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Broken bottles, broken plates, broken switches, broken gates/ Broken dishes, broken parts, Streets are filled with broken hearts/ Broken words, never meant to be spoken/ Everything is broken

Seems like every time you stop and turn around/ Something else just hit the ground

Broken cutters, broken saws, broken buckles, broken laws/ Broken bodies, broken bones. Broken voices on broken phones/ Take a deep breath, feel like you're choking

Everything is broken.

Night falls and I'm alone/ Skin, yeah chilled me to the bone/ You, turned and you ran/ Oh slipped, right from my hand.

Hey blue on black, tears on a river. Push on a shove, it don't mean much/ Joker on jack, match on a fire/ Cold on ice it's a dead man's touch/ Whisper on a scream doesn't change a thing/ It don't bring you back -- Blue on black.

Blind, oh, but now I see/ Truth, lies, and in between/ Wrong, can't be undone/ Oh slipped, from the tip of your tongue... 

"Even after admitting this, there is no catharsis. My punishment continues to elude me, and I gain no deeper knowledge of myself."   American Psycho, Bret Easton Ellis

"Well they're going to ruin the air that we breathe, Lord have mercy/ They're going to ruin us all by and by/ I'm tellin all you beware, I don't think they really care/ Think they just sit up there and just get high..."

Where do you look when you've looked everywhere? You go back to the beginnings, and you might be surprised at what you find. So much is lurking there, dead giveaways in the forgotten and the never seen. Choice Millennials with attention spans and a yen for dot-connecting will find treasures beyond their imagining, all there in the public record of what once-upon-a-time was mass entertainment that was studded with clues like diamonds imbedded in comets flying thither and yon. But, you know, funny thing about comets, they always have a way of coming back around again...

Take, for instance, the final episode of the first season of the X-Files, "The Erlenmeyer Flask." Aired 5-13-94 and right now looking like Nostradamus could have scrawled it. For those of you that have a Roku, the entire series is up right now for free on (a brand new) Freevee. For those of you that don't, indulge right here the old-fashioned on a stormy night by candlelight:

The syncs are downright, well, spooky. For want of a better word.

But when you keep looking, other things start popping up. From also around that time and partially responsible for inspiring Chris Carter for that episode, the Gloria Ramirez incident:

Still surrounded by much mystery and deep questions. How long have we been guinea pigs and lab rats, and at the hands of what dark forces plotting in the shadows? Of course back then it was in the shadows -- of late it's pretty much as in your face as it gets.

We live in a time of ghosts in the machine, and a contagion that no one can quite name:

It's a holy war where we have all weaponized ourselves in whatever capacity we can. My old friend Mike Ruppert put it best and he saw it coming when he said, "Fire your weapon."

And Mike would have had a WHOLE lot to say about the current happenings in the world. Speaking of Nostradamus, he was another ancestral spirit carrier in segments like this from his seminal Crossing The Rubicon

Something was evident in the planning as charted by the old site Cyberspaceorbit here -- this from 2002 when the full impact of what were called "persistent contrails" were taking hold:

First inklings of gene splicing and/or therapy, and the notions that something was working on people's brain processes, even then. The possibility that cognitive function was being targeted looms large.

Along that same line of thinking, notice the carefully chosen wording of William Thomas, the very first chemtrail researcher here:

Especially the paragraph where he leads: "A far more effective and selective pathway for pathogens is through vaccination." This was in July 2000. Those were the days when much was happening at a dizzying rate; at times I would put it up to even the rates of upheaval today, it's just that it wasn't augmented and stratified by social media to absurd and not always relevant levels. just scroll to the bottom here and see who was VERY interested in who was interested in watching the skies back then:

So many intrigued vested interests so concerned with who was interested in the burgeoning "kooky" chemtrail issue. Just look at how many of those parties still prowl the headlines today as "players" on the world stage. 

But we speak also of contagion, and of that there are many types, some of which have yet to be fully explored. It seems there are many levels. A few posts back I mentioned the early research of Richard Hoagland, and how he had uncovered a distinctly Egyptian/Masonic mythos firing the cult of NASA, celestial moorings that inspired launch windows, launch times, landing sites, and much more:

This cult would eventually lead Hoagland to being the first person I heard to put all the pieces together in the tale of Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, the Babalon Working, the birth of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the portal that opened the flying saucer era in 1947. Birth of the CIA, "it was twenty years ago today," Lucy (Luce = light) in the sky with diamonds, Crowley on the cover and all that. Time joins all. 1947 to 1967 was a mere 20 years. You get from Crowley's death and opening portals to flying saucer flaps and Mothman pretty darn quick. Or as John Keel put it in chronicling roughly that same 20 year expanse in his Our Haunted Planet:  

And if everything old is new again and time is a flat circle, then this makes perfect sense: The Great Reset, about which you've heard so much, is actually the Great RA-Set. Two major Egyptian gods brought back into the world by force of word. Set we know, but Ra was actually also called RE from the Coptic:

Uh huh. Hoagland ain't so "funny" now, is he? Incredible amounts along the same train here:

But we were speaking of the nature of contagion, and how many spheres that might encompass, weren't we? There might not be enough overlapping pie graphs in all the world:

Pay particular attention in this fascinating talk with Colm Kelleher and George Knapp of what has been termed the "Hitchhiker Effect." They speak of alien viruses and their work on our immune systems. Why does this broken record sound familiar? These have been objects of strict attention for a long time for a reason.

(Notice that Kelleher elucidates quite correctly that this effect is not just a modern phenomenon, but that it indeed goes back to even Kenneth Arnold, who, in the aftermath of his June 24, 1947 sighting over Mount Rainier that ushered in the modern flying saucer era, had poltergeist-type effects follow him around for quite some time.) This is also the interview where this effect is compared to a contagion. Making this a distinctly psychotronic contagion, perhaps even more. Perhaps something is interacting with us on a molecular level, on a spiritual level, on an existential level that we, the rabble, cannot even comprehend or reach yet. Yet those parameters have been well and truly breached:

You will notice in the closing moments of that vid the Pentagon delving into UAP Anomaly Ratings in their latest research drops. This brings closer and closer together the High Strangeness that both Vallee and Keel (along with Hynek) began postulating decades ago as they continued in their research -- the merging of the spiritual and the technological into worlds akin to magic that are interacting with ours. What they all began to glimpse and suspect in 1979 is coming to fruition in 2022 with a vengeance.  

Perhaps this is an umbrella of orchestrated chaos humanity and modern society has been under ever since then. If we take the Nazis into account, perhaps even longer:

Nazis, Paperclip, Crowley, Parsons, Arnold...perhaps this has always been the process of one long establishing of communication gateways between worlds. And that communication brings with it inherent risks of proximity infection. And who knows where that has led us today -- perhaps it is all around us, hiding in plain sight, in hidden cults speaking in hushed tones with other intelligences, and in turn guiding this world into vistas best left uncharted. Which all means there is a REASON for the proliferation of secret societies and cults that abuse, traumatize, and kill children; there is a REASON for a depopulation agenda that borders on and possibly has more than a little to do with ritual sacrifice. This is the darkest secret that dwells in the heart of all that is plaguing this haunted world.

How much of this occult knowledge, transferred somehow into the technical, is involved in the vaccine agenda, which increasingly seems occult-tinged? Are we looking at a transplanted, Paperclip-inspired, Nazi-type experiment grafted onto the modern day? Look at that first Rense article I linked to by Will Thomas, when the WHO carted over millions of HIV-laced injections in the smallpox vaxx to try out on Africa in 1977. Can you say beta-test?

Because in 1978 it was US cities, gay men, and the vaxx was Hep-B laced with the HIV strain. Soon after, very soon, the AIDS epidemic started, erupting mainly early on in San Francisco and New York, the 2 main hubs of the Hep-B vaccine "trials." It is no wonder that today in the covid vaxx we find HIV envelope markers as our immune systems are slowly decimated. Since we're trusting the "science":

And who was at the helm then? Fauci. Meet the new boss -- same as the old boss. But he's so kind, and caring, and loyal. We can trust him. Somebody that should have been rotting behind bars for decades now. But he's the elite. He's the voice of authority. The real ghost in the machine.

Watch this first ep of season 2 of the BBC version of Utopia, (vastly superior to the US Amazon remake) and wonder if this isn't nearly exactly the endgame of what we're being confronted with now:

More truth in art and entertainment. Ponder the vast implications on display here. Illuminations far beyond what you would find in any newspaper or mainstream media expose.

The brane worlds are loosed, and day by day the central membrane that held all this together is gone. What designs do Lovecraft's eldritch gods have, after all? Who is Judy in Twin Peaks? What is Danielewski's House Of Leaves and why do the laws of physics, space, and time not apply there? What is the hole in the marvelously trippy new Outer Range? Such answers are inherently impenetrable. We only know that everything is broken and truth leads to madness. In venues from True Detective to Donnie Darko we find more answers than the most learned scholars could give us: the psychosphere in folding in on itself; the tangent universe is collapsing. X-Files meets itself on the road back to the present day in the retelling.

In such dire circumstances maybe we are not designed or destined for concrete answers as much as we are for the journey. The experience. There is a time for Sherlocks and Poirots and Marples -- but there is also a time for the coming of the existential void. A time crying out for the Mulders and the Scullys to step in to make sense of the ominous and to lean on each other along the way. I believe we have reached that juncture because thru the rococo permutations of whatever CERN is doing, thru the collective blood sacrifice that seems never ending (what amounts to the vaxx fallout where deaths from 18-64 are up an astounding 40% according to all insurance figures coming in from multiple countries worldwide), I can find no other answers than to accept the ride, punch the ticket, and get on with Fate in the hope it will somehow, some way, course correct and guide us back to the Primary Universe. 

Because they can create all the alternate timelines and tangent universes they want; there will always be a/THE timeline where good wins. Every mode of thought and ideology they employ (transhumanism, AI, genetic manipulation, vaxx agenda) and infrastructure they construct (CERN, aerosol ops, drugs in the food and water, 5G, etc) are all designed to sidestep what is coming in a time that grows increasingly short. 

But there is no escape clause and no one outraces their Fate. We started off last time talking about Fate, and we're ending there again... 

A final reminder this time that this isn't rocket science, and the means to end things are firmly within our reach. Our sitting president is a known pedophile that molested his own daughter, confirmed the fact that the FBI raided Project Veritas helmer James O'Keefe's house to get her diary confirming all this. The Hunter Biden laptop has him raping little girls, some in his own family. We were told for years that this was a conspiracy theory and that it didn't even exist. That has now been confirmed as a lie, even by the very ones that were lying to us for so long. (Owned up to and quickly forgotten in the Ukraine rollercoaster of misdirection.) The contents of the Anthony Weiner laptop were supposedly so heinous that longtime NYPD officers upon viewing it threw up. At last count, 9 of the 12 senior officers that viewed its contents have "committed suicide." 

One of the hijacker's passports was found at the WTC on 9/11 (it flew out of the hijacker's pocket, out of the cockpit, out of the towers, and just happened to wander a few blocks down the street...) but not the indestructible bright orange "black boxes" of any of the planes, which would have confirmed thru recorded data the flight paths of every plane, start to finish, involved in the Op. How many stops they made that morning. Where did they land? What happened to the passengers? Meaning the game would have been over before it even started. No bullshit official story. No WMD psyops in Iran. No invasion of there and Afghanistan. No millions of deaths.

Remember that similar plans were on the table in the early 1960s with the CIA and DOD's Operation Northwoods, which called for similarly crashing jetliners with passengers inside and blaming it on enemy du jour. (Cuba at the time.) JFK called them on it saying they were a bunch of pot-bellied goblin devil worshippers, called it all off and we know how that ended. This time they took off from the airport, landed at a covert military base, swapped the planes out for drones painted like commercial airliners, then directed them via remote control tech   (key: Dov Zackheim)

to the targets. (Passengers were all either CIA or Deep State connected and/or taken care of one way or another.)

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Mayor Michael White said in a televised news conference at 11am that a plane made an emergency landing at Hopkins International Airport, and that it might have been hijacked or carrying a bomb. Then later he backtracks and says it has not been hijacked, only to later in the day say no bomb had been found.

This was not the only detail that changed: in the morning White said that air controllers could hear screaming on the plane. During an afternoon update no screams were mentioned again. 

Conflicting testimony for and against here:

Of note: At 11:15 a.m., 200 passengers from the other plane were taken to NASA Glenn, whose employees had already evacuated, to be interviewed by FBI agents. (While United 93 is known to have carried 37 passengers and seven crew members, conspiracy theorists are quick to point out that if the passengers and crew of all four flights that crashed on 9/11 had been consolidated at some secret location, the number would be right about 200.)

Bloggers claims that eyewitnesses saw civilians being loaded onto military busses at NASA Glenn. They were whisked away to some undisclosed location, never to be seen again.

The FBI raided all of Epstein's properties. Tapes. CDs. Recordings. Account books. Photos. Where is it all now? Did the Ghislaine Maxwell trial produce names? Of course not. But we get the Depp-Heard inanity 24/7. Much like Ukraine, just another ball bounced down the road for everyone to chase like good doggies...

There is material evidence out there. All it takes is a few people to do the right thing before the second days of Noah really take over and the distorting of the human genome and the changing of the genetic code of mankind is fully accomplished:

Let's also not forget that Elon Musk seeks to use his Boring Company to help out none other than CERN:

And not to beat you over the head with too many more dot-connected dead horses, but his baby mama Grimes latest is Shinigami Eyes

To the surprise of absolutely no one, here's what a shinigami is: 

So, exactly how many coincidences before this all becomes impossible?













  1. What somewhat worries me is that practically everyone on Earth is presently involved in a vast ritual and/or summoning, almost entirely without their knowledge and against their will.

    I know from personal experience, having accidentally and unknowingly performing Crowley's NOX (Night of Pan) ritual during my suicide, that magick is very real and works, period. The works of Jacques Vallée and Nick Redfern confirm this: even if you have no idea what is happening, or have never even heard of such a thing, the rituals/summonings are effective nonetheless, the supernatural will manifest.

    Just like those alien abductions where someone screamed out "Jesus Christ!", and the Little Grey Men shuddered and vanished; the person in question didn't even believe in Jesus, and they had no idea the Greys were in fact fallen creatures, but it worked anyway.

    1. So true my friend. Linguistics...words...have immense power. Esp spoken in the right combinations and at the right times.
      It's not called "spelling" for nothing. Look at the etymology of the word "grammar," originates from grimoire.

      Keel & Vallee early on, and later Hynek, were well and truly on to something coming around to the knowledge that what we were and are dealing with isn't extraterrestrial, it's extradimensional, and heavily involved and invested with the spirit world. Demons, fallen angels, tricksters, poltergeists, ghosts, the realms of death and crossing over -- all pertain.
      The ability to manifest anywhere in any disguise they choose, from antediluvian times up until right now. I'm fully convinced that this is the secret knowledge that the higher points in the food chain of our DOD, Pentagon & intel agencies all know.

      Am also beginning to be very much of the belief championed by John von Neumann that us believing in them is the key that turns the lock to open the portals to here even wider. (Would explain the campaigns of denial and ridicule held for so long by all those agencies for 50+ years...)

      But it also makes you wonder -- why the most recent turnaround to that way of thinking?? (Do they WANT them to come flooding here now?) What's happened?

    2. If you knew you made a deal with someone you knew you shouldn't have, you would make up all kinds of lies to prevent the truth from coming out. My best advice tonight is to not be fearful of anything. Kind of interesting on this word, because I too have been working on a paper pulling from the past also. It appears that most missed the coming of The New World Order in 91. Been in place right under our noses using us until they do not have to use us anymore. I will show in this paper that George HW Bush, held power in Washington not for the four years most contribute to him, but rather for 32 years, and at the end of the 32 years, he set his renegade loose in 2008 upon the American people. People should be asking questions about Neil Bush and his activities of the last 14 years. More to come in the paper.

    3. "Do they WANT them to come flooding here now? What's happened?"

      Well, the Biden administration IS leaving the southern border wide open, all of those third-world rejects coming in. Maybe they're leaving the "spiritual border" wide open as well, wanting millions of otherworldly rejects to invade...

  2. Didn't put that last part very well, but us acknowledging their existence is what opens all the doors...we effectively held them at bay from even greater intrusions by sheer will and not thinking that they truly existed except to drunken hillbillies and conniving conmen. The "hoax"/swamp gas/weather balloon card played by the Military complex for so long.

    Maybe there was a greater purpose to that...

    1. This has been a belief I’ve held for some time. The idea that religion is there to control the masses and keep the sheep under control is only a small part of it. The primary function is to “magnetically align” the consciousness of masses to maintain a certain reality. General consensus of belief creates a sort of “fixed” reality. Technology has broken this consensus of consciousness. It’s being reflected in our reality. Suddenly new histories manifest. Reality is broken. Our collective loss of alignment of consciousness is awakening the Old Ones that organized systems of faith have worked so hard to keep in the deep sleep of subconscious.

  3. @ Wordman.
    So how would one go about excising a suspected demon from ones own existence?
    Saying Get Thee Behind Me Devil three times in a row doesn't seem to work as well as we have been told.
    It also occurs to me that this six thousand year old Death Cult I keep hearing about must have been around a hell of a lot longer that that.
    Six thousand years is a drop in the bucket if you believe that there have been civilizations come and go on this marble for hundreds of thousands of years.
    Did anyone else watch Cliff High's piece about "First Tongue"?

  4. Speaking of demons...

  5. I wouldn't worry about a death cult, they lost the keys, not getting em back

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. When I say that "I'm worried", I'm thinking about the vaxxed. What if they signed the contract, Mark of the Beast-style, with that jab? Shouldn't a contract be null and void if the person involved had no idea what they were signing?

    1. Hey JB, I am thinking the vaxxed consent and the way they did it, was more of a 'type' thing, when tried to connecting the vaxx thing to a well do it for your fellow man then for your own self thing. With the 66 plus orbits I have been exposed to tell me that mark will be of economic origin, it's coming, it going to be digital, and folks think people are high strung now, I will not mind missing thar scene at

    2. I agree. This was a test run. It’s coming back in a forced fashion sooner than we would all like. The evidence is coming out. Those who took it and died were merely ritual sacrifice. Everyone will have had the opportunity to “see” when they return with the Luciferace vaccine that will be tied to your Central Bank Digital Currency account. Refusing the mark will clearly lead to banishment. Taking it will be clearly understood as submission. Know where you stand and steel yourself for your choice.

  8. No, no, no. The Ministry of Truth's new head, Mary Poppins, says that the Deep State most assuredly does not exist. What are you man? A conspiracy theorist? It's Mary Poppins for crap's sake. She wouldn't lie, would she?
    Seriously, why do you think that Bill "I likes 'em young" Gates has done a complete 180 and is now saying that they
    a. overestimated Covid.
    b. that it's only slightly more deadly than the flu
    c. that it's only deadly to old people
    d. that lockdowns were a mistake that saved no lives
    e. that shutting schools was also a mistake that damaged children for years to come?
    Is he afraid of law suits? Seems doubtful.
    Trying to regain some credibility for the next round of the pathogen release/enforced vaccination ballet that's probably right over the horizon. Plausible.
    It's not like these ideas or the data that inspired them are new. "Conspiracy theorists" and rogue doctors have been getting cancelled & disappeared for at least a year now who have been saying the exact same thing.
    Maybe Bill the Diddler feels that public attention is suitably captured by Ukrainian virtue signaling and the hysterical shrieks of the pro infanticide movement that no one will notice.
    Of course none of this explains why America cares about the medical opinion of a computer nerd with questionable morality and questionable sexual tastes.

    1. Dibs, OMID & JB -- I think it's all a backtracking, trying to retroactively absolve themselves before the great "We never forced you to take anything" gets trotted out as the next line of defense.
      And Phil -- you are so right -- 6000 years is a drop in the bucket.
      If you follow the lines of thinking of those like Graham Hancock we are on multiple go-rounds of advanced civilizations of which are but one of many and truth be told, not very high up in the percentiles. So much we still don't know: Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria, Agharta and so many others have come and gone. Heck, something akin to Agharta may be below us still if even a few of the wild rumours about Antarctica are true.

  9. And JB -- one would think lack of informed consent would obviate any kind of medical &/or social contract -- but those were the old rules, which seem Marquess of Queensberry-quaint now they're so outdated.

    The more I look at it, it seems we've inherited the world forecast by Stephenson's SNOW CRASH:

  10. PS -- interesting that I attended a lower/middle school where they taught us about the mysteries of Mesopotamia and Sumer starting in grade 4.
    I always wondered about that. They seemed to pay a kind of obsessive attention to it, and made sure we did too.

    1. Funny, speaking of Atlantis...check out this latest find -- a yellow brick road found on the Pacific seafloor.
      No kidding; ya can't plant me in your penthouse, to say nothing of that howling old owl in the woods:

      & just listen to the idiots (complete with Valley Girl attendees) yammer on about the Earth NATURALLY producing 90-degree angled objects that look just like bricks that just happen to form in a pattern suggestive of a road. Huh.

      Next thing you know they'll be selling us that the flu is now a pandemic that we're all mandated to take untested "vaccine" technology for........oh wait....

  11. I've just realized something:

    Joe Biden keeps saying that "Ultra-MAGA" is the greatest threat to America.

    In the new Doctor Strange movie, which was being released at the same time Biden started the Ultra-MAGA propaganda (which the internet on both sides won't let go of), the story revolves around the Scarlet Witch becoming more powerful than all other sorcerers/superheroes combined, and her becoming obsessed with killing a young woman named America Chavez, who is the living key to the Multiverse.

    *MAGA is Latin for "a witch, an enchantress, a (female) magician".*

    Ultra is latin for "beyond, on the far side of, as in ultraviolet".

    *Ultra-MAGA being declared the greatest threat to America, and the Scarlet Witch wanting to kill a young woman named America, these are one and the same etymologically.*


    1. JB!!
      From your lips to Jack Parson's ears:

    2. & oh here we freakin go:

      7 more days to go!!

    3. Cliff High nailed this one.

  12. I know you folks love your POV, However I need to remind you all what the State is really about.....

    1. I wouldn't be surprised if the Church of Rome was dead since 1958, when that occultist POS Roncalli (John 23rd) started Vatican 2. Back when he was merely Bishop Roncalli in 1940 he was hanging out with Aleister Crowley (according to his son Amado Crowley, who also stated that the future Pope was openly, arrogantly a member of the Illuminati).

    2. OMID!!

      That's a fantastic writeup and I meant to salute you way above about your callout of Neil Bush -- that family just never stops thinking of ways to subvert. They're like the thing that wouldn't leave. JFK, Silverado, Franklin, Mena, Iran-Contra, 9/11...the list of horrors is endless. Now we've got stupid "W" reimaging himself as an artist, deep thinker, and grand old man. As if....

      And the minute I start thinking that Jimmy Carter was actually pretty decent, I have to remind myself that we have him to thank for ushering out Zbig Brzezinski onto the world stage. Thanks for nuthin'.

      And JB -- none other than Marjorie Taylor Greene mentioned something very much along the lines of what you just did -- and got dragged over the coals for it the other day. All anyone has to do is read up a bit on what Malachi Martin said and wrote to know that both of you are very much barking up the right tree.
      What did Lou Reed say? You can't depend on no churches, unless there's real estate that you want to buy...

    3. Well well well -- I just knew all that X-Files viewing would come in handy sooner or later. (Aside from all the vaxx-dna manipulation news....)
      NOW there's even more:

      Straight from the hidden files of the British MOD.

    4. Thanks wordman, I remember how badly we had them on the run, before Trump was installed, and then people started acting like we had won. Clearly there really was something to the acting, but again for the most part as a collective, we fell for the ruse, and now a couple of years later, we find ourselves right back in the shitshow, like we never left it for four years. let me look at this coal miner story

  13. I just do not like this guys name(biden) right now, seems like a play on time, could be if it is this..

    1. A lamb for slaughter, in Ancient Rome, was sometimes called a "Bidens".

  14. where they are talking about buoys about 10 minutes, and then they were taken down I guess some years ago, I just so happened to run across Mr Bbbb, calls himself earthwatcher and one of his videos was more recent activity with the buoys in the same area flashing and slowing huge movement on the ocean floor rising and sinking just recently, something big happening off indonesia, I need to research something before I suggest something.

  15. OMID!!

    The Suspicious Observers dude!! MAN it's been a long time since I'd heard any of his stuff. I do remember him running afoul of various and sundry well, I guess you'd call 'em "fact checkers" in the days before there such things and getting marginalized and taken down all over the place. Good to see he's still fighting the good fight -- his info was always top notch.

    And so funny you speak of "time" related drops and disclosures: the entire premise (such as it is) of the recent OUTER RANGE on Amazon begins and mentions repeatedly the god Chronos or Kronos, and how he controls time down thru the aeons. Weird with all that's going on that should be brought up as a major plot point or point of reference in some relatively mainstream, esoteric-tinged release. Way too early to give it X-Files type credo, but it's certainly up there with Twin Peaks for trippy weirdness and deep musings on the true nature of what's being hidden from us.

    AAAAAAND last but not least JV!!! Thanks for commenting -- have to go back and see if you ever have before, but if you haven't, WELCOME!!
    Love your comments about the subconscious & about this all being merely a test run for what's coming. Fits right in line with my thoughts about this being a multi-pronged weapons system deployment of which we've just begun the first stages -- we've got a LONG way to go it seems.
    To whit -- check this bit of absolute insanity out:

    Now with more Elon & Starlink -- hey Musk, thanks for nothin ya freak!!
    Wo are so royally screwed. At very least those things will make great target practice.

    1. oh yeah, he is good, it appears he is right, I would guess this is where the naysayers were upset with him? According SO it is the sun that is the culprit in 12,000 cycles. That is damn convincing in Egypt near the Sphinx, he is right no way that a natural lightening bolts does that. I think the movement underwater I have seen off the indonesia in the Indian Ocean is connected to the imminent pole shift. Sad part about this video is it could very well confirm my decades long suspicion that the players have known that something was going to happen, and wanted to hide it for as long as possible from the public. I believe we have passed that point. damn good video, too good

  16. And BIG PS -- I'm beginning to think Where The Streets Have No Name is about Little St. James:

  17. Don't worry about me -- just a slight case of mood poisoning.

    Must have been something I hate.

  18. Dear Wordman,

    Long time listener, first time caller. You are so right and so on the right track on sleuthing out so many things.

    There is so much of gaslighting 'revelation of the method' going on. I believe this exists to get us to understand we are being played, worked over and our acknowledgement of these facts helps make us Complicit in our own surrender. For these are ritual workings and if the participants are not willing the magic will not be as potent. All these leaks and obvious documented lies have no consequence in the physical world but huge ramifications in the worlds beyond.

    This is a spiritual warfare waged on us by our controller alien 'gods'. At all costs to them we must remain ignorant of our power and (as the masonic checkerboard) divided into as many small pieces as possible. This great RA-SET appears to be an attempt to knock us down many pegs to make us easier to control.

    #1 Our thoughts create reality
    We are so propagandized and brainwashed and yet , and yet the field of existence listens to our thoughts and leans to our will. Unfortunately
    the field bends to negative thoughts and helps to call those into being, thus our collective belief that we are living in hell on earth. And yet, and yet the paradise is right here if enough of us can hold on. Not to be a spiritual bypass where evil does not exist, and love and light la dee dah. Evil is real and it atm rules this world. But it has showed it's hand in the last two years and many are having the chance to see it and choose their side.

    Do you want to be willfully ignorant? Many do , and they are lost.

    Do you want to follow your souls journey and do what is right even if it is difficult and inconvenient? Then the universe will listen, as your own bodily cells will listen as you project the world as you imagine it could be. And with a belief that it will work out even better than you could possibly imagine.

    1. Hellloooo Squidward!!

      Many thanks for your long time listening and first time commenting of such depth and thoughtful nuance.
      You are so so correct in your assumptions about what is going on -- especially in the midst of so much acceleration.
      Part of their "truth" is that they must tell us what they're going to do before they do it, just as you said, in hopes of adding to their "mojo." (Hoping that our acquiescence means that we tacitly agree with what is happening to us.)

      They do seek to rob us of our power to alter reality. We inhabit and crossover between so many different worlds -- we have no idea. I can't tell you the number of times my dreams have influenced what happens here on the other side, and vice versa. (In my Father's House are many mansions...)
      Almost like proving the postulate of Schrodinger's Cat, nothing happens until we observe it; but that observation can occur in many different places and timelines, and the bleedthru these days is hugely impressive.

      I often think Dr. Malone touched upon it mightily with Mass Formation Psychosis -- we are operating under a global spell right now. But it won't be forever, and the awakening will be fierce. Yes, not everyone will be along for the ride; some have been irretrievably lost forever unfortunately, but then again, that's what the Strong Delusion is/was all about anyway -- separating the wheat from the chaff.

      Be strong and take faith and heart in knowing this has all been decided from the outset (the ultimate crash course in Fate) -- we all -- even the other side -- knows that deep in their bones. Hence the headlong rush for AI, transhumanism, genetic experimentation and anything else they seek to delay the inevitable.

      So many people worry about me, my mental health, physical health, etc for looking into the things I do, and that I'm too wedded to all this, too wrapped up in it. I can only say that SOMEBODY has got to do it -- that I'm not alone -- and that bearing witness to these times, I feel, is vitally important, now more than ever. Roethke wrote "In a dark time the eye begins to see." And that darkness isn't bearing down on me -- I'm bearing down on it. Research & Destroy.

      I take strength in each & every one of you & hope we all, can learn from and be like the buffalo:

      Ain't nothing to it but to go thru it, my friend. Thanks for the words along the way.

    2. You are NOT alone and everything you do here is greatly appreciated.

      The Cabal that believes it rules this earth is attempting to make our beautiful, organic world inorganic through AI/cybernetic transhumanism.

      Evil creates nothing. It only corrupts, destabilizes and destroys. In one last, completely insane, Faustian bargain, Cabal is attempting to force the human body/spirit into an inorganic, Luciferian trap from which there will be no escape on the material plane.

      Thankfully, every religious tradition that we know of tells us that just when it seems evil has won, the Creator will "intervene" and reestablish sacred order and balance.

      Us plebes can only bear witness to the lies, as you are doing here, stay fit, keep family close, and pray.

    3. NO wm you are our beacon of light. You don't know how many times you have validated my thoughts. I got cramps in my neck from nodding my head every single time you dropped a blog. I am so fortunate to have found you and all the others who have provided feedback and valuable information. Not trying to sound like a dork but I love you all.

  19. And to stir things up more as to how just backward we are right now, I do not think I have found greater truth in a secular work then this beauty, scary that I agree 100%, and the 12,000 year cycle looks like the play, could be whats left will get to do so without the authorities, if they learn the lesson.

    1. Zod, on the Secret Sun comments section, has been going on and on and on for many years about the 12,000 year cycle, saying it's caused by the star Sirius, which is secretly our Sun binairy partner, astronomers lying about Sirius being light-years away, when in reality it's only 1,000 to 3,000 AU from us, it's proximity causing the Earth to "flip over" and suffer a Great Flood whenever it's closest or furthest away, like a fridge magnet flipping over.

  20. I think KM might be getting blocked from posting, she was surprised she could comment at my blog

    1. Hey OMID!!

      Just got an email from her -- YES she IS getting blocked and it's mighty weird. But she's doing OK and I'll let everybody know as to her status re updates right here.

    2. Who or what do you think is blocking her?

    3. suggest the use of a different browser

  21. Hey Cals!! (re your comment about 5 above...)

    Thanks so much for that sentiment, and in that vein thought you & everybody here might like some reading as the weekend draws to a close...
    At the weirdest times there's absolutely no telling who you'll find yourself aligning with. Strange bedfellows indeed. Sometimes when the chips are down, how do they say, you find out who your real friends are, and it's kinda wonderful:

    Amazingly forthright & courageous writing from Al Gore's old "brain."
    (She wants to say she's sorry.)

    More along those lines:

    God moves in mysterious ways, the light can come on at any time, and He uses us at incredible star-crossed junctures for wonderful awakenings at just the right points. It's kinda beautiful.

    It's all coming together.

  22. Sotogirly!!

    Thanks more than you know for that sentiment also. You, Cals, KM, JB, Dginn, Squidward, OMID, Phil, Ralphie, JV, EVERYBODY I stay in touch with one way or the other -- I feel all of you & your energy and uplift are inspirations and balms to my soul. We're not just friends -- we're like a small gang. I am enriched beyond anything I can say that I've found so many kindred spirits on this wild journey -- & I may never actually meet any of you, but that takes absolutely nothing away from us & our interactions.

    As for KM's status, I have ZERO idea about what or who is blocking her. No matter how far any of us think we're off the radar, it appears the reach of the tyrannical technocracy all around us is vast. Comments, texts, emails, nothing I fear is beyond their ability to spy on. And spying is the backbone of paranoia, fear, and inferiority. Any kind of love and connection is anathema to them -- not to mention the dissemination of knowledge, esp of the forbidden kind. All I know is that this puts US in the catbird seat, not the other way around. Remembering that is crucial.

    1. Thank you I agree even as the people change here at times, and things in our lives shift the comradarie I've found here is still priceless.

      Duck duck go won't let me post at all here I have to go through Google but that started a couple weeks ago.


  23. The "Columbos" of YT nail it again:

    Every Melissa take is pure gold.

  24. Last week at a school FFA program, one of the parents asked me if I saw "the owl ceremony" she said "It just seemed really occult to me and I and the other ones I talked to never saw it before this year" then my son was telling me about how the org is structured and I thought that really sounds like the masonic lodges. Whaddya know:

    1. Good lord they are ramping up this 'indoctrination' of school kids. I just can not with these sheep. This is northern Virginia. Virginia just elected a Republican Governor..........

    2. WOW Dginnster -- SO many triggers in that above article you referenced...Blacksburg VA (home of VA Tech) is basically OWNED by DARPA. They use it as a breeding/feeding ground for potentials. Lots of that came out around the exact time of the VA Tech Massacre by Seung-Hui Cho, who had MAJOR links to experimental gov't programs. So many avenues back then were pursued that led right to the inescapable conclusion that Cho was without a doubt a mind control subject -- I'm sure most if not all have been scrubbed by now...but it was pretty scary back then how it became very apparent that he was meddled with and then set loose. (Psychiatrists of his with CIA and DOD ties, etc. They all just vanished into the woodwork after the fact. How convenient, right?
      Also see that one of those Masonic lodges sits right in Wytheville -- ground zero for a HUGE UFO flap back in the late autumn of 1987. I remember that very well. (Was right during the time I had my first & only "sighting..." Also weird that none other than Richard Hoagland just so happened to live there at the time....strange.

      & Sotogirly!! Altho VA is indeed basically red in colour overall now, everything pretty much north of Fredericksburg & Aquia via 95 North is hugely Biden-ville. Fairfax & Loudoun definitely lead the way. They continued to fight anything & everything Youngkin proposes tooth and nail.

  25. Referencing the above -- lo & behold; one photo I never thought I'd see again -- showing Cho dressed in paramilitary getup with another "recruit."
    Nothing was ever said about this again -- & it struck many as very strange since nothing in his profile ever said he'd ever been a member of any such group or unit:

    Many links & seems like a great site btw for those interested in that particular rabbit hole...

  26. LOTS of interesting connections coming back like this:

    And this:
    (Tim Kaine remember was Hillary's VP pick...)

    And this:

    All bring that horrific day right back with tons of unanswered questions that REMAIN that way all these years later.

    1. I had almost forgotten about Tim Kaine, which I SHOULDN'T, since that a**hole actually came up here in Québec back in 2017 for a conference, in which he advocated for Justin Trudeau building "Permanent Detention Centers" (*Concentration Camps*) all across Canada, which Pretty Boy Trudeau actually started building in 2020, claiming they were a "Covid-19 security measure".

    2. JB!!

      I am unfortunately all too well versed in all things Kaine: Ginger's son from her first marriage attended one of the "talented & gifted" Governor's Schools here in Richmond with one of Kaine's sons. He is thru & thru your typical politician & more -- 1000% FAKE.

      Smiling right in your face with cheshire cat grins all the while sticking it in your back. A true & total snake. Wouldn't trust him with anything as far as I could throw him.

  27. I'm sorry if this seems offensive, but it essentially confirms that "Under the Silver Lake" is based on fact:

    1. Wow JB apologizing beforehand for being offensive, who are you and what did you do with JB? J/K :)

    2. Good LORD JB!! WHAT a find!!!
      And btw, despite some tender sensibilities around these days that need to find some pairs of big boy pants, the TRUTH is NEVER offensive.

      Something about UTSL always spoke to me to much larger truths, not to mention weird syncs in my own life, but this is amazing. Not to mention Garfield always does a stellar job in everything he does. If you can find it for freesies, check out the first installment of the RED RIDING TRILOGY. More unbelievable Savile network doings unveiled many years before the fact of real-time disclosure. Also gets into the mythos of the Kray twins, Stephen Ward-type dudes, and much more. Lots of occult vibes swirling under the surface also.

      Anyhoos, everybody here needs to watch UTSL. Pronto. It most def rewards repeated viewings. Syncs for miles.

      Somewhat along those same lines have heard rumours for years that ALL of Dylan's work was actually ghost-written by Leonard Cohen and his handlers -- Cohen was also mind-meddled with, provably so, at the beginnings of MKUltra in Canada. (Infamous McGill Univ) So, I suppose anything is possible.

      Most info like this has been scrubbed, but there's still this:

      Here's a pic of him at McGill from a site that's now missing:

      Here's one that's still there:

    3. Tornado warnings precisely where I live (QuébecCity); insane torrential rain and lightning outside; hailstones and flooding in the streets...

      I wouldn't be surprised if locusts show up at this point.

    4. I've never seen these pitch black waves of clouds, it's like an inland hurricane.

    5. Funny JB, I was JUST talking to a friend about this the other day...seeing the Weather Channel, there used to be tornado "seasons" per se that only covered certain parts of the year growing up...There are tornadoes and at least tornado alerts somewhere in the country now EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Like the frog in the slowly boiling pot we've become acclimated to it, we don't notice that something ain't right about the whole scene.

      Thunder outside my door right now here in VA. Was close to 100 degrees today; Mon the high is supposed to be 75, 65 on Tues.
      Strange manipulations.

  28. PS -- I keep coming back to this from Jeffy:

    And that was summer of 2006!! Just imagine NOW...

  29. Just watching the season 2 finale of Millennium (again), the plague to end all plagues comes from monkeys.

    If Karl Denninger is right (as he usually is), and at least 60% of the vaxxed no longer have a viable immune system, then that means Monkeypox would wipe out 3 Billion people in a truly horrifying way.

    1. WOW, of course! How in the hell could I have forgotten the MILLENNIUM Sea 2 finale??!!

      Just stay put for another 24 (hrs) cos another drop is imminent -- batsignal warming up...

      So FAR there's only 1 confirmed case here in the US, but they def have something in the early stages of unveiling it seems. Too much coordination. Too many of the exact same people.
      Back real soon....

  30. And yep, those scrubbed Denninger forecasts are powerfully ominous....

  31. Just recalling that MILLENNIUM intended that Sea 2 finale to be the SERIES finale -- they didn't think Fox was going to pick them up again. When they did they had to make the outbreak a "localized" event, remember?? -- not a planetary wipeout.

    Haha. Here's hoping WE get a season 3!!


    1. [Classified] underground [classified] protected birthing centers??!!
      [that's classified] far surpassing our darkest nightmares...should casualties exceed
      [classified] body disposal actions...
      a new Bill of Rights shall be drafted and approved by [classified.]

      What in the ever lovin FUCK was THAT all about?
      Holy Mother of God!!
      WHAT is happening?

      If this is what's being [semi] disclosed in open session, just freakin IMAGINE what's going on behind the scenes!!!!

  33. The protected birthing centers thing creeps me out -- what? Are they getting ready to unleash an army of genetically modified Epstein-bots like he was planning for at Zorro Ranch??
    Ladies & gents, meet your new overlords, I mean government!!

    Seriously considering that there IS no real death anymore...

  34. OK -- JUST saw it was an offering from the ONION, so = satire. know what they say, today's satire = tomorrow's early disclosure. Far be it from them to hide something in plain sight, right?
    "It was just a JOKE!! C'mon, cantcha take a joke??"
    THEN when the REAL news breaks and turns out it's strangely exactly the same thing...voila...plausible denial.

    Genetic modification!! Spike proteins!! graphene!! What sci-fi TV show didya get THAT from??

    1. The Babylon Bee has a great track record of their most absurd fake news stories coming true within a couple of months.

  35. Since we can't post comments for the new article at the moment,

    Wordman, I just want to say how much I love your posts. You're the only person who's managed to recapture the feeling I used to get back in the mid-90's, when I used to watch a new episode of "Sightings" right before a new episode of the X-Files late at night as a teenager.

    And as to the present situation, remember this famous quote from the French Revolution:

    "They only seem greater than us, because we live on our knees!"