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"The messenger theory.

One wonders, Stone said.

The messenger theory had come from John R. Samuels, a communications engineered speaking before the Fifth Annual Conference on Astronautics and Communication. He had reviewed some theories on the way in which an alien culture might choose to contact other cultures. He argues that the most advanced concepts of communications and earth technology were inadequate, and that advanced cultures would find better methods. 

Let us say a culture wishes to scan the universe. Let us say they wish to have a sort of coming-out party on a galactic scale -- to formally announce their existence. They wish to spew out information, clues to their existence, in every direction; what is the best way to do this? With radio? Hardly. Radio is too slow, too expensive, and it decays too rapidly. Strong signals weaken within a few billion miles. TV, is even worse. Light rays are fantastically expensive to generate. Even if one learned of ways to detonate whole stars, explode a sun as a kind of signal, it would be costly. Besides expense, all these methods suffer the traditional drawback to any kind of radiation, namely decreasing strength with distance. A light bulb may be unbearably bright at ten feet. Powerful at a thousand feet. Visible at ten miles. But at a million miles it is completely obscured, because radiant energy decreases according to the 4th power of the radius. A simple, unbeatable law of physics. So, you do not use physics to carry your signal.

You use biology."      The Andromeda Strain, 1971 

"Once we ran and lived as one, in another world my little one

Where whispering trees and dark rivers run, I told a dream to you

Now outside the streets are grey and the childhood games we played...have faded away

My baby, she has restless nights

On late-night movie screens, young lovers look so sure

Lost in wide awake dreams that they can't afford

Once I held you in my arms on a bed of stone, now we have grown...

Once we ran and lived as one in a different world my little one

Where whispering trees and dark rivers run, I told a dream to you

Now I pray darling for the night, we'll dance down these darkened halls

Once again to fall, into a dream..."

"Down in the park where the machmen meet the machines and play Kill By Numbers

Down in the park with a friend called Five

I was in a car crash or was it the war but I've never been quite the same

Little white lies like I was there

Come to Zom Zoms a place to eat like it was built in one day

You can watch the humans trying to run

Oh look there's a rape machine I'd go outside if it'd look the other way

You wouldn't believe the things they do

Down in the park where the chant is death until the sun cries morning

Down in the park with friends of mine

We are not lovers we are not romantics we are here to serve you

A different face but the words never change."

"I know you're all very invested in your vaunted technology. And it is very impressive. But I still don't believe you can wipe away a person's soul."

"Their what?"

"Their soul -- who they are at their core. I don't think that goes away."

"You'd be wrong about that."/


"Because! That's what we need -- a blood ritual! Yes, yes, we gotta have one of those! The Aztecs knew it, the pre-Hellenistic Minoans knew it for God sakes! From the moment man first clawed his way out of the primordial ooze and kicked off his fins, he understood that the gods require blood. New life from death. The ancients had it right. The old gods are back. Alpha, meet Omega." /

"Ubermensch. Nietzsche predicted our rise. Perfected. Objective. Something new."

"Right, new superior people. With a little German thrown in. What could possibly go wrong?"

"We're not new. We're not anything. We're not anybody -- because we're everybody." 

"And things that I just don't understand, like a white lie at night

Or a sly touch at times; I didn't think it meant anything to you....

You know I hate to ask, but are friends 'electric?'

Only mine's broke down, and now I've no one to love."

"Old stains, but just as tellin'." Kevin Costner as Jim Garrison, JFK (1991)

We, as a species, have been tampered with from the beginning. We are being tampered with now. Those 2 evaluations are fairly set in stone. Where the argumentation comes in is here: exactly who is doing the tampering? Is it a single entity or is there a confluence of agents colluding? Is there a singular agenda or are there multiple ones? So many haunting questions with a clock that's ticking...

Welcome back to your own virtual private country club of the mind, the Treehouse of Terror, the Night Gallery, the psychedelic light show that never ends, the Psychonautilus preparing for Deep Dive. Once again it's atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed...Let's set out before we get out. It's midnight, and you're in the darkness on the edge of town. Think of this little way station as the Mother Box with her link to the Source, leading us all to our fate. I find that invoking the theories of Jack Kirby always helps in these environs. 

And let's not forget that Kirby's stock in trade, especially with entries like his New Gods series, was the ultimate blurring of the living with the technological in a cosmic war between the forces of Light and Dark:

How were any of us to know that Transhumanism Warning Manuals were being foretold graphically and handed out in drugstores back in 1971?? In the far-off mists of our remembered DNA lie the cherished answers...even as the phantom machinations of today seem intent on obscuring them from our view.


Warning: Runaway rituals are in progress and being deployed on an ongoing basis. Symbolism and language unleashed worldwide from "official" bodies indicates that the old gods are coming back, and multiple Pandora's boxes have been already breached. Much as was happening in the late 1990s, the new buzzword is eschatology, front-loading the zeitgeist. And dark actions are, and have been, seeding the skies.

We are all patsies in our times now, swept up in a cyclonic maelstrom of unprecedented proportions and setup by unseen forces ranging against us. We know it; we can feel it. And our latest estimate of the situation is ominous, as have been so many before:

As it once was, so it is again.


"If you just cracked this new virus, how are you ready with vaccines so quickly?"   13:30

That was 2007. It was after this point things began converging quickly.

Not that there were not precursor events -- see under the heading 'Flu Epidemics' here from the vaunted early contrail research of William Thomas:;80e771fb.0705

Everything is connected in these gray and overbearing latitudes. 

For instance, and which bears on our upcoming thread tonight -- how about comparing this disclosure node with Project Veritas' Pfizer taped whistleblower confirming 'Directed Evolution':

To whit: "These beings said that man was a product of externally corrected evolution. They said that man, as a species, had been genetically altered 65 times."

Where exactly is Pfizer, Moderna, et al getting their platform of 'corrections' from? Which is exactly what the mRNA tech is doing to humanity as a whole: altering DNA and the human genome. Or are these Big Pharma corporations also being mysteriously "directed" from outside influences? Marching orders from the ecliptic, across dimensions, or entire ethereal planes? Study who John Dee was in contact with, who Aleister Crowley was in contact with, the Nazis via the Thule and Vril societies in contact with...and then wonder what's going on today, and if there is, in fact, any difference at all.

But that's just for the strong survivors that they may be separating -- for everyone else:

The very latest (Oct/Nov '23) insurance numbers show the outlook isn't exactly cotton candy rainbows and unicorn poop. On the contrary, how long can they hide a Black Swan event from the masses that are so jittery they're ready to bolt in any direction?? 

Just don't scamper in the direction of the park....


After such widespread confluence of High Strangeness markers, especially occurring within the "scientific" community and spreading outward, there would always be other anomalies popping up in seemingly, at first glance, unrelated areas. Perhaps one of these just occurred and bears mentioning; it is now illegal to film or photograph anything related to our National Parks System:

This is occurring in tandem with and as a culmination of a long string of 'bizarre' all related to what may or may not be going on in our National Parks that certain authorities seem to have some forbidden inside knowledge of -- see the 16 min mark here:

It seems perhaps that there are areas of possible paranormal inquiry that the Feds and some deep within the Military Industrial Complex know, and are as yet unwilling to share. 

Also remember that the grand plan has all been moving towards this since early 2000:

(Another document that I link to on a repeated basis as it is manifesting into the all-too familiar, especially given recent WEF "Green" proclamations.)

And the WEF is being tracked and hunted down as a main player in the Anti-Life agenda -- thanks to our own BB for alerting me to this:

And Geneva, you will remember, is a host to all manner of rituals and invoking...from the gates of CERN to ceremonies like this:

The organizational structure of the blackmailing and power-mad WHO is also located in Geneva. 


Amid all this we need to discuss the looming shadow of Chronic Wasting Disease -- and prions, and just who is interested in such.

Back in the 1990s Colm Kelleher was a principal technical investigator and main lynchpin of the NIDS (National Institute of Discovery Sciences) investigation into the paranormal goings-on at the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, launched by billionaire Robert Bigelow. Kelleher's investigation into orbs, cattle mutilations, box-like UFO craft, and poltergeist phenomena occurring there took a bizarre turn when,  midstream of all this, he suddenly took a major interest in, and began furiously researching Mad Cow disease, chronic wasting and the role of prions in those areas:

What could possibly have been the thruline there? How does one go from deep research into incidents of High Strangeness concerning possible non-human intelligences, to Chronic Wasting afflictions and prions?? Why the sudden hard left turn into such forensics?? We can speculate given recent occurrences.

From the above pdf and what kicked off Kelleher's antennae:

And now, technically possible to be aerosolized

Looked up lately??

Any kind of proof of this?

And I quote: "Soto warns that there is a good possibility prions have been progressively accumulating in the environment."

Gee, if there was only some way of ascertaining how....the experts are stumped, which seems to be going around many disciplines of late. 

Ahh, but here is where it gets interesting -- is COVID linked to prion disease? Let's shake the Magic 8-ball.....Signs point to Yes: Current work suggests that there is a link between the pathophysiologic sequelae of SARS-Cov-2 infection and the pathogenesis of prion diseases. Specifically, SARS-Cov-2 contributes to the long-term pathological outcome of prion disease, i.e., neurodegeneration. (Mar 28, 2023)

So that's just covid, what about the vaxx?? Venture here, intrepid readers for correlation and affirmation:

Even RFK Jr. is on this:

So what does this have to do with non-human intelligences? Well...LOTS as it creepily turns out:

And this just in for your perusal:

Seems very much like an antichrist orbiting platform that would seek to initiate what God would activate naturally and in due more example of the "other" side trying to level the playing field in their favor preceding the final battles...Seeking to install artificially what would be organic thru God. We really need Tracy Twyman on this...but Naomi Wolf will more than do in her stead:

Something is changing our very nature and condition. What it means to be living in "reality" and "alive."

What if something off-world has been introduced into the equation ever since the mass chemtrail ops started in the autumn of 1998?? When looking up started to become a way of life for the curious and the paranoid alike...

Increasingly it seems as if the vaxx ingredients are a parasitic biological and mechanical construct generating via particulates in the air as well as 5G initiation via graphene nanotech, quantum dots, and randomized spike proteins, perhaps operating much like this: 

With this kind of outcome:


And now it's time to set our sights Down South, where the High Strange is unshackled and on the loose:

And it's been this way for months now, and it's a situation that bears much resemblance to what went on across the way in Brazil 46 late autumns ago, on the island of Colares:

Fully documented by the one and only Jacques Vallee here:

As well as documented here with copious notes in the research of Bob Pratt, Operacao Prato, or Operation Saucer, complete with photos, flight charts and illustrations of the craft:

Now it's in Peru, and the intrepid Timothy Alberino has a latest boots-on-the-ground update:

Pay strict attention, because we have reached the point where the intent of seeming Non-Human Intelligences turns deadly. And many geographical markers and "persons of interest" are at the latest and greatest Rumble in the Jungle:  

And just who have may been involved and what their interests are: 

Since we're connecting dots, does that faceless man getting fished from the river strike anyone as Exhibit A much like the data on Anthony Weiner's "insurance" file concerning the nocturnal activities of HRC and Huma shared with John Podesta??:

Here is one final upload and WARNING, this one is much clearer and absolutely horrific:

ADDENDUM: And bringing it all back around re Weiner's laptop, now lost somewhere in the Indiana Jones basement storage of the FBI, remember how that chain of custody started with the NYPD? And how 9 of the 12 officers that viewed its contents ended up like this:

Now we have this in California:

All in the wake of this news:

Notice the California connection. Then play with your own Venn diagrams and the roads they lead you down:


But now back to the jungle...

Amid all this keep in mind the military presence in that part of the world is expansive and pervasive:,-22%20Jul%202021&text=The%20Peruvian%20Marine%20Corps%20hosted,Training%20Center%20on%20July%2016.,than%201%2C000%20Brazilian%20army%20personnel.

All of this amidst a continuous presence there with a rather curious focus:

Biomedical Research.

Far be it from me to be able to ascertain what is going on, but the spidey senses are tingling to beat the band, and much like the Missing 411-Military Industrial Complex nexus, there is enough smoke to be able to feel some fire from here. "Official" sources deemed to be out of everyone's paygrade and operating likely under the auspices of "National Security" know far, far more than what they're disclosing here, which isn't much to begin with.

Remember how Vallee concluded CONFRONTATIONS: 

It seems we are now again faced with a hoovering up of all pertinent and dangerous data some 46 years on...and for that, we can speculate as to what's going on, and who certain amoung us are in league with, because aspects have been ongoing for some time now:

After that pronouncement from the halls of Temple University, let's keep in mind the findings of AATIP and the infamous slide 9:

As to where all this influx of total Mind Control could very well be leading us, we need to remember the summer of 1995, and what got printed in the pages of NEXUS magazine:

Reread point numbers 11, 12, and 13 in that above prophesized Revolution and see if what was foretold and planned for doesn't seem awfully familiar to the chaos outside your door today.

That same agenda is currently ongoing, and even being augmented:

Now with more demons!! And lest you think that's just a clever turn of phrase on my part, let me disabuse you of that quaint notion right now:

These latitudes harbor no coincidences. And as a further rationale for what may be happening, see the Collins Elite:

For much more on the CE, see the extensive research of theologian Dr. Ray Boeche, and the insiders in the Pentagon that initiated contact with him:

More here also:


First, they will be installed on your phone, for your "convenience." Next, physical, hard copy paper money will be abolished, for your "convenience" and a streamlining of the system. The final hurdle will be the chip, again trotted out to simplify and ease the burden on the system, all again for your "convenience." 

Don't believe a word of it: Oh it's a system alright, but one of tracking, control, and neurogenetic manipulation:

This opens up a Pandora's box of neurological remote control that beggars belief -- and it's on our doorstep.

But it's not like we haven't encountered this before:

And funny, where do you imagine Systems Planning Corp shows up also? Would you believe the VA Tech Massacre?:

Of note: the crossconnect with biological weaponry and warfare research.

Given all the other anomalies and irregularities found on that page about Cho Seung-Hui and the insertion of SPC into the "cleanup" stages, is it wild to imagine Seung-Hui as one of their biological robots unleashed for political purposes, social engineering, and beta-testing of a remote mind control system? It's just moved from planes to people.

And what now with the vaxx?? What has been installed and is awaiting instructions?? Scientists are now talking about the ability to enter people's dreams:

What, we have entire teams of Freddy Kruegers now?? 

Remember that thousands have reported to VAERS post-injection someone or something else controlling them and hearing voices: 

(Also note an interesting inability to recall events post-injection. How many ERAS Tour concert-goers have been vaxxed I wonder...)

Moreover, listen to Whitney Webb boiling it down to Glenn Beck:

And check that latest Economist cover at the header teasing 2024: The plunge of physical money, weather wars possibly DEW-induced, the brain-machine interface comes online (think either Elon's Neuralink or Obama's Brain Initiative), and at the center of it all, the Saturn Cube dressed up as "voting." What could possibly go wrong for the useless eaters? Their Grand Chessboard is down to twilight moves as time is running out. Whether for them or us remains to be seen. But that omnipresent All-Seeing Eye presenting in the middle of the neuralink system bothers me.       


As we struggle to make sense of a multiplicity of crossconnects within the trauma-based narrative ongoing, it's helpful to go back to the beginning here both historically and within this post, as we peer into the curious case of Guy Banister, his interests, where he fits into the Deep State, and how everything old is new again, as subsets overlap into Venn diagrams of hellish proportions...

As anyone who has seen Oliver Stone's JFK knows, Banister fits hugely into the narrative of the JFK assassination. Simply see the Index of Jim Marrs' seminal CROSSFIRE, one of two tomes on which Stone based his film:

But Banister had a lengthy backstory long prior to New Orleans, Clay Shaw, Oswald, and David Ferrie, and that story concerned Maury Island:

The continuing association of Deep State black ops and flying saucers is a glaring flare emerging again and again out of a dark sea of clandestine overlap, suspicious and highly anomalous activity, and trauma-based mind control upwellings:

There is also yet another thruline to the practices of the elites when it comes to a major investigator, William Alford, in Jim Garrison's office back during the Clay Shaw trial research, and it pertains because of a repeating M.O. (re torture) that is continually present in much of the Pizzagate artwork on display by the likes of James Alefantis and the Podestas -- see 18:10 to roughly 22:40 here:

Throw into the mix the fact that David Ferrie was a known pedophile adept at hypnotism, and I think you may begin to get the drift of the kind of worlds we are inhabiting here: a liminal realm where shared interests in the esoteric and paranormal align with possible rituals to affect such. Such is the overlap of secret societies and summoning; black arts with black ops. The land where worldwide pedophile networks meet at the intersection with flying saucers. 

And yes, Mind Control: 

See at the end of Stone's latest JFK Revisited, helmed by longtime assassination researcher Jim DiEugenio, how Jack Ruby, just before dying of a strange, fast-acting cancer and being declared mad, was visited in prison by one Jolly West, MKUltra initiator and plotter.

Yes, THIS Louis Jolyon West:

Before he was done he would insert himself deeply into the cases of Patty Hearst, Charles Manson, Sirhan Sirhan, Timothy McVeigh, and be called on by high government officials to testify all about Waco:

And yes, there are those of us that see MKUltra, as well as various other mind control platforms, certainly for my money including the vaxx being a successor to platforms like OFTEN and NAOMI, as being in league with the demonic:

Take note of the results delved into at that 1992 MIT Conference on abductions as well, attended by Dr. John Mack, which focused on the parallels and common points between abductions and Satanic Ritual Abuse...

We are all Sidney Gottlieb's children now...

Our shared Secret History is a lot more secret than just about anyone knows, but the conduits are there, just over the horizon and tantalizingly out of reach, for even greater understanding. Stone's JFK could be revised and updated with a fair mix of The Mothman Prophecies and not lose a thing in the a matter of fact, such a mashup of dark ambience and dread portent could connect deeply with a whole new generation of vaxxed, Lovecraftian shamblers. It might even, dare I say, wake them up to our collective nightmare and get some bodies looking for the Exit while there's still time.

Then more Estimates Of The Situation won't have to be issued.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody -- eyes to the skies, and here's one for JFK -- the very first HBO film, from 1984. It can nestle right in alongside Executive Action, The Parallax View, the mysterious Winter Kills, JFK, and the eerily chilly Interview With The Assassin

Eat well, and spare a thought for the ones that won't get no supper that night as Joe Strummer used to say in Armagideon Time: 

Onward, and until we meet again at the intersection.....

"I dug up a secret, buried in shifting sands

Stumbled into a mystery hidden by the High Command

Guess who pulled the trigger, guess who pulled the strings

Same faceless victors that never wanna hear me sing

Caught in the flashpoint

Stuck with the truth pounding in my brain

Grieving for the innocence I'll never see again

Once there was a fair-haired boy living in Camelot

But they shot him right down in Dallas town

When the chess game got too hot

The whole world watched in horror as the facts got pushed aside

Now I'm runnin down to Mexico with the secret they tried to hide...''



  1. The post was a pleasant surprise, the subject matter and attached evidence however is quite unsettling.
    After giving it a quick look-see, the phrase Last of a dying breed is stuck in my head like an earworm.

    1. Haha!! LOL -- pertaining to yours truly or all of us as a collective??
      Both (hopefully) apply!!
      (& I certainly bow deeply to you for that comment...)
      As I've said before, from the always great Flannery O'Connor,
      "They ain't quit doin it as long as I'M still doin it."

      The recent news today that the gov't has now effectively assumed control of the entire internet:

      certainly doesn't bode well. Hopefully there will be enough pushback. There's enough censorship and control already, as you can see every month in the manipulation of comments right here.
      Excelsior my friend!! Nobody "unsettles" like we do!!

  2. Remember how the real-life Millennium Group, the Academy Group, was directly involved in the Virginia Tech investigation (/cover-up).

    And how it was Millennium Group in the series who used *prions* and a plague to bring about the Apocalypse.

    1. Very very well put my friend. For all our forever talk on X Files around these parts, and with good reason, MILLENNIUM at times surpassed it in content -- sometimes quite handily.
      Not to mention that the entire milieu of that series fits in this blog much more readily and naturally.
      Esp the last 2 seasons when the predictive programming got quite eerie.
      And I say that not in terms of social manipulation and/or engineering, but in the fact that Carter & Co truly I think became "seers" for a time there in the late 1990s -- & began warning us all about what they envisioned as not just possible, but probable in the near-term.
      Couple that with all that pre-millennial year 2000 angst, and it made for quite a rich time that I return to often; the zeitgeist was loaded with Art Bell, Hoagland, secret societies, everything Hale-Bopp, the "companion," chemtrails, the Phoenix Lights, the EQ Pegasi signal, Turret Peak, school shootings everywhere, OKC, Waco, EgyptAir Flight 990, it was unending.

      Was quite upset to recently see that podcastaddict had removed their entire Art Bell archive that was loaded every night in sequence from 1994 onward. Now it's a horrible un-sequenced mishmash of everything with no rhyme or reason to it.
      One more priceless archive down.

  3. ADDENDUM --
    Interesting research & backstory on Jolly West from Terrific Tom O'Neill's opus CHAOS:

  4. Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE revelations Max.
    Still totally amazed at the new amounts of info we learn about all this on the daily on the fly. Stunning.
    So Mossad was looking to "preempt" the next Holocaust by causing one of their own?? Does it GET any more sinister??
    Kind of like they can't cheat on you if you cheat first!!
    The depths of this kind of evil know no bounds, and we're in fully uncharted waters -- but we can't say those that were planning such things didn't tip us off -- just look at the wording of the neocons' PNAC document that laid out what they were planning for 9/11:,%20bioweapons,%2020%20years%20psychological%20terror_%20Coronavirus,%20Deep%20State%20take

    "A politically useful tool..." Esp when 20 years later a silent coup d'etat gets installed, right?

    This is why when anyone gets aghast over the venal manipulations of the Dems -- releasing covid in the first place in order to game an election and take down Trump with cheating as well as set the stage for the jab -- I only point to what the Repub neocons launched and had the blueprints for BEFORE 9/11. The evil simply uses who is in power at the time; or, when they can't, they get rid of him. (One way or another, bullets or ballot boxes...)

    Thanks so much for your adding to the party here; great sleuthing!!

  5. Here too:

  6. Thanks as always BB!!
    There has been a concerted effort, ramped up steadily over the past decade certainly, to sleepwalk and frog march us into lowest common denominator status permanently.
    Attention spans down.
    Cognitive function down.
    Reading comprehension down.
    Ability to relate/empathy down.
    Not to mention it's increasingly becoming all about SELF.
    Not to mention for all of a good egg she seems, all of Taylor Swift's songs are all about HER.
    HER feelings, HER relationships, HER goals, HER insular bubble she lives in.
    There's ZERO looking outward, examination of the world around her. And that mindset becomes a trickle-down effect to her millions upon millions of listeners and fans. That's her message as arguably the most popular person in the world right now.
    That might seem an innocuous charge, but I believe it becomes dangerous in the long run.

    She has a historical platform that's only been rivalled by Elvis and the Beatles at this point,
    imagine the impact on an entire generation she could have if she just started asking questions....and making that "cool" again.

    This just crossed my radar screens:

    Brace yourselves for the Chip -- coming soon.

  8. Weird beyond measure and am still somewhat dubious but hear me out...
    This is where sex trafficking mixes with Missing 411 mixes with 9/11 mixes with Nazi rituals mixes with foo fighters mixes with things I can't even begin to imagine:

    in the thread:

    and this:

    and this:

    Sleep flee from me you fickle harlot!!

  9. godlikeprod weighs in:
    That flight was FULL of the world stop Virologists that had to be taken out in order to pull off the Covid scamdemic.
    Another victim was PCR inventor, Kary Mullis who was obviously given a lethal pathogen 3 months before scamdmeic kick-off

  10. ALSO THIS just breaking tonight that sources tell me is not normal:

  11. And just to let you guys know re that godlike MH370 tech thread....

    This comm there:
    "I will keep this brief, we are into the final timeline - this is the only simulation still left running. All the others failed in the desired outcome and have coalesced down into the endgame which is the next 7 years.

    MH370 was pivotal in the result, a technology was not created due to certain people present being unalived. The Orbs are part of a timeline protection system that has been around since the beginning to ensure the purity of this time line. The disc's that have been trying to divert history have been getting cleaned up mostly with in a few days of arrival and now pretty well know its impossible to come here and effect anything.

    Once this simulation has been proven effective and the Planet survives an action will take place, that's all I can say."

    Sounds an AWFUL lot like this:


  12. Weird things are afoot tonight, Irregulars.

  13. But maybe this is why they're so concerned and relentless right now with the endgame of DNA & auras & optogenetics & souls.

    Desperately looking for a way to change something that can't be changed.

    Manipulating reality from those they are in contact with:

    I'm now officially ranting so bef this turns into the next post....Night Night!!

  14. Not sure if any of you are familiar with the YToober Dutchsinse. He has been doing work with earthquake and atmospheric data for almost since start of YT. Good 15 years pretty sure. Obviously in this time he and his fan base have uncovered certain anomalies which might be familiar in certain ways to users here...
    Last week access to his account was blocked temporarily and thing's got deleted among other types of interferences..
    Dutchsinse said he would investigate and if it was found to be govnmt interference he would discontinue his channel and work.
    He has since shut down his channel.

  15. They will fail. I will manifest this I want it to happen.

  16. Lost history. Extremely interesting with frequencies.

  17. Amazing -- the sacrificing to Moloch then = the sacrificing to Moloch now.

  18. The slope since '94 has been increasingly steep and slippery...

  19. INHUMAN FREQUENCIES -- the Amazing One:

    Since Rwanda things have gone from the macro to the micro in terms of implementation. With even more alchemical results.


    Who else knows about this? Travis Scott? Swift? CONCERTS provide the ultimate testing bed for such widescale tech, mirrored with and augmented by frequency waves via 5-6G and injectables activating installed nanotech now in both the vaxxed and unvaxxed alike.

    ALL blood-brain barriers down and no independent thought.

  20. A6!!
    Check out this latest from the RR, all about Dutchsinse & Suspicious Observers, gov't pressure placed on them, & why:

    Tick Tock.....

  21. It should be blatantly obvious to any thinking person by now that we are vastly outnumbered and outgunned on every level. But, as hopeless as the situation may seem, all is not lost. There are still defensive measures that we can take that can prove invaluable in the coming days.

    One such measure is to simply know yourself. Seems overly simplistic but, I assure you, it is not. By knowing yourself, I mean inside and out, brains to bones. Most importantly, everyone should clearly define their own moral and ethical limitations. Each of us should draw their personal line in the sand which, under no circumstances, will we cross. When this line is firmly established in your own hearts and minds, them you should take great care to inform your closest loved ones of these moral stances as well. Thus, they too will be as aware of your true character as are you, yourself.

    Trust me, there soon comes a time that you, and those who rely upon you, will be grateful for this knowledge.

    1. Thanks for this Chay....
      My closest inner circle is increasingly dwindling on the ground these last several years post-Covid, apart from you guys here & a very few cherished work friends and family (wife & daughter), so I'll tell all of you this: even faced with the prospect of no money, no banking, no food, no job -- under NO CIRCUMSTANCE will I ever get any kind of implantable chip in order to live life and subsist in any kind of so-called civilized society....that's what's coming for sure and that's my personal line in the sand. There will be no exceptions to this -- no last minute capitulations.

      Whether this will mean no social security, no UBI, no job, matters not. I hopefully by that time will have the means and manner to effect all kinds of sustenance protocols -- we ALL have to erect a kind of parallel port society infrastructure for that day; a shadow civilization that can and will take over for vast hordes of people not willing to go along with any kind of looming antichrist (because that's what it's going to herald) system.

      We need to be able to look out for a take care of each other, whether that means a kind of barter system, or food sharing, etc within increasingly close circles geographically until something else can be set up. It might have to be VERY close as in bikes or other some such if means of buying gasoline isn't around anymore.

      This might seem an extreme and outlandish hellworld in the calling out of, but I can certainly see circumstances aligning where this type of unspooling worldview isn't just possible, but well nigh probable.
      And as the old saying goes, it's better to HAVE contingency plans in place and not NEED them, than to NEED them and not HAVE them.

      You are so right -- we all have to select hills upon which we are willing to die. Not trading eternity for the price of convenience is mine. That might seem radical, but so be it.

    2. Or, put another way, there was a meme going around very recently that I thought quite appropriate....
      Against a backdrop of a scene from Mad Max with a leather-clad Mel Gibson toting a sawed-off shotgun & posing in front of a burned-out hulk of machinery in the desert was the caption:


    3. And speaking of burned-out machinery on the ground:

      And this one, which will forever remind me of the holidays, chilly weather, and Christmas somehow:

  22. Just a couple micro-observations from the "new normal":
    - Increasingly, people I've known for 10 minutes end up messaging me right away, several times, to recommend an AI tool I "must absolutely download and try." So do associates I've known for 10+ years. It's becoming a pattern. Seems like they've been told to evangelize AI "or else."
    - Taylor Swift is heading to Singapore in Jan 2024. Even hijab-wearing Muslim students from neighboring countries have been coming down to Singapore, waiting in line for three days and parting with hundreds of dollars they don't have "just to breathe the same air as Taylor." It's downright scary. A demonic possession.
    - Re MH370(ish): To be fair, in the jungles of Malaysia itself, people have been disappearing without a trace for decades. The indigenous tribes shrug it off as "they walked into another/invisible realm [of the jinns]." Among Malay people, even in the cities, this realm is part of everyday life. Sometimes construction equipment will strike invisible walls and a preacher is summoned to ask the jinn settlement to relocate elsewhere. Or a child develops a high fever and is diagnosed as having kicked a jinn while riding a bike. A house may be guarded by invisible tigers - and people will leave a plate of food for them outside, especially on Friday eve. (These are practices I directly witnessed among my relatives and neighbors while living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.) It could all be easily labeled as quirky "animism", except it does appear to have become weaponized in today's world... everything else.

    1. TRAINS!!
      Your comm brings so very much to mind:
      AI as Convenience (there's that word again) is increasingly the order of the day, and appears to be setting the table for even greater shocks to come that they will attempt to normalize (see my comm immediately above to Chay).
      No matter how "cool, hip and trendy" they paint and push it, no good is going to come from this.

      Swifty!! What can I say?? She's either being used with her full knowledge and impetus, or she's an unwitting, unwilling pawn in the greater scheme. I must say I find the latter increasingly hard to wrap my head around. To the point where I've even begun to dream thoughts that SHE could be the looming antichrist they'll pin their hopes on. Honestly, can you think, right now, of a more MAJOR player able to rally the largest % masses of mankind behind anything of her choice?? They just put her T-SHIRT of the Rio Jesus statue for goodness sake!! What is happening with her right now I think I said before hasn't even been seen with the likes of Elvis & the Beatles, because they didn't employ worldwide 24/7 mass comm Big Tech means in their arsenals to launch and communicate.
      I'm getting growing creepy vibes...

      And thanks for that MH370 aside -- I think something is forming on that front too, & it alludes to the growing mass acceptance of portals and gates.
      And you are so correct -- all over the world this has been normalized for decades; re this very post look at what's going on in Peru now, in Brazil in 1977.
      And as far as the missing -- check out this reprinting of a VERY germane chapter from Strieber's SOLVING THE COMMUNION ENIGMA from a Halloween several years back from a very astute blogger:

      Strieber's last lines describe the possibility of this experience spreading to involve the entire world....Twelve years on, &
      I fear perhaps he was spot on in that one.

  23. Finally wading through the links on a lazy day with work cancelled and this passage from Jeff Wells gives the tingles:

    The National Security Act was signed into law July 26, 1947, creating the CIA, the NSA, the Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Less than two years later the first Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal, took a great fall from the 16th floor of Bethesda Naval Hospital. "There is something I would like to talk to you about," Air Force Secretary Stuart Symington told him following the March 28 ceremony in which Forrestal formally stepped down. They shared a private ride back to the Pentagon. As Richard Dolan writes in UFOs and the National Security State, "what Symington said is not known, but Forrestal emerged from the ride deeply upset, even traumatized, upon arrival at his office.... When someone entered Forrestal's office several hours later, the former Secretary of Defense did not notice. Instead, he sat rigidly at his desk, staring at the bare wall, incoherent, repeating the sentence, 'you are a loyal fellow,' for several hours."

  24. What happened to Jeff Wells anyway?

    1. A6!!
      Thanks for wading bruh!! Hopefully you'll find many nuggets of interest over the holiday to whet your whistle, tickle your fancy, and bomb your illusions....& there's many more on the way headed for the deep end of the pool...

      Wells was, is, & forever remains THE MAN in my book. mostly between he & Art Bell in the latter days are the reasons this blog even exists. (John Keel, Jack Kirby, & a thousand musical notes take that baton in the dinosaur era...)
      & my eternal love & soulmate Ginger, somewhere in the wilds of TX with her fam tonight, for giving me the impetus in 2011 to do what I always should have been doing...

      & oh, Jeffy is still up and running spreading the Chapel Perilous gospel, just in shortened twitter factoids now instead of epistles:

      Reality has an unmatched long game. How perfect.

      And this one that joins dots and eras with a turn of phrase like only he can:

      He basically gave up blogging for his family and his sanity -- 2 rubicons that I skipped over in haste & before I knew it, far too long a time ago.
      Blog in haste. Repent in leisure.

      Now you all are stuck with little ole me.

    2. Thanks for all the worms in the brain!

      Those first post-war years and the forces that brang about the National Security Act (what a name lol,a proto Patriot Act?) make you really wonder...

      Oh that's good to hear thought maybe something sinister had happened. Does he know about you? Can imagine he be glad to see what he's inspired.

    3. I don't THINK he knows about moi -- can't envision why he would unless some bizarre 6 Degrees of Separation machination is afoot.

      Have never gotten in touch with him -- but this blog has popped upon twitter a few times, so ya never know!!

      And yep, those first 'flying saucer' years from 47-53 verged on the truly weird, from Maury Island all the way to MKUltra.
      As a matter of fact, yours truly's hometown was actually the FIRST place something was spotted in 1947, by a weather station, even before Maury Island and Roswell, a good 2 MONTHS prior:

      Those that're into ley lines, intersections and geomancy, plus synchronicity, well, there ya go....
      The DNA of VA boasts some truly weird stuff.
      It is called "the Commonwealth" after all.
      Maybe the Secret Commonwealth is more apt.

      Vallee had it right all along: