a good idea to let them chip cars.

    3. To play devil's advocate, I had a friend that got a car with first generation cruise control in it and they were told not to use the cruise control but not why. They tried and the car just kept accelerating and wouldn't turn off, I forgot how they got it stopped but they avoided a major accident. Interesting that they said that it will no longer be investigated, since she passed away, because it could be the car malfunctioned.

  47. You might need to read this.

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. I hear you like memes:

  50. Jennette MCcurdy, she will be the next one for an untimely demise, her book, I am glad my mom died will ruffle the feathers in Sodom/Hollyweird

  51. Did you read it? Whats it mention?

    1. Just released last week, basically she is another of the nickelodeon kids, her mom was most likely her handler, odd timing on the release of the book, and the Heche episode. The whore media is giving McCurdy exposure, this will get the internet sleuths looking into the book, the 'alternative' media will run with the salacious details shortly.

    2. Then there was her uber weird Tom Hanks comment:

      Don't know about you -- but that more than anything harkens back to the Podesta emails pizzagate code for me.
      Is that what they're calling it now? "Charades" at Tom Hanks' house?
      & why is it ALWAYS Hanks in the middle of this shit? Smoke, meet fire.

    3. Tom Hanks and Merryl Streep are high ranking luciferians according to Fiona Barnett. Merry Streep being like some sort of arch-priestess. Who knows what Tom Hanks is but something similair likely.
      Makes you hmm


    With every one of my children they said that it had nothing to do with DNA. I even refused it before only to wake up to the next nurse doing it on them while we were sleeping.

    1. Surreptitiously taking and then banking anyone's DNA is a CRIME.
      Pure and simple. To marginalize it with normalization tactics is something the Nazis did.
      And there ya go....

  53. Will also never forget that time in the mid-late 1980s when while cashing a check at my normal bank right next door to where I worked I had to give my fingerprint.
    Only happened once & never again.
    Stood out to me with not very much subtlety.
    Wasn't disclosed under who's authority this action was sanctioned or where the info was going. Was literally the only person in the bank at the time so have no idea how widespread this action was.

    Talk about feeling like being trapped in a Kafka novel.