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"There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks when decades happen."  Vladimir Illyich Lenin   

"The Revolution was affected before the War commenced. The Revolution was in the hearts and minds of the people. This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people was the real American Revolution."  John Adams


From the telling strains that float back up thru the mists of memory that seek their final relevance in the synchronistic ebb and flow of time and space launched from the immutable, storied fires of childhood to the truth becoming manifest in the here and now -- all this in one lifetime. The impossible we pull off everyday -- the miraculous sometimes takes a considerable portion longer. 

But to everything there is a season -- and all in good time, as we pay respect to the chances we never took, the roads we never traveled, only to realize the time has come to welcome them back again. 

Excelsior my friends on this Thanksgiving, and prayers as always to John F. Kennedy, who dreamed the dream of the lonely, the outcast, and the outlier. That dream of peace, freedom, happiness and joy in life for us all, as well as his search for meaning, continues....




Per Ardua Ad Astra.


Aristocrats on a mountain climb, makin money, losin time

Communism is just a word, but if the government turn over, be the only word that's heard

Little sister makin minimum wage, livin in a one room jungle monkey cage

Can't get over, she's almost dead, she may not be in the black, she happy she ain't in the red

Jimmy Nothing never went to school, they made him pledge allegiance, said it wasn't cool

Nothing made Jimmy proud, now Jimmy lives on a mushroom cloud...


  1. To what should have been...
    Happy Thanksgiving to all that come here and most especially to our most excellent host.

    1. And to you my dear friend.
      See my reply to JB above about the goings on in Argentina -- the spirit of JFK, and CHANGE, is alive and well in many forms all over the world.
      So not only to what should have been, but to what still can be...

      Love ALL you fellow babies more than you know, and see ya on the flip after Turkey Day:

  2. And now the globalists fear of what's happening in Argentina:


    Believe you me, this change PETRIFIES them -- and it's SPREAD is something they cannot control.
    It will engulf them worldwide.
    People overall aren't nearly as stupid as they're trying to make them.

  3. You DO know why God invented whiskey, right?
    To keep the Irish from ruling the world.
    Slainte my friend.

  4. Right back at ya from me & Scotty:

  5. An Irishman is never drunk as long as he gain purchase on one blade of grass, to keep from falling off the face of the Earth
    Slainte in deed good sir and Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all who visit this outstanding site and help to contribute to our knowledge.

  7. This just in from BB:


    Another airline incident....God, flesh and the Devil ....and on the flesh side, evidence of potential for aircraft computer/GPS being hacked by bad actors to cause mayhem....

    Sorry, but this is on an AIRPLANE.
    This is when you give everyone 5 seconds to get back in their seats before you start tazing everyone. ZERO exception policy.
    & yeah, an Air Marshal on every flight mandatory.
    Then you taze, restrain & sort it out when you get on the ground.

  8. Thanks to Max, Athina P that I just heard from, & everybody else wishing me & this site well.....so many hugs and kisses to all of you guys on this holiday and all the way thru this season & into the New Year as we carry on & keep calm thru the mayhem and hopefully into calmer, more placid waters....

    One more thing -- say this up today and thought about all you guys...
    Naomi as always explains things in her beautiful, lilting way:

    1. I know girly!!
      It's just my Gemini Rising causing me to name you one thing one time, another one another.....I know they're all you!!
      It's like Get Smart around here -- too many aliases!! LOL.

  9. From the sublime to the hellish this news:

    Happening Now: The New York Appellate Division has ruled in favor of Governor Kathy Hochul in a landmark case for government overreach.
    Rule 2.13: “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures” will give the state of New York the ability to come in your home and take you away to quarantine without any notice and for any virus or infection they deem necessary.
    You won’t have any option to fight it. No court date. Nothing. The rule has no age limit and they can keep you as long as they’d like. The rule also allows them to treat you as they see fit, including using methods that are still in testing.
    This is one of the biggest abuses of power this country has ever seen. This is only the beginning. How long until this is nationwide, or even global?

    This is what rampant election cheating gets you = complete torching of the Bill of Rights....

    Jeff Wells again says it best:


  10. Maybe this is an EMPIRE STRIKES BACK scenario...maybe they didn't appreciate that Naomi Wolf writeup, and her audience is growing far too large at too fast a rate....
    These creatures are SERIOUSLY that vindictive.

  11. Exactly like what Kary Mullis always claimed about the PCR testing -- was all a setup.
    Of course they got him out of the way early in the proceedings....One very important and dissenting voice gone that could've collapsed the entire thing before it ever got off the ground.

  12. This just in on this busy Thanksgiving & straight from our MissFrill:
    Between 9 & 10 minutes into the video Dr. Naomi Wolf said Kevin McKiernan found DNA fragments, which should not have been there, in the COVID-19 vaccine. She also said at about 8:15 that Canada shipped plasmic DNA fragments to Wuhan.

    WarRoom Battleground EP 421: Conflicting Interests Of The Elite; Political Justice System.

  13. Having just listened to that -- lemme get this straight -- we have a "scientific" elite-religious-cult that is shipping bioweapons across borders to our enemies, that manufactured the vaxx in the first place, to "cure" something that they set loose on us to start with, and NOW they want us to trust them AGAIN now that this new contagion is loose -- that they have our BEST INTERESTS at heart....just like always, trust us bro!!

    Are you freaking kidding me??
    Who exactly is this completely idiotic??

  14. THIS:

    Sad but true.

  15. Oh the things you unearth on a Thanksgiving night!!

    This from CK:

    Led into this from the usually prescient Diana Walsh Pasulka:

    Now don't get me wrong, I grok her on the whole Launch/Rituals thang, I mean all the way back to Jack Parsons invoking the Hymn To Pan bef every launch back in the days of exploding things with some direction off the ground.....

    But I mean, hasn't she ever heard of one Richard C Hoagland??!!
    These things go back not to just the Romans, (and Greeks) but the Egyptians!! They had at least 2 and 3K thousand years on 'em....& Hoagy back on Coast with AB in the day (or late nights) tracked EVERY SINGLE APOLLO launch to Egyptian star charts, lunar phases, celestial alignments, etc....


    Which ALSO happened to go back to Parsons -- and Crowley....

  16. By all means dig into this too guys....so much to latch onto here:

  17. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Haven't been active in the comments lately but still reading and appreciating our fine host and the contributions from the regulars :)
    Very grateful for y'all helping me keep my sanity; knowing that there are others who see through the bs and grok the score.
    Warm Regards and Bright Blessings~Keep Shining your Lights!

  18. And the wellspring:

  19. JB!!
    Hit the nail on the head bruh!!
    1918 Spanish Flu orig not in Spain, but...surprise, surprise, Fort Riley, KANSAS exactly where and when the first vaxxes were given out:


    ALL damning info -- all suppressed by history and the PTB....

    1. Read a book lately that showed that all major pandemics in last 200 years coincide exactly with major increases in radio and electrocommunication technology. Was called The Invisible Rainbow.
      I imagine people have been aware of this for awhile now. People//freemasons

    2. The concurrent rise of certain viruses along with the same in frequency modulation and experimentation bears much scrutiny.
      Ditto that same frequency messing with the electromagnetic spectrum as first outlined by Keel in relation to, what else, UFOs:



  20. I suppose we can start setting timetables now:


  21. News flying in fast now.....
    These are the kind of things that John Keel was seeing flitting around West VA mountaintops in 1967:

  22. Great minds, LOL....per Trojan Horse see just above!!

  23. The Universe is turning to KEEL all of a sudden tonight!!

  24. That is a funny coinkydink sync!

  25. Get back JoJo!!
    There are no coincidences.....

  26. Ghosts, UAPs, interdimensional wibblies & portals never sleep:


    Gonna need your feedbacks on this one Irregulars.....

    1. "Twenty-three of the passengers on board were related to Freescale Semi-Conductors, a field leading the development of super-conductor technology, which is what this appears to be. Some type of superconductor targeting system for teleportation. Which is reminiscent of what the NAZIs were doing with their highly classified Die Glocke project. Luminous objects like this were first reported in May of 1940 as Germany invaded Belgium. And by 1942 several people reported seeing them in the skies over Germany..."


      Whenever the human race is getting too close to developping teleportation tech, or time travel tech, or anything advanced enough to allow humanity to attain the level of the "gods", the "gods" send a bunch of UFOs to make the technology literally disappear.

    2. Lots of "gods" in this equation -- very much including the dark ones:


      Also, let's not forget to add this into the equation:

      & was there ever really a "shortage" per se, or what that just the cover for needing so many to go into the vaxx ingredients worldwide?? i.e., not enuff to go around for all uses...let's just call it a "shortage" blame it on the pandemic, and then use 'em all for the injectables' self-assembly platforms.....

      Which only brings up again, just what kind of off-world influence is at play here being the guiding hand??

      Spooking myself now....

    3. That video is nuts btw, with the spheres
      Never seen a video like that

    4. Those MH370 sat vids have been out for years but HIGHLY downvoted and suppressed.
      It's only in the past month or 2 that various whistleblowers have come forward on social med platforms like twitter and reddit to say that those were and are INDEED military and intelligence satellite vids, and that they're NOT hoaxes.

      Notice that this has all broken in the wake of the Congressional disclosure hearings, etc.

    5. the day before yesterday Sabrina Wallace posted a video...since taken down, where she mentions seeing planes and helicopters "disappearing" over her property. Apparently she lives in WV on a mountain that is in line with a corridor connected to an underground base that is part of the COG system. She also showed personal photos with both circular and tetrahedron shaped orbs. Weird (not really) how these syncs keep stacking up on the various platforms I visit. The phenomenon of time is hella wonky! ;P

  27. Correction; I jumped the gun: that interview with Sir Patch was not in 2021 but 2016...my bad, sorry!

  28. JoJO!!
    ANY Mr. Patch is better than just about anything else...I preferred it when he was a bit more even=keeled and not so strident, but the dude knows his quantum backwards and forwards; birkeland currents, plasma conduits, the whole enchilada. The, and I mean THE go-to on all things CERN. This man wasn't physically threatened by the Men In Black for nothing....and there are multiple eyewitnesses to that fact. Clyde Lewis for one, who got caught in the crossfire.

    It was floated out there & I first heard of it in the mid-90s in places like NEXUS and PARANOIA mags, since then it's moved out of the fringe:






    What was once a piece of spookified Antichrist fear porn has moved steadily mainstream, inch by inch.
    Which I'm sure was exactly as planned.

  29. MUCH more Patch info here right around the time he & Clyde Lewis were threatened and silenced:



    And Patch's pivotal IN SILICO DNA:

    1. JoJO!!
      Torsion physics is most def related to hyperdimensional physics as per the long held beliefs and research of Richard Hoagland. The action of rotation is the key = why anomalies tend to pop up on rotating bodies at 19.5 degrees, like the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, etc. Why the "whirling dervishes" here used their actions to reach altered states...

      As far as your above comm about Wallace being in WVA, I can vouch for sure for the fact there there is DEFINITELY something about that entire region and neck of the woods...
      Native Americans used to stay strictly out of that whole area as they thought of it as haunted & real estate that belonged to the "moon-eyed" people.
      Used to visit there 4 times a year growing up with fam (at The Homestead resort just miles away) and went with Ginger there in the valley to The Greenbrier every June from 04-08, and the place had a "pull" that gets in your bones, geographically speaking. Beautiful but you can tell there are other forces at work there, just beneath the surface.
      I know it's def partly the altitude but your physical body just feels lighter there...more insubstantial.
      Puts you in tune with other things, other aspects of your being....very hard to describe, but the feeling def persists.
      Kind of magical all in all.

      The very first time she & I drove up there (Greenbrier) we were listening to Led Zepp's Physical Graffiti in the CD player. Let's just say that it fit the entire mood to a T & conjured up a spirit of things we were heading into = woods, mountains, spells, ancient clearings, misty nights, different air, the whole deal.
      The spiritual realm is VERY close there.

    2. Fascinating personal report on WVA Wordman! I myself know a gal that lived there for a couple years and ended up hightailing it outta there after some real nasty shit went down with some other folks. Hard for her to even tell the story with much clarity but from what I could piece together, she may have been dosed with something w/o consent that sent her into dark places. I wondered if possibly something like scopalamine. They also gaslit her badly and it shook her up for a looong time. It was years ago and she's better now but it left scars in her psyche. Though I guess that doesn't quite relate to your observations about the land itself. Another sync was that on the post where I saw the link to Dr Ana SS regarding torsion info; I also shared a comment about Sufi Masters spinning in their whirling dervish dance-woo hoo woo Lol! Sabrina has also talked about Mothman lore though and how she can feel the energy and ley lines around her property. Don't recall what county she's in but she said it was Raytheon country...if that means anything to you.

    3. All I know is that Gov.Jim Justice practically runs WVA now -- owns the Greenbrier and all surrounding real estate...
      was the very 1st on board to mandate the masks, lockdowns and jabs -- as in either get on board or lose your job.

      For the shedding potential alone I wouldn't any more step into the Greenbrier now than I'd fly to the moon with my arms...

      In the space of a few years we relinquished our minds along with our humanity.
      It's like a Mafia now.

  30. I think there is most certainly a reason why the whole Mothman/flying saucer/cryptid/hauntings/poltergeist/Men in Black/animal mutilations thang exploded in West Virginia, of all places, in 1966/67.....
    It could not have found a more perfect landing spot to enact its rituals.

  31. Ditto a decade before that, and one of the first humanoid encounters in the country -- The Flatwoods Monster:



    (Notice at the 2:24 mark in the above recounting from the esteemed Ivan Sanderson that immediately after the incident while driving to investigate they drove thru a historic rainstorm the likes of which they'd never encountered the severity of before....
    This fits to a T one of David Paulides' markers used in Missing 411: strange weather anomalies in & around the disappearance times.



    Ramping up the spooky out there as the night falls......

  32. Tim Alberino on first half of Coast to Coast AM tonight, speaking about his Peru trip.

    1. Much more coming up -- more interdisciplinary research -- from Alberino soon.
      Adventuring-wise, I increasingly like what I'm finding from him. A wealth of knowledge wedded to a questing spirit.

  33. Loathe as I am to admit it given our history, much more, most of it very good, about West VA here....
    You can love the art & hate the artist --- proof positive:


  34. One thing I find strange is Levenda's almost overt willingness to expunge nearly all mention of WEST VIRGINIA from Manson's history in favor of Kentucky instead...somewhat of a willful act of misdirection it seems to me -- for reasons unknown......




    In 1983, convicted multiple murderer Charles Manson requested to be transferred to this prison to be nearer to his family. His request was denied:

    1. Weren't both Manson and Levenda part of The Process Church? Perhaps that's the reason

    2. Thanks A6!!
      Not sure about Levenda's assoc with the Process -- could very well be.
      I DO know he lied and obfuscated for years bef coming clean about being the "Simon" that was the author of the latter day NECRONOMICON, so he has zero probs with stretching the truth &/or bending it to suit his purposes.

      Also know he is an official member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, admittedly. How he actually came to be is nowhere near as clear....neither are his bona fides that would qualify him as such:


      The fact that it's located in Falls Church is another LARGE red flag -- Falls Church, Leesburg, that whole area is MAJOR spookville ringing the perimeter of the Beltway, and home to all manner of sinister ops.
      Aside: Have my suspicions that Levenda IS a member of the OTO. There used to be a YT vid of him getting sworn in at one of their meetings that has long since been scrubbed.

      MUCH more about the AFIO here from the excellent ISGP site:

      Former member being the late MICHAEL AQUINO tells you pretty much all you need to know.
      And then some.

    3. Back when pizzagate was happening and Levenda was showing up in pics with Podesta I poked around and I think on his blog or in an interview he mentions growing up in the Bronx as a kid and being sucked into weirdness by a fellow who was part of a local Process chapter. Il try find

    4. Come to think of it, Levenda's association with Aquino -- in any capacity -- might be EVERYTHING behind his "nothing to see here" stance on the stilted wording in the Podesta/Clinton emails re pizzagate.
      He would have a vested interest in covering for pedophiles.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. As far as MANSON & the Process, that's a tangled tale as well....

    Seems that Manson bef the Tate murders during one of his prison stints started spouting off interior info all about the Process -- aft which he was paid a visit by 2 Men In Black-types that told him to keep his mouth shut in no uncertain terms -- OR ELSE.
    There was NEVER any other skips about the Process after that.

    Then there were Manson's trips to Esalen in the weekends bef the murders, that were said to be Process-oriented...

    As a matter of fact Ed Sanders' book all about Manson & Co titled THE FAMILY had in its very first printing a chapter or more all about Manson & The Process....
    That first run was subsequently recalled and after that all mention of the Process was scrubbed from every forthcoming edition under an avalanche of legal threats.....

    Make of all this what you will....

    More here about the Process, Manson, & the whole milieu of that stormy, weird time:

    Excellent EXCELLENT writeup that. Better in lots of ways than even O'Neill's CHAOS....
    Curl up some rainy, thundery night and scare yourself....

    MIT students banding together and demanding that "anti-vaxxer" Steve Kirsch be given a platform and an honest hearing for his views:

  37. MIT of all places done broke the woke!!

    1. How ironic. My son went to MIT and because he refused the jab; was required to take the pcr tests every two weeks instead for his fall semester in 2021. I think those swabs messed him up because he started having a mental crisis not long after and it got worse in Jan/Feb last year requiring a medical leave of absence in May so he didn't even get to graduate. Was having hallucinations and believed he was under surveillance. Still suffering to this day. Not a fan of that dirty school esp given what happened to Aaron Schwartz, the alliance with Darpa and Epstein too.

    2. I'm with ya -- all of which makes me wonder if there isn't some uprising amoung the plebs in the inner sanctums of MIT.....
      If "they" can infiltrate us then we can infiltrate them, right??
      Subvert from within.
      That might be the answer....
      We can build our Trojan Horses too.

  38. Yikes! I clicked on the link to that pdf and daaang if just the title doesn't give me the heebie jeebies. Still gonna download it though with reservations Lol! ;P

  39. Who's the head of Mountain Dew's new Marketing Dept??
    David Icke??

    Interesting messaging to the masses, eh??

    1. Not just normalizing reptilians but making them oh so cool ffs... Utterly pathetic!

  40. Longer version & more....interesting:

    What's getting normalized NOW??
    = masses of people not feeling "themselves" since the vaxx??
    Some GMO juice will speed that transformation right along.
    Now with more nanotech!!

    1. Ok not just reptiles but various species...furries/freaks...fowl...yep it's foul. Singing "I'm alive"... Your Soul needs directed energy weapons don't know. Modern take on They Live I suppose. They just can't stand Sovereign Sacred Free Range Human Beings. Mocking us as usual but I think it's because they actually envy us! So glad I quit tv over a decade ago. Ads like that are so fucking lame but the normies will lap it up sadly.

  41. No worries JoJO!! You can still read the pdf without downloading it...Levenda gets into a lot -- just now we have to wonder if it's true investigative journalism or just stumping for his pals!! LOL.

  42. Great link-thnx for sharing Max!

  43. Max doing the heavy lifting and yeomen's work between posts here....

    Am currently doing research == around 6 hours today on day off -- for the next looming installment.

    In the meantime, like him or loathe him, you won't find a better summing up of our present situation RIGHT NOW THAN THE FIRST 45 MINUTES HERE:

    We are reaching a critical mass on multiple fronts. Tom Renz, Karen Kingston again, Ana Mihalcea...all are working overtime to provide heavily pertinent knowledge ordnance that are hitting like thought bombs at the heart of the globalist collective.
    Knowing your enemy has never been more crucial:

    Mean it.

  44. I read a lot of that guy's substack, Sean Paul Melville, read a lot of comments and exchanges he had and he does seem arrogant and wanting to sell you a device that costs $2000 (from his website)However, he does uncover a ton of stuff about the Vitalianos, clathrin, quantum dots, and the use of 5g and up, amongst many other things. Lots to peruse there.

  45. Max -- in this link you provided:

    Couldn't help but notice towards the end the clickthru to MITRE.....
    A Corp that has long been in the sights of this blog as its number of sinister leanings and connections is legendary and long-held.
    See here for starters if you haven't:


    MITRE is in charge of the frequency grid -- 5G -- not to mention building out the entire covid infrastructure before the fact:

    Tied very closely with RAND Corp, which is another whole kettle of fish:


    Both these orgs are at the forefront of "the best way to predict the future is to invent it..."


  46. I noticed that too about Mitre. It was also interesting to learn of IARPA, not just Darpa. Also you finished with my favorite X files line from one of the best scenes and episodes.

    1. PS Max -- speaking of Chris Carter being some kind of apocalyptic prophet, check this out if you haven't seen it -- his one and done Amazon pilot -- too spooky &/or on the $$ to be allowed to continue??
      VERY MUCH a continuation of Millennium-style forces goin on here:

      Pretty weird how this was greenlit greenlit greenlit for 8 episodes then dropped in the middle of the night at the last minute like a hot potato....
      Considering this was 2014 -- he nailed the coming world pretty much all over again....

      And what's the deal with March 7th??
      (Was my Mom's birthday too eerily enough...)

    2. Thanks for the link... I'll be sure to watch it.

  47. Take this for what it's worth, with a *HUGE* grain of salt:

    Nikos Michaloliakos has been one of the leading figures of the extreme far right since the 1970s, the name of his organization Golden Dawn is associated with the "Dawn" when Lucifer will appear and bring with him the "brilliant darkness", as the poet Odysseus Paterakis wrote in his book entitled "Brilliant darkness of Lucifer - National religion of the Greeks". General secretary Nikos Michaloliakos himself wrote about human sacrifices in honour of Lucifer, but in the form of the ancient god Pan: "In the centre of the huge bloody stain, this eternal ruler, the Great Pan is praising the sacrifice of noble instincts and violence." Their leaders consider the past 20 centuries to be mere darkness imposed upon the West, Pan soon acting as our Morning Star, our liberator.

    1. Why do you think there is a Temple to Pan at the bottom of Mt Hermon? Any insight? Connections to watchers? Would you say Pan is a watcher himself or just a deep "archetype" that exists fundamentally inside creation?

    2. Aaaaaa, Pan is the embodiement of all of the natural and supernatural forces as one, both creative and destructive. Both angels and demons fear him.

  48. PSS -- this is SO my Mom it's not even funny:


    Perhaps a clue here to what Carter was seeking to embed in the unfolding narrative of an expanding end-of-the-world hellscape...
    Sad that we'll never know the direction this would've taken.

  49. BTW, that final proclamation in the episode -- ALEA IACTA EST -- translates to "The Die Is Cast."


    Aaaaaand Jan 10 is MY birthday......

    Now I'm paying attention.

  50. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ox1ZKJDdFl4

    Hmmm first a fungal infection, now winds.......Think God's trying to tell ya something Pedo Joe & Co.....
    First of all, He doesn't want you bunch of drooling perv hypocrites, and second, He will not be mocked.
    It is called CHRISTmas after all, you fucking satanists.

    1. Epic fail-brought a huge smile to my Soul. Maybe 3rd time charm will be a short in the lights that causes a fire...echoes of a burning bush ;P Would feel bad for the tree but still, a worthy sacrifice to put the fear of God into those "fucking satanists". May it be so~Aho!

    2. Looks like Santa may be fixin to pass us by this year.

  51. Okay I do not know how I am going to sleep tonight. Or ever again.



    1. Dr Ana = always handy with the nightmare fuel....she does however, unlike most, provide escape hatches!!
      Lately she's been doubling down with ever more info and rope to hang them with...
      Bless her -- she is The Equalizer right now.

      EXCELLENT on her substack btw....Anthony Patch was speaking of the SWS years ago, but it's moved even more openly into view of late, aligning with Kurzweil's The Singularity and Zuckerberg's Metaverse.
      I'm still of the opinion it's aligned with the operations at CERN, quantum adiabatic computers, unleashed 5 & 6G frequencies, and whatever effect the vaxx is having on everyone's neurological systems and function permeating the blood-brain barrier. Chemtrails since 98 I'm sure were deployed to be the "softening up" weapon leading the way for the vaxx to be the coup de grace.

      And let's never forget Erin Valenti in all this -- she knew things, LOTS of things that were coming:




      Valenti mysteriously "died, " was killed, JUST BEFORE our entire world house of cards started falling down.....peculiar and interesting timing.
      The proximity of her death and others like Kary Mullis' need to be fully fleshed out and examined in light of & in comparison to the world-changing OP that was getting ready to go down.

      The real answers lie in details like these......

  52. Ding Dong the Wicked Warlord is Dead-Finally Indeed-Yaaay!!!

  53. 15:24 here:

    Faced with the truth and unable to hide from the people -- he fled like a scalded rabbit......

  54. This one also:

    In the subset of Obama's Brain Initiative and Musk's Neuralink.....

  55. Nor to mention the pioneering monster-creating efforts of Jose Delgado before these, and whatev Sidney Gottlieb and Jolly West were up to....

  56. Thank you WM for sharing that link...I just watched it; had never seen it before. Utterly damning and brought it all back, cried again to see the devastation and shocked grieving faces of New Yorkers and those families in such grief. The corruption and treason is abhorrent. Will there ever be real Justice?

  57. As long as we keep seeing things like that -- plus all manner of advanced tech arrayed against civilian targets -- think Maui -- then NO, no justice is possible.
    It's going to take a massive uprising.

    But first we have to acknowledge what's possible -- hopefully that's where I come in & more brothers and sisters just like me.

  58. And BTW the things we're facing today make 9/11 look like sticks and stones.

  59. I hear ya and understand. It was more of a rhetorical question because the whole system itself is corrupt. The crooks woouldn't rat on themselves though they mayfinger a lesser stooge for the appearance of justice. A massive uprising would be great and there are more folks wising up every day...but you're right compared to 911 the threat now is exponential for all that it is microscopic/nano size and frequency warfare. Still I know where I stand...and am glad to be in such good company as yourself and many many other salt of the earth allies/friends!

  60. JoJO gets the shotgun seat on the Magical Mystery Tour!!
    Bioweapons = the perfect way to preserve all the real estate anyone would want to take over and just get rid of the people.
    IMHO we never have to worry about the threat of nukes ever again...it's advanced WAY beyond that & is much much hidden and nefarious.
    Not to mention with the way they'll paint transhumanism as the cool and trendy way to go they'll have us participating willingly in our own genocide. Chips A'hoy!!
    Alex Jones was right 30 years ago...this is an INFOwar.

  61. Philby -- as you well know from this & various other sites the National Parks have long had something hidden going on beneath the surface for a long LONG time now.
    And it's something that the elites and the Military Industrial Complex has been written in on and is perpetrating with the help and advisement of certain "others" -- and I include in that likely agreements that have been entered into with "them."

    Tech with the ability to create portals very much included -- see the recent glut of info about the MH370 satt tapes for one.
    I'll have much more to say about this, but Dave Paulides is on the receiving end of much info all about the scientific/elite interest in the weaponization of portals and where that's heading.....

    I remember reading this book in 1995 -- and it may be even more pertinent today:

    "Dr.Sauder has done some superb research and has revealed something that needs to be addressed by the people at once.
    This is a significant book -- maybe vitally so -- and must be read by every concerned citizen." Whitley Strieber

  62. And we all know what those own "personal ethics" actually are, right??
    Those of the decidedly service-to-self Luciferian persuasion.
    This dude's been in the business of killing "experimentals" since AIDS back in the late 70s-early 80s....why exactly did anyone expect him to change his stripes now??
    That's what really GETS me about all this...Fauci, Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, etc etc.
    All of these have been greasing the wheels of a killing MACHINE for decades, they have ZERO interest in keeping you and yours from any kind of pain and suffering. They engineer it. And have been caught red-handed doing so repeatedly.

    Where does the trust come from??
    I'm quite sure their internal logic definitely takes into account that we're collectively too stupid to live if we haven't called them out by now....
    And sadly, I see their point.
    At a very basic level -- we deserve everything that's happening. All because we were too busy, too scared, too apathetic -- to pay attention.

    And two and two always makes up five
    It's the devil's way now
    There is no way out
    You can scream and you can shout
    It is too late now
    Because you have not been
    Payin' attention....

    2+2=5 Radiohead

  63. Or this one by Audioslave from the MIAMI VICE soundtrack:

    You can look a hurricane right in the eye
    12 hundred people dead or left to die
    Follow the leaders, were it an eye for an eye, they'd all be
    Blind, deaf, or murdered, this I'm sure in this uncertain time

    So come pull the sheet over my eyes
    So I can sleep tonight despite what I've seen today
    I find you guilty of the crime
    Of sleeping at a time when you should have been wide awake

    Down on the road, the world is floating by
    The poor and undefended left behind
    While you're somewhere, trading lives for oil
    As if the whole world were blind, hey


    How utterly perfect....

  64. Sauder also wrote an excellent book about his own spiritual awakening, as well as his heroic anti nuclear weapons activism back in the 80's, activism that eventually lead to him doing time in federal prison, which he recounts in the book in detail.
    One interesting anecdote from the opening of the book recounts some of the key figures from the early Moon missions, how many of them were masons, and some of the cryptic remarks they made after reviewing the first satellite images of the moon, images which to this day have never been released.
    Sauder quotes one of these military guys from the top of the food chain, and he basically admits that the images revealed extensive ruins, ostensibly ancient, and that the lack of an atmosphere has kept these ruins on the moon intact, whereas ancient ruins on earth have been subjected to thousands of years of wind and rain weathering.
    Sauder leaves that nugget there and probes no further.
    The book in question is called Kundalini Tales, and I highly recommend all of his other books as well.

  65. Hey Cals!!
    YES, Kundalini Tales is a fantastic read -- and I'm of the opinion too that yes, we DID go to the moon and all relevant discoveries, much incredibly anomalous, that we found there have effectively been scrubbed and suppressed.
    All one need to do is look on those 3 faces of the returning astronauts from Apollo 11 at their "press conference" when they were trotted out to know that something was horribly horribly OFF about what was happening. Ditto the esp cryptic remarks by Armstrong in some of his very few public appearances even decades after...

    Funny but I'll have to locate it -- I just heard a podcast with Tim Alberino discussing this very thing: Richard Hoagland's crystal latticework structures found upon analyzing some of the NASA photos, etc. Then there are the radio transmissions on the secured lines that had Armstrong and Aldrin both commenting on how there were "others" lined up on the tops of craters observing them -- craft of huge dimensions.

    All in all, I think we were "warned off" or petrified to return.

  66. THIS is finally resurrected and making the rounds again after being out of commission and scrubbed from everywhere for a long time:

  67. Thanks for the links Double B!!
    The Spirituality Angle seems to be rearing its head across multiple fronts lately, even if in oblique ways: that latest read-between-the-lines missive from T Carlson on 'X' being a case in point....
    It seems many are circling around the issue without meeting it head-on and calling a spade a spade as frontrunners such as Naomi, KK, and Dr. Ana are doing most pointedly. But either way, I think we're going to get there sooner rather than later; that rendezvous point where the awful truth becomes unmissable and can no longer be ignored -- it's the largest, most potent Elephant In The Room ever -- and it isn't going anywhere.

    I can only echo the wise words of Ray Boeche who chimed in with "when the Scientists and Technicians and Medical experts finally get to the top of the mountain, thinking that they are breaking new ground and forging new pathways of discovery....they're going to find the Theologians already there."
    The Technological and the Spiritual have never been closer on the thruline, and I fear that that's been the design ongoing....

    I plan on leaning on this aspect heavily in the next posting, and from different angles.....Stay tuned!!
    (Don't these people at my job know I have actual WORK to do??!! LOL)

    I can only say that I'm going to do my level best to make this particular 'Ghost Story for Christmas' one to remember for you guys!!

  68. Interesting, I see Thomas Reardon getting a shoutout in that vid also -- THIS same Reardon:

    I see our constricting circles of investigation are closing ever tighter.....

  69. Aaaaaand BTW BB, on your above comm about wondering re the identity of the most recent Tiffany Dover...
    Isn't it interesting that it looks like she went to the same "finishing" school as another Tiffany -- Tiffany Gomas or the Crazy Plane Lady, who I also believe is nowhere even close to being the original....

    Both of the OG versions of the dueling Tiffanys were SOOO much more real, less artificial, and attractive --
    I can't believe whoever is subbing for them now actually wants us to believe they're the same.
    The EYES are so incredibly different.
    It's a dead giveaway, pardon the pun.

  70. Interestingly when I get halfway thru that Wallace odysee vid I get this message now:
    The media playback was aborted due to a corruption problem or because the media used features your browser did not support.

    Dangerous DANGEROUS info.......

  71. It's an ODYSEE vid -- something I've played thousands of times from that platform.....
    So I think we can all see it's getting torpedoed.
    And I think we know exactly why.....

  72. UPDATES:
    BTW much more to come on current reports from Peru,

    Ana Mihalcea latest and implications,

    Tucker Carlson weighing in and where he's going with all this as in asking some of the most dangerous, and important, questions yet,

    Portals appearing everywhere suddenly, along with craft (which taken together may constitute an increasingly large 'flap' ongoing),

    the spiritual zeitgeist ramping up to critical levels,

    new knowledge all about the vaxx ramifications as well as info about how it may plug into the Sentient World Simulation, DWave, the Adibatic Quantum computers place in all this,

    & how Invasion of the Body Snatchers seems suddenly trite now.

    LOTS coming your way before we ring the curtain down on '23 as we trailblaze new avenues into the jungle of 2024!!
    We never sleep and the Batcave never closes....

    1. Not sure why you've had trouble with the odysee vids...they work fine for me. But I wanted to ask if you've ever heard of/seen the movie Rakka? Sabrina recently featured it with her commentary and believes it is another Rev of Method blueprint for what's coming. She has seen those creatures...and dang there's loads of the black goo...like from the X-files. I recently set up Telegram just to join the Psinergist group and the stories of some members as TI's are horrifying...plus talk about hybrids/transhumanism. Very spiritually oriented folks who are focused on education and solutions/defense strategies based not just on faith but the human biofield and knocking out the nanosensors/graphene we're all infected with. It's been a real steep learning curve and sometimes I wish I didn't stumble on all this overwhelming info...like Cypher in the Matrix Lol. But of course I do prefer to face an ugly truth over fool's gold lies. Btw-do you watch the Why Files on YT? He just dropped one about Project Looking Glass...mentions scrolls and portals!
      Carry On my friend!

    2. Will have much more to say about TI's upcoming -- deep dive concerning ramifications of the vaxx and how it's made all of us targeted individuals now....things have progressed from the MKUltra school of thought and mind-altering drugs to the use of what appears to be fallen angel (nano)tech that has been under wraps by the secret societies and mystery schools until the 2020 rollout.....once again the spiritual aspects need to be highlighted.

      Totally beginning to make more & more sense about why they were so desperate for as many to be injected as quickly as possible.

      My Club Manager at work is ADDICTED to the YFiles!! He's constantly giving me updates. The Hecklefish angle is cute but it strikes me as introductory fare -- like watered down Conspiracy 101 for the masses to more easily consume. Not to mention some aspects of limited hangout that are disturbing at times. But it is entertaining I must say.

  73. Indeed....brings to mind that game with the coin or ball and funnel. As it spirals from upper larger circumference down to the funnel the object incrementally speeds up with each rotation until it is so fast in the lower tube; vibrating like crazy...til it drops. Me thinks we're in the tube now :(

  74. Agree..on your take about Yfiles...and it def is entertaining. I think the host tries to seem like he's debunking most of it but perhaps that is to stay afloat on YT and people will draw their own conclusions anyway. The vaxx absolutely is linked to making everyone TI's...and chemtrails. They gotta infect us with the graphine afterall for the biodigital slavery system which absolutely is has a satanic root cause. Subsequently a spiritual solution of getting right with Creator...however each individual determines for themselves. Looking forward to your next installment!

  75. Double B, JoJo, & all:
    Seems that everyone concerned with getting Steve Kirsch that info he ran with at MIT the other night from NZ has been arrested:

    This is how seriously the PTB are taking staying in your lane over all this.
    The Revolution most certainly will NOT be televised.
    Pray for all those whistleblowers concerned and their families.

    Makes perfect sense when you know that NZ & the US are the ONLY 2 countries that allow Big Pharma to advertise directly to the people....The Luciferian Drugging Complex will not be abrogated.

    If indeed the info is so bogus -- as many are claiming natch -- why are the authorities raiding homes and throwing people in jail 2 days later??


    And here's another clue for you all:

  76. Modern day heretics.
    Can't be messing with the narrative now kiddies.

  77. Interesting here too guys:


    Seems Deagel, after all, may have not been just a forecaster, but a blueprinter.....

  78. That full blueprint for global depop saved here:


    1. Now it emerges??????? Now???????

    2. Kinda ironic, right??
      This info has been sat on for how long now??

  79. Miller is a strict and diligent chronicler of just the facts, ma'am.
    Has been doing it in spades and thoroughly convincingly ever since 9/11, when he was one of the first to exclaim, hey, there's something REALLY wrong here, and all is not as it seems. Don't trust ANY of the Neocons.
    He and Russ Baker (Family of Secrets), to name 2, were both threatened mightily by the Bush family.

  80. P.S. Berners-Lee's daughter Alice is a scholar who went to Harvard to study neuroscience and machine learning. Meanwhile, his second wife "leads discussions" on internet tech at the WEF.

    1. Thanks Trains!!
      You've caught me working knee deep on the next install, so I'll keep this short....
      Apropos of Berners-Lee's daughter's name, there is this:


      Interesting, no??

      And yes, The TZ is was and will forever be the gold standard.
      Also extremely interesting how much push-&-pull, back-&-forth was going on in those incredible days between the TZ, Star Trek, and the Outer Limits. Ideas, trains of thought, personnel, all were wedded at the hip in the furtherance of science-fiction at the most sublime levels.
      Makes me wonder if Roddenberry, Serling & Leslie Stevens ever got together over drinks or at any of those famous dinner parties of the era??
      Wouldn't you have loved to be a fly on the wall....

      In the immortal words of Lou Reed..."Those were different times."

  81. Hmm, neuroscience and machine learning....
    Thank God THOSE never took off!! LOL.

  82. And to tie it all up in a neat bow, let's not forget that for all charges against him of militarism and New World Order favoritism,
    Roddenberry made it quite clear exactly where he stood on the advance of machines over humans -- and we can def assume transhumanism as well:

    One more hint of what he maybe saw coming far down the road.

  83. Those fathers and grandfathers watching that then never taught their spawn running things now much about WARNINGS, did they??

  84. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6Z18LIk_8s&list=PLrOb54y80TtPHNf4l_7138LgYm1fh02bM

  85. Frankism was a Sabbatean Jewish religious movement of the 18th and 19th centuries, centered on the leadership of the Jewish Messiah claimant Jacob Frank. Frank rejected religious norms and said that his followers were obligated to transgress as many moral boundaries as possible. Frankism is associated with the Sabbateans of Turkey, a religious movement that identified the 17th-century Jewish rabbi Sabbatai Zevi as the Messiah. Frank had a Gnostic philosophy wherein there was a "true God" whose existence was hidden by a "false God"; this "true God" could allegedly be revealed only through a total destruction of the social and religious structures created by the "false God". For Frank, the very distinction between good and evil is a product of a world governed by the "false God." In Frankism, orgies featured prominently in ritual. After Jacob Frank's death in 1791, his daughter Eve, who had been declared in 1770 to be the incarnation of the Shekhinah, the dwelling of the divine presence, continued to lead the movement with her brothers.

    1. Gnosticism is a funny thing; you've got the true Christic Gnosticism found within the Dead Sea Scrolls, (& that the Church mightily suppressed)........

      then you've got the false version paraded around by the likes of the Epstein-Maxwell-Mossad network inner sanctum that allows them to pervert and stretch it into anything that serves them via the Left hand path which is of course fully endorsed by present-day Israel and all of the aligned world governments.

    2. Resident Evil - Umbrella Corp. - ALICE

    3. See ya & raise ya Sotes!!

      Aaaaaaaand, ya can't spell CORONA without....wait for it.....

      I'm scared.

  86. Oh yeah, and his wife was "somehow" good pals with Jizzlaine!! But he doesn't know how....somehow. LOL.
    So a sex addict flies with a pedophile ("but it was in '93!!")....as if he was the driven snow then; he only turned "bad" later, ya see......Good LORD.

    Reticent as I am to say it...Kennedys gonna Kennedy.

    The women don't know but the little Marilyns understand.


    Sync your bat watches to the bat time on the bat channel for Friday Night Launch Time, post 9pm......
    Treehouse of Terror Christmas Edition!!


  88. People believing RFK is some neo-JFK who is trying to save us
    Is the dumbest shit lmao

  89. John Carpenter knew. Prince of Darkness (1987)
    Describing the Ancient Organism buried by the 'father of satan' hidden by the catholic church.
    "Nothing, anywhere ever is supposed to do this. A life form is growing at prebiotic fluid. It is not winding down into disorder. It's self organizing. It's becoming something. What? Animal? Disease? What?"

    The hardest thing to hear is something we don't agree with.

  90. Self-organizing is dangerously close....
    to self-assembling, no??

  91. PSS re RFK Jr: