Saturday, July 16, 2022


"He went deeper into black/ Deeper into white/ He could see the stars shine like nails in the night..."   

"Bad dreamer what's your name? Looks like we're riding on the same train..."

"Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them." Ephesians 5: 11

"People still talk about Epstein's plan to father thousands of children like it was some kind of oddball personality quirk rather than an act of war against the whole human race. They're playing for everything, forever. His 'death' does not erase that threat. There's a William Sims Bainbridge-style convergence between vast sums of capital, mRNA advances, and the coming biosecurity state that squints towards human speciation, and soon."   Brainsturbator recent tweet

"Someone said the world was under ether/ Better bet your bottom dollar, gonna bet your bottom dollar/ That before your eyes we turn to dust/ Bodies rearranged...Ether stole your thoughts while you were sleeping/ Came in thru an open window/ Looking for an open mind..."

It stands out on the highway/ Like a creature from another time/ It inspires the babies' questions, 'What's that?'/ They ask their mothers as they ride/ But no one stopped to think about the babies/ Or how they would survive/ And we almost lost Detroit, this time/ And how would we ever get over/ Losing our minds

The sheriff of Monroe county had/ I'm sure enough disasters on his mind/ And what would Karen Silkwood say to you?/ I mean, if she was still alive/ That when it comes to people's safety/ Money really wins out every time/ And we almost lost Detroit, this time/ But how would we ever get over/ Losing our minds?   

Another disaster from another time in 1979, but it calls to us, as what's changed? The poetry of Gil Scott-Heron hangs in the air, questions begging answers still. Questions that can still be applied to our current situation. Silence is all we've heard til now.     

I'm going to begin and end this post with 2 of the biggest BOOMS yet -- first, the incredible foresight of Anthony Patch from 2016. What he said then vs what has transpired since will take your breath away. Not to wax hyperbolic, but this might be the most important 26 minutes on the internet, especially in light of current events. Gather round close and listen carefully my children:

Fairly shocked that this is still viable on Youtube. Paul Revere stuff.

Now all you go-goats, let's ride!! All aboard the Psychonautilus...tonight we plummet full fathom five into the Marianas Trenches of synchromysticism. Rigged for Dive...  


When the eternal human curiosity factor meets skullduggery, skullduggery almost always wins. That curiosity gets bought off, leveraged, compromised, blackmailed in the headlong flight for greater and greater masses of accumulated power. And then the weaponization begins. First of cutting edge science, then of the building blocks of life itself. 

The words Human Genome Project have always struck just the faintest note of dread in me. That those surrounding it have long been unworthy of both our trust and our commitment hardly helps. They comprise the globalist hierarchy, the Epstein luncheon crowd, often margarita-ing and pina colada-ing it hard by the sinister wild palms on tropical locales perfect for completing the masquerade, the swindle, the hidden horror beneath the veneer of polite, erudite jet set society.   

The human condition doesn't invite or embrace paradigm change easily. Cognitive dissonance is the order of our existence; it's everywhere. Being overtaken by Mass Formation Psychosis isn't pretty or easily recognized by normie-ville, but it most certainly IS a thing, and has been recognized in the historical record as such on far too many occasions; Weimar Germany in the late 1930s to cite one glaring example. Right outside your window right now for another. You're soaking in it, and have been since approximately March of 2020 this time around. We said goodbye to so many things then more precious than we knew -- and in the quick of the night they were gone. Some of us deep down recognized this, recognized each other, and cried together. We knew. And we danced from one way of life into and thru the portal of another. 

For the first time since then this summer a change seems to be brewing, and whether it's trending in a better direction for humanity or a far worse one? Well, the jury's still out on that. Right now, it could go either way. The better days of a Greater Awakening dawning or the first rumblings of an apocalyptic scenario unfolding. Maybe, possibly, both. At the same time. It only appears that the race into the glorious future where we throw off our shackles and the race to the bottom is going to be perilously close. Very close indeed. And it will leave none of us the same. We travel along the same tramlines into a vanishing point of unknown origin. Wheeee.

But summer is the perfect time. That time when the veils thin and the Jacob's Ladders to the stars open. Polaris. Sirius. The Dog Star. The Orion constellation. The "dog star days" from July 23 til September 8 historically. That time when the ancient Egyptians found it easiest to establish and maintain contact with their gods. When the dimensions were as close to merging as they would get; when the music of the spheres could be heard and the spaces between the stars beckoned for communion. And there was always another summer. Those remnants remain in culture the closer you get to the top of the food chain:

Somewhere...Jack Parsons is smiling:

But maybe not for long (Strange Angel alert!!)...because things are going boom boom out go the lights from coast to coast...

Because edifices to totalitarianism and a one world government are suddenly toppling:

After a mysterious 4AM explosion brought down a third of the ominous Georgia Guidestones (Kandiss Taylor we hear you!) the rest was brought down by "authorities" quickly looking to cover evidence before the dot-connecting could begin in earnest ("maintain humanity at levels of 500,000,000 in accordance with nature") and the riffraff started connecting what was written on those stones to what's being injected into their bodies. And coming to some grim, inescapable conclusions. This where the lines begin to blur, and we wonder whether or not to celebrate a victory, or rue the destruction of evidence in a crime scene that stretches back decades, centuries.  

Btw the spiritual fairy godmother of wanting to bring down the Guidestones and of pledging to create an actual Executive Order to do so, just had this happen to her: 

In other news, they're scrambling like rats off a sinking ship in the EU:

And on the anniversary of 7/7, a date the English know all too well, and is symbolic. But why? And right after the Guidestones are felled:

In France, the legislature has gutted and defeated Macron's attempt at Covid passports by parties on both the left AND right:

Something appears to be unravelling. But there is always the terrain -- and this is a part of it too:

A frantic coverup and wall of silence appears to be in place as the largest concerted fightback yet begins. And this time those taking the reins are the entire European Parliament --listen to the remarkable Christine Anderson at the beginning here and then again at the 20:32:29 mark: 

This took place on July 5th, and it might as well have taken place in an underground bunker on the moon for all the press coverage it received...which isn't surprising at all given the topic of conversation. Anderson, the German MEP, is gunning for them all. Holding this particular forum under the auspices of the entire EU flight industry breaking down due to pilot deaths, seizures, retirements, and just plain disappearances all since the mandatory vaxx was initiated. All too similar catastrophic features are unveiling themselves on this side of the pond also, but are heavily covered up for fear of panic and the public glimpsing what they've gotten themselves into. In the loftiest corridors of global power, panic buttons are starting to be pushed at this knowledge escaping into the general public arena.

Anderson calls it exactly what it is when she says this will go down as "the biggest crime ever committed on humanity," before calling out each and every leader of all the Western democracies: "WHAT have you done??!!" We need to pray for this woman and all the many like her that they should and will be able to see thru with all of their investigations, and subpoenas, and court challenges to this monstrous beast system of entitled and perverted globalists seeking to make everything and more that was written on those Guidestones come to pass. Pray for their continued health. Pray for their continued safety. The fact that this is a war should be heavily underscored when examining the trajectories of folks like Carrie Madej and Shinzo Abe of recent note. It's best to remember that the most dangerous animal is a cornered animal. And they are well and truly cornered now. And the continued transformation of and by the Human Genome Project, which never really ended, is being threatened. 

Why are all the vaxxes still being administered under Emergency Use Authorizations now 2 years in?? (making the manufacturers immune from liability) This should be the biggest red flag of them all. Don't buy the endless bullshit that they're FDA-approved. NONE of them are.

To that end of course there are things like this from the vile J. Craig Venter (Human Genome Project) which only stand as "so what are you gonna do about it?" confirmations:

Pay careful attention to his words: "It is a powerful technology -- it's what's been labelled as a dual use technology. Like most technology is, it can be used for doing harm to others."

Hmm, a great tool to solve these problems we're facing he says. Like too many people. This is proof of a depopulation plan at the highest levels. Straight from the horse's mouth.

Couple this with Pfizer admitting that the government was in on it, so hey, not our fault defense:

It's all so IN. YOUR. FACE. 

But as Carrie Madej says here in her latest, with God the Truth is now a roaring and unstoppable lion:

Left, right and center forces are now aligning against the fraud and the unimaginable evil in our midst.

Karen Kingston here on even more:

These are important in charting chapter and verse from academic sources (Georgetown prof) in 2017 about the rise and abuse of nanotech, which of course is now in the vaxx and augmented by increased blanketing of heightened electromagnetic fields all around us at thru-the-roof levels. As well as that same tech that can be used to control leaders of both nations and corporations. 

Also VERY important to notice just how very closely this tech and endgame aligns (penetrating US facilities and influencing decision makers...) with Slide 9 of AATIP's internal presentations to the higher-ups:

Somewhere in all this all roads converge. This is the "psychotronic scenario" encompassing things like telekinesis, teleportation, penetration of solid surfaces, glitches in space/time, missing time, and ability in interface with the human brain both telepathically and on other levels. Jacques Vallee, John Keel and J Allen Hynek were pioneers in these thoughts and speculations. Not to mention Arthur C Clarke who coined the phrase "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." What does that have to do with applications regarding the vaxx and its ultimate potential within the human body? Maybe more than you think. And who else was looking into brain/machine interface? Epstein best bud Charles Lieber: (This page has been very recently reformatted -- need to check archive or the wayback machine to see what if anything has been scrubbed...very suspect. Seems like a lot might be missing from what I remember.)  

And Musk:

Where do the forces of the UAP begin and where does this research end, and is there any significant overlap? We've got the opening of portals at CERN and putting all of humanity onto a different track with the vaxx. People like Epstein and Venter are imagining a lebensborn-type scenario. Where is the overlap? Because there is a huge one of vested interests and sinister intentions hidden in plain sight. 

The agendas of Epstein, DARPA, Gates, CERN, the WEF, and yes that Human Genome Project coalesce and intertwine, find common ground in transhumanism, gene splicing, eugenics, artificial intelligence, brain-machine interface and extreme human experimentation, which in turn find common ground in the vaxx agenda. And all are held together with a glue of the occult, and sacrifice, and ritual. All together is the dedication of destroying human will, autonomy, and free will most importantly of all. Epstein's kill switch is here. 

Zombies now walk amoung us every day -- their eyes are closed and their hearts are hardened. God has sent them the strong delusion and because they have turned their eyes to the Truth they have made their decision as the Father separates the wheat from the tares. The love of many has grown cold as man's sorcery (pharmakeia) covers the earth. Salvation is in a needle but there is no salvation within a needle. Old men are dreaming dreams and young men are seeing visions. Jonestown has become Jonesworld. Everything else, every mind control test, every catapulting of propaganda, every manipulation, has been a runup to this, a plan that has been in the pipeline all along. But as their side has been waiting, some on this side have been knowledgeable, and waiting too:

And now, one huge smoking gun after another:

And these PSAs just started showing up in the greater NY area:

Perhaps this is a conditional counter-plan B to put into effect since, after all, the scarification of covid didn't exactly pan out as planned since nearly half of the world population are still unvaxxed. So when the biological doesn't tick all the boxes then let's trot out the NUCLEAR again, right? It's not like they didn't gather a LOT of info during the lockdowns and quarantines already - and they're not going to let that go to waste. They've always got something in the works.

LSS we have a criminal cartel/cult at the wheel, making sure everyone on Hunter Biden's and Epstein's lists are untouchable because they are owned by a Rockefeller/Rothschild /CIA/FBI/NSA/Mossad consortium -- a deep state that killed JFK, initiated 9/11, launched Covid to get to a vaxx protocol, and are set upon starving and eliminating us. The Earth has been taken over. This cult wanted Biden president and did everything to make that happen (plandemic, rigged election) because they could control him to fulfill plans, to be at their beck and call. That evidence of blackmailable material is all over Hunter Biden's laptop and iphone, which the MSM, the FBI and the DOJ has been studiously ignoring for 2 years now.  

But this is nothing new.

Look at this very rare image:

Look at the new vaxx minister of the UK, and where he tracks back to:

Remember Le Cercle?:

Am currently doing research connecting Le Cercle to the Pink Ballets, the Brabant Massacres, the murder of Andre Cools, and the entire Dutroux network in Belgium, which had very close and hidden ties to the Abrasax cult:

Check out Le Cercle's Ted Shackley and his role in the Shadow Government here one dark and spooky night with the lights out:

Of course that would get deeply into what happened in Mena, Arkansas:

Which would in turn have to get into certain motivations of the know, that swell couple that rode in flights on Epstein's Lolita Express to a certain island getaway some 26 or 27 times:

I'm sure there're no dots to connect there though, in regards to shared religions or ideologies...

And all of these networks intersect at points up and down the line...Interestingly, just found this over on the Rigint forums which postulates the 'whys' of Julian Assange's capture:

More here:

And especially here that has been scrubbed:

This entire node of the investigation goes deeper than you could possibly imagine and likely involves the same perps involved with 9/11 and other "Strategy of Tension" GLADIO-type networks -- Andre Cools before his murder was getting ready to name Dick Cheney, Neil Bush, and Donald Rumsfeld:

In clear context of all the above refer again to what Lara Logan said here so beautifully:

The fact that the entire Covid Narrative setting up the vaxx is simply another 9/11 is becoming startlingly clear -- ditto the fact that it was set up by this same network and involved Epstein and his minions who were inserted via the Council on Foreign Relations into every Black Swan event from Iran-Contra to 9/11 is also increasingly inescapable. When we didn't drain the swamp at the first example became the first horrible oversight. They've only been coming back for more ever since. And all of this means that this  overall network isn't just interested in global takeover and a massive transformation of humanity, they are also deeply entrenched in child abuse and sacrifice, all for deeply occult reasons. And we've come a long way from proxy "terrorists" and contras, they are now using scifi technology to achieve their magickal ends of transformation, of transhumanism. 

And along this foggy avenue of the investigation, just look at the overlap of all the above with the agenda of these folks:

Notice any shared modus operandi's, ideologies or religious tendencies? Turns out True Detective ain't just a show on the teevee

...and the new Babalon Working is coming down fast:

Remember above all else that this is secret archaeo-astronomic deity cult-worship: 

We will see by the end of this story that tampering with the intrinsic order of things on the advice of off-world sentience gets you nothing but chaos and ruin no matter how you slice it. Whether those marching orders come from the Council on Foreign Relations or the OTO really matters not a whit in the end. And in case you think things like this, and along these same pipelines of communication, aren't still occurring: 

About the above see the Mega Group, who may lie at the nexus of all things we are supposing here: 

See NXIVM, Epstein, Iran-Contra, 9/11, the Plandemic leading to the vaxx, and pretty much everything I've ever posted about.

The ringleader at the nexus of the vaxx scam (and yet another Epstein bestie) now has his sights on our hunger. Buying up even more US farmland in an problem-reaction-solution scenario worthy of Hegel or Machiavelli himself...the WEF tells us we're going to be happier than ever eating bugs, and this is the very reason we might have to be:

And the drumbeat continues unabated:

But don't worry, none of this is related you conspiranoids.

Hmm, what to do when little Damien wants to starve you out? He buys up all the farmland and then outlaws farming, that's what. First software and planned obsolescence on the computer side, the the vaxx and planned obsolescence on the human side -- this just goes hand-in-glove with that scenario also. Continually selling us things and products that only work to our detriment. What's next and where is this all going? Soylent Green is people? Don't laugh. What would delight avowed satanists more than instituting a plan of controlled cannibalism for survival. Every day a satanic ritual in plain sight. 

Perhaps at this juncture it might be most prudent to remember one of the morals of the Sin City story: I know it's pretty damn weird to eat people.


Do we even need to get into, again, the steady and numerous links between Gates and Epstein and their rapidly converging agendas playing out? No, we do not:

How about this for a smoking gun? A vaxx so "safe and effective" the manufacturer would rather lose 1.3 billion customers than have any independent investigation launched:

That's right up there with the 75-year hiding moratorium. Or the fact that they've ALREADY pled guilty to fraud but want to be let out of the deal because, hey, the government knew:

Interesting spin on the Nuremberg defense, eh? What a bunch of Mengeles. They certainly seem pretty damn intent on hiding, oh, everything. What bigger smoking guns or red flags does a person need to finally see the light?

Conversely, what a time for heroes, like these 2, who are reading from the same book, they just don't know it yet:

My own compatriot and spiritual running buddy Jeff Wells was the first I saw to articulate this, back in October of 2021 -- since then, the sense of this has grown: "Don't ask for evidence, it's intuition only and I know it sounds crazy, but more than anything else ever has, and increasingly so, this feels directed by a non-human intelligence." 

Re Novak and Naomi, they are saying to many, and hearing the many say right back to them the Lenin quote, "It is at moments of need that one learns who one's friends are." Together we have the strength of the mightiest army the world has ever known. We just have to have the coordination to prioritize, organize and mobilize. It won't happen overnight but so much of it, likely more than we know, has happened already. They know that we know. And God creates strange opportunities. At just the right time.  

The powers-that-be are desperate that you not see this:

And to think the left had (and are still having) a collective hissy fit over January 6 -- they have no idea what's coming...Coming soon to a country near you:

Cut our lights off, lose the internet, collapse the food structure so there's nothing in the supermarkets, and BOOM...there's no bunker deep enough for the Bidens and their pedo enclave to retreat into. Instant power to the people. And as this blog has charted chapter and verse, it should have happened here long before now...we are long overdue for Jefferson's blood on the branches of the tree of liberty to make an appearance in the watering schedule. For blessed is the voice that speaks truth to power.

And now this just emerging:

All because of "12 years of conservative mismanagement" & "hot weather!!" Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Who are they kidding? We know. We ALL know now. Now it's only a question of how long they can continue to hide the obvious, hide the bodies under a masquerade of too much caffeine, solar radiation, increased stress levels, soil pollutants (gardening can kill you!!), deadly sleeping positions (don't go to sleep!!), too much sun, too many vitamins, too much exercise, altitude sickness, too much food, too little food, too much tea, and more of every ridiculous factoid under the sun -- everything except the true reason: the vaxx.

For more proof that something else, something other, is going on, cue up the latest image of the Uvalde shooter:

It's an MKUltra demonic festival out there. For all I know, Astroworld was a test run for everywhere. And besides Naomi Wolf and me, more and more are coming to similar conclusions with regards to how this is being pulled off, or at least seeing the trace evidence thereof:

Trace evidence of the veils thinning. Look into that face of the Uvalde shooter again...something is piggybacking in on a hell of a lot of people here. Aided by the vaxx. Aided by CERN. Aided by everything aligned against us in a headlong rush to turn us into vessels for something other. What do you do when Gotham isn't just outside your door, but in your blood and cruising for your soul? Contagion, you see, comes in many forms. 

Perhaps the parameters of MKUltra and the Human Genome Project overlap far more than one might initially suspect, or ever imagine.

What Manson was hoping to achieve, and what Epstein was hoping to achieve both hew far more closely with each other than is comfortable. This deals with emerging after an apocalypse to take over the world and gets down deep into the repopulating of the planet. It deals with eugenics and the lebensborn principles. It deals with ritual. Look again at what's happening with the masking, the social distancing, the lockdowns, the almost MKUltra-style quality of the vaxx mandates via the inculcated social pressure and how relentless it is. None of this is by chance, and it speaks greatly of vast amounts of coordinated insider knowledge. And it is RITUAL. But coordinated to what end? That remains the question of the day, hanging over all our heads, sword of Damocles-style.

The Guidestones going down might as well be code for "it's" going down. Because it's happening:

In an ironic twist of fate, child-sized coffins were requested at Roswell in 1947. History loves nothing more than a good joke, aged like a fine wine:

Things can change in a hurry, and all we need do is remember the Titanic, when dawning realization became the first horror meme in the blink of an eye. It took 2 hours and 44 minutes for the Titanic to sink. Let's extrapolate that to the present day situation: for the first hour people strolled and milled around like nothing had happened. At 2 hours and 30 minutes, music was still being played.

At 2 hours and 35 minutes people started to scream.

We now are at the 2 hour 34 minute mark...only our Titanic isn't just sinking, it's also haunted.

Which brings me to the extreme edge of how I'd like to end this tonight, in rampant speculation. But a speculation which is beginning to make a kind of horrifying sense...and it concerns the UAP conundrum. You might want to refer to Colm Kelleher's paper above again before starting out here...

We know that from the very beginnings of the reports of abduction, the "bedroom invaders" as John Keel used to call them, as well as the numerous cattle mutilations, and "Snippy," the very first animal case in September 1967: 

that an emphasis was placed on the gathering of genetic material and DNA from the earliest onset of reports...this out-of-place and seemingly ominous factoid has long puzzled ufologists and researchers as they could find no rational reason for such down thru the years. Especially not on the scale it was happening...

What is not as readily known is that during the Rendlesham UFO incident of December 1980 at the Bentwaters AFB in the UK, according to multiple witnesses and contactees, a kind of telepathic link was established wherein the entities involved established they they were, in fact, not aliens per se, but time travelers from our own future, here to initiate the formalization of genetic repairs:

What exactly had happened to the human race was not explained (perhaps owing to a Prime Directive or some other such karmic law), but that at some point in the human past something horrific has struck the whole of mankind, establishing the need for healthy DNA to transplant back into the human genome to perhaps avert any further degradation. 

This scenario has just been tentatively confirmed by insiders within both the Pentagon and intel services looking into the entire UAP "problem." See the testimony of Ross Coulthart here at the 1:48:58 mark and beyond for a clearer explanation of where we are now:

He echoes even more of what was confessed to him by Luis Elizondo and others. See again that 'mindsublime' link back at the beginning of this post for of the present day this still constitutes forbidden knowledge...

What does this all mean and is this even remotely possible? (This admittedly opens up incredible boxes of worms and multiple scenarios not the least of which include Nazi experiments like Die Glocke:  

the legendary Philadelphia experiment, and the possibility of multi-generational satanic cults getting their hands on tech enabling time travel from off-world sources.)

Along this line of thinking, we could be seeing the results of humans and demons/aliens working in concert, with the attendant damage control in some far-off future when the elites finally realize the ultimate deception that's been pulled on them...think back to what those 2 DOD insiders told the likes of Linda Howe and Ray Boeche:      

But....what has taken place over the last 2 years that intimately involves the transformation and degradation of our DNA traveling across the entire human germline? 

This is human germline engineering:

and Genome Editing:

The latest rock-solid evidence from a recent study in Malmo, Sweden from Dr. Peter McCullough:

This was NEVER a vaccine. But has this been engineered with and by spiritual entities that specialize in deception?

Maybe, just maybe, this is not a linear narrative. Maybe it has to be juxtaposed with the future, the past, and what is happening in other realms. 

I can only powerfully echo in the strongest possible terms the words of Christine the hopes they reach to the far corners of the heavens and back, and so loudly that they echo thru every timeline and across every veil:   

"WHAT. Have. You. DONE?!!"



















  1. Best theory:

    Since physical reality itself, on a quantum level, is determined by we conscious observers, hacking human DNA in order to hack the human brain would allow them to completely control the fabric of physical reality.

    Imagine if all sentiant life throughout the Universe were assimilated by the Borg Collective. THEN, SUDDENLY, the entire Universe would become a giant black cube full of eerie green light, with the Borg Queen becoming a literal Goddess.

    1. With every hour that passes, STRANGER THINGS seems more & more like a documentary. (And a poorly executed one that doesn't cover even half the bases.)

  2. PS -- don't even get me started on the black cube, or hexagons, or torsion physics, or brane worlds, or decoherence, or......

  3. We have, for the past few years especially, been shown unambiguous evil, evil of such scope and scale that even the most naive amongst us can't fail to recognize it. And now, oh wonder of wonders, we seem to be witnessing resistance to said evil on a grand scale! Better yet, it would seem that victory is within our grasp!

    But, this too, this apparent approaching victory, is just a more nefarious component of the same ongoing plan. There has been no meaningful resistance and likewise there will be no victory. Well, not for us at any rate. Soon we will be delivered our much anticipated "victory" complete with a new normal as promised in 2020 by the ringleaders of chaos. And, since we will believe this new normal is born from the ashes of OUR victory we will accept it without question. We will proudly hail as our own THEIR victory and with it THEIR plan for us will be fulfilled.

    Welcome to the REAL war, soldiers, a war we are losing on all fronts.

  4. You know what this REALLY reminds me of?

    Tracy Twyman saying the damned souls and the demonic entities in Hell want to switch places with us, using technological and magical control over everything physical. "The Black Cube of the Abyss, the Anti-New Jerusalem, will emerge into our world as we all fall into the bottomless pit."

  5. The ONLY WAY to cover-up 100s millions to perhaps Billions of deaths due to the Vaxx (which should be called the ANTI-Vaxx at this point) is through nuclear war.

    BOOM. No one goes to prison.

    1. Hey Jaybers!!
      I DID actually entertain that notion but was too dark for even me to go there -- but there it is: the ultimate get-out-of-jail card hanging there.
      And yes, this is a LOT of what Tracy saw coming...Pretty much everything actually. Her fate was what happens to everybody too close that puts out too much as a warning.
      And they're getting increasingly brazen -- still trying to wrap my head around Bourla's promise to rebuild in SIX months SIX weeks SIX days.

      Are you kidding me??!!

  6. And thanks for the compliment JB. Means a lot coming from you!!

  7. And for the record what happened to Tracy reminds me very much of what happened to Kubrick -- & for identical reasons.
    When you "bell the cat" to that extent when dealing with such deep, deep occult primary lodestones, you're just giving them an excuse.
    This you will note goes all the way back to Mozart and The Magic Flute:

    To this day I wonder what was in those missing 24 min of EWS. Have heard that it was a lot of children, pentagrams, and sacrifice.

    1. The alternate ending was, apparently, this: Tom and Nicole's characters had to let go of their little girl, in order to save their own lives. Proof of this is in the ending of the theatrical version: at the busy toy store, Tom and Nicole stop paying attention to their little girl altogether for the last 3 minutes or so of the movie, even though it's Christmas time and there's people everywhere; the last we see their daughter, she's wandering off towards a couple of older gentlemen we had seen earlier at the party. She will belong to the Cult now.

  8. 1999 was weird to start with, but when I heard that Kubrick had demanded that EWS be released in the US on the anniversary of the very day Apollo 11 launched -- I knew he was telling tales out of school.
    And was putting a target on his back.
    Then when it came out all my friends could talk about was the Cruise-Kidman dynamic, so sexy, so debauched, so.....

    I was like "Uhhhhhh, did you happen to notice the REST of it??!!" Like the main underlying motif??


    Have been surrounded by idiots for a LONG time.

    1. JB -- oh the rise of the DVD era when I replaced all my tapes, I noticed the ending and what I thought were the familiar faces of the 2 men from earlier -- BINGO. Pretty horrified at the time to get the implications and what Stanley was suggesting: that children are the "merchandise" as Chris Carter earlier put it.
      And now here we are with all we know today...
      that this is generational and the abuse/ownage is a passed-along thing that never ends.
      EVERYTHING Kubrick put in there is for a reason: the Christmas trees, the Magic Circle game at the end, the toy bears everywhere, the holiday lights making occult symbols at the beginning party, the Process Church symbol on the door of the Mansion when Cruise enters, it just goes on & on, embedded everywhere. Absolutely brilliant film, made by a person that knows what he was looking for -- FOR people who know what to look for.
      That he buried all this in a film set during Christmas, for us the "holiest" but in actuality the most pagan of all seasons but appropriated by the early Christians since it was the time of year the heathen were most used to celebrating up til then, is just the capper. Just a little bit of unspoken Dan Brown that Kubrick passed along before it was even "cool" or trendy.

      Dude was an absolute genius. Much like George Carlin and Bill Hicks, I often wonder what he would make of today's events & what kind of art he would come up with to reflect that horror so it would be impossible for us to ignore.
      Unfortunately, we don't have any more Stanley Kubricks.

  9. Another small thing that prob means everything & one of the biggest "tells" -- ever notice the gold masked footman that lets Cruise into the Mansion before the big masked & blindfolded Nick Nightingale shindig where they all go "REMOVE YOUR CLOTHES!!"??
    Ever notice the facial structure of that mask & who it most resembles to a "T?"
    Bob Hope.
    See the testimony of Cathy O'Brien and Brice Taylor.
    Knowing Kubrick, there's no way that's just a coincidence:

    Do I ever need to get into the fact that all those masks at the party were "PLAGUE" masks?

    Kubrick knew things -- LOTS of things...

  10. Something else, is that from the early days of space exploration with Jack Parsons, to the modern-day workings of the LHC at CERN, all these mad scientists out there keep literally asking permission to the Great God Pan to go beyond this world, one way or another (rockets, portals).

    And he keeps saying NO.

    1. Reminds me incredibly of the famous Arthur C Clarke quote from Childhood's End:
      “In this single galaxy of ours there are eighty-seven thousand million suns.... In challenging it, you would be like ants attempting to label and classify all the grains of sand in all the deserts of the world.,..... It is a bitter thought, but you must face it. The planets you may one day possess. But the stars are not for man.”

      Yet ANOTHER Kubrick touchstone.

    2. The Stars in truth are The Sons of God

  11. “No utopia can ever give satisfaction to everyone, all the time. As their material conditions improve, men raise their sights and become discontented with power and possessions that once would have seemed beyond their wildest dreams. And even when the external world has granted all it can, there still remain the searchings of the mind and the longings of the heart.”
    ― Arthur C. Clarke, Childhood's End

    Such a brilliant book.

  12. “During the first half of the twentieth century, a few of your scientists began to investigate these matters. They did not know it, but they were tampering with the lock of Pandora’s box. The forces they might have unleashed transcended any perils that the atom could have brought. For the physicists could only have ruined the Earth: the paraphysicists could have spread havoc to the stars.”

  13. Remember Alefantis' creepy shirt?

    "The *L'Enfant* Plan for the city of Washington is the urban plan developed in 1791 by Major Pierre (Peter) Charles L'Enfant for George Washington."

    L'Enfant was the Freemie who intentionally put most of the occult symbolism in D.C.

    1. According to L'Enfant, "The Congress House would be built on *Jenkins* Hill (later to be known as Capitol Hill)..."

      "Jenkin(s)" was a name oft given to demons in human form. In Lovecraft, "Brown Jenkin is a rat-like creature with a human-like face who is a familiar to the witch Keziah *Mason*."

    2. JB!!
      Just to add to the creep factor, "l'enfant" of course means "the child." and there is this:
      about a young couple selling their child to a black market "adoption" concern for some "quick cash."
      Woo hoo -- good times!!
      Wouldn't you just love to know who greenlights and puts up the production $$ for "projects" like this.

      Of course it also comes straight outta Belgium. Naturally.
      Released in 2005 right at the height of the Dutroux public outrage when so much more began coming to light that had gone down.....
      Damage control? And dig some of the reviews praising it for addressing "complex moral issues."
      NO, they're NOT complex. Not even close.

    3. The Jesuits built D.C. The Roman Catholic Church is the head of all pedophile groups, they are the ones stopping the client list from being made public.

    4. Thanks OMID -- that could've come right from the testimony of Malachi Martin himself. Grew to be INCREDIBLY wary of both the Jesuits & the Church in his latter days and investigations.

    5. wordman have you read 'Eaters of Children
      The Pedocracy Exposed By Johnny Cirucci? I am up to 14 parts on is # 1

  14. Super catches btw JB -- & of course there is the persistent "rumour" that Alefantis is of the Rothschild bloodline...

    One of the top 40 most powerful in DC for owning a pizza joint....Riiiiiiiiight.

    1. The fact that he's based in D.C., involved in deep, nasty, occult stuff...
      Yeah, a fan of Masonic architect "L'Enfant" all right.

      "Alefantis" and "L'Enfant" are similar in spelling, are they not?

    2. I have a ton of stuff on D.C. tunnels ... scroll down to the headlines about them -

      most voat dead links you can find on

      a bigggg rabbit hole:

  15. How to creep yourself out when you're all alone:
    when you realize after it's been staring you in the face your whole life that the date of the Kennedy assassination is just ANOTHER 9-11....written backwards:

    A whole LOT of 11s together -- they LOVE that number.
    Must've come to me subliminally after watching JFK for the umpteenth time, this time on the ROKU channel. With commercials!! (You know I'm hardcore.)

  16. About the $10 trillion land owners BLACKROCK:

    "The Rupes Nigra *("Black Rock")*, a phantom island, was believed to be a 33-mile-wide black rock (Mercator actually describes the rock's circumference as 33 "French" miles) located at the Magnetic North Pole or at the North Pole itself. It purportedly explained why all compasses point to this location. The idea came from a lost work titled Inventio Fortunata, and the island featured on maps from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, including those of Gerardus Mercator and his successors. Mercator described the island in a 1577 letter to John Dee:

    "In the midst of the four countries is a Whirl-pool, into which there empty these four indrawing Seas which divide the North. And the water rushes round and descends into the Earth just as if one were pouring it through a filter funnel. It is four degrees wide on every side of the Pole, that is to say eight degrees altogether. Except that right under the Pole there lies a bare Rock in the midst of the Sea. Its circumference is almost 33 French miles, and it is all of magnetic Stone."

    This might be the true origins of their name.

    1. Good Lord man!!
      Am convinced you have some Library of Alexandria or Vatican Archives stashed away in a hidden alcove. Either that or you're ouija-boarding it with Pan in some magic circle on your property!! (Be sure to always draw the sigils in the air for protection.)
      But you're right -- I'm sure BLACKROCK, VANGUARD & State Street have their murky origins decked out with plenty of occult trimmings disguised as philanthropy and shareholder concern. None of that would be true of course. These are all predatory entities bent on one thing & one thing only: to transform life & reality itself so a NWO (Great Reset these days) can be ushered in.

      I'm no longer sure that WE'RE not even playing a role in we shout for corporations, Big Pharma, & governments made to be held accountable for vaxx horrors it's provable they knew about well before the fact -- what's the logical extrapolation of that? Mass pressure & accountability would cause, in a perfect world, governments to topple and fall.

      And just what do you think would emerge in that vacuum "for our own good?" No longer any governments at all, or a One World Government to "keep us safe" from the predatory traits of the elites.
      EXACTLY what they want. The ultimate wolf in sheep's clothing come to our rescue.
      And, if you believe the Bible, this will be the terrain the Antichrist emerges from.

      So we, THE PEOPLE, as was originally intended, have to come to the fore and take the reins. Is that even possible at this point after our zombification, lobotomizing & dumbing down for decades? Or, even better, do we just have to ride the wave of fate and be the watchers & witnesses as it all comes to pass per the Masterplan? A combination of the 2?

      All-consuming questions....

  17. Even more Past is Prologue stuff:

    The coverups of everything important -- of anything that helps to connect all the dots & how all these operations are related and sprout organically from one to the other -- continues unabated.

  18. And the crazy has only begun:

    This spooky goes deep & dark.

    In the vein of Jim Marrs, Oliver Stone, and others, thinking long & hard about a post all about this...
    because things like this also tilt very heavily towards the biowarfare slant of today:

    There's nothing new under the sun.

  19. I'm still wading through all the links, great post btw, while I'm facing off more curve balls in life.
    Skittles are being banned because they change the DNA while the whole world is injecting themselves with DNA changing substances, makes complete sense.

  20. Latest GCP numbers well into the RED -- indicating a lot of people are feeling we're right at something coming...
    Very similar to what it looked like in the days just before 9-11:

  21. It actually could be worse then we think, I came across this a while back and normally I do not go for this stuff, but this really resonates with me as real...Part 1 : The Dark Extraterrestrial Agenda ...Origins and Overview of the Extraterrestrial Problem ... Alien Abductions

  22. Here is the cover up that made all their dark nefarious crap of the last 70 years possible. I have 5 parts done, here is # 1

  23. Does that shooter have on a Joker face? oh boy

    1. It's not a mask, and he doesn't usually have an impossibly warped grin like that: I think he was literally possessed.

      MK-Often, not MK-Ultra.

    2. Thanks JB, kind of always amazes me how it seems the more controversial pictures have that focus issue even here in the over the top 21st century... Ray Bullock talks about MK-Often, one of the few.

    3. JB!! You said it all when you said MK-OFTEN.
      It's range and influence is largely ignored even in pages like this -- it shouldn't be.
      Sid Gottlieb was confidant of Richard Helms for a reason -- & his history is one of the darkest & most occultic ones going. Hell, Helms too for that matter. My main contention of the elites attempting contact with off-world entities has its modern-day, officially stamped origin with OFTEN -- & comes straight from the mind of Gotttlieb. There is a straight line from Parsons to Gottlieb's studies to the Clintons' fascination with voodoo. All aim for the same and that way lies madness.

  24. Hearing that China has taken to putting tanks out in front of their banks, folks can not get their money.

  25. Hi everyone!! As always, great read and thank you for the information!
    I'm reaching out for some desperate help!!

    Verizon has reached out to my father in law.. they have a few places in our area they are wanting to build a tower. Unfortunately, he owns every field and they are all very close to our house (varying from 1 to 5 miles.. or so).
    I am trying really hard to keep this from happening. I told them to ask about radiation, etc. The guy told them there would be no more radiation than the amount you get from putting your phone up next to your ear... they obviously are taking his word for it. However, I know better.
    Is there anyone who knows of any good articles, case studies, or any links they could give me with proof/ statistics of the possible dangers that come from these towers???

    I would be forever grateful!!

    God bless!

    1. Here you go The Largest Unethical Medical Experiment in Human History(a link at the bottom to full pdf here)

      Also check out these last two parts to Body Electric by Robert O Becker, well ahead of his time for....

      plenty of ammo in those 3, good luck

    2. Hey RHG!! Just logging on here - so sorry to hear about your plight, but all is not lost:

      PLEASE keep in touch here and let us all know how it's going...
      SO many ways to mitigate and protect yourself.
      We're like dogs with a bone here, and won't give up on you!!

  26. And RHG -- just to let you know, 5G towers went up literally in the middle of the night on many elementary and preschools facilities during the first Covid "lockdowns," in 2020 when not many were allowed out & about around here (Central VA). I always found that quite insidious. Not going before any governing boards, no long-range health studies or environmental impacts, just BOOM -- there they were.

    Targeting who? The children at closest proximity of course.
    Hand-in-hand with making the vaxx mandatory for 6 months-5 yr olds.
    This has all been SO coordinated.
    And I think it's becoming clearer and clearer that we all know why.

  27. PS -- delivered via unmarked white vans -- documented in many photos from folks on the scene that got scrubbed in a hurry.

  28. The unmarked ones photos are still gone, but this is one of the few documentations still existing:

  29. Why the secrecy, the rush and the pressure if it's all so "safe & effective?"

    Remind you of anything else recently??

    1. No kidding! The guy who flew out to meet with him said something along the lines of... "They are in a hurry to build a lot of towers to meet the quota they missed".

  30. Wordman, after studying as much mystical stuff and Tracy Twyman as possible, it seems the ultimate goal of various secret societies is to bring about the "forbidden intercourse" of Samael and Lilith (of the Behemoth and the Leviathan), in order for them to merge once again and form the "Other God/Anti-God", snuffing out all of existence.

    Let's say the present planetary mega-ritual, forcing all of humanity to descend deeper and deeper into Hell, is a very important part of this process, as we enter the realms of these very first fallen creatures: soon, there is supposed to be the moment when they become one, as an hermaphroditic "Beast" the whole world will worship as it descends into chaos and madness.

    1. Right on bruh!! The more you look at her stuff (where you can find it!) Tracy was SO over the target in her thinking -- more so than anyone else who takes the intuitive route. You've got guys like Anthony Patch that combine the tech with the religious to get to where they're going, but Tracy took a very dangerous off-ramp into their total psyche...and MAN did she pay the ultimate price for trying to clue us all in. Think about her more & more every day and hope that wherever she is, she knows she didn't die in vain, and how very much hope she knows what a help she is in these times.
      To me (in an entirely different way but so related..) she's right up there with Kubrick.

  31. Georgia Guidestones Collapsed : Everything had been planned (Code 322)

  32. And btw, post-covid, climate change was always going to be the next big "thing":

    Now they're just going to do the same thing, only "lock us down" because of the weather.
    Just the other day Alex Jones was remembering in Texas how in 1980 there was a 3-week stretch of 110 degree+ days in a row. My wife remembers it too, very well. But this current one is "historic, unprecedented." Putting lots of pinks and reds and oranges on every weather board to make it look crazy and worse than it really is. HUGE psych manipulation.
    It's summer -- it's hot. This winter it's going to be COLD. Newsflash!! Earth weather is cyclical -- we have next to nothing to do with it in the big picture. Which for some reason no one can seem to see anymore.
    Perspective is sorely lacking.

  33. CASE IN POINT (just popped up on reddit):

    What, does the WEF run the world now?? Stupid question.


    1. First it was the depop & lowering birth rate with the vaxx, next stage appears they're going to try & starve the remainders out with food shortages, lowering wages, a coming forced UBI, etc.
      Baffles me as to just how much we are willing to take before the whole shithouse explodes....
      Just WHAT is the final straw going to be to wake up Joe Public that this is a war against US?? Maybe when they cut off everybody's Netflix & internet? I have no idea, but the apathy has reached unprecedented levels when all this goes on & NOTHING happens.
      Find EVERY WEF member in every government everywhere, force them out of their houses, and kill them in the streets = ONLY solution. If they're gonna treat us like a banana republic, oh, we can BE a banana republic alright...

  35. 'You can take someone's DNA and design a weapon that can kill them': House intelligence committee member reveals new bio-weapons can be programed with health data to target a single person

    1. The world becomes more X-File-ish with every passing hour. Every single THING Carter & Co wrote about (then the depths of sci-fi fantasy) 28 years ago & more has come fully to pass. It's absolutely unreal. Never seen anything like it.
      I know I harp about it like beating a dead horse but it just floors me -- every time.

    2. RE ALL OVER THE ABOVE -- like clockwork:

      "Since the Human Genome project was completed and all genetic sequencing mapped, THEY have been working on bioweapons to target certain people with certain traits.
      The CV19 virus and the vaxx I believe are targeted weapons."


      EXACTLY why I've been thinking about & targeting the HGP of late.

      From here, & thanks Steve Kirsch!!

      More coming...

  36. Getting to the point where we're needing an official database for all this news -- Miss Frill & I are getting overwhelmed!! Haha!

    The above, you will note, are samples from a NON-vaxxed person, showing the signs in the blood of the lethality of coming in close proximity to the vaxxed -- i.e., "shedding." So long called out as a big conspiracy non-starter. Well, turns out that was a lie also.

    And here:

    Notice the DARPA patent at 5:48 & what that pertains to.

    We're all just living in the nightmare of Yuval Harari, Klaus Schwab & Bill Gates at this point. We ARE BEING DIRECTED. Throw in a pinch of CERN & the portals to the lower spheres are opening. Will likely collect all this in a single post soon...

    1. Are you saying just being around vaxxed people is enough to become "vaxxed" yourself?

    2. Actually, in animal trials, the un-vaxxed animals did get some of the nasty symptoms simply by being around vaxxed ones, due to "viral shedding".

      Vaxxed people's bodies are desperately rejecting all that toxic sh*t through their skin pores, it gets in the air...

  37. Also in that last vid with Stew & Ariana Love is info on what's running this entire covid op & collecting info on physical damages and attrition rates:

    A computer, a QUANTUM AI computer (where have we heard that before; CERN??) created to ostensibly corner the financials but that now has taken over disturbing aspects of reality & is paving the way for making humans obsolete. I wonder -- what is indwelling in that quantum computer; an intelligence, yes, but how "artificial" is it?? And where does it come from?

    1. wordman, please correct me if I am in error. A computer that runs AI? Perhaps they have that but what of real human community like clubs and churches and political meetings and hence the need for them to stop people from gathering together, even the strict drunk driving laws, prohibiting gatherings at taverns. Perhaps our power is in our communities.

      Just a thought.


    2. According to medieval laws of metaphysics, every entity that has been at work in the background will eventually manifest and reveal itself.

  38. All under THIS umbrella: (why am I doing a post piecemeal here? Haha!)

    Consider this the rough draft or working notes you're reading.....Giving away all my processes now!!

  39. Wordman, long time reader second post. Perhaps it will be accepted?

    My observations are that the secret societies are in civil war. Why? Some entity blew up the guide stones.

    And to our dearest vaxxine is it not a blessing perhaps? How so? As it will get rid of the so called woke and the transgender movement all in one fell swoop and of course plenty of tRump supporters as he was the father of the vaxxine.

    Perhaps we should prepare for a new world? How would you make it better? And of course you are with the people you have gathered here and I for one have given up preaching the gospel of not taking the vaxxine and instead I now encourage them to take their 5th shot as why stop now?
    We have two worlds now in the West. The vaxxed and the unvaxxed and we shall see how the grand experiment plays out.


  40. Wordman,

    Perhaps the notion of our dearest authorities being in a civil war might be a novel concept however, a warrior gets bragging rights when an opp goes off without a hitch.

    Like the people that blew the focking stones.

    I will be the first to say it.

    Well focking done.


    1. TOTALLY accepted KMB!! & good points all.
      & you're right -- I think all that remains now is to see how all this plays out. It's getting VERY biblical in terms of a Masterplan & a "Grand Delusion" or weeding out process. Think of it like a spiritual IQ test. Some have been found very wanting.

      We are def dealing not just with this reality but what is going on in other realms seeking to intrude here thru technological/biological warfare means.
      Be well, stay safe, and go with God.

  41. Pippa Middleton (UK Prince William's sister-in-law) names her daughter Rose.

  42. Check out any 80s pop tune on YouTube these days, and most of the comments go like, "In the 80s we couldn't wait to make our way to the future. Today we just want to go back."

    1. Trains!!
      When I think of how innocent we were back then, and how much at that very time was being pulled off that leads directly to what's going on today, it saddens me greatly. We were children in the garden. And we had NO idea what was being prepared for us.
      My interest in the paranormal/parapolitical back then was limited to UFO events & the odd headline about Iran Contra and shadow governments...
      Wasn't til the early 90s and watching Stone's JFK that the top of the head coming off became psychedelic & irreversible.

    2. Trainer, can you explain
      Cultural awareness and service excellence training, Huntsman Malaysia, 26-27 June 2014

  43. Woman,

    Everything I hear or watch is taken with a grain of salt... but your comments on CERN reminded me of some prophetic dreams by a Vicky Parnell(?). Her YouTube is
    'Prophetic Dreams and Visions from my lovely Jesus'.
    Regardless of whether you believe her or not, I found her dreams on CERN interesting.

  44. Hey guys, who wants to play connect the dots with me?!!

    We're getting closer: that Curtis article in 1992 in RS articulated just what was waiting for us down the line -- looking more & more like that was simply nothing more than an African beta test for what they wanted to pull off on the whole world...via vaccination.

    1. I most certainly do! I swear that I already had these links saved for a few days at least. I've been too busy and still trying to read through OMID's Library of Alexandria there. ;)

      When I heard this on the radio they made sure to say "Even though this is a case of vaccine derived polio, the vaccine is the only way to combat it so be sure to still get your vaccine!"

      Unexplained childhood hepatitis likely caused by adenovirus.

    2. I guess Irish children in Ulster was too obvious of a eugenics move. I understand and can maybe forgive them accidentally giving 40+ viruses through the vaccine in the 50's and 60's but now after all that they found out and it's still being pushed

  45. Do you guys know the "Amongus" meme?

    Here's my thought: in Ancient Egyptian "Amon" + Ancient Greek "gus" (on Earth ) ("gus/gous" meaning "on Ge" (Earth)).

    So Amongus could be interpreted as "Amon upon the Earth".

    If you think that's farfetched, consider that in the Ancient Egyptian "Book of the Dead", "The Hidden God" (Amon) is referred to on two occasions as "Medjed", when he acts as heavenly judge upon the Earth, incinerating people on sight:

    "I know the being Medjed *who is among them* in the House of Osiris, shooting rays of light from [his] eye, but who himself is unseen."

    Here's what "The Hidden God" looks like as Medjed:

    1. Medjed means "The Smiter"; the Amongus meme might be a "summoning" of Amon as "Smiter" among us here on Earth (there IS precedent for this: remember KEK?).

    2. (For those picky about the etymology of "gein" (on/of Earth) becoming "gus": in Greek, words ending with "gein" CAN sometimes become "gous/gus", the best example being "Sarcophagein" becoming "SarcophaGUS".)

    3. Looks like a phallus with eyes and feet

  46. Separate threads I was pulling:

    Juxtapose that with this:

    The age gap is emphasized rather than that HE RAISED HER AS HIS DAUGHTER.

    Choose your babies gender and eye color, then choose whether or not to kill it if it's not perfect, but then once it's born encourage it to choose it's own gender.

    1. Don't even get me started now on Musk (pals with Gates & Epstein), WEF follower, Twitter rogue (that's seeming more & more like a setup by the hour), neuralink, Starlink, gives Grimes all her satanic material, pal of Maxwell, cocktail buddies with Schwab & Harari, (what a fucked-up psychopathic duo THOSE 2 are), transhumanism ass kisser, Ai, need I go on?

      And now this with his DAD??!! Please can I plunge the needle of he real VAXX in all of them say, a good dozen times for good measure?? You know, since they're all so ON BOARD.

      Woody Allen was/is a freak for doing stuff like this, & so is this monster in human skin.

  47. Have said it before in these comments -- we could sincerely learn a thing or 3 from the Native American morals...

    If ANYONE in the tribe was found guilty of crimes like these, they were unceremoniously dragged out of the village, taken way out in the woods, and simply never heard from again.

  48. I don't know if you remember those crazy f**king schools over in California who decided, a couple of years ago, to bring back the Aztec worship of Tlaloc ("the great one risen from the sea", "the one who has tentacles for a mouth", in other words CTHULHU)? Well...

    In Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever, coming out 11/11/2022, the kingdom of Atlantis has been replaced by the Aztec version, Tlālōcān: Tlālōcān, meaning "place of Tlāloc", is described in several Aztec codices as a paradise, ruled over by the rain deity Tlāloc and his consort. It absorbed the souls of those who died through drowning or lightning, or as a consequence of *diseases*, especially leprosy, venereal disease, sores, dropsy, scabies, gout, as well as child sacrifices and the physically deformed.

    1. Speaking of child sacrifices......
      Isaac Kappy,
      Max Spiers,
      Tracy Twyman,
      Chris Cornell,
      Chester Bennington,
      Nancy Schaefer,
      Anthony Bourdain,
      Mae Brussell,

      Look at what they were all close to, what they were looking into (specific areas), that was a touching of a third rail in society that got them murdered.
      This is just the tip of the iceberg.
      This needs to end.

    2. JB -- re the above & Tlaloc worship, I wonder if the "physically deformed" would now include the vaxx injured &/or transformed?

    3. Don't forget "venereal disease", i.e. Monkeypox.

  49. Last week I mentioned Malaysia's Twin Towers, unveiled in 1998.
    Neighboring land-starved Singapore couldn't quite emulate, soooooo... For its new Supreme Court building, it commissioned Sir Norman Foster to plonk an actual UFO right on the rooftops of the lovely, British-colonial heritage structures in the city center. You have to see this one to believe it:

    When this abomination was completed in 2005, the general reaction was, of course, WT***. Well, as of 2022, at least we have a good idea of WT*** was signaled to us there, don't we.

    1. Well if that isn't one of the biggest "tells" going.
      Great spot & catch Trains!!

      Reminds me very much of this bldg from back in the day in me very own hometown!!

      Imagine riding up on that in the mid-1960s......& still there to this very day. Quite unique &......vaguely creepy.


    Latest rabbit hole, the box of crazy or a time machine created from the angels in Ezekiel.

    1. Last part with the strange texts reminds me greatly of the X episode 'ALL SOULS':

      BTW everybody -- give me 24 & I'll give you all this and more to chew on!!

    2. More: (some of it just cause the synchronicities are blowing up again.)

      This patent by a Daniel Christiansen fits for the maps with overflight patterns

      Saltwater battery made me think wheel why not have it run off sweat or blood? It's all been done

    3. Hey! Where'd that me post? I've actually got time to read it tonight and have to be up all night anyway.
      THE RUBAIYAT, played it at a dying patient's bedside. Family told me that it was their favorite. Now playing THE PROPHET.