Friday, July 15, 2022


Hey guys!! Will have a new mega-post up likely tomorrow night undercover of darkness but wanted to put this striking anomaly up quick before then.

All around the country commercial flights are being delayed and cancelled at record rates due to "issues," (wink wink) about which I'll have more tomorrow -- but if that is the case, what is this on flightradar?

And what does that have to do with this??:

I usually always tell you eyes to the skies, but that pertains more than ever right now. Strange days and nights are afoot. Back in 24...


  1. This can only mean one thing... an Angel is coming!

    (In the Japanese animation series "Neon Genesis Evangelion", whenever Tokyo is about to be attacked by an "Angel", we suddenly see the sky being filled by hundreds of airplanes, due to all government officials and other VIPs fleeing the city.)

    1. Oh an angel is coming alright -- a Strange Angel!!


  3. I saw a similar article last night somewhere saying that all of the FAA cameras that pointed East were turned off.
    There is fuckery afoot.

  4. Slightly (but not completely) off topic: I saw an excerpt from the very recent Sex and The City show sequel called And Just Like That (universally panned by former fans as a contrived wokefest, btw). Anyhow. Carrie the heroine buys a palatial, all-white apartment in downtown NYC. The only two items she brings with her are 1) a spherical, dazzling-yellow desk lamp; and 2) an equally spherical and equally yellow beach hat. Both objects are supposedly from the 80s. Needless to say, neither had ever been seen before on any of the SATC franchise's 24 years' worth of TV episodes and movies.

    Here's a photo (the hat's not displayed very well, but bear with me):

    It could be that I have simply binge-read too many posts on this mind control-themed blog, but isn't it hard to escape the "two suns" symbolism, even to a casual viewer?...

    Still on the subject of mind control, SATC has been quite clever that way. Another central character, Charlotte the "Episcopalian princess" marries a Jewish lawyer and names their daughters Lily and Rose (= textbook signals of bloodlines / generational trauma. You know who else's daughter is named Lily-Rose? Johnny Depp's.). Among the supporting cast, there is a programmed-multiple type woman in her 50s (always decked out in black-and-white stripes) who gets married to a gay musician and proceeds to get pregnant. Etc. etc. etc. Life in the Big Apple, eh.

    There is a lot of depth to this show, albeit of the ominous kind. Of course, the core audience never picks up on any of it, blinded as it is by the surface themes of dating and fashions.

  5. P.S. Forgot to mention, Carrie bought the all-white casa even though she hated everything about it - too downtown, too white, too big, too much sun. She even told her friends she didn't like it (having just signed the papers). The reason? She didn't want to disappoint her realtor, a random Indian woman.

    Again, I'm sensing the Indian woman is taking over as Carrier's handler, now that Mr. Big the "husband" is dead. Boy, this rabbit hole is deep. Though it can be fun, watching mainstream culture's subtexts. I want to say "hidden subtexts", but in truth, nothing is really hidden anymore.

  6. False Flag nuke on N.Y. by the pond scum to blame Russia, could happen any moment

  7. JB it is a statement from my gut, based on the noise. Too many pundits talking 'nuclear war' started by Russia. I am saying N.Y. based on their need to collapse the 'dollar', so a false flag could accomplish both. I hope I am not right, as far as date, lots of noise on today the 17th.