Friday, July 26, 2019


Very quick update here guys, as news and connections seem to be pouring in faster than I can process with any kind of justice, and a much longer, more involved and dot-connected post will be coming likely as early as next week -- but for now, the involvement of anyone and everyone is getting dizzying.

Pieces of the bigger picture are being exposed nearly hourly: 'Q' bombs that Disney & Epstein have long been in cahoots together, along with proof from a Disney cruise brochure itself -- I would unhinge my jaw and range utterly vituperous on this but I sadly have no words:

the island underground systems being outed for what they are...Tunnels...massive underground systems....ventilation... (despite the frantic attempts to scrub and vanish the evidence by the PTB in lockstep with the MSM...the pics that I posted last time of the Lifeboat, Inc. project along with Epstein's links are now all effectively gone); 

the collective elite paranoia about the inevitable blackmail footage being revealed which has resulted in the flood of "deepfakes" pieces being seen everywhere in the market -- i.e., they know they're coming and are desperate for some plausible deniability;  

Clinton & Epstein photos together (see last post) which we were promised didn't exist; 

articles by the Daily Beast and others placing Epstein actually inside the Clinton WH since the very early days of their Administration;

the telling blackouts, 3 in the greater NYC area over the past 10 days and counting and all featuring the Metropolitan Corrections as the epicenter, exactly where Epstein is being stored; and of course just yesterday's "suicide" and/or 'Arkansas takeout' ramping up, take your pick. You wonder what each new sunrise is going to unveil.

One thing we know for certain from today is that for the first time in over 2 decades, Trump issued orders to reinstate the Federal death penalty. And made sure that the first few recipients of it would be five child murderers and rapists. Would you consider that sending a message? I would. Anybody actually seen Hillary, either Podesta, George W. Bush, Jeb lately?

This after he tweeted his intentions towards this vermin faction of "society" as early as 2012. He was sending messages even then. Trump, for all his faults (and he has many), is not playing around. He fully intends to see this through -- trust me, you will doubt him at your peril. The most recent EO fully extended the nationwide State of Emergency which we are all living under.
Things are proceeding apace. And despite massing evidence to much the contrary, the MSM (newfound Enemy of the People) continues to try and snow the American people as to the true nature of Epstein and the finality of what he was up to on that island -- what the Temple finally signified. If you listen to ABC,it was a "gym." CNN termed it a "music room." Not too sure about those. This doesn't look like too much of either to me. Thanks to all you drone pilots out there that are absolutely bombarding that evil place for the past several weeks now. No one's "privacy" deserves to be more violated than that heinous member of the Tribe, who it seems is finally being unveiled for who, and what, he really is.

As for the latter-day Beast himself, it is said he is recovering from whatever befell him, but still in custody and now said to be placed on suicide watch. 

And here's another clue for you all: predatory avians seen both at Bohemian Grove as well as the top of the Temple on Little St. James. Moloch. Places for Moloch worship. Research.

Pizzagate is going mainstream. (Despite all the best efforts of Colbert, Levenda, Podesta, Maher, Alefantis, et al with their "trust us" massaging and manipulation.) All the proofs are there and will be detailed. All in good time.

Small wonder that all this happens to break just a couple of days into the "Dog Days" isn't it? I wonder if the hapless, smug,and unwitting Epstein all those years ago, flying high, ever imagined in his wildest dreams that his destiny was to be a sacrifice himself? His fate was written in the Sirian starlight, and you can't fight, or escape, fate. Watch out, Jeffey, those 'dog days' run til September 8, and as I'm sure you are learning, those gods of yours have plenty of more surprises in store for you. Didn't read the fine print, did you? 

The price always comes due in the end. And that Deep State knife you wielded at the behest of so many dark and ancient powers, well, it cuts both ways, doesn't it?

Alas, how terrible is wisdom when it brings no profit to the wise, as Sophocles said.

Updates here as warranted, but a formal post next week, chock full of metadata. Stay safe.

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