Friday, January 8, 2021


 "No man born with a living soul can be

Working for the Clampdown...."

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First, just days ago, Lin Wood after a hellish and pointed tweetstorm is banished off of Twitter, first for 12 hours, then forever. Result of many nerves hit point blank.

Then President Donald Trump banished off same platform, first for indeterminate period, then forever.

DC riots happen on the 6th -- MSM blatantly lies that Trump and social media supporters are to blame, even thought Trump on the record and in speech just hours before calling for all there for "Stop The Steal" to assemble and march PEACEFULLY.

Multiple videos surface of DC police actively waving in protesters to the Capitol area after moving barricades.

Media outlets like CNN and NPR post articles and live feeds the morning of saying "Trump Supporters Storm US Capitol, Clash with Police," and "Protests Erupt During Electoral Vote Count" even though they do so as early as 9:30 AM, when no such actions were occurring:

After the fact, a flurry of MSM pundits and talking heads from both sides of the political aisle decry the actions of the protesters, painting them as domestic terrorists and worse. Guilty of treason, sedition, etc.

Sean Hannity announces on Friday night that President Trump has joined Parler.

Both Google and Apple rush to deplatform the site, saying that it encourages violence.

Parler goes DOWN.

Signal to godlikeproductions begins experiencing difficulties, as does Gab.

Then the real purge begins -- all conservative, alt-right voices on multiple platforms begin to disappear: Code Monkey Z, Tracy Beanz, Amazing Polly, Sidney Powell, Gen Flynn, PrayingMedic, all join the ranks of Lin Wood and Trump as non-persons.

And you know the scary part? If you study your history, you will know this is only the beginning: because first they disappear your voice, your rights to free speech -- then they start disappearing the actual people.

It works like this every time. And this is happening RIGHT NOW.

Be aware my people. The War has begun.

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And finally for now, what does Bill Gates possibly mean with THIS earlier tonight?:

I'm stealin this song back from that old psychopharmaceuticaled leftie himself for tonight, for all of us not yet cured of being ourselves.

God watch over all of us. And for all of you that think -- and believe -- that it matters, please pray.

Last night I stood at your doorstep trying to figure out what went wrong
You just slipped something into my palm, then you were gone
I could smell the same deep green of summer, above me the same night sky was glowing
In the distance I could see the town where I was born

It's gonna be a long walk home
Hey pretty darling, don't wait up for me, gonna be a long walk home
A long walk home

In town I passed Sal's grocery, barbershop on South Street
I looked in their faces, they were all rank strangers to me
Hey Veteran's Hall high upon the hill stood silent and alone
The diner was shuttered and boarded with a sign that just said "gone"

It's gonna be a long walk home
Hey pretty darling, don't wait up for me, gonna be a long walk home
Hey pretty darling, don't wait up for me, gonna be a long walk home
It's gonna be a long walk home

Here everybody has a neighbor, everybody has a friend
Everybody has a reason to begin again

My father said, "Son, we're lucky in this town, it's a beautiful place to be born
It just wraps its arms around you, nobody crowds you and nobody goes it alone
You know that flag flying over the courthouse means certain things are set in stone
Who we are, what we'll do and what we won't..."


  1. As Trump himself said on Election Night:

    "They're trying to do a Coup d'État, but they don't have the military on their side."

    Just the fact that Nancy Pelosi's laptop was stolen during the Capitol nonsense, proves that Trump had prepared with his own undercover agents ahead of time.

    1. That fact that others died "looking for parking" and considering bigwigs can park and walk in this stinks more than they say

    2. Take heart when they aims at you it seems like it's a hot Mes but I believe now there it's a plan that goes beyond anything we can imagine.

  2. JB is that why they are hunting down the Capitol Antifa so fast Pelosi laptop? Funny they should have hunted down Dossier traitors like that! Or rioters last summer ugh..
    Welcome to our Twilight Zone... Imagine, if you are allowed ...

    1. The "Buffalo Guy", a.k.a. "Q Shaman", with the horned helmet? He had a GoPro camera in his hat, filmed everything from the inside, he's good friends with Rudy Guliani. He served as a HUGE distraction, while others made a B-line for Pelosi's office, stole her laptop and other compromising evidence.

      And now Nancy is going crazy, openly meeting with a couple of generals to get the nuclear launch codes, she wants to get into the Oval Office herself in a panic, in order to save her sorry ass.

    2. Steady the buffs and feed the bees. I've been looking into the riddle of the last judge and the meaning of "God is my judge" and it's all coming together.
      Rev 10:10
      Judges 6-23-27 6:14 6:39
      Judges 14:8, 14 15:7-17
      1Kings 5 21:3,7
      Ecclesiastes 4:1, 12 5:6-15
      I was led through these by the spirit one right after another, but it reads like a continuous book for these times.

  3. Those of you that didn't listen the other day, read Jeremiah 23.

  4. Cates Duane (Soulwar twitter) also gone now.

  5. For all youse guys heavily into symbolism (& I'm lookin at you Pan-Boy & Dgin-ster!!) I can HEARTILY recommend the brand spankin new Netflix download EQUINOX -- of which I'll most likely have volumes to spew out about later.

    It's much in the vein of MIDSOMMAR; it deals with occult linkages, sacrifice and why, the old gods still tramping around here looking for souls, & linked fates and destinies intertwined with the seasons and stellar alignments. Whew. Shades of Hoagland!

    Also -- & I kid you not -- it plays like something that could have been lifted straight off of Led Zeppelin III in tone, form, and subject matter. EERILY so. Seems there's a reason after all Page etched Crowley quotes into the runoff grooves on that one...

    Lots of spells cast for lots of reasons; back then as well as now.

    Just also got a hit btw pertaining to a bit of inside very short but pertinent post going up in around the next 30 minutes...bat signals are flying....

    1. Spoilers:

      The Pope is either dead or arrested.

      (Just guessing).

    2. Tu entends les gens chanter ? Lorsque le battement de votre cœur correspond au battement du tambour, il ya une vie sur le point de commencer.Va rançonner ton peuple.

    3. Speaking of LOADED with symbolism

  6. archived -

  7. Former FEMA operative Celeste Solum on what she says is in the Gates vaccine

    1. I can't watch that (for some reason), mind resuming it in merely a few words?

  8. This thing won't be over until some big names die.

  9. On a weird note we're seeing a large buy up of property in ghost towns out here. Been trying to get a house cheap and all of a sudden they are getting snatched up had a realtor tell me he got 15 calls today on a house that sat empty for years if not a decade. Just hope it's not nefarious new neighbors.

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