Friday, July 12, 2019


Don’t quite know where to begin with this one guys, so I’ll just come out and say that in the last 13 days both Joe Hagmann, son of Doug Hagmann of the Hagmann Report, and Ground Zero Media producer and author Tracy Twyman, have both been found dead. Hagmann of an overdose and Twyman a victim of hanging and found in her garage. 

This latter method mirrors exactly the method of what happened to the D.C. Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, on May 1, 2008.

Both of these very recent deaths, given the climate now, strike me as targeted payback and/or warnings to our rapidly-expanding community. The Hagmanns had long been podcast and radio celebs famous for exposing and bringing to light the very people and exploits which now happen to be unavoidable front page news, even in the mainstream. More and more in recent years their Hagmann & Hagmann Report broadcasts began focusing on and leading them into the occult angle to current affairs, and the ideologies prevalent amoung the elite, including but not limited to satanic ritual abuse and pedophile networks growing throughout our governmental infrastructure like weeds.

Twyman was no stranger to the occult herself, often openly admitting “walk-in” type of experiences with various entities, including both Baphomet and, yikes, Lucifer. (Talk about taking one for the team!) Needless to say, this gave her a unique understanding of the enemy, their hidden goals, and many possible avenues for stopping said, which she openly shared with listeners over much alt media as well as on her own website, all evidence of which has now been scrubbed. Her insights around the time of Marina Abramovic’s “Spirit Cooking” and pizzagate were priceless and invaluable in clueing us in to the nature of what we were dealing with and its global structure. She also basically pioneered research into the Knights Templar, and made the revelations that were in The Da Vinci Code cool before Dan Brown knew his sub rosa from his Holy Grail.

She was freely communicating with child activist/whistleblower Isaac Kappy in the weeks before his mysterious death on May 14 of this year. What information they exchanged is unknown but may be crucial, since Kappy was a Hollywood insider well-versed in the ways and means of that community, and is thought to have been taken out due to information he possessed about David Geffen, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and yes, what went on in and around Jeff Epstein’s Little St. James pedophile island.

Federal authorities have opened active casefiles and are looking into the deaths of both Hagmann and Twyman as suspicious. Both Kappy and Twyman it is believed left “Dead Man’s Switches,” info-packets to be disseminated in the event of any untoward and/or untimely passing, and which are now hopefully safely within the hands of relevant parties which can, and hopefully will, proceed accordingly.

With so much exposure making waves so rapidly (the entire front pages of reddit, godlikeproductions, and voat, to name just 3, currently look like candystores and treasure troves of ridiculous amounts of metadata), it only stood to reason that some of our fellows were going to get caught up in the riptide. But this is insane. These are dangerous, dangerous times for anyone and everyone looking into these areas. I urge all of you to always remain vigilant of your surroundings, and keep your eyes and ears open at all times.  

I’ll have much more information as it comes in on all of these developing scenarios, and check back to this space in another few hours, because I’m working on something a bit different to this, and not nearly as depressing. See ya after midnight Eastern. And RIP our brother-and-sister-in-arms…….

 Joe Hagmann (1983-2019)

Tracy Twyman (1978-2019)


  1. Another weird knot of synchs, I started dreaming that I was her this past summer. When my husband and his ex wife lived on Eerie St. Years ago. He used to 'joke' about "why don't I just hang myself in the garage" then they found out that the previous owner had done just that. The around the time that she died, I was woken up at 3am by a voice (only second time in my life to hear a disembodied voice) that said "get up and go to the park" so I did. I stood paralyzed by what I saw, though being reassured that they couldn't see me. A group of 8-10 ft tall black hooded figures standing in a circle. I watched for as long as I dared making sure of what I saw then backed slowly away back home. I thought maybe it was just too dark etc. So the next night I took my husband and checked with 4-5 streetlights lighting up the park there's no way it was just shadows. Later one of my dad's stories changed from him saying that he felt led somewhere by Jesus, to following a shadow being.
    Then a few weeks later my husband and I were woken up to the sound of marching feet and the song "onward marching Christian soldiers" sounding like it was being sung by countless voices. Then I had the dream of being told that I had 3 days to save Diana the only Diana I knew died in 3 days and I became pregnant. Then I became convinced that it was a days/years thing of the Bible. After I had my daughter I had the dream of my dad dying and the red car, then things have sprialled out through dark and light and craziness all around me, someone said it was that they were trying to figure out how I had a baby since I was ALREADY DEAD etc, I could hear everything everyone said both backwards and forwards (so hard to understand or explain) /ⁿ I'm not sure WHAT to believe anymore. I had different forces pushing, pulling me in all directions. People saying that they had visited with me at night with me only remembering sleeping etc, meeting people that knew me without me knowing them. Going between feeling absolutely fearless while feeling something and people pushing paranoia. Extremely weird weather phenomenon, we had one day that seemed to last an eternity, had everyone I met acting really weird etc. Some of it might have to do with the whole devil's trumpet, but there's limits to that, no drug could have done ALL of THAT.

    1. And I have no memory from my childhood of my stepsister (born in the late 70's) Tracy existing at all, until about 10-15 years ago and then all the pictures and stories of her she was blonde, then in the past 3 years I got in touch with her and all the pictures changed to brunette.
      The dad of the girl calling herself Satan was named Tracy. The woman across the street from me growing up I swear had another name that I can't remember but it's now Tracey. And it seems that stories involving names as triggers can be used to induce brain states.

    2. I'd email but it seems I'm locked out of my accounts. The more I think about it though the weirder it is. I only listened to TT twice before she died, the first time after listening to her talking about clock shavings on higherside, I fell asleep and dreamed that I was going into an abandoned mansion and saw demons everywhere and I stood in the center "exorcising" and binding them but instead they swarmed me and I went into a seizure, saw a white light and Jesus, and I asked him why he didn't help me, he said "I did, I protected you, but you tried to take on ALL of the armies of hell by yourself, but it's not time for the final battle" then I woke up having a seizure IRL. Then the other time I listened to her was right before she died, and I sent someone her Freeman episode saying that I thought she was a Christian but listen to this. Now when I looked at that message it's about her death instead, I swear when I sent it I hadn't heard that she died yet... Right after the first time was when my friend's husband tried to slit his throat with a mirror. Later that friend told me that when she was fighting with her husband, (the same redhead that I fought the girl calling herself Satan for) she said that I apported there and was protecting and comforting her, she asked me about it and I said "no, I was mad at you at that time, so I don't think I would do that. Honestly it sounds pretty crazy, you said you hit your head." Then a couple years later, at the time of the second time I listened to TT I had a dream that I did just that for her. After my dad went to the hospital when I had the dream about the stolen legacy, that girl went to my dad's house and slept in it for 48 hours straight and no one could get her to leave, and everyone was really really bothered by her being there because she's been known to steal. Then this past year I've been having repeated dreams of her either impersonating me or trying to steal things from me.
      She looks just like Mary queen of Scots.

    3. Also weirdly, I accidentally sent that message about TT to a woman married to a RR that remodels houses. Then later on there was this girl with dark brown curly hair that I couldn't shake that was into drugs and she kept trying to set me up and she was acting really WEIRD about another RR (with a blonde wife named Robin who I never met) expecting him to buy her a house etc. and hitting on him even though she was half his age. (Even weirder, I recently dreamed that I was his wife but he didn't recognize me...) Anyway the girl from above came by and saw that girl and they both bristled (she pulled me aside and told me that she was part of a blackmailing ring and that's why she had repeatedly tried to put me in weird set up situations.) Then I had a seizure while they ran each other off. Then over last summer the Facebook picture of that girl was in a Russian news story when my phone was going nuts.

    4. Alright, if I didn't have the memory of typing THAT I would think that I'm being punked. In the timeline that I'm in right now, my dad actually died, BEFORE March of 2021, and I have no memory of a dream about him dying, in this timeline it wasn't a light of finding old things addressed to Twyman at my dad's house after his death, this is beyond weird.
      Also my daughter is right now saying things that corresponds to what happened in my dream that I mentioned above.