Saturday, May 28, 2022



 see page 60.

The puzzle pieces spin, juggle, retrofit, align to form a new substrate, in service of telling a new story -- one which illuminates even further the journey so far...

If monkeypox wasn't planned, explain why the government has spent millions buying smallpox tests since 2016, and billions on a new smallpox vaccine manufacturing site in 2018, when smallpox was eradicated in the 1970s.

If Covid wasn't planned, where has all our accumulated DNA information gone?

With so many false flag MKUltra shooters creepy-crawling around of late, let's not take our eyes off what they're trying to keep fully obscure from us on a continual basis. History has shown, and continues to show, they will do anything to keep you from looking in the most important places at the most important times.

Study those words of prophecy from the X Files lo those many (1995-1997) years ago now and wonder what they portended...when you put your mouse over them and click to enlarge the view, study them, and exactly what they were warning us about at the dawn of the Millennium...because the ominousness they fully intended to convey is lurking in your backyard, right now.

Continually look into what multi-orgs like Blackstone, BlackRock and Vanguard are up to, and whether their aims are strictly greed-based, or whether or not something else is afoot...wonder why it's Bill Gates who is the largest owner of commercial farmland in America right now. 

Keep going back to the Project For The New American Century whitepaper issued in 2000 in the runup to 9/11. And not only for the mentions of "race-specific bioweapons," but also their sinister notation that space will ultimately become a theatre of war, especially in light of the recent numerous UFO and UAP-themed info-drops and disclosures from on-high sources, many of which now appear increasingly dubious.

WHAT is going on? And more importantly, WHY?

On this increasingly metaverse-themed battlefield where the prize is ultimately your soul, stay vigilant. Be careful and always mindful of your very own thoughts, so that they stay yours

Back soon with much CERN still churns away, putting the entire world in its shadow.




  1. The Neo-Cons are now the Neo-Liberals.

    George Dubya Bush is now best friends with the Obamas.

    Canada is turning into North Korea.

    At least 60% of the vaxxed have some sort of AIDS.

    It has become legal in some places to literally murder babies AFTER they're born.

    And to turn your own children into mutilated, brainwashed sex toys.

    But most people are pretending things aren't that bad, or are getting better.

    Because dealing with the decomposing corpse of our former civilization is just plain depressing.

    1. Eloquence thy name is Goatboy!!
      Put me in the shade at the first comment why dontcha!! Haha!!
      Yep, that ole Gov. Northam plan of POST-birth abortion ("Ooops you weren't supposed to hear that") seems to be coming along quite swimmingly, wouldn't you say? WTAF.

      & isn't it funny how all those neocons are now neolibs??
      Things they were ready to hang Jimmy Carter for back in the day now sound like Trump talking-points. The shift is bizarre, but then again the satanists wear whatever clothes are appropriate for the time, right? Those effers ain't nuthin if not fashionably flexible.

      I keep thinking of the Jim Morrison quote..."This is the strangest life I've ever known."

    2. Malcolm X:
      “I am for truth, whoever tells it.”

  2. JB -
    "And to turn your own children into mutilated, brainwashed sex toys."
    a great essay on this topic just came out from James Howard Kunstler ...
    Childhood’s End

    1. MKUltra has now become not just some randomized "conspiracy theory" validated but something far's now the glue that holding everything together -- and yes, there are far worse things bubbling just beneath the surface in approx 4 billion people at last count:

      First there is graphene, part & parcel of every transhumanistic agenda going -- but this is something else entirely -- and the motive and ultimate endgame for such remains as yet unknown.

    2. When Oh WHEN is everybody going to finally realize Jack Kirby knew goddamn EVERYTHING??!!**#@$$&&%%!!!

      Just look at one of those last panels -- "Lo! The Eggs Shall Hatch!" (that I'm sure to be using soon btw....)
      No effing kidding!!!!!

    3. Stranger Things:

  3. In Agents of SHIELD (and the comics), there's the "Ancient Alien" named Hive, who's the true founder of Hydra, and he takes over peoples' bodies and controls their minds using *microscopic hydra-like spores*:

    1. Wow - I wonder who made the connection between the Stranger Things creation & the hydra vulgaris?? Any time I begin to get the least bit despondent it constantly amazes me at the amount of people paying attention.
      And how sync is it that in the series it just so happens to be named the Mind Flayer??!! And that was sea 2, which makes it 2017...
      Either someone was trying to help the peons out by warning us (think the Kubrick route), or they just adore rubbing our noses in it before-the-fact. i.e., Revelation of the Method.

      Btw everything that's in the old Lee-Kirby Marvel issues has become a rather self-fulfilling prophecy, eh? Chris Knowles knows I'm sure much more about all of that chapter-&-verse than I do, but I was weaned on all those Kirby visions bought from a million spinner racks in a million drugstores from the late 60s all the way thru his DC stint and the New Gods saga of 70-71. Got pretty much away from it after that, discovering tennis & the fairer sex, but MAN, it never leaves you -- that forward-thinking psychedelic amazement factor. It colours your perception...and you never quite stop viewing the world thru those eyes.

      Heck, we all have little "Mother Boxes" in our hands 24/7 now!!

  4. Look at these:

    1. Oh yeah JB -- the Nazi influences/Fourth Reich updated and continued, are all around us on a continual basis.
      In our face with sigils and symbolism, deeply embedded in nearly every Military-Industrial-Complex Co. like Raytheon, General Dynamics, Bell & Howell, Skunkworks, Bechtel, SAIC, In-Q-Tel, Lockheed Martin, etc, not to mention the State Dept, our federal judiciary, privatized police force "contractors," the FBI, CIA, DARPA, you name it.
      We're basically surrounded in an Operation Paperclip run amok.
      The Nazis "lost" the war but they really didn't.
      Every occult & demonic wet dream of Hitler, Mengele, Goering & the Thule & Vril societies has come home to roost with a vengeance. The propaganda machine we immerse ourselves in every single day is something Goebbels couldn't envision in his wildest dreams thanks to the ground work of people like Aquino & others.

      I often wonder what Mae Brussell, who originally called this all out decades and decades ago, would think of the progression and just how far things have regressed since her heyday of the early 1970s-80s.

      Bless her heart -- she saw it all. And tried her best to warn us and get the word out via limited capacity back in the day.
      We need somebody like her today desperately.
      And who's calling a spade a spade these days?
      Amazing Polly, Whitney Webb, Emerald Robinson, Lara Logan, now Naomi Wolf, trying hard to think of many others.
      And isn't it funny how the loudest and bravest voices are all women on the frontlines??
      Where have all the goddamn MEN gone??!! Fucking sheep and idiots. What, does Truth to Power scare you now or something, ya worthless punks...Soy boys every freakin where I turn.

  5. PS -- & just to let all you faithful know, am working on something right now by jumping in the wayback machine to closely examine an incident that I think has great bearing on what is happening currently that I think all of you will grok and enjoy...

    Give me a few more days & hopefully by this weekend another batsignal is imminent!!
    Keep the faith crimefighters. Heads down but keep lookin at the stars...

  6. PSS -- pardon the above anti-male rant & of course all usual suspects here obviously excluded, ditto my pals Chris, Jasun, Anthony Patch, George at CAVDEF & a select few others, but believe me, you guys are the far outliers. And in this atmosphere you stand out like sore thumbs in the best, most shining way possible!!

  7. Andrew found this:

    "The final track on Uvalde is “Uvalde.” A song about the city 80 miles west of San Antonio which was the sight of a horrific and sickening school shooting, which led to many children being slaughtered by a deranged youth named Salvador Ramos. It took place at Robb Elementary in Uvalde and has really bothered me."

  8. What. The. F**k?!?!

  9. Google has been infiltrated by a “destructive” California cult led by a “pedophilic” leader, according to a lawsuit.