Sunday, July 3, 2022


"There's something here. They could get into us and screw up our genes like DNA. Recombine us, change us. Of course! This is the same way those rockets landed years ago so those spacemen could mate with monkeys and create the human race. It's happening now!" 

"Nothing changes. You can have the same life. You'll be born again into an untroubled world. Free of anxiety, fear, hate. Your minds and memories will be totally absorbed. Everything remains intact. We don't hate you. There's no need for hate now...or love."    Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, 1978 

"Are we entitled, on the basis of the Book of Joshua, to assume that at some date in the second millennium before the present era the earth was interrupted in its regular rotation by a comet? Such a statement has no many implications that it should not be made thoughtlessly. To this I say that thought the implications are great and many, the present research in its entirety is an interlinked sequence of documents and other evidence, all of which in common carry the weight of this and other statements in this book."  Worlds In Collision, Immanuel Velikovsky


Coming to you live from FEMA Region 3....and landing squarely in a new (engineered) Cambrian Explosion, a new Worlds In Collision, a new Ragnarok.

2015, my friends.

Twenty. Fifteen.

This man deserves as much credit as possible, because he has seen it all coming from day one.

Breaking down what Richard Hoagland called "hyperdimensional physics" over many late nights on the radio with Art Bell from 1996 forward. I was boots on the ground and ear firmly pressed against the receiver for those crazy nights, and let me tell you...

Forward thinkers forward think; it's what they do. 

But tonight, on this yet another and latest night shift, we'll also be getting into the motivations, which range further afield than you might think, and also are wedded to occult ideologies of the extreme variety. To begin, let's have the wondrous Lara Logan, who so many would have you believe has gone off her rocker and lost her way; only thru their inability to perceive just how hugely she is over the target:

And the all important side 2 of her message:

All of this is pertinent and only becoming more so because ever since Patch wrote the above in 2015 all manner of vectors have been deployed on the frontlines of the war vs humanity: gene therapies, dna splicing, CRISPR CAS 9, HAARP, CERN, aerosols, GMOs, vaccinations in any/all combo platters combining the best/worst of all the above, 5G, and whatever they're cooking up as we speak. Perhaps most virulent of all is the endless MSM propaganda passing all this off as "good for you!" despite all evidence to the contrary, When the knowledge of this is clearly brought to the forefront (see the recently federally court-mandated Pfizer internal document drops re the vaxx) this news, which should be the ONLY news on every front page in the world, is buried as if it never happened. The largest ongoing psyop against the American people, all the people of the world, simply doesn't exist, even as it continues. What Pfizer et al sought to hide from prying eyes for 75 years continues and remains effectively hidden despite public disclosure.

But other than seeking to skate from any liability and prosecution, does anyone get the feeling of larger forces being put into play? Me too. As always, we need to dig down and find the motivating factors. Because at this point this is an obsession for the "elites." And as Lara stated perfectly above, this is a cult. So let's get culty, as enter into the domain of monsters begetting monsters.


But on the flip side there's also something here that is so important, and with the Marvel Universe taking over the world of late, especially pertinent -- Jack Kirby was working to send a message of positivity and love to all of us, in the lowly comic book idiom, that resonates even more today:

My friends, in the face of everything, never ever EVER give up. Also resonates hugely with what Lara said above. 

Also found this once again, this time in its unabridged form, which cannot be stated too many times:

So now that the back slaps and hale and hearties are out of the way, it's clobberin' time!!

Finally before we begin -- start the clock (or gas up the jet on the tarmac for Tel Aviv...) :

Her eyes will either be closed forever or spirited away into the depths of witness protection and face-off surgery before she ever comes close to uttering any scary syllables that sound like Bill and Hill...or Gates...

She'll be sippin pina coladas on Herzliya beach with Eppy before you can say cheese pizza; bet on it. 

And not to be paranoid, but do studies like this make anyone wonder what they're spraying in the sky lately?:

As if biowarfare couldn't get any scarier.

Let's dig down even farther into the motivations -- and become our very own Ways and Means Committee...many "precursor" events seem to be dotting the globe in the past several weeks, but precursors to what?

You are living in the culmination of the beginning of the end, Year Zero. Initiated when the Church of Satan declared 1966 Year One and the takeover of America began. It has only grown exponentially since then to the point now where every facet of life from politics to banking to medicine to the technology grid to the church has been infiltrated and subsumed. Look around. You are swimming in the blackest of psyops, with all the forces, all the might, all the power of the federal spectrum and technological marvels unimagined decades ago now trained directly at you. It is a cascading system of chaos and ruin designed to confuse, alter, and bury you in no particular order. And it will come for us all.

Let's look for the trace effects of those operating systems. With CERN already throttling up and getting ready to start bludgeoning the veil full force, check out what manifested in Missouri June 22 in the wee hours:

And this over southern Spain:

And a new "trust the science" reason for all those random cattle deaths:

What to make of all this in the new Carcosa? Well, if you buy the Anthony Patch charter, the Reznor prophecies of 2007, possibly HAARP, and certainly the CERN directive and the John Dee delvings into the deepest realms for Queen Elizabeth I, not to mention every word ever written by the likes of HP Lovecraft, Robert W. Chambers, John Alexander, John Lilly, and Michael Aquino, "they" have long been trying to bridge any gaps between here and there and usher dark forces into this plane of existence. Old Ones to take over. Overlords to rule. Transhumanism to be the law of the land. Walk-ins. Vessels. There are a thousand ways to say it. Only now with the tech of CRISPR CAS 9 and the quantum computers of DWAVE aligned with the "open sesame" hands-on tech of CERN, there is a way to actually achieve it. 

Crazy talk? Is it even in the remotest sense possible to construct plasma bridges between planets? What would effectively be a new Tower of Babel 2.0? Look at research like this and then you tell me:

But the crop must be ripe for the harvesting -- and this, of course, is where the vaxx comes in. And why they display, betray, such a pathological desperation to get it into each and every one of us worldwide. Because we are being turned into something quite different with it, far afield from what God intended. Emotionally, biologically, psychologically, religiously, mentally, spiritually. Pretty much any possible category you can conceive of is altered by the jab, right on down to the DNA, molecular levels. Claims that were decried as so outlandish at the outset have had to be quietly walked back when research and testing proved, indeed, otherwise:

So now that we have established that this appears to be the endgame of the vaxx, the next and most important question obviously becomes "Why?"

Because this will make us more receptive to the indwellings, the incoming. Better hosts. Better vessels. 

We have been being modified for generations, as of late this has only ramped up: Gulf War Syndrome, an increased vaccination agenda of all kinds from birth, Morgellons, aerosol operations heavily since the autumn of 1998, the widespread insertion of GMOs into our food chain, an increased electromagnetic spectrum all around us that shows no signs of stopping with 5G; this recent vaxx is merely the latest in a long line of "tests" that are increasing in both danger and broad spectrum coverage. Has anyone that supposedly holds the public "trust" even come close to addressing where there is quite provably a major component of GRAPHENE in these vaccinations? Why? 

Think again of Reznor's "Vessel:"

Thoughts from out of time and space, a world away, seemingly another world, but one that is aligning perilously close to ours right now:

Let me whisper a word and a number to you that have also just appeared recently that have immense symbolic weight and are trending in a highly occult direction: Delta 18. 

Space Delta 18 to be more exact:

It became active on 6-24-22, or, symbolically speaking, 6-6-6 for our purposes. Or more to the point, perhaps theirs.

And is that 8-pointed star Polaris perhaps? Or Sirius, which has such a storied dark and purposeful history in these areas:

Note that they also do this on the same day when a rare alignment of 5 planets and the moon is occurring. The same day that Kenneth Arnold made contact in 1947. The same day that CERN is ramping up for the first time in 3 years towards all systems go. The chevron (the same shape that Arnold saw flitting about over Mt. Rainier btw), signifies that the physical world and the spiritual world are not mutually exclusive realms. Significance of the Pharaoh (gazing directly at the star)? And sitting on a digitized, gridded earth... Perhaps the signal of a return of ancient beings or tech. Somebody call Hoagland. My mind is sufficiently boggled.

Again, this is the cornerstone of the very tenet Richard Hoagland was banging on about from the very first time I heard him, late night in 1996: that there is a clandestine Egyptian/Masonic-based cult within NASA -- that its origins harken back to the Nazis and Project Paperclip, tracing their alternate roots back to Jack Parsons, the launching of JPL, and even the beliefs of Aleister Crowley: 

Hearing Hoagland speak of this cult was my first foray into the occult being an important yet highly disguised paradigm of important institutions and organizations embracing this ideology under the auspices of mainstream life and business as usual. And witness its exponential growth and where we are today:

Blow it up and have a ball rabbit-holing...the trails are varied, bottomless, and only start here. The ending is nowhere to be found.

Much more about the occult significance of the 8=pointed star here and the implications:

And Hoagland's theories and beliefs were only further validated when I learned of the research of Mae Brussell, and where it took her:

Listen very carefully to the above broadcast, preserved in loving detail by the "brussell sprouts" at World Watchers; after investigating and leaning into the minutiae of everything from the JFK assassination to Watergate, from Jonestown to Manson and the Son of Sam, THIS is the black swan, third rail topic that got Mae on the fast train to murderville -- she died of an anomalous, fast-acting cancer not even a year after this sequence of broadcasts... 

Which in turn, never really ends -- 8 hours ago on reddit:

Past deeds illuminate present treacheries.


A bit more information is trickling in concerning the accident over the weekend that injured Carrie and her pilot boyfriend:

She is out of ICU at this point and is expected to make a full recovery, albeit with a long road of rehab ahead of her. The pilot is also expected to recover fully:  

The as yet unexplained weirdness about the wifi going out after the crash as well as her own phone overheating is troubling and possibly points towards some kind of directed attack that she was experiencing. I'd be more than willing to bet on a directed energy weapons signature in the area...that is if anyone would get there with the equipment to measure for such...

Couple that with the plane mysteriously and suddenly losing all power and we are presented with a  recipe that we know all too well and that happens with statistical improbability to whistleblowers of all stripes. Not to mention that we know pretty much everything, chapter and verse, about the ability of remote control tech to take over a plane's flight systems...once again, Richard Hoagland and what happened to Egypt Air Flight 990:

That took place on Halloween (they love their dates) in 1999. And speaking of beta testing, as we probably need to in this instance, I'm pretty sure 1999 still comes before 2001, no matter how many timelines CERN is looking to rejigger. Especially September 11. What did one of the masterminds of the 2000 PNAC white paper (blueprint for both Sept 11 and the weaponized biowarfare terrain of Covid and the vaxx), Dov Zackheim, involve himself with beforehand: yep -- flight termination systems. You can't make this stuff up:

These are the same kind of people Dr. Madej found herself at loggerheads with. And the same kind of people still running the zombie show today.

As Lara Logan stated back at the beginning, it's a cult. And they're in the catbird seat in Year Zero until we take it away from them. We just have to have the will.

Now today, breaking headlines that give us even more of the larger global plan:

In case you might be wondering...yes, this is the Epstein network still in full flight. Still leveraging.   

And while Maxwell gets 20 years, do we know even one name on the client list? Will we ever? Not when it's in the hands of the FBI, CIA, MI6 or Mossad; perhaps all of them. That way the blackmailing can and will continue unabated. And the occult partying never ends: 

I mean, are they serious? Meat tenderizer?? There are dozens of substances to mask odor better before any "meat tenderizer" comes up on the list. This is incredibly suss and sloppy or just another case of them putting it in our face. Sometimes it is exactly what it sounds like...

Why is all info tracking back here being scrubbed?:

This is me, on the night shift, submerging again for now. And let's never stop talking, so we can always see...what's going on...









  1. "Sensitive content"

    "Sensitive content"

    "Sensitive content"

    "Sensitive content"

    Reddit is really starting to piss me off.

  2. Speaking of June 24th, RIGHT ON THE MONEY, AS PREDICTED, "two young men found drowned in the river after St. John the Baptist celebrations in Québec City".

    Melusine/Lilith must be satiated. The Cult lives on, even in a relatively small place like here.

    1. HAHA!! It's all sensitive content it seems -- we the peeps have to be protected from our infernal curiosities -- damn us!!
      And speaking of which, this should teach me to save everything of note in snip n'save form:
      That reddit post about the DEFENSE DEPARTMENT'S SECRET has been taken down -- shock!! -- by the poster.
      LSS it contained info about there being a faction buried deep with the Pentagon calling the all the shots -- that being the Temple of Set. Which would always explain the hands off treatment of Aquino despite mountains of evidence to the contrary (Presidio, Franklin, McMartin, West Point) about him running trafficking daycares thruout the system. Not to mention all his links to being a bagman for Iran-Contra monies.

  3. And btw, posts like that being completely scrubbed within hours....posts which very explicitly named no names, only the name of the cult running things deep within the DOD, outed by a purported insider, are the best evidence we have going that these cults, despite the "deaths" of people like Aquino & Epstein, STILL remain up & running & operating with full force today. There are always other cogs to plug into the machine.
    Despite at this point there being likely multiple copies circulating within the Justice Dept, FBI, CIA, MI6, etc of Epstein's client list -- not to mention actual films archived on videotape, CD, DVD, etc -- we have not a clue as to the actual perpetrators/child molesters, and likely never will. The elite levels operate untouched.
    Until there is a full and real draining of the swamp, and not just lip service given to it, nothing will change.
    It's up to us...We have to be the heroes we've been waiting for.

  4. There is stuff in that post that scares the shit out of me when I start to extrapolate where they could be now compared to what was being exposed then.
    More and more, like that Laura Logan piece was saying, they are trying to kill God and any possible connection we may have .
    Speaking of such things, I don't quite know what to make of dear Clif High these days.
    He spoke about the mis translations in the Bible and linked to this video,
    Where they are trying to say that there is no One God and that Elohim, one of the names of God, is actually a plurality and is the name of a race of beings from space.

    The quote from the person who got the jab and said that it had killed his connection to God pierced my soul and I will never forget the absolute horror I felt when that sunk in.
    This is truly a Spiritual War but I have had a gut feeling for years that there is going to be a two way exchange of copper jacketed lead that goes right along with it.
    I do take some solace from the one thought that we are here at this time for a reason and that we are here to kick ass and take names later.

    1. In the immortal words:

      Who knew John Carpenter would show us the way??!!

    2. The video links to a discussion with Mauro Biglino, a man that used to work with the Vatican producing exacting translations of ancient Hebrew texts.
      Ancient scriptural analysis and translation is an exacting discipline and Mauro has an extensive academic resume.
      The problem, and he was not the first person to encounter this problem, is that the most exacting translations do not align with the biblical stories all of us have grown up with.
      Again, Mauro is not the first or only scholar to realize this, and there is a Christian academic named Dr. Michael Heiser who published several important and revolutionary books about the deeper textual message that emerges from exact translations, none of which have been made clear to the general public but that the Vatican and Jewish religious authorities are well aware of.
      I don't agree with Mauro that the Elohim were literal extraterrestrials, but I tend to fall somewhere between his analysis and Heiser's take.
      There is another, much more ancient ancestral memory buried in the texts.
      I highly recommend reading both these authors and drawing your own conclusions.
      Heiser makes it crystal clear, based on a close reading and study of the real translations, that there is a Supreme Being, that Christ was a direct physical emanation of that Supreme Being sent to earth for a specific purpose, but that a hierarchical council of "minor gods" and angelic hosts exists and has been given dominion over the earth and various nations for a particular period of time.
      Some of these hosts have interfered in human development in ways that ran counter to the original program, a kind of rebellion, and a War in Heaven over the fate of the Earth has been unfolding for millenia.
      Christ was sent to rectify the situation, but his mission is not yet complete.
      There is much more detail that each author goes into, marshaling an incredible array of examples and evidence to reach their conclusions.
      My comment doesn't so either guy justice.
      Very, very heavy and heady stuff, but again, these guys are serious academics who stick to the strictest translations and the story that emerges is at once familiar, alien and overwhelming.
      I am still grappling with their books, slowly working my way through both authors, in order to get a clearer picture of the journey all of us are being taken on.
      The good news is that all evidence points to a major intervention where Dad, Mom and their Son come back home and put the earth back in order.

  5. PS -- am right with ya Phil on that comment from the recipient about the vaxx killing God in his system...some things stick with you.
    Of course the naysayers would claim "oh, that's just anecdotal," when we all know that that effect is EXACTLY what was intended by the manufacturers and the ones foisting this on all of us. On the world.
    It IS a cult -- with distinctly anti-Christian objectives solidly in mind.

    That person was speaking, in a voice full of panic, exactly what they felt going on in their body and soul.
    I believe them all day long.

  6. maybe somehow at the end the forces of light will overcome the forces of darkness ....

  7. To both MissyFrill & Caleo -- love both your takes and input here. And both I believe are right over the target. There is an ongoing spiritual war here -- their time is not our time -- one day for them could be 10,000 years for us. So somewhere and in some timeline Christ literally died yesterday, and we are here waiting for the next shoe to drop wondering what's taking so long??!! None of which takes way from the Truth being the Truth.

    This world may be given over to darker forces in the same family, but that time will not be forever, and grows shorter every day -- hence the desperation seen in all quarters down here. Imagine the anxiety hanging over their heads of not knowing the given hour of when exactly Big Brother & Daddy are returning to kick my ass into oblivion. Forever.

    That's what I never got about people willingly selling their souls; they're trading a minute fraction of time against eternity. There IS no upside in that deal. But ego and blind materialism hold great sway for many.

    Pretty sure Bobby D put it best many years ago:

    When He healed the blind and crippled, did they see?
    When He healed the blind and crippled, did they see?
    When He said, “Pick up your bed and walk, why must you criticize?
    Same thing My Father do, I can do likewise”

    Did they speak out against Him, did they dare?
    Did they speak out against Him, did they dare?
    The multitude wanted to make Him king, put a crown upon His head
    Why did He slip away to a quiet place instead?

    1. "That's what I never got about people willingly selling their souls; they're trading a minute fraction of time against eternity. There IS no upside in that deal. But ego and blind materialism hold great sway for many."

      Personally, I've always figured the people who sold their souls KNEW they were damned ahead of time due to how rotten they were, so they figured: "Might as well warm up to the Devil before I end up in Hell, might as well do his work upon the Earth and get SOMETHING in return while I'm sill alive."

    2. People in real life don't sell their soul for a donut like Homer Simpson did...

      They will take the Vaxx for a free donut though.

    3. Haha -- don't forget the Mary Jane was a thing for awhile too -- Joints for Jabs!! Seriously, look it up. Donuts, weed, we're such horribly abysmal suckers & freaks. The "elites" HAVE to look at us and say "they deserve everything they get." You just know that's part of the working rationale. Just a fraction of discernment & critical thinking could get us out of this, but NOPE.

      And broadcasting this here for those of you that haven't heard of it or seen it (& I came perilously close to creating an entire post devoted just to THIS) THAT'S how good it is......

      Oh. My. Freakin. LORD. Crying, dying, spit takes, you name it.
      SNL's old Goat Boy delivers non-stop & goes scorched earth on everything we have ALL been saying for years now.
      Shall I be the first to say it?
      Jim Breuer didn't kill himself.

  8. I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

    ISAIAH 45:7

    1. As usual, people will disagree with me, but the Great God Pan is both the Good Shepherd and the Evil Goat as one.

  9. Tabloid headlines across Europe are now TELLING people that 5% of those who have "had Covid" are headed for blood clots and a sudden cardiac death. They are citing a study by the Nature Medicine journal whose authors of course describe this as a "side effect" of Covid (NOT the vaxx; never the vaxx). Oh and btw, they found all this out well before the mass vaccination got underway. Phew!

    Also across Europe, many hectares of grain are on fire, week after week, even in the tiniest of countries. Curioser and curioser.

  10. Re Clarissa Pinkola Estes: Some nice and timely thoughts, yes. But... from a NY Times bestselling author? Who loved to rub shoulders with Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison? Sorry; I ain't buyin' it.